In less than 48 hours, I’ll be Tokyo-bound. But between now and then, I’ve got A LOT to do. Still, there’s always time for a blog update…

Yesterday, we gave and received notes on three outlines: Episode 1 (Paul’s story, which will shoot second), Episode 3 (my story, which will shoot fourth), and Episode 4 (Carl’s story, which will shoot first). Rob will probably send me his outline (episode 2, shooting third) while I’m in Japan, presuming I’ll have time to read it and email my thoughts between my visit to Ice Cream City for the unagi-vanilla and an afternoon coffee at one of those cafes where the waitresses dress up like maids. As for Brad’s outline – Outline? He don’t need no stinking outline!

Anyway, I made a point of carefully writing down everyone’s suggestions on the hard copy of my outline and, once our meeting was concluded, packed up and headed home. Well, packed up everything EXCEPT the hard copy of my outline with the notes. So, I phoned up Birthday Boy Lawren, had him track down the outline (I’d forgotten it in Ashleigh’s office), and instructed him to give it to Carl who I was meeting for dinner that night.

Yes, last night, Rob, Carl, and I got together for one final pre-Tokyo culinary blow-out. We went to Quattro, home of Carl’s favorite pasta dish in the world.  That’s right, Carl is a fan of fettucine tartufati,  USC, and our very own blog regular PG-15.  Anyway, despite the fact that I almost forgot the outline at the restaurant, it was a great evening all around, made even greater by the fact that Carl picked up the bill.

By the way, to all those wondering about SGU’s ratings – while the same day numbers have downticked somewhat, the DVR percentages continue to rise.  What does that mean?  Well, we’ve retained all of our audience from the premiere – which is pretty damn impressive.

The kindle is finally available in Canada.  If I’d known a few days earlier, I actually would have purchased one for my Tokyo trip.

To answer a few questions (something surprisingly difficult to do given that I’m writing this blog entry on dial-up and I’m apparently incapable of opening a second window)…

Shadow Step writes:  @Alex – Anyone with a sane mind would like this SGU show: “Not if they wanted science fiction.”

Answer: True.  They did the body-swapping/advanced race tech thing in last week’s Grey’s Anatomy as well.

Klemen writes: “…are we going to meet some sentient alien beings in season 1?”

Answer: Yes, but you’ll have to wait until after the mid-season hiatus.  But not long after the mid-season hiatus.

Alex writes: “Is it me or all the people who is posting here (except me of course) are dumbed down.”

Answer: Nope, it’s definitely not you.  In fact, I would say the exact opposite to be true.

Alex also writes: “syfy lack good scifi series, I have to stay with V and fringe as of now.”

Answer: Well, you’ll be missed.  Really.

Mondschaf writes: “He (Rush) would gain an imense knowledge of the ancients by using it, knowledge about Destiny and perhaps even ascension.”

Answer: Or die trying.  In his mind, he’s too valuable to risk.  And he has a point.

Aaron writes: “Has any of the feedback from fans and other reviews been taken into account while you’ve been spinning season 2?”

Answer: Which ones?  The positive feedback from fans and reviewers who are enjoying the show or the negative feedback from fans and reviewers who find it wanting?  We’re aware of both.

Belouchi writes: “I was wondering why the networks wont show the eppy Space before the mid season break?”

Answer: SyFy breaks up the season at its halfway mark.  As a result, they air the first ten episodes early, and the last ten episodes late.  Space is episode 11, so it belongs in the back ten.

Parks writes: “Then on the “Life” episode, producers decided to be all “cutting edge” ala 2006 with the lesbian kiss.”

Answer: I know, I know.  Being a lesbian is SOOO 2006.  Still, rumor has it there are a handful or so still kicking around, occasionally kissing their partners.  No official reported sightings, mind you, but still.  Also, your notion that the kiss is in any way controversial displays a mindset more attuned with 1986.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Angelus and Angelus’s dad.

