Last night, we hit Au Pied de Cochon, a restaurant that easily makes my Top Ten list for its rustic Cuisine Quebecoise covering everything from foie gras and tongue to pig’s feet and bison ribs.  Every visit is like going to a friend’s cottage for dinner, if you’re friend happens to be an outdoorsman with an affinity for down-home cooking – and a supper table so popular you often have to make reservations several weeks in advance.

One of the other restaurants in the neighborhood. Looks more interesting on the outside than does its menu.
Our destination on this night, and my favorite restaurant in Montreal: Au Pied de Cochon
Ready for business. Note the cuffs.

I was especially looking forward to this visit because, according to my sister, PDC had added a whole confit pig head for two to the menu.  How would it compare to the one I enjoyed at Refuel only weeks back?  Well, sis told me not to get my hopes up.  It was very possible that the pig head was no longer on the menu.  When we sat down, it was the first thing I looked for and – success! – there it was.  Thrilled, I placed our order – only to learn they were out.  I was crushed, but managed to drown my sources in an alternate feast…

Packets of liquid foie gras deep-fried loveliness.

Always my favorite: the tarragon bison tongue. You've never had tongue this tender!
Another favorite: the Guinea Hen liver mousse.
The Cipaille: a meat pie stuffed full of hare, duck and other game. Possessed a wonderful cinnamon-accented flavor, but I found the meat a little dry.
The fabulous foie-gras stuffed pig's feet.
One of the top ten desserts in the world: Au Pied de Cochon's Pouding Chomeur is always served bubbling hot.

A special dessert timed to coincide with the restaurant's cabane a sucre: Maple Syrup Ice Cream with maple syrup meringue and maple syrup cotton candy. Delicieux!

Today marks my last day in Montreal until next time (whenever that is).   Since I’m catching a late flight out (6:10 p.m.), I had time to drive mom down to see her sister, my Aunt Grace.

My Aunt Grace - a fitness fanatic. She wakes up early and works out for an hour and a half every morning!

Aunt Grace is also known for her baking skills and her incredible nut-themed creations.

Mom enjoys a piece of her sister's home made cake.

My uncle Nino, soccer fanatic. Forza Italia!

Looks like I have some time to squeeze in a few of your mailbag questions before my flight:

dasNdanger writes: “The Eli thing…just wondered if he was so concerned after the fact, why didn’t Young specify exactly what message he wanted Eli to send to the aliens?”

Answer: I think that simply demonstrated the trust Young has in Eli.

Sean D. writes: “Any chances of seeing any pineapples in SGU (on Earth or elsewhere)?”

Answer: The pineapple was a recurring theme in Will Waring-directed episodes, but it’s highly unlikely pineapples will be putting in an appearance on SGU.

dasNdanger writes: “Woo! The Eagles traded McNabb to the Redskins.”

Answer: Well, isn’t that interesting.  Even more interesting was him trumpeting the fact that he helped bring Vick to the team – essentially facilitating his own replacement.

crayonbaby writes: “I don’t think you’ve ever told us who won in Ashleigh’s bracket? Did she pick Duke?”

Answer: She didn’t.  In fact, nobody in our pool picked Duke.

fsmn36 writes: “Ok, my one thought with Space was…the aliens cut holes into Destiny, and there was a vacuum that sucked out Chloe…how was that entire section of the ship not airlocked? Presumably the shields are somehow keeping in all the oxygen in despite the gaping holes? But then how did the ship land in the first place? Sorry, I don’t usually ask random questions as though I’m trying to say you did something wrong (because I’m not!), but that just kind of confused me.”

Answer: Once the alien ship compromised that section of the hull, the area started to decompress, resulting in Destiny sealing off that particular corridor until the shield could re-seal the breech – which only happened after the alien ship had left.

Fred writes: “Years ago, my mom went to Australia, where she bought what she considers the best potato peeler in vegetable history.”

Answer: Funny you should mention this.  I was just marveling over my mom’s ancient potato peeler.  It bests any modern version by far.

Tim Lade writes: “a) I have been watching Atlantis for the first time and a random question occured to me: Why does Teyla bother to wear an Atlantis uniform and Ronon does not? Is it because Ronon is too cool for it?

b) If could could go back and change one decision you creatively made over the past many years of production of the SG franchise what would you choose? It’s cool if you don’t have one I was just wondering.”

Answers: a) Teyla was more of a “team player”.  While she was always proud of her Athosian roots, she embraced the new chapter in her life by adopting the Atlantis team uniform.  Ronon, on the other hand, spent so much time as a loner that he chose to fiercely guard his independence – even when he was part of the team.

b) Off the top of my head, the one creative decision we made that I came to dislike over time was the inclusion of the Earth ships retrofitted with Asgard tech. It made things a little too easy in some major instances (ie. making Pegasus more accessible thereby losing the sense of isolation established early on, the beaming technology offering an easy in and out for many dicey scenarios) which, in turn, made things a lot more complicated from a dramatic standpoint.

Morticae writes: “Looks like we are backing different individuals on Survivor. I was elated when your guy was voted off. Seemed to me he tried relying too much on his prior Survivor stardom to attract a social alliance that he didn’t even bother to keep together.”

Answer: Disagree.  He was a brilliant strategist.  If everyone had voted like he instructed them to vote the previous week, things would have gone very differently.  He was also brilliant when it came to puzzle challenges.  He will be missed.

step writes: “In light of yesterday being Easter, easily one of the most important holidays to a great deal of Western Civilization (a happy belated to everyone) it occurred to me that I could not recall having seen any religious celebrations on SG-1 or SGA – not even Christmas or Easter.”

