I feel as though the past couple of weeks have finally caught up with me and I could sleep for  a week.  Or, at the very least, the weekend.  Might as well make the most of it because next week, I’ll be launching into my rewrite of episode #10, Resurgence, AND spending a couple of days in editing working on my producer’s cut of episode #3.

Hey, if you watched Stargate: Universe last night, you may have noticed THIS little guy –

Robot design - Stargate: Universe, Sabotage.
Robot sketches and design - Stargate: Universe, Sabotage.

I’m pitching him as the sassy sixth member of the science team.

More goodies from the Atlantis vault…

Int. Throne Room - Stargate: Atlantis, Harmony. Loved this episode for many reasons, not the least of which being our spectacular guest star, Jodelle Ferland, who played the title role. She was all sorts of fantastic. Apparently, you can catch her in the new Twilight movie.
Kanaan's Funeral Pyre - Stargate: Atlantis, Kindred 1. Sneaky, sneaky. I "mistakenly" posted a pic of Kanaan's funeral pyre prior to the episode airing. Apparently, a number of fans got their hopes up - only to discover it was a dream sequence.
Village Treatment - Stargate: Atlantis, Kindred 1. The frozen yogurt stand is located beside the shop that sells the novelty wigs.
Wraith iPad - Stargate: Atlantis, Search and Rescue.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Spankys.  Condolences on your loss.

61 thoughts on “May 8, 2010: Goodies from the Art Department, both Universe and Atlantis!

  1. So if the Wraith had the iPad first, guess they can sue Apple for copyright infringement. 🙂

  2. Hello Joe.

    Loved the episode last night. A few quick questions though. First, I loved the Atlantis concept art. Hey, do the Wraith have issues w/ AT&T too?

    Seriously though, I was watching the SGA episode Adrift tonight on DVD and was wondering if the background plate of the two galaxies was taken from the shot of Midway, replacing the station w/ Destiny?

    I was happy to see Eli and company return, but feel it was a little easy. I would have liked to see Eli solve the puzzle himself. It seems like he had help from an enemy.

    I liked the Wray story line. It was nice to see her character in that position. To clarify: I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but I wonder if it will give her a different perspective about her role on Destiny? Will this experience humanize her? Will it teach her to be more tolerant? Her development is going to be fun to watch.

    Speaking of humanized characters: I love what you have done with Rush these last few episodes!

    Best Wishes.


  3. Thanks Joe and everyone for their kind condolences. It makes me feel better knowing other people understand how I feel.

    You know, the doctor talks with you about the risks, and you sign a form saying you understand the risks, but you don’t *really* think anything will happen. So thanks again everyone.


  4. Two questions:

    1) Does the robot have a name?

    2) How are the show’s ratings? I don’t think I’ve heard anything since Justice about how well the show is performing. Has it been doing better since season 1.5 started? Or about the same?

  5. Joe – just wondering (since you mentioned things catching up with you) if your aches and pains have gone away, or are you still having troubles? If they’ve gone away, just curious as to what you did to feel better (as long as it’s clean and legal, that is 😉 ).

    Geez. Now I’M tired! Rearranged some stuff in my kitchen, and quickly came to the realization that I need about a month off just to go through my entire house, and purge, purge, PURGE! I have way too much crap. 😛

    Thanks for the pics, Joe – especially the Wraith iPad. Everytime I see stuff like that, it makes me miss them even more. Loved their organic tech, and how they just accepted it as normal while Rodney & Co. would be freaking out over how gross it all was…kinda like the way I feel when you’re sharing pics of pig brains and cod sperm. 😛

    Nites, sir!


  6. Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies.

    Doing anything special for your mom, Joe? Hey, there’s always chocolates 😉

  7. I haven’t been able to watch SGU for the past few weeks. Things haven’t gone too well lately.

    My mom came home from the nursing home a week ago Wednesday. She’s not a very positive person, and somewhat of a drama queen. So she never did much physical therapy, always claiming some problem or another. She’s been like this for most of her life. Sadly, this time, she came home bed bound.

    She lasted four days at home before she started complaining and called the paramedics. They wisked her to ER, where she declared she didn’t want to live and just let her die. To know my mother is to understand that she usually gets the attention and sympathy she craves by making such dramatic statements.

    She was promptly rolled up to the psych ward. After three days of no phone, no TV and no chocolate, she’s home. Lesson learned, I hope. Now the tough part is trying to see if she’ll do the at home physical therapy and finally get out of the bloody bed.

    Then on Thursday, I noticed a “thingy” on my arm where the squamas skin cancer had been. I’m sweating bullets on the biopsy. If it’s cancer again, I’ll have to have surgery on the arm.

    And, we have new systems on line at my job, which again don’t work, and have tripled our already tripled workload from the last time we got a systems upgrade. Then my car is leaking oil, somewhat akin to the Gulf, and a virus ate my PC.

    But…I got a MAC 🙂

    I’ve really been trying to keep up with the blog because, quite honestly, it’s become a refuge. I can always count on you to make me laugh! Along with everyone else here too.

    I’m so looking forward to catching up on the show, hopefully soon. And really happy to hear that your mom is ok.

  8. is the robot going to be doing like fixing up the broken parts of the ship now? so that like the crew can start exploring more of the ship?

  9. Coucou 🙂 ça va ?

    Contente d’apprendre que vous allez enfin pouvoir redormir un peu, vous devez être très fatigué avec tout ces scriptes.

    J’ai regarder l’épisode “Sabotage” mais je n’ai pas tout compris, je vais attendre les sous titres pour me faire un idée.

