6:00 a.m.: Wake up early to get in for the 7:30 a.m. call.  Check my phone and notice a message from the production office informing me that shooting ran late yesterday and the crew call has been pushed to 8:30 a.m.  I go back to sleep.  I dream that I offer a stranded Ashleigh a lift home, only to have her abandon me when I experience car trouble a block from her place.

Lulu. The girl loves to sleep in!

6:30 a.m.: Wake up, angry with Ashleigh, take the dogs out, feed them, give them their eye treatment and treats.

7:00 a.m.: Green tea, shower, harness the dogs, buckle them into the car and I’m off.

8:00 a.m.: Drop the dogs off at daycare and get into the office.  Ashleigh greets me as if nothing is wrong.  I ask her if she is going to apologize. She plays dumb.

Apologize? For what? I don't know what you're talking about. And thanks for the lift, sucker.

Miffed, I retire to my office where I work on the script, banging out three glorious pages.

Little Miss Innocent.

8:30 a.m.: Swing by the catering truck and pick up breakfast – a breakfast burrito with avocado and cereal with protein shake which I eat while chatting with actor Louis Ferreira about his character, Colonel Everett Young.  He pitches a more lunatic Young, one that will allow him to delve deep into his wide repertoire of hilarious impressions.

Fuel up because you'll be doing a lot of sitting around in front of a monitor today!

8:45 a.m.: Andy picks up the “smoking gun” scene from the other episode.  I’m bouncing emails back and forth between Vancouver and Vegas, growing increasingly frustrated.

Director of Photography Jim Menard tells me to lighten up!

9:30 a.m.: Blocking begins on the first big scene.  What has the potential to be a disarray of complicated  choreography goes off without a hitch – thanks to Director Andy Mikita. Damn, he’s good!

Johnny Z. all smiles and smooooooooooth sailing!

11:00 a.m.: Onto the next scene, an important exchange between two characters that will set things in motion for a little arc I’m pushing for (and Carl is resisting).  It’s a brief conversation but loaded with significance.  Both actors are amazing.

Blankets by the sealed door. What does this mean? To quote Scooby Doo: "I ron't row."

12:00 a.m.: I head over to Stage 5 where Robert Cooper is directing the second unit scenes from Aftermath and Awakening (Robert Carlyle is scheduled to assume directing duties on Pathogen’s outstanding scenes later today).  The all-important seating issues are settled.

12:30 p.m.: Back to Stage 4 where they’re setting up the kino room scene.  David Blue and Alaina Huffman  coincidentally, given this morning’s email flurry, start talking about Vegas.  David loves it.  Alaina, not so much.

1:00 p.m.: Shoot the kino room scene.  Gorgeous.  We leapfrog scenes 65, 66, 67, 68, 79, 70, and 70A, tackling scene 108 that we end up moving up to a pre-lunch window of opportunity.  Andy suggests shooting the scene in such a way that we never really see HIS face.  I like the idea – but, just in case, we get coverage.

2:00 p.m.: We break for lunch.  I head back to the office for a cold veggie burger and soggy yam fries (well, what are left of my yam fries that Ashleigh didn’t pilfer).  I retreat back to my office to deal with the Vegas situation.  Alas, it doesn’t end nicely.

3:00 p.m.: Picking up a pre-lunch shot, then launching into that gaggle of scenes.  I tell the production office to give me the heads up when they’re ready to block scene 24, the last scene of the day (for main unit anyway.  Looks like Carl will be here late, keeping the second unit crew company).  Everyone is amazed that things have gone so swimmingly.  Main unit may actually wrap early!

4:30 p.m.: Linda puts out the outline for Alliances.  I file it away for later perusal.

5:25 p.m.: Wrap up the slew of scene and move on to scene 24.  It’s a complicated little sequence for a number of reasons.  While they work out the blocking, I spot “the prop” and wonder what the hell it’s doing there.  I’m assured it was there at the end of last episode.  I find it hard to believe and phone up Rob who passes me on to Carl who informs me the prop WAS there for the rehearsal, but he killed it before the scene was actually shot.  So I kill it once again.

They get the blocking down and run through it.  I make a minor adjustment, adding a line to end the scene.

6:15 p.m.: Lighting and green screen issues cause a delay.  I leave to pick up the dogs from daycare and drop them off in my office.  Their piercing unison howls echo through the production offices, much to the chagrin of David and Nathan still manning the front lines.  I return to set and watch the sequence being shot.  I love it – except for the passing background extras who only serve to distract.  Andy kills the background extras.  Not literally.  I hope.