Answer: It’s something we never explored in the previous two shows.  However, we are exploring the issue of faith in SGU.

Annie writes: “Just wondering. Any word on an SGA movie???”

Answer: Still no word and I don’t expect to hear anything either way for a while.  Trust me, the hold up has nothing to do with a lack of desire on anyone’s part.

PG15 writes: ”

A big debate going on at Gateworld at the moment is what Young’s intentions were near the end of the episode, when he ordered Eli to continue to fire on the alien ship, despite the fact that the latter was retreating. A lot of people are saying (as some have said here) that it was Young’s last ditch effort to silence Rush once and for all.

I disgree with this; if Young really wanted to off Rush, then why didn’t he do it when he found him on the alien ship? Furthermore, why would he volunteer to go back in after he was brought back by the mind probe thing? No, it doesn’t add up.

What was your intention behind writing that bit? Why would Young continue to fire on the alien ship even though the aliens were retreating? And why did Young say “I have no choice!”?”

Answer: No way I’m answering this one.  You’ll have to tune in and see how things develop on the Young-Rush front.  On the one hand, it may well be that he regretted the decision to abandon Rush and wanted to make amends by saving Rush from the tank – but then, faced with prospect of coming out on the losing end of the space battle, really had no choice but to order the “killing blow”.  On the other hand, it could well be he only rescued Rush from the tank because he wanted answers (specifically where the aliens were keeping Chloe which is why he boarded the ship in the first place) and then, realizing he wasn’t going to be able to save Chloe in the end, ordered the final strike on the alien ship to eliminate Rush once and for all.

Joan001 writes: “…and where is Sis’s Siberian???”

Answer: Aspen is at home recuperating from a leg “condition”.  They’re still running tests to find out what’s wrong with the poor guy.

Joanoo1 also writes: “How can TPTB explain an alien ship attaching itself to another and having to cut a hole into another ship when other technologies exist…?

2-> How can TPTB explain how Destiny can fly with a couple of holes in her, open to space elements, with no detriment to its passengers? Chloe’s father died because of leaks in the hull.”

Answer: The shield is alike a second skin covering the hull, but just like the hull is weak in some areas (and actually exposed to space), there are certain areas of the shield that are weak.  In certain instances, there are areas in which both the hull and the shield are weak – like we saw in the premiere (ie. that second shuttle).  As for how the alien ship was able to penetrate the shield to capture Chloe – prior to our arrival, Destiny’s automated defenses repulsed attacks but since we came aboard, we’ve been using power for everything from life support to weapons.  This results in less energy available to ship’s defenses, resulting in weaker shield strength, particularly in already damaged sections of the ship.  As for how the ship deals with decompressed sections – see my answer above.

Shadow Step writes: “So when they are under attack the best course of action is to fly into a star?”

Answer: Actually, yes – especially if they’re battling enemy ships that aren’t designed to do the same.

duneknight writes: “and another thing, why hasnt Rush targeted Eli yet? if he really wants to take Young down, he could easily do so by harming Eli in some way.”

Answer: Rush isn’t interested in doing anyone permanent harm, least of all Eli who he actually needs.  Or does he?

Amz writes: “I’m starting to look for pa type work in Vancouver, and links or companies you could suggest for me to approach?”

Answer: To be honest, I’ve been insulated from the rest of the Vancouver entertainment industry.  Since coming here 11 years ago, I’ve worked exclusively on Stargate.  I’ll look into it for you though.

AV Eddy writes: “Why did the alien body/Young conscience react in such pain when the mind reading device was put on him?”

Answer: It’s clearly a painful process.

73 thoughts on “April 5, 2010: Au Pied de Cochon! One final round with the relatives! And yet another mailbag!

  1. Hi, Joe.

    Darn! I should know by now to have eaten before I visit your blog. Now I’m REALLY hungry, and the clam chowder that I was planning of for lunch doesn’t really sound that appealing all of a sudden…

    Your mother looks very good! Hope she is feeling much better by now. Hello’s to all of your relatives.

    Thank you for all your answers to the Space questions!

  2. These are questions for Elyse (hope there not too late!)

    1) I’ve heard you had quite a lot to do in the episode Space (UKer here :() was that, in your opinion as an Actress the most fun you’ve had on the set so far?

    2) I honestly do not see all these comments about your character, how do you take the comments from the fandom?

    3) Who’s been the most fun to do scenes with on SGU so far?

    For Joe:

    1) When do you expect to have that Q&A with Jamil Smith put up?

    2) Can you give us some more insight into that SGA episode ”Human Error” that never was?

  3. Hope you enjoyed the “Weekend of Summer” in this part of the country – I think it’s supposed to go back to the cool, rainy pseudo-Spring weather *this* week. Kinda like what Burnaby is right now… [My computer says it’s 8C there now]

    Anyway, waiting to hear all about your adventures with Air-Travel Security! Did any pat-downs come with dinner & a movie? 😀

  4. Joe, gotta say I enjoyed Space. Looking forward to next weeks episode.

    Off hand, I’m very disappointed in our Mountaineers for not getting it done versus Duke!

    Oh well, here’s rooting for Butler!

  5. You’re the man – armed with the cufflinks connoting at least one of your culinary delights. Did Aunt Grace share her fitness routines? She looks quite fit – and in spite of her dessert creations. By the way, Mamma Mallozzi looks to be in great form too – glad to see her up and about.

  6. Several things I a desperately trying to avoid all the spoilers here as SGU does not show until the 14th, I could download I suppose but that would be cheating!

    I was interested in you comment about Earth getting Asgard Tech & I totally agree with you a lot of the fun in Earlier Stargate was the problem solving & the reverse engineering going on by people almost totally out of their depth.

