Thanks to all of you who took the time to suggest a possible solution to the problem I’ve been experiencing with my Audi’s power window.  Alas, the child lock is NOT on so, in this rare instant, the problem isn’t a result of my personal ineptitude but an actual mechanical issue with the car itself.  Weird, huh?

Wow!  Just watched the studio promo for the fast-approaching back half of Stargate: Universe.  Shortly after the first cast read-thru of the season, we all crowded into the writers’ room to watch the 90 second trailer – and were blown away.  Patrick Gilmore, aka SGU’s Dale Volker, actually had goosebumps (he showed me).  Plenty of glimpses at what we have in store for SGU’s return including action, adventure and – wait for it…aliens!

Not exactly sure when the trailer will hit the net, but if you’re curious, ask the mastermind behind it:

As we speed toward the April 2nd premiere of the second half of SGU’s inaugural season, I thought it might be fun to dip into the archives and take a peek at the Art Department packages assembled for what has come before.  Check out the concept art, the schematics, and build your own Destiny!  First up, the three-parter that kicked off the series: Air…

Art Department Package Cover – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. February 12, 2009.

Communication Link – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. Okay, so Area 52 hasn’t made minimal progress in its research into alien tech like the healing device, the sarcophagus, and that time-traveling puddle jumper from SG-1’s Its Good To Be King, but they have managed to adapt the communication stone technology, making it less unwieldly anyway.

Hovermalp – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. An early illustration of what would later become the kino. Brad had actually pitched out the idea of these “hovermalps” way back when, initially intending to use them on Atlantis.

Kino Dispenser – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. I wanted a kino but got a watermelon gobstopper instead.

Door Controller – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. Ah, the wonders of science. All one has to do is approach the door and wave one’s hand in front of the sensor. At which point the Director will give the appropriate crew member the go ahead to manually slide the door open.

Scrubber – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. The device that holds the “black oatmeal”.

DHD – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. A little different than you remember it? Well, this one is portable. You’ll get a better look at its operation in episode 15, Lost.

Sink Unit – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. I spent nearly twenty minutes trying to get a kino out of this thing.

Int. Destiny Gate Room (reverse) – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Int. Destiny Corridor Changeout (A) – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Int. Destiny Corridor Changeout (B) – Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Int. Control Interface Room - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. We coined the central unit "the apple core" because, well, it looked like an apple core - and the name stuck, so I made fun of it in a subsequent kino segment

Int. Damaged Section of Ship - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. We only catch a glimpse of it in the pilot, but we have plans for this chamber in season two...

INT. DESTINY QUARTERS/OBSERVATION ROOM - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. In this instant, private quarters but remove the bed and the wall flats and the room is magically transformed into the ship's observation deck.

Int. Destiny - Private Quarters - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. An early concept that was ultimately rejigged. The ladder access to the various level still exists but, given the size of the ship, the need for crew members to bunk together seemed unlikely.

Int. Destiny Corridors - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. The "nexus area" is the location of Control Interface Room.

Nexus Room (basic configuration) - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. It plays as the Control Interface Room but can also play as an ND room, part of a corridor, or even another room by plugging the openings and raising the power column (the apple core), thus changing the layout.

Nexus Room as entry to Observation Deck - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Observation Deck/Nexus Room/Corridors - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. Removing the wild walls and windows transforms the room, revealing the railing and green screen view of space.

Int. Destiny Private Quarters/Franklin's Surgery Area - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Int. Destiny Corridor/Young's Quarters - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. Colonel Young's spacious digs, worthy of a ship's commander.

Int. Scott's Quarters - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air. Lieutenant Scott's less roomy accommodations.

Int. Communication Lab (Stone Room) - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Int. Private Quarters/Corridors - General Information - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Crew Quarters as Corridor - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Tomorrow, we explore the shuttle and Icarus Base.

And finally, let the guessing continue…

Episode #6: **** *N* *****

Episode #7: T** ******* ****

Episode #8: *A****

Episode #9: ???

Episode #10: *E********

50 thoughts on “March 9, 2010: New SGU Trailer Update! Stargate: Universe Art Department Package Highlights for Air 1-3! Guess the Episode Titles – Round Two!

  1. Hello.

    Correction: check Fuse 15. Its only 10 amps, but on an audi the windows don’t share a fuse with any other part of the electrical system. If I’m right, it’s a $3.00 part you can replace yourself. I just checked the Manual online.

    Best of luck.


