You know the great thing about power windows?  You can raise and lower them with the push of a button, dispensing with that troublesome and annoying manual crank.

You know the terrible thing about power windows?  You can’t raise OR lower them if the button stops working.  Furthermore, the fact that you’ve dispensed with that manual crank ensures that you may be driving to and from work with your driver’s side window down for days until the Audi dealership can pencil you in for a service appointment.  This is not only troublesome and annoying but very uncomfortable – especially on really chilly occasions.  Like, say, this morning.

As part of my plan to eat more weird fruit this year, I picked up these two interesting looking items from my local supermarket last week:

A kiwano (African Horned Melon) on the left, and a dragon fruit on the right.

Orange on the outside and…green on the inside? I just peeled it and tossed it into a blender as part of my morning shake. A few too many seeds for my liking. How the hell are you supposed to eat this thing anyway?

Purple on the outside and…white on the inside? This one I also peeled and tossed into my morning shake. Unlike the kiwano, its flavor is a lot more subtle and it had a nice textural consistency that firmed up the shake.

Look at the size of this sucker!

This one was more of a peel and eat. The pomelo struck me as a cross between a grapefruit and an orange but possessed of a more delicate sweetness.

In addition to eating more strange fruit, I’m cooking more.  Or less.  I was watching Food Network the other day and caught an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay in which the factions faced off in a grilled cheese battle – which prompted me to make one of these…

Brie, bacon, goat cheese, sauteed onions, and avocado.

Then, this weekend, I made a terrific barbecue-less New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp –

Another incredible recipe from the gang at America’s Test Kitchen. I’ll be picking up the big-ass cook book this week.

We broke my next story last Thursday (I’ve landed the first part of the mid-season two-parter) and planned to work through the weekend, but hit an impasse about halfway through the second act and ended up setting it aside on Saturday.  Then, last night, I decided to take advantage of all those leftover Lush products from Akemi’s visit and settled into a nice, relaxing bath – and ended up working through those second act problems.  I completed the outline today. Paul, meanwhile, put out the first draft of episode 6 which, in my opinion, is one of the best scripts he’s ever written.  Some wonderful exchanges and great, great character moments.  And some pretty crazy action.

Breaking down the next five episodes for you:

#6: ***** *** ***** – written by Paul Mullie

#7: *** ******* **** – written by Carl Binder

#8: ****** – written by Robert Cooper

#9: ??? – written by Remi Aubuchon

#10: *E******** – written by Joseph Mallozzi

I know, I know.  They aren’t all one-word titles, but I think that makes guessing them all that much easier.

By the way, the dogs say hi –




And Bubba.

93 thoughts on “March 8, 2010: Car issues! Strange fruit! Cooking! Guess the Episode Titles – Round Two! And Doggies! Seriously. What more could you ask for?

  1. Early today! Now 6:30 PM CT USA, so only 4:30 PM in VanGroovy.

    Funny you should mention car problems. Past week, power window on driver’s side balked. Today, car refused to start. Charge from tow-truck engine got it going, headed straight to dealer; was overdue for maintenance anyway.

    Begging Joe’s indulgence for following…

    Hey, fellow posters? Anyone been diagnosed /treated for TMJ disorder /syndrome? About finished with diagnostics, got second opinion today. Would like to chat with other TMJ patients via Facebook (Gilder McCarroll) or Twitter (baterista9).

  2. #6: ***** *** ***** – written by Paul Mullie
    Stars and Strip?
    Stars and Ships?
    #7: *** ******* **** – written by Carl Binder
    The Normal Ones?
    The Defiant Ones?
    #8: ****** – written by Robert Cooper
    #9: ??? – written by Remi Aubuchon
    #10: *E******** – written by Joseph Mallozzi

  3. Hi Joe

    Real treats there – tasty photos and the further insight into the story development on SGU.

    I’ve found the electric windows on my car have gone wonky for all kinds of reasons. It is a fun-size VW Lupo (yes, that old – no longer made having been re-sculpted, branded and packaged in a Fox) and the passenger window only lowers half way. Happened after a recent severe frost. Probably grit or some such. Before that, though, a problem with the windows that had the engineers proposing a nicely expensive ‘investigation’ of the door before any fix was righted, unexpectedly, by a concurrent replacement of the starter motor. Et voila! No idea if that can help you but always useful to look askance at the possible reasons, and budgetary arguments, being presented by others.

    How many acts do you work with in a 2-parter?

