Le Mailbag du Jour:

Kiwiclare writes: “Oh Joe, that video was brilliant. How did you keep a straight face? Poor Carl!!”

Answer: Keeping a straight face was ease.  The tricky part was keeping my face from blossoming to a rosy red.  That stuff is killer.

RebeccaH. Writes: “You do realize Carl Binder is never going to trust you again.”

Answer: Yeah, that’s what they said after the 100% cacao dark chocolate bar incident.

Carl enjoys some 100% cacao dark chocolatey goodness.
Carl enjoys some 100% cacao dark chocolatey goodness.

RandomQ’s writes: “i thought ghost chilies were the hottest on Earth?”

Answer: You thought right.  Ghost chiles a.k.a. Naga Bhut Jolokia peppers.

Brian writes: “did anyone else try it after Carl’s reaction?”

Answer: Yep.  Robert Cooper and John G. Lenic sampled some as well.  And haven’t had any since.  I, on the other hand, had some at lunch both yesterday and today.

Noelm writes: “Was the stargate at Icarus found on that planet, or did the air force bring it there because of the planet’s core?”

Answer: The gate was brought to the planet after the planet was deemed suitable.

Noelm also writes: “And who knew the ancients had such lovely taste in bedding? How did the material last hundreds of thousands of years?”

Answer: Five star room service.

Terry writes: “Do the bacon-chocolate chip cookies really have bacon in them? Even when I was eating bacon, I couldn’t imagine that combo.”

Answer: Yep, real bacon.  It’s a very nice savory, sweet, and smoky taste medley.

Major D. Davis writes: “What can I get you for your birthday??????”

Answer: You’re continued support and friendship is all I need.  That and a Maserati.

Das writes: “Poor Ashleigh – forcing her to work when she’s on death’s door. She should be home, in bed, with a good book and a hot totty (though I prefer a hot Toddie…J”

Answer: Yeah.  I bet.  I think the medical term is “albinically inclined”.  As for Ashleigh – her condition is a source of misery for all.  Yesterday, we had to stop watching a mix because of one of her coughing fits.  I suggested that to avoid distracting people, she cough with her mouth closed to minimize the noise (and, alternately, sneeze with her nose sealed).  Either that or go into Carl’s office, which has been designated the office Coughing Room, shut the door behind her and get it out of her system.

DasNdanger also writes: “WHY, oh WHY did you have Ashleigh stick her disease-infected nose into your bottle of hot sauce BEFORE you sampled it??”

Answer: I guarantee you that any germs and/or parasites unlucky enough to make contact with that sauce would have been killed instantly.  Sort of like my taste buds.

Liz writes: “How did these people know where to mail you stuff anyway? How do people ever know where to mail movie makers and actors and scriptwriters stuff anyway?!”

Answer: I’m not sure about actors and other movie makers, but I get my mail via Santa at the North Pole.

EternalDensity writes: “Hey Joe, have you heard of the SGU Over-Dramatisation Awards?

Answer: Good stuff.  And I’ve seen even better potential nominees out there.

Ytimynona: “Thanks for the AWESOME video. Who edited it all together?”

Answer: Resident computer whiz Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.

Arctic Goddess writes: “are actors in any of the StarGate series chosen based on previous work with any of the producers?”

Answer: On occasion, yes.  Robert Picardo was brought on to assume command of Atlantis off our experience working with him on SG-1.  Similarly, David Hewlett’s character of Rodney McKay was a late addition to the Atlantis team off of his multi-episode appearances in SG-1.  Along the same lines, both Claudia Black and Jewel Staite were made regulars as a result of the favorable impressions they made in one-off guest spots.

Dyginc writes: “Who is publishing your short story? Is it PYR and Lou Anders?”

Answer: With Great Power: edited by Lou Anders for Pocket Books.

Dyginc also writes: “i will be getting to meet Lou Ander on 11/29/09 at a book signing in Powell’s in Beaverton OR…i want to have something cool for him to sign so if you have any suggestions on books that he has published or if your story has an ARC or something that would be really cool.”

Answer: Might I recommend Fast Forward I and/or Fast Forward 2, a couple of excellent SF anthologies.

Michelle writes: “Joe, can a Canadian bypass the public system and go to private doctors if he/she has the money?”

Answer: Sure, as long as they’re willing to travel to the U.S. to do it.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Do Canada’s lawmakers exclude themselves from the public health care system in Canada?”

Answer: They’re not supposed to – although I’ve read reports about politicians who chose to travel south of the border for treatment rather than play the waiting game here.

Jlgrand writes: “Have you read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: The Unbeliever by Stephen R. Donaldson?”

Answer: Yep.  Robert Cooper recommended it to me years ago.

DP writes: “Is it true BC will outlaw wearing a bullet-proof vest without a permit?”

Answer: That’s outrageous!  Well, guess I’ll have to triple sweater then.

Mary writes: “Things aren’t perfect in Canada, but for every horror story like your mom’s, I’ve heard more than one story lauding the care in Canada, and I’ve heard many more horror stories in the US.”

Answer: Oh, without a doubt there are plenty of horror stories coming out of the US system, especially from those who cannot afford proper treatment.  Like I said in entry, I wasn’t trying to weigh in on either side of the healthcare debate, simply offering up a personal account that is decidedly less rosy than the picture painted by Michael Moore in his documentary.

Shawna Buchanan writes: “I just finished reading Ender’s Game, and I found out that there are many more books by this author set in the same world. Have you read any of them, and if so, are they good?”

Answer: I read Ender’s Game and enjoyed it immensely.  I also read Speaker for the Dead which, while totally different, was excellent as well.  I’ve heard varied opinions on the other books, but mostly good things about Ender’s Shadow (which is the fifth book in the series and centers on Ender’s academy buddy Bean).

Imadaman writes: “Also does the whole gate spin, or just the front?”

Ansswer: The whole gate spins.

The Asgard writes: “will the DHD device(the PSP looking thing) be able to dial other planets true out that galaxy.”

Answer: If the gate is within range, it certainly can dial.  Whether it gets a lock or the planet possesses an atmosphere capable of sustaining life is another matter.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Did Canadians follow the “balloon boy”? Hard to believe any parent would do that.”

Answer: Oh yeah.  I came late to the party.  When I saw the actual “balloon” I couldn’t understand how anyone could possibly think it would be capable of lifting off carrying the weight of a Chihuahua, much less a five year old kid.

EFroh writes: “What an amazingly ignorant post.”

Answer: Oh, I’m sorry.  Are you refuting the claim that my mother waited a grand total of 28 hours without receiving a diagnosis?  Do you actually work at the Lakeshore General?  Is this you, mom?  If so, I’d love to hear more so you can shed light on this personal incident.  If not, then kindly shut the fuck up.

Jean writes: “Also, a question – how far would Destiny have to travel before a planet gate got “out of range”? Presumably it would have to leave the galaxy, because in Milky Way and Pegasus you could dial a gate on any planet within the galaxy with a 7 chevron address. Does that mean that Destiny is galaxy hopping with each episode??”

Answer: A couple of FTL jumps wouldn’t take Destiny out of the galaxy but would be enough to take it out of range of certain gates.

Joshua Meyers Extraordinary Teenager writes: “What episodes have you written this year?”

Answer: Space, Incursion I, Incursion II.

Ytimynona writes: “Also eagerly awaiting Darkness ratings. I imagine they suck because of the same baseball games that seem to have taken over House!”

Answer: Actually, considering we were up against baseball, Dollhouse, and a huge opening for Where the Wild Things Are, the numbers held strong, especially among key demos (Bavarian kale farmers).

Jeff writes: “When the people on destiny go off-world, do they dial 7 chevrons to get back to the ship or do they dial the 9 chevron “code” to get back?”

Answer: They dial a 7 symbol address.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Being a writer, does it make it harder for you to enjoy a show?”

Answer: Yep, some t.v. shows but mainly movies.

120 thoughts on “October 23, 2009: The Destiny Shuttle! A Super-Splendiferous Mailbag!

  1. Hey Joe, really enjoyed Darkness, it’s nice to see that the crew are getting closer to each other, given the circumstances they’re facing in every episode 🙂

    Couple of questions: Have you read any of Robin Hobbs’ books? If so, what did you think?
    Also, I’m looking to expand my selection of scifi books, seeing as though about all I have on that front is Isaac Asimov. Are there any scifi books you’ve read that stand out in your mind as absolutely brilliant?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work 🙂 Oh, and a late Happy Birthday to you! 🙂

  2. i heard that Atlantis movie will be canceled and instead a novel will be release. is it true?

  3. Another episode… hey look Scott is having sex again, great more sex just what we need.
    I realize that relationships mix-up are apart of life but if we keep getting more and more sexaul sensation and less action drama this will be the last season of this show. I hope all these relationships issues will not be drawn out over the course of the season
    I already hate this episode.

  4. Well, if the Bavarian kale farmers are lucky enough to have Universe airing twice (along with the previous week’s episode) each Friday, the numbers oughta stay fairly good.

  5. Hey Joe,

    Glad you’re back on mailbag duty, funny how you do them on nights I dont cotribute a question or two…. hmmm… what a coincidence. Well anyhow, we still appreciate you man.

    By the way, there is an incredible resemblance to the lost tribe asgard space ship and the destiny shuttle; design wise anyways. Also, the space suits, that I mentioned last time.

    cheers mate and quit being snobbish on your Montreal fans.. JK

  6. Joe…I was wondering if you have ever read any young adult fantasy….not including Harry Potter???

    Series like The Immortal Instrumants by Cassandra Clare, which I loved. Or the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series which is FANTASTIC by Rick Riordan…and the first movie for that series is coming out in Feb. The Lightning Thief…

    Just wondering…and I’m half way through Game of Thrones…its FAN-TAB-ULOUS!!! It’s definitly crawling up there on favorite all time list…

  7. Joe, I’ve got another unrelated question for you. Well, related in that it’s Stargate, and you and Stargate go way back, but it’s a rather random, dated question. *SPOILERS FOR SG-1 SEASON 8: THREADS*

    …do you know what the deal was with Jacob and Sam saying the former ‘should have died four years ago’ and whatnot? It’s been a constant source of headdesk for me since that episode aired, because shouldn’t it have been six years instead? Was there some deeper meaning, or was this just a production goof?

