I’m online!  But no thanks to Telus.  My home internet is still inaccessible for the foreseeable future (Telus says the issue will be resolved by tomorrow morning but, hey, they say a lot of things – like, for instance, that the issue would be resolved by the the day before yesterday, or that the issue would be resolved by yesterday morning), so I’m blogging from work – instead of reading Paul and Carl’s outlines.  Oh, and you’ll be pleased to hear I did get around to finishing MY outline which is no doubt sitting, ignored, on Paul and Carl’s desks as well.   We’ll read them all tonight and then reconvene tomorrow to belittle each other’s ideas.  There’s also a rumor that we’ll be coming back into the office the week of December 14th to break more stories.  Of course this is just a rumor I read over on the Solutions forum so I’m not sure if it’s official.  Just in case though, I think I’ll show.

So, hey, I’ve decided to adopt a new approach to offensive comments. Understand that by offensive comments, I refer not to negative opinions but insulting, disrespectful, or generally inflammatory posts. Rather than delete them, I will approve them, but only after I’ve edited out the offensive portions. Here are two recent examples I dug out of the trash bin. As you can see, with a little tweak here and there, they can still get their message across without being obnoxious…

alex writes: “[…] actors […] energy.”

Answer: That they do, Alex! Not only energy, but exceptional talent and a terrific work ethic. We’re lucky to have ’em.

gigi writes: “[…] your ”talented” […], mallozzi. […] wonderful […] scripts.”

Answer: Shucks, thank you, gigi. It’s comments like yours that make it all worthwhile.

A minor doggy emergency the other night. While jumping off the couch to tell off the horse on t.v., Bubba did something to his left hind leg. It simply collapsed beneath him, suddenly incapable of supporting his weight. The poor little guy was so freaked out he crapped on the spot. I scooped him up and was on my way to late-night emergency when feeling magically returned to his injured limb. The vet checked him out and he seems to be fine now, although his stair-climbing ability seems to be compromised. And rather than barking at ’em, he’s taken to letting those t.v. horses off with a stern look instead.

Bubba - on the mend and staring down those t.v. horses.

68 thoughts on “November 19, 2009: Temporarily Back Online!

  1. Poor Bubba! Hope he’s back to giving those TV horses hell in no time. We have problems with lions (it’s the Ridgeback in Ralph), sheep (it’s the Kelpie in Jack), other dogs barking and close ups of cats. The odd flock of birds on a documentary has had Jack doing the head tilt thing trying to work out how he’s going to get inside the box and chase the birds. Thankfully he hasn’t tried.

    Hail to the late night vet! \o/ We wouldn’t have Ralph if it wasn’t for those guys.

    Do you see certain names in your moderation queue and let out a sigh of imminent foreboding? Aside from when you see mine and know the content will be some rambling, inane, poorly structured story about nothing in particular.

    Saw that Freakonomics is on your Presently Reading list. How are you finding it? Was looking at picking it up after Steve Levitt was on Jon Stewart.

  2. Your blog , you can do anything. Nothing wrong with that. For stargate fans , they have to tell their opinions. Some are very good with words , some do not. So basically the message is the key not grammar or abusive language. It is there to catch attention. But when you defend wrong thing people get agitated.

    I know you can’t fire actors. I don’t like eli character. I am not into FAT genius concept. Never work. Energy energy. read about it. May be chinese astrology helps. Fat person can get lucky sometimes , he can’t eb genius. Lucky guess on online game gets you into SGU is not a good concept.

    I loved original stargate movie. Never watched stargate SG1 until i happen to see by mistake one episode , then i thought it is not bad then watched whole 10 season in 2 weeks.

    Key was in SG-1 apart from excellant writing , actors played the role as though they “live” in it. No tech mumbo jumbo get in to the mythology.

    Keno is one horrible idea. David blue miscast. Chole should not be there.

    Bring on that Sanctuary girl Emilie Ullerup (remind me of nikki cox) to SGU and sideline Eli as much i think it is better.

    But again your show you do what you do best. I stopped watching after 3rd episode. I donot think there is no chance in hell this show can be good.

    TJ , Young, Rush are good. Rest are miscast. These 3 people lead and main story line on them…sub and small story line about other people.

