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Okay. Now what?

I finally did it.  After weeks of considering my options and weighing the advice of friends, co-workers, and many of you here on this blog, I went out and bought myself a laptop.  It was a tough call but, in the end, I decided to go with the MacBook Pro.  The reason?  Well, pretty much the same reason upon which I base most of my life decisions: a desire to punish someone.  In this case, Microsoft for that horrendous Jerry Seinfeld ad campaign.  Discount shoes?!  Fancy mustard?  Bill Gates adjusting his shorts AND doing a truly lame a robot?!  WTF?!!  As a PC owner, those commercials made me feel awkward, ashamed and even a little frightened so, well, somebody had to pay.

That being said, I will be in the market for a home computer soon enough and THAT decision will be based on how much I like my new Mac.  Well, that and my thirst for vengeance.

So, hey, it’s nice to see that those high-risk groups have been the first to receive the H1N1 vaccine here in Canada.  And, by high-risk groups, I mean: children under five, pregnant women, health-care workers, hockey players, and, of course, board members and major donors to several hospitals.  What’s that you say?  Why are hockey players, hospital board members, and deep-pocket donors being given priority?  I dunno.  Here’s an even better question: Why are hockey players, hospital board members, and deep-pocket donors being given priority over daycare workers?  The answer: Beats me!  Apparently, here in Canada, those charged with the task of taking care of a segment of the population at the highest risk of contracting the disease are not considered a priority.  Sorry, daycare workers!  The fault clearly lies with you and, more specifically, your career choice.  Had you elected to pursue any of the following professions instead – firefighter, police, homecare worker, or CONVICT – you’d be jumping to the front of the line right about now.

Hey, guess where else I went today?  If you guessed bowling or to an exhibition showcasing Executive Producer Robert Cooper’s original claypot creations, you’d have guessed wrong.  No, I was at Vancouver’s Ganache Patisserie checking out the four new Fall additions to their line-up.  http://www.ganacheyaletown.com/

Picture 009
Hey! It's chocolate Asterix and Obelisk!

And I wasn’t alone.  Joining me for this afternoon tasting was none other SGU Script Coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson. 

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Decisions, decisions...

We sampled the four new items: the Pur Chocolat (flourless chocolate espresso cake, housemade chocolate biscotti crust, bittersweet chocolate cake, and dark chocolate caramel mousse), the Poire et Chocolat Epicé (milk chocolate gingerbread mousse, spicy cinnamon parfait,  port-poached pears and walnut cake), the Concorde Praliné (hazelnut cocoa meringue layers, layers of chocolate guimauve, a dark chocolate praline mousse and chocolate chantilly cream), and the Marron Cubique (chestnut mousseline, chestnut whisky ganache, coffee butter cake layers and chestnut buttercream frosting).  All terrific. 

Following the sampling, we sat down to a more thorough tasting of three creations, compliments of Lawren (That’s it!  I don’t care what everybody else says.  We are NOT firing him!): that Pur Chocolat (his favorite), a Chocolat Malté
(malted dark chocolate mousse, malted chocolate ganache, white chocolate blondie), and a light but no less delicious
Tiramisu-Chocolat (tiramisu cream, 70% dark chocolate mousse).  We followed this up with a short walk into Yaletown where I was prepared to treat Lawren to phase two of our little dessert adventure, only to discover that my favorite chocolate ship, Chocoatl, appears to be no more.  I know that someone one this board (was it you, Nadine?) hinted that this was coming but it was nevertheless a very sad sight.  Owner Themis Velgis is, without a doubt, the best chocolatier in the city, his chocolate creations second to none, and it’s sad to see that little shop, his labor of love, sitting empty on a Saturday afternoon.  Here’s hoping he’s back on his feet in no time.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Hayloh who is dealing with the loss of a family member. 

As promised, the return of the mailbag:

 Arlan writes: “If Telford is doing what I think he’s doing in the last scene of “Earth” – “

Answer: Yep, standing outside Young’s wife’s front door.

Arlan also writes: “- please tell me Young get’s the chance to knock Telford’s lights out.”

Answer: Whoa, whoa.  Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions.  Did you stop to consider that he may just be going door to door selling magazine subscriptions?

DasNdanger also writes: “And Chloe’s upset over her boyfriend finding someone else when she was whooping it up with Scott?”

Answer: I think she was more upset at losing her friend than her boyfriend.

DasNdanger also writes: “Joe…I’m sorry. I really wanted this to work for me. I will probably give it until the season break, but if the relationships continue to take center stage (as they did in this ep), I’m not sticking around.”

Answer: Fair enough.  The next three episodes that take us to that break are, in my humble opinion, the best of the first ten.  I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.

Jeff writes: “Any chance the stories you are spinning for season 2 involve finding the main engineering room or the bridge???”

Answer: Very possible.  But it would mean our crew discovering these locations between now and then.

BurningIce writes: “Is Brody now on Rush’s side after the events of Earth?”

Answer: How does the saying go?  The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Gilder writes: “BTW, will we see a male/female swap at some point?”

Answer: We’re keeping it sex-specific.  That said, I wanted to do a story where one of our crew switches with a German Shepherd who ends up helping a detective solve crimes.  Meanwhile, back on Destiny, Eli lies around and begs for food.

ZeroPointBatteries writes: “on another note, has anyone noticed all the stargate stuff (props, sounds, etc…) that are being used in sanctuary.”

Answer: No.  Do tell.

Matt Boesch writes: “my question is this “what is your favorite episode from SGU so far?”

Answer: Right now, it’s a three-way tie between Time, Life, and Divided.

curiositykitty writes: “the first scene in earth with young- dream, memory, fantasy, or some mix of all?”

Answer: Good question.  ‘twould seem there’s something there…

Cherluvya writes: “Loved the picture. Who’s job was it to write on the board? Yours?”

Answer: If it’s your story, you’re up at the board.

IJH writes: “What about what Young and his wife did to Telford? They used his body for sex without his consent.”

Answer: You assume it was without his consent.  Although nothing was said either way, it seems most unlikely that someone who was giving up their body for a conjugal visit wouldn’t consider this to be a possibility.

Elenmai writes: “Awesome episode, but when do we see more of Camille?”

Answer: We finally get to know Camile in Life.

Gatelady writes: “Having sex while using someone else’s body is wrong. What about STD’s? What about pregnancy?”

Answer: As Brad once said “They know what causes that now.”  And there are precautions that can be taken to prevent both.

Kabra writes: “Let me just clarify about the Telford/Young scene – since it is a sensitive subject. I wasn’t laughing at the scene itself, it was more of the fact there were others thinking the same thing I was about the stones or I was thinking the same thing someone else was… Who wrote that by the way?”

Answer: The script was routine by Golden Boy Martin Gero, but the idea for the switch came in the writers’ room while we were spinning the story.

Phil writes: ““My name is Philip Fry”. WIN.  Who wrote that line?”

Answer: That was all Golden Boy Gero.

Phil writes: “On a side note do you know where my comment (which followed your ‘rant’) went? Did you not approve it or did it just get lost?”

Answer: Not sure.  I definitely didn’t delete it so either it’s somewhere amidst those 500+ comments or lost in cyberspace.

DP writes: “You already know I’m clawing my eyes out of my skull. I’m going to assume Telford and Young had an understanding or the show falls apart for me.”

Answer: As I said, although there is no indication given, logic dictates that Telford would know something like that could happen (since Young IS returning for a conjugal visit) so it’s fair to assume he signed off permission.

JES writes: “What’s to prevent these characters from using the bodies to commit other antisocial and illegal acts? Where’s the limit?”

Answer: Great question.  And it’s one Exec. Producer Carl may be positing in season two.

J writes: “Speaking of relationships, I understand that the likelyhood of this is low, but if Teyla and John ever are together, then it couldn’t happen instantly.”

Answer: Nope.  Both Teyla and John would have to observe a suitable period of mourning for Kanaan.  After John offs him.

Debra writes: “It is very telling the people wigging out about Young having sex with his wife in Telford’s body had nothing to say about Chloe getting fall down drunk… far more abusive to her “host”.”

Answer: Ah, excellent point.  While the individual giving up their body could sign off on a host of activities, getting fall-down drunk would seem to be pushing it.

ltcolshepjumper writes: “1) I still didn’t understand why neither Carter nor Mckay have been brought on yet to deal with the situation.
2) What is the status of the Trust? Last we saw, they were being led by a Goauld, still on Earth. What are they up to now,and will we see them again in the future?
3) will we see the IOA mroe in the future?”

Anwers: 1) Given the timeline of events for the movies, both would have been initially too busy dealing with equal/greater concerns.  After Earth, Young makes it clear that he is going to be very particular about who he allows on board. 2) That remains a mystery.  3) Wray is IOA so, yes.

TBA writes: “Are there going to be any more Earth-focused episodes?”

Answer: Life, coming your way in a couple of weeks.

TBA also writes: “What happened to Riley? Is he dead?”

Answer: Fortunately, he was only mostly dead.  He’s recovering, but it’s touch and go.  Fingers crossed!

Sparrow_hawk writes: “

After reading everyone’s comments about Eli and Chloe’s “kiss”: did I miss something? I thought that the kiss was something that Eli imagined (hoped would happen) but what *really* happened was that Chloe gave him the “you’re such a good friend” line and burst his bubble again.   Could you clarify Joe?”

Answer: You’re correct.  Eli only imagined the kiss.  Sad.  He needs a better imagination.

Wahlyn writes: “In Water(?) when Young is walking away from the three people trying to all talk to him about something, one of the men says that he was scheduled to use the stones that day. So, obviously, other people have been using the stones to see heir family.”

Answer: Also correct.  Crewmembers have been rotating visits back to Earth using the stones.

Paddy writes: “Are we gonna see RDA again, maybe towards the end of season one??”

Answer: Maybe.

archersangel writes: “speaking of your toyko trip; my brother has asked me to remind you to find cucumber pepsi & green tea coke for the weird food purchase.”

Answer: Will do!

patsfifi writes: “Have you( or the other writers) ever seen the brittish show Red Dwarf?”

Answer: I haven’t, but I’ve heard good things.

AnneTeldy writes: “Convenient, wasn’t it, that multiple people put their stones on the device at the same time and they all ended up in the bodies they were meant to have. Young should have gone first and told the Earthsiders who was coming next.”

Answer: There are corresponding stones on either end.

Jim of WVA writes: “Is Telford’s first name James (holds the heel or he supplanted) or a cognate thereof?”

Answer: David.  Close.

Kuro-sama writes: “just wondering, do watch Doctor Who?”

Answer: Nope.

HBMC writes: “Oh, one other thing Joe – is there going to be a 2-6 month break between Ep 10 and Ep 11, or is the channel that is afraid of vowels (SyFy) going to play it right through to the end?”

Answer: There will be a break.  I’m not sure how long the mid-season hiatus will last.  Hopefully not too long.

charles zuri writes: “If you was not making stargate where would you be or what would you be doing?”

Answer: I’d probably be a secret agent.  Or a chef.  Or a chef who was really a secret agent. 

Ravenfur writes: “Have you ever seen an episode of a TV show where the episode’s title ruined the plot for you?”

Answer: No, but I understand that the German title for the SG-1 episode “Forever In A Day” was “Sha’re Is Dead”.

149 thoughts on “November 7, 2009: My Decision Made! H1N1! Ganache Patisserie! Chocoatl No More?! The Return of the Mailbag!

  1. @Joe – “Nope. Both Teyla and John would have to observe a suitable period of mourning for Kanaan. After John offs him.”

    Okay, you made me laugh with this. Although, I think John would never hurt Kanaan – that is, unless he “had” to. I feel a little guilty now because your response shouldn’t be funny. Dog-gonnit!

    Peace, Love, Thanks, & Goodnight,


  2. Congrats on the Mac! I’ve switched about 2 years ago and would never go back to a PC. Hope you love yours too.

    Speaking of German titles, did you know The Devil You Know was called Apophis’ Return?

  3. Yay. Good job choosing mac.
    I’ve had mine (macbook) for over a year and not one problem.

    I’d also like to say that my boyfriend and I are throughly enjoying universe. It is indeed different from SG1 and Atlantis but i think that is a positive thing. Being more character centered and not having distinct good and bad guys makes it an interesting and enjoyable show to watch with stargate elements still there. I love all the stargate series though.
    I also really like the characters on universe. Rush and Eli are my favourite. But Young and TJ and Scott and everyone else is great as well. Keep up the great work!

