Due to my recent computer problems, I’ve been able to get around to posting some pics I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks.  For instance, some snaps from that dinner with Golden Boy Marty G. at Fuel on the night following the SGU season one wrap party…

Marty G. takes an emergency call. The donor liver arrived! They've prepped the O.R.! He's got to go!

As usual, we went with a five course menu and left the actual dishes up to Chef Belcham.  Among the highlights was THIS –

Homemade pasta with truffle and sugo cream and pork offal meatballs

Crazy-good!  Actually, crazy-phenomenal.  The best pasta dish I’ve had this year.  Sadly, it’s not on the menu however.

Then, onto the mains – all equally terrific…

Wild Sydney Island Venison with caramelized cauliflower, gnocchi

Thiessen Farm Squab potato puree, braised red cabbage, foie gras

Damn.  It was just like old times.  We ate, shared some laughs, ate, caught each other up to date, ate, and ate, and ate.  After dinner, I dropped him off at the airport so he could catch his flight back to New York where he was scheduled to begin work on the second season of HBO’s Bored To Death. 

Martin gives dinner the big macerated thumbs up.

Well, I decided to set aside the day to set up my new Macbook.  Not that I would need all day to do it – but just in case.  And so, after lunch, I sat down, unpacked the box, plugged in my sleek, new laptop, and turned it on.  I was greeted by a beautiful welcome display that smoothly segued to the Setup Assistant.  After choosing my language (I opted for English) and country (Canada), I was prompted me to make a wireless connection…which, for some reason, proved impossible.  So, after many repeated attempts, I literally had to pack it in.  Hmmmm.  Is this some sort of sign from the tech gods?  I’m bringing the laptop in to the office tomorrow where I’ll try again.  Or, rather, if the going gets tough, have resident SGU tech guru Lawren Bancroft-Wilson try again.  In the meantime, my Blackberry continues to give me all sorts of problems.  I’m thinking of switching over to the iPhone.  Or just selling all of my crap and moving to some beach in Thailand.

More mailbag:

Ponytail writes: “Well Joe, I gave it a shot, but it is time to change the channel.”

Answer: Didn’t I say the next three episodes were the best of the first half.  At least tune in and watch Time.  You’ll be glad you did.  Unless it freaks you out so much you can’t sleep for days.

Paloosa writes: “Do Telford and Young always have to swap with each other, or can they swap with someone else?”

Answer: Had Young initiated the stone moments earlier, he would have switched with Peter DeLuise – and gone on to direct the rest of the episode.

Platschu writes: “If you are spinning for season 2, is it mean SG:U is picked up for s2?”

Answer: Not yet, but I’m hoping soon.

Platschu also writes: “Will we learn more about the gate network?”

Answer: Yes, we’ll be touching on this in future episodes – Lost in paticular.

Plastschu also writes: “Will you mention other religions among the Destiny’s crew?”

Answer: And we’ll be touching on the topic of faith in a back half episode titled, appropriately enough, Faith.

Cherriey writes: ” I first noticed the compact communication panel adaptded from the rather cumbersome device developed by the Ancients that (though beautiful in desgin) was far too big and resembled a violent melon juicer. Was the development of said panel by the SGC (or whoever) affected because they had plans to use them with a specific mission (i.e. for wherever the 9th chevron sent them) or was it for more general purposes?”

Answer: This version was developed by the gang in Research and Development at Area 51 who have been working on all of the off-world tech the various SG teams have brought back over the years.  It was “put in play” for situations just like this – a communications of last resort in the event Stargate personnel are otherwise cut off from Earth.

Cherriey also writes: ” The above being said… has any protocol been developed in an official format concerning the use of the stones?”

Answer: You do see this in Air and Earth, scenes in which Homeworld Command personnel are one standby in the event communication via the stones is attempted.

Cherriey also writes: “In Peter Deluise’s cameo when Telford relieves him from his position in the chair next to the stone panel did you actually have a character written in called ‘Peter/Pete’ or did you just decide to throw that fun bit in there just because?”

Answer: Nope.  In the script, he was referred to as Handsome Fella #1 and Peter naturally felt he was perfect for the role.

Cherriey also writes: “Now that I think about it that leads me to another question concerning the stones. I had always assumed (I know, I know) that the person whose body you jump to is the one to touch the stone last.”

Answer: That is a correct assumption.  Telford would have been the last to touch the stone on Earth’s end for Young to trade bodies with him.

DasNdanger also writes: “Therefore you are assured of my continued viewership through the first half of the season. And yup, though I can see straight through you and your devilish, tricksy ways, I am still gonna jump right into your little trap…just ’cause you set it!”

Answer: Nope, no.  No trickery here.  Just saying – if the next three episodes up to the hiatus don’t do it for you, I’ll be surprised – and sad you won’t be watching any longer.  Especially since the first episode back after the break is mine, Space, and it’s filled with all sorts of action and aliens and ship to ship battles.

JohnnyE! writes: “Hey Joe, quick question…the web stuff that shows Eli going around with a Kino showing the ship and others…is that scripted or off the cuff.”

Answer: All scripted.  I wrote Apple Core, Riley’s Letter Home, James’s Birthday Surprise, and Park’s Kino Mishap – no doubt your very favorites.

vvv0472 writes: “Is there a possibility of a Goaul’d on board the Destiny?”

Answer: Nope.

Cheryl writes: “It seems risky to bring out the good stuff at the end of party rather than the beginning, but, since I’m giving the show a half season to excite me, fine.”

Answer: It’s not like we were holding back, more a case of hitting our stride.

Mary writes: “I find myself bristling when you comment about “square-jawed heros” when referencing your work on SGA. Did you really have such a low regard for that series?”

Answer: You misinterpret my take on the difference between the characters as a slam against Atlantis, which it wasn’t.  I enjoyed SGA’s character dynamics, but you can’t deny Sheppard was a hero in the truest sense of the word – dashing, cool under pressure, and rarely if ever given to making mistakes.

Jedman67 writes: “McKay is earths foremost expert on Ancient Technology, and is in no patron’s pocket – he’s loyal to himself and his friends. Would it not make sense for him to make at least ONE guest appearance…”

Answer: Given the timeline of the Atlantis movie and its repercussions, McKay would not be in a position to do so.  He’d have his hands full dealing with “other issues”.

Dunatos writes: “Just wondering if there is any site, you can recommend on getting my daily Stargate fix.”

Answer: http://stargate.mgm.com/

Jedman67 writes: “In SG-1 and SGA, the stargates “puddle” was shot with a greenscreen backdrop, and a digital puddle added in post – i recall hearing that a new system was being used in SGU, involving a “projected” puddle or something, cant rember exactly. Can you explain this please?

Answer: We switched to a practical puddle a couple of years back and its look has definitely improved over time (I uploaded a video of the projected puddle a couple of months back if you’d care to track it down and check it out).  Green screen is still used for puddle pass-thrus.

JES writes: “First, why would the audience assume any of this, since there is no indication that they should?”

Answer: Either way, you’re making an assumption.  All I’m suggesting is that you go with the more logical one.

Michael writes: “I’ve been looking around the Internet and I’m confused what the full name of the IOA leader, Strom, is.”

Answer: I believe it was Dale.

Echelon writes: “Wasn’t the SG1 movie slated for around now? Did economic conditions push it back?”

Answer: Yep.  No word on either movies for a while now.

Melendwyr writes: “If Telford didn’t know that sex was a possible outcome of lending his body… and there’s the possibility that he’s carrying an STD that we can’t cure or easily prevent yet. Did either Young or his wife think of that in the imminent throes of passion?”

Answer: Because of the many people complaining about the sex scenes, the shot where Young’s wife puts the condom on her husband ended up on the cutting room floor.

Simon writes: “First off, LOVED ”EARTH”, was the reaction on Lou’s face during the ‘malfunction’ written, or added in by Lou himself?”

Answer: They were scripted, but the reactions themselves were all Lou.

DasNdanger writes: “Joe, what’s your favorite nut??”

Answer: To eat on their own?  Cashews.

Candace writes: “…only got a couple chapters left in A Game of Thrones….and got Clash of Kings waiting right next to my bed…IT’S SO GOOD!!!!”

Answer: It IS great, isn’t it?  I love the series too.

