Received the following email:

Fuel Restaurant Closes

Award Wining Fuel Restaurant’s Final Service Sunday Nov 29th, 2009

(Vancouver BC, November 10, 2009) Fuel Restaurant will perform its final service on Sunday November 29th, 2009. Pushing the envelope with its almost fanatical quest for the best regional ingredients Fuel introduced Vancouver diners to house-made charcuterie, whole cuts and an open kitchen experience in a fine dining setting. Critically acclaimed and award winning from its inception, Fuel Restaurant raised the bar with customer satisfaction and its stalwart integrity in utilizing local ingredients.

Friends and fans of the Kitsilano restaurant are encouraged to join owners Tom Doughty and Chef Robert Belcham for one last Fuel dining experience during the month of November. Diners can enjoy the Third Annual Whole Hog menu, offered November 25th, 26th, and 27th and Fuel’s famous Fried Chicken Fridays will remain available for lunch until the end of the month.

Although Fuel is closing it is not over for owners Doughty and Belcham at their 1944 West 4th Avenue location. “Robert and I have been very fortunate to have run a successful restaurant in Kitsilano over the past 3 years. We have seen the landscape of the Vancouver dining scene change significantly and we are excited to change along with it” says Tom Doughty, Sommelier and Co-Owner of Fuel Restaurant.

This location will reopen on Dec 2, 2009 as a neighborhood restaurant and bar specializing in Casual Northwest Cuisine. “As restaurant owners we strive to give diners what they want. We feel we owe it to our guests to continue to provide them with quality ingredients & friendly service, in a casual atmosphere at a more affordable price” says Robert Belcham, Chef and Co-Owner of Fuel Restaurant.

Complete concept details for the new restaurant will be released soon. In the mean time Vancouver diners can be rest assured the philosophy behind Fuel Restaurant towards quality ingredients and impeccable service will remain.

On the one hand, I’m happy to hear that Rob, Tom, Ted and the gang will still be around, serving up some of the best plates in Vancouver. On the other hand, I’m kind of bummed because Fuel has been like a second home to me. I dropped by tonight and enjoyed a dinner for one at the bar where I chatted with Tom, Ted, and the lovely Brooke. According to Tom, I am their second most frequent diner at 56 visits (I assume not counting evenings I dined on somebody else’s reservation), only one behind the leader at 57. Well, with only weeks left before the changeover, I’ll make sure to put in a few more visits that should put me at the top of the leader board. I can’t help but think that if I hadn’t lost my culinary wingman Marty G., I would have had the title wrapped up months ago.

Picture 029
Tom, at your service.
Picture 016
Ted, poised to slave over a hot stove.
Picture 055
Brooke in action.

They’re all very excited about the concept change and the new menu that will offer several Fuel standbys in addition to many intriguing additions. By the time I get back from Tokyo, things should be in full swing.

Picture 020
Walla Walla Onion Soup

 Maximus gets his stitches out tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who asked about him. He seems to be doing alright. In fact, the entire gang is doing fine (although Jelly has been given to waking up at 5:00 a.m. and whimpering until I lower her off the bed and onto her doughnut pillow where she sleeps for another two hours before waking up and barking until I get up as well).

Picture 044
Maximus asks: "What're YOU lookin's at?!"

I’ve been in the office two days now but between the new Macbook and the troubles I’m experiencing with my Blackberry, I’ve made no progress on that outline.

Sigh.  Okay, I’m done.  I’ve spent the last hour trying to upload pics to no avail.  Screw this.  I’m going to bed.


ZeroPointBatteries writes: “This also makes me think back to Air when the scientist lady points out the ancient crates. Do we find out whats in them soon?”

Answer: We WILL be making an interesting discovery in one of those crates later this season.

Stuart Blessman writes: “Can the Destiny just…slow down or stop next time it’s in the sun to super charge? Or would the shield immediately fail, meaning the refueling trick only works when they are gliding at a pre-set altitude and speed?”

Answer: There’s a difference between what the ship is capable of doing and what we are able to command the ship to do. The ship is essentially on auto-pilot and continues to recharge as its been doing for some time now. It’s more than likely that if the crew did happen to find a way to slow the ship down, it’s established protocols would have it jumping to FTL or clearing the dangerous area before it’s shields could fail.

Alfred writes: “You mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry comments that “Sheppard was a hero in the truest sense of the word – dashing, cool under pressure, and rarely if ever given to making mistakes”. I cant agree here. Part of what was appealing about SGA was that you guys explored character flaws and weaknesses in a way that did not detract from the story line. We got to see Ronan’s vulnerable side when Wier was dying or when he was reliving the death of his girlfriend. We got to see Rodney mature from a self centered, know-it-all to someone that was still self centered most of the time but that learned to play nice with others. Even Sheppard made his fair share of mistakes and the audience was “permitted” to forgive him his faults and liked the character all the more for it.”

Answer: But I think the difference is that those characters always set out to do the right thing and rare, if ever, slipped to “the dark side”. I think you’re confusing this with character depth which they all possessed, but they were all dependable and selfless individuals, “good” to a fault. The vulnerability that Ronon demonstrates at Weir’s bedside (and in an episode like Broken Ties) certainly humanizes the characters and elicits sympathy from the audience. Contrast this to a character like Rush who is motivated by self-interest, or Young who, we’ll come to learn, is capable of making some very suspect decisions both on a personal and professional level. As some have already pointed out, it was quite easy to like the SGA gang, but much harder to like some members of the Destiny crew.

Alfred also writes: “Please tell me that you guys are going somewhere soon. You are losing me and one of the few luxuries I took was “SciFi Friday”… “

Answer: As I’ve already said, I look forward to reading the comments on the final three episodes of this first half. These first seven have been a slow burn, setting up the premise, the many characters, and some complex elements like the stones – once we hit Time, I think we hit our stride. In fact, the next seven or so episodes offer up a terrific mid-season run.

Ian writes: “I know you said that you were spinning season 2 ideas, and that’s mine. (if it matters) and also I think a pregnancy on a ship with limited resources and no way to get back to earth would be more trouble to incorporate, than to just go around it. What do you think?”

Answer: I think I like trouble.

JYS writes: “Will the Destiny have its own shield or iris?”

Answer: It won’t.

Chevron7 writes: “1. Do you regret calling the SGA movie Extinction?

2. Will they be eating proper food aboard Destiny soon?

3. Do the stones work on certain frequencies? Is that why the ones on Destiny work with the ones on Earth?

4. At the moment Eli is showing up the other scientists. Do Volker & co get a chance to shine in the future?

5. How’s your Japanese going?”

Answers: 1) It’s apropos of the story. 2) They’ll be finding more off-world fruit and veggies soon and their hydroponics lab will finally yield tomatoes in an upcoming episode! 3) The stones operate through a subspace link. 4) Oh, they’ll get their chances to shine as well. 5) Ma ma desu.

Flappo writes: “i want to ask, do you read Mangas? If you do, what series do you read?”

Answer: I don’t read mangas but I do watch anime.

Flappo writes: “I’ve read that you are waiting for the call for the movies. So I’m asking myself, I really don’t wan’t to be offending or something else, why do you don’t call them?”

Answer: By “call”, I don’t mean a literal phone call but a decision.

