I was going through my office desk today and came across a slew of supporting material from the last two seasons of Stargate: Atlantis – concept art, sketches, designs, schematics, art department packages.  I uploaded many over the course of the past few years, but just as many have remained secreted away in my bottom drawer alongside a bottle of multi-vitamins, a box of pecans, and a package of unsweetened shredded coconut.  There’s plenty of stuff here that may, or may not intrigue so, at the risk of boring you, I’ll just post a couple of items for starters and gauge your interest in these glimpses of way-back-when.  If you want to see more, let me know.  And, if you’re all extra nice, in the lead up to the April premiere of the back half of Stargate: Universe (April 2nd, Space), I could be convinced to organize these items by episode and then award the various packages as prizes.  Again, if you’re interested, let me know…

Lucky Rollers Motor Hotel Awning Sign - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Vegas. The Lucky Rollers, the motel of choice for the discerning alien visitor. First, someone had to come up with a motel name that hasn't been taken yet. My writing partner Paul suggested The Sleep-It-Off Motel but, in the end, Lucky Rollers was more in keeping with the Vegas theme. The actual location used (as noted) was the Best Value Westward in Langley. Excuse the coffee stains. This one was sitting at the top of the pile.

Exterior Desert Highway Signs - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Vegas. It's all in the details. One of the notes suggests: "Paint to age signs slightly. Highway 157 sign aged more. Aging appropriate to desert climate (ie. no rust, more of a dust treatment). Interestingly, the note accompanying the sign on the left reads: "Sign to be peppered with practical bullet holes...". Even more interestingly is the picture in the bottom left-hand corner, an actual bullet-peppered road sign used for photo reference.

Vehicle Placement, Teaser - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Vegas. In the episode tease, Detective John Sheppard checks out a crime scene. It all looks so casual onscreen but, in fact, great care is taken in the staging of not only the action but the various elements that comprise the scene. Note the two compass-like symbols suggestive of director Robert Cooper's shot selection (ie. long lens looking west as Sheppard arrives). Also note a reference to "Masters FX body inside taped perimeter (props)", a reference to the work of the enormously talented Todd Masters and his team at Master FX.

Exterior Police Station - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Vegas. A part of UBC (University of British Columbia) is magically transformed into a Vegas police department. Raise the U.S. flag, park a police car out front and - voila! I love the note at the bottom right: "...grass to be cut prior to shooting" And while you're at it, do the windows too!

Wraith Device - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Vegas. At first glance, I had no idea what I was looking at but, upon closer scrutiny, I recognized the interior of the wraith's trailer and, specifically, the communication device he initiates at episode's end. Plenty of notes on the left-hand side of the page, reminders of the work to be completed by the various departments like Construction, Set Dec, Model Shop, Props and - in this instance my favorite - Lighting: "to supply interactive backlight for wraith plug. It must ramp up to nuclear bright for last interior scene." Now that's pretty damn bright!

Vehicle Placement - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Vegas. An aerial view of the desert location where Detective John Sheppard and the wraith have their climactic showdown. Oliver, B.C.

Speaking of Atlantis, word is the complete five season box set of the series will be released on March 23rd.  The collection will include all 100 episode and oodles of extras: http://dvd.ign.com/articles/107/1073846p1.html

A gentle reminder to get your questions in for Cherie Priest soon as I’d like to send them her way Thursday.  Not so gentle reminders to follow…

83 thoughts on “March 3, 2010: Hey, look at what I found!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this. It’s fascinating to see all the planning that goes into the shots we see on tv. I would be interested in seeing more.

  2. I, for one, enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes production stuff. Some people say it destroys the magic, but I’ve always found the work that goes into a show (not just the dialogue and the acting) fascinating.

  3. I, for one, really miss Stargate Atlantis and SG1. I am looking forward to the movies of each but wished you would restore them to the regular TV schedule and send SGU into orbit. I do not like SGU in the least. The shakey camera, the trips to earth, the brickering of the characters, the sex, the disrepect of the military, etc. It’s a go nowhere done nothing story. The story is boring and I have watched all 10 episodes hoping that each would get better but that hasn’t happened. I own all of SG1 and SGA but will not be purchasing SGU.

    It was interesting to see how the sets and scenes are established. Thanks for the insight.

