Well, I’m pleased to see that many of you enjoyed last night’s episode of Stargate: Universe and I look forward to hearing from fans in other parts of the world after Space premieres in their neck of the woods.  Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their thoughts.  Also, thanks to everyone who worked extremely hard to produce the fantastic episode you watched: the cast, the crew, fabulous director Andy Mikita, Mark Savela and his VFX team, James Robbins for the alien and ship designs, the entire Art Department, Construction, Costumes, the SFX crew, Hair, Make-Up, and the hundreds of individuals who put in those long, loooong days.  Special mention should be made of the writing department who beat out the story and Brad Wright and Robert Cooper in particular who led the creative charge and did a pass on every script of the show’s first season.  Rob Cooper produced Space and did a bang-up job.

Now, as promised, you have questions and I have answers.  Well, some answers…

t’lock writes: “How does the fact that Col Young told Dr Rush, that the kino kept recording so he (col Young) knew that Rush was behind the gun being in his quarters, affects dr Rush and Eli relationship going forward?”

Answer: I’d say Eli is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  On the one hand, he’s got Rush who framed Young in order to undermine his leadership.  On the other hand, he’s got Young who Eli strongly suspects of trying to kill Rush by stranding him on that planet.  I’d say his working and personal relationships with both have been complicated by recent events.

Bryan M. White writes: “Throw in a mutiny, the only thing missing is what happened to Franklin.”

Answer: A mutiny, you say?  Tune in next week.  As for Franklin…oh, we haven’t forgotten about him.

dasNdanger writes: “Liked the aliens a lot. I was a bit annoyed with the use of English in the beginning, but then understood later on how they knew the language.”

Answer: Most fans were smart enough to figure it out.  One reviewer didn’t. 🙂

Kevin writes: “Who is James crying for in bed?”

Answer: The fact that this scene of James, alone in bed, came on the heels of the scene of Scott and Chloe in bed together was intended to suggest a connection.  James is crying because she’s lost Scott to Chloe.  A scene that didn’t make the cut (actually the final draft) that could have shed a little more light on this took place after Chloe’s capture.  Scott is marching down the hall from the shuttle when James approaches and asks if he’s alright.  He curtly dismisses her, more interested in pressing Young about Chloe.  It was a quick scene we had to lose due to the domino effect of a changed storyline (you’ll find out about that in the coming episodes).

Craig writes: “BTW, how long after the events of “Justice” does “Space” take place? A day or two? A week?”

Answer: Although it’s never specified, it’s safe to assume that it could have been about a week.

Craig also writes: “Also, is there an official name for the alien species?”

Answer: Nope.  We refer to them as “the Space aliens”.  Creative, no?

PBMom writes: “Surely they didn’t have time to bring razors with them when escaping from Icarus.”

Answer: They were evacuating and had time to grab whatever was handy – and that certainly may have included pre-packed survival kits.

Fred writes: “One thing I didn’t get though was after Rush killed the alien and Col. Young attempted to use the communication stones to get back, why didn’t he just connect to Earth? Were the aliens blocking the communication? If that’s the case, why was it that specific alien individual that Young inhabited? Do they have a set of communication stones onboard?”

Answer: We’ll find out more about why Young ended up connecting with the alien in a future episode.

Cat4444 writes: “It also appears that some connection may have developed between Chloe and Rush.”

Answer: Hmmm.  Now that you mention it…yes.  More on that next week.

Paloosa writes: “At the end of “Justice”, Rush said that Young “didn’t believe in the mission”. Was Rush’s belief about Young based more in a general sense of his perceived lack of Young’s commitment to the Stargate program? If so, how does that relate to their current situation on Destiny? I thought the mission was to get back to earth.”

Answer: While there is certainly a desire on the part of Young and almost everyone else on board to get back to Earth, the “mission” Rush refers to is actually Destiny’s mission, the very reason it was built and launched by the Ancients.  As to what that mission is…more on that in the coming episodes.

Michael writes: “Among the staff, who came up with the water motif with the aliens’ looks and those chambers Chloe and Rush were kept in?”

Answer: Brad had an idea for the water motif from very early on, but the look of the ship and its aliens developed out of input provided by Brad, Rob, James Robbins, Mark Savela, and the VFX and Art Department.

KEK writes: “All in all a great episode, I was disappointed that the aliens were in fact humanoid though, even though the producers said they wouldn’t be…”

Answer: Don’t remember the producers ever saying the aliens wouldn’t be humanoid.  Do remember saying we didn’t want to do humanoid English-speaking aliens.

Major D. Davis writes: “In the end, when Rush is talking with Wray, Rush tells Wray he tried something to get Young out of the way and Young nearly killed him. Does that mean Rush told Wray that he tried to frame Young for murder.”