  8. EFroh writes: “What an amazingly ignorant post.”

    Answer: Oh, I’m sorry. Are you refuting the claim that my mother waited a grand total of 28 hours without receiving a diagnosis? Do you actually work at the Lakeshore General? Is this you, mom? If so, I’d love to hear more so you can shed light on this personal incident. If not, then kindly shut the fuck up.

    Joe Mallozzi you’re my hero. ROTFLMAO

    On a more serious note….I really hope your Mom gets diagnosed and treated. Must be difficult for you being so far away. Thinking of you. Getter better soon Mrs M


  9. Oh and I’ve already told Ivon this but….. I’m kinda in love with the kino. I would totally be the one chatting to it like it’s my best friend. Not about anything deep mind you. But it would be awesome company. So I totally relate to Eli.

    If you had a kino follow you around what would you say?

    Cheers, Chev

  10. I agree with Chevron7 on this one. Just that little comment at the end instantly made me idolise you. And yeah, hope everything goes well for your Mum and that she makes a speedy recovery.

  11. Joe,

    I just finished watching Light. Wow!!!! It was beyond Awesome!! I would say it even topped some of my favorite episodes of all time, including Window of Opportunity (SG-1) and Sateda (SGA). Destiny is Solar Powered??!! Never would have guessed. Very cool, very edgy, very Stargate. Thanks for making SGU!

  12. Joe, you are the greatest! I really hope your mom get well soon, truly do…

    Now onto SGU, wow, I had a ton of WTF moments, but each of them was amusing in one way or another….. But really, how come it is always the cute nerds that get left out in the cold! I never thought I’d feel sorrier for Eli than I did when he was dreaming of his mom….. but man, that boy just has no luck…. It isn’t fair, for once I would LOVE to see some nerdy love, Eli deserves the girl! That’s all!! 🙂 Loved this episode, and definitely didn’t know how they were gonna get outa that pickle, very creative!

  13. I hope the next few episodes picks up the pace.
    Now we are planting seeds that Rush is diabolical (knowingly put the crew on emotional risk, thinking that they were doing to die) makes no sense.

  14. Hi Joe,
    Wait a minute, when did Chloe and Scott start having a “thing”? Enjoyed this episode more than all the others so far, so yeah, I’m hooked. Still doesn’t feel like Stargate, though…
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Oh, that is SWEET! How much for the model?
    Also, I was wondering if you could shed some light (or even give a hint) to this translation from Elis APSP:

    Another AI seemingly compatible
    A thousand cycled lost time tables
    the vast digital (Let’s go with that now) binary bible
    something about her uncalculated
    she’s modified to assimilate

    Please? 🙂

  16. Well, I got half my guess right, anyway. The most abundant and reliable power source for the ship would be the stars themselves, so I figured that’s what Destiny was doing heading in like that.

    I’m guessing Rush suspected the ship was going in to refuel, but didn’t say anything because he couldn’t be absolutely certain.

  17. Ah Joe, I just wanted to give Eli a big *hug* to help him not feel so dejected,,sad face, if thats possible, poor baby. Glad this epi didn’t end in a cliffhangar, and I will definately be watching again next week. So glad to have something Stargate on Friday to look forward to.
    Have a great night and weekend.

  18. Memo. One insults Joe at one’s own risk. One of the things I guiltily love about your blog is your way of handling those who cannot or will not offer criticism in a respectful manner. So I’m loving today’s post. You’ve demonstrated a pretty thick hide over time. Now let’s see if those critics can do the same. And I echo the best wishes for your mother.
    As for Light. This episode has left me deeply conflicted about the characters, and the show. I’ll hold off for a couple of days on commenting, to avoid spoilers. I’ll say only that a) Greer has emerged as my favorite character and b) The final scene almost makes up for the frustrations I felt about other parts of the show. Anyways, hope you have a fun weekend. And I suggest you start googling for places that can clone those murdered taste buds of yours. I so cannot believe you have used that haz mat material not once, but twice. Thanks as always for all that you do for your readers.

  19. @ EFroh – don’t mess with Joe’s momma!
    (or mine either, you little shit)

  20. So after just watching Light, I have to say that I was extremely disappointed.
    These are supposed to be brilliant scientists, and we’re supposed to believe that none of them even considered Destiny would ram-scoop the sun after all the Chekhov’s speeches last week: “The ship dropped us out here for a reason”, “the ship’s vector puts us flying straight at the sun” and “why is the ship running out of power just now, as opposed to thousands of years ago”?
    Just when I start respecting their characters, Chloe tries to sleep her way to a shuttle ride and Scott’s not smart enough to understand what she’s doing? And then, worse, afterward, there’s no payoff from this scene; Eli goes straight from “how could you do this” to “let’s cuddle”? And for a character who’s supposed to be devoutly religious, Scott doesn’t seem to have issues with committing to a monogamous relationship.
    I’m really impressed with the speed of their shuttle though; it was able to make it to the far side of the star, hit the planet’s orbital path, turn around, be unable to intercept the ship on it’s own, but then by turning around again and killing all it’s momentum, perform a slingshot and be able to perform an intercept then.
    Young blaming everything on Rush is getting really tiresome. I can’t wait for next week when they run out of water; “Damnit Rush, I was taking a hot shower. You should know not to flush the toilet when someone’s in the shower. Wait, you SHOULD know. This must be part of your evil plan to kill us all.”

  21. Yeah,

    What is up with the Atlantis movie being nixed in favor of a novel? Momoa also said that the SG1 movie was probably going to be made eventually but the Atlantis movie is dead. No comment? Still? Come on.

  22. Mom update: yet another doctor’s appointment yesterday, this one made in urgency because of pain. The doctor sent her home with nothing more than a a referral to go for more tests. “Call this morning to book an appointment” the doctor told her. She did… they aren’t open until Monday.


  23. @Jeff O’Connor

    Jacob did nearly die four years before Threads: on Netu, in Jolinar’s Memories/The Devil You Know. I’ve always assumed his remark is in reference to that, not when he became joined with Selmak. Those episodes marked a turning point in his relationship with Sam and it would make sense that he would be thinking of that as he was dying.

    Joe, still loving SGU. Joel Goldsmith’s music continues to amaze. I can’t wait for the album!

    Considering the success of SGU, especially with those Bavarian kale farmers, is there likely to be any positive fallout with regard to getting the two pending movies in the queue? And I’m curious how long it would take to set up a shooting schedule once the go-ahead is given (see…I’m thinking positive!) ?



  24. Have been thinking about your mom, especially if she has yet to have another ultrasound done — and then a colonoscopy, which (as at least one other has already said) is the instrument of choice for giving a definitive diagnosis of diverticulitis, and of which type and degree.

    And if anyone thinks that’s easy for folks who are already uncomfortable and likely anxious about their condition, just eat it. Or eff off. (I never mind trying to copy Joe when he’s writing at full throttle. – Another great mailbag, thanks!)

    After the overwhelming awesomeness of Darkness, I really had my doubts when some cast/crew said on Twitter that with Light, the show would move on into a higher gear. From my POV, Light took TV viewing into hyperdrive. I loved how this ep was about light from first to last, not just light coming from the star. The photography/cinematography had me telling myself at commercial breaks, “Don’t forget to breathe.” Stunning soundtrack — the piano was all the more hauntingly effective for being minimalistic. Again on Twitter, Patrick Gilmore requested fan feedback, mentioning beautiful scenes and emotional moments. We all know that beauty isn’t the equivalent of morality or maturity; despite that, the early intimate scene was most definitely beautiful to watch. Same for the more platonic but incredibly tender moment toward the end.

    I was happy to see Rush in an entirely different light throughout the episode, then get that creepy vibe from him at the end.

    Greer’s scene with the KINO left me tearing up. Louis Ferreira continues to nail his character with every episode. It was nice to see a bit more of Lisa Parks (and “Hook ’em, Horns” to Jennifer Spence, if I interpreted that hand gesture correctly. Just for the record, it was clear she wasn’t giving you the finger, although you did appear to be channeling Armand Assante. [Major illegal-arms dealer on NCIS, if memory serves.] – Is it 2010 yet??)

    The scene with the prayer was incredibly moving. Another “close to tears” moment.

    Altogether superb…. Will have to consult thesaurus, am running out of superlatives with which to describe SGU.

  25. Just seen light, and I’m liking Rush’s character after Eli, Even though he knows the ship is falling apart, he already knows whats happing and why, and I assume the ship is creating its own water now from the contraption the chef is using? Cant wait till they start exploring Destiny, I’m curious to see what they find. I also like the religous aspect you guys keep intertwining through the story, Good Job! Is it next week yet, oh and I voted for SGU in the peoples Choice to!

  26. for both Andria and Joe: Acknowledging that people’s beliefs always vary from slightly to greatly, your mom, and you, will be in my prayers tonight.

  27. Actually, Fox aired the baseball, so poor Dollhouse (Fox is really screwing it over!) had nothing to do with it. But SGU and Sanctuary were against the dominant CBS friday triumvirate: Medium, Ghost Whisperer, and NUMB3RS. And Fox’s baseball. But I agree: rating were definitely not as bad as I expected! SGU pretty much rocked it!

    I’m curious to see how White Collar (on USA) does tonight. Didn’t watch it, but I wanted to!

  28. Light was a much better episode than Darkness, IMHO. But one thing bugs me with this episode: from what we’ve seen so far, Destiny is a fully automated ship, with redundancy and safeguards, but there is no feature to call back the shuttle because the secondary ship can’t match the mothership at sublight speed? And why no auto docking mode for the shuttle?

    Now that they have air and power (water is next week I guess), I hope the crew will explore Destiny and find out how it works.

  29. “I think the medical term is ‘albinically inclined’.”

