Yesterday, we headed to the city’s Yaletown district to do some strolling, some shopping, have a little lunch, and potentially run into fellow writer-producer Carl Binder who has been in town checking out the free events and, if my sources are correct, representing Djibouti in the skeleton and freestyle skiing.  Alas, no Carl sighting on this day.  Also, no lunch at Rodney’s Oyster House which, unlike many well-situated Vancouver restaurants, elected not to open for lunch and take advantage of the Olympic crowds.  So, instead, we went over to the Blue Water Cafe where we ordered up a half-dozen oyster varieties…

Akemi's favorite seafood: oysters on the half-shell.

We followed up with some small plates (smoked sockeye salmon terrine, Dungeness crab and shrimp cake, Albacore tuna tartare, and a Qualicum Bay scallop ceviche) and maki, then braved the crowds of silly hat-sporting strollers.  Now I haven’t been in the area for weeks, but I don’t remember seeing this – uh – interesting piece of artwork the last time I was here…

Feel free to name the statue.

We eventually made our way back to the car which, conveniently enough, happened to be parked right our front Ganache Patisserie – so we stopped in for some dessert.

Akemi had the Citron-Mandarine: lemon cream, lemon curd, mandarine oranges, and almond dacquoise.
While I went with my favorite, the Concorde-Praline: hazelnut cocoa meringue, chocolate guimauve, dark chocolate praline mousse, and chocolate chantilly. Killer!

We took in an anime matinee in the home theater room, watching How’s Moving Castle which she loved and I found enjoyably odd but narratively scattered.  We’ll probably check out Miyazai’s latest, Ponyo, today – although Akemi is eager for me to check out a series called Code Geass.

We’ve been eating a lot of late so it was no surprise that, by the time our dinner reservations at Bistrot Bistro rolled around, we weren’t exactly ravenous.  As a result, we ended up eating light.  Well, fairly light.

My delightful dining companion, Akemi.

We started with two terrific appetizers – escargots in butter sauce and warm caramelized onion smoked applewood bacon gruyere tart – and an okay butternut squash soup, then shared –

Decadent duck confit macaroni & cheese.
Brussel sprouts with bacon. It'll win over most die-hard brussel sprout-haters.
Akemi was wild about the house ratatouille.
Mmm. Oishi.

We decided to skip dessert and requested the bill.  A couple of minutes later, we were served a little surprise –

A sampling of the house chocolate mousse. Delicious.
Bistrot Bistro scores top marks for food, service, its casual ambience - and the complimentary lollipops that accompany the bill.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, I’m considering suggestions for the April Book of the Month Club pick.  While I’d love to do a classic, the reason I started this book club was to give new writers the opportunity to introduce themselves while allowing established authors to re-introduce themselves and hopefully pick up a few more avid readers along the way.  The Q&A portion of the discussion is important as it offers insight into not only the works, but the individuals who give so much of themselves to create the stories we enjoy.  So classics, while tempting, are problematic – unless the author is available to drop by and field our questions.  Ideally, given that April fast approaches, it would be great to come up with a title that is readily available at most local bookstores – in affordable paperback version.  Since I’ll be reading along with you, I’d like to make a special request for no potentially cheesy candidates.  And finally, while I’m sure there are a lot of wonderful tie-in novels out there, they’re not my cup of tea.  Sorry.

So what’s going on with the Olympics?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  First up, Canadian fans are proving themselves jerks and poor sports:,221320.  If your athletes can’t win on their own merits or you can’t depend on the whims of those judges, then I suppose that’s one way to go.

Still, for all the money spent and all the talking done, Canada hasn’t exactly been kicking ass.  Own the podium?  Maybe we’d have been better off looking to rent: and

59 thoughts on “February 22, 2010: Out and about! Ganache Patisserie! Bistrot Bistro! Narrowing down our next book of the month club pick! And an Olympic update!

  1. Drat! Joe, you are posting too early and my comment ended up at the end of yesterday’s post. Sadly, I haven’t had the leisure to prowl around my local book stores in search of new and interesting authors. But I do have a couple of BOTM suggestions which I’ll here, so people can comment on them if they would like (to say things like eeewwww, not historical fantasy):

    The Master of All Desires by Judith Merkel Riley: a tale of intrigue in Renaissance France featuring such characters as Nostradamus and Catherine de Medici. Available in paperback.

