So I received my new, replacement credit card the other day.  The one with the chip.  This time, I made a point of immediately signing the back and memorizing the pin number before promptly misplacing it.  I spent about an hour looking for the damn thing and eventually discovered it in the side pocket of my sweat pants.  No idea how it got there.  Oh, that outline I couldn’t find before leaving for my Tokyo trip?  Whereabouts still unknown.  However, I do vaguely recall looking for an out-of-the-way place to hide it just in case my place was broken into while I was out for the day.  Unlike some people I know, I have different passwords for different accounts, thus ensuring better overall security and at least two instances a day in which I have to go through the trouble of re-setting the passwords I’ve forgotten.  You know how some mother’s had cute nicknames for their kids growing up?  Like Princess or Junebug or Speedy or Cheechee Bean?  Guess what my mom used to call me.  The Absent-Minded Professor.  A bit of a mouthful but, apparently, apropos.  My father, on the other hand, was far more diplomatic, eschewing the nicknames for the occasional muttered: “He’d forget his head if it wasn’t screwed on.”  All this to say, do not depend on me to watch your stuff or drop something off for your or babysit your kid.  There’s a better than average chance I’ll lose whatever it is you’re entrusting me with.

Wha-wha-wha?!  December 20th?  Already?  But I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet!  This means I’m going to have to brave the holiday crowds and, really, next to kiwis and crocs, there’s nothing I hate more than having to join the masses of shiftless procrastinators and last-minute scramblers.  Like myself.  I refuse to hit any of the major shopping malls after last year’s debacle in which I drove into an underground parking lot, followed the overly optimistic “MORE PARKING!” signs to its lowest levels, drove around for fifteen minutes looking for a spot, then got fed up and went to leave – only to end up in a traffic jam of idling vehicles seeking to escape as well.  I spent almost two hours that afternoon NOT shopping.  I refuse to do it again.  Instead, I’ll only be shopping at easily accessible shops like the nearby hardware store, Swedish bakery, or McDonalds.  Hope my sis enjoys her malt loaf.


duneknight writes: “yeah Joe, would it kill you to talk about a movie that just got released?”

Answer: I’ve got nothing to say on the subject.  Haven’t seen it.

susanthetartanturtle writes: “How is data transferred back to Earth from Destiny?”

Answer: Crewmembers use the stones to visit Earth where they are debriefed by Homeworld Command.

Thornyrose writes: “And Pain sounds deliciosuly grusome.”

Answer: Oh a couple of scenes come to mind.

Arctic Goddess writes: “1) That sweet potato that Greer ate in “Justice”. What was it really? It looked almost like playdoh. But I know you wouldn’t feed the actors playdoh.

2) If Destiny is supposed to seed the galaxies with star gates, wouldn’t it be kind of like the railroad where you can’t use a train to get further west until the railroad is actually built? In other words, why would the Destiny be traveling around to planets it’s already been to and seeded if it’s dropping Star gates?”

Answers: 1) I believe it was an actual sweet potato with purple food dye.

2) The Destiny isn’t seeding the galaxies with stargates.  It’s following the seeder ships that have done so.

PG15 writes: “Nice! Thank goodness I’ve saved the snippets of info you’ve revealed about episode 17.

So now the question is, which one is it? Is it one of the first 5 that are already under way?”

Answer: It’ll fall somewhere between the sixth and tenth slot.

Moe writes: ”

1. How much in advance do you write? Say you are at episode 2. How many further episodes are completely planned out at such a point?

2. Do you always have a plan/plot for an entire season, or do you make it up as you go along?

3. Do you have complete freedom in what you write, or does anyone (e.g. the network) give some guidelines?

4. You have more than one writer. How do you decide who writes which part? Do you just brainstorm and whoever has the best idea writes the script?

5. Are all the dialoges completely written out or do the actors have some creative room while acting? How much of a dialog comes from an actor rather than a writer?