    😆 Yeah, I’m afraid you’re right. 😛 But hey, it could be far worse – I could be into furries!

    I’m gonna look for Dragon’s Blood tomorrow – very curious about it now. I LOVE hot – but I don’t love it when it kills my tastebuds. Still, I want to try it, just ’cause. I love Franks Red Hot (which isn’t hot at all to me) – I’ll sip that by the teaspoons when I have a throat tickle – it’ll knock the cough right out (maybe Ashleigh should give it a try…).

    Quick thoughts on tonight’s SGU episode…

    1. The love scene was much more tasteful. No complaints (other than I really don’t like love scenes, period – but this wasn’t offensive). However…I’ve come to the early conclusion that Scott is just a man-ho. I’m not a fan of man-hos. I hope he eventually learns to keep willy the wonder weenie in his drawers (you would think he learned his lesson when he knocked up that young chickie-do back when he was a kid…but I guess not).

    2. Can we see MORE of Greer, please. I *think* you know what I mean… 😉 He’s becoming a favorite character of mine…AND, he’s not an albino. Arencha proud of me?? 😀 Of course, since I’m liking the character he’ll probably die in the season finale. 😛

    3. Really enjoyed Rush in this one – again. Love all the facets of his character. Still don’t trust him as far as I can throw him, but that’s one of the things I really like. He’s complex, and I like the challenge of trying to figure him out.

    4. This was the first ep where I felt an ’emotional rush’ – when they realized the sun was re-powering the ship. It was a good feeling. I think the show might be growing on me.

    5. NO COMMUNICATION STONES!! This alone makes this ep my favorite so far. 😀

    6. Are you hating the smilies??

    7. LOVED the ‘up’ ending. I was afraid this show would be too much like BSG, leaving the viewer feeling hopeless and depressed at the end of each episode. It was nice to see the crew happy…to see them have a bit of hope. It was REALLY nice seeing the people on the shuttle excited to be going back to the Destiny, too. Could it be that old clunker is starting to feel like home already??

    Okay, that’s about it for now. My favorite thus far. I hope things continue to pick up like this. I’m really loving the almost sentient ship (is it sentient?). Good stuff.

    It still needs a long-locked (male) albinistic type, though. 😉


  30. Poor Eli. The good guys alway end up last. And Lt. Scott is Kirking the Universe. Where have we seen that before? Rodney McKay would most definitely have a comment about that. Meanwhile, Chloe is definitely in need of a good talking to. She is being as manipulative in her own way, as Dr. Rush is in his. So far, I don’t like her. Women who use their appearance to manipulate others are pretty disgusting, in my opinion. Obviously, being with a bunch of men who want to feel protective of her certainly is working in her favour.

    Sgt. Greer (a.k.a. Sgt. Grumpy), Eli and Col. Young are still my favorite characters. I think Young would be an awesome boss in whatever field he worked in. Sgt. Greer may have a chip on his shoulder, but he’s honest about it. And Eli is like a warm fuzzy puppy. I hope he doesn’t develop a dark side.

    It’s really quite interesting to watch Inner Space on the Space channel, right after the show, as the two hosts discuss the show. Whoever set that up deserve major praise. It’s just what Canadians needed to promote the show more fully in Canada. May I say, it’s about time.


  31. @ Joe and Andria – So sorry about your mom, and her distress. I would suggest looking up things that can be done in the meantime diet-wise, etc, to ease the discomfort. However, just because the doctors are not taking it seriously doesn’t mean that it’s not serious. If it is diverticulitis (or a related condition) there is always a danger of infection. Take care of her…hope she gets better soon!


  32. You know what? I’m betting that a while back they were collecting money for somebody’s birthday, and everyone was throwing in ten bucks. Rush refused to chip in, so they all decided to hate him forever.

    I did like that beaten-dog cringe he did when Young patted him on the neck, though.

  33. Mr M the first 5 SGU shows seems stretched from the basics for 3 shows. The pace is quite plodding with a predictable plot line. Nice SFX & VFX but the story is weak. The show seem to be on the boring side.Hopefully the pace will pick up with future shows.

    On another topic. Since the NHL season is in progress, who are the more fanatic fans among the crew & cast. Especially the forlorn followers of the Maple Leafs. Hope Ivon B had not look at standings lately. The Leafs have only one point this season so far. A sad story.

  34. 1. You are evil. Poor Carl, first compared to a dog and then you try to kill him with pepper. Don’t tell him I laughed.
    2. I hate all of you. Throughout the episode was getting to trust Rush. Then you pull the rug out in last minute. Grrrr.

  35. Hey Joe,

    Well as I said last week after Darkness aired, I saw this coming. Does that make me as smart as Rush? Probably not, but according to InnerSPACE (the Space channel show/forum that follows SGU every Friday), most people figured it out as well.

    Predictable ending to Light aside, that was an absolutely fantastic episode. So much emotion. I’m blown away by the acting of everyone involved. Once again Greer was great. That dude is badass, loyal, funny and easily my favourite character. Shit…I think I’m developing a man crush.

    Also awesome this week was Ming-Na.

    I have to say, I’m still not buying Eli as the uber-genius “mathboy”. Where’s all his “without getting into delta V, thrust to weight ratio” technobabble? Even Scott had the line “I need you to confirm a spectrographic analysis”.

    One thing always written on a math test is “show your work”. Eli needs to stop solving problems off-screen if he’s going to be believable.



  36. Hey Joe
    Thanks for your response to EFroh. Little does he know that Canadians can lose everything without additional medical insurance since most meds aren’t covered. Try paying for a year of arthritis or Parkinsons meds without extra insurance or one heck of a good health plan.

    SGU is finally moving along and I’m glad I stuck with it. Hoping to learn more about the characters, their adventures and reactions to whatever is thrown at them. Love Rush’s emerging duality. Also glad to note that the sunburned faces from the desert run didn’t magically disappear. Looking forward to next week.

  37. Joe, this guy you got a link for about the over-dramatization awards said: This show is the death of a franchise, it’s like taking an hour out of every week to watch an old friend get run over by a bus….Would you mind if, i hunted him down and put him in SAW VII(so he can die, in the first 2 minutes)??

  38. Joe, I for one, understand the stargate universe, including sg-1, sga and of course SGU. And in understanding what the shows are, and there differences I am actually glad(however much i miss seeing SGA) that it has not been renewed and SGU has been made. In my way, it’s because 1 it is somewhere different with a bigger group of people, who can interact in new ways and 2 because they am not back where they started at the end of each episode. Which is debatable, but it doesn’t have the repetitive feel to it(just yet? haha) which is a nice change.

    Thanks to all the writing staff

  39. @Maddog316 : I don’t think the ships producing it’s own water, they’re still running on what little is left in the tanks. I reckon they’ll solve that problem next week, in the Episode titled Water 😉

    I’m also looking forward to the point where they strike out, and head off into the far reaches of that beautiful ship.

  40. The latest episode, Light, was good.


    I agree that Scott and Chloe would share a moment. They have been there for each other during a really hard past couple days or so. Comments about the Scott/Chloe scene make me say “If you knew you were going to die wouldn’t you want to spend one last ‘intimate moment’ with someone?” I know I would appreciate some company. And BTW I didn’t get what Greer was doing.

    Great line “I’ve got 100 pages of a truly mediocre book to finish.” What a horrible way to await death.

    I bet Rush suspected the ship knew what it was doing, but couldn’t be 100% sure. After all in Darkness he did say that he was watching the ship prioritize systems. There’d have been little way for him to know that the Destiny could do what it did at the end.

    I hope your Mom gets well soon. I also hope that at some point in the future we (humanity) figure out a health care system that works effectively/efficiently for all. Is Canada short on medical professionals, facilities, both? Why are these waits so long?

  41. Too bad there’s not a parallel private system in Canada. If you mom and sis can travel, Mass General in Boston is probably the closest “great” American hospital to Montreal. They have a whole GI department: Mass General GI.

    I have a great GI doc, but she’s in California, so not much help to your mom.

    “Light” was the best ep so far. Well done!

  42. @ Joe – First, I hope your mom is getting the treatment she needs and gets better quickly. Regardless of the system, bad or good, US or Canada, no one should have to wait that long to get the appropriate tests needed for a diagnosis or go through the pain she has to be going through. Not to mention, the worry – and when you’re sick and in pain and don’t know why, the worry can be pretty brutal.

    Second, I mostly liked Light. Yeah, I know you’re shocked. What’s more, I found myself not hating Rush and finally seeing some humanity in him. The little twist at the end was interesting. I don’t think he knew they were going to survive. Although clearly all of us did; it was fairly obvious to me and most likely to everyone watching that the ship knew precisely what it was doing. It had already been established (by Rush) that the ship knew they needed the lime for the CO2 scrubbers (because he told it) and dropped them within range of a planet that had what they needed. It’s a puzzle that he didn’t know what the ship was doing, or at least suspect, but he did not seem like a man who was deliberately screwing with and scaring a bunch of people into thinking they were going to die. Perhaps he suspected that Destiny would save them, but I don’t think so.

    What I saw in Rush at the end was that he just doesn’t want/can’t accept people getting any closer to him. I saw him rejecting the comfort of people coming together that shared risk and ultimate survival will create. It’s really creepy the way he pushed people away after the danger was over; he could be friends with Young, and in fact, everyone would be better off if he could work with Young. Finally I’m intrigued and want to know more about why he wants to drive people away. Worse, why he’d want to screw with Young that way is really disturbing. But I’m interested now.

    The lottery was well handled and believable. Only one person truly behaved badly, and that everyone else was decent and not stupid worked for me; people ARE self-sacrificing when they need to be. I liked Greer and his loyalty to Young, and the Young-Greer walk and talk was really well done.

    While we knew the ship knew what it was doing, clearly the people on it had no reason to know that, and the sense of jeopardy actually came through for a change.