  4. Thanks Joe,
    I really enjoyed seeing how much production and behind the scenes planning really goes into these shows. I know this is only a glimpse but I love it. I am the one who will look at the special features of a movie before I actually watch the movie. I have also watched all three stargate series and love them all. Stargate Universe is very different than the other two but, to me, equally addicting and am excited to see the rest of season 1. I would also love to see some teasers of the upcoming episode “Space”. (hint, hint) 🙂

  5. Hey Joe

    Nice pics, count me as a vote for more… and hoping they turn into prizes!

    But wait… a full bottom drawer must equal lots & lots and the people on your blog (at least the regular and semi-regular posters) equals lots & lots… hmmm kinda sounds like one for everybody. And the bonus part… Ashleigh gets to hand address and put stamps on all the envelopes!


  6. Hello.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Any BTS concepts in the music selections for Vegas? How about concept art for the upcoming movie (sorry, had to ask) for the fans?

    Also, do you know if the 100 episode set will also be available in Blu-ray? I love the Fans Choice set, and hope the rest of the series will eventually be available in that format. Thanks for the pics and the news. 😉



  7. Cool, thanks for posting those. I, for one, am always happy to see behind the scenes Atlantis stuff.

    Re: the complete series on DVD – how does this upcoming release differ to this one already released? Is it just different artwork?

    Hey, how are the itchy ears going?

  8. Ooh, these are interesting! I’ve always wanted to be a fly on the wall from the beginning (idea) to the end (airing) of a Stargate episode. I would love to see all of how it’s done.

  9. “If you want to see more, let me know.” Uh… Yes. Please. Thanks.

    Of the TV shows I’ve followed, and there haven’t been many, Atlantis is the only one that has stayed with me like this… I just wasn’t done with these guys yet, the characters, their world and the situation they were in. I want the movie, but I’ll take whatever I can get. Dammit, I’ve even read most of the tie-in novels, and I’ve NEVER, EVER done that before. (None have been great, a couple really poor, but most are tolerable and they’re a fix.)

    I had stopped watching SGU, but based on what I’ve read here, I’ll try the second half.

    Thanks again.

  10. Tell ya what, Joey…

    Just package up everything Wraithy you have, send it my way, and we’ll call it even. 😀 (Not sure what ‘it’ is, but I’m sure it has something to do with the writers’ mistreatment of the lovely long-locked pasty ones over the course of all 5 seasons… 😉 )

    Speaking of Wraith…

    Since we probably won’t be seeing them again any time soon, if ever, I was wondering about that ep you never got to write – the one about the Wraith young (queens?). Was it ever decided if all Wraith are hatched from pods? I thought maybe so, based on what the show has presented and what Michael said to Teyla about it being uncomfortable carrying a child inside of her. If so, was it determined at what age Wraith young emerged from their pods? I just can’t picture them hatching as babies…honestly, I can’t imagine Wraith putting up with babies, of any kind! Of course, I’m one of the very few Wraith fans who prefer the idea of fetal development in pods over in utero development, but maybe that’s because I’m one of the few who prefer that my Wraith keep their pants on (shirts, however, are a different story… 😉 ).


  11. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see more!
    This was terrific, and since Vegas was one of my favorite episodes, just a real treat!
    Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane.
    (And for cutting the grass before shooting. Makes all the difference.)

  12. thanks for showing the behind-the-scenes pics, i vote yes for seeing more of this stuff.

  13. Those SGA photos are really neat. Always love to see behind the scene plans. Keep ’em coming…please. Thank you.

    I’m just a little concerned as to why you were going through your desk drawers today???

  14. Yes to more postings and yes to prizes! 😀

    You dinner and the accompanying story from yesterday looks/sounds amazing. How fun!

    Also, I can’t wait for a Q&A with the new writers.

  15. “If you want to see more, let me know.” …. Ah yeah! For sure! Ya sure you betcha! Of course… YESSSSSSSSSSSS PLEASE! THANK YOU :p

  16. A contest so Joe can give away all the Junk he has in his bottom draw….coffee stains and all.

  17. So totally intersted in your Vegas items, can I be one of the lucky ones?

  18. YES!!! im interested, darn interested!! Bloody darn interested. You know as much as I love SGU, It’s nice to see Atlantis back on the blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis


    How does SGU disrespect the military. Personally, it has been protraying the military pretty well. You can’t expect all military people to be clean cut goody two shoes. If you were trapped billions of light years from home and an adversay was getting all nice nice with your spouse, and you couldn’t do a darn thing about, it would be understandable if you beat the crap out of them. Even if you are an accomplished officer.

