Another late night of sorts.  No, no burlesque on this evening – but mighty damn close.  Funny man Martin Gero was in town and, after an afternoon of spinning stories and listening to amusing anecdotes involving people who really should know better, we all went our separate ways – and then reconvened an hour later at Campagnolo Restaurant for dinner and another round of amusing anecdotes.

Carl, ever dubious at first, was won over by that night's offerings. His faves: the crispy ceci, and the flat iron steak.

The guest of honor, Golden Boy Marty G., looking a tad...beardlier than I remember him.

Martin has been keeping busy post-Stargate, jetting between New York (where he is working on the second season of HBO’s Bored To Death) and L.A. (where he has various other projects on the go), yet still finding time to drop by his hometown Toronto, go on safari in Africa (q.v. his twitter page: and, most important of all, spend quality time with us.  It’s always great having him back in town and his visits inevitably make me nostalgic for the old days.  “Natsukashiii” as the Japanese would say.

Congrats to PG-15 for being the first one to guess the episode #5 title of “not Crossroads” and, actually…well, let me break it down for you:






I spoke to mom yesterday (presently in rehab for her broken femur) and she was in great spirits.  In fact, I don’t remember the last time she was in such a good mood.  The reason?  She got a surprise visit from someone special.  No, a close family member.  Or a good friend.  Or a co-worker.

Yep, her dog Felix went to visit.  No word on whether he caught a cab or took the bus.

What the heck?  I’ve been thoroughly exhausted of late and I can’t figure out why.  Couple this with a plethora of recent mystery pains and my writer’s mind begins to imagine all sort of dire scenarios.  A rate tropical disease?  Was I bitten by a vampire?  Or maybe I just need to sleep in.  For a week.

My friend and fellow foodie, Jessica, has started a blog documenting her studies at the Cordon Bleu in Tokyo where she is studying Basic Patisserie.  She’s just begun but I’ve already started a list of the desserts she has to make me when I go back to Japan.  Some incredible pics of some incredible-looking desserts:

57 thoughts on “January 25, 2010: Sort of tardy. I know.

  1. This week with time on my hand I will again watch season 10 of SG-1.
    the last couple of days i have watch some epi of BSG which was very good, that being said i never understand how BSG gets all the accolades, but sg1 was escapism.

  2. I remember reading in your blog the other day about “Hot Tub Time Machine”. I didn’t check it out at the time…but then from reading another site….ok…i’ll be honest…it wasn’t so much reading as it was “viewing” I saw just how hilarious this movie is going to be. It seems to be in a similar mold as “Old School” but more retro.

    Anyways…after viewing the trailer thru your blog afterwards…i found out there was ‘also’ an R rated trailer version as well.

    Don’t know if you’ve seen that version…but it certainly is one of the funnier trailers I have seen in quite awhile.

  3. I never would have guessed Martin Gero could grow such a full beard. They never told me the truth about beards, how not everyone can have them…

    Well, I’m glad I never said Crossroads, only lamented the fact I couldn’t with confidence. And also glad to see your Mom’s on the mend.

  4. Is Martin putting on his Present Face?

    So what’s up with you & PG – you’re giving him props for NOT guessing the episode title? People are gonna talk….lol
    I’m still hanging out for Cloakrooms – what are my chances for Season 2?

    Lovely photo of Mom & Felix. How’s Claude?

    Cheers, Chev

  5. So. I was just over at that EBAY site of STARGATE stuff for auction…

    Granted, some tempting stuff… ***HOWEVER***, EVERYTHING is IN California, NOT Vancouver!! And don’t even get me started on the “shipping costs”!!!

    411 for Everyone here who DOESN’T live in the US:
    UPS is a *RIP* when it comes to the “Brokerage Fees”! [I mention this from a rather *costly* experience of discovery and lesson learnt the hard way!]

