The mystery of the missing outline deepens.

FACT: I had it with me when I left the restaurant Friday night.

FACT: I remember tossing it onto the passenger side seat along with the half-dozen comic books I picked up on the way to the restaurant and the leftover grilled cornish game hen I was to later share with the dogs.

FACT: A thorough search of the car last night turned up no trace of the outline (but did unearth several misplaced CD’s, plenty of old parking stubs, and one desiccated avocado).

And, given the aforementioned facts, it is reasonable to assume that I did , in fact, bring the outline into the house with me Friday night, meaning it now resides somewhere within said house.

No, I didn’t take it somewhere else.

No, I didn’t inadvertently recycle it (I check the bin).

No, I didn’t accidentally throw it away (Yes, I rooted through the garbage.  Yes, I wore gloves.)

Which brings us to one of two possible scenarios…

1) Fondy “filed it away”: The fact that she makes a point of NOT filing my stuff away and leaving it to amass in a large pile until I do something about it would lead me to discount this theory.  Yes, there’s the possibility that she filed it away with her paperwork but this seems improbable given that the whole point of “filing something away” necessitates one identify and index the documents “to be filed”.

2) I put it away somewhere far from the prying eyes of would-be burglars, nosey visitors, and television writers eager to start work on their new script.  This one seems the more likely scenario but, despite a thorough search of the premises, I’ve come up empty.  I checked all the obvious places: the kitchen, my briefcase, the office, the work-out room, my bed room, the bathrooms.  Hell, I even checked the not so obvious places: under all the furniture, between the pages of my books, the pockets of my various jackets, even the laundry room in the unlikely event I’d swept it up and put it through the wash.  Next up, I start checking out the REALLY unobvious places: the various food pantries, the garden, my dogs’ stool.

This is going to haunt me my entire trip.

Oh, to those asking who is taking care of the critters while I’m off on vacation – Fondy and her visiting family will be holding the fort.  And, hopefully, looking for that damn outline!

Okay, next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Tokyo – and thoroughly exhausted.  I should make my hotel room around 8:00 p.m. local time (which should be, I believe, about 3:00 a.m. Vancouver time).

Make sure you’re up!

And before I go, I’d like to offer the latest in what will hopefully be a long and entertaining line of “slightly edited comments from obnoxious posters”.  This one, from notgoingtowatchanymore who writes:

“[…] the series […] is […] lavish […] with […] depth […] between characters.

Your plots are […] involving […] and […] viewers really […] love […] the ship […].

[…] SGU […]. […] I loved […] it […].

Answer: Thanks!  And we at SGU love you too.

See you in Tokyo!

62 thoughts on “November 23, 2009: Okay, NOW I’m gone!

  1. Nice Editing job, you show your profession quite well

    now, I suppose your outline was not in the food container with the hen or amongst the pile of comic books… well here’s hoping it gets found, sucks starting from scratch…

    Since you are going to be in Tokyo, do yourself a favor and try to get to the beach area, there are surfers there and they will show you a great time, then again, you probably have plans, but you know I don’t think they will be there its warm here in Houston, TX, but I have no idea what the climate is like over there this time of year. I am told its a party city, so have fun! Do some kareoke tracks for me!!

  2. hmmm 3 am Vancouver time = 5 am Central time. Yep, I’ll get up to read your adventure story – day 1. Cool.
    Bon Voyage

    ps. please check puter bag/case and book bag/case for the outline.
    Or…Max ate your homework when he did his thrrwwppp!
    well, that explains the pained expression on his face.

  3. Hooray! So glad their “mom” is staying with the dogs. Makes me feel better. Good luck on finding your papers.


  4. “Dessicated Avocado”, now there’s a great name for a band!

    Um, Alexander… Beach? Tokyo? Not so much… the bay is not known for waves. Pollution, yes. Too freaking cold anyway, although not as cold as January when the winter deep freeze sets in. Surfing in Zushi maybe, in wet suits, but they’re crazy over in Zushi.

  5. ROFL omg love the “slightly edited comments. Have a good trip and enjoy yourself

  6. Re: outline

    Did you interrogate the dogs? Or check the refrigerator? I once found my missing car keys next to the ice cube tray in the freezer.

    Have a wonderful and delicious trip!

  7. Well, when you get back to the office after your trip and your colleagues ask you why you didn’t make all the changes you noted on your copy, you could tell them that “one of my dogs ate my homework”.

    Have a good trip! 🙂

  8. Hey Joe,

    You mentioned throwing onto the seat with some comic books. Is it possible that it got put in a box or shelf somewhere with said comics?