Jeffoconnor writes: “In response to the ratings of last week’s episode here in the States, I’ve been doing a little research (or rather, others have and I’ve kept up with it) and it seems a lot of shows were down. It was a bad week for several gigs.”

Answer: True. It was an 11% drop (I believe) across the board. Also, while our same days +1 ratings have dipped, our +7 ratings have steadily increased suggesting that our audience is simply time shifting.

Jeff writes: “my question is, since the ship is fairly old, and even looks like to me has been inhabited or boarded at one point, will the crew discover any remains or evidence in the ship that suggests or proves they may not be the first ones to show up there?”

Answer: It’s possible.

Shadow Step writes: “Well its a bit like a bank robber going up to the teller an saying “I really respect you man” and then shoots him. The headline is still going to be “teller killed””

Answer: No, it’s more like someone going to the bank, encountering a rude teller, and admonishing said teller for their rude behavior. Though the headline would still be “teller killed”.

SciFan writes: “ What do you think of V and do you think it can be successful?”

Answer: In all fairness, I haven’t watched V yet (I’ve been busy and have to get around to it, three episodes of House, and The Bourne Ultimatum), but the reviews have been good and the numbers for the premiere great, so it certainly looks promising – which is great because, as a fan of genre television and Morena Baccarin (SG-1’s Adria), I would like to see it do well.

Belouchi writes: “1. What exactly powers the SGU stargates on the planets the cast visits, I figure there isnt a DHD or anything else?

2. Theoritically, the Destiny was supposed to carry how many people… that is if the Ancients did come aboard…. sorry let me pose the question again: What is the max capacity in terms of people of the Ship?

3. Concerning Atlantis…. if the movie gets done ( I pray to God every night for that by the way) how much time will it take you guys for production and post production… I assume the pre-production is done?”

Answers: 1. It’s powered by some internal source located either within the gate or the gate’s ramp. 2. No idea. 3. It would take us a couple of weeks to prep (we would need to build new sets for some new locations, costumes, props, guest cast), and another three weeks or so to shoot, then maybe 4-5 months of post.

Taylor writes: “ In your opinion, are the power reserves still below designed capacity because the Destiny is so old, and is no longer capable to storing as strong a charge as it once could? Or is it more likely because so many power conduits were damaged, as mentioned in Earth, resulting in reduced efficiency as we saw in SGA when the power conduits there were damaged as well.”

Answer: It could well “all of the above”. We’ll be shedding some light on these power issues in upcoming episodes.

Aaron writes: “Sorry Joe, but I gotta agree with Maureen Ryan’s recent comments about Stargate Universe… It’s just not doing it for me, and I don’t think that makes me stupid.”

Answer: Why would you assume I’d think it made you stupid?

Sharon Sigl writes: “If you read these comments please understand if we didn’t care about the success of the show we wouldn’t bother to comment.”

Answer: Thanks for taking the time to weigh in, Sharon. And, I’m curious – where did you get the impression that we don’t want to hear what you have to say? If it’s a response to my recent rant, please read the rant rather than the paraphrased summation of someone else before making any assumption on what it was I did or did not say. Thanks.

Ian writes: “Some people in a forum i am in are debating about destiny and atlantis. Destiny is first right? and we know that Atlantis has to be a few million years old, since they wiped out life in the milky way and then restarted it and left for pegasus. So would you be able to give a range of years like Destiny is 30-35 million years old and Atlantis is 10-15 million years old??”

Answer: I’d rather not put a specific date on either (I’ll leave that to Brad or Rob), but I will confirm that, yes, Destiny IS older.

Sherrold writes: “When someone calls a _character_ “Lieutenant Rack”, they’re not commenting on the actress — they’re commenting on the writing, film angles, and editing choices that keep a character from becoming fully realized, and instead makes her a sexist caricature.

It’s rude for someone to come here and make such a comment — but it’s wrong for you to mischaracterize their comments as insults to the actress.”

Answer: It’s also wrong for you to misrepresent what I actually said. I stated that by using sexist terms in a post in which you are arguing something is sexist, you are undermining your argument. I never said anything about the terms being insulting to the actress. Although, now that you mention it, yes, it is pretty insulting to the actress. It would be no different than a fan referring to a character as “Corporal Fatty” or “Major Big Ears“. Sure, they can argue they’re only referring to the character, but they’re also demeaning the individual playing said character.

Squall78 writes: “Also, why do you sell yourself short producing and showrunning SGA?”

Answer: How so?  I said that SGA was a different show.  I never said it was an inferior show.

101 thoughts on “November 10, 2009: A Year of Change Continues Throwing its Curveballs…

  1. If you guys want to produce a soap opera, why not just do that? Leave the scifi to those who know how to do it. SG-U has so much potential and it’s being destroyed with all the soap opera crap.

  2. I found out about the closure too on facebook…sucks…cause I never got a chance to try the duck or belly confit. 🙁

  3. Sounds like we can be expecting you on some beach in Thailand sooner rather than later?

    Sorry to hear about Fuel.
    I’m expecting a, “Now you know how we felt when SGA got cancelled and replaced with SGU” comment at some point because there seemed to be an awful lot of restaurant and food analogies being thrown around during that time.

    It’s interesting how some don’t realise the offence they’ll cause just because they don’t know the individual personally, ie: “Lieutenant Rack”.

    I get some interesting comments regarding my weight, or lack thereof it. When my friends say it, they just know me and it’s a bit of a laugh, because they know I eat well, but I’ve had the odd stranger make passing comments to me which I find interesting.

    I had a bag of McDonald’s walking into a client (hey, I had half hour between running training sessions ok) and an employee said, “McDonalds?”, I replied, “Yeah, closest food outlet open and not much time.” He responded, “Oh, I meant, I didn’t think you ate.” Lucky I have a sense of humour!

    I have a really bad one, but I won’t repeat it here. It’s the snarkiest response I’ve ever given in my life and I’m not proud of it (there was no swearing and no name calling). But needless to say the stranger who felt it was ok to tell me she thought I had an eating disorder now knows what I think of her extra kgs. **hangs head in shame**

  4. Hi Joe

    Thanks for all the great responses to our questions. I am still struggling through the show, episode 7 was my least favorite. As you suggested I will keep watching through the last three episode of the first half, fingers crossed, I am really hoping it gets better and hooks me in. BTW I am a huge SG fan and have watched all episodes of SG-1 and SGA numerous times, but I only recently started posting on your blog.

    I am curious about Rush? Does he really have an hidden agenda? Does he know things about the destiny and is keeping them a secret? Why would he not want people to return home? So theoretically dialing the gate while in the sun would have worked but Rush somehow managed to stop them? At least that’s the idea I got.


  5. Not liking a show is one thing, most are subpar and don’t last long at all. It just seems to me that for various reasons alot of the detractors of the show are now rooting against it and lobbying for others to do the same. Is a show that you don’t like really worth all that effort. Why so vindictive? If it’s not worth an hour a week, how is it worth hours online blasting it and the people that spend alot of time and effort to bring it to the people that do enjoy it?

    It does appear to be doing okay for it’s time slot, so some people do like it. If you don’t like it, great, move on. Nothing is universally liked, except paid vacations!

