Le Mailbag du Jour:

Kiwiclare writes: “Oh Joe, that video was brilliant. How did you keep a straight face? Poor Carl!!”

Answer: Keeping a straight face was ease.  The tricky part was keeping my face from blossoming to a rosy red.  That stuff is killer.

RebeccaH. Writes: “You do realize Carl Binder is never going to trust you again.”

Answer: Yeah, that’s what they said after the 100% cacao dark chocolate bar incident.

Carl enjoys some 100% cacao dark chocolatey goodness.
Carl enjoys some 100% cacao dark chocolatey goodness.

RandomQ’s writes: “i thought ghost chilies were the hottest on Earth?”

Answer: You thought right.  Ghost chiles a.k.a. Naga Bhut Jolokia peppers.

Brian writes: “did anyone else try it after Carl’s reaction?”

Answer: Yep.  Robert Cooper and John G. Lenic sampled some as well.  And haven’t had any since.  I, on the other hand, had some at lunch both yesterday and today.

Noelm writes: “Was the stargate at Icarus found on that planet, or did the air force bring it there because of the planet’s core?”

Answer: The gate was brought to the planet after the planet was deemed suitable.

Noelm also writes: “And who knew the ancients had such lovely taste in bedding? How did the material last hundreds of thousands of years?”

Answer: Five star room service.

Terry writes: “Do the bacon-chocolate chip cookies really have bacon in them? Even when I was eating bacon, I couldn’t imagine that combo.”

Answer: Yep, real bacon.  It’s a very nice savory, sweet, and smoky taste medley.

Major D. Davis writes: “What can I get you for your birthday??????”

Answer: You’re continued support and friendship is all I need.  That and a Maserati.

Das writes: “Poor Ashleigh – forcing her to work when she’s on death’s door. She should be home, in bed, with a good book and a hot totty (though I prefer a hot Toddie…J”

Answer: Yeah.  I bet.  I think the medical term is “albinically inclined”.  As for Ashleigh – her condition is a source of misery for all.  Yesterday, we had to stop watching a mix because of one of her coughing fits.  I suggested that to avoid distracting people, she cough with her mouth closed to minimize the noise (and, alternately, sneeze with her nose sealed).  Either that or go into Carl’s office, which has been designated the office Coughing Room, shut the door behind her and get it out of her system.

DasNdanger also writes: “WHY, oh WHY did you have Ashleigh stick her disease-infected nose into your bottle of hot sauce BEFORE you sampled it??”

Answer: I guarantee you that any germs and/or parasites unlucky enough to make contact with that sauce would have been killed instantly.  Sort of like my taste buds.

Liz writes: “How did these people know where to mail you stuff anyway? How do people ever know where to mail movie makers and actors and scriptwriters stuff anyway?!”

Answer: I’m not sure about actors and other movie makers, but I get my mail via Santa at the North Pole.

EternalDensity writes: “Hey Joe, have you heard of the SGU Over-Dramatisation Awards?

Answer: Good stuff.  And I’ve seen even better potential nominees out there.

Ytimynona: “Thanks for the AWESOME video. Who edited it all together?”

Answer: Resident computer whiz Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.

Arctic Goddess writes: “are actors in any of the StarGate series chosen based on previous work with any of the producers?”

Answer: On occasion, yes.  Robert Picardo was brought on to assume command of Atlantis off our experience working with him on SG-1.  Similarly, David Hewlett’s character of Rodney McKay was a late addition to the Atlantis team off of his multi-episode appearances in SG-1.  Along the same lines, both Claudia Black and Jewel Staite were made regulars as a result of the favorable impressions they made in one-off guest spots.

Dyginc writes: “Who is publishing your short story? Is it PYR and Lou Anders?”

Answer: With Great Power: edited by Lou Anders for Pocket Books.

Dyginc also writes: “i will be getting to meet Lou Ander on 11/29/09 at a book signing in Powell’s in Beaverton OR…i want to have something cool for him to sign so if you have any suggestions on books that he has published or if your story has an ARC or something that would be really cool.”

Answer: Might I recommend Fast Forward I and/or Fast Forward 2, a couple of excellent SF anthologies.