    I do not think anyone planned to create bad show , it is just that you are oblivious to your own actors ability in the screen. Actors are not good and story line also make them idiots.

    If people want drama , they watch lost and other shows. That do lot better shows.

    Quality is the key. SGU lacks quality in every possible way. I stongly believe you need one Strong character for any show to lead , ADAMA for Battlestar galactica , i do not see anyone in that mould in SGU. All half baked character.

    People watch TV not miserable and see idiots yakking around.

    For me Stargate mythology and extend to far beyond galaxy and even stargate voyager style “formula” stories.

  3. ROFL love the new approach to the insulting etc. comments.

    And glad to hear Bubba is okay.

  4. Great idea about editing the idiot’s posts hahaha!!!

    Hope bubba is ok.. sure it’s not a case of dead leg and bubba wasnt just sleeping on it? – love the pic – hey BUG EYES!!!

  5. See now, I kind of want to post something inflammatory, just to see what it looks like when you’re done editing. 😀

  6. I’m glad things are gradually improving on the internet front, Joe. How are you adjusting to the new Mac laptop? I hope Bubba is feeling better today.

    @ Gilder: You can add me to the list of former headset wearers. My summer job during college was working for Northern Illinois Gas Co. as a telephone operator. When I started, I not only had a headset, but I also had one of those old-fashioned switchboards with the wires and plugs and all those little numbered holes! Talking to cranky people whose gas had been cut off for non-payment was lots of fun…

    And the guy who went out to shut off those delinquent accounts was named Guido. Really.

  7. Last Saturday I learned that it’s not a pretty sight when a window closes on a cat’s tail (a friend’s cat, lost about 3 inches) 🙁

    Time was excellent (I loved the bold sudden ending) and I’m looking forward to both Life and the inevitable fan drama that will result.

    Hmm, I should start categorizing fans according to http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FanDumb

  8. Excellent work with the insulting/offensive posts Joe, be good if there was an audible beep for effect.

    That look, on the puppy’s face, only seen once before, Puss in Boots on the Shrek flicks, well done Bubba, a sad look reaps unimaginable benefits from we hopeless dog-lovin’ humans

  9. My, this is my first visit to your weblog, very interesting. Bubba must be getting pretty old. If he is feeling better, that’s good! Although I think the crap sain on the floor will be a pleasant reminder of a funny moment in your lives. Well, good luck on all your work, I have followed the Stargate franchise since oh about season three of four, i not get religious (lol) about it till you were in season 8. I thank you for your dedication to what you do.

  10. Well since this one doesn’t have many comments and you’re more likely to see it =D I thought I’d post an SGU question here….

    With the exception of a select few, the Kinosodes showing up on the MGM website don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason to when they take place relative to the episodes. Will there at some point be an official timeline/chronology of the Kinosodes vs. the episodes? At the moment, those of us on fan sites like Gateworld are doing our best to guess at where they fit but it would be nice to have the definitive, official word on these things. Cheers in advance =)

    Best of luck with the Telus nonsense though. I can’t remember the last time I heard a GOOD thing about them. And I do hope you’ll start to let the negative comments roll off your back. There’s a lot of us out here in SG fandom who really love what you guys are doing with SGU =)

  11. Aww, poor Bubba. Hope he’s back to his usual self soon. My two Siamese are 12 ish and the older one needs a stool to jump up onto the window perch they love. It’s hard when they get older.

  12. BUBBA NO… the Horses were getting even with you don’t take that lying down!! LOL Feel better soon!

    LMFAO with the edited comments I’m trying to decifer exactly what was said that was REALLY bad with those words any hints?? how many words were deleted?

    Ah Telus… (yeah got nothing there!!)

  13. here’s hoping it was a one time anomoly for Bubba. With luck whatever residual problems he’s having will clear up.
    I’m with Gen. It would almost be worth posting something obnoxious just to watch your editing skills in action. Though I suspect your examples are designed to lull us into thinking you would be so clumsy for real. I have confidence in your ability to do the editing in a way to leave the poster screaming in rage, while the rest of us readers are oblivious to the manipulation.
    Best of luck with your server issues, and thanks for maintaining your unblemished record of daily posts despite the best efforts of Telus to derail you.

