Aw c’mon!!!! Now a screw-up on the part of my internet provider has booted me off-line. The telus rep is hopeful I can be back online tomorrow. Tomorrow?! But today is TODAY!!!

As a result, I am painstakingly tapping out this entry on my iPHone. If I still had my Blackberry, I’d be hooped right about now. Well, even more hooped.

You have until midnight tonight to get those questions in for Peter Kelamis, SGU’s Adam Brody. And start reading next month’s book of the month club pick: The Misenchanted Sword! And clean up after yourselves! What am I, your maid?!

Good thing I uploaded the following video earlier today, otherwise you’d have all dropped by for nothing.

74 thoughts on “November 16, 2009: Look, I don’t have time for titles…I’m being charged by the keystroke here.

  1. The video is here for all us not-paying-by-the-kb readers.

    Thanks for advertising the talk on your blog — one very friendly fan from another department came by, bringing the grand total of audience members up to 6 people. …it’s a bad time of year to give talks!

    For the various readers who emailed me about recording my talk: I’ll be giving improved versions of this talk as time goes on; this was my first attempt with non-high-school students and was at times painfully bad. Once I smooth out content and pacing, I’ll record a better-practiced version and post it for y’all.

  2. For Peter,

    I hope you’re enjoying your experience on SGU. How did you get your start doing voice-over work? Is it more difficult than a regular acting gig where you can actually interact with your fellow performers?

  3. Hey Joe,

    I’m avoiding comments in the hope I can see Time without knowing every detail of the episode before watching it (wishful thinking).

    Was hoping to get your ideas and anyone else that feels like offering it on the below matter. It was an interesting exercise.

    Nath had picked up a wine barrel from a friend to use as a table on our decking. For some reason they decided to remove the metal rings before transporting so the barrel quickly went from being an object in which you can place items on to firewood and a set of really, really big and very, very dangerous Coits rings.

    He’d labelled some of the pieces so when he got home, placed all the pieces on the lawn and started to put them in order. It was then he realised he hadn’t numbered all of them. We noticed the pattern went 1 big plank, 2 small and the wood was aged differently so you could get an idea if the plank was in the right place.

    He started to re-assemble it. He asked me how I would go about it but my idea was quickly dismissed. He then asked for my physical help, but there’s only so many planks of wood I can hold and he got frustrated when I could only hold 3/4s of the planks (I thought that was pretty good!). After 1 collapse of the half built barrel and my offer to Google was rejected he started again. He had sweat dripping off his nose and was doing his best to support an entire barrel worth of vertical planks. Another collapse. I offered once again to Google. He was adamant this was going to be resolved without Google and without my help. So I went inside, got a dip, some crackers, a nice glass of Sauv Blanc, my Reader and went back to sit and watch him. Another collapse. He stormed out of the yard and into the garage so I couldn’t hear the barrage of abuse he was about to unleash and then I cracked.
    It started with a giggle and then…
    Uncontrollable laughter.
    I thought I had it under control after about 5 minutes, but then he would look at me, I’d lose it again and would have to suppress wine from coming out of my nose.

    While I was still in fits of giggles and on the receiving end of a glare that just made me laugh even harder, he came up with an idea which was identical to my idea except instead of glue, he said double sided tape. He started again using a different technique after deciding his previous idea was too much like mine and if it worked would have to admit I had been right. I asked about half way through, “How heavy is this going to be to try and move seeing as it’s in a completely impractical place now?”. He didn’t appreciate that. Another collapse. More uncontrollable laughter. Eventually it got dark so he gave up.

    Last night I came home from work to find a fully assembled barrel! And yes, it was the same barrel.

    Before I tell you how he did it (if you’re even interested!), I ask you Joe and others reading this, how would you go about re-assembling a wine barrel?