6. Now that the atlantis base is on earth, does this mean I get to rent an apartment there?”

Answers: 1. It really depends on how fast the other writers write.  All five of us headed off with scripts in November (episodes #1 – 5).  Whoever is done first starts on the next script.

2. We have a general idea of where we’re going and where we want to end up.

3. Writing is a communal exercise.  We, the writing team, come up with the story ideas and write the scripts, but the network provides input at various stages of pre-production, production, and post-production.

4. Usually, the person who comes up with the story idea writes the script.  Otherwise, it’s a matter of preference.  The individual writers script the stories that appeal to them.

5. Yes, all of the dialogue is scripted.  On occasion, an actor may request a line change or may even improvise a line here or there but, for the most part, it’s all written beforehand.

6. Sure, but the rent is pricey.

Hugh writes: “Why do they make the breaks so long? I understand you can’t keep churning out episodes but with a break as long as 4 months the tension of the cliffhanger with have disappeard and some people (casual watchers) might forget about show and not tune in every week.”

Answer: Alas, not my call.  That’s a network decision.  I believe it’s part of their strategy to have all-year original programming.

Ravenfur writes: “1) How long is a standard 1 hour television script normally? Is there a standard number of pages, or does it change with every script?
2) How many times do you see an episode before it is deemed finished and sent to TV?”

Answer: 1) Depends on the show.  I’d say, on average, about 50 pages.  2) Maybe 5-6 times.

54 thoughts on “December 20, 2009: Forgetsies! Malt Loaf! And The Mailbag!

  1. Hello Joe,
    I saw on IMDB that StarGate:Extinction moved from pre-production to production status, is that correct? Any good news for us?

  2. susanthetartanturtle writes: “How is data transferred back to Earth from Destiny?”

    Answer: Crewmembers use the stones to visit Earth where they are debriefed by Homeworld Command.

    But how do they remember screeds of data? It would take a person of exceptional memory to store all that info.

    Have a nice time at Christmas.

  3. The outline I posted is still with the Nov. 12th blog entry. Go ahead and use that one. I’d be honored. I’d be inspired to spend more than 5 minutes on the next one.

  4. Those credit cards are elusive things. I’m still searching for one I got about 2 years ago. I know it’s in the house *somewhere*. And if you think multiple passwords are bad, try multiple passwords AND multiple usernames/email addresses. You have to remember which ones you used on a particular site, and you could be sitting there for a minimum of 5 minutes trying the different combinations.

    Between you and David Blue, I’m jealous and can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  5. ….. the most undeserved victory in Survivor in the history of their show. absolutely disgusting. I’m going to have hard time getting interested in the next survivior after this.

  6. Have you tried 1Password for all your password needs? I learned about it a year or so ago, and haven’t looked back since! Might be worth a look…


  7. I still have shopping to do for my oldest little sister and my mother… both of whom will probably be getting socks from the dollar store down the road (hey, my sister’s always taking mine, and mother is always complaining that her socks disappear)!!!

    I feel kind of guilty about only getting one thing for mi padre though: he was born on Christmas! My poor dad has been getting the short end of the [birthday/Christmas gifting] stick his whole life, and I forgot to get him two presents this year… perhaps I’ll pick him up some socks as well! 😀

    I didn’t have a cute nickname growing up, either: mine was (and still is, unfortunately) Doo. I have absolutely NO IDEA how I got this nickname, but I would like very much for it to go away!

  8. Hello – Not quite sure where I am, but I’ve enjoyed reading the above blog entry, as well as catching up on those below that didn’t sound familiar. (Entertaining reading and *great* pics, thank you very much. UCLA blue is a good color on Carl. And a stylin’ black hoodie goes anywhere. Believe me, I know.)