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  1. Hmm. No objection to being compared to Emma Frost…

    curious and curiouser…

    *rubs chin thoughtfully*



  2. Thanks Joe – I love the photos of Marty G. and I’m glad to see his thumb is doing alright. Your dinner looked yummy too.

    Peace & Love,


  3. Ok, you maintain your cunning evil overlord status. I’d already planned to keep with the show up to the midseason hiatus. Now you’ve guaranteed I’ll watch the following episode too. Do keep us informed of the whole Mac experience. While I’m not in the market at the moment, I am looking to the future, and considering spending the extra money to move away from Microsoft.
    Thanks for the mailbag, and for the shots of Mr G. And the pictures of the food have me drooling. Ah well, maybe in another decade or so I can find an excuse to make it back out the the west coast and have another go at Fuel.

  4. Wow. You actually ate offal? You are a braver soul than I. I don’t think I could eat all those ‘leftover’ bits.

  5. Cool, MartyG – looks in fine form. Glad to see him in “normal” clothing and not the NY upbeat fashions.

    LOL… a scene ended up on the cutting room floor. Had this scene been retained, I am sure it would have resulted in many more objections to the scene as being unnecessary for SG.

    Hope you are successful with the network connection and PLEASE share your transition to mac experiences. Just in case others may be interested in the switch as well.

    Thanks for great snaps.

  6. das – Don’t know about winning, but I refuse to sink to their level (or take the bait they’re laying to get me to react) and I will not go quietly into the night! I think I’m building up to a Bill Pullman speech here a la Independence Day.

  7. Perfecting puddle pass-thrus for the projected puddle was (probably) a perplexing proposition. Perhaps the prettier, practical puddle places performances prominently in primo piano (less FX in post to ponder). Projected puddles are pleasing AND practical.

  8. I’m mostly with JES on which assumption would be the most logical one.

    I chose to accept what I consider to be a less logical, but remotely plausible assumption in order to give Young the benefit of the doubt so I can still accept him as a hero, albeit a flawed one. Full consent would also only be given by someone given to extremes of compassion toward the people on the Destiny so I also had to dig deep down to believe there’s WAY more to Telford than we’ve seen.

  9. I hope you have better luck with your Mac then I do whenever I get near one. They always, at the first hint of my finger on the touchpad, open at least ten different windows. Without any sort of provocation. The whole stoplight design to close things bugs me for some reason, too.

  10. Hey Joe

    I just saw Alex Levine’s first episode of The Border and it was terrific. My favorite of the series. If you talk to him please congratulate him on a job well done.

  11. The moment you mentioned a Thailand beach, I knew Narelle was going to chime in.

    I was not disappointed.

    Good times, good times. 😀

  12. @ Thornyrose – It’s what I’ve been sayin’! He can deny it all he wants, but he’s a tricksy one, I tell ya!

    @ Narelle – By ‘winning’, I meant that your experiences are suckier than my experiences. But yes – if you don’t stoop to their level – then you win in other – more important – ways, too.

    When people start getting to me, my first response is to become The Crazy Chick. I can’t attack someone…but I WILL attack myself. It does work, and it certainly keeps people out of my business, even though I know I sacrifice my own reputation in the process. But I am willing to wear the crazy label if it keeps people’s noses where they belong. For instance, there was this one older lady who used to lecture me about fixing my hair, every time she saw me. “Pull it up!” “Get it off of your neck!” “Cut it!” “Style it!” So one day I snapped, “Look! I wear my hair long because I’m fat and hairy, and it hides my neck and Wolverine muttonchops!” She just looked at me with this befuddled expression on her face, and said, “Well, you don’t give people a chance to insult you, you do a fine job all by yourself!”

    Yes, I do…and guess what – she has NEVER opened her mouth up about my hair ever since. 😀 I know a lot of people who disagree with such a tactic, but it’s my mode of self-defense, and I’m comfortable with it.


  13. I love how questions made on this blog about an episode are answered in the very next episode. Questions like “How come they don’t dial the stargate while inside a star?” I think you guys know the fans pretty well.

    I don’t know why so many people are so harsh on the show this early. I think the show is fantastic. If you compare the first 10 episodes of SGA or SG1 to SGU, SGU is off to a better start. Remember Emancipation? I hate to say it but Emancipation still exists. As much as everyone attempts to pretend it never happened, it did. I’ve seen it.

    Joe, are we every gonna see Dr. Lee again?

  14. If you switch to the iPhone, make sure there’s coverage in your area. We can’t get iPhones where I live because there’s literally a black hole in cell coverage for AT&T. I’m sure in Canada it’s different, but still. Better safe than sorry.

    Poor Marty G. Hope his injury wasn’t too bad. What is offel by the way? It really sounds not so appetizing. Can’t they call it a different name? I’m sure it tastes better than it sounds.

    Every time I go out to dinner, I think of you and what you’d try. Then I go for the least crazy thing on there. So not adventurous. I even passed on the Potato Leek soup that my hubby had. I took a bite and was sorry I did. I wish I was adventurous like you. I did have a nice dinner, even though I went for the tenderloin.

  15. “Because of the many people complaining about the sex scenes, the shot where Young’s wife puts the condom on her husband ended up on the cutting room floor.”

    ahahhahhahhaha, good stuff

    Obviously colonel young and me are different people, but I sure as hell wouldn’t have sex with my wife in someone else’s body. And I’d hope if the offer even arose that she’d say no. sorry but that’s really awkward and wrong to me, and it doesn’t make much sense to me. but I guess you’ve probably heard enough of that already.

    I do want to ask an honest question though… will we ever see Chloe do *anything* useful this season? Is there an episode where she does something useful or does something that makes me think, “Wow, that’s a cool character!” ??

    I have that feeling with pretty much everyone else except her, and she just annoys the crap out of me every episode. The only thing that keeps me from skipping those scenes is that the actress does a wonderful job and that’s delightful to see.

    I really empathize with her situation as I went through something similar in my late high school years–wondering whether my friends liked me or my stuff. Some of them were for real and some weren’t. For the ones that weren’t? I didn’t sit there and cry about it, I moved on and found out that they weren’t worth it. I understand she’s upset? But it’s pathetic that she’s cried or whined about something in just about every single episode so far.

    On the topic of Telford, I am a few days behind in the discussion so this may have already been said, but in my opinion Telford can’t just walk in with Emily and pretend to be Colonel Young. If you’re married to someone, you would be able to tell, whether they’ve been gone for awhile or not. All I can say is I’ll be truly turned off and disappointed if he ends up fooling her and playing her by trying to act like young himself.

    Then again, she could be happy with that, she could embrace it–there are tons of ways around that. But what seems to be the common theory around the discussion seems to me to be the least realistic and plausible.

  16. Hey Joe,

    First, I just thought I’d say I have a MacBook. Love the thing. When I first set it up, I had problems with the WiFi connection; however, once I finished the rest of the setup assistant (which didn’t seem to require a WiFi connection) and was using my computer, I was able to connect and set the signal as my default. Don’t know if that’ll help, but thought I’d share.

    Second: You said you were spinning stories for season two even though you weren’t technically picked up for the second season yet. Now, I’m wrong a lot, but I think in the US, the WGA requires TV writers to be paid for writing a beat sheet based on the assumption that they’ll be progressing to an actual script. Obviously I don’t wanna get into a “personal area,” but are you and your fellow writers being compensated for your work, or are you doing it in hopes that you will get picked up, and then get paid? Pure curiosity is making me ask.

    Thanks for any info—unions and the like confuse me. 🙁



  17. After skimming the Gateworld post about worst Stargate episodes, I’m starting to notice that very often the things which some people hate are, in fact, empirically good. I don’t know how many of those folks are current detractors, but I reckon it’s gotta be some. Apparently some people don’t like a little variation or in-joking. I’ll give them Emancipation (please, take it), but fans often attack things for the nuance. And that just blows, man.

  18. I was going to say something about deleting on PC vs. Mac, but I’m losing mental acuity. Must be bedtime…yep, 12:03 AM.

  19. @ Narelle, again – Heh. I got to thinking about that lady, and her son. Her son fancies himself a psychiatrist, or something, and he tries to get into your head, asking all sorts of damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t questions. Whether you answered, or remained silent, you would condemn yourself. When I was going through the worst of my depression, he’d always try to psychoanalyze me in this very manipulative sort of way, and without me asking for his opinions. I called him out on it a couple times, and his response was always, ‘I am hurt that you would think that about me’ – GUH!!!! Drove me nuts!

