I’d like to kick off today’s entry by apologizing for a serious oversight made in yesterday’s entry.  While listing my Top Ten Worst Movies of All Time, I failed to include Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes.  I sincerely regret the error.

The Winter Games are just around the corner and even though I couldn’t care less, they ARE happening here in Vancouver so I thought it would be nice if I took the time to offer interested parties the occasional Olympic update.  Well, here ya go.  Even though the games are going to be a major pain in the ass for most Vancouverites just looking to get around town, they will, apparently, be a boon to the city’s sex trade industry as thousands of visitors descend on the city, looking to get laid: http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/2010wintergames/news/world+brings+vice+Vancouver/2505932/story.html.  Olympic workers and volunteers, on the other hand, have adopted a novel approach to scoring.  They’ve taken to strolling around the city with their Olympic badges in full view in the mistaken belief that this will somehow make them more alluring or interesting.  I wish them luck.  So ends today’s Olympic Update.

In response to PJR who asked “With us 10 eps in and you knowing the arcs, what did you think of where we’re at: 1) we’re (mostly) where you’d expected? 2) Some pleasant surprises on our take? 3) Disappointed in part?” –

To be honest, most of what the fans had to say didn’t come as a surprise – with a few notable exceptions.

Question #1: Which SGU character would you like to see more of in the back half of season one and beyond?

While I wasn’t surprised that T.J. made the list, I was surprised that she topped the list – and by a fairly wide margin as well.  Many of you see a lot of potential in the character and want to see that potential exploited.  As I wrote in my January 27th post, one of the things that really impressed me about Tamara in season one (and this has everything to do with Alaina Huffman’s performance) are the flashes of inner strength she displays, marvelous instances that instantly trigger: a) a desire to know more about her and, b) a desire to see her in a scenario where she can truly step up.  Anyway, some interesting developments coming T.J.’s way…

Question #2: “What aspect of the show would you like to see further explored in the back half of season one and beyond?”.

No real surprises here either and I was pleased by the fact that all of the elements you’ve expressed an interest in seeing developed WILL be developed.  If anything, I was impressed by the number of fans clamoring for us to peel the onion on Destiny’s mission and the Ancient’s agenda.  You want answers?  Sure.  Some coming your way.  Others may take a while – unless you enjoy piecing puzzles together.

Question #3: “What aspect of the show would you prefer to see minimized?”

The responses received on this one confirmed what I already suspected.  That said, it was interesting to have many of you elaborate on the fact that your sticking point with the stones is not the technology itself but the way in which said technology is being used.  You want to see less home visits and more SF complications stemming from the use of the technology – which is exactly where we’re headed.

Question #4: “What was your favorite “story moment” from the first half of season one?”

As it turned out, many of your favorite moments were my favorites as well – Rush getting stranded, Destiny’s solar encounter, the lottery, the ending to Time, Eli’s confession to Chloe in Time, and the rush back to the gate in Air III.  To those, I would also add Wray’s “red room” discussion with Young in Light, the Greer/Rush confrontation in Air III, T.J. informing Greer she doesn’t trust him and Greer simply accepting the fact and moving on in Water, the teams “first” last stand in Time, Wray’s quiet moments with Sharon in Life.

Questions #5: “What element would you like to see added to the show?”

A great cross-section of requests and suggestions here, but a couple really resonated with me.  For instance, many of you pointed to that sequence at the end of Darkness where the crew gathers in the observation deck to witness Destiny’s encounter with the gas giant.  It’s an incredible moment because of the reactions of our people.  And that’s what you want to see more of: that sense of wonder.  So I made a mental note: More Holy Crap!

Another element many of you stressed that I think is obvious given the roots of the franchise’s success – but bears repeating – is the need to see friendships develop over time, that sense of camaraderie and support that typified SG-1 and Atlantis.

An early entry today as I’m off to have barbecue with Carl.  I’ll tell him you said hi.


Jo writes: “Since Stargate has made parodies of other sci-fi shows… I wonder, do they ever caricatured their own world (or their writers or producers or…)?”

Answer: Yep.  We paradied our own show in SG-1’s 100th episode “Wormhole X-treme” and then again in SG-1’s 200th episode “200”.

Dodoalda writes: “I remember, you talked about the first version of your Space´s script and it was too long. Where those scenes filmed for some possible extended version?”

Answer: The first draft was long, but the script was shortened in the revision.

Dodoalda also writes: “Any new info about Brad Wright´s long script? Will it be divided into two episodes?”