  14. Hugs to Bubba, poor baby! Molly did something similar a couple of weeks ago and was limping, but thanks to my daughter’s calm(er) head, I waited it out and she’s fine now. Nothing as dramatic as Bubba, mind you, but scary nevertheless seeing how she’s already had back surgery.
    Narelle is right, those emergency vets have gotten us out of more than one crappy situation with the dogs. In our area, the ER we go to is the only one around for the surrounding counties, so I really feel for people when they have to drive 40 miles or some such thing with a hurt or sick dog. I’m freaking out when I have to get there in a hurry and it takes longer than 10 minutes.

    Have a good night, everybody!

  15. Kind of freaky isn’t it. My cat in that last few weeks has had similar issues where if you startle it and it tenses up or turns in a certain way a hind leg will either cramp up or something and it screems like crazy hobbling around for a little bit and then it’s fine…

    Pretty scary when it happens.

  16. Poor Bubba. Extra pats, and, if not against the vet’s orders I recommend one children’s chewable aspirin daily for pain. Maybe a half of one, your guys are half the size of our huskies! Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode, finally caught up on my TV viewing (sort of) from the trip.
    Mom understands scifi even less than she does the laptop.

  17. ah, poor Bubba. Hope he’s back on all fours soon. My Pom still has doggy nightmares over a similar event and occasionally goes into PTSD “limp” mode…especially when she thinks she needs an extra cookie or two, or three….

    love the new approach to the offensive posts. Had me ROTFLMAO with that one.

    Looking forward to LIFE tomorrow, especially the showdown between Telford and Young. Oh, that ought to be good. 🙂

  18. I have never read these nasty comments. But it seams you can’t quite get over them. My suggestion is to just not respond to the insulting, disrespectful, or generally inflammatory posts. Don’t show them on your blog and be done with it. If you think you want to make a statement and let anyone state their oppinion regardless, then let the posts (uncensored) as they are. In any other case you are just lowering yourself to the same level.

    Think about them as stargate fans that waited for month to get more action. Now, all they get is this drama thing. You waited for a week to get internet access. Already you write: “…Train a monkey to work tech support…”. Is it really that much different? While you pay for a service that you don’t get, the fans were buying the franchise and now feel like they have nothing in return. Maybe you were simply unfortunate to meet some incompetent folk there, but you insult all the workers from Telus by insulting the company. Who knows, maybe it is a disapointed stargate fan who thinks cutting your internet access will teach you a lesson 🙂 I doubt all of them are incompetent. It’s probabely rather a management issue. If you are not happy with them, why don’t you simply use another companies service instead?

    Not having internet access sucks. Not having a show like SG-1 or SGA sucks as well… I call it universal justice 🙂 So, don’t worry be happy and let’s all just move on 🙂

  19. I’m back, but not for long! I’m off to CLEVELAND to visit my friends I haven’t seen in 9 months!!!

    Sorry to hear of your internet troubles, Joe!!! Glad you’ve somehow managed to post without it… as long as your outline was done, that’s all that matters really! 🙂

  20. Bless Bubba, glad he is recovering, just needs some tlc from his buds,, am I seeing a group hug here for the family. I’ll send him mine.

  21. Hey Joe did you hear about the all-department tweet that SVU did? A representative from all departments tweeted live with fans during the episode Perverted. Kind of reminds me of what SGU actors, SFX, writers, script supervisor, and stunt man do every week. 😀

  22. Perhaps Bubba was needing to go to the bathroom but was too tired to go outside. He invented the whole scenario of the injured leg so that he wouldn’t be reprimanded for crapping on the floor.

    I hope that he is back chasing horses in the near future.

    Good night.

    Susan and the kitties from hell

  23. Poor Bubba. It’s good he has a well trained human to help him get around.

    Those tv horses can be tricky.

  24. Aww..All my love to Bubba!
    Great new approach to the offensive comments! I can’t wait to see what gems you pull out of the rough for us!

  25. Telus said they are giving you a free month. Well, so I guess that is code for saying it will take a month to get your service back. Geez.

  26. Ohhh! Poor wittle Bubba. Give him a huge squishy kiss for me. My crazy puppy Beagle did that a couple weeks ago. She was jumping from the back of the couch, down to the couch, then over to the coffee table, and banged her leg. It was the first time she ever yelped. She sat down real quick. Of course I’m right there holding her and checking her out. She slowly shook it off and continued on. She does seem to still favor it a little.

