Air III comin' at ya!
Air III comin' at ya!

To coincide with the North American premiere of Air III – what’s I’m calling Drama in the Desert – today’s entry will be Almost All Mailbag as I field some of your SGU-related questions…

Rednor writes: “I hope they are able to turn on some lights at some point. I hate this trend to do everything in the dark.”

Answer: Keep in mind that when the survivors of the attack on Icarus Base come through the gate for the first time, Destiny has been on reserve power for quite some time.  As the crew moves out to occupy sections of the ship, those area will see more illumination as systems are turned on or awaken. That being said, you’re going to need your sunglasses for tonight’s episode, Air III, s a team heads off-world to explore a desert planet’s searing environment.

Rednor also writes: “Chloe is already bordering on obnoxious. I thought the scene about her father was wayyyy overdone.”

Answer: Really?  Her father just died!  Should she have just sucked it up and moved on to more important matters?

ZeroPointBatteries writes: “One thing is bugging me though, why couldn’t they just use the kino to shut the door instead of having to kill someone?”

Answer: And how exactly were they supposed to do that?  The control to seal the door wasn’t some giant button they could sail the kino into in the hopes that the impact would initiate the seal.  In fact, you can see the senator first press one button on the seat console, then move down to press another.  The kino’s surface area wouldn’t have allowed for pinpoint accuracy.  Yes, Rush had a pencil, and even IF someone happened to have brought the masking tape to fasten it to the kino, you’re making several more assumptions: 1) that in the short time Eli has been working with the kino, he would be capable of controlling it with the accuracy needed to hit those particular buttons, and 2) the kino would possess enough force to trigger the buttons.

Rose writes: “Which, unfortunately, highlighted the poor use of female characters in the premier.”

Answer: The premiere covers a lot of ground – from introducing everyone and Icarus Base to getting us through the attack and onto Destiny – and our cast is fairly sizable.  There are a lot of characters who were only touched upon in these first 2-3 hours that will be highlighted and explored over the course of the ensuing episodes including the likes of T.J., Chloe, and Wray.

Thornyrose writes: “The raid on the planet seems a tad contrived, and the blowing up of the whole planet just seems implausible.”

Answer: How so contrived?  It certainly begs the question “Who attacked and how did they know about Icarus Base?” but I don’t know why one would consider contrived.  As for the planet blowing up – the planet was chosen because of its ability to provide the necessary and massive power requirements to dial the ninth chevron.  An overload of energy transfer triggered by the attack caused a massive chain reaction down to the planet’s naquadria core.

DasNdanger writes: “I was disappointed by the total snub to SGA.”

Answer: Hey, we would have loved to have included many more characters from the franchise but we were limited by time and simple logic.  It made sense for O’Neill to put in an appearance as head of Homeworld Security.  It also made sense for Carter to appear aboard the Hammond.  Daniel’s cameo, while brief, made sense as well.  But, for instance, as much as we would have loved to include the Teal’c character, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  The same applies to the SGA crew given that none of them would have been involved in the Icarus project (particularly given the timeline of events for the movie).

DasNdanger also writes: “The sex scene was unneccessary, and off-putting.”

Answer: Whether it was off-putting or not is a matter of opinion.  As for uncessary – I disagree.  It establishes not only a relationship between Scott and James, but goes to character as well.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “Disliked: the cutting back and forth between the ship and the base.”

Answer: Starting with tonight’s episode, Air III, the stories will flow a little more straightforwardly.  For the most part.

TBA writes: “304’s are able to easily destroy Ori battlecruisers, Wraith hives, and Replicator Aurora warships, but the Hammond is forced to retreat for three puny Ha’taks?”

Answer: You’re assuming that while Earth has made progress with its shields and weaponry, the rest of the galaxy has remained stagnant.

Debra writes: “And the nonsense of the leaking air… for crying out loud at least SHOW them trying to simply close off that area or constructing paneling over the ship door.”

Answer: If simply sealing off the entire section had been an option, they would have done it.  As for “constructing paneling over the ship door” – with what?  Again, keep in mind they’ve just scrambled onto this strange ship with whatever they could grab.

Shaggygirl writes: “…and Telford? blink and you missed him. do we see him again?”

Answer: Yep.

Chevron7 writes: “How did you spend premiere night?”

Answer: At home, watching the premiere on Space and continually updating the fan comments to this blog.

Richard Watts writes: “Once Rush contacted SGC using the long-range communication stones, why didn’t SGC just get their spatial coordinates, assemble McKay, Zelenka and some other Scientists, take Atlantis into orbit, then use the “Wormhole Drive” that conveniently allowed Atlantis to get from “just outside the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy” to Earth in a few seconds at the end of “Enemy at the Gate” to go to the location of the Destiny and send a few Jumpers over to get the crew?”