Answer: Brad’s script was long only as a result of a printer screw-up.  No two-parter.

Brian M. White writes: “I’m probably going to get ripped apart for this but “Transformers” (the first one) ranks up there with “Escape from LA” as one of the worst movies ever. Personally, I liked the last Indy film. I liked the whole “Chariots of the Gods” story.”

Answer: You’re probably more likely to get ripped apart not for putting Transformers and Escape from LA on the list, but for NOT putting the last Indiana Jones movie on the list.

Jen writes: “Alas, Color of Money will never be on a “worst of” list because of the soundtrack.”

Answer: Whoops.  My bad.  I meant to write Color of Night, the Bruce Willis “thriller”.  Heaps of badness.

Kabra writes: “Thanks for the green tea tip. Will orange juice work too?”

Answer: It should, yes.

Gilder writes: “Joe, I see the Spurs go up against the Pistons on Feb. 21 at Detroit. Seeing as that’s the last day of San Antonio’s three-week “Rodeo Road Trip”, are you up for a bet?”

Answer: Alas, Detroit is my fave NBA team only insofar as I used to root for them when they were the Bad Boys.  Since then, however, my interest in the NBA has waned to the point where I’d sooner watch Bosom Buddies reruns.

David D. writes: “This is a tough one because of the division between “worst movies” and “movies I hate”.”

Answer: True.  Moulin Rouge would top my list in the latter category.

Artdogspot writes: “So, I don’t keep a “worst movies” list in my head anymore but I do remember my favorite scenes in certain movies that make me laugh every time I see them. The following is a link to my all time favorite scene from Deep Blue Sea where Samuel L. Jackson dies.”

Answer: Yes!  This one definitely makes my Top Ten Favorite Movie Deaths list.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “So are you waiting until the DVDs come out or are you watching Lost more or less as it airs this season?”

Answer: Carl and Lawren are watching Lost.  I think I’ll wait to hear their reaction to the finale before picking up the DVD’s.

Michael writes: “In theory, do those ships that are ahead of Destiny send data to Destiny through a subspace link and populate its database with the new address for the stargate they just seeded a planet with?”

Answer: We’ve yet to know for certain but a future incident will strongly suggest that Destiny does not communicate with the advance seeder ships via subspace communication.

Quade1 writes: “Joe I loved the mythology aspects of Stargate from the beginning, Egyptian, Norse, Arthurian. Will we be seeing this in one form or another in SGU?”

Answer: We won’t be seeing any of these influences in SGU.  Rather than touching on Earth’s history, SGU’s off-world encounters will focus on the alien.

Tim Lade writes: “I appologize if this has been asked already…but do you have an end game in sight such as the creators of LOST? Do you have a vision of how long SGU will last for say….four seasons or whatever and then it’s all over? Or do you view this like SG-1 where in theory it can on forever with no finite end in sight.”

Answer: We always had a creative end in sight but it wasn’t until we were making preparations for the show’s second season that we finally agreed on exactly what that end would be.  Now it’s just a matter of getting us all there.  Coming?

Stargate fan writes: “As always you removed my questioning comment from your blog so I have decide to do some deleting of my own.”

Answer: It rarely happens, but I do delete the occasional comment if: a) it’s spam, b) it’s a repeat post, c) the poster asks me to delete it, or d) someone’s being a dick.  Since it seems unlikely yours was a repeat post or that you requested the post’s removal, may I inquire as to whether or not you were attempting to sell me Viagra?

53 thoughts on “February 4, 2010: An oversight! Olympic update! Your feedback! The mailbag!

  1. Vancouver is about to become the epicenter of a world wide STD epidemic??? Cool! Perhaps you should come up with a faux badge; perhaps as a judge in one of those events where the judging is so subjective that the best people often are cheated of their medals. While I’m sure you would never abuse your executive powers on the job, this wouldn’t be the same thing. Of course, if stupidity turns you off, the whole idea is a waste of time.
    Ten favorite movie deaths? Oh jeez, yet another list to consider. Be fun to see some of the candidates. Anyways, thanks for the early post. Even if it did throw me off, as I only logging onto the site to check for comments.

  2. don’t you planned to have a side-story? a bit like spin-off from stargate maybe? well, at least next year while sgu are taking a unbelievably long break until April, we could have another series playing.

    i found that most new series from us side kinda repeating their theme. no offence, but i’m moving my tv to uk. still, stargate will always be on my fav list.

    cheers, mate.