    For some reason that I can’t really bring to mind, everything said about resetting 1000 different passwords, and misplacing homework, credit cards, pet zebras, and so forth, sounds very familiar. – Oh okay, now I remember: you sound a lot like Joe Mallozzi. I hope someone has already sent him an email letting him know that the Absent-Minded Professor is impersonating him on his blog. I would be glad to send an email, but I recently reset the password to my relevant account, and can’t recall which CD case I used to hide my pw info. Probably one that was part of a CD/DVD/book trade with my bro two weeks ago. So, my passwords might all be in Texas by now, where my disturbingly precocious six-year-old nephew has probably already downloaded large numbers of Miley Cyrus vids from iTunes, on my account. He’ll pay….no more hacking into Pentagon mainframes to make mysterious phenomena occur over Norway, using visual fx info he got from Mark Savela.

    Last week, about a dozen different contacts told me I should set up an online account for managing business with them. I thought about all the incredibly important stuff I already take care of online (iTunes,, NKOTB wallpaper download sites, InUrFace t-shirt logo designers, to name only a few) and just broke down and cried. Fortunately, a phone call to my parole officer revealed that one is still allowed to conduct business transactions via snail mail, even if flyers for a plethora of pizza places will still be given priority over forms that merely relate to, say, paying one’s federal income tax.

    Given all the above, in one of those thought-process jumps that defy logic, I have reason to be a bit pessimistic about Joe ever finding The Missing Script. He could try Google, which seems to have more files on everybody in the world than the CIA, IRS, and DirecTV combined, but likely that’s already been suggested.

    Whoever you are, please don’t take Joe’s diagram of how the various screws keep his head attached. The knowledge would of course be to his benefit; and besides, SGU is my favorite TV show. (Everyone has an agenda.)

    – Thanks for the mini-break from reality. . . . Hope your colleagues enjoy their festive McHoliday Happy Meals. – Aw c’mon, get yourself one, too.

  9. Emma has a star! It’s in the Andromeda galaxy, with coordinates RA 0h 53m 14s D36 25′ 19.97″, named “Princess Emma Hill.” Friends of her parents arranged that in her memory, which is really cool. Too bad the Destiny isn’t hanging around Andromeda–they could check out Emma’s star.

    When is everybody due back in Vancouver for Season 2? April is such a long way away!

  10. “I spent about an hour looking for the damn thing and eventually discovered it in the side pocket of my sweat pants. No idea how it got there.”

    Maybe it was there for the party! 😉

    Joe – the ‘forgetsies’ is a man thing. Not a manthing – that’s a bit different – but a thing that men do. That’s why God created woman, because Adam kept forgetting where he put the forbidden fruit. 😉

    I have spent nearly every day of the past 20 years of my life looking for things my husband has ‘misplaced’. Eyeglasses in the sofa cushions, house keys still stuck in the front door lock 🙄 , cellphone case in the laundry, wallet in his lunch cooler, lunch cooler (with wallet) left at work, coat at a friend’s house…and that’s just the everyday things. I gave him two checks recently – one for the doctor, one for the pharmacy. The second one wasn’t used and disappeared, so I assume it’s in a pocket somewhere. And it’s not the first time something like this has happened – I dread giving him checks or the checkbook, because there’s always a search for it afterwards. Just yesterday we were tearing the house apart looking for his inhaler – something that you should always put in the same place, everytime.

    Now, keep in mind that even though I have a lot of tchotchkes around, I try to keep everything displayed nicely and organized. I don’t like ‘stuff’ that isn’t decor-related in sight, so usually no mail, newspapers, and other cluttery things laying around. A place for everything, and everything in its place. It should be EASY to see that one thing that isn’t where it belongs. So hubby makes sure that when he loses something, it’s not visible – it’s under or inside something, or worse – in the garage (that’s HIS domain!). Yeah, it’s definitely a man thing.

