Well, whaddya know.  Word is Jason Momoa (aka Stargate: Atlantis’s Ronon Dex) is the new Conan – http://www.deadline.com/hollywood/toldja-conan-the-barbarian-hires-momoa/. Congrats to Jason.

Last night, I dreamt that I was taking a hair-raising drive up a narrow, barrierless glass structure to an eighteenth floor parking facility.  It was reminiscent of a dream I had when I was a kid in which I was climbing up an insanely high glass staircase, fear slowing me to a snail’s pace, while Curly of the Harlem Globetrotters brought up the rear, continually haranguing me to “Keep moving!”.  What would a psychiatrist say?  Well, if she was a Stargate fan, she’d no doubt accuse me of running out of ideas and using the same recycled plots for my night time reveries.  So let’s dispense with the expert counsel and once again rely on the much less informed but much more entertaining advice of the average blog reader.  What, in your unqualified position, is the underlying significance of my dream?  What deep-seeded psychological issues are at play here?  And, most importantly, what form of self-medication would you recommend?

The Stargate production is like one big, happy family – unless two members of said family decide to get engaged at which point the familial analogy becomes a little creepy, as was the case this morning when I found out that a couple of my fellow co-workers had recently decided to take that major step toward a joint bank account, quiet Saturday nights curled up in front of the t.v., and arguments over which set of in-laws to spend Christmas with.  I was happy for them but disappointed the actual engagement wasn’t pulled off with a little more pizzazz.  I mean, sure, the romantic getaway and the dozen long-stemmed roses is nice – but so damn cliche.  Years ago when my writing partner Paul was planning to ask his then girlfriend to marry him, I suggested an approach so creative, so different from anything that’s come before, that I was sure he’d go for it.  But he didn’t and I honestly can’t understand why.  Well, his loss is your gain.  If you’re planning on tying the knot, I offer you this delightfully unique way of springing the question…

1. Choose a location.

2. The day before the proposal, visit the location and find a lovable hobo.  Give him the engagement ring.

3. The next day, return to the spot with your fiancee.  At the agreed upon signal, the lovable hobo will approach, cup in hand, and ask you for change.  Suggest your fiancee give him a quarter.  When your fiancee goes to give him a quarter, she’ll notice the engagement ring rattling around at the bottom of the hobo’s cup.

4. At which point you ask her to marry you, take the ring out of the cup and put it on her finger.

5. She says yes.  Happy Ending.  P.S. Don’t forget to tip the lovable hobo!

Now I’ve never heard of anyone pulling off anything even remotely similar.  This approach is as wonderfully imaginative as it gets AND offers a wonderful anecdote for friends and family.  Finally, to ensure it all goes off without a hitch, make sure you’re there at the appointed time, remember to have your fiancee be the one to drop the quarter in the cup and, most important of all, impress upon the lovable hobo how frightfully expensive the ring is and thus not something he would want to misplace or damage in the interim.

Let me know how it goes.  And I’ll be expecting an invite to the wedding!

96 thoughts on “January 21, 2010: Jason Momoa the New Conan! Interpret My Dreams! Creative Engagements!

  1. Congrats to JM.

    I think the dream sounds fun. Driving up parking garages is so boring. You beat the odds. Dig it.

    I have a recommendation for a lovable hobo who happens to frequent the Vancouver area. He’s an honest fellow and I recommend him without reservation. He’ll expect payment in the form of hugs and congratulations for infiltrating the Illuminati and rum.

  2. Yay Jason! Now I will have to go see the film!

    Joe, I hope you mom continues to mend.

    And if you are still taking questions for Patrick:

    Stargate: What were you thoughts when you found out you would be in SGU, making SGU the 3rd Stargate series you have made a guest appearance in?

    Non-Stargate: Do you ever think that the Oilers will return to the glory days where they can actually win a game?

  3. Concerning your dream…something with the goal being clear but the journey nevertheless treacherous.

  4. 🙂 Jason will be a good Conan. Congratulations Jason. I can’t believe that I am old enough to be his mother. Scary stuff! 😯

    ➡ So now that you have the proposal all worked out you only have to find yourself a nice lady who loves dogs and fully appreciates fine cuisine. 😉

    😛 Hope the hounds are all well – I was lying in bed earlier (half sleeping) and heard a wheezing noise, I thought that it was my little cat Frankie having an asthma attack. I was me snoring!

    👿 Susan 😈

  5. My mother and father were married in December 1962 (9 months and 12 hours before I arrived on the planet).

    My mother had waited on my dad proposing to her for a couple of years and she was decided to take matters into her own hands.

    She applied to rent a small property (with outside loo) and then told my dad that they were moving in to the house together. My dad was horrified at the idea of actually living together before they were married. So he was was left with no option but to propose to mum. Not exactly romantic.

    My mother always got her own way.