  19. I don’t like the fact that, in most complete series DVD releases, they include bonus material that those of us who buy the Season by Season releases will be unable to own, unless we double dip and buy the complete series. We should be able to receive the bonus discs, for a small shipping charge, if we have already purchased the individual seasons.

  20. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for talking and posting pics of the Vegas concept art! One of my all-time franchise fave eps.

    Lots of great big smoochy interest, should you want to know.


  21. Hey Joe, I posted this on yesterday’s thingie, so am reposting here, if that’s ok?

    Hi Joe, haven’t been around for a few days, daughter’s visiting! We went to Miami to visit with family for a couple of days, got a slight case of food poisoning (only me and one cousin) and had a very long drive home because of it last night 🙁 We stopped to have dinner with Sheryl and Kabra, lots of fun.

    So, got home and found my Cocker’s eye had swollen up to twice its original size. She’s always had a “cherry eye” problem, has had surgery to correct it and that didn’t work. Took her into the vet today and it turns out she’s got terrible glaucoma in that eye (had it checked less than a year ago and it was fine), nothing wrong with the other. The vet was very pessimistic about treating it with medication and/or marijuana (just kidding…), so unfortunately the poor girl will have the eye removed next week. I’m worried, she’s 13, but she’s very healthy and I have excellent vets, so she should be ok other than the fact she’s going to look awful. I think she’ll actually be happier and healthier for it, so wish us luck!

  22. @das


    My theory is that the queens evolved from “those damned bugs” and have been around for many thousands of years, until many of them died in the war against the replicators. (although young Elia in season 2 works against that theory…)

    Still, I am an optimist, that we may see the wraith yet again. Sheppard and Todd need more closure than “is there going to be a next time?”

    Personally, I think SG-1 and Atlantis (will) work well in the 2 hour format, and hope the crew and studio can come to a decision soon on the fate of the Atlantis Franchise.

    BTW, how much snow did you and your husband get this last weekend? Hopefully not too much. Only got about a foot here. The association cleared my walkway around noon, and it wasn’t so bad.

    Best wishes,


  23. @Das

    I also think that there were a finite number of original queens that evolved from the bugs and that’s it.

    Since as far as we know the cloning only produces soldiers, I don’t think queens can produce offspring like humans…although Michael had an ultrasound that he “had to adapt for human physiology.”. So you know, I’m not sure any more… 😉

    Best wishes.


  24. To those who say there were a finite number of queens how does that explain Ellia in Instinct (season 2)?

  25. sorry for the double post, but you once gave this email address ( BaronDestructo@yahoo.com ) as an email to send something to if we want it to get to you.

    I want to double check on the accuracy of that email.

  26. @Bailey


    Yeah, I was basing that off something Todd said in season 4 in Be All My Sins Remembered, but as I said myself Instinct and Conversion do poke a hole in that theory… Oh well, hope we get more closure on this in a future movie. (Sorry to beat a dead horse Joe, but we do miss Atlantis, even though we enjoyed the first half of SGU.

    Best wishes,


  27. Ok a couple questions as well for the next mailbag.

    1. Is Robert Carlyle directing Pathogen?

    2. Will there be any guest writers(I’m not counting Remi and Linda because unless I’m mistaken, they’re regulars) in season 2?

    3. Will Alex Chappel or Peter Deluise be back for season 2?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  28. @ Deni – good luck to your doggie. Thirteen is not too old. Hopefully she will be just fine and later feeling even better as you say.

  29. Ha! Jeff Eastin has been wooing me on Twitter with script snippets and behind-the-scenes vids from White Collar! Perhaps these new (old? eh, new to me) treats from SGA will win me back to the old blog! 😉

  30. Hmm…. The complete box set, huh? Hope it contains *ALL* of the extended episodes and *ALL* of the others extra stuff from the previous DVDs. AND, maybe some more new stuff…??

    Hmm… Means I’ll have to save my pennies… Literally! Got more family birthdays coming up, still paying for the last couple! Then there’s the sooner rather than later replacement of most of our major appliances! — Bought one last week and now our hot water tank fritzed out, again! Repair guy is in tomorrow to check it out, hope it doesn’t have to get replaced….

    And my current SGA DVDs are almost worn to the bone from constant use – I should probably get the box set as a backup copy…

    I need to check my lottery numbers…

  31. Of course we want to see more! Umm, and the one with the police station, I think the grass is dead. Or the picture’s color is messed up. That made me laugh. What grass?

    They always come out with these megasets of DVDs for shows after I buy them all. And they put new behind-the-scenes material on them.