  4. will everyone on board the destiny have a chance to go off-world or will only a select few like Greer, Scott, Eli, Young and Rush?

  5. “Whoa, whoa. Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. Did you stop to consider that he may just be going door to door selling magazine subscriptions?”

    No, but I did consider the possibility that it wasn’t his first time selling his magazines to Emily. While there are other possibilities as well, none of them are as compelling story-wise as Telford visiting Emily with less than honorable intentions.

    Either way it’s got people talking about it and interested in finding out what happens next. Kudos to you all for that.

  6. Hellloooo again!

    Will Eli ever find a girl who likes him as he likes Chloe? Or will he just remain loveless all season and end up writing lost-love country songs?

    BTW, loving on all the episodes! Earth was freaking fabulous, and I cannot *wait* for Time!!!

  7. Well Joe, I gave it a shot, but it is time to change the channel. I do not understand why, after 15 years, the franchise has choosen to go in such an extreme direction. Maybe it is the economy that has made the writers morally bankrupt in your character portrayals. As a Christian, SGU is just not the type of show I wish to watch. Thank you for SGA. It was fun!

  8. Your “Sha’re Is Dead” comment reminds me of the whole “O’Neill and Carter are trapped in Antarctica” synopsis-spoiler from the TV Guide bit for Solitudes.

    By the way…Cucumber Pepsi? You must.

  9. hahaha… “forever in a day” is “sha’re is dead”… 🙂 love it! you should work in showbiz! oh wait, you already are 🙂

    seriously, i like SGU! good job!

  10. Hayloh, my condolences upon your going through one of the most difficult experiences to be had in the course of a lifetime. Best wishes for successfully working through your loss — well, as much as anyone can.

    Joe, thanks for the yummy confection details. Very sorry to hear about Chocoatl being closed, and also hoping that such isn’t permanent. And, hey, good luck with that Mac. As a non-techie person, I know they’re harder to screw up than PC’s. (Now remember that I’m laughing at myself as well as you. *g*)

    H1N1 vaccine: corruption abounds. Outside of that, I got nothin’.

    — About “Earth”: (possible spoilers)


    I loved “Earth” just as much as SGU’s preceding epis.

    Granted my exposure to soaps is limited; still, saw no *real* resemblance between Chloe/Eli and Col. Young/Emily scenes on the one hand, and soap-opera scenes on the other. Strip away some superficial likeness, and you get to SGU’s much meatier (no double entendre) scripts, in which the characters actually develop, and one can imagine myriad ways in which that development might be incorporated into future stories. Stories with action, and especially much weightier matters than those customarily dealt with by the average soap (again, from my limited exposure to such endlessly meandering melodrama).

    With each episode, I get a better grasp on what exactly transpires when the stones are used — different POV’s, what is imagined, what is real, etc. Still, I was grateful for the cues Marty G. wrote into the teleplay to let viewers know that switchbacks had occurred, and why. Any issues of unethical or immoral actions taking place via the stones’ use don’t disturb me any more than would all-but-identical issues I might see on crime shows, e.g. — for instance, people taking advantage of others via identity-changing methods. Personally, I appreciate the writer/producer team using these opportunities to push the envelope in regard to explorations of humanity and morality. The skins aren’t as exotic (yet) as those you’d see with aliens. For me, that makes things that much closer to home, and does more to impress upon me that all the things the Destiny crew goes through are easily related to real people, here, now — and the character-probing surely anticipates to some degree what will be encountered on manned long-term space missions within my own lifetime.

    Over the past two days, it’s been very cool to find a few more devoted SGU fans within my circle of face-to-face friends and acquaintances. Two share my total devotion — we just happen to love the show for all that it is and does; the third remains a regular viewer while having some concerns about a little too much male-oriented fanservice. I’m not thrilled about that, but am trusting that the strongly hoped-for Season 2 will take care of such things. In the meantime, I’m not going to let them get in the way of my enjoyment of what I see now as *the* best (of any genre) TV series currently running.

    More kudos all ’round — all acting and behind-scenes work equally appreciated — and a shout-out to Mark Savela from my friend Kate’s sweetie Tyler, a not-easily-impressed techie whose eyes light up whenever VFX magic is on display.

  11. I always read your blog … because basically I love chocolate and anything stargate so you’re a must. But, even though I live in Australia I have a daughter living and working in Ottawa as … guess what … a daycare worker and I don’t get why not passing on the flu to a target group doesn’t make daycare workers a priority as well.

  12. After six episodes I wish I could say I love this show, but I can’t.

    In “Water”, I was frustrated watching the rescue scene with Young and Scott. This is a great buddy sequence that had a lot of emotional drama between these two characters. And I would really have liked to have seen it, but they were wearing helmets. Great eye acting just wasn’t enough. I wanted to see their faces.

    Then there is all the romping. It’s getting so confusing I’m going to have to create an org chart to keep track.

    The stones confuse me too. Do Telford and Young always have to swap with each other, or can they swap with someone else?

    Also, these people are eating gruel on Destiny. They should be starving by now. So Chloe and Eli go to a nightclub? I would have believed this scene if they had been in a local diner where Chloe could have seen her “friends”, and then drowned her sorrow in milkshakes and piazza.

    Which brings me to another point. If all the folks on Destiny are allowed to use the stones to go back to earth and experience family and friends, food and sex, they are doing so only mentally. When they return to Destiny, their actual bodies have felt or had none of these things, especially the food. I would think that, in time, this would start to drive people mad.

    There’s a more I could say, but most of it has already been expressed by Das and others. I am looking forward to next week’s episode, as you said you believe it to be one of the best. And I’m hoping that the drama of the story is told with both angst, and finally, some action.

  13. about the H1N1 thing, daycare workers aren’t considered a priority? i thought they were.

    I got the vaccine earlier this week because there’s a baby under 6 months in the house. contact with children: isn’t that sort of in the same category as daycare worker?

    what was funny was that i got the vaccine before my brother, who is a hospital worker. you would think hospital workers would be the ABSOLUTE first to get it. (it was only because my school got their flu clinic up and running really quickly. my brother got it the next day at his workplace.)

    also, LOVE the chocolate Asterix and Obelix!

  14. Coucou Joseph! ça va bien?
    Moi oui trés bien =P

    Yaou! super cette statue d’Obélix et Astérix version Chocolat, avez vous lu la derniére BD de leurs aventures?

    Merci pour ces Q/A =)

    En France l’état à acheter pleins de vaccin mais peu de gens veulent çe faire vacciné. En même temp le virus est beaucoup moin répandu en France qu’au Canada, j’espere que vous n’allez pas l” attraper!

    Aller gros bisou
    A plus =)

  15. Hehehehe “Riley is only mostly dead.” Sorry, perhaps I’m a morbid person, but that made me laugh. Poooor Riley! And I’m sure he’ll be all better in an episode or two…if he were being red-shirted he would have died outright!

    Hooray! I’m so glad you’re getting a Mac! I’m all full of happiness and joy and such! I shall miss the posts about how your computer isn’t working, though… 😉

  16. Hey Joe,

    No comments…are you taking the night off. Good for you. Oh, I know..you are playing with the new laptop. Cool.

    The entire vaccine thing is sad. My little cousin (8) almost died, spent 2 weeks in ICU. Three other family members, in different states also got it. All small children 5, 3 and 1. I agree with everything you said about it.

    Always love your food show and tell. Yummy.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  17. I’m a pretty recent regular viewer of your blog, and I have to say I do enjoy alot of the content you put in it.

    One of the reasons I like it is that its a nice alternative to the 24-hour news cycle that is lately “overwhelming us all” with H1N1 fears…and I stress the word “fear” because thats what feeds the media news cycle lately. So it was with mixed feelings when I saw your H1N1 reference (but hey, its your blog you can write whatever you want).

    One thing that I’ve noticed over the past few days is that all the media outlets are going out of their way to find out who is/isn’t getting the vaccine..and who’s jumping in front of others…its getting a little sickening (pun intended).

    Although I do have issues with hockey players, hospital board members, and banking executives getting the vaccine…i’ve taken particular interest in the amount of people who have commented about convicts getting the vaccine in addition to the detainees at Gitmo. I heard a congressman actually wrote to Obama and the SecDef saying that Gitmo detainees shouldn’t be getting the vaccine ahead of anyone else.

    First and foremost…i think the people who should be getting the vaccine should be the people who are in the high risk groups identified by ‘real’ health professionals…and that politicians should say out of those decisions. And if those professionals deem convicts to be a high risk group..thats fine with me. Because the way I see it..if a prison is full of sick inmates…then the staff who go home every night are likely to get infected…who will then infect others and so on and on. And if all the prison staff are sick…then who guards the prison? (i’m sure that’ll upset some neo-cons even more…)

    I’ve been kinda disturbed by how this issue has really brought out some of the “darker” sides of people. It certainly has not brought too many people together. And it’d certainly be a much darker world then the one we live in if all decisions like “who gets what” were based on popularity contests rather then scientific opinion.

  18. @Das: Mr. Deni said the same thing: “Peyton Place in Space”. Yeah, some of us are that old 🙂 I’m not jumping overboard on the show just yet and will see what the next 3 episodes bring, but if it’s just more of the same, nah. Thing is, I so wanted to like it!

  19. Hey joe stargate is something what I grow up, I was thinking about it yesterday and in my opnion its the reason why I dont love sgu, like sg1 or atlantis. I simply till I was informrmed about sgu, hope that it will be the same like sg1 or SGA. I have some questions:
    It was the plan to do sgu like battlestar galactica?( I mean because great success of the series- cause from time when bsg ended, all new series have violence and sex in every episodes, I cannot help to compare sgu with “200” from stargate, young people, kissing (in sgu sex) time limit and explosions(when it was released we all laughted all the episode)So final question is: Is sgu inspired by bsg because of its success?
    Yeah next is: I hope that you will stay with episodes like Earth or Time (I hope that it will be great when you said) and there will be much less “fight for survival” when we all know that they survive minimal for one season(btw light was really good). I mean thatwe need sand…we really need ice ( I didnt understand about how can two huddles of ice help less than one hundred people)..what will be next? we need trees…we need stones…we need claw… no please this never again
    and the last is Will there be any aliens civilizations ( think about big ships big cities and etc..) You promised that in first season there will not any alien speak english (yeas we are in 7th episode and there was only sand that dont speak any language) Hope youll repair it in next episodes
    Thanks for reading Joe

  20. Mac’s are totally worth it, by the by. A little odd to get used to at first, but seemingly reliable to me thus far. That said, I’ve only had this Mac over a year and the terrible two’s will be coming up soon… Hmm…

    Loved Earth, looking forward to Time (And have been from the initial synopsis of it), Life (A little character stuff never killed anybody) then Justice (Mid season cliffhanger? I’m there!).

  21. Congrats on the MacBook Pro! I’ve had one for just over two years, and I absolutely love it. I hope it lives up to your expectations.

  22. Hey Joe,

    Can you please look for the question I asked at the end of yesterday’s comments? It missed being approved or ended up in spam or was lost aboard Destiny.

    Cheers, Chev

  23. Ok Mr M, please give us a report on how the Mac Book is adopting you in a few days. Some people have trouble adjusting to different operating system and their quips. Good Luck.

    Am in the process of breaking in the new AMD Kuma desktop machine before further consideration of adding Micro$oft’s spawn (W7) to the desktop. For the Apple folks on this blog, invested too much in hardware & software to even consider a switch. Besides it’s a lot cheaper.

    Now off to watch Earth. Been away.

  24. Hi Joe!
    There was a news on GW, which mentioned the first part of Caprica will be aired in the first quarter of 2010, so the second half of SG:U will be showed only in April. Is it true?

    If you are spinning for season 2, is it mean SG:U is picked up for s2? When will it be official?

    Will we learn more about the gate network? Because if a gate can dial a complete galaxy, then how will Destiny give only a few gate address to our heroes? Or are they able to see the complete list of gates, but the ship makes these addresses be visitable? Will there be other proto-type gates with different chevron or glyph colors if they leave a galaxy?

    Why had Destiny visited the Pegasus galaxy, if the gate network were built later? Has the Wraith / the evil Asgard (“Vans”) damaged the ship?

    Will you re-visit the storyline of sand monsters? They got a complete ice planet, so they can plan galaxy domination. 🙂

    Will you mention other religions among the Destiny’s crew? A Buddhist or an Islamic follower would be interesting at a secondary character, if Christianity has such support in the show. Are BW and RCC not fear they brought the new SG series into a very sensitive area of the viewers? I respect other religions, but I am sure lot of viewer will complain about these religious themes if they are ateist or hardcore temple visitor. So I wanted to ask, is it worth to involve such storylines in SG:U, if the earlier SG show could stay independent? What will happen if some countries will refuse to buy it?

