Okay, I'll just squeeze in here...no...maybe come around there...no...Ah, forget it! I'll just lie along the bottom of the bed.

As per Air Canada’s suggestion, I got to the airport well in advance of my scheduled flight time and, as a result, ended up arriving at the departure gate with plenty of time to spare. And by plenty of time, I mean about two and a half hours. It would’ve been a full three but for the fact I had to take off my cufflinks (and, more importantly, put them back on under the icy glares of my fellow passengers who obviously hadn’t had the foresight to follow Air Canada‘s sound advice) while going through security.

With time to kill, I stopped by the duty-free shop and picked up a beautiful three bottle ice wine gift set for my man Kullen (who arranged my Tokyo dining adventure), a pack of Dentyne Shine, and a magazine (I went with Psychology Today, choosing it over the latest issue of Popular Mechanics with the picture of the nose-diving plane on the cover under the heading “Anatomy of an Air Crash”).

While flipping through the magazine, I came across an article titled “The Evolution of Night Owls” which makes the case that individuals predisposed to staying up later are generally smatter than their early-to-bed neighbors. How much later? According to a study by Satoshi Kanazawa, a psychologist at The London School of Economics, the very brightest, those gifted with an IQ of 125 or greater, tend to turn in at about 12:29 a.m. Those of average intellect, possessing an IQ between 90 and 110, usually hit the sack at about 12:10 a.m., about 19 minutes earlier. The duller among us, those saddled with an IQ below 75, are generally pyjama-clad and cozy under the sheets approximately half an hour earlier at 11:41 p.m. And me? Why, I’m normally in bed a full hour and forty minutes sooner than your average low-brow at a cretinous 10:00 p.m. It’s a wonder I can even manage to feed myself! The flight was uneventful.

I decided to follow everyone’s advice on the book front and brought along both The Algebraist and Otherland for the trip, starting with the latter and enjoying it immensely so far. I also took the opportunity to practice up on my Japanese, review my culinary itinerary, and obsess over that missing outline.

As predicted, by the time I got into my hotel room, it was just after 8:00 p.m. Tuesday night! That’s right. In Tokyo, it’s tomorrow already. I’ve got a big day ahead of me tomorrow – sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji market, lunch at Chez Matsuo and dinner at Aronia de Takazawa – and even though I’m exhausted, I’m reluctant to turn in just yet. Apparently, going to bed at 10:00 p.m. would put me in the same company as fairy tale ogres, Lakers fans, and select woodland creatures.

Pics and vids starting tomorrow. Promise.

70 thoughts on “November 24, 2009: Tokyo Travel Day

  1. Joe have you watched HBO’s “Band Of Brothers”? it is my favorite mini-series ever, and I just heard they made another one “Pacific” starts sometime next year!

    Anyways hey do they still let you walk around the plane on long flights or is that now forbidden? I’m pretty sure they are just gonna start strapping everyone naked into their chairs in another 5 years. That would be a bad time to get stuck next to the smelly person.

  2. Glad you arrived safe and sound….and I can’t wait to hear/see/watch this year’s adventure!

  3. Huh. I usually hit the sack around 1 am.


    I can buy into this theory. Often, the reason I go to bed late is because after the house settles down (i.e. after Mr. Das stops talking), my brain has time to think. If I take a nap earlier, then my creativity is just starting to kick in around 10 pm, and that stimulates me and some of my best work gets done in the wee hours.

    Now, I have no idea what my IQ is – it’s probably not that high. But I am a creative person, and many people who do have high IQs are creative, and so if I – with whatever IQ I have – am more creative at night when distractions are at a minimum, then I suspect that is true of those with high IQs, as well.

    Not sure about you, Joe. Except – I suppose that is an ‘average’ bedtime, meaning that some brilliant people turn in at 10 pm, and some turn in at 3 am, and so it ends up that brilliant people turn in at 12:29 am, on average.