  6. {{{{hugs}}}}

    It just sounded like you needed that. Sorry about Fuel…I don’t think your blog will be the same without it. I hope you find the new place as enjoyable…though…

    Ach, nevermind. I was going to say something about the new restaurant, and sitting next to a table of noisy eight-year olds having a birthday party, while you’re picking away at iceberg lettuce slathered in thousand island dressing…but I figured that might depress you even more. 😉 And I truly doubt that’s what the new place will be – sounds like Tom and Rob are a class act, and I’m sure you’ll love their new restaurant just as much – though perhaps on a different level – as Fuel.

    Just hope tomorrow (which is really today now) brings better things. Perhaps you need to step away from the technology, grab pen and paper and find a nice place in the park (weather permitting), or in some other tranquil setting, and write things the old fashioned way.

    Give the pups smooches for me! Have a good one, sir!


  7. Thanks for answering my question!

    I still find it amazing that I’m able to ‘talk’ with a person who creates my favorite show.

    What are your thoughts on my posts about Sanctuary? Is there some kind of partnership which allows the use of stargate related stuff, or are there a few things they just happened to borrow?

    Thanks always,

  8. No Fuel?!! What will we do?!! It’s always one of my first stops, when I’m in Vancouver! Rats! It’s those darn protesters fault!

  9. Heck! You must be in shock. And I’m sad as well. Caregiving for a parent kept me from Vancouver this year where I promised a friend an amazing culinary adventure. I was hoping to be able to visit sometime next year. And I’m surprised that they didn’t wait until after the Olympics.

    More importantly though, I’m happy to hear that the pups are all doing well, especially Max and Jelly.

    A few quick questions:

    Since Destiny is elderly, will there be some breakdowns now that the crew is taxing its systems?

    Can “Time” be considered a stand alone episode?

    Will there ever be an episode where the crew of the Destiny can rally against something together, instead of against each other?

  10. I’m very sorry to hear about your continuing tech troubles. Of course initially those can be funny (for those not having them); but beyond a day, I start feeling a knot of frustration over good products that just aren’t doing as they ought — too many memories of the same.

    So, what a time to read about Fuel closing its doors. But it’s good to read that Messrs. Doughty and Belcham will still be in the restaurant business.

    Thanks for another informative mailbag — and for letting a rather distinctive cat out of it. *w*

  11. I must admit that until today, I’ve hoped I would make it to Vancouver eventually and have the opportunity to eat at Fuel. No joke. It sounds amazing. I guess I’ll have to rethink that goal. Now that I know it’s closing, I can adjust my expectations. Who knows, maybe the redesigned version will be good too.

  12. Bummer about Fuel! We just live an hour south of the border, and because you speak so highly of it, I’d been planning on going next time we went to Vancouver (it’s been over a year since our last visit). Maybe I can convince the hubby to make a trip for my birthday this month :). With the news of their closing, I imagine reservations are highly recommended? Either way, I’ll be visiting that location eventually to partake of their yumminess, whatever their name may be.

    On a non-food note, SGU took a couple of episodes to grow on me, but now I’m loving it and eagerly await Friday nights. I wish all the cast and crew well during the hiatus and hope that there’s a second season.

  13. In regards to discussing the age of the ship…

    Joe, sometimes I wish a character on this show would put some things into perspective. “Millions of years old” is such a long period of time. If, by any chance, our Earth-based civilization exists millions of years from now, how much technological advancement do you think we’ll have made? In just a few thousand years we’ve gone from hunting and gathering to putting someone on the moon to being able to decipher our genome. How about a few thousand more? No one knows…..

    It’s so crazy to even just go back and look at a magazine from 1999 and see the “state-of-the-art” handheld devices in an old advertisement and compare them to what we have today. From an old Palm to iPhones… It’s amazing how fast technology is changing.

    In the “millions of years” between Destiny and Atlantis… so much could have changed, and I don’t think people really stop to think about it. Not even the characters on the show.

  14. FYI to those in Vancouver: I’m giving a talk in my department next week about working as a science consultant, science in science fiction, and the science portrayed in Stargate. The talk will mostly focus on scifi as a teaching aid, but will include stories about SG:U’s Air and some SG:A episodes. It’s open to the public — anyone is free to attend.

    Monday, 3pm, running at least 15 min but not more than 1 hr.
    Earth & Ocean Sciences seminar room (EOS-Main 330A), UBC campus

  15. I am saddened to hear of Fuel’s closing also. Unfortunately I’ve never been, as it’s a bit out of my price range, but I had been planning on selecting it for my celebration dinner when I finally complete my undergrad (the parents would foot the bill for the meal in that case). Will have 2 years to find another place I guess 🙁
    I shall continue to live vicariously through you and the photos of your last meals at Fuel in the meantime.

  16. at the end of justice will we see a to be continue logo? or will that wait for space since that is suppose be part 1 of a 2 mid season two parter?

  17. Hello =) ça va bien? Moi oui, petite journée de repos car aujourd’hui c’est férier (Armistice).

    Waou! vous répondez à de nombreuses questions en ce moment! moi je n’ai pas vraiment d’inspiration =(!

    =) je veux posé des questions à Maximus!

    1) Où êtes vous née?
    2) Avez vous eu dàja des disputes avec vos camarades chiens? Qui? et pourquoi?
    3) Que pensez vous de Joseph?

    Lol voila =)
    Gros bisou!
    A bientôt=)

  18. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    thanks for answering :D. So may I ask what Animes do you watch? I’m looking for a new series so you may have any recommandation?

    So I hope the decision is made soon *keep fingers crossed*

    I’m sorry to hear that about Fuel…

    Best Regards

  19. Thx Joe. Ma ma desu? I have no idea what that says. Babelfish can’t help me ‘cos its spoken. So I tried a Google phrase search. So-so? Kakkoii!

    I’m sorry to hear about Fuel and even sorrier to hear that you don’t hold the title for the most frequent diner. But it got me thinking. Could this be a random event that someone goes to Fuel one more time than you? I think not. I then wondered if it was possible that you knew the said person and who had the most to gain. I joined all of the dots and came up with one answer…..your arch-nemesis….yes! Ashleigh!!!! **GASP**

    All she had to do was secretly visit Fuel the night after you to keep up and add one extra night along the way. I’m sure you’re thinking, how can she pay for all of this with the salary we give her. Well arch-nemeses are nothing if not resourceful. You think The Joker got by with the crazy schemes? No, he worked kids parties on the side.

    I suggest organising a few of your minions to keep her busy while you wine & dine Fondy, Carl, Marty (if you can get him to visit again) & Lawren separately to ensure you hold the record.

    Best of luck Joe.

    Cheers, Chev

  20. Lots of great mailbag replies today! Thanks Joe 😀

    “The stones operate through a subspace link. ”
    I assume that’s got to be a different sort of subspace link than what Earth’s ships use for communication since those have limited range. For the stones I thought some sort of quantum entanglement sounds like a better ‘explanation’. But my degree isn’t in science fiction…

    “In fact, the next seven or so episodes offer up a terrific mid-season run.”
    Considering that four of those are after the hiatus, saying that is quite a tease!

  21. Hi, Joe.

    My condolences on the closing of ‘Fuel.’ Darn! There goes my scheme to somehow get to Vancouver and visit Fuel (and other sites).

