Belouchi writes: “1. Will we ever encounter the race that built the star system and the obelisk in the future or is it meant to stay a mystery?”

1. It’s possible the Destiny crew will cross paths with these near-omnipotent beings again.

Belouchi also writes: “2. The odysey spaceship was on a secret mission during the events Enemy at the gates, and we know through your blog that it was Stargate universe Orientated type mission; however it was the Hammond that was there in Air. Will the next episodes of Stargate
Universe shed light on this issue or do we have to wait for either sga or sg1 movies to be released in the future? There is no need to divulge anything but just give us a bearing.”

Answer: You may get your answer in the SG-1 movie, Stargate: Revolution.

Belouchi also writes: “3. Seriously, Joe, what does it look like for Sga Extinction. It’s been a year and a half that we have been waiting for any sign of hope that it will see the light. I mean if you guys wait too long than the movie will simply be even harder to do. Just give us some sort of closure.”

Answer: I would love to say one way or the other but, unfortunately, there has been no definitive word on the fate of the Atlantis movie.  As I’ve already mentioned, the hold-up is not from a lack of desire on anyone’s part.

Arctic Goddess writes: “When you wrote your short story, did you find it difficult to switch writing styles from script format to novel format? What was the most difficult part of that switch for you?”

Answer: Writing prose fiction is a whole other animal and I have the utmost respect for those who make a living doing so.  Unlike scriptwriting where you have an immense support system of fellow writers you can bounce ideas off of, spin stories with, or receive input from, writing prose is a lonely business. And incredibly challenging.  Also, the script is just one piece of a much larger puzzle whereas the short story or novel is IT.

Belouchi also writes: “Do you miss anything about StarGate Atlantis?”

Answer: Sure.  There are a lot of things I miss about both SG-1 and Atlantis.  Both shows had a particular sense of humor I always enjoyed writing.

will13 writes: “Why planets in episodes “Time” and “Justice” have the same gate address?!”

Answer: May have been a mix-up in the Art Department packages.

Kymm writes: “1. Have you thought of doing up a Frequently Asked Question section?

2. Do you get a lot of trolls that you have to screen out?

3. How often/long do you work out? What is your routine?”

Answers: 1. Sure, considered it, but information is constantly being updated so last month’s answer to a question may no longer apply.

2. Oh, yeah, the occasional trolls.  It’s reached the point now where I don’t even bother to read their comments.  Just seeing a familiar name pop up is all it takes to hit the trash button.

3. I work out every morning.  Lately, I’ve been doing a variation of the crossfit program: a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups totaling a little over 1000 reps.

E writes: “In “Human” – holding the gate open by sticking something into the event horizon would’ve given the rescue team only 38 minutes, but why didn’t they even try?”

Answer: In Air III, delaying the jump by having Eli stick his arm through the gate bought Scott and Greer the time they needed to reach the gate.  In the case of the trapped team in Human, it was pretty clear that the time required would have far exceeded the 38 minute window.

Kymm writes: “So why don’t you tell us what your dream girl/women is? If you want us to match you up we need to know what umm floats your boat. No?”

Answer: I hear Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa is half Canadian.  She seems like she’d be interesting to dine with.  Also, I’d be able to practice my Japanese.  Set me up.

Kymm also writes: “Do you mean to say you only watch one TV show?”

Answer: I was referring to one hour dramas.  I also watch some comedies, animated series, and, yes, a couple of reality shows as well.

Eric.Stewart writes: “How can TJ know that some plants have medicinal properties?”

Answer: The same way people discovered the medicinal properties of plants prior to the creation of lab equipment – through trial and error testing.

Eric.Stewart also writes: “I like the idea of a tracking device implanted in Rush’s chest, but how did he know in the first place he was implanted WITH A DEVICE, and that it was close to his heart.”

Answer: Any number of ways.  Scenario #14: He awakens to find himself in an alien operating theater.  His body is numb yet he is awake and cognizant. He watches in horror as they slice him open and implant the device…

Eric.Stewart also writes: “Why is Young sewing socks?”

Answer: Because he can’t go to the store to buy another pair.

vv0472 writes: “Did the network really make you write out a character?!?”

Answer: No, I was kidding.  Re-read the question and my answer.

Kymm writes: “I am still wondering what happens to a comment if it gets denied by the moderator, does anyone know?”

Answer: I’m the moderator.  I know.  Offending comments get trashed.

Echelon writes: “Quick question, will we be seeing more of Lieutenant James in either the latter half this season or in season two?’

Answer: Yep.

MrsB writes: “1) Will there be any surprising relationships formed on board?

2) Any major deaths before the seasons end?”

Answers: 1) Depends what you consider surprising.

2) Hmmm.  No comment.  We’ll talk soon.