    That’s not to say that I haven’t misplaced things once in a while, but I usually can visualize where I saw something last (unless I really have something distracting me), and easily find it. But there was this one time…

    This was years ago, when we were still in our apartment. I usually keep only 4 bath towels out at a time – two for each of us. Everyday before work I would make the beds, straighten up, do the dishes, etc., a routine that included hanging up the towels. My husband was notorious for tossing the wet towel in the unmade bed, or sometimes in the closet, so this one day I find three towels but not the fourth, and right away I assume hubby stashed it somewhere. I start looking – in the bed, under the bed, in the closet, in the shower, behind doors, in the living room, behind the sofa…and the more I look, the more I am cursing him under my breath for tossing it somewhere I couldn’t find it. I had spent at least a half an hour – probably more – searching for this towel and was getting really mad – when I walked past a mirror, and found it.

    It was on the top of my head, wrapped like a turban around my wet hair. 😛


  11. I know where you put the outline. You put it in a safe place. See, it is SO safe, even you can find it.

    I’m always putting things in a safe place, and each time I’m SURE I’ll remember where I’ve put it. And then nada. It so nice to know I’m not the only one losing credit cards, children, zebras and television script outlines. Okay, maybe not the zebras 🙂

  12. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

    OMG, that’s my husband’s favorite saying…usually right after I’ve lost something.

    I know it would be best to always put things in the same place! If I could REMEMBER TO DO THAT, I would! I think about putting my keys in the bowl every time I pull into the garage, but by the time I get in the door where the bowl is, I’m thinking about putting the groceries away, and I’ve totally forgotten about the keys.

    I’m still looking for the spare phone charger, and my sister swears my other shoe is notat her house, even though I’m sure it is, because I lost it before the wine. I’m hanging on to the mate because I know it will turn up in her sofa or something. My sister-in-law has my watch, which I left at her house, and something else that I can’t remember. Maybe the phone charger? I’d call her to verify, but she really likes to talk on the phone, so I’d rather just wonder than talk on the phone for an hour.

    I live in fear of forgetting my ID badge at work, because if I get locked out in the lobby without my badge, I won’t be able to get back into the office, and I’d have to call Dispatch…assuming I had my cell phone in my pocket to call them. If I forget my cell phone, too, I’d have to call on the radio, and every officer in the county would know I’m an idiot. I’m really, really trying to avoid that. What are the odds I’d forget both my ID and my phone on the same day? You don’t want to know.

  13. My dad still calls me ‘that damn kid’, even though this damn kid is a damn old lady now. 😛 And my sister used to call me ‘bubble butt’. 🙄


    Just started watching The Pink Panther Strikes Again, and it only has served to remind me how much I miss Henry Mancini. Loved his movie and tv scores, especially this one, and Charade. But the Peter Gunn theme is still my all-time favorite of his. The only other composer who I have consistently enjoyed is Danny Elfman. He – like Mancini – has a unique signature sound that often incorporates an element of whimsy, with Elfman’s being a bit more otherworldly and moody, to Mancini’s straightforward, buoyant approach.

    Yeah, I’m reminiscing over Henry Mancini. See, I told ya I was an old lady! 😛



  14. Hugh writes: “Why do they make the breaks so long? I understand you can’t keep churning out episodes but with a break as long as 4 months the tension of the cliffhanger with have disappeard and some people (casual watchers) might forget about show and not tune in every week.”

    Answer: Alas, not my call. That’s a network decision. I believe it’s part of their strategy to have all-year original programming.

    It’s all about perspective. The average drama show in the UK is 6-8 episodes, occasionally extending up to about 12 or so, like Doctor Who. So I just treat the US show runs as having 2 series in a year, I get double the amount of fun I’d get from a UK series.

  15. @Mr M

    You might try my system of making up passwords. Pick a word or short phase. Next add a identifier prefix of a few characters for the addressee. Finally a date suffix of a few characters. Have no problems of keeping track several dozen email addresses with this system.

    You could always mix the order of the 3 password components around for your own preferences.

    The word or short phase should be use to catalog the type of your email contact. One for friends, one for family , one for eStores and so forth.

  16. Hey Joe,

    My passport must be with your outline.
    Can you let me know when you’ve found them?
    For some reason, not being able to put my hands immediately on it unsettles me.

    As for forgetting. I’m with das. Subconsciously I watch where my Husband places particular items because I know he’ll ask me later if I know where they are.