Answer: 1. Destiny is much, MUCH farther away than the distance separating Pegasus from The Milky Way. 2. The issue of the wormhole drive is dealt with in the Atlantis movie.

Richard Watts also writes: “I hope that the IOA lady gets killed in some episode, just because I already got a bad vibe from her arrogant character…”

Answer: How is she arrogant?  Given the situation, I would be just as panicked and quick to demand answers.  I love the Wray character and I’m sure that many fans will grow to love her as well as the series progresses.

Jeff O’Connor writes: “I know you probably don’t want to discuss these things quite yet, but I hope the ratings aren’t a problem for you folks. 2.4 million, right?”

Answer: Hey, Jeff.  No, not a problem at all.  In fact, everyone was very pleased not only with the overall viewership but the demos that had SGU leading the night (!).  We’re all very interested to see what kind of a boost we get from the +7 DVR numbers.

David Chapple writes: “But is it true that the SGU dvd’s will be split in two volumes?”

Answer: Sorry, I don’t know anything about this.

PBMom writes: “Or will unprotected sex on Destiny have unexpected consequences?”

Answer: Tune in to find out.

Thornyrose writes: “Col. Carter indicated that the number of MIA was a bit under 100(have to watch again to pick up the exact number, though 92 comes to mind). Have you as writers/producers keeping count of how many people get killed off? More importantly,have you sketched out basic info on those characters we’ve either not seen, or saw only as bodies flying through the Stargate?”

Answer: We have an approximate number for the group of survivors who came through the gate and have maintained episode to episode consistency with character references and background extras.

Diane D. writes: “How did you tackle this as writers? Did one person establish what the new style of storytelling would be like and give the other writers instructions and guidelines of some sort?”

Answer: Series creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper established everything from the tone of the show and the look of the ship to the individual characters.  Using Air I, II, and III as a template, the rest of the writers simply followed their lead.  Brad and Rob have overseen all aspects of production to ensure it remains true to their original vision for the show, sitting in on all meetings and doing passes on all scripts.

BlueSmartie writes: “Will you be releasing the SGU soundtrack?”

Answer: I don’t know for sure, but I imagine we will.  Joel Goldsmith did an incredible job with the music.

Mary writes: “The basic story was very good, although with some flaws – it’s hard for me to buy the idea that the CO2 scrubbers were all worn out when it was made clear in the dialogue that no one had ever been on the ship before; there didn’t seem to be a good reason why the INTERIOR door to the shuttle was broken when, again, no one was on the ship.”

Answer: Yeah, good questions.  Why would they have this sort of trouble if the ship remained unmanned?  And has Destiny sustained damage – almost as if its fallen victim to an attack of some sort?  Weird.

Mary also writes: “O’Neill putting him in command? Oh, yeah, sure.”

Answer: Well, that’s what Rush said happened and he seems like an honest guy…

Mary also writes: “ I’m disappointed that the decision was made to go with the angry young black man trope with Greer.”

Answer: I’ve mentioned in previous entries that the “angry military character” – Ron “Psycho” Stasiak – was not originally envisioned as a young black man.  But Jamil Walker Smith blew us away with his audition and landed the role.  Like the rest of our main characters, we’ll be learning a lot more about his backstory and the type of person he is over the course of this first season.  Also, it will be interesting to read the response to the Greer character after tonight’s episode.  Months ago, Rob and I sat down to watch a director’s cut of Air III with our wives.  After we were done, I asked them which character they liked best.  They were in agreement – they LOVED Sgt. Greer.  I told Jamil this and now, every time I see him on set, he reminds me to “Say hi to your wife for me!”

Mary also writes: “Ming Na had maybe 5 lines of dialogue.”

Answer: Big cast.  Many episodes to go.

Caitlyanna writes: “When Eli’s playing the game in the beginning and is kicked out of the level, is that the central tower of Atlantis in the game?”

Answer: Sure looks like it.

Caitlyanna also writes: “Did Telford board the Hammond and isn’t aboard Destiny?”

Answer: We will learn that Telford escaped aboard the Hammond.

Tempus13 writes: “What’s with the shuttles being on the outside of the hull? Seems more likely they would be exposed to damage. Shuttles are usually on the inside of a ship for this reason.”

Answer: The shuttle is protected by the ship’s shield which does a better job of protecting it from damage than an exposed hull.

Paddy writes: “I saw in the opening whislt seeing the destiny that she had some pretty big guns on her* Will we see them in action?”

Answer: Oh, we will.