    So, every time he’d start asking me how I’m doing, I’d say, ‘Well, today on the suicide scale of 1 to 10, I’m at about 12…so back the hell off!’ Funny how the mention of suicide – with the appropriate ‘crazy eyes’ expression – shuts would-be psychiatists right up! 😀


  20. Oh, so that is how Marty G got his nickname. He is suffering from liver disease and yellow with jaundice and you’re calling him Golden Boy? Shame on you!

    Did you have to help him cut up his meat too because of his finger boo boo? He is falling apart.

  21. Hi Joe,

    With what you said about your new Macbook Pro. If you select the option for “this computer does not connect to the internet” during the setup assistant, it will be fine and have no lasting impact on future connections. If you get to the “registering” page you can skip past it with ‘Apple+shift+Q’.

    Hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy your new machine.

  22. Joe, are reservations recommended at Fuel? I assume I should mention my food sensitivities when I order; would Chef Belcham be offended if I declined liver or goat cheese?

    Just asking for next year’s hoped visit to YVR…!

  23. With the good-looking beard, Marty’s lookin’ fine in a hoodie and tee combo I’d be happy to add to my predominantly casual-clothes collection. If by chance he develops incurable complications from the organ transplant, could you please save those items for me? — Of course, that would be after the liver goes to someone with a better reason for needing one. (Kidding, of course — but haven’t forgotten that flu-vaccine distribution isn’t the only very important healthcare commodity that gets preempted by those with money and influence.)

    Couldn’t put it better or more briefly:


    I do wish people would give this gig time, especially when their opening argument is how it’s all different than something else and stuff.

    And I’m thinking Telford would rather boss around civvies than get laid.

  24. Answer: Because of the many people complaining about the sex scenes, the shot where Young’s wife puts the condom on her husband ended up on the cutting room floor.

    Oh, Joe. You crack me up.

    As I said before, once the scrolly ball goes out, you have to get it repaired. I can say I have many friends who have iphones and love them. I, however, would destroy it. My LCD screen is bad enough, I could never handle a phone’s touchscreen. Plus, it aligns with my PC mindedness. But since you’ve switched to a Mac anyway…

  25. Joe, why are Ming Na and Lou Diamond Philips billed as guest stars and not regulars? While LDP has missed a few episodes, it appears Ming Na has been in every episode to date. Both are featured heavily in the marketing. I know on Atlantis, Robert Picardo and Jewel Staite had reduced episode contracts, but were still billed as regulars. With such a large cast of supporting characters, why not bill them in the same way as BSG, with “also staring”. I know it’s all just a technicality, but I feel like I’m getting jipped everytime Ming Na and LDP’s names show up listed as guest stars.

  26. Another great episode this week! This show is going from strength to strength. I personally consider SGU a ‘Space Drama’ and i wasnt sure how i would feel about it but im totally getting into it as im a big fan of Sci fi. Ive noticed with other shows that they seem to have a season set out and release small clues/details of whats to come and ive found it to be very satisfying in the way that i dont get this massive load of info and sorta think, hmmm, there nothing left to explain. I had that feeling in the SGA pilot however i loved the series regardless and now im finding SGU is giving it away slowly like the Telford-Greer incident, Young-TJ situation etc. My question is: in season 2 , will there still be clues, hints or tidbits given like there has been in season 1?

  27. I wish I could come back with something witty, but I’m easily and constantly abused by wittier and smarter five year olds, who also have better math skills than me. I’m now counting “Air” as one episode with long acts, so one more to go before I officially hit six. “Time” looks interesting, and I’ll be sticking around to see “Space” with some of your trademark “You can’t do that!?!” moments…which better not include killing off Lisa Parks.

  28. I enjoyed SGA’s character dynamics, but you can’t deny Sheppard was a hero in the truest sense of the word – dashing, cool under pressure, and rarely if ever given to making mistakes.

    I think one of the things that annoyed me most about the direction SGA took in the later seasons was that it seemed as if the heroes were treated as heroes, despite sometimes doing very bad things. Even when they were just as cutthroat, sneaky, and unforgiving as the wraith and other villains, they were portrayed as being, yes, square-jawed heroes through it all–even though they weren’t. I suppose with SGU, if I don’t like the characters as much, at least (so far) they seem to have to deal with the consequences of their actions a bit more realistically.

    So, you’ve mentioned the SGA movie again. Is there still no word on that or the next SG-1 movie? Please tell me they’re not thinking of canceling them.

  29. I’m surprised your Mac is having trouble picking up a wireless network. Mine picks up no fewer than ten from my street (sadly, eight of them are protected by passwords and can’t be “borrowed” by me) and I am not even in the same building as ANY of them! So trust me when I say that Macs have VERRRY sensitive WiFi detection!

    First question: do you HAVE wireless at your house? If not, then, well, that was probably the problem.
    Did you try “right clicking” (ctrl-click) on the AirPort icon (looks like a fan) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and seeing what pops up? [[The last time I couldn’t pick up a wireless network, it was because I had accidentally turned AirPort (the wireless detector thingy) off!]]

    I’m sure you’ll get it figured out. I recall there being a learning curve (the day I learned to right-click will forever be burned in my memory) but that, once I came out of the learning phase, I was absolutely in awe of the machine that I owned. And I’m hoping you’ll feel the same way once you and your Mac get to know each other a little better! 😉

    To all looking for even MORE ways to smite Microsoft: there’s more than just spending the extra $$ on Mac computers! I recommend using OpenOffice (a free software, so you actually SAVE money!) instead of Microsoft Office. It’s available for download here. My family has been using it for about six months now on their desktop PC, and hasn’t found it to be very different at all from MO.

  30. Serves you right for buying a Mac, Joe. Are you using a Linksys router or a Mac-brand AirPort base station? I hear there are some problems trying to connect to third-party routers.

  31. How are you? How is it to work with your new Mac? Could you get in your Network? If you have protected your Network you may have to the codes and the sort of the pw. That reminds me, if you haven’t you should download another internet browser e.g. Firefox or whatever. I had a few problems with the integrated Safari.

  32. Hi joe,
    Please excuse my bad English, I´m from Germany.
    I have a question about SGA.
    In the episode “Outcast” we learn something about the relationship of John to his father.
    What was or is the real reason for the dispute between the two? In Your Opinion.
    Many Greeting from Germany
    By the Way: You have a realy great Blog. I like it very much.

  33. Coucou!!! Bonne nouvelle ! J’ai eu mon code de la route =P maintenant il ne me reste plus que la conduite pour avoir mon Permis =)!!

    Juste pour vous dire ça, à ce soir =)


  34. JES writes: “First, why would the audience assume any of this, since there is no indication that they should?”

    Answer: Either way, you’re making an assumption. All I’m suggesting is that you go with the more logical one.

    That’s my point. Absent any information from the writers about the parameters for using the stones, I would argue that my position is more logical than yours. If you want the audience to make particular assumptions, then you’ve got to give us some guidance in the text.

  35. Heya Joe, congrats on wrapping S1 of SGU. It was great to see Jack last week, as well as his shoutouts to SG1. But why no mention of Atlantis or the SGA teams? Any scoop you can share on this potential movie or reasons for their “absence?” Miss those guys!

  36. Just a thought that I’d like to pose as a question do you if you don’t mind please;

    We saw ‘Homeworld Command’ for the first REAL time in ‘Earth’, despite seeing areas that in retrospect were obviously part of it, in previous episodes.

    How does this effect the previous administrative system of the Dept of Homeworld Security? Is the SGC still operating? And with a department such as Homeworld Command, which is obviously concerned with more than simply Stargate operations, and yet still has serious IOA involvement, is HWC still entirely US run in military terms or are we ever going to look at getting something similar to NATO (or GATO as one user on Gateworld beautifully termed)? Afterall, particularly when we look towards Afghanistan, we can see right there in the International Security Assistance Force a military alliance that’s still US dominated and under ultimate US command that still has many military personnel and even senior officers involved.

  37. I was going to watch at least a few more episodes to give it a chance. Hoping to make it to one of your episodes. I actually wasn’t looking forward to the next show and I forgot it was on so I missed it. No taping devise here. I actually watch shows live or on DVD. That’s it.