  6. Congratulations to Jason.

    Considering your confession about a fear of heights and you live a bit like you’re in a fish bowl with a large portion of your life being out in public domain, I’m not surprised to hear your dream. But the Harlem Globetrotter? An unfulfilled desire to be a tall black man that plays fake basketball games? Fear of losing your hair? Or no doubt das will mention something about guys and playing with balls. 😐

    Nath’s proposal was definitely different. I had a friend over one night out on the decking. I was sporting my best finery, PJ bottoms and a warm coat. Nath got home from a friend’s funeral who died within 4 weeks of being diagnosed with cancer. He came in, gave me a stern look and asked to speak to me by myself. I walked inside thinking how strange his tone was. Got inside, he looked at me for a few seconds and then said, “Will you marry me?”. My first reaction was, “Are you sure?” which I don’t think filled him with confidence. He raised an eyebrow at me so I hurriedly explained that it’s not something you can take back so I didn’t want him to do it just because he was feeling emotional. But he came back with, “If anything, even more so, because I saw today what is so easy to lose.” Good enough for me, so I said “Of course!”.

    A bit of a shock for the friend who was over to kick back with a glass of wine.

  7. The “drive” represents your long journey through life. That which you like to live on the edge, as a dangerous man, which explains the “narrow” and “barrierless” path on which you are taking. Now the “glass structure” is really an interesting part. It really depicts the fragile balance between your professional life and social life, when it is perfectly aligned, you have an incredibly beautiful piece of art. But if there is one small crack, the entire thing comes shattering down. And the “parking facility” is clearly a cry for help for all the going round and round you do, spinning ideas, grinding gears etc. Now let’s also not forget the number 18, the most significant part. In your dream you are striving to find the eighteenth floor, 18 is the answer to all your problems. All you have to do is look deep inside yourself and ask, what is 18?

    My bill is in the mail.

  8. My husband proposed to me in one of the most unromantic ways I can think of…he popped the question while he was driving down the road! He couldn’t even pay attention to my reaction because the roads were snow covered and a little dangerous. For some reason, I said yes.

  9. I’m just wondering about the significance of Curly from the Harlem Globetrotters. I saw them when I was a kid. Lots of fun. Why Curly?

    I got nothing on the dream. Since I hardly ever remember mine, I feel that I’m not qualified to say anything about yours. Except about Curly.

    Congrats to Jason. He’ll be great in that role.

  10. Woo Hoo! If MGM/Syfy/whoever is in power won’t greenlight the Atlantis movie, I can at least cheer the actors of that show getting nice chewy roles. I’d look forward to a Conan movie anyways. With Momoa in the role it’s going to be a must see on the first day kind of role.
    Quick shot at dream analysis. One, you’re feeling exposed in some way. Have the dogs pulled the shades off the windows, leaving your morning shower routine visible to the world? Two, you feel like you are climbing in the world. Perhaps the impending publication of your short story. This is triggering a nervous reaction, as exposed by the fear you feel. Three. You are the anti-christ. This is proven by the fact you went to the eighteenth floor, which is 6+6+6. Your childhood dream was merely a foreshadowing of this fact. As the Apocolypse approaches, you’ve grown from walking up steps to hurtling in a powerful ride to your ascension into the heavens. See, simple. Please note I’m prepared to submit an application as a lackey, should you decide to hire as you embrace your destiny.
    Congrats to the couple who are making the leap into matrimony, and kudos for them ignoring your proposal engagement. I mean, a hobo? At least get someone to dress up as a legless undead person rolling about on those mechanic’s things designed to look under trucks and cars. Then they can be asking for ladyfingers. Rather than offering a quarter, the man can ask the woman to make the minor sacrifice. Should she have the fortitude to step forward, she recieves the reward of the ring. Should she balk, then it’s time for the man to go find another warrior princess.
    Thanks for another early post, and hope you’re having fun.

  11. Are you crazy? The hobo would certainly flee the scene with the ring so fast that would take you half an hour to realize what just happened!

  12. Joe, you’re totally bonkers. 😉

    And Congrats to JASON!!! Woo! Hope it’s a done deal – he’ll be a great Ronon Conan!

    @ DP – I left you a message under yesterday’s post – RE: clarifications.

    @ Joe – RE: “… hair-raising drive up a narrow, barrierless glass structure to an eighteenth floor parking facility.”

    Two things come to mind: 1. You feel your life is transparent; and 2. You feel like life is still a precarious uphill climb, but your goal is within reach, and once you get there, you will find contentment.

    So…am I close?


  13. Wooooo whoooo Jason!!! Way to go!!! Smart choice. They could not have cast a better person. Jason is perfect for that role. He can be fierce yet gentle, chiselled yet soft, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. Must of been his sparkling, funloving personality. I lnow they will love him. I’d hire him in a second. Is there a poster yet? Life size. For my bedroom door. (hehehe)

    Hummm. Your dream. Your in luck because I was a psychology minor. A dream similar to one you had as a kid means that an old emotion that disturbed you then is back. It means you long for the olden days, that when things got kinda scary, a loveable, reliable, harmless figure was there to keep you company and lighten the mood. I think it means you want someone to pal around with and need someone to confide in. You’re obviously missing Martin Gero. Probably ties in with all the mishaps you have been having lately too. I recomend you call Marty G to come for a visit.

