As I touched down in Montreal, I received an email from Lou Anders, editor of the forthcoming With Great Power… superhero anthology (of which I am a contributor), informing me that we finally had the go-ahead to go public with the cover art.  So, here it is…

The artist, Trevor Hairsine, is a British comics vet whose past work included stints at 2000 AD and Marvel Comics.

If you’d like to pre-order the book, head on over here:  It hits the shelves in July.

Well, I’m back in Montreal, enjoying family, home cooking, and intrusive questions about my personal life!

Felix was the first to greet me, barking once as I walked through the door before immediately losing interest and wandering off.

Mom and sis cook up a storm.

Or roast rabbit anyway.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Sis’s dessert creation: cake balls.  I’m not sure what the hell they’re supposed to be.  Cats?  Aliens?

Today, my sister took me on a dessert tour of Montreal…

First stop: Boulangerie NDG for the Zeppole di San Giuseppe which sis claims are the best in town. They were out of the custard filling, so we went with the ricotta and the Chantilly cream. Both wonderful although I preferred the denseness of the ricotta, while sis and Lili preferred the airy lightness of the cream.

We also picked up a Baba au Rhum with custard which turned out to be a bit of disappointment given that the custard was still frozen.

Next stop: Le Maitre Chocolatier.

Nada, co-owner and chocolate expert, informed me that all of the shop’s chocolate is made using cocoa from the Concepcion plantation in Venezuela. My sister sent me an assortment last year and I fell in love with their creations, particularly their foie gras truffles! Nada assured me that she could put together an extra-special order for my next chocolate party.

A fabulous assortment from Le Maitre Chocolatier.

The third stop of our culinary tour was a lunch stop at Sorgho Rouge (Red Sorghum?).

Blast your tastebuds with a bowlful of spicy chili fish!  We also had some cumin lamb, yuhsiang eggplant, and dry fried green beans.

This dog also came by – presumably NOT to enjoy the chili fish.

Stop #4: Polish Patisserie Wawel for their famed home made doughnuts. I went with the custard and the plum. Both good but not something I’d make a point of going back for.

Next up, our fifth stop on the tour: Cocoa Locale, Cake Boutique.

Owner Reema Singh has been running the shop her way for five years. And, by her way, I mean she bakes her cakes daily, works the shop alone and then, once all the cakes have been sold, closes up shop for the day. So if you’d like to check out her delicious creations, head on over to 4806 Parc – but make sure you visit earlier in the day.

We went with an assortment of cupcakes (vanilla-rose, chocolate-chai, and lemon-coconut) and the chili-chocolate brownie. In a word = unbelievable! High recommended!

The sixth stop of our tour was the Patisserie Fous Desserts Chocolaterie where we stopped in for a chocolate assortment.  The matcha-chocolate truffle was a beautiful but packed a stunningly bitter punch.

Stop #7: Juliette & Chocolat. Have you picked up on the recurring theme yet?
I had a hot "old-fashioned" dark chocolate. It was very good but, alas, I miss the can't-be-beat denseness of the appropriately named "Denso" Themis used to serve at Chocoatl. I miss that place.

I picked up an assortment that included dark chocolate with yellow pepper, blueberry-banana, and, my favorite, the PB&J!

Stop #8: Le Fouvrac. It's looked so unassuming from the outside, that I almost bypassed it but, within its modest confines lies a chocolate lover's dream cache: chocolate bars from all over the world including producers I've yet to sample. Needless to say I stocked up. They also offer chocolates from Gendron, a local chocolatier, at their Fleury Street location.

The chocolates were incredibly refined and delicate, possessed of an exceptionally thin chocolate coating. Wow! They rivaled many of the world's best.

Our final stop: Havre aux Glaces at the Jean Talon Market.

Where we washed down chocolate and dessert with a nice bowl of ice cream. I went double scoop: coconut and burnt caramel maple syrup. Damn good!

We got home for around 5:00 p.m. and, come dinner time, I was not at all hungry.  Maybe I’m coming down with something?  Anyway, I think I’ll take it easy tonight, watch some SyFy, and then slip quietly into a diabetic coma.

Tonight’s the night!  Stargate: Universe returns with Space!  I’ll be checking your comments and, tomorrow, I’ll field your questions AND announce yet another big SGU guest Q&A!

116 thoughts on “April 2, 2010: With Great Power…, Chocolate-Chocolate-Chocolate! And Ice Cream! Space Premieres Tonight!

  1. I gained five pounds just reading this entry. Do you just sample the desserts at each shop and purchase some for later, or eat an entire dessert at each?

    And if the latter, how much time between each stop?

    It all sounds and looks delicious to this chocolate lover.

  2. Not a fan of that cover art. Seriously — “…and others”? What are you, chopped liver?

  3. The food looks fantastic! Love your Sis’s cake balls!

    My culinary experience was a lot less grand but I think I got just as full. We went to a BBQ place in Memphis, “Leonard’s”. I went off my veggie only diet, just for today. Cole Slaw, BBQ pork, steak fried potatoes, peach pie, and chocolate cake. I had only ONE serving of BBQ, so I could have room for two desserts. Totally worth it, too.

    Your mom looks good. I hope she doesn’t try to over work while you visit. I’m sure she is happy that her “baby” is back home.

  4. The desserts look fantastic!! Makes me want to visit at some point. Counting down the hours until Space!!!!!! I’ve been excited all day!!!

  5. Congratulations on releasing the cover art.

    I can only imagine it must be exciting to get the go ahead to release the art on work that’s about to go public. I’ll get to know for myself how it feels soon … I hope.

  6. ok wow wait,,,is it Friday April 2 ? Somehow I missed Mar 31st’s post, how did I miss those cute baby pics??? And wow the early post threw me. I like when you’re on the east coast Joe, the posts are early. Hey it’s finally in the 80’s here, we’re just down the coast…. c’mon down.

    Bring mom and sis -mom looks great,please give her a big hug. I think sis deserves a vac too.

    Yeah so this is how my luck went today.. one co-worker, bless her heart, her mom had a stroke, but we already planned on Thurs. for her to take off despite the fact our other co-worker had the day off already because she had company. ( see – Joe if you came down I could take time off.)
    Well,being Good Friday, I expected the morning to be busy but the afternoon slow, since many doctor’s offices would be closing for Good Friday. I was getting phone calls from people who were on VACATION booking cases. Who does that??? I wasn’t impressed. I swear they did it just to annoy the crap out of me.

    ok a little vanilla Stohli and coke and that’ll get the kinks out. Does our new health care cover rehab? I think I’m gonna need it.

    Happy Easter everyone.