Answer: Nope.  Given Wray’s response to unfolding events in Justice, it’s fairly clear that she didn’t know what was really going on.

Parallax writes: “Quick question, now that we’ve had justice (which became the mid season finale) and space which was going to be the original finale, how much did you have to change both episodes after splitting fire into “Light” and “Darkness”, did you add/remove or just leave every thing as it was?”

Answer: Not at all.

Shoeboogie writes: “You only gave us a brief bit of exposition about what happened to Rush alone on the planet. Will there be flashbacks to that time or do you consider more details on that story of little interest?”

Answer: The brief overview of events Rush offers at episode’s end will have to suffice.

dasNdanger writes: “When you get good feedback like you’ve had for Space, do you feel a bit of relief? And do you feel a little anxious before the episode airs, wondering how viewers will react?”

Answer: While it’s always nice to receive positive feedback, I’m really passed the point where I feel any anxiety prior to one of my episode’s airing (as opposed to say, the very real anxiety I experience every time I deliver a script).  Fact is there will always be people out there who will love it, and there will always be people out there who’ll hate it.  There is never a 100% score either way.  Rather than concern myself with the general consensus, I prefer to zero in on what only a handful of individuals think.  Like, for instance you.  I ask myself: “Did Das like it?”.  If “Yes”, then I can sleep better tonight.

jeremsg1 writes: “I would like to know if these Aliens are introduced in Air only for this episode (Space) or it’s plannified that they will come back in the future?”

Answer: Oh, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see them again.

Off to watch the West Virginia Mountaineers beat the Duke Blue Devils and put me one step closer to winning the office NCAA tourney pool and, more importantly, beat Ashleigh.  But, before I go, more answers to other questions…


Chem_Is-Try writes: “Do you just sample the desserts at each shop and purchase some for later, or eat an entire dessert at each?

And if the latter, how much time between each stop?”

Answer: We sampled a bit at each stop, then saved the rest of our haul for the long trip home.  I ended up having chocolate for breakfast. 🙂

Amz writes: “I can’t wait to hear about your (assumed?) visit to Au Pied de Cochon.”

Answer: Sunday night!  I’m having the tarragon bison tongue!

Amz also writes: “How did you find the taste of your “old fashioned” dark hot chocolate from Juliette & Chocolat? I liked the texture (I found it thick enough), but it could have been a bit more bitter for my liking.”

Answer: I agree.  It was a little sweet (which was why I went with the dark over milk).  I still prefer the Denso I used to get at Chocoatl: more bitter and somewhat thicker.

dasNdanger writes: “…stopped to say hi to a friend who has been in a pickle since all the snow and rain we’ve had here in Jersey… well… here, take a look for yourself…”

Answer: Seriously?  That’s terrible.  How did she get back inside her house?  By crawling through an upper floor window?!  How’s she doing?

Teal’c_PI writes: “I remember someone else asking if you had any pictures of yourself as a child. Any chance you could find some now, if you don’t mind and aren’t too busy?”

Answer: I have a few but, alas, they’re not digital pics so I can’t upload ’em.

82 thoughts on “April 3, 2010: Space!

  1. Joe, re your baby pics, why just not scan them and then post ’em?

    Elway’s STILL sick, spiking a temp again now, totally listless. Looks like another long night of worry for me, and probably back to the ER 🙁

  2. Well I avoided most of this post lest I read the spoilers for SGU. I’ll have to play catch up when I finally get to my place in Vancouver.

    As for the Juliette & Chocolat hot chocolate, I went for the dark for the same reason and was so glad I had. My sister had the milk and it was sickly sweet. Really, I think there might have been more sugar in it that cocoa.

    Can’t wait to hear about Sunday night. I hope for lots of pictures. Now tongue is another thing I’ve never tried. That will have to wait til Vancouver now, but when I get there I trust that I can call on you for a restaurant recommendation??



  3. Oh my gosh Deni! I feel so bad for you, Mr. Deni and Elway! Do they have a list of possible causes for his condition? Hang in there! I’m sending good health vibes his way. (and prayers too)

    I haven’t seen the show yet. We don’t have New Jersey weather (Thank God) but it’s been kind of crazy here, too. It’s the first nice day in a while, so I’ve been catching up with outside projects. If I can stay awake tonight, I’ll treat myself and watch SGU. Sounds like everyone loved it! Congratulations to all involved in the show!!!!

    I’m glad you are having a good time. Chocolate for breakfast sounds good but I would pay the price later. Eat some fiber, Mr. M. 😉

  4. Just seen Space and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I must admit I hadn’t noticed the alien fighter at the end of Air until a friend mentioned it.

    Couple of questions:

    Is it just me [or coincidence] or do the Destiny’s guns [the shots at least] look and sound like those from the Hatak?


