You know what’s even better than having a team you like win (ie. the West Virginia Mountaineers)?  Yes, that’s right.  Having a team you hate lose (ie. The Kentucky Wildcats).  Now, if only the Baylor Bears can knock of those annoying Duke Blue Devils tomorrow, I’ll proclaim this “The Best Tourney Ever!”.

The night before last, I enjoyed a terrific King Crab Feast.  And, all this week, back at the office, we’ve been talking about the fact that King Crab is finally in season.  Fellow Exec. Producer Rob Cooper in particular expressed a strong desire to take in a King Crab dinner.  And so, last night, I got together with Rob, his wife Hillary, Carl, and his wife Karen, and we headed to Sun Sui Wah for some King Crab.

Guess what we had?

NOT King Crab!

Apparently the restaurant didn’t receive their scheduled shipment, so there was no King Crab to be had.  Not unless you’d had the foresight to reserve some in advance which some people had done which presumably explained why THEY were getting King Crab and WE weren’t.  Suffice it to say I was pissed off and, as so often happens when I’m disappointed, the rest of dinner was shot.  Still, the company was nice.

Rob and Hillary.

Carl and Karen, I.
Carl and Karen, II
Joe and ??? (Go ahead and photoshop yourself in there. We had a great time together!)

Our King Crab substitute meal was comprised of…

Squab. Carl was leery because he'd heard squab was just a fancy way of saying pigeon. Well, yes, it is pigeon - but I assured him they weren't the same type of pigeon that flew into Stage 4 last year and took a crap on his head. Still, Carl and Hillary found it a little too gamey leaving Rob and me to polish off the plump and crispy-skinned birds.
Lobster with ginger and green onions. I prefer King Crab.
Honey-Garlic spareribs. Egads, this is a menu item that belongs in one of those Westerner-styled Chinese restos, right beside the chicken balls. I passed, but Carl loved 'em!
Pepper Beef. Tender but fatty. Not a favorite of the table.
Cantonese chow mein. Good.

We skipped dessert, Rob treated, and I headed home, the bitter taste of NOT King Crab lingering far into the night.

Oh, by the way, remember when I went on and on about the fact that I’d misplaced my laptop, turned the house upside-down, and still couldn’t find it?  Well, I finally know where it is.  Toronto.  Fondy accidentally packed it away with her things when she moved.  So, I’m not going crazy.  Although I’m sure many of you will beg to differ.

Hey, check it out.  More official photos from the Atlantis vault, set pics from season five’s The Shrine:

Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, The Shrine (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

I’m off to work out and, time permitting, enjoy a nice hot bath and Stephen King’s Night Shift.

But first, a quickie mailbag:

DasNdanger writes: “If I ate chicken and found a vein, I’d nearly faint right at the table.”

Answer: That’s funny.  I dated a girl who refused to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for exactly that same reason – which I found altogether bizarre at the time.

Susan the tartan turtle writes: “I enjoyed my cheese and onion sandwich!”

Answer: Holy smokes!  You’re a female N. John Smith!  Do you drink buttermilk too?

Rich S. writes: “So how many did it serve? Only looks big enough for 2.”

Answer: As Refuel’s owner, Tom Doughty, told a neighboring table that was checking out our dinner “It serves four, but that man – ” indicating yours truly, ” – is a professional.”

sorrykb writes: “In other completely random and irrelevant news, I got called back to go to my first job interview in over 3 months.”

Answer: Good luck!

KCBlueWolf writes: “Knowing where meat comes from, how it’s processed, and what ends up in most meat products is a big reason why I’m a vegetarian.”

Answer: What is your opinion on restaurants (like Refuel) that source their meat from more ethical suppliers (ie. those that offer free-range alternatives)?

red writes: “Do you guys have any location shooting planned for season 2? Location shooting as in Nevada/New Mexico, not “20 miles from Vancouver”.”

Answer: As a matter of fact, we do.  Rob will be racking up the airmiles when it comes time for him to direct Malice.

Vatazes writes: “Does Refuel make their own Carolina sauce or do they import it? It’s hard to replicate, even if you’ve been eating it your entire life as the Hubby has, but it has been worth the tries.”

Answer: The sauce is definitely made in-house.  I have nothing to compare it too, but I will say it was my favorite accompaniment of the some dozen choices I was offered on the night.

E writes: “Joe, please tell me that SGU is going to have more action and adventure because that’s what the writers intended from the start and not because of the criticism.”

Answer: Considering we’d already written most of (and shot a significant amount of) the back half before the show premiered in October, it’s safe to assume it was all part of the plan.

Amz writes: “Thanks for dropping Montreal’s Au Pied de Cochon into the post, it happens to be nearby where I’m staying so I’ve booked a table and will be checking it out this weekend.”

Answer: Report back!

Wraithfodder writes: “Blogtalkradio just said that the Stargate Atlantis movie is going to be filmed. I know it’s got a script and all, but they’re saying it’s going into production. Can you confirm?”