  7. Wow, you sure are making the most of Montreal! I can’t wait to hear about your (assumed?) visit to Au Pied de Cochon. I wish I’d known about Cocoa Locale before I moved on to Quebec city, but I guess there’s always next time. How did you find the taste of your “old fashioned” dark hot chocolate from Juliette & Chocolat? I liked the texture (I found it thick enough), but it could have been a bit more bitter for my liking. Then again, I did have it in tandem with a sundae…

    One bad thing about travelling at the moment is that I have no access to SyFy. One day…

    Thanks for all the pics today, definitely put me in the mood to try out the chocolates I picked up around the town today 🙂



  8. I agree. “and others” is totally not your name. I’ll be looking to buy that when it comes out.

    How on earth do you maintain your weight after a day like that? Guys have it so much easier sometimes. I’d have gained five pounds just by looking at each of the stores. It does look like you’ve gotten a great assortment.

  9. Huh. Didn’t know cake had balls…

    (Yeah, old, worn-out joke…but I couldn’t resist.)

    Sis looks adorable, mom looks great (and very preoccupied), and Felix is as handsome as ever! Have a great time, sir!

    Oh, and you DID ship me out some chocolate, right? ‘Cause, really…there’s no other reason for torturing me so with those pictures and all, unless you’ve sent me some, too. Of course…if you really want me to stick another pin in your left hand…



  10. Hello Joe.

    Wow!!! Those desserts look GREAT!!! I agree that I think I gained a few pounds by reading this entry.

    The family looks great! I am glad to see your mom up and around.

    Can’t wait for Space tonight. Should be good. Can’t wait to see if (how) Rush gets off he planet, what happened to Franklin in the chair? Good. Stuff.

    Best wishes.


  11. How does the fact that Col Young told Dr Rush, that the kino kept recording so he (col Young) knew that Rush was behind the gun being in his quarters, affects dr Rush and Eli relationship going forward? there is so much to look forward to.

  12. Nice cover! Though, I’m with Carl; “And others…”? You’re so much more than just “others”! I’d say you’re at least a “more” or better yet, “much more”.

    I mean, you’re definitely better than “so on”, that’s for sure.

    “Space” just started on the East Coast! Time to get off the Internet for an hour to avoid spoilerage! I’ll return with my wild ravings in 2 hours!

  13. ACK! Almost missed Universe! Thought it came on at ten. 😛 Fortunately, I forgot to set it up to record, but – fortunately – had it set on the channel, so I just had to rewind. Whew!

    It’s been a topsy-turvy day. Started out first thing paying the bills for the month and filing paperwork, then I had to make hubby dinner-to-go since he’s working tonight, and for lunch we grabbed Italian hoagies. I was still juggling bills, making dinner, and other chores – hadn’t even gotten to my hoagie – when mom calls and says dad’s not feeling well, but he’s up the road and we have to go get him. Dropped everything, got dad (he’s fine – just a bad reaction to a pain pill he took), came back towards home and stopped to say hi to a friend who has been in a pickle since all the snow and rain we’ve had here in Jersey… well… here, take a look for yourself:

    And that’s gone down a little. 😕

    Anyhoo…got home, finished up the bills, ran to the bank and post office, then to the office-office to work, and just got home at 9 pm, and FINALLY eating my hoagie meant for lunch, for dinner. With wine. Lots of wine.

    Gotta go rewind the show now…did see the alien and it looked HAWT!! (Kidding…kidding…) It does look pretty cool, though. Looking forward to this one, Joe!

    And MOST important:

    Joe, I think Deni could use the chocolate even more than me. Now everytime I see her name, I’ma gonna hear the theme to COPS in my head…Bad boys, bad boys…whatcha gonna do when they come for you…

    {{huggles Deni}}


  14. AAARRRGH! That first ‘fortunately’ was supposed to go bye-bye when I edited. Grrrr. Blame it on the day I’ve been having. 😛


  15. Hey Joe

    Your sister is really cute. I mean really cute. Is she single?


  16. Only half way through, and holy cow!!! That’s a great twist! can’t wait 20 mins for the end!!!


  17. Love all the pictures Joe, thanks, Moms cooking, yummy. man did you have choc overload or what. my head hurts, hard to make choices and eat just one, thats what you did right, only one small taste..
    Argh! damn, the cable just went out in the middle of SGU, crappy cable company, will try to catch it on the 11pm run. so am ignoring if any spoilers,,.

  18. Young is trying to hide his crime by having them destroy the alien ship. Young is done.

  19. Joe,

    Perhaps I am being a bit crass here, but F* the naysayers. That was a great episode! I was definitely entertained.

    Look forward to more episodes like this.

    My hatred for Col. Young has yet to subside. Having thrown my lot in with the Rush camp, I’m not sure it ever will.

    I was sort of hoping Rush would lead a ragtag band of aliens and chase Destiny down in attempts to destroy the crew and reclaim his ship. But, hey, I guess we have creative differences. Unless we don’t have differences, and Rush is now a mole. Yeah, I see the route you’re going! Not bad, Mallozzi…


  20. Hello,

    Wow!!! Loved that episode! Never saw the twist w/ Rush! Action, interesting use of the stones, that was everything we wanted! Throw in a mutiny, the only thing missing is what happened to Franklin. Great job. Keep it up.

    Best Wishes,


  21. Oh man oh man oh man the plum pazki are the BEST!!! I used to eat those everyday when I lived in Warsaw.

    Interesting note, Wawel is Wawel because of the Wawel castle in Krakow.

    Back to SGU.

  22. Oh, you ARE in Montreal! I thought that was an April Fools’ Day joke. 😉 I remember someone else asking if you had any pictures of yourself as a child. Any chance you could find some now, if you don’t mind and aren’t too busy?

    And by the way, I can’t wait to read your short story! 🙂

  23. Wow, Space was fabulous. I had been wondering how you were going to bring Rush back and you didn’t disappoint. Amazing episode, especially the last ten seconds.

    I was wondering, with all the wonderful music that SGU is including, are you planning on putting out a CD? I’d buy it…

  24. Space was absolutely, positively fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the aliens and the space battle!!!!!! I’m looking forward to next week’s ep and all the eps to come.

  25. Great day! Early post by you and full of chocolates…yum. And, SGU-Space. Very much enjoyed a GREAT episode and the teasers for the future are nasty. Can’t wait for the next episodes.

    Mamma Mallozzi looked to be in fine form doing her thing – cooking. Sis is radiant as usual. Felix still seems to have the look of – “hmmm, you look familiar, but is not sure.”

    Enjoy your visit – and also the desserts and chocolates.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  26. Loved it! loved it! loved it! Space was worth the wait!

    Question: With Rush now making somewhat amends with Young but seeing the Civiliand still want control, Is rush still gonna risk his things to get his way? I think Young will go overboard with Rush next time.

  27. That reminds me. If you’re gonna try the Memphis barbeque scene, you should also stop by Dinstuhl’s Candy.

    Hey, how funny would it be if that alien was the only one of his species that could use Ancient tech and represented a step forward in their evolution?