  4. Do videos usually play? There might be a plug-in your iPhone is trying to run that hasn’t been installed. That’s advice coming from a BlackBerry chick though, so I’m probably not the best person to answer 😉

  5. Question for Peter Kelamis:
    If SGU gets picked up for a second season, and I hope it does, what direction would you hope the writers take your character…eventually siding against Rush or against Young or just neutral to them all and with a nasty agenda of your own? 😉

  6. Oh and thats one thing the iphone hasnt got emmbeded flash that probably keeping you from seeing the vid, if she Youtubes the vid the Iphone will show it

  7. Sorry Joe, can’t help with your cell phone dilema. I don’t have a personal cell and my work phone is (relatively) ancient. But beggars can’t be choosers. Up to several years ago we just have pagers and were expected to clip onto a customer’s line to call the office. Of course that’s pretty hard to do with fiber. Well, I hope your problems are resolved soon Joe. I know it’s a b…

  8. @Mika. Be assured had it been possible to have attend, many of us here would have been happy to do so. Those six are some of the luckiest people around.

    Talking about unlucky, Catherynne Valente made AOL news. Seems she had some mishaps on her honeymoon.|main|dl4|link3|

    @Mr. M. Which technology gods have you angered to be having so many problems? Sincerely hope they are resolved soon, for both your own and your readers’ insanity.(I’m excempt having already reached that state). Here’s hoping for a nice long fat posting in the near future.

  9. Video’s here, too, no worries 🙂 Hey, how’s your mom? And Maximus? All well?

  10. @ Narelle – Ha! Funny story! I have a few ‘husband’ stories like that, like the time he tried to make a cat cage out of wood and screening for our kitties so they could go outside, and the thing had gaps in it so big an elephant could fit through! I SO wish I had taken pictures of that!

    As far as the barrel – no idea. A while ago I made a stained glass lamp shade, and if I remember correctly, I laid all the pieces out in a circle, and brought up the pieces in the 3, 6, 9, 12 o’clock positions, secured them, then fitted the rest in place. But that was a different sort of thing altogether.

    Joe – just a few quick questions for Peter Kelamis:

    1. Stand-up or working on a series – which is more challenging?

    2. Hockey or Aussie Rules?

    3. Hardest accent to pull off?

    4. Boxers, or briefs?

    Gotta run – hubby just got home and is demanding my attention, like a puppy! 😀


  11. The video works fine, Joe. Sorry to hear about your tech troubles.

    Narelle – Great story I admire your patience! I googled it (as you so wisely were going to do and found a video on youtube showing how professionals do it but I would love to know how Nath got it done in the end. And did he do it alone or bribe someone to assist him?

    Das – is your back better? Take care of yourself!

  12. Yup, I post from my iPhone almost exclusively now. Encourages me to edit my comments, and a lot more convenient than turning on PC or laptop.

  13. Oh. Yeah. Your embedded vids don’t show on my iPhone, either. Can see YouTube vids fine; YT is included with the phone. Sorry.

    Your vids play on my PC, no problem.

  14. @Narelle: The wine-barrel problem reminds me very much of both physics and calculus. (Or pre-cal, or trig. . . .)

    I suck at both physics and calculus (and trig). However, I’m intrigued by how Nath finally got the thing back together. Until I read the answer, though, I might be laughing as hard as you were. — Could it be that he finally gave in and googled? That, and stopping to ask for directions when lost, are two of my most basic approaches to the practicalities of life. *w*

    — Oh no, now I’ve caught your uncontrollable giggles. Thanks for the funny story.

    @Joe: Clean up after myself?! That’s what former big-roller, now-discredited Wall Street players are for. You can tell who NOT to hire when you get shifty looks in response to the statement that you *will* be filing wage/earnings forms with the IRS. (HAHahahahahahah. . . . Okay, am only laughing at hardened miscreants.) — Would love opportunity to play drill sergeant. “YOU!!! Did I give you PERMISSION to stop using that grout scrubber?!!! Since you don’t seem to appreciate that convenient tool, you can start using those inch-long, manicured fingernails! NOW!!!”

  15. For Peter Kelamis:

    Who would you say is Brody’s closest friend on the ship? And does he have his eyes on a potential romantic interest at this point?

  16. Narelle – re: barrel re-assembly. I would have Googled too. Ironically, I believe your husband and mine have the same approach to jobs around the house. I just hide until he’s done and am grateful when we have no trips to the Emergency Room.

    Good thing there are iPhones.

  17. Dear Mr. Kelamis,

    Your character, Brody has grown on me as SGU goes on. Even though it seems like the Eli Wallace character is the joker of the show, I really enjoyed your various Kino-related scenes-your good bye recording, when you put on the suits and tripped, and the intercomm chatter with the Linda Park character. My question is, do you draw more from yourself in these scenes or more from the guidance of the script and crew?