Michelle writes: “Joe, can a Canadian bypass the public system and go to private doctors if he/she has the money?”

Answer: Sure, as long as they’re willing to travel to the U.S. to do it.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Do Canada’s lawmakers exclude themselves from the public health care system in Canada?”

Answer: They’re not supposed to – although I’ve read reports about politicians who chose to travel south of the border for treatment rather than play the waiting game here.

Jlgrand writes: “Have you read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: The Unbeliever by Stephen R. Donaldson?”

Answer: Yep.  Robert Cooper recommended it to me years ago.

DP writes: “Is it true BC will outlaw wearing a bullet-proof vest without a permit?”

Answer: That’s outrageous!  Well, guess I’ll have to triple sweater then.

Mary writes: “Things aren’t perfect in Canada, but for every horror story like your mom’s, I’ve heard more than one story lauding the care in Canada, and I’ve heard many more horror stories in the US.”

Answer: Oh, without a doubt there are plenty of horror stories coming out of the US system, especially from those who cannot afford proper treatment.  Like I said in entry, I wasn’t trying to weigh in on either side of the healthcare debate, simply offering up a personal account that is decidedly less rosy than the picture painted by Michael Moore in his documentary.

Shawna Buchanan writes: “I just finished reading Ender’s Game, and I found out that there are many more books by this author set in the same world. Have you read any of them, and if so, are they good?”

Answer: I read Ender’s Game and enjoyed it immensely.  I also read Speaker for the Dead which, while totally different, was excellent as well.  I’ve heard varied opinions on the other books, but mostly good things about Ender’s Shadow (which is the fifth book in the series and centers on Ender’s academy buddy Bean).

Imadaman writes: “Also does the whole gate spin, or just the front?”

Ansswer: The whole gate spins.

The Asgard writes: “will the DHD device(the PSP looking thing) be able to dial other planets true out that galaxy.”

Answer: If the gate is within range, it certainly can dial.  Whether it gets a lock or the planet possesses an atmosphere capable of sustaining life is another matter.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Did Canadians follow the “balloon boy”? Hard to believe any parent would do that.”

Answer: Oh yeah.  I came late to the party.  When I saw the actual “balloon” I couldn’t understand how anyone could possibly think it would be capable of lifting off carrying the weight of a Chihuahua, much less a five year old kid.

EFroh writes: “What an amazingly ignorant post.”

Answer: Oh, I’m sorry.  Are you refuting the claim that my mother waited a grand total of 28 hours without receiving a diagnosis?  Do you actually work at the Lakeshore General?  Is this you, mom?  If so, I’d love to hear more so you can shed light on this personal incident.  If not, then kindly shut the fuck up.

Jean writes: “Also, a question – how far would Destiny have to travel before a planet gate got “out of range”? Presumably it would have to leave the galaxy, because in Milky Way and Pegasus you could dial a gate on any planet within the galaxy with a 7 chevron address. Does that mean that Destiny is galaxy hopping with each episode??”

Answer: A couple of FTL jumps wouldn’t take Destiny out of the galaxy but would be enough to take it out of range of certain gates.

Joshua Meyers Extraordinary Teenager writes: “What episodes have you written this year?”

Answer: Space, Incursion I, Incursion II.

Ytimynona writes: “Also eagerly awaiting Darkness ratings. I imagine they suck because of the same baseball games that seem to have taken over House!”

Answer: Actually, considering we were up against baseball, Dollhouse, and a huge opening for Where the Wild Things Are, the numbers held strong, especially among key demos (Bavarian kale farmers).

Jeff writes: “When the people on destiny go off-world, do they dial 7 chevrons to get back to the ship or do they dial the 9 chevron “code” to get back?”

Answer: They dial a 7 symbol address.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Being a writer, does it make it harder for you to enjoy a show?”

Answer: Yep, some t.v. shows but mainly movies.

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Hey Joe, really enjoyed Darkness, it’s nice to see that the crew are getting closer to each other, given the circumstances they’re facing in every episode smile

Couple of questions: Have you read any of Robin Hobbs’ books? If so, what did you think?
Also, I’m looking to expand my selection of scifi books, seeing as though about all I have on that front is Isaac Asimov. Are there any scifi books you’ve read that stand out in your mind as absolutely brilliant?