    Sorry, but I don’t care how “special” any of these items are. Charging $20. [$30. for Canada] as a fixed rate for something that could easily fit into a standard padded business envelope and safely sent via the USPS, is a massive ripoff AND then have to pay probably just as much in brokage fees…? Nope, don’t think so! Bottomline, very likely cheaper to FLY to Vancouver and go dumpster diving at the Studio!! Better yet, get a job on the cleaning staff [the salary will eventually cover your airfare] and/or bribe/sweet-talk/blackmail Ashleigh!

    Oh, and BTW, I didn’t see *anything* in regards to any of the money raised being directed to any charities…? Someone please, correct me if I’m wrong here.

    Personally, if I’m going to [and I certainly *have* in the past] pay mucho money for some Set/Celebrity item, it had better be for a charity! At this point, all I’m seeing is most of the money with this auction going to UPS! So, unless anyone is planning on buying their stock, I suggest putting your hard earned cash towards something practical – like feeding your kids, paying off your credit card debts, the mortgage, library fines, Joe’s eatery expenses…

  6. Hey Joe!

    Does the current auction of several Stargate franchise props limit the writers? Can you not include a prop that has been sold, or can you write whatever you want, and the prop department just makes another one? I ask because it seems as if the prop auction is due to MGM’s financial distress.

    Can’t wait until SGU 1.0 comes out on DVD!

  7. Hi Joe, 2 a.m. here and the dessert photos have me wanting some of everything. My daughter bought me some biscuits I’d asked for while she was in Sweden (Madeira wine with plums and chocolate), but I don’t get those till she comes in March. Now what? Coffee cake or Chips Ahoy? Please.

    Your mom looks positively radiant with Felix in her arms, and I’d say the feeling is mutual 🙂 They say (who “they” are, I have no idea) there is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

    A bunch of drunk college kids have been partying in the street since about midnight and although at first it was amusing, they’re starting to get on my nerves. Ok, another cuppa and some more SG1, maybe eventually I’ll get back to sleep. Have a good night!

  8. Well, obviously it wasn’t Crossroads, but to be fair, your hints weren’t helping much. That, and I have no idea what Cloverdale is supposed to mean.

    Weren’t you trying to go with two-word titles for the second season at one point?

  9. Hi, Joe.

    WaVes hi to Martin Gero and Carl Binder…and your lovely mother. Hope your mom is doing much better, and that Felix gets to visit more often.

    Thank you for the first episode titles of SGU’s second season.


  10. Cloverdale? Is this going to be another “Earth” type episode? If it was Cloverfield, I would have guessed Eli’s nickname for a race of aliens he meets.

  11. Right back at ya Chev!! Happy Australia Day! We went to the beach, got sand all over our butts and in the car, then went for icecream! How Aussie is that?

    Cloverdale huh? So what.. Eli’s gonna be filming with the Kino all over the ship on say, Christmas day and some weird monster is gonna take over the ship ala ‘Aliens’ whilst Eli captures it.


  12. A separate post to Mama Mallozzi…. Lookin’ good ! xxxx Look after yourself.

  13. It’s good to see your mom happily reunited with Felix. The cab-driver is clearly doing her best to keep up your mom’s spirits.

    The odds are you’re right about just needing to sleep in for a good long while. Then again, whatever the odds are exactly, someone always slips through. I get so irritated whenever I hear a reluctant-to-act doc say, “The odds are one in 750,000 that [whatever],” to which the commonsensical reply is, “Yes, but given the signs and symptoms, how do you know this patient is *not* that one in 750,000?” So, yes, it’s possible you could have a rare disorder that makes you feel exhausted but leaves you able to carry on with such things as being entertained at length by Marty G., and going out to dinner — although I have to wonder if the absence of food pics is symptomatic. . . hmm. (Nice pics of Carl and Marty. The diners are almost always more lively than what they’re eating, so I’m a big fan of the human images. But the food pics are fun, too.)

    I was doing well at recovering from my mild food-borne illness when apparently I got hit by something else, and am, like you, exhausted. This is most inconvenient since I’m trying to wrap up a few things at work before leaving on 2/1 for two months, and I’d prefer not to have to waste a week of vacation merely trying to find my bed or trying to wake up. Or missing out on precious daylight. — Well, enough moaning.