    Don’t knock Mrs Mallozzi’s pink computer. I have a pink mouse. I love pink.

    And your “how to get engaged” plan….have you been drinking? The ring will be pawned faster than you can say “hold this for me”! Next time, YOU try it, and let US know how it goes.

  14. Dreams really are simply an outlet to daily stress & concerns. Examine what is going on in your life to find what dream is about. Sorry, psychology degree lol. I guess that eliminates my response. Drug? A good bottle of your fave wine or if you like it, absinthe. I hate licorice so was told I’d hate it, but I like it a lot. 🙂
    Dr Deb.. Oh and how’s the muscle?

  15. Which dream are we analyzing? The original (Harlem Globetrotter) or the current? I’ll go with the current.
    A tall building indicates changes in your personal life and a glass building indicates you see no barriers, or insurmountable problems in your life.

    So apparently, you are presently in, or contemplating a change in your personal (non-work related) life, and subconsciously realize you will be successful in your endeavors.

    Congratulations to the co-workers, and best wishes for their married life.

  16. @ Narelle – RE: Curly. I was actually thinking something much more perverse…like…Brokeback Basketball…



  17. Omg sweet Jason!!!! Congrats man!!!!!!!

    Ok joe a few questions.

    1. Is Will directing aftermath?

    2. Will there be any hand to hand scenes in the second half of sgu season 1?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  18. Oh and who is ready to start writing or tweeting TONS of letters to MGM to GET THESE STARGATE MOVIES made.

    See when you wait to long people like Jason commit to other things and it gets near impossible to make these things.

  19. Omg. That would be epic. And I would invite you to my wedding, if you’d be willing to fly out here. Lol.

    Oh and I know who I want to marry.

    Renee Walker…. From 24.

    First of all she is smoking hot, has a great physique, great personality, yet is a tough, smart, admirable woman. She is soooo my future wife. And now, thanks to you Mr. M, I know how to ask!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  20. Dream analysis: Nothing clever; being serious here. I suspect the elevator ride up was some chemical/hormonal thing going on in your body if you indeed felt the emotion of going up in an elevator. (You know that dream where people feel like they are falling? That is actually a chemical reaction at the beginning of REM sleep before your body locks the muscles down). External stimuli happening while we are sleeping are often incorporated into dreams as well. The barrierless thing could be either that you consider yourself a very open person or you see that there are perhaps no barriers to your success? The number 18 had some significance to you in your day. Perhaps you saw the number 18 on something you looked at today. Many times dreams are just getting rid of day clutter and have no significant importance. The same thing could be said about the parking garage. Did you like Curly or the Harlmen Globetrotters as a young person? Perhaps you view him as a coach-like person. Maybe Curly is your dream-based life coach. He’s pushing you on to be successful and there is something you feel some anxiety about. Or alternatively, if there is a decision you need to make that you haven’t made, perhaps Curly is there trying to coach you to take that next scary step.

    Hope your mom is doing better every day.

    I got the bill for my 3-hour ER visit for chest pain that turned out not to be a heart attack, but costochondritis the symptoms of which are very similar to a heart attack. $2269.

    If I didn’t have insurance, you can bet I likely would have NOT gone to the emergency room that day knowing I’d have a bill of at least $1000 an hour there. Now let’s look at that and what if it was a heart attack. I could have been another statistic of why health care reform is needed in this country immediately. I could be dead. I think I’ll send the bill to my senators and representative.

    Now having insurance, I still have to pay about $500 of that. Like I have a spare $500 laying around. I have a washing machine that has a leak. $$ I believe a water pipe underground around my pool is leaking. $$ I just had to pay $500 for someone to come in to point out where my son’s school teachers and staff are doing a good job and where there are some areas of improvement because they have the long history of not training their staff properly. And am also faced with the possibility of asking this person to come in and do some training at my expense despite the district getting $8 million from the federal government for this exact reason.

    I’m so aggravated.

  21. Jason will be a great Conan! I am really looking forward to that movie and seeing him in it. Congrats, Jason!!!!! You deserve it!

    My idea about your dreams is that you are feeling forced to go down a path you find scary. Forced by circumstances beyond your control. As a child, that could be like going to school, going to the doctor, visiting a relative–things your parents wanted you to do but you didn’t. As an adult it could be things such as having to change jobs or homes or a good friend moving to NYC? Dreams are the way our unconscious mind works out the feelings that we don’t want to deal with otherwise. They are personal and only the person who dreamed them can really figure them out by trying to figure out what is going on in their lives and what they are feeling about it. It can be quite illumunating as we can’t lie to ourselves.

    Mrs. M…you look great! Keep up the good work!

  22. Congrats to Jason! And he even beat out a Cullen for the role. Not that I don’t like Twilight, but I have to say Jason’s much more barbarianesque than that other guy. In a good way.

  23. @ PBMom – You know that cut finger Mr. Das had? We have insurance, and so far it’s cost us $300+, and not all the bills are in yet (he’s in occupational therapy now, have to wait on the bills for that). Fortunately, we have Aflac, and that will help suppliment some of the out-of-pocket expenses. Aflac is certainly worth getting – especially for things like this. It’s a good bargain at a relatively low cost.