    Merci pour ces photos….sga me manque =(

    Mes condoléances à Spankys même si je ne sait pas qui c’est.

    Gros bisou bisou!!
    Je vous adore!

  10. Where can I buy one of those robots? 😀

    Will we know what exactly happened between Young and TJ?

  11. I can understand why you would be so tired, it sounds like you have been going non-stop for a quite a while. I hope you had a good sleep! Today would be the perfect day to (in no particular order); loll around in the jammies with the pups and a good book, drink some Crème Caramel tea, turn on some tunes, have a hot bath, take an afternoon nap, order in some take-out and call your Mom/sister/friends. Hell, it sounds so good, I think it’s what I’ll do! Everyone needs a lazy/hazy kind of day every now and then.*smile*

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there! In honour of Mother’s Day, here is a link to a humourous website called Crazy Things Parents Say. Check it out if you all have a few minutes…..
    (One of my fav’s is by Deb’s Crazy Grandma (pg 2 on the Vote tab).

    You know, as a matter of fact, I didn’t notice the little robot. I even watched the episode twice, so how in the world did I miss it? Yikes, I guess if I want to catch everything, I shouldn’t be on the computer at the same time as watching T.V. eh?

    Lulu’s new Dog Twitter pic is another good one. This leads me to believe that perhaps she’s like Mariah Carey, who can only be photographed from the left side (or in Lulu’s case full front, camera looking slightly down). That would explain some of the unflattering photos of the past. Cuz look at herrrrrrr…. *grabs chubby little cheeks and squeezes*

    Have a good one!

  12. Congratulations Joe, this is the 2nd week in a row where an SGU episode has made me go WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?! at the end of the episode. Where for art thou, Franklin? I don’t think it’s ascension, since his clothes are also gone. I can’t wait to see what you guys have planned for this!

    I loved the Robot dude, especially how it pushed away that bit of scrap metal in that scene in the episode; just the way it pushed it – it seems to indicate that it has a spunky attitude. It’s all like “get outta here, scrap metal. I don’t need you!”

    I will support your pitch of having the Robot being sassy and being a part of the science team. With me onboard, it will just be a matter of time until Carl is, and then all will be right with the world.

    What will you guys name the little guy? I suggest Robby.

    Oh wait, I forgot something.


    Yeeeeeaaaaah, I’m gonna call “I TOLD YOU SO” here, even though it’s a dick move. I don’t care. That “controversy” was so dumb and I can’t believe I wasted even a second debating it. Now the episode has aired, the “bad touch scene” came out to be one of the sweetest, saddest scenes I’ve seen in quite a while. It made me misty-eyed when I rewatched it today. Poor Rush.

    Anyways, great episode. It seems that both Lost and Sabotage were such that I have to watch them a second time to really grasp all the plot/character advancements because they are coming so fast and furious now. It’s also difficult to write reviews for them because of that; there is just so much to cover every time. So, I’ll try to be more concise.


    It took me some time to understand Greer’s background, but it was pretty powerful when I did. His father was a kind man until his soul was destroyed by his stint in the 1st Gulf War, and ever since then he grew more and more cruel, especially to Ronald. However, I like to think that he treets the boy so badly because he wants to prepare him for what he thinks is really out there in the world – cruelty, bloodshed, hatred, all of which opened his eyes in the war. This includes locking him in the closet, making him redoing menial work, and leaving him to fend for himself in the bad part of town. This all culminates when he tries to kill himself while trying to bring his wife with him and making sure Ron stayed away, but Ron saved the day anyway. Now, Greer Sr. must continue to deal with the memory of what he went through while listening to the insane ramblings of his once-buddy in the war. This man had everything fall apart, and it was because of the war.

    And now we come to Ronald Greer. He hated his father, and went into academics instead. However, as a parallel to this episode, he thought he was too slow, and ended up following in his father’s footsteps, even though he knew it led him to madness. I found his dialogue very poignant in that – his spirit toughed the poison of his father’s treatment of him, and now he has chosen to use it to make a difference. Perhaps he has seen through the hard shell his father put around himself, and into the man inside, thanks to the clear suffering he now perceives his old man going through. Perhaps he has realized that his father has trained him well, and that he will not break like his father did.

    This helps explain why Greer was so down in “Time” when he found out that he failed to save all those people. Not only did his actions make no difference whatsoever, but in doing so he also failed the memories of his father. The war broke his father, but it won’t break him, and he will make a difference for both of them’s sake.

    Oh, and I loved Jamil’s performance, of course. It was especially difficult to watch him struggle in the collapsed cave, half feeling claustrophobic, half feeling the anger at his dad, and all around heartbreaking to know that he has been left behind. It was a rare moment where we saw Greer being vulnerable, to let fear get the best of him. I REALLY REALLY want to see more of this. REEEEAAAAALLLY.

    Later, Greer’s father affirmed the theme of being left alone when he says that, at the end, it will be just him. I wonder if Greer’s father felt like this because he was the only one out of his family who knows the horrors of the war, and thus was very much alone mentally.

    Speaking of being left behind, I was wondering if Greer will feel any resentment towards Scott over it. There was nothing of that in Sabotage but, who knows? Personally I would like to see a bit of that. Sure, he said that he understands that Scott left him behind because he thought he was dead, but he said it so soon after he returned that it felt like he was compensating for resentment he felt.

    Either way, MORE GREER PLZ.

    Besides the Greer greatness, the rest of the episode was very tense and I loved the various alien landscapes we saw. The VFX team also did a great job with the DinoRancor. It was ominous seeing that thing looming out of the fog. I was also surprised to see the team returning to the Justice planet; that is great arc storytelling!