    Joe, I noticed in ‘Earth,’ that Dale Volker’s right arm was no longer in a sling. How many days has elapsed since the arrival on the Destiny now? Did Volker not have a broken right arm? Or did Johansen discover something in the Destiny’s infirmary that healed Volker’s arm?

    Just curious!

    Thank you.

    Best wishes.

  22. Joe,

    Despite not watching SGU I still find dropping by your blog on a daily basis an interesting and often times educational early morning endeavor, so I hope you don’t mind that I will still, on occasion, make a comment.

    Regarding Fuel; the name change, menu change, and emphasis on “more affordable” tells me that your city, and probably your country, is being hit with the same economic destruction that the USA is experiencing and at least your friends at Fuel still have a company and their employees won’t be tossed to the curb. I have a feeling their menu, even at ‘more affordable’ will offer the best bang for the buck in that price range. If I were you I would be approaching this change with some excitement, saving a few bucks with the new menu but still getting the creative talent behind the food will do wonders.

    I sincerely hope that your city is better able to survive the economic collapse that is surely coming our way, and that with all the TV and movie production still being done there you will realize a gentler collapse. Although the destruction of the US dollar doesn’t bode well with American production companies looking to save money by producing in Canada, perhaps your government can provide other benefits to keep them shooting their projects there. I hear every citizen in California is now being hit with a 10% tax (in addition to all the other taxes) straight off the top of their paychecks, so if Vancouver can avoid that type of nonsense maybe they’ll stick around. I know my daughter is feeling the crunch and is seriously looking to head to Vancouver to land a gig.

    In any case, keep your head down, stay out of the limelight and stay focused.

  23. Serious bummer. I suppose you’ll report on the new cuisine once you’re back from Tokyo. I’m very interested on what dishes make it to the new restaurant. My condolences. And good luck on taking the number one position as repeat customer; surely your coworkers will assist you in claiming your title.
    Update on the dogs is appreciated, as well as the suprisingly fat mailbag. Thanks for taking the time with all of the other things claiming your time.

  24. My condolences about Fuel, Joe – my thoughts are with you during your period of mourning! 😛

    – – –

    I watched Earth again, and think I’ve finally collected myself enough to provide proper feeback!

    First of all – “Air” was a fantastic, huge-scale epic of a pilot, but having a three-parter, followed by the “Darkness”/”Light” two-parter right at the start of the show – for me – slowed the pace down a fair bit. I thoroughly enjoyed both, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting “Water” and “Earth” to see what SGU would feel like in a shorter format.

    “Water” was great; but “Earth” was FANTASTIC. The contrast between the two was also brilliant. Both were – as the series seems to be – extremely character driven, and I like that. But they were so radically different: I’m totally reassured that the show isn’t going to turn into a soap opera, because of how well you managed to mix in the tension and excitement.

    My only complaint is… well, not a complaint, really. I both love and hate how you keep smashing apart my perceptions of characters. We already knew Telford was an ass, but that last shot of him left me seething all three episodes. You managed to both break and build up Young in the same episode – he cheated on his wife, and yet once again managed to earn even more of my respect because of his approach to command. Rush redeemed himself, but then you kicked in that little note of doubt about him with the Young and Eli scene at the end.

    Seeing more of Chloe and Camile was great; I was a little indifferent about Chloe, but she’s won me over. And the more you make me dislike Telford, the more I like Greer for punching him in the face! Even Scott’s relatively minimal participation was such a great development: that conversation with Greer revealed so much about what he’s like as a person.

    Most of all though, I didn’t see a lot of it coming. I usually pride myself on being able to predict where you guys are going, but in “Earth” in particular, you kept sideswiping me with stuff I hadn’t expected. I LOVE feeling like that while watching something: it just adds to the excitement.

    Please, please, please, please: keep up the fantastic work!

  25. Sorry to hear about Fuel, Joe. Wow, we know how much you enjoyed it, but it continues on in another form or fashion, same but different. Kinda like SGA and SGU. The same people are still behind it, it’s re-imagined, a different flavor. All the best on their new endeavor.

    Hope Maximus does well with getting the stitches out. Love the pic,lol.

  26. My dogs perform the same act as Jelly. They wake me every day around 5:30 am, which is fine if I am headed to work. On weekends, they still make me get out of the bed and then nudge me downstairs for another two hours of dog-crowded sleep on the couch. When they deem it appropriate, they begin barking and jumping up and down on any available sensitive area until I get up to give them a treat. Pushy little poodles…

  27. JM Wrote: But I think the difference is that those characters always set out to do the right thing and rare, if ever, slipped to “the dark side”.

    Why would we expect anything less of a team that was hand selected for a dangerous, long and important mission? It stands to reason that they would assemble “the best of the best”.

    If there ever were “off world” bases in real life, I am pretty confident that the crew of those bases would be carefully selected and screened with regular psych evaluations… (crazed diaper wearing homicidal astronaut being the exception) I get your point, but focusing too much on these issues is really losing me and many of my friends and peers. It is a SciFi show not As the World Turns.


  28. Actually, I find Rush very lovable so far. Also, in SGA, well Todd’s one of our heroes! Are you saying he’s good at heart, and not motivated by self-interest? What about Acastus Kolya? And in SG1, who doesn’t love Ba’Al? Or Vala, who I’m still not convinced has learned to play team and not steal and scheme? As for good at heart… In the last season of Atlantis, I’m not convinced Sheppard is anymore. You guys made him really, really dark.

  29. What a bummer about Fuel. We are planning a trip up the northwest coast next summer and I had hoped to take my wife there while we were in town.

    That article was a little vague about the reason for closing. Any ideas why? The economy hitting fine dining? Menu burnout? The fois protesters? 🙂

  30. Hey Joe, what is the episode composition for sgu? is it still 5 acts and the tease like sga? I only ask this because, well it seems like SGU being more serialized makes the show less rushed or fast paced like in SGA sometimes was. Just seems like the 42 min i spend watch Stargate these days is slower and more detailed, oe thorough. I understand the characters better, and i feel more at ease with the “We’re having another bad day” SGU lifestyle. Rather than “Deus Ex Machina” at the 39 minute mark of a lot of SGA episodes.
    Same can be said for SmallVille infact, Clark saves the day and then a 2-3 minute scene in the Barn. haha

  31. Hi Joe
    thus far I have to say that I love SGU ! it has another dynamic than SG1 and Atlantis but I love it and I can’t wait to see the first Alien race that has space ships in Space !!

    I have some kind of a request, I remember seeing in a behind the scene video or picture of Atlantis a list of planets with the symbols and order to enter in the DHD,
    and on a video on the MGM official site, we can see the full symbols sequence that leads to Earth (it’s the adress used in the Episode Earth).
    Since a lot of hardcore fans that love all the extended universe such as Stargate adresses, etc..
    I would like to know if we could see those “un”official lists of adress that has been done in the past ?

    Thanks a lot 😉

    And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a possible season 2 !