Echelon writes: “Are there any plans to have Louise Lombard return as Rush’s wife in flashbacks/hallucinations in future episodes?”

Answer: Chances are good we’ll be seeing her again.

Michelle writes: “Joe, do you care to comment on how you guys are feeling about MGM’s financial “troubles” and how that might affect SGU’s future?”

Answer: Heh.  I read the article you’re probably referring to – essentially a op-ed that quotes two individuals who clearly know next to nothing about the situation, much less how film and television production actually work.  SGU is in no danger of being delayed or shelved or carried off by a flock of angry hippogriffs.

Yumenoko writes: “Does Carl have a fun club?”

Answer: Yes.  I’ve heard him refer to his “fun club” more times than I’d care to remember.

imadaman writes: “Do you know/have you guys decided if any of the Season 2 episodes take place in 2010?”

Answer: We’re not going to be specific about the time period.

Scarym writes: “Will we see Daniel again this season?”

Answer: Subversion.

Deni writes: “Finally watching Avatar at home. Am I the last to watch? Nobody wanted to go with me to see it in the theater because they’d either already seen it (Sheryl) or weren’t interested (daughter and Mr. Deni). Did you see it? If so, did you like it?”

Answer: Haven’t seen it.  I did have the opportunity to watch it as part of the in-light entertainment on my last trip to Montreal, but figured it probably wouldn’t be as spectacular as it would in a 3D theater.

Hyperion writes: “How come that SciFi shows and actors never get that kind of recognition (Emmy´s, Golden Globes)? Any Idea?”

Answer: Sure.  Because sci fi shows aren’t respected by the industry.

Hyperion also writes: “Will we see a bit of a change in Dr. Rush behaviour towards the rest of the crew and towards Eli?”

Answer: I think these two have a very interesting dynamic.  Stay tuned.

Hyperion also writes: “Up to date, which Season one episode stands out for you and why?”

Answer: Time and Divided were my favorites.

Matthew RD writes: “1) Is your episode still called Awakenings, or is it just Awakening without the “s” now?”

Answer: Awakening.

“2) I notice the jump countdown bears some similarities with that Lost hatch clock, any comment as to whether or not this was intended in anyway?”

Answer: Unintentional.

“3) Off topic, but when I read a script from some DVD special feature recently, I noticed “o.s” being used, example;

Hello, Dave

Do you know what this means?”

Answer: As a matter of fact, I do: O.S. = Off Screen.

Airelle writes: “OK, Joe, ?..any more words on your comic book?”

Answer: Very close to finalizing the deal.  Will hopefully be able to make an announcement by summer.

Lisa R. writes: “So, will more people find out about TJ’s pregnancy soon?”

Answer: Yep.  Shipboard baby shower scene upcoming.  Riley’s present is the highlight.

Terry writes: “What happened to the body in the second shuttle.”

Answer: Space burial.

Ishak writes: “But I was hoping you could say something to Jamil Walker Smith for me. does he have a blog, or facebook page, or twitter or anything?”

Answer: Not that I know of, but I’ll tell him you said hi!

susiekew writes: “I remember you picked up the book for your recent trip. What did you think of it?”

Answer: It was fine.

Amy writes: “…remember a while ago how I asked you if you knew any ways for me to look for production assistant work in Vancouver and you said you’d look into it? Any news?”

Answer: Producer John G. Lenic, who happened to be sitting beside me as I was answering this question, advises interested parties to join the appropriate union.

Terry writes: “so we now know that the little ship breaking off at the end of air part 3 was the big bad aliens of the first season, is it safe to assume that they had already boarded the ship before the humans arrived and do we know if they are still on board?”

Answer: While the surveillance pod was attached to the ship, it didn’t penetrate the hull, so the aliens never actually accessed Destiny.  As far as we know.

dasdanger writes: ”

1. When watching a movie/show or reading a book, have you ever found yourself rooting for the ‘villain’, like I did with the Wraith or Prince Nuada in Hellboy II?

2. Since you’ve read Elric stories and know the character well and know how much I love his type, are there any books or graphic novels you can suggest where I might find someone similar, albeit probably not nearly as pale?

3. When you were little, what was the worst thing you did and got in trouble for?

4. When you were little, what was the worst thing you did and got away with?

5. Are you planning to watch ABC’s new show, Happy Town?

6. Will you ever entertain a male houseguest? Stefan, perhaps?

7. If you were stranded on an island with Carl, Ashleigh, and Lulu, who do you think would kill and eat you first? Hypothetically, of course.”

Answers: 1. I always root for the villain.  Hell, I dress like a James Bond villain.

