I’ve lost my reading mojo.  I seem to have misplaced it somewhere over the Pacific Ocean while enroute to Japan.  I used to go through 2-3 books a week.  Now, I’m averaging about one every seven days.  Sure, I’ve been busy, but that’s no excuse.  Like anything, I just need to find the time.  And that time is usually between 10:00 p.m. and lights out.  Only problem is my schedule has been out of whack of late.  Between the travel and the eating and the scriptwriting and the working out and the Japanese studies I barely have time for sleep.  I really need to do a better job of organizing my days so that I focus more on the important things rather than time-wasting ventures like searching through the iTunes alternative music section for songs whose name or artist I can’t recall, or visiting the hospital for tetanus shots.  Priorities, please!  I need to wake up earlier and go to bed later.  I need to spend less time watching t.v. and more time with the dogs.  More time going out with friends, working on pilots, and crafting my supervillain image and less time surfing the net, agonizing over third act breaks, and answering my home phone.  And entertain more…

Which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow when my friend Tomomi heads into town from Tokyo (via Edmonton) for three days.  As a result, my updates may be even more erratic.  Sorry, Das.

Oh, before I go – since I’m discussing what sound suspiciously like New Year’s resolutions, I give you the New Year’s feast I enjoyed while in Montreal compliments of mom…




Eggplant Parmesan

And sis's lamb.

You guys seem to be an inquisitive mood, so allow me to turn to the mailbag…

Pilota writes: “LA Times had an article today about silvanas. Have you ever eaten them?”

Answer: Not yet but you can bet I’ll be tracking them down after reading that article.

Thornyrose writes: “Last few days pretending to work at home? Last few days before you get to start torturing Carl and being tortured by Ashleigh?”

Answer: Yes and yes.  I think I’ll be easing myself into the torture this year.

Paloosa writes: “Man, it sounds like you’re birthing a baby with this script. Do you put it out to all the other writers for comments?”

Answer: Yes.  The other writers weigh in at every stage of the episode’s development: concept, outline, script drafts, cuts, and mixes.

Paloosa also writes: “Also, I remember you mentioning on SGA that were some episodes that timed out short and additional scenes had to be written. Has that happened on SGU?”

Answer: No, we’ve been pretty good in terms of script timing so far, aiming for a shade under the 50 page mark.

Crayonbaby writes: “Are next season’s titles going to be two words instead of just one like season one?”

Answer: Alas, doesn’t look like it.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “Have you guys ever discussed doing extra-long cuts of episodes that air which are later available on the DVDs?”

Answer: We’ve released longer cuts in the past – Threads, Vegas, and Enemy at the Gate to name a few.  We may well do so again if there are some suitable candidates.

Shirt ‘n ‘Tie writes: “Speaking of which, you haven’t held a competition in a while…..*hint hint*. Any chance the winner would be name checked on an Audio Commentary of Season 1 SGU?”

Answer: That’s a great idea.

DasNdanger writes: “Soooooooo… you’re buying Akemi stuff that she can enjoy in her bath?! You’ve NEVER bought ME anything for MY bath.”

Answer: I didn’t know you liked baths.  I thought it was strictly albinos and bad boys.  And albino bad boys.

Jeremsg1 writes: “So my question is :Human Error became a episode of another season and the titles has changed? Or the episode was cancelled? What was his story line?”

Answer: Human Error was an Atlantis episode with a great premise that we could never quite make work.  From what I recall, I believe it involved Atlantis being visited by beings claiming to be ancients who turn out to actually be synthetic beings seeking the emotional capacity for ascension.  Or something along those lines.

Cheryl writes: “Also, what do you think of (quickly) creeping paralysis as a race-against-time thing?”

Answer: We did something similar on SG-1 in an episode titled “Morpheus”.  The problem with creeping paralysis is that it doesn’t make for a particularly dynamic problem.

Bilo&Bella writes: “Completely off blog topic, but was wondering if you received my email with the article attachment on umami.”

