I remember a time when comic books were only a quarter each.  A time when you could go see a movie without having to sit through a bunch of commercials. A time when you could go to a barbershop – not a hairdresser or a salon or a spa but a barbershop, a place where you could actually walk in and get your hair cut without having to book an appointment in advance.  Sometimes, even on a Sunday!  So what the hell happened?  Am I expected to believe that, nowadays, guys would just prefer to have their hair styled rather than cut?  Or that the modest number of aforementioned businesses can barely keep up with the enormous demand for their services?  I spent yesterday afternoon looking for a simple neighborhood barbershop – and came up empty.  I’m at the point where I’m actually considering cutting my own hair.  I mean, how hard can it be?

Today, I met my friend Denise for desserts at Ganache Patisserie for some cakes and conversation…

She had the Matcha-Exotique (green tea mousse, mango-passionfruit gelée, lychees, black sesame biscuit joconde) which she enjoyed but I found way to fruity for my liking.  The mango-passionfruit component overwhelmed.  On the other hand, I loved my old standby = the Concorde Praline (hazelnut cocoa meringue, chocolate guimauve, dark chocolate praline mousse, chocolate chantilly).  We got a Lemon Meringue Tart “for the table” which I found a little too tart.  At Denise’s insistence that I try something new, I accompanied my dessert with a cup of Lapsan Souchong tea redolent of bacon.  We chatted.  Or, more to the point, I chatted – bemoaning my inability to secure a proper haircut, my dislike of air travel, and the soporific effects of the works of Henry James. Denise described me as “ranty”.

Well, I invalidated another credit card today after failing to remember the one of about a dozen pin numbers I’ve failed away in the back of my mind.  I still hold that the neural interface would solve all of our problems – or, at the very least, making shopping a whole lot easier so far as I’m concerned.

Finally – my left hand is still bothering me, possessed of a dull ache that gets particularly bad at night.  Tonight, I’m going to try alternating it between an ice bath and a Lush bath bomb hot bath in the hopes of restoring it to its former left hook glory.  Failing that, I’ll just suck it up and look forward to complaining about it in tomorrow’s blog entry.

Well, we’re down to the Final Four in the NCAA March Madness Tournament – and, more importantly, the Final Two in our NCAA March Madness Office Pool.  Ashleigh is still out in front with 94 points.  Everyone else has stalled and I’m the only one who can overtake her – but to do so, I’ll need the West Virginia Mountaineers to win it all.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Ashleigh would just blown her winnings on modest shawls and vegetarian snacks.

68 thoughts on “March 28, 2010: Ranty? Moi?

  1. “Finally – my left hand is still bothering me, possessed of a dull ache that gets particularly bad at night.”

    So. Many. Jokes.

    *bites tongue*

    *bites tongue harder*

    Ya know, I better go before I say something that gets me in trouble. 😛


  2. well, I’m torn between that women standing together thing and the fact that you’re just a nice guy who deserves to win. Besides, as fragile as male egos are, I would hate to think of the repurcussions on the next season should Ashleigh win it all. So good luck and I’ll cheer W. Virginia along with you.
    If the hand is still bothering you might be worth going to a doc to get checked out. It’s been bothring you long enough now that a closer look should be taken. You really really do not want to have long term problems with one of your hands.
    The next time you feel ranty, you should break out a recorder. It would provide us with even more entertainment, as I’m sure you can turn a phrase during such outpourings.
    Anyways, thanks for posting before my bedtime and hope the hand gets better, with or without doctor visit.

  3. Joe,

    Good news. Point Guard Truck Bryant has been medically cleared to play in the final four games with a special shoe.


  4. Ashleigh will leave you in her dust after Duke punishes those West Virginia Mountaineers for their cruelty against animals and fashion. Really a buckskin suit and a coonskin hat in this day and age?

    I’ve never supported Ashleigh this much in any endeavor. It feels kind of weird, can’t wait till March Madness is over and I can resume verbally undermining her vast array of pipe dreams.

  5. I cut my hubby’s hair, with great success! Hop a flight to Montana any time! 😉

    Your hand sounds like tendonitous (however you spell it). Try some gently stretching exercises when it isn’t hurting.

  6. @das

    I’d better go away with you. Much safer that way. Shall we take snacks?

  7. Barbershops went the way of Citizen Joe a while ago. At some point people decided they wanted someone with a qualification to cut their hair.

    das – I’ve been waiting for you to say something about the ‘hand’ issue since it was first brought up. About time!