    I wanna reach through the bloody computer and hug you. That was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING. Personally, I think Space was the best ep of SGU and one of the best episodes the franchise has done in a long time.

  29. Joe – that was a great episode! And I’m not just saying that because you have access to some of the best chocolate in the world…

    What I liked (SPOILERS!):


    It left me with lots of questions! The ending was – whoa! Didn’t see that coming. I’m also curious if Rush learned something about Destiny from the aliens. Was he strangling the alien because he thought it was an alien, or Young? And I really liked Chloe’s introspective manner at the end…makes me wonder what’s happening with her.

    Also liked the montage at the end…well…the end before the end. I know not everyone likes them, but I think they’re very effective in telling the viewer a lot about the people and their situation in a very short period of time. Very nice moments – exactly what I’m looking for – and I really appreciated some of the insights into the characters and how they’re coping. (I am guilty of not watching the kino scenes available on-line – not sure why other than I’m just lazy. 😛 )

    Greer and Scott – the new Butch and Sundance?? Wouldn’t mind something along those lines.

    Liked the aliens a lot. I was a bit annoyed with the use of English in the beginning, but then understood later on how they knew the language. But before that, I was SO ready to call you out on that one. 😀

    What I didn’t like:

    Not much…but there were a couple places where things seemed rushed or jumpy…or, maybe not shown in enough detail for me. However, I do realize that showing how someone got from point A to point B might be tiresome even if there’s action involved, so I’ll watch it again before I say whether it was a drawback, or not. I would have liked a little more intensity in the battles, but that’s more about editing and filming, and not the actual storytelling.

    This was a good one, Joe – glad I stuck around for it!


  30. Great episode. I wish all episodes were that good, but its episodes that think that make a show great. good job and hope to see more episodes like that in the future.

  31. Still trying to figure out the end…if it was you-know-who…or you-knowwho

    (If I seem to lack enthusiasm, it’s just because I’m in a hoagie, wine, and chocolate semi-coma right now. Serves me right for not eating all day. 😛 )


  32. Fantastic episode, loved the tune at the end. I dunno what it was but it was great.

  33. Okay so Space was AWESOME. Easily the best in the series so far. I hope you guys keep them at this quality level.

    Great Job!

  34. That episode was amazing. Great work, Joe, from everyone involved! I’m left wondering too if Wray was in on the framing of Young…

    I’m so glad the long wait is over!

  35. Pretty good episode overall I thought 🙂

    Things I liked:

    (1) The early James scene. Very funny.
    (2) Cool looking aliens.
    (3) Destiny has a big honking gun we haven’t seen before
    (4) More negative effects around the stones.

    Things that caused me to go ‘huh'”

    (1) The atmosphere of the alien ship is exactly the same for humans? Chloe and Rush were connected to breathing equipment and suspended in a liquid medium. I expected Rush to start gasping for breath as soon as Young freed him. Just thought that was strange.

    Things that made me wonder:

    (1) The Wray/Rush scene at the end. Didn’t see that coming.

    (2) Who is James crying for in bed? Spencer? It seemed that there was clearly an empty space….or was she just thinking about the new eye candy she has her sights on?

    Alas…now we have to wait another seven days to see the continuation. At least i’ll be able to watch it again on Space again for other little tidbits before then.

  36. Given that the ship has taken so many hits and damages at some point soon those hits must have some effect.

  37. Loved “Space”. The new aliens are very cool, though we didn’t get to know much about them. Hopefully we’ll get more info next week.

    I have to say, I’m glad that “Justice” (however unintentionally) became the mid-season finale as I think the ending of that episode was more of a shocker than the cliffhanger for “Space”. I don’t think it is quite as controversial as the Rush/Young confrontation and the implications that it could have. Speaking of which, I’m surprised (and a little sad) that Young leaving Rush on the planet wasn’t more of an issue this episode, though I suppose it will come up again in the future.

    BTW, how long after the events of “Justice” does “Space” take place? A day or two? A week? It seems like life aboard Destiny has gone on without Rush for only a couple of days at most, but given that Rush was held captive and the aliens tapped into the communication stones (accidentally?) this seems to imply a longer amount of time passed.

    Also, is there an official name for the alien species?

  38. Space was just pure shock and awe. The aliens reminded me of the ones in District 9. Mark Savela and team need to win an award for that. Fabulous job on the action (there you go complainers of no action), and fabulous job on character moments. Loved the ending montage with Rob Thomas’ song Now Comes the Night. Beautiful, beautiful lyrics. It left me breathless. I don’t want to spoil for our overseas friends, so I’ll stop there. You couldn’t ask for more in an episode.

    I just had two minor complaints — Razors and not taking the technology. He drops it and leaves. And I’m not saying who either. Surely they didn’t have time to bring razors with them when escaping from Icarus. Obviously you had a reason for leaving the tech stuff? Those would be my questions.

  39. Just watched this again with Mr. Das…and for the first time he commented on all the boobs. 🙂 He really liked it lots, and I think – having watched it twice now – this episode really moves. You just start watching, and before you know it, it’s over. This is certainly one of my favorites – maybe even my top fav so far.

    Dang, I’m sleepy though. Like I said earlier, it’s been a really long day. Nites! And congrats, Joe!


  40. BTW a heavy thanks to Toronto for helping the autism community for World Autism Awareness Day (April is Autism Awareness Month): From Autism Speaks:

    “On the night of April 1, prominent buildings across North America and the world including the Empire State Building in New York City and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada were lit up blue to raise awareness for autism and to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day.”

  41. Looks like we will be see more of the Lt James from the extended version of Air who spoke about being scared, The more human James. Obviously Crane like TJ so what happens to James? stay tune.

  42. Hi Joe,

    Oh wow. I honestly have to say, I didn’t realize how much I’d missed SGU until tonight! “Space” was riveting. Talk about being packed full of jam! Well done! As soon as I watched it once, I reran it and watched it again. The worst thing? Only 9 episodes remaining until the next looooong break. *sigh*

    And whoever asked if there could please be a release of Joel’s fabulous music, I second that request. I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

    Wishing you a slightly early Happy Easter!


  43. Given that Col Young, after see that Rush was alive, was willing to blow up the ship how certain are we that he would not have killed Rush if he was able to get back on-board the ship?

  44. Reading your blog on Passover is not a good idea. I mean, really not a good idea.

    Anyway, “Space”…

    It was excellent. I did think the whole James scene at the beginning felt a little out of place coming right before Colonel Young’s “encounter,” but since it also served to bookend the episode, it was probably necessary. I’m also a little disappointed that Rush is already back. I was sort of hoping that would play out a little bit longer, but given who Rush is as a character, it would probably not be very interesting to watch him alone on a planet. Unlike some other characters, like maybe Eli or Chloe, there wouldn’t be a lot of real drama there.

