Yeah, I’m bringing back the inspired entry titles.  Let’s see what it does for traffic.

I’ve completed a first draft of my script.  At this point, I’m not sure whether what I have is good or something I’ve re-read so many times I’ve convinced myself it’s good.  It’s a little heavy at just a shade over 51 pages and I’d like to trim it down a little before putting it out.  I’d also like to find a title for the damn thing.   Not that your many wonderful suggestions weren’t…well…wonderful, but none quite worked.  Neither does the placeholder titled, The Encounter, that my writing partner Paul likens to the infamous – but seriously suggested – “Turn of Events”.  Maybe something a little more concise like…Cosmic Encounter…or…Dark Rendezvous (And Eli Too!)…Close Encounters of the Deadly Kind…Qu’Elle Surprise!…The  Curious Case of the Mystery Ship – Book III of the Everett Young Detective Series…Any of them grab you?  Lemme know.

Every so often, perfectly legitimate posts end up being directed to my spam folder where they languish, amidst the links to sites specializing in beach rentals, rapid weight loss products, and self-fornication, until a time when I choose to rescue them.  Usually, it’s fairly easy to separate the spam from the genuine comments but, sometimes, it’s a tough call and, when faced with such an uncertainty, I err on the side of caution, consigning the potentially offending post to the trash.  Still, I hate to consider the possibility I’ve deleted the thoughts of a first-time visitor to this blog so, just in case, I’d like to take a moment to apologize to the following hypothetically legit posters: Dr. Ali Kazam, Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor, FBI Director Robert Mueller, TwkMuzik, Overseas Vacations,  Loan Officer, and BlackPussySensualWriter.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Shiningwit who celebrates a birthday today in grand style – by reading this blog entry.

Sukoshi mailbag…

DasNdanger writes: “I threw up a little in my mouth over the ‘Veal Heart Tartare’.”

Answer: My sister thinks it was actually bison heart.  Hope that makes you feel better.

Eric.Stewart writes: “Is you Japanese improving?”

Answer: Sukoshi jozu natte imasu to omoimasu.  The Japanese people I speak to claim I speak very well – but Japanese people are notoriously polite.

Michael writes: “Title Suggestion? “Regression””

Answer: Ah, that reminds me of my SG-1 days.  Not longer after we produced the episode Upgrades, there was some discussion of doing an episode tentatively titled “Downgrades” although, now that I think of it, “Regression” would have been more appropriate.  The basic premise had SG-1 encountering some sort of alien artifact that essentially, over time, “dumbed them down” to a childlike state.  In the end, we could figure out how to do it without stepping on Fifth Race or running the risk of making it too silly.

Thornyrose writes: “So are you a Lush regular, or were you dragged into the store?”

Answer: What do you think?  I find the smell of the place so overwhelming I normally have to cross to the opposite side of the street to walk by.  However, my friend Akemi is a huge fan (it seems that every time I email her, she’s taking a bath) and I think it might be nice to have a surprise assortment waiting for her in her room when she comes to visit.

Noelm writes: “So why were the rainbow knife handles only for the ladies? Are the men color blind?”

Answer: Don’t know, but Lawrence and I were miffed.

Dead Gate writes: “’m not sure if you’re aware of the show THE DEAD ZONE on USA (well, it was a show, I think it’s done now; I must admit I never watched it — but I digress). One of the things I admired and thought was really incredible was the steps showrunner Michael Piller took for aspiring TV writers. One of the things he offered on TDZ was the scripts and outlines for the episodes, online, after they aired.”

Answer: I think it’s a great idea and wouldn’t mind doing it for my episodes.  It would be something the studio could do on the official site – post the various outlines and drafts along with my rundown of what changed and why.  I’ll look into it.

Major D. Davis writes: ”

1. Will airmen rennie(from justice) be back?

2. Hey Joe, if you were a bettin man, when would you say you would get the green light for the movies(also, any updates on it)? Do you actually think it will be released by the end of 2010?”

Answers: 1. Possibly.  2. Alas, I’m no longer a betting man.  We’ve got a great script that I think the fans will really enjoy.  We’ve got action, adventure, exploration, a race against the clock, Atlantis in peril, unlikely allies, surprises, tragic loss, and new beginnings.

