I’m pleased to report significant progress on the script front!  After countless weeks of frustration, desperation, and sleep deprivation, I’m finally in the stretch run and that oh-so-elusive Fade Out is well within striking distance.  I spent the day rewriting what I had (something I do while pacing which, I’m told, makes me look like an actor anxiously running lines before an audition), then forged ahead and finished up Act IV.  I pitched out the possibility of shooting a four act script instead of the usual five (“Think of how much time and money we’ll save!”) but others were reluctant to embrace my brilliant suggestion.  So I headed back into my office and, after much consideration applied myself and made some inroads – two whole pages! – into that fifth and final act.  Granted, I did it by moving my Act IV break up “two whole pages!” but still, it was progress and I was happy (and, I’m sure, you’re all happy for me).  Tomorrow, I aim to close the deal and leave the office with a rough first draft I can agonize over tomorrow night.  Wish me luck!

Cloverdale (episode #5) was shooting on location today in – where else? – Cloverdale, but keeping us company at The Bridge today was Director Andy Mikita who was shooting second unit for what seemed like EVERY OTHER EPISODE over on Stages 5 and 6.

Fondy sent me more pics of the pooches in T.O. –




My friend Cynthia was out for the night with another friend so I ended up having dinner with Ashleigh tonight. And it turned out to be a huge disappointment.   Not the company, mind you.  Ashleigh was at her charming best, cheerfully declaring me the weirdest person in the writers’ room as she helped herself to my hazelnuts. Rather, it was a hitherto dependable restaurant that had a horrifically off night.  More details in tomorrow’s blog.  With pictures!

50 thoughts on “April 28, 2010: Production update! Puppy pics! And a dire dinner – with exceptional company!

  1. Dinner…with Ashleigh…helping herself to your…nuts. 😕

    Oh, THIS better be good!!


  2. Stewie and Brie are adorable. Thanks to Fondy for sending pictures and allowing you to share.

  3. We’ve offered to help but you haven’t really jumped on the offer and now you want us to feel bad for you hmmm.
    Just keep saying “I love to write, I love to write, I love to write.” Just don’t be banging your head against the wall as you’re saying it, it will not help with the creative flow, it will just give ya a headache.

    Oh Stewie, those ears! Brie has such a nice little face.

    That’s too bad about the crappy meal, but as you said, the company more than made up for it. (Hi Ashleigh – why the weirdest?)

    Still planning the Road Trip? Chicago had never really occurred to me as a place I would want visit. Does not seem like there would be much to see, but in the last couple of days have ran across some food places that look promising. I mentioned Cat Cora & Tru the other day and now have a look at Alinea’s slideshow (halfway down the page). It was just recently named the top restaurant in the U.S. (7th in the world).

    My new-to-me Word of the Day: SLORE
    Today’s new word brought to me by men’s U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir, referring to fellow skater Evan Lysacek. They are currently embroiled in a bitch fight…. ahem…. I mean War of Words. It is a delightful and amusing combination of the words slut and whore.

    Have a good one!

  4. Hello Joe!!

    ça va bien today?

    Moi oui super =)

    Je suis sûre que les épisodes que vous avez écrit seront grandioses, mais faites attention de ne pas pérdre vos scriptes dans un restaurant (lol comme Harry Potter)..De tout façon si je tombe dessus un jour sa reviendra au même car je comprendrai un mot sur deux^^!!

    Les photos de Stewie et Brie sont géniales!!! Ils sont SO SO CUTE!!

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou ♥

  5. Come on, he was totally setting you up for that – I’m more worried about the pictures though *g*


    Do you ever feel tempted to add more stage directions than what is seemly?

  6. [feeble attempt to re-use the punchline] 😕

    Stewie pics look great! Though Bre looks kind of scared :ohdear:

    Pity the restaurants weren’t so good.

    Any sneak peeks of the scrip you can share? Even a word?