    Given your obvious love of good food perhaps you should have one of destinys crew be revealed as a gastronomic genius. Then you could have a episode or episodes where the crew have adventures find her/him ingredients. All through human history look at the effort people/soldiers have put into find food & drink it being an essential part of keeping up peoples spirits.


  7. Although the first half of SGU was not a program that I was able to enjoy, I must say that I found “Space” to be a much better watch. What I still have a problem with is connecting with any of the characters, the fighting and backstabbing amongst the crew certainly doesn’t help.

    One of the observations I made was an uncanny similarity to the infighting within the crew of Destiny and the infighting going on amongst the fans. I had mentioned this is GW but thought it might be interesting to get another perspective. I had started to think on this after the admin of GW published an article on new policies that would be put in place due to the extreme reactions of both factions and the ugliness that has come about b/c of it. My thought is that maybe the writers are inadvertantly promoting the infighting . How? Well, look at the major underpinning of the story: Military vs. Civilian. What you’re watching is this crew disrespecting, plotting, and physically fighting each other; to the point where the “leader” almost killed one of the crew! It’s all pretty extreme. As a whole the crew does not get along, only the little cliques do. Certainly teamwork and comradary is not the prevelant theme! Stargate fandom has become just as polorized with passions so high that ppl are disrespecting eachother, verbally abusive and one could imagine if two ppl with opposing viewpoints were together in a room, the punches would be flying! Essentially, what I summize is that the fandom is behaving very much like the crew! Not that I believe the fans are mindless drones who mimic whatever comes on the old tube, but it seems interesting to me that, according to what I’ve read, the fandom has never been this polarized and at the same time, stargate has never been this dark.

  8. Joe – Thanks for clarifying the Eli/Young thing. That’s about what I thought initially, but then I started questioning Young’s wisdom in sending a first contact message without knowing the content, especially under those circumstances. I thought, perhaps, it was going to be one of the misjudgments Wray & Co. were looking for.

    RE: Military consultant. Didn’t you post a pic here of who that is? I just remember someone – a woman, perhaps – mentioned, but with my craptastic memory, it may have been a character, or something. I tried to do a search, but to no avail. If you feel like it, please refresh my memory.

    RE: McNabb. According to one article, McNabb had the Eagles by the proverbial balls. When trade rumors started, he refused to hear anyone’s offer except the Redskins – that’s where he was dead set on going. What stunned me was Andy Reid’s comment about trading McNabb within the division because it was ‘best for McNabb’. Huh? Isn’t a trade supposed to be for the good of the team you’re keeping, and not for the good of the guy you’re getting rid of??

    As far as his replacement, right now I hear it’s going to be Kolb. We’ll see how that goes.

    Still not feeling that good – so forgive me for just quickly reading through the blog entries these past two days, and not showing interest in your trip. I actually AM interested (as always, and especially in the chocolate), but since my belly isn’t happy, food is just a bit of a turn off for me right now, so I’m not up to talking about it. However, I love your little piggie cufflinks! Very appropriate. 😉

    Have a good evening, sir!


  9. Wow big family.

    “Actually, yes – especially if they’re battling enemy ships that aren’t designed to do the same.”

    And it has the added benefit of reusing footage *g*

  10. I hope you have a good flight home!

    That Maple Syrup Ice Cream looks amazing. Next Time I’m in Montreal I’ve defiantly got to get one of those =) Quebec Maple syrup is always my favourite.

    I have a question for you though. I’ve recently heard a few rumors that the SGA movie, Stargate Extinction has been canceled. I was just curious =)


  11. Well, that dessert sure looks and sounds good!

    Completely agree on Rob of Survivor, I really wish he was still there and is/was a brilliant player. Can’t stand Russell this season, just like last. Since this was filmed before the results of last season were determined (live), IF Russell gets to F3 I can see him pulling just the same kind of “I fooled you, haha!” type of approach to the jury and it backfiring. Again. I have to admit part of me would like to see him have to pull the whole whiny loser thing all over again.

    I rewatched “Space” on the weekend and I have to say it was even better on second viewing. Just a great episode with lots of interesting subtleties. Great points about the whole “Young orders the ship destroyed” part. I really makes you ponder the episode and I love that.

    I actually can’t wait for next week!

  12. Speaking of Asgard tech, most creative use of said tech has to be when Vala beamed the Lucian Alliance guy(Anateo) off the Odyssey, in the Company of Theives episode, clearly not a method used before by the SGC.

  13. Just wanted to pass along how much I enjoyed “Space”. I love the interaction with Rush and Young – even when they’re not in the same room (favorite line “Did he mention how it happened?”).

    Not much to add to what others have said but I just wanted to give two thumbs up. I waffled as to whether or not to tune in (but swore to myself I would give SGU the full first season to hook me) – and I’m very glad I did.

  14. Pineapple’s in Will Warring’s episodes? I never noticed that. Are they any other directors who like to have a certain food/object/person in all their episodes? I know that Peter DeLuise makes appearances in most of his episodes. Anything else I should be on the lookout for when re-watching episodes?

  15. Ok, I’m all caught up now. I have re-watched the SGU episodes, read the last couple days of blogs/comments and I have had my supper.

    I TRY to follow the One Bite Rule. I can’t turn my nose up unless I have tasted it first. As a result I’m more apt to swipe a bite of something unusual. Then, if I like it, I’ll order it the next time. Please note I said TRY, there is still some things I just don’t think I could eat.

    This brings me to the liquid foie gras. What do you do with it? Do you dunk bread into it? Pour it onto something? Or do you drink it? No, that can’t be it, it would be like drinking flavoured fat. It must go on something.