7:15 p.m.: With only the coverage to go, I head back to the office, pick up the dogs, and hit the road.

Arrive home, feed the dogs.

8:15 p.m.: I enjoy a bowl of ricotta, protein powder, and fruit, then am back on the computer, cataloging.  Soooo tired.

9:30 p.m.: Hey, Faith aired!  And the back of my kitchen chair gives out!  Two down, two to go.

11:00 p.m.: Post my blog and prepare to head up to bed.

I thought today was busy.  Tomorrow looks even worse!

64 thoughts on “April 16, 2010: Awakening Day 1

  1. Hi Joe!!!

    I was wondering if you could give us a hint and tell us if SGU is going to have a darker tone in season 2 or if the crew is going to be more upbeat?


    PS- Sorry I keep reposting this.

  2. Do you really take your dogs to daycare? That is precious!! (they are super cute btw)

  3. Coucou!!

    Mon avion à était annulé, j’ai du prendre un billet de train mais il y’a des gréves, c’est vraiment galére =(.. Donc je reviens Jeudi enfin..s’y j’ai un avion.

    Merci pour ce petit résumé de votre journée!

    Grps Gros Bisou!!
    Je vous adore!

  4. 12:00 Noon is 12:00pm, not 12:00 am. I always think of 12:00 as 0:00, and 12:01 as 0:01. That makes 12 hour clocks make sense.

  5. Ha! I read Base8’s comment as ‘you are super cute btw’… and I thought, ‘whoooa! Somebody’s getting frisky with Joe!’



  6. Faith was great stuff. Props to the freelancer who wrote it, and to Alaina’s performance. Nice work all around.

  7. Hi, Joe.

    Faith was an interesting episode,

    Somehow, it reminded me a lot of ST:TOS ‘Paradise Syndrome,’ what with the obelisk. Of course, this planet had no people until the Destiny showed up (unlike Trek’s episode) … but the people in the Trek episode were Native Americans, transported by the Preservers to that planet.

    I know. I watch too much scifi.

    Wonderful performances tonight by everyone involved, but especially Brian, Robert and Louis.

    Thank you (again) for the photos today.

    Best wishes.

    (Hi to Lulu!)

  8. Hey Joe I just saw Faith and I watn to sayy that that episode wasnt so good as the trio (Space, Time, Divided) but it was better than most of first ten episodes, the stargate is moving good way. About SG1 movie it looks like it will not be filmed…can you tell us if you created new aliens for SG1 or it is a story of the old one (Ori, Goauld or Replicators?) Its really long and most of fans are losing hope. Can u tell us at least this? Thank you Vojta Gabriel

  9. Now that’s a busy day! Actually it seems like you‘ve had a really busy week. Don’t let yourself get too run down or you may get sick(er). Do you still have a cold? After my three day rest I’m feeling much better.

    A couple of months ago I saw Louis Ferreira being interviewed on The Hour with George S. (don’t ask me to spell his last name). Louis also did some impressions which were good, but what really got me was that he said that he had played the Tree in Star Trek Voyager (Flutter). Which I thought was great, although I can be somewhat gullible at times and they may have just been joking around. But at the time I giggled.

    That’s a much better picture of Lulu. The picture that your dog sitter had taken was from a rather *ahem* unflattering angle and it was definitely not her good side. I was hoping that *cough* she had a ‘good personality’ because frankly she could’ve stopped a truck. (awww I’m such a meanie). But in this pic she is really cute and has totally redeemed herself.
    This dog pic made me laugh. Where are the ears? Can you hear me now?http://www.flickr.com/photos/huanhuan870607/4265594454/

    What’s the connection with Vegas?

    I found Denis McGrath’s blog entry of his freelance adventure to be entertaining. At first I was surprised by his impression of the writers’ room, but then I thought about it for a bit and it made sense. Personally I don’t know that I could freelance, due to the uncertainty and I’m a Type A planner. It also seems to me that it would be like a never ending series of job interviews ick! Denis’s take was informative and I’m sure he didn’t mean to call you guys ‘senior’ in the ‘old’ sense, but rather the ‘experienced/seniority’ sense right? lol.

    A few days ago you posted about the Tennessee couple that returned their adopted little boy back to Russia. They were actually in the queue to adopt a second baby, if you can believe it. My guess is that will not happen. Ever. From anywhere.