Thanks, and keep up the good work smile Oh, and a late Happy Birthday to you! smile


i heard that Atlantis movie will be canceled and instead a novel will be release. is it true?


Another episode… hey look Scott is having sex again, great more sex just what we need.
I realize that relationships mix-up are apart of life but if we keep getting more and more sexaul sensation and less action drama this will be the last season of this show. I hope all these relationships issues will not be drawn out over the course of the season
I already hate this episode.


Well, if the Bavarian kale farmers are lucky enough to have Universe airing twice (along with the previous week’s episode) each Friday, the numbers oughta stay fairly good.


Hey Joe,

Glad you’re back on mailbag duty, funny how you do them on nights I dont cotribute a question or two…. hmmm… what a coincidence. Well anyhow, we still appreciate you man.

By the way, there is an incredible resemblance to the lost tribe asgard space ship and the destiny shuttle; design wise anyways. Also, the space suits, that I mentioned last time.

cheers mate and quit being snobbish on your Montreal fans.. JK


Joe…I was wondering if you have ever read any young adult fantasy….not including Harry Potter???

Series like The Immortal Instrumants by Cassandra Clare, which I loved. Or the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series which is FANTASTIC by Rick Riordan…and the first movie for that series is coming out in Feb. The Lightning Thief…

Just wondering…and I’m half way through Game of Thrones…its FAN-TAB-ULOUS!!! It’s definitly crawling up there on favorite all time list…

Jeff O'Connor

Joe, I’ve got another unrelated question for you. Well, related in that it’s Stargate, and you and Stargate go way back, but it’s a rather random, dated question. *SPOILERS FOR SG-1 SEASON 8: THREADS*

…do you know what the deal was with Jacob and Sam saying the former ‘should have died four years ago’ and whatnot? It’s been a constant source of headdesk for me since that episode aired, because shouldn’t it have been six years instead? Was there some deeper meaning, or was this just a production goof?


EFroh writes: “What an amazingly ignorant post.”

Answer: Oh, I’m sorry. Are you refuting the claim that my mother waited a grand total of 28 hours without receiving a diagnosis? Do you actually work at the Lakeshore General? Is this you, mom? If so, I’d love to hear more so you can shed light on this personal incident. If not, then kindly shut the fuck up.

Joe Mallozzi you’re my hero. ROTFLMAO

On a more serious note….I really hope your Mom gets diagnosed and treated. Must be difficult for you being so far away. Thinking of you. Getter better soon Mrs M



OMG!! I was right about the star


Oh and I’ve already told Ivon this but….. I’m kinda in love with the kino. I would totally be the one chatting to it like it’s my best friend. Not about anything deep mind you. But it would be awesome company. So I totally relate to Eli.

If you had a kino follow you around what would you say?

Cheers, Chev


I agree with Chevron7 on this one. Just that little comment at the end instantly made me idolise you. And yeah, hope everything goes well for your Mum and that she makes a speedy recovery.



I just finished watching Light. Wow!!!! It was beyond Awesome!! I would say it even topped some of my favorite episodes of all time, including Window of Opportunity (SG-1) and Sateda (SGA). Destiny is Solar Powered??!! Never would have guessed. Very cool, very edgy, very Stargate. Thanks for making SGU!


Joe, you are the greatest! I really hope your mom get well soon, truly do…

Now onto SGU, wow, I had a ton of WTF moments, but each of them was amusing in one way or another….. But really, how come it is always the cute nerds that get left out in the cold! I never thought I’d feel sorrier for Eli than I did when he was dreaming of his mom….. but man, that boy just has no luck…. It isn’t fair, for once I would LOVE to see some nerdy love, Eli deserves the girl! That’s all!! smile Loved this episode, and definitely didn’t know how they were gonna get outa that pickle, very creative!


I hope the next few episodes picks up the pace.
Now we are planting seeds that Rush is diabolical (knowingly put the crew on emotional risk, thinking that they were doing to die) makes no sense.