    The Cardinal’s Blades by Pierre Pevel: sure to appeal to fans of swashbuckling tales set in the era of the Three Musketeers. This one is only in hard cover at the moment, but will be out in paperback in July so maybe it would be a good summer choice. But the author is French, so a question answer session might be problematic unless you want to translate all of our questions for the author.

    Or, if you wanted to do something classic in a graphic novel, how about Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman? Though I’m not sure about his availability for questions.

  2. Hello,

    Here is an oldie but goodie for the book of the month club. “The Empty Chair” by Jeffrey Deaver. It is a mystery about a missing person, with a great twist that you will never expect. I’m talking Young abandoning Rush on an alien planet GREAT!!!

    Hope things are going well. Best wishes to you and your family.



  3. We have different views of “eating light”. 😀

    Food looks wonderful! I’m glad both of you are having fun.

  4. Well, the classics thing was just an idea for a change of pace. Since you particularly want to have the authors available for questions, unless we could find an actual “can talk to the dead” psychic (a probablility that ranks about 2000 spots below “My Mother the Car” being made into a feature movie) my idea is a total wash. See some interesting suggestions coming in, and I’ll have to grab a pen and pad to jot them down. Even if they don’t amke it to BotM, figure I’ll give some of them a try.
    have you extended your workouts to 4 hours a day? I can’t figure out how else you are able to eat so much and maintain your figure. Must be genetics, for both you and Akemi to be able to put away so much chow.
    These Olympics aren’t turning out too well, from a death at the start to the hosts losing out in one of the sports they really wanted to win. I might even get a little irate with the Canadians obsession with the whole thing, except there are enough American atheletes acting ugly to keep me from calling the kettle black. I’ll just be glad to have them over with so that I don’t have to listen to NBC covering them adnauseum in an attempt to make their profits margin higher.
    Thanks as always, and I’ll see if I can come up with a suggestion or two for the BotM club.

  5. We need your guidelines for what classifies as cheesy.
    I’m not a big contributor anyway so I think I’ll stop putting forward any suggestions.

  6. Reading recommendation: Chew vol. 1 : Taster’s Choice. Its the first five issues of the critically acclaimed comic book series for a low price ($10 US). I think as a guy who loves food you’ll appreciate it, especially the third chapter.

    Also, on the topic of food: you eat a lot of fancy foods (to me, at least. We can’t get good eatin’ like that here in Newfoundland). Do you ever just sit back with a cheeseburger or a pizza? And if so, how would you make/prepare it so that it meets your standards. BBQ burger? Any special toppings on the pizza?

  7. I’ll take some of that duck and macaroni and cheese please. Yuuumy!

    Looks like USA is kicking Canadian and everyone else’s butt too. I noticed a lot of the Olympians from outside the USA train in the USA.

    @maggiemayday – so sorry about your sister-law. Your family is in my prayers.

  8. Oo-o-o-h! I’d like one of those “Citron-Mandarine” desserts please!

    Question #1 – are you practicing speaking your Japanese with Akemi? If so, does anyone comment when you are overheard in public?

    Question #2 – I am in need of any kind of headache relief. It’s been nearly a week of near constant headaches, waking, sleeping, working… ever-present, in varying intensities. The usual remedies have failed me…aspirin, acetaminophen, caffeine, massage. Yes, my eyeglass prescription is current.

    I am at a loss — any suggestions out there?

    Much thanks 😥


  9. I don’t know about the bacon + brussels sprouts. I do love bacon. It might even be my favorite food. But I do hate brussels sprouts. It might be my most dsipised food.

    It’s not a ‘you got chocolate in my peanut butter’ type of situation where two things you adore hook up. It’s more like the love of your life being forced to kiss a herpes-laden, cold-sore donning, rotting-teeth infested prostitute…with tongue.

  10. Yaletown district? Can Harvardtown and Princetontown be far behind?

    I still haven’t seen Howl’s Moving Castle, although I got to be the presenter when it won the Nebula Award a few years ago. Maybe that’s a good omen.

    I want a Concorde-Praline!

    Here’s a suggestion for Book of the Month Club – if people want to do the occasional classic, maybe you can still have an appropriate guest to visit and talk about it. For example, I’m sure Canadian Spider Robinson would love to chat about a Robert Heinlein novel…

    @ Bryan M. White: I send the Deaver recommendation. I like the one about the magician (but I forget the title).