  18. Joe,
    The iPhone doesn’t support flash which is what most embeded objects require. Although my Pre doesn’t at the moment flash’s new mobile version will be sent to it when it comes out. Unfortunately I don’t think it is compatible with iPone .Yet another reason you should have gone with a Pre 😛 also the physical keyboard prolly would have helped you tonight

  19. sparrow_hawk – How the hell are ya?!
    I still haven’t Googled what would have been the best approach. We did discuss how we thought the professionals went about creating new barrels.
    He put it back together himself.
    I should have mentioned in my initial comment to see what ideas we all came up with WITHOUT Googling it first 🙂

  20. Ok dang. That’s a quick deadline. So let me shoot ot a few questions.

    1. If you were in control of your character for an episode (like you could write for him), what would you do with him. Would you have him visit his family, would you have him be the hero of the story, would you have him go to dark places?

    2. If you were actually Brody and you yourself got stranded on the destiny, how do you think you wouldd react. Would you have a nervous breakdown, would you keep your head, would you try to ease the situation using your comedic gift?

    3. Out of all the SGU characters, who do you admire most? Who would you want to be like and why would you want to be like them?

    Oh and thank you Peter for taking the time to do this q&a!!

    And thank you Mr. M for offering us the opportunity.

    Goodnight fellow commenters a Mr. M,

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  21. Woah, gotta be quick with some questions:

    1. Hey Peter, thanks for doing a Q&A. Cheers from Melbourne. Why does everyone call him Mr Brody? A little formal, no?

    2. Did Brody leave family behind?

    3. Who’s the toughest scientist on Destiny?

    4. What have you found most surprising about working on Universe?

    5. What book are you reading at the moment? Or the last great book you read.

    Cheers, Chev

  22. Question for Peter:
    It has just been released that you will be starring in the webseries, “Riese” alongside Patrick Gilmore. Is there anything you can tell us about your role in the show?

  23. Hey Joe,

    Great phone typing. I am so impressed. Mine is worse than on here if you could imagine that.

    Love the video. Great shot. You always have the best show-n-tells.

    Peter: I LOVE your art. I still would like to hear more. What is your favorite medium? Will you post more art? Your FaceBook page doesn’t allow for comments from fans. Not that you want to hear from me more than you do on twitter, but I was just wondering.

    Peter, love your work on SGU. You are so funny at times. I love Brody. Such a great character. You must love playing him. What part of Brody is the most NOT like you?

    I won’t harass you with more questions. It is always a pleasure Peter…and Joe. Thank you both.

    Cheryl 🙂

  24. Hey Joe,

    Wow. You sure are having a run of bad luck with technology lately.

    Here’s hoping everything comes right for you, and your internet and computer problems disappear.

  25. btw, your dog is cute, every time that you see his cute begging face, remember that he wants exactly what we want, so imagine he asking you to get back to the old style of stargate, and trow this drama bs on the garbage….

  26. Questions for Peter K.

    1. Brody and Volker seem to have an established friendship. Do you think they were friends before, or is it due to the recent events of being stranded on Destiny? Who else on board does Brody have a connection to?

    2. Ive seen some of your comedy on youtube – great stuff! Also read you’ll be involved in Riese the webseries – will we see more of your comedic side here? (That kino video, with you in the spacesuit was hilarious)

  27. Question For Peter K?

    Brody helped Rush get Telford off the ship (well at least told Rush when the trouble making trio had gone)
    Do you see him as Rush’s ally in any similar situations in the future? How do you think Brody views Young’s leadership?

  28. i dont know if its midnight or not but here goes anyway.

    Question for Adam Brody:
    —- how does it feel being second to an inexperienced geek?

    Question for Peter Kelamis:
    —— What attracted you to this role?
    —— Do you see your character as smarter than Eli?

  29. About the video thing: The iPhone doesn’t support Adobe Flash, which is the software platform that most in-browser video services use. However, due to the popularity of YouTube, Apple has found a way to make that specific service work with the iPhone. Thus, you can see videos in the iPhone’s browser ONLY if the are posted on YouTube.

  30. Coucou Joseph!

    Oh, mince, votre connéxion internet ne marche plus, c’est vraiment embêtant quand ça nous tombes dessus!