    Its not the sex stuff. To me that’s what was missing in the both SG1 and Atlantis. A little fooling around never hurt anyone.

    Its just non stop fighting and yelling between everyone. I can’t find the fun in it. We’re dying, we need something to survive, everybody yells at everyone else, lots of fighting, no trust between charactors. I know its supposed to be more like real people in a real situation. Well who wants that? I can turn on the news to see what people do to each other.

    What kept me so hooked was the shows had everything I was looking for. Humor, drama, charactors, mystery and suspense. The shows had plenty of drama, characters weren’t always perfect and yes they did make mistakes. Just not all the time. I cried and laughed and was intrigued along with them each week. They had real chemistry and heart and that’s what I loved to watch. I honestly don’t really care at all about anybody on the show. Eli is nice but boring.

    You never knew what the SG1 or Atlantis would be about. It could leave you horrified or touch you deeply, like Janet Fraser’s death, Daniel Jackson’s death or Rodney in the Shrine. You might have a funny show I.E. Window of Oppportunity. It might be really scary. But usually the thrill was that you got a little bit of everything each and every week.
    I’ll still keep reading your blog though. I would hate to miss your witt, insight into life, and your occasional rant.

  38. Das: “I dunno. What do YOU look like?” I prefer the indirect approach.

    Narelle: Hope you feel better soon!

    Mr M, you wrote: “the shot where Young’s wife puts the condom”.
    I know SEVERAL condom babies. That is the form that fails the most! Will Telford have to pay child support?


  39. kinda wondering; is it normal for american tv series to went into hiatus (or break) in the middle of the series? i’m not very familiar with your tv system.

  40. Narelle: got a good in-law story for you. When my MIL died recently, my SIL (who IS medicated) put “sticky notes” on the objects she wanted to take. There were orange post it notes on objects all over the house. Tackiest thing I’ve ever seen but sad, also. I’m not trying to beat your story, just wanted to show you are NOT alone with crazy in-laws.

    Get well soon!


  41. Haven’t eaten meat in quite a while now (except for the occasional slice of chorizo) but now you make me feel like having some.

  42. Re: the stones…. You know, i really find the whole ‘omg, are you people crazy, of course they signed consent forms!!’ to be…..rather weird. There’s been no *hint* of anything remotely like a ‘consent’ form. Half the people there, or more, weren’t even supposed to *be* there, so they wouldn’t have signed one before hand. And i really kinda doubt they took copies along with them ‘just in case’.

    And if i said ‘yes, you can inhabit my body so you can help keep the ship i’m on flying’, or ‘yes, you can inhabit my body so you can visit your poor dying granny’…. The ‘logical’ assumption would not be ‘and also, you get to have sex with whomever you fancy while you’re in there’.

    What Young did was pretty insane – his whole reaction to his…wife? Ex?…has been pretty intense, and frankly, i’m amazed she decided to have sex with a *total stranger*. The whole scene was weird and squicky and if that had been my body, i’d have been *pissed*.

    Hell, i’d have been pissed to come back to my body and find the person using it got it rip-roaring drunk. Lame.

    The stones don’t work for me at all, they’re being used in ways that make no sense, and frankly, i hope they kinda taper off now that the threat of being hijacked is out there.

    Earth was a very good episode, i adored Rush’s quiet, perfect manipulations and i rather enjoyed the IOA/Teleford being exposed as being manipulative and a bit cowardly. Locking up Greet! Sheesh, talk about petty….

    I hope Riley is okay. He rocks so hard! And oh when, when, when will we get some more Ming-na/Wray screen time! I know she’s not a scientist, so her participation in fixing/researching things is going to be minimal but…. MING-NA!!!

  43. Hi Joe,

    Do know that website : http://www.ted.com/

    Might be intersting for you and a source of inspiration ( I know you are so resourcefull maybe you will need one day) .


  44. Ya know, with all the tech problems you’ve been having, selling everything and moving to a beach in Thailand doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Couldn’t make it worse, could it?

    Just a quick question, we’ve seen numerous people involved in Stargate become directors for the series over the years. Is there anyone else in the writer’s room or behind the scenes that might be stepping up if (when) SGU is picked up for a second season?

  45. Joe,
    First off I’ll be the first on here to solidify a prediction that there will be a Season Two for SGU. Didnt mean for that to ryme. Lol
    Next, Get an IPhone. Not becuase its Apple or AT&T, but if need b you can do you blog posts From it :smiles: really though its the best thing I did and I don’t regret it, like the salesman told me “for Internet Texting and numorous apps that make life easier no phone compares to what the IPhone does right now.” And I havent had any Problems with my 3GS.
    Finally, What was the name of the Song the performer was singing in the club in “Earth”?

  46. Okeedokee, I’m lovin’ Rush more and more. I always did prefer the awkward ones LOL. Eli is a real sweetie and I feel so sorry for Chloe, she is having a tough time finding her place.
    I must admit to a little unease at the use of the comm stones, I realise the need to have some kind of communication bridge between Destiny and Earth but I’m hoping they don’t get overused or that aspect could become a tad..well..boring.

    Really looking forward to season 2 already and as long as the sex doesn’t take precedence over the storyline I guess I can live with it. Call me a prude but I was quite happy with sex being a fanfic thing…I guess 12 years of celibacy will do that to a gal LOL. Anyways, the sex was the reason I never got past episode 1 of True Blood. I guess I get embarrassed for the actors, I’m not comfortable with nudity and always make sure I have lots of underwear on so as not to be naked under my clothes.

  47. Hi JM,

    In reading Q&A today, I feel like there is alot of negative feedback on SGU – that fans aren’t taking to it. I am enjoying it.

    What’s your take according to what you are reading here and in other feedback arenas that are available to your writing team – is SGU well received, are fans still waiting to see something to keep them watching, or are people not enjoying it?


  48. Hello Joe,

    Before I start, I would like to say that I am enjoying the new show, and really don’t want any concrete answer in this blog to my question. I am just putting out some of my thoughts and hope that in future episodes (this season of the next ones) that some of these issues will be further explored. I think there is quite alot that you (all the writers) have set in motion that could be very interesting to explore.

    In reading your responses to the comments about the body switching and what is approved and gray area activities I have a question. It really appeared to me that not only was Telford surprised that he quickly cut back to earth and then back to Destiny in a short span, but also that he was surprised to find himself involved with Young’s wife when he popped back. I took the shocked expression on his face, and the way he fiddled with his wedding band as a sign he was not all that comfortable with what was going on. I didn’t really get that this was a setup conjugal visit. Young and his wife are shown as being separated in previous episodes. It can also be that while the fine print in the body swapping said things of this nature could happen, Telford was more worried about being part of Destiny and rationalized that part of the “contract” to get what he really wanted. Being confronted with the reality in a surprising manor has him rethinking the implications of what it really means.

    I will be very interested in seeing where this road leads. I am very curious to see if what I think I saw in the way the story was presented by the actors is where this is going, or did I see something I wanted to see and misread the body language. I think these sort of subplots are a nice addition to the story telling in SGU. While we pretty much know the ship won’t be destroyed or main characters be killed 5 or 6 episodes into a brand new show, it is the subplots that can lead to the surprises and heighten interest. I may be in the minority of fans that read your blog in not wanting to know what is going to happen, beyond broad strokes, in an episode before I watch it. I look forward to see how the show develops throughout the first season.

  49. Jedman67 wrote: “McKay is earths foremost expert on Ancient Technology, and is in no patron’s pocket – he’s loyal to himself and his friends. Would it not make sense for him to make at least ONE guest appearance…”
    You answered: Given the timeline of the Atlantis movie and its repercussions, McKay would not be in a position to do so. He’d have his hands full dealing with “other issues”.
    Exactly. That’s why I solved the problem for you in my post on Oct. 29. TPTB just have to hurry up and make the SGA movie and wrap up those “other issues” McKay is dealing with, and then he’ll be free to make an appearance in the second half of Season 2. So simple. Really, so simple… 🙂

  50. “the shot where Young’s wife puts the condom on her husband ended up on the cutting room floor.”

    What about the one where she practices putting it on a broomstick first – will it be a DVD extra? *g*

  51. Hello Mr. M,

    Sorry for not posting the last few days but we had 70 people at our house on Saturday evening and it took A LOT of preparing. SO I was kinda busy.