    I need to watch Faith again so I will post a comment on it tomorrow. However, in yesterday’s comments, some people have asked who stayed behind and I don’t think anyone did, did they? Once the military people were ordered back, one by one everyone decided to come back to Destiny. Which is good, I think there will be less resentment since they made their own decision and it wasn’t made for them.

    Have a good one! (take it easy if you can)

  10. So, Faith.

    Surprised by this one. Didn’t expect to like it, but I was surprised. Nice episode.

    I do have two questions:

    1. Did they leave people behind, and if so, who?
    2. Was the pregnancy written into the show because of Alaina Huffman’s actual pregnancy, or was this always the plan?



  11. Yep! I liked the calm before the storm – all building up to something…

    Thanks for letting us into your daily schedule and behind the scenes. This is a real gift – getting the genuine “whole picture” behind a show that I enjoy. I’m amazed at the talent on the show and the talent behind the scenes that keeps it going. I’m looking at whatever I watch in a different way now.

  12. Enjoyed watching Faith last night. I did think the ending was a bit rushed, but otherwise a very good episode. Keep them coming.

  13. I think Ashliegh has something big planned for you, especially if you are dreaming about her now ;). Watch your back!

    Thanks for the look into your busy day. That was neat.

    Possible spoilers (a warning just to be safe!):

    I have to say that “Faith” is my favorite episode of the entire season thus far. Great character moments, and the continuity- you guys have me impressed with it! Ms. Huffman did an outstanding job and I cannot wait to see how you guys handle her reveal in future episodes. I just hope it doesn’t fall into the typical categories in the Sci Fi realm. I’d like to see something a bit more ‘normal’, as it were. Loved the interaction between all the characters. The friendship between Greer, Scott, and TJ couldn’t be more perfect. I loved the tension between Scott and Chloe and how they were slowly working things out. Young and Rush kinda-sorta-not-really getting along was awesome. Especially the chess line! Eli and Wray… that was unexpected to see them start to get along as they did, but it works. Nothing sexual, nothing romantic, but a friendship in the works.

    I found myself surprised at loving this episode as much as I did, especially considering I adore Col. Telford and each of his episodes have been on my top five list. Can’t wait to see him again.

    Is it Friday yet?

  14. Wow, I can’t even remember what I was doing 5 minutes ago.

    Is everything alright, Joe? You seem somewhat annoyed and not as cheerful as usually.

  15. @ Keith

    Actually if you want to get picky 12 noon is 12 am and the minut after is pm. That’s why in military time 12 midnight is 2400 hrs and 12:01 is 0001 hrs. So Joe is really correct.

  16. I tried so hard to watch Faith last night. First mistake was watching it in bed. But c’mon I’ve been ill. So I start out watching the last 5 min of Merlin, and next thing I know SGU is on, 10 minutes into the show. Ok so I “wake ” up and the next thing I see a commercial that lasts I swear 30 minutes then I’m asleep again and awake for another round of commercials. So I turn off the t.v. turn out the lights and the next thing I know – I’m on Destiny, with someone eating a packet of seeds giving them a buzz and they aren’t sharing – so what happens next…. a COMMERCIAL in my dream!!!!!!!!

    Good thing I recorded it. Well, Deni if you liked it…btw did you get the email of Flannery for the card?

  17. Lulu takes after my dog. Like myself, she prefers to sleep in late and stay up half the night. Great picture. How long did you have to hover to take that pic?
    You will never be able to leave Stargate. What other place could you work where the guys in white smocks won’t come to take you away for being angry for someone invading your sleep? Worse, you’ve now given Ashleigh another weapon to use against you in the form of your own insecurities. Big mistake.
    Not sure which is more impressive. What you managed to sustain yourself on, or the hectic pace. And did I miss something? What Vegas thing? Who do we have to “visit” to make things work out for you?
    On to Faith. Haven’t decided if it’s the best episode yet, but if not it’s close. Besides opening up another long term arc with the mysterious Builders, there’s the loss of another group of people from Destiny. You’ve managed to provision the ship for awhile longer, and we’ve seen religion pop up. A topic not normally tackled on tv(usually for good reasons) but that is like the elephant in the middle of the room. That many people, and you are going to have more than a bunch of agnostics/athiests and lapsed catholics around. And then there is TJ’s condition. That should make for an interesting storyline in the future.
    The only thing that kept this show from being a total delight was my continuing conern for the women of Destiny. For awhile I had hopes Chloe was going to start building some character. But other than the one moment with TJ, I’m just not seeing growth there. Wray was a non-entity again, sitting back on Destiny whining about missing out on being planetside. And TJ’s actions/reactions, while seeming appropriate, just rubbed me the wrong way on this episode. I’ll catch a replay of it to see if I’m being too harsh, but so far it looks like the guys are having all the fun when it comes to character development. As writers, you’ve done women characters well before, so I don’t know where the problem may lie. Perhaps it’s just me…
    Anyways, thanks for sharing, and looking forward to seeing how busy they keep you today(working on a Saturday?!!!)