  17. Coucou Joseph 🙂

    ça va bien? Lol moi aussi, j’égard au moins 5 choses par jour, mais je n’ai jamais rien perdu je finit toujours par les retrouvers!

    Vous n’avez pas encore fait vos courses de Noël O_O, lol moi ça a été fait il y’1 mois, j’attend le moment de pourvoir les offrir avec impatience!!!


    1) Je ne comprend pas pourquoi il faut attendre jusqu’a Avril pour revoir SGU sur les écrans? Croyez vous que cette second partie de la saison 1 aura de meilleurs audiences?

    2) Quels fromage préférez vous? que pensez vous du camembert?

    Bonne journée!

  18. I just today came to the same realization about Christmas shopping. Fortunately, I advised all the adult relatives that we are supporting several charities in lieu of exchanging gifts. Still need to find something for the nephew.

  19. hi!

    have a look at the following app, might solve your password problem (and incidentally syncs the passwords perfectly between your Mac and your new iPhone):

    The application essentially keeps a list of your passwords in a (strongly) encrypted form. You’ll only need to remember one password (the master pw that’ll unlock your password list, better make that a good one, though…)


    ps: I don’t work for Splashdata – but I’m a long time user.

  20. OMG all the Aussies – Richard Dean Anderson has just been announced as a guest at the March con run by Hub Productions. I think their server is going to melt when the tix go on sale.

    RDA joins Chris Judge, Ben Browder, Dan Shea, David Nykl, Connor Trinneer…and more to come.

    Way cool!

    Cheers, Chev

  21. Joe, I’m very much like you with regard to misplacing and losing stuff. I always leave something behind when I leave someone’s house. My niece and nephew think its ha-larious. I was always that little kid at school who lost their books. One day I came home with someone else’s jumper on (hey, we’d been swimming ok…lol). The next day my Mum visited our class and checked everyone’s jumpers until she found mine. How embarrassing.

    Currently the list of missing things at my place include: ipod shuffle (its ok ‘cos I have a nano now), 1 black glove, numerous socks, my sister’s memory stick, my threadless darth vader t-shirt.

    I do have some experience with hiding things in odd places so you might want to check:
    the t-shirt drawer (‘cos the sock drawer is too obvious), the shoebox inside your closet, all of the pockets of your coast in your closet, Fondy’s boots, in the top corner of the linen cupboard, taped under the dining room table, at the bottom of the washing basket, filed in your filing cabinet under F for FU burglars, under one of the couch seats. ….just to name a few. Hope you find your outline.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. my Mum used to call me Autumn leaves ‘cos I was always falling over at netball. My Dad would call me bubs ‘cos I was the youngest. In fact, although I am an adult he still calls me that. WTF?

  22. Hey, Joe

    1) I’m writing a fanfic of Stargate with the title Stargate : Fortune. Just wanted to get some advice in order to help me write what could be my very first SG fic.

    2) Question that follows the same as the above. How many scenes go into each act of an SG script?

  23. Wouldn’t it make more sense to air bi-weekly if they wanted all-year around original content?

  24. Oh, that outline I couldn’t find before leaving for my Tokyo trip? Whereabouts still unknown. However, I do vaguely recall looking for an out-of-the-way place to hide it just in case my place was broken into while I was out for the day.

    Try the freezer , or in the Fridge behind the juice.

  25. What about gift cards Mr. M.? Or Are they considered gauche? I’ll NEVER go to the mall this close to Christmas again. I didn’t get trapped for two hours but I’ve been herded in with so many people I felt suffocated. I’ve found that I don’t enjoy crowds. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable in some of those places in Japan. The streets looked so crowded in a few of the pictures you had.

    Plus, most of the crime I’ve ever been the victim of is near Christmas. Apparently, thieves just steal their presents for family/friends. So if you do go out, be extra careful!

    Did anyone see that Brittany Murphy died at 32? So sad. It’s always shocking to me when someone younger than myself just drops dead. I think I’ll work in extra laps today at the pool.