    I’ve had tongue before, unusual texture.

    That maple dessert looks unnnnbelievable. I’m officially envious.

    You don’t see link cuffs very often anymore, usually buttons. Are those puppy cuff links? Too cute!

    OK my SGU comments (I’m sure you’ve been waiting with baited breath). I’ll keep it brief.

    After the re-watch I have come to some conclusions. I have a REALLY crappy memory, and I liked it better the second time around.

    I hadn’t remembered that little alien spacecraft in Air. The aliens have obviously been observing them for some time. So they would have studied/learned the language even before the mind meld with Rush.

    I liked the end montage. It was a good way to cover a lot of ground. Hey you said that you wanted to do a show without dialogue. You could do a whole show shot montage style lol….I especially liked Greer’s scene. He was either looking at a picture of his kid(s) or his (wo)man and since he took the photo to bed with him, I’m hopin’ it’s his partner. Just sayin’

    Greer and Scott make a good duo. They need a couple of male bonding scenes. Maybe they can get into the ‘gin’ together.

    I like that the female roles are getting featured/fleshed out. I like the Harvard Princess. Yes, her character was a bit unsure of herself at the beginning, and she didn’t have a specific role, but then that was the point wasn’t it? She is getting stronger and is in the process of finding her place/role on the ship. When she was representing Young, and Wray was hogging all of the question time. She wasn’t having it.

    The aliens looked great, kudo’s to the Visual Effects department.

    My only complaint is that there is too much conflict/power grabbing. One of the things that I liked about Stargate, was that the team had each others back, no matter what. With this group I don’t think I would turn my back on any them. Yes, this does make the programme more edgy, which was the original goal but, personally, I would like to see more humour and less negativity.

    I have to say that the comments on your blog are really quite amazing. People are able to pick up on the smallest of nuances/actions and REMEMBER it. I don’t know how they do that. Plus, it must really keep you on your toes. No such think as having a bad day at the writing table – you would get crucified!!

    Sounds like you got in some good eatin’, some good family time, got to see Fondy, Brie and Stewie, a good vacay all around.

    Anyway, so much for keeping it short.


  16. I know its still early in the series but do you have any plans on having anyone or more specifically any race make an appearance from SG1 or SGA?

  17. On the other hand, it could well be he only rescued Rush from the tank because he wanted answers (specifically where the aliens were keeping Chloe which is why he boarded the ship in the first place) and then, realizing he wasn’t going to be able to save Chloe in the end, ordered the final strike on the alien ship to eliminate Rush once and for all.

    That was certainly my read of it. My mom at least questioned why Young let Rush out. I suppose I don’t give Young that much credit.

  18. Ah, keeping it ambiguous. Fine with me!

    I’ve always wondered what was in those foie gras cubes…yuuuuuummmy. I might be visiting those parts in the next few months since a bunch of my friends are going to UofT and I want to see them. I will definitely go to Au Pied de Cochon if I have the chance!

    Question about Space:

    Since Rush and Chloe managed to bring back one of those alien pods, will we see the crew examine/use it in the future?

  19. Alien locale is no excuse for lack of pineapples. You people invented Ba’al clone hunting. I’m sure you can figure out how to disguise some pineapples.

  20. “step writes: “In light of yesterday being Easter, easily one of the most important holidays to a great deal of Western Civilization (a happy belated to everyone) it occurred to me that I could not recall having seen any religious celebrations on SG-1 or SGA – not even Christmas or Easter.”

    Answer: It’s something we never explored in the previous two shows. However, we are exploring the issue of faith in SGU.”

    There was a brief Christmas scene as part of the SG1 “Unending” time montage.

  21. @Charlene very interesting observations re show and fans. I’m going to be mulling over that one for awhile.
    @Mr. M. Condolences on the loss of the pool. But look at it this way. You were not outdone by a mere male mortal, but by the demigoddess herself.
    Thanks for yet another great mailbag. Getting anxious about the next episode and how it plays out. Worse yet, I’ll be at a local con and may have to wait till the second airing to see it. Anyways, thanks for the pics. And one question. No adventures at the airport or during the flight this go round?

  22. Hi Joe,

    I just had to drop you a quick note to say how absolutely *wonderful* your mom is looking! You haven’t mentioned much about her recovery lately – but the proof is in the pic…Mama Mallozzi is looking FABULOUS!! Soooo glad to see it 🙂

    Have a safe trip home.

  23. I have several cleary thoughtful questions for you. It is your duty as a Venezuelan-born Lichtensteinian to answer them:

    1. Regarding the SGU episode “Bleach”, if you could have any car in the world, what color are your pajamas?

    B. What are your thoughts on healthcare for ladybugs, and why did Eli say that thing he said and did what he did when that thing happened?

    * Would you ever consider moving to a warmer climate and opening up a bicycle shop that only stocked paperback western novels and served root beer floats in 55 gallon drums but only put 12 ounces of liquid in them and gave customers a really really big straw to use?

    These questions have been troubling me for quite some time. I appreciate your speedy reply. Cheers!

  24. “Answer: No way I’m answering this one. You’ll have to tune in and see how things develop on the Young-Rush front. On the one hand, it may well be that he regretted the decision to abandon Rush and wanted to make amends by saving Rush from the tank – but then, faced with prospect of coming out on the losing end of the space battle, really had no choice but to order the “killing blow”. On the other hand, it could well be he only rescued Rush from the tank because he wanted answers (specifically where the aliens were keeping Chloe which is why he boarded the ship in the first place) and then, realizing he wasn’t going to be able to save Chloe in the end, ordered the final strike on the alien ship to eliminate Rush once and for all.”