Hi Joe,
Wait a minute, when did Chloe and Scott start having a “thing”? Enjoyed this episode more than all the others so far, so yeah, I’m hooked. Still doesn’t feel like Stargate, though…
Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh, that is SWEET! How much for the model?
Also, I was wondering if you could shed some light (or even give a hint) to this translation from Elis APSP:

Another AI seemingly compatible
A thousand cycled lost time tables
the vast digital (Let’s go with that now) binary bible
something about her uncalculated
she’s modified to assimilate

Please? smile


Well, I got half my guess right, anyway. The most abundant and reliable power source for the ship would be the stars themselves, so I figured that’s what Destiny was doing heading in like that.

I’m guessing Rush suspected the ship was going in to refuel, but didn’t say anything because he couldn’t be absolutely certain.


Ah Joe, I just wanted to give Eli a big *hug* to help him not feel so dejected,,sad face, if thats possible, poor baby. Glad this epi didn’t end in a cliffhangar, and I will definately be watching again next week. So glad to have something Stargate on Friday to look forward to.
Have a great night and weekend.


Memo. One insults Joe at one’s own risk. One of the things I guiltily love about your blog is your way of handling those who cannot or will not offer criticism in a respectful manner. So I’m loving today’s post. You’ve demonstrated a pretty thick hide over time. Now let’s see if those critics can do the same. And I echo the best wishes for your mother.
As for Light. This episode has left me deeply conflicted about the characters, and the show. I’ll hold off for a couple of days on commenting, to avoid spoilers. I’ll say only that a) Greer has emerged as my favorite character and b) The final scene almost makes up for the frustrations I felt about other parts of the show. Anyways, hope you have a fun weekend. And I suggest you start googling for places that can clone those murdered taste buds of yours. I so cannot believe you have used that haz mat material not once, but twice. Thanks as always for all that you do for your readers.


@ EFroh – don’t mess with Joe’s momma!
(or mine either, you little shit)


So after just watching Light, I have to say that I was extremely disappointed.
These are supposed to be brilliant scientists, and we’re supposed to believe that none of them even considered Destiny would ram-scoop the sun after all the Chekhov’s speeches last week: “The ship dropped us out here for a reason”, “the ship’s vector puts us flying straight at the sun” and “why is the ship running out of power just now, as opposed to thousands of years ago”?
Just when I start respecting their characters, Chloe tries to sleep her way to a shuttle ride and Scott’s not smart enough to understand what she’s doing? And then, worse, afterward, there’s no payoff from this scene; Eli goes straight from “how could you do this” to “let’s cuddle”? And for a character who’s supposed to be devoutly religious, Scott doesn’t seem to have issues with committing to a monogamous relationship.
I’m really impressed with the speed of their shuttle though; it was able to make it to the far side of the star, hit the planet’s orbital path, turn around, be unable to intercept the ship on it’s own, but then by turning around again and killing all it’s momentum, perform a slingshot and be able to perform an intercept then.
Young blaming everything on Rush is getting really tiresome. I can’t wait for next week when they run out of water; “Damnit Rush, I was taking a hot shower. You should know not to flush the toilet when someone’s in the shower. Wait, you SHOULD know. This must be part of your evil plan to kill us all.”



What is up with the Atlantis movie being nixed in favor of a novel? Momoa also said that the SG1 movie was probably going to be made eventually but the Atlantis movie is dead. No comment? Still? Come on.


Mmmm, now that’s a good infection:

How do all those actors fit on that tiny, tiny shuttle?


Mom update: yet another doctor’s appointment yesterday, this one made in urgency because of pain. The doctor sent her home with nothing more than a a referral to go for more tests. “Call this morning to book an appointment” the doctor told her. She did… they aren’t open until Monday.



@Jeff O’Connor

Jacob did nearly die four years before Threads: on Netu, in Jolinar’s Memories/The Devil You Know. I’ve always assumed his remark is in reference to that, not when he became joined with Selmak. Those episodes marked a turning point in his relationship with Sam and it would make sense that he would be thinking of that as he was dying.

Joe, still loving SGU. Joel Goldsmith’s music continues to amaze. I can’t wait for the album!

Considering the success of SGU, especially with those Bavarian kale farmers, is there likely to be any positive fallout with regard to getting the two pending movies in the queue? And I’m curious how long it would take to set up a shooting schedule once the go-ahead is given (see…I’m thinking positive!) ?