    Crazymom1: great about Emma’s star. Sweet.

    Das: I know of two other cola recipes. I had my doubts about the recipes I’ve tried, but it’s actually not bad. I mean, Coke is basically sugar water right? One recipe was a simple sauce for chicken and the other a sauce for ham. The cake is very rich and I’ve eaten most of it myself 😀 .

    Got to go brave the cold pool and do laps this morning. The first plunge is always the hardest. One of the other lapper’s feels sorry for me and gives me the warm lane. My hubby says it’s warm, probably, because he’s just peed in it 😉 . My hubby’s got a wicked sense of humor . 😈

    Have a great day everyone!

  26. “2) The Destiny isn’t seeding the galaxies with stargates. It’s following the seeder ships that have done so.”

    Are we every going to discover why certain planets were selected for gates? Why there are no DHD’s? How are these gates supposed to work and interact with each other? What is Destiny’s purpose? Make sure the gates work? Why? For whom? Destiny is huge, so what was its crew like? What happened to them?

    I’d rather get answers to these questions then be subjected to the Earthbound soap we’ve been fed so far.

  27. Hi Mr M!

    Glad to hear your Mom is on the mend. Bummer about the eye op though! Wish her the best with that from us all here in Ireland.

    Am finishing up my surgery appointments today, so I will have intermittent net access, so a very festive Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours.

    I have cued The Princess Bride for Christmas afternoon viewing.

    @Gilder! Great you’re coming to Ireland!! Terrific…check out my twitter on

    Let me know, closer to the time. I am perhaps 1,5 hours drive from Wicklow. Would love to meet up!

    @Sis. Voted from the dog!! My own dalmation (Duncan) is jealous….

    Finally, to all fellow blog readers, foodies, SG fans and whoever else is here…Have a safe, peaceful and happy Christmas.

    S’n’T (and Family)

  28. Why wouldn’t you allow the fans to layout the ship? A contest where writes are given for the ideas in exchange for something simple, a one on one interview ONLINE with a favorite character.

  29. @dasNdanger & crazymom1: You need a German shepherd puppy. My 5-mth-old pup manages to find things that have been missing since before I moved to this house. Unfortunately, they are not always in the best of shape once she presents them to me….

  30. Montrealer: Great idea about a system. In the past, my hubby would rotate the names of elements as his password. He’s moved on to other and more complex words now.

    Narelle: Yes, I have to watch my hubby closely, too. Especially if he uses the stove/fireplace :confused: ! I always ask him how he can be SO smart and so brainless. Of course, I suspect the answer for him is he knows I’ll cover for him. He puts all his concentration into his computer work and I pick up the slack in everything else.

    Gilder: wonderful idea about charities!

    otros ojos: enjoyed your post!

    Das: I’ll look for the granny chocolate to try in the chili!