2. Have your read George R. R. Martin’s Ice and Fire series?  Jamie Lancaster might be right up your alley.

3. Don’t remember every getting in trouble.

4. Drawing stick figures on the wall.  Oh no.  Wait.  My sister got in trouble for that.

5.  Might check it out.

6. Stefan and his girlfriend my be visiting in July.

7. Ashleigh’s pretty resourceful and used to subsisting on shrubs and dirt.  I’d just follow her lead until help arrived.

vvv0472 writes: “Can you please clarify the name of the actor who is BAG. I do not believe he is credited. Do you know if he knows about our campaign? Most importantly, will he return?”

Answer: This topic is presently under discussion in the writers’ room.

Jason1983 writes: “Looking at the titles for season 2…is it fair to say that there will be an up tit in the action?”

Answer: You don’t have to wait for season 2.  Check out the last three episodes of this season.

Squall78 writes: “Any concerns about the ratings? 5 eps now in a row have fallen below what SGA was pulling last season as a whole.

Kinda stinks, some of the best eps have been in the 2nd half.

Do you think the move to Tuesday will be good?”

Answer: Since the fate of a third season will rest on the ratings of those first ten episodes of season two, I’ll save my worrying for the fall.  As for the move to Tuesday night – looking forward to it.

59 thoughts on “April 26, 2010: It’s an all mailbag blog entry!

  1. Lol, I must really ask bad questions. None made it. Haha. Still a lot of other people asked my questions so I guess(I’m hoping) it’s nothin. Personal. 😉 🙂

    Sweet!!!!! Please bring back BAG! You won’t regret it!!

    Long live BAG!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  2. Haven’t seen Avatar either. I’m one of those crazy people who like to watch movies/shows after the hype has died down.

    Had to skip most of the mailbag as I’m behind on SGU. Life keeps on interrupting.

    Deni – Ralph was born with the toot issue. Here’s a pic from when his meds were increased.
    Fingers crossed it turns out to be something small and Elway is back to getting better.

  3. >Because sci fi shows aren’t respected by the industry

    I know, honestly. Given that fact only a very small percentage of the world cares about space, the universe per say, it’s kinda sad, no imagination I say 🙂

    I think the only series that has more of an audience grip is Star Trek(In general), I assume mostly because it launched in the 60s, back when the world generally loved the aliens, it caught the imagination. Still even these days, it’s only really known by name.

    Makes me fear for the future of Scifi if Stargate Universe gets cancelled in the future, mostly because the Syfy channel will be a channel with nothing remotely Scifi series wise.

    Still Stargate SG1 I think everyone can agree has been a huge hit and a well loved/known show.

    >3D theater

    Always 3D TVs, those are excessive in cost though, not really worth the effort, sitting at home with 3D Glasses on. Wake me up when proper 3D Atlantis style appears, the Ancients got something right at least heh.

  4. @Narelle and Joe: Avatar was worth watching at home, although I could definitely see the value of watching it in 3D. Although the story was very predictable, everything else about this movie was lovely.

    Narelle, the tooting thing is about to choke me here. We’re in bed, Elway’s between me and Mr. Deni, and now the toots are getting really loud and even stinkier. I do hope somebody figures this out soon or we’ll have to invest in some decent gas masks pretty quickly 🙂 Poor little guy, he can’t feel too well with all that gas. Like he hasn’t had enough already, hey?

    Love the pic, by the way. I know exactly how Jack must have felt!

  5. Nice full mailbag. Major death by season’s end eh?Life is uncertain for SG actors, especially if they play doctors. On the plus side you’ve shown ingenuity in bringing characters back, if only for cameo appearances.
    If you ever want to make money on the trolls’ posts I suppose you could always put up a for pay site to let those interested read them. Or do a Stargate version of Fundies say the Darnest things.
    Thanks for takng the time to go through the posts to do a mailbag, and looking forward to more.(yes, I’m that greedy)

  6. Hey thanks for the info Joe, and thank John G. Lenic for me as well 🙂

    Excellent answer on the deserted island question, though I wonder how Ashleigh would feel if she read that. I reckon she’d be likely to let you suffer on the island for a while, don’t you?


  7. Aww Joe you never answer my questions 🙁
    I’d really really really really appreciate an answer to at least the question about the music:

    Was that flock of pigeons CGI?

    Who wrote the violin music? It didn’t sound like Joel, but he has done some surprising things before. Who played the violin? Whose idea was it?

    What is the purpose of those red beams between the buildings at The Brige?

    Can you confirm that the first alien lifeform encountered by people aboard Destiny was a spider as per this screencap:

    Can you give us an example of something from any of the Stargate series’ that we would be surprised to learn is CGI?

  8. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. The mailbag is always fun.

    So working out is the answer, and a morning workout at that. It sounds rather unpleasant. I guess if you want the pleasure you have to suffer through the pain. (Fame quote alert) ‘…and here’s where you start paying, in SWEAT.’

