While in Montreal, I do things I normally wouldn’t do back in Vancouver.  Things like drive a Chevy Cobalt along an icy highway, deliver home made pies to neighbors, and watch CBS movies starring Tom Selleck as a curmudgeony sheriff in unflattering blue pants.  “He’s gotten old,”marveled my mother as we took in the latter.  “He looks so different from when he did Cheers.”

“You mean Magnum P.I.,”I corrected her.

“Are you sure?”she asked.

“Yeah.  You’re thinking of Ted Danson.”

She didn’t seem convinced.  Then fifteen minutes later, during a commercial spot with Jennifer Aniston: “Who was she married to?”

“Brad Pitt,”I told her.

“No,”she dismissed the very notion.  “Not HIM.”

Okay.  I decided against getting into it with her, especially since I was more interested in seeing how long it would take Sheriff Blue Pants to figure out the the key revelation that seemed self-evident ten minutes into the movie.  As it turned out, quite a while.

All in all, a relaxing evening to wrap up an equally relaxing day spent at my cousin’s place chatting, drinking and – what else? – eating…

Mom’s timbale

Mom’s eggplant parmesan.

Mom’s friendship cake.

David, Misha, and cousin Marilyn.

Cousin Carol.

Cousin Jeannie.

Cousins Tania and Matthew.

26 thoughts on “December 27, 2009 (part deux): Quality time with mom. And more eating.

  1. I am a little confused; isn’t today Dec 28. Possibly Montreal time is quicker than west coast tikme. Thanks for the pictures of your cousins and friends. 🙂

  2. Your HK night friends have such colorful nicknames…but you never said what yours was. I find it hard to believe you didn’t have a unique moniker as well. I’ll bet Carl would tell us.

  3. Oh WOW Joe, Moms cooking looks really delicious, I bet it was, tell me it was, oh wow. And your relatives look like they are enjoying themselves and don’t mind having a picture taken. Wonder if Carl would enjoy sampling these dishes? Add a little hot sauce, he might like that. Is he the one guarding the Bridge while everyone is gone?
    And Tom Selleck still looks good in my opinion, somehow men can look great as they get older, like Sean Connery, maybe the eyes.
    Thank you for sharing family and food and fun with us. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Wow! Looks like you had a great time with your former HK buddies. Sounds like an interesting crew!lol

    That Toblerone bar is massive. I’d love to say I’ve never seen one that big, but truth is, I have. I only stopped my best friend from buying it in the local Spar grocery by reminding her she couldn’t take it on the plane out of Ireland. Even *she* couldn’t eat the whole thing in 2 days.

  5. See – script predictability is a bad thing 😉

    Btw, your cousins are eating too much chocolate *g*

  6. Whoa. Early. Wasn’t expecting this.

    The thing with your mom reminds me of my first date with Mr. Das, just one week after we met. During dinner we got into a…debate…over the Bad, and the Ugly. Mr. Das insisted that the Ugly was Lee Van Cleef, while I knew it was Eli Wallach (with Van Cleef as the Bad). I could not convince him of this simple fact, and this was back in 1988, before Google could prove me right. It wasn’t that Mr. Das got the actors/characters mixed up, but instead he got the names mixed up, thinking Wallach was the Bad ‘Angel Eyes’, and Van Cleef was the Ugly scruffy Eastwood sidekick.

    Content in the correctness of my knowledge, I decided to hold my tongue that night, wait a bit until I married the guy – THEN I proved myself right. 😀

    I’ve seen that Selleck detective movie (there are a couple of them, I believe). It was good enough entertainment – nothing special – but I’ll take a detective show like that over these nighttime dramas, anyday…erm…any night. 🙂

    Mom’s food looks delish! My Italian friend (the one who reminds me of your mum, as opposed to my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and…HA! Just realized that both my siblings married Italians, while I married a plain ol’ Irish-Englishman…but I seriously digress…) makes a killer eggplant parmesan – best I’ve ever had. I’m gonna really miss her if she moves or passes away, since I’ve never bothered to learn how to make even the most basic Italian dishes (eggplant parm, lasagna, baked ziti, meatballs, etc), since I have friends who regularly supply me with these things. See, in my circle of friends and family, we have a lot of gatherings involving food – going away parties, moving in parties, anniversary parties, bonfires, picnics, pool parties, and various get-togethers – we just find a reason to have a party! It’s at those gatherings that I am convinced communal living would be a VERY good thing – I’ll do the dusting and vacuuming and gardening, if someone else just does the cooking! 😀

    Yeah…I’m rambling…

    Have a good day, sir! When do you leave for Vancouver? Better get to the airport early since I think they’re doing body cavity searches now. 😉 I am so glad I decided never to fly again, and feel bad for you poor suckers who have no choice in the matter. At least if I drive somewhere, I don’t have to show anyone what’s in my underwear! (It’d scare the crap outta them anyway…I really better stop now…but there is a funny story here about my dentist…)


  7. Okay…just re-read my comment above and I totally blame everything I said on a serious case of just-rolled-out-of-bed ADD. 😛


  8. I sat through the Sheriff Blue Pants with my parents too. How many shots of him with the scotch did they think we needed to catch on to his drinking problem? And who decides these things – is it a writing choice or a directing choice or what?