  11. Seemed more like she was unable to perform under pressure. Some atheletes learn to adjust to the noise and get on with their game, it seems she probably wasn’t used to that kind of atmosphere maybe? It’s unfortunate but that’s life I guess.

    The article said it best though, no doubt most people there don’t know the Sport and what is acceptable/unacceptable, they appeared to cheer their home country on.

    Another win for Canada though. Lol

  12. Okay. The Citron-Mandarine looks heavenly.



    – Brandon, really hungry now thanks. 😛

    p.s. Please pass on congrats to one Robert C. Cooper for his nomination!

  13. Hey Joe, the movie is Howl’s Moving castle,… I believe. I enjoyed the quirky story even if at times the story was all over the map.

  14. I would name the statue: Get this putz off my back.

    LOL you’d hate my suggestions… Terry Goodkind. Oh and the Liaden Universe books. Sue me. 🙂

  15. I will say that I got a laugh about the new version of the “own the podium” slogan I heard this morning on my drive into school. “Shown the Podium” at least according to the Vancouver radio station that my car picks up 😉

  16. A wonderful fantasy classic is Tad William’s THE DRAGONBONE CHAIR. I haven’t read it in years, but whenever I think of the book, I’m hit with this visceral sense of place and emotion. Actually, all of his books are excellent. I think I need to go over to Amazon and re-order the Otherland series.

    Robin McKinley, Peter Beagle, Patricia McKillip…all wonderful.

  17. The only thing I’ll be reading for the next few weeks is special education law. LOL.

    @maggiemayday: Sending loving thoughts your family’s way during this difficult time. XXOO

  18. damn! wasn’t fast enough to post earlier. Will no be able to beat my previous record of my most consecutive blog entries on your site. After seeing the 2 Canadian male lose at the speed skating competition and coming 4th and 5th after the Koreans and the American, I was doomed to be slowed down in my wish to beat my own record.
    So I continue to watch my diet and your daily feast are not affecting me at all.
    While you were having gastronomic cuisine today I , on the other end, was having gastronomic low calorie “cafeteria food”.
    the entrée: cabbage and pasta soup with a slice of white bread and becel margarine.
    the plat de résistance: beef stew in a brown sauce with carrots and more cabbage, with mashed potatoes.
    the dessert: poudding chômeur with maple syrup … and and a Activia yogurt.
    the boisson: 200 ml of apple juice.
    please note that no spice where hurt or abused during the making of this meal as I don’t think there were any. On the other end, no part of any cabbage where unused or lost during this meal preparation!
    grand total for my gastronomic caf. food: less then 5 $ .

  19. Now, now, Joe. Canada hasn’t been doing too bad. After never winning gold at a home Olympics they’re on 3 or 4 after tonight with the ice dance results. Although USA women’s and men’s hockey will stick kick their butts. 😀

    Mmm, that chocolate dessert looks amazing! So does the mac and cheese. Sadly, both things I gave up for “Lent”.

    As for book recs, well…if you want (a little more) classic fantasy or sci-fi, I’d highly suggest a Piers Anthony book. Accessible in stores, and considering he has his own website/blog and uses fan suggestions in most of his books, he’d probably be very open to doing a Q&A.

    Otherwise, what about Peter Hamilton’s “The Reality Dysfunction”? I’ve been meaning to read it myself and this would be a nice excuse to do so.

    Hope you’re doing well! Looks like you and Akemi are having a blast!

  20. Today, I made a Sears Sales Guy happy – I bought a dishwasher! A Kenmore… and no, his name wasn’t Michael.

    And then, I had brussel spouts!! 😀 I love brussel spouts! They’re like nanite cabbage… YUM!!

    Oh, and BTW, the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team ***KICKS GINORMUS ASS***!!!!

  21. Geez, Joe…you and Colbert bashing Canada. Are you sure you are Canadian? I think Carl binder is being a nicer Canadian, and he isn’t… If you want to bash something, how about pick on the British press, who have been merciless in their attacks against Canada. With that nastiness, I’m amazed that Canada wants to continue to be a Commonwealth country. Why have anything to do with a country who’s mouthpieces seem to hate us so much?