    I found your take on Arctic Goddess’s question of script format vs. novel format to be interesting. Not being a writer myself (obviously). I never thought of it like that. I just thought/assumed all writing was a solitary pursuit geared for the introvert. Well, except for comedy writing I knew there was a ‘Writer’s Room’ for that. But it makes sense; I could not picture you working from home full-time with no Ashleigh, Carl, Craft Services etc.

    Ahhh yes, the exotic twenty something hard body who works in porn, and some lesbian porn at that. Silly me I should have known!! It could be a good match. Maria apparently likes to cook and you certainly like to …. eat. The only drawback is that she lives overseas, but the positive is that you would get to practice your Japanese over the phone. I understand she wants to move to the States to pursue her acting career. Perhaps you could contact her agent to get you in touch with her to give her a leg over ooops I mean a leg up with that. I’m sure she would be very grateful. No?

    I unfortunately don’t have a contact number for her, but now that all the blog readers know of your interest, can anyone give Joe a hand?

    Have a good one!!

    P.S. Who said Ashleigh would LET you follow her until help arrives to the island? You may want to start being nicer to her. Just sayin’

  9. *crawls out of bed…reads…smiles…blows ‘thank you’ kisses…crawls back into bed*



  10. MrsB writes: [. . . ]2) Any major deaths before the seasons end?

    Answers: [. . . ]2) Hmmm. No comment. We’ll talk soon.

    Oh, oh. Eli, being the Star Trek fan he is, should probably start thinking about getting rid of that red shirt of his. 🙂

  11. One more thing, when is your blog going to spring forward and catch up to the rest of us time wise?

  12. re:Answer: The same way people discovered the medicinal properties of plants prior to the creation of lab equipment – through trial and error testing.
    ….so she tried the plant in a tea and realized it made her headache go away so she decided to give it to Wray! didn’t she get the warning not to ingest “crap” 😕 in the first trimester of a pregnancy!!!

    re:Answer: Any number of ways. Scenario #14: He awakens to find himself in an alien operating theater. His body is numb yet he is awake and cognizant. He watches in horror as they slice him open and implant the device…
    ……do I get to see this in last’s week episode that I haven’t seen yet!

    re:Answer: Because he can’t go to the store to buy another pair.
    this is not what I was asking , but while we are on the subject, if it takes someone an entire episode to sew socks, maybe that is an indication that that person would be better off going socks-less! Beside where did Young found the thread and the needle to sew socks. I don’t recall seing him jump throw the gate with his sewing kit !! 😀

  13. I realize today was your question answering day, but unfortunately, I wasn’t on yesterday. So, if you’ve got a moment…

    I realize you aren’t involved in the business aspect of Syfy as a network, but have they ever given you a reason for the long hiatuses for shows? As Squall78 mentioned, SGU has been getting lower ratings. I suspect, sometimes this can happen when there’s a huge wait between eps (or at least it does with shows on regular networks). I know I have lost interest in a show before when there was a huge wait (granted, not with those I am/was dedicated to like SGU or BSG). I’m just curious why this seems to be a thing Syfy does to its shows.

    Hope you’re having fun with your friend!!

  14. What in the whole wide world are you most afraid somebody will do to you and what would you most love somebody to do you?

    I’m just curious what sort of hilarity you might come up with. It doesn’t have to be true.

    Oooh. Guess what? My friend bought me macarons for my birthday (this is 2 weeks ago, same amount of time I haven’t been able to use the internet… mean computers…) – cos I hadn’t tried them before and because the macarons she was trying to make kept failing. I got strawberry, pistachio and chocolate flavour. Chocolate was the best… though I have to say, I didn’t expect them to be as sweet as they were, nor as dense and crumbly as they were. Because I was so excited, I had to share them with my family. Only my youngest brother enjoyed them…. what a waste… less for me. If only I weren’t so nice! sigh…

  15. Hello Joseph 🙂
    How are you?

    Moi ça va tranquillement…Waou toute ces Q/A ! Je n’arrive même pas à toutes les traduire^^…

    J’ai fait un sondage il y a peu sur mon blog, la question était “Qu’attendez vous le plus pour l’avenir de stargate” ..résultat, le film sga arrive devant suivit du film de sg1 et en dernier la saison 2 de sgu avec 3 petites voies..C’est vrai qu’avec le final de sga on est resté sur notre faim..j’espere vraiment qu’un jour vous aurez le feu vert pour le tourner, ce qu’il est sûr c’est que ça rencontrera un grand succés!

    Tiens ! comme ça vous passé des messages aux acteurs maintenant :)!
    Moi aussi j’en ai un pour Elyse ..

    “A quand une journée à Paris city?? =P moi je suis prête! ” vous pose la même question Joseph, même si je connait la réponse..never..nerver lol

    Bonne journée!!!!
    gros gros bisou!!