  3. Absolutely sir! I am hooked. To be completely honest with you I never watched Stargate in any incarnation until SGU. It drew me in because I appreciate a quiet meditation on things and I feel that SGU, and I may be completely off the mark, is a mediation on some of the core beliefs of the Stargate universe. I think the easiest way to explain what I am talking about is a quote from Oma that has resonated pretty powerfully with me. I actually have added to my e-mail signature at work and have placed it on the bottom of one of my weekly staff meeting agendas:

    “The success or failure of your deeds, does not add up to the sum of your life. Your spirit cannot be weighed. Judge yourself by the intentions of your actions, and by the strength with which you faced the challenges that have stood in your way. The Universe is vast and we are so small. There is really only one thing we can ever truly control… whether we are good or evil.”

    The first time I heard those words I literally burst into tears. Feel free to mock…its fair…but really…what touched me was the fact that is all we can truly control in life. I think SGU meditates on that philosophy quite profoundly in that these people, who are incredibly human, are at the end of the day, just trying to survive. It’s not like they can hop through a gate and be back in the SGC. Loss strips everything away on a person until all that is left is their soul which…cannot be weighed. It is what it is.

    Absolutely cannot wait to see where this goes next!

  4. I forgot a few on the movie list:

    Muriel’s Wedding
    Nothing but Trouble
    Lost in Space (1998 remake)
    Mission to Mars (worst soundtrack EVER)
    Van Helsing
    Days of Thunder
    Pearl Harbor
    Wild Wild West

  5. Well, just home from a lovely birthday dinner with best friend. My birthday, not friend’s. I am now precisely mid-decade. Guess which decade, ’cause I’m not tell’in.

    Interesting that Carl and Lawren are watching Lost. I wouldn’t think either would be interested in the adult soap opera.The show was THE topic at work yesterday, everyone from my manager to the cafeteria ladies were talking about it. What IS the name of Jacob’s nemesis parading around in John Locke’s body anyway?

    Back to Stargate land…
    I do hope MGM and Syfy plan to ramp up the hype for SGU’s return, enough in advance to get folks all hot and bothered. Of course, if I get any more hot and… well, we’ll leave that thought for now.
    It’s the wine from dinner… hiccup.

    Waiting for the next snow storm to hit NJ tomorrow night, hang on!

    G’night all,

  6. This may be (and likely is) the result of ignorance on my part, but I sorta glaze over when I see three-letter acronyms that start with N, mainly because my brain can’t be bothered to distinguish between NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.

    That was, at least, until about a week or two ago, when someone got me obsessed with Ice Hockey. Now I find myself not having a clue which sports it is that you follow, and indeed who you have a particular fondness for.

    In other words… Are you – or anyone else in the Stargate family – a Hockey fan, Joe? I assume someone must be, since Teal’c is apparently a ‘Nucks “fan”!

  7. LA became a ghost town in 1984. Will that happen in Vancouver? Is it even cold enough for snow? Here’s hoping that you can avoid the mess that comes with hosting.

    Not surprised that T.J. topped the character list. She’s definitely one of the most likeable characters on SGU. There’s a past that going to be fun to watch.

  8. Joe, to your Olympics, we have the superbowl down here, all you see on tv and I am 2 hours north of the stadium. Plenty of people in hotels up here, clogging up the local economy, glad I’m not closer. But I would have liked some tickets, not for $$1000 each!! Sheryl.

  9. “T.J.”

    She hasn’t been as immature and unprofessional as the rest, and the character has yet to be spoiled (we are giving you time though 😉

    “may I inquire as to whether or not you were attempting to sell me Viagra?”

    If he did, does that mean he thinks you qualify for category D? 🙂

    Speaking of Vancouver, how you dig this:

  10. I lived in Atlanta during the 96 olympic games. I was surprised when it was actually easier to get around town because so many had off for vacation or worked from home for two weeks! There were many activities around town, most free!, that we got out and really enjoyed the events. You might be surprised and actually enjoy it. Even better, you might get some tickets and go to an event.

    I too am wanting to see more TJ. I was incredibly impressed with the character and her stepping up to the medical role with the limited training she’s had. Her expressions–there is so much more there that I wanted to see explored. I also would like to see more of Greer. He just makes me curious to see more of what he’s about. And I love Rush…I don’t want to see more of him but continue the high level of coverage he has already.


  11. I was as faithful a Stargate viewer as ever existed from the time of the orginal movie, SG1 on Showtime ( I subscribed to Showtime just to get SG1) and every episode and every movie including the last SGU episode on Syfy. If that makes me a male sex organ then I am guility.