Answer: Yes, thanks!  I received it while I was in Montreal.  This foodie appreciates the gesture.

flappo0 writes: “

1. We are all waiting for the Stargate Movies. But if they cancel the movies, oh please don’t, will you realese the Script maybe other way, in Novel form maybe?

2. I know you haven’t answered such questions but as a computerfreak I just have to know it, in the 10th episode of SG:U did Eli use an Asus G Series Notebook?”

Answers: 1. Unfortunately, that’s a studio decision.  Would love to see the script get out there, preferably as a movie, but making it available online for fans to peruse would be a great idea as well.

2. Sorry.  No idea.

PattyO writes: “Are there any restrictions about using a title?”

Answer: Not really.  I mean, we’ve shared titles with other shows in the past.  I’m sure some shows out there have used “Justice” for instance.  That being said, we won’t use a title that is clearly specific to another series.  Thus, I won’t be naming my episode Yesterday’s Enterprise.

DasnDanger writes: “

I don’t know – has Stargate ever used titles that are a play on words?

For instance, let’s say there’s an episode entitled ‘Water Gate’ (two words). In the ep, there is either an issue about water, or a gate that leads to a water planet (or into the water), and so on the surface it appears that the episode is about water. However, the episode is really about conspiracy and spying and political intrigue, giving the title a double meaning and play on words.”

Answer: You mean like Ex Deus Machina?  Or Watergate?

StellaByStargate writes: “Speaking of Threads (yes…there is another point to all this…) I have a friend who would give her right arm…or possibly her first born son…to know what part of that episode earned Damian Kindler acknowledgement in the opening credits (“Excerpts Written by…”).”

Answer: Tell your friend to save her arm.  It had to be a flashback or clip from another episode.

58 thoughts on “January 7, 2010: Marmoset Literacy Rates At An All-Time Low!

  1. I went to Market for lunch today. The short ribs were amazing…I’m also planning a trip to NYC in I think around early 2012. I’ve got 4 3 Michelin starred restaurants on my list. The only hard part is getting reservations there

  2. 1. I never watched SGI, remember? There was a ‘Watergate’ in that one? LOL… I had NO idea. 😛

    2. I don’t take baths, actually…but it’s the thought that counts, ya know. In the meantime, send me an albino bad boy. (Make sure he’s a looker, too. 😉 )

    3. Now Tomomi?? Sheesh. “Just a gigolo, everywhere I go, people know the part I’m playing…”

    Heh. I think I know why you can’t find time to read… you’re jugglin’ more balls than a circus clown on a unicycle, son.

    🙂 .

    😐 .

    😕 .

    Did I just sound like Foghorn Leghorn??


    Have a good night, sir! Get some rest – seems you need it!


  3. I just want to say that I love modern conveniences! The wind is howling outside, blowing the snow into drifts several feet high, and the temperature is in single digits. I, however, am snug and cozy on my couch with the built-in recliner, warmed by my new electric throw, happily surfing on my laptop. The only thing missing is the strawberry daquiri, but I’d have to get up to get that out of the fridge.

  4. Hope you have a great time this weekend, and can escape all the other “stuff” in your life. Any new restaurants to try?

    @Shiningwit and @Tammy Dixon Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. Wish I could bottle up some of our southern California rays (not the UV ones) and send them out to help warm you up.

  5. That answer to my question didn’t help trying to figure out the name of your episode. It can be anything now. How about Reboot, which is what I had to do like a dozen times to my computer tonight. I guess you’ll tell us when the inspiration hits you and you figure out a title.

    When you find that extra time, would you send some over to me? I’ve been looking for that.

