For the past five years, I’ve hosted an annual chocolate party, a theobroma extravaganza in which I attempt to stuff about forty guests with enough cacao to kill them ten times over (Don’t believe me?  Check out the spread:  And, for the past five years, Carl has thanked me by taking me out to dinner.  Wholly unnecessary, but appreciated nevertheless.  So, last night, on his suggestion, we decided to try somewhere new: Coast Restaurant on Alberni Street.

When I made the reservations, I was informed they could squeeze me in, but that they would need the table back an hour and a half after my 6:15 p.m. reservation.  So popular!  It must be good, right?  Right?!  I’m a fairly fast-eater and told them it wouldn’t be a problem.  Of course, that “not a problem” was assuming service would be prompt which…well, let’s just say it’s a good thing they didn’t hold us to that 90 minute seating.

The place was packed and noisy as hell, a cacophonous duel  of lively conversation fighting to be heard over the annoyingly loud music being piped over the speakers.  We were seated in a prime spot, the high-traffic table by the second floor staircase which afforded us a view of all the other diners being served before us.  Next to being seated right beside the bathroom, it don’t get much better than that.

We started by sharing three signature sashimi plates –

Wild Salmon (extra virgin olive oil, coconut, fried shallots), Yellowtail Hamachi (scallions, Thai basil, sweet and sour marinade), Ahi Tuna (jalapeno, lychee, cilantro, sesame oil).

All good but nothing particularly memorable.  In the interim between appies and our mains, we chatted.  And chatted some more.  If I’d known we’d be waiting that long, I’d have taken the time to watch The Office.  Eventually, Carl caught our waiter’s eye.  A dawning realization seemed to settle upon him.  I almost expected him to say: “Shit, you guys still here?” before he scurried off.  Moments later, he was back with our mains.  I suspect they’d been awaiting pick-up for a while.  Let’s just say we were in no danger of burning our tongues.  Or warming our hands.

Carl had the Yellowfin Ahi Tuna: "caught by Aloha Kai captained by Jeff Rogers". No kidding.

Atlantis Scallops: "havested by divers in the Georgia Bank, Nova Scotia".

The main dishes were fine, unremarkable yet inoffensive, a tepid one-two punch.

In my desire to end the night on a high note, I ordered three desserts –

Chocolate Gianduja Delight - hazelnut chocolate custard, meringue tiles, praline-spearmint reduction. Not a fan but Carl liked it.

Chocolate Mascarpone Brownie: jasmine tea hot chocolate, pistachio cream candied pistachio, roasted vanilla pineapplespecialty coffees and teas. Meh. I wasn't sure if you could actually eat the cup containing the hot chocolate. Even after sampling a piece, I still wasn't altogether convinced it was, in fact, edible.

Molten Banana Coconut Cake: caramelized banana, coconut crème anglaise. My friend Nia's recommendation, and the highlight of the meal.

All in all, a pretty forgettable meal.  That’s what I get for trying somewhere new.


Bryan M. White writes: “Speaking of fan questions, any word on when Elise will be covering the mailbag?”

Answer: She and Jamil are working on their Q&A’s – but season 2 has been keeping them busy.  Still, while we’re waiting, I’ll be announcing a few more guest Q&A’s in the coming days.

GrmnRF writes: “We will meet with Franklin in the future? Or, we can never know where and how he disappeared …?”

Answer: Great question.  What’s up with that?

Kymm writes: “Ashleigh – vanilla? really? Oh please ask for another flavour, as well.”

Answer: I’ll make her vanilla (with shaved milk chocolate and white chocolate chunks, as per her request), but I think I’ll try something new as well.  I’m thinking of incorporating that big of cheddar chips I picked up today.

crayonbaby writes: “Do you use one of those machines or make it manually (I’m thinking the crank handle kind)?”

Answer: I have two machines, but their output is still too modest for my needs.  I really should invest in the Gelato 3000.

Crashbarrier writes: “You published previously some of therather fantastic production designs for sets, costumes and the like for the different SG series. Given that these are things that fans fall on as treasures from the Ark of the Covenant itself why are these not collated and published?”