    I get the feeling Rush is pulling a ‘Scotty’, making things seem more complicated than they are so he looks like a miracle worker when he gets… whatever… working. It’s been mentioned several times he’s in no rush to leave. Your thoughts?

    Anyway bring on the 10th and the next SGU… can’t wait…

    P.S. I wish we had half the stuff you posted up here food wise where I live… reading your blog usually makes me feel hungry…

  5. Love the mailbag but aren’t you on holiday? Go enjoy yourself! Thanks for putting up with all our questions and taking the time to respond.

  6. Sorry to throw a damper on all the SGU cheer leading. But I don’t see too much improvement from first demi season. There is still that dark gloomy BSG look with the annoying shaky cam. Really not interested in any of the characters. The thin story lines for each episode and the season.

    Will give SGU a few more episodes for improvements. Not likely, since the entire season 1 was in the can before any feedback from the fans.

    As posted previously. TPTB should seriously think of winding up the SGU experiment as soon as possible. Then relaunch the franchise with some continuation SG1/SGA story lines.

  7. aaaaaaaaaah Joe… do you have a scanner?

    Or a macro function on your digital camera??

    I manage to take pretty good pictures of pictures lol

    HAPPY EASTER Joe, Mama, your sis + Felix and the pugkids

    No choccie for the dogs!!

  8. Hmm…a battery-powered/electric razor in a survival kit…Hmmm.

    BTW, your mom looked great in the pic yesterday as did your sister. I hope you are having a lovely time and in case I do not get a case, have a great Easter. Are you going to get to say hello to Brie while you are there?

  9. “Like, for instance you. I ask myself: “Did Das like it?”. If “Yes”, then I can sleep better tonight.”

    Wow. My past Wraith rants traumatized you THAT much?? 😆

    “I ended up having chocolate for breakfast.”

    Wow. So did I! 😀 (And eggs, and home fries, and scrapple… oink! 😛 )

    “Seriously? That’s terrible. How did she get back inside her house? By crawling through an upper floor window?! How’s she doing?”

    Wow. You need your eyes checked. It’s only a single story house. 😉 Their yard has been flooded since Feb. 27th…over three feet deep in the back yard. They’re trying to pump the water away from the house, but they’re surrounded by much higher ground and the roadway drains into their yard, so they’re really not making any headway. It’s just her and her dad and – needless to say – they’re having a bit of a time right now, but they’ve kept their spirits up, preferring to joke about their situation instead of crying over it. And friends, of course, are helping out.

    Have a good night, sir! Sleep well knowing that I not only approve of Space, but of this blog entry, as well! 😉


  10. Hi Joe:

    Well, another Star Gate Vancouver convention is nearly upon us. Elyse Levesque, David Blue and Brian J. Smith have been invited as well as some of the very favorite people from Star Gates Past that we all know and love. So, my questions to you are:

    – Are there any questions that you think I should ask David, Brian or Elyse while they are on stage?

    – I’m holding my anual fan party on April 14th at 8:00PM at the Metrotown Holiday Inn and would love you to come and hang out for a bit with our other celebs, even for just a short while. I’m inviting you publicly so everyone else on your blog can encourage (i.e. browbeat) you to go. I also invited Jamil W. Smith to attend. He needs a ride.

    Thanks, Joe. 😉


  11. I really only have one question- How did Rush happen to get his clothes back at the end? He was in a fancy alien space wet suit and I assume that like everyone else he had only the clothes on his back when he went through the gate.


  12. I just have to say, overall, this episode was a vast improvement from previous episodes and I’m looking forward to seeing it progress from here. I think my favorite part was the scene where Young saved Rush and Rush didn’t know who he was, and trying to get that sorted. I do like Rush the more I see of him. He’s quite interesting.

    But oh my goodness, Chloe is such an idiot! Could she have acted any more stupid in this ep at all? I really, really hope she either dies soon or finds some way to be useful, rather than just as a damsel who needs saving and provides angst for male characters.

    The English bit ended up making sense, which was nice, but I had to laugh at Eli’s surprise that they communicated in English. Because it’s not as if aliens speaking English is at all a new thing for the people of the Stargate universe (although Eli, not being a veteran of previous expeditions, wouldn’t know that).

    It also seemed odd to me that there wasn’t even a moment’s pause when Young found himself trying to maneuver an alien body so different than his own. Seems like even learning to walk with those legs would have taken a few steps at least.

  13. Ahh, interesting tidbit about James. When I watched it, I thought she was crying because she was just in general alone… she’d lost Scott to Chloe, but also, more recently, she’d expressed an attraction to that one guy T.J. was talking to at the end, and the fact that the guy was being kinda flirty with T.J. seems to point out that James has horrible luck, and remains lonely.

    Honestly, I always saw, waaaay down the line, James and Eli would get together. Don’t know why, just seems like a likely kind of irony.