    I like Lt. James a whole lot better with her clothes on, but it would be nice if she did something in the story besides stand there with a gun. I was happy to see Eli do something that helped save people and happy to have Rush believe him. Rush may be completely anti-social, but it’s good to allow other people to actually do something and contribute, even if it means allowing them to be better than Rush at something.

    I liked Greer a lot in this episode.

    I liked the goldilocks zone reference, too. Very cool. However, it does raise an issue I’ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks and someone raised here – the Destiny must be galaxy hopping. It’s been rather well established that a stargate in a galaxy can reach any other stargate in a galaxy. If the Destiny drops out of FTL when it comes within stargate range of planets in a galaxy, even if it’s just within range of planets in the goldilocks zone, there are either an impossibly small number of goldilocks planets in the galaxy it’s moving in, or it’s just jumping from one galaxy to another.

    At any rate, back to the episode.

    At least this time Wray became a person and not a non-entity. It would be nice, though, for the women characters to have something more to do to drive the story than we have seen so far. Women are half the population of at least this planet, and although we don’t have any idea what the gender balance on that ship is, I’m kind of sick of women being paperweights.

    That some characters would be praying together at what they thought was the end worked for me. That’s what I’d be doing. Others were doing what they could to wait out the time, and that worked too.

    And what I didn’t like: Chloe was and remains an utter waste of space. She’s a fickle one at that. She’s a waste of a character, frankly, at best; and at worst, she’s a manipulative whore (not a word I use very often). To play with Eli’s emotions after having sex with Scott is just plain wrong. I can buy Eli not tossing her out an airlock, though, because he’s a decent guy at heart, despite trying to catch James on the kino.

    Scott is a slut. You’d think that a man who got a girl pregnant at 16 would be a little more inclined to exercise a little more judgment when it comes to keeping his pants zipped. Does he really want to risk a pregnancy? Or two? How many more women is he going to work his way through? I pretty much have zero respect for him at this point. Yes, I know he’s 26 years old, but honestly, one might think he’d use a little judgment. Not every 26 year old bed hops like this. This from a supposedly religious guy at that.

    I really really hate the way the kino is being used. It’s nearly unbearable. The only use of the kino I liked tonight was Eli giving it to Riley to take pictures outside the ship. THAT worked for me. The goodbyes by kino were just contrived and manipulative, although Greer’s actually didn’t feel that way. The rest did. They just made my skin crawl. (Kind of like when Chloe reached over for Eli’s hand – yech!)

    The music – I liked it in the main, and thought it was mostly beautiful. Too much of it, though, was too BSG. I’m really trying to forget I ever saw BSG and don’t want any more reminders. Stargate doesn’t have to be BSG.

    Oh! I saw the slingshot around the planet thing coming a billion light years away!


  43. Great video on the sauce! Will Robert Carlyle be interviewed soon. Don’t let him die in the show! Always like this actor and it is so hard for me to watch his movies where I am. How are the dogs? Fondie? Your tongue?

  44. Ach! I need less touchy-feely and more fight in this crew. Fighting to save the ship. Fighting amongst themselves to save themselves. I’ve never seen a Stargate episode where so many people were either sitting or laying around. And at times I felt that Joel’s score carried the emotional context of the scene, not the characters.

    I really want to like this show, and I truly want it to succeed. But unless the action picks ups, I don’t think the “character” moments are going to do it for me. Although, I did like the latter half of this episode, it was too little too late.

    I hope I’m in the minority, and that I’m just not getting it yet.

  45. daman:


    another ai seeding compatibility
    a thousand cycled lost time tables
    the vast digita binary bible
    something about her uncalculated
    shes modiffied to assimilate
    That’s how I got it, the glare from the picture plays hell even with some tweaking. Now, with no punctuation this could mean a billion different things. like, time-tables is more likely than time tables. However, Time Table is a song by Genesis… there’s a web page that lists Imax movies with the price of admission as 1000Y… on and on the rabbit hole goes.

  46. With regards to your answer saying that an off-world (off-ship?) Destiny team would dial a seven chevron address, I seem to recall that in “Air” they found an eight symbol address that they dialed to the desert planet (although my memory may be off), so why would they only need to dial seven back to the ship?

    As for “Light,” as the episode and seeming hopelessness progressed, I couldn’t help but think that there was not going to be any way to save their skins that was gonna live up to all the despair that came before it. Yet, Brad Wright managed to deliver a dramatic punch as those lights started to come on, and yes indeed, it did do the build up justice.

    It was a great episode, and I’m glad that it had a couple light moments, too. Eli’s comment “why am I watching this on TV?” was just too good, and I couldn’t even help crack a smile when Greer nailed that guy. Seriously, Jamil Walker Smith couldn’t be more of an awesome actor. He plays Greer with this quiet intensity that speaks untold volumes and that a lesser actor probably couldn’t convey nearly as well. That said, all the actors and characters were in fine form, and Rush didn’t know as far as I’m concerned, although he may have had an inkling–a small one–that there was still hope, but I’d bet if he did, he doubted it himself.

  47. Thanks for the input on the Ender series. I’ve already started Ender’s Shadow, since I’ve heard only good things about it. I think I’ll probably stop there. From what I read of the other books about Ender, they’re much more philosophical, and I’m not as interested in those types of sci-fi books, generally speaking.

    If I may, I’d like to share my reactions to SGU so far. I have to say, I came into this show with a very open mind. I didn’t even read much of the info that came out about it before it aired, as I didn’t want to have any pre-formed ideas of what the show would be. I want to like the show. Really, I do. But so far, I’m just not all that into it. The visual effects are great, the music is great, the acting can’t be complained about… but the stories are just, in my opinion, lacking. For one, the show simply takes itself too seriously. Where’s the humor, the camaraderie, the snark that we got with SG-1 and Atlantis? The only humor or light moments we get are from Eli, and those are rare. Yes, they’re in a serious situation, but SG-1 and the Atlantis team were constantly in serious situations, too, but there were still moments of humor and friendship. Also, and this is probably the biggest criticism I have of it at this point, nothing happens. Tonight’s episode was a good example. It started off with them being on a collision course to a star, so they decide to send some people off in a shuttle. Now, I know this is only the fifth episode. I know you’re not going to kill off most of your main cast and have the rest of the show be about a handful of them trying to survive on a new planet. So, I know immediately that the thing that’s threatened to happen will undoubtedly not happen. And yet, the show itself acts as if it expects us to believe it will. The entire episode was riding on the tension and danger that this horrible thing might happen, but it was completely obvious that it wouldn’t, so it was all false tension. Yes, it was kind of cool to see how the ship repowers itself, but did we really need an entire episode full of empty promises of death and destruction to tell us? And despite your comments that this show would be about the characters, it doesn’t feel like there’s a heck of a lot of character development going on, though it feels like it’s trying to. The relationship between that guy and the girl (whose names I can’t remember) seemed to really sort of come out of nowhere. They had one bonding scene in the last episode and now they’re sleeping together. Yes, I realize they expect they could die at any moment, but really? Couldn’t we have seen some development there, first?

    I just want to yell, “Please! Make something happen! Throw an alien at them! Something!” For all the action, character development, and fun dialogue that could be packed into an average episode of SG-1 or Atlantis, I’m surprised and disappointed to see how very little of any of that we’re getting in SGU.

    I say this as a fan, a great fan of the franchise. I want to love this show. I want it to be great. But I see practically nothing in this show of what I love about the rest of the franchise. I dearly hope that will change.

  48. No time-switching this week.

    Did NOT see the deus ex machina coming. “God from the machine” seems particularly apt when speaking of Destiny, no?

  49. OMFG!!!!


    Seriously… one of the BEST Stargate episodes in the HISTORY of the franchise!!!!!


  50. Forgot, it wasn’t just the visual effects. It was Greer. Greer and Young and Rush. Greer’s opening Kino vid was good; I loved his philosophical outlook on his impending death and his lack of fear. That Greer and Young versus Telford thing sounds mighty interesting.

    This episode is the “hook” episode for me. Please tell us, will SGU get better than this episode?

  51. Soooooooo I scroll down these comments to get to my commentary box and I see the word ‘sex’ . Being human.. I look and see that someone’s complained about another sex scene involving Scott (again).

    So showing scenes of sex gets complaints and NOT showing toilets and bathrooms does get complaints? Am I guessing that there’s a demographic that wants to see pooping and a piddling rather than rumpy pumpy? What’s the world coming to???

    Gimme a sex scene over a fart anyday.

    Been absent for a day or two due to thinking my puter had broken.. but I wanted to say I am grateful for the treatment my son Steve had when he got knocked out by a fellow student at lunchtime during play and became concussed. The doctor acted quickly and called the ambulance who arrived promptly. He was in ER in twenty minutes and was looked after really well. He stayed overnight, being woken up periodically to ensure he was ok (what is your name, where are you? + other questions). I was able to stay with him…

    I am sure glad I am here, not over there….

    Hope your mum is ok!! Reckon that chili sauce might cure a few ailments??

  52. P.S I accidentally pushed a button and the ‘narrator’ function came up. I got a deep male American robot voice reading my post. Ohhhhh I’m going to have so much fun hee hee….. time to post some swear words in this commentary box!!!

  53. “Light” was definitely the best of 5 hours of SGU so far – a solid single stretched into a double in by a competent base runner.

    While a number of fans guessed at why the ship was going to the sun on this site already, the resolution was still exciting. (Loved that solution in Star Trek and still do. Not being snarky there – I really did.)

    Some (unintentional, I assume) funny moments from Scott and Chloe. For the record, it never occurred to me that she was trying to sleep her way onto the shuttle and now that someone else has suggested it, I don’t agree. Other than feeling bad for Eli, I simply didn’t care.

    Even – momentarily – had hope of a strong female character moment. While Wray’s logic is disputable, she was right to approach Young with her concerns and as forcefully as she did. But, to quote Young from the first episode, he now knows what she’s made of – that she will fold with the threat of the “possibility” …. Had she simply walked away from the discussion, I wouldn’t have had a problem with her response. When she begged him, not only is there no reason for him to ever respect her, but, were I one of the women, I would have written her off as a leader as well.