    Joe – Guys get called ranty, we get called bitchy. Where’s the fairness in that?!

    A couple of weeks ago I was having a particularly bad day, and I’m NOT known for a short fuse (on occasions there have been people around me who try and rile me up to see what it will take). Once, ONCE(!!) I really fire up and what did I get as a response? “You’re acting like a real woman today.” He’s lucky I didn’t go fully chick on his arse and kick him in the nuts.

    Just sayin’.

  8. the old barbershop i used to go to is still in buisness. some of the same people who worked there when i was a kid are still there

  9. I live in Nashville and we still have a few barbershops around that men can go and get their hair cut. Most famous of these is the father of Oprah, Vernon Winfrey. He still works every day despite his age and his famous daughter.

    Recently, I saw a new shop called “sports Cuts”. This is promoted as a shop for male hair cuts that also offers a shoulder massage after the cut, sports playing on Tvs in the shop and no appointments necessary. My hubby says he is going, but I am still cutting his hair for now.

    Hubby has a co-worker that cuts his own hair with the flobee. I never thought much of that system, but the guy’s hair does look good. Hmmm.

    I keep a Pin Password notebook that keeps all my passwords in it. I keep the notebook in a drawer, and nobody, including me, is allowed to remove the notebook from the drawer (except to use it briefly, then put it right back.) it really helps to keep them all together in the notebook.

    so next time you need a haircut, I know where you can go.

    Trust me Joe, cutting your own hair can go terribly wrong!
    LOL I don’t care if you guys go to salons, but that men would go out and wax off perfectly good chest hair.. wth? When I was young guys couldn’t WAIT to have proof of their manliness via chest hair. Now they wax it off. WTH? Did I mention WTH? (Yes I notice you are not a girly-man falling for such unmanly habits. Thank you.)
    LOL Cat, Michigan Baldy!

  11. don’t know if its a joke or not, but the left hand thing sounds like carpal tunnel.

  12. If Canada’s anything like Australia in regard to banking, your card should only be invalid for 24 hours for pin failure. So you should get another 3 shots tomorrow at remembering what the pin is.

  13. Hey Joe,

    Ummm, that pain in your hand…or was that you hand..ummmm…hehehehehehehe *giggles out of control* ha

    Moving on.

    I live in a town of about 2500, Butch Cassidy was born and raised here actually. It is ALL old school. You can find what you are looking for, you have to go to small town America to find it. Maybe small town Canada. I’ll take more pictures and show-n-tell for you this time.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  14. You’ll just have to head out to the Burbs Joe to find a barber. They are out there! However, if they still elude you, then talk to any of your local military friends and ask if any of the nearby bases [or whatever] have any shops.

    Oooo… I can just imagine you with a buzz-cut!!

  15. So it was U and UR hand last night?

    Ok joke over hehehe

    Are you strapping it up?? Didn’t think so.

    I should slap you with my unhurt hand.

    Want a barber? Freo’s got one! We still have ’em here .. you’ll get a haircut, plus your ear battered by a very big, chatty Italian. Just nod periodically whilst zoning out.

  16. Ouch…time to show age again. I recall when comic books were only 10 cents and the Saturday morning Bug’s Bunny Club at the neighborhood theatre was only 10 cents as well. Ahh, the days of the Saturday serial movies.

    The passion fruit dessert sounds delightful – that is a flavor I miss.

    Now – agree with Debra that hair cuts can most certainly end up a major disaster if you try the do it yourself approach.

    And, for the hand, sounds like you pulled something and that muscle will continue to remind you of your errant ways. Some alternate heat and cold will help. Massaging the painful area and if making a fist hurts, then work that a bit to remind the muscle of what it is supposed to be doing. Motrin and Alleve can be helpful.

    How’s Mamma Mallozzi?

  17. I live in England and we still have barbers. Plenty of them. Just head over. Also the card thing … here they are thinking of other ways that you can use them. They are in the process of linking the card with your thumb print. You should be able to not forget that

  18. Welcome to the world of “Grumpy Old Men”! A large body which you tend to automatically join (I did several years ago) with passing years.

    You may find yourself beginning sentences with the phrase “young people today don’t know……” or “I remember when…..” or bemoaning the seemingly unnecessary changes in day to day life 🙂

    As for the password/pin code thing, I have a document that contains them all that I keep on a USB Stick at home (best not to keep such things on a computer).

    Can then easily look up what they are. Or of course a piece of paper works just as well ….