Answer: No.  I can deny this report.

Show Patrol writes: “Wow, I love those images of the crashed ship. Did you guys build that ship in the rock life-size? Or is that CGI?”

Answer: It was part build, part CG magic.

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Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Hey Joe

Just read that BW interview. I have to say Mr. Wrigh won my respect through what he said. I mean I was never mad at him and I never hated him, but I felt the “if you don’t like sgu you don’t know what a good show is” vibe. I think it was very honorable of him to admit his mistakes instead of making excuses or avoiding them. And in this interview I really felt that he has the fans bes interest at heart and really cares about the fans, not that he didn’t before. Also, I’m starting to get the feeling sgu is building it’s fanbase and getting it’s legs as a good quality stargate show.

Thanks again Mr. Wright

Mr Wright


You can expect a report back on Au Pied de Cochon tomorrow. I might even be adventurous to try their specialty. For now I can say the phone service was excellent!

That lobster with ginger and green onions does look nice, but it’s awful when you go to a restaurant hoping for one thing and then can’t get it.

On an unrelated topic, I just then noticed King’s Just After Sunset is in your “Recently Read” list. What did you think? Or is that in a post I’ve missed?




Soooo…Joe. Are you suggesting that I’m bizarre, too?? wink If it helps you decide, to this day I surgically remove veins from my boneless, skinless chicken breast…veins, fat, and that string-thing that turns to sticky goo when the meat’s cooked. I do much better with ground meat, until I find a piece of bone, or that rubbery, chewy thing that – no matter how much you chew it – it just won’t break down. Yeah…spit that shit right out, I do.

Today was a good day! Hubby and I stumbled upon this used book store and I found a treasure trove of Moorcock books – mostly Elric! Although I’ve read them all, these were hardcovers (I have mostly paperbacks), and they were cheap, so I snatched ’em right up! Also found two old paperbacks I haven’t read, and though they are not Elric stories, per se, the subject matter does relate to him. The store was very ‘artsy’, with a coffee bar and live music, but really laid back and unpretentious. It was like something straight out of Northern Exposure…only in New Jersey. Loved it, and will return!

Also picked up some pottery, a nice handmade leather journal, and some other bits and pieces. Really excited about the pottery – it’s like this:

I bought a ‘butter glaze’ bowl and mug and they’re just lovely! Now…if only I had the Stickley furniture to go with it. razz Ah…some day, some day…


Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Haha. Im not mr wright. I meant to put my name instead I said mr wright. Lol. My bad


Ok so is that a “no” that its not being filmed at the moment or a “no” its not going to be filmed????? you have me worried!!!

The lobster looks good but i agree that king crab would be better. I had it at my grandfather’s birthday and it was possibly one of the best things i ever ate. Speaking of which any plans on your ‘road’ trip?

How is mamallozzi? i hope she is feeling better



Go Blue Devils!


Catching up with the blog, again. I was so sorry to read about your mom. I hope she’s doing better, and wishing her a very speedy recovery.

Gak! You are such a carnivore. It makes worry that you’re not getting enough fruits and veggies. And it also worries me that you may have munched on *GASP* – horse. I would much rather see one alive and kicking, and preferably an APPALOOSA, on SGU.

Printed the SGU episode guide tonight and going to start re-watching the first 10 episodes so I can get up to speed for Friday. Wishing you, and all the writers, producers, cast and crew the best for the second half of the season.

And thanks again for all the SGA photos! I’m just loving them, and also hoping that MGM can find the funding for the movie.



Joe, meant to say you look really cute in that picture…and a bit like a happy drunk on St. Patty’s Day. I think I’ll photoshop in a lamppost and a green derby hat… wink



Hey Joe,

Looks like you the made great choices for the “second” choice. Never quite makes up for when you are “set” on having something else. Not sure why that is. Great company makes the meal. I am going to find someone to do that photo shop job. Think anyone would ever believe the two of us out. Not likely, but hey..I would have a picture. ha

Love the picture show-n-tell as always. Love when Carl is in the batch. You two are my favaorites.

Hugs all around. Have a wonderful weekend.
Best to you Joe,
Cheryl smile


Now, if only the Baylor Bears can knock of those annoying Duke Blue Devils tomorrow, I’ll proclaim this “The Best Tourney Ever!”.

As a Baylor grad, I wholeheartedly concur. Go Bears!


You just wanted all the number one seeds to lose, didn’t you? Did it help your brackets? Kentucky really played poorly today. And now half of them will move to the NBA before they’re really ready to play with the adults. So sad. I wish the rule about finishing school was there.

I’d be mad too if I went to a restaurant for King Crab and they were out. How dare they? You’re making me hungry.


um…Das, is Joe suggesting the two of you possibly dated?