  16. Thanks I hope you won’t forget to say hi to him! But if you could also use witty and creative arguments to convince him to start a blog/twitter/website/facebook! that or his email so we can converse 😉 i have so many things to say to him lol

  17. Screw BAG, Riley is back! 😀

    Season 3? *squeaks* Still upsetting to see SGU’s ratings. The show is amazing, I’ve enjoyed it since episode 1. Maybe stories are too layered and answers don’t come soon enough for the general audience. Days later, I’m still thinking and processing what happened in “Human”. Quality, man.

  18. In relation to a question answered today about how Stargate Universe is in no danger of being delayed or shelved, then why have Stargate Revolution and Stargate Extinction been put on hold indefinitely? I ask this because SG1 and Atlantis received higher ratings than Universe has and I know some Stargate fans that stopped watching when Atlantis was cancelled and are now looking for some closure to the series. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy Universe but I would also like to see the films made as I thoroughly enjoy watching SG1 and Atlantis. Also, as you mentioned, we might have to wait for Stargate Revolution for something that has taken place in Universe to be explained.

  19. I’ve really been enjoying the back half of S1 so far. I felt that the fist half was very slow going and it was hard to stay involved.
    I like very much more the set-piece episodes we’ve seen so far.

    I just wanted to ask if we’ll see any more characters from SG1 and particularity SGA?

    One thing I absolutely LOVED was when SG1 and SGA ran simultaneously and we got all those cross series episodes (Pegasus Project, Ripple Effect, First Contact – to name a new).

    I can help thinking it would make sense for McKay, Carter or Jackson to drop in via communication stone to help with ancient tech on board.

  20. Deni: That is so sweet (that you let me know his PCV count)! I hope he is feeling better today. Ask your vet about Elway’s gas. He might can recommend something like Mylicon, maybe? Greyhounds are kind of odd with some meds, so I would definitely get the vets ok first. I hope Elway feels better today.

    Narelle: Same for Ralph, I hope this is his last bout with infection. You’ll never get him the car again, if not 😉 .

    Great Q & A Mr. M.! Oh yes, for sewing thread, I’ve read about people using hair, waxy plant reeds, or just anything they can put in a needle-eye really. My aunt lived through the depression and would tell me about knitting with hay. What is that saying about necessity being the mother of invention? People can make due with so much less but more is a definite plus! 😀 .

    I liked Avatar but found it uncomfortable to watch some parts. All the destruction, very bad. It is a beautiful movie, though.

  21. Oh wait, sorry she didn’t knit WITH hay but witht he string that holds the hay together. 😳

  22. simple, possibly stupid question (to everyone reading this):

    how can I put questions in the mailbag? by posting it here in the comment section?

    greetings from Heidelberg (GER)

  23. “Answer: We’re not going to be specific about the time period.”

    Perhaps not you, but some of the fans (I, and some people) would like to know when the transcition (transition?) to the year 2010 will happen, since there’s been some confusion in the wikia page.
    Perhaps the name of the episode that is the first one that takes place in the Stargate’s year 2010?
    Pretty please with sugar, candy, pancakes (with your chosen toppings) and a Maria Ozawa?

  24. Good day there Joe and thanks for the mailbag. I will watch SGU should it go to Tuesday night. A bit of a change for me, but I will try to manage. You know how change affects us. Usually we can be resistant.
    You might be able to survive well on the island, and even teach the others some exotic things to eat, after viewing some of the pictures you share with us, I know you have some different ideas on foods.
    Unless the caretering truck happened to get stranded on the isle with you…(don’t make ashleigh mad,,,) 😉
    Hope Cynthia is enjoying her stay with you.
    -@deni, hope Elway is better today. and tootless..

  25. Joe, I must say, you sure give good mailbag. I just don’t think to ask questions. Silly me.

    A Troll Cave would be fun if we could throw stones at them. Oh. Wait a minute. Nevermind. We could go to Gateworld for that.

    We finally watched Avatar here at home. Visually stunning, and a good fun movie, hubby and I certainly liked it, but Best Picture? Nope. Not by a long shot. The dialog was wretched. Even my uncritical husband who likes SyFy Original Movies (!!!) thought he could write better dialog. That’s a stretch, trust me. Makes me wonder what James Cameron has been slipping to the Academy in their cocktails.

  26. Hm, I don’t like this talk of possible character deaths. I really hope the characters that I like won’t be killed off; there are no clear Red Shirts on SGU so it’s not easy to tell who’s gonna be chum. But I’ll start preparing picket signs just in case with “Bring Back (TBD)!” on ’em.