    @ Major D. Davis – I’ve given up on the Atlantis movie – I doubt it will ever be made. And there are just too many sour grapes, it seems. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the actors just don’t feel like putting on those skins again.


  24. PBMom – Eeeeek! $2269!! Surprised the non-heart attack didn’t turn into a real one after you received the bill!

    I hope the Health Care system improves for you guys over there. It’s a shame though that the original legislation that was trying to be passed got watered down to the point where it will quite possibly be impotent anyway.

    Glenn Beck made me want to smash my TV one day. 2 years ago he was saying how much of a mess the US Health Care system was and then with a change in administration he starts to stay there’s nothing wrong with it! Plus I’ve never understood the whole concept that if it’s functioning why try and improve it. Of course things should be improved!

    We have a public and private option here in Australia so there can be extremely long waiting lists if you go public, but you will get affordable care.

    das – I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

  25. Figured Jason would get it. He couldn’t be more perfect (particularly from his early Atlantis days) but can he do the German accent??

  26. Is it too late to ask Patrick Gilmore a question? If not:

    Hey Patrick, how’s the *cough cough self-made* Wikipedia article coming along? 😉
    Also: is there any TV show filmed in Vancouver that you haven’t been in, but want to? We could start a massive letter-writing campaign or something…. 😀
    And in all seriousness, thanks for keeping us so entertained on Twitter and SGU and ReiseTheSeries! 😀

  27. @Narelle: We could have both here, too, if the politicians weren’t more concerned with themselves and the lobbying groups than with its citizens. Don’t get me started on Glenn Beck (did you see how creepy he was with Sarah Palin. Made me nauseous and I’m not a fan of hers. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. I guess it is his tears that won’t turn off that is flooding California right now, too.

    @Das: Yes, this is just the ER bill. This is not the ER physician’s bill, the “Lab” interpretation bill, the “EKG or telemetry” interpretation bill and whatever other person tries to get their hands in the cookie jar. Most expensive case of inflammation I’ve ever had. Well, no, wait, there was the $50,000 hospitalization for 5 days in 2005 when they forgot to tell me, oh, by the way, I had a brain aneurysm.

    And if I had gone to my regular doctor to get an appointment, as soon as the appointment people heard I was coming in for “chest pain” they would have told me to go to the ER. Ridiculous.

  28. **WOOHOO** JASON!! 😀

    Of course, you all realise now, that the cost of the SGA Movie just went up… Especially if the new CONAN flick really scores at the Box Office…

    Hmm… Means autograph prices probably just shot up too. Glad I already have mine!

  29. Interpretation of Joe’s dream:

    Your dream represents a subconscious fear for/discomfort with your own mortality. The glass driveway to the 18th floor parking facility represents your path through life towards the hereafter, and you are concerned about your progress on the path.

    The fact that it is a glass path is a metaphor for the fragility of the journey through life. You believe the path is very precarious, and it is possible both to fall off the path, and for the path to break under the weight of your choices.

    The specificity of the 18th floor is also interesting. This represents your an acute awareness of the passage of time. I would further speculate that you harbor a subconscious belief about your longevity, and you are assessing yourself against that implied number of years remaining.

    If you’ve got some outstanding goals/benchmarks that weigh upon your soul, your are asking yourself to confront them post haste.

    Your resident psychoanalyst,

    Sigmund Freud

    P.S. I bill at $350/hour. Please donate my check to the SGU Victims Fund.

  30. YAY Jason!!

    Your dream isn’t really so difficult to interpret, you harbour a burning desire to be on Top Gear with Clarkson, Hammond and May and you’d like Curly to be the “star in a reasonably priced car”

  31. Hi Joe:

    So you are having unusual dreams again. Creative people have very creative dreams. Yours sounds like you are feeling a little vulnerable to changes in your life. In your dream you are unprotected with no barriers as you climb higher and higher. The glass structure provides you with a clear view of your precarious position, emphasizing your discomfort. You need to consider what it is in your life that is making you feel that changes are happening that you have no control of.
    — Psych degree and 20 years of practice.

    For Patrick Gilmore:

    Hi Patrick:
    I must confess that with that hat you were wearing in Los Angeles (at the convention) disguised you well. Or was that the plan? If so, good plan. I met you after pulling a prank on Ryan Robbins while he was on stage. He walked right into it of course. That was fun.
    My questions:
    1) How did you guys get to know each other?
    2) You, Alex Zahara, Dean Marshall and John Billingsly were in the movie 2012 and you are all Stargate Alumni. Did you have the chance to talk Stargate with each other while filming? If so, what experiences did you share?
    3) I’d like to invite you to a couple of events, but will twitter you about them.
    4)How did you know that you wanted to become an actor? would you recommend it as a career for someone who is just getting started?

    Thanks a bunch.


  32. I will see Conan now regardless of bad press (or anything). Huge congrats to Jason, that’s an awesome role to get.

    Sadly they’ll never be able to match the sheer awesomeness of Conan’s soundtrack – could they bring Basil Poledouris back to life for just this one movie?