    Maybe if you show Bubba some old Mr. Ed shows he might decide he likes horses. (and Wilbur too.)

  27. First and foremost – Give Bubba hugs for me! Poor thing! Daddy needs to get his babies doggy stairs. In the meantime, I betcha you’re glad you have hardwood floors. 😉

    Secondly, I love the new approach to rude posters…it reminds me of those positive movie reviews for really crappy movies. 🙂


    Actually, I have no thirdly. 😛 Have a good evening, sir! Oh, wait…you probably won’t see this until you get into work…so, have a good whatever, whenever! 😀


  28. Awe bubba.

    Get well soon.

    Oh hi there mr. M. 😉

    Sorry for my absence. 🙁

    Loved time by the way. Epic.

    Do you have a facebook by any chance?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  29. ROLL CALL–Past and current head-set wearers!
    Includes dispatchers, telemarketers, customer svc. reps, pollsters…

    Gilder–opinion surveys, airline reservations & ticketing, Red Cross casework. (Have sworn never to work tied to a phone again.)




    SGUFanatic–direct-sales returns

    Morjana–public-safety dispatcher

    SparrowHawk–switchboard operator


    *HONORARY status awarded for knowing how to work the system.

  30. Bubba. Poor guy. No more jumping. Dog stairs.

    Love the edits. Hey, you’re a writer, you edit. Keep up the good work. Those insults have to be good for something.

    Do you believe everything you read on the internet? What if Solutions is wrong and you show up and no one is in the office? Oh wait. Carl will be there. One producer rule? I can’t remember what that rule was.

  31. Speaking of Dogs and Horses, the dog we used to have (King Charles Spaniel we called Squiddley) always liked to either chase or back at horses. Two examples spring to mind.

    My parents like watching Polo, and they brought the young puppy to a game to give him a nice day out doors. At one point, free of his leash, the horses came thundering past. Squiddley decided that it would be good to join in the game, and immediately charged at the beasts like a bat out of hell, no fear for his own safety.

    The other example was during, I think, the 2000 Olympics. An equestrian event was on, and Squiddley immediately started barking at the TV. He ran up to it, barked, tried to climb up – the usual. Then he noticed that the back door, about two metres to the right of the TV, was open. He stopped barking, went to the door, and looked around. Obviously he assumed the TV was a window, and that the horse was just on the other side of the wall. He returned, saddened by the lack of horse in our car port.


  32. Hi Joe:

    During this recession, with so many people out of work, wouldn’t it be great if someone started a college that would teach young people how to fix things like internet connections, telephone connections, washing machines, etc. Then maybe there would be enough repair people around that they would actually show up at your house when they are supposed to.

    Even if the guy shows up, there is no guarantee he will actually repair your internet. This Comcast repair guy slept on the couch instead of working to repair a family’s cable:

    You could try recording everything that the Telus people say to you, however, I’m told that’s illegal and they could take you to court. That is, assuming they’d actually show up in court.


  33. Poor Huba. Maybe you should make diet for him. 🙂

    I have a dog too (Laura or as my mother calls her Foltos (“Patchy”), but at least she hasn’t been ill seriously since we got her 8 years ago. The worst scenario was when she looked into an unknown garden under a fence and an other dog bited her nose suddenly from the other side. But she was OK after a week.


  34. Poor Bubba, maybe he’ll find a new way to get at those horses. lol I have to say I’m a BIG true blue stargate Atlantis and Sg-1 fan. Now, when i found out Atlantis was cancelled i was Ticked to say the least. lol But, even then i was gonna give Universe a chance. I mean IT’s Stargate Shessh! I do have to admit I do love the show. I”m hooked allready and that is very good and still yet if the Atlantis Moviessss and the SG-1 Moviesssss don’t get made i’m sure to rant and rave to my computer at Brad and Robert lol
    But, no matter what i truly hope us true SG-1 and Atlantis fans will get something. I truly hope they throw us a bone. Like, maybe a Atlantis visual guide book hehe and maybe complete blueprints on all stargate facilities and ships. Now that would be a true awesome gift from the IOA of stargateland. I do mean to buy. I understand these things cost money to put together and make. Another as well is the data screens of the ships of the ships and the screensavers on the ships. hehe I know i’ve spoken of these things before but, who would be the ones to ok these things and etc. I really want The entire Stargate Franchise to get bigger and bigger lol Then maybe the game will come out and be put on Playstation3 and etc. and my job can be complete.> well you know what i mean..I hope!? lol

  35. Bubba Baby!! Hope he’s ok and gets back to giving those horses what for. You must have been frantic kids’ll do that to ya:)

  36. Hi Mr M!

    PC back working (*fingers crossed*) here again…though I am a little fearful!