    Just an idea.

    Hope you find it.

  9. Hey! With edited comments like that you could print them on the box set as fans “…rave…with…excitement!” 😀

    I hate when I lose things. This happens quite a lot. Did you do the whole retrace your steps? Hmm… I think there’s a patron saint of lost things, but I’m Protestant so I have no idea… Is there a way you could call each person and slyly get what their suggestions were?

    “Hey Carl, I was just contemplating your suggestion.”

    “The one on??”

    “No no, the other one, but I didn’t quite understand, could you elaborate on it some more?”

    It would have the added bonus of them thinking you really DO listen to them…

    but then they might also read this blog defeating the purpose.

    I got nothing.

  10. I know about the losing, um misplacing of items, I swear gremlins came in and moved it somewhere the heck I can’t find it. Like going to another room to get something and by the time you get there, forget what it was you went for in the first place, so retrace your steps,, good luck. It will turn up.
    Make sure you get some catnaps and refresh yourself while traveling, not sure which way your jet lag is for Tokyo. But you know, you have been there b4. Just enjoy yourself and bring back presents.

  11. Didya check under the pile of new comic books?

    Actually, I know exactly where it is…but I ain’t tellin’! 😀


  12. Hi Joe, when I took Elway to the neurologist, I had some lab results in my car to give to the guy. When I got inside, I discovered they weren’t anywhere to be found. I took the dog back outside (which was a long way due to construction of the new wing of the animal hospital) and looked everywhere. Nothing. I finally gave up and was about to call my vet’s office to have them fax another copy (which would have taken hours at my vet, their people had to take the Telus test, I believe) when I saw some papers blowing in the breeze about 1/2 block away. I must have looked like a total mental case chasing down said papers and doing a celebratory dance in the street with Elway. How does this stuff happen?

    Safe trip! I’ll be up when you arrive, always am at that time lately 🙂

  13. Given your previous attempts to forget the outline in various places, perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you that you need to rethink it? Just sayin’.

    I look forward to your editing. 😉

  14. Perhaps you accidentally packed the script in your suitcase. Good luck finding it and have a safe trip.

  15. @ Deni — The other day I saw a bunch of notebook paper scattered along the street for several blocks. As I reached the next traffic light I noticed a three-ring binder laying open on the car roof in front of me. Just as I was about to honk to get their attention the guy got out and retrieved the now mostly empty notebook. Since then I’ve made sure that all my belongings are INSIDE the vehicle before I leave school.

  16. Hey!

    Nice edited comment!

    Just wanted to say that i love SGU. At first i was a bit unsure, but now: Its great!

    Thank you for your work.

    SGU was a step in the right direction. Something new, fresh and instersting plot.

  17. Is there a “story” behind the song selection of “The Worst Day Since Yesterday” in Friday night’s ep? I loved the song and have now downloaded it at work where it has become my team’s “theme song”.

  18. Hey Joe

    You check your ‘packed’ items for the missing outline? Maybe they’re packed already…


  19. Nice work on the editing. 😀

    Oh, before you go, can I still ask you a question or two?

    Can one safely assume that people on Destiny use the showers to wash their clothes? Or have they found an awesome Anceints’ washing machine? I’ve heard of new (probably more expensive that regular) machines that use steam to wash, so not a big surprise that the Ancients already invented it.

    No, I’m not weird. Why do you ask?

    There was another question…. oh! Will the stones be used that heavily in the 2nd season as well?

    Thank you, and have a safe trip!

  20. hehehehe my plan worked I snuck up on you and took it from your front seat.. I’ll give it back if you send me some cool SG (any series) swag!! 😉

    Have a GREAT time in Toyko!

  21. G’day Joe

    I know where the outline is – in a safe place. Whenever I put something into a safe place it stays there, even months later when I have turned the house upside down, the damn thing stays “safe”.

    Have a great vacation.


  22. Ok, I could get to enjoy the edited comments section of your blog. Though for full impact there should be a way for us to see the unedited version. Have you annoyed Fondy recently? Perhaps she did in fact file the script away(check phone records for communications between her and Ashleigh) with the intent of letting you know on the day of your return flight that she sound it. Barring that, you didn’t carry the script into the comic shop, did you? Perhaps you left the moat bridge down and Carl snuck in to steal it? Again, check communications between him, any other suspects, and Ashleigh. I am torn between wanting you to have the relief of finding it, and the anticipation of how your coworkers will tease you once you return. You being you, will give us yet another entertaining post if the latter is the case. Safe, comfortable flight, and enjoy. On the plus side, you will actually be arriving at an hour that doesn’t require me to stay awake into the wee hours. Nice of the time zone differences to work in my favor for once.