  33. Hm, you used ‚she’ twice: are you saying that only a woman can be a psychiatrist? Or that only women would use such arguments (‘accusations’)? 😉

    I think there is a lack of information in order to analyze your recent dream properly. Otherwise I would say you’re bored with your life and want it to be more adventurous. … Yes, I’m a woman but not a psychiatrist. 😉

  34. Hey Joe,

    Take a seat & I’ll analyse your dream…trust me I’m a web designer.

    OK, you feel like your life is out of control at the moment. You feel vulnerable, much like you did when you were 18 years old and as a child struggling with a similar dream. I say pick up that basketball and head out for some one-on-one with Curly…or if you can’t reach him then Lawren. Write down the things you believe are holding you back in life (hopefully not us) and do something about them …..how’d I do?

    With regard to the proposal…I’m seeing a flaw in the plan….what if someone else’s girlfriend donates money to the hobo before you get to see him/her and gets engaged on your ring? Wouldn’t it be easier to hire an actor to play the hobo?

    But I see a future business opportunity for you..

    Congratulations to Jason Momoa! Thoroughly deserved. What a great few months for him.

    Cheers, Chev

  35. My dreams are usually frustrating. The elevator never stops at the floor I need. I usually end up in a distant parking garage and I have to pee or I am running late and can’t find the proper clothing. On occasion I am carrying a big gun and attempting to save the world from bad guys.

    I find the hobo guy a little scary and icky. Now if we ran into Jason Momoa that would be different. 🙂

  36. Congrats to Jason as well…. but I guess that ties him up for the next year now, so the SGA movie gets pushed back yet again… I really hope we get to see this movie at some point but with each month that passes it seems less likely.

  37. Hi Joe!

    The parking garage is your current life situations. You feel some things in your life are distant (since it’s a tall garage) and you or your feelings are exposed (glass walls). The fear as you drive up is cuz you feel afraid of finishing something. (Hate to say this, but it may relate to your marriage.)

    The similarity to your previous dream is coincidental. You probably were going through another time feeling a bit overwhelmed and exposed. Curly was just a random insert. Did you see the Globetrotters play on TV about that time?

    Glad your mom is doing better. Hope her rehab is reFAB!

    @ Major D. Davis – Yes, Renee Walker on 24 is very attractive, but did you see the end of the 4th ep?!! Do everything she says! For reals! (My hub said, “She’s more Jack Bauer than Jack Bauer!”)


  38. Super awesome congrats to Jason for getting to play Conan. Mmmmm…Jason as a barbarian….*thunk*

    Here’s how I abbreviate the almighty Joe of This Blog and Jason to keep them identifiable.

    Jason Momoa = JMm (as in Mmmmmmm)

    Joe Mallozzi = JMz (as in Zzzzzzzz….er, never mind)


  39. Ah, Joe, no fair…you didn’t spill the beans on who was engaged.

    Congrats to Jason on becoming the new Conan.

    And best wishes to your Mom on a healthy and speedy recovery.

  40. p.s about the dream – it’s indicating that you are feeling very vulnerable about some aspect of your life… hope you sort that out xx

  41. Joe,

    Congratz to Jason! He’ll Make an awsome Conan.

    As for the Dream. Screw it, Take an Ambien an a glass or 2 of Scotch, and get some sleep.

    What if the Hobo keeps the ring never to be seen again as he pawns it for more booze?

    Those are my 2 cents for the day.

    PS: What was the Fith script title? Was it CROSSROADS?

  42. Congrats to Jason! I was rooting for him, and frankly really did expect him to get the role. Those other fellas are just not Conan material. That’s damn good stuff.

    I choose to interpret your dream as a positive. It means that you set no barriers for yourself. You can see all of the opportunities around you, and there’s nothing holding you back. /ick. I think I just made myself sick with positiveness. Or penned a really mushy Hallmark card.

    Joe, your engagement routine missed one important point: You’ve got to ask to Hobo where he pawned the ring so that you can go buy it back. Now THAT is romance.

    Good weekend everyone!

  43. Hi Mr M!

    So, those of you who stray onto Twitter, may know that Deirdre and I have welcomed the safe arrival of our beautiful baby girl (9lb 2oz). We are calling her Doireann.
    Both mother and daughter are doing great. Yet another SG fan is born!

    @dasndanger : Re: Names, as you know my wife is Deirdre, my daughter is also Deirdre. Our new girl is Doireann (it’s an old irish name, referring to daughter of Finn McCool, the legendary Irish warrior) Our other girls are Hazel and Deirbhile (meaning daughter of Ireland or poet’s daughter…depending on the translation)

    Great to see you Mom doing so well. Send our best her way.

    I See Sleepless nights and SG1/A/U re-runs in my future….

    Best to all


    *now hand me that champagne quickly!*

  44. See how well this fits for your dream analysis. A glass staircase is transparent, you can see out and others can see in. As a child you are climbing a staircase, you are achieving things in life, growing up and learning new things. Others are watching as you do this and you are aware of it because they see you and you see them (that’s the glass part, transparency).