    Thanks for the great show! I can’t wait for the s2 news! 🙂


  25. First off: Hello! Hope this comment finds you well.

    As the communication stones have been used so often it has caused me to ponder them a bit more than I would have done otherwise. This (in consequence) has brought forth a few questions:

    1) I first noticed the compact communication panel adaptded from the rather cumbersome device developed by the Ancients that (though beautiful in desgin) was far too big and resembled a violent melon juicer. Was the development of said panel by the SGC (or whoever) affected because they had plans to use them with a specific mission (i.e. for wherever the 9th chevron sent them) or was it for more general purposes?

    2) The above being said… has any protocol been developed in an official format concerning the use of the stones? They certainly seem organized about it from what I’ve garnered from SGU so far but I was hoping you could shed a bit of light on that… unless it will be answered in further episodes.

    3) This question is slightly related to the stones and only stems from my quirky curiosity. In Peter Deluise’s cameo when Telford relieves him from his position in the chair next to the stone panel did you actually have a character written in called ‘Peter/Pete’ or did you just decide to throw that fun bit in there just because?

    3.5) Now that I think about it that leads me to another question concerning the stones. I had always assumed (I know, I know) that the person whose body you jump to is the one to touch the stone last. Assuming that is why Peter was sitting in the chair to begin with he must have touched the stone to begin his ‘shift’. Did Telford touch it as he sat down to begin his ‘shift’ or did I miss something?

    I enjoy watching the different dynamics available with this cast (granted I do miss all the snarky humor we got at every turn with SG-1 and SGA… part of the reason I’m really looking forward to the movies; how are they coming by the way?). I find it especially interesting how O’Neill seems almost to be on the antagonistic side in this series. That is to say in the previous series it seemed that our heroes (the ones heading out into the field and earning our respect every week) occasionally had their routine disrupted (usually at an inoportune time) by another party from Earth who assumed they knew better how things should work. Right now it feels like our old heroes are now in the antagonistic role (or at least a middle man). This and so many other things continually remind me that these are ‘the wrong people in the wrong place’. Of course our old heroes would (quite possiby) attempted to communicate with the sand creatures in ‘Water’. TJ thought they were trying to communicate and I’m rather surprised she didn’t push to hard to make contact. I’m supposing that we haven’t seen the last of them though.

    So… yeah. I’d better stop there before I write a rather poorly expressed novel in your comments. Sorry for it being rather long. =0)

  26. G’day Joe
    Kids under 10 cannot get the H1N1 vaccination here in Australia.
    Asterix and Obelisk are great. I have read all the comics. My sister still has them, I hope.

  27. now you have become just like the rest of them. anyway since you already turned to the dark side you might as well get an Apple home computer as well to go with that laptop and that iphone and that old ipod and that trendy commercial and those hipsters in cafes and Obamamania and green and change and hope and peace and lady gaga and hanna montana and twilight and twilight and TWILIGHT!!!!!! okay im done.

    seriously apple home computers are known to work well out of the box, they are for those people who dont want to waste a second trying to know how the thing works or why this plugs into that. if thats you then get it. if youre the guy that tends to get a “computer expert” to fix a problem then just get the apple one. unless youre a PC gamer who doesnt like Sims 3. personally, i just eat apples 🙂

  28. Hi Joe,

    Congrats on your MacBook Pro purchase. I love my iMac. Not sure what your familiarity is with Mac but you might want to check out Macworld’s Switcher’s guide from Windows to Mac

    Also, I can recommend the Butterscotch tutorials. They have a 10 part series on the move from Windows to Mac, which is a bit basic.. think kindergarten (skip those), but I like lots of the tutorials on there, especially anything by Andy & Sean.

    Just want to share one thing I find that’s cooler on a Mac – doing screendumps. Usually I don’t want the whole screen, just one part. In a Mac all I have to do is press Command-Shift-4. I get some crosshairs and I just drag that to capture what I want. Its saved to my desktop. Love when I discovered that.

    What was the coolest thing you all learnt to do on your PC or Mac? Big or small.

    Cheers, Chev

  29. Sorry to hear about Haylow’s loss, as well as your own. The art of chocolate making is reasonably rare, and to lose one of the masters, even temporarily, a tragedy. Also, pictures appreciated of your outing. Lawren seems to be making a decent sub for Mr. G.
    Finally watched first part of Earth. Overall my opinion of the show is definitely improving. Young’s character is fleshing out nicely(loves his ex but still has hangups about his affair), and I wasn’t bothered by the use of Telford’s body to have sex with his wife. Were I Young, I’d be more concerned that she would want to engage in such an act with him in another’s body, but the fact they did so seems to have been a spontaneous event. My opinion of Eli is climbing up; it’s clear he’s the most decent guy on the ship already, but this episode helps cement his claim to that title. His reactions to the circumstances he found himself in rang true, his protectiveness of Chloe realistic, as was his fear of her using the “f” word. Chloe herself, alas, has pretty much hit rock bottom for me. STILL nothing in her character to make her sympathetic. The same young woman who was an aide to a US senator and who wanted to be known for her own works in the opening episode is now a whining, alcoholic child hung up over a breakup that may or may not have been caused by her friend. PLEASE tell me that we see something that makes her more likable, if not useful later.
    My favorite part was actually with Wray and the IOA representative. The same self preservation instinct I didn’t like in Light reflect much better here. She’s more in her home element, and she is engaging in a game of survival here she’s better equiped to fight. More of the IOA and their machinations, and her responces to them, please.
    All in all, still not loving the show, but my opinion of it is going up. Here’s hoping the next three episodes wil cement the show as a favorite for me. Thanks for taking the time to post, and to do a mailbag today.

  30. Good Morning Joe, Are you still buzzing from all that chocolate?, Thanks for the pictures,wow, great choices, and thank you for your descriptions, you could have said we went out for some chocolate dessert, but no thankfully you gave it the full monty, wonderful, now I am done drooling, and still looking at the pictures, appreciate you sharing, I guess if you sent some my way, it would be oh-not-so-pretty when it got here, hmm. A lot of talent went into the making. and thanks for the mailbag.
    Golden boy Marty G did an excellent job on that episode, gives more questions to be asked..

  31. Answer: “I think she was more upset at losing her friend than her boyfriend.”

    Yeah, see. Here’s the thing…whether or not Wraith have nipples is FAR more interesting to me than poor Chloe’s personal drama.

    You know what I do when a friend acts like a jerk? I find a new friend. I’m a cold-hearted bitch when it comes to friendships – don’t let ’em too close, ’cause that way they can’t hurt you. It also makes it easier to walk away. It’s part of my dominant loner gene, and therefore I find it very hard to relate to characters (or real life people) who boo-hoo over a broken friendship. Get over it and move on!

    However, I CAN relate to nipples since I have them, so that missing aspect of Wraith physiology will forever fascinate the hell out of me. 😀

    Are you seeing how this works??

    Answer: “Fair enough. The next three episodes that take us to that break are, in my humble opinion, the best of the first ten. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.”

    See, you’re a sneaky li’l fart. I always tell people that. I say, “That Joe Mallozzi – he’s a sneaky li’l fart…like an evil villain, but a smart evil villain…the kind you can’t be too sure about because maybe they’ve changed. Not someone who’d snap your head off, like Sabretooth (that’d be Brad Wright), but somebody like…Emma Frost. Yeah, that’s it. Mallozzi’s the kind that’ll charm and manipulate you right into his little bed, and after he’s got you there all comfy and such, then he’ll tell ya he’s been sleeping with Namor. Plus, he’s got great clothes.”

    Well, that’s not exactly the way I’ve said it, but something to that effect. 😉

    See, by ever so gently encouraging me to voice my opinion you are challenging me to continue to watch the show – a challenge (knowing my personality) I am not likely to turn down, and you obviously knew that. Therefore you are assured of my continued viewership through the first half of the season. And yup, though I can see straight through you and your devilish, tricksy ways, I am still gonna jump right into your little trap…just ’cause you set it! 😀

    Heh. Maybe I’m more like Scott Summers than I ever realized… 😛

    Have a great day, Miss Frost! 😈


  32. All that chocolate looks good and sounds delicious!

    Thanks for answering my question.

    H1N1 flu vaccine distribution… I’m betting that in Canada they are using the same guidelines as they have here in the US:

    * Pregnant women

    * People who live with or care for infants younger than 6 months of age

    * Health care and emergency medical personnel

    * Anyone from 6 months through 24 years of age

    * Anyone from 25 through 64 years of age with certain chronic medical conditions or a weakened immune system

    Maybe all those hockey players, board members and donors have weakened immune systems? Jumping the line for health care seems to happen everywhere and never ceases to annoy me.

    In my area, they ran out of the flu shots (due to vaccine production problems) and only have the mist left, which I and my kids can’t take because we all have asthma. So even though I’m a health care worker, I didn’t get the vaccine. I think all of the nurses and emergency room personnel got theirs, though. Consequently, my daughter and I both got H1N1 flu last week. Because of the asthma, we both got Tamiflu and are recovering nicely, though my asthma is in a snit.

  33. Great Q and A Mr. M!!! Good luck on your computer purchase. I would be very interested in hearing your review of a Mac after you’ve had it for a while. All the Mac users I know are rabid against p.c.’s, so it’s hard to know where facts and prejudices begins and ends.

    For the comment: “What about pregnancy?” You answered: “They know what causes that now.” And there are precautions that can be taken to prevent both”.

    I knew a lady that “lovingly” introduced her three kids as the condom baby, the diaphragm baby and the birth control pill baby. She was an Registered Nurse. So birth control is not 100%. BTW, she got her tubes tied after the bc pill baby 😀 .


  34. ahhh, the Golden Boy.

    Chole didn’t or doesn’t know about Scott and James “interaction”, when she had her “interaction” with Scott, right?

  35. I have decided I should not read your blog in the morning. After reading your last post I found myself eating a piece of dark chocolate for breakfast this morning.

    By the way do you have a favorite “regular” chocolate bar or do only go for the real fancy stuff.

  36. Ok so you ask what I mean about sanctuary: recently I have heard the dragon noise from the Quest, the chair from the Shroud has been used in a couple episodes, I’m pretty sure that fridays episode used the creepy noise from wispers, oh and in the first season magnus was looking at pics of an Unas. I’m sure I have noticed more but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Btw I don’t have a problem with it, I just think its interesting.

    Thanks always,


  37. All folly aside, remember when Vala and Daniel switched across the universe? They also ended up in the right gendered bodies. I wonder if there’s something built into the technology that intercrosses people’s consciousnesses based on their gender and closeness of age as well, so that a woman is by preference crossed with a woman, and only takes a man’s body if there isn’t a female one available, for example. That would explain why they conveniently end up in the right bodies, too.

    That being said… Had Young and Telford been females, and Young’s wife the husband, and had this woman from across the universe suddenly “woken up” in her own body to find a guy she didn’t know orgasming on top of her… How would that be? My guess is, a lot worse perceived than this was. Doesn’t seem fair, does it, that there seems to be a perception that guys always want sex with a pretty female? I liked the “Hathor” (not sure if that was the real name for it) episode in SG1 for that actually, Daniel made it very clear he wasn’t interested in Hathor, physically stopping her, so she essentially drugged him with her chemical magic stuff. It kind of set the statement that yes, even with very pretty females guys can be having NON consensual sex… I’m really hoping Telford is now super pissed off at Young for the sex part AND for the making him look like a fool part, anything less would be disappointing…

  38. Just wanted to say this ep was very well executed. Very well done and finally I tip my hat to you guys and Mr. Gero.





    When they were talking about getting destiny to drain it’s power and get it to drop out of FTL my first question right about when the weapons started firing was hmmm.. I wonder what would happen with the near instant data-stream across galaxies that is needed to facilitate the stones ability to switch consciousness when there is a massive acceleration or deceleration of the ship. Would it cause “packet loss” temporarily. The intro/lead-in to the ‘one thing leads to another” stuff this time for the scene with young and his wife was well done. By the time the ftl screen effect (very cool btw) came I was like “Oh man here goes something” LDP’s expression was very well done and I had an “Oh my damn” moment. At the same time I was kind of laughing to think of LDP’s realization of what he is just about to have to act and just how the hell you guys explained it out to him. When things changed back, his expression again was great with his line.