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life is the worst episode you guys ever did… i’m sorry, but i’m so disgusted that i cant even think something more to say here… i neither have strength to show my rage anymore… this episode is the deep place of the franchise.. i just say… I BEG YOU, BRING ATLANTIS BACK…

Jeff O'Connor

Have fun in Tokyo. Japan is on my big five list of countries I simply must go, for all the amazing culture and historic value. And the crazy bits of modern culture, too.

The rest are Ireland, Scotland, England (hm…) and Canada. Ireland for the history and my heritage there, Scotland and England mainly for the captivating histories of their own, and Canada because I want to work there. And I guess it’s nice there, too. razz


I hope you have a wonderful time in Tokyo, and don’t get too stressed out getting ready to go. Packing is my least favorite thing to do.

I really liked “Life”, lots of nice twists. I’m really surprised that Young confronted Rush about the Icarus planet lie, and that Rush admitted it. I must admit, I didn’t have a clue that it wasn’t Volker at the end – until he decked Telford. Hahaha.

But, I do have a question about “Time”. I know, I always miss the mailbag…. I’ve only watched the episode once, but my working through it came up with this theory: So, they visit the planet, find the old kino and watch the video, coming up with some clues to help cure the sickness from the ice planet. A few of them go back to the jungle planet to get samples of the creature, but are unsuccessful and Scott records a second kino, sending it through the gate to Destiny. I figure that must have happened during another solar flare, being received before they go to the planet and find the first kino. This warns them about the sickness, so that the events from the first and second kino recordings never happen and the sickness is cured? Or, is it that the sickness never happens if they don’t go to the planet?

Oy, this is worse than Moebius. I still have a question about the ending of that one, but that’s another day. If you can help out here with an explanation, I’d appreciate it. I’ll watch Time again, too, that may help. Or not. Have seen Moebius multiple times wink

Oh, and how long will you be in Tokyo? Christmas is coming…. and I am making candy….



Have a safe trip, and a wonderful culinary adventure.


You posted:
“Aaron writes: “Has any of the feedback from fans and other reviews been taken into account while you’ve been spinning season 2?”

Answer: Which ones? The positive feedback from fans and reviewers who are enjoying the show or the negative feedback from fans and reviewers who find it wanting? We’re aware of both.”

The most interesting way to answer this question is from the point of view that a stargate fan would have. After about 15 years that would mostly refer to the “traditional” stargate fan. Some time ago you guys made the following specials:

Stargate SG-1: Behind The Mythology Of Stargate
Stargate SG-1: The Lowdown
Stargate SG-1: True Science

All of them describe what made stargate so great. As a “traditional” stargate fan I can’t recognize any of this in SGU. So the real question is: Will you take any input into account, that will lead to a point where SGU will become what stargate once was (science, exploration, discovery…)?

No matter what any angry stargate fan will write there is one thing I would like to point out. As much as I personally may dislike the current pace of the show, the actors perform great. It seams the entire world needed to be reminded that there is a difference between a character on screen and the real life person. This is a testimony to their performance. In that sense I would like to pass on my congratulations on a job well done under extraordinary circumstances.

I soooo wish that I could like this show… But we are almost mid season and my hope is have gone.

Anyway, have fun in Tokyo. Nihon wa honto ni sugoi desu!


I will have to say I was not a big fan of the show at first but now after watching the episodes back to back (in a silent environment) I am now hooked, I guess the sex deprived people may find the “sex” scenes shocking; but we all know in real life it isnt like that. smile I now find myself liking Lt Scott and I have been a Ming Na fan since ER days. Reiko Aylesworth I hope we see more of her. She went to highschool in my hometown. I am now officially addicted and a fan. I believe this show retains the original quirkiness but filmed in a different perspective and I love it! I have no doubt this series will go on for years to come.

Have fun in Tokyo – I dont comment much because the haters out there seem to have nothing better to do but bash each other.


Awww…Carl’s not a fan of me. sad (I wonder why… razz )

Have a good evening, sir – it’s been a big day for me, and just got back from dinner and an Emile Pandolfi concert – He plays beautifully, but my favorite piece he does is Malagueña – just amazing how he makes the piano sound like a Flamenco guitar.

So…I’m pooped. Hope the next couple of days go smoothly for you, and you get off on your trip without a hitch.