    Given SGU doesn’t, necessarily, have self-contained eps more akin to SG1, how do you work with arcs that run for, say, 2-parter or possible much or all of a season? Do such arcs frame part of the pitching and outlining possibilities in the room, or are they themselves being evolved at the same time?

    On books, do you have a preference, or gravitate to certain types (fiction, non-fiction), at different stages of the creative cycle on SG? Same Q for foods!


    Ep 6 – Stars and Types

    Ep 10 – Ceremonies

    I’ve been playing around with a a

  4. Hey! We had N’awlins b-b-q shrimp last week! It’s one of my favorite recipes from Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen cookbook. But I’ve never understood why it is called barbeque shrimp.

    Those fruits look ….. interesting.

    @Gilder: Yep, I have TMJ. And many microfractures and macrofractures of my teeth. My dentist gave me a custom made night guard that worked wonders. The hard part is remembering not to grind my teeth during the day.

  5. Joe: Sorry about your car problems. On the bright side, at least you didn’t have a body part stuck in it when it decided to stop working, like your arm or, say, your head. And whoa, nice cufflinks. You must be some host! I think a relationship is blooming here.

    Question for Jamil: First I want to tell you how much I’ve enjoy your character. You just never know what to expect from one moment to another. I hope we get to see some stone-swapping stuff and some backstory on you in the back half of season 1 or in season 2. So many Greer moments I love. Chevron7 covered my question about what exactly Telford did (in your mind) that made your character to punch him and land Greer in the brig? Did he insult Young or was it much bigger? My question, or more a plea? PLEASE GET ON TWITTER! Or at least get a fan page on Facebook? Please, oh please, oh please? Keep up the great work.

  6. Dog pics are always good. But whatever happened to a grilled cheese sandwhich with just cheese and bread(ok, and butter)? Not that your creation looks or sounds bad, but sometimes Gordon Ramsey is right, and less is more. Ah well. Not like I’m ever likely to develop a palate delicate enough to earn a spot as an Iron Chef judge.
    Pics and updates appreciated as always. Looking forward to more, and one last quick question. Where are you finding these fruits at?

  7. @ Gilder – I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, so will just make a quickie TMJ comment here:

    I know two women who – many years ago (20+) had TMJ, and the doctors filed their teeth, operated, put in plastic parts, all sorts of prehistoric stuff…and both had a world of problems from pain to digestive disorders, with one pretty much on a liquid diet now.

    So, having doctors or dentists tinker with your bite would be a last resort, in my humble opinion.

    I have a mild case of TMJ because I’m a tooth grinder/clencher at night, and sometimes even during the day. Dentist encouraged me to consciously keep my teeth apart when at rest, not to clench my jaw. It certainly helps. I’ve never had to wear the mouth guard at night.

    Usually I have no problem with it, except if I chew gum, or something really tough – then my jaw will ache and I’ll get a bit headachey for a while. Otherwise, it doesn’t bother me much.


  8. @ Joe – Lulu has a real oral fixation – if she was a person, she’d be a 4-pack a day smoker! Or…a thumb-sucker. 🙂

    The fruit looks…interesting. I’ve seen something like that at the Asian market I go to – I might have to pick one up and see what it’s all about.

    I might have to try that sammich you made – it sounds delish, and full of my favorite things!

    About that car winder…



  9. This is the perfect time to use that Producer pull and get an indoor parking space, you know, for security while you’re window’s down, unless you’ve done that already.

    My stab at it.

    #6: Nerds Win Dates – written by Paul Mullie

    #7: The Locker’s Hurt – written by Carl Binder

    #8: Aliens – written by Robert Cooper

    #9: Inglorious Placeholders – written by Remi Aubuchon

    #10: Rebellious – written by Joseph Mallozzi

  10. First you have to wait hours for medical care. (I was in and out in 3 hours with my broken ankle.) Now your car has to wait days for service. Whats with you Canadians? All I have to do is pull up in the service lane at my dealership, they run out to my car, send me to the waiting room to watch TV and have a coke, and they fix my problem. What is the big deal? Why can’t your Audi people do that? Now granted, since I drive a Toyota, they are a little busy right now, so I don’t bother them with anything as my car was not recalled.

    That cheese sandwich looks heavenly. Is there anything you can’t do Mallozzi? And your puppies (dogs) are the cutiest little things.

    By the way, I’ve guessed all those episode 6-10 titles. I’m just not going to tell you.

  11. Hi Joe, that sandwich looks delish! I’m on a semi-serious diet for the next couple of weeks, so that didn’t help at all. It’s not even that I’m hungry, just hungry for this kind of stuff. The good stuff! Maybe that’s called “greedy”.