  14. I enjoyed the episode Space. Uh, I can’t quite conjure up the fervent voice to convey that like I can when I’m being a smart aleck so, uh, just take my word for it. I really, really enjoyed the episode Space. Aliens, space battles – you know how I feel about those things. I gotta’ go before I choke up.

    I finally got to see some space cuttlefish to go with the land squids – aw, it’s getting hard to stifle it now.

  15. @Tammy Dixon: Prayers and good thoughts much needed and appreciated, so thank you! No idea yet what’s going on, but he’s been on antibiotics (both IV and oral at different stages) and that’s not working, so right about now we’re thinking either radiographs or ultrasound of his abdomen (spleen still enlarged but not painful), just trying to find out the cause of the anemia, etc. We’ve done a bunch of tests, including tick titers, all negative, so I think everybody’s baffled. If nothing else pans out by Monday morning, we’ll be off to UF to see somebody there to try to figure this out. I’m starting to feel a bit “off”, probably way too much stress this week, so I just need Elway to get better and everything will be ok! 🙂

    Hey Joe, saw that “Space” is on again on Tuesday, so hopefully by then I’ll be able to sit and watch! I’ve been avoiding reading posts because I don’t want to know what I’ve missed, but the bits I’ve read (and the part I saw) have intrigued me. Have a good night!

  16. Haha, well if it makes you sleep better….., SPACE WAS BLOODY DARN FRACKIN amazing. Best SGU ep by far. I’ve already rewatched it multiple times. 🙂

    Ohh, wait, that was assuming I was on you list of peoples opinions you cared about. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis


    A well deserved win….now onto the Championship game.

    Cheers, Chev

  18. From April 2/10 post: [ . . . ] AND announce yet another big SGU guest Q&A! Who, Joe? Who?

    Speaking of Chloe and Rush and a possible connection between them, I was thinking about this some more earlier, and I’m now wondering if they’ve been compromised or subverted in some way, whether they know it or not. The “bad-ass” aliens left mighty quickly once the two of them escaped, seemingly making no attempt to stop or recover them, despite Rush having killed one of the aliens, but, perhaps, that was the intention all along, and the one that died was merely a sacrifice for the good of the plan. The aliens “introduced” themselves when they were ready to put their diabolical plan into motion, grabbed Chloe because they needed two halves of the whole (i.e., male and female) to make the plan work, did whatever it was they needed to do to them, and “arranged” for their escape.

    It seems a little odd that Young would single-mindedly set out to free Rush from the tank, then essentially try to kill him when he couldn’t reconnect with the alien. After all, he didn’t tell anyone that Rush was aboard the alien ship. Were his actions in freeing Rush in some way controlled through the link with the alien?

    After being freed, Rush went straight for Chloe and freed her, using information gained through the neural link, then went for the shuttle bay to steal a ship and escape, again using information gleaned from the link. Fed to him maybe?

    And just why did Destiny drop out of FTL when it did? It didn’t dial anywhere, nor did there seem to be any particular reason for it to drop out. Was it because its systems detected the alien ship up ahead and stopped so that the crew could investigate it? Would the people monitoring Destiny’s systems have known why it dropped out of FTL if they were more familiar with how the systems worked and/or had greater access to them rather than having to rely on the information being provided to them by way of a visual detection of the alien ship?

    Also, is it just because of the lighting or is there another reason why the aliens seem to appear more translucent on their ship than the one inhabiting Young’s body did on Destiny? Something to do with body density? Young’s body being more solid and bulkier than that of the aliens making the one inhabiting his body seem more substantial as a result?

    Speaking of diabolical plans, what have the Baron and LAME been up to lately? They’ve been suspiciously quiet for some time now.

  19. I thought Space was loads of fun. Lots of stuff I didn’t expect, and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

    I did have /one/ small issue though, and this isn’t really specific to Space or even SGU as a whole, but it came up in Space.

    Spaceship shields that are powered by ‘plot’. We’ve seen Destiny descend into a star – a *star* for crying out loud – yet after a few blasts from Mr. Bad Alien ship the ‘shields are about to fail!’. I say again that this isn’t specific to Space, and you can hand-wave the whole thing about the weapons draining power and whatnot, but too many times we have ships surviving relentless pounding from something one week, and then next week consoles all over the ship are exploding from a few shots.

    If Destiny can survive flying into a friggin’ star, then it should be able to take more than a few whacks without shaking around and things exploding.

    I just hate plot-driven shields…


  20. Space was awesome! Great mid-season opener! Nice way to use the comm stones. Just promise me the stones won’t be used to call home (Earth) anymore. Love the aliens! Can’t wait to see them again! When will we see them again? I hope we get to see other different races of aliens.

  21. Just to let you know, me and many other SGU fans are now calling the aliens seen in the episode Space the “Marine Aliens” because of the whole amphibious vibe.