  6. @ Tammy Dixon, thanks for the link, but I don’t thing I have access to emoticon. I don’t see it no where on my page.
    @ Shiningwit , happy late birthday!
    konnichi wa Joe,
    Chotto wakarimasen imi wa nan desu ka :” Sukoshi Jozu natte imasu to omoimasu.”.
    Gomen nasai, shirimasen Japanese!!!
    Yep! I ‘m cheating big time! Viva google!!!
    In order to help you save some precious time with music searching, I have a few great suggestions for your workout list. There a bit different from what you seem to listen to. No hard core hip hop in these, I promess.
    These have a great beat if you ever get tired of some of your songs. The videos are not necessarily the greatest, but great beats anyway!!!
    Sunglasses by Divine Brown & Nelly Furtado, 4:10
    Run This Town by Jay-Z, Rihanna, , Kanye West 5:23
    Morning After Dark by Timberland, Soshy, Nelly Furtado 3:57
    Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys 4:41
    Loose yourself by Eminem 4:50

  7. I’m curious. Seeing as you like weird foods, have you ever tried a dish called (translated into English [dialect: haideng goru]) fish bladder and sea cucumber soup?

    I don’t know how into Chinese cuisine you are, but the dish mentioned above, is a specialty of my people (the Fuzhou people) from the southeast coast of China – specifically those of the Gutian family (who have spread themselves all over the globe pre-Chinese revolution). It’s one of those sour and spicy type soups… I recommend trying it if you ever come across it.

    Also just wondering… have you ever tried duck brain or duck tongue? Apparently they’re a special, rather expensive Chinese delicacy. What do you think of birds nest soup?

  8. So why not cut back even more on your sleep so you can continue to broaden your familiarity with alt music? It would be a worthy cause — namely, you could entertain us with intriguing updates to your workout playlist(s) — and you might well find that the more sleep-deprived you are, the better you’ll relate to some songs’ lyrics. Like almost anything by Beck – been playing his CD’s lately to help get me to Feb. 2, when I leave for vacation. – Or Dar Williams’ cool cover of Comfortably Numb, a state that’s useful when a lot of the people you talk to locally or else read ‘net updates from are in a mood. Not saying I haven’t been (like anyone would believe that), or that the bad tempers aren’t justified (to some extent). But at present I need some distance, I suppose because of my prevailing “take no prisoners” attitude. I need to tone it down, or I’ll get lynched before I have a chance to do something fatally reckless while having fun.

    – Your mom and your sis must spoil you for choice when it comes to nicely done home cooking. Looks like you ate very well for New Year’s.

    Could be your reading mojo is hiding among the scented soaps, bath oils, lotions, skin replenishers, and so forth. Happy hunting. And I hope you and Tomomi have a very pleasant visit.

  9. Joe, if you are having a hard time finding time to read, what about books on tape? If you can’t find your favorite book on tape, send it to me, I’ll be happy to record a reading of it for you, for a fee…. 🙂


  10. “More time going out with friends, working on pilots, and crafting my supervillain image and less time surfing the net, agonizing over third act breaks, and answering my home phone.”

    Pilots? Are you looking to jump ship (pun intended)?

  11. Holy cow – all those calories!

    You must have a nuclear radiated metabolism to burn that food all off!!!!


    What does your ma make that you DON’T like? (if there is anything ;P )

  12. Hey Joe

    I came across this awesome youtube video of how Earth would look like if it had rings and I thought i’d share it with you. It shows views both from outer space and the surface of the Earth from various cities. I really enjoyed it and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it 🙂

    This is the link for the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT2sQ7KIQ-E

    Or you could search for it under – The Rings of the Earth, 3DS Max Animation

    -Hope you enjoy

  13. Shirt’n’Tie wrote:

    Also, anyone seen Anne Teldy in a while??

    Still here. Been sick since before Christmas so just now caught up.

    Anne Teldy

  14. @StellaByStargate:

    Damian Kindler wrote both halves of “Reckoning”, the episode before “Threads”. I’m not consciously aware of any scenes from the former that were recapped in there (save for in the “Previously, on Stargate SG-1” bit), but maybe something about Daniel being killed by RepliCarter snuck in there at some point… or maybe it has something to do with the newspaper that Daniel and Anubis were reading, which included photos from said episode?

  15. Thinks for the answer 😉

    1) The Asuran are inspired by these synthetic beings?

    2) What is the wraith ray that we can see in “Letter From Pegasus” ? Is it a weapon? We will see it in Stargate Extinction?