  19. Hey everyone,

    Joe – I researched barbers in Burnaby and found the following:

    Yellow Pages – Barbers Burnaby

    Royal Oak Barbers – appointments are only encouraged.
    5597 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C. V5H 2G3
    Phone: 604-433-8411
    Monday – Friday: 9am-6pm, Saturday: 9am-5pm, Sunday: Closed…….Shaves: Wednesdays – Saturdays

    Now onto March Madness…..

    I’m kinda torn….while I’d like you to humiliate your arch-enemy Ashleigh, I have Duke to win the championship as well. I have taken back my concession to Ivon (hastily made after Ohio State, my second team, bombed out) so you know I might actually beat him…….although maybe the secret weapon is for me to sacrifice myself by putting the “kiss of death” on Duke and then you are primed to win. How much is it worth to you?

    Dessert looks divine, btw….making me hungry…should not read this blog before dinner.

    Go see a physio or a doctor about your hand….like now! Or are you afraid you’ll have to have surgery?

    I must say I wouldn’t want you to be any other way…..love ranting Joe. 🙂

    Cheers, Chev

  20. My mom cuts my hair, along with my Uncle’s.

    She can give you a hair cut if you don’t mind coming to a crazy Stargate fan’s house while his mom brings various sharp instruments dangerously close to your head. 😉

    Seriously though, my dad goes to a barber instead of giving my mom more work to do. I guess I can ask him where he goes. Unfortunately, he’s asleep right now. I’ll try to ask him tomorrow.

    Come to think of it, I have no idea where he goes…as in, I don’t know if he goes to a barber or a salon or a guy working out of a van in a dark alley. Oh well.

    Anyways, caught up on the blog after lagging behind due to a busy week. That pig’s head was…well, let’s just say that I don’t like eating things with faces on them (that’s why I threw away that piece of toast with Jesus’s face on it; way too creepy). It was disturbing seeing that severed, burn-patient-looking head sitting on a plate.

    Nothing against eating meat, of course, but still…that was weird. Glad you enjoyed it though!

    Also, “I invalidated another credit card today after failing to remember the one of about a dozen pin numbers I’ve failed away in the back of my mind.” – Freudian slip? 😛

    Regarding your hand: my left leg was hurting all of last week for no apparent reason (well, actually, I slammed my shin against my bed frame a week earlier, but that was a whole week earlier! It probably had nothing to do with it). I just woke up one day and it started hurting. Then, a few days later, it stopped. Perhaps your hand pain will go away by itself in a few days?

    But if it doesn’t, I really do suggest going to see a doctor, maybe even getting a CAT scan or something. You never know…

    So guess what I read the other night? That’s right! I read the script for Stargate Universe, Air Part III! It’s not the finished script, since Chloe’s last name was still “Walker”, but it’s a wonderful chance to take a look at the writing style of the Stargate writers. Or at least Brad Wright and Rob Cooper’s style. I will need this if I wish to usurp your position on the writing team.

    Wait, that last bit didn’t come out right. I meant to say…um…save your place on the writing team while you go on your road trip. Yeah, that’s the one.

  21. Oh hey, it looks like MGM’s let the picture of the cat out of the bag:

    http://stargate.mgm.com/ – SPACE SPOILERS!!


    Man that thing is COOL!! So realistic-looking. I swear, it almost feels like I can reach out and touch its skin or carapace or whatever that shiny stuff is. The overall design is just amazing. Mad props to Mark Savela and his team!!

    Can’t wait to see these things in action. Should be pretty Awesome!

  22. Hi Joe!

    Two questions, hopefully this can go in your next mailbag, or at least a response to the 2nd question. 😉

    1. What’s your favorite tea?

    2. What book did Rush finish reading in “Light”?



  23. G’day Joe

    I cut hubby’s hair, he gets a no.1. I would go all the way to Kojack (sp?) but I am likely to slit his throat with a cutthroat razor.
    Note to self *check hubby life insurance is up to date*

  24. P.S. – Regarding question #2 (Rush’s book in “Light”), all I was able to decipher from it was what appeared to be X-Men author Chris Claremont’s name on one of the last pages before the inside back cover. That kind of a hint – or tease – is pure torture for the curious mind wanting to know what Rush was reading. 😉

  25. In the bigger city areas it is harder to find just a barber. Someone who just cuts hair. They do still exist! In the smaller cities and definetly in the small towns and villages. We have one here, but he is only open like two or three days a week as a men’s salon opened up not long ago. Sad really. One of my brother’s fondest memories as a child was going with dad to the barbershop on Saturdays for a trim.