    Of course, as I am getting older, if I don’t take that nap, I find myself turning in earlier and earlier anymore. In fact, last night I myself went to bed around 10-10:30 pm last night. Might be an early sign of Alzheimers. 😛

    Speaking of bed…I guess Fondy has her own, because – while you’re lamenting over where you are going to sleep – you gave no consideration to where your dear wife was going to sleep. 😉 If it’s any consolation, I sometimes sleep in our ‘ship room’, on this kiddie captain’s bed that we use as a sort of lounge/daybed sort of thing. The cats tend to migrate to me, and Mr. Das pouts because he’s in the big bed, all alone. I sleep in that room when I’m sick (which was the better part of this year), or when I can’t sleep and need the tv on (Mr. Das can’t sleep with the tv on), but – again – as I’ve gotten older, I find that not only am I turning in earlier, but that I am sleeping better, and back in the big bed, stealing the covers from Mr. Das. 😀

    Here’s the captain’s bed – with Cowboy (*sniffle*) and China. And yes – those ARE shackles hanging on the end of the bed there… *wriggles eyebrows* 😉


    No wonder I have dust allergies, eh? 😛


  4. This question pop out to my mind when I was watching the episode life and it left me wondering about it ever since. What will happen when a Goauld or a Tokra use the ancient communication stone? Will only one of the consciousness (the host or the symbiotic) that being transfer to the other end or both of the consciousness?

  5. Welcome.
    Please enjoy staying in Tokyo!

    But I think you are sleeping now. It’s 22:55.
    Have a nice dream. (oyasuminasai)

  6. I would have gone with the Popular Mechanics. My on-flight reading matter was book called (if I remember it correctly); “Air-crashes – why do they happen?”

    It had a graphic picture of a crumpled haireyplayne on the front cover and for some reason no one seemed to like me much. 😆

    Do you know you have more chance of being struck by a meteorite that dying in an air-crash?

  7. Dog Pictures: Too Cute!!! We have three cats, so when my hubby is not home I turn his electric blanket up on high. They all migrate to his side. By the time he gets home, they are trained 😉 .

    I pray that you have an iron stomach!


  8. Hey you’re almost in my time zone!! One hour ahead I think 🙂

    Just been noticing that SGU is advertised as coming onto Channel 10 here in Aussieland. That’s a good thing!

    It used to be on laaaaaaaaaaate on channel 7, who’ve had financial problems, so it’s good to see it will be showing on channel 10.

    I like the scenes it shows. Rush looking into the camera with the gate in the background and Scott pashing Chloe with passionate intensity.

    Lmao at your dogs. That my friend, IS a doggy bed. ahahaha

  9. Awesome picture. 😀 I didn’t know you had FIVE dogs! Or maybe I did and just forgot, who knows, there are a gazillion posts in your blog, I lost track. :p Anyway, safe travels!

    Sean D.

  10. lol Joe, loved the cute pic of your babies on the bed. I bet you ended up on the floor though, LOL

    Love your blogs, can’t wait for Friday night’s episode. I’ve been a fan from the start and didn’t see all the other things other were complaining about. I knew this show was going to be different from the other two, and watched it with that in mine. Keep up the good work.


  11. @Joe – How did you know I would be checking the blog this morning in lieu of the news websites that I frequent? Your spidey-sense is INCREDIBLE!!! (*beaming*)

    All 5 puppies in a picture together!!! They are sooooo adorable!!! I think it’s Jelly that’s the only one looking at the camera; she’s so cute. The only one missing is you, but judging from your caption, it’s not due to a lack of trying. Thanks for the picture. Have a great vacation!!!

    @Tammy – I haven’t been paying much attention to the comments section lately, so I’m not sure if you’ve given any updates on your niece. If you’re reading this, please know that I am still praying for her. Best wishes and happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Peace & Love,


  12. Cool. Never Been to Japan before.

    My goal is to visit all the continents in my lifetime.

    So far iv done:

    North America

    what’s left:

    South America(I actually might go there in January)
    Asia(that’s where my jealously of you kicks in 😉 )

    No clue how I’m gonna make it to antartica, but I’ll try. Lol

    Anyways enough about me.;) 🙁 How you doing? Excited? Intimidated? Scared? Happy? Sad? Lonely?

    Fill us in!!!

    I call for double entries a day please!!! Whose with me???

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  13. Hi Mr M!

    Belated Bon Voyage to you!

    Have a great time. Can’t wait to see the pics of the Hermes Macaroons! Really wish I could taste them.

    Enjoy the break,


  14. Ah, you’re a target of my envy Mr. Producer. Well, have fun looking forward to your pictures.

  15. your dogs are so cute… s2

    as always, I came here to fight against what you folks are doing with MY loved stargate franchise, i came with a ori staff weapon on one hand and a goa’uld hand device on the another one, complete overtaken by rage.. but i really fell… so… calm after see so levelly puppies.. i even lost my words…
    perhaps next time i, and who agree with me, the real fans, will be able to “carry our warriors out amongst the stars, and we will spread sg-oldschool style to all the unbelievers” lol, i love the ori…

  16. Some dissapointment on your not having more adventures on the flight, but that’s overridden by satisfaction you arrived in condition to keep posting. The doggie pic is a classic. Good to know how much they will miss you. Enjoy your meals, the company you will be keeping, and just perhaps you can give us a report on the fancy bathtubs?(That’s the request of my Winnipeg friend who also enjoyed dining at Fuel during my visit to your fine city) Thanks for maintaining your perfect posting record, and whatever else, have fun.