    Allowing fear to paralyze you is understandable in the situation – I am not disputing that. Simply saying that, by giving into the fear, she was not strong. If she caved in the office, how well would she face the challenges on the planet? I understood Young’s concern about sending her.

    I had planned to make the 5th episode my “100 pages”. The only thing more irritating than someone watching just to bitch is someone bitching despite not watching so, had I not liked it, I would have stopped my bitching about the female characters.

    Fortunately (Unfortunately?? :-)) I did like the episode so I will be back next week.

    “Cook” is still one of my favorites by the way. Still hoping Eli has the chance to use “cook” line from the Steven Seagall moive.

  54. How many Galaxies can has the destiny gone through in it’s millenia, if not more of flying around? And does Rush ever actually access the database/mainframe and is there an episode for that? or an episode that heavily involves that?

  55. Just a note on my previous comment:

    Wray’s logic was “debatable” – not “disputable” as I wrote earlier.

  56. @Efroh – are you serious? Joe is anything but ignorant, you self-righteous, entitled moron. The fact that you have a job and a house to sell or a bank account that can be depleted if you or a loved one is sick is still 100% better than most of the world.

    @JOE: Hope Mrs. M. is doing better this weekend – sending her big hugs 🙂

  57. If you’ve already read the other posts that didn’t happen to say spoilers then you already saw a lot of thi this but (spoiler for Light)
    Solar powered – 🙂

    As for Rush, I loved his little interaction with Young at the end – did he really know it all along or not? Nicely played!
    Greer is growing on me.
    And I still love Eli.

  58. Firstly, I hope Mamma Mallozzi is feeling better today…thoughts and prayers are with her.

    Secondly. regarding Chloe and Scott – they started to connect at the end of Air. (I no longer have those eps saved, but for some reason, I thought there was another moment between the two early on…but can’t remember when and where.) I like Gwen’s theory (though she herself does not…lol) – that Chloe tried to sleep her way onto the shuttle. Not sure that that’s what really took place, but it would make her a conniving little bitch, and every show needs one of those, since they exist in abundance in real life. Oh, sorry…is my misogyny showing?



  59. i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed light and that the story, the characters and visual effects where just great among the best television has to offer

  60. Hi, Joe!

    ‘Light’ was an excellent episode! Well done. Loved the shiny special effects, the lovely Joel Goldsmith music, the illuminating plot, and some terrific acting by all, especially Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, the Smith twins and David Blue. Jamil and Brian are just marvelous.

    Kudos to everyone. Looking forward to ‘Water.’


  61. SGU is doing okay. Rush and Greer are even more awesome, the music and effects are awesome, but the whole Chloe/Scott thing sucks. Chloe hangs all over Eli and sleeps with Scott, who will sleep with anyone it seems. Its bad. Really, REALLY bad. You might have a real winner show if you got rid of Chloe. Lt. James is more interesting IMO.

  62. Oh yes, Movies… My hubby went absolutely crazy watching Jurassic Park. Do you remember the little girl who was the “hacker”? He is still ranting about the Unix system she was supposed to have hacked into. We try not to mention it anymore.

    My hubby recommended Enders Game to me and I loved it. I haven’t read Speaker of the Dead yet. Right now I’m into James Enge’s latest novel. It’s soooo good.

    Great character develop in last night’s SGU. I can’t wait until they go to more planets though. I’m more of an action girl.

    I hope your mom gets some treatment soon! G.I. problems are not fun.

    Thanks for the mailbag!


  63. The shuttle looks a tad..uh…phallic (esp in your last pic).

    I hope your mom starts a quick recovery. My g/f had a similar experience with her 7YO (7!!) in our (I’m a fellow canuck) healthcare system. I believe they spent 17hrs out of 24 at the ER (2 visits in one day).

  64. Sorry for your Mom’s ordeal at the Lakeshore. I’ve heard several complaints about that particular hospital but my experiences there were smooth sailing compared to your Mother’s. Once I had to wait about 4 hours but I could see they were letting more urgent patients go in first. The other time I was in and out within an hour. My only complaint was when I had to have a scan done and made an appointment and was told it was at 8:30. I rearranged my work schedule for that day and showed up for the appointment at 8:15 the morning of the appointment only to find out that it was at 20:30. Since there was no mention of a.m. or p.m. I just assumed it was in the morning. The appointment list was using the 24 hour clock so I don’t know why I wasn’t told 20:30.
    I hope your Mom feels better soon.

  65. Ok this not being able to read the blog at work because “the man” is suppressing me… somethings has got to change. By the time I get home there’s so much to do before I even sit down to relax and enjoy some humor, good writing and hilarious videos of weird food purchases. I’m sooooo behind.

    I guess I need to ask for one of those mini laptops for Christmas so I can bring it to work and hook up to the wireless network.

    Sorry to hear about your mom Joe. It’s so frustrating. One is almost better to treat oneself in some cases.
    We have had a few Canadian patients – so Joe you could meet us for lunch, bring your mom, she can visit my hospital, I’ll make sure she gets VIP treatment. We are a 5 star hospital with high patient satisfaction. We rank number one patient preferred in the county.

  66. LMAO @Joe’s response to EFroh who obviously doesn’t appreciate irony.

    Still waiting till tuesday to see SGU,

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts to Mamma Mallozzi. Keep us all posted.

  67. @otros ojos–That wasn’t “hook’em Horns”. She was either saying “Rock on!” or declaring someone a cuckold.

  68. Loved last night’s episode. I have to confess that I’ve been waffling on how I feel about SGU but Light went a long way towards hooking me. The music was gorgeous and the acting was top knotch.

    Piggy backing my question on one you answered in this blog – if the Destiny goes out of range what about the gate on the planet? Would you be able to dial previous gates? I guess I’m confused since all the Milky Way gated are able to dial each other.

    One other question – has the mission of the destiny been revealed and I just missed it or is that coming in a later episode?

  69. I hereby give the 2cats stamp of approval to SGU episode “Light”, written by Brad Wright, directed by Peter DeLuise, having aired last night 10/23/09 in Eastern USA. In case that carries weight with anyone. 😉 I stayed awake into the wee morning hours just to watch it twice.

    WOWZIE-WOW-WOW-WOW! THAT was a fantastic eppy.
    The solar collectors coming out from under the Destiny’s wings were so COOL. The shuttle launch and recovery were well done and believable. I would expect a bumpy ride with a pilot’s maiden flight of a spacecraft. The background shots of the sun’s surface were gorgeous. In fact ALL the FX was absolutely astonishing. I was full of angst at the onset, wondering what would occur, scene to scene. The twist with Rush at the end and everyone’s reactions was amazing. I can only wonder at the man’s motivations, but will happily watch more to discover them.

    Again, my only quibble is with SyFy and commercial placement. Very poor judgment used to choose where to place the commercial breaks. Precisely mid-dramatic discourse is not a good choice guys.

    Sgt. Greer sitting naked on the bed, stoically awaiting his end, was poetic and like his character said, “beautiful”. Great insight into this character.

    Young’s single large, falling tear, as he contemplates his wife and their life together, while holding his wedding band, was heart-wrenching.

    Camille Wray’s confrontation with Young where she went from bulldog to choking, fearful whimper in the span of 10 seconds was utterly masterful. Go Ming-Na!

    Eli’s scene’s were strong too, from “Math Boy” mania complex calculations through his quiet acceptance of a shortened life’s end (with Rush and Chloe in observation room). David Blue has a good handle on his character’s mannerisms, expressions and line delivery.

    Can you tell that I really enjoyed this episode?

    Thanks to all who had a hand in creating it. You made my night.


  70. waaah >.< during Light I wondered how come Rush was portrayed suddenly so all-positive (don't mind my awkward language) and then there was the big blow (Young's question/accusation) O.O
    and now I'm wondering about him again, just like last episode where I couldn't find an answer if he might have apologized had TJ not given him the withdrawel excuse…
    but this time, there are more hints towards him really not knowing (unless he is suffering from an extreme mental illness, that made him fake everything from his nervous breakdown to everything else that passed… and he's a doctor not an outstanding actor like Carlyle 😉 )
    and there wouldn't have been any purpose unless he enjoys the pain of others … but he didn't hang around the ship to watch them and instead chose to "die alone" so I doubt that…

    I rather stay with he gets uncomfortable when feeling too comfortable (yes, that does make sense, at least in my head) and therefore ruined his veeeeery slowly building kinda friendship (much too strong a word for it, but still) with Young the moment he realized it was there (or starting to one day be there)
    maybe because the woman from the picture is/was suffering he feels like he has to suffer as well (not that he does already suffer enough…)
    I believe in the positive side in him 😉
    and he's definetely my favourite!
    second favourite might be TJ, but that's going to depend on her backstory (or any bigger story on her)

    I haven't yet watched the video from yesterday's blog but I'm having high expectations about watching it ^^
    and you tasted that stuff again voluntarily o.O
    I wouldn't even try it once ^^"

    Hope, your mother gets better soon (and that she doesn't have to wait that long anymore)

    the health system here is far from perfect but when I "was forced" to visit the accident and emergency unit after my motorcycle accident and didn't even have any pain apart from the stinging-nettle pain in my hand (I learned the glove-wearing lesson) I only had to wait about an hour (and I really had nothing – it just happened that a doctor drove by when I crashed and he insisted on an ambulance for me…)
    I guess the crash looked quite painful to the doctor (the way I found myself positioned afterwards I must have done at least one somersault) but the worse it looks the better I usually come out of it… (people have believed me dead on a children playground before… and I stood up having nothing)

    the longest time I had to wait at a doctor's wasn't more than 3 hours (once, at a day where everybody seemed to have gotten a cold 😉 ), that's why your mother's experience sounds really shocking to me
    (but not as shocking as that video showing a woman dying in the waiting room and nobody caring – I believe it was an US video but… since seeing that I'm afraid such things could also have happened here/anywhere with just no camera around – so I don't want to compare any health systems either, just tell my experience)

  71. Ok a quick readable review of light cause I got to jet.

    Love the ep.