    For all the Florida people here: Michael Shanks will be at the Vulcan Events convention in Tampa at the beginning of May. Let’s all get together there, hey? The link to the thing is on his website. The rest of the convention is kinda blah, but nobody has to attend the whole 3 days. Nice way to spend a Sunday, no?

  12. My son talked me into buying one of those African Horned Melons some months ago (his rationale: hey, it looks kinda like a fat caterpillar, let’s get it!). We cut it open and…bewilderment. Should we eat the seeds? The green goop in between the seeds? The skin? Was the whole thing actually ornamental and not meant for human consumption?

    We ended up sampling a bit of the green goop. Consensus was: eh. Fun to try out new things, though.

  13. I like watching food network, also. I saw a recipe for broiled fish tacos this weekend. That may be my next experiment. I’ve found I love cooking fish! My mother never made fish. Her father had some kind of religious objections to fish and dairy products. Freaky but I think it just proves my grandfather was mentally ill. Surprisingly, none of my relatives appreciates my candor about late grandfather’s sanity (or lack of) , go figure 😉 .

    Gilder, I agree with Das about the TMJ surgery. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the surgery for TMJ. I’ve had TMJ for years. Freaks my hubby out when he kisses me sometimes 😀 (the clicky noises, you know? ) The dentist mentioned a therapy the last time my TMJ flared up. He referred me to a TMJ Therapy Clinic. Do you have any TMJ clinics over in Texas?

  14. P.s. I wish we had more diverse produce available in my area. Star fruit or blood oranges are as exotic as we see here in Northern Mississippi.
    Are there any of those fruits you would eat again?

  15. Aw, thanks for the puppy pics. How they pose so cute! And a big HELLO to them and hugs also.
    I hope your weather warms up so the window thing won’t be an issue, heck I hope my weather warms up, and my window is ok. but that would suck, and duct tape and plastic is probably not your best option, although they make some cool colors in duct tape, not that I have used any of it. but I am just sayin…
    See I told you a soothing bath helps solves most of the worlds problems and writing ones also. (well i meant to say it)
    Have a great day!

  16. Joe,

    Some of the strange fruit looks like they would be good candidates for show props the next time SGU visits a strange planet.


  17. OK….let’s see

    #6: ***** *** ***** – written by Paul Mullie
    Harry Met Chloe
    Might and Power (gr8 horse btw)
    Steal the sugar

    #7: *** ******* **** – written by Carl Binder
    Far Beneath Carl
    The burning bush
    For mothers love

    #8: ****** – written by Robert Cooper

    #9: ??? – written by Remi Aubuchon
    The one with Eli’s freakout

    #10: *E******** – written by Joseph Mallozzi
    Deadlocked…I’ll finish the crossword solver tomorrow mayB

    Soooo….how did I do? Do I get to name anything?

    Cheers Chev

  18. Poor Brie. I knew there was something fishy about a dog with a going away bag. Say it isn’t so, Joe.

    The kiwano reminds me of passion fruit, where you just swallow the seeds whole. I might have to try dragon fruit.

  19. You need to make it more like Wheel of Fortune and let us know if the title is a person, place or thing. And Lulu could play the part of Vana White.

  20. Thanks for the updates on the SGU episode titles and the photos of the dogs. How old is Maximus? Is Maximus the oldest of the family? Wishing them all many doggie treats and doggie hugs.

  21. Hi, Joe —

    I love America’s Test Kitchen and it’s sister show, Cook’s Country. But when I got the big, honkin’ cookbook as a try-out (I subscribe to all their websites and newsletters), I had to send it back. It was just too heavy to heft, and too big to be practical for my tiny apartment kitchen. Buy it only if you can devote at least a square foot of counter to it whenever you use it.

    Thanks for posting puppy pics. I was missing the rascals.

  22. About that window…. there is another little button, close to the open/close button… it is the child safety lock. Make sure you didn’t press it by mistake. Just saying… because I know you.

  23. #6: Pride and Power
    #7: The Ancient Road
    #8: Untold
    #9: Questions
    #10: Reflection

  24. Regarding the clues, no clue for the most part, but I’m guessing the second word in Paul’s title is either “and” or “the”. Possibly “Revelation” for yours.

    Is it April yet?

  25. Lulu is so cute!

    That grilled cheese you made is probably one of the most fattening sandwiches I’ve ever seen. I bet it was tasty though.