  23. Have a safe flight and a wonderful time in Tokyo.

    Just wondering did you find those comics from the car? Or are they missing in action too?

  24. @maggiemayday -“Dessicated Avocado”, Blind Melon, it could work.

    Joe, did you look in the refrigerator? I have left stuff in there, i.e. my glasses. Or on top of your head where I have left my glasses as well. I took a trip to Orlando about 2 years ago, and knew I packed my Rx sunglasses and the little $6.00 cleaning cloth. When I went to unpack, I couldn’t find them anywhere. Looked in the dang suit case 3 times. Having given up, went to Lenscrafters, dropped $300.00 on new Rx sunglasses and a cleaning cloth,only to find them 3 months later in the suit case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to Toyko,be safe.

  25. So, Fondy’s family will be visiting while you’re away? That’s code, you know. It means they are going to have lots of fun while you’re out of the way (but you probably already knew that). I’m trying to figure out how to diplomatically tell my husband I don’t want him to come to my cousin’s house Thursday night. I mean, we love him and all, but beer pong is much more fun when he’s not there.

  26. Where’s Joe’s Outline…let’s start guessing!

    Folded up in a coat pocket.

    In the refrigerator.

    On TOP of the refrigerator.

    Between the sofa cushions.

    In the bathroom.

    In the bushes/garden.

    By the telephone, folded to a plain side, with telephone numbers, directions, and ‘to dos’ written all over it.

    In between the passenger door, and the passenger seat (famous hiding place in my car).

    In the laundry.

    You know that little table you throw everything down on when you come home? Look behind it.

    Well, that does it for now…


  27. Personally I hoping the outline mysteriously appears on the internet.

    I am eager to see what you got planned for the second season.

    Just a question if the outline does end up on-line will you still run with the idea an write an produce the episode or will you scrap it an come up with something else.

  28. And Joe – from experience, just because you already checked some of those places, doesn’t mean it won’t still show up there. My husband misplaces EVERYthing, and we’re always going on ‘easter egg hunts’ in the house, garage, car, and van…and other places. Once we finally found his glasses in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, and recently his keys on the windowsill of a restaurant, next to the table where we sat. He searched that area twice – with a waitress – and didn’t find them, it wasn’t until we got home that the restaurant called, telling us they were on the windowsill.

    I’ve checked the laundry several times for things, only to find them after the fact in the dryer. The kitchen always swallows up stuff, too – worse was when I lost a paper through a gap between the wall and countertop. All too often stuff turns up right where you looked ten times before, but didn’t see it – kinda like that last border piece of the jigsaw puzzle you’re hunting for, and end up finding right under your nose where it’s been sitting all along, plain as day.


  29. @Deni and @Kabra, Still in vegas, my friend is doing MUCH better and now out of the ICU, thank g-d!! Thanks for all the well wishes, It’s nice to see you 2 FINALLY talking to each other. You Never needed me in the middle to be the go between, you 2 are VERY capable of doing it all by yourselves!! Thanks, Joe for my 2 FRIENDS!! Have a great trip. Our meetup is still Dec. 5th in Orlando-PEOPLE IN FL.- Come and join us. TU TU TANGO on I dr. 12:00 noon!! @ARIELLE, MADDOG, TRISH WELL??? Ya comming?? Let us know!! Sheryl

  30. Follow up:
    Aaron writes: “Has any of the feedback from fans and other reviews been taken into account while you’ve been spinning season 2?”

    Answer: Which ones? The positive feedback from fans and reviewers who are enjoying the show or the negative feedback from fans and reviewers who find it wanting? We’re aware of both.

    In my vast voyages around the Internet, positive reviews have been slim pickings. Mediocre to Negative seems to be the norm. So Yeah, should I have high hopes that season 2 will have a mildly different direction and approach that what has been seen of Stargate Universe so far?

  31. Did you check the freezer? I found the TV remote in there once!

    Have a great trip.

  32. if you see your notes on ebay you will know that at least one of your pups is an entrepreneur.

  33. CRAP.

    The fact that since you couldn’t find the outline means that you might have to rewrite it which means the fate of ep 2 season 2 of my fav show could be changed 4ever!!!!!!!!

    Well in that case, I guess I’ll give you your outline back. But before I do I have to say it’s a **** tight outline. Nothing moves slow. Quite a few recurring characters have some great scenes. And That Eli moment has serious potential if written right. Dang man that scenes gonna be a killer. 😉

    I will give you your outline back on one condition. I get to go to a gourmet dinner with you(I’ll pay!!) and then I’ll pass over the script.