  7. Do you spend a lot of time in your office doing the writing or at home? Is your office a giant cube without a ceiling, I wondered actually how quiet it is when you are trying to work?
    Is Carl related to the Steven D Binder who is credited on NCIS as producer? Just curious.
    Nice pup pictures. Thanks to Fondy, they seem to see right thru the camera lens into your heart.
    Good luck with the first draft (rough) and can’t wait to hear more about your nuts story and Ashleigh, gotta be classic.. 😉

  8. Joey…gotta question…

    If you profess to be an aspiring supervillain, then how can Ashleigh be a supervillain, too? If she’s your nemesis, doesn’t that make her a superhero?? And what’s up with you two dining out together? Isn’t that like Batman breaking bread with the Joker? I’m just so confused…


  9. you were filming in my neck of the woods yesterday, and my best–four-legged–friend and I were on our daily walk amongst the SG Universe. Props to your friendly crew who said hello and waved us through as we did the route…..and who let me gaze upon the hallowed ring.
    Thanks from both of us!

  10. @Das: ROTFLMAO.

    @PG15: Like a moth to a flame, this girl…

    @Ashleigh: You should know better than to eat his nuts 🙂

    Hi Joe! Brie is absolutely gorgeous! They all are, but she’s exceptionally beautiful. You must miss her so much.

  11. Stewie is soooo cute and Brie still has that puppy look about her. I’m glad you and Fondy are such good terms. It’s a credit to both of you.

    Thanks for yesterday’s picture of the truffle. I’ve never seen one but it looked like a blackberry to me. Yes, I’m a hick 😳 .

    Too funny Das! Thanks for the laughs!!!

  12. Ha. Your nuts are hazel, eh? And your dog pics are staring into my black soul… *shiver* 😛

  13. Das, I’d say Joe and Ashleigh are more like Destro and the Baroness; out for world domination and vowing to destroy Sigma 6.

  14. @ Das. James Bond played cards with/dined with his archenbemies all the time. Even Superman and Lex Luthor would have face to face confrontations without Supes hauling Luthor away or Luthor immediately trying to kill blanket-boy. Only the coolest and most confident of heroes and villians can face their foes in a social setting, enjoy themselves, then resume their hostilities at a suitable time after the outing.
    Glad to see Fondy is sharing pics of the kiddies. But with Lulu as the youngest of your brood, are you in danger of being percieved as a old fuddy duddy doomed to carry around his arthritic and spoiled pooches? Not saying you need to get a new puppy or anything, but….
    Yes, we are happy for your progress. I’ve already compared your writing efforts to a woman in labor. now it’s reaching the stage of someone who has been constipated for a week, has to go, and is now straining to produce the final “product”. And no, I’m not suggesting your final product is fecal matter. Though come to think of it, isn’t the most expensive coffee in the world the product of birds digesting the coffee beans? Never mind.. just congratulationa and looking forward to the final product.
    Very much looking forward to tonight’s blog, and seeing in what way you were tortured by restaurant. Thans for sharing your misdaventures with us.

  15. Hi Joseph!.

    Sorry to post this here, but I was wondering if you could email me back an address (email or post – preferrably email) where I can write to your and/or your production team and and writers?

    I have some things I want to write to you about 🙂

    Thanking you in advance,

  16. When did this comments section turn into Mrs. Haversham’s third grade classroom?

  17. I have NO idea what you’re talking about, Mr. M. I’m sitting RIGHT here minding my own business, diligently working on my times tables.


  18. I’ll quickly finish my though. I still can’t believe that I’ve been waiting 3 months for a show to restart and when it does, there is no follow up on where it left off. The show restarts, we see Rush on an alien ship, he speaks briefly about his abduction and that’s it.
    What was the point of making an abduction of a character if there is no follow up on the story? Meantime a lot of time is wasted on .activities of daily living” segments like Young sewing socks (which was the purpose of my question that was not really one).
    I thought initially that it was a lack of time in the episode that explained why it was not addressed, but when I saw 2 episodes later all the time invested on someone’s pregnancy (like if we were on Degrassi), and time invested on a planet were nothing serious was being done, I felt it could all have been minimized or cut off to follow up on the end of ½ season finale. Do I need an entire episode to speculate on the impact of a character’s pregnancy? On a teen show yes! On a sci-fi show? Not unless you plan to get TJ abducted by Alien who will perform a genetic mutation on her child and create a super human with super powers!
    Seeing “activities of daily living” are nice extra scenes when the important one are addressed.