Paddy also writes: “The Destiny was huge, not that many people on board. I saw weve probaly seen 2% of the ship? There going to be some real cool stuff layin around even if broken?”

Answer: Yep, plenty to explore and plenty to discover.

Charlie’s Angel writes: “When you ask for our opinions about the show, why do you want to know? What influence do fans and their expectations and reactions have on the creative process? I imagine that at this point in your production schedule you are already locked in on story lines, shooting style, and character development, so does it really matter what we think?”

Answer: Of course it matters.  Given the lag between the start of production and the airing of the show’s first episode this year, we’re already shooting the finale as the third episode premieres so, no, fan opinion will not change any of the creative decisions made for the show’s first season.  That having been said, it’s always good to know what worked and what didn’t in the opinion of many of our more perceptive viewers (and, generally, those diehard fans who take the time to involve themselves in forums like these tend to be more keyed-in than the average viewers).  While we don’t take dictation, we are reasonable in considering outside opinions as we prepare for a potential second season.

Shawna Buchanan writes: “Will the people on the Destiny use the stones to communicate with Earth on a regular basis?”

Answer: The stones will be the only means by which those aboard Destiny will be able to communicate with Earth.  Eventually, they will want to contact loved ones…

Ekko writes: “…will all characters change their clothing in the show?
Or will you try to make ‘em have same clothes all the time?”

Answer: They will wear whatever they brought with them.  If they didn’t bring a change of clothing (which is highly likely) then they’ll be wearing the same outfit, occasionally borrowing appropriate off-world gear when available.

E writes: “Can you confirm or deny that one season of SGU doesn’t cover an entire year?”

Answer: The way we tracked it, the first season covers less than a year.

Mary writes: “The reason is because he is putting his own needs and desires – his curiosity and obvious burning, all-consuming need to find out where that 9th chevron led – over the needs and lives of everyone else on that base. First, the orders were to dial Earth. Even assuming he was right that the explosion could have transferred through the gate to Earth, there had to be numerous other places they could have gone. HE wanted to find out where the gate dialed if the 9th chevron worked, and that’s all he cared about. They should have gone to the alpha site or some other place that I am sure the military knew to go.”

Answer: True, but anywhere he dialed he would have been putting lives at risk.

Wonderingbrit writes: “One thing that did stand out as an obvious business opportunity for the franchise was the Daniel Jackson training videos – these have so got to be addressed and turned into DVD’s – they’d be hot property to any SGF fan.”

Answer: Yes, they will eventually be finding their way onto either a website or dvd.

NZNeep writes: “I keep meaning to tell you about the pie I made the other day… it was simple as, but fantastic. The base was sweet and crisp, made of almonds, a bit of sugar and an egg white. The filling was a block of good quality 85% cocoa chocolate melted with a bottle of cream and 3 eggs. The sweet crispy base was perfect with the creamy rich texture of the dark chocolate filling. Magic, and quite possibly the best thing I have ever made.”

Answer: And the most delicious-sounding thing I’ve read about it weeks.

HBMC writes: “I thought SGU was trying to avoid alien cultures that spoke perfect modern English or were just humans in prosthetics?”

Answer: Any aliens originating from any of these new galaxies will be very different from the aliens we’ve encountered in either the Milky Way or Pegasus.

Kasper Kvistgaard writes: “Is it somehow possible to get an exact Stargate address to the Destiny ship?”

Answer: And have you dialing us up all the time?  No way!

JB writes: “will we see a dhd on the planet of air part 3?”

Answer: Nope.

Sealurk writes: “Quick question – do you think Air is a good indicator for the rest of SGU’s first season, or is the good stuff yet to come?”

Answer: The best is definitely yet to come in terms of off-world adventure, space battles, alien encounters, shipboard dynamics, and character development.

Jimmy writes: “Did Destiny drop out of FTL because its gate was dialed? Or was it a fortunate coincidence for the evacuees?”

Answer: Yes, Destiny dropped out of FTL because its gate was dialed.  It also drops out of FTL when it detects upcoming gate-accessible planets.

Jimmy also writes: “It wasn’t terribly clear, so: did the Milky Way gate actually need more power, as Rush indicated; or was it only a matter of a coded address and not power, as Eli stated?”

Answer: It was a power requirement.  By tapping into the planet’s aquaria, they were able to harness enough power to dial the ninth chevron.

Nathan Zeppel writes: “ Hey there – was wanting to ask you a few questions about SGU, just finished watching the Premiere down here in good old Australia and just thought I might have a chat to you about what I think of it all.”

Answer: Then post your comments.  I look forward to reading them.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “Speaking of dog food, has anyone else ever seen this Old Yeller brand dog food? And was your first thought that if it goes bad you’ll have to take it out back and shoot it?”