    We owned a small Nissan pickup truck that was manual steering and a stick shift. You could actually roll the windows down by hand. I sometimes regret selling the truck to our friends. Too much electronics in cars for my taste.

    My husband’s Audi’s battery died on Friday night. Take it into the place not far from us, got the battery changed. When you change the battery, you somehow get locked out of the radio. I guess it’s a theft deterrent of some sort. He didn’t know the code because he bought the car from my father-in-law. He finally figured out the code because it was written on some business card that was stuck inside of one of the manuals.

  26. hi, joe,

    if the 3rd sg1 movie never gets made, can there be sam/jack confirmation (that they’re in a relationship together) be in SGU?

  27. I’ve actually tried dragon fruit before. After seeing its interesting appearance, its taste is rather anticlimactic.

  28. *de-lurks*
    To whoever said it above- I also like buying weird fruits I see in the store, Dragonfruit is on my ‘to-try’ list and that kiwano looks very similar (at least on the inside) to granadilla’s which have that same green goopy jelly with crunchy seeds. They are actually pretty good.
    I won’t even venture a guess as to what those ep names are. Needs more clues! I am getting excited for season 1.5 though, been way too long. Rumour has it a new trailer is near, yay!

  29. I know you and Brie had your differences but to put her in a grilled cheese sandwich is a little cruel. I mean come on, nobody here bought into the “she is heading out east” story anyways.

  30. Ah, sympathy about the car. Happened to me except it wasn’t the button, it was the metal windy thing that pulls the window up and down. On Christmas Eve. Raced over to the mechanic and he pulled it out, chocked up the window and said, ‘Don’t drive over any bumbs until 2 January when I’m back.’ I try to avoid the car at Christmas. Three out of the last four it’s broken down.

  31. hi Joe,
    thank you, first of all ,for giving me all that material to comment on 😀
    I’m just teasing you of course but it is simply because you’re giving me the opportunity to do so 😀
    1. re: “your driver’s side window down for days until the Audi dealership can pencil you in for a service appointment.”
    I don’t know how old you car is but I find that a bit suprising. Maybe you should have bought a BMW :l
    from what I’ve heard, when you have a problem with a BMW, you bring your car in and they give you a rental until the problem is repaired, and if you want to upgrade your model until you get your car back, they will rent you a more expensive model for a ridiculous daily price !
    2. re: the sandwich, “Brie, bacon, goat cheese, sauteed onions, and avocado”. I can’t have avocado, it makes me puke. Even if its well hidden in food, my stomach will immediately detect it and reject it . This sandwich looks very scary and looks like something a pregnant woman might want to eat. The cholesterol content of your sandwich must be off the chart!
    3. can’t guess the names of the episodes 😮 Can I buy a vowel 😀
    4. your dogs look good on the pics !
    5. I’m witnessing what you’ve been eating lately and I’m wondering if you’ve gain any weight.
    oh! 1h29 am. well 1h30 now. need to go 😀

  32. I like the look on Maximus’ face. He looks very distinguished, like he should be hosting an episode of Masterpiece Theater.

  33. I saw your sis mentioned this already (siblings rarely take each others’ advice), but you should really check for a window lock button. My windows get “stuck” quite often after the dogs have had a ride because their dainty (as dainty as 100-lb shepherds can be) paws usually find the window lock button. You may also wish to check your fuses (handbook should help). I gave up with the dealerships in the area and luckily found a great private shop because they put up with all my “blonde” questions.

    Good luck!

  34. Hi Joe!
    Sorry to hear about your car problems. When I was 2, I broke the power window in my dad’s car by playing with the buttons. Needless to say, he wasn’t very happy.

    And I was shocked to see those multiple word titles! But here are my title picks…

    #6: Smoke the Devil– written by Paul Mullie

    #7: For Anyone’s Love – written by Carl Binder

    #8: Beasts – written by Robert Cooper

    #9: SGU!!!!

    #10: REVOLUTION – written by Joseph Mallozzi

    Ok, most of them are pretty lame, but worth a shot! (If I happen to get any of them right, then that one is definately not one of the lame ones!)

  35. Hey Joe,

    I am so amazed at what you come up with. I can’t tell if it is you or where you live. Those little fruits are wonderful looking. Throw them in a shake? ummm, no taste tests first..just chug it down/up…oye

    Your sandwich looks yummy. I am a big grilled sandwich fan. Okay okay…it all looks great.

    No guessing for me..all of the above is so much better than what I would come up with. they relate to which writer wrote them? Do the writers get to create the final “title” if they wrote the script? <–That was a question Joe.