    Lovin’ the new comments policy. You should seriously consider a move into politics….*joke*


    I LOVE this ep! What a great idea. Kino-vision rocks! The vfx were class. David Blue and Brian J were outstanding. I really felt for TJ and her sense of being over-whelmed and under-resourced, along with the empathy she feels for her crew mates. The ongoing tension with Rush and Young is nicely played. Greer beating himself up over losing people on his watch…class.

    As an SG “veteran watcher” you had me at ….Solar Flare….but I wonder whether Rush’s short explanation cut it for the new fans?

    I also appreciate the fact that you guys are giving the audience a great amount of “cop-on” and knowledge by not “signposting” the ending and tying a bow around it…nice.

    Keep up great work and thank you!


  37. I know I’ve been scarce and have missed most of the awfulness that’s gone on here. To be honest, I’ve been missing what made SG1 and SGA so great. Beau Bridges, in an interview, summed it up well. “What sets Stargate apart from all other science fiction shows is its humor.” I generally do not go for dark shows like BSG. Up until tonight, I felt that SGU was good, but far from great.

    We’re a week behind…but tonight’s episode (last week’s for the US) was simply amazing. Brian was truly brilliant. His fantastic performance really made the show worth watching. David was also quite brilliant.

    Honestly, I was losing interest as I waited until tonight to watch last week’s episode on my DVR. Tonight’s show was the best so far. I loved it and it had a lot to do with Brian’s great performance.

    I’ve heard from David’s twitter that there’s been a lot of negativity that’s forced Brian and his mother to step back from the internet.

    Joe – I know I might be asking the impossible, but could you please let Brian and his mum know that I thought his performance in Time was absolutely brilliant? He’s an amazing actor and I look forward to seeing him in future episodes! And if he ever wants a warm fan welcome, tell him to come to Melbourne’s Armageddon convention. 😉

    Thank you very much

  38. I don’t think I’ve posted a comment on here for awhile because the last time I did, you were good enough to respond to my question (it had something to do with whether or not you had tried chocolate from Stratford) and I didn’t get a chance to respond for a few days… and then I felt like a jerk for not responding, and… well, suffice it to say it’s been awhile and apologies.

    First of all, since it has been awhile, if you see Martin Gero, let him know that there’s one more to add to the list of folks who adored YPF and saw it when it came out (it made me laugh, cry and feel both uncomfortable and contented, which I think it pretty cool). The kid working at the ticket booth got a real kick out of it- I said “YFP” three times when asking for my ticket, and each time, he said “I’m sorry I didn’t catch that- what was the name again?” Eventually, I just said it, despite the two elderly ladies standing behind me… only to have them say it a few seconds later.

    Also, regarding Stratford and its various chocolateries (is that the correct term?), I personally think that they rock, but I don’t really have your wealth of experience when it comes to chocolate, so in the grand scheme of things, maybe it’s not so good. If you happen to be in Stratford in the future, though, I would recommend a quick visit to The Chocolate Barr or Rheo Thompson, just to check it out.

    *raises hand for Glider* I’m on an LOA right now, but normally, 4 days a week for 10 hours a day, I am a phone monkey for a large company known primarily for their PCs doing technical support and customer service. As someone who does, I’ve gotta say, I can’t stand it when people don’t leave proper notes in the system about what kind of guarantees were given; by whom, when and for what. If the system says “Yeah, yeah, it’ll be done tomorrow” then much as the agents usually think it’s BS, they read it off. That I get, I do it myself all the time (recording calls for quality assurance doesn’t always assure what I would consider call quality, sadly). But once a commitment has been made by the agent acting on behalf of the system, and once that commitment fails to be met, then alternatives are to be given, or more information is to be given usually with a limit (for example, if we can’t do x-thing-that-should-happen by y-date/time-we’ve-already-pushed-you-back-to, we’ll do z). And punting between departments? Not cool. I’m sorry to hear Telus is jerking you around- I hope that they re-train their agents in how to take and retrieve proper notes and that they get your Internet access sorted shortly.