  32. I say go for it,you should know what we’re like by now Joe.

    @Deni hope your girl does ok, they’re more worry than kids 🙂

  33. Hey Joe,

    Wow, and from my all time FAVORITE Stargate episode. I am just happy to have the photos here. I love to take a peek in your drawers….ha

    To fun, really. Please please show more.

    The boxed set…please be kind to us poor souls that already own all five seasons. I’m already crying over the SGU blue-ray special features that I won’t ever see…well maybe “ever” is stretching things. I just may get a gift one day. I asked for the player for Christmas. I got a book. grumble…terrible thing to want a player to just see special features on SGU. Yes…torment me over SGA now. boooo

    That is okay…you are letting me peek in your drawers..hehehehe

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  34. Hello Joseph =)

    Waou quel trouvail !!! Merci de nous faire partager toutes ces photos, elles sont très interessante !!! ..je suis sûre que vous cachez pleins d’autres choses dans votre bureau 😉

    Today, c’est l’anniversaire de mon cheri!! 23 ans dèjà..rohh ça passe trop vite!!!

    Je vous fais pleins de gros bisou et vous dit à bientôt.
    Je vous adore (mais vous le savez 😉

  35. Hello Joe,

    I have a question that has been bugging me so much I have come out of lurkdom to ask it…

    If the Ancients have “healing powers” how come they needed such a well equipped infirmary on Atlantis? Hmm?

    BTW, I’m really enjoying Universe – thanks!

  36. @Ponytail: Thank you! I don’t do well when doggies are sick or having surgery. Hell, who am I kidding? I’m a nervous wreck!

  37. Hi Mr M!

    What great snaps!! YES PLEASE!!! Any (and I mean any) SGA related stuff is always welcome for viewing / winning!

    Welcome to the new Writers!!

    How is Carl? He’s been awfully quiet lately. Given that he is a dual citizen, I reckon he is having conflicting emotions on the whole USA/CAN hockey game.

    Also, delighted to see you were at ReFuel. Did Tom and Co have a busy Olympics? I sent as many (good mannered and well-heeled) Irish there as I could (all 6 of the ’em).

    Best to all


  38. Q. Would I be interested in a competition with prizes including stuff from Vegas, my all-time fave Stargate episode ever?

    A: HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

    Please don’t run it on the weekend though. I’ll be a little preoccupied with the epic Aussie Stargate Con – RDA, David Blue, Chris Judge, Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Connor Trinneer, David Nykl & Dan Shea…..plus meeting up with some folks on the blog & twitter… I’ve got awesome seats – front and centre.

    Joe, when you were looking though your desk did you happen to see my ipod shuffle or my sisters usb stick? I’m still looking for those.

    Cheers, Chev

  39. Keep posting the Atlantis material Joe! That’s good stuff! I applaud the idea of giving the packages out as prizes.

  40. Good morning Joe, I must say I really enjoyed the botm, The Boneshaker and was very pleased with the end, nicely done. Just finished it last evening as I had company most of Feb..thanks for suggesting it. not sure I have any question that hasn’t been asked. I felt the pain that the characters felt, great writing. Chuckled at the disclaimer at the end, have to admit I don’t know Seattles history so it was easy for me to not to dispute. Can’t imagine all the email the author would get over it. I liked the sepia colors, just seem to fit. I love a happy ending (for Briar and Zeke) a good read. just let Ms Priest know. Ok a question, the wings thru the wheel, idea behind that.?? thanks to Ms Priest for answering questions,
    And Joe, of course I would accept the pages as a prize, cool part of sg history. good idea coffee stains and all. ? autograph??

  41. Thanks for posting the supporting material, I really enjoy seeing it and please do post more when you can.

  42. I’m confused about the announcement of a boxed set of the Stargate: Atlantis DVDs. Nomi and I bought that set in 2009, so what exactly is being announced?

    This is the one we bought:

    Does this new one have lots more new features? Seems kind of, um, unfair if we can’t get those new features another way after having bought the first release of the complete series…

  43. I get the pecans, the multivitamins but why would you have unsweetened shredded coconut in your desk drawer? Did you find that script you lost a before your Japan trip?

    Deni: I hope the cherry eye goes away this time. I always hated those.

    I already have SGA. We are watching season five now.


  44. @Deni – 13 isn’t old for a dog these days. I hope she will be okay, as you say she is a healthy hound. Vetinary treatment is really great these days – with prices to match. I am SO glad that I got good insurance for my moggies.