  39. Hey Joe, quick question…the web stuff that shows Eli going around with a Kino showing the ship and others…is that scripted or off the cuff. If it is scripted, who is responsible for writting that, because it is well done. My wife and I so far are not as ga ga as we were with SG1 or Atlantis. I don’t think we will be owning Universe. But we are not done with the season yet. Thanks Joe, keep up the great work!

  40. Mmmm. I so enjoy the drool-worthy blogs. The Poire et Chocolat Epicé would really do it for me. Sadly, I may have to try my hand at a homemade version, Ogden is not noted for superior desserts. If I can pull off a Buche de Noel complete with the meringue mushrooms, I surely can handle gingerbread mousse and spicy parfait. Poached pears and walnut cake would be …. a piece of cake. And even if I don’t pull it off, the journey would be tasty. I’m over-confident in the kitchen, LOL. I made maple fudge the day before yesterday, without a recipe; couldn’t find one I liked. Turned out very tasty, although with a heavy hint of butterscotchyness. Cooking tip of the day: if the hot fudge flips over the edge of the pan as you pour it, do NOT try to flip it back with your bare finger. Ouch!

    I like Red Dwarf in moderation. A little Lister goes a long way.

  41. Is there a possibility of a Goaul’d on board the Destiny? (Seeing as though the trust might be behind the attack on the Icarus Base)

  42. About those tastings, how do you clear your palate between items? IF you clear it, that is.

    Answer: Fair enough. The next three episodes that take us to that break are, in my humble opinion, the best of the first ten. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.

    It seems risky to bring out the good stuff at the end of party rather than the beginning, but, since I’m giving the show a half season to excite me, fine. I do like parts of it and certain characters, but, all in all, I’m always waiting and hoping for big explosions and last-minute escapes from certain death at the hands of relentless and seemingly invincible enemies. That’s how Stargate (and Star Trek and BSG and many, many other series’) episodes have run in the past, so my expectations are more like conditioned responses.

  43. Joe, I’m in Ontario and I’m sickened that the Canadian government doesn’t have the balls to say “No… sorry… you low-risk healthy people will have to wait, while we vaccinate the high-risk groups first.”
    I’m a supply teacher and I go from class to class and school to school, and so far I have been lucky and stayed healthy.
    I still don’t want the shot before pregnant women and kids.
    There should be teams descending on schools to give mass vaccinations.
    Schools are the perfect haven for this bug… most kids don’t give a monkeys about hygiene, bless their little hearts.

  44. Joe wrote: “Eli only imagined the kiss. Sad. He needs a better imagination.”

    I assumed Eli’s imagination was the source of his irritation at Chloe’s sudden subject change.

  45. DasnDanger summed it up for me, and incidentally made me remember my original concerns about SGU. They were concerns that hit the web early on – SG 90210. No, it wasn’t specific to the ages of those on the Destiny, I’ve been agreeably surprised by your casting, the people there are of varied ages and levels of beauty, unlike many other shows. It just shows that the character descriptions were simply a direction for the casting folks to work with, and it’s appreciated.

    I will be with you till midseason break, and I truly hope after. But, still, it seems to me that, having been denied the ability to spend time on relationships during SG1 and SGA – what with all that pesky action adventure and science fiction and heroism that was needed – the pendulum has swung the other way. SGU 90210 it truly seems to me now. The angst is almost teenager-ish, and it over-rides the science fiction aspects.

    Mind you, I could see the relationships devolving this way, one of the chief problems on that ship would likely be boredom, and without hobbies, tv – the net – I know I would probably start obsessing over how peoples’ relationships were developing.

    Thing is, this sort of story is NOT what I watch SG for. I find myself bristling when you comment about “square-jawed heros” when referencing your work on SGA. Did you really have such a low regard for that series? It gave me joy, anyway.

    Is there science fiction on the horizon? Will there be heros and aliens and space battles? The new Battlestar Galactica had a perfect balance of characters, relationships and spacy stuff; I think you’re all working towards it, I have the feeling even if you don’t admit it, that it’s sitting in the back of your mind as something to aspire to.

    You mentioned the next three as being the best of the first ten. I’ll watch them, hoping I’ll see something that will make me like this show, give me a little bit of the joy I felt when I watched the first episode of SGA, when I saw the miniseries of Galactica, even when I first watched SG1 and the original Star Trek. It’s a tribute to my belief that StarGate is worth it that has kept me coming back, though right now I feel it’s a duty to watch rather than “gosh I can’t miss this”. Frankly, it helps that there’s nothing on opposite I’d rather watch.

  46. 1. McKay is earths foremost expert on Ancient Technology, and is in no patron’s pocket – he’s loyal to himself and his friends. Would it not make sense for him to make at least ONE guest appearance, considering that Young would prob trust him, and he’s exactly the guy who would get under Rush’s skin, but be too valuable to shut away? (If their is no Atlantis movie in production, fans will be hard-pressed to believe that McKay couldn’t be rounded up for something THIS important).

    2. Pentagon – In the past, all meetings relating to Stargate Operations took place in the SGC – would it not be feasible to redress some Icarus Base sets to simulate portions of the SGC, instead of having everything take place in the pentagon? Or at least an explanation for it being moved to Pentagon?

    3. What is the story behind the black Air Force uniforms; they dont appear standard. And wouldnt most personnel at the Pentagon be wearing the blue-suit Service dress uniform, rather than combat uniforms?

  47. I don’t know when episodes air all over the world, but to make sure… so

    SPOILERS “Earth”
    I liked “Earth”. There was more character revelation and something which I see as the starting point for Chloe’s character development.
    The club scene worked for me. Col. Young told Eli and Chloe that they will probably die on Earth when Destiny explodes. There is nothing they can do about it. Eli stated the bottom line. “Live it up while we can.” They might die in a few hours/days. So why not go into a club?
    And Janelle Monae’s performance is fun to watch and listen to.
    From what I know about Chloe, I assume she goes all the time in clubs like that. So it’s in-character behavior. Eli just want to live the moment. And this is one character trait I like about Eli. He tries to get the best out of the situation. You could say his motto is: Carpe diem.

    In the previous episodes, it was revealed what kind of characters the group consists of. No character development yet.
    The club scene, however, could be a real turning point for Chloe. I see her being the first one to develop her character. She realizes how shallow her past life is in comparison to others aboard the Destiny, and she sees her father as a guide. I think we will see her taking more interest in what’s going on aboard the Destiny. Her experience with politics might help with the IOA and who is playing puppet master. She will be a good counselor for Col. Young regarding these things and a balance to Camile Wray who is IOA after all and likely follows the IOA agenda.
    Col. Young’s plan is to get everyone back home. Eli and Chloe are the only ones aboard the Destiny he can be sure of to have the same goal without a hidden agenda. But they have to step up to be able to “play” with the grown-ups.

    The rivalry/animosity/dislike (whatever you want to call it) between Col. Young and Col. Telford indicates they have a long history with each other. I’d love to learn more about it, and I assume it will be addressed throughout the season. First glitch caught me off guard and I had to laugh out loud. Sorry, I know. These things are only funny if they don’t happen to yourself. 😎

    I watched the episode three times now to figure out if Col. Telford
    a) already knows Young’s wife (ex-wife?) and has an affair with her,
    or b) doesn’t know her and goes to her to explain the situation,
    or c) doesn’t know her and goes to her as “Young” as a mean to hurt Young.

    Col. Telford’s response to Rush’s question “Is everything alright?” “He will be soon enough.” sounds like option c). But option a) would also make sense, and it would explain why Young’s wife has difficulties to accept Young in Telford’s body first, but then have sex with him. I mean think about it. How weird would it be if you have an affair with someone and your husband’s mind is in that person’s body. How to react? Keep distance. But then you see how it hurts your hubby who is billion of light-years away and could die out there, and you don’t want to hurt him, and…tough situation.
    I think I go for option a). Future will tell.

    Joe, selling newspapers? You mean the Vancouver Sun? Guaranteed free? Doesn’t cost you anything! “Could I have your phone number” newspaper? 😉

    I loved how Col. Young stood up to General O’Neill and how he closed the last briefing as if he is the one leading the meeting. He is a strong leader personality.

    Eli’s visit to his mother was heart breaking. Somehow I got the feeling that she suspected Eli to be Eli, but logic told her it can’t be. So she keeps on talking about him in a third person while saying all the things she wants to say to Eli. Nice.

    I know Sgt. Riley’s fate is already written and shot, but I hope he’ll survive. He’s a nice and decent guy.

    I really enjoyed this episode. There’s a lot in there which makes you reflect on all addressed topics. Well done.

  48. really a bad episode..how can in a military environment to be allowed the use of the stones in this way? this isn t plausible. The show is doomed to failure in my opinion.

  49. Hi There

    Just wondering if there is any site, you can recommend on getting my daily Stargate fix. So far, I have been browsing Gateworld, but not to sound unappreciative,… it is very informative, but there are a lot of negativity on everything and it sort of ruins the whole series. We do not have SyFy or whatever that shows Stargate where I live. Therefore, I get my fix by browsing the net until the DVD sets comes out for each season.

    Nothing wrong with your blog, I love the pooches and envy you for all the chocolate! However, it does not really give you in depth details about each episode, which I need for my daily fix!!


  50. That the way it goes? John kill Kaanan and get Teyla after a suitable time of mourning. Great, make it!!!!

  51. I have to say, I liked this last episode a lot better than I’ve liked most of the show so far. But then, I’ve always enjoyed a good body-swapping ep, which is largely what this was. The Futurama line was great, and Eli’s talk with his mom was somewhat heartbreaking. Young having sex while in someone else’s body was just so effed up. I mean, that goes against the unwritten rules of body-swapping (you don’t take drugs, you don’t get a tattoo, and you don’t have sex; everyone knows that). Whatever Telford’s up to at the end there, Young totally deserves it. I don’t like Chloe all that much, but since you clarified that the kiss was imaginary (which I apparently didn’t get at all), that helps. Still, you’d think she’d be somewhat aware that Eli likes her, but isn’t that just the way. And Rush was kind of delightfully diabolical in this one. I’m curious to see more of what his deal is.

  52. Hello Joe
    The German Title wasn´t “Sha´re Is Dead” it was
    “Sha´res Tod”—->Translated “Sha´res Death”
    But that´s not better at all.

    Can´t wait for SGU to air in Germany….


  53. A few more questions:
    1. In SG-1 and SGA, the stargates “puddle” was shot with a greenscreen backdrop, and a digital puddle added in post – i recall hearing that a new system was being used in SGU, involving a “projected” puddle or something, cant rember exactly. Can you explain this please?

  54. Hello Joe, great choice with Macbook Pro. I liked “Earth”, but O’Neill seemed so different, and I couldn’t understand why he would tolerate Young’s insubordination – he was especially disrespectful to Jack in the last meeting. If you really want to go dark with the show – the HomeWorld Command could hold hostage the relatives of the people on Destiny – just an idea. Regarding the movies – Is the Atlantis set still standing or it’s dismantled? If there won’t be anymore movies do you consider resolving Sam/Jack ship in “Universe” in the next season(s)?

  55. Joe, in your mailbag answers you said:

    “You assume it was without his consent. Although nothing was said either way, it seems most unlikely that someone who was giving up their body for a conjugal visit wouldn’t consider this to be a possibility”

    And then you said:

    “As I said, although there is no indication given, logic dictates that Telford would know something like that could happen (since Young IS returning for a conjugal visit) so it’s fair to assume he signed off permission.”

    I assume, you know what they say about assuming. These answers trouble me for a couple of reasons. First, why would the audience assume any of this, since there is no indication that they should? We don’t know these characters; either the ones on the ship or the ones on Earth. It’s one thing to expect the audience to assume that something happens between scenes that isn’t spelled out for them. For example, McKay puts Sheppard into stasis and in the next scene Sheppard arrives through the gate to Atlantis back in his own time. As an audience member, I assume that those thousands of years of stasis and the awakening went well, else he would not be back in his own time. No need to show any of that. It’s a whole other kettle of fish to expect the audience to assume the ethical makeup of characters they know nothing about.