  17. Coucou,

    comment allez vous?
    Moi pas bien, je fait des crises d’engoises qui n’en finissent plus depuis ce matin . J’ai été au docteur et ma tension à montée en fléche, je suis souvent à la limite de la crise d’Asthme, je ne sais plus quoi faire =(… j’espere que demain ça ira mieux.

    Gros bisou, profitez bien de Tokyo.

    Ps: Merci pour cette photo où on voit tout vos chiens ensenbles 🙂

  18. Hi Joe,

    Belated and shortened comments regarding Earth, Time, and Life.

    I really enjoyed these episodes.

    Finding out more about Eli and his mom was interesting. Loved the cookie making.

    I think being on Destiny is the best thing for Chloe’s liver. She’s going through some heavy emotional times and at her young age, she’s drinking too much at a time.

    Don’t know if I can get used to hearing pop music on Stargate. I kept expecting to see Clark, Lois, or Chloe Sullivan at the club.

    OK, I guess if you’re going to play Flogging Molly in a very appropriate way, then I can get used to pop music on SG. 🙂

    I love Camille and Sharon’s relationship – so sweet! (Nice to see Reiko too!)

    Did Telford lie when he told Emily Young was still with TJ or was he remembering the dream Young had (since we learned memories can pass between host and visiting mind) or is Young still with TJ? If this were SG-1 or SGA, I’d know, but there many hidden corners of these people’s minds and lives we don’t know yet. Oooooh! 🙂

    All in all, Telford shouldn’t have gotten interfered with Everett and Emily’s relationship and Everett shouldn’t have pretended to be Volker so he could punch out Telford. But, stupid shit like this happens, so I’ll just enjoy Telford getting a good beating.

    The flying squid monsters were very surprising and scary for me. Glad my hub was home – but I still needed a couple of pillows for protection! Time really had a lot of “HOLY CRAP!” moments for me. I love how it ended. Thanks for giving us fans some credit for figuring out if the show was back the next week, then “our” timeline must’ve figured out how to capture a squid and use it to cure the people.

    The talks Park, Volker, and Franklin had with TJ were interesting. They seemed like fresh, honest answers (despite Park denying her extracurricular activities). If Young had talked to TJ, he probably wouldn’t have punched out Telford.

    IMHO, Park is not a “whore” for having sex with a few willing partners. I mean, have you seen Greer?! Damn!

    (Add “whore” and “whoring” to the list of words I never want to hear in reference to Stargate!)

    I was surprised and disappointed in Rush lying completely about the Icarus-like planet. I thought the planet might exist, but had flying monkeys on it or something. He refusal to use the chair, but wanting someone else to risk their lives kinda torqued me off (with the character, not the show!).

    I would’ve thought the chair would be an early Barcalounger of Death, not a face-grabbing Ancient memory thingy.

    Josh Blacker is kicking it hard as Spencer. Not sure what kinda meds he’s on (anti-psychotics, blood pressure, allergies?), but he’s one loose cannon! Nice to see Young willing to put Spencer in his place as needed.

    Comments about Lt. Scott have to come later. Big turn of events for him.

    I am not generalizing the following comments to all of the people who don’t like SGU or elements of SGU. This is just an observation I’ve made over the past several days’ comments.

    In some cases, when people come in and make a negative comment, they follow up with the reason they don’t like Character X or Event Y with an explanation. These explanations show that the viewer came into the show watching with a negative bias towards whatever character aspect, event, style, effect, etc. occurred.

    For instance, some people don’t like to see two gay people kiss. They aren’t going to like seeing Camille and Sharon kiss no matter what. Also, people who exclusively like big bang shoot’em ups aren’t going to like character-driven drama. People who like more “bright line” heros aren’t going to be as drawn to SGU’s flawed characters. Anyone who only watched SG-1 or SGA for a particular character won’t like SGU if that character isn’t on it.

    In these particular cases, where the fan has a negative predisposition or bias towards the current character lineup or show style/writing/directing/effects/etc. there isn’t a damn thing Joe or anyone in the production can say to make it “right” to the fan.