  45. The more pictures from Atlantis the better! I have been feeling a serious nostalgia for all things Atlantis lately! I have been spending each night over the past few weeks watching the entire series again. Anything you can provide to fill that little void would be appreciated!

  46. “Ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten!” 😆

    @ Deni – Hugs to you and your baby!

    @Bryan M. White – Ack! Finally someone who wants to talk Wraith, and I’m in a huge rush. Buuuut…I can still give my pale beauties a minute or three… 🙂

    I have a few ‘theories’ about their reproduction, partly based on the show (I doubt I’ll ever read the books – I just can’t think of them as ‘canon’, but more like fan fic).

    Firstly, we know that the lovely faced Wraith – or at least the females – do have a ‘larval’ stage where they are different from the adults, mainly in that the can survive on normal food. Then they go through a type of metamorphosis (puberty?) when they enter adulthood and can only survive on human life force, much like a caterpillar survives on vegetation while a butterfly survives on nectar.

    We also know that drones/warriors/soldiers/masked Wraith/S&M bondage dudes – whatever you want to call them – emerge from pods as near-adults, and can seemingly be produced by just using the Queen’s genetic material – perhaps like wasps who produce male offspring from unfertilized eggs (female wasps are produced from fertilized eggs). It’s from those originals that the cloning process then takes place.

    The writers (forget who – perhaps Alan) said that – behind the scenes – they feel that the more advanced, faced Wraith are produced from genetic contributions from both the males, and the Queen. HOW this happens hasn’t been disclosed – through the hive ship itself (much like the chair in Spoils of War), through traditional mating, or through something really, really creepy…like spermatophores or spider sperm webs (oh, please, oh please!)? No one seems to know. Based on what the show has presented, however, I tend to lean towards this transfer occuring somehow through the hive ship itself since we know similar exchanges do take place as revealed in Spoils of War and Infection. Most Wraith fans favor traditional rumpy pumpies, but I just can’t imagine a Queen allowing herself such vulnerability…unless, of course, she keeps the randy l’il bugger chained up and strapped down. Hmmm… *rubs chin thoughtfully* ….THAT might actually work! 😉


    As far as the low number of Wraith queens go – well, again, no reason has been revealed. We know they are a bit different genetically from the males (since the retrovirus released into the hive ship didn’t affect the Queen), but we don’t know why. Perhaps Queens are the only ones developed in utero, thus explaining their low numbers compared to the pod-developed males? Are Queens simply genetically altered males? Or are they just jealous biatches who kill any female young produced, simply to ensure their position on the throne?

    Ahhhh…inquiring Wraith fans wanna know!

    Yeah. And THAT was more than a minute or three…but in my defense, I had to step away for half an hour to meet with a roofer…sooooo….yeah. I am SO late for work now… 😛 I blame JOE! 😀


  47. I’m surprised you thought you even had to ask!

    Oh…. I see… you just wanted us to affirm once again your power over us by having us beg, plead and grovel at your feet …. 😉

    Yes; oui; si; da; ja; nai; na’am; hai.

    Joe — cleaning out your desk… Is that Akemi’s influence?

    With that price tag, I doubt I will be purchasing the boxed set anytime soon. I did not pay that much total for all 5 seasons separately!

    @hashimotto — very funny video.

    @das — I too enjoy the Wraith for aesthetic reasons. 😀

  48. Guess what!! My SGU 1.0 DVD set has finally arrived! It wasn’t a dream after all. Thanks again! 😀

  49. You do have some cool shit in your desk, Joe. Thanks for sharing.

    My SIL Kim (hubby’s older sister), lost her fight with ovarian cancer last night. I hate that phrase “lost her fight” because ovarian cancer doesn’t fight fair. She was scarcely six months older than I am, and has a 12 year old daughter. That makes two of my brothers, and now one of hubby’s sisters taken by cancer. I’d like cancer to go to hell, please.

  50. @ matt from aus, would happened to be called, matty ben sparky?,know someone w/ that name?? Sheryl.

  51. nice stuff! i’m interested!
    very busy today, this will be probably my only post for the day and i’m not saying much in it!
    Was listening to the new Lady Gaga song with Beyoncé. The video is still not out, apparently still in the editing stage!
    got to run 😀

  52. Deni: so sorry I misunderstood about your cocker. I blame the headache I’ve had for a while. The good thing about animals is they don’t have the social hangups like we do. They wake up without a body part and are fine! I’ve seen several hound dogs wake up after we had to remove a leg and ask for dinner, while they are wagging their tail. Sending good vibes your way! May you have your cocker for many more years!