    Best to you Joe,
    Love love love love love the pups..there are 5 right?
    Cheryl 🙂

  36. Power windows also suck, when… Oh. Crap. The car won’t start… Or, my other personal favourite [*NOT*!!], when you’re in the passenger seat and the driver leaves the vehicle – WITH THE KEYS – and you want to put the window down…

    **THIS** and for many other reasons, is WHY I will *always* stick with a vehicle with “manual” roll-down windows!!

  37. *waves at dogs*

    I love that episode of Throw Down. Mainly because I will eat anything that has bread AND cheese.

    My car, despite being a 2002, has the crank windows. I actually don’t mind this. Even if it looks lame.

    The first two fruits certainly look exotic. More like something any SG team would find

  38. It might just be that a fuse blew that’s caused your window not to work. That’s generally easy to replace. Auto repair shops usually carry them. Then all you need do is find the panel where the fuses are and replace it. My dad has had to do that for my car before. You can always ask the clerks at the shop if you have difficulty finding the panel. If it’s off it’s track, then that’s a different story.

    Hope tomorrow is better for you. 🙂

  39. That’s a wonderful picture of Maximus. He looks like a venerable old wise-dog.

  40. @GILDER

    Sweetie, just call me the TMJ POSTER GIRL!!!

    I HAD the surgery done in ’84…

    I was a forceps delivery at birth, that messed my “bite” up – amongst other problems. When I was in my 20s, my dentist suggested that I have the surgery done as if I didn’t, I would likely develop chewing difficulties later….

    So. Between having to wear braces for 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days [not that I was counting…] – I had the surgery about two thirds in. Was a 2-hour operation [at the time], everything done inside the mouth – not from the outside as some are done. Was in the hospital for 4 days, and spent
    6 and a half weeks wired shut with a bite plate between my teeth!

    The WATER-PIK is a *very* helpful device!! It keeps your mouth clean as the sediments from your liquid diet get caught in your teeth very quickly.

    Oh, and did I mention, that your chin feels like dead meat the entire time…? Think dental freezing feeling for 6 months!

    Become “one” with a napkin and a mirror whilst “drinking” your many, many meals as *drooling*, WILL be part of the feeding ritual! ALSO, you must use a chapstick, constantly!! Since you’re wired, you can’t lick your lips and they tend to dry VERY quickly. From personal experience, I recommend something with a glycerin base – NOT vaseline!!

    After your mouth is “free” again… WEAR your retainer for as long as you can!! Especially when sleeping! We’re talking “years” here – wore mine for over a decade. Doesn’t take much for the teeth to shift back into a wrong position. And NO lifting for a couple of months!

    Now, I’m sure at lot has changed in 25 years, but get a 2nd opinion if you can. And try any non-invasion procedures if they are available. However, if you do go thru with it, make sure you have a good surgeon, AND a good anesthesiologist [this is the guy who will keep you alive!] AND, that it’s done in a HOSPITAL!

    As to what you have to live with years later… There’s gum receding from the braces. Possible nerve damage in the jaw. I’ve got these wire hinge things [look like clothes-pin hinges in the x-rays] *still* inbedded at the jaw joints. Some times they can eventually be removed, depending on placement. They will act like tuning forks around certain high frequency noises… [Bad bus brakes are quite annoying!]

    Then, there’s scar tissue inside your mouth from the surgery and the braces… Which could prove to be a problem or “not”… 😀

    Anyway, hope this all helps!

    Oh, almost forgot – make sure you have a good dental/medical plan!

  41. I first met Dragonfruit in Vietnam when it was served peeled.. we didn’t know what it was called so for years I called it Dalmation fruit until I finally saw one chopped in half with the skin still on.

  42. I like dragon fruit but it’s expensive. My fave is custard apples. The seeds can be annoying but big enough to remove but the flavour! OMG…sweet and tangy.

    I recall you don’t have a facebook page yet and thought you might wanna see this site called ‘failbook’.. it’s a collection of statuses that give us a bit of a chuckle. Some are a bit rude but I picked this one..

    As it’s funny and you’re a fan of dogs (but not quite like this person)

  43. Hi Mr M!

    Hope all good with you. Don’t forget the SHOUT OUT to a Bloggee on the DVD Commentary….I am sure that you are close to the time for doing the commentaries…so let’s have a quiz!!