    And, of course, that ending was brilliant. I was yelling at the TV when I saw that. I couldn’t believe that you guys actually left them stuck again!


    Another great episode! But, I’ll get my complaint out of the way first: the return of Eli, Chloe, and Scott.

    Overall, it felt too quick and easy after what happened in “Lost”. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it was the option that made the most sense. The team only needed Destiny to stop, so when it did, they just waltzed right in. Makes perfect sense. Still, after the build-up in the previous episode, this felt like a cop-out.

    I would’ve also liked to see how Eli, Chloe, and Scott delt with the fact that they were going to have to spend the rest of their lives on some alien planet. Even one scene of them freaking out would’ve been nice. Oh well.

    Now onto the good stuff! Lol.

    Amanda Perry was Awesome. She was definitely among the strongest of female characters – keeping her cool and sense of humor after, what, 20 years of being a quadraplegic person, while at the same time being absolutely brilliant in hyperdrives. The wish to stay as Wray and being able again was definitely there, but it wasn’t overt, so that was nice. I really liked her goodbye scene, with her looking at her hands before holding them up to say goodbye to Rush; her face seem to indicate an acceptance of the fact that this was all temporary; a dream to be waken up from, to paraphrase her. But, hopefully her absense will be temporary either! I want to see more of her!

    Of course, she was also among the very very few to crack the nut that is Nicolas Rush. Their scenes were wonderful. For the first time, we saw Rush with a familiar friend, where he doesn’t need to be so reserved or distant. They were cracking jokes, drinking together, and generally having good times. And then there was the bedroom scene. Like I said, it made me tear up, specifically when Rush started tearing up over the events of “Human”. To borrow a phrase from Gateworld, Rush is a “damaged soul”, and the repairs have started now that he was forced to face what damaged him in the first place. Gloria reminded him of the man he was, something he evidently forgot after he was overcome with grief and guilt over Gloria’s death.

    It’s great to see Rush realizing the effects those events have had on him, especially when it’s obvious to me that Rush has indeed changed because of it. He has been more open to suggestions, less ascerbic in his demeanor, and generally being a nicer person. Furthermore, the changes were magnified in this episode because of Mandy – we saw Rush as he really is, the person beneath the cold exterior.

    The moment that solidified all this, and one that shocked me, was when he physically restrained Young from sitting in the chair. Remember how he reacted when Young tried to shake his hand, and especially when Young scratched the back of his head? He seemed like the kind of guy who didn’t like physicality, and here he was stopping someone who hates him from doing something dangerous by trying to drag him away from the danger.

    There are 2 ways I can interpret this:

    1. Rush genuinely cares about Young’s well being and wants to keep him from getting killed.

    2. Rush is just being utilitarian again and having Young sit in the chair is pointless when Franklin is a much better candidate.

    Either way, the look Young gave Rush after that act was very telling. It seemed he was struck by how much effort Rush put into trying to save him from getting his brain scrambled. I think it’s time for Young to realize that Rush ain’t all bad.

    Hm. So much for concise.

    Speaking of Young, it was very noble of him when he decided to sit in the chair, especially after the dangers that he witnessed when Franklin and Rush sat in it. Young has always had that in him, as seen in Air II, Light, and Water (and probably some others I’ve forgotten about), even if he’s made mistakes along the way. He and Rush are more similar than either would like to admit, really, and I await the day when they realize this.

    Also, I found his scene with TJ to be very cute. The two were bantering less like military officers but more like…well, husband and wife. Heh. I say that because it felt to me like TJ had all the power in this relationship. She did convince Young to let her go after all, and Young was smiling the whole time.

    But still, what about Emily?

    I gotta mention Ming Na and her portrayl of Wray in a quadrapelgic body. The way she seem to struggle against herself, and the way she changed how she breathed was very nice, and it was clear that she was disturbed over the entire experience.

    Once again, it was great seeing the Wray/Sharon relationship, and once again they were adorable! It was hilarious seeing Sharon flail about trying to make sure Wray stayed safe, and running in/out the door to get groceries. I found it very, uh, “couple-y” to have Wray try to get Sharon out of the house because the latter was so frantic over Wray’s well-being that she was probably watching the her like a hawk. Heh.

    At the end, this part of the episode was definitely a B-plot to the rest, but the love Sharon and Wray have for each other still shined through. It’s the little things, like the subtle glances and the amused looks they trade. Very cool.

    Also gotta mention James. Her character has been very intriguing; for a secondary, she’s very well, uh, developed. Hm.

    Ok, let me start over. James has been very well-endowed with an interesting character arc. Yeah, that sounds good. Anyway, like I said, I am intrigued. She started out just like any other tough military chick, and now she’s this complex character who’s very strong, but whom also suffer from insecurities – and not without reason. The poor girl has seen failures piled on her for a while now – making Scott’s team’s situation worse; failure to find Scott, Eli, and Chloe; inability to stay in Amanda’s body; and of course bringing about the FTL failure because of said inability making her push away the stones. Her life is pretty brutal right now. It’s the worst feeling to not only fail your superiors, but also to fail your own judgement of yourself, which I think it’s what’s really happening here. It’s a battle against her own doubts and I can’t wait to see more of her!

    Oh yeah, and then there’s that montage (2nd favorite after “Breathe”, tied with “Worst Day Since Yesterday”) and specifically Brody’s Bar! Or, as I like to call it, The Bar at the End of the Universe. Can’t wait to see the character get drunk and say things they regret!