    I think you’ve put yourself between a rock and a hard place by making this “assuming” argument. It feels like you’re playing games with the audience in order to build conflict and suspense. As you said, “there is no indication” of informed consent. Even if there is informed consent, what person in his or her right mind would say “okey doke” to someone using his or her body for sex or imbibing in alcohol, or anything else that is just to weird to contemplate. What kind of morally bankrupt characters are these? It’s like saying, “I’m not at home so go ahead and use my house for anything you want. Sex? Drugs? Alcohol? What I don’t know won’t hurt me.” Additionally, Telford and Young don’t even like each other; why would they consent to anything? Why would they even swap bodies with each other? In any event, my point is that creators of texts have an ethical obligation to maintain the dignity of the audience and, frankly, it feels like my dignity has been damaged when you say “assume.”

  56. “Nope. Both Teyla and John would have to observe a suitable period of mourning for Kanaan. After John offs him.”

    LMAO!!!!!!!! *looks back* Hey, I need my butt, I use it to sit on! JOE!!!!!!!!!! *laughs some more*

    Duct Tape is bummed out because Maximus hasn’t responded to her interest in his scar. Tell him he can’t leave his adoring females out in the cold like that!!!

  57. 1) In “Earth,” we saw the sign Homeworld Command. Has the SGC been relocated and absorbed into this group in Pentagon between SGA and SGU (a nice callback to Cheyenne’s closing in real life)?

    2) I’ve been looking around the Internet and I’m confused what the full name of the IOA leader, Strom, is. Could you please set it straight?

    3) Rush mentioned the master code that unlocks some of the main systems. Will he discover it this season or is it best left undiscovered?

    4) In the nightclub scene, if one were to pause it, would we see anyone from the staff dancing it up on the dance floor?

  58. Okay – I loved “Earth”. I am loving the whole show.

    But the moment I liked best was the moment Rush nodded to Brody. I actually cheered – quietly, you understand. Don’t want to upset the hamsters.

    And I was all ready to pat Rush on the back, and shake his hand, and … well, I’ll draw a veil at that point, though I am not prudish. Anyway, I was all ready to cheer the guy on because he’s got rid of the truly despicable Telford. (Great job with his character and another nice piece of acting from LDP). Except, am I only seeing him as despicable because he doesn’t like Rush or Greer? Nah – that final scene. The cad! The bounder! The nasty little opportunist. Anyways …

    And then I thought, hold on there, why am I cheering? Maybe it would have worked. Maybe all these “wrong” people could have got home, and been replaced by the “right” people. And then I wondered who was choosing these “right” people, and what made them more right than the ones who were there.

    By that time, I’d taken another look at Rush, who KNOWS (I think) that if they get him off his, er, The Destiny, he’ll never be allowed back.

    Which means, if I am following this correctly, that he just condemned everyone else to staying on board so that he could remain there. Okay, maybe I don’t want to haul the guy behind a veil any more. Hold the veil, guys!

    And all that means, I’m loving the twists and turns of the story. Even poor old Eli is going to have to make a moral choice now – go with Young’s orders and try to discover what Rush is up to (if anything). And then he’s a spy. And what will he do with this knowledge, anyway? Rush just proved he can out-manoeuvre the (presumably) best scientists earth can come up with – he does have the advantage of being there and spending every waking minute learning about the ship – so what chance does Eli have?

    Okay, okay – ramble over. I hope I’m on the right lines here, because keeping up is challenging, in the best possible way. Loving it, Joe – just, loving it.

  59. I was going to make a snarky comment about Macs being a PC guy and all, but I can’t say I wouldn’t try one if I could afford one and I must agree on that commercial you spoke of. Though I think if I could afford one I would just go with one of Alienware’s M17x laptops.

    Nevertheless congrats on the new computer.

    Wasn’t the SG1 movie slated for around now? Did economic conditions push it back?

    Also I’m starting to believe you have clones of yourself. I’m not sure how you manage to do all you do with work, food, hobbies, blog, dogs and your wife.. Have you and Ba’al been cloning yourselves again?

  60. @ Das.ROFL at “Miss Frost”.

    In reference to John killing Kanaan and getting Teyla. No way. RONAN will kill Kanann, Teyla will fight and defeat Ronan, but be merciful and take his dreads instead of his life. Then, with a suitably short mourning period she and Sheppard can move on guilt free.

    In reference to the stones and their uses. It seems that they have not been used much before now, or that the SGC has established protocols for how one may use a borrowed body. But each person on Earth is a volunteer, and takes an implicit risk that their bodies might be misused, just as Telford abused Young’s body earlier in the season. I have more of an issue with the SGC allowing people to contact relatives and explain what is happening. By now so many people have either used the Stargate or been involved with it, from multiple nations, that the Stargate cannot realistically be much of a secret anymore. One of my disappointments with SG-1 and SGA was the fact that the program remained cloaked. It’s past time the situation became public knowledge to the people who paid for it, and the sacrifices made by the military and civilians in the program be openly recognised. Now back to the regularly scheduled comments…

  61. When were we, as an audience, told that the visits were conjugal? We’ve been only told that people were visiting their family – sex isn’t implied by that.

    If Telford didn’t know that sex was a possible outcome of lending his body… and there’s the possibility that he’s carrying an STD that we can’t cure or easily prevent yet. Did either Young or his wife think of that in the imminent throes of passion?

    If we haven’t been given the premises, we have no expectation of being able to produce the right inferences. This is sloppy storytelling, not skilled writing.

  62. Here in Quebec, childcare workers are NOT considered a priority group for receiving the H1N1 vaccine. We care for kids under 5 years of age… including that unprotected priority group under 6 months. This high risk group is under our care for up to eleven hours a day! During that time, we change diapers, wipe noses, clean vomit, cuddle children and wipe their tears. Do our children sneeze and cough into their inner arm? Sometimes, but usually not. They sneeze on their friends or even in our faces when we are tending to them. Do they or wash their hands properly? Most often not, unless we tell them to do so.

    What makes me even angrier is that we are considered an essential service, meaning we are not allowed to close unless the government mandates us to do so. Plus, we may have to eventually open our doors to children from other centres that have closed due to outbreaks. Not granting childcare workers priority is irresponsible. Who will be at work taking care of the children if my staff is all out sick? Two years ago, childcare centres were obliged to develop a Pandemic Response Plan because the government saw this coming. I cannot believe that, in that time, they could not have figured out a better way to do things. They have sent childcare workers to the front lines without a rifle. So, until we are eligible for the vaccine after December 7, we are all just sitting ducks.

  63. Personally I like these so call soap operish elements to SGU. Who these guys were back on Earth and the troubled relationships they have had could positively or adversely impact the lives of everyone on the DESTINY. Having said that I hope that we have had our quota of sex scenes for the season. ; )

    So you are saying that Telford knew before the body swap that Young was specifically going to having a conjugal Visit or did he just know that Young would be visiting his wife and should have assumed that anything could happen? So does everybody who is involved in the use of the stones have to agree that their bodies might be used for activities they won’t normally do or would find offensive? That is a whole lot to ask of someone.

    Telford may have agree to this but I found it strange that Young’s wife would be so willing to do so. Unless the reason that she was so willing to have sex with Young in Telford’s body is that she had been having an affair with him. I got the sense that she is not being totally honest with Young and that he is being naive about his relationship with his wife. That this just might go to show that maybe she isn’t the innocent victim (wife abandon by Husband who choose his career over the marriage) that she is trying to make herself out to be.

    This definitely has a squickiness factor that Young might just given his wife permission to have sex with a guy she might already be having sex with. Maybe the reason Telford showed up at her door was to see why she was getting back with her husband when she is supposed to be with him.

    I am hoping that this ep was an epiphany of sorts for Chloe’s character. That from here on in we will see that she is moving more towards standing on her own and looking to see what she can contribute.

    I am so happy that we get to see more of Jack. I hope that you guys continue to include him in the future. I have come across comments that see Jack as being somewhat broken. He is definitely not the same Jack we have seen before. His days of kicking Gouald butt are probably over. I see him as being a bit sad about it all but otherwise has come to terms with & is more accepting of his current role in the scheme of things. Getting older isn’t easy for any of us.

  64. @das: You certainly do have a way with words! Now I’ve had a good laugh and I can go take my nap. The flu really takes it outta ya…

  65. I can certainly see why the uniforms are no longer standard USAF, and why the earthside setting is no longer the SGC in Cheyenne Mountain… I expect the Air Force is no longer advising on the show, and is not officially associated with SGU. Now you’re free to have sex between commanders and subordinates, conjugal visits and drunkenness using others’ bodies, and whatever else will contribute to the drama.
    Dang it, I MISS my heroes. I MISS the science fiction that holds out hope that we can be more than we are, that humans will try to do the right thing when they are challenged.
    I can see people acting on unthinking self-interest all around me, and on every channel. Science fiction has always offered me hope for better.

  66. Yeah, the German translations are pretty awful, most of the time. Thats why I stopped watching SG1 and SGA in German, because your translators did a not that good job (to put it nicely).
    Ive seen only a couple of SGA S1 episodes, and some month ago i watched SGA S5 with a friend. If you know the whole SGA in English, you just cant stand the awfully bad translation, e.g. the pronounciation of “Ronon” in German.. I get ear-cancer from that! And O’Neils + Shepherds awesome jokes get pretty much ruined, too. Thats why I’m a fan of subtitles + original sound, not syncronisation.

    But I like SGU pretty much! Especially the “new” Rush, as hes not as irritated anymore, as he was e.g. in Air.

  67. Congrats on the MacBook Pro. Just remember that things will be different on a Mac; there will be a learning curve. And whenever you find yourself trying to figure out how do do something on a Mac, think “easier” not “more difficult.”

    If you have any questions, post them up!

  68. Oh that poor Lou Diamond – I hope theres a direction his anti-heroism is going 🙁

  69. Chloe did say that she and her ex had broken up before she left, and she was mad because she’d just realized the cause of the breakup was her best friend. So she was free to be with Scott.

    The people on Destiny are being allowed personal visits to their families, including spouses. Obviously there’s the possibility of sex there, so it’s either been accepted by the person on Earth as a possibility, or it’s been expressly forbidden. It’s hardly an issue nobody would have thought of! And if it’s been forbidden, Telford will waste no time in reporting Young. Personally, I think Telford accepted that condition, but believed it wouldn’t happen because he knows about their troubles, and perhaps is even part of those troubles.

  70. Grats on getting a new computer, it’ll be nice I’m sure to have one that finally works. 🙂 I did look at getting a mac when I was looking for a new computer, but Mac was charging $400 more for the same exact hardware that Dell was charging, plus dell was giving a 4 year warranty instead of the 1 year limited one that Apple had. The initial computer they sent had some problem with the video card (probably), so Dell just sent a new one to me and I had it the day after, and I haven’t had anything to complain about since. That’s something the builds customer loyalty imo.

  71. Regarding Telford/Young and the body switching. I’ve always thought he’s alright somewhat with it due to the fact he wants onboard the Destiny more than anyone.

    He does bring order to the Destiny when he’s there.

  72. Hey Dude
    Cool about the new computer,As far as the H1N1 I had the swine flu last week and after 5 day’s in bed and watching sg1 box set’s 6 to 10 I got over it,It’s not a bad dose I was glad to be right after.As far as SGU is conserened it is very real and probley close to what might happen if the sh1t hit fan .I will be watching and glad the Gate is still open.Any Idea when the movies sga is comming out cant wait.

  73. Loved Jack! More serious and less about foolish jokes. What’s with the lemon? A nod to SGA fans?

    Hopefully they didn’t break the ‘gate. The lights (symbols and chevrons) were twinkling and doing something… funnily… after the attempt to dial.

    The Young/Telford-Emily bit was…uhm… interesting. 😀

    How come have you made me love the characters already? The scene between Eli and his mom was sad. Drunk Chloe – very well done by Elyse. I so felt for her. Please let Riley live, gotta love his sarcasm. He’s the Walter of SGU, damn it. 😀

    I remember reading an interview, where somebody said there’ll be a suicide by ep 6 (or other number close to it). Uhm, did I blink and miss it?

    *fingers crossed for S2* 🙂

  74. All the discussion on SGU has made me think about something.

    What makes Stargate Stargate? Is it the big round circle? Is it the mythology? The humour? The characters? The action? The cool gadgets?

    Over to you…….

    Cheers, Chev

  75. @ BMc

    Dang it, I MISS my heroes. I MISS the science fiction that holds out hope that we can be more than we are, that humans will try to do the right thing when they are challenged.

    I can see people acting on unthinking self-interest all around me, and on every channel. Science fiction has always offered me hope for better.

    Well said, sir.

    We seek science fiction because it offers us hope — hope of a better tomorrow, hope that people aren’t all as selfish or uncaring as they seem, hope that there is more to life and the future than sheer materialism. I look to SG-1 and Atlantis, and I remember seeing that.