    If Viagra would make SGU enjoyable I would certainly use it. Nothing else seems to work so far. It was never necessary for the fifteens years before SGU. Only you know if it is necessary for you to write able to something interesting enough to be able to stay awake to watch and enjoy it.

    Caprica seems like it will be fun to watch so all is not Lost.

  12. Hey Joe,

    Sure, T.J. would be nice…but remember I said PATRICK..I mean VOLKER. heehehehehe

    Loved your summary of requested comments. I honestly thought it was a brave thing to do. Any writer who has his work published/produced is always up for criticism..which I am sure there is plenty when asking for suggestions.

    Are you more objective in what you write compared to what you think. You always seem so much more objective that I could ever be. I think I am saying I admire that in you. hmmm

    My SGU viewing will now require me to travel to nearby town since where I live does not carry Syfy. I didn’t know a little town could be so little minded as NOT to have
    SYFY. grumble grumble grumble

    Your blog is always a fun way to end my day. Thank you for giving of you time…it is very much appreciated whether or not I am here to post.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  13. Joe SGU DVD is MGM going to only release half season”s??like season 1 first half. Is MGM taking advantage of their huge Franchise Fan base? $50.00 a pop for half Season??

  14. Hi Joe

    You said: ‘We always had a creative end in sight but it wasn’t until we were making preparations for the show’s second season that we finally agreed on exactly what that end would be. Now it’s just a matter of getting us all there. Coming?’

    I’ll say – oh, yeah! – and ask: ‘Do you already have a concept for the franchise’s next incarnation? If so, pitched? In talks?

    And, as a supplement to that, going i the other direction – looking backwards – what were the first concepts, mental images, feelings and ideas that would lead to SGU? In a way, I’m wondering about the essence of its genesis for you/others, and also intrigued how that evolved to the agreed show to write, and when the title came.

    Separately, I’d ask, too, a techie-Q: can the Ancients’ tech extend beyond creating wormholes to using natural black holes? Step into the other side(s)?

    Thanks, and looking forward to the run resuming…actually, on that point, I imagine that the trailers are already being cut and so, given the Q&A on the blog, and your take on the feedback, what would such a trailer convey and emphasise…?

    Thanks, again


  15. Hi,
    Sport’s Medias, here in france, say that there is not enough snow in Vancouver. Is it truth ?

  16. Ayone know the name of that monster film that Mark Hamill in – all I remember is, it was soooo bad that me and my other half honestly couldn’t decide whether it was meant to be a spoof! Ah… just found it, I think (unless he’s made two this bad). The Guyver. You can’t put Wild Wild West (which was ta least quirky and amusing) in a top ten of worst movies when things like THIS exist.
    There are clips on YouTube if you are looking for reasons to slit your wrists… 😉

  17. @6untouchable

    Kerry from the post production had a Vancouver Canuck shrine on her desk according to Mr M last winter before their infamous hockey wager of attending a theatre play. Mr M lost the wager and attend a play of Kerry’s choosing. Ironically Mr M enjoy the play, not so Kerry.

  18. Coucou Joseph!

    Oui!!! C’est bientôt les jeux de Vancouver! ♥ Vous devriez être fiére de votre belle ville =) Je ne vais pas raté une seconde de ces jeux…surtout parce que ça se passe à Vancouver!!!

    Bon je n’ai pas était en cour aujourd”hui!….j’en ai profité pour me reposer, j’ai dormie presque 14 heures O_O…je ne m’aurai pas cru capable d’une t’elle chose!

    Merci pour ces Question/Réponde.

    Je vous fait pleins de gros bisou!!
    Je vous adore!

  19. Having worked many Olympics (sadly for me, the CDC was trumped by Washington State for doing US-based public health for Vancouver ::grr::), I can confirm that there is indeed a spike in STD’s after Olympic games.

    Most organizers now put out very large bowls of condoms around Olympic venues in an attempt to mitigate this trend.

    The other big bug will be flu with usually a small outbreak of chickenpox.

    As for the traffic? It’s usually not as bad as feared.