  9. Coucou =)

    Finalement, j’ai quelques instants pour passer sur votre blog 🙂

    ça va bien aujourd’hui? Moi oui tràs bien, mon cheri m’a offert pleins de beau cadeaux: Le tome 1 & 2 de la saison 8 de Buffy , HP6 en dvd, le dernier magazine officiel stargate, deux figurines de Vala et Cameron et un chaine millitaire pour ma tenue cosplay et d’autres choses que je ne peux pas vous dire lol!

    Waou, vous aussi vous êtes bien entouré à ce que je vois 🙂 ….Ohhh la barre de TABLERONE O_O ENORME!!! J’en ai jamais vu des comme cela, il va falloir plusieurs semaines pour manger ça XD!

    Aller gros bisou =)
    A plus.

  10. Hi Mr M!

    Glad to see that Mama Mallozzi’s cooking is as good as ever. Following on from the HK movie night, any recommendations?

    Any result on Felix’s competition? And is Sis interested in running a National campaign???

    Oh and did you get to watch “Get Smart” series that Sis got you last Christmas? (I only remember, coz I got it for HRH here..we FINALLY sat down to watch the last disc yesterday!)

    Best to all in Montreal!


  11. It really takes the enjoyment away from a television programme when you have to explain everything to a parent. However helping my late father to fill up any official form was even worse – I would have needed the patience of a saint. But being nasty to him was like kicking a puppy.

    I miss him – he was a genuinely nice person.

  12. ROFLMAO. Okay so can you tell my daughter how you achieve the ability to just let us senile parents think what we want without arguing or jumping onto wikipedia to prove us wrong every single time? Life would be so much nicer. (although she was wrong about whether I had a copy of Nights in Rodanth last night)

  13. OH btw, and even when I proved her wrong she said “I’m sorry you wasted your money on such a lousy movie.” Hrumpfth.

  14. That’s’s wonderful how the entire family gets together at Christmas, you are so very lucky!!

  15. *sigh*. One of my late Mom’s complaints about us kids was that we were knowitalls. I’m sorry I gave her that grief.

    Your mom’s friendship cake reminds me of rice pudding. Should it?

  16. Whoa! More of the Mallozzi Mafia! *waves* Hi guys:)
    I’ve learnt the diplomatic art of lettin the oldsters think what they want and I’m trying to pass on the knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation but its gonna take a while I can tell you.

  17. Too funny. I also watched that same Jesse Whoever movie with my mom last night, only we didn’t start paying attention til half way through. Yet I was expected to explain the plot so far, and she got annoyed I was talking over the show. Sigh. Then she didn’t get why Jesse was riding a bus to New Mexico, or why the town is so mean to him. I said it’s because he married a woman even though he’s gay. 🙂

  18. That reminds me of conversations with my mom, except my mom can’t cook. At all. Not only that, she and dad aren’t really interested in eating out. We smuggle food in to keep us going until we can escape to secretly eat somewhere, or talk them into going out. We pass the word when we see what she’s cooking…like spaghetti, which might be edible immediately, but she makes it ahead and keeps it warm in the crockpot. The whole dish, not just the sauce, so if you can imagine spaghetti-flavored mush, you can imagine Mom’s signature meal. See why I like frozen pizza so much? When the word goes out, everyone can confess that they’re not all that hungry BEFORE the spaghetti comes to the table, excusing the small portions we take.

  19. Now I’m hungry. There is nothing delicious in the house and it’s very cold and snowy outside. 🙁

  20. …And “that” is why I don’t watch TV with my parent elderly parents either!

    But hey, The Tom is still a looker! You know, I kinda sort of met him [I said hi, he said hi back…] decades ago when he was doing MAGNUM… Was wearing blue pants then too… Had a *great* ass!! Ahh, good times… good times…

    Oh, *been* to the Toblerone factory in Switzerland also, BTW! [Just down the highway from the Rolex factory…] Another decades old adventure – have disliked “milk” chocolate ever since, I’m pretty much a “dark” chocolate girl these days! [I have a birthday coming up in about 5 weeks, hint, hint…]

    And a travel suggestion… *don’t* tell TPTB that you’re a screenwriter, otherwise you’ll be put onto the No-Fly list for sure!!

  21. Your mum’s friendship cake mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I am now off to google image Tom Selleck and his bad blue pants.

    Cover me!

  22. Your Cousin Jeannie is welcome to visit me anytime – as long as she is accompanied by one of those Toblerone bars!
    Being summer here I can’t stomach all that hot food, but it does look tasty! I’m about to try my first foray into moussaka (for some weird reason eggplant is just not something I’ve ever cooked!).

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