    As an adult, the same theme is there. Are you in a “new” position of any kind where you have to learn “new” things? (climbing the staircase). Are you aware that others can see you – the glass part. I would assert you are “seen” in your daily blog, as well as other places where you share yourself such as work or family.

    Now the fact that you are once again dreaming about it – are you worried in any way about the things you are doing or learning? In what ways is your current life like it was when you were dreaming the dream as a child?

  45. @PBMom

    I totally hear you on paying for training for the school district personnel, the people who are supposed to be the experts! I can’t tell you how many books and DVDs that I have purchased for teachers and counselors. Unfortunately, the experts who understand autism are few and far between. The situation is improving, but it tends to be in certain geographic areas. I think some of the national groups that are putting so much money into research could spend their money better by directing some of that money to training. Training is available, but not everywhere, and it is not mandatory. It should be mandatory for every public school teacher.


    Guinness would be my recommendation for self medication. Puts me right out!

  46. @PBMom

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you, my sister-in-law suffered from costochronditis for many years. I think in her case it mostly went away when she changed her diet. For some reason, eating beef seemed to trigger an attack. I hope it is an easy fix for you, and not an expensive one!

  47. Coucou Joseph!

    ça va bien?

    Moi oui =) c’est déjà le week end!!! Ahhh quel bonne nouvelle, je suis contente pour Jason, se rôle lui va très bien!!

    Lol vous aussi vous faites des rêves étranges mais bon, comme dit mon cheri, il faut être totalement tordu pour inventer tout ce que contient l’univers de stargate….heureusement qu”il y’a des gens comme vous pour faire ça ♥!

    Je n’ai pas très bien compris la suite de votre texte quand vous parlez de la grande famille stargate, c’est quoi une hobo?

    J’attend toujours ma réponse à ma question d”hier XD

    Quel est la marque de votre parfum?

    Bonne journée!

  48. Congratulations to Jason!

    It seems to me that the dream represents your desire to travel through the stargate itself, but you are thwarted because Walter can’t get a lock. Or maybe not.

    Next time you make the hobo/ring suggestion, perhaps you should volunteer to play the part of the hobo? 🙂

  49. Anyone who tries the hobo marriage proposal, let me know. I’ve got a great deal on a bridge for your parents to buy for you as a wedding gift.

    Congrats Jason! whatever the movie ends up as, you’ll kick ass in it. Too bad it was a Kull remake (he came from Atlantis)

  50. All this talk of paying for medical treatment is making me glad to be Scottish.

    I know that we do pay into the NHS but when it comes to the crunch I can toddle off to the doctor or hospital with no thought of the cost of the treatment.

    My drugs (just the legally prescribed ones!) cost only a small amount and within the next couple of years this will become free.


  51. Your dream sounds scary to me and reminiscent of terrifying coastlines drives I’ve made in my life.

    It’s an anxiety dream for sure. Too bad you can’t have anxiety dreams about being naked in front of an audience like most “normal” people?

    Anxiety, yes, but the glass makes it much more nerve wracking in addition to your fear of heights. Looking down, you would feel like you had nothing holding you up and the surface would be slippery as well so sliding off would be another fear. And, I think Narelle is right about the transparency issue – if you fail, all will see.

    Curly is a comedic figure (can’t say clown cuz that would make this a nightmare). I would prefer Curly from the Stooges, over the Globetrotter, myself. But this Curly is agile unlike you and wants to beat you to the top. You are afraid that someone ridiculous will surpass you and beat you to your parking spot. I guess the parking garage gets full fast.

    But we all know he won’t. Right? You just have to learn how to fly in your dreams.

  52. PBMom: One reason these dr bills are so high in the U. S. is because of the lawsuits! If we could get congress to put a limit on the judgments. A cap on how much the “lawyers” receive, too. The lawyers get most of the judgments anyway. Doctors can’t afford NOT to run a lot of unnecessary test with heart pains because if they miss something, they could lose millions. My humble opinion is: tort reform, clean up some of the Medicare fraud, cap the lawyers fee, reduce malpractice premiums, let people cross state lines to get insurance (more competition better prices), and expand Medicare. I’m sure there is a bunch more than can be done. I for one, would feel much better about the health care reform is the government officials were on the same plan. Of course, they exempted themselves!!!
    I hope you are feeling ok now and I’m glad it wasn’t your heart!

    Narelle: kind of romantic. I can’t really remember how my hubby proposed. I think he just rolled over in bed and asked…. We don’t tell that to our families 😳 .

    Mr. M, if your mom is looking for activities, she could always write down some of those Christmas recipes!!!! Is she ok with having a guy roommate? I hope she gets to go home soon. I have no idea what your dream means but it’s good you are sleeping again!