84 thoughts on “January 6, 2010: Valedictorian Chimpanzee Acquitted of Manslaughter!

  1. OH I know the movie will kick as*. I just want the freakin movies to be made. I’m at the end of my rope man. 1 1/2 Years after it got the green light actors haven’t even been booked yet. I’m by no means blaming you guys for the delay, I’m just ready to start a massive fraking campagin to


    Seriously, I’m pissed at MGM. They know they will make a profit off the movies but they don’t invest the rather small amount of money compared to other productions they fund.

    Who is with me to start a fan campaign???????

    Help me,
    Major D. Davis

  2. Hello Joe

    Happy New Year!!

    LA Times had an article today about silvanas. Have you ever eaten them? I had never heard of them and as I read on I couldn’t help but think of you. Here’s an excerpt from the article describing them.

    Crisp, impossibly airy cookies served straight from the freezer, their centers stuffed with slick buttercream, seem almost Space Age. They’re somehow both sturdy and weightless. They dissolve the second they touch your tongue. These otherworldly treats are silvanas, colorful and classic Filipino cookies that could easily be mistaken for oversized French macarons.

    And a link to the entire article.,0,7052535.story


  3. >> too silly.

    But sometimes a fun, childish episode is good too. But it would no doubt add fuel to people who hate the shows fire.

    For example, I personally loved Irresistable and Irresponsible. Both wern’t really serious episodes but at the same time had serious moments in them, that made them fun.

  4. Ok on a more civilized comment, thanks for answering my questions. Also I wouuulld loooooovve to see the thing dead gate suggested happen. I am fascinated with the production process and would love to see the stages. 100% behind the idea.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  5. You are a master torturer. No doubt each title suggestion you’ve offered offered a significant hint as to the storyline. Based on what you have given us, I’ll throw out the following feeble suggestions.
    Lethal Enigma.
    Failed Diplomacy
    Terror and Temptation
    Murder Alley
    War and Peace

    No, didn’t see you as a Lush type. But you are are constantly suprising us, so I didn’t rule out the possibility that you indulged in tht mild form of decadence. I understand what you mean about the smell. My normal in-store time is less than ten minutes, on the very rare occasions I actually go there. But as a terminal tom boy, I have to admit I do like many of their individual products. Though I’m clueless to about what half of their products are, or how they are used.
    Congratulations on the first draft. You’ve still got two days to trim it down, and still be able to enjoy the weekend. Glad to see you were able to work through the roadblock. Just a shame we’ll be waiting until later this year, or worse, early next year, to see the results. Thanks for the mailbag, and enjoy the last few days off. Well, last few days working at home. Last few days pretending to work at home? Last few days before you get to start torturing Carl and being tortured by Ashleigh? Hmm. definitely bedtime.

  6. Those Valedictorian Chimps can be a world of trouble I hear. Run around with a bit of a chip on their shoulder as though they’re better than all the other chimps.
    Seems that there was some evidence not able to be presented in court that meant the chimp walked free. And he had a list of priors as long as his furry front arm.
    Our justice system needs to take a good hard look at itself.
    Just sayin’

  7. No longer a betting man? Say it ain’t so! As for episode titles, I do like Dark Rendezvous (And Eli Too!) or The Curious Case of the Mystery Ship – Book III of the Everett Young Detective Series. Maybe you could go with something simplistic like: Oh Shit!

    Hope the new year is going well for you!

  8. Glad it appears you are mending nicely.

    Cool, the script is done.
    Now to title it.

    Offering more nonsense:
    The Pain
    Nonsense vs Sense
    The Horror
    Comfort and Joy or not
    Be Cool or Mallozzi will get you
    Truth, Why?
    To be or not to be
    Why not
    The End

    ok…will give you all a break and stop.
    later gaters

  9. The Japanese people I speak to claim I speak very well – but Japanese people are notoriously polite.

    The people I try my Spanish on are more likely to look at each other and start laughing, which I don’t think is so much a measure of their manners as it is my ability. They usually offer helpful corrections very kindly.