    Ok, my mini mini mini review of earth.

    Most episodes so far I’ve disliked, liked or at first disliked and then come to like, or at first liked, and then come to dislike. However, earth is the first one that I don’t hate or love. Thankfully the sex scene didn’t bother me cause it was done modestly and in a hilarious way. However, if the condom thing was true. THANK YOu SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR TAKING IT OUT!!!! GOOD CHOICE. There would have been a fandom uproar and I can’t say I wouldn’t have been a part of it.

    SO I loved Rush in this episode.

    Hated Telford, especially at the end, but hey, I haven’t heard of someone who likes telford. Guess its just supposed to be that way.

    Great Greer-Telford interaction.

    Young had a great little “rant” at Emily’s door. BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE by Louis. The best acting in the episode imo.

    However, I just expected and wanted more from this episode, I don’t know why cause it was a solid episode. Oh well. SOOOOO LOOKING forward to time. Looks cool.

    So all in all, I’ll give earth a 6.5-7/10.

    Oh and one question.

    Did you guys get paid by coca-cola for using the coke in the scene with Eli and his mother or did you have to pay coca-cola to use their product in SGU?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  52. “I enjoyed SGA’s character dynamics, but you can’t deny Sheppard was a hero in the truest sense of the word…”

    This makes me wonder, on an ‘idly curious’ level: are there ever any demographics studies done on audience based on personality-type/preferences rather than simply age/gender? (I know my preferences tend towards style of show rather than genre, necessarily.) I’ve read entertainment articles describing trends, i.e. the serialized dramas coming and going a la Dallas to BSG.

    I wonder if social trends alone tend to dictate the popularity of serialized vs. stand alone (square jawed hero 😉 style shows, or if there is truly a quantifiable audience that leans to one or the other of these? Is it a mis-impression that sci-fi TV *tends* to be more in the latter camp (optimistic, heroic, and stand-alone)? I freely admit this may be a skew held over from my incubation in the Glen A. Larson generation.

    In any case, have you seen the CSI Las Vegas episode: A Space Oddity? Way funny, and um, dare I say it: relevant? “Altruistic and Well Adjusted!”

    Oh, and…it took me weeks to get used to the Mac way of organizing files and windows. Command+Tab is your friend. I was much happier once I mastered that!

  53. Glad to hear your computer troubles may be at an end!Time looks awsome really compelling stuff. Got some questions about the mid-season two parter ”Space (1)” & ”Devided (2)”

    1) I’m guessing that, from a photo found on the GW forums that the alien race we encounter in the episode are water-living aliens?

    2) What’s that wierd mask like thing attached to Rush? Are these the same aliens you mentioned a while back that ‘abducted’ him?

    3) Will ”Space (1)” & ”Devided (2)” be action packed episodes?

  54. “I was prompted me to make a wireless connection…which, for some reason, proved impossible. So, after many repeated attempts, I literally had to pack it in. ”


    I have encountered a few issues every now and then with OS X and wireless connectivity, but be sure to go into your wireless router and double check everything make sure it works and reset your WEP key if needed, for some reason OS X doesn’t like long WEP key passwords. Also, Try doing plugging in an ethernet cable and using a non-wireless connection and running Software Update, because these kinds of issues can be fixed by installing the latest OS X updates, I know that you are most likely running Snow Leopard, there are a few updates out, so if after the other options don’t work try updating, but I recommend updating anyway.

    – Brendan

  55. Hey, Mallozzi, can you please send me an email when you guys will stop with the sex and drama bs and back to do stargate with overpower villains and cool scenes on series, like sg-1 and sga? i just cant watch anymore the big brother stargate that you guys did on univere, i want so see goa’uld, wraith, ori and replicator styles battles, with epic musics, check out youtube for some mvs about the series, they show how we REAL fans, like the franchise… please mallozy, i beg you, stop being a shol’va of your own creation (and dont come with shel kek nem ram to me, you guys must honor the franchise roots), those drama, sex, and social issues and Chloe doing with the lieutenant letting eli alone just wanting because he is a nerd, we fell bad for him, its an offense for our loyal nerd fandom, dont let stargate become a pop drama series, we want nonsense epic battles for geeks with anubis style villains, i preffer watch thousend of episodes about replicators than watch people doing sex for 5 seconds… (ok beside porn videos, but its for my eternal lack purposes)… if you want to keep sgu, ok, but bring a fusion of sga and sg-1, explode a lot of things, show us a fleet of city ships engaging a fleet of zpm hives, trow a lot of villains, put everyone we already have seen battling into a big war, make the changes on this to the opposite side that you did with sgu, if sgu is serious, dark, boring, make it overpower, explosive, and more childish with fantasy… and please send me an staff weapon as gift xD and release a complete book with the goa’uld language, i want to be a system lord and speak it fluently

  56. and i love for ever whoever came out with the idea for the episode adrift with the jumpers coming across the meteor belt… and the asuran satellite beam over Atlantis, and i fell more exited seeing Atlantis taking of than seeing Chloe taking shower… and dont say that there will be the movies, they aren’t enough, I am your god, lol, *glow eyes* xD, i demand one episode of each galaxy (milkway, pegasus, ida, ori) for week at least, how much more, better… and make the stargate public, and let the tau’ri act as the British Empire across the galaxies, it would be great \o\, btw some goa’uld should accomplish a plan to take over earth from inside with all the Asgard technology… its time to see how the discoveries affected earth too… its time to put Asgard Beams to delivery pizza… and ring platform on the buildings… and replace the cars by some al’kesh on the cities traffic.. and the Russians deserve an korolev mark 2, and give Canada, UK, France, and China some ships… and its time to unify earth under IOA’s banner… and dont forgot the city ship from tower, because i still want to see that again, i loved the medieval design… and dont forgot the Furlings… we want to see them… and its time to have an bigger earth ship, to control de 304 class ships, and be our mother ships, daedalus class are too small, make the tau’ri continue ancient legacy and create an city ship tau’ri version, if you want i can send some free design ideas…
    and i heart u like to destroy ships, ok, me too, but please, if you want to destroy one, make ten of them first… and bring todd and his faction to earth side… and put him on an sg-team.. he is one of your best creations, that is a good character construction, dont need to be boring people talking with wife…

  57. Me revoila, je suis revenu de ma journée de stage! Mon maître de stage ma axficier avec ça cigarette toute l’aprés midi, c’est bon d’ici 6 semaines j’ai attraper un cancer des poumons. De plus il est trés pointilleux et il utilise des mots trés spéciaux, j’espere que ça ira mieux demain=)

    Bonne journée!

  58. NOOOOOOO!!! don’t bow to the will of apple!! I can understand the macbook i suppose but if your in the marked for a badass phone check out the Palm Pre (and the Pixi which is coming out soon). To the best of my knowledge it is on Bell up there in Canada. Its an amazing little gadget which i don’t think i could live without now.



  59. Hi Joe, happy Monday 🙂 It’s amazing to think the year is almost over, where did it go? Heard from Sheryl all through the weekend, thought the poor girl was going to OD on happiness and excitement. She loved all the actors, couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful they all were and what a blast she had. She’s spending the day in LA and will be back tomorrow, so I’ll let her tell you all about her wonderful adventures. I was so jealous, wishing I’d just gone with her. As much as I hate those stones on SGU, I would have happily used them to trade places with her when she was with my Daniel 😉

    I have to disagree with Brad Wright when he said that SGU is a “love it or hate it” kind of show. There are those of us who fall somewhere in the middle and will continue to watch, at least for a while. I would never miss your episode!

    SyFy’s got SG1 on most of the day (which saves me the trouble of picking my afternoon viewing choices from the DVDs) and I’m reminded that one of your “commenters” (Mary, I think) said that the characters and stories on SG1 gave her joy. I completely agree. So, other than mourning the demise of the English and Spanish languages, I’ll be having a relaxing afternoon in the company of my four fuzzies. Hope you enjoy your day, as well 🙂

  60. Just read Mary Ryan’s “Response to Brad Wright” & have one question.. she ranted on about people who are critical of the show not being idiots, not guilty of “not getting it” etc. Did Brad or ANYONE with the show actually say such a thing or was that her own twist to justify her rant?