    (Proud Canadian)

  22. Hi Joe i like the videos with the dogs and with the audio on some can you post more clips?
    When the time comes for the next sg-1 movie do you know or suppose that the icarus base gateroom set (assuming you are not in need of it for flashbacks that is) will be restored to scg gateroom or will you use cgi footage from now on.

    If you restore the scg gateroom maybe keep the blues and whites and say it was a paint job like on atlantis when they painted the walls and so forth.

    Just got SGU 1.0 DVD thank you so much for including Daniel Jacksons tutorial videos and the extended Air not to mention all the kino footage.

    Have you seen the fanmade sgc and atlantis and midway station simulations and what do you think if you have or heard about them.Im still use the sgc dialer and it dials 9 chevrons says “unknown” for destination so i imagine it gates to Destiny and all.

    Heres a idea you can use if you want to maybe somebody in the milky way can gate to destiny and bring them some zpms or nauquadah generators or aasgard core to Destiny so they can power the shields extra so they can explore and open up more sections of the Destiny faster than they are now and maybe they can use some of the power to auto repair the ship in those areas as they go along.Repair as they go like pay as you go in the usa!
    All The Best!

  23. heres a list of possible candidates:

    -The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart

    -the execution channel

    -the hunger games

    -Dominant Species

    -World War Z

    Im partial to world war z because i bought long time ago but never got around to reading it. Execution channel to me sounds boring but it seems like something pple would want to read. and others i just saw on amazon.

    since you’ve been reading comic books, which comic book has really impressed you and what types of comics should i avoid?

  24. I would like to recommend Jim Butcher’s Furies of Calderon from his Codex Alera series. He also writes the Dresden Files books. He just finished the 5th book in the Codex Alera series so if the story interests you or others, you can read it until completion with book 5. I enjoyed the story although there were parts that were somewhat predictable.

  25. -Nice food entry pictures, thank you. desserts good,giving points for presentation, you win.
    -May hit the bookshelf or store to look for suggestions for botm.
    –Enjoy you day!

  26. I love Howl’s Moving Castle! I liked the book a bit better, but the movie was delightful.

    Congrats to all the Canadians here on the gold for Ice Dancing! What a spectacular performance!

    @Debra: I’m a fan of the Liaden Universe books, too! Especially Local Custom (part of Partners in Necessity) and I Dare.

    @Narelle: Please keep suggesting stuff.

  27. Hi Mr M!

    Just a note to say…have you thought of :

    Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer ? Available in paperback..Eoin would def do a Q and A…and he has penned the most recent Hitchhiker’s Guide instalment.

    Just a thought.

    Best to all…..and also….dang! I thought I had that spot as Skeleton nailed for Djibouti ….That Carl Binder!!!*shakes fist*

    Best to all


  28. Joe, for the BOMC, maybe a selection from recent Hugo and Nebula nominees would be a safe bet.

    @ 2cats – stop messing around, time to see a doctor.

  29. 2cats: as a chronic migraine sufferer, I feel your pain. I’ve found some of my migraines are triggered by allergy or sinus inflammation/infection. Try making a doctor’s appointment to get your sinuses checked. You might have a sinus infection.

    Narelle: have you read any of J. D. Robb? She is in the category I like to call, “Junk Food Fiction”. The main character is called Eve Dallas. Eve is a homicide detective, married to a gorgeous man and the books are set in the future. While, I don’t recommend these for the book of the month club, they are fun to read. In a similiar theme to Sookie but without the fairies/vamps/weres, etc… Eve knows how to kick butt!

    Eric.Stewart: Dieting? I thought you said you lost too much weight?

  30. Oooooo… yummmmmm… Joe you are a wicked man, tempting me away from my Jenny Craig frozen morsels with that scrumptious looking Concorde-praline. Want. Want now, dammit!

  31. No cheesy candidates? You’re looking for SF&F, right?

    Hmm… I’m an L. Neil Smith fan. L. Neil Smith is the man in terms of world creation because he understands raw human motivation and how that affects society on a macroscopic scale. That allowed him to create a cohesive alternate reality for The Probability Broach (TPB) and its follow-up novels.

    TPB gets points because the graphic novel version is available for free on-line. The graphic novel version loses points because of the horrific image in the opening pages. The graphic novel version also loses points because the exposition of the alternate reality is too long and too on the nose. Maybe the original novel (not a graphic novel) handles the alternate universe exposition more elegantly.

    Oh yeah, I betcha’ can get L. Neil Smith to agree to a Q&A in a heartbeat.