    But thinking about guys in warm places like L.A. going commando in too-short shorts isn’t helping. — Yes, they do: graphic memory of same while in first year of college at UTexas. It was funny at the time. . . Things change. *laughs*

  14. Hi Joe:

    PG-15 is just that smart for getting the name of the episode. Congrats, PG-15.

    Your tiredness may be season related. Lack of sunlight can make people feel exhausted, especially as they get older. You may want to make a note of it and see if you feel the same way this time next year.

    Last night I had a dream where I was asking you a brilliant question. I even woke up enough to write it down. So, here it is: “Are you full of basket?”
    Sorry Joe, I have no idea either….


  15. Your mom looks quite content having her Felix with her. I’m glad he got to go visit.

    As for your exhaustion? Several late nights in a row could be doing it. Otherwise, try to get more iron into your diet for a week or so. That should help perk you up.

  16. You’re forgiven for the late post given the fact it’s Marty G. responsible for your delay. He is looking good, and almost unrecognisable under the face fur. Glad to see that Carl was able to join the pair of you. Oh, for a hidden microphone to have listened in to the night’s conversations.
    As for the exhaustion, is it interfereing with you doing your job or working out? From the blog it does not appear so. In which case, try to get a few days where you can slow down and relax, and get a full night’s sleep. If your exhaustion is interfering in daily life, time to visit the doctor for a physical. A checkup and lab work may be able to pinpoint any problems early enough to keep them from interfering in your quality of life. As for the mystery pains, up to you to judge if it needs medical investigation. Keep in mind, denial has killed more than one person. Chest pain that persists more than 15-20 minutes should be checked immediately(is in go to the E.R.).Short of breath on exertion needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Persistant abdominal pain will require a doc visit too, as your guts have all sorts of ways to cause you distress and long term problems. Unusually thirsty, hungry, and/or urinating more frequently? Time for a blood test for diabetes.
    I’ll resist the temptation to come up with scarier scenarios to trigger any hypocondriac tendencies you might suffer. Our bodies are baffling and scary enough as it is. Thanks for taking the time to post before collapsing for the night, and for keeping the twitter pics coming.

  17. Good morning… just catching up. I spent a lovely ten days on Big Island … kona coffee and whales and Green Sand Beach and dramatic views and friends and the Kava Bar and art galleries and nummy eats and microbrews and stargazing at the Observatory and organic hippie farms and lounging in the Hot Tub. Well, it is an outdoor spa thingy, but I was trying to be thematic. Oh, and my 53rd birthday. In 80 degree weather, with cheap Moet & Chandon from Costco.

    Which all was tainted when I returned and found my friend who house sat for me, I paid her well, trying to help out, had drained seven bottles of my favorite booze(s)((?)) and broken the arm off my chaise lounge. There was glassware under the couch! Well, her or her boytoys. Oh, she did a lovely job with my kitties and washed the sheets and towels they used. But house sitting etiquette demands one does not drain the home owner’s favorite chilled beverages until the bottle is empty, nor does one crack open sealed bottles of coffee liquor and vodka! Why couldn’t they just drink the damn beer? Sigh. This is no teenager, this is a 40 year old woman! No chocolate covered macadamia nuts for her!

  18. So I know that Cloverdale is in the city of Surrey in BC and they do some filming there for Smallville. Is this where you’re shooting the episode or is it just a shout out to BC, much like Kelowna was?

    Cheers, Chev

  19. Sounds like you have a little bug. Hope you feel better soon!

    Your mom looks great! That Felix is a sly one 😉 . Plus, he is super cute.

    Congrats PG15!

    Thanks Narelle for helping us decide on which reader. “Expansion Slot” was the term I was looking for. The reader you have is discontinued and the small reader available doesn’t have a slot. So he will probably get the touch screen for him, because it does have a slot. I’ll wait and get the small one for me (b-day in June).