    Sadly, I do agree with her on women in the SG universe. In fact I’d already said it all here. So in your opinion should I sue her for stealing my thoughts or just put on my tin foil hat?

    And while you are at it, explain the issue with voyeurism. I’d like to hook anyone up to a lie detector and have them say they wouldn’t look. To me it’s only unnatural when they start photographing or filming it.

  61. @ Shadow Step


    That just made my day. I wish we were on gateworld cause then I could green your post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Joe,

    Tell Kerry that her precious Canucks are going to lose tomorrow night, to my home team the St. Louis Blues.

  63. Heya, Miss Frost Joey! Good…afternoon (I think).

    Another food-related question:

    What’s your favorite food aroma?

    Mine is chocolate chip cookies as they bake, followed by fried peppers and onions, and outdoor barbeque.

    (The reason these questions are coming up is because…well, yesterday I was eating nuts, and this morning I was frying up peppers and onions for my eggs…and everytime I do something with food these days, I think of…you. 😕 )


  64. Hey Joe,

    Now that you’ve joined the good side (re, your Mac), send it on down to me and I’ll soup it up for ya! More RAM! More HD!! Woohooo!

    SO, someone asked the other day about a picture on Jack’s desk, asking “is that what I think it is?” Not sure what the questioner thought it was, but any chance you’ll give us close-ups of the set dec in Jack’s office? HMM?

    Pretty please? With bacon chocolate-chip cookies?

  65. Earth was so bad that I can’t imagine watching another episode, but that will most likely make some folks very happy. All I could think of while watching the episode was that these must be the most morally bankrupt group of people in the history of Stargate, and they’re stupid besides. [Please do note that I’m talking about the characters, NOT THE ACTORS.] My second thought was to wonder at how something so incredibly boring (that would be the non-story story) could also be so offensive on so many levels.

    I liked Young before this episode, but have suspected for a while that he and TJ had a thing. So we’re tossing the frat rules out the airlock? For many years, even after Sam and Jack were no longer in the chain of command, they couldn’t have a relationship because of the frat rules.

    There are lots of good reasons why fraternization is forbidden, and each of those reasons was more than present in TJ and Young having a fling, or a relationship, or whatever it is they had – he’s at least twice her age and certainly far above her in rank, power and influence. I won’t be surprised if the actress’ pregnancy is written into the show, either. (Actually, I won’t be watching anymore).

    And oh, yes, the sex stones. Yes, Joe, I saw your message about how it should be assumed that people have given permission who are allowing the use of their bodies for swapping purpose have given permission for their bodies to be used for sex. I find that incomprehensible, frankly. No one but a complete idiot would actually do that. I wonder if they gave permission we never saw for their bodies to be used so that other people can get falling down drunk, too. What about drugs? The commission of crimes?

    It’s hard enough to assume that Telford would so allow the use of his body, but for Young’s wife to go along with it is completely incomprehensible. She is just barely speaking to Young and has a lot of anger towards him; that she’d go the gigantic next step and even have sex with Young in his own body isn’t really believable. That she’d have sex with someone else’s body with Young in the brain strains credulity too far. As much as Telford seems to despise Young, there is no way he’d give Young permission to use his body for sex. He was SHOCKED to find himself having sex with Young’s wife, so pretty clearly, he didn’t give any such consent.

    The idea that people would be so cavalier about giving the right to others to use their bodies for sex is so beyond reasonable that the automatic, logical, assumption would be that they would NOT. So if you want the audience to believe that people are behaving so differently, you should give at least some hint in the story.

    The stones should be used to actually advance the cause of the people on Destiny getting home. To that end, there should be people from Earth actually educating the people on Destiny on the many things they are deficient in, Earth based scientists working on Destiny to learn how the ship works (especially since everyone knows by now that Rush can’t be trusted at all), and so forth.

    I can’t begin to imagine that these types of skilled people who might welcome the challenge of a long-range task like studying and repairing Destiny would also have given random people on the ship using the stones to visit their families the right to use their bodies for any purpose whatsoever, including sex. Sure, you might be able to find people who would do agree to something so foolish (and dangerous), but I suspect that they wouldn’t be people with a brain.

    So let’s see, you get a really phenomenal scientist with knowledge of ancient tech and you say, “we really need you on Destiny to help these people get home, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to advance your own knowledge and experience, and we have these long-range communication stones to permit you to do that. However, if you agree to do this thing we really, really need you for, you have to agree that the person whose body you’d be in has permission to use your body to have sex with their wife/husband/GF/BF/random stranger.

    Really. You think people would actually do that? You think the Air Force would either permit it, much less require it? The IOA? Please.

    Some have asked why Rodney and/or Sam don’t visit the Destiny using the stones because they’ve got knowledge that would really help, and they’re trustworthy, unlike Rush. I’m GLAD they’re not being used because I don’t want their characters violated in this way.

    I was with some of my old Star Trek buddies over the weekend, and a number of them also are Stargate fans. No one in the group likes SGU, but they’ve been giving it a chance. Only one plans to watch any more episodes, to see if it gets better after Earth.

    That would not be me.

    Even the sex-related issues aren’t the most egregious things about the episode or even SGU. The worst part of SGU, and in particular, this episode was that there was so little story in the story. The only dramatic tension came from the music. Effectively, there is so little there, there. Effectively, SGU is a bad soap opera with morally deficient people loosely strung together with a poor, completely predictable, plot.

    The story sets up a contrived Us vs. Them thing with the people on Destiny against the Earth based folks, with the Destiny crew not even trying to work with the Earth based team to come up with a plan to get home. Obviously we expect that out of Rush, but the others should at least be trying. They’re not. In the US we have the party of “no,” and on the Destiny, we have the crew of no. Maybe the plan wouldn’t work, but maybe if people were actually cooperating and working with those who want to get them home, instead of working against them, there would be a better chance of coming up with something that would work. It’s the old SGC vs. IOA conflict, but it doesn’t make any sense. The Earth based teams aren’t taking foolish chances with the lives of the people on Destiny; they’re trying to get them home and keep the ship intact for further contact and study.

    Clearly there are many who like this show and think it’s the greatest thing since BSG. I don’t wish a short run on SGU; the better it does, the better the chances are of seeing an SG1 or SGA dvd movie. Enjoy it. Out of loyalty and habit, I might watch the next three episodes that Joe asked Das to watch, but the way I feel right now, I doubt it.

    In contrast to SGU, which was an agonizing waste of time to watch, Sanctuary, immediately following, pulled me in with the first five seconds and didn’t let go of me until the final credits – and it was a zombie episode and I hate zombies! But it was a story well-told, about people I like, in a dire, dire situation. The reset button was even set at the end, and still the episode worked and advanced the relationships of the people, the characters. I don’t see SGU doing that.


  66. *raises a hand*

    I like SGU! Who’s with me? 😀

    A question:
    After Young’s speech in the of “Earth”, it felt like the basic survival chapter is closed – now more on exploring the universe and Destiny. Am I right?

  67. I’m with you, E! I’ll admit that the characters have not engaged me like those from SG1 or Atlantis, but the stories are interesting and offer fodder for me and my students to chew on come Monday mornings. Actually, high school females (at least those that take Physics) have good things to say about the show – mostly about the males and levels of hotness – but also about the storylines and various moral issues raised. The guys are on board, too. Fingers crossed for a 2nd season…

  68. Just to clarify. When I said I didn’t like anyone on the show I didn’t mean the actors. I meant the characters. The acting on the show is top notch.

  69. I like the potential I see in SGU. I am increasingly indifferent to its attempts to realize that potential.

    You get three more episodes, Mr. Mallozi. I’ll see what I think at the end of them.

  70. So, will the series actually start to get any good in the future ? The last episode was so boring, I actually spent most of the time browsing the web on my iPhone. The whole dialing to earth bit felt like an afterthought, oops, we forgot to put some sci-fi in it, just have them try and dial home.

    And why all the scenes on earth, did you change your minds after the premise of being lost in space was already published ? There have been more ‘earth’ scenes in SGU already than in the whole of SG1 and SGA combined.

    I’ve watched the first 7 episodes because I am a huge fan of SG1/SGA and I was really looking forward to another series like it but so far it has been an enormous disappointment. After months of waiting what should have been the start of a great series turned out to be an anticlimax: It’s a soap opera in space.