    Merci d’avoir posté cet article et cette video avec votre Iphone, je veux bien croire que c’était laborieux.

    Bonne journée,
    Bisou 🙂

  31. did you write this article?

    anyway, hows Mac so far? is it better than windows? do you use the Finder alot?

    funny article: —– i never heard of something like this before. whos side are you on? idk but usually married couples watch the same thing regardless and they end up liking whatever their partner likes for some reason.
    youre married right? how come you never said anything about her liking stargate or not? and those dogs, do they waaaatchhhhh ittt????

  32. yeah do your dogs understand what a stargate even is? or were they just tuning in to look at John Sheppard’s hair?

  33. 8-0 !! Paying by the keystroke or kb???!!! Get an unlimited data and messaging plan!!

    We had unlimited data, thought for a year that included unlimited msgs. Once Husb. fell in love with texting, bills went up, and I reviewed the cell svc. plan. Oops!

  34. @Thornyrose – St. Petersburg for a honeymoon? They must really, really love art. Even I and the jocks I was traveling with were blown away by the Hermitage – the rest of the city, not so much. I haven’t been back since ’96, though. Things were changing rapidly even then.

    If you’re going to be stranded somewhere, let it be Frankfurt.

  35. @ Attention ALL FLORIDA Bloggers, This is the official invite to our JM blog FL. 1st lunch. To be held on Sat. Dec. 5th @ noon at TU TU TANGO resturant on International DR. off Sandlake Rd. in Orlando Fl. Come one and all!! Just post a note and we will get an approx. number of people. Deni and Karen, Please help me keep count cause you know how nuts my life can get. Trish, maddog ,Airelle and all other Fl. people– PLease come and meet us!! Thanks, Joe for letting us post this!! I will have pic’s and info on the LA con. for your enjoyment. Eye candy photo’s too!! Yes Farscape photo’s too, yea , I’m a big scaper too!! Hope to hear from ya all soon, Will be out of town from Sat. on for a few days, so i will check back in. @Deni/ Karen- keep me posted. REmember this is for ALL FL. people!!! Sheryl .

  36. just saw on IMDB that Edward Woodward (Father of Peter Woodward, Atlantis episode “The Tower”) died yesterday. RIP Edward and condolences to Peter and the rest of the family.

  37. I have a totally random question. I have noticed a lot of Wiley X sunglasses / goggles placement in Stargate Universe. Is this a promotional agreement with the company or just a result of their products being used by the U.S. Army? Thank you!

  38. @Mika: Thank you! I look forward to watching your talk when it becomes available.

    @Joe: The lack of flash support for things like videos is the one thing I dislike about my iphone. That aside, though, it is a pretty amazing little gadget that has made my netbook almost redundant. Especially now that WordPress has a mobile/cell phone screen-friendly version! 🙂

  39. Joe,
    Is the Apple O.S. user friendly????Getting ready to purchase a new Laptop looking at Apple. Tired of M.W. alway’s problem with their O.S. All of them.

  40. Okie dokie, Joe…seems I can post from my office computer – but last night when I commented, all my posts went bye-bye. 🙁 Weird. Must be something on my end, since I could access my wordpress account. Perhaps it had something to do with my IP address, or something.

    That stinks, ’cause I had questions for Peter, too. 🙁

    Oh well…if I can’t post tonight, I’ll know it’s my computer, or something.

    Have a good day, sir! 🙂


  41. Booted offline? Demand some form of compensation for the time you speant offline from the service you’re paying for, sure it’d be a very small fee but it’d insure they don’t mess your internet up again. Happened to me before and we were credited for the days that we were not online.

  42. hey joe here is the perfect accessory to go with your shiny new iPhone,

    i’m trying to get one for my brother in law for x-mas, but for some reason they haven’t released them in canada yet, so a trip to bellingham seems to be in my near future.

  43. Ah, okay…so it DID go to spam. Heh. I must have a ‘reputation’ with wordpress, or something. Thanks for finding it, though I suppose it’s too late for the questions. Oh, well…


  44. Hey Joe it’s been a while I didn’t post a comment. Hope you’re fine and dogs too.

    Qs for Peter :
    – What did you imagine when you did “Stargate Universe” casting and when you were sure to play in SGU ?
    – Have you cast for Adam Brody first or for an other one ?
    – A few words about atmoshper on set ? An anecdote maybe ?
    – How will Adam progress in the rest of the Season ?
    – A few words in french..? ^^
    Thank you.