  18. memo. spellcheck is a good thing. Concern, not conern. Hate when my brain moves faster than my fingers.

  19. Hey Joe, I am a big NASCAR fan. They are in town this weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway for the big race on Sunday. Race car driver superstar Juan Pablo Montoya tweeted Friday night from his infield motorcoach, “watching stargate universe!!! love it!!!”. ESPN’s web site has his plus a few other driver’s tweets.

    The stars have to align perfectly for me to be able to watch an SGU episode in it’s entirety. Too many interruptions and I have no way to record it. Mostly it’s my crazy beagle that demands attention 24/7. So Friday night I got smart, turned on the back porch light and sent Maggie the beagle out to chase June Bugs.

    It worked! I actually saw Faith and I really liked it. Keep using freelance writers occasionally. Unfortunately, it cost about 12 June Bugs their lives. (Maybe the were playing possum) Oh well, consider them Ant food now. Isn’t nature amazing.

    One pet peeve. I love to watch the opening credits. I am particularly interested in the Writer and Director of the episode. SyFy sticks their network logo down in the bottom right of the screen. Tell your (graphics?) people not to put names down in that corner. The names compete with that darn logo and the name usually loses. Your freelance writer’s name got stuck down there. I felt bad for him. It was a struggle to read. So don’t go down there. Thanks!

  20. survivor hero team are so stupid, what the hell. And
    Sandra voted off courtney which wasnt nice

  21. Wonderful episode today. It was the one I enjoy the most (surprising as I though space was my favorite as it has space battle and aliens)

    For me, faith is one of the episode of stargate series that I’m going to watch again in the future repeatedly (preceded by:
    Daedalus variation from SGA
    Enemy at the gate from SGA
    Be all my sin remebered from SGA
    First strike from SGA
    Adrift from SGA
    lifeline from SGA
    The siege from SGA
    Before I sleep from SGA
    Unending from SG-1
    Opportunity from SG-1

    I know, a lot of them are from SGA but I hope that SGU going to exceed that.

  22. Hi Joe,

    There has been an interesting response from a variety of viewers, it seems, regarding “Faith”. By this point in SGU’s airing it seems like most of the weeds (nay-saying-viewers) have been pulled out of the garden. Some of the naysayers are still nagging about things but their voices are slowly being muted by this new beast of a show roaring at them, making them run with their tails between their legs. It feels like there is now very clearly a “different Stargate crowd”. Some old-school, some new-school, yet changed.

    I really enjoyed “Faith”. Of course it would have been nice to give the viewers just a little bit more than a whole bunch of teasers… the alien device “looks like a robot” in the crate, the structure found on the planet, the *planet* and star (created), the new aliens (or old?), and so on. Lots of teasers in “Faith” – while still telling a good story of the characters being torn between living on an “Earth 2” or on Destiny, and then the whole thing with TJ… wow! (Well, I saw that coming.) 😉 Anyway, I’m really hoping to see all of those teasers revealed during this season.

    Questions for ya…

    1. I really enjoy the aspect of SG shows that is rooted in Earth-based stories: Will we see more of Earth in seasons 2+?

    2. It was awesome seeing RDA’s dog in an ol’ SG1 episode: Any chances of any of your dogs making special guest appearances in SGU? Or have we already seen any other cast/crew/etc.’s pets in SG1/SGA/SGU?

    3. Did I see what appeared to be a large Kino type device inside that Ancient device (that “looks like a robot”) that was found in a crate (in “Faith”)?