  32. Ah Joe sorry to hear Fuel is shutting up shop! I had lunch there last year when I was over for Gatecon, it was fantastic! I hope the change is a success for them! I have every intention of checkin it out at Gatecon next year – any chance we might see you make an appearance there btw? It’s apparently gonna be the last Gatecon 🙁

    I’m enjoying SGU so far. It is very different to SG1 and SGA but then so is a lot of the telly I watch…the characters are interesting, really looking forward to getting to know them better, especially Rush. I love that the stones are being used as the method of communication with Earth, they were a great plot device in SG1 & SGA and it’s good to see them being used and the various implications. I do miss the level of humour that was in the other two series, but it would be difficult to have that given the situation these guys are in. Loved the Philip Fry line! Eli rocks. As does Mr G. 😉

  33. “And, I’m curious – where did you get the impression that we don’t want to hear what you have to say?”

    The way you write your replies, to a lot of us it boils down to “If you are rude I’ll ignore you, if you are polite I’ll tell you why you are wrong, and then ignore you”.

    “… it is pretty insulting to the actress. It would be no different than a fan referring to a character as “Corporal Fatty” or “Major Big Ears“. Sure, they can argue they’re only referring to the character, but they’re also demeaning the individual playing said character.”

    Except the latter two are pejoratives, where the former would be a term of appreciation from most.

  34. I’m a little sad about Fuel closing. I’d been looking forward to experiencing it some day. Not in the near future, just…you know…some day.

  35. Actually Joe I was not implying that you did or did not appreciate our comments, critiques or suggestions for the success of the show from your recent rant. I was simply saying that I love the franchise, as do most of your readers, and we just want this show to be as successful as the others. This blog is a unique opportunity for a showrunner to connect with their audience and I for one find it a daily must read. Thank you.

  36. Hey Joe,

    Sorry, I must of misunderstood you. Because I agree that it is not better or worse SGU, it is different than SGA. Again sorry for the question.



  37. Hey Joe, i’ve been so busy I missed the blog for the last week!!…..sorry, but i’m caught up now. More importantly however, I didn’t miss SGU.
    I have to say though, i’m not a fan of the way the relationships are developing, SG-1 and SGA didn’t really touch on relationships, aside from Keller/McKay and several failed Carter relationships. Since this is really my only problem with the show, maybe you guys should bring in a person with more experience to be a consultant and help guide the relationship aspect of the show?

  38. So I just watched the Kino videos, which I haven’t seen at all up to now.

    It seems like I would have liked the show a bit more if it had more of this. Some of the character interactions have felt a bit.. forced. But the kino scenes have a more natural feel to them.

    So my questions:
    A) Why did you chose to put this type of content in the Kino videos, and why wasn’t more of this type of content included in the show?

    B) Since these first intro episode are about the audience getting to know the ship and cast why aren’t we seeing a bit more of how they’re setting up life out there and learning to live around the technology of the ship (beyond just *it’s broken right now*):
    Picking rooms, morning exercise routines, exploring places like the medlab, making revelations about the ancients, etc.

    Not saying this all has to happen at once or it has to boring, just as a viewer I would prefer to feel like we’re walking away with a new or neat idea about the universe we’ve been watching so far. Right now it just feels like a lot of sound and fury.


  39. [ wooooo 2nd comment ever – might make this a habit 🙂 ]


    I think I may have stumbled on to what is just not doing it for me with SGU. The audience (ok, maybe just me) hasn’t had the opportunity to like characters and form bonds with them before accepting their trips to the dark side and their flaws. I understand the need for villians and conflict but you also need someone to root for. I recognize who I’m supposed to root for but the only response I’ve been able to muster so far is indifference.

    Then again, I’m not generally a huge fan of soapy dramas. What appeals to me about SciFi are the aspirational elements – Grey’s Anatomy in space just doesn’t do it for me (I mention that because I didn’t give Defying Gravity a chance because that’s how the show was advertised on Space – completely turned me off). It was one of the reasons I stopped watching BSG except for the final few episodes – just to see how the series ended.

    If the show was called just ‘Universe’, there is a high probability that I would have stopped watching after the 3rd episode.

    Now, saying all that, am I saying that the show is bad? Not at all. It does come off as a quality show. It just may not be a show that appeals to me personally and keep me as a loyal viewer.

    Mind you, it took half way into Season 1 of SG-1 until the show really found it’s groove in my opinion so we’ll see how things go for a few more episodes on SGU.

  40. Oh no! Your favorite restaurant closing is as bad as your favorite show being cancelled…:) Sorry, being a smartass. Bet they’ll prepare whatever you want after they re-open, so why worry? xoxo

  41. Closing Fuel and opening a new restaurant with the same owners is wierdly like how Stargate was “reopened” with SGU.
    Hope you like the new place. 🙂

  42. First post!

    1) What’s the deal with the one worded titles this season? Not complaning, just curious as to what the insperation was behind that chose.

    2) I know this has been asked COUNTLESS times, but, when are talks with MGM about the SG1/SGA movie going to continue?

    3) How many Nic Rush-centered episodes are we going to see this season?

    4) Will we see who/what attacked the Destiny? And does it involve ‘the pod’ from ”AIR (3)”?

  43. No matter what I think of some of the characters, the acting is fantastic!! I was not familiar with Robert Carlyle and Louis Ferreira, but am blown away by their work on SGU thus far.

  44. Joe – quick question about Fuel. jmanzione did a good job at pointing out the probable economic reasons for the change, but do you think such things as the foie gras protesters had any bearing on their decision?

    Shame, really. I like interesting restaurants, but most of ours around here play it safe due to the tourist industry – people on vacation seem to prefer ‘predictable’.

    There’s this place down here that’s supposed to be good, but I’ve never tried it because it’s mostly seafood (I am not a fan), so their ‘turf’ menu is pretty limited. But it sounds like something more along the lines that you’re familiar with.

    I’m sure there are others around, but can’t afford to dine out like that on a regular basis, so usually just stick to the places I know.

    Hope you find a new ‘home’, Joe!


  45. I trust that you found the irony in your blog today? Several of your blog’s readers certainly have.

    You are losing a favorite restaurant, one you have praised since your first tried it. Now, it is to be replaced by another restaurant, with the same management and chefs but with a concept change and a new menu, as well as several of Fuel’s stanbys. Sound familiar?

    I hope that Fuel’s new restaurant will be to your liking and that your relationship will continue. However, imagine, those SGA fans who had to deal with an announcement out of the blue that their favorite show was being unceremoniously dumped and being replaced by a far better, more innovative show with a new concept to attract a more diverse viewership but with some of the familiar SG traits that should continue to appeal to all SG “addicts.”

    Unfortunately, with respect to SGU, the “management” and “chefs” may be the same, but — for me — the “ingredients” are all wrong. Technobabble, cool weaponry and Ancient ships are not why I watched SGA. entertainment. It’s the characters and their interactions that kept me coming back. I neither like nor care for these “new” characters. For me, these people are indeed “all the wrong people,” and some are sadly rather predictable. I was expecting something new, but I have had to agree with several reviewers who called the show derivative, borrowing from BSG, Lost, Star Trek: Voyager, etc. The characters may grow and change for the better over the course of the show, and the pace of the show may pick up, but this is not the show I want to see.

  46. I have a question – will the protesters still be able to protest outside the new restaurant? What will they do? Or does this just give’ em something else to protest about??

    @ Deni LOL, sorry Joe.

  47. Re: Maximus, glad to hear he is doing well and ready to have stitches out.

    Re: Fuel – awwww maaaannn, still did not get to their corn soup or the duck or pork. Hope the soup might still be something kept on the “seasonal portion” of the new menu.