    Ok, the more I think on Janet Napolitano’s (homeland security secretary ) statement about the underwear bomber, the more I chuckle. Did anyone read it? NAPOLITANO: What we are focused on is making sure that the air environment remains safe, that people are confident when they travel. And one thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked. Everybody played an important role here. The system turned out to be the passengers on the plane that subdued the bomber until authorities could get him! After the disbelief of the attempted spin of the whole event, she later amended the statement. BUT STILL! 🙄

  53. i love your plan, but i would have someone dress up and act as a lovable hobo. Living in the metro detroit area, if i went downtown and gave one of the nice hobo’s a ring, its all but guaranteed i will never see that ring or him again, lol.

    but i’ll consider your plan in the future when i propose to my girlfriend.

  54. @Shirt’n’Tie,,,many many congratulations on the new arrival, best of wishes to the family, and may you get some sleep at night.
    -Congratulations also to Mr Jason Momoa on his new role as Conan, much success. *the eyes again*, *sigh*
    -Congrats to the newly engaged couple and probably a good idea not to listen to Joe’s suggestion this time, but you might want to consult him on food for the reception, high marks to him there.
    – and Joe no clue to a guess on the dream, I still am not able to figure out mine,(we won’t go there) but am glad to have them. But as to self-medication, chocolate and dogs and a bit of whatever is your fav beverage b4 bedtime, should really perk up/change up the dreams.
    Have a great day!! 😉

  55. @AV eddy

    Actually I’m still trying to finish season 7 before I move on to 8! But My friend told me what happened. She is insane. My family calls her Jackline Bauer. Lol

    @das Since when did you give up hope? There is still a chance, dont you think. Well at least the sg-1 movie has a chance, right?

  56. @ Narelle – You are welcome! 😉

    @ PBMom – I second annie’s *ouch!* Yeah…the medical system leaves much to be desired – you have to be very involved, you have to have a family member or friend help monitor your treatment, and you have to ask questions – lots and lots of questions – all of which doesn’t set well with doctors’ big egos. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t thing sometimes.

    @ eddy – *snarfle* 🙂

    @ Shirt’n’Tie – CONGRATULATIONS!!! And what a beautiful name! Wishing you and your family (and momma!) all the best! Just a question – how do you pronounce Deirbhile’s name? I am not familiar with it.

    Well, gotta run. Big grocery day for me, at the request of my ‘you better start clipping coupons!’ husband. So, now that mom is back, and my sister is here, the three of us are going shopping…them for stuff they need, and me for stuff I don’t need, but Mr. Das insisted I get because there was a coupon for it. 🙄 Let’s see how this works…

    OH! And you know the best thing about refrigerator clean-out day? Meatball sub for breakfast! 😀

    No wonder I’m fat. 😛


  57. @Joe

    Just checking in. Haven’t any more updates on those questions in a couple days now. Hoping you haven’t forgot about us Joe. We’re getting antsy in the SyFy forums. 8)

    Also, to add to questions 5-15 :

    16. Does Destiny predate ZPM’s?

  58. Hmmm well about the dream it’s not fear of success cause you have written for two really really succesful series.With a new one in it’s infancy.Is it fear of heights?

    As for self medication ,how about Cuervo 1800? Maybe a snoot full before bed time.

  59. So in looking at your dream, this is how I would see it:
    Going up a particular structure shows that you’re heading for some kind of goal, like heading up a mountain. My thoughts are that you’re driving up because you don’t your suit to get dirty. The glass structure probably represents that you’re probably in a fragile place in your life and you have fears it all may fall out from underneath you, if you step the wrong way.

    By the way, I’m new, my dues have been paid in full.

  60. On your mom — *waves to Joe’s Mom*

    Great to see her looking so cheerful. Hope rehab goes very well and is not too painful. Loving the pink laptop — Shows she’s strong and independent, but still feminine.

    On your dream — You want to live in another galaxy, and be a puddle jumper valet for a high-end space resort. It would, of course, be an Atlantis resort. 😀

    Aren’t you glad you asked all of us to interpret your dream?

    Joe-you wouldn’t be you without all your issues! I recommend no spicy food before bedtime! It is widely known that spicy food causes one to have weird dreams.

    On your proposal — Yeah, don’t think it would work unless the hobo was one of your actor friends. Too much temptation, otherwise.
    My husband accidentally proposed to me.

    Would love to have a question for Patrick, but other people have already wrote all the questions I could think up. Look forward to the answers.

  61. Shirt’n’Tie congratulations on the new arrival. So it is now three females and you in the house – my brother thought that he was hard done by with two daughters and a son.

    Deirbhile and Doireann sound like typical and totally unpronounceable Irish names. My brother’s first born was to be called Mogue if a boy – thankfully it was a little girl and they called her Edie.

    I’ll stick to cats.

  62. My only interpretation of your dream is that you’re scaling the heights of your life, but you can still see the bottom, and that’s scary. I recommend a glass of good red every night. Maybe two.

    Congrats to Jason Momoa, but I’m not really surprised. Additionally, he’s a much better actor than Schwarzenegger (for what that’s worth). I’ll probably see the movie, just because I loved to read Conan the Barbarian stories when I was a kid. Luckily for me, the librarian, who was a bit of a stickler for age-appropriate literature, didn’t know what kind of stories they were.