  22. Question for BC dog lovers: In your climate, is it generally safe to leave one’s pet in the car, with open windows, for an hour or so?

    Down here, it’s dangerous. On sunny days, which we have 300 days/year, cars become ovens almost immediately.

    Asking about BC because the example I saw today had BC plates. It was parked in front of a half-empty restaurant, so I asked hostesses to try to find the owners and pass the word. Hope they did.

  23. Hey, are the Blue Aliens from the ‘Space’ episode in SGU related to the Sekkari from Stargate: Atlantis? They sure do resemble each other a lot.

  24. hope we see those aliens play a major role! but the flaws are still there, forced tension, unjustified mutiny, chloe being kidnapped didnt surprise them as it shouldve–they needed to fear for their lives as a consequence and save her for that reason. but the episode had it all, space battles, Rush Vs. Aliens, Communication stones, Rush Vs. Young, and someone crying, lol. really cool.

    what was left was RDA, he wouldve been like
    “hey! i thought you guys liked me! oh wait youre not asgards, man i must be getting too old for this…(cut quickly to something else)”

  25. Hi! …questions didn’t get through last time, let’s try again. 😉

    Quick 2 questions…

    1. What’s your favorite sushi?

    2. Spelling question: Lantian or Lantean?

    Thanks! 🙂


  26. Will we get a chance to see the crew find some kind of weapons locker on Destiny?

    Considering their limited weapons and ammunition, it would be handy I think, as well as being believable.

    It was something we never saw in SGA, and I find it kinda hard to believe that the Ancients would choose not to leave any hand weapons lying around (for safety reasons), but would leave Atlantis/Destiny with a bad ass selection of heavier weapons that can destroy starships.

  27. Got to admit that i was rather disapointed with Space. The start and end of the episode (ie before and after the aliens) were paced really well IMO, but the centre of episode just felt very choppy and all over the place. Yes it was nice to have some aliens, and an out side threat with a bit of action etc, but like i said it felt disjointed, at least for me. The B plot of Yong/Rush/Wray was the real saving grace of the episode, IMO.

    Was there a lot of stuff cut from the final episode because that would explain that rather choppy pacing in the centre of the episode?

  28. Salut JOSEPH !!!!

    JOYEUSE PÂQUES !!!!!!!!!

    Merci pour toute ces Q/A !! Certaine sont très interessantes!
    C’est vrai, je refélicité l’équipe et vous pour le fabuleux travail fait pour l’épisode “Space”!

    J’espere qu’hier votre après midi c’est bien passée, pour ma part ma soirée ne pouvait qu’être merveilleuse après notre discusion. Deplus hier j’ai eu la chance de manger un vrai Paëlla maison, Délicieux !!!!!!

    Bonne journée 🙂
    Profitez bien!!!
    Gros bisou !!!

  29. Joseph, je voulais vous dire que j’ai adoré l’épisode Space, c’est pour épisode favori pour le moment sur Universe. On a beaucoup d’action et de suspens, une histoire bien construite et interessante. La seule chose que je n’ai pas aimé dans l’épisode, c’est la fin trop rapide et le retour trop rapide de Rush. Demmage pour la fin car on aurait pu avoir une jolie scène de course poursuite dans le vaisseau ennemi et dommage pour Rush car on aurait pu avoir une bonne histoire s’il était resté un ou deux épisodes chez les ennemis.

    Merci encore pour ce splendide épisode et à la semaine prochaine pour Divided.

  30. Actually, some fans at GateWorld call those aliens The Smurfs.

    What did you do/write differently so that now I’ve gone from being okay with Scott and Chloe and Scott/Chloe to actually liking them and appreciating their relationship??

    Re the humanoid aliens – I’m sorry, but the Lucian Alliance to me is English-speaking humanoid aliens. 😛 No latex-faces and much as I’ve seen.

  31. Ok, very quick post and question since it’s already 3am!

    LOVED SPACE!!! I was literally yelling and standing in front of my TV because I was too excited to sit down. I will try to go into detail tomorrow about all the cool stuff.

    For now though, a question:

    Since Chloe was taken by the aliens while she was wearing her normal purple shirt, and she came back in the aliens’ clothes, does that mean that that purple shirt is gone for good?


  32. briefly read in diagonal! my spoiler alert told me not to read the detail information. Did not get much out of this blog entry. Keeping my goal of the week. Still haven’t seen the episode! 8)
    My question of the day. How too early can be a morning shower. By the time I finished debating about this, I was out of it. Guess I will have to address that question another day 😀
    Saw someone I hadn’t seen in a few weeks. She is still pregnant. ” you’re still pregant” I told her. “it seems that you’ve been pregnant forever”. “I’m glad you’ve noticed” she replied, “I also feel I’ve been pregnant forever ”
    Luckily, she’s due next month. The three months to the premiere seems to have gone faster then her pregnancy.