    Hubby is having me to spread the word: Your PC/laptop does better if you blow out the dust with a can of air. Another one of his computer fans burned out because he didn’t clean it in a timely manner. This time, he caught the problem in time to prevent anything else from being burned out. It’s amazing how much dust/hair gets into a computer! Plus, I have fun asking him if he gave the computer a “blow job” 😳 😀 .

    Get some rest! Say hi to your Mom and Sis. Please tell Sis that we enjoy her updates.

  20. Salut Joseph =)

    ça va bien today? moi oui la forme^^!
    Yahh trop contente de revoir Martin! il c’est laissé pousser la barbe en plus^^, ça le chance!

    Oui, votre soeur m’a dit qu’elle avait emmené Felix votre maman, je suis sure que ça la remplit de joie de revoir son chiens adoré!

    Passez une bonen journée!

  21. So, Cloverdale, huh? I’m intrigued… Wonder what or which Cloverdale the title is referring to. 🙂 So, does this mean, the one word titles will stick? Personally I can appreciate that. 😉


  22. @maggiemayday: I know exactly where you’re at with this housesitting thing. My last pet sitter (who is no longer pet sitting for me) got paid extremely well to pet/house sit for 3 days when we went to the Chicago convention. I got back to find tons of dirty dishes in the sink, the floor had not been done once (mind you, this was part of the deal), there was dog hair everywhere (including my brand new organic couch and chair), the garbage can was overflowing and stinking and the dogs had NO water in any of their bowls. I won’t even tell you about the bathroom… She knew I’m a clean freak and just didn’t care. To top it all off, there were some mysterious stains on my couch (good thing I bought it slipcovered and was able to have it cleaned right away), so who knows what went on here while I was gone. Yuck, chish, ick, arrrgghh! Problem is, if I don’t get somebody to come in once in a while, I go nowhere 🙂

  23. I have a guestion:

    There is that internet auction with SG props, but what will you do, if these props like ZPM, Staff weapons or Asgard puppets will be needed for filming SG Revolution/Extinction…?

  24. Cloverdale? What in the world is that episode going to be about? Hmmm.

    Felix is such a cute dog. He’d brighten up anyone’s day. Glad to see your mom in such good spirits.

    You’re probably just not getting enough rest. You need a vacation. Wait, you just came back from vacation. You need a vacation from your vacation. That’s the way I always feel about vacations.

  25. Glad to see Mrs M is looking chipper. My own mom, who is a bit more seasoned that yours (a nice way to say, older), fell back in early November and broke a pelvic bone, which is not as severe as a hip.

    So to Mrs M: hang in there. From my own mother’s experience, this is the toughest part. The fall and the surgery was easy compared to not being able to recoup in your own home and your own bed, and eating that rotten food. I’m so glad that you get to have visits from Felix. A loving pet is such a boost to the system.

    My mom got to go home finally just before Christmas. When she was at the care facility she was chipper and positive and upbeat; and now that she’s home, she refers to the convelescent hospital as “the prison” even though it was fairly nice and comfortable as those places go. She got a reputation there, though, since every time they played bingo for prizes she won.

  26. Hugs to your mom and Felix, he must have taken a cab, he didn’t look the least bit tired.

    Marty G looks younger and thinner with a beard, I almost didn’t recognize him. A scruffier finish might give him a more polished look.

  27. Hi Joe. By Cloverdale, do you mean that small peacefull town from “Masters of Horror”? :-))

  28. Aging causes tiredness. Can’t fix it.

    My niece swears by sub-lingual B12 supplements. Whenever someone complains of being tired, she tells them to get their B12 levels checked. She’s right an annoying percentage of the time.

    Your tiredness can’t possibly be from B12 deficiency since you eat liver frequently. You haven’t been slipping on your foie gras intake, have you?

    You know there’s a reason stores frequented by vegetarians offer B12 shot clinics, right? That’s all those foie gras protests are – an attempt by the crunchy foods industry to get people B12 deficient so they can bring in the B12 shot foot traffic.

  29. Hey Joe!!!!

    When exactly does SGU start filming for season 2?