    —-how on earth or destiny are we supposed to know that? maybe you guys need to make the character’s intentions a little clearer. i think thats what differentiates stargate from other shows though, its way more subtle in some areas where it usually is not supposed to be. sometimes its cool but other times it doesnt work. even with SGU, its surprising how every episode shares alot in common with the other two previous shows in every aspect, but with a face lift.

    “Answer: Rush isn’t interested in doing anyone permanent harm, least of all Eli who he actually needs. Or does he?”

    you know what, why do i get the feeling that Rush was summoned by an ancient to do his unfinished work? its the only explanation i can think of. either way, whats cool about Rush is that hes sort of sexy, he has like a certain sex appeal to him, ive seen carlyle in other shows and movies but never have i seen him so sexed up like that lol.

  25. Your cufflinks have demon eyes. Keen.

    While I am most happy to have come in second in my pool, I am sorry you will have Ashleigh to contend with tomorrow. She’s won your pool, right?

  26. Okay, the maple dessert made me lick the screen.

    I just got a bottle of boiled apple cider. Sort of a weird appley sour taste, almost sweet but not quite. I have to figure out the best way to use it… baking? A sauce or dressing? Hmmm, cookies?

  27. Thanks Joe!

    Also, I do recall one little Christmas celebration in Unending.

    Liquid foie gras? Deep friend? That can’t be healthy…

  28. Hey Joe,

    If you ever have the chance to come to Northern California, there is an AMAZING Sci Fi/Fantasy Bookstore in Berkeley, called Dark Carnival. You should check it out, you would go nuts over their collection.

    I love your blog!


  29. Watched the new episode, very disappointed Stargate decided to go with “sound in the vacuum of space” effects. Much rather would have those from the most recent star trek movie where at least they kept the pretense the sounds were the result of impacts on the hull and the like.

  30. crayonbaby writes: “I don’t think you’ve ever told us who won in Ashleigh’s bracket? Did she pick Duke?”

    Answer: She didn’t. In fact, nobody in our pool picked Duke.

    Really? Awesome!
    Guess who did tip Duke? Oh yes, Chev did.

    I’ve had a great tipping weekend. Tipped 7 out of 8 in the AFL, tipped the winner of the Golden Slipper in my Star Stable (fantasy racing) and now I’ve won March Madness. Woo hoo!!!

    Awesome work Duke. I look forward to watching the replay tonight as I had to work today.

    Cheers, Chev

  31. Not sure this question has been asked yet but,

    The alien shuttle Chloe and Rush returned to the Destiny with, Will it be explored further in season 1 or do we just forget about it?

  32. @ duneknight – You asked, “how on earth or destiny are we supposed to know that?”

    I think that’s the point. We aren’t supposed to know Young’s intentions – yet – because, as Joe started out his comment, “No way I’m answering this one. You’ll have to tune in and see how things develop on the Young-Rush front.”

    So, he gave us a couple scenarios (which I wouldn’t have, Joe, because now we know it’s one or the other 😉 ), but is basically saying, in effect, ‘You have to keep watching to have all your questions answered – this IS a different Stargate. Not everything is wrapped up with pink ribbons in the end. Some questions linger.’

    And I LIKE these questions! I love the intrigue, the constant wondering if someone is good, or bad, right, or wrong. I love the fact that no one is a squeaky clean hero. In this Universe is superior to Atlantis, where the ‘heroes’ were definitely doing some very underhanded, unheroic things, and yet were still praised in the end. I much prefer not knowing right now if Young was acting out of selfish self-preservation or for the greater good of Destiny.

    More episodes like Space and I will definitely keep watching. Hear that, Joe… HEAR that?? Now…go tell the others. 😀


  33. I’m watching the mgm trailer to the second part of season one of SGU and I see some scène who dosen’t appair in Space, and specially the moment when the Alien travel to the gate. Why this scene is not in the episode? Why the Alien are coming into the destiny gate zoom?

  34. PS: Hubby came in and asked me a question, and I forgot to finish my though.

    After saying that I prefer not knowing yet what Young’s intentions were, I wanted to add that I’m glad we’re not seeing these men exalted as heroes with every episode’s end, their every action justified, regardless of the consequences. We do see them paying the price of their decisions, and that’s what I like – that’s what makes this more realistic than Atlantis.

    Joe, you know how I’d get my knickers in a bunch over the things the Lanteans did, and yet still came off as the heroes. I think the worst thing they did – and that the show never acknowledged – was their responsibility in creating ‘evil Michael’. I really couldn’t believe that no one ever just stepped back and said, ‘Yeah, we screwed up – big. Michael was just another cookie-cutter Wraith before we meddled with him, and turned him into a super villain. It’s all our fault.’ No, instead they blamed it all on Michael.**

    (**It could be argued that the evil always existed in Michael, and the Lanteans just gave it an outlet, but since that was never even suggested, I don’t buy into that excuse. In the beginning, Michael was – much like ‘Spike’ in Vegas – portrayed simply as a Wraith who wanted to get back to his own kind, and be himself. Michael only went nutto after a couple mind wipes, and rejection by the Wraith due to what the Lanteans had done to him. I think that would make anyone nutto.)

    And YES!! ANY excuse to talk about my Wraith! 😀


  35. Joe, …many thanks for your explanation. So, I’ve been ruminating on the differences between SGU/1 & A and I’ve come to the conclusion that there was always a foil to “hand-hold” with explanations of the complicated scientific situations that were happening and how they were resolved. SG1 had O’Neill and Jackson. Teal’c could ask a question by just raising his eyebrow… In Atlantis, there was usually Shepherd or McKay and Zalenka would argue it out back and forth, thus bringing the viewer up to date as to what the scientific problem was and how things would be accomplished…

    On SGU, we don’t have the “foil vs genius” happening. Maybe a “Carter” or “McKay” type would come in handy for the scientific explanations. Carter’s on another plane of existence with Sanctuary, but McKay could do the trick. How’s that for a segue…?