  10. Well, dang Scot/Irish skin. I’ve upgraded from basal cell (a few years ago) to squamas cell skin cancer. Bummer. I’ll be eagle eyeing my arm for the next few months to see if it comes back.

    Man, it sounds like you’re birthing a baby with this script. Do you put it out to all the other writers for comments?

    Also, I remember you mentioning on SGA that were some episodes that timed out short and additional scenes had to be written. Has that happened on SGU?

  11. My husband calls the stuff from Lush or anywhere else “stinky stuff”. He can’t stand to go into them either. Too overwhelming.

    Are next season’s titles going to be two words instead of just one like season one? I hate trying to figure out titles to anything I write, if it’s for work or for fun. Since we don’t know what the episode is about…. I know, no spoilers.

    How’s the finger?

  12. If I may make some title suggestions:

    “That Place”
    “Stuff What Happened”
    “And Then They All Died”
    “The Unicorn”
    “I Totally Saw It Coming”
    “Oh Crap”
    “Ill Met”

  13. Coucou Joseph 🙂

    ça va bien? Moi ouép, toujours pas de bus aujourd’hui à cause du verglas ;-)!

    Je suis déprimé par le peu de new de stargate qu’il y’a en ce moment en 3 ans que je suis l’actualité de stargate je n’ai jamais vu une désertification des new aussi importante, et je suppose que ça va duré jusqu’au début Avril…juste au moment ou je vais devoir commencé à réviser pour mes examens -_-‘!!

    Ah oui aussi!!! J’ai vu des photos du “Pied de Cochon” sur le facebook de Andréa, c’est vrai que ça a l’air bien 🙂

    Bisou =)
    Bonne journée!

  14. Hi Joe:

    I too am fascinated with the process of bringing an idea to the small screen as a weekly story. I hope you are able to post the various stages so we can all see what happens, or, if not, maybe do it as a segment on the DVD.

    Here are my ideas for a title based on what you have said:
    – Lethal Collision
    – Fatal Engagement
    – Rendezvous with Death
    – Deadly Forecast
    -The Art of Darkness

    Have a great day.


  15. A tragic loss? Ooh, that’s my kind of event in a movie. 😀 Bring on the angst. And the movie, of course. Movies.

  16. Thanks awfully for the dedication Joe.

    Thinking of you Paloosa *hugs*

    AS far as thinking up titles is concerned I suggest you put some impressive sounding words into a hat and make it up from there:) Failing that there’s always latin…

  17. Have you guys ever discussed doing extra-long cuts of episodes that air which are later available on the DVDs? As far as BSG went, my favorite episodes were those ones with extra chunks left intact.

  18. Hi Mr M!

    Hmmmmm….Title eh? If it’s one word : “Silence” or “Downfall”

    or if (as the rumour mill suggests, it’s a two-word title season) then:

    “Broken Promises”

    “Tender Mercy”

    Have no clue what the script is about…but hey….worth a shot!

    Speaking of which, you haven’t held a competition in a while…..*hint hint*. Any chance the winner would be name checked on an Audio Commentary of Season 1 SGU? *hint hint*

    Also, belated birthday greetings to Shiningwit.

    Also, anyone seen Anne Teldy in a while??

    Best to all


  19. Just booked 4 nights in May 2010 at the new Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel… Can’t wait to try out “Oru” [their restaurant]…I gather it opens at the beginning of February…if you try it out before my visit, let me know your opinion please…

    Oh and any chance of Dr Jackson making more appearances in the second season of SGU?…well a devoted Daniel Hussy has to ask doesn’t she?…

    Deeds xx

  20. Ok one little request *puss in boots eyes* please can you whisper in Brad Wright’s ear to see if he can persuade MGM to put up the promo pics for all of the series on their website…I know he doesn’t really have anything to do with that side of things but maybe a word in the right ear might help it along…OR if you can provide an email address then maybe we can request them….now that would be fun and really piss of MGM…LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  21. Soooooooo… you’re buying Akemi stuff that she can enjoy in her bath?! You’ve NEVER bought ME anything for MY bath. 🙁

    Hmmmmmm…. *rubs chin thoughtfully* Curious and curiouser… 😉


    Answer: “My sister thinks it was actually bison heart. Hope that makes you feel better.”