    After all, the first few episodes of SG-1 included such fabulous ones as Torment of Tantalus and The Nox. I will refrain from comparing the first few episodes of Stargate Universe. After all, if one were to seek gratuitous sex and drama, there are plenty of other shows that offer those.

    Stargate SG-1 kindled my imagination to play with Lego Mindstorms to build my replicator-like bots. It encouraged my fiancée to pursue archaeology. Hell, it even inspired a friend of mine to pursue a graduate degree in astrophysics.

    And SGU? It just makes me just want to chase tail. And little else.

    What surprises me more than anything is what I see as utter disdain from the folks that made SG-1 and SGA to those very series (and fans) that made them successful.

  76. So I should be studying for my nutrition midterm coming up on Tues, and yet, here I am goofing off on the internet. Oh procrastination, you are a dear friend.
    Mmm…cake. Chocolate is my number one weakness, and I would give my left arm to have some right now. What kind of cake is that middle one in the pic? It looks absolutely delish!

  77. I had a revelation this afternoon. This is what I posted to my blog earlier. It’s going to be my last word on the matter. From now on, I’ll just keep reading and lurking, like I’ve mostly been doing for the couple of years.

    “I was thinking on the way over to the cinema earlier and I think I’ve come across a few of the things that they need to fix about SGU.

    First up, can they please stop making the IOA into the baddies all the time. We’ve had enough episodes where SG1 or the Atlantis team or Jack have had to babysit the “men in suits” on visits to bases. Isn’t it about time they were briefed before they went off world and told that the military guys are in charge and when Something Bad happens, they should shut up and follow orders to avoid getting themselves and other people seriously dead. The IOA bloke with the beard seems to need only a fluffy white cat and an underground lair.

    Similarly with the scientific members of the expeditions. I rewatched Prodigy the other night. Jack & Teal’c babysit a bunch of scientists who think they know better then Something Bad happens and one of them gets dead.

    By the time Woolsey finished his tour on Atlantis, you’d think that he’d have gone back to the IOA and told them that budget cuts and nitpicking administrative tasks are not the top priority when people are trying to survive against Something Bad.

    Rush – OK, he’s a flawed character and doesn’t play well with others. But will somebody *please*, for the love of whatever, smack him upside the head and tell him that although he has nothing to go home for, the others do and can he just tell us already what he knows and stop being so bloody smug.

    But really, I think the biggest mistake of all, which needs fixing pretty darn quick, is that they’ve got the wrong Jack O’Neil in charge of this project. He’s the one with only one “l” and he’s not nearly as much fun as our Jack.

    As for the others, don’t know, don’t care. Scott and Greer are OK, but I wish the others would fall down a ravine or get blown up in a spacesuit. Oh, wait, they did that to Annoying Whining Guy last episode. More, please!

    I think that I’m going to stop watching now and wait for somebody to get the boxset. I shall then borrow it and hope that watching the episodes back to back might make me more interested in it.”

  78. You had me laughing out loud when I read your remark about Eli swapping bodies with a dog. 😀

  79. @ Mailbag

    How much character development/growth can we expect to see by the end of the season? Will they still basically be the same people we were introduced to in “Air?” Or will we see that they have changed?

  80. Ah Joe, Once you go Mac…you never go back. LOL. Good choice there!

    Earth was fantastic! These poor people already had enough problems before you and you cohorts went and stranded them on the other side of the universe in a broken down Ancient starship! You are downright EVIL, Joe. LOL And I’m loving every minute of it.

    Kudos to LDP for his performance; the look on his face during the switch backs was priceless. The end scene…disturbing on so many levels. And Telford’s a coward to boot. You know an actor is good when you love to hate his character.

    Poor Eli, he really needs to get a life…preferably his own the next time. LOL

    Looks like Rush may have been moonlighting as a film director. He’s pretty darn good with the theatrics. Had me going there.

    So ONeill wanted Young to lead the team, heh. And true to form, managed to manipulate Young into doing just that whether he wanted to or not. Seems Jack hasnt lost the touch.

    Young has by far become my favorite character. I love his conflicted, guilt ridden emotions (seems he’s in love with two women, ouch). Looks like he finally realized that he’s the “right person” for the job and is ready to accept full responsibility for leading these unfortunate souls. He is clearly now the Captain (Colonel?) of the Destiny.

    Finally to a question:

    When I first read the press info on Young, I assumed he was going to be the “Gen Hammond” of SGU. Boy was I wrong about that. Did you always intend for the Young character to play such a major role in the series?

  81. Finally getting around to the rest of the mailbag…

    “We’re keeping it sex-specific. That said, I wanted to do a story where one of our crew switches with a German Shepherd who ends up helping a detective solve crimes. Meanwhile, back on Destiny, Eli lies around and begs for food.”

    I would totally approve of that.

    ZeroPointBatteries writes: “on another note, has anyone noticed all the stargate stuff (props, sounds, etc…) that are being used in sanctuary.”

    Answer: “No. Do tell.”

    Amanda Tapping, Chris Heyerdahl, Ryan Robbins, Alan McCullough…

    “Right now, it’s a three-way tie between Time, Life, and Divided.”

    Divided? Never heard of that magazine…

    “As I said, although there is no indication given, logic dictates that Telford would know something like that could happen (since Young IS returning for a conjugal visit) so it’s fair to assume he signed off permission.”

    No – logic dictates nothing when we are relying on you [as a group] to tell the story. None of that was made clear, thus what I consider either a big plot hole, or you’re just backpedalling. 😉 Remember our little discussion about ‘out of the blue’ twists that can ruin a movie, and you were quite unforgiving of certain films and their failure to provide a reasonable explanation to the twist within the body of the film?? Well…honestly, Joe…if people knew EXACTLY what their bodies would be used for, you shouldn’t have to explain this to the audience on your blog, it should have been made clear, either in this episode, or in a previous one.

    “Nope. Both Teyla and John would have to observe a suitable period of mourning for Kanaan. After John offs him.”

    This I would pay good money for! 😀 (No offense to Kanaan or the actor, but…ya know…the character just wasn’t a comfortable fit into the show.)

    “Ah, excellent point. While the individual giving up their body could sign off on a host of activities, getting fall-down drunk would seem to be pushing it.”


    No – having sex with someone else’s body is pushing it. If someone got me shitfaced drunk, I would be furious, but once past the hangover, I’d be fine. However, if someone used my body for sex without my knowledge (perhaps while I was shitfaced drunk), then I have been physically violated by another human being (as opposed to alcohol), and the impact of that could last a lifetime.

    Why do we take sex so lightly in our society?? For all my joking about it, I just would not go jumping all willy nilly into bed with people. Not because of disease, pregnancy, etc…but because my body is MINE…my property…my possession…and I am very selective about who gets to touch it (hell, I am even picky about what doctors I go to!).

    Lemme make this gross for you, then maybe you’ll get the point. The very concept of strangers pleasuring themselves with my torso – like some kind of flesh and blood blow up doll – without my knowledge or approval, absolutely sickens me! I mean… Ew! Ew-ew-EW! Just imagine waking up with some stranger’s sweat all over you! Or worse – smegma!!!!! (Red Dwarf corrupted me forever. 😛 ) Their sweat, their saliva, their smell…on your body…it would be absolutely disgusting, and a total violation of your very being!

    Ewww. Now I’ve gone and given myself the willies just thinking about it. 😛

    “Fortunately, he was only mostly dead. He’s recovering, but it’s touch and go. Fingers crossed!”

    😆 Good answer!

    “I’d probably be a secret agent. Or a chef. Or a chef who was really a secret agent.”

    I would be scared to death to eat anything you cooked up. I suspect you’re the type to slip something really weird into the food – something you know a person hates – then you’d sit there and watch them, rubbing your hands together, just anticipating their first bite.

    Kinda like how I’d do with you, and mint. 😈


  82. @ Hayloh – With how busy the blog’s been lately, I totally overlooked your post. So very sorry for your loss. 🙁 My old lady girl is about that age – getting wobbly – and I doubt she’ll last much longer. It’s heartbreaking. *hugs*


  83. Darn you, Joe. Now there’s another place I have to go on my culinary tour of Vancouver in April.

    I’m feeling equivocal about Earth, in large part because of the way O’Neill was portrayed. It really looked like the IOA was running the show and Homeworld Command is it’s puppet. I can’t see O’Neill standing for that, especially as it applies to military personnel.

    And the Jack O’Neill that I loved in SG1 would have chewed Telford’s ass for running out on the Destiny after taking command and leading them to disaster (the ultimate leaving your people behind.) I can’t see O’Neill giving Telford command of a garbage truck after that. And a bird colonel, like Telford, would know that he will never be able to regain the respect of those people in order to command them.

    I think that when you bring back characters from the previous shows, you have to be careful to have them act like the heroes the viewers see them as, even if they aren’t the hero of the show we are watching.

  84. In the scene from “Earth” where Chloe’s mother comes into her room and the two of them are sitting side by side, I noticed a striking resemblance between both actresses. I’m curious if there was a deliberate search to find an actress who so closely resembled Chloe or if it just so happened that they look alike?

  85. @ chevron7 – What makes Stargate Stargate? Well, I think that all depends. I think – based on most of the comments here (and since I never watched SG1) – it boils down to well-balanced entertainment.

    What I mean by that is that most people enjoyed the balance of humor, drama, and adventure that the previous shows had. It may also have something to do with the heroic element that many feel is lacking in the current show.

    IF (and that’s a big IF) that’s what makes Stargate Stargate, then the new show is lacking in its balance. It could remain essentially the same as it is – I mean, there is adventure, there is humor, and there is drama, but the balance is off. And some elements – such as ‘character development’ that so many wanted to see, seems to be confused with ‘relationship issues’. Personal drama gets annoying after a bit, unless you’re the type who thrives on reality tv.

    Ya know – this brings me to something rather ironic that happened to me last night/today.

    Remember how I said I don’t have time for people who are always wrapped up in personal drama? Yeah…it’s come back to bite me…

    Yesterday, hubby and I run into a ‘friend’ in the store – we were both in a big hurry (hubby had to get to work), so said a quick greeting, exchanged a few friendly words, and were on our way. Now I’m the type who – when I see someone I know – often says, ‘Hey, look! It’s trouble! How ya doing?!’ all friendly-like.

    Well, at work, Mr. Das started getting really, REALLY angry text-messages from this person, accusing him of being a bad Christian for the way he talked down to her and demeaned her, quoting scripture and verse, and going off on him for ‘feeding cats instead of human beings.’ 😕

    Okaaaaay. Well, he was really upset, and texted her back, saying he didn’t understand, and she came back with ‘you labeled me! You called me ‘trouble’!’ Heh. She had the wrong cellphone, and was ‘yelling’ at my husband for what I said.

    See?? Yeah – THIS is the stuff I don’t do. Personal drama? Knickers in a bunch over something you *think* I did? Chastising me for feeding ‘stray cats instead of stray people”? Pissy-faced text messages? Yeah. No time for it. And it’s EXACTLY why I have no time for the same kind of personal drama in tv shows. I tune ’em both out.


  86. @Thornyrose & Sun – What EXCELLENT IDEAS!

    @Joe – Hey Joe, did you read that? Did you notice? John and Teyla can be together and move on GUILT FREE!!! (*doing my happy dance*)

    Think Field of Dreams here – If you make it, it will be…

    And, it would be nice to hear more about Maximus. It’s always nice to hear about your dogs and how they are doing. Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading about my wishful thinking.

    Peace & Love,


  87. I almost forgot to mention how happy I was to see Jack again. It’s always fun when he (or other people from the other shows) pop up. And it was interesting seeing him on the other side of the desk, so to speak.

    Also, I completely agree with Das on the sex vs. drunk issue.

  88. Okay, one more thing. I’d just like to add to the discussion about the drunk issue… What if the woman whose body Chloe was using had no tolerance at all for alcohol? It’s quite possible that, while Chloe just meant to get drunk, as would have happened if she’d been in her own body, she could have ended up with alcohol poisoning and died, which would have been all kinds of bad and stupid. Sure, that could be one of those things people have to “sign off on”, but who in their right mind would volunteer for this body-swapping thing if it meant the person in their body could do whatever and whoever they wanted, with no regard at all for the body they were in or the person who rightfully owned it? I just can’t fathom.

  89. I think my last post went in the spam bin…probably directed there by the government…

    If it’s not there, lemme know!