    I’ll go back to ruminating…

  36. Re Aspen, sorry to hear that he’s been slowed down by a bad leg. Let us know what the problem is and how it gets fixed… I’ve been lucky so far, except for when mine was about a year old and got into some medicine… These Sibes are so curious – they’re like 2 yr olds and you really have to Siberian-proof the house.

  37. Wow, your Aunt Grace looks really fit. I think I’ll have to start doing something (or other) too.

    You have a nice family, Joe, and it’s nice to see that you cherish them across the miles.

  38. LOL…I love it…..I found my bracket while tidying my desk at home… I actually had Ohio State to beat Duke in the Championship game…ah classic…at least my 2nd team won.

    Cheers, Chev

  39. Hello Joe,

    We liked “Space” espacially the final scenes with everyone doing their personnal things.

    Let us see more episodes

  40. Check out the following “great achievements” in driving and parking – Bad drivers or bad luck.

    I particularly liked the car that ended up parked on 2 wheels between the Volvo and station wagon.

    Cheers, Chev

  41. Oops on the cuff links, I thought they looked like little bulldogs – better get my eyes checked!!

    Although when Sylvia wrote “You’re the man – armed with the cufflinks connoting at least one of your culinary delights”

    I laughed and thought “Ohhh dear god nooooo, save the dogs. Is nothing sacred?”


  42. I’m feeling a bit better this morn, so finally getting around to the pictures…

    The tongue looks delicious, but…I’ll pass. There are certain textures and tastes that I just can’t handle (like ‘squeaky’ shrimp, and slimy ‘shrooms. Bleeahhh!)

    The Cipaille, on the other hand…MMMMM! I am one of those rare individuals that actually likes my meat dry (beef jerky, anyone??!). I think the less I’m reminded of the living animal, and the more I’m reminded of…say…shoe leather…the easier it is for me to eat it. (See, in fictional life, I’d really make a lousy Wraith… 😛 )

    Aunt Grace looks great, Uncle Nino needs to watch Italian rugby, and your mom??! She looks fantastic! Purple must be her color! So good to see that she bounced back so well after her fall. And Joe, not sure if I said this before – but that picture of you?? What’s up with the icy death glare?? Scared the crap outta me first time I saw it! I really wasn’t expecting the caption to be something about cufflinks…more like, “Oh yeah? You wanna piece o’ dis??!”

    You are one scary Superfoodyvillain.

    Have a good day, sir!


  43. I’ve noticed that a lot of complaints about SGU are that the people on Destiny aren’t working cohesively as a team – unlike SG1 and SGA – or that there’s simply no team dynamic. Instead there’re attempts to outmaneuver other people, backstabbing, etc.

    However . . . I see that as being the whole point, SGU is not SG1, nor is it SGA. The people on Destiny, with the possible exception of Rush, are NOT the ones that were supposed to be there – that was Telford and his people. What the ones that ended up on Destiny are is a bunch of individuals that have one goal in mind – again with the exception of Rush – and that is to get home, and they will make whatever alliances, and take whatever steps, they deem necessary in order to accomplish that goal. They will work together when they deem it necessary, but they’re not always going to see it as being necessary.

    To me, that’s what makes SGU so enjoyable. These are ordinary people – just like you and me – that have been placed in an extraordinary situation and are doing what they need to in order to cope with it, to survive, and to achieve their ultimate goal of getting home. If that means someone doesn’t think that Young is handling the matter in the best possible way, and that Wray could do a better job of it, that person is going to ally with Wray, and vice versa. But that, too, is also changeable as events progress – thus the alliances shift. (I loved Space and laud your writing, but, based upon what you have said about the ending of Incursion II, I’m probably going to be cursing you for several months afterward until the start of season 2. See, alliances shift.)

    It’s all very Machiavellian, not simply black and white, good guys and bad guys, heroes and villains, but people with all their foibles and insecurities.

  44. Coucou Joseph!!! ça va bien?

    Ahhh merci pour ces photos!! Alala si un jour je voyage à Montréal il faudra absolument que je passe au pied de cochon!! Vous et votre soeur en parle tellement^^!

    Quoi Forza Italia!?? o_O? aller la france!!! lol

    Faites un bon retour à Vancouver:)
    J’ai envoyer le wall a Andria pour l’autographe!
    Gros bisou!
    Anais 🙂 Merci!

  45. All you need is ‘love’ and ‘hate’ tattooed on those knuckles…



  46. I hope this continues to be a well thought out and enacted drama without the soap opera effects (like the Rush mutiny scenario). I really love SGU.

  47. I read this short article in the Scottish Daily Mail – Scottish actor Robert Carlyle, who played psychopath Begbie in Trainspotting, is causing problems for co-stars on his new TV series Stargate Universe. His Scots accent is thicker than a bowl of Glaswegian porridge.

    Says actress Ming-Na: ‘There should be a subtitle option on the DVD. If Robert laughs, you pretend to laugh a little too because you don’t want to say, “Can you repeat that? Did you say volcano?”

    He has this very soft quiet voice and he talks really fast. I understood how my friends pretend to understand my Chinese mum when she’s speaking English – you just kind of nod and go, “Oh yeah”.’

    His accent is lovely and smooth and tame compared to some Scottish accents. Has “Rab C Nesbitt” hit Canada and the US? Even I have problems understanding some of the dialogue.