    The great thing about the follow-up novels for TPB is they involve spontaneously and voluntarily formed military actions. The usual military science fiction has a cop-out available to motivate the characters to go toward the action: order ’em there. I crave something more developed like L. Neil Smith’s work. I’m also hoping SGU becomes what I’m looking for. (Actually, I crave it so much, causing voluntaryist military action to happen was a design parameter for the universe I created.)

  32. @Michael A. Burstein – just saw your comment on a previous entry. Yes, I’ve been to that dim sum restaurant. No, I can’t remember its name. It’s on the edge of Chinatown near the Swissotel. My advice to tourists: tip the Swissotel doorman for directions or ask just about anyone on the street. Stare at neighboring tables to figure out what you want, then hope it’s on one of the carts that pass you. Some say Sunday’s the best day to go. I don’t know why – maybe more selection?

  33. Alright, Joe, pony up on your big name producer pull in Vancouver.

    I HAVE TO have the Citron-Mandarine recipe!!!!!!

    You can make it happen, Man. That’s what producers do, right?

    @ Someone with more tact than I — back me up here.

  34. Love the pics of the food 🙂 I’m a fan of brussel sprouts and I find everything taste better with bacon. Ok thinking of my next sentance I realize that not everything per se tastes better with bacon ie/ ice cream or any desert food items but pretty much everything else!!

    Asking for a BOTM suggestion from us brings me back to the beginning orgins of this BOTM club, when I recall you thought it was a bad idea!! Then got behind it after over whelming response from your posters, you added another level when asking authors to come and do a Q&A and some even volunteered at the beginning so its been great fun!! (i believe it was me who made the suggestion that we start a BOTM club…..hmmm…)

    NO run ins with Carl on the mean streets of Vancouver eh!!

    That staue should be named: “I have no F**ing idea why was put here!” It’s an odd statue were there any dedications or plaques giving any hints to it orgins?

  35. I’d 2nd the Piers Anthony. Split Infinity.

    Hope you don’t mind the mention again… Andrew Koenig remains missing in Vancouver. Last seen 2/14. Please share his photo, hope and pray for good news.

    @maggie, prayers.

  36. @2cats

    Question #2 – I am in need of any kind of headache relief. It’s been nearly a week of near constant headaches, waking, sleeping, working… ever-present, in varying intensities. The usual remedies have failed me…aspirin, acetaminophen, caffeine, massage. Yes, my eyeglass prescription is current.

    I am at a loss — any suggestions out there?

    Make sure that your furryalarms are not at fault. My little tom cat goes through phases of waking me up during the night so that I can make a freshly prepapred ‘snack’ for him. I end up feeling, and looking, like a zombie from some really bad horror film the next morning.

    Susan (and Frankie and his nice sister Merlin)

  37. @ Tammy -not trying to loose weight. Trying hard not to gain it back 😀
    After much deliberation about whether I should gain the weight back, I finally concluded that I was photograph by Joe from an unflattering angle 🙂
    Must have been the shock of meeting me that made Joe distracted when he was photographying me 😉 I mean Joe has a lot on his mind ! he’s got ghosts folding towels at his place : mrgreen:

  38. I am glad that Canada won the ice dancing – not a fan of ice dancing as much as I like skating…. but i just don’t like Belbin’s tude. So congrats!

    I have never seen so much drama surrounding the Olympics as much as this one. Is it me or is there really a lot of drama.
    Can’t we just all play and get along???

  39. With respect, please do not tar a whole country with the same brush as a few ignorant individuals in the gutter press…many Brits have family and friends in Canada and have condemned the abhorrent behaviour of the British Tabloids and have taken great pains to apologise for their rudeness and ignorance…many of us have stayed up through the night to watch a great games live and have applauded ALL medallists, from whatever part of the world they come from….