    If Joe wants to meet Maria Ozawa then he should cast her in SGU, it could generate high ratings. I can see it now; they go through the gate into a Playmate planet with hilarious results. If Star Trek could do green skinned bikini vamps in the 60’s then there’s no reason why SGU can’t rock a few space babes.

  27. Tobias, yes, you can post your question here in the comments for Joe. Was is das, bitte? Sorry, that’s all the German I know.

  28. If either of the films are rejected by the studio and are not made, can you release the scripts for them?

    Pwretty Please? 🙂

  29. Answer: I hear Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa is half Canadian. She seems like she’d be interesting to dine with. Also, I’d be able to practice my Japanese. Set me up.

    Eww. Just…eww. I never imagined you would like the skanky types, but I guess I was wrong. You also must be very secure in your manhood, considering all the ones who have come before. *shudder* Just thinking about it makes me wanna bathe in vats of bleach.

    Ich. I have a whole new impression of you, Joe, and it’s making me itch a little. (I liked it better when I thought you were gay.)



  30. I hope you are pulling Joe’s leg, Das. And mind you I said LEG. There’s nothin’ wrong with the hard working men and women of adult entertainment expanding into legit film work. The stigma against sex workers has ebbed over the years so that we may even see a porn star as a leading politician someday. No, I don’t mean Bill Clinton. Or Berlusconi. Or Profumo, Spitzer, Hart or …okay, too many to count. Make love not war, I say.

  31. Nice large mailbag, however, my question was not answered. Perhaps it would give away too much? (Young maybe not being the father of TJ’s baby?) Well, maybe you could answer this one… What is the difference, if any, of posted credits saying; Story by… or Teleplay by… or Written by… ???

    Very much enjoying this half of season 1 as opposed to the first half. Still having trouble with the busy camera work. Sometimes I have to close my eyes and just listen. Kinda frustrating. Also looking forward to more humor, but under the circumstances I see why there hasn’t been much.

  32. The ratings keep slipping but the show keeps getting better. Although I did like the show from the start, I do find the second half is better than the first. What is going on?

    The way advertisers take into account how many people watch a show is outdated. Very outdated. People no longer wait to see their show, they can just record it or watch it on the internet a day later. I believe that SGA ran into the same problem. You can keep making shows but if people’s viewing habits have changed (even though the same amount are watching) and the advertisers methods have not changed then they view it as a loss of viewers. When will they find a new way to find viewer ratings? All they are doing now is making it harder for smaller shows to stay on air.

    VIVE LA BAG!!!

  33. Hi Joe,

    Thanks as always for taking valuable time to connect with the fans. Please tell the cast and crew that they are producing a very spectacular piece of entertainment/art. And that all the hard work is greatly appreciated!

    Now a quick question I’ve been meaning to ask for some time…. I notice watching old episodes that in the end credits there is a name for “Casting” the next screen shows “Canadian Casting”. Since the show in made in Canada, why are there two casting people and does the first guy get paid for doing nothing (Sweet job! must be a Union thing)? Is this not redundant?

    Just one of those things that you see that hits you as funny.

    Thanks again!

  34. My questions for the next mailbag session:

    – a “behind the scenes” foto (about ‘human’) from MGM shows the camera; what model is it? A Scarlet?

    – does the “Corydalis scouleri” plant grow around Vancouver and is really 100cm tall? (we have a smaller relative of it in Europe; I like it very much, want to see its big brother and would like to know whether a Canada holiday is worth it in this regard)


    @Shiny: ‘danke’ (=thank you)

  35. No, I knew you were the Moderator, it is your blog after all. I had just wondered if someone would get a computer generated notification when the Moderator (you) had refused a comment. From what you have replied, I’m going to infer that the comment just gets deleted. I was just curious. I know that there’s a line of what’s acceptable and what’s not. There are days when I like to come up to the line and blow a raspberry and there are days where I have an urge to stomp all over that mutha freakin’ line. I don’t mean to offend it’s just who I am.

    Eric.Stewart – When I first saw Young sewing the socks I also thought ‘hey where’d he get the needle and thread from?’ But then figured he probably got them from the medical supplies they brought with them. The thread would be for stitching up wounds and would be really thick (and the wrong colour), but could still be used for darning socks. I actually liked the use of this task in the episode, hand sewing is really quite zen.

    I luvs me a good (or bad) Trek reference.


  36. @Eric.Stewart re darning socks, two possibilities:
    1. Young or someone else had a small sewing kit in travel bag when they evacuated.
    2. Young pulled the black thread from an inside seam of his uniform or backpack, or from the Ancient bed covers. Maybe fashioned the needle from a tiny piece of wire.

    Does that help?

  37. You know what I just noticed (while studying), Rush has had not one single complaint about the situation that they find themselves in. NOT ONE. (This is obviously excluding when there are problems with the ship.) Anyways, back to studying (and daydreaming).