    4. Eli said, in reference to the large structure on the planet (in “Faith”), “…markings like some kind of alien language”… so it’s probably not Ancient (unless the Ascended Ancients have another language or another race that Ascended), though curiosity is through the roof: did the Ancients, the Space aliens, or another race create that star, planet, and/or structure? (Or probably a safer question: Will that question be answered this season?) 😉

    5. Any chances of seeing either Ascended beings or Ancients in SGU?


  23. I have to say Faith was my least favorite epsiode so far. I was expecting something to happen other than just leaving a bunch of characters (most of whom we never met on the ship) behind on a planet. I assume(hope) that they’ll make an appearance again soon, otherwise this just seemed like a waste of an episode. The revelation about TJ wasn’t surprising at all as enough hints had been dropped that it was pretty obvious.

    And why would Scott stay behind when he has a son back on Earth? That didn’t make sense. I thought he’d be doing everything he could to get back to Earth and be a father to his son. Was this primarily because he was worried about TJ?

    One thing I did like were the scenes with Eli and Camille. I think this is the most interaction I’ve seen these two characters have. Showing their differences like that was a nice touch.

  24. OK.

    I re-watched faith and enjoyed it so much more the second time around. This episode totally beats Divided and almost beats Space. It had great character and emotional moments. I was extremely impressed. The moral dilema was deep and had me thinking. Both points were valid, so it wasn’t a clear cut decision. Even though there was almost no action and the pace was kind slow, it was extremely entertaining.

    Also TJ totally shot up in my book of awesome characters. Alaina did such a good job. And the Scene between Matt and TJ was probably my favorite moment of the episode.

    So I have a question about TJ’s storyline.

    When you were planning the storyline of SGU, did you plan to have TJ get pregnant, or did you come up with the storyline when you found out Alaina was pregnant? At what point in production did you find out she was pregnant?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  25. Hello Mr. Joseph.
    First of all thanks for bringing this new show. I love Stargate and all its theories… however one question! “When does this series going to come back on familiar adventurous trend that previous series had?”

    Well thinking optimistically… finger crossed for some great revelations in future. 🙂

    Faith was a real touching episode. And hoping that loose ends like shown in this episods -Obelisk phenomenon, Timeline interference in Time etc will be explained in future… its getting so mysterious yet sometimes boring.

    However I had one doubt- If Destiny travels on FTL drives… doesn’t it violates Einstein’s theory of relativity? I mean they communicate back to Earth at same recognized time… by theory Earth should be far ahead in time when they contact even via stones. I mean if you travels faster than light u skip time isn’t it?

  26. Loved loved LOVED “Faith”. It was fantastic. Still cringe at the bad indie-rock montages (“bad” is meant to imply that there IS good indie rock out there ;-D), but I still thought it was fantastic. I’m hooked, for sure. Can’t wait for next week!

  27. Hey Joe –

    Just watched “Faith” a second time. Very strong episode, and definitely an appropriate follow-up to “Divided” in terms of modulating the intensity of the series. I can finally exhale. Whew!

    Here’s what I liked especially:

    1. Alaina Huffman’s nuanced performance. Alaina is not a good actress, she is a great actress. She owns the scenes in which she is present, even when she’s just in the periphery (yes – I’ve developed a major crush on her – kinda like you with Ashleigh, except I haven’t started dreaming about her yet). (Yes – I had to go there).

    2. The blurring of the fault lines exposed in “Divided”. We see Eli bonding with Wray; Brody and Park taking direct orders from Young without rancor; Young, Wray, and Rush arriving at some sort of detente, etc.

    3. The downside of Scott’s hero complex. I’ve not previously been a fan of the Scott character based on my own biases. I felt that he was a bit too cavalier with James, and (to me) took advantage of the emotional mess that was Chloe when her father died. This episode did a lot to ameliorate my inherent skepticism of the character. I know view him as empathetic to the point of co-dependency. Definitely not an emotionally mature individual, but not sinister, merely flawed. This passes for character development for me. 🙂

    4. Eli really stepping into the role of the honest broker. I think that the “Space”, “Divided”, and “Faith” episodes have done a lot to solidify Eli’s role on the ship. When you want an unbiased opinion, Eli’s your man. In that way, he’s politically insulated from Rush, Young, and Wray. He’s potentially the most powerful political character on the ship.

    5. The palpable tension between Chloe and Scott. This episode gave the audience a good sense of the passage of time, and you realize that Chloe and Scott haven’t addressed Chloe’s “betrayal” in over a month. There is a reassessment/recalibration of their relationship underway, and the courtship dance is more tentative between them – perhaps an opening for Eli to slide in there? One can only dream, right Joe?