  20. @das and all the impending sn** storm receivers, warm thoughts for the crap to maybe not happen at all or be a light event, but just in case I will send some sunshine to help make it at least melt on the roads. Bet the generators sales are thru the roof, they do here in Fl when our weather threatens. Good luck,stay warm. Get that pix of your wraith hunk out and it will warm up your thoughts..at least.
    – Joe, I know I am anxious to see SGU in April, but I am not sure I want to wish April get here sooner, I still have to do my taxes and more stuff, but yes bring it on. ANd there are so many bad movies out there, its hard to make that list. How is your mom getting along at rehab? Ready to make it home if not yet? Felix votes for sooner and Baby. How are the pups feeling with out Brie? bet they miss her. Have a great day! and thanks for the funny links.

  21. Joe:

    Any idea if you will hold another contest entry any time soon? I would love to win a rock, of a sheet of paper, or even some used chewing gum from the set of SGU!


  22. Hi Joe, So how is ReFuel doing? I don’t recall you having mentioned that you’d been there lately. Has the change in their venue helped them any that you are aware of?

  23. Adding to the worst movie ever list… ‘Master of Disguise’ with Dana Carvey. Absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever had to watch. I was left feeling defiled…

  24. Just saw the weather report, keep warm Das and I hope the electricity stays on!

    As regards for TJ, I believe it’s one of those cases where the actress shines in the part. Das said something along those same lines last week or so. Alaina’s face is so expressive and I get the idea there are deep thoughts going on behind those eyes.
    The writers have made her likeable, she’s not losing it or being a drama queen. TJ behaves like I would WANT to behave during those trying circumstances.

  25. Hi Mr M!

    You’ll be delighted to know that Ireland is sending its ENTIRE Winter Olmypic Squad to Vancouver….yep….all six of them.

    I have bumped into a few Winter Olympics attendees and have pointed them in the way of Tom DOughty and Chef Belcham, also to Don Francesco’s and Vijs.

    @ShadowStep : Great vid for Vancouver! Is it a Tourist Board thing?

    Keep meaning to ask: I notice that you have read both Freakanomics and SuperFreakanomics….any particular reason?

    Best to all


  26. Waterworld ’nuff said

    There’s a theory going around that that guy who was ogling a model during a newscast was set up – that they were strategically emailed to him, then the last one said “turn around now”.

  27. @Das: Hey, let us know how you’re doing if you’re able! Your not being here by now makes me think you’re w/o power already. Stay warm!

  28. Sheryl just reminded me that my Daniel is playing Hawkman tonight on Smallville – 8 p.m.!

  29. No snow yet – it’s not supposed to start until around 4 pm – just running around trying to finish stuff before it comes.


  30. Hello Joe,

    Thank you for replying to my comment on the worst films. I am surprised. I would have thought that as a writer for Stargate, you might have enjoyed the themes of the final Indy film.

    Nazca Indians, alien intervention, ancient artifacts, and btw the “inter-dimensional being at the end was strangely similar to the old Asgard puppet…

    I would think it would be right up your alley given your chosen profession as a sci-fi writer.

    Best wishes to you, your family, especially your mom, and Maximus. Haven’t heard any stories about him lately.


    Bryan M. White

    P.s. That would make a great SSG1 story if George Lucas didn’t copyright it. Imagine Michael Shanks instead replacing Indy…

  31. @Das: Well, good to hear you’re still ok, anyway! I just locked myself (and poor Elway) out of the house. Meant to grab my car/house keys and picked up the wrong set. I realized it just as the door closed behind me. Of course, it started pouring rain the minute we got outside. Elway was whining because we weren’t “going for ride” yet and getting on my nerves a little bit 🙂 Had to call Mr. Deni to come and rescue me, but at least, he was kindasorta in the neighborhood. Duh.

  32. @ Deni – We keep a key outside – hidden (sometimes I can’t even find it!) for just that reason…I was always locking myself out! We have a different lock now – it must be locked from the outside with a key – so I don’t lock myself out now. Hubby is a locksmith, and he feels the best way to prevent getting locked out of anything is to have a spare key hidden somewhere. He’s like Batman when it comes to keys, always pulling one out of his utility belt. 🙂

    Will be interesting to see how this storm affects us. I’ve seen them peter out for us, while everyone around us gets slammed – like we have a wall around us (we do, it’s called the bay on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other – it moderates our weather). The bottom line, however, is that most people here are not used to a lot of snow – 2 inches is normal for us, not 2 feet. So, even if we only get 8″-10″, people will burrow in like groundhogs, waiting for the first signs of spring.


  33. The Olympics were in Salt Lake in 2002; I live north in Ogden. The glamorous women’s ski events were up the canyon from us, but we scored tickets to curling. Yep, the Ogden Ice Sheet was ideal… and already set up for curlers. Thrilling.