    Also, can you post behind the scenes pics more freely now that we know what the sets look like?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  30. Felix looks happy to be visiting mom. Mom is looking so good. Hope she gets to return home soon.

  31. @Tammy Dixion- FUNNY-Blow Job, ya ,I know, get my mind out of there. @DENI, keep thinking CHICAGO, and can I just say, I hope you come into some money, that would be SO MUCH FUN, you and I. The hubby says he is not bailing us out of jail!! HI JOE, ask Mark Savela, what he lost on a bet with me- Tell him “Twins of mine”, he will understand!! He’s a funny guy and very “good” with people, nice too!! Although I do wonder how much he had to drink on Sunday during the playoff’s. Well it’s finally back to the 70’s and 80’s, and us Florida people are very happy about it. We won’t complain about the heat ever again……. Until the summer comes! The cold killed our trees and plants and now it’s very dry and we have to worry about wild fires again! Yea, bitch, bitch , I know. “HI, FL. PEOPLE” -waves- So OK then, I’ve rambled enough, TTFN, Sheryl.

  32. @maggiemayday. I know what you mean. My friend looked after the house while I was away. Two weeks later the phone bill arrived. Suffice it to say that the phone bill was higher than I spent on my entire holiday, including tickets and accommodation. 🙁

    @Tammy Dixon Tell Hubby to use SpeedFan. This puts a tiny temperature gauge on the taskbar and notifies you when things aren’t kosher. It’s free as well, which is always a nice thing.

  33. Been busy…but gotta say…

    1. Mom & Felix!! Perfect together! *waves at Mamma Mallozzi* Lookin’ good! 🙂

    2. Exhaustion. Joey – you might wanna look into some of those parasites you get from raw fish. I mean…just sayin’… 😉

    Also, you really haven’t given yourself a chance to rest since…well…since before Montreal and Tokyo! You’re also increasing your exercise routine, which might take time to adjust to, and…maybe, just maybe…you could be dealing with a bit of depression (winter, situational, etc.). But if you’re really concerned, just get some blood work done – if everything comes back okay, it may put your mind at ease.

    3. I swear…I’m gonna invent a kitchen floor that’s like the bottom of a bird cage. Wire mesh, with a paper-lined pan underneath, that way – instead of the perpetual cycle of sweep/vacuum/mop/repeat – you only have to pull the tray out once a week, dump the crap in the backyard and toss the paper, and reline with new.

    4. Whoa, and…hubba-hubba. *wriggles eyebrows* Carl is totally UN-skeevy there. Can’t quite say the same for Marty…


    Have a good evening, everyone!



  34. AH!! Cloverdale…. I was thinking Cloverfield, but that just didn’t fit. *sigh* Congrats to [b]PG-15[/b]!! 😀

    And YAY to all us Aussies for a wonderful day yesterday! BBQ for all.

    And Joe, maybe you should, like, get some more sleep, like. You know, it could be, like, sleep deprivation. 🙂

  35. Is there any explanation for why Rush stated that the Destiny was hundreds of thousands of years old when dates provided in SG-1 and Atlantis show that technology that are supposed to pre-date Destiny were millions of years old?

    Is there any explanation as to why a drawing at the beginning of Ark of Truth shows schematics of a Milky Way stargate when the Destiny stargate is supposed to be the prototype model?

  36. >> I’ve been thoroughly exhausted of late

    Probably just that time of the year. I’ve been feeling tired at times too.

    Hope your mom gets even better Joe!.

  37. My answer to extreme exhaustion.

    Book a flight to a tropical place where life isn’t so fast paced or materialistic. Pack only books, some tunes and some togs. Be uncontactable to work. Check out local culture and foods by going to their markets. Buy local products. Plant your butt on a beach and just look out. This is a good time to start up some tunes so when you listen to the song when you get back your brain remembers that feeling. Visit some of the villages and see smiles despite not having everything that they want, but have what they need. Listen to their stories. Sit down. Take in a deep breath. Smile.