  33. ….I’m thinking of making it a 2 or 3 hrs season premiere… will debate about this in the car….

  34. Pg15: I saw that Chloe was wearing “something” underneath her wetsuit. I couldn’t tell what. They lost their shoes, though.

    Mr. M, liked the show! Love the aliens! Still not loving the character Chloe. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t stand next to the big hole as the aliens burned it open and wait to get snatched, though. Seemed a bit odd.

    One question: I noticed Chloe and Rush had no shoes when they ran from the ship. How did they keep from getting “glass” (?) in their feet when the tanks broke? It’s a small thing 😀 .

    Deni: I pray for a boring day for all of you. 😉

    Happy Easter to all!

  35. OMG Joe, really.. gotta agree with Montrealer… since some people don’t like the show, ignore the vast numbers who do and scrap it.

    I still enjoy Rush. I am just impressed with the complexities of the characters. It isn’t that I didn’t and don’t love “baddies” like Ba’al and rascally Maybourne… but the truth is, they are cartoonish compared to people like Rush and Telford, and even Wray. People who do awful things in real life usually have reasons. They may be utterly skewed, but most at least try to justify them. It isn’t really about greed and power most of the time.

    Feel like I have to keep saying it.. but it isn’t that I don’t love SG1 and SGA and mourn them not being on. But I love SGU, and I’ll be sorry when you have to scrap it like Montrealer told you to do.

  36. Where did the seeds for the hydroponics lab come from? did they just happen to grab viable tomato, strawberry, soybean, etc seeds from the Icarus base, or are they using local plantlife they found on gate sorties?

  37. The last episode of SGU was actually entertaining, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Aliens, space-battles and even some self-deprecating humour (“Hey! First real space battle over here!”). It almost felt like a real Stargate episode. Looks like there’s hope for the series yet, if it keeps going in this direction.

  38. Me revoila Joseph! J’ai Quelques question à vous posez!

    1. A votre avi est t’il probable qu’aucun films de sga ou sg1 ne voyent le jour?
    2. Dans quel épisode sera t’on le nom des aliens vu dans “Space”?
    3. Parmi tout les acteurs de stargate :
    – Lequel est le plus drôle?
    – Le plus en retard?
    – Le plus travailleur?
    – le plus maladroit?
    – celui qui fait le plus attention à son apparence?

    Merci 🙂

  39. For Joe:

    Wow. Space was amazing. That is all.

    For Alfredo De La Fe:

    Rush was wearing a desert camo uniform on the planet, not his own clothes. So they would have been on the Destiny when he got back.

    I had to rewatch the ending of Justice to figure that out, since I hadn’t noticed.

  40. Well, annie from Fremantle said exactly what I was going to say 😉

    Anyway, thanks for answering me again, Mr. M.! It always makes me quite happy 🙂

  41. At this point, I will be one of two people in my pool who actually care about the outcome of the Duke/Butler game. Well, except for the many who just want to see Duke lose.

  42. “the “mission” Rush refers to is actually Destiny’s mission, the very reason it was built and launched by the Ancients.”

    Does he knkow what that is or is he guessing?

    “But I don’t see too much improvement from first demi season. ”

    Well it was all made in one go, you are unlikely to see any changes (if any) until season 2.

  43. Kevin writes: “Who is James crying for in bed?”

    Answer: The fact that this scene of James, alone in bed, came on the heels of the scene of Scott and Chloe in bed together was intended to suggest a connection. James is crying because she’s lost Scott to Chloe. A scene that didn’t make the cut (actually the final draft) that could have shed a little more light on this took place after Chloe’s capture. Scott is marching down the hall from the shuttle when James approaches and asks if he’s alright. He curtly dismisses her, more interested in pressing Young about Chloe. It was a quick scene we had to lose due to the domino effect of a changed storyline (you’ll find out about that in the coming episodes).

    Wow. I was hoping it was for something a lot more complicated than that.

    In this episode she herded the whole group of civilians out of the balcony, saw two of her crewmates die (or gravely injured), risked her *own* life to cross the dangerous section and shut down the electricity, then worked for who knows how long with TJ and others helping wounded AND heard one of their number got taken by hostile aliens. Plus the overall pressure of living in this pressure cooker stranded ship.

    But she was crying because of losing Scott?!

    Here I was happy you were having the women of the show: Wray/TJ/James (less so poor Chloe here–though I liked the tomato scene), be defined characterwise as more than just their romantic relationships.


    I appreciated a lot of the episode: The Rush/Young dynamic where Wray held her ground as well as she could (she’s not the greatest tactician, but it makes her realistic). The Wray/Rush dividing lines. Chloe and Rush’s connection and arc from where she blamed him after he dad died. Greer. James (although apparently I was wrong in that one). Even callback to Riley and just the general things of showing the long term effect on the crew. I also was glad to see Young portrayed more as an ass because I’ve always had problems liking the character and feeling like I was *supposed* to be liking him with your description of him being a “square jawed” hero. Now that I realize the character is supposed to be kind of a jerk, I’m finding him a lot more entertaining.