  90. Couple of questions if you can answer any.. 😀

    Any chance of Doctor Beckett visiting Destiny eventually? Seems like TJ will want help sooner or later.

    Is the Stargate still at Cheyenne mountain or moved?

    Are questions like the above difficult to answer while the SG-1/SGA DVD movies are in limbo, and do you have to write around those issues for now?

    Are Destiny’s many impressive weapon turrets firing energy or drones/bullets? It looked like the former to me

  91. Not sure about the H1N1 vaccine, the adjuvant contains mercury – not sure I’d want a dose of that.

  92. 1) First off, LOVED ”EARTH”, was the reaction on Lou’s face during the ‘malfunction’ written, or added in by Lou himself?

    2) Will we be seeing more of Carlo Rota?

    3) I am assuming that the LRC stones have a built in failsafe for FTL travel?

    4) Will we learn who/what attacked and caused the damage to Destiny?

  93. @das – re your “friend” at the store. This person has both your cell numbers and thinks that it’s OK to harangue you by text message and is calling hubby on being a Bad Christian?

    I think she should get a part in the next ep of SGU! 😉

  94. German DVD episode titles: Air Part II: “The Senator Dies.” Light: “Refueling in the Sun.”

  95. @ Fenny – 😆 AGREED!

    In her defense, she is…erm…how can I put this in the most Christian-like way…

    She is…medicated. I’ve known the family since childhood, and this actually pales in comparison to some of the things she’s done (‘fatal attraction’ type stuff). I consider the source, and move on. However, there are those who will take it upon themselves to try to ‘fix’ the situation (like the person who was with her), and it’s not a fixable thing…at least, not unless you’re a professional. But some people just don’t get it, and before you know it, they’re all up in your business, trying to play peacemaker, or worse – egging the person on by justifying their behavior.


  96. Joe, what’s your favorite nut??

    (in order, mine are: Pistachios, Cashews, Macadamias, and Almonds – with the rest falling equally in last place.)


  97. J: You have a bunch of people on your side now! They will be a couple before you know it 😉 .


  98. @ Shadow Step

    The Adjuvant does not contain mercury, the preservative contains a mercury containing compound called thimerosal (sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate) which is an antiseptic and antifungal agent designed to preserve the vaccine. This is quite different than just saying it contains mercury, mercury is an element, not a compound.

    You get more mercury compounds from eating tuna and various fish than you do from a single shot of H1N1 vaccine. The Mercury found in fish is in the form of methylmercury, which is actually toxic and very different from the perspectives in the vaccine. The vaccine preservative is non-toxic.

    I’ve had these these discussion with various people who jump to conclusions without having any knowledge about vaccine or adjuvants o

  99. Oh, and to put the switcheroony between Young and Telford into even more perspective – what do you think Telford’s reaction would have been if, when the stones malfunctioned, he was diddling a butt ugly fat chick instead of a beautiful woman?

    Yeah. See. It takes someone smart like me to think of this stuff.


  100. Opps… Was cut short


    I’ve had these these discussion with various people who jump to conclusions without having any knowledge about vaccine or adjuvants or preservative used in vaccines.

    So the conclusion is you will be just fine if you get an H1N1 vaccine!



  101. @Joe – Okay – I will give the Teyla/John thing a rest after this. At least I will try because by now, you might be tired of me typing about it.

    If you all do decide to put Teyla and John together, this would be wonderful for the emotional development of the John character. We could see how he would take on the role of a father-figure to Torren John. Children always show what an individual is made of. I’ve found that they either show a person’s short-comings or exactly how they have so much inside of them that they didn’t know they could give.

    I believe the latter about John. I don’t think that he thinks he could be good with a child or in a committed relationship, so he tends to shy away from it. But he can. He’s very good at rising to any challenge.

    In the episode Sunday, John tells Ronon that he’s not good at marriage. He doesn’t say that he isn’t interested in the idea of being with someone again. And, he plays coy when Ronon mentions that he always thought that John and Teyla would be a couple.

    In the episode Quarantine, Teyla tells John she is afraid of what would happen to Torren John if she didn’t make it back from one of the missions. John tells her not to worry because Torren John would always have a family on Atlantis, no matter what. I’m sure that John was including himself in that wonderful statement.

    I’m just throwing these things out there in case somehow Kanaan doesn’t make it (no disrespect to the character or the actor – he does a great job). He could die valiantly, you know. Maybe sacrificing himself or something. It is up to you, of course.

    I can honestly say that I am really hoping you all make the Atlantis movie. Please tell us if and when you know more about this.

    Thanks again for reading my insights and wishful thoughts typed-down.

    Peace & Love,


  102. J – Let’s face it – there’s only one true match for Sheppard, and their name starts with a ‘T’.

    Thiiiiiink about it…


  103. P.s. Das: “She is…medicated.” What does she look like? Could be one of my relatives 😉 .


  104. @ Shadow Step – Though I’m sure the corn syrup industry will deny it, it seems that detectable amounts of mercury are found in some products that contain high-fructose corn syrup. Mercury is used to make caustic soda, which is one of the products needed to make high-fructose corn syrup, and though the use of mercury to make the soda is outdated, some manufacturers still adhere to the practice. And since there is no way of knowing, it’s kinda like Russian roulette when you use products with corn syrup in them.

    Personally, I’m not fanatical about it, but I have stopped using most products with corn syrup, though the occasional one slips through.


  105. I remember back in SG-1 when Jack O’Neill said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to “be the Man”; from his behavior in this latest episode, it looks like he has indeed become the Man. To use a Star Trek term, he seems to have been assimilated by the bureaucracy, which is disappointing but probably inevitable. When Young ended the briefing and walked out, it almost felt like the proverbial torch was being passed. Not sure I’m ready for this much realistic character development in my Stargate –it’s done well, but I sure miss the snarky Jack, or him yelling “You rat bastard!” at Maybourne 🙂
    Looking forward to how the new characters relate and develop as the show progresses!

  106. @Patricia Lee

    I can’t believe Brad said that. V hasn’t been just a letter in the alphabet for a while and it never will be again.

  107. Golden said: “Yeah, the German translations are pretty awful, most of the time. Thats why I stopped watching SG1 and SGA in German, because your translators did a not that good job (to put it nicely).”

    Golden, I’m a semi-professional linguist. It’s my understanding that translations for broadcast are the responsibility of the broadcasting network, not the front-line production company. Examples: Barcelona network contracts translation to Catalán from Barcelona translation firm, German network contracts with a Munich or Frankfurt firm, Austrian network with a Viennese firm (for Austrian-accented German), etc.

    I assume that translations on the DVD’s are contracted by MGM and perhaps done in the USA.

  108. das – Re assumption. Can I give you some real life ARSEUMPTION comments?

    Husband to me (names changed to protect douche bags): “Mum said, that Joan said, that Alan said, that you said you were afraid of Lilly”. WTF? Is this freaking High School? GIVE ME A BREAK! And this is coming from alleged grown ups. Grown ups that are old enough to possess a pension card!

    All they do is talk about other people! How about politics? Climate change? US Health reform? Nooooo, you guys have to go around gossiping about other people because you don’t have lives of your own!

    I haven’t been very well of late which has involved spending a few days in bed not able to even keep water down. It meant that I missed my FIL’s Birthday (not that they even acknowledge mine by even a text). Husband says, “You know they think you didn’t go to Dad’s Birthday because you were getting them back?”. First of all I asked if he told them how sick I’ve been, then I realised, “Hang on. What am I meant to be getting them back for?!!” So they’ve done something wrong to me that I’m not aware of, assumed I know, and that I’m upset and naturally retaliating against them. For a start, I don’t do sh*t like that because that seems rather childish and it just makes any situation worse, but for them to automatically think that was the case… I get very, very angry.

    I have so many more examples of this with my in-laws but I may blow a gasket if I keep on going.

    So yeah, assumption and drama, it’s a big sore point of mine.

    And they wonder why we want to move away, far, far away.

  109. Re: John/Teyla/Kanaan

    My husband and I were SOOOOOO hoping for Kanaan to get picked off during SGA. I personally could not see how Teyla ended up with him. No chemistry there.

    Re: character development versus space battles

    SGU is what I was always hoping SG1 and SGA would be. I stuck through both shows all the way to the end, but usually felt unsatisfied. With SGA, I LOVED Vegas, and I was disappointed that the show was canceled, just as the series was finally doing something more interesting. Nothing against space battles per se, but if I don’t know enough about the characters, or I can’t relate to them because they’re “heroes” instead of real people, I really don’t care whether they get blown up or not. Now, my husband says SGU is boring. Maybe it’s a male/female thing?

    I loved “Earth,” and I can’t wait for the next episode!

  110. @ Tammy – I dunno. What do YOU look like? 😉

    Also…worse yet – what if the stones malfunctioned, and it something with 4 legs and a bleat? :S (Hey…ya never know – afterall, Rush IS Scottish! 😀 )


  111. To all poster on this blog, especially newcomers

    FYI Mr M (Joe M) uses a bottom up method of approving comments. So the latest comments get approved before earlier one. By this method Mr M does not have to figure out where the unapproved posts starts.

    So be patient, Mr M usually approved almost everything. When a deluge of posts is received on this blog, expect some delay. A good indication of delay is no post being approved for more than a couple of hours. Mr M would be busy approving each post received when he isn’t busy with the day job.

    Still doesn’t know how Mr M manage to approve the monsoon of posts a couple of day ago. Mmm , wonder if we help send Mr M’s laptop to the scrap heap.

  112. …”yup, standing outside Young’s wife’s door.”….LOLOL….you suck!!!

    …only got a couple chapters left in A Game of Thrones….and got Clash of Kings waiting right next to my bed…IT’S SO GOOD!!!!

  113. @Joe – Oh gee. I just read the Maureen Ryan article that Patricia Lee provided. Forgive me for bringing this up again, but I feel I need to.

    I have commented along with others about the women on the show. But, I feel I am the only one carrying the minority banner here, so I think I “have” to say something.

    I again would like to see more diversity among the scientist teams. I enjoy Carter and Mckay very-very much. But, there have been no minority scientists that I can think of that have really done anything. Maybe in the upcoming (hopefully) movies, we will see one or two brought in.

    I love Teal’c, and Teyla, and Ford, and Becker, and in spite of his problems – Greer too. I am happy and thankful that you and TPTB have had these characters on your shows. But, they all do tend to fit a similar bill when it comes to their abilities.

    They are looked at, and to, for their physical strength mostly, and not as much for their intellectual strength. This is definitely not to say that they haven’t made their contributions. I think Teyla was probably the best with her mental ability in regards to Wraith queens.

    A while back a posted a link to NASA to show that the head of NASA is black. He’s an astronaut, and scientist, and a marine corps general.

    Here’s another link so you know that he is not by himself:

    It would be nice to see something like this reality reflected in the Stargate franchise. Again, I love all of the characters you have given us. I hope that Brad Wright can see that people are commenting because they care, not because they just want to be mean. I don’t like being mean.

    I wouldn’t comment on this if I didn’t care. I also wouldn’t comment on this issue if I thought that you and the other producers/creators didn’t care either. There would be no reason in screaming in a deaf person’s ear. So, at least from me, please take it as a compliment to you that I am taking the time to comment, and that I feel welcome in doing so.

    Thanks again,


  114. @das – Okay, I did thiiink about it. And I thiiiik you’re absolutely right!!

    Thanks das. You made me giggle.

    Peace & Love,


  115. Re: H1N1 flu vaccine – if people are concerned about preservatives they should opt for the Flu mist nasal vaccine as it has no thimerasol. Also, the single dose injectable form of the vaccine (as opposed to the multidose vials) is also preservative free. But, at the moment, I’m not sure that it is widely available. You may have to wait a bit for it. And, yes, I do know what I am talking about.

    I guess what I am saying is that there are multiple options for getting the H1N1 vaccine as well as the seasonal flu shots and that concern about preservatives should not be a barrier to protecting your health.

  116. My parents and I like SGU. But, when the scene on the “Mall” in DC happened – my mother asked, “Why’s the Washington Monument in Stanley Park?”

    Any chance you could convince the network and studio to let you guys actually come to DC for filming scenes like that? As someone who has lived in DC for quite a while, it’s… jarring… to see things like that.

  117. Hi Joe,

    So, I thought Earth was probably the best episode of SGU so far. I liked seeing the scene between Eli and his mom, and I also liked that Camile finally got a bit more to do. Camile’s disenchantment with her superiors makes for some interesting moments ahead, especially as the IOA has a rep for wanting to be the ones pulling the strings. I hope that Camile’s role continues to expand — when she’s given a chance to do something, Ming Na really hits it out of the park.