  38. deeinsouthafrica: yes, he has something that measures the temp. on the motherboard (from ASUS) but he still has to do the blow job out every so often. He has been so busy working, though, he forgot to check this fan in a while. We have three cats, it can get pretty bad quickly. Thanks though!

  39. Sorry to post again, Mr. M. but I forgot something. Das: You said your hubby might read “Diving the Wreck”? It’s a slower pace, with a lot of undercurrents. I can’t say if he will like the book or not, since it’s more low key than some of the adventure books. I will recommend to him James Rollins, and Matthew O’Reilly. They are high energy, some science, lots of techno gadgets, some diving, a little romance and a basically a fun ride. I’m re-reading some of James Rollins now.

  40. Hello,

    You said that Carl had the steak, what did you and Martin have? Any pictures of the food coming in the future?

    I am surprised the staff let the dog in the rehab center. To be honest, I am glad to see it. I used to have a dog, and I remember that dog could always cheer me up when I was sad, and I truly believe that she was always glad to see me as well. Well, it is good to see things are going well for your mom.

    Best wishes,

    Bryan M. White

  41. Glad Mom is feeling better and nice to see a hairy Martin…

    I have a question…I’ve been listening to the Farscape commentaries (Ben and Claudia are very funny) Anyway Ben talks alot about adlibbing. Now I know RDA adlibbed quite a bit, but by the time Ben came around, was he also allowed/able to adlib?

    Farscape was the last of my fav scifi shows that I got the box set for and am enjoying it immensely. I had almost the full first season and the mini-series, but loving having it all.

    My dear husband, who knows me well, also bought me the Fringe first season. I was an X-Files fan, but had not watched this show (and really X-Files is when I first became aware of Vancouver as the Hollywood North). (I watch ALOT of tv and try to limit my new watching each season) I am hooked! Great show!

    I am very excited as I have someone sending me a pair of Canadian red Olympic mittens – I’m a huge fan of the Olympics. have the beret from Salt Lake City and several pins from other games. Hoping I can score a pin from these games, too!

  42. @ Tammy – Hubby’s favorite book ever is the Last of the Breed by Louis L’Amour, a story about a U.S. Air Force Major whose aircraft is forced down in Russia. He escapes a Soviet prison camp and uses the skills of his Native American ancestors to survive as he struggles to cross the Siberian wilderness to the Bering Strait, and America.

    He absolutely loves that book…reads it every couple years.


  43. David Hewlett tweeted that he wants us all to buy up the SGA stuff and we can make the movie after all.
    Can we use your script???

  44. Joe I’m glad to see you took my advice and called Martin Gero up for a visit. Hopefully this will chase away those Curly dreams. I hope his beard didn’t scare you. It kinda scares me. I fell in love with Marty G after watching him in his classic epic Road To A Dream moviette. Not to mention laughing my butt off at him. Please tell Marty I think he is way too cute to hide his loveable face behind a beard. He looks like Ringo. It hides his mischieveous good looks.

    Felix is the best medicine for your mom. I’m sure she couldn’t have asked for any better visitor, unless of course, her oldest son came in carrying her youngest son. That would have been priceless. That is a great picture of her.

  45. @ Bailey – Tell Hewlett I’ll buy the Wraith costume, but ONLY if I can dress Todd personally! 😀 I PROMISE to behave…



  46. G’day Joe

    Very glad the ep title is Cloverdale.

    A close member of the family is always the best medicine. Especially when one is so excited to visit Mum. Hope Mum Mallozzi is doing well.

    I find Vegemite cures all – packed with VitaminB.

  47. The good thing about dogs is that they are always really happy to see their owner/mum. This will have cheered your mother up immensely.

    When I come home and my two cats greet me at the door I know it is because they are hungry. I am merely a slave and nothing more.

  48. Haha! “cloverdale” – literally laughed out loud, thanks for making my day. For those of you not from Vancouver, Cloverdale is a part of Surrey… the home of the Surrey joke.

  49. *checks clock*


    Showgirls again, Joey?? 😉

    I know – you still have time, but I must get my beauty sleep! Nites!


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