    Is it Friday yet? With the trailers they’ve been showing on TV, it’s been one huge tease and I need to know what happens! We watched Caproca OnDemand yesterday and they had a new trailer that had some scenes leaving me on the edge of my seat wishing for Friday. Cannot wait for SGU to start up again.

    And now I am going to have to see if I can make it to Vancouver in the near future. I will have to try out ReFuel’s Carolina BBQ sauce to see how close they got. It looked right, and that’s a good start :).

  26. My local barber is GOLD. He’s in his 70’s. Don’t know what will happen when he finally, uh, retires because he says he’s never closing shop.

    I finally watched the last ep of SGU 1.5 last night. Funny how I could remember everything that’s been going on in the series despite a months long gap. You better not be yanking us around about more action coming in 2nd half, I’ve added SGU back to the DVR because of that promise. And also because I saw Daniel Jackson in the trailer AND heard you’ve hired Rob Knepper (via David Blue twitter). Would hate to be let down. 🙂

  27. Even where I’m from you can still go to a barbershop with no appointment necessary. Of course, it caters to Men Only, and the ‘hairdressers’ wear lingerie. A haircut and scantily clad ladies, talk about a ‘happy ending.’ By using this barbershop, it may help you minimize the … ummmm……wear and tear on your left hand. After all you wouldn’t be cutting your own hair and aggravating your injury right?

    Too bad there isn’t a Doctor who provides haircuts ‘while U wait’ cuz you know you’re gonna wait ……and wait.

    For a PIN I used the last 4 digits of my phone number. My phone number has since changed many times over, but for some reason it still sticks in my head. Do you carry phone numbers in your wallet? You could disguise it amongst the other numbers. Or you could try using the first 4 digits of your SIN (Social Security Number). I don’t know my name some days but I still remember my PIN. Go figure!

    Have a great day!

  28. Still barbershops in Michigan. Keep in mind if your road trip takes you out this far. 😉

    (Number #35 on the list of slogans rejected by the Tourism Bureau: “Michigan – We Have Barbershops.”)

  29. The last “hand” pain I had was in November. It built up slowly and became my worst nightmare which turned out to be cellulitis – an infection which required a day’s antibiotic drip in the hospital and further mega pills. Whatever it is that is ailing you, don’t trifle with it…see a doctor to eliminate the worst…

  30. “I remember a time when comic books were only a quarter each.”

    I remember the first comic book I ever bought that cost thirty-five cents instead of twenty-five. Whenever I mention this to people of a certain age, they always tell me about how their comics only cost a dime.

    Nowadays, I think nothing of dropping $2.99 on a comic. But the $3.99 price does give me pause.

    “A time when you could go to a barbershop”

    Not that anyone would care, but I recently bought a set of clippers and now I cut my own hair. Since all I’ve been doing for the past X number of haircuts is getting a buzz cut, it seemed like it was time to make things a little cheaper in my life by doing it myself. Two haircuts later, I’m already ahead on saving money!

    Hope your hand feels better.

  31. Joe,

    I have arthritis and trouble with my left hand at times. I’ve discovered that putting a brace on that hand when I go to bed will help tremendously. I don’t know if it will work for you, but it might be worth trying.

    Good luck!

  32. Mr. M, why don’t you try wearing wrist supports. Carpal tunnel would be a risk factor for a writer.

    Das: 😳

    Narelle: I thought about you Sunday. I saw a lady I knew from the YMCA Sunday at the Chinese Buffet. She said that she didn’t know that I ate food! I replied, “I could probably eat more than she could” 😀 .

  33. @ Marsha_R – Snacks it is! Well…more like speculation about the cause of Joe’s hand pain over snacks. How’s that?? 😀

    @ Narelle from Aus – I’ve been trying to behave ’cause I think I went a bit overboard teasing Joe about [what I alone assume to be] his thing for Asian chicks. Of course, he technically started that with some of those places he visited in Tokyo…but still…in my harrassment of Joe, I may have inadvertently offended some of his lovely friends. So…I’m trying to be good…

    Trying…I said. Not sure how successful I’ll be. 😛


  34. @ pg15 – Heya, buddy…do ya think I’ll get stupid over those things like I did the Wraith?? Hmmmm…I might…afterall, they don’t seem to have any eyebrows…

    Woo! Hubba-hubba! 😀


  35. Solid pick, Joe. I also have West Virginia winning it all in my bracket. You know what they say, great minds think alike. I’m very convinced they will do it.

    And lets hope for Butler destroying Michigan State, since I’m a Wolverine fan.