    No, no, NO! Veal, Bison, Bambi – it doesn’t matter! It still looks like regurgitated road kill!

    Have you ever seen bunny guts? I mean…as in ‘gooey half-eaten raw bunny guts the cat left on the back step’ bunny guts??? Well…it looks exactly like ‘veal heart tartare’. *gags*

    Of course, knowing YOU, you relish the thought of eating gooey raw bunny guts, soooo…yeah. You probably just don’t get it, Offal Man. 🙄

    Have a good day, sir…and eat something disgusting for us while you’re at it. We’ll just take your word for it that it’s good. 😉


  22. Just a couple suggestions:

    1. Deadly Contact
    1a. Contact
    2. On Dangerous Grounds
    3. For The Wicked

    Feel free to use them if you like, If they’re any good though.

    Kind regards,

  23. @Major Davis. I’m all for a campaign, but it’s got to be a carefully planned one. Given MGM’s current financial situation, the campaign has to convince them that the movies are worth the investment. Or convince syfy to put up the money for the production. If we can get some ideas together, and a few people organizing things and then let the fans know how they can help, it’s worth a shot.
    @conniepoint. Ok, you win the title contest, hands down. I absolutely howled with laughter, though I suppose they would have to go with crap rather than shit.

  24. Hi Joe, I remember that when season 1 was still in production there was a 21th episode called “Human Error”
    Finaly this episode was not included and the spoilers said that it will be report in season 2.
    So my question is :Human Error became a episode of another season and the titles has changed?
    Or the episode was cancelled? What was his story line?

  25. The basic premise had SG-1 encountering some sort of alien artifact that essentially, over time, “dumbed them down” to a childlike state. In the end, we could figure out how to do it without stepping on Fifth Race or running the risk of making it too silly.

    Not to mention that it had been done before in other sci-fi series! How would you have made it fresh? Also, what do you think of (quickly) creeping paralysis as a race-against-time thing?

  26. Joe,

    Thanks so much for looking into it! I think it’d be a great tool for aspiring writers, great fun for fans, and nice for the SGU writers as well. Screen/TV writers don’t get lots of publicity when (most of the time) they truly deserve respect and admiration of their talent and craft. I think this would be a step in the right direction.

    I am wearing a huge smile today, thinking I might get to read some SGU scripts — so thanks again! Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s amazing to know you tried.


    Dead Gate

  27. P.S. – to anyone out there who is interested in TV writing, there’s a website which offers a ridiculous amount of TV scripts. There’s no Stargate 🙁 , but there’s Deadzone, Star Trek, Farscape, 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, etc., etc. So, I figure I’ll share (Joe, up to you whether or not you post this).


  28. I share your Lush sentiments completely. My ex was obsessed with the place, but frankly it made me feel a little nauseous.

    Are you guys going for a naming theme this season, after the whole one-word for season one thing? I wholeheartedly advocate the idea of having the number of words match the season, if only to see what you come up with for Season Seven. =P

  29. Wow, I think blackpussysensualwriter is a great username! Were I to acquire a third, no fourth or fifth username, I’d lean toward the rather retro and innocuous BounceYerBoobies. Or ValedictorianChimpHoneyPot.

    Stick “zombie” or “vampire” in the title. Sounds like a People’s Choice award in the making.

  30. I’m not a patient person. And yes, the continuing stall on SGA and another SG1 movies has me pissed, as I’m used to fixing the problem and revving the engine to full throttle. Economics suck and so does dirty oil. No one I know left at MGM to lean on, which also has me frustrated.

  31. Cosmic Encounter is my favorite. “Turn of Events” is not bad, either. Are there no key words in the script you could use? Like you did in Air or Justice. Those were good and succinct.

    Narelle: Too funny and thanks for the laughs!

    Happy B-day Shiningwit!

    paloosa: very sorry to hear about your skin cancer. Sending health vibes your way!

    It snowed this morning with a thin layer of ice underneath. Schools out and I don’t have go to work today!