    The aliens were very creepy, and I’m excited about the mystery surrounding them. I’m hoping and assuming we’ll see them again in the future.

    One thing I didn’t get though was after Rush killed the alien and Col. Young attempted to use the communication stones to get back, why didn’t he just connect to Earth? Were the aliens blocking the communication? If that’s the case, why was it that specific alien individual that Young inhabited? Do they have a set of communication stones onboard?

    Thank you, Joe—I hope you answer and my compliments on an excellent episode.

  45. Firstly, I must never go to Montreal. If I do, I’m doomed. All those descriptions and wonderful pics will have me pigging out in a way that would leave bystanders traumatized for life. Second, “and others”. No, you’re not chopped liver, but you haven’t made your reputation as a short story author yet either. That will change soon enough I suspect. Now, if you’re not listed by the time your third book comes out, we will have to take some action. And I’ve had the book pre-ordered for the last two months.
    Space. Ok, this is more like it. Action, plot twists, and more mysteries than answers. Why did the stones malfunction? Who are these aliens? Was Young’s purported reasons for trying to destroy the alien craft the real ones? A nice reversal of his and Rush’s confrontation on Rush’s motives for staying behind in Light. I’m even more excited about the previews, and the addressing of the simmering tension between the military and civilian factions. I’m especially interested in seeing how you play out the conflict. While I’m still not feeling the love for all the characters(with the exception of Greer), I appreciate the three dimensional depictions and motivations driving them. Very good job.
    Thanks for taking time from your holiday to share with us, and wishing you a fun time and safe return home.

  46. Joe,

    LOVED “Space”! The action was great and the aliens were nothing less than awesome! My husband and I were discussing however the question of; when Young was in the alien ship, if he would have spoken to the other aliens, would it have come out in english or their language? Just wondering since when the alien was in Young’s body it came out in alien language to us as viewers. Anyway, great episode and I am so looking forward to the rest of season 1!

  47. joe great episode!!!!!

    I’ll have to watch for a second time before I post more but one observation I made was that the main weapon loked very similar to those mounted on arora class warships.

    once again great episode hope the rest are like it, very curios to see how franklin is doing.

  48. I’m glad I stuck around for the second half of the season. “Space,” IMHO, made up for the first half. Thanks, Joe!

    I suddenly feel like chocolate…

  49. Space…a completely awesome episode! From beginning to end it was action packed and drama filled. And no crappy visits to Earth! The best part was the interaction between Young and Rush. Those scenes were great more for what was not said than what was said. The only thing I didn’t like was Wray. She is going from Human Resources bureaucrat to revolutionary far too quickly. Judging from how the character was shown in the first half of the season, she seems to be growing a big backbone too quickly. The special effects were first rate as well. Next week look very interesting as well. I can’t wait

  50. Space was awesome. Not that I’ve disliked an episode so far, but still, amazing.

    @ Hayloh – I believe the song is “Now Comes the Night” by Rob Thomas. Am I right, Joe?

  51. Haven’t seen the episode ,so I don’t plan on reading any of the comments until I see it. I don’t want to be spoiled .
    Maybe I’ll watch it next week! I want to see how long I can hold.
    Unfortunately, I’m a very patient person. It might take a while. I might even consider skipping it …. hum! will see tomorrow!
    Today was an important day for me . I had been planning that day as much as I did the the one I bump into you.
    Well I was up for a shocker and didn’t even know about it. I went to a very important meeting and while waiting in the waiting, I could hear the voice of a woman, that I didn’t know I knew. Haven’t seen her in 10 years or so. She gave me her business card. I was so shocked I said to her ” no way, you’re the last person I ever thought I would meet here!” She works in the film industry. I’ve seen some of her work, she even has her own production house.
    I was very excited 😀

  52. Going to wait until I’ve seen it again to write more, but what a satisfying, intriguing episode. Never saw the Rush/Young dynamic taking this turn – Rush publicly covering for Young let getting ready to revolt.

    Great writing (and not just saying that to kiss up, either), great acting and great directing. All in all a total home run. Congrats.

    How do you stay so slim eating all that chocolate? What’s the secret?

  53. “Space” up to expected high quality. Didn’t reach out and grab me, probably due my preoccupation with con prep.

    May Mrs. Mallozzi continue in good health!

  54. Mom looks great, sis looks great, Felix looks adorable.

    Thanks for the chocolate tour….. I think.

  55. Just finished watching ‘Space’ again during the 2am AST showing on Space.

    Another thing caught my eye.

    Rush at the end of the episode is wearing the exact same outfit he wore at the end of ‘Justice’. I think he was wearing a different outfit in the tank.

    Was the different outfit over the regular outfit? Or did he just happen to pack the exact same outfit during the quick escape from Icarus? Or maybe it was one of those errors some of us nitpickers like to find…like an easter egg (lol, and i’m being festive in this post too).

  56. I enjoyed “Space”. It was good. The episdoes that I enjoyed the most so far have been Air, Darkness, Light, Time, Justice, and Space. I like that Space added a real external threat. the internal conflicts are good I feel that the external threat will be what leads the crew really coming together. Or perhaps what tears them apart regarding how to cope with that external threat. the Young/Rush scenes are good. I really liked the montage since it catches up on the stories of multiple characters. It’s particularly good in a series like this when there are so many characters. Characters that I hope we get to know further, including the recurring characters.

    And the food looks great, all of it.

  57. Joe, I kinda skipped your blog for this msg, but what do you think of D. Hewlett’s role in Splice? I think it is good to see he’s got some work, and it looks like he is playing another egg head.

  58. Is it April yet? YES! Finally!!!
    Has the back half of SGU started airing? YES! Finally!!!
    Was it worth the wait? Abso-freaking-lutely!
    Was the wait too long? Abso-freaking-lutely!

    Now that that’s out of the way, some very interesting developments:

    Nice to see Young having some problems with what he did to Rush and maybe doubting his actions to some extent.

    Young’s failure to tell anyone about having found Rush aboard the alien ship after being unable to reestablish the connection to the alien through the stones. (Is there going to be an explanation as to why Young connected with that particular alien? It doesn’t appear that there was anything in the way of the stone technology in use on the alien ship.)

    Young’s comment when he tells Eli to fire on the alien mothership after he’s unable to reestablish the connection (“I” have no choice – not “we” have no choice), despite Chloe (and Rush) still being on board.

    It also appears that some connection may have developed between Chloe and Rush – maybe through those neural links they were hooked up to.

    The somewhat puzzled look Eli gave Chloe when she was the one that explained how Rush got them out by using the link against the aliens. Kind of a “how do you know that” look.