    Finally, I gotta give props to the VFX department again for those incredible shots of Destiny backlit by a galaxy. Simply breathtaking, especially the one near the end with tiny Destiny floating out in front of the brilliant light of the galactic core, all alone in the void.

    Ugh. See what I mean when I say there is so much to cover?! And, with “Pain” being another Carl-Binder-character-study-spectacular next week, there is going to be even more!


    1. Since you’re back to being an Executive Producer for Season 2, does that mean that you can give us episode rundowns for Awakening and Resurgence, like you did with those SGA episodes you wrote?

    2. Is there any significance to the fact that the only 2 non-one-word SGU episode titles so far are right next to each other? Are they a 2-parter perhaps?

    3. Now that Young and TJ are kinda joined at the chromosomes, how will Emily feel about this? Are you guys going to touch on Young’s wife again soon?

    4. How far are you guys along on coming up with stories for the 2nd season? Got an idea for the season finale yet?

    5. Has anyone in the production seen Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series?

    6. Did you actually read this entire, extremely long comment?

  13. I feel the same way!! The last couple weeks have been so busy, I could sleep for a couple days. How busy you say? Well so busy I missed SGU this week and last!! First time since SG-1 Season 7 that I missed an episode. But I did PVR them, so I will catch up in a bit. Had to catch up the last week on your blog aswell.

    Joe, did you see Iron Man or Iron Man 2? If so, what did you think?
    He was always one of my favorite Marvel characters.

    Now i sleep, since I have been up since Thursday.

  14. Hi Joe:

    I am afraid I have to agree with Bryan M. White. The return of Eli, Chloe and Mathew Scott was too easy. I felt a bit cheated. Maybe if you guys could maybe not try to accomplish so much in an episode, and concentrate on fewer characters? I think the pacing would have been perfect with what you had going with Rush, Wray and Franklin, leaving a bit more adventure for Chloe, Eli and Matt in an episode devoted to them. Otherwise, I really enjoyed Sabotage. You did a great job being sensitive to the needs of the disabled Camile Wray. I would suggest that if you want to try another episode with a quadriplegic character, that you take a Disabilities Awareness workshop for your cast and crew to enhance understanding. I can certainly set that up for you.



  15. As long as you’re catching up on sleep, how about working in an extra hour of snooze time for me? I’ll feel better knowing someone is managing to function without sleep deprivation. Alternatively I’m hoping for a slow work day so that I can attempt to sneak in a nap.Pics are appreciated and here’s hoping you have a fun and productive week.

  16. Sabotage is a great episode, even if I don’t really like the too easy return of Eli and co… So I have a few questions:
    1) Any chance to see again the “blueberry Aliens” in season 2?
    2) When the Aliens came out of FTL we can see they came from the galaxy not yet explor… So it’s a visual error, or that’s mean they are alredy in this galaxy?
    3) Any answer about Franklin disparition in season 2?

    PS: I want to think you and all the Staff for this amazing tv show, SGU my best Stargate series !

  17. the events that took place in the last episode are certainly mind-boggling, and i got lots of questions. best moment for me btw was when TJ caught Rush hugging the drive expert. the guy has developed such a tough exterior that seeing him merely hugging and showing compassion is just surprising. this happens in real life too, when people surprise you like that.
    what i didnt like about the episode was the Wray and her wife scenes, seemed overly-weird and inconsequential to the plot.

    but what im gonna ask is this; did you guys chicken out? because of the contriversy regarding the sex scene or did you plan it like that all along?

  18. Das: I’ve been doing major purge cleaning at my house! Because my allergies are so bad, we are replacing the carpet with wood/tile. Remodeling a room is a great way to go through everything. No mercy!

    I liked Sabotage last night! I was hoping that Rush would get together with Wray’s body switcher. If nothing else, just to see Wray’s face when she found out about the liaison later 😀 .

    Being in such a handicapped body would be tough for me, also. The thought of not being able to breathe freely or move…frightening.

  19. @spankys so sorry for your loss. It sounds like Honey had a great life. Always remember the happy times. God Bless.

  20. Happy Mothers’s Day to all the mothers out there and Happy Mother’s Day Momma Mallozzi. HUGS!

  21. I’m not sure it was MGM’s wisest move to show the rest of the show on Ukrainian TV…

    I know many have said season one’s ratings do not matter, but tempting precious viewers with the finale already out there on various media sites is not smart.

    It’d be awful for SGU to drop below a million viewers for Live + SD because of this.

  22. *sniffles* There’s a beginning of an argument starting (no thanks to me :ninja: ) about when SGU’s taking place.
    No hints about when the premiere took place? Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years after EatG?

  23. Hi Joe, a hug from us to your mom today, please! Happy Mother’s Day to all it applies to 🙂 Otherwise, have a great end of the weekend!

  24. I love the visuals on SGU. everything looks so authentic. (please don’t introduce any rubber mask aliens in the future, pretty please)

    oh yeah on the topic of visuals… i’d love to see more unconventional creatures in the future. species that looks entirely out of this world, you know, like maybe an insect with four bodies join together with thin threads to a head. bug that hops around with puffs of air, or creatures that looks like a spider web made up of caterpillars. i mean, we are billions of light years away from earth right? why would very creature we encounter look like spiders and dinosaurs. just a thought….