  31. I was just almost done posting a comment a few minutes ago then the F… internet closed on me. Great, I have to restart from scratch. Got some really bad news today. Can’t really tell in what kind of mood I’m in. Not in a bad mood but not in a good mood either. Guess I’m sad disconnected a bit on the sarcastic side. This is a long comment, please bear with me!!!
    Anyway, read the following on the Stargate MGM website:
    “Syfy announced that Stargate Universe is renewed for a second season! The series was given an order for 20 episodes, which will begin airing in the fall.
    Stargate Universe is currently on its season one mid-season break, and will return on April 2.”
    Is this true? If it is, what’s up with the 3 MONTHS season break! On a new tv serie??? Will there be a season break during the summer?? Will anybody remember what the last SGU episode was about? Please tell me that we will get an explanation on how Rush got back on the Destiny! Or that Rush will not be absent for several episodes.
    Been putting off commenting on the last 2 SGU episodes, because did not want to share my disappointing thoughts about them. Can’t help wondering, what happened after Time?
    Last 2 episodes, very disappointing. Between the very long Camille reunion who goes see her parents for 3 sec 1/2, Scott’s ex-girlfriend who’s a go-go dancer, the very unoriginal gun planted in an air vent, 1 fake fight with Telford, 1 embarrassing one with Rush, and no action, these 2 episodes looked like I was watching an All My Children episode.
    Anybody on the Destiny who had a happy life on Earth?!
    Time looked more like an end of season episode. At least, after watching it, I was excited!
    Will the Space channel continue to air SGU? I hear that the Astronaut show got cancelled. A woman on Venus running after a baby cry for the first 8 minutes of the show. Hmm! Wondering why it got cancelled!!! From the preview I new I had no intention to watch it, but didn’t think it would get cancelled that fast before I even had a chance to reconsider my decision. From the preview the show seems to suggest plenty of sex scenes and soap opera moments. Apparently the ratings where poor. Not sure where I’m going with this, but after watching the last 2 SGU episodes and hearing about this cancellation, I was very concerned.
    Anyway, after LIFE, the Space channel wanted viewers to comment on SGU on their website. I thought they very thinking about not airing the show anymore. Then, after that, no SGU for 2 weeks. JUSTICE finally came out but the link to watch it on the Space channel website was not working. Pix Princss wrote an article in the forum about the unavailability of the episode and put several links to JUSTICE on her post. Only people, who clicked on her post, knew that the links were there!! Even then, one of her links was apparently not working!
    Watched JUSTICE on the SYFY channel, but realized that this episode had no real action in it. Where are the aliens??? I like the sweet potato part. L. Ferreira looks good in a baseball hat but so did RDA in MacGyver and SG-1. What’s up with the Inner Space interviews that are never available? Wish I could have heard his point of view on JUSTICE.
    (I need to focus)! SGU, SGU, Oh, Yeh! The fight at the end of JUSTICE was very embarrassing to watch. Couldn’t Rush give at least 1 punch to defend himself! I was left again on my appetite, 2 episodes in a row….got out and bought myself some Mc Donald. Hoping the season opening episode will be better then these last 2 episodes.
    Sorry for the bitching, it comes from the heart!

  32. @ T’loc – It makes sense. People aren’t going to watch SyFy on Christmas Day – too much going on, too many distractions with family, etc. – so why waste the marathon? If SyFy is banking on this show, then wait for a time when you think people will be watching the channel, and make it a day that is closer to the beginning of the second half of the season, perhaps a Sunday.

    @ Bilo&Bella – I’m pretty good at finding things myself – AND I am part German. Hmmmmm… *rubs chin thoughtfully*

    @ Narelle from Aus – Yeah, I watch where my husband puts things, and so when he’s looking for it, I often make a deal with him – if I find it first, he has to do the dishes/litter pan/clean the bathroom/etc…

    I always find it first. 😀

    @ Shirt’n’Tie – Thanks! And take care yourself – have a good one!

    @ Tammy Dixon – When I hear about people jumping in water this time of year, all I can think of is that old Bill Cosby routine about Niagara Falls:

    I will forever think of you as a giant goosepimple. 😀


  33. Hey Joe!
    How come some people seem to be such assholes about SGU? I went on GateWorld and saw that The SGU Christmas Day marathon was canceled. Most of the comments on the story were that it was too bad that “SyFy cancels SGU” was followed by “Christmas Day marathon.” What gives? Why do some people hate the show so much? I love the show btw.

  34. “I’ve got nothing to say on the subject. Haven’t seen it.”

    Don’t let that stop you 😉

    @susan the tartan turtle
    “But how do they remember screeds of data? ”

    They don’t. They tell them what they remember (assuming they are not drunk 😉

    “I’m thinking about putting the groceries away, and I’ve totally forgotten about the keys.”

    Then put the car keys in the grocery bag as you get out of the car.

  35. My nicknames growing up, Shorty and Little Grommet.

    I headed into High School just over 3 feet tall and weighing 21kgs so that’s where Shorty came from.

    Little Grommet was from surfing with the boys growing up.