    The alliance between Rush and Wray, although it looks like that alliance may have been in place before Rush’s untimely “accident” in Justice.

    Seems like Rush may have some problems with Young’s actions, too. It did appear that he took a small step back when Young approached the doors in his quarters to open them after their talk, and his comment to Wray at the end.

    Nice to see Eli, Brody, and Volker coming into their own. TJ seems more confident also.

    More of the fracturing of the crew into different camps – military and civilian – is evident in this episode as well.

  59. Roasted Brussel Sprouts, that looked YUMMY!!!

    LOVED “SPACE”. Didn’t see finding Dr. Rush coming. Expected to see Chloe but hello Rush. Can’t wait till next Friday!!!

    Will be attending Creations Vancouver Stargate convention in just 12 days. And so cannot wait. Stars of SG1, SGA and of course SGU. Going to be a busy but VERY FUN weekend.

  60. BTW…just started reading Michael Crichton’ “Timeline”. Just recently saw the movie that was made based on the book and LOVED it. So wanted to read the novel. Took specially ordering it to get it though.

    Have you read the book. And if yes, what did you think??

  61. Wow – what a tough episode that must have been to write! I thought the story was fantastic in the way you were able to juggle the drama, political intrigue, and alien action all at once. It flowed so well between all of theses elements, and the dialog was so smart between the characters. Great stuff!

    But I have to say, I’m still struggling with SGU. And not because of this episode, which I think was truly amazing.

    I think I need an episode called “The Mission”. At the end of “Justice”, Rush said that Young “didn’t believe in the mission”. Was Rush’s belief about Young based more in a general sense of his perceived lack of Young’s commitment to the Stargate program? If so, how does that relate to their current situation on Destiny? I thought the mission was to get back to earth. Now I’m becoming even more confused about what’s going on.

    I also don’t know who to root for anymore. Rush tried to frame Young, then Young for all intents and purposes tried to kill Rush. Then Young sets Rush free on the alien ship, only later to order it destroyed by using every means possible. I understand the tactical reason, but it also conveniently kills Rush (again) and the only witness (Chloe) to his lie. Based on their actions, Young and Rush will always feel mortally threatened by each other, and obviously their truce for the sake of the crew is just a shared lie.

    These actions are forcing me to not trust any of the main characters anymore. Even Eli will be forced to make compromising decisions based on his overhearing conversations. And, in my opinion, without a clear goal for all for them to work towards, the escalating distrust will cause endless shifting of alliances between the crew.

    I need something to unite the characters in an honorable purpose or direction. And I need to feel that they are striving for that goal, even if their method or reason is less than heroic.

    I’m looking forward to next week to see if the confrontation between the factions will ultimately lead the crew to some sort of truce based on mutual need or hope.

    In the meantime, wishing you and your family (especially your mom), and everyone on the blog a fabulous Easter celebration!

  62. “With Great Power comes Great Waste Heat.” It’s less pithy, but it’s true.

    Question about tonight’s episode “Space.” How did Rush get his clothes back from the aliens?

  63. Coucou Joseph!!!!

    Et bien!!! Vous vous faites plaisir!!! 😉 c’est super!!!!

    Humm les patisseries..j’adore ça!!!!!

    Pfff toujours pas de chocolat pour moi cette année, voila 1 ans et demi que je n’aime plus ça =( ne sais pas pourquoi et depuis je n’ai pas retrouver The chocolat qui me réconciliera avec ses petits amis…j’ai même gouter les célébres chocolats du chocolatier “Roger Patrick” mais rien y fait je trouve le chocolat écoeurant =(

    En tout cas merci pour ces photos!! ça fait bien plaisir de voir Andria, votre maman et vous avec un grand smile!!!

    Je souhaiterai vous demande un service? quelque chose qui ferai de moi la personne la plus heureuse de ma planète !!…mais je ne sais pas si vous allez accepter? Serai t’il possible d’avoir un autographe de vous?? pourrai toujours donner mon adresse postale à Andria, please répondez moi si c’est Ok ….merci merci merci ♥ ^^

    Gros bisou!

  64. Hi Joe, well, got to watch most of it, but my son decided to call about 20 minutes before the end, then Elway spiked a temp and we had to go back to the ER. Happily, he got to come back home and seems much better, but there seems to be some issue with his spleen, so I guess this one isn’t over yet. Or not. Nobody seems to know much of anything. As for SGU, I’ll have to re-watch when I can, but this story was exciting and actually held my interest (which these days is difficult, at best). Loved the aliens. Still hate the stones. 🙂 Hugs to your mom from our family, please.

    @Das: Yeah, no kidding, Bad Boys. The way the guy held me there for 45 minutes, got “backup” and wanted to know I’d paid for my new car (?), you’d think I should’ve been on the 10 o’clock news!

  65. Loved “Space.”

    1. Like those squid aliens, what is the designated name for these new aliens?

    2. Among the staff, who came up with the water motif with the aliens’ looks and those chambers Chloe and Rush were kept in?

    3. Out of the three actors, who enjoyed being in those black alien suits the most?

  66. I forgot – totally agree with Carl on the cover art. I love chopped liver, but “and others”? Really?

  67. Me revoila! Je viens de voir l’épisode ‘Space” 🙂 !

    J’ai beaucoup aimé, contente de voir enfin des aliens, même si je me demande bien comment les appeler ^^! Aprés les aliens insectes (wraith) voici les aliens mollusques, bien trouvé!

    Impatiente de voir la suite..
    bisou 😉

  68. Loved Space! Got lots of action and the aliens! Awesome!

    I think I went into a diabetic coma looking at all that chocolate! Hope you and the fam are having a great time!

  69. Liked Space tons. A nice return for SGU, and we got an enemy out of it even! Go us. Especially liked the humour, Caine’s levelheadedness about entering relationships on the Destiny, Scott/Greer cowboying up, and Rush’s escape from onboard the alien ship. I had my own little niggles for the episode, but I understand that it’s probably a transition to go from SGA to SGU, and that not every transition comes out fantastically. Still – a good romp… God I can’t believe I just said that.

    Anyway – my one mailbag question: Will these buggers get names? And if so, real name or some sort of colloquial Eli-ism turned fact?

  70. I think I wet myself during the battle scenes…

    Nah, kidding. *cough* Moving on.

    What I liked the most was that you showed us the rest of crew, when the big alien ship appeared. They had no idea what it was and they were scared. So was I. Awesomeness. Moreover, the battle with little alien ships didn’t go as smooth… again loved it. Poor Destiny.