  53. Like so many others, I’d love to see more of the behind-the-scenes stuff, for SGA or SG-1 or SGU.

    If you give out episode packages as prizes, do we get to pick which episode we get? That would be too awesome.

    I can’t wait for SGU to start back up. I’ve now watched every episode of the first half five times. Addicted? Me? What gives you that idea?

    @Deni: I’m sure your girl will be fine. I’ve actually seen that surgery done before, and it’s not as bad as it seems.

    I hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm, or cool as the case may be. Take care, all!

  54. @maggiemayday: Sorry to hear about your SIL. I agree with you that cancer can go to hell. Too much of it in my family, too, and I don’t look forward to that prospect.

  55. SGA behind-the-scenes production goodies are always, always welcome and greatly appreciated! Thankee, Sorr, thankee!

  56. Total heat wave this side of the world. I’m used to heat, this is Africa, after all, but two weeks of over 30 degrees (85 F) every – single – day is a bit much.

    Joe? Vegas stuff…yes please.

    Maggiemayday – If you knew the address of hell I would supply the box. We could parcel cancer in nicely. Air-tight, of course. I have some real garish South African stamps I could stick on as well. 😛

    Deni – Doggy will be just fine, I’m sure.

  57. @ maggiemayday – I am so, so sorry – my condolences to you and all your family, especially your young niece. How very sad. {{{hugs}}} My thoughts are with you…


  58. So I’ve finally seen this new SGU trailer you were talking about (I suppose it was the one) and there was a short shot with Kiva. And you said, that there would be a shot with an alien.

    Did you mean this shot or shot with some another alien in some another trailer. (Beacause I’m really confused with all these alien creatures)

    And second question: If (eventually) these production pictures become prizes, will they be available for US residents only or we in the Europe will be able to compete too?

  59. Very nice Joe. Vegas was my favorite SGA eppy. Couldn’t possibly be because I live there?
    But I am really bad at contests. Perhaps a sympathy prize? Yeah, I didn’t think so O_o

    Would love to see more.

  60. maggiemayday: so sorry about your niece. Cancer is so insidious. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  61. I miss Atlantis so much – I wish it was still in production, so I’m definitely interested in seeing more concept art, sketches, designs, schematics, art department packages.

    I had already noticed that the seasons 1-5 box set for Atlantis was due… but as I already have the individual season box sets, I’m hoping that the blu-ray edition will be available soon.

  62. @ maggiemayday – very sorry to hear of your sister-in-laws passing. Your family is in my prayers, especially her young daughter.

  63. Michael A. Burstein,/b> wrote:

    …I’m confused about the announcement of a boxed set of the Stargate: Atlantis DVDs. Nomi and I bought that set in 2009, so what exactly is being announced?…

    Additional info on the SGA complete set. The ASIN code for the set that you have is one release last year that was withdrawn from the market for a period of time due to quality control issues with the set. According to the buyers feedback at Amazon the packaging was not consumer friendly and resulted in damage disc.

    I think the current release might be the same previous stock. Amazon assigns different ASIN numbers for Stargate sets distributed by MGM & Fox Home Entertainment even if the contents & packaging is the same. Especially since MGM sole-source manufacturing for all their products for region 1.

  64. Mr M delete my previous post, bad formatting.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Michael A. Burstein wrote:

    …I’m confused about the announcement of a boxed set of the Stargate: Atlantis DVDs. Nomi and I bought that set in 2009, so what exactly is being announced?…

    Additional info on the SGA complete set. The ASIN code for the set that you have is one release last year that was withdrawn from the market for a period of time due to quality control issues with the set. According to the buyers feedback at Amazon the packaging was not consumer friendly and resulted in damage disc.

    I think the current release might be the same previous stock. Amazon assigns different ASIN numbers for Stargate sets distributed by MGM & Fox Home Entertainment even if the contents & packaging is the same. Especially since MGM sole-source manufacturing for all their products for region 1.

  65. Joe, Chimaeracon’s 2010 theme is “Space Odyssey”. Would you please consider donating an item from your junk drawer for auction?

  66. maggiemayday:–
    My condolences… I hope that good memories of happier times comfort you and her family.

  67. Thanks for the Vegas art. One of my top favorite episodes, along with Search and Rescue, Doppelganger, Outcast, Common Ground, Phantoms, The Storm, The Eye and The Defiant One.

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