Answer: Love it!

Bookal writes: “Do you know if your traffic reflects all of us who view your blog from the RSS feed?”

Answer: No idea.

Okay, those are all the questions I have time for.  I’m off to load the dishwasher, watch Air III, make dinner, and start approving comments.  Let me know what you thought…

153 thoughts on “October 9, 2009: An SGU-heavy mailbag!

  1. Ack – will have to read later…

    @ Deni – How’s Elway? How’s you? Hope things are okay. Oh, and I’ve tried both marmite and vegemite – like ’em both (in small doses…).

    @ majorsal – You don’t know half of what it’s like going through Wraith withdrawal. I feel like an alcoholic, deprived of booze – I’m drinking the mouthwash (Nuada), the Nyquil (Elric) and the vanilla extract (Zenith the Albino), just to keep from gettin’ the DTs. 😛

    @ Gracey – I was wonderin’ what types would click on that link… 😉

    @ Joe – We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Personally, I saw no point the the scene whatsoever, except for shock value.

    For anyone who’s interested… don’t mess with a mime!


  2. Oh nuts! You started already. Well here’s my review.

    Right off the bat I felt SGU had a cinematic feel to it, especially with the opening scene with the Destiny in space. Trivial point but I loved the font of the opening actor credits and how they appeared in diff parts of the screen, although some were chopped of the edge of my widescreen TV.

    Felt right to go straight into the action and then back track. I never got lost.

    I also never noticed the shaky camera technique that folks complained about.

    With regard to the actor’s performances, I was blown away with Robert Carlyle. It’s the little things like when his lip trembled, oh and I loved his scene with Chloe. Speaking of which, Chloe is the biggest surprise to me. I had a few misgivings with this character. I thought it would be cliched, but Elyse’s performance was solid and turned it all around for me. Although I must say the piano playing with the scene between Scott & Chloe made it a bit “Days of Our Lives”. Felt LDP & Ming weren’t in it enough. Looking forward to more of them in future episodes.

    The VFX were incredible. Loved the new Kawoosh and the planet exploding. The attack on Icarus was the best battle scene you’ve created. Great angles. Loved that ship spiralling towards Icarus.

    Stunts – awesome job with folks flying out the gate, especially Young. Plus Chloe/Rush was cool all round.

    Gotta say I didn’t notice the music much, apart from the opening and the scene with Scott/Chloe. Is that a good or bad thing?

    Didn’t have a problem with the sex scene. Thought it was pretty funny with the position line, although I wasn’t watching with little children, so…….

    Had a fun party (on my own, so you know the company was awesome hehe). Embarrassingly though I missed the last five minutes ‘cos I fell asleep on the couch. I’m blaming the wine, dark room. Do I have to hand in my Stargate badge? At least I taped it so watched it this morning.

    All in all a solid start.

    I made a point to not compare it to SG1 & Atlantis. I don’t think that would be fair to SGU. It is very different, as countless people have said.

    Cheers, Chev

  3. Oh yeah, the cameos by RDA, AT & MS fitted in well…not contrived.

    Have a few questions:

    1. Why were the Lucian Alliance attacking? Was Icarus in their domain? Did they discover Stargate Command had a base there and were attacking to try to get to Earth?

    2. Curious how many hours elapsed in the pilot. Did I miss that? How many hours of life support they had?

    3. If everything was dormant until the gate activated, shouldn’t the CO2 scrubber have been dormant? If the ship had been attacked, why wasn’t it taken over? Is there someone secretly on the Destiny?

    Cheers, Chev

  4. Hey Joe. Thank you so much for being a producer/one of the Powers That Be and answering the questions the SGU haters have been bitching about all week. I loved the premiere myself, and had some of those answers worked out in my head, but apparently some people just want a reason to whine…
    Thanks for collectively shutting up some people – there’s still plenty more out there, but still…

  5. I love SGU and I love how you guys are developing the characters. Keep it up great job!!!

  6. Will there be any freaky alien/human sex scenes in SGU or are we stuck with plain old boring human/human sex?

  7. Big back story to Scott aka Brian “Jesus” Smith. Good thing he messed up the seminary thing. Greer kicks ass.

    I read an interview with Robert Carlyle yesterday in which he said that we won’t get to see the real personal motivating factors behind Rush until Ep.14. So, I am preparing to dig in for the long haul because I am already uber-curious about him already.

  8. Okay – now THAT was a great episode! I loked part 3 much better than the first two – perhaps now because I’m seeing a bit more of the characters. I like the flashbacks, but still not sure about the transportation stones, or whatever they are…they seem too convenient. So far that’s my biggest complaint overall – I would prefer total isolation, but that’s just me.