  48. Joe, this might be of interest to you…

    “After last year’s loss to the Cowboys in the playoffs and all of the rumors about McNabb being traded began, there was a snowball attack on Andy Reid’s home. There were snowballs all over his front yard about 10 feet away from his front door. There were also a whole bunch that went over his house and landed in the backyard. Since no snowballs actually hit Reid’s home, Donovan McNabb was brought in as the primary suspect.”



  49. Thanks cat4444, Brad Rob, Joe, etc have all been saying the same thing since Aug 2008.
    The whole point is that these are not the people who were to go on the mission once the 9th chervon was connected. I believe that the desire of the writers is to create a show where the characters are deeper than those on the two previous show. While I loved SG-1 and SG:A. I have no problem with this show. Frankly I throughly enjoy it. Each episode takes from the one before it and build on it.
    Again all the episodes for this season in done so there are no redos, and if its not your cup of tea so be it, but if you want to see those movies for both SG-1 and SG:A then you should want this series to succeed. I may be wrong, but I believe that one will not happen without the other.

  50. Dang. Questions for Elyse. I kinda forgot about that. Ok.

    1. Do you think Chloe has any feelings for Eli? They seem to be great friends, but i feel like there’s potential for more. I think Eli was right in Time, when he was saying he thought they “Made each other happy when they’re together”. I mean, it seems like Chloe is happier around Eli. Do you think your character feels for Eli in a romantic way?

    2. What is your favorite prank that has been pulled on an SGU set?

    3. What SGU character do you admire most and why?

    4. Do you think the relationship between Matt and Chloe has to do more with the emotional bond or the physical bond? (Or as Lisa Park would put it, the “Reading” bond). 🙂

    Thanks again Elyse for doing this Q&A!

    Oh and one question for you Joe.

    Do we ever find out who was on that photo that Greer was smiling at?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  51. So, anyway, back to my comments.

    I know Rush is too pragmatic to care whether anyone likes him or not, and he certainly seems more than willing to let everyone on board dislike/blame him for getting them into the mess they’re in, but the way I see it, there are at least two other people that are also responsible for their being there and, in fact, precipitated the situation:

    1. The spy for the Lucian Alliance. Whether that person was at Icarus and wound up on Destiny (which I think is going to be the case) or was operating out of the SGC, information about Icarus was fed to the Alliance. The attack on Icarus was too coincidental to the solving of the power flow problem, so I assume that’s what the Alliance was waiting for, expecting to launch a blitz attack and take over the base by surprise and sheer numbers before any effective defence could be mounted.

    2. Wait for it.
    Wait for it.
    Eli. Yes, folks, Eli. Rush was unable to solve the power flow problem (Scott’s comment that he’d been working on it for months), but Eli managed to do so in the context of the game. The power issue was a big one, so big that, without the solution, the Icarus gate was virtually useless.
    And, here’s the REALLY BIG ONE . . . Eli gave Rush the solution to the “code” as the base was being attacked. Without that little tidbit of information, Rush would not have been able to dial the ninth chevron. Even if he thought that dialling Earth was too dangerous, an address in the Milky Way would have been their only option (given your comments that McKay was unavailable at the moment due to the events in Extinction and that Atlantis would be back in Pegasus at the end of Extinction, the Atlantis gate would be offline in order to prevent anyone dialling Earth winding up on Atlantis).

    No one seems to realize that Eli had any real part in their being on Destiny – not even Eli himself. Yet he beats Rush out 2 to 1 in the culpability factor. Rush merely dialled the address, Eli gave him the means to do so.

  52. I was thinking that the ship retreated to easily after Rush & Chloe left the ship. If they really wanted Destiny and all of her secrets then I thought they would have fought harder since Destiny didn’t seem to be able to do much damage. Could it be that they have brainwashed Chloe into subconsciously becoming a mole for them and didn’t want to take a chance in loosing her as an asset? Am I close or way off?

  53. Really nice I read all answers and questions and it looks that you know what youre doing. Please can you tell us if you plan to meet with the same aliens again (they are really cool, I dont know but I can see asgards that won upon their genetic modification problems and created really nice body for their use – yes, your designer created really nice aliens-congratulations 🙂 Where did you inspire, or you just say to designer – create buglike aliens like from District 9 for us?:D)? I heard after end of first 10 episodes that the aliens would be something much difficult than only bad guys… is it true that theres a chance for cooperation ith Destiny passengers, can they be friendly in final? Are some other aliens in the next 9 episodes? Thanks for reducing Scotts bed scenes! (I hope you will continue without that disgusting thing, nothing against Scotts body, but it really isnt Stargatelike). I really enjoyed two episodes of SGU it is Time and Space – Time was nice for thinking about what can happen if…. and it is open end with ending in webisode, it was really nice. Space, our real aliens in SGU (thanks god for this) nice created, nice ship (it really looks old – in this part of space they didnt find Hyperspace travels? – because the aliens looked like that they have just FTL
    I must go to study I dont know what time is in USA but in middle Europe is 22:00, so good night for now 🙂

  54. Hey Joe watched Space last night on
    Loved this ep action, character moments and aliens cool aliens Great Job Joe well done. I am so happy I have or I would have to wait. I thought it was a good story and paced very well. Everyone was used and seen. Awesome Job that is all.

  55. hi im from argentina! I would like to know when sales the movie of stargate atlantis, thank for spectacular series! Atlantis is the best!

  56. Cat4444 agree with you 100% regarding Eli. Totally skating on any of the blame.

    I must be missing something, so I am going to ask a stupid question (be kind) – since the alien ship can track Destiny through hyper space (they were attached to the ship in Air and have located them again in Space). We have found out that the aliens want the ship. Why did they not just take it before the Earth people boarded it?