  16. Artic Goddess has an idea there, More than one of us would be more than happy to turn books into audio files for you…of course you could just use iTunes for that purpose. Though there books tend to be a bit pricey for the unabridged versions.
    The good news is now that the holidays are over, you can start getting your timing back. The bad news is the world is preparing to barge in on your town just to throw your timing off again for two weeks. See how important you are in the scheme of things? Years of planning by hundreds of people, millions spent to send thousands of people to Vancouver, and all because of you!You’ll have to call on your inner Ubervillian to make sure that all the effort is wasted, and that you get back on top of things. After all, the doggies deserve their time with you, and thus vicariously with us.
    I do have one solution that I’ve been working on myself. Given the Earth’s rotation is slowing, all one of us has to do is build a time machine, jump ahead a billion years or so, and we can get several badly needed hours a day to get our to do lists done. A bonus for those living in cold climates is that global warming is a certainty that far in the future, so no artic gear needed to stay warm. And who knows? It might be cool to watch the sun eat Mercury, and maybe Venus, as it’s expanding…
    Thanks for the mailbag, and have fun this weekend. I am eagerly awaiting word on things from the work front, and how “the gang” is doing.

  17. @Major D. Davis. hate the idea of having to go on gateworld, but guess I’ll have to. Biggest thing is to identify the appropriate target, i.e. who has authority to greenlight the money for the movie. Biggest thing is to do it right, rathe than quickly, so we have maximum effect.

  18. To whomever posted the asteroid Apophis reference: Peter Williams enjoyed it and sends thanks. 🙂

  19. Joe I do hope you find your reading mojo soon. You think you remember where you left it, heh. like the script, and passports and keys, it will come back..remember to breathe and relax and close your eyes and go to your happy place…

    ? about the script. once written, how is the actual dialog born, is it magic, do you write the words the actors say.?

    – That lasagne of moms, would she give out the recipe? I LOVE lasagne,yummy, and it would be great to try. Oh well it was worth asking. ALL the food pictures look delicious! thanks for sharing.
    -Relax and enjoy your company, that should keep you away from surfing and into restaurants, and caller id and answering machines were made for a purpose. Maybe you need to relax in a bath of salts,light the candles and have some soothing music,,something to think about. would be good for your skin in this winter static chill also.

  20. Tamara never dies,

    lol das that’s awesome!

    Well you could do call your ep the book of Wallace. Unfortunately the book of ELI is taken.

    Some random titles.





    The crew finds the toilets(this is a two parter from the episode constipation)



    Sneak attack

    Silent but deadly.

    Oh so Eli let’s a huge fart rip in incursion and that’s the cliffhanger. Now I understand the title, aftermath. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  21. I’ve got an episode title for you….Mojo..haha

    Some more (although its tricky not knowing the plot) but it might spark an idea:


    So Joe, were you aware that one of your blog regulars has superpowers?

    This person’s mere presence brought down an ATM & caused it to blue screen, then crashed their help line. Nothing electrical is safe. She’s gone way past Fester. Add that to the suspicion of being an undercover agent, not to mention the stripper story (its ha-larious) &:

    Narellefromaus IS Ms. Electro

    Lets hope she uses her powers for good not evil.

    Cheers, Chev

  22. p.s. Eric.Stewart: I’m going to try to paste them in here for you. (I hope I type them correctly)
    Mr. M. likes you, so he might let the post go through 😉 . Don’t try the [:idea:] one here. Das thinks it looks like something pron related 🙄 . Too funny!

    The basic icons:

    🙂 [:)] 😀 [:D] 🙂 [;)]

    🙁 [:(] 😕 [:-?] 😛 [:P]

    [:|] 😡 [:-x] 😯 [8-O]

    😮 [:-o]

    Advanced Icons:

    😥 [:cry:] 👿 [:evil:] 😈 [:twisted:]

    🙄 [:roll:] 😳 [:oops:] 😡 [:mad:]

    :! [:!:] 😎 [:cool:] [:?:]

    💡 [:idea:] ➡ [:arrow:] :mrgreen: [:mrgreen:]


    😆 [:lol:]

  23. Have you ever watched the show Dexter? If you have, what do you think about it?

    Season 4 with John Cleese has been superb.