  25. From one mom to another, wishing Mama Mallozzi a Happy Mother’s Day and to other moms out there!

  26. I have another question: the Alien’s spaceships travel with hyperspace or with FTL like Destiny?

  27. Here I am, with another of my nitpicks. Minor, really, because I truly enjoyed the episode.

    The scene where the robot first appeared (when they didn’t know for sure it was a robot) was very dark and indistinct. So were the scenes where the robot went out to repair Destiny (but I can mark that down to space, and all, being very dark). But now I see even the sketches are very dark and indistinct. Is this to keep us from getting too close a look at details? I really wanted to get a good look at it.

    Also, can we have done with the “damaged veteran” shtick? It was tired even by the end of the 80s. I know lots and lots of veterans and active duty, even some who’ve seen actual combat, and frankly, it’s insulting to them.

  28. First off I really enjoyed watching “Sabotage,” hell I enjoy all the episodes. Anyway I was reading some post on the GateWorld forum and a question was raised in regards to how Perry was portrayed in the final episode vs how people though she would be portrayed via leaked info.

    So I thought I would bring the questions straight to the source and get some answers:

    1: Were there any changes made to the character of Perry between the Fandom overreaction and the final episode?

    2: If so, where any of these changes made as a result of Fandoms reaction?

    Thank You for your time, I look forward to next weeks episode.

  29. A late posting of this because of what you did to my ‘puter, but here goes:

    Here’s my take on Human:

    Loved it. Like a lot of others, I think the music, especially the violin, was a perfect fit, and the glimpse into Rush’s past and what made him the person he now is was enlightening.

    I think that Gloria was Rush’s life and he absolutely doted on her (Those eyes! Yummy!); the work came second. I also think that he chose this particular memory because of the very possibility of it being lost in the interaction with the chair, or, maybe, as someone else speculated, he wanted a “do over.”

    Rush obviously knows how the scenario played out because it is a memory and, therefore, he is able to focus on working toward the solution to the problem of the master code for Destiny, rather than what actually happened in “real life”, hence his seeming insensitivity.

    It’s evident that Gloria had already had a go-round with cancer, and its recurrence was not a good sign. Her comment to Rush on the phone when she told him it was back I believe also reflects his own feelings about it. I don’t think he was able to cope with the knowledge that she was going to die this time around and, ultimately, that was why he took up Daniel’s offer to join the Stargate program. It was a means of escaping from the situation. The timing could have been better for Gloria, though.

    I have read some comments to the effect that Rush was with Gloria when she died and others that say he wasn’t. I don’t think he was based upon the conversation with her in the hospital room wherein he was insisting he was there and she kept saying he wasn’t, as well as his comment to Daniel in the classroom when he said that he was on Icarus, and she died alone. (Which brings us back to Rush needing a smack upside the head, and I’m sure Young would be more than willing to supply it.)

    Again, in a comment, someone mentioned that Rush had been on Icarus for six months and that it was after Gloria died. However, it was Scott in Air who said to Eli that Rush had been working on the power flow problem for six months, not that he had been on Icarus for six months. Rush himself told Daniel that Gloria had died alone while he was “off.” He also mentioned having been with the program for 2 ½ years.

    Also, I have known people that have died from cancer and they were little more than skeletons when they died, Gloria wasn’t at that stage yet when Rush was with her in the hospital (I know you can’t really expect Louise to have starved herself to the point that she would have looked like a real cancer patient about to die, but go with me here). There’s also Rush saying that it was the day Gloria died, and Daniel telling him the date was April 6, to which Rush replied that that wasn’t the date she died, despite the phone call about her “taking a turn for the worse,” etc.

    Gloria also tells Rush that he’s become callous and that he is not the person she knew, but he tells her he always had it in him. Personally, I think the “callousness” stems from the very fact of how much he loved her. When she got sick again and eventually died, he was hurt very badly and the callousness, acerbidity, and even the pragmatism are the walls/armor that he has built around himself to keep people from getting close to him so that he can’t be hurt that way again.

    So, he’s been hurt badly by the loss of Gloria, and he’s become bitter over his own failings, and somewhat jealous of Eli, as evidenced by his comments to Daniel when he is talking about his inability to solve the riddle of the ninth chevron and that a kid with no real education, who spends his time playing silly video games, was able to do something that he was unable to do. The “genius I’ll never be.”

    As for the preview for Lost – WOW, that’s a LOT of teeth!

    Regarding Lost Rush mentions that he found a map of the gates on the derelict ship and, later, when Scott, Eli, and Chloe are on that same ship and Eli is flipping through various screens they can’t read, Chloe tells him to go back through the screens and then tells him the one to pick, which is the one that gives them the map of the Stargates and Destiny’s path.

    So, if Rush is the one that found the map, yet Chloe is able to identify it, having never seen it before, just how linked are the two of them that Chloe seems to be able to channel Rush’s memories when needed?

    Speculations and Suppositions
    When Time aired, I wondered whether Destiny had some form of AI, not on the scale of a Rommie, but at least a rudimentary type that is keeping an “eye” out for the people on board. It seemed just a little too convenient that the Destiny dropped out of FTL near a planet that had the two things the people on board required, without even knowing they required them – the “squigglers” and a sun that was about to throw a solar flare that would disrupt the gate and allow the people on the planet to go back in time to give themselves the answers they needed when they came along again.

    With Daniel in Human, I’m wondering even more because every time Rush was thinking of leaving, Daniel would appear. In particular, when Rush had actually decided to leave, had even gone as far as having his hand on the doorknob, Daniel appeared and got him to stay by telling Rush he should be with Gloria.