    Love Greer, keep it up. DANG is he ripped.

    Greer nude waiting to die is hilarious.

    There was definately not 80+ people at the general assembly but I am willing to work around it. Like there might have been soldiers guarding the food or water or supplies or hallways 🙂

    Sex scene was DONE SUPER MODESTLY AND TASTEFULLY!! congrats on getting it right.

    Dialouge in the sex scene was forced and corny. You guys rushed it so much. 24 hours ago you see them holding hands and now they’re having casual sex. Also, Scott is a Christian, yet he seemed to have no problem with casual sex. I didn’t even see him blink. I mean, I would at least like to see him put up some resistance before he gave into his drive.

    Loved the lottery moment.

    Wray is becoming one of my favs(she was once my least fav)

    Loved the fact that Young was going around saying goodbye to everyone. I was SOO supprised when he shook rush’s hand. IF I only saw that scene, I would think Rush and Young were friends!!!

    Loved everyone who was still on the ship making right with God or others or themselves.

    The recharge was predictable, but the shuttle not being able to intercept the destiny came out of nowhere, good job on that!!

    Music and VFX were off the charts.

    You raised the intensity level and it stopped feeling like a space soap and there actually felt like there was danger and peril.

    Loved the end scene. Kinda a cliffhanger that make you come back.

    Overall, beats air part 3 and darkness, but not the two part premier.

    8 1/2 out of 10

    If you can keep up eps like this, SGU is on the way to being my fav stargate show.

    Gotta jet!! :p 😉 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  72. WOW, I really can’t write a short review can I. I always plan to write 1 paragraph and I just can’t stop!!!!!

    Major D. Davis

  73. @Joe Great answer to EFroh. I always avoid to have a real life hero, but you’re getting close.

    **potential spoilers for Light **

    I’ve seen Light yesterday and I must say I’ve never seen so many complex characters with depth in a series. Usually it takes a lot of episodes to build up one or two intriguing characters. In SGU we have so far already about ten (mais ou menos) characters who show many layers.
    I loved the opening scene with Greer’s kino vid and the way he thinks about dying in the sun. In his words: “I like that. That’s beautiful.”
    Regarding Rush, oh man. That man is really a lot of work. One moment he acts like a likable person, the next he does everything to seed doubt about his character. I don’t think that he knew Destiny would make it, but he wants Colonel Young to believe that. And why? Just because Col. Young started to be friendly to Rush and offered him to be part of the group. Rush doesn’t want this. I wonder why he despises military and in particular Col. Young so much. When Col. Young slapped him on the shoulder, Rush flinched as if he expected to be hit by the Colonel.

    The season gets more and more interesting with each episode. Amazing music and VFX. Destiny within the sun was beautiful.

  74. How’s mom? Any good news?

    @otros Ah, colonoscopies. I’ve always been out for mine but the prep is killer. Bleh.

    I enjoyed Light a great deal. Hubby even made it home in time to watch with me. He was on the the solar power immediately, “Of course they’re headed into a star, that’s the nearest gas station.” Sigh, truckers. He nailed the slingshot too. And as for Eli and Chloe, his comment, “Always the bridesmaid…”

  75. I’m still a bit on the fence with SGU, but characters are becoming more fun. I knew Rush would be a good character, but I’m warming to Col. Young (who I originally didn’t like), and Greer is the big surprise. Quite an interesting and very out of the box character. Don’t know if its the writing, or the actor, or both, but this guy has quickly become one of my favs. Also looking to see where you take Camille Wray. Eli isn’t bad when he avoids the dumb jokes.

    Chloe and Scott, on the other hand, are just awful. Scenes between those two are used for bathroom breaks and snack runs. Can we leave these two behind on a planet somewhere?

  76. Destiny can fly into a sun to replenish its energy so why has the ship taken such a pounding?
    If Destiny’s shields are powerful enough so that those on the inside didn’t notice an increase of heat or the turbulence from the sun and so forth surely the shields would be powerful enough to with-stand anything thrown at them both natural and artificially created.
    It can do all that but it can not turn around to take the folks back to earth nor can it take them to stargates that could take them home, strange.
    I wonder if at some point the ship will start to talk to its inhabitants? Like the house in the hit show Eureka.
    Please be more than just BSG/Lost lite.
    The show may need “A Lot of Work”.

  77. Joe:

    Two topics today.

    One. I just finished reading the Entertainment Weekly issue about Glee making a huge amount of money selling records. Plus, in the back, is a review of a NCIS album with contemporary music.

    Given you’ve already used some contemporary music in SGU and I hope there will be more, is a soundtrack album using that music a possibility? I’d buy it.

    Two. I’ve been closely following the (real) demographics in the ratings and, so far, you’ve been quite successful at getting better 18-49 numbers than SGA was getting. Good job. Any particular element of the show do you think has accomplished this?

  78. My problem was I didn’t think the rest of the episodes set up the building relationship between Scott and Chloe. To me it felt slightly out of place, but served its purpose as far as Eli goes.

    Also, how soon did you want the audience to know that Destiny would charge when in close proximity to the sun? To me it seemed to be the only way at the end of “Darkness” if only because the premise of the show doesn’t allow all characters to die a horrible death and lose the Destiny.

    Sorry to hear about your Mother. You can always fly her to a Seattle hospital like Swedish Medical Center.

  79. Some additional thoughts now that I have read the other posts…

    1. Yes, like 2cats, Young’s tear did not go unnoticed by this viewer – it was a very touching moment. I still don’t have any emotional investment in the characters (afterall, one doesn’t fall in love overnight…unless one sees one who looks like Todd…), but they are starting to grow on me. I think one reason I’m having trouble connecting to characters is because there are SO many – most of which I only know by face, not by name. It takes me a while to get to know lots of people when I meet them all at once. Heck – I’ve been married 20 years and still can’t get Mr. Das’ relatives straight!

    2. Hmmm. Seems Greer is becoming a fan favorite already. I guess I’m not the only one who likes the moody types.

    3. I see a lot of people picking on Scott and Chloe. Okay – I don’t like sex scenes and we all know that already…but let’s be for real for a minute here. This one actually made sense. Why?

    …A. Chloe just suffered a great loss – she saw her father die, a father she was very close to. She needed comforting.

    …B. Chloe just had to deal with her alcoholic (?) mother, and tell her the news of her father’s sacrifice.

    …C. Chloe is described as having a ‘wild side’ – she looks young, but she’s 23. I have a sneakin’ hunch this isn’t the first time she’s played ‘hide the willy’ with the boys.

    …D. Scott has issues that seem to revolve around women, and sex. Perhaps he’s looking for acceptance/approval from a mother he never really knew. Perhaps he’s feeling the pressure of leadership. And perhaps he was just horny.

    …E. Both were faced with imminent death.

    …F. These two already shared a private moment where, if I read things correctly, Chloe let her attraction to Scott be known. All the signals were there.

    …G. Is everyone REALLY so surprised how Chloe would play Eli???!! If so, then you don’t know the ‘have their cake and eat it too’ chicks I’ve known over the years.

    …H. Is everyone REALLY so surprised how Eli reacted? If so, then you don’t know the geeky ‘I’m in love with you but will settle to be your best friend if that’s the only way I can be close to you’ guys I’ve known over the years, ya know…the poor saps that are always end up getting used by the Chloes of the world.

    4. I’m with Mondschaf – I was all ‘WTF’ on Dr. Warm-n-Fuzzy Rush in this episode, right up until the end when Young confronted him in the end. THAT’S the type of intrigue and tension I love!


  80. Loved it overall.

    Hated the Scott/Cloe scene. A hint of people pairing off would have been enough, showing which couple it was was already awkward, the explicitness – fast-forward.

    Jamil Walker Smith – awesome kino scene.

    Lottery scenes: wow, few shows manage to draw out the drama from a big group and I can’t think of one that has done it for more than a few moments. Nailed it. Usually, the empathy goes to a few characters who get a tight close-up and the peanut gallery is just fodder to up the peril. Here, I really felt for the group at every turn. This might be SGU’s somethin’ special. I’m going to watch over and over on hulu.

    Beautiful episode! Wow! The visuals close to the sun when nobody’s looking, but then Rush steps out to admire it — Wow!

    A ship flying inside a sun — it was the boldest example I’ve seen in TV science fiction (I’ve seen bolder in print). Kudos on the bold risk. The ending was predictable, but the boldness wasn’t and that made it worthwhile.

    Rush’s little wobble into heroism, but maybe not. Ha Ha! Lovin’ it.

  81. This is aimed at kuro-syamito.

    I wouldn’t believe anything unless it comes from an official source.
    Especially since you’re aiming the question at the guy who helmed Atlantis for years. If it were officially cancelled you’d read about it here.

  82. I miss the humour & pace of the first 2 stargate series & find the almost total lack of fun in the Universe to be off putting. I should also add that reusing the Atlantis pilot script for Universe was a bit of an insult to SG fans intelligence; replacing Atlantis with Destiny, the ocean with space & ZPMs with planet was very contrived. I can see that you have been trying to remake Atlantis in a darker more adult format but have sacrificed a lot of what made Stargate what it was I waould rather you had started from scratch rather than reusing Atlantis scripts.
    So much for the negative on a postive note I approve of deeper character developement & hope the series will improve with time. In closing I rewatch both Atlantis & SG1 on a regular basis but so far I do not like Universe enough to save episodes on my PVR.


  83. Rush definitely had a “eureka” moment. So I don’t think he knew, maybe ……suspected.

    Oh and “balloon boy”; I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised a family would do this to get a reality show. I mean, look at Octomom.

    Das: great points! The sex scene didn’t bother me in this episode, it was artfully done. I would rather see shooting action, instead of Scott action, though.
    He does to be written as a slut (man-ho). Don’t they get the “venereal disease” lecture in the military?
    So is Scott going to repopulate Destiny by himself!?