    Best to all


  44. That grilled cheese sandwich looked really good. I can imagine eating it… and the dogs made me laugh.

    Apparently, I’ve tried dragonfruit before, but I don’t remember. I’m assuming it tastes like the cactus fruit it is. We grow cactus fruit at home when the insects feel like pollinating and the weather’s good (not prickly pears). Kiwano is going on my ‘to try’ list. I don’t like pomelos, but if I had to eat one, I’d eat the variety with the pink meat.

    Melbourne had an awesome long weekend. The CBD got flooded and for the second time in two months, rivers flowed through the city. Literally. Hail stones almost as large as tennis balls in some areas. Smashed and pock-marked cars, as if someone played cricket with the cars as wickets. Houses with roofs that collapsed like soggy cardboard. Trees being having cracked themselves in half… Being in one of the more fortunate regions where the storms weren’t so bad, I got to go to the beach before the rain waterfalled out of the clouds and the hail only salted the car. Though for some people living in more hurricane and storm prone areas, this is probably nothing. Watching people swimming in the city streets was cool though.

    I can’t be bothered guessing episode names. I’m always wrong.

  45. Great news!

    Felicia Day & Kavan Smith will be in a Syfy Saturday Original Movie Red, slated to premiere in 2011.

    “Felicia will portray a werewolf-hunting descendant of Little Red Riding Hood. She brings her fiancé home, he meets the family& learns about their business – hunting werewolves. He’s skeptical until bitten by a werewolf.”

    via SciFiWire

    I imagine Kavan is the fiancé. Congrats Kavan!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  46. Oh! Dragonfruit, yum! If you ever find the the ones that are purple on the inside, get those. They’re not as tasteless as the white kind.

  47. Pumelos are my favorite of all the citrus fruits. All the flavor of a grapefruit with none of the bitterness. Getting the rind off is a bit of a pain though.

    I had hoped moving to Florida that I would get them all the time, but it seems as though you have better luck getting them in Vancouver than I do finding them at my local grocery store. I’m a little jealous.

  48. So you’ll be discontinuing the one-word episode titles? Too bad. I kind of liked that. 🙂

  49. You don’t have to take your car to the dealership to be repaired, you know. C’mon, man! You’ve got connections! Get yourself a good mechanic.

    Second, the grilled cheese sandwich you made looks fabulous. It contains two of the three items in the Holy Triumvirate of Food: Bacon, cheese and nuts. Any way you can put a few walnuts or pecans in that baby?

  50. Let’s see…here are some completely random guesses that make no sense whatsoever.

    #6: ***** *** ***** – written by Paul Mullie
    Bears and Bulls?

    #7: *** ******* **** – written by Carl Binder
    And Reptile Lead?

    #8: ****** – written by Robert Cooper

    #9: ??? – written by Remi Aubuchon
    For the Birds?

    #10: *E******** – written by Joseph Mallozzi

  51. @Gilder: my sister has TMJ but can’t afford the $3000 appliances that is needed so she is not working and not getting treated.

    LOVE the doggie pics 🙂

    Love dragon fruit that other one looks a little too weird for me!

  52. “HI!” back to the dogs. And thanks Joe, I think I’ll be making this over the weekend! “Brie, bacon, goat cheese, sauteed onions, and avocado. “

  53. And damn! I missed that episode of Throwdown. The Pop Shop is pretty close to home. Great grilled cheese concoctions there.

  54. Bacon and cheese and onions = good.

    Avocado = What are you? A freaking Californian?

    Deep fry that puppy and slap powdered sugar and strawberry jam on it, and you’ve got a Monte Carlo. One of my favorite sandwiches from childhood visits to the Salt Lake City Howard Johnson’s across from Temple Square. I’m not supposed to consume such things anymore. Deep fried cheese sandwiches or religion.

    And by “that puppy” I am not making allegations about Brie. Nope. Not at all.

  55. #6: Shake Yer Booty – written by Paul Mullie

    #7: Why?! Mumbles Rush – written by Carl Binder

    #8: Zombie! – written by Robert Cooper

    #9: OMG – written by Remi Aubuchon

    #10: Peccadillo – written by Joseph Mallozzi

  56. Ok, my first guesses:
    2×08 – Bushed (written by Robert Cooper)
    2×09 – Premiere (written by Remi Abuchon – this title is also reference to his first episode for SGU)
    2×10 – Repository (written by Joseph Mallozzi)

  57. Ganymede: Do they have cars without power windows (not being smarty, just curious)? So sorry about your TMJ. I feel lucky now.