Sorry to ask a fanboy question, but this seems to be the place to do it.

Is Rush more or less of an authority on Ancient than characters from earlier series? I haven’t watched them, so I don’t have an opinion. SGU seems to be implying that no one in the universe has a better chance of keeping Destiny flying than he does, is that an accurate impression?


Enjoy your trip and we know you will wow us some more for season 2 (yes I have absolute faith you will be back).

Let us know how the trip goes and when you get your tech issues settled we all want more pics.


Happy Birthday Lawren!!!

So I’ve purposely been avoiding forums and comment areas in regard to SGU. I’m one of those crazy people that want to form their own ideas about stuff. Saying that in reference to Life, Bravo.

I was very anxious as to how the lesbian subject would be shown. Most of the time when you see such a thing on a show it’s “hey look at the lesbians”, which I find very offensive. In the Life however I saw two people, who happened to both be women, in love. Ming-Na did a wonderful job.

And Telford is quickly become my favorite person to love to hate.


Hey Joe,

Why is there a two week gap before “Justice”?

In my experience, people have a short attention span when it comes to things like this. A sort of “Oh, is SGU back on? I missed it. Did you see V though?”…that kind of thing. It’s hard to explain but it’s happened, especially if the show on hiatus is not properly marketed/advertised by the network.

Do you worry about a ratings drop-off at the second half of the season? I would.




Hi Joe, have a wonderful and safe trip, looking forward to hearing of your culinary adventures!


Have a great trip. We expect updates as you go along eating your way through Tokyo. Any duplicate restaurants from the last trip?

I’m glad they’re counting the DVR ratings. It’s so difficult to watch the show live. I do have to say I’m glad you’re not taking the SG-1 route. I love it that it’s a different show, different take on the universe. You’ll get season two, with flying colors.


You wrote:”Is Rush more or less of an authority on Ancient than characters from earlier series? I haven’t watched them, so I don’t have an opinion. SGU seems to be implying that no one in the universe has a better chance of keeping Destiny flying than he does, is that an accurate impression?”

If I may try to answer this. Daniel Jackson (SG-1) ascended himself witch pretty much makes him the foremost authority over all. Dr. Weir (SGA) studied them extensively on atlantis. I would say all of the atlantis crew is more qualified since their purpose was to study the Ancients and they were on an ancient base. Sheppard (SGA) lived with Ancients for a while and once (or twice smile ) had a fling with an ascended girl. That makes Rush less of an authority. Having said that, we did not see much of Rush’s past. So it depends mostly on what will be shown in the future. When it comes to technology, Rodney McKay (mostly SGA but also SG-1) and Samantha Carter (mostly SG-1 but also SGA) are well known as the most qualified people in the universe. It’s just that Rush happens to be on board the Destiny. So, there is no better choice amonst the SGU crew. I guess that is why he wants so desperately to be there. It is his chance to learn as much as either Rodney or Sam, which would put him in a positon with more power.


Hey Joe,

It is so fun to read about the new episodes. I like knowing which writer is doing which. Great team. My favorite is CARL and you of course.

Japan…all that wonderful food. I hope your phone (or camera) is ready to snap tons of show-n-tell pictures…menus too please.

This is so fun…getting excited for you.

Best to you Joe,
Cheryl smile


@Lordshake. So what is so bad about the latest episode? If you’re going to say it’s bad, it would be useful to explain why you feel that way. And however much I wish it would happen, unless Bill Gates leaves myself or another Atlantis fan his entire fortune so we can buy out MGM, I don’t see Atlantis returning as anything but a series of movies.
Thanks for taking the time to suffer through dial-up connections to post, and for even managing a mail bag. Hope you have a fanatastic and enjoyable trip, though a small, evil side of me would enjoy you having some (minor) frustrations and trials just so that you can report them to us in your own inestimable way. (pauses for long breath).
As a point of order, the whole lesbian controversy is more 1990s than 1980s. Both Babylon 5 and Deep Space Nine had episodes in which regular characters had lesbian relationships, including a controversial kiss. I am finding the handling of Wray’s sexuality is being handled very well in Universe. But I don’t watch sci fi shows or Stargate for the sexual escapades of the characters. (Ok, if you were to do a Sheppard/Teyla set of shows, I’d be glued) But sex is a part of human nature, and I can live with it as part of the overall show. Though for the sake of those who have smaller children advance warnings might be nice for the more explicit scenes.
Anyways, again, thanks for managing to post and a safe trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.


could you answer my question please? Joe, will be in first season any alien !civilization!?