  36. I’ve heard of heads served on silver platters, but that was just a little too “Lord of the Flies” for me.

    Sorry that Rob and Carl didn’t get to sample delicious replicrabtors. But at least you did get to eat some yummy looking real food.

    Joe, how did you develop your fondness for eating body parts that most people won’t eat? What was the first thing you ate that you probably thought you would never eat? Is there anything you have eaten that you wished you hadn’t?

    That is a totally Cool alien there! Great design for aliens. I liked the pic of Volker leaning over the laser-looking thing that looks like something Marvin the Martian would own.

    In Atlanta, I got my hair cut at a barbershop. 😀 The stylist got such a good reputation for haircuts from the guys that a lot of the wives starting having her cut their hair too. It was nice to get a good haircut for less than $25 dollars. There’s still plenty of barbershops all through the Southern US — like the Dallas area. 😉

    I am going to root for Butler; I like the underdog.

  37. If your hand is bothering you that much, it would be worth a visit to a doctor to take a test for carpal tunnel syndrome. If not carpal tunnel, you might have a cyst in one of the bones. I’ve had both, and know how painful it can get.

  38. @ DAS……BHAHAHA TOO FUNNY!! So joe when;s the food road trip? I am up in Gainesville Fl. at my sister’s and Deni and Mr. Deni are comming for dinner tonite along with a few others…22 in all, just a small dinner… NOT!! She has been cooking for days!!Yea, we like to make fun of you, that should make you feel loved!!Bye, Sheryl

  39. Oh yeah, you can rant with the best of them! Back in the day, they were known as “old farts.”

  40. Hi Joseph! ça va ? moi très bien!!

    Mince, difficile de touver un coiffeur en effet, pourquoi ne pas attendre ce week end? Andria pourra vous les couper^^!!!

    C’est vrai, votre main m’inquiète, c’est vraiment étrange que la douleur reste?

    Gros bisous!

  41. Hi, Joe!

    Sorry to hear about your left hand. I’d go along with the carpal tunnel vote. Go see a massage therapist – the legitimate variety – and ask for a deep tissue massage. That’s what helped me with mine.

    Also, I think you referenced this last week, but it’s online now:

    SGU – Entertainment Weekly Online: Space a Friday Best Bet TV


    Hope you (and your Mom) are feeling better soon.

    Best wishes.

  42. Hi Joe, just catching up after a long (but mostly good) weekend. Went flying with Mr. Deni, had lunch and shopped with Sheryl and her sister, all fun.

    Flannery (the Greyhound) is really sick again and nothing we’re doing is helping, so it could be the end of the road for my sweet girl. We’re still going to try a couple of things, but who knows. I have a bad feeling and it’s hearbreaking. It’s come to the point that we’re taking things one day at a time. We have the really good pet sitter coming tonight so we can go to dinner at Sheryl’s sister’s home for Passover and tomorrow we’ll see about getting another ultrasound and possibly more tests for the poor old dog. I know she’s really old for a Greyhound, but that doesn’t really help, you know? She’s not in any obvious pain, but dogs can be so stoic that it’s hard to really know.

    Hope you have a good week!

    @Michael Burstien: Happy Passover!

  43. To make matters worse…I keep reading Joe’s title for today’s entry as “Randy? Moi?”



  44. Ogden has an old fashioned barber shop on historic 25th street. Yep, historic. And a train station, although the only trains now are freight trains. And the brothels closed sometime around WWII. But we have two Japanese restaurants and a micro-brewery!

    Perhaps a barbershop tour of the US?

    I can cut hair, I’m especially good at military tapers on the neck and above the ears.

  45. Joe, did you go see a physiotherapist yet about the hand? If not, I still recommend it.

  46. Hi Mr M!

    Just dropping by to see how Mama Mallozzi is?
    Any updates?

    Best to all at The Bridge

    *cough* DVD Commentary *cough*


  47. Sorry Joe – normally I’d be in your corner over Ashleigh’s, but I’ll be rooting for my alma mater Michgan State all the way!! GO GREEN!

    Though if my Spartans fail me, I’ll happily be behind “anyone but Duke.”

  48. Hmm, is there anyone in the hair and makeup department who could give you a quick trim? I did that for one production and it worked out cheaper and easier than going to a salon, with great results (much better than if I’d done it myself too!).

    Now, onto more culinary things.