    Oh yeah, and the alien stuff was okay too.

  44. To Orange Crush: In one of the Air episodes, they showed the crew going through those containers they brought onboard Destiny from Icarus Base. One of those containers held seeds. They’ve shown someone in Hydroponics in a couple of episodes (can’t remember which ones, senior moment.)

  45. Hi, Joe.

    ‘Space’ was an excellent episode. LOVED the new aliens and their ship. Excellent resolution of getting Rush back on board so soon. Certainly didn’t see that coming! Looking forward to next week’s episode. Thanks to everyone involved – actors, staff, crew — for all their hard work, devotion, and love for SGU! 🙂

  46. I want to echo the other comments about Space. It was an excellent episode.

    Unfortunately, on Saturday our brackets were Dooked.

  47. @Tammy Dixon: Well, no boring nothing around here again. Elway’s BACK at the ER for the day, more than likely the night as well, and we still don’t know what’s up. I’m getting more than a little fed up with this place, they don’t have “diagnostic capabilities” (then why f***ing charge me like you do?) – basically, they seem to be putting a bandage on a huge gash (so to speak) and arguing over which doctor has the right idea. The poor dog woke up with 104 and was totally lethargic, so off we went. We had to take Molly in as well because she was coughing all night and hadn’t eaten in two days, so I thought maybe the two dogs have the same thing. Nope. Molly’s home, it only cost me $300 to find out that her cough is “probably reflux” (but hell, who knows?), her CBC/Chem Panel was good, and oh yeah, by the way, she DIDN’T LIKE HER DISH (which I found out by changing the dish and then watching her eat like a piggie). Not the doctor’s idea, mind you. This is the same dish she’s always had, so go figure. Anyway, I finally told the doctor at the ER to either change Elway’s antibiotic (translation: s–t or get off the pot already, I’ve spent $1,500 since Thursday for absolutely nothing), which he did, so we’ll see. If things don’t improve tonight, it’s xrays and ultrasounds for the poor guy. Oh yeah, by the way, I told them to go ahead and do these today, but the only doctor that does them at this place is celebrating Easter and won’t come. Nowhere else to go in town, or I’d be there 🙂 Nuff said again, hey?

    Hi Joe! Happy Easter!

  48. Cat4444 writes: “It also appears that some connection may have developed between Chloe and Rush.”

    Answer: Hmmm. Now that you mention it…yes. More on that next week.

    Looking forward to that. Anything that makes Chloe more interesting and/or useful would be nice, and I like the idea of some kind of connection between a dubious sort of guy like Rush and little miss “princess caught up in something way bigger than she can deal with” Chloe.

    Now I’ve got a question: We’ve seen an awful lot of shipping going on so far on this show (too much, IMO, but that’s another issue). Will we see shipping of any sort happening with Rush in the near future?

  49. Haven’t seen ‘Space’ yet, but from all your comments, it’s a great start to the back half of S1. Very much looking forward to it – whenever that is *sigh* 😀

    Question Joe: would you rather eat at a high-end resturant or a mum and dad hole-in-the-wall? I, myself, and me would rather the lower scale end than the upper-snootyness end that tends to go hand in hand with ‘fine dining’.

  50. Was there ever any thought of making the alien ship have a water atmosphere? (But perhaps scrapped because of finances)

  51. Deni: So sorry to hear that both dogs are sick. A fever seems to indicate infection but it sounds like they are running all the right test. I would tell the vet everything you have written down for us, though. It would be good to be on the same page where the treatment is and should be going. I was a vet tech for 18 years. I questioned the vets I worked with all the time. Some diagnosis are just educated guess work or experience. A good vet will explain their reasoning to you and truth be told, most enjoy educating others 😀 .
    Glad Molly is better. I’m sending more prayers to Elway’s. Poor Elway is probably exhausted!

  52. {{{hugs}}} Deni. If it’s any consolation, I had to cancel our anniversary dinner because my tummy is bothering me (has been since Tuesday – just thought it would pass by now). Dunno if it’s something I ate, or if I have some kind of mild bug. No fever, a little tired, but I’ve been doing my normal stuff all week (work, errands, etc), but my stomach has been cramping up on me (esp. if I haven’t eaten), and then there are the pains…and the noises. Mebbe I have an alien in there somewhere… 😮 I figured it best not to risk an expensive meal on an iffy belly. Totally sucks.

    However, this might be a good excuse to finally watch Downey’s Sherlock Holmes.