    If the series doesn’t improve in the next two episodes, I’m going to stop watching “As the Stargate turns”.

    / A very disappointed SG fan.

  71. @Joe – Speaking of Marty Gero, can you ask him if we’ll ever see Danger Beckett again? You know- Carson’s “handsomer younger or older brother” because “that’s the kind of range” Marty has…

    That featurette was great!

    Danger could be a part of the DVD extras for the Atlantis movie. That would be great!

    Peace & Love,


    P.S. I just read the article that Maddog 316 provided. And there is another J (or J’s) out there that is posting comments. I noticed this with the MR article too.

    Just so you know, it’s not me.

  72. I just noticed from Twitter that I live near John Scalzi. Ask him about hurricane Ike.

  73. I hope you get down to reading this one. But I read the mailbags from time to time, haven’t seen this question pop up yet. But in the last one there were some questions regarding the stones. Anyways:

    In SG-1, when Vala and Jackson first used the comm. stones, they were incapacitated. Then when Vala used the stones in a later episode, she took over Jackson’s body (and here Carter is talking about how they were trying to make their own receiver, so it makes sense in SGU they have one) and in that episode Jackson is never shown in the Ori galaxy. Then when he comes back into his body he acts like he has no idea what just happened.
    So, why in SG-1 did the comm. stones incapacitate the person who activated it, while in SGU they just switch minds?

  74. Jaroslav: “Serves you right for buying a Mac, Joe. Are you using a Linksys router or a Mac-brand AirPort base station? I hear there are some problems trying to connect to third-party routers.”

    There is nothing wrong with buying mac, I’m a geek in every sense of the word, I have all my windows certifications and mac certifications, I use both. but with OS X having issues with third party routers WAS an issue with Tiger but in Snow Leopard it has been drastically improved……not to say that there aren’t any issues but that can be said with Windows and wireless connectivity as well.

  75. I had my doubts, and I’m still a little uncomfortable with the whole Relationships vs SciFi thing, but all in all I’m enjoying it.
    Heck I’m still watching Smallville, and I loved Jericho, so it’s not as if I’m a heartless bugger.



    There’s no Raw Sci-Fi out there anymore.
    (sad panda)

    Q: What are your thoughts on the fact that the transcripts/HD shots are appearing at Gateworld before the episodes have aired in the UK, and other countries?

  76. Joe, I hope you get your mac to working, Santa said, maybe I can get one for Christmas, only if he can get that table saw he has been eyeing, so methinks it can be arranged.
    I hope Marty had a good flight back to New York, now that the ticker tape has probably settled down, and after all that food(yummy) at Fuel. By the way, did you have dessert? (not that I have a one track mind) Good for Marty having a second season of Bored to Death!!

  77. I’d actually like an answer to the question Ian asked about the stones, as well. Now that he mentions it, I’m wondering what the deal is.

  78. I’ve never tasted venison.. can you let me know what meat it closest resembles to in taste? Yes being an Aussie I have had roo (on a regular basis).

    Those offal meatballs look gooooooooooooooooood and moist…. I don’t care what they’re made of (can’t be worse than your local supermarket sausages) – they look scrummy.

    Perhaps if you bribe Belcham (god have I spelt his name correctly?) with a DVD set or two, he’ll give you the recipe?

    (sorry copied this and pasted it here where it belongs!!! whoopsy!- delete the other one 🙂 )

  79. So, I have to say I love the new Stargate!

    The eager anticipation with which I await each episode is driving me a little crazy… and sometimes I think to myself I will just wait until its all out on DVD and watch it all at once.

    But I don’t have the willpower.

    I do not believe Telford was going door to door selling magazine subscriptions. I think all those scandalized can breathe a sigh of relief, I don’t think Mrs Young will be canoodling in the near future… strange enough to be with your husband in your boyfriend’s body, but then to be caught? I think this explains a bit of Telford animosity.

    I want to know about the pod from the end of Air 3?

  80. Hi Joe!
    Earth was about 3 times as awesome than I expected (and I expected to be impressed)! I’d been hoping that we’d see Destiny refuel in a star again this or next season and I got my wish a lot sooner than I’d hoped! And that it was done intentionally to try dialing Earth was great.

    Question: whose idea was Janelle Monáe’s appearance in the ep? In my opinion, the timing and mood Many Moons fit the club scenes very well! Fun fact: the Wikipedia page for Janelle Monáe has a citation link to the Hulu page for Earth.

  81. Here’s a question: was this the last ship that the Ancients sent into deep space, or is it possible for a newer ship to be following in the Destiny’s footsteps? Not every Ancient choose to ascend, correct?

    One more. The Stargates we’ve seen so far have no DHD. Is there a reason that they didn’t want the (possible) natives of these planets to travel?

  82. The way Telford reacted to the accidental glitch (“We gotta fix that”) made me wonder if Telford ever intended to step down and return command to Col. Young. If Telford’s agenda is to wrest command from Young on a permanent basis, he certainly would not want to “pop” in and out of Young’s body unexpectedly. Hence the need to “fix” the glitch. If I were Young, I’d be very wary of switching bodies with Telford in the future. Telford may not give Young his body back. Is that a crime yet? LOL

    Keeping my fingers crossed for season 2.

  83. @Deni LOL Sheryl called me as well, she was talking so fast I didn’t hear half of what she was saying. LOL she is gonna crash some day.
    Deni if it’s ok, and if I know Joe will be kind enough, to send me you email or vise versa.

    Looking forward to Orlando and hoping Orange Ave is playing that weekend.

    Thanks, Joe – I don’t care what anyone says about you, you’re groovy : )

  84. Instead of complaining about what I don’t like about SGU, I’ve decided to mention a few things I’d like to see…

    Greer punches Telford in the face kicks Telford in the balls (and get away with it!).

    Eli gets drunk and runs through the ship nekkid like a crazed rugby fan: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v54/dasNdanger/Cha-balls1.jpg

    Rush wears a kilt…the right way…on a windy planet.

    Scott suffers from erectile dysfunction.

    Cook (don’t know his name) makes a delicious meatloaf, after which the crew discovers one of their number is mysteriously missing…

    Someone – ANYone – amongst the female crew members looks like me after a weekend camping trip. 😛

    They run out of toilet paper.

    Someone discovers Eli’s secret stash of Manga porn.


    That’s just a few things…I’m sure I can come up with more. Any chance of seeing any of this stuff in the future? Pleeeeease??


  85. I just saw the numbers for the latest episode. I’m kind of worried. Someone should hug me or something; a 1.3 is enough to make me a bit scared for the series.

    I really hope it bounces back next week, and I’m a bit stunned RDA’s appearance in the trailer didn’t help to keep things around 1.5 status.

    It seems it was just a bad night for the network.

    Just a bad night…
    Just a bad night…
    I hope…

  86. Joe! You might find this interesting!!

    Tonight I sat down to read Dark Reign Wolverine: The List – by Jason Aaron. At the end of the story, there was another Wolverine short story by Jason Aaron, called ‘A Good Man’. I immediately recognized the story.

    So I dug through my back issues until I came across Wolverine #175 (Tieri/Chen), where – on the corner of the cover – is a tag that reads, ‘Wolverine writing contest winner inside!’

    I opened it up, and sure enough, there was Aaron’s story, ‘A Good Man’. That was back in 2002. I remember reading that story about two or three years ago, and wondering for a while afterwards whatever happened to that contest winner. I hadn’t heard of Aaron yet, and so I figured he was just some flash in the pan. How wrong I was! 🙂


  87. Is there any chance that SyFy might give SGU a 13 season renewal rather than the 20?
    Seems like they are doing this do alot of series nowadays, which is a trend I don’t like, by the way.

  88. Oops, 13 episode renewal, not 13 season, that would be a bit of a stretch (although SG1 got close).

  89. Re LordShake’s comments:

    OK, who opened the door and let the Futurama fans in?


  90. Sheppard was a hero in the truest sense of the word – dashing, cool under pressure, and rarely if ever given to making mistakes.

    Um, Joe, did you ever watch SGA?? Sheppard woke the Wraith! Tried to exchange tava beans for nuclear weapons! Agreed to the whole Michael debacle! Holy crap, John fed a man to Todd!

    The reason I loved John Sheppard was because the dude was always screwing it up and doing his best to make it better.