  48. # 1 Does the SG1 movie have a title like SGA does?

    # 2 When you get the “call” do you think that both movies will be made at the same time or will they only make one at a time?

    # 3 How long do you think you will get to shoot each movie?

    # 4 Who is tentatively slated to direct each movie?

    So far there has been some funny lines in SGU. My fave so far are from Water:

    Eli says to Scott and Young “You’ll run out of air long before we leave you behind. ”

    Then Eli gets all panicky when everyone is discussing the aliens and he says something along the lines about not worrying about them until they “come bursting out of our stomachs.”

  49. Hey Joe,

    I missed several days of the blog (exam time hit, and then I got a concussion playing soccer, and had to make *up* a bunch of missed stuff), so this is a bit delayed…but yes, it was me who posted about Chocoatl. It was in October, I think, and I took my brother for the first time (I’d been bringing him chocolate home, but he’d never been there), and Themis was there and pretty upset. There’d been a problem with some financial backing. I’m sad to hear they did have to close though – I’d been hoping that they’d managed to pull one out of the fire…

    Also disappointed to see Fuel close – but it’ll be nice to see a new place too.. Maybe I can start going if I’m stuck out at UBC for an evening.

    Bella does the same thing when she wants something, she cries until we do what she wants – she has us very well trained…

    Glad to hear Maximus is recovering well!


    PS: Oh! Almost forgot – I’m still loving SGU. Earth was great, though it strikes me that perhaps Mr. Gero has a bit of a twisted sense of humour… Definitely made me laugh – sometimes while staring in disbelief.
    I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the season!

  50. When we first met O’Neill, we were exposed to the idea of his having a tragedy in his past – and his doing things that made us root for the character – long before we found out he was supposed to destroy the mission if things went south. We were exposed to the heroic side of the character before we encountered the villainous side – and he promptly redeemed himself. He did some dumb things later on – like shooting the humaniform Replicator – but only after we’d already gotten to like him.

    The most important scene in the first episode of Babylon 5 was when Garibaldi points out to Londo that the Centauri first claimed Earth was a lost colony of theirs, and Londo sarcastically asks if he wants blood and tells him to open his wrists. “Centauri don’t have major arteries in their wrists.” “Of course not! Do you think I’m stupid?”

    The most important two scenes in the opening episodes of Firefly were when Wash was playing with his dinosaurs, and Mal kicked the thug into the engine intake.

    What were the most important scenes from the first six episodes of SGU?

  51. “True. It was an 11% drop (I believe) across the board. Also, while our same days +1 ratings have dipped, our +7 ratings have steadily increased suggesting that our audience is simply time shifting.”

    What exactly is time shifting? If that means recording it and then watching it later…. that would include me ’cause hubby has football he wants to watch on Friday nights. When SGA was on he was plain outta luck!

    Love the pic of Maximus…. he’s giving you that look because I think he’s been getting e-mails from Duct Tape on the sly and thinks you found out. Glad he’s getting the stitches out soon, poor little guy. Seems like it’s been forever! Big hugs to all the gang.


    I sympathize. Mine do the same thing… and since the smallest of the four weighs over 40 pounds… the politest term that comes to mind is “ouch”. At least they wait until 6:30 to start waking me up, which is very nice of them. And you should see them on the couch. I get to curl up on a scant one third of it and they pile onto the other two thirds. Three of them are Rhodesian Ridgebacks…. talk about a ridge of backs! LOL!!

  52. I asked variations of these questions a while back, but it was apparently just in time for life to get too busy mailbags, so giving it a second go…

    1. How do the Kino webisodes fit with the show’s continuity? For instance, I saw one recently where Becker and a scientist were talking about chemicals that make up flavors and she’d used some of the bad ice in “Water” to make a banana flavor (well it Becker said it SMELLED like banana, so I assume it would taste that way, too.)

    Will the fact that they can do that be addressed at some point in the show or will Destiny just suddenly have flavor to their watery powder food and if you don’t watch the webisodes you don’t know why? (or, conversely, is it the sort of thing that just wouldn’t be brought up on the show, and it really is just a special extra?)

    2. I’m really liking Becker and an IMDB search tells me Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman had a role as unnamed server on the SG-1 episode “Momento Mori.” It took me a little while to remember that was the one where Vala lost her memory and was working at a restaurant — which is I’m assuming where he played that character.

    Did you guys notice that once you cast Bowyer-Chapman and could Becker be considered the same character? Or is he another SG-doppleganger, joining the ranks of Seth/Daniels’ Dad and Narim/Simon? (“Stargate — where everyone really DOES have a double somewhere in the universe…”) 🙂

  53. Did you ask them about a chef Q&A? We need the practice asking considerate questions before we get a crack at the SGU cast.

    Oh, about the cast Q&A’s … I was going to post some out-of-context Moliere quote about the virtues of moderation, but I’ll just plainly state it:

    I would understand if you were to heavily moderate the comments when you announce the upcoming Q&A’s. I want you to because it is as a necessity in order to get the Q&A’s to happen and stay fun.

  54. Damn shame about Fuel but I’m sure the new place won’t disappoint.
    Maximus is looking super-cool. How’s the rest of the gang?

  55. Sorry to hear that Fuel is getting re-booted. Guess the staff concluded the clientele have change and is attempting adjustments. The reopen timing is geared for the Olympics IMO.

    The SGU show is losing me. Find the show dull and slow paced with too little story for my taste. Too much focusing on the characters makes the story not very exciting and the ad breaks really doesn’t help. Maybe with DVD boxset or iTunes downloads the show might be quicker paced and more coherent. This is not a fun show to watch so far.

    Is the remaining episodes similar to aired episode arc? Or will the look and feel of the show changes?

  56. I saw that about the ratings. Not sure if the source I read from was true but 1.6 million viewers for one of the more recent episodes. Not sure if thats with or without everything extra being added in like those who don’t watch Live.

    What kinda shocks me is how such a fake show like Ghost Hunters gets much higher ratings. Some Syfy viewers have no taste. SGU needs those kinda ratings to probably last longer than SG1 Lol

  57. Joe,

    Just wanted to say I love the show and I got one of my friends hooked by much more than I was expecting to. I’d say he is someone who probably wouldn’t of been as addicted to the previous two shows.

    While a huge fan of SG-1 and SGA (watched all episodes at least once), I must admit I am very much enjoying the new show. I’ve withheld any criticism until I felt I watched at least until the first season break. After the first five episodes a part of me was really hoping every episode wasn’t going to be revolving around imminent danger for the whole ship and crew.

    While “Earth” did have a bit of that still in the story, the whole episode has put my worries to bed. I really enjoyed the parts of “Earth” that have been done before on television but not often done well. At least from the TV I watch I am usually disappointed with the performance of an actor trying to act drunk. I was most impressed with all the Blue and Levesque scenes off-Destiny.

    I also enjoyed the Ferreira and Blue “day-dreams” if you will, though Ferreira was actually asleep. I liked those scenes because they were not something you were doing over and over again in each episode. I’m not sure if this is because of the several directors you have for the show or if it was planned so. Some shows can get old quicker because they over use the same techniques or use them too predictably.