  2. Ep 6 – Life And Death

    Ep 7 – The Darkest Void

    Ep 8 – Fallen

    Ep 9 – ???

    Ep 10 – Teleported

  3. Wow, Joe! I guess I shouldn’t have complained back in Jan. about having to (manually) roll down the window on my work truck every time I wanted to open the door because the inside door handle broke and Fleet didn’t fix it for a month. Oh wait, that was only because my tail pipe started to drag on the ground and I refused to drive the truck ’til they fixed it. I had to ride with my partner for 2 days. And that was right after he rode with me for 4 days ’til the fiberglass fender that was falling off his truck got fixed. Your window being stuck down is a little more problematic. Especially if it rains or snows. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  4. It’s amazing how quickly we become acclimated to technical niceties like power windows. And how helpless we seem to be when the technology fails. Fortunately I maintain a good relationship with my mechanic, ensuring prompt service that doesn’t cost me more body parts than I can afford.
    Thanks for all the art pics. I’ll take a better look at them tomorrow, when I’m off of work. Looking forward with guarded optimism to the second half of the season. Lots of untapped potential to the show, from my point of view, but I’m waiting for Universe to feel comfortable as its own show rather than trying to look like a BSG spinoff. Anyways, thanks again for sharing, and looking forward to the next mailbag.

  5. @Gilder – best of luck with your TMJ – I don’t suffer from it but I know it can be painful. Delay the surgery as much as possible. I have scrubbed on a few of them in my O.R. days – it’s not pleasant. Try everything else first.

  6. Joe,

    Trade in for a new car…problem solved! 🙂

    Loving all of the art sketches of the Destiny.

    I’ll have to have a few more letters to start guessing, so I’ll wait for it…

  7. Accomplishment of the day: Wireless router now working, with help of friendly techs based in India.

  8. be sure to get good pictures of the back of the shuttle chairs…I put a lot of work into those!

  9. Question – Does one have to chuck a two dollar coin in the kino dispenser?

    Has it ever given an unwary space traveller something different like a packet of condoms? That’d be handy at times… it’s lonely out in space with men and women in confined spaces!


  10. @Gilder – that’s not an accomplishment – that’s a MIRACLE!!

  11. Haaa… U should have got an Audi S5 …:P

    By the way when you hit 60,000 km on your audi Q7, and I’m assuming you have the 4.2 v8 fsi… you will have so much carbon build up in your intake its not even funny…. I suggest you take it now before your check engine lights up… Had my engine polished last week for the S5

  12. Episode #6: **** *N* *****
    fire and

    Episode #7: T** ******* ****

    Episode #8: *A****

    Episode #9: ???

    Episode #10: *E********

    ….running out of imagination 😀

    first questions for J. W. Smith:

    what made you decide to become an actor ?
    do you have your own trailer ?
    what is your favorite part about the show?
    do people call you the wrong name because Brian and you have the same family name ?
    how did the diner date contest go ?

    (yes I know Joe, these are not deep questions, but I’m curious 😀 nobody never ask those kind of questions on TV talk show. When am I supposed to get the answer to these. That’s where you site comes in handy 😀 )

    I leave the deep well thought questions for the others!!!

  13. Hey Joe,

    I am so loving the show-n-tell. I LOVE your drawers. ha

    Okay okay…

    Episode #6: SICK AND TIRED

    Episode #7: THE SMARTER CAGE

    Episode #8: DATING

    Episode #9: BOING BOING BOING

    Episode #10: HELLOOOOOO

    Hey, I said I was bad at this. But I can always annoy you as well as anyone else.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  14. Thanks for the pictures.

    Update on the dreaded school meeting on Friday — I get a reprieve, I guess. School has decided his goals for next year are not going to be ready, especially since I pointed out that 3 of the current goals have been inaccurately measured, like teaching him 10 new signs in sign language for the entire year, instead was taught with signs he had from last year, so they owe me some educational hours. An investigation has now been launched. But we still have to meet to discuss the points of the meeting up to that particular point (the goals). Whether this is prolonging my agony/suffering or gave me a stay of execution, I don’t know. But I am feeling much less stressed, so that has to be a good thing. Of course, that means that I’ll have to bring my advocate back more often who charges me not only for the meeting but for travel time and that is basically a good 2 hours just to drive here. Next week they are off for spring break and ta-da — my birthday — March 17. Yep, St. Patrick’s Day and good thing I’m Irish. Doubly blessed.