    I’m watching the movieJulia and Julie. Has anyone seen it? I’m drooling and laughing all the way through it. I took a half time break to get the house running and the boy/cats fed, and to read the blog.

    Everyone have a good day!

  32. Oh, sorry I forgot but my hubby wants to ask Narelle a question. Which sony e-reader do you have? I would like to get a pocket one but of course, he wants the large touch screen version. Men…..:oops: sorry Mr M.

    Thank you in advance!

  33. Major D. Davis Maybe we could all pool together and pay for the movie ourselves. 😛

    (note to self – don’t read Joe’s blog whilst using straightening irons on hair. Ouch! 🙄

    Joe to find a name for your script pick three random numbers eg 2, 79, 244.

    Pick up the script and chose the words that are second, 79th and 244th on the script. This will be your title.

    Or use a nice Scottish phrase – “yer all eejits and bampots so you are”.

    I am off to put something on my burned forehead.

  34. Completely off blog topic, but was wondering if you received my email with the article attachment on umami. It was a large file due to my issues with the scanner.

  35. I have enjoyed your blog for several months now. I appreciate your sense of humor, and your love for good food and good atmosphere. I have never felt compelled to comment before, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to suggest a title:

    Have We met?
    The Ship

    Not overly clever perhaps, but maybe doable? No, no, really, thanks are unnecessary. Glad I could help. Best wishes throughout the year, and please, even if you make a transfer to Tokyo, keep up with the blog.

  36. Okie dokie…another two-word title for your ep:

    Writer’s Block



  37. I second the motion for “Oh Crap!”

    It’s so versatile!

    It must be very hard to come up with titles that avoid cliches.

  38. I might as well join in on the title suggestions. I personally decided to name one thing I’m currently writing ‘The Price’. Now, the story itself, in its simplest form, has to do with chasing down a fugitive – not the innocent Richard Kimble type, but an actual criminal. (Hopefully it’ll turn out much less boring than it sounds.) In the end, though, there is absolutely nothing about the title that fits with the story itself, but that’s why I chose it. Maybe you could try something like that, to throw the entire audience for a loop.

    Or else, if you’re really stumped, just try ‘Untitled’…

    And, uh, I hope you liked my previous gift to you! 🙂

  39. Oh, and thanks so much for the link, Dead Gate! I would never have been able to find that on my own. If I could give you some sort of reputation points, I would!

  40. Ok I got it – know we are all in a deep freeze… someone has stolen the Touchstone. Whoever you are out there we’re on to you – bring it back, we’re frickin’ freezing here!

  41. ok so I’m watching the news before drifting off to sleep and the weather man says it’s 30 degrees (f) in Ft. Pierce -which is about an hour north of Jupiter and it’s 29 in NYC!!!!!! what the hell???? Whoever has that Touchstone bring it back!!!!!

  42. Title suggestions

    Diving into the Wreck
    I Remember the Future
    The Stand
    Stargate (no, not THAT Stargate)
    Ride, Captain, Ride
    Trippin’ the Rift
    Across the Void –reference “3rd Rock from the Sun”

    New Life
    New Darkness
    New Space
    Universe Online
    Shadows of Desolation
    Desolate Encounter
    Desolate Murmurs

    How to Eat Fried Aliens
    How to Win Friends and Influence Aliens
    See what I did there? You just put the word “Aliens” where … yeah, not that cool.

    Are you sure Skontel’s suggestion “Air Episode VI: The Return of Air” doesn’t work?

  43. Since I’ve been in Texas, I have eaten bison burgers. But ground-up bison heart. Ewww… Don’t do organ meats. The only thing that’s good for is catfish bait.

    It’s freezing! Only 25F with a wind chill of below 10! That’s too cold for a Southern girl like me. I like my winter a little less bitter.

    Since it’s the popular thing, here are some title suggestions:
    (Yes, I know it’s more than two words. I can count that high.)

    The One Where They Go Through the Stargate
    The One Where Eli Plays with a Kino
    The One Where Young & Rush Glare at Each Other
    The One Where Greer Gets Angry
    The One Where Joe gets Writer’s Block.

    Footnote @Das n danger It was already on my list, too! Hopefully, you will consider it in the light of great minds.