  91. @jayenkai–Suggest you contact Darren (webmaster@gateworld.net) re timing of transcripts and photos. I believe the transcriber is UK-based.

  92. I can’t wait to hear what these so-called dissapointed fans have to say once this series really kicks off, I’m guessing a lot of overused OHH EMM GEE’s and other moronic expressions. So many shows (yes even SG-1/Atlantis) sacrificed a lot of character development in their early episodes to throw in extra action and plot twists. We already know so much about the main characters (or at least have been led to believe) in this show that the next logical step is to have even more tension/drama and yes, Action! How dare all you disbelievers think that there will be no space battles or laser shoot-outs! Shunn you for your impatience. Joe, don’t be ashamed of taking that MacBook back to the store, many have! 😉

    Fav characters = Rush (great character and great actor), Greer (he’s a total badass)

  93. Hey Joe,

    How ’bout that shitstorm whirling around out there? Who’d have thought, eh?

    Frankly, this is an example of the “reap what you sow” school of thought. You know that fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting the next SG-1 movie. You guys, meaning the producers, made an implicit agreement with fans when you canceled SG-1 after season ten but kept the weaker, shallower SGA on the air. It was something along the lines of “if the SG-1 DVD movies sell well, then there will be more.” In fact it was even said that if sales were really good, there was no reason there couldn’t be one or two a year. Well the movies did sell well; in fact, they sold well beyond all expectations. Yet here we are, nigh four years after the SG-1 movies were filmed, and you haven’t lived up to your end of the bargain. Fans are frustrated. They feel betrayed.

    On top of that, you guys decided to cancel SGA. I’m not saying it was a bad move. It wasn’t. But it was tantamount to admitting that the show just wasn’t good enough. In spite of all the myriad patches you threw on the show’s holes, in spite of all the sacrifices you made to keep the show going, you all knew long before it happened that five years would be a remarkable achievement for SGA. If you could only pull it off, that is. So, to do it, you wasted RDA’s time when he came back on three SGA episodes. So you killed Beckett. Then you offed Weir. You added Carter, even though it was wrong for her character. You added a young, hot, ingenue doctor. You did a Teal’c episode. You brought Beckett back. Basically, you did whatever it took to get the next three or four episodes in the can. Really, kudos.

    But the whole time you knew that the SGA fans weren’t the fans you wanted. They weren’t the same fans who watched SG-1. They were younger, more in love with ships and explosions than they were with stories and characters. And they all, generally speaking, had an agenda and an axe to grind on any number of topics. And then you canceled their show, because it was too hard to keep making it. Of course they reacted as they have. You should have always expected the same petty, mean-spirited response to the cancellation that they gave you with just about every other aspect of SGA. Their attacks on Universe have been widespread, persistent, and largely, baseless. But because you went with SGA instead of SG-1 when that coin toss came up all those years ago, this is the fanbase you have now. The SG-1 folk are gone and SGA folk are the bitterest lot imaginable.

    I think Universe is still a young show, and expect that there is much more plot to grab onto somewhere not too far down the road. But the deck was stacked against you as far as the “fanbase” goes right from the start. Some of it you did to yourselves. Some of it is just a natural “market correction” taking place in fandom. I hope you guys make it through to the other side of the storm. I’d hate to have to give up entirely on the movies.


  94. It’s almost 2 a.m. and 110 comments. I’ll have to read more through these tomorrow.

  95. “On top of that, you guys decided to cancel SGA. I’m not saying it was a bad move. It wasn’t.”

    no, it was! very bad move, SGA should have at least 10 seasons… there is a lot to show yet, a lot to explain, like atlantis on earth, there is more city ships, the wraith haven’t been defeated yet… there is a lot to do yet…

    “But the whole time you knew that the SGA fans weren’t the fans you wanted. They weren’t the same fans who watched SG-1. They were younger, more in love with ships and explosions than they were with stories and characters.”

    so? we are supposed to just let it go? i’m exactly this kind of fans, and i do like SG-1, just prefer SGA, now i should just be happy that the best franchise of the world become an boring drama? how can i like something without villains? i quit watching kamen rider decade and w, and samurai sentai shinkenger to focus on stargate franchise, i even started to declare myself as a goa’uld, now what? they just don’t care? to the hell with us? (netuuuuuu \o\ weeee lol) lets send sokar a kiss? just because we are young and like villains and action with ships exploding? that is just not fair… they started an franchise, now we want more, for ever… in the same style, want to do a drama bs.. fine, do it, but don’t get rid of our favorite toy, that city ship that make me crazy when take off… i will someday build an atlantis 1:1 replica… lol

    btw, i’am an SGA and SG-1 fan, i do not see so much differences between both, for me they are two sectors of the same show… i may like more SGA, but i watch more SG-1, since here it reruns 2 episodes a day, and 3 times, i watch all the 6 hours of sg-1 on sci fi channel, i do not watch SGA on tv, because here it airs on fx, and i hate FX, isn’t a nerd channel, SGA i bought all the dvds and watch them over and over, i watched the season 2 to 4 in two and half day, without sleep, just eating and drinking coke, so, i started to like then both at the same time, sgu otherwise… don’t deserves the stargate name, its more “ancient stones: destiny”, and they use the stargate as ring platform… i hope that stargate worlds will save the year…

    i do like the character development from sg-1, but for me its just a plus, that make sg-1 9 to 10 in the score, ok, o’neill’s humor deserves 2 points xD, but the core MUST be the war between good and evil, most of times i love the evil more than the good, i promise that someday i will act as goa’uld and declare myself for the world as an system lord xD…

    i know that you guys don’t care with what we fell, just want money, but i wonder if you guys realized that you have created a solid franchise, that isn’t just an thing to random people watch on tv, but a franchise for crazy fans worship… a franchise that people want to be part of it… for me stargate isn’t a movie, or a tv show, but a complete universe that i want to know and have anything about it, i want to see books teaching the languages you created, i wish to see every kind of thing being sold across the world with the stargate name… there is two kind of shows, one that people watch for entertainment, and other that people become crazy about it… so please, come back to the roots, and don’t let us, the real fans, alone, we love all the nonsense things you’ve created, and we going to spend everything we have buying things of the franchise… even replace my phone with a stargate replica…

    i’m not against the idea of a new kind of show, since you dont left the old slot empty, create how much shows you want, even an jaffa cuisine show, “how to make delicious jaffa’s meals with master bra’tac”, but dont forgot to keep feeding us with the kind of show that we already have dependence…

    btw, i do NOT like any other star franchise, stargate is the first one that really got me… so please, do what i said… i beg you

  96. Hi Joe, a bit of an imposition, but could you possibly give Kabra my email address? Thankies in advance 🙂

    Have had a sore throat since yesterday (amongst a myriad of other stuff going on), just hoping it goes away and H1N1 isn’t involved. The vaccine is available for a select few here, not even high-risk people can get it. I’ve been reading and hearing so much about the controversy with this vaccine, but I really can’t imagine not getting it. I was reminded of the stories I’ve heard about the same thing happening during the 1950s with the polio vaccine and how many parents felt it was unsafe to vaccinate. One of my cousins (my age) wasn’t vaccinated, got polio, and to this day wears braces on his legs and has to use crutches. I read yesterday that it may become mandatory to get the vaccine (uh, what vaccine?) in some states, but that will be left up to individual state and local governments. ABSOLUTELY not trying to start anything here, but I’ve always found it reprehensible how some people will knowingly send sick children to school or show up at work with a communicable disease and not care what anybody else goes through.

    Have a great day, everybody 🙂

  97. @das

    Or how about a bunch of villainous and heavily armed geckos taking over the ship? That would be cool!!




    Duct Tape is pining away for you! How can you ignore a beautiful young lady like her! She’s very sweet and affectionate, you don’t know what you’re missing.

  98. You said:
    Answer: You misinterpret my take on the difference between the characters as a slam against Atlantis, which it wasn’t. I enjoyed SGA’s character dynamics, but you can’t deny Sheppard was a hero in the truest sense of the word – dashing, cool under pressure, and rarely if ever given to making mistakes.

    Well you guys wrote him like that so wouldnt that make it your fault he was that way?? You could have I don’t know written a scenario where he majorly screwed up. Unlike all the other minor things he got himself into as Karen – WI mentioned of course

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