    Scott is my least favorite character. The acting/writing is well done but I’m not getting attached to him like “McNeil” and “Sheppard”.

    Young is pretty cool, though. However, if he was so in love with his ex-wife, why didn’t he quit the military and try to make it work? I think he made his choice with her, when he keep doing the job she hated. Give up Young, you made your choice.

    p.s. I liked Ender’s Shadow better than Ender’s Game.

  84. Best wishes to Mom. I hope all is okay.


    “Light” was terrific, IMHO, so full of drama and tension. I actually felt teary at a couple of scenes. I think Col. Young and Sgt. Greer are the deepest and most surprising characters so far, but I still find Chloe annoying. However, her anxiety over the lottery felt very real, as did Camille Wray’s grief.

    I realize there has to be dramatic conflict, character development, mystery, and a plot, etc., but I have to wonder why, if Rush actually did know or suspect that Destiny would come through the star and replenish its power, he didn’t just tell Young, so they could send the shuttle to wait on the other side of the sun, just in case? Or was his uncommunicative reaction at the end merely disappointment that, once again, no one trusts him?

  85. REMINDER TO ALL FLORIDA PEOPLE, Next SAT. Oct. 31st at TU TU TANGO on International Dr. Orlando ,FLORIDA 12:00 noon WE will be in the lobby, just look for all the lovely mature ladies, that will be us, so we can sit and talk about Joe- all good things!! Sheryl Berwick

  86. re: Shawna…imo, you hit the nail right on the head. Exactly what I would have said. So far SGU is just way too slow for me. Granted, the acting, VFX and music are all outstanding and very enjoyable but the stories are just so so…and very predictable. Reminds me of the stories for SGA in that we always knew that McKay would “save the day”, or Sheppard. But at least we had action. Humor. Aliens. Perhaps that will come here too eventually but, I’m getting tired of waiting. Next week is Water. Well, I’m sure it will be very obvious that they will find it? And who will sleep with whom next week? Eeh gads! If I’m going to die soon, please, give me some chocolate and a good T-bone.

  87. Hi Joe!

    I finished watching Light for the second time – I want to like Chloe. I really, really do. That having been said, her being a conniving and manipulative bitch is making it terribly difficult. Eli, dump her and go with James – she’s better for you in the long run. Cuter, too.

    As for Scott and everyone’s overreactions to his libido – I for one am not seeing the big deal. Everyone deals with stress in different ways and Scott’s the 2IC and only qualified pilot. I’d be more concerned if he was behaving the way Mary seems to want him to be behaving: like a thoughtless, easily replaced cog in a machine.

    Two-part question today (if that’s okay with you): In Air1 they used the ‘Å’ symbol as the point of origin but with Atlantis currently cooling its heels in the pacific isn’t its Point of Origin the one for earth? Furthermore, how did they even put the ‘Å’ symbol in since it was not on the Icarus Gate?

  88. Well, we now know why Chloe is onboard.

    It must be hard to develop real drama and tension around the lottery when you, and the audience, know that no one is going to actually die. That said, I was happy Chloe was in the group that had stay behind.

  89. @StellaByStargate:
    Thanks for clearing things up for me. I hadn’t even thought of that, at least not last night. That whole schtick is making a lot more sense now!

  90. Great episode. I had a sneaking suspicion that the ship was ### and totally ####.

    What I wish would be toned down are the random seeming inclusions of more adult natured scenes and themes usually related to a sexual nature or preference. It feels awkward and out of order and without any history to go by. I am sorry to say, but it is starting to feel more and more like daddy-o trying to be cool with the kids by using random slang words he has no idea what they mean or when to use them. I really would hate that to continue because people will be put off by it and put SGU in jeopardy. Embrace homosexuality, embrace sexuality as a whole, do it a bit more naturally and not a sudden “and they have sex” or “and Wray says she will miss her life partner” That is my main issue I have. It really just throws off the pace (and often times logic) of the show. While Wray’s “unveiling” was a bit more tactful and can lead to an “Oh, ok.” moment later on when I imagine she will be able to use the stones to switch and visit her partner, while the Lt. Scott and Chloe tryst has no background. I don’t even recall a time when they really much interacted. Eli should be getting more action, and that relationship perused more than anything based upon what has, so far, been presented.

  91. @Joe

    Okay, this is my second day on Puppy-Twitter, and I notice something: You aren’t in any of the pictures with the dogs. Why is that? I actually thought about this when I noticed what I am guessing is your lovely wife’s hand in the “chubby puppy” picture (your name for it, not mine – I think Brie is just perfect.)

    I can understand your wife probably not wanting to have herself posted on the web, but it would be nice to see you with the dogs in a couple of pictures. Also, it would be nice to see all 5 of them in a picture too, as they would all be so cute together.

    I understand that it’s twitter for the dogs, but I think that a couple of pictures with you and the dogs should be allowed. But, this of course is just my opinion; others may disagree.

    Just throwing these things out there. Cast them aside if you like, as the pictures posted as of now are just fine.

    Peace & Love,


  92. “Light” was good. Not a fan of the Eli/Chloe/Scott thing going on because it’s obvious Eli is just a pawn, and he ought to be smart enough and mature enough emotionally to realize that.

    Jamil Walker Smith is amazing. The Young/Greer scene was perfect and made the episode.

    I really hope the “Did Rush know?” question be specifically developed more in future episodes. It seems from the Water previews that instead of being a happy family, Young still doesn’t trust him (and rightfully so). But I think it’d be interesting if there was actual dialog in a future episode relating to that specific event.

    Also, can you ease concerns for Water? It looks like an AirIII clone: substitute hot planet of sand and sun poisoning with cold planet, frostbite/broken bones, and snow.

  93. @Jason “The Chef”

    I don’t think Wray’s kino scene was an unveiling. Sharon could be anybody. We can read her body language because we’ve read too many articles, but the rest of the audience isn’t sure.

    All the kino scenes jog the pace, not just Wray’s. We’re not used to it yet.

    I’m with you on the daddy-o comment applied to the sex scenes. That captures the feeling for me, but maybe daddy-o is using the slang correctly, but it just sounds wrong because I’m the one who’s old now. Martin Gero will sort this out.

  94. Yeah, the Ender universe is getting pretty big (, I stick to the main 2 series branches personally (Speaker for the dead and onwards, Ender’s Shadow and on).

    While I did like the mainline Ender series and have read it multiple times I actually enjoyed the Shadow series much more. I’d definitely recommend the Shadow series, especially if you have an inclination towards geopolitical stuff.

  95. I was not interested in joining or participating in your discussion about CANADA medical system as I know personnally that in some cases it fails to work and that personnal cases tends to be extremely stressing. I am sorry if I am out of bound here but you seem to be missing some key informations.

    First of all there is more then one hospital in Montreal :

    But the first line of medical services usually come from the CLSC :

    Also I will have you know, that your completely wrong about one point that CANADA also as a really good private systems ( witch the USofA citizen use because it’s far better and cheaper then there’s) :

    Other factors that could explain the long wait is :

    Canadian Reactor Shutdown Slows Nuclear Medicine :

    There was 7 hospital in the Montreal region that where closed due to the impending but stalled 2 super Hospital construction in the work :

    CUSM :

    CHUM :

    There is also a problem/stalling at the Government level :

    And there is a MAFIA related scandal in Quebec construction sector that is so big it needed the creation of a new squad to deal with the problem :

    But that’s not all, there is a problem with AH1n1 or swine FLU in CANADA :

    Three more die in Ontario from Swine Flu, 86 deaths in Canada :

    That don’t excuse or explain at all the poor threatment your mom as received so far, but it’s still factor to take into considerations. At least she’s not a passenger on the destiny 😉 or a USofA citizen with no medical inssurance, or one with a greedy killing inssurance that she paid a fortune for but when care come aound she get booted of and stuck on her own.

    I hope your Mom get’s well and get the care she need and deserve that she should also demand to change doctor and/or facility.

    BTW : there is no destiny Manual of operation ? Since now they have all the ship power back up in light ?

  96. DP, the “unveiling” I mean is more of a foreshadow where those who don’t know can have a memory recall “oh okay” moment in a future ep rather than feel put off as if it must be celebrated more than the show itself.

    I am tired of shows like that. It is very short sighted and unless the show is about sex, or about homosexuality entirely, it requires some careful and detailed build up. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.

    In those very c-story moments like what is happening with the Scott sex line, there is a much better way of doing it, and it is feeling more and more like an obligatory inclusion the network wanted that in some re-writes was thrown in to meet the requirements of being cookie cutter “Edgy”.

    Thinking people will notice this and be put off by it.

  97. Joe —

    Have to give HUGE props to Mark Sevala and the effects crew for Light. The images of the star and Destiny were breathtaking.

    I’m finally on board with Sgt. Greer and Jamil Walker Smith. I was leaning that way after last week’s “Mr. Decision Maker” speech, but his kino moment at the start of Light was terrific. I also love that he popped Telford back on Icarus Base. I only wish we had gotten to see it.

    Loving Eli and Col. Young. David Blue is knocking it out of the park every week for me. His disappointment over Chloe/Scott and then acceptance of the role of the guy who is always just a friend was spot on.

    And Louis Ferreira is the strong, calm center the show needs, more General Hammond than Jack O’Neill. Although I wish his revelation at the end of the show had been more of “Rush suspected” than “Rush knew.” Locked out of the system and without even power for the terminals thinking Rush was making more than an educated guess seems farfetched.

    I thought Chloe was much stronger in this episode than before. I liked her afterglow conversation with Scott, that she shouldn’t get any special considerations based on who she was related to back on Earth. She seemed more mature in Light.

    All in all, I think SGU is proving itself to be really interesting TV.

  98. I would like to *very* strongly second the above comment made by Michelle:

    Too bad there’s not a parallel private system in Canada. If you mom and sis can travel, Mass General in Boston is probably the closest “great” American hospital to Montreal. They have a whole GI department: Mass General GI.