Answer: Don’t know.  Not my call.  You might want to throw the suggestion MGM’s way.

Tepring writes: “If you’re making ice cream to satisfy a lost bet, seriously consider liquid nitrogen ice cream.”

Answer: I think I’d rather keep my fingers, thanks.

avabird writes: “Canadian beavers are apparently the hardest working. The biggest beaver dam in the world is at Wood Buffalo Park in Alberta. It’s larger than Hoover Dam. Scientists discovered this by seeing it on Google Earth. (Didn’t put a link, cause don’t think I have linking privileges yet.)”

Answer: They only discovered it because of Google Earth? And it’s larger than the Hoover Dam?!!  P.S. Everyone has linking privileges.  Post away.

dasNdanger writes: “why do Wraith hibernate fully clothed?”

Answer: Why not?  That way, they’re up and about and ready to go.  P.S. Perv.

BJ writes: “If you have the time, there’s one proposal for a 4th series that I think you should check out.”

Answer: Sorry.  We don’t accept unsolicited submissions, especially pitches for new shows.

Tim Lade writes: “On an unrelated note you always say that Paul is your writing partner and yet you wrote…Resurgance on your own it seems…do you divide the work or how does your partnership work exactly?”

Answer: Even though we’re co-credited on our scripts, we’ve been writing separately for many years now.

Time Lade also writes: “Oh p.s. Russel Hanz is a fool.”

Answer: Couldn’t agree more.  I’m rooting for Parvati (followed closely by Susan).

Zoomeister writes: “Do we just post them in comments section?”

Answer: Yep.

Deni writes: “Hey Joe? If Mandy had died while Camille was in her body, who would have died? Mandy, right?”

Answer: Past experience suggests they would both die.

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Joey how could you?!?! cry

I have been nothing but polite on here, supportive of SGU, etc., etc., etc., and what do you do? You have some stinking malware kick in while I’m reading your blog and nuke me! LAST WEEKEND!

Why, Joey, why? Was it because I said I didn’t believe you folks on the stones/aliens/Rush swiped one issue, or some other thing I said I didn’t buy? Huh? Okay, I take it back. I believe every plot point you make – at least to your face – for now – maybe. razz

I never really believed all of your claims of being some sort of evil genius bent on world domination, but, rather, a misguided soul looking for a purpose in life, that purpose being to entertain us through this blog and Stargate. Guess I was wrong, huh? At least I know better now.

*Ashleigh, when you read this (assuming the personification of evil known as Mr. M, aka Joe Mallozzi, aka Joseph Mallozzi, aka Joey doesn’t delete this part of my comment) please, please, please do something incredibly nasty to him for me – you can even sign my name to the “crime” since I would love to take the credit as a form of payback*

It’s taken me this long to solve the problem and get back online. Kind of. Got rid of the pestilence pretty quickly, although it took some fast work to get ahead of it, after which my email worked, and I had access to secure websites, but not general browsing – which includes your blog. Just what were you trying to hide, anyway?

ISP techs were, as usual, useless. Their solution: It sounds like a firewall issue so turn it off. Hmmm, let me think about that. Um, no. Morons.

Anyway, I come to you now courtesy of Firefox. All hail the Firefox. Had the installer on my computer at work, so I emailed it to myself on the off chance I could install it and solve the problem that way. Guess what, it worked! Immediately told me it was the proxy server, went in, changed the settings, and VOILÁ! I be here to berate you for causing the problem in the first place.

Off to watch Sabotage again. Yay!


Parvati? Joe, really? Although I must say I bow down to her evilness w/ the 2 idols the other week but I don’t really have respect for her game in general. …..ah Colby…I don’t think he has a chance ‘cos he hasn’t been rocking the challenges like he usually does but he’s my favourite anyway.

Cheers, Chev

p.s. I like Russell


Man, I KNEW I should have checked for a new post before hitting submit. In the past, I think you’ve said you read all your comments but don’t respond to commens on the non-current post…

So…Sabotage was excellent, and I’m very curious about how Chloe, Scott and Eli got back. I’m guessing that — along with angry aliens on the planet, that will come back up in a later episode, right?