    Thanks so much,
    Major A. Hole

    Ok in all seriousness I hope you find it. Soooo psyched for pist that I have to wait two weeks for it. And then wait a couple months for space. Total poop. Oh and anyone miss me?mr. M? Pg15? Das? Anyone????

    Ok I just realized how much I kiss this blog. Expect posts from me daily. Enjoy Tokyo mr. M

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  34. @dp

    I present the with a JM regular commenter green.

    How bout that? Are you guys with me on that. We can come up with an official greening system like with gateworld. Whose with me? Anyone???

  35. and i just want to say that i hate sgu, its an step in the wrong direction… i love atlantis and sg-1, i dont want nothing fresh, i want more of the same old BEST SHOW EVER, which is sg-1 and sga…

  36. My oldest son lost his driver’s license permit. We looked everywhere. Finally, as we were changing his sheets, he saw the permit tucked between the bed frame and the mattress. It must have fallen out of his pocket. Then he proceeded to leave it in his pants pocket, getting it cleaned by the washer and dryer. Paper doesn’t do very well being cleaned that way.

    Have you checked between things like the sofa and wall, table and wall, etc.? That’s my trick of losing things.

  37. just one question, are you going to, or are you going not, fix sgu to the old school stargate style? or maybe bring atlantis back? please just answer it once for all…

  38. I don’t mean to add worry to the mix, but just because the script was in the car at one point and not in the car at a future point doesn’t mean it’s in your house. An alternative could be someone saw a large stack of papers, and hoping they were valuable, broke into your car. Another alternative is that it is/was outside of your house, accidentally left between two points. I don’t particularly think either of those is likely, but that doesn’t mean they’re not possible.

    Also, you should hire a maid. 😛

    Anyway, good luck on finding the script!

  39. On the outline… Did you (or Fondy) happen to send anything in the mail the past couple of days? Pay some bills? Send an old-school complaint letter to Telus?

    I ask because I have (only once, so far as I know) had the misfortune — or carelessness — to blithely fold up an important personal document with a business document and send it off in the mail. That’s the danger of making neat piles of documents — Far better to spread them out all over the house so they don’t get mixed up accidentally.

    – KB

  40. Can the Destiny interface with newer ancient technology like zero point modules and if it can i would love to see them with at least 1 zpm to help them out in a jam.

  41. Hey Joe,

    I love the edited comment. Could just imagine what all those blanks really were.

    On the airplane as I type? Wow, I hope you are sleeping. It all sounds so fun. Looking forward to your Japan reports.

    I guess it isn’t Thanksgiving week for you. But I am sure you will feel very thankful for all the wonderful meals you will be having. Please send pics. Pretty please.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

    PS You may just wake up suddenly in the night and you will remember what happened to the outline.

  42. Did you stick it in the bag with comic books or were they in a loose stack? And do you have some place for comic books to be filed, if you organize them so?

  43. I will be up at 3am waiting to hear from you that you arrived safely. actually i will be at work, but i digress

    hopefully we can get another cool video like the one of the toilet last year? crazy japanese….

  44. well Joe… I second Maureen’s thoughts… did you pack it in your suitcase?

    great editing on that one

  45. Well, I have no idea when you might see this comment (hey, who knows, maybe you’ll get Internet reception on the plane or something), so I’ll just make sure I cover all the basis.

    If you’re still in the Terminal:

    Hey Joe! Have a safe and fun trip!! Can’t wait to see the pics and vids! Stay away from the snake soup!

    If you’re on the plane:

    Hey Joe! How’s the reading going? Good? Good. Heh, that in-flight movie is somethin’ else isn’t it? I didn’t see [blank] but I heard it got [good/bad] reviews so, who knows? Maybe you’ll [like/hate] it.

    If you’re in Tokyo:

    Konnichiwa Joe! Glad you landed safely! Now, go get some sleep! We need you up bright and early to film and take pictures of the sights for our amusement!

    If you’re on the plane but the plane’s about to crash and you choose to log into the blog one last time to tell us that you love us and that you’ll see us in the afterlife:

    Nooooooo Joe! We’ll miss you! Also, I have a confession: I totally stole your outline. I was going to scan it and then post it on Gateworld, but now that you’re going to croak, I will hold off on the scanning and merely post the spoilers in my own words. Don’t worry, I’ll be discrete about Eli’s new obsession with Voodoo dolls and Chloe’s sex change.