  24. HI Mr M!

    Many thanks for liking the suggestion. I had thought of it last year before SGA wrapped, but was a little shy in suggesting it. Not sure what studio control is involved in name-shouts during commentaries.

    Hope all good with you. I manage about 1 book a month…and even at that, I have fallen by the wayside. Particularly this Christmas, when, Santa left a *shudder* High School Muscial 500 piece jigsaw for the girls…I spent most of Christmas day looking for Zac Efron’s right foot…only to find it wedged under the table……

    Best to all


  25. “Thus, I won’t be naming my episode Yesterday’s Enterprise.”


    And yet…this could be the title of an episode about some sort of mission or enterprise, that one of the characters was involved with in the past, and then it comes back to haunt them.

    Or not. 🙂

  26. Joe, reading’s overrated. It’s entertaining, occasionally educational, when the book and reader are a match. It’s not always this magical, soul-purifying experience that’s worthy of the awed reverence afforded to every act.

    TV’s cooler. There’s almost no internal dialog on TV. You figure the subtext out for yourself. Books spoon-feed that to you. Where’s the challenge?

    Sure, I’m a hypocrite for advocating TV given I don’t even know if my TV has worked since the V premiere, but the word “hypocrite” being overrated is a whole other rant.

    One thing that’ll sap your interest in reading is “having” to read. I’ve heard it said that reading incentive programs for kids have negative long-term results on reading outside the program. It’s believed that, in these programs, kids finish books they don’t enjoy for the incentive and this makes them believe they don’t enjoy reading as much as they would if they felt free to switch books anytime.

    Stick-to-it-tiveness is not a virtue unto itself. If more people voted with their feet, the world would be a better place.

    It should be the norm to leave jobs we don’t like or stop reading a book we don’t like. Schools teach us to be passive and prove how we’re tough because we can take more crap than the next guy, which makes us more desirable employees. However, if walking away from crap were the norm, crap would not prosper.

    I stopped reading for enjoyment for years after having to read Great Expectations for a book report. Strangely enough, the teacher agreed to let me do my next book report on the Pretty Woman movie.

  27. Coucou =) ça va Joseph!!

    Moi oui 🙂 C’est vrai que vous faites pas mal de chose en une journée! Je me demande combient de temps vous dormez par nuit..moi depuis une semaine je dort très mal, j’ai l’impression d’être un zombie tellement je suis fatiguée.

    Euh…je sais à quoi vous devriez plus vous consacré…..à votre plus grande fan de la planète ……MOI =P lol

    Bonne journée!
    Bisou Bisou =)

  28. That collection of photos gave me an idea – why don’t you name your screenplay/script/whatever-it’s-normally-called something food-related? I doubt the viewers, the crew, the director, and anyone else in general would be able to resist a show called Chocolate, Foie Gras, Spaghetti, etc. I’m not a particular foodie myself (although I do enjoy eating), so I’m sure there are many other obscure foods whose names might make decent titles.

    (Or maybe you could call it Trouble Chocolate, since I’m sure there’s some sort of trouble involved. ;))

  29. And of course I forgot to ask you (on the off chance that you’re doing a mailbag in your next entry) – did you ever finish watching Fullmetal Alchemist, and if so, what did you think? I’m currently watching it and I love it. Of course, I’ve only seen the first six episodes…

  30. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    thank you for answering. Very nice from you like everytime :D.
    The pictures today look very delicious, for my luck I’m going to eat now ^^.

    I wish you have a nice day.

    Best regards

  31. This is hell and its finally freezing over, there a squadrons of pre-bacon in the skies above Blighty and the blue moon was the other week…watch out for further bulletins.

  32. I really should keep away from posting when I’m having a sugar-drop, tends to make me ramble incoherently….Oh, I see you’ve already noticed. Hit me with some Dairy Milk Chocolate please someone:)

  33. Hi Joe!

    You said it! You said the title for your script!