    Retired from gymnastics and I grew… a lot.
    Headed into an old friend’s surf shop when I was about 21, he exclaimed, “Little Grommet!” got a big hug from him, an up and down glance before he said with a big grin on his face, “Little Grommet ain’t so little anymore.”

    I still get called both. Call me either and I’ll smile. I got those nicknames from people I care a lot for.

  36. Crocs may be the ugliest shoes that have ever existed… but as a nurse who swore she’d never wear them… I have to say they are the ultimate creation… Try them… you’ll come over to the dark side…lol

  37. OMG…

    I’m watching Bones for the very first time (repeat on TNT), and it’s hilarious! I mean, this particular episode (dissolving bones) – are they always this amusing?

    Liking the characters already. 🙂


  38. Sorry Mr. M but I just saw the post from Bilo&Bella from yesterday.

    Bilo&Bella: too cold for me!

  39. I remember I once misplaced one of my portfolios of all the acting work I’d done a few years before. I turned my house upside down trying to find it, got my mum to turn her house upside down (while I was on the phone so I could make sure she did), turned mine over again…and no luck.

    After a couple of months I gave up, assuming it had been lost during a move or something. Then, when I was visiting my family I finally found it sitting innocently under the guest bed. Hopefully your outline isn’t that difficult to find.

    Good luck with the Christmas shopping. I’ve accidentally left mine late too, so I’m running around every lunch time trying to get things I need and avoid the cues in bigger department stores. It’s crazy, though that idea of going to local shops sounds appealing Joe!


  40. Hi Joe, I just wanted to say thanks so much for answering my questions!

  41. Hi Joe has Destiny crew figured out what galaxy and all that they are traveling in now and how many galaxies away are they im thinking 22 galaxies away now.
    I know they cant get back right now just wonder where they are if we can find out.
    2) Also can destiny self repair itself like asgard ships can asuming that they fly into another sun and power up some more and start auto repairs.

  42. oh also i hope the sgc can dial destiny at least 1 time for a few minutes and send a jumper or malp loaded with supplies and a zpm and loads of naquad generators.

  43. Joey, did you forgetsies to write your new blog for the day?? 😉

    And are you sick and tired of me calling you ‘Joey’??

    @ Tammy Dixon – In his prime, Cosby was the best! Funny, without being filthy. Chicken Heart, To Russell My Brother Whom I Slept With, and Go Carts are my favorites. We didn’t have much growing up – but we did have this old record player, and Cosby albums, and this (the cover of which, for some reason, always fascinated me – I think I wanted to grow up so I could wear the same outfit… 😳 ):


  44. Now, see…that got me listening to Herb Alpert’s The Lonely Bull, my favorite. Mr. Das just came in the room and asked me what crazy stuff I’m listening to. 🙂


  45. @J. Mallozzi
    Just saying thanks for taking the time to answer my questions 🙂

    p.s. Since it seams to be possible to rent an apartement in atlantis. I would like to get one while you make the next atlantis movie. Then I could pop up in the background every now and then 🙂

  46. Apparently my post is where Joe’s outline is and my old digital camera…oblivion. There was no link in it that would have put it in spam. Hmm… Mystery.

    I wanted to say, Joe, that at least you WRAP your presents. My husband’s idea of gift-giving. “Close your eyes.” He then leaves room to wherever presents were stashed. “Don’t open them.” Me: “I’m not opening them.” Him: “Hold our your hands.” I hold out my hands. He puts gift into my hands. Then he says, “Open your eyes — ta-da!” To which I always exclaim “Awesome, thank you.” This same scenario has played out for every gift-giving holiday for 19 years (back to our dating time period).

  47. Or even better send destiny a asgard core machine like in the ships.If its too big split it up and send the parts to them on malps or something,if they dont need the malps they can strip them for parts.Also send them some uavs and anything else they have time to send.
    Im thinking they can drain a zpm to dial destiny for 3 minutes maybe a zpm that has 10% power left in it.

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