Some of that food looks really good. Some of it, not-so much, but I’m not sure if that’s because it really doesn’t or if it’s I’m very susceptible to the power of suggestion. I’m sure advertisers would love me if I had more money! smile

Wish me luck…I have to be leaving the house at 6 a.m. tomorrow so I can drive two hours to catch a flight to go back home for a wedding Sunday. It’s midnight here, and I’m not packed. Hopefully I can sleep on the plane…and through Saturday (I work nights and am usually going to bed about 4 a.m., so this is kind of topsy turvy for me. It’s worth it, though.

But — as a side note — I’m sure my friend’s mom might appreciate that my friend is getting married on Mother’s Day for some reason, but I’m pretty sure mine doesn’t. First time I’ll be in the state on that day in years, and I STILL won’t get to see her for more than like, an hour. Which, as you’ve demonstrated here, is not necessarily time for a nice meal.


Will we find out if Franklin ascended or not (and something else happened like beamed to an Ancient cryogenic chamber elsewhere in the ship) by the end of season one?


Ah, I was wondering when this episode would air. The character Camile Wray has been portrayed as another IOA operative, I’m finding it very hard to enjoy any scene with her in it. Its very hard to dislike Ming-Na, so I have to give it to her, she plays a good snake in the grass. But what I’m going at is, the scenes with her on earth or any scene that attempts to effectively humanize her falls on deaf ears, a wasted scene. Then again that could and probably is just me. That being said I did enjoy the portrayal of the struggles of disabled people, and I enjoyed Ming-Na’s portrayal of such.

Did this episode get rewritten.. From what I understood there were more controversial issues that were to appear. Were those issues removed or just to appear is a later episode?

Matt Silver
Matt Silver

Sabotage was pretty darn good. Definitely liked Amanda Perry, and the galaxy CGI was beautiful-looking stuff. Props to bringing James to the foreground – she’s a secondary character I’m glad is getting as much screentime as she is. And Franklin… well, there are worse ways to mysteriously disappear… grin


“Answer: Why not? That way, they’re up and about and ready to go.”

But, but, but…won’t they get all sweaty and smelly in all that leather after a while? Unless, of course, they have some sort of climate control in their underpants, or something. Even so, wouldn’t their skin like…ya know…start to fuse with their clothes, like that one woman who sat on her sofa for so long her skin grew into it:

See…this is something stupid that’s gonna drive me nuts until I can find some logical explanation…which, obviously, I’m not going to get here. roll

“P.S. Perv.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m Kettle, nice to meet you, Pot. Remember…I’m not the one who had a tea party with scantily-clad Japanese girls half my age. So just watch it, ya dirty ol’ man.


@ avabird – I’ve been reading about that dam. It’s actually more than twice the width of Hoover Dam – mind-boggling! Here’s a couple links:

comment image

Now there ya go, Joe…some eager beavers for ya. wink


Arctic Goddess

Hi Joe:

I was just reading that a writer should blog to help promote their work. Have you considered providing a tease here on your blog about your short story for Lou Anders?

What do you think would be the most powerful and important discovery in human history, in the past or the future?



I haven’t had a chance to watch this week’s show yet, but I wanted to tell you that our Cocker Spaniel, Honey, died on the operating table yesterday. She was just having a growth removed and her heart stopped. It was such a shock. The thing is, it wasn’t an emergency. I can’t help thinking if we had chosen another day, she would have survived. The vets always said she was the sweetest dog they had ever seen. Hyperbolic, but true. She was cute, and sweet, and dumb as a box of rocks, and we loved her. I’ve only posted a couple of times, but I know how you love dogs, so thanks for listening.


Thanks Joe!


Um….Susan isn’t playing…do you mean Sandra?

Cheers, Chev


Do you ever go back to a restaurant if the first time is bad? I think I would if a usually good restaurant has a bad night but not a new one….1 strike and you’re out smile

Cheers, Chev


Colby Donaldson rocking a hat…..Just saying

Cheers, Chev


Oh spankys..I’m sooo sorry to hear about Honey. My thoughts are with you.