    Mass General is truly one of the finest hospitals in the US. I know that from my own experiences there; but if further confirmation in addition to Michelle’s and mine is needed, US News and World Report: Best Hospital rankings places MassGen at #4 out of the top #25 for digestive concerns. (Info available online.)

  99. @Das:

    “3. I see a lot of people picking on Scott and Chloe. Okay – I don’t like sex scenes and we all know that already…but let’s be for real for a minute here. This one actually made sense. Why? ”

    Oddly, had we seen any two characters going for it in a supply closet, it would have made more sense than that pairing at the time. (I wonder if two men together in the supply closet was considered …. )

    First, I still don’t get Chloe as the “wicked vixen”. Maybe that’s the overall purpose of the character, but it isn’t evident yet. Yes, I have known plenty of girls who play the games that you have outlined, but just don’t get that particular vibe from her yet.

    Second, Scott didn’t have the same “imminent death” vibe that the rest of the crew had at the moment. He stated at the time that he knew he was OK because he was the only “other” pilot than Young. His whole “you might be picked because you’re the Senator’s daughter” was BS of course. His lack of impulse control leads to him having to have some pretty stilted after the fact conversation with the women involved. TJ was the obvious “other” choice.

    Personally, I found the whole thing so corny that I could only laugh. No emotional investment coupled with superficial content coupled with too “arty” filming. I simply didn’t care about those characters getting together.

    David Blue did more in a couple of glances to convey the impact of the two coupling than they did in whatever time we saw them on screen.

    I forgot this in my earlier post, but his comment “math boy” in reference to himself was perfect for the moment. Rush’s response was great as well.

  100. @Gilder:

    That wasn’t “hook’em Horns”. She was either saying “Rock on!” or declaring someone a cuckold.

    LOL. — Well, for the sake of decency, let’s just cross the last option right off the list.

    “Rock on!” — I’m cool with that, being a lover of anything that rocks in general, or rocks my own small world.

    Speaking of small worlds *hears Disney “It’s A Small World” in mental background* —

    1) spent one year of high school in Bexar Co.
    2) upon graduation, went within the week to Travis Co., where I lived for a year (minus six weeks) while I attended UT Austin. I didn’t get into the football scene there, but loved Austin immensely — and, having twice had the opportunity to visit San Francisco, readily understand why Austin is often referred to as “San Francisco on the Colorado” — from my POV, an awesome compliment to Austin; and you, I am confident, are well-aware also of the negative connotations to that comparison coming from those of a more conservative stripe. (Your take, por favor?)

    Given the above, I will still vote for “Hook ’em Horns,” because a) that same sign is how I most effectively annoy UMissouri fans, and b) my sole year of life in Austin was, like, totally awesome to the max. — Please just ignore my Valley-Girl terminology. I only use it to irritate Joe and USC alum Carl Binder. *w*

  101. One other thought ….

    What I somewhat expected to see, but didn’t, out of those remaining on the ship was a “red shirt” committing suicide.

    If death is thought unavoidable, would not someone think about choosing their own way to die?

    Had that happened, Young’s suspicion about what Rush knew and when would have a more sinister perspective.

  102. I really enjoyed Light. I thought all the character moments (except one) were fantastic, especially the bits with Greer and Young. I loved the ambiguous ending, and the Destiny recharging itself by flying into a sun was awesome.

    However, the Scott/Chole thing just came out of no where, almost as if there was an episode between Darkness and Light that we haven’t seen. And the comment “I’ve never felt closer to anyone…”? Of what we’ve seen, Chloe has spent more time with Eli than anyone else so far since this whole adventure started.

    Any explanation for the sudden-ness of this? It just felt… incongruent.

  103. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching Darkness since I didn’t do so yesterday. Jamil and Louis constantly amaze me with their portrayal of the characters.

    I also loved getting to really see Ming-Na’s character brought out more. Getting to see an IOA agent that has a truly compassionate nature was nice.

    *SPOILER – sort of* The way she told Young he needed to make a decision about the lottery really struck me as to the type of person she was. In the past with IOA characters, I could have imagined her not only being more demanding but trying to take over the situation completely. I appreciated the way she went about trying to handle it.

  104. Ah, Light.

    When it was done I could say, yep, I enjoyed watching that. I didn’t feel there was a great deal of suspense this time out; either Destiny or a significant part of the main cast were going to be destroyed if things went wrong, so clearly things were going to turn out all right. But knowing that left me free to sit back and enjoy the character interactions and reactions. Once again Col. Young (and the actor that portrays him) really stood out. I like watching him, I wonder what makes him tick. And I feel that his character tends to bring out the best in the characters around him. The scenes with Greer were particularly good, as were those with Wray. The interactions with Rush were likewise rewarding, except for that odd beat at the end where all of a sudden Young began to suspect that Rush had known all along what would happen. Having not seen anything in the episode which would lead me to believe that, the remark seemed to come out of nowhere.

    The scenes where the crew was preparing in their own way for The End, either together or alone, gave us a lot of neat character moments. The only one that didn’t really resonate was Scott and Chloe hopping in the sack. I’ve no objection to consenting adults doing what consenting adults do (and the scene was certainly shot beautifully, with the glow of the approaching sun). But it did seem to come up pretty quickly. The other day they were talking about loss (a great scene) and now whoa, they’re sleeping together.

    At least y’all didn’t screw around a lot with Will They Won’t They. 😉

    I will say, I’m surprised at the tone that SGU has in the past couple episodes. Quiet, kind of subtle. But I like it.

  105. Just acknowledging my flub. I meant Light not Darkness but I’m sure you figured that out already. 😉

  106. @ saltygrapes

    The teaser preview/ad for Water that I’ve seen apparently has an ice lifeform boarding the ship. (And, Greer trying to flamethrower it!) I would daresay that argues for it not being an Air3 clone.

    @ HBMC

    As I said in my earlier comment, and as others have said in their comments, your explanation for the sudden-ness is that Chloe is a conniving and manipulative bitch who seems to be committed to making me not like her. Which is unfortunate because I really do want to like her.

    @ Joe

    It’s okay if I post another comment to respond to previous comments that happened after my first comment, right?

  107. “If not, then kindly shut the fuck up”

    In the interest of spreading world peace, I feel compelled to point out that clearly “ignorant” wasn’t the word EFroh was striving for in his missive (hey, we can’t all be writers), perhaps you stopped after the first line, but the rest of the text suggested that “pampered” would be more along the lines of what he meant – perhaps his own mother had to pawn her lungs before she could get help.

    Anyway, TPTB let the light be – and what a nice warm glow it was – I’m getting all depressed at the standoffishness of my bulbs … (checks dictionary) i mean coldness!

    I remain annoyed at the fevered pawing of the young mammals (and there is the clawing fear that this means part of the USS Melrose Place will be dedicated to a nursery at the start of next season!) it just seems like a waste of time when one could talk in science fictiony tones about science fictiony things – but if that is what is required to keep the Bavarian kale farmers happy I suppose that is price we have to pay to keep the ship going – perhaps that is what really fuels the Destiny.

    The main thrust of ‘Light’ was eminently predictable to most of us – or at least to scifi fans (which begs the question, how large a part of the audience are not Kale farmers – and why are they watching) – but I think Brad managed to play into our expectations and turned it somewhat around at the end with Youngs question to Rush.

    But still going upwards – the curve hasn’t broken yet.

    Love how David Blue delivers half his lines in an almost Whedon like style (from his happy period).

    Next week: Hopefully someone will find the food replicator and the rock band will be spaced.

  108. Oh, and I liked the Goldilocks reference – always nice with a few bits of reality amongst the magic *g*

  109. First, I’m a big fan of SGU. Much more enjoyable than SGA so far.

    Some feedback on Darkness and Light: great idea, but it felt more like one episode stretched into two than two separate eps. I absolutely loved the visual effects in Light; truly spectacular. I also love the idea that there is a good reason why the spaceship is shaped like a big airplane.

    However, I also have to say that I think Brad Wright missed the boat a bit here with the script. As viewers, we of course know that Destiny will be saved (or the series would be over). It therefore felt very strange that no one on the ship had the same feeling; that disconnect and the resulting false suspense detracted from the sense of what it would be like to actually be in that situation.

    Similarly, with several main characters on board the shuttle, it was clear that it would have to be saved too. If Brad had instead chosen a bunch of minor characters, it would have been uncertain and therefore more suspenseful.

  110. Looks like they’ve solved the water & food problem on the Destiny. They’ve found a planet growing giant bottled water and potato chips. Way cool!

    Cheers, Chev

  111. Saw Light and loved it, but please stop with the shaky/handheld outerspace BSG-like shots of the Destiny. That technique is already tired and contrived and reminds me too much of BSG. All I think of when I see that effect is “hold the camera steady, dammit so I can see the ship”!

    Also, since the Destiny is traveling at FTL and not in Hyperspace doesn’t that mean that Einsteins’ theory of relativity applies (ie-like in SGA “The Return”)? If that’s the case, then every time they use the stones Earth should have moved ahead in time significantly since the last contact. How is the show going to address this?

    Otherwise, I love the tone of the new show. I watched an episode of SGA right after and the difference is so apparent.

  112. On the entire internet, this is the only page that brings up a reference to “a thousand cycled lost time tables” from Eli’s Kino pad. Part of a longer aincent (but not ainc-latin, it’s a direct replace cypher, which most likely means Eli or Rush wrote it) message which you can find on the offical SG:U page in the “Explore the Destiny” section.

    The full message is listed twice in this thread (once by me and once by someone else) and both are slightly different due to the Kino Controller’s blury washed out screen.

    Also of note, in the Dr. Jackson videos if you pay attention there are several odd overly hidden jokes… like at one point he mentions he would like to talk more about ascention but he’d need another tape, then he blinks out in morse code “3ms” which seems to suggest he likes that brand of tape. But what ever the hell that has to do with anything, I dunno, I just see weird crap.

    There’s other stuff, as well… however, if you get some crazy idea that I’m smart and you want me for the irl Destiny, do me a favor and wait till they figure out if there is or is not a holodeck. kthkz

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