  38. @ E

    Is it too much to ask for both Riley and BAG? I mean I like Riley a lot but…


    Oh and Mr. M

    Has the stargate movies campaign ever come up in any writers room discussions?

    Im excited about the campaign. I think we might have a chance if we get the timing right. Unfortunately some of the planning stuff has taken longer than anticipated, but theres still gonna be some really cool stuff happening when it does come out.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  39. @Tammy: Wonder what fiber was used in your aunt’s baling twine? Most 20th-century b.twine was made of hard fibers like sisal. Grew up on a farm myself; that twine was heck on the hands.

    Young’s sock repairs seem realistic to me. Boots and socks eventually will break down and wear out under SGU’s conditions.

    Joe, how soon will we see Destiny’s residents making new clothing? Surely someone among that motley crew has needlework skills or can invent their own methods. Necessity and boredom are good catalysts. Need a needlework advisor? 😉

  40. Mailbag! Awesome:)

    Sodding hell not ANOTHER bloody Robin Hood Movie! It must be the most often made movie in the whole of christendom!! Errol Flynn eat your heart out.

    Sorry bout that I was somewhat distracted by the ad on TV.
    Now I’m going to watch SGU and will report my findings on the morrow good sir:)

  41. Hi Joe,

    I was just wondering if there was anything new you could share about the SG-1 movie. Last we heard there seemed to be some positive movement on that front. Might we expect some word about that soon or are things still too tentative to comment on?



  42. Mr M delete the previous post, bad formatting, sigh


    @Shiny wrote

    …If Joe wants to meet Maria Ozawa then he should cast her in SGU…

    Of course only if the TPTB can afford to hired Maria Ozawa. She got her own apartment/condo somewhere in Tokyo! If you know the current housing situation in Tokyo, than you can figure out her income.

  43. This is my third comment for today, which I think is a record (for me). This comment is regarding ‘declining’ or ‘poor’ ratings. I may be totally off the mark, don’t understand how ratings are tabulated or my reasoning may be faulty. My thinking can be quite convoluted, so hold on it may be a bumpy ride.

    Due to online viewership, we, Science Fiction fans, are our own worst enemy.

    An SGU episode (or whatever show) will be uploaded onto an indexing site within an hour of it being broadcast. (It’s like the Wild West for television/music right now). A lot of these sites are based in Japan/Netherlands, so although the site may have an English front end, the actual control is overseas and out of U.S regulatory grasp/monitoring.

    I make the assumption that most Science Fiction fans are more technologically savvy than the average television viewer. As a result, I think for various reasons (convenience, cost, geographical location etc.) a lot of S.F. fans watch television online. While, for example, Dancing with the Stars, is currently one of the highest rated shows on TV right now, will not be watched online by your Grandmother. (Plus, reality shows are cheap to produce).

    When S.F. fans watch online, their viewership does not get tabulated into any of the ratings calculations. So the show will get cancelled due to poor ratings. But in reality may have a large online audience which doesn’t ‘count.’

    Some people have made the comment that Hulu is now delaying the airing of the latest episode. My first thought was ‘it’s on a dozen other sites, why are you waiting for Hulu? It’s a really user unfriendly site anyway?’ That was my initial reaction, which is just wrong. (Well, Hulu IS user unfriendly but you know what I mean). Heck. I’m Canadian, and can watch Hulu (plus all other supposedly restricted to U.S. viewers only TV). I found the work around, and if I can figure it out anyone can.
    It’s wrong because we complain that our S.F. shows are cancelled or that they don’t get produced at all, when it’s our own fault.
    The networks are in the business to make money. This may sound ironic but they are not here to provide us with entertainment. Our entertainment is merely a by-product of them making money (we’re simply a means to an end). They, frankly, don’t give a flying fuck if a series has been ‘properly’ wrapped up or not. The creative people actually working on each individual series do, but the networks don’t. Bottom line it’s all about the Benjamin’s (or loonies), and our genre is a bigger gamble, than say Reality.

    S.F. fans stop being so gawd damned tech savvy, cuz you’re screwing with my SGU!!

    USE YOUR TV (if you have one).

    If you made it through the entire post and understood it, all I can say is YIKES. You ah may want to get yourself checked out. Lol!


  44. Gilder: I’m not sure what kind of twine she had then. Sadly, my Aunt passed away a few months ago, so I can’t ask her. I loved listening to her stories about growing up in the country. They ate EVERY part possible of the farm animal. Makes me realize how spoiled we are now (except for Mr. M, who STILL eats anything 😉 )

    Hubby thinks most military has a sewing kit with them at all times. I’m sure there are people here that can confirm if that is true?

    Mr. M, I think Eric.Stewart got you with that question about T. J., though. No pregnant woman would try out the herbs on themselves. She could have a guinea “human” however.