  15. When all else fails: duct tape. Cover the entire opening with it. If the rich and famous prefer their car windows to be heavily tinted, what would a completely grey-ed out car window say? Exactly. Time to live the life of the rich and famous, Joe. Well, maybe just the famous. Well, maybe just famous on this blog. But still!

    Or, if you want to see through it, go with Saran Wrap, attached to the window frame using duct tape. Stretch it real tight to make it look like glass!

    Seriously though, when something weird like this happens to our car, we just rent another until our car gets fixed. May have to spend some money, but it’s worth it for not catching a cold or freezing your left ear off.

    Kinda bummed that the titles aren’t single words anymore; liked the consistency of it all. I also just like the concept of summing up each episode in a single word. Oh well. Any chance these are just the preliminary titles and you’ll change them into single words later on? 😉

    Anyways, SWEET PICS!! The Art Department can produce some great works of art there! I’m especially intrigued by the broken dome thing (or, as I like to call it, “Thunderdome”) having a further purpose in Season 2. Can’t wait!!

    In the pilot, I did not notice that there was a hole in the floor. So, it looks like something struck the dome and then went right through to the floors below. Wow. I wonder what caused it. An asteroid? An alien…thing? God’s wrath? Hmmm…

    Now, a little self-promotion. Seeing all these pics have reminded me of some stuff I made a long while ago. I used to write a Star Trek fanfic series (script-form, natch). I was really into it, to the point of drawing some schematics of the various rooms onboard the ship that my series is set on. Hope you don’t mind if I share them with the blog:

    The Bridge

    The ship I based the series on is one of those Maquis fighter things that showed up in later TNG and early/mid DS9. I still have a small model of it:


    And yeah, I named the ship Cassandra.

  16. I have never bothered to ask, but have you been to the French Laundry?

  17. I am so curious to find out which Prison Break actor has been cast as Simeon, couldn’t you please tell us? Thanks so much!

  18. Wow, cool pictures. 😀 Thanks for posting those.

    So… You’re really gonna go with more than one-word titles? Wasn’t there a consensus on using one-word episode titles? I like that. 🙂 Why the sudden chance? Or eh… was it too hard, non-practical to continue use them?

  19. Portable DHDs? Probably created by the Ancient version of Steve Jobs who attempted to create a previous version of the portable DHDs only for it to be very unpopular and buggy, and had to keep going through various stages before getting it right. Can the portable DHD play music too?

    I’d imagine that previous to this, Ancient Steve Jobs created a a portable music player which *was* very popular with the Ancient population and used it’s own version of iTunes. No need for DRM since back in those days, ancient civilisations had no need for lawyers (their people evolved remember), just very large weapons of mass destruction, so if you were accused of copyright infringement you’d just be obliterated through the device itself. Problem solved and everybody was happy.

  20. It always amazes me how much work goes into producing a TV show. Thanks for the pics.

    It would have been nice if your sister was right yesterday. Much luck on estimate. I do hope it’s a fuse, though.

    My slave son is coming to work with me today. (No, I do not work as an air traffic controller.) This suspension thing will work out great (for me) today. I believe while I’m getting the dogs fed, he will be scrubbing litter boxes! (works for me 😉 )

    Did anyone see the news about the run-a-way Prius? Two this week! I have money saved up to buy a Prius but I think I’ll hang on to my 160,000 Mile Honda for a while longer.

  21. Mornin’, Joe…

    I’ve been busy – just put a down payment on a new roof (ACK!), trying to clean up the yard from the winter damage (which will just get messed up again with the roof work), and basically running around with my head chopped off. I hope the roof work doesn’t interfere with my satellite, because I’m due for the work to start April 1st. Maybe they’ll hold off until the following week. I AM looking forward to Universe, now that White Collar and Psych (as of tonight) have wrapped up their seasons. That leaves me with only NCIS for now, since I’ve gotten really bored (annoyed??) with The Mentalist. At this rate I really should just get rid of my satellite, and watch everything on the internet.

    Have you heard from Akemi again? Is she liking Australia any better now? I’m kinda outta da loop…or…just loopy. Haven’t decided which. 🙂

    Have a good one!


  22. Salut! ça va joseph? Moi oui mais un peu fatiguer je n’ai plus une minute à moi^^!!

    Alors le travail à reprit pour les acteurs? c’est cool 🙂 Merci pour toutes ces photos, elle me donne vraiment envi de voir la suite de la serie…alors courage dans moins d’un mois!