    I wish I had some awesome question about SGU to ask, but I’m falling terribly behind on it- what I’ve seen, I like, though.

    I’m sorry to hear about Bubba- hopefully no such further incidents occur. Also, I hope that I haven’t bored you too much which this rather long-winded response… sorry about that.



  39. Coucou Joseph 🙂

    Vous allez bien?

    Moi oui, éhéhéh encore quelques heure et je suis en week end!

    J’espere que Bubba va vite allé mieux! et que Telus ne mentent pas encore quant à la remise en marche de votre ligne internet.

    Passé une trés bonne journée!

  40. Poor Bubba! Some nerve got twinged, I guess, and sent its signals to Timbuktu. rather than to the appropriate muscles. First thing I do when I move to an area is to hunt down the 24-hour animal hospitals – never fails that I need them at 2:00 am on New Year’s Eve or somesuch…

    Edited comments will be fun! I tell my students that they are always free to express their honest opinions, but they have to do so in a mature, courteous and civilized manner. Takes them awhile, but they catch on eventually…

  41. 1. How is Bubba this morning?

    2. Does this mean your interwebs problem has been solved, or have you taken to living at the office??

    3. …



    Dangit. I have no 3 again. I think I’m finally running out of stuff to say. 😛

    Have a good day, sir!


  42. Bubbba! Take it easy ‘ol fella! Those horses aren’t going anywhere.

    Great approach to the offensive posters Joe. The internet unfortunately allows cowards such as these to remain anonymous behind a veil of ones and zeros; giving them the opportunity to spout vitriol that would, if said in person, see them repeatedly punched in the face.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  43. You gave me the laugh of the day with your Bubba story. I do feel bad for his discomfort but the crapped on the spot made me chuckle!! Glad your pup is OK.

    As we say about all disasters and accidents…Man that was funny as hell as soon as we knew no one got killed!!!

    Good luck with the internet, wish I was there to help fix it!

  44. I hope Bubba is feeling better soon. Lucky for you he’s small enough to pick up. I had to sleep downstairs on the couch one night because I couldn’t carry my 65 lb. greyhound up the stairs when her arthritis was so bad she could climb up or down the stairs. Of course she couldn’t sleep on her bed, she had to share the sofa with me! Nope, I did not get a whole lot of sleep that night.

    I’m really looking forward to Life tonight. And I just saw Kino #19. I really am getting to love the Kino scenes. Please keep them coming!

  45. *Note to self*

    Just because it seems like a peaceful morning on your street, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe to run the recycleables out to the curb in your skimpy nothing underneath, ride-up-yer-backside night shirt, especially when guys out for their morning stroll are as quiet as dormice.


    I think I’m wearing a disguise from now on. 😛



  46. Awww I hope Bubba is feeling better!! I’m sure he will be after those damn horses in no time!

    I finally watched Time last night. I loved it! Especially the ending! I’m a huge fan of time travel shows/episodes/etc.

    I recall reading back in the comments somewhere that people felt that the Chloe being sick scene was not needed; I thought it fit quite well. I cannot imagine someone with her background having the intestinal fortitude to watch a worm creature burrow into your body and pop out of your chest as you die on some alien planet. Eli really toughened up in this episode, which is nice to see. I loved Greer!

    Robert Carlyle is absolutely brilliant as Rush. He is quickly becoming my favorite character of the show. He is always planning, always scheming, and we never really know what he is up to, but we always know what side he is on.

  47. Sorry to ask in here, but anyone know of a good way to contact someone on stargate staff with a few scripts or ideas? I have searched around and the last thing I want to seem is lazy, but if anyone knows of a general email or something, that would be great. I am sure they get blurbs and ideas from people all the time and quite a bit of that gets overlooked, tossed, whatever. I would just like an opportunity to get some ideas to someone that would have a moment to review them and see if any are beneficial. Thanks much.

  48. I’m glad Bubba wasn’t seriously injured!

    It sucks getting older. Yes, like Das stated, aren’t you glad you have no carpet!