  19. *sticks tongue out at Deni* Pfffft!!!!! (And that was a juicy one, too!!)



  20. @ Matt Silver – No lie – there was a local fella around these parts named Hazel Dickey. (I know, Joe…but Matt already said it out loud!)

    @ Thornyrose – Just sizing each other up, preparing for their next move? I can see that.

    @ Shiny – Ah…or mebbe this. I think you’re onto something…

    @ Everyone else – I think we’re all gonna have to stay after school now. 🙁


  21. Hello Joe.

    I was speaking to a few friends about the best Blu-ray discs. I mentioned that I was partial to the SGA Fans’ Choice set because of the high bit rate: 37mb per second. For the less techno savy, higher bit rates = better picture quality. I also love the DTS audio on Enemy at the Gate.

    Any plans on doing anything similar w/ SG1 on Blu-ray?

    Best Wishes,


  22. Mrs. Haversham’s class? ohh you take that back. You so started it…..

    *muttering* am so NOT in grade 3 *pout* hope he gets writers block *grumble*

    Digs toe into ground, takes ball and goes home.

    and…and… and… are you even allowed to comment on your own blog like us regular folks?

    tee hee!

    (Didn’t mean it about the writer’s block – hope you get your rough draft done today!!)

  23. Hi Mr M!

    Been off the page for a while, avoiding spoilers, but when I saw Das and Co., back in 3rd Grade, I had to join in.

    So what’s new guys??

    Best to all from Ireland.


  24. @Das — I think Joe and Ashleigh are more like members of the Evil League of Evil — not on opposite sides, but not exactly working together either

  25. It is representative of the dichotomy between blog content and comment content.

    Was that better Joe? Less Haversham? What am I talking about? I’m always acting like I’m in Grade 3 on here. Going to play on the monkey bars. Call me when play lunch is over (Oh how I wish I really was playing on the monkey bars today instead of what I’m doing).

  26. I tried the new KFC Double Down “Sandwich” today.
    It was boring (too much chicken!), tasteless (put the bun and mayo back on it!), and too filling (excuse me while I go vomit!). Won’t be getting that again. It is going to take a lot of chocolate to get the taste out of my mouth!

    PS: Me thinks Das wants a crack at Joe’s hazelnuts too…

  27. I shouldn’t comment before coffee. Dichotomy of… you know what I mean.

  28. I was reading in the paper about a new show coming in the fall, and its about a kid, well he is living in a small town where the residents’ favorite sci-fi TV show goes off the air.(no really, thats what it said) Thought that was strange in itself and hope its not art imitating life…
    – On the 3rd grade, do we get naps and snacks, if so count me in.

  29. Stewie is a cutie. I don’t know much about dogs as I’m a cat person, but I like dogs, too. I just need lower maintenance pets with my time-hogging job.

    Anyway, Stewie has large ears. Will he grow into those ears or will they always be large in relation to his face?

  30. So they are playing superheroes now? Do we get to vote on the characters? Joeycakes in a tuxedo might be preferable to a spandex outfit 😉

  31. Mrs. Haversham?? Third grade? It was Mrs. Holland, and it was second grade. She’s the one who almost literally dragged me out of the picturebook section of the library and introduced me to books with few or no pictures. Little did she know what she unleashed that day…

  32. Ok, remember this one? On a calculator, put in the number 55378008, then look at it upside down. It’ll have all us 3rd graders peeing our pants laughing 🙂

  33. Boogers! Yuck, make them stop Mr. M., please. 😳

    We have another killer storm heading our way tomorrow night. Weird huh? Another storm on an SGU night. Fate?

    Are you keeping track of current news items? The Gulf shore oil spill? Sandra Bullock’s new baby? Kernell’s hacking trial?

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