    Also I do enjoy the show’s “appearance of cost”. There usually being a large difference in appearance between a TV show major motion picture. Obviously it is always nice to not have to overlook a cheesy effect or costume as a cost of doing business with watching TV. (it’s amazing what an extra million/per episode can do)

    I see a lot of negative comments which I can only assume means some people don’t want change, or at least not as much. Understandable of course. You certainly seem levelheaded enough to accept what seems like a plethora of negativity to still be the minority. Part of my motivation in commenting here is because I realize people more often comment with something is wrong or confusing than when something is excellent.

    Also, people get upset over the strangest things, i.e. the Benson/Kino stuff or the “intimate” stuff. In jest I can only then presume the majority of people who started watching SG-1 when it aired were already 50 years old and are now at age to complain about how the days of old (modesty) were so much better.

    Perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way and in reality it’s just that your show is too convincing and some people are truly angry at the characters themselves for acting imperfect.

    Regardless of where some people get off on telling creators and directors of 12+ years of successful television “they’re doing it wrong”, point is, the show rocks. I do get that some people complain to change minor parts of the show they dislike because they care about the show.

    Also the end of “Earth” forced a verbal phrase of shock and disbelief that I’ve yet to experience watching a TV show. Can’t wait for “Time”.

  58. Sorry-but-glad to hear of Fuel’s changes. Please give them my best wishes for a successful new venture.

  59. @ Deni – Hmm. Perhaps people will just start having sex on the tables in the new restaurant…all shocking and spontaneous-like. 😉 Or, maybe…they’ll have this special dish, that – when Joe eats it – his consciousness is immediately transferred into a little Japanese businessman in Tokyo, enjoying the master creations of Chef Kanesaka.


    Speaking of which – you said last year that you would be heading back Sushi Kanesaka this year? Any plans of doing so?


  60. What’s more dangerous: arguing with an intelligent writer or skydiving without a parachute? I can’t quite put my finger on it….

  61. Hi Joe,

    Been reading the blog ever since SG:U started, don’t often post since i’m in the UK and by the time i’ve seen the latest episode the comments section has exploded, but in light of the less positive feedback it appears the shows been getting, I thought i’d add my voice what surely must be a chorus of praise, SG:U is terrific, is quickly becoming one of my favourite shows, 45 minutes of the most intelligent & interesting TV currently around, and nicely fills a Battlestar shaped hole than had opened up in my TV viewing.

    My question would be, obviously you’ve spoken about how there have been a lot of changes from how SG-1 and SGA where written/produced/shot etc, are these things you know look back and thing, “wow, we should have been doing it this way all along.”

  62. @ Joe – I really think you’ll like the Bourne Ultimatum if you loved the other 2 movies. I kind of think that the Supremacy is my favorite though. I’m wishing Maximus the best. It was nice to hear (well, read) about him and Jelly. Thanks

    Peace & Love,


  63. G’day Joe
    Sad to hear about Fuel. Good luck on being No. 1 diner.

    Loving SGU so far. The only complaint I have about the sex scenes is why oh why was there never JackSam scenes like this in SG1.

  64. Condolences on the loss of Fuel. I hope all the staff have found other positions? The holidays would be a bad time for unemployment.

    Narelle: What you said about your hubby smiling yesterday. That is so sweet.

    J: Thanks for the well wishes. It will be a month or so before she is released from the hospital.

    Mr. M, I hope Jelly is ok.

    My hubby suggest you have someone check your router settings. Apparently, it can be set up to only work with certain cards, require a password or something hinky like that. I hope it is something that simple! How frustrating for you!!!

  65. 1) It’s the responsibility of people in the United States to voice their opinions. Yes this is more toward political ends, but it can be applied here too. So they are letting the powers that be know what they feel. And yes people that don’t like some fast food restaurants do complain, and I’m sure there are many people out there that don’t like the show that haven’t said anything about it either.

    2) The show is rather flat, and that’s not a personal opinion, that’s an opinion of someone who has done a decent amount of acting, and has written a few skits, there is no reason to relate to these characters. None of them are dynamic. Yes, they have dynamic aspects to them, like Chloe’s dad is dead, and she has a shallow life, and likes boys. But the way they are portrayed don’t make her a dynamic character. An analogy: you can through eggs, sugar, chocolate chips, oil, etc. in a bowl to make cookies, but until you bake it they aren’t cookies. Sure it has all the characteristics of a cookie, but its not. That’s the problem with the majority of these characters, they have what they need, but they haven’t been baked. I would say this is why the writers felt they did such a great job.

    3) Brad Wright and Joseph Mallozzi may be people like you and I, but they are people in a respectful position. They are expected to act a certain way and shine a good light on their shows, SyFy, and MGM. Unfortunately, they have gotten too caught up in their personal writings to step back and realize they are being “verbally agressive” and not “argumentative.” Being “argumentative” means you argue with facts, and logic. Being “verbally aggressive” means you attack people and their ideas. For example: Mallozzi called his fans idiots, sorry but no matter how you back that up, you are still being verbally aggressive, and won’t win an arguement. Advice to Mallozzi were he to read this “Next time, politely ask people to not be “verbally aggressive” and attack the actors, they are portraying a character.”
    Example 2: Wright said something along the lines of “… the sex and controversy of SGU will keep it long on the air, even after ‘V’ is just another letter in the alphabet.” Sorry but this is verbally aggressive again, he didn’t use any logic as to why SGU is superior to V, he said why SGU is good, and then bashed V with no basis. Now perhaps he might have said “These characteristics of SGU, may be controversial, but the lore of Stargate and the adventures to come will keep our viewers viewing. V doesn’t have the lore of Stargate, which I think is where SGU will trump V.” … Now that arguement doesn’t sound so much like a child arguing with a sibling.

    4) Finally, in relation to number 3, which says that Wright and Mallozzi have responsibilities and should shine a good light on their affiliates, number 4 will talk about said controversy. One of the big topics is sexism, that SGU takes advantage of women. It was said that “compared to real life SGU is nothing,” well no one said real life wasn’t sexist either, so this is simply a poor argument. As an international television show, it has responsibilities too. It doesn’t have to be said directly “Men are superior to women,” it can be shown. As many of us may know, humans do a lot of communication through non-verbals. And the portrayal of the women characters seems to non-verbally say, that Chloe likes to have sex, Young’s wife is willing to have sex with some strange body (because remember, she sees Telford, not Young like we do), Wray is passed over for promotions in the I.O.A. These are just a few examples of what people are claiming to be sexism. I won’t go as far to say it is sexism, just an under use of women actors. For example, as opposed to showing Lt. James in skimpy clothes, they could have shown Riley and Eli getting reprimanded for spying on James. Another, as opposed to having a sex scene with Young and Mrs. Young, they could have shown Mrs. Young lying on top of Young, implying they had sex, and then the disruption with the stones happens. They could have even been kissing. Point is, they are not allowing the fans to do what they love best, want more and imagine more. By simply showing the sex scene, saying that Chloe has a shallow life, they could have allowed the viewer to come to that conclusion, which makes a show much better.

  66. @ Narelle – I guess we could say that my Todd is Joe’s foie gras, eh? 😉


  67. Narelle: don’t feel guilty about the food comment! I’ve been getting the “how DP you feel about food comments all my life”. From Doctors, no less!
    I brought my general doctor a batch of cookies last time (being in Memphis has shown me that bribes Do work).
    He said something like “You probably just make cookies and give them all away without eating any of them.” I just replied, “then you would be wrong”. I knock back at least a dozen homemade cookies a week!