  44. Hello Mr. Mallozzi!

    At first I wish you a happy new year! So I have two questions and it would be very, very nice from you if you could answer them.

    1. We are all waiting for the Stargate Movies. But if they cancel the movies, oh please don’t, will you realese the Script maybe other way, in Novel form maybe?

    2. I know you haven’t answered such questions but as a computerfreak I just have to know it, in the 10th episode of SG:U did Eli use an Asus G Series Notebook?

    So i wish you a nice day.

    Best regards
    Flappo Steiner

  45. Hi Joe,
    All this talk about episode titles got me thinking. Are there any restrictions about using a title? I have seen episodes from different series having the same title, but when picking one do you google it first to see if it’s been used before? Any guidelines or are you free to use whatever, even if used before? Are there ever any copywrite issues to deal with?

    About all the smelly stuff. I love using it, but walking into the store can be a bit too much. All those scents assaulting your nose at one time. Gives me a headache if is stay too long.

    I third the “Oh, crap!” Very versatile indeed.

    Happy Thursday. The weekend is so very close now I can almost feel it! 🙂

  46. Hi Joe!

    Instead of The Encounter, how about just Encounter? Puts a different spin on the word.

    More title suggestions:

    Col Young’s Very Very Bad Day
    Well, That Was Different
    Random Interaction
    The Shinning
    Holy Crap! (variation on Oh Crap!, with a nod to Dr. Beckett)


  47. avabird: count yourself lucky. Today’s high is 12F and tomorrow the high is 8F. We in Mississippi are not used to this. I feel really bad for the orange growers in Fl.

    Have you checked a thesaurus for help getting a title? You could fall back on the many languages you know, also. Words that have filtered into the English language for instance, Vendetta.

  48. I know I’m late to the name game for your script, but I’ll put my two cents in anyway. How about “Yellow”, just because it’s ambiguous. Or “42”, if the script has any “meaning-of-life” flavor to it.


  49. Dark Rendezvous is definitely my favorite. Don’t really like the others… dark sounds great. Dark Meeting/Contract/Contact/… make something out of the dark rendezvous or leave dark rendezvous itself, it sounds already great!

  50. @ avabird – Oh, yes, yes! Great minds, and all that!

    And I really like your take on episode titles…mind if I continue??

    The One Where They Use the Stones
    The One Where Chloe Has a Catfight
    The One Where Everyone Almost Dies
    The One Where Scott Has Sex
    The One Where We All Realize Hot Chicks Outnumber Hot Guys on the Ship
    The One Where The Ship Does Something All By Its Onesies, and Everyone Acts Surprised – Again – That it Can Do That

    Okay…that last one was a bit long. 😛


  51. Oh, yay, the script is finished!

    Here’s some random episode titles

    A Dark Turn
    Cheese (I said random, didn’t I?)
    Breaking Point

  52. If we’re talking serious titles, I like either something that sounds grown-up and mature, or a play on words. I don’t know – has Stargate ever used titles that are a play on words?

    For instance, let’s say there’s an episode entitled ‘Water Gate’ (two words). In the ep, there is either an issue about water, or a gate that leads to a water planet (or into the water), and so on the surface it appears that the episode is about water. However, the episode is really about conspiracy and spying and political intrigue, giving the title a double meaning and play on words. That was just an easy example off the top of my head…I just can’t remember if that’s been done before (perhaps with some of the SGU titles already – some of the one-word titles could certainly have two meanings).


  53. If you need someone to run the script by just gimme a shout! As for titles, are you guys still running one-word titles;

    Or for Season 2 is it two-word titles?
    Dragon Lightning
    Wingman’s Honor
    Titanium Balls
    maybe the classic Dark Gambit?

  54. Hi Joe,

    Good luck with the title search. Personally, I think titles are the hardest to come up with, but when done right can be absolutely brilliant, adding a whole other layer of meaning and insight. Are you still going with two word titles only for Season 2? That’s rather clever, you know…in the future there will be no need to wonder “what season did that epsiode come from?” All we’ll have to do is count the words in the title and we’ll know.

    Kinda worried about Season 10 though, I have to admit.