    Slow day, I’m home with suspended teenager. I feel like I’m suspended too! Hubby gets home from Iowa Wednesday p. m. I’m be back to doing laps at the Y Thursday morning.

    Thanks to all for the Brie jokes! Have you received any pics/updates of Brie from her new home?

    Door window: I hope it is just your fuse blown but we’ve had two autos with window problems. Our problems turned out to be a blown motor ($200 or so).

  58. Salut Joseph!!

    ça va bien? Moi très bien =) Je commence à être pas mal occupé^^!

    Ces fuits sont très étranges ^^, même un peu rigolo =)

    Vos chiens sont toujours aussi adorable!!


  59. Car problems – I hear ya. My husband has been dealing with a tire issue. He brought the car in for new tires, got’em good, the next morning one was going flat,

    ok bring it back, it has a screw in it, ok all fixed the next day, going flat and the indicator light on the dash lights up if the tire pressure is low, so we know we are just totally nuts.

    So we bring it back and they rotate the tire w/ the rationale someone may be letting the air out??? c’mon. ok still the next day – going flat. ok wel’ll replace it – y’ think???

    Ok replace it – next day going flat AGAIN! Oh we’re sorry we changed the wrong one. WHAT? DOY!!! ok bring it back, and guess what still going flat!!!!! What is so difficult??? I lost track as to what trip number this is.

    As for car parts, my brother in law introduced me to purchasing parts online on Ebay, I did this twice w/out any problems and it saved me a ton of money in parts. If you know someone who can fix the car you save even more money. Trade service for a meal or another service if they won’t accept money.

  60. @ TAMMY D

    My current car is a few years old AND working, so I haven’t been in the market checking out wheels for a while… But, I’m sure that you can probably find something with manual windows in the lower range vehicles… LADA no doubt has them – although, I’d rather drive a golf-cart on the freeway than one of those!

    You know, one would “think” that those fancy-ass econo/hybrid/wind-them-up-with-a-big-key-in-the-back type cars would want to save “power” and have them…?

    BTW, I sooo miss those great little corner side-mirror pushout windows! Anyone here over 45 should know what I’m taking about… 😀

  61. Re TMJ:

    Thanks, all. Current problems stem from a definite injury last Nov. as well as orthodontic treatment 40 yrs. ago. (Standard treatment for overbite has changed.)

    Non-invasive procedures, not surgery, was recommended by both specialists. I have a few other problems that may be resolved by repositioning the jaw. We shall see…

  62. @sis I don’t about Joe being wrong – my brother is never wrong and does everything the correct way – even if that means everybody else on the planet is doing something incorrectly.

    I hope that your mother is okay and will soon be back to full fitness. Felix is SO cute.

  63. I have never heard of an African Cucumber but I will just have to find out more. It’s native to the Kalahari so it can’t be that hard to find…
    I hope!

    Thanks for the exotic fruit links Chev. We call passion fruit Granadilla and I remember eating it straight from the bushes where it ran wild.

    ..and there I thought Guavas were native to South Africa. 🙁

    Love Guava juice, but the fruit is too finicky for me, the seeds too unappealing.

  64. @Jenny (((Jenny’s sister))) Is there a dental school in her area? Might the local dental society have a low-income assistance program? Could the family, friends, church etc. hold a fundraiser?

    @Ganymede: Thanks for the details! In comparison, my eventual return to classic braces is MINOR. It’s been 39 1/2 years since the first set was removed.

  65. Sympathies on the car front dude, My son just had some bad news about his, its gonna cost him a new clutch to the tune of around £350. The jury is still out as to whether the car is worth it or to scrap it and start again.

    For Jamil, When I first watched Greer I hated the character, he was arrogant, pig-headed and had an attitude that warranted a kick up the arse and I was determined I was never going to like him. Boy was I ever wrong! you have worked wonders with the character and have shown us his loyalty, his integrity and his humanity. Kudos. My kids are in awe as I NEVER change my mind about a character once I decide to hate ’em and I’ve been at this fandom malarkey for the best part of 40 years:)

  66. #6: ***** *** ***** – written by Paul Mullie
    break the gates
    brake for water
    where are y’all (a little southern flavor)

    #7: *** ******* **** – written by Carl Binder
    The villain Rush
    Who Returns Home

    #8: ****** – written by Robert Cooper
    Fracker (oops wrong show)

    #9: ??? – written by Remi Aubuchon

    #10: *E******** – written by Joseph Mallozzi

  67. We had one of those horny melon things growing wild in our pumpkin patch…. had no idea what it was. Never tasted it as the growing conditions at the time were very dry. Does anyone else know how and what parts of it to eat?