  28. Skipped all the comments about Faith. I swear I’ll watch it tonight.

    Awww, you take your dogs to doggie daycare. I just love to watch the dogs play at my local Petsmart. I can watch without the guilt of actually owning a dog right now. They’re so cute.

  29. @Morjana: GMTA! That ST:TOS ep was a favorite; first saw it as a young, romantic teen.

  30. I was wondering me living in the uk is it possible for me to get a job working on stargate.

  31. Faith was quite the knockout of an episode. I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if, in future episodes, we’ll get a glimpse of who built the solar system? Also, could you care to elaborate on your personal feelings regarding faith? For me, I was brought up as a christian and ‘saw the light’ when I was rather young. I don’t believe that everything is random and that true coincidences are quite rare, but I also think that we cannot label or understand the being or entity that created our universe (and our neighboring universes if you accept the multiverse theory).

  32. @Kabra: No honey, I didn’t get anything 🙂 I did the same thing you did when I decided to watch a second time. I hate it when tv shows creep into my dreams (or cause them?)! I woke up for the last 10 minutes, then got stuck watching some stupid Spielberg thing until hell froze over.

    Hiya Joe!

  33. Joe,

    1. Will we ever find out what happened to the people left on the paradise planet? And/or who built it?

    1a. It was the Furlings, wasn’t it? Wink if I’m right.

    2. Did the first person to guess on Gateworld that TJ would end up pregnant via Young win a prize?

    3. Will the “robot” they found figure into any future episodes, ie, come to life and repair the ship?

    4. Will we ever get a closing to the Atlantis storyline via movie or offhand character comment? You can’t have Atlantis blocking the entrance to San Francisco Bay forever.

  34. Okay, so it just hit me, did young leave the second shuttle on the planet?

    and i know i asked this, but did some civilians stay behind on the planet? or did they all return?

    so much left unanswered!

  35. “Faith” was great. Not mind-blowing, but thoroughly enjoyable. 🙂

    So, when did TJ find out she’s preggies? I’m thinking around “Life”… Still, it’s a lot of to keep to self. Poor her.

    Can’t wait for “Human”! Wtg, Rush.

  36. That episode left me with so much to think about!

    My crazy prediction: Destiny is on a course in search for the final great race (the Furlings). It was set out from earth when the Ancients got there the first time as a beacon for help from their allies.

  37. Oh, and my favorite scene was when Young mentions to Rush that he likes to play chess. GOLD!

  38. >I mean if you travels faster than light u skip time isn’t it?

    No not really, you just travel really really fast. by that logic the Enterprise would be a thosand plus years in the future lol

    The stones are real time communication accross a large distance, it has already been shown that the com stream can be interupted. Added realism.

    Anyway personally I think Young only came down to the planet because he cared about the well being of everyone being left behind, and used the best form of logic to get most people to come back, they are after all, half way accross the universe, and know nothing about who controls the space the Destiny is currently in, and know nothing about the *Too good to be true planet* I think Young wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if people he cared about, stayed behind, and ended up dead somehow.

    He really has proven himself to be a half decent leader in my eyes, what makes he decent is that he, at the same time has his flaws, he isn’t a perfect guy. It works.

  39. Thanks Guys, it’s getting better to skip spoilers. Just keep on mentioning the episode name first thing so those of us not lucky enough to have seen it yet can skim right on by. 😉

  40. Wow…How do you find time to write a blog with your busy life?…

    Anyway, I liked “Faith” and even though this series hasn’t had a lot of action, I still find it really enjoyable and It’s due to the casting. This is the first show I’ve ever watched where I liked almost the entire cast…Even though Scott and T.J aren’t one of my favorite characters (My favorites are Greer, Young, Eli and Rush), I enjoyed them in this episode more than the others (I’m really warming up to T.J). Oh, whoever wrote the part where Greer bites into that kiwi like fruit should win an award, that was sexy!

    By the way, your dog’s are so dang cute!

  41. Okay first to Jeff… some of the people stayed. With the 2nd shuttle.

    I still find parts of the show filmed so dark I can’t see what is happening. If I had a brightness control on my remote I’d probably crank it up but suspect that would make the rest look like crap.

    Gotta say at this point, I wouldn’t much care if they air locked Young and Rush. And I’m not so sure I wouldn’t shove Wray with them. That poor damned crew doesn’t have a single “leader” that is worthy. Perhaps they’ll grow into it, but so far.. not so much. I like people who come straight on. Those 3 are all pretty despicable. That said, love the show, lol.