    However, I’m also wondering if, in this instance, Daniel is, in fact, Rush’s subconscious steering him in the right direction. Maybe Rush had already picked up the various clues but, just like when I read something too many times I start to see what should be there, rather than what is there, Rush is having a “can’t see the forest for the trees” moment and requires a push to get him where he needs to be in order to figure out the code, and his subconscious in the form of Daniel is giving him that push, particularly when he’s thinking of giving up.

    Regarding Space, I’m thinking those aliens are a little more devious than they’ve been given credit. They had their tracker in the form of the ship on the Destiny’s hull, which has since been blasted into oblivion. They sent in their Trojan Horse in the form of the tracker implanted into Rush, which has also been neutralized. But . . . I’m also thinking they had a third, even sneakier option, planted on board in the form of whatever the link is between Rush and Chloe, and they are somehow able to track that link.

    Here’s my reasoning: At the end of Space, Rush said that the aliens were frustrated because he seemed to be able to block them from getting the information they wanted about Destiny from him. They then mount an attack on Destiny that nets them Chloe. Chloe now seems to have access to information in Rush’s head – the using of the neural link against the aliens and, more particularly, her knowing which screen contained the map of the gates and Destiny’s path when she, Eli, and Scott were on the crashed ship. The information about the map is something from Rush’s memories, not Chloe’s, and it is unlikely that they discussed it, much less that he told her exactly how to find and identify it. Why would he, after all, since the crashed ship was somewhere behind them and it wasn’t likely they’d ever see it again.

    So, if Chloe is able to access the information in Rush’s head, without him even being in proximity, the whole reason for the aliens taking her in the first place may have been for that specific purpose. (i.e., Let’s get another one. One that can’t block us so easily. Since they are the same species, we can use this super-secret thingamadoohickeybob to link their minds and then we can access the information we want through the secondary source without the primary source being able to block the transmission. Yeah, that’s the ticket! High fives all around!)

    And for a “just out of the blue/that’s just weird” question: How is it that the spacesuits on Destiny are a disaster, but the bedding seems to have survived quite nicely? Maybe those spacesuits should have been made of the same material as the bedding. Something to ponder.

  30. Some time ago you wrote –

    …if you were offended by that broom closet scene in Air I, I guarantee you’ll be clawing your eyes out of your skull given what we have in store later this season.

    I thought that’s going to happen in “Sabotage”, but it didn’t… Can we still expect clawing-eyes-out-worthy sex scenes in 1.5?

  31. Another observation question…

    If each dive into a star isn’t fully recharging the zpms/batteries/hamsters-on-wheels or whatever powers Destiny why doesn’t destiny stay inside the star until it is fully charged? or make repeated dives if its a 38 minutes kind thing [can only stay inside the star for so long].

    For a computer than knows what the ship/crew is lacking or needs it seems to be a bit senile at times. Now that i’m thinking about senile computers I half expect Holly from Red Dwarf to pop up on one of the screens… [look it up on youtube if you’re unfamiliar with it]

  32. A Happy Mother’s Day to Mamma Mallozzi and all the wonderful moms out there in sci-fi land. Having a good day myself. Liked Fridays episode and will watch it again later to catch all the little things I missed, thanks Joe and good luck with your script. I listened to the interview with David Blue, a very good one,he is a good speaker.. although about 30 minutes into the piece b4 he came on…’
    Have to go now, shopping some to finish out mothers day..what a chore, hah!
    Enjoy your day, hope the dogs were good to you on mothers(dad) day..

  33. please stop with the lesbian scenes!

    i watch this with children around

    this is suppose to be a family show!!!

  34. >new Twilight movie

    As awesome as Jodelles acting is, the Twilight movies are about as fun as watching paint dry, or watching grass grow.

    These kinds of films are propped up by the Teen audience they aim at

    >The return of Eli, Chloe and Mathew Scott was too easy

    That’s because it was, they had a list of Gate addresses in range, Destinys FTL drive going POOF in the general area was just conincidence, as someone said on Gateworld the Aliens, unknowingly helped them get back aboard.

    >I don’t think I’ve heard anything since Justice about how well the show is performing

    View SGUs wikipedia article or go onto Gateworlds ratings thread for easy access to this info, the +7 info isnt on the sites but the same day stuff, sure.

    >I love what you have done with Rush these last few episodes!

    Personally I think it’s more Rush coming out his shell than anything, the cold distant guy who rejected companionship/friendship is slowly becoming one of the crew, if anything that’s all people aboard wanted from him.

  35. Hey Mr. M

    Sorry ive been off the grid. Last week has been the bussiest week of this schoolyear. For every day I left the house at 8 and got back at 8-9 so i wasnt online much this week. Sabotage was good. Wasnt as bad controversy wise as I thought it was. Made some great changes to the perry storyline for the better. The moments between Rush/Perry are what made the episode(that and the awesome montage,…. keep those up). You could really see they cared for and loved each other. It was a beautiful thing. 🙂

  36. @pg15
    “Where for art thou, Franklin?”

    He’s lying dead drunk from that moonshine next to the chair! *g*


    If one is not an angry lesbian, reading Television without Pithy can be dangerous to your health 😉

    “Did you actually read this entire, extremely long comment?”

    No, I’m waiting for the movie.

    “…but tempting precious viewers with the finale already out there…”

    Because people really love to hear ukranian voices speaking over the american ones?

    Besides, given the general taste of the Nielsen families, I’d say they can’t figure out how use the internet in the first place *g*

    “why would very creature we encounter look like spiders and dinosaurs. ”

    I still say the spiderpeople were friendly until we killed one of theirs, now they are upset!