    @ das – I thought you were being silly sarcastic describing Water Gate because you were so close to what the Watergate episode really was. Guess you don’t need to watch SG-1 cuz you must’ve absorbed the eps through this blog! LOL!

    As I look at the pics, I see you did indeed eat a young lamb’s soul. It’s on the right edge of the plate.

    You could save time and post your what-the-heck-is-that-song inquiries here and let the minds of SG fans worldwide help you. You could either describe the song or artist and, if necessary, post a short video clip of you singing what you remember. It’ll be fun! 🙂 (Of course, if you can’t remember an obvious song, you’ll have 50 duplicate replies.)


    eddy from cooooooold Houston

  34. ‘ere, what happened to SGU? Come to think of it what happened to Flashforward as well? my memory isn’twhat it used to be I’m gonna have to start over :((

  35. Creeping paralysis would just be one of other problems, though. Maybe a complication

    Star Trek:TNG made something similar the central problem, but made it a Riker flashback episode and flashback episodes are supposed to suck so, you see, it can work as the central problem (but you’ll need way more spandex).

    Creeping blood poisoning has the added visual effect of these red streaks that kill you when they reach your heart. The resulting shirtlessness makes the network happy.

    Now, creeping awesomeness poisoning is even more visual because it fluoresces right through your clothing so less sexy characters can still get it. When it reaches the hero’s mojo, he’ll no longer be plucky enough to escape the prison before the solar flare hits.

  36. Dear Joe,

    Loved ur short blog,, and ur pics,,, of food no less, lmao.. tho i’ll have some of that Lasagna please,, everything else i’ll let others have, lol

    Hope your doing good,, i’m getting ready for my son’s bday,, he’s 12 today,, just family tho,, will post pics later if ur interested.

    keep up the good work


  37. jo fish bladder and sea cucumber soup? duck brain or duck tongue? Apparently they’re a special, rather expensive Chinese delicacy.

    Yuck yuck yuck! 😮

    Anne Teldy I was thinking about you yesterday – or rather I was wondering where you were lurking. How do you do the “” big quotation marks?

  38. [:D]hi Tammy Dixon thank for the tip. will try it later. Meanwhile I’m running a little test to see if the copy paste work!
    The food looks great !!!

  39. the idea image looks porn related?? Das need to fill me in on that one…. so I can find an excuse to use them in my posts [:mrgreen:]….. oh! I see now! Das, tstt! Tstt! shame on you!!

  40. @ Eric.Stewart – You’re almost there with the smilies – do what you are doing, but without the [ ] . 😉

    And yeah – the first time I saw that ‘idea’ smiley it was on a forum with a lot of guys, and I thought one of them was being obscene. I guess my imagination is a little too vivid at times… 😛

    @ Anne Teldy – Hello!! Good to see you!! *waves* Hope you’re feeling better, and that this year is better to you than last!

    @ AV eddy – I was completely clueless about Watergate. I think I’ve only seen parts of two SG1 eps – one with a gate buried underground (in an earthquake, or something – T’ealc dug through, I believe), and the very end of one dealing with human form replicators. The only things I have watched from beginning to end are the two recent movies – never saw the original movie, either. Like I’ve said many times before – I would never have watched Stargate-anything if I hadn’t caught an eyeful of a certain pallid long-locked looker in a black leather coat. 😉

    But since I was so close to that episode without even knowing it – I think I’ve missed my calling – I should be writing for tv!! 😀

    Alas, I have neither the patience or attention span to write a story…so your job is safe, Joey! 😉


  41. I had a few questions

    1. Do you use real ammo on the show? and was real ammo used on sg-1 and sga? or are the bullets blank?

    2. Who decided to not use P-90’s anymore? I like the call since they have been used since like season 5 of sg-1, but sad to see them gone.

    3. Just b/c i’ll always wonder, will we ever find out the Odyssey’s secret mission in either sgu, sga, or sg-1?

    thanks joe! looking forward to sgu on apirl 2nd!