  68. @das – My brain just went to a very scary place thinking about a review you would do for Todd in a food critic way. It involves texture and I’m not going to go any further.
    Found a book character that seems up your alley, Eric Northman. Tall, pale, long blonde hair and undead.

  69. @ Narelle – But that’s the thing – I don’t like ‘undead’. I like ’em pale and sickly, but they haveta have red blood flowing through their veins! 😀

    And…oOOoooo…a review on edible Todd. Lemme nibble on his fingertips, and I’ll get right backatcha. 😈



    Yeah. I don’t think I should say ANY of it out loud. 😛


  70. @Guy – I don’t have anything to say about your first 3 points. But, what you said in your 4th point is the same point that I think many of us have been trying to make with women on the show(s), and that I have been making with minorities.

    I will again state that I love the fact that minorities have been included on the SG-1, SGA, and SGU teams over the years. This is a big credit to these shows’ creators/producers. And, I am really thankful for that. But, when all of the minorities on the SG teams fit a similar bill in the roles that they play (wonderful roles, mind you) it’s a statement. There is no way around this fact: It is making a statement. I don’t think that it’s intentional, not at all. If I did, I would have never watched the shows, much less bought the DVDs of the shows/movies, which are great.

    I am neither asking, nor do I want, for any of the SG teams that we know and love to change ( I mean the main teams because I do miss Carson, no offense to the new character/actress.) It would just be nice to see a guest scientist brought in on one or both of the movies that can help solve something or get something done because minority scientists do exist. On a brighter note, maybe the Wray, Greer, and I think it’s Parker(?) characters will participate more in problem-solving and leadership as the SGU progresses. I also extend this hope to the female characters in general.

    Having said all of this, I think I’m going to put these points in the “giving it a rest” bowl along with “Sheyla,” as I am not trying to wear these points out.

    @Tammy – It’s nice to hear that your niece will be out in a month. I’ll be praying for her. I hope you don’t mind as praying is religious.

    Peace & Love,


  71. So sad to hear about Fuel–I so wanted to go there next year for my BD—I also have a great picture of Tom who saved my birthday this year-thanks for the recommendation btw.
    Please let us know what the new name will be so i can get there next year after the Olympics to celebrate my birthday and see your fair city once more…can’t wait!

  72. Very sorry to hear about Fuel’s transformation and Chocoatl closing. I enjoyed both very much when I was there in April. At Fuel, had my first ever fois gras, which happened to be from Chef’s personal stash. Amazing! I wish them luck in their new incarnation.

    As for your wireless/Mac issues, hav you tried going to the System Preferences (under the Apple), click on Network, click on Airport, then click on Assist Me? If I were there I could help you. I converted my aunt from Windows to MacBook recently If you need help moving your email over, I’ve been through it!

  73. Will Rush develop a soft spot for any of the crew members? Or have a single friendly encounter with anyone that turns around on him, sending him further into his shell?

  74. I have a question…

    Is it sexist that my husband calls me ‘love lumps’??

    (Hey, it’s better than a few years back when he took to calling me Bubba … 🙄 )


  75. Joe said:
    “… it is pretty insulting to the actress. It would be no different than a fan referring to a character as “Corporal Fatty” or “Major Big Ears“. Sure, they can argue they’re only referring to the character, but they’re also demeaning the individual playing said character.”

    Judging from from her public statements (e.g. at, Julia Benson herself is proud of, and not at all shy about, her “100% natural” assets.

    But no, calling Lt. James “Lt. Rack” (which I note has happened less since the writers started to let her keep her uniform on, and occasionally to do something non-rack-related even if it’s still All About The Guy) is not demeaning Julia Benson, any more than calling Lt. Uhura “Lt. Hailing Frequencies” would be demeaning Nichellle Nichols. In both cases, we’re not saying that the *actress* limited and diminished the character; we’re saying that the *writers and directors* limited and diminished the character.
    Which I would certainly expect you to dispute, but please do so on your own (or your colleagues’) behalf, rather than claming to be defending the actress.

    I also don’t see how using the phrase Lt. Rack (or Lt. McBoobs) “undercuts” a sexism argument, any more than, for example, using the phrase “dumb blond” would undercut an argument that a show is depicting a character as such, and should not do so.

  76. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for answering my questions. I was wondering if you know any good restaurants in Boston because I’m planning a little romantic get away with my girlfriend. I trust your culinary taste so through some recommendations my way buddy.


  77. 911, what’s your emergency?

    Calm down sir and stop crying. I can’t understand you. Say again?

    You’re out of fuel? Your car sir?

    Please, stop crying.

    OH, your favorite restaurant is closing?

    It will be okay, just calm down and have some chocolate.
    Breathe deeply sir. Feeling better? Good.

    Helps on the way sir. A new restaurant, same owners, same chefs. You’ll be fine.

  78. @das


    And your post earlier about Tokyo body swapping and sex made me lol. I wish I could green you!!!

  79. We’ve seen in SG-1’s S09E20 ‘Camelot’ an emulator of the subspace link generated by the stones which showed an analog signal. Now, I’m going to take this as intended cannon for my next question.

    Why don’t they constantly interrupt the signal in order to send a data stream?

    You could send massive amounts of data! It would work anywhere, too, if it works on the Destiny. Subspace communication + 1.

  80. das– Knew you preferred them alive and breathing but thought I should mention the undead bit so as to not get involved in any false advertising 🙂

  81. …I finished A Game of Thrones…and honestly…I absolutely HATED that he killed Eddard and Drogo…I was furious!!!! I was actually eating outside at Chipotle when I read those two chapters. I threw the book down on the table and said, fairly loudy…”This is absolute crap!” Everyone looked at me. Still pissed, I said “What?” really bitter. LOL, it was funny.

    When I read the end though…all his knights declaring Robb Stark the King of the North, and Dany with the dragons and what’s left of Drogo’s khalasar bowing to her….it was pretty cool, and I understand that Eddard and Drogo needed to be outta the way…

    So okay…I still loved it…but I never remember hating a book so much at one point…LOL

    And I’m already into A Clash of Kings…

  82. Tammy – Not good about it coming from your docs! My docs are the people that make me laugh about it. They know I’ve been light my entire life (they say dancing for so many years and always having a healthy diet has just meant I’ve maintained my light frame) so while they say I’m not the norm, it isn’t because I’m not healthy it’s because society has now changed. I like those docs 🙂


  83. Oh noes how sad! I’m surprised Fuel is closing…although I must admit that my ears perked at the “more affordable” line and kind of like the sound of the new place. Still, condolences on Chocoatl and Fuel both closing. 🙁

    Still having Mac troubles?

  84. “even if u guys don’t get picked up for a season 2 what would u guys do in the way of work?”

  85. I’m catching up with your blog and I’m heartbroken! one of the main things I was looking forward to going back to Vancouver was another lifetime experience at Fuel.

    Please wish them all the best on my behalf, I will for sure be there when they re-open and maybe suggest a cookbook with their soup recipes might be a good idea for those that loved their food 🙂

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