    That said, I hope Elway will be okay. It’s so hard to find a good vet who really knows how to diagnose what’s wrong with our animals, but then again, it’s hard to find a good doctor who really knows how to diagnose what’s wrong with us! Anymore, google is a better doctor than the lot of them put together!

    Hang in there, hon…I’ll be thinking about you. {{hugs}}


  53. Oh, poo…forgot to ask…

    Joe, a question about Space:

    When Young told Eli to send a message to the aliens, why didn’t he dictate what was to be said in the message? Was it because he trusted Eli’s judgment, or was he just too preoccupied with the events that were unfolding, or does this play into the fears that he’s an incompetent leader?



  54. Oh, poo poo…forgot to ask…

    Joe, is there a military consultant on Universe? I thought there was, but can’t find any info…



  55. @Deni, Is your dog on any meds for skin/food allergies>if so that might be the culprit for anemia. We had a mixed breed,big dog, and can’t remember the name of the med, but it was really bad, such a little pill, even made his gums pale, thus the anemia, a tranfusion later, not really any help. just wanted to suggest, Hope he gets better…

  56. Hey Joe,

    I really liked Space… ALIENS!

    My only gripe was when they are under attack, an alien space ship attaches itself to the Destiny, that’s pretty much the only thing it can be, and yet Chloe is stupid enough to go right up to the giant hole in the ceiling! You’re under attack woman!!!

    Other than that, great episode!

  57. Hey Joe,

    First off Happy Easter, and congrats on your first episode for SGU. It was my favorite to date. It felt like that classic Stargate I fell in love with. Also felt a lot like the middle of Season 4 of SGA. It left me with a very content feeling that the best is still yet to come.



  58. WHOHOOOO!!!
    Now that was a rush!!! I was on the edge of my seat. You guys totally regained my attention. I am glad I gave this show a second chance. This episode was so intense, my goodness, so awesome. Loved every bit of it.

    What I love the most is that nobody is really what they seem to be on the surface. I think so far Eli is the only one that I have seen to be the good buy, but the way he is snooping around with the cameras he’s pretty two faced as well.

    Is anyone straight on this show? And I don’t mean the orientation kind. I mean the bad guy’s actually bad and the good guy being good. One minute one is good, next behind closed doors they plot something else.

    Intense, intense, loving it.

  59. The view of the alien ship from the Destiny window looked way too much like the BSG style of filming. I don’t mind the darkness of the rest of the shots, but when looking out SG1/SGA had a nice stable and airy feeling to them, yet this shifted to BSG style.
    Feels kind of a copy cat style. SG1/SGA was original.

  60. I am not sure when SGU will be shown here in Scotland – will check it out.

    Have just watched an episode of CSI:NY and there were ladies playing Lingerie Football. What next?

  61. @Das and Airelle: Haven’t picked Elway up from the ER yet, but now the doctor there is suggesting we definitely get chest x-rays and abdominal ultrasound because he’s worried about neoplastic disease (nice way of saying cancer). They are calling this “fever of unknown origin”. I’m a mess, but will talk to one of our regular vets in the morning and take it from there. Elway’s on meds for his epilepsy, but that’s it. He does have an enlarged spleen which I’m sure is what’s making the vet think this is cancer, but from what I understand, this could be caused by many things. Now I really need your prayers, guys. Have a good night 🙂

  62. Just wondering when will eli get some balls and step up to the plate, and stop being so scared about running the ship when needed. He is stuck on the ship and has to deal with it.

  63. Das: try yogurt. Can’t hurt anything and it usually helps my stomach.

    Deni: I’ll be praying for you.

  64. @Deni:

    I’m sorry about your pups. This is when you wish they could talk, so they could tell you what’s wrong. If you are not happy with the vet, can you go a bit further afield? I have a vet who is in another town because the local one has a tendency to mess up anesthesia and accidentally kill people’s pets. He’s known locally as Dr. Death. He’s still in business because I live in an Oil/military city in northern Alberta, so a very transient community.

    I hope your dogs recover soon.


  65. I loved Space! A jolly rousing romp. Although, yeah, Chloe is an idjit. And I feel bad for James. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Hey, strong women can have silly weak spots concerning men. Feh, men!

    Oh, I’m enjoying the nitpicking comments here too. I must be in a good mood, I’m amused when usually I’d be annoyed.

    @Deni … good thoughts for your furry babies.

  66. @ Deni I’m so sorry this is happening to your four legged kids. Hoping for good news for Elway and wishing you and your family strength during this rough time.

  67. @Das: Your digestive problems sound familiar. If you drink sodas (carbonation), drop them for a while. Also try a dose of Gas-X or equivalent simethicone product. One or two of the 125 mg capsules help me.

  68. hii !
    Comment allez vous ?
    Petite question pour vous :
    Quelle est votre meilleure et votre pire souvenir de tournage ?


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