    Can’t wait for “Divided”. 😀

  71. Joe…I’ve been thinking…

    What made Space so good (and Time and Justice before it) is that I feel they all struck a good balance between what I like in my science fiction, and the new ‘edgier’ drama the show is aiming for. I could go on forever about the drama – what I like and what I don’t like…but I’ll try to make this brief. The ‘personal’ drama in this one was brief – some shown in the montage, some made a bit light and amusing (like the ‘I can hear you’ scene). That was good. What I don’t like about that sort of drama is when people sit around, talking about all their issues like they do on shows like Brothers and Sisters (I think that’s the name). It’s so goddamn tedious and boring! Sitting around, lamenting about problems and giving ‘heartfelt’ advice…blech.

    However, the drama in this ep was spot on – mistrust, intrigue, suspense, deceptions – that’s the sort of stuff I like – the ‘action/adventure’ type drama, where the character moments are dramatic – sometimes are personal – but with a totally different feel than the Grey’s Anatomy-type stuff.

    One of my favorite moments in this ep was Greer with the picture – what a nice little touch, and what a great way to tell a story AND stimulate curiosity. Really, there was a lot of good in this episode…making it worth a second, third and even forth watch.


  72. Joe,

    I LOVED Space. What a great episode! It’s been a long 4 months and you guys hit it out of the park with this one. Looking forward for more of this to come.
    The aliens were awesome, the Young/Rush bits were exciting, and just enough humor and ‘splosions’ to remind me it’s Stargate.

    Any estimate on your calorie intake from your dessert tour? I eat one piece of bread and my stomach expands 3 times it’s normal size. I admire your consitiution.

  73. The episode last night was great! Wonderful writing Joe and Paul!! I like the way the credits float around the screen, you can read them well. if anything the only problem was too many darn commercials. (always)
    ** spoilers*****

    The alien scared me, would hate to encounter it. Great job. Characters are certainly evolving. All the actors did a wonderful job. The alien mind probes, maybe thats why they could pick up on the stones>? At least Rush and Chloe got to take a bath in well we hope that was water…and they got some new clothes out of the deal. What are they going to do about 2 big holes in the ship due to the boring for access?? I hope the force field holds. Nice space battle.. and these guys(destiny) need some stun guns like Ronon had. Will they strap down all of their people who try to use the stones now, well that might not be a question after the mutiny or attempted mutiny??? Guess I will wait and check out next week. At least we know why Rush strangled the alien. surprise.. oh so many things to think about., need more chocolate….
    Hope you are enjoying your visit with family and I would say don’t eat too much but that seems so silly.. Thanks for the great epsiode.

  74. All in all a great episode, I was disappointed that the aliens were in fact humanoid though, even though the producers said they wouldn’t be…

  75. Haven’t seen Space yet as I live in UK but I’ve been counting down the days. I’ve read the reviews of Space and am disappointed my favourite character is still missing….. bring back Riley. Can’t wait though for April 13th when us UK fans get our Universe fix 🙂

  76. Best episode yet Joe! And surprisingly…you wrote it! (Imagine that!)

  77. Hi again Mr “Others”

    (Changing name by deed pole eh?)

    Seriously, just dropping in to say hello. Have skimmed past all the comments, as am avoiding spoilers.

    Your Mom (and Sis) both look great. Delighted to see her back on her feet.

    Coincidentally, there is a 2 page spread in the weekend travel section of the newspaper on Montreal today! I’ll try and dig up the link. Very interesting.

    Best to all!!


  78. Merci d’avoir accepter de me parler !! Si vous saviez à quel point ça me rend heureuse !!

    Passez une trés bonne après midi !!!!!
    gros bisou !

  79. Hello Mr. M.

    I rewatched Space and have a few questions if you don’t mind.

    1. How did you do that shot where young is sitting in the destiny stone room and without the camera cutting, Young changes to the alien ship and has an alien uniform on. Ive watched that scene multiple times and can’t see the cut, but there has to be one. How did you do it??

    2. I noticed that during the Space battle you reused a lot of music from Air. Was that because you needed extra money for VFX? Or did you just put it in cause it fit really well with this battle?

    3. In the end, when Rush is talking with Wray, Rush tells Wray he tried something to get Young out of the way and Young nearly killed him. Does that mean Rush told Wray that he tried to frame Young for murder. If so Wray is kind hypocritical getting mad at young and not even scolding Rush’s actions, don’t you think?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  80. Felix was just doing his job by announcing your presence. He knew you didn’t need a big introduction.

    I think the anthology could have given you a better introduction.. instead of others, it could have said.. introducing… with your name. 🙂

    Glad to see Mom and sis looking so great and happy. And the food looks delish.. love roasted brussel sprouts. So, how many of sis’ cake balls did you eat?

    *Extended pause while drooling over chocolates*

    Oh yeah, about that little event of the SGU return. 😉 Know I’m preaching to the choir, but loved it! That’s what we’re looking for! Even when you knew something was coming, it still wowed and surprised! I liked the tomato humor.

    You guys have set a very high standard for the second half which we, your loving, faithful fans, will gladly hold you to.

  81. Man did Space move! I understand now why you made more character-focused episodes in the first half. It gave it a whole new feeling to the show when you watch what these characters do after you get to know them in the face of an alien threat. Robert Carlyle still makes me gasp at how good he is at acting… even under water.

    Question: How did the alien connect to the stones? I thought they were gene activated and part of the Ancient’s ‘newer’ technology.

  82. great episode, Space.

    love the ending insert-song, remind me of One Tree Hill. haha..but it’s great though. no scifi series ever done that before, i think. okay, i dunno.

  83. trillions thanks for bringing us a scifi jewel like SGU

    and thank you for sharing these precious pieces from art department , but i have a question :

    why does the “justice” and “time” planet have the same gate address according to the documents you shared with us?

    thanks again for all your work and good luck for your next ones.


  84. Quick question, now that we’ve had justice (which became the mid season finale) and space which was going to be the original finale, how much did you have to change both episodes after splitting fire into “Light” and “Darkness”, did you add/remove or just leave every thing as it was?

  85. Hiya Joe, 🙂

    Awesome news about the cover art….

    Anyway, I want to tell you something…

    The Hong Kong movie star Andy Lau has new movie coming out call Furture X-Cops. And this is the movie poster…

    Maybe I am overreacting. But that big circle thingy on the background look suspiciously like the Atlantis gate with zipper on it.

    And look…

    My friends and I are all wondering has anyone from the movie production company asking MGM or you, R Cooper, B Wright for premission to use it or in this case stealing it?!

    If not, maybe MGM or you should do something about it…

    Cuz I can not and will not allow them for stealing from my beloved show!

    Thank you, Joe..

    Sorry if I am overreact…

  86. Loved your and Paul’s debut episode of SGU. It was almost too much action for my taste, considering how focused on characters most of the other episodes are. Nah, just kidding. But did you know there is a German saying that roughly translates into “regardless of how you do it, you’re wrong” (wie man’s macht, ist es falsch)? Seriously, “Space” was great and it was completely different from what I expected.