  68. Oooo, dragon fruit. Love it. That sandwich looks pretty amazing. Cut off a quarter and I’ll be done thanks.

    Feeling your pain re cars.

    I purchased a little BMW 120i back in 2005. Within 3 months the steering column went. Then it sounded like it was ready to explode. Turns out it had to shut some cylinders down because an ignition coil failed. Then it failed again, this time car not go forward at all. Then the sunroof motor blew. Then the engine went again. By that point I was ready to drive it through their window. But the engine went again just to make me super duper happy. The contract finished in December of last year so I thought I’d get a “trusty” Holden. Almost 4 weeks ago I found myself with no acceleration, electrics going nuts (electric doors open, electric doors close, electric doors open) in the middle of peak hour traffic. Ended up the battery had been leaking acid and ate through the main wiring loom. After the car being in getting fixed for 3 weeks I get the call to go and pick it up. On my way home, the engine light comes on, no acceleration. Take it back, wait for 1.5hrs, send me on my way again. On my way home, IT COMES ON AGAIN! And I have no idea what was going on with the back of my car because I had a truck honking me and another lady flashing her lights at me. I don’t speak car people! Use some form of speech to tell me what you’re seeing!

    Yesterday they call to say it’s really ready this time. Driving home, no engine light, but I go to test the heated seat which was what I originally wanted fixed and it’s not fixed. As I had a head/horn moment I just couldn’t bring myself to turn around to get something else fixed.

    The moral to this story. Cars don’t like me.

    How are the pups adjusting to Brie not being around?

  69. I should add a note that the car I have now only has 2,450kms on the clock. Not what you’d expect from a brand spanking new car. Or maybe I should just expect it considering history.

  70. Joe — Not had window problems with a car, but a few years ago I had to spend an entire summer in Atlanta with a broken air conditioner. I would much rather be cold than hot; spend too much time nowadays being too hot anyway.

    Will have to think about the titles but I did like DP’s. I think letting us guess letters, Wheel of Fortune style would be fun too. I would like to buy a vowel — an A, of course!

    I love pumelos. I agree that those type of fruits would make cool alien food.

    Oh, and what more could we ask for in this entry — mailbag?

  71. #6: ***** *** ***** – written by Paul Mullie
    Bites and Blood

    #7: *** ******* **** – written by Carl Binder
    The Zombie’s Game

    #8: ****** – written by Robert Cooper

    #9: ??? – written by Remi Aubuchon
    Wait, no brains?!?

    #10: *E******** – written by Joseph Mallozzi

  72. Hello Joe.

    Didn’t I see Chloe pick one of those fruits off of a tree in Time? Sorry to hear about the car. Check your horn. in most cars the horn and windows share the same 30 amp fuse. If the horn doesn’t work, check the 30 amp fuses to see if any are blown.
    No guesses on the titles yet. Interesting, some multi-word ones… 😉

    Great pictures of the dogs. They seem happy! Best wishes, and good luck with the car.


  73. Sorry Joe, I am a lover of a good old fashioned grill cheese sandwich:
    * American yellow cheese or Monterrey Jack white
    * white bread
    * salted butter slathered on all sides of bread
    * 2-3 slices of ripe tomato
    * 3-4 slices of crispy, well cooked until stiff bacon
    Grill in frying pan until crispy brown and cheese oozing out sides — YUM!

    Does anyone else think Maximus bears a passing resemblance to YODA?

    I agree with maggiemaydayavocado = Californian influence
    and does not belong in a grilled cheese sandwich

    @ Gilder Yep, another TMJ sufferer here. My dentist recommended some expensive, custom shaped mouth guard to use at night. As I’m already an insomniac, I chose not to add to my reasons not to sleep as this gadget surely would have kept me more awake. Like das, I try to be more aware of not clenching & grinding while at work or driving. I’ve also gotten a neck support pillow, which does help a bit to better position my neck, throat and jaw while sleeping on my back.

    I hope you don’t need the surgery, but best of luck if that’s the only way to relief.

    Okay, I’ll take a stab…

    #6: ***** *** ***** – written by Paul Mullie
    Stall the motor
    Saves the gates
    Brace for Owies

    #7: *** ******* **** – written by Carl Binder
    All stories writ
    The saddest days

    #8: ****** – written by Robert Cooper

    #9: ??? – written by Remi Aubuchon

    #10: *E******** – written by Joseph Mallozzi


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