    I am, however, rather glad you didn’t implement that strategy in SG1. Because that would have put Threads in the first season, which would have been most confusing….

    Speaking of Threads (yes…there is another point to all this…) I have a friend who would give her right arm…or possibly her first born son…to know what part of that episode earned Damian Kindler acknowledgement in the opening credits (“Excerpts Written by…”). Interestingly they’re not present in the “edited” version of the episode…only in the full version. Besides the scene trimming here and there (and the loss of much of the Free Jaffa Nation expanded storyline), the only other part that is missing along with DK’s credits is the opening “Previously on Stargate SG-1”, where we were given a lot of S/J backstory, including a bit of Grace, which I do know Mr. Kindler wrote.

    Anyway…I was under the impression that writing credit was given if a flashback scene was used in an episode, but wasn’t sure if it also applied to the “previously on…” scenes. If it’s also used on the latter, then that might explain why the writing credit was given in the full version and not in the shortened one.

    I know…ancient history and you probably don’t recall. But I just had to ask anyway….



  55. @Thornyrose

    and everyone interested in a fan campaign.

    We should probably start a thread at gateworld for it. I mean I was willing to wait but after 1 1/2 years I’m done. I’ve wanted to start up a campaign for a while but I keep waiting hoping Joe or someone will give us good news. Hasn’t happened yet. I’m on a trip right now but I’ll be back in a few days, so I’d love to start up a campaign then. Right now I’m just wondering is there enough people interested in starting a campaign.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  56. Oh and time is short. Sgu starts to film again in like march, so the only other place they can film them is in the summer of 2010, during sgus filming hiatus, so they have to green light it soon otherwise well have to wait till the fall of 2010, and most actors will probably have moved on by then. 🙁

  57. Tammy Dixon – I have the PRS-505. Purchased it back in April of 08 and it’s still in pristine condition. Best. Investment. Ever. I used to read maybe one book a year before I got the Reader. Now I’m reading between 2 and 3 books a week! Yeah, Husband also blames you Joe for getting me back into reading. I say Thanks! I never knew I’d get so much enjoyment from reading.

    My cousin got the new Touch for Christmas (yes, call me the Reader Preacher. I’m out to convert aaaall that cross my path) but I haven’t seen her since it arrived to give you a review of it.

    As for whether to go the Touch or Pocket, I guess it’s whether you prefer keys or not, and the screen size difference. My Reader screen has not a mark on it, but it’s not a touch screen. Here’s a pic of the quality of the screen after 20 months of solid reading and only leaving the house 3 times without it – sad I know.

    The keys haven’t worn or malfunctioned once. The battery life still gets me through around 3 books with large font (so I’m changing screens 3 times more than if reading on a small font) before needing to charge it.

    As the PRS-505 doesn’t have a backlight (which I don’t mind at all) I got a clip on reading light which takes AAA rechargeable batteries with two levels of light brightness and that is handy. It also keeps the cover propped open for you while reading in bed.

    The magnetised covers that come with the Reader are durable (I still have the original one) and make sure the Reader stays closed when in a bag.

    Here’s a pic of the Reader taken on an A4 notebook Landscape to give you an idea of the size of the Touch.
    I’d definitely consider how large you need your font and whether the extra screen size will make for a more pleasant read and less page turning.

    And thus ends my plug for the Sony Reader. I want to hug it and pet it and kiss it and… have I mentioned I’m on some pretty strong pain killers lately?

  58. Attention all Florida people, Check your weather forcast- On Sat./Sun. nite there is a CHANCE of SNOW in Orlando, south to the Treasure coast!!! NO SHIT!! BTW, I live on the Treasure coast!!! It’s frelling- Farscape speak- cold down here!! It’s killing us!! It’s prob. warmer in Vancover!! We will let you know on the SNOW watch, just blows my mind, of what little a mind I have!! Sheryl.

  59. How are fellow Brits handling the seasonal snap? Hope you’re all keeping warm and well, try not to think of the Donner party too much won’t you?

    Had a brilliant idea for that title Joe how about…..