    I still strongly dislike Chloe, but this week’s episode seemed to hint that maybe she’s finally about to stop whining and playing martyr, and finally start trying to learn something, and become a useful member of the Destiny crew. I really hope that it does not take another six weeks for the “Chloe is actually smart enough to help” stories to come to fruition.

    I hate that you guys actually went the route of having Young have sex with his wife while in Telford’s body. While you say that Telford knew that Young was planning on a conjugal visit, and we should therefore assume that consent was given for Young to use Telford’s body to have sex with his wife, I don’t see any evidence in the show that points to this happening. We’ve seen Young leave a note for Telford before — would it have been that hard to include a quick shot of Young reading a note from Telford this time, so that the issue of consent becomes a moot point?

    Funnily enough, that sex scene actually acted to make me feel for Telford. I don’t think he’s anywhere near as big a jerk as the show tries to make out he is. What did he do? Try to rescue the ship’s crew and get all the wrong people (as Young insists on telling us, over and over, at every opportunity) home again. So he wants to be aboard the Destiny — so would I, if the Destiny was supposed to be MY command. Young doesn’t want to be aboard, something he makes very clear every episode with his rushing off to report back to Earth via the stones, and personal visits with his wife. Forgive me if I say maybe the Destiny, and her crew, deserve a leader who actually wants to be there!

    Anyway, Earth was probably the most interesting hour of SGU for me to date. I look forward to watching the next three episodes, especially as they come so highly recommended.

  118. There are not enough words to express how I feel about the H1N1 debacle. Is it just me or is it not just like any normal flu? Pretty sure that the same people are susceptible to the flu as the H1N1. Gotta love spin.

    Chocolate Asterix and Obelix huh? Mmmmmm, that’s legendary. What happened to Dogmatix though?

    Thank you all for you well wishes and thank you Joe for the dedication, it means a lot. I have 50 planter boxes to paint white for the Grey Cup to keep my mind off of her loss for now.

  119. I do wish people would give this gig time, especially when their opening argument is how it’s all different than something else and stuff.

    And I’m thinking Telford would rather boss around civvies than get laid.

  120. @ Hayloh – The concern about H1N1 is that it is similar to the Great Flu (sometimes referred to as the Spanish Flu) of 1918-1919, which is reported to have killed 50-100 million people worldwide (updated estimates, based on wiki info). It killed people within hours of the first symptoms.

    My grandmother’s sister (my great aunt) had it, and survived (she was about 17). Her slightly older brother – in perfect health – brought her a bottle of whiskey (the only thing they had back then to fight it) – and within 12 hours he was dead. His lungs filled up with fluid that quickly.

    I have my very cynical theories about this virus, knowing (according to a report on NPR) that the CDC purposely dug up bodies of victims of the Great Flu a few years back in Alaska, to harvest lung tissue in order to ‘study’ the virus. Right after this current H1N1 virus outbreak, a New Zealand scientist (or doctor) said that upon study of this new virus, he felt it had be created in the laboratory.

    Needless to say, I think this virus is the result of human tampering with something they should NEVER have monkeyed with in the first place.


  121. PD: RE: The Great Flu, and why H1N1 is a concern: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1918_flu_pandemic

    Not to scare anyone, or anything…since – so far – this flu is not nearly as deadly as the one in 1918-1919. But it is a good thing to know about, and amazing that we know more about the Black Death than this flu, though it occurred less than 100 years ago. I only know a lot about it because my grandmother lived through it, and told me stories. Up until just a few years ago (and the publishing of a couple books on the subject), most people had never even heard of it.


  122. @Ron

    So you contest claims that thimerosal contains mercury?

    “So the conclusion is you will be just fine if you get an H1N1 vaccine!”

    Lets hope I’ll also be fine after I declined a vaccination.

  123. @dasNdanger

    I try to avoid Corn Syrup if i can.

    “…H1N1 vaccine …”

    As i understand it the spray version is very limited compared to the other one.

  124. @narelle re inlaws: You’ve my sympathy, dear. My late mom-in-law, may she rest in peace, could also be…
    wait for it…
    “a lot of work.”

  125. @ Shadow Step

    I never said it does not contain thimerosal, however, was trying to covey the point that thimerosal being harmful is an over exaggerated claim not based on any scientific research or evidence.

    However, the mercury levels in fish are actually toxic because its a different mercury compound than that found in the H1H1 vaccine.

    Does the probability exists that you will be fine since you declined the vaccine, yes, most definitely, actually a very good probability!

    More people die due to the seasonal flu every year compared to the new H1N1 flu.

    My point was simply that thimerosal is not harmful, its a hyped up statement which is not based on any scientific evidence.

  126. @ Das

    “Needless to say, I think this virus is the result of human tampering with something they should NEVER have monkeyed with in the first place.”

    That is not true, I can tell you this for a fact because the new H1N1 strain has been sequenced and it does not have origins in the 1918 pandemic. My knowledge sources are not based on Wikipedia or NPR, I actually work in the field. So I decided to jive in!

  127. I’m both dissapointed in your choice of laptop and also a little jealous and although I would never stoop so low myself as to actually purchase a Mac I can appreciate the logic in your reasoning.

    My question is, how are you finding OS X?

    I’ll go ahead and assume you used Vista as a PC user (but I can hope that I’m wrong, ew Vista..) and that the change is very nice?

    I’m using Windows 7 (I skipped the Vista years myself and stayed with XP) and find the change delightful and will not be changing to another OS until there is a Linux release that supports all the software and drivers that I need.

  128. @ Ron – Thanks for the reassurance.


    I still do not trust the origins of this virus. I think it’s too coincidental that – after 90 years of nothing quite like it, this new H1N1 virus would spring up only after man started experimenting with the 1918-1919 strain. I’m not suggesting that it IS the same flu, but an altered version of that flu…altered, perhaps, in the laboratory. I am NOT suggesting it was purposely released – but as that scientist in NZ believed, that it was accidentally carried outside of the lab somehow. Perhaps I’ve just read too many comic books, but I’m not very trustful of men in power to tell the truth, whether it be in the medical, scientific, or political fields (and I won’t even touch on the religious and corporate end of things!).

    Yup. I’m a bit cynical, and I still do have my suspicions about this flu, especially considering that the world braced for a pandemic not long after it showed up in Mexico, and before they supposedly knew exactly what it was. That tells me they knew a hell of a lot more about it than they were telling the public, and – perhaps – covering their asses at the same time.

    And I’m not just guessing at this – this article states how H1N1 (swine flu) got into circulation back in 1977, if its happened once, it can happen again:

    “But in 1977, human H1N1 viruses suddenly “reemerged” from a laboratory freezer (9). They continue to circulate endemically and epidemically.”

    Human error is a scary thing, and that’s why I would not be surprised if this new strain is something that was cooked up in a lab, and accidentally released into the world.



  129. @ Ron: “My point was simply that thimerosal is not harmful, its a hyped up statement which is not based on any scientific evidence.”

    I have plenty of scientific studies from prominent universities that say it is. In addition, I have my vaccine-injured child and his heavy metal toxicity blood and hair samples that would say otherwise. As do hundreds of thousands of parents with kids with autism, including those who actually have won their claims in Vaccine Court (but the media only likes to report about the ones that didn’t win).

    Through recent Freedom of Information Act requests, the CDC’s meeting minutes were released and it shows that they KNEW there was an issue with ethylmercury being as lethal as methylmercury. I can find the link to the minutes if you’d like to read it for yourself. Of course the AMA and CDC and the FDA are all in this together because ranking members of all are taking money and gifts from pharmaceutical companies. I have links to factual reports about those claims as well. Trust me when I say you do not want to go up against me in this matter. I have an arsenal of truth that will make you wimper away and lick your wounds. Don’t go up against a Mama Bear whose cub has been hurt by others (and from the lack of my own responsibility of looking at the product information and doing my own research before I injected my child to find out the things the doctor didn’t tell me).

    Much higher amounts of inorganic mercury were found in the brains of infants injected with thimerosal than those with methylmercury (up to 71 percent vs. 10 percent). Infants’ brains exposed to thimerosal contained at least twice the amount of inorganic mercury as those tainted by methylmercury.

    @ShadowStep If you truly want the H1N1, you need to know there are other neurotoxins that are used in the composition of that vaccine that are just as harmful as the thimerosal. You can request a mercury-free shot, but just know there are other toxins in the thimerosal-free one. Go to the product information brochures that pharmaceuticals are required to put on-line. Then go to their list of ingredients within said product description and then look up the chemicals on-line. There is also formaldehyde in this vaccine (the only formaldehyde I want in my body is when I’m dead), polysorbate 80 (which is also, to be fair, used in some food products) but it has been known to cause infertility and cancer in mice. This H1N1 vaccine is different from regular flu vaccine in that it contains squalene. Squalene was outlawed by the US. Yet it is okay when it is used in a drug? Where is the logic there. Squalene has been found in some scientific studies to be the thing that caused Gulf War Syndrome. Of course, as with any scientific theory, there are always people who claim no. But remember this tidbit. The mainstream medical community for decades maintained that smoking did not harm you. A lot of the mainstream medical community is far behind alternative medicine community in many respects. Just recently, for example, they are jumping on the vitamin D bandwagon. And whoa! Revelation. Changing your diet can help the outcome of your colon cancer. How many decades behind are they in telling people that (and alternative medicine has known for years)?

    As far as the flu mist that is out, I’ll get the product brochure and let you know what is in it. I do know I’ve seen the product brochure caution about giving it to a person if anybody in the household is immunocompromised.

    I am immunocompromised and I am not getting this pharmaceutical company bail-out by the government that is also shielded from prosecution if anything goes wrong years down the line from this vaccine. @Ron is right to say that the seasonal flu (actually the complications of the season flu, kills about 36,000 a year; H1N1 is not going to get anywhere near that number. And again, people are not dying of H1N1, they are dying from complications of H1N1. It doesn’t make the loss any less tragic. Just know what you are injecting yourself with or sniffing up and then if you know you are putting this chemicals into your body, that is the only time you are giving truly informed consent. I doubt any doctor is telling you that polysorbate 80 has been known to cause infertility and cancer in mice so it is conceivable that you may get that from this vaccine somewhere down the road. You need to be your own detective.

  130. @ PBMom

    First I would like to say I am sorry about your child, how was he/she exactly injured if you don’t mind me asking?

    Please point me to this research. I would like to go through these myself, I would prefer peer revised scientific articles published in an actual scientific journal, not internet sources!

    I would like to make it very clear that I am not going up against you, and there was no need for those comments! You don’t even know my credentials, for that matter I do not know yours either! You could be a double/triple PhD for all I know, in that case I can respect your views, other wise I would just take them with a grain of salt, no offense!

    I can also point you to peer reviewed scientific papers that cannot establish a link between thimerosal and autism. The amount of thimerosal used if vaccine today is minuscule compared to about 10 or 20 years ago yet the autism cases are still on the rise.

    I am very interested to read this literature you are talking about, but in end there aren’t very many scientists or researches who can establish this link.

    If I interpret what your wrote correctly you are imply some form conspiracy by the FDA and pharma and the CDC? To what end?

    I would like to add that squalene was never approved by the FDA as an adjuvant, so I can tell you that it will not be used in the new H1N1 vaccine here in the States.

    Yes you cannot give the nasal flu vaccine to immuno-compromised people, this vaccine is called Flumist and is made by Medimmune, its a live attenuated virus, meaning that it is the actual virus but has its infectious ability servery limited but can still be problematic in immuno-comprised individuals. However, it is not as affective as the flu shot, it is only affective in about 30% of cases compared to 70-80% of individuals receiving the shot.

    I could go on, but I don’t think it matters since your mind is made up and as a scientist it is my duty to at least show you all the alternatives and the science behind things!



  131. “I wanted to do a story where one of our crew switches with a German Shepherd who ends up helping a detective solve crimes. Meanwhile, back on Destiny, Eli lies around and begs for food.”

    Oh, perfect! This is the ideal opportunity for an SG1 crossover! Teal’c PI, plus the infamous youtube video where Christopher Judge apparently loses his innocence RE: the furry fandom.

    Alas, technicalities may ensue with that plot – for a start, Eli doesn’t seem the type for Kibble – and most dogs aren’t known for enjoying powdered military rations.

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