  45. Time,
    very clever way to revisit an old idea (solar flare and time shifting). And the creatures like some sort of goa’uld’ cousin is a very well twisted idea. Very good acting.

  46. Hi Joe,

    Just watched Time (ok, two hours ago…) and I just have one comment:

    What the…? Don’t end it there!

    I really did think waiting between SG1 episodes was hard – they were only stand alones.

    Really enjoyed it, creatures were excellent, and David Blue really stepped it up. Infact everyone did. Great job.


  47. Oh, Joe, I think I forgot to state my opinion of ‘Time’. Well-done. Damn amazing, actually. Your consistently tantalizing positive outlook on it over the past few months really paid off. I spent the entire hour thinking back to all the times you said we’d love it, and holy hannah, I loved it.

  48. Hey Joe,
    I just watched BSG: The Plan and noticed in the credits that James Bamford was one of the stunt guys for the resistance. I thought that was pretty cool.

    Re: typing on the iPhone. Whenever I got my first one a couple of years ago I had problems typing on it but now I can type almost as fast on it as I can on my computer.

    Have a good one,

  49. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for sharing the video! Was that the silhouette of Alex Pappas there in the foreground?

    Really enjoyed watching ‘Time’ last week. Interesting how the Destiny appears to know before the crew does what is needed — she even made sure to stay longer than the (up to now normal) 12 hours at the planet.

    But you have to wonder how long they time looped for a human body to be reduced to a skeleton. Unless…the Destiny isn’t the first ship with humans aboard to visit that planet.

    Looking forward to this week’s episode, ‘Life.’

    Best wishes! 🙂

  50. Will be brief. Had a pretty crappy week, but feeling in a better mood today so will post quickly before it goes away.
    Finally saw the “Time” episode, though it was awesome, had to watch it twice. Like mind picking episodes, great shoots, like the visuals, great story. Like the jungle panic shoots, the night vision with the creatures, the reflection capsules i.e Eli, TJ, Greer, Scott alone both time when everybody else is dead. Could go on for a while.
    There a nice article on the Space channel site called The mind-frak that was “stargate universe: time” by Pix Princss under the SGU forum. Think you should read, you’ll probably like it.
    Curious to see your work…not that I’m comparing… well you probably know what I mean…

    (p.s would have like to post this comment for today’s blog, but it’s not up yet and I”m will unfortunately be out of town til Friday.)

  51. Hey, you can use your IPhone to provide a internet connection to your laptop by activating the “Internet Tethering” option in General -> Network -> Internet Tethering. Just plug the IPhone with the regular cable. windows automaticly use it as an internet connection so i assume that is the same thing with a MAC.

    Have Fun !

    P.S.: I don’t know if Bell allow it but Rogers do.

  52. Oh, how fun, wait i have been to your blog before, (posted previously on the nov19 blog) well in any case, this looks fun. screaming seems like something I would enjoy.

    glad you’ve got such a good crew together, although as far as characters on SGU I can’t say I am a big fan of lieutenant scott or Chloe. I don’t quite understand how they ended up together. Had some personal experiences similar to what Eli (these are just your characters I am talking about) is experiencing in his relationship with chloe. broke all ties with the chick and a year and a half later I ran into her and she is married and super preggers (this was at an anime convention, specifically she was in the last week of her final term and was going to the hospital the next day). Wouldn’t a pregnancy on the Destiny be something to go for? eh you’ve got it all figured out anyway…although that would destroy eli, and Lt. scott would just be repeating his past mistakes. you’ve tossed this around already I am sure so I will shut up now…

  53. The new Stargate Universe series lacks. The soap opera human aspect has gone too far. This is prime time television and sexual scenery has no place in science fiction, just for the sake of entertainment- come on. This series does not deserve to use the Stargate name. I keep waiting for action and science fiction special effects – a resolution to a story line. I find the mind puzzles a bit interesting;however, the human soap opera story line has become old in a hurry to me and does not hold a candle to Stargate and Atlantis action. I do not think you will last long with the current approach. Too bad

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