  42. Finally got to see Faith minus the commercials, wow, that was cool. I really liked how T.J. was able to do her elaborate updo so quickly so many times. How does she do that?? Sorry it’s a continuity thing with me. None the less the story was great.

  43. Oh my goodness, Greer is just awesomer and awesomer with every episode.

    Are we ever going to find out what the deal is with Young and Johansen? Was it a one time thing or… what? Does he know she’s pregnant? For a second there, it almost seemed like he had some other reason for wanting her to stay other than her being the doctor. I have to say, it was kind of selfish of her to want to stay on the planet without even telling him, if he doesn’t already know. I know she’s going to be the one to have to deal with the baby for the most part, but the father should at least have some kind of say; he should at least be given a chance to take his responsibility. I didn’t really care much about the history with those two until now, but I think this twist brings a lot of interesting questions to the equation.

    I liked the bonding and emotion we saw between characters that didn’t center on sex and angst. That was good. Especially the way Scott was being supportive of TJ, and the scene with Young and Rush at the end was both funny and gave a bit of hope that maybe they’d at least sort of work things out.

    Are we ever going to find out what the real deal is with that planet?

    I like how this ep explored the sort of ‘bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ question. Is it better to take a chance on paradise and give up hope of getting home, or to keep trying for what you really want? I was glad there was no reveal that the planet was a trap or it would have been terrible to stay there, as it leaves the question open. Later on, will they wish they’d stayed or be glad they didn’t? Or will they never find out?

  44. Faith was a very strong episode. I’d like to see Lt James’ reaction when she finds out the widower she had her eye on stayed behind on the planet.

  45. Here’s what I tweeted to David Blue last night:

    “Faith” was most interesting of #SGU S1.5 so far, and possibly most interesting since the pilot. But I was distracted first two Fris. of S1.5 by final prep for ninth #Chimaeracon.

    Adding: May need to re-watch “Space” and “Divided” due to the distraction.

    Also re-watched “Tok’ra” Parts I/II on Syfy…still rocked, after all these years…and damn, I still miss DSD…

  46. Really liked this last episode (Faith), good character development and drama, but good drama (not too much fighting).

    I have a question: Will we get more on the alien race who built/made the solar system in the future? And maybe even know the Faith of the people who chose to stay on the planet.

    Have a feeling that these aliens will become what the ancients used to be. Some advanced civilization that were, for a long time, an enigma to us. We didnt know too much about them for a long time. So if thats your plan, please dont wait that long. You never know how many seasons we will get and I would like to know more about them.

    The show is shaping up to be a great show, keep up the good work!

  47. Revisiting April 5 mailbag after seeing “Faith”:

    “step writes: “(…) it occurred to me that I could not recall having seen any religious celebrations on SG-1 or SGA – not even Christmas or Easter.”

    Answer: It’s something we never explored in the previous two shows. However, we are exploring the issue of faith in SGU.”

    Not to be Ms. Know-it-all, but to quote gateworld.net:

    “DEMONS 308 * 1/2
    SG-1 finds a medieval Christian society terrorized by Sokar and the Unas, and is accused of being possessed by demons.”

    There was a Christmas dinner in the “time passes” montage, SG1, S10, “Unending”.

    Then there’s this positive review of SG1 from 2006 on a major Christian organization’s website:

    “The Stargate franchise clearly defines good vs. evil and is chock-full of great moral lessons for parents and teens. Courage. Self-sacrifice. Truth. One of the team’s primary goals is to convince the various interplanetary civilizations that the Goa’uld are false gods. (The show doesn’t actively promote the one true God, but dialogue in several episodes indicates a foundational acceptance of monotheism.)
    …the series is good fun and provides great opportunities to talk about true faith vs. the worship of false gods, as well as the virtues of courage and selflessness.”

    ’nuff said.

  48. Oh, one last comment about “Faith”, after re-reading my last post…

    I WAS a trifle annoyed at the vague references to a higher power.

    If SGU is “exploring the issue of faith”, why not let characters say they are believers in one of the Earth religions, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever?

    The precedent’s already been set; y’all included a group reciting the Lord’s Prayer in “Light”.

    So it wasn’t ’nuff said. My background: Presbyterian Christian, but not an active churchgoer for past 12–13 years.