    OR when they caught them in Space episode why didn’t the small ships all clamp on and have boarding parties take over the ship. With the Rush mind meld they had to know crew numbers, the fact they have no idea how to run the ship, fire the weapons etc. etc. They are kinda easy pickings right now!!


  57. Questions for Elyse:

    1. Do you get nervous at auditions? What was your audition for the role of Chloe like?

    2. What’s Chloe’s great strength & weakness?

    3. Will we see Chloe play more of a liaison role in dealing with aliens in upcoming episodes? Is this where she finds her purpose on the Destiny?

    4. Although horrible do you think being trapped on Destiny was actually a good thing to happen to Chloe in the grand scheme of things? The way I see it if she stayed on Earth she most likely would have married the boyfriend who would likely have cheated on her the whole time and she would work for her father until he retired and never actually found herself.

    5. Are you a cat or dog person?

    6. Do you find emotional or action scenes more challenging? How do you prepare for each?

    7. What sort of films do you like to watch?

    8. What’s your favourite thing about Vancouver?

    Cheers, Chev/@imwebgurl

  58. What? No SGA pix? 🙁 sniff sniff.

    Well, anyway I got some questions for Elyse:

    Hi Elyse – I made up one of those get to know you quizzes, not to worry it’s real short, I know you have a lot of other questions to answer and are really busy, by the way thanks for taking the time to do this, we fans really appreciate it.
    ok here it goes.

    Chocolate or vanilla?
    Diamonds or pearls?
    Beer or wine?
    Reggae or jazz?
    Beach or mountains?
    Foie gras croquettes or banana split?
    Rodney McKay or Joe Mallozzi?

  59. Oh – Joe, your family looks like they are a lot of fun, anyone looking to adopt?? Mom is looking great and I hope I have as much energy as you aunt when I’m her age – she’s got more than I do now.

    Oh and the dips, gotta say they are working, thanks for the tip. Does Aunt Grace do dips???

  60. Excellent pictures from Au Pied de Cochon, thanks for posting them. I’m already planning my next trip back there (whenever that is).

    What sort of cake did your aunt make? It looks pretty good.

    Thanks for responding to my question about film work, I thought it was worth asking someone like you. Even if you could find out how your human resources hire I’d appreciate the info. I guess I don’t need to tell you there’s no lead too small when it comes to work in the film industry.



  61. Cat4444 said: “It’s all very Machiavellian, not simply black and white, good guys and bad guys, heroes and villains, but people with all their foibles and insecurities.”

    Yup, you nailed it, and this is what I do like about the show. I think my only concern (complaint?) is that I want to see all of that in the context of traditional action/adventure sci fi, and not in the context of nighttime drama. I think some episodes have certainly found a good balance (as I’ve mentioned before, Space, Time, Justice, and a couple others), but some have just been way too soapy for me. I hope, like someone said on another forum, that the first half of the season leaned more towards the drama because it was the set up, and now that certain things have been established, they can get on with the story.

    As far as Eli goes – erm…it’s a great idea (and most likely spot on), but do you think Eli will be able to handle the guilt of it all if he ever comes to realize his role in their current situation?


  62. Oh my, your mom and Aunt look great! Your Aunt’s dessert picture should include a recipe! (please?)

    Glad you had fun. That Stewie sure is cute, he’s like a big smiley face. He kind of reminded me of “Stitch”. Maybe it was the big smile or the big ears but…

    Das: I’m glad you are feeling better. When is your anniversary dinner now? I messed up and planned a trip to my mom’s on our anniversary. 😳

    Anyone heard an update on Elway?

  63. @Tammy Dixon: Thanks for caring, darling! He’s still “off”, although his temp stayed under 103 today. His chest x-rays were normal, and tomorrow he goes in for an abdominal ultrasound. His appetite is still not normal and he’s just out of it. Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this soon, I’m tired of living worried, and soon it’ll be broke, too 🙂

  64. Hey Joe,

    Were the aliens aboard Destiny before the Expedition’s arrival? The alien ship detached at the end of Air, Part 3, so we know they were aboard, but did they arrive before or after the Stargate team?

  65. Hey Joe,
    The episode viewer ratings are up. I was wondering if Syfy will take the number of episodes streamed from Hulu into account.

  66. @Tammy Dixon: Oh yeah, listen to this one. I walk into the ER and meet one of the newer doctors there that for some reason I’ve managed to avoid so far. Everybody else knows us and Elway pretty well, and they spoil Elway to no end. This guy asks me if Elway is in dog fights. WTF? I just look at the guy like he’s one of the aliens from “Space”. Never mind the fact that I’m dragging Elway’s huge monogrammed memory foam bed, his Build-a-Bear monkey, his “Goodnight Moon” book and his blankie, all his meds and his food. Then I wonder why we’re still where we are with this…

  67. Had to take my cat Sasha (my friends call her Psycho Sasha) to the vet today…she had a swollen cheek, which last time meant she had an abscess in her mouth.

    Sasha hates the vet. The last two visits she attacked the vets and drew blood. I always warn the vets & try to hold her down and relax her but she doesn’t appreciate them poking & prodding and opening her sore mouth.

    Well today she attacked the vet….twice. Drew blood again and he needed bandaids. He sedated her. No abscess this time, just badly infected gums from plaque. He scraped them, got off chunks of plaque and trimmed her claws etc while she was sedated.

    I’ll be picking her up in half an hour…hope she forgives me 🙂

    Soooo….that was my day….how was everyone else’s?

    Cheers, Chev

  68. Also, since my name Liz is short for – you guessed it! – I’d like to ask Elyse how she feels about her name 🙂

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