Oh, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to disparage Ashleigh’s choice of ice cream flavour. I, too, can appreciate a really fine vanilla ice cream. It’s just that it sounds like you have made some amazing flavours in the past and vanilla ice cream is relatively easy to come by, so I was hoping to hear/see a more exotic/unique flavour. Plus, there is the fact that, well, you LOST the bet. I would think that there needs to be some sort of a pain in the ass factor involved. You know….. the agony of defeat. After all she slaved over a hot. hot oven to make not one, but rather two batches, of cookies for you, with no laxatives, I might add. I just thought Ashleigh was letting you off kind of easy. Lol!

Ummm cheddar chip ice cream does sound unique….

@Paceofnature – you do realize why he is getting married on Mother’s Day don’t you? It’s so that in five years time, and the blush has worn off, he will have a trigger to remember his anniversary. *wink*

Have a good one!


@ spankys – awww…geez…that’s heartbreaking! So very sorry. *hugs* Unfortunately, some things are just beyond our control. Try not to second guess yourself; surgery is a risk in humans and animals alike, there is just no knowing how things will turn out. I know that really doesn’t make it any better, though. Just know that there are a lot of people here who have suffered the loss of a pet, and we certainly do feel for you and what you’re going through. Our thoughts are with you.

~ Deirdre

Nicole Gustas
Nicole Gustas

Joe, what was the music in the musical montage tonight??? It sounded like Interpol…almost. Please tell me so I can go buy it now!


4-Spankys – Sorry to hear of your loss. Don’t try to second guess your decisions and actions. Perhaps consider finding another friend to add to the family?

Comments on Sabotage:
Sorry to be redundant, but Sabotage was very good. Ming Na manages to deliver spot on for all her characters. And, this character was most difficult given the situation.

Robert Carlyle was excellent in this as well as last week’s.

I loved when Eli handed Rush his glasses. That was priceless. And, also Eli’s comment to Amanda – about the shifting…”…don’t you just hate that.”

Great character development for all. Props to all for a great episode.

Now, seen it twice can go night night happy!

Matt Silver
Matt Silver

Nicole Gustas: That’s Julian Plenti’s Only If You Run. Julian Plenti is an alias for Interpol frontman Paul Banks. It’s a good song.


Hello Joseph!!! la forme? Moi oui ça va .

HUmmmmm merci pour ces photos, sa me donne trop fin, moi ce midi je mange des médaillon de sol, ça aussi c’est délicieux;)

Interressant les Q/A, je ‘nai pas encore vue l’épisode “Sabotage” mais je vous direz ce que j’en pense dans la journée smile

Gros gros bisou!!!
Je vous adore!


Did Franklin just turn into LCL?


I’m leery of anyplace that pipes in music. If they can’t count on the decor and/or food to set the proper mood, I can’t trust their choice in music. Live music is somewhat different, but generally I just want to enjoy the food(and read a nice book. Yes, I am a barbarian who reads while eating dinner, even when eating out, at least at the more plebian restaurants around here). I am sorry to hear that you had a less than perfect meal out. So, how long are you going to use this outing to guilt Carl into doing what you want? How long will he let you do so?
Due to work, only caught part of last night’s episode, but liked what I saw. I’ll be working on catching a chance to see the whole thing. Speaking of work, folks, PLEASE do not ever trust someone to wave you across into making a left hand turn across two lanes of traffic.
Anyways, thanks for the food review. They’re often more interesting when you the food fails to meet your standards than they are when you are waxing eloquent over the virtues of the offerings. And here’s hoping your next outing will be more pleasing.


@spankys: I’m so sorry for your loss. I like your description of Honey – it’s obvious she will always be loved and remembered. Please try not to second-guess yourself – it doesn’t change a thing and leaves you exhausted and frustrated. Take care.


@Spankys, Deepest condolences and ((hugs)).


A question for Joe:

Any comment on the negative tone of the publisher on this story located here :

The article mentions SGU under the Caprica paragraph.

The author makes it sound like SGU should suffer the same fate Caprica may in the future.