    Maybe, there are chemist on board that can determine chemical properties by watching it convert to different states? You have to forgive a little in every show 😀 .
    When my hubby gets upset over some leap of logic in a show, I always remind him that “It’s Fiction”.

  45. 1) Does Chloe have any heroic moments coming up?

    2)Will Rush develop a reluctant kinship with anyone on board?

  46. Avatar was pretty awesome to watch in 3-D. I joke that stunning visuals is how James Cameron distracts from a cliche plot LOL.

    As a sci-fi fan, it’s always irked me that the industry doesn’t have more respect for the genre. Some of the finest acting, writing, etc is overlooked. It’s what broke my heart about Firefly (yes I’m still bitching about that one… I know I know, let it go right?).

    BTW just wanted to mention that this last episode rocked. Rush is a fascinating character and I really look forward to more with him. I particularly liked the visualization of the symbols and the music – very cool. /end fangurling…

    Maybe you (or someone in the comments section) can point me to this if you’ve already mentioned it – which eps did you write this season?

  47. Come on, Joe – let’s read more answers. We want a nice pair of mailbags! Go for broke!

    I’ve seen Young smile twice now – and Louis twice (in the blog). Mending fences or genuine mellowing, loosening for the character? But, darn it – or don’t – skip the socks, even through that’s what grunts do. In space, they couldn’t hear us screa… …Ahmm. Ok, you get my drift.

    Boy, did the Chloe-Eli mess moment thing feel not right, or what? A precusor to them riffing and then going like buddies then down with the herd to the tunnels…there I go again. Still can’t sit with that. Looking forward to the next ep to clear the moat from my eye, for shurely sum mishteak and mishunderstan’ on my part. I’m failing to feel, understand – not trust, oh, no, for I like the journey you guys are dreaming up – and did I say the Rush inner dialogue dreamtime and population of Socratic selves of Human were the dog’s bollocks? Oh, yes, most so.

    Oh, and there are all those writing related Qs that some folk incl me) have repeatedly tried – nay, hoped! – to get answers to….

    Come on, mailbag, mailbag, mail-bag, mail-BAG! That’s the only BAG I’m into – Ok. Not true, but folk are going nuts over a character they don’t know, haven’t a name for. That he represents dodgy PTB, well, that’s fine and dandy, I’ll sign up for more insights there – and, hey, imagine he tried to get onboard Destiny via a stone hook-up (to talk to Wray?) only for those pesky aliens to intercept and take over his ass on Earth and with the Authority & Respect (conjuring Cartman here, of course) of his post they get to cause trouble big time, for folk would fall for it. Why? The BAG is always up to something anyway? Go on, Joe, no chance of such ever, ever happening, huh?

    Or a Comedy Triangle?

    Or billionaire visitors wanting to visit Destiny and ‘see’ (via stones) a galaxy far, far away and ponying up cash to do so to SG Command, which would need to fund a black op when BAG et al choke off funds…

    Very scifi-ish?

    So, what happens when the gate on Destiny gets activated again and another batch of folk drop through?

    Once Rush cracks the Destiny code, will he share or be Galaxy Lord flying the ship, ignoring others? Who can then go against him? Eli, others? Do they go into ‘dreamtime’ too – a common one, led by Rush (initially), to wrestle in virtual sphere? Anything along those lines….

    Still want to pitch my double ep…

    Mail bag, mail-BAG!

    What do you think of Caprica?

    Thanks for a great show, and blog

    best, Patrick

  48. @dasNdanger
    (I liked it better when I thought you were gay.)

    You gotta admit, him an Paul … *g*

    (You are sure he isn’t just trying to throw us of the track? 😉

  49. @ Shadow Step – I hadn’t even thought of Paul. I was thinking more along the lines of Joe’s fastidious personal grooming habits and his aversion to tackling anything that’s even slightly mechanical, not to mention his inability to refrain from taking pictures of Alan McCullough whenever he’s around the man (NOT that I mind!).

    However, the whole ‘hook me up with a porn star’ thing really throws a monkey wrench into everything…unless, as you suggest, he’s just trying to throw us off the scent…which would be very supervillian-y of him…hmmmm… *rubs chin thoughtfully*

    Joey, you are a tricksy one, that’s for sure! 😉


  50. Tammy, the online viewership of Hulu, Amazon and Itunes does get counted, and since Hulu uses commercials and Amazon and Itunes are pay sites that means that income is being generated when viewers watch SGU online.

    The problem is really only with the viewers who uses pirated internet sites; bootleg copies don’t generate any income for NBCU.

    The networks do follow how their shows track online and how many units get sold on legitimate sites. Most of us don’t have the nielsens so our watching doesn’t get counted anyway, so watching online is the only way those of us without nieslen boxes can get counted.

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