  63. Interesting Dream lol.

    Sounds like a dream with a meaning, like the top of the staircase is the goal, and the person behind you is the weight of the task you are trying to achieve.

  64. Basically a dream where you feel the weight of what you have to do, and you’d rather take your time but deep down you feel like it has to be done. Probably stress related lol

  65. I’ve just read yesterday’s comment:
    I love Grave of the fireflies! It’s so sad (I’m always crying when watching it ).
    Sounds a little weird to like it because it makes me sad but it was just touching for me.
    It would definitely make the first place in my anime top 5.

    I don’t visit SFSignal regularly so it would be great if you could mention it again when your Anime Film Top 5 shows up there.
    And in case Grave of the fireflies didn’t make it:
    did you like it at all?

  66. Used the search function: seems like you liked it

    So I’m curious now if it made it into your Top 5 ^^

  67. @Shirt ‘n Tie: Congratulations to all you! May Doireann always walk in G-d’s light!

  68. Oh my! Dreams were never my strong suit, so we won’t go there 😀

    Mr proposed to me in a resturant overlooking water at sunset… it was VERY romantic *sigh*

    And congrats to Jason! Mega fantastic! 😀

  69. Shirt’n’Tie: Congratulations! Beautiful name.

    Also, good news on Jason getting that part! Gotta support that family of his.

  70. Shirt N Tie – Congratulations to you and your wife. Awesome!

    Mom Mallozzi – waves – and HELLO…just in case she is looking at your blog today.

    Jason M..he is da bomb!

    Everyone else’s interpretation of the dream – is a lot better than anything I can offer.

    Hope you have less stressful dreams.

  71. btw with comment I meant your blog entry which you’ve probably figured already on your own but still 😉

  72. Congratulations Shirt ‘n’ Tie!

    shiningwit – Sign me up for the Top Gear dream. Any night.

    Tammy – I head/desked when I read your comment re the ‘system working’.

    Joe – Can you interpret this? I woke up this morning with ‘Walk the Dinosaur’ stuck in my head and have been “Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom”-ing down the hallway for the last hour. Any idea what I dreamt about, because I can’t remember?

  73. @Narelle — thanks ALOT — now I’ve got that song stuck in my head 🙂

  74. Many others have probably covered the dream thing quite well. My only suggestion is that you are afraid of falling from a great height and getting squished on the ground by gravity. I think all the rest is irrelevant. Glass…cars…globetrotters…..meaningless. Those are just window dressing for your fear of squishing on the ground.

    One question for a script writer: Why do more people order anchovie pizza’s on TV than in real life? I worked in pizza joints for over 3 years straight and nobody in that time EVER ordered an anchovie pizza. I recall seeing a dusty, sad-looking can of anchovies on the same shelf for years that never got used, but had to be there “just-in-case”.

    Good luck on your new life changes.


  75. Narelle: Janet Napolitano is just another example of political appointees in America. The president appoints people to positions they are not qualified for but who helped in his campaign/friends. It’s purely a payback position for most. Did you see that our new Treasury department head owed several thousand dollars of back taxes? He can’t do his own taxes but he’s in charge of the treasury? It doesn’t matter which party gets elected in the White House. It’s the same story every four/eight years.

    Just remember, if you fly in America be prepared to tackle the bombers/hi-jackers yourself 😉 . The system will work!

  76. @ Shirt ‘n’Tie – Congratulations, wow 9 lbs, glad mother and baby are doing well.

    Holy Hannah what a week, and today took the cake. It amazes me how people can keep their jobs. I can’t begin to describe the injustices.

    Nothing a few vanilla Stohli and coke couldn’t cure. Is there an insurance carrier that covers rehab??

  77. Oh, Joe. I’m on vacation! This is reason enough to dedicate a blog entry to me.

    On my agenda for vacation: drum corps rehearsal, haircut, finding a cure for left-handedness in squid, and improving the wetness of water by 7%.

    I’m on the verge of a breakthrough with the squid. Very hush hush top secret stuff, you know.


  78. I just want to join in on wishing the big J the best on his movie project and hope that the network PTB will not only give the production team the go ahead to do the Atlantis but also enough financing to do it with all the Bells and whistles.
    And of course All The Best to Mom
    Also its 1:15 am and still no post.

  79. Hey, Joe!

    I have a little question:

    Does Eli know what really happened between Young and Rush on the planet in Justice and will it change the way he acts around Young?

    My best to your mom and to Jason.


  80. I am sorry Joe, but I must poke a small hole in your proposal. A hobo has no money, you give him a frightfully expensive wedding ring and he will most likely pawn it.

    Why not have a friend she has not met yet dress as a hobo(tricky, but doable) this way you can be assured you know were the guy lives.

    or you could hire an actor.

  81. Oh reminds me of this one thing, one of my neighbors has a Spanish Heritage. When he proposed, he rented a large white stallion and dressed in the family armor and wore the family sword all that stuff and had her meet him at a special place. He came to her at a canter, in full armor, in public and proposed to her on one knee. Fox News has it somwere in their archives, i think it was in Austin.

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