    Dang, and these were my shortened comments!

    Safe travels, Joe-san!


  19. I sympathize with your lack of bedspace. I’d have thought no one’s lived until they’ve had to share a bed with a 90 pound boxer, but sharing a bed with three pugs and two French bulldogs might be close enough.

  20. Hey Joe,
    I was wondering if you had thought about renaming SGU to SG: Communication Stones. Or maybe just drop the SG and just call it “Comm Stones”.

    As long as such a lame plot device exists, I hope that in the future your show explores some of the moral and ethical implications of such a device that have been ignored so far. For example having sex in someone else’s body, or drinking to oblivion in someone else’s body and leaving the unfortunate soldier with a bad hangover and possibly herpes in the morning. I wonder what SGC has to say about such occurences. I also wonder what kind of straining psychological effects would occur to some of Destiny’s crew’s loved ones back on Earth when they spend time with someone in another person’s body. How much of a person is just their consciousness and how important is the body and how that consciousness comes out of it? I think “Earth drama” centered around these issues would be very interesting. I think it’s unfortunate that “relationship character development” on this show just involves cut to a sex scene. Ming-Na’s lesbian sex scene just seemed mostly contrived and fan service when it could have been more interesting if they’d explored the body swap and interpersonal disconnect issues. Notice I’m not saying sex scenes are icky or taboo. The ones with the female scientist who seems to be handling her stress by developing a sex addiction are interesting and move the story forward. Long KINO cam breast shots are really not.

    Also, all the emphasis on the comm stones really takes away from any remaining sense of desolation on the Destiny or being trapped billions of light years from home. It’s nice for you to find such an easy way to bring in Stargate guest stars or spend less money on CGI, but it also just leaves the audience wondering why Zelenka and Lee, let alone McKay and Carter haven’t spent time on the Destiny getting her in shape.

  21. The books from Fandemonium that are set immediately after the end of Season 5 (while Atlantis is sitting off San Francisco) have been announced:

    I really wish you had been the one to write these novels, as then we could have seen what was planned for SGA.

  22. Hi Joe, glad you’ve made it safely 🙂 Loved the photo, by the way, it reminds me of my house. Can’t wait to see the pics, etc. Flannery just heard thunder, must go before she freaks out. Later!

  23. That’s right. In Tokyo, it’s tomorrow already. I’ve got a big day ahead of me tomorrow –

    By which you mean today? Or, if it’s today here in No. America, did you have the big day…yesterday?

    This is why time-travel episodes annoy me.

  24. OK,so we know what the bed will look like while you are away, keeping it toasty warm for you for sure. Those little rascals, thanks for sharing.
    I think I will keep my bedtime time a secret, but it varies so maybe my IQ does also,hmmm, never the norm.
    Glad you landed safely, let the fun begin!! (and continue) Drink some red bull or have some expresso, must stay awake for all the fun.

  25. Watching the airlines now-a-days, they will probably charge a person $10 or someting to get up and walk around… just wait, the bathroom is next, if they haven’t already charging for that already!!

  26. Oh, I hate waiting at the airport. Last business trip to Singapore had me leaving at 12am so I found a nice hard wall, sat against it and read my heart out for 3 hours. It’s the only real way to pass time without getting agitated for me.

    You’re getting closer to being in our time zone. Yes, welcome to the future.

    Lordshake – If you go back over SGU related mailbags you’ll notice that Joe has stated, on numerous occasions, that SGA and SG1 are gone as a series and SGU is not another incarnation of either of its predecessors.

    Joe – Each week I get a single line email from the Brother of a friend who stays well away from online fandom (smart guy) and has started watching SGU after we went to the Sci Fi convention in October and he got to understand the franchise more. I’m enjoying these emails because he’s not overcomplicating the show, comparing to his vast years of SG watching (which he obviously doesn’t have) or over analysing. He’s just watching SGU as a new series that’s come on TV. For example:
    “Stargate universe 108 Time: Best one yet!”
    “SGU 109. Not bad. I think I’m enjoying them.”

    Shadow Step – I placed a link to one of the articles about Amazon deleting books from the Kindle a couple of days ago.

    Tammy Dixon – In the event of my death, my assets will be equally divided between my Husband, my dogs and the Reader.

    I might be a bit arse backwards because I LIKE the fact that my digital reader isn’t connected directly to the web, but my work hours is all about writing software and being online so I love being disconnected from that when I’m reading. Feels like time out.