    I do have a lot of funky Utah Olympic pins. Green jello, Mormon Muffins, funeral potatoes, and Missionaries on bikes. Even a 3.2 beer pin. Yep.

  34. Hey Bryan M. White – I guess you haven’t considered that the latest Indiana Jones movie (Crystal Skull) is pretty much a derivative of Stargate story lines? It’s pretty safe to assume that these story lines are up the alley of the writers of Stargate – why wouldn’t they be? They made alot of this stuff up in the first place.

    I have not seen this sequel and don’t intend to as I have seen most of these story lines played out in SG1. And, as each sequel has come out, I have been increasingly disappointed by every one. I actually hate parts of “Temple of Doom” which my husband and I affectionately call “Temple of Fools”.

    I loved the first Indiana Jones film and it will always be the best one in my book.

  35. Movie I hated: Million Dollar Baby. Paul Haggis never met a stereotype he didn’t embrace.

    What’s your take on the Super Bowl?

  36. As a Detroiter, nice to hear you are (were) a fan of the Pistons! I was just a little kid during the bad boys era so i dont recall much. But I do agree they were the best Pistons team of all time. Maybe we’ll have a second coming?

  37. I just cracked up last night that the IOC is complaing about our Boxing Kangaroo hanging off the village building! But of COURSE they did… it’s right next door to Canada’s building! 😀

  38. @Shiloh: Million Dollar Baby was HORRIBLE, I absolutely hated it, too. I’d say that one’s up there in my top 5 worst ever. Is there anyone out there that actually liked this film?

  39. I’m sure there are worse movies, but the only one I’ve ever walked out of was Weird Science.

  40. What is it with you and hating Moulin Rouge? It’s got Ewan McGregor in it. He’s coming to Dublin! Yeay!

  41. Hey Joe, as for the Olympic update, we actually got several boxes of “sex supplies” through our x-ray machines yesterday. It is apparently a well known fact between athletes that there are large sex parties near the end of the games.

    And we don’t wear the Vanoc accreditation badges to show them off, we wear them because you HAVE to wear them virtually everywhere you go. Even once you are inside the venue you can’t take it off, a couple times I put my coat on over top and was challenged by other people. I could try to explain the scope of security, but 1) I could get in serious trouble, and you 2) you wouldn’t believe me.

  42. Snow update:

    We spent the afternoon building a better shelter for the feral cats (it’s a big ‘box’ to enclose their three houses, so they have a clear spot to eat, and are sheltered from blowing/drifting snow). About the time we finished (5:30ish) it had begun to flurry. We went down to our local joint – now under new ownership – and had dinner. A big burger for me, pork loin for hubby. They’ve already made some changes, but the pool tables were still there, and a band did play. The band was excellent! They did lots of Pearl Jam, and the singer had Vedder’s voice down pat! Good 90s stuff like STP and all that…and heavier rock (even Pantera!) later in the evening. We couldn’t stick around due to the snow, but I’m gonna catch them again, soon! We also played pool, and I won both games! That NEVER happens (and on skill, too – not because Mr. Das scratched on the 8 ball). I even surprised myself – but I think it was the band – good music makes me perform better!

    The drive home was a bit tricky – the roads are already coated (I think we might have an inch by now), and we actually got ‘stuck’ trying to back into our driveway – Hondas do not like slippy snow! Anyways – we’re home now and hunkered down, ready for whatever comes our way.


  43. @artdogspot

    Hello. Thank you, your reply made my point beautifully about the similarities in story. The point I was attempting to make is that the final was similar to Stargate. There’s even a feature on the Kurt Russell Stargate DVD that discusses every historical reference (Nazca lines, pyramids, alien intervention…)

    By the way, I agree that Raiders is the best film ever… I especially loved Alfred Molina in the beginning. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I think that was his first film.

    Best Wishes.

    Bryan M. White.

  44. Although I have yet to partake in your BOTM club discussions, I have picked up many of your choices and thoroughly enjoyed them, Jasper Fforde and John Scalzi being a couple of my favorites. Anyway, my point for writing this was to see if you had any recommendations in books other than Sci Fi or fantasy. I suppose you might say, books rooted in more reality. Every so often I like to take a break from those genres and try a mystery or thriller of some sort. They might even stretch the limits of reality a bit, but there aren’t any space ships or swords involved. So before I jump into “Consider Phlebas”, I was thinking of reading some “regular” fiction. Got any picks?

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