  49. Gilder’s comments made me think…

    I must say, it was a little bit disconcerting that the people seemed to be confusing faith in God with faith in the aliens who built the system. If in fact it was aliens. As SG-1 so clearly showed, just because an alien race is ridiculously advanced doesn’t mean they’re really a deity. The one guy who was sort of the spokesman for the faith side of the argument seemed to go from ‘a higher power led us here’ to ‘I have faith that aliens will come and save us’ pretty quickly. Personally, I think I would have preferred if it was less an argument about whether the super-powerful aliens were friendly or not, and more an argument about whether God had provided the planet for them vs. whether bad aliens had created it as some kind of trap or whatnot (which, at any rate, doesn’t preclude the truth being somewhere between those two). When it ultimately comes down to having faith in the goodness or evilness of aliens, it’s not really the religious sort of faith that seemed to be implied. I guess I feel like, as far as the ‘faith’ aspect of this episode, it could have gone into much more interesting territory than it did, but instead tried to play it a little too safe by being overly generic.

  50. BTW, just saw the trailer for next week’s. Totally looking forward to that. I do love the SG-1 guest stars, but are we ever going to get some SGA guest stars? (Personally, I’d love to see McKay interacting with Rush and Eli.)

  51. Hi Joe

    I’ve been so quick in the past to fire off a negative comment that I had to give you guys a HUGE thumbs up for the 2nd half of the season. It’s beyond awesome.

    Why do I like it so much better? One example — the scene with Chloe bathing in the lake, and Scott sees her. We get to imagine what does or doesn’t happen — everything is left open to interpretation.


  52. Ancient aliens striding through the universe – fascinating.

    Finding a partner for Lamaze Class – not so much.

    Line of the night “Finally someone you could have a decent conversation with.”

    Missing line (from Rush): “I’m complex!”

  53. @Sean D.

    “Some of the naysayers are still nagging about things but their voices are slowly being muted by this new beast of a show roaring at them, making them run with their tails between their legs.”

    The rest of the season has been filmed – they knew the roar when they started season 2 which they are making at the moment.

    Now we have to wait for season 2 to arrive to see if it has improved – otherwise I’m sure the large scale orbital bombardment will commence 😉

  54. RE: The Faith thing. My only concern is that – like so many other shows before – Universe will end up mocking people who have faith or belief in God. I know that – as a sci fi fan – most sci fi stories are atheistic in nature, but it doesn’t bother me because they are just fictional stories to me. However, if I feel that a story is saying ‘you’re an narrow-minded idiot if you believe in God’, that’s when I walk away. Stuff like that just feels as if the creator/writer is selling an agenda and that takes me out of the story by disupting my suspension of disbelief – like a 4th wall breach, or something. Entertain me, but don’t attack my faith. I just hope Universe isn’t going to go that route.


  55. Me and a few friends of mine have started working on a new show based on Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Battlestar galatica, and bab 5. We’ve spent alot of time and effort into putting these show together and getting something that we think is actually really cool. Does anyone have any advice for us as we begin to write the story board?

  56. I know I’m a week late in posting, but I have to echo the sentiments here of others who’ve given you kudos for a pretty terrific 2nd half of the season.

    I think getting into SGU was tough for us (my wife and me) because we were such fans of the film and the first two shows, and SGU is so different.

    But, ironically, I think the mid-season break was helpful (since it’s usually kind of a buzzkill for many shows) We started to wonder “Hey, where’d SGU go?” and then it was back and it’s been really, really great.

    I’m so glad there are finally aliens and somebody bad (or potentially bad) other than just the fears & paranoia of the crew.

    And, to be honest, ‘Faith’ was probably one of the best hours of TV I’ve seen in a while. I think the way that TJ’s pregnancy was handled, in terms of how she dealt with it & reacted to it in the episode, was extremely well-done. The moment when she realizes she has to sacrifice what she knows to be best for her & the baby for the good of the others was just so heartwrenching.

    On a side note, @dasNdanger, I know what you mean, but I disagree with you with respect to this episode. I don’t think the show was telling religious people they’re idiots, so much as certain characters in the show were. There’s a big difference. And both sides are represented in the episode.

    Anyway, Mr. Mallozzi, great work all-around. Props to all involved.

  57. Oops, the above post credited to Sherri Maddick is my post…that’ll learn me to remember to log out of my clients’ accounts after I’m done tweaking 🙁

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