    PG15 – It’s a very small and select audience who will have a cackle at a space time joke 🙂

    thornyrose – I noticed you’ve read The Misenchanted Sword. How many pages is the book in hard copy? It’s only 45 pages in e format!

  27. George W. Bush used to (probably still does) go to bed even earlier than that, causing a diplomatic incident more than once as he demanded to get to bed on time or got cranky when he didn’t.

    I’ll let you make of that what you may. 😉

  28. Major D. Davis – If you’re going to South America you might want to try and include a trip to Antarctica from there. Australia and South America are both good places to leave from, but seeing as you’ve already toured this continent South America might be a good option.

  29. Argh. Just noticed my typo. yasumi.

    See random spaces,
    Mourn lack of edit function,
    I cringe at errors.

    I know my IQ from age 12, rather high, probably higher now because I test extremely well and would improve my score. But I’m a morning person from a life in the Navy… born and raised Navy, joined the Navy, married Navy. Zero-dark thirty is best for me.

  30. Hey Joe!

    Just watched “Life” – SGU really is going from strength to strength; another beautifully crafted episode. I can’t express how happy that final scene made me as well: Telford bloody well deserved it!!

    One thing that I did notice though: in the opening recap, you constantly repeat Scott’s assertion that “We have no idea where we are in relation to Earth.” I just realised today though: that’s completely wrong. In Air, they found a map of Destiny’s course… surely they know *exactly* where they are in relation to Earth?

    Obviously, I get that you’re just setting the scene and what-not: it just struck me as amusingly “wrong”. 😉

  31. @Bailey. We will still get to see what Joe has planned for SGA when the movie is eventually made. The author who’s blog you linked to has made it quite clear that if/when the movie is made and released it will supercede anything written in the books.

    The books will bring new stories to keep us entertained until the funding for the movie is found, if the movie isn’t made then we still have new stories. Win win situation in my opinion.

  32. My hubby read your post about “The Evolution of Night Owls”. He qualifies for Mensa and he goes to bed about 10:00 p.m. or so. He said thanks for the laughs!

    Narelle: I was thinking laptop for Christmas but darn it, you’ve got me thinking Reader!


  33. Glad you had a safe trip. I love Psychology Today, Going Bonkers is another good one. According to that study, I’m must be a comatose moron. I crap out at 9:30 some nights. Did the article account for those that do turn in early wake up @ 3:30 am work 8 1/2 hours, run a household, take care of pets, i.e. medication 3 times a day, work out, cook for the mother in law, pick up laundry, and try and find time to be creative???? Now I’m no genius, but… I currently hold a 4.0 in school; which will add to my work load during the winter term. Crap, when will I do homework??? How did I do it before???

  34. Are you sure that the picture here is at home and not in Tokyo? I thought maybe the pooches stole some communication stones and traded bodies with some unsuspecting Tokyo residents so they could travel and dine with you. At least this would give you some familiar company on your travels. Looking forward to the first reportage of your culinary adventure.

  35. Oh and Thanks J, my niece is gaining weight and will be out of the hospital by Christmas (if all goes well).


  36. I think I’m addicted to this blog… I was away from my computer for 5 days and I began experiencing withdrawal symptoms!

    Can’t wait to hear more about Tokyo!

    My take on the previous 2 episodes of SGU to come…when I next get to a computer.

  37. So what does that mean for people who think they’re making it to bed early if they get to sleep by 3 a.m. and often stay up until at least 5? I must be one of those super-geniuses who’s this close to spontaneously developing telepathy. Or unemployed. Although the two are not mutually exclusive.

  38. Joe,

    “Life” was the proverbial straw for me.

    I just bought the complete Farscape DVD series. I have only seen a few episodes in syndication, but I knew I wanted to see more. DVDs were hard to come by, but the 10th Anniversary edition fits the bill just fine.

    This will be my 9:00 Friday night viewing for the foreseeable future.

    Maybe puppets would help SGU.

  39. I’m happy to hear nothing of lost luggage, and I don’t think I’m alone by looking forward to some good Weird Food Purchases of the Day.

  40. @Naurelle from Aus. I have the paperback copy of Misenchanted Sword. I believe it comes in at about 300 pages, but that’s a relatively large font. I polished it off in less than four hours. It’s actually a very low key, easy to read novel.

  41. I have a crisp, new copy of Diving Into the Wreck from the library – so much nicer than the worn-out, booger-speckled books I usually get.