    Je suis désolé je dois déjà y aller.
    Bisou Bisou!

  23. I just can’t absorb the awesomeness that is more drawings in one sitting. Back in the day, someone I know co-owned a book of technical specifications for the Enterprise-D with a friend. Okay, it was me.

    Episode #6: Only One Stone

    Episode #7: Two Doobies Left

    Episode #8: Maniac

    Episode #9: Munah Munah

    Episode #10: Secretions

  24. Episode 6: Fire and Water; Fury and Flame; Doom and Gloom; Home and Heart(h); Live and Learn
    Episode 7: The Darkest/Longest/Hardest Path
    Episode 8: Candle; Tangle; Cadets
    Episode 9: Jackpot!
    Episode 10: Devolution

    I love the way the artwork seems so much lighter and brighter — it really brings out the design details. In the show, the lighting seems so much more subdued, and unfortunately, on my TV that means a lot of that additional detail is lost in the gloom. You know, I think I’d love to see SGU on a really big screen in a really dark room, just to see all the stuff I’m missing. 🙂

  25. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the Destiny/SGU drawings and pics!!

    I’m working on a question for Jamil.

    Have a lovely day! Hugs to the dogs!




    3) BAOBAB



  27. @DP

    If 9 if Munah Munah, should 10 be, Deet de da dee dit?

    Also, the only thing I can think of for 6 is

    Drunk and horny.

    Someone please drag my mind out of the gutter!

  28. Hey Joe,

    Can I second Sal’s request?


    hi, joe,

    if the 3rd sg1 movie never gets made, can there be sam/jack confirmation (that they’re in a relationship together) be in SGU?

    If the economy is going to kill our movie (and I realize you really have no input/say/comment/verifiable information on that, as a writer/producer for SGU, perhaps you can conspire with Brad to throw us a bone.

    An unequivocal one. Thanks.

    On the other side of the fence, we’re having our own car issues. The good side of this is that I dropped the car off with the fix-it guy and walked the 3 miles back – better than the gym!

  29. Hi Mr M!!

    Great artwork. Lovely pics. Thank you!

    Any thoughts on a quiz? *hint hint*

    Best to all at The Bridge.


  30. Some questions for Jamil:

    What is your favorite thing about yourself?

    What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

    If you were really in the situation on SGU, which character would you actually be?

    If Joe ever cooked a meal for you, what would it be?

  31. Episode #6: **** *N* *****
    hide and speak

    Episode #7: T** ******* ****
    The Pegasus Gate

    Episode #8: *A****

    Episode #9: ???
    Charming – will include Furlings who’ll bring the people aboard the Destiny what they need the most… 😉

    Episode #10: *E********
    Depression, Regression,

  32. Hey Joe

    I’m a bit behind on your blog but I know David Blue missed dinner with the gang because he was down here in Oz with us! Poor man must have had terrible jet lag.

    Anyhoo he was absolutely lovely and was very friendly when I ran into him out the back at one point. He even kindly answered my spoilerish question but as I promised I wouln’t tell what is was… I wont! 🙂

    All of the Stargate crew who came down were fantastic. The big suprise was Dan Shea who was hilarious and started his session with Chris Judge off by challenging him to a push up contest. Without shirts. They were one of the funniest duos I’ve seen in a while. Also both extremely friendly too as I also had a bit of a chat with each of them.

    David Nykl was really friendly and we chatted about upcoming work. And of course RDA. Well, he’s RDA and he was just awesome. And he wished me happy birthday! which is actually today (or tomorrow to you). I’m 40. Is it rude to ask for a shout out?


  33. <b@das You said…
    ATTN: NCIS fans…

    Question for ya…

    I was watching an ep, and right in the middle of it I realized that McGee reminded me of someone, and I think that someone is our very own Joey! Mannerisms, expressions…eyebrows…something!

    YES! YES! YES!, you clever, clever lady… ROFLMAO!


  34. Hi Joe,

    Best to the cast and crew for the first day of production of season 2! Roll on April 🙂

  35. Hi Joe,

    Earlier thoughts plus others…

    Ep 6 – Life And Death/Burn And Crash/Gate And Earth

    Ep 7 – The Darkest Void/ The Eternal Void/The Eternal Name/Two Further Days/The Burning Fire

    Ep 8 – Fallen/Cancel/Danger/Easter/Faster

    Ep 9 – ???

    Ep 10 – Teleported/Devastated

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