    My question: You only gave us a brief bit of exposition about what happened to Rush alone on the planet. Will there be flashbacks to that time or do you consider more details on that story of little interest?

  87. Okie-dokie…just so your head doesn’t get too big to fit on the plane back home, here’s my little nitpick…

    Remember earlier I said that I felt there needed to be more intensity in the battle? I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was ‘wrong’, but on second viewing I figured it out.

    Here’s the thing…

    If I’m walking down the street and a car backfires, I jump out of my skin.

    If I’m in a store, and there’s a loud ‘bang!’ noise – like a door slamming shut – I’m all ‘what the hell was that??!’

    If I’m sitting quietly at home, and I hear a strange noise, I’m hiding in the closet with a baseball bat.

    And if it’s thundering and lightning out, I’m under the bed, with the cat.

    In every earthquake video I’ve seen, in every war zone video I’ve seen – no matter whether the people are in immediate danger, or not – they’re running for their lives or crawling on their bellies like reptiles, looking for the nearest rock to hide behind. Fear and a sense of danger makes you react – fight or flight. However, a lot of the people on Destiny, just stood there, all cat-curiouslike, as if they’re watching tv. I can understand that being their first reaction…for like…a nanosecond. But how stupid are these folks? Didn’t they get what was going on? I’m sorry, but if that had been me, I’d be all like, ‘Whoaaaaoooh, SHIT! I saw this on Star Trek!!! Beam me outta here, Scotty!” Then I’d be running like a bat outta hell for cover! I would not be gaping out the winder, saying, ‘Oh, cool…wait! I just wanna see this part!’ Duck and cover, folks – Duck..AND Cover. I think their blasé reaction did affect my personal sense of danger, or lack there of, in the battle scene. A little more flinching from the people aboard Destiny, and I would have been hiding behind a shrapnel-deflecting pillow, or something.

    That said, I did like James in those scenes…which means she’ll probably die before season’s end. I’m really so afraid to like any characters for fear they’ll be killed off. I think that’s why I’m emotionally distancing myself from them – I just don’t want to get too attached. I’m already getting this feeling that the final episode of the series will be called Three Came Home, so I’m trying not to like any of the characters too much.

    I am, however, having NO problem hating a couple characters, with Wray and Telford being at the top of that list. By ‘hate’, I mean strictly in the sense of how their characters behave – NOT in the anti-Keller ‘why is SHE the doctor? She’s lame!’ sense – but in that ‘what a bitch and/or douchebag’ sense. I dislike those two based on what their characters do and how that affects the others in the show. They’re both bad guys, in my mind. Rush, however, might be the baddest of them all, but I can’t hate him…in fact, he has the same effect on me as Todd (well, not the ‘Woo! He’s hawt!’ gutter-sense, but in the grey area villain sense). I can’t hate him because he’s just so sneaky and manipulative that you can’t help loving how he’s stirring all the pots. I will be sad to see him go, whereas I can’t wait to see Wray and Telford meet a nasty end. Which means both of them will be around for a long, long time. 😛

    Anyway…hope that wasn’t too confusing. Have a good day, sir! Keep up the good work, but remember – duck and cover! 🙂


  88. Okay. You were right. Space was great – just what I’ve been waiting for with SGU. Aliens, battle scene, and complex character development without the soap opera-ness that turned me off in several episodes in the first half of the season.

    Camille has gone from being rather non-descript to becoming a character I may love to hate. And just when, again, I was starting to think Rush isn’t too bad, he proves me wrong. Love it.

    And the montage of scenes and music at the end was great. Reminded me of the end of SGA Broken Ties.

    In an odd way, however, this ep makes me nostalgic for SGA. I would love to have seen some of the actors in SGA in more dramatic scenarios like those being written for SGU. Of course, there’s still Season 2…

    Okay, enough begging for a certain SGA character *cough – McKay* in an SGU ep….

    Back to SGU – Space was great. Keep it up. I don’t know that I’ll ever be as big of a fan as I was of SGA, but I’m much closer to being a fan than I was a few months ago.

    Good job.

  89. I find I like the regular characters better when they are being chased by aliens – then they have a lot less time to sit down and reenact award(*) nominated dialog from Days of our Lives.

    (* The awards being the razzies 😉

    “Surrender” – don’t you mean “The weak shall perish!” ? *g*

  90. I agree with Carl Binder, you are SO much more than an “other”.

    You are half the dashing duo of Mallozzi & Mullie who brought us “SPACE”, a seriously fabulous episode of SGU!

    Good job Joe and Paul!!

    And Louis is quickly becoming my favorite actor on SGU, wowzie-wow… he was very good.
    Lots of twists and turns, unexpected and unbelievable goings-on aboard the good ship Destiny.

    The only drawback I still see is the darkly lit scenes and sometimes poor (too low) sound level for dialogue. Otherwise, I am a very happy SGU camper. And my Friday nights are once again complete.

    Thanks for a really, really wonderful ep Joe!


  91. Hey Joe,

    GREAT episode! Fantastic way to start the back half. I love that we’re seeing more about James now, as I felt she was a bit left out in the first half. Looking forward for the weeks to come! I also love the non-score songs you guys choose. Great choices so far!


  92. Been ruminating about the book cover. I think my attention is drawn to the lightning; the dark mixture of red and black; and then the view is somewhat spoiled by the image’s pointed nose and my perception of the head size being disproportionately small for the rest of the body image and very definitely spoiled by the off balance label in yellow.

    IMHO – the full body does not add to the power. It could have been more effective to show the outline of the heavily muscled arm and hint of body faded/blended with the title then list of authors.

    No…I do not have any marketing, advertising experience, but the label for Lou Anders was not in balance. plus the yellow just clashed.

    If I were browsing book covers, this one would have caught my attention, but unless I was attracted by one of the names…I might not pick it up.

    The name Lou Anders would have piqued interest but I am not familiar with the other names. So, I guess they are hoping one would pick up the book to discover who the “and others” are.

    Guess we are Mallozzi fans cause, you are not “an other.”
    I’m not sure I would not be nit picking if it read – “and more.” But, the word “other” is a bit of a lower category than the word “more.” “More” would have put all the writers into one category of, “…more authors you will want to read.” “Others” seems to imply, “…..we had to fill space so here are other stories.”

    OK…sorry to nit pick and rant. BUT….I DID pre order and eagerly await delivery to read your story.

  93. Joe – a serious question…

    When you get good feedback like you’ve had for Space, do you feel a bit of relief? And do you feel a little anxious before the episode airs, wondering how viewers will react?

    RE: “…AND OTHERS”. I’m really surprised by that. Not that you’re not listed, but that ‘and others’ seems a bit…unenthusiastic…especially for a book about superheroes. I think “….AND MORE!” would have been a better way to sell the book, suggesting that the reader isn’t just getting ‘others’, but he’s getting MORE – just a subtle thing that make a difference.