    As a Brit who has an aunt, cousin and some very good friends in Canada I’m extremely concerned at the reception I will get when I return for my EIGHTH visit in less than 5 years this April…I can only apologise so many times and hope that I will still be treated with the kindness and respect that I’ve come to expect from so many wonderful Canadian people…

    But a whole country is not to blame for a few mindless individuals using the press to shock and get a reaction from many…

    Glad to see Bluewater Cafe is looking just as good as it always does Joe….I can’t wait to return there and enjoy some decent fish and seafood – you’d think living on an island we British could make more of our natural resources, but decent seafood restaurants are hard to come by!…

    Deeds xx

  40. @2cats – Tammy is right sinuses and allergies can trigger migraines. I have at times taken my Imitrex with either allergy/sinus medicine or with Aleve. It works wonders. This past month for me here in S.FLA with the cold,mold and high pollen counts … I have had a migraine almost every day. There were a few days that I have been pain free, today being one of them : ), I finally went for my allergy shots and seem to be doing worlds better. Also try staying hydrated, water is best if not, a sports drink. If all else fails… see a doctor.

  41. 2cats – I was suffering from ridiculous pain last week and nothing would ease it: codeine, analgesic, paracetamol. Wanted to curl up in a ball and hope to stop breathing because each shallow breath I took made my body scream. Couldn’t sleep either.

    An hour myotherapy session fixed it. It turned out I had strained my diaphragm from stress and the pain was being referred everywhere else. She worked on the diaphragm for a while (which hurt like hell), gave me some massage exercises to continue with on that area when any pain started to creep back and it’s kept the pain from setting back in. Can’t recommend it enough.

    I saw you said you’d tried massage, but not sure if you’ve tried myotherapy before. It’s mainly trigger point combined with a small component of massage to move the toxins released by the trigger point. It hurts, but there’s a lot of relief afterwards.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

  42. 2cats – Meant to include in there that one of the ways the pain was making itself present was through horrible headaches that migraine medication wouldn’t fix.

  43. @Narelle: Ow. Just the thought of someone pressing on a painful trigger point makes me cringe. But I’m glad it works for you. However, massage therapy sounds great.

    @2cats: Could it be your sinuses? Whatever it is, I hope you feel better soon.

  44. @ Narelle from Aus, Kabra, Ponytail, susan the tartan turtle, Tammy Dixon…
    Much thanks for the concern, advice and well wishes… What I meant by massage was trying pressure points on face and neck to find some relief. Nada. Zip. No-go. I’m glad the myotherapy helped you Narelle.

    And I appreciate the common theme… see a doctor. I believe I will have to as the pounding in my head, face, ears and neck continues, unabated. Sigh… if only heads could be screwed off and parked on a shelf for a brief while.


    Grumpy in NJ
    aka 2cats

  45. Aw Ponyo is so cute! I hope you enjoy(ed) it! Spirited Away is another one of his good ones if you haven’t seen it yet.


  46. Eric.Stewart: I finally concluded that I was photograph by Joe from an unflattering angle
    That explains so much. My whole life I’ve been photographed from the wrong angle 😀 . Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 😉

    Narelle and kabra I’m glad you are both feeling better. Last week was my bad week. I’m allergic to animals and work/live with them. That and the weekly allergy shots are killing me some days.

  47. sparrow_hawk – As I didn’t realise where the pain was originating from (symptoms were headaches, neck ache, shoulder pain, unbearable back pain, cramping thighs) so I had no idea that when she started to work on my diaphragm I was going to feel the sum of that pain in one place. I got blind-sided! But she’s an angel despite her fingers of torment 🙂

  48. Delurking to suggest Book of Month.

    How about something by Charles de Lint? Though similarly, like Dresden Files, de Lint is more urban fantasy than science fiction. Just a thought.

  49. Hey Joe, Fantastic pictures of your asian experience. The shot of the Citron-Mandarine desert was simply divine looking!

    A comment from aq fellow canadian on the Olympics however. I think most fans in thier home country would be going ballistic cheering for thier home team in any sport. The person is mostly calm, cool headed, and inteligent. However “People” has a whole together are the most disorganised bunch of animals, and will mow down baby’s and thier mothers at the slightest of movements lol.

    That said I do belive in the article you linked to and it’s general message: that is It’s OK to cheer and make noise, however we should respect the sport and it’s athletes. However even though I agree it will never happen for any coountry cheering for thier home team.

    As for Us getting getting competitive wanting to “own the podium” well I think you can understand Canada being a VERY young country of only in it’s 130’s for age wanting to to be the young sibbling trying to impress and look tough to it’s older brothers and sisters. Many of us are good people, were just trying to make our way and can seem or even get a little obnoxous along the way before we realse it.

    Great Blog, Joe lots of quality blogging and enjoy t very much. I’ll be stopping in regularly so see whats new.

    With respect,


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