  60. Bit of a belated Happy New Year, but the wish still remains.

    Just before Christmas there was a comic I found in the local paper (The Province) that I thought you might get a kick out of since it had Stargate references. Is there an email addy I can maybe send it to? I had one from awhile back but I can’t seem to find it :S

  61. Narelle: Thanks so much for the review! I’m a big reader myself. Books have gotten me through some hard times. Now they are just fun 😀 .

  62. Hope all of you snowbound folks are weathering the winter OK. If not, you’re always welcome to come to L.A. — Southern California snow stays right where it’s meant to: On the mountaintops in the distance, making a pretty postcard. Meanwhile, here by the beach we’re enjoying sunny and 72 degrees F (22 C).

    How about a little stealing — no, call it an “homage” — with your episode titles? “Shipwrecked”? “Treasure Island”?

    “SGU the Musical”? Which also could help with writer’s block. Stuck at a particular scene? Just have the crew break out into song… maybe with dancing. SGU goes Bollywood. It’d be great. 😉

    – KB

  63. “The basic premise had SG-1 encountering some sort of alien artifact that essentially, over time, “dumbed them down” to a childlike state.”

    Did this idea eventually become the premise behind “The Shrine”?

  64. p.s. Narelle: I hope whatever you need the painkillers for resolves itself soon. Feel better!

  65. Oh oh oh! That thing, where you post the various edits and such of each script after it airs? I’d PAY good $$$ to see that! It would be such an insight into how all your minds work, as well as just how much of a group process each script really is (ie, compare the first draft to the final and see who made which edits along the way…) as well as a great way for fans to feel even closer to the process. I really like this idea!

  66. “I think it’s a great idea and wouldn’t mind doing it for my episodes.”

    What? All someone had to do was ask? I’ve been buttering you up for over a year to ask that. Well, one of my ulterior motives is revealed now. I’m glad I still have the other one to sustain me.

  67. Been giving you title some thought…mystery ship…

    Mission Unknown
    (in honor of the blog by John Picacio, Sanford Allen, and Paul Vaughn……but also because a mystery ship implies an unknown mission)

    Veiled Vessel…too alliterative

    Shadows…StarShadows…Shadows of Stars

    Flying Dutchman

    The Fog (isn’t that about a mystery ship?)

  68. Wait! Wait for me! Here’s my 2 cents worth:

    Deadly Transport
    Close Distance
    Carbon Match

  69. Just a couple more…

    Frell /Frak

    Bravo Kilo (Second and 11th letters of standard radio code, meaning second season, 11th episode)

    Behind the Veil

    Shadows and Veils

    Noir (homage to film noir)…Noir Voyaguer (however ones spells “voyager” in French)…Noir Rendevous or Rendevous Noir


  70. A few silly ones…(ep titles, that is)

    Mount Everett

    Get it in Greer

    Fay Wray

    Head Rush

    Tamara Never Dies

    Volker’s Wagon

    Yeah, it is past my bedtime… 😛


  71. I was remembering your lament over the coldness of Montreal several posts ago and my taunting you over your nippy nose while my nose was quite comfortable.

    Now you have gotten even with me. I’m currently in a hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the outside temperature is 12 degrees F with a 0 degree wind chill….and according to, Montreal is currently 19 degrees F with a 13 wind chill.

    The wind chill here is supposed to get down to -15 degrees by morning. I don’t like it one bit.

    Oh, and try this one as your episdoe title, “Dude, stuff happens in this episode”. It’s okay; I know I’m a genius.

  72. Hopefully I’m not being too presumptuous in telling you that a Japanese person wouldn’t typically describe their own skills as being “jouzu.” I was reprimanded quite firmly by my own Japanese teacher when I used that word in regards to myself. Apparently, it was too direct. Now I find myself downplaying every skill I have in an attempt to emulate Japanese modesty…

  73. “The basic premise had SG-1 encountering some sort of alien artifact that essentially, over time, “dumbed them down” ”

    Hey, did that device end up on the Destiny then?! *g*

  74. For atlantis to be in peril I can imagine the destiny popping in and pulling atlantis out just in the nick of time, and atlantis wishing to face the peril, but destiny insisting the peril is far too perilous, but then that sounds much like Monty Python…

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