    I was going to suggest doggie stairs for Jelly but now you have a double incentive to get them.

    I worked nights/weekends at Vet E.R. hospitals before. It was a fun job. I’m glad you have one available to you in that area.

    I love your idea for offensive comments. It reminds me of politicians and the media lately. They cut and splice interviews that make/break careers.

    I hope your internet problems are solved today.


  49. Hi Joe, I’m pretty sure Solutions hasn’t published any rumors about what you may or may not be planning for the week of December 14. Scouring our blog, wiki, forum, LJ, and twitter reveals no such speculation. Unless that was just your clever way of announcing said plans. In which case, can we quote you on that?

    Regarding Bubba, based on the mass and bone ratios, I’ve always wondered how a pug’s legs could support its body at all! Glad he recovered on his own.

  50. I’ve got a pecan chocolate chip pie in the oven. What kind of foods do all of you like for Thanksgiving feast?


  51. By the way Joe, did you happen to invest in the extended warranty for you Mac, I was wondering if it was worth the price for 3 yrs??? I am looking on line today trying to figure out what I need/want on my new toy. thanks.

  52. Awww, Bubba, poor baby! That’s not a good feeling. One of my cats, Talladega once fell off the bed and lost feeling in both her hind legs. The vet did some kind of magic and she’s fine now… but I’m very careful with her. Joe, hope he’s gonna be fine like Talladega is. I hate to think of anything bad happening to your babies. *big gentle hugs and cuddles to Bubba*

    Joe, could you post more pics of Kavan Smith cuddling your dogs? Those pics just melted my heart!

  53. Poor Puppy!!!!!!!

    *sends hugs*

    I hope this manip pic of the SGU characters as Star Wars will make him feel better. Humor makes the pain go away.

    *not sure which format to use*


    Link to post in LJ if the photo does not show: http://violetvision78.livejournal.com/81659.html

  54. So we’re waiting with baited breath — did Telus come through? Are you online?

    Your solution to the rude posters is just like those movie ads in the newspaper: “Inspires awe!” blares the ad, when the actual review reads: A folly so supreme that it occasionally inspires awe, in the sense that so many people spent so much time and money on it without ever realizing how awful it is.” (actual review, btw).

    Hugs to Bubba.

  55. I hope Bubba feels better soon! A dog I had previously had a “trick knee” so the vet told us. It caused her to sit with one leg sticking straight out and prevented her from being able to roll over. She wasn’t a fan of strangers at the door and one day a guy hoping to sell us Verizon FIOS service came to the door. She ran to our dining room window, jumped up and barked ferociously. Then she yelped in pain and couldn’t put weight on her “trick knee” leg. Long story short, she managed to lay down and endure me getting upset that she was hurt…and an hour later she was back to jumping around and being happy in general when my dad came home from work. So I’m sure pretty soon Bubba will be back to his usual self.

    And the new approach to insulting comments is great! Can we see more?

  56. Joe – for the next mailbag, if you ever get back on-line… 😛

    Do you find some foods inedible because of their texture?

    There are a few things I just can’t eat because of the way they feel in my mouth – soft meat fat (it feels like it gets bigger and bigger the more I try to chew it, until it about gags me); most mushrooms (slimy-feeling), and rare meat (same effect as fat).

    Mr. Das can’t eat chocolate cherry cordials (he says it’s like biting into an eyeball), and bing cherry ice cream (he says it’s like crunching on bugs).

    So, is there anything out there that you just can’t stand having in your mouth, no matter how tasty it may be?


  57. @KevinRoberts
    As an OLD “Star Trek” fan, I have a guess about lack of SG merchandise. Trek creator/producer Gene Roddenberry was big on merchandising. I doubt SG has one driving personality running the overall show.

    See Leonard Nimoy’s autobiography, I AM SPOCK*, for more on Roddenberry’s Trek merchandise efforts, particularly the IDIC pendant.

    *Not to be confused with Nimoy’s earlier book, I AM NOT SPOCK. Yes, for real, he wrote two with similar titles.

  58. @Gilder

    The lack of Starfate merchandize is due entirely to MGM not licensing them in big numbers. Mind you there’s a fair amount out there. You just have to find it on the web.

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