  94. i too have gained weight just reading this post. besides le maitre chocolatier did you find another supplier for your next chocolate party?

  95. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed “Space”. I’ve watched it twice so far! Please more like this!!


  96. Just saw ‘Space’, it was a pretty good episode, imo. Liked how Rush got back but I wish it was expanded more upon, it was a bit too fast-paced for my liking. Was surprised to see how easy Rush made the decision to just ignore being left to die on a desolate planet, though the ending made it pretty clear that Rush had a better plan in mind. Looking forward to see how that turns out.


    – How exactly did the stones malfuction, or wasn’t it a malfunction at all? It seems pretty much impossible that the stones would suddenly malfunction and send Young to a spaceship where amazingly enough Rush is located. More likely is that Rush secretly has a stone of his own which noone else knows about, and the aliens figured out how to use it. Was that what happened?

    – How much time has passed since ‘Life’? Judging by the plant lab it’s been at least a couple of weeks, since at the end of Life there was only one tiny plant, or was there some longer period inbetween?

  97. So my waiting’s finally over. And I have to say, it was a really big pay-off. I liked that new opening sequence. I also liked character moments in the episode (James scores! – “I can hear you”) Music was absolutely awesome and I enjoyed “first real space battle” too. Glad to see those new “Smurf” like aliens. I hope we’ll get their name soon and it won’t be “Geee-bzzz” (I wouldn’t be surprised with their insectoid language) Mark Savela is just incredible guy and thanks to him we really have the coolest aliens in SG ever. I can’t wait for Divided. Thanks! And some guestions:
    1) What kind of faster-than-light drive use those Smurfs? Or will we find out?
    2) Does this Smurf “Mothership” has weapons? I haven’t seen it firing.
    3) Where did that Smurf get ancient communication stone? Again – I just wonder if we’ll find out.

  98. SPACE is just AWESOME! Just Legend…wait for it…Dary!! LEGENDARY! One of the best episode of the franchise!
    Congratulation Joe!
    I would like to know if these Aliens are introduced in Air only for this episode (Space) or it’s plannified that they will come back in the future? At the end of season? Maybe on season 2?

  99. @Kevin and @Michael Jones: Rush had on a desert camo uniform at the end of Justice on the planet. Not his normal clothes.

  100. t’loc, well Young did essentially get the ball rolling for Rush to save himself. If he wanted him dead he could of just ignored them both and left aboard the ship and stated he saw nothing.

  101. I’m late, but may I say, the Universe premiere was faboo! I’m a little confused as to how the aliens could cut holes in Destiny without decompressing it (as their module would have taken off again).

    Re the cover art: I’m with Carl Binder on this one. Must every hero or villain these days be bald? Gimme hair!

  102. All I have to say after watching Space is….thank you for finally putting the show in gear. Bravo and keep it up.

    P.S. I hope aliens kill Wray….god I hate her…

  103. Joe – Loved “SPACE” and continue to love SGU. I’m a fan of the Colonel Young character, who is essentially a moral man dealing with amoral colleagues (Rush and Wray). I hope that Young holds to his moral compass in future episodes.

    That said, it is beyond me why Colonel Young feels compelled to play Rush and Wray’s power games on their level. It would be both simpler and more legitimate to implement a militaristic regime (even if just for the near term) than to engage in all this underhanded subterfuge. I don’t understand Colonel Young’s motivations in this regard. He is so adamant about not resorting to the legitimate power available to him under the military’s chain of command structure, yet he would endanger all claims to legitimacy by nearly killing Rush. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Stargate program is a run under the aegis of the military, correct? Even democracies resort to martial law to solidify power. If he wants a democracy, then let everyone vote for who they want to run the ship, and abide by that, but Colonel Rush actions defy logic. I feel we don’t have enough exposition into the Young character to understand his decisions, which in the end prove to be a frustrating element of the show (and his character).

    Another irritant about this episode is the fact that when the aliens broke through the Destiny’s hull, Chloe just stood there looking up, making her such an easy target. The ship is under attack (everyone knows that) and something just cut through the hull. The least any thinking person would do is adopt a defensive posture. Not Chloe though. The Harvard graduate heads over to inspect the hull breach in the middle of an alien attack. Who does that? I just could not suspend my disbelief. I think these irrational actions further undermine the Chloe character with audiences.

    Okay, so I took a few punches. I really loved the episode though. The aliens were fantastic (though holding Rush and Chloe in a water-stasis seemed pointless considering the aliens depend on a compatible oxygenated environment).

    Sorry only critical comments are flowing through my brain right now. Please rely on the fact that I’m a big fan of SGU, not a hater. I avoided the franchise during the SGA regime. SGU has brought me back into the fold.

    Keep up the good work, and some explanatory comments on your part would be greatly appreciated.

  104. @dasNdanger

    “Also liked the montage at the end…well…the end before the end. I know not everyone likes them”

    That would be me. If I want MTV I could get MTV!

    “but I think they’re very effective in telling the viewer a lot about the people and their situation in a very short period of time.”

    Assuming you stay and watch and not run to the bathroom meanwhile 😉

    “Greer and Scott – the new Butch and Sundance?? Wouldn’t mind something along those lines.”

    Butch and Sundance? Didn’t they get killed? I support this plan *g*


    “Still trying to figure out the end…if it was you-know-who…or you-knowwho…”

    What are you talking about das? The two talking at the end? Its not as if they haven’t been on that subject before (or are you suggesting they are aliens 😉

    “…and suspended in a liquid medium.”

    Perhaps to preserve the specimen in pristine condition?

    “Also, is there an official name for the alien species?”

    Species 8472 😉

  105. Sorry to throw a damper on all the SGU cheer leading. But I don’t see too much improvement from first demi season. There is still that dark gloomy BSG look with the annoying shaky cam. Really not interested in any of the characters. The thin story lines for each episode and the season.

    Will give SGU a few more episodes for improvements. Not likely, since the entire season 1 was in the can before any feedback from the fans.

    As stated previously. TPTB should seriously think of winding up the SGU experiment as soon as possible. Then relaunch the franchise with some continuation SG1/SGA story lines.

  106. Just needed to comment on this post. Family, baby animals, new SGU episode and chocolate, lot and lots of chocolate, and then topped off with ice cream. Now this is my kinda day.

    I had to stop reading the comments though, I needed to rewatch the previous SGU episodes and was starting to get spoilers. So now I’m off to read the rest of the comments, catch up on the last couple days of blog entries, then I will give my 2 cents on the SGU episode. (if this makes any sense to you – it does to me lol).

    Hope you are enjoying your visit.


    …burnt caramel maple syrup ice cream, boy does that sound gooooood.

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