Cheers, Chev


Thanks again SO MUCH for The Shrine BTS photos! I loved looking at all the little details you can see.
What is that IV Bag and Tennis Ball on a Stick for in that one shot?
re food, I and some friends just ate at a cool little restaurant in Los Angeles called Street.
It was created by Susan Feneger(sp?) who used to do that Two Hot Tamales show on the Food Channel years ago. She has taken street vendor foods from around the world and created a menu out of them. Very creative and tasty.
Our table ordered a bunch of different dishes and we shared amongst ourselves.
We’d recommend it to anyone visiting the LA area.


Fondy moved? I must have missed that. Is Petit Fours still open? I was going to stop by there next week for a more comfortable cone. Mind you I haven’t been there in about a year or so, but I loved the boutique.

Bryan M. White
Bryan M. White


Speaking of ‘thinking about where your food comes from…’ I was out grocery shopping today and happened to spot King Crab legs. What was on TV when I got home, making me rethink my decision? “Deadliest Catch”. Good show but it killed my desire for dinner. Especially since I read that one of the captains in the show died at sea earlier this year.

best wishes.



Ah sorry Joe. Just searched your blog and learned about you and Fondy. Very sorry to hear, but sometimes it’s for the best and it seems to be amicable which is the most important. Ignore my previous question I feel bad for caring about the store instead of you guys.


Sorry about the dinner disappointment. I would be unhappy as well. But yay for finding the laptop!! I wish I had that excuse for something I recently

Aww, that Sheppard-McKay scene was probably my favorite of the whole season.


Talking of food, people have been asking me what I want for my birthday this year (ie next month), but all I can come up with food. Lots of different types of food. I’ve even imagined up a cake that I want, although how do-able it is, I’m not sure.

It’s got chocolate brownie for a base with chocolate cheese cake on top, with a layer of chocolate mousse with jelly bits in it in between; and topped with more chocolate mousse and chocolate sprinklings. Considering I don’t normally like chocolate cake, I thought this would prove an interesting cake to try eat. Probably very yummy too. If anyone ever makes this cake, let me know how it went.

I reckon people are more likely to give me this sort of cake than the icecream cake I’ve asked people for at least 5 consecutive years or the self-saucing chocolate pudding I’ve put on my wish list for the past 3 consecutive years.. I’m sure I’ll get an icecream cake of a chocolate pudding one day. One day. Sigh.

Then there’s the other dish I imagined up… basically a whole dinner’s roast cooked inside a fresh crusty loaf of bread – so that the juices ‘flavour’ the bread and served with gravy and roast veggies. I dunno how do-able that be either. I daren’t try it since I can’t even do a proper roast yet.


Thanks for answering my question. Somehow, knowing that you planned this direction from the start makes me feel better.

Really looking forward to Friday. smile


Hi, Joe.

Thank you for sharing the photos from ‘The Shrine.’ An excellent, superb, wonderful episode – not only for the script, but also the terrific acting by all involved.

Best wishes.

Margaret Clayton

I’ve been craving lobster, those just look wonderful. And the spareribs, that’s home cookin’ if I ever saw it.

Now I’m wondering why they didn’t get their crabs. No catch? Something happen on the way to their dock? Truck driver miss his delivery? Someone forgot to place the order?


@ Joe – That Carolina bbq sauce from yesterday’s entry looks like it’s mustard or even tomato-based – am I right? Never had it that way – I’ve only had the basic Eastern Carolina vinegar/hot pepper flake sauce – it’s pretty simple, and delicious! The Western Carolina bbq adds a tomato base, like ketchup, but variations on the Eastern sauce often do include mustard. So, just curious what all was in that sauce…’cause, like…I’m nosy. smile

@ chevron7 – Only in Joe’s wildest fantasies! grin (I betcha I just made poor Joey throw up a little in his mouth. razz )



Sorry to hear about the not king crab dinner, that is some good eats. when its really available. Good to have dinner with friends anyway. Glad you located the lost laptop, maybe there is hope for other lost items as well. same laptop with tax stuff, ??
Do they have your mom taking that wonderful stuff to coat your innards for her ulcer? hope it is better and treatable and that she doesn’t have to cut out tomato based foods.
Finally showing some warming signs here in central FL, more yard time, birds are happy too. Do you ever have time to work out in the yard?
Thank you for the pictures, always nice to re-see scenes of a favorite show. Looking forward to Friday and, SGU promises(again) to be a great addition to my lineup. thats all I have for now.
Have a great Sunday.


Beautiful Shrine photos – that was such a great episode.

Thanks for the SGA memories, especially Sheppard smile

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Yeah, you found the laptop! I thought Brie may have taken it. It’s good you are on friendly terms with your Ex!!

Free range is definitely a great option. I know food prices would go up if all places were free range but the way those large meat factories treat the animals are criminal. It’s no wonder that ecoli hits the public on occasion.

Great pictures of beautiful couples! Sorry about the lack of King Crab but the food looked delicious anyway.

Das: I love treasure hunting!