  42. @Thornyrose

    well my mom won’t let me give out my email so gw looks like it’s the best option. Do you have an account there. It would be best just to find all the people interested in a campaign and create a pm pool. I think I know of a few that could do this. But I’ll also post a thread. My account name at gw is major davis. All lowercase, no d.

    Anyone else interested In starting a campaign?

  43. susan the tartan turtle said:

    Anne Teldy I was thinking about you yesterday – or rather I was wondering where you were lurking. How do you do the “” big quotation marks?

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing the other day when I was browsing some old posts….there’s a bunch of people I haven’t seen around here eg dovil, alipeeps, Cheeky Lil Devil and heaps more …I hope 2010 finds them well.

    Anyhoo just in case here’s how you do the quotes – type blockquote before the quote and /blockquote after the quote and make sure you have angle brackets around the words blockquote and /blockquote. The wordpress stylesheet Joe is using takes care of the rest.

    Oh and if anyone is typing in the emoticons Tammy so nicely provided (very cool) don’t type the square brackets []. Tammy just put those in so you would see the code rather than the emoticon.

    Cheers, Chev

  44. “I really need to do a better job of organizing my days so that I focus more on the important things…”

    Yes. Like entertaining us. 😀

    “… rather than time-wasting ventures like searching through the iTunes alternative music section for songs whose name or artist I can’t recall, or visiting the hospital for tetanus shots.”

    Which reminds me – you never did tell us what you cut yourself doing. And how is your boo-boo, anyways?

    “I need to wake up earlier and go to bed later.”

    You need to synchronize your schedule with mine, here on the east coast. I need you to approve comments around 10 am ET, so I can read them with my coffee. And then I need you to update your blog between 9-10 pm ET, so that I can go to bed happy. Post approval times are flexible, but I do have some preferences. I’ll send you my schedule.

    “I need to spend less time watching t.v…”

    Agreed. You watch some really crappy tv. Survivor…sheesh. 🙄

    “… and more time with the dogs.”

    Also agreed.

    “More time going out with friends,…”

    You go out with friends more than just about any person I know. You’re an oxymoron – a social recluse.

    “…working on pilots,…”

    Yeah, you must prepare for life after Stargate. Might I suggest putting a long-locked sexy male albino anti-hero type in whatever you do? That way, if it ever makes it to the screen, you can be assured of one viewer, at least! 🙂

    “…and crafting my supervillain image…”

    Not sure you can do that at the same time you’re crafting your international playboy image. You must choose, sir…one or the other!!

    “… and less time surfing the net, agonizing over third act breaks, and answering my home phone.”

    That all sounds good to me. Unless I call…then you have to answer.

    So…what’s your number??

    “And entertain more…”

    Heeeeeey…waitaminute. Is that code for something???!

    Have a good evening, sir. And remember my schedule! 😀

    Heeeeeey…waitaminute. Remember when I used to be all sweet and humble and everything? I’m not like that anymore. Hmmmm…I don’t think you’re crafting your supervillain image, I think you’re crafting MINE! 😮

    Yer a sneaky li’l fart, you are…



  45. *points an accusing finger*

    JOEY!!! Elminster is naughtier than me!!!!!



  46. Joe, you’re on TV! On Space. Some sorta behind the scenes thing….


  47. What’s wrong with naming an episode Yesterday’s Enterprise? You don’t need a ship called the Enterprise. It could be about Col. Young’s first career in hand crafted jewelery. Or Eli’s failed investment (in the past of course) to create self writing blog entries or tv neural interfaces. And it has 2 words for a 2nd Season Episode! (which it’s too bad that it doesn’t look like that’s how it will happen…..)

  48. You’re not going with the two word titles? I thought that was a brilliant idea, to be able to remember which season an episode was in just by remembering the title! And I was really looking forward to seeing what ten word titles you would eventually come up with! Well here’s a vote for two word titles, if it makes any difference.

  49. Hi Joe. Can you do me a huge favor and tell Brad Wright that I demand all 7 seasons of the New Outer Limits to Be released on DVD. I saw a few on fancast.com and they are terrific.

    Ok so I don’t demand, but would you kindly ask if it may ever happen? please?

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