Joe, could you please ask Carl if he’d be interested in starting up a Vancouver chapter of the USC Alumni Association with me? (I was CNTV Class of ’94.) USC currently bundles the “The Northwest” together under the Seattle chapter, and those deadbeats in Seattle never seem to do anything. They don’t even have a decent website. There have to be more Trojans in Vancouver than just Carl and me.

Shawna Buchanan
Shawna Buchanan

Okay, I’m gonna be brief with my opinion of this latest SGU ep. To me, it was super, super boring. Just really, incredibly dull. Sorry, but that’s my take. I’ll watch the rest of the season, but if it becomes more like this week’s ep than like the one with the killer alien bugs and alternate timelines, I’m afraid you’ll lose me.

otros ojos
otros ojos

Hey Joe, hope you have a great trip. Would especially love to see pics of culinary delicacies that are trying to avoid your chopsticks. But I realize that may not be possible: c) you have to carefully manipulate cam & sticks at same time; b) you have to avoid sending said delicacy into hiding; and, of course, a) the event actually has to happen. (For me, AU was definitely involved; and yes, that was some years ago.)

Please be careful where you aim your camera when you’re at the ice-cream place where the waitresses dress as maids. (Don’t know if the costumes are demure or fanservice-y, and don’t really want to speculate. . . . It’s not like you’ll be doing kino, or anything. — Or — well, never mind.)

I enjoyed Life very much. I continue to be impressed with how so very many things are done so very well. Doubtless, there’s much of which I remain unaware that adds to my total happiness with this show. Usually, only really good big-screen productions motivate me so much to want to know everything that goes on during the creation of the whole. — Plain and simple, SGU is a great show.


Why get a Kindle. Surely you have enough space on your iPhone for a couple of hundred?
There must be a book app out there you can use, ask Gilder.
(Sorry, I’m a Windows Mobile Chick and Mobipocket won’t work for you)

Don’t forget Google Maps, and enjoy the trip!!


Joe i must have missed how they came to the conclusion that the chair was an Ancient Repository of Knowledge? I would have assumed it was an Ancient Control Chair….or am I thinking too far ahead?


i hope that on japan you may get inspired by the anime and tokusatsus series to put some good action/adventure elements on stargate universe (still thinking that you should step down and back with atlantis or do a new show on the roots), deal with the characters development without make the things dramatic and boring (ok you guys know how do that, you did everything fine on sg-1, dont know why to change and fail on sgu, but if you want new ways, try learn new ways with them, or use your old and good ways), i’m a fan from japanese culture and import a lot of things from japan, try take a look on how they use the music on the shows, how they show new things with that magic feel, try watch tv asahi at sunday morning… try visit toei company to get some inspiration… and give some inspiration to them also, they are very repeated, i even quit watching their shows for the last months (to watch stargate sg-1 and sga btw), would be nice a exchange of styles between two things i love, i even dreamed with nonsense crossovers between stargate atlantis and super sentai series LMAO…


i will save money to pay you folks for bring atlantis back just for me… how much it costs? xD lol i want at least more 5 seasons… all episodes like the season finale and premiere ones… and don’t listen who liked sgu, they are shol’va, they dont deserve anything… let them watch those boring dramas… (i HATE drama, i already told you that?)… btw, when stargate worlds will be released as final release? and where is the other races there? i want the wraith, (i will play as goa’uld anyway, i love them), and please make a stargate game for nintendo ds based on wars strategies with the maps of the galaxies, and the domains, try do it as paradox game styles, like eu3, but for ds, i’m starting to get bored of pokemon heart gold and soul silver, and i want an stargate game on my ds, so do what i said, i’m your god!