    “…can we have done with the “damaged veteran” shtick? … I know lots and lots of veterans and active duty, even some who’ve seen actual combat, and frankly, it’s insulting to them.”

    And he won’t like them when they are insulted?

    “just how linked are the two of them that Chloe seems to be able to channel Rush’s memories when needed?'”

    You’ll find out when Rush makes a pass at Scott 😉

  37. @ Joe – Give my best to your mum! You BETTER give her a call today!

    A Tammy Dixon – I need to get rid of so much stuff. I have VERY eclectic tastes because I have too many interests, and I like to surround myself with stuff I’m interested in, plus I have to incorporate things that Mr. Das likes, too. So I have a laundry room that’s blue and ‘beachy’, a kitchen that started off Colonial before adopting a Tuscany/French country/European flare, then turning Japanese and suddenly taking a sharp detour into medieval England. 😛 Front porch is cat-themed, bathroom seashell-themed, tv room is tall ship-themed, the bedroom has an Asian/Renaissance split personality, and the living room is a bohemian/Middle Eastern/gypsy amalgam, with a touch of English pub and Native American/African tribal accents.

    Needless to say, I’ve accumulated a lot of different things over the years, and occasionally need to purge. My problem at the moment is not what I have bought – but what has been given to me (stuff other people have purged from their lives), and I feel slightly obligated to display them, at least for a while. As it is, I just have way too much in a small house – stuff that has very little value but takes up a lot of space – so I’m thinking a yardsale is in my future. I just need the time to weed out the stuff I don’t want, and rearrange the stuff I do want. That takes a lot of time – a lot of decision making – and right now I’m strapped for it. I really should have been doing this when I was snowed in this winter, but I was having WAY too much fun wasting time and throwing virtual snowballs at Joey. 😛

    @ pg15 & cat4444) – I relinquish my ‘longest post’ crown to both of you! Whew! (And good job, too!)


  38. 1-Any comment on why the Ukrainian TV has already aired the last four season 1 episodes of SGU?

    2-How the aliens knew that Scott, Eli & Chloe were on that planet?

  39. tried to watch SGU this morning. My mom’s slow (ultra !!!) slow speed internet prevented me from doing so. How slow ? from 13h00 to 14h30 been trying to watch it on the space channel I kept getting the ( not responding) message on my page tittle.
    Someone on a respirator, humm!, sounds like an interesting idea :D.
    Getting very tired because of work, I think! Been feeling a bit dizzy for the past hour. I’m only off next Wednesday. Might have to wait til then to see it, unless the internet connection works better!

  40. Shadow Step:

    “just how linked are the two of them that Chloe seems to be able to channel Rush’s memories when needed?’”

    You’ll find out when Rush makes a pass at Scott

    Now that’s just wrong!

  41. @all those who want detailed backstories and sequential narratives of all plot threads:

    Suggest you look up the literary /dramatic concepts of

    -ob scaena- “out of sight” or “out of scene”


    -in medias res- “in the middle of things”.

    Understanding those might help you relax and enjoy the ride.

    Although now that I think about it, your questions show that the SGU creatives are doing their job by provoking curiosity.

    *channels RoseAnne Rosannadanna*
    Never mind!

    Aside to Joe: OK, the requisite still has been created. NOW can we have a hint as to clothing replacement? Hand-me-downs can only last so long…!

  42. Das</b: Wow! I don't have themes for any my rooms. I just paint them in colors I like, then put furniture that is comfy/useful in the rooms.
    As for gifts people have given me, I put them out for a while and then some things disappear. It is a concept that I'm trying to get my mother to learn. She has this ghastly toilet shaped coffee mug someone gave her 30 years ago. How long does she have to keep the cup in order not to offend her friend? I point out to her, "What kind of "friend" gives a toilet shaped coffee mug anyway? “

    Gilder: RoseAnne Rosannadanna, that brings back memories.

    Shadow Step, PG15: So there was a big controversy before the Sabotage episode aired? I guess I missed that rant. All that shouting would have given me a headache anyway.

    Scot: What is “lesbian secks”?

    paloosa: I hope things get better for ya!

  43. 😳 my bold malfuctioned. As my computer hubby says, “loose nut behind the keyboard”.

  44. Oh, forgot to mention…

    Betty White was terrific on SNL last night! I haven’t been able to watch an entire show for about 25 years because of the sheer crappiness of the writing. But last night’s ep was spot on and hilarious – like the old days with Aykroyd and Belushi. Not sure that the writing was so much better, or if it was just made better by Betty’s dead pan delivery – but I lol’d… a lot. 😀


  45. @cat4444

    Well I was kidding *g*

    “Understanding those might help you relax and enjoy the ride.”

    Why would people feel better about stuff they don’t like because they now have a name for the stuff they don’t like?

    @Tammy Dixon
    “So there was a big controversy before the Sabotage episode aired?”

    Not so much in this blog, but some people got very upset over a couple of lines of text on a casting call sheet. (ie, we want someone to play so and so)

    “What is “lesbian secks”?”

    I suspect he fears being sent to his room without supper if he spells it “sex” (I could be wrong though *g*)

  46. Just watched sabotage and thought it was another awesome episode. Few questions-

    can you post transcripts of the letters young wrote to matthew and tj? That would be totally awesome.

    And theres a lot of talk online about the rush/amanda sex scene that was expected in this ep but that ended up not being there. Was it ever in the script or was that fandom going awry? If it was in but changed later, why?