    Well, I think that covers everything. Whatever the case, have fun, Joe!

    @ Narelle: Hehehe, that spacetime joke never fails to make me smile. 😀

  46. Joe, you should know that the moment you stop looking for the outline, you will find it. Happens to me all the time. I stop looking for whatever and *poof* there it is :).

    Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to Japan. Can’t wait to see the pics and any videos you might share with us this year. Last year will be hard to top (ie, the toilet and bathroom adventure!). And good luck to Fondy and family in dealing with pouty puppies. I know my own crew hates it when one of us leaves, and they become quite good at sticking out their lower lips and making sure everyone knows they are missing the one who left. Even if it was to grab something out of the car!

  47. does being in tokyo inspire your stargate writing? have you ever come up with a story or something exciting when your at tokyo? because im not buying the whole
    i get ideas when im driving bit”

  48. Maybe you could write a new SGU outline with a Japanese spin on it. Eli learns Kung Fu from Greer and rush find he has the song kung Fu fighting on his iPod. All the posibilites are endless.

    Well have a blast in Tokyo!!! Looking forward to hearing your stories!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  49. Hi Joe!

    I’ll have to read future blog posts, which are your former blog posts, (I’m behind you in time) to see if you found your outline. Sheesh, I must be taking this “time shifting” thing too seriously! LOL!

    Actually, I have to watch SGU via Hulu. Well, not “have to,” but choose to since I don’t want to buy it off of iTunes cuz I’m just going to buy the DVDs anyway. (Trying to save some money, eh?)

    @ Lordshake, is English your first language? I’m not be sarcastic, it’s an honest question. The reason I’m asking is because you seem to not understand plurality/pluralism/more than one thing.

    You said

    and i just want to say that i hate sgu, its an step in the wrong direction… i love atlantis and sg-1, i dont want nothing fresh, i want more of the same old BEST SHOW EVER, which is sg-1 and sga…

    SG-1 and SGA were two separate shows. I agree they are among the best showS ever.

    You also say

    just one question, are you going to, or are you going not, fix sgu to the old school stargate style? or maybe bring atlantis back? please just answer it once for all…

    You actually asked TWO questions (count the question marks). So instead of saying “answer it” you should have said “answer them.”

    🙂 eddy 🙂

  50. Sorry to hear about your missing outline. My digital camera has disappeared for over 6 months now. The battery casing was broke and I held it together with duct tape and likely needed another, but I would have liked to have been able to get ALL the pictures off the camera onto my computer before it disappeared into the abyss.

    Hopefully it will show up by the time you get home (fingers crossed). Have a superb trip.

  51. @AV eddy:
    no, it isn’t, thanks for the advices… however, i do understand the pluralism, i guess that those errors are something due to my way, since i also make the same errors on any language… like the way i put “…”, the way that i ignore the upper-case, and some another things that make someone recognize that its me on whatever language i’m using, but please, fell free to correct me anytime, its very useful for me, since i learned it by myself with movies, series, games, internet, and books…but there is always more to learn, i even recently learned some things like “for cry out loud” with jack o’neill, lol, btw if someone wants to talk with me on skype, same screen name, would be great.. because its my only lack, people for talk… not just for learning issues, but.. i’m a lonely boy o.o

    and yes, i watch sgu on hulu, and now watching sg-1 season 9 for the first time on hulu using vpn services.. and dont tell me its wrong, i pay 20 usd for it every month, my first language is portuguese, i’m from são paulo, and watch sg-1 every day on the reruns, 3 times the 2 episodes on sci fi channel (yes, it is still sci fi channel here), and atlantis sometimes on fx, i dont like fx, its too normal people channel, but i bought the dvds… and i started to watch stargate this year… only to find out that they are destroying it with sgu… =(
    i honestly don’t like to say that, because i’m afraid that my opinions wont be take seriously by joe, since i’m not from united states

  52. @ Lordshake Your English is very good for a non-first-language writer. 🙂 I watch SGU on Hulu, so I won’t tell you it’s wrong.

    I don’t think I’ve seen Joe take fans’ opinions less seriously because they aren’t from the US. SciFi and MGM might be more interested in US fans because of how their ratings and sales are made. That’s just a guess.

    Take care!


  53. @av eddy
    But if you are from US, hulu is already opened for from the beginning, i have to pay for a VPN service for be able to use 100% an american ip, and make hulu, and other sites US Only, work for me…

  54. Did you try looking in the comic books? …not mixed between, but inside each one?

    My hubby found some things that way.

    *runs and hides because I took them*


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