  42. So the fact that I regularly go to bed between the hours of 2 and 3 am should mean that I am a super genius capable of moving objects with the sheer force of my brain waves then?

  43. @Narelle from Aus:

    so we just have to let it go and forgot about the franchise? why sgu have stargate on the name, to mislead the fans, its not sci fi, its not stargate, doesn’t have aliens, focus to much on things that we kind of people don’t give a damn about (drama), it doesn’t deserves the name… how its gonna be, we will be without a series to fair replace sg-1 and atlantis?

    ps: please delete the previously two posts with the error and the fix

  44. Das writes:

    Huh. I usually hit the sack around 1 am.


    Ha! I go to bed at 3am. I am Geniuser! Geniuser than thou!


    Speaking of geniuses, I’ve recently discovered a pair of YouTube videos featuring Carl Sagen, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Richard Feynman; basically, their voices are audiotuned and the profound things that they’ve said have been turned into lyrics to profound songs.

    Here, take a look:

    A Glorious Dawn
    We Are All Connected

    So next time you cook, Joe, don’t forget: if you wish to make an Apple Pie from scatch, you must first invent the Universe! 😀

    Also, I’ve love to see a Galaxyrise in SGU. 😉

    Have fun on your trip!! Can’t wait to see those pics and vids!!

  45. Very happy to see you’ve made it to Japan safely. Cannot wait for the pics and vids!

  46. Re coucu!

    Ah, je vois qu’avec le déqualage horraire il n’y a pas encore d’article, j’espere que d’ici ce soir et mon retour chez moi il y en aura un 🙂

    Bah moi, ça va moyen mais un peu mieux qu’hier, j’ai trouvé une technique pour me calmer soit je pense à vous, soit à stargate ou à mon cheri:)

    Bonne journée!

  47. So those all-nighters where myself and a friend of mine stay up all night followed by a 5am run for breakfast at McDonald’s are actually just a clear sign that we have IQs above 200?

    I like the idea of that…

  48. im so jealous joe i really want to goto Japan.

    i hope you post up some pictures, and good restaurants to eat at 🙂

  49. How was din-din tonight?? I’m figuring it’s about 10 pm where you are…you should be in bed by now! 😀


  50. @ Lordshake

    It’s called Stargate: SGU because Rob and Brad says it does. They get to say, not “you kind of people.”

    If you’re a fan of the band Dessicated Avocados and they put out an album you don’t like, do “you kind of people” get to say the bandmembers can’t call their band Dessicated Avocados anymore?

    Perhaps if you really, really, really, really, really don’t like SGU then you should consider letting it go and forgetting about the franchise. Maybe go watch old SG-1 or SGA DVDs? Nothing wrong with that! 🙂 Or if you choose to stick around, know that you probably won’t like what you see. Sounds like a dreadful waste of your time.


  51. @Narelle

    Well we might visit friends in South America in January but I doubt I will be able to convince my parents to do antartica. Though hopefully I will be able to make it to down under again this year(last time I was there was when I was 6 and I really really want to see tge great barrier reef before it gets trashed). But hopefully I’ll the world won’t end in 2012 so I will be able to become an adult and have tine to visit Asia and antartica. :p

  52. @ pg15 – But, but, but…

    What if going to bed later than 12:29 am denotes a reduction in intellect? For instance…what if after one’s IQ drops 5 points with each increasing increment of the previous gap, plus ten minutes:

    12:29 am – IQ of 125 or greater
    12:10 am – IQ of 90-110
    11:41 pm – IQ below 75
    11:00 pm – IQ below 65
    10:10 pm – below 60
    9:10 pm – below 55
    8:00 pm – below 50
    6:40 pm – below 45
    5:10 pm – below 40
    3:30 pm – below 35
    1:40 pm – below 30
    11:40 am – below 25
    9:30 am – below 20
    7:10 am – below 15
    4:40 am – below 10
    2:00 am – below 5
    Transition time between idiot and genius would therefore be around…oh, lets say…1:30 am, a whole half hour after I’ve turned in for the night! 😀


  53. @pg15, wow, thank you for the links, that was kinda cool.
    Joe, hope you are enjoying yourself. eating and trying to cram all your activities into the time alloted, you need a time machine to go back and do it all again. ENJOY!!

  54. The important thing is not the hour you go to sleep. The real deal is to go to sleep every night a little less dumb than the night before.

  55. Loved the puppy photo!

    I am behind on your posts, but plan to get caught up today or tomorrow.


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