    Theres also a bunch of gripes online about the music montages in episodes lately. Ive been beginning to think its just one of those sgu things now thats a stylistic thing for the series. I dont mind them although the song lyrics tend to be a smidge too literal. Was the inclusion of these montages something yall discussed and decided to use frequently? Every time i see one i always think about the montage song from matt stone n trey parker. Was it team america or south park, i cant remember.

    Whats yalls reaction to the ukranian tv scandal with the final eps of the season?

    Cant wait for the next episode. Keep up the excellent work! I continue to jones for more juicy tj/young action.

  47. I see Christopher McDonald reprises his role as Chloe’s father in the previews for Pain. Great actor. Loved him in Happy Gilmore and the Star Trek TNG episode Yesterday’s Enterprise.

    I hope we find out what happened with franklin. Rush sat in the chair and you dont see him disappearing out of nowhere.

  48. @ Tammy Dixon – I have always liked to transport myself mentally to another time and place, so I tend to surround myself with stuff that makes it easier to do that. How can I put it? I like ‘atmosphere’…things that compliment my mood, or help me have a more fulfilling experience. For instance, if I just want to escape life a bit, a dark, dingy bar is just the ticket…but if I’m in a social mood, then I prefer the popular, bustling spots.

    But it’s more than that – I really hate modern life (I declare as I frantically peck away at the keyboard 😛 ). My husband says I’m ‘primative’. I feel most comfortable in places that transport me back in time – walking around the harbor in Mystic Seaport, or visiting historical sites, or even a day at the Ren Faire…I just wish I lived before the modern age. Although I do use modern conveniences, in the back of my mind I’m often hating myself for doing it (except the flush toilet, which I consider the single most important invention of all time!!). I really DO want to travel in a carriage and walk to the market every day with a basket on my arm, and collect warm eggs from under my very own hen. I want to own only two dresses – one for work, and one for church. I want to live in a world free from the noise of the gasoline engine and the electric motor. I want to read by candlelight, cook over an open fire, and weave on a loom. I want to do all those things, but my life as it has been just doesn’t allow for it…I have to live in a world that forces me to be the total opposite of who and what I really want to be.

    The only way I can be that person is to use my imagination. So, when I’m reading Horatio Hornblower, for instance, I like to sit in my room surrounded by oak barrels, ship’s lanterns, and cannon balls (yeah…I have cannon balls…really big ones 😉 ). When I fell like writing letters, I pop in Pride and Prejudice (Firth, Ehle) and break out my ink pen and wax seals. And nothing makes cooking more enjoyable than the sense that I’m in an old worldy kitchen, with herbs hanging to dry and salt in an old crock instead of a shaker. If I had my way (and a bigger house), I’d have an open hearth fireplace right in the kitchen…OH! how’d I love that! As it is, I have to cook on an electric stove :P, and it just doesn’t do stew, or chili, or anything like that a bit of justice. I would just love to have a fireplace in the kitchen, with an old wooden table and a bench and a stone floor. Would make my life.

    When I was a kid, I always wanted to live in a medieval castle – not a ‘modernized’ renaissance-y castle with plaster walls and such, but a dark, dank stone castle, with tapestries and shields on the walls, and massive iron-trimmed wood doors, and huge open pit cooking fires in the basement. In fact, my favorite board in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game was Dr. Doom’s castle 😆 . And yeah…my parents thought I was weird. Not much has changed since, either…except – now – the whole of the internet thinks I’m weird, too. 😛


  49. Hey Joe,
    I’m watching the new episode of Iron Chef America right now with guest judge Lou Diamond Phillips. When is Mark going to pull some strings and get you on the panel? You’re a natural!

    Happy Birthday to Mama Mallozzi and all the moms everywhere.

  50. um lesbian sex scene?

    So you are saying that not only did I miss the little robot but I also missed the lesbian sex scene. I watched the darn episode twice.

    *watches the episode for the THIRD time*

    You think that’s lesbian sex?

    Here let me provide you with a link you may find instructional………..

    (psych – just joking)

    Have a good one!

  51. @Das

    No, there wasn’t a lesbian sex scene, which was kinda my point. I was just being naughty….

    Bad Kymm Bad *snicker*

    My humour IRL tends to run to the dry/sarcastic, but I find from past experience, that for me, it doesn’t translate well to the written word. As a result, I have a tendency to go overboard to try and make it painfully obvious when I am attempting to make a joke. I don’t want to hurt people’s feeling, or cause offense.
    Although in certain situations, such as this, the imp in me just can’t resist the odd tongue in cheek jab, (it’s usually in defense of a person or group). Just ignore me…..*smile*

    Have a good one!

  52. That robot looks like a kino with legs….very cute…will see Sabotage on Friday night.

    ….spoilers, maybe….if anyone hasn’t seen Lost


    —> Saw Lost last Friday. I liked it but I preferred Human. Lost felt a bit like a tennis match….a minute to catch up on the ship, then bang back to the tunnel for a minute then back to the ship…and repeat. I liked Greer’s story…I sense he’s alone on the ship. I hope he connects with someone…and I’m not talking about Park. It was strange when the tunnel collapsed that Scott kept calling him Greer. I think he only called him Ron once. Scott did know that Greer was claustrophobic but he could have found that out in the course of work. I wonder if Greer has anyone to confide in.

    Anyhoo just some random thoughts….

    Cheers, Chev

  53. @ Das

    It could have went either way, so I thought I better play it safe. hahaha. Now I know how Joe feels…….

    In SGU the subject of sex (straight or gay) seems to be a rather touchy issue for some reason. I’m not sure why.


  54. They should reproduce the Wraith Ipad as a laptop cover of some sort.

    CFC/HCFC/HFC Control

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