    If there is one thing I’ve done while visiting Montreal that I’ll never forget, it’s going to Au Pied de Cochon. My sister and I went there last night and were treated to a delicious feast. We started off with a green salad (I know you won’t approve of that), with a balsamic, lemon and pepper dressing that was faintly sweetened by honey. That definitely whet our appetite for more.

    My sister had Duck Magret, the first time she’s ordered duck and she loved it. The smokey flavour and crispy skin were standouts. She said to thank you for the restaurant recommendation too 🙂

    I decided to go the adventurous (for me) route, and ordered au pied de cochon, much to the beaming approval of our waiter. I’ve never been a big pork eater, I think the last time I had it was a couple of years ago in a Chinese restaurant in Brisbane. That was incomparable to what I had last night. The meat was tender and rich, complimented well by crispy skin. My main criticism would be that the accompanying sauce and potato was a bit too salty. Otherwise an amazing meal that I’ll be raving about for ages.

    My sister, who hates pork, even tried it and said she found it delicious. The perfect meal for a cold winter..uh spring, night.

    We deliberated over the dessert menu, which looked amazing, but I’m not the restauranteur that you are Joe. We went for espressos instead, but to be fair, we had just been to Juliette et Chocolat not long before dinner, so my sweet tooth was pretty satisfied as well. That counts as dessert, right?

    The whole night was made even more enjoyable by the friendly atmosphere at Au Pied de Cochon, both staff and customers alike were happy to be there, and it made the meal even better (as ambiance often does).

    Seriously, thank you for mentioning it in your post Joe. I can’t believe how amazing it was, it’s the best night out I’ve had since I got to Canada.



  49. Joe, please do not try to cut your own hair. I anticipate only bad things happening… On the other hand, if you do try it, please post pics of the results ! (evil grin)

    I was glad to hear that I am not the only non-fan of Henry James – worst book I ever read, his “Portrait of a Lady”. As much as I love to read, I slogged through that one only to finish and think to myself, what was the point? Waste of time…

    Very excited for the SGU marathon on Syfy this Friday, and the beginning of the second half of the season. I have also finally received a diagnosis for my recent health problems, a heart arrythmia 🙁 Now at least it can be treated, and I can hopefully go back to work without worrying about keeling over!


  50. I know some fans have a love/hate relationship over the “stones” but here’s something I’d like to see happen with them in season two if possible.

    As viewers, we are very used to seeing Colonel Young as a super serious character, but as an actor, some of us know that Louis Ferreira has a really funny side to him…that unfortunately we have not had a chance to see. (Except for the really funny robots video you posted).

    I think it’d be funny to see someone use Young’s body while he’s on Earth, and act in a manner that is Un-Youngish’ish, but fits Louis’s mould of humour.

    Maybe we’ll see something like this in the back half or in Season 2, but as a viewer and a fan, it is something I know I’d really like to see.

  51. Just saw a picture of the alien from SGU and it’s pretty cool!
    Not quite as sexy as Todd or Baal, but cool nonetheless. 🙂

  52. Joe, are there hair and make-up people on the set that do haircuts also? Could be the answer to your problem. You could let it grow and put in in a ponytail, change up your looks, confuse people. Another growth stage. fast cars could be next and late night dancing and frivolity. lots of chocolate involved…

  53. @Deni – sorry to hear that Flannery is really sick. *hugs* ….love greyhounds


  54. @chevron7: Thank you sweetheart, we’re hanging in here, just hoping for the best 🙂 And yeah, Greyhounds are the best!

  55. Joe can you please put the Space aliens on your blog?

    We see a mirror Stargate MGM site in Australia and the site is sooooo old it doesn’t get all the cool stuff that the US get. We haven’t even seen all of the KINOs on there….they yanked them off when Channel 10 started showing SGU….then Ch10 dumped it after 3 weeks….wish SciFi channel would take the site back. We see Space a week after US on SciFi channel.

    ….there’s my rant…you like?

    Cheers, Chev

  56. Try punching your hand with the right. It will help rightie sort out his issues, and leftie might be less inclined to complain as much.

    The best I can hope for now is second place in my own pool, but I’m afraid I have Duke winning it all.

  57. If you’re ever in Connecticut, Joe, I can recommend a good barbershop (not a salon or spa), but alas, no place to buy comic books for a quarter!

    Just when I was getting used to (begrudgingly) paying $2.99 each month, along came all the $3.99 titles. And the back-up stories do not add enough value for me. Cut out those extra pages and drop the cover price, I say! But the price of comics has always risen way more than the rate of inflation over the years. I, too, remember the days when I could get 4 comics for one dollar — instead of one comic for 4 dollars.

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