    Now, back to Sanctuary – already got treated to a bit of Chris! 😀


  9. That’s ‘liked’ – I have no letters on my keyboard, and sometimes I miss… 😛


  10. Just finished watching Air III, I realy identified with Scott being repentent in church, me being Catholic and all. Well done!
    SGU Question: Air III Where is General O’neils office? The Pentegon Right? Cause it seemed like it was back in the SGC?

  11. Air III questions abound!

    The dust devil that led Lt. Scott to the lime… an Ascended Ancient bending the rules?

    What became of the fools who went through the Gate to that other planet the ship had locked out?

    Who or what took the Shuttle that detached from Destiny at the end?

    And is this the first shuttle that has done so… there was something to the side of it that looked quite a bit like empty docking clamps… enough that I said aloud “There’s a shuttle missing” before the one we saw departed.

    And exactly why did they not use the Keno to scout for the lime?

  12. Hey Joe! I’ve got a couple of questions coming all the way from Australia!

    1. How big is the Destiny compared to Atlantis?

    2. If there way some way they could get Atlantis to the Destiny would the Pegasus Gate onboard be able to do anything special the Destiny gate can’t do?

    3. Is there a specific name you’ve given the ‘Destiny’ Stargate/s? As the gates on the planets aren’t on the Destiny. ie “Milky Way stargate & Pegasus stargate”

    4. What was the decision to not call the show “Stargate Destiny”?

  13. When I said contrived, I mean that it was convienant that the only way to physically reach Destiny went kablooie. I realize that the gate was tied into the planet’s core. But it’s contrived that not only was this secret base attacked(I strongly suspect that the issue will be covered in later episodes) but that the relatively minor surface damage was sufficient to trigger a planet wide explosion. The same people who put safety protocols on the Stargates didn’t make some arrangements to avoid exterior bombardments, natural or not, to avoid catastrophic overload? It just struck me as too pat. Also, it’s a minor point, not one that ruins the show.
    As for Air three, this part of premiere is a home run. Some nice extra brushstrokes fleshing out some of the characters, a little tension as Scott sought out the lime. Liked the alien guest appearance. Again, the actors are giving us the solid performances you promised, and I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with the characters. I’m less enamoured with the communications stones. On the plus side, it gives us the chance to see things on the home front/Earth, and the characters there. On the minus side, I’d find it much more interesting to see the stranded “castaways” having to deal with their circumstances without any recall to Earth’s recources, even if it were for information only. And I’m suprised that SGC gave up five sets of the devices. I’ll accept that they found enough of the things lying about the galaxies to make letting go of five of them not such a big deal. Any reason why that number though?
    So, give part 3 an 8.9 from me. Room for improvement, but a high enough score to expect great things from the show. I’ll wait for later in the week for any more detailed discussions on the topic, in deference to those over the pond who have to wait a few days to see the show.
    Thanks for the mailbag, and hope the long weekend is a fun filled one for you.

  14. I second tloc’s ? What was that leaving the ship at the end of Air III?

  15. Hi Joe.

    Awesome premiere! (I’m Aussie) I want to comment specifically on a few things but that does not mean that I do not have some glowing feedback about the show – it is just that so much of that feedback would be redundant with all the other postive comments.

    I love the subtle qualitity of this incarnation of Stargate. There is so much we do not know for sure or is inferred and that gives it that ‘pageturner’ feel of a good book that I think a lot of people are going to become addicted to especially if the science fiction premise is not exactly their cup of tea.

    Along that vein I find it remarkable at the amount of people who have unquestioningly swallowed the line about the Lucian Alliance. If I recall correctly Carter only said that it was her guess they were behind the attack.

    Maybe the Lucian Alliance was behind the attack but my imagination has been running pretty wild with some other possibilities such as the Jaffa Nation or a Go’ald. Before the premiere I was certain that Ba’al or a clone had survived the events of Continuum and was behind the attack.

    This lead to wondering if a Go’ald spy, or Ba’al disguised in a new body had come through the gate to the Destiny. I think it would be awesome if, several years down the track a minor character, or even a main cast member, does the big glowy eye reveal. And the voice. And the cliche behavior. Probably wishful thinking on my part.

    But that kind of thought is demonstrative of my point about the subtlety of this series. I keep finding myself picking at the dialogue for clues and finding rewards in doing so.

    So it probably comes as no surprise that the character I find the most intriguing at the moment is Rush. I find myself wanting to defend him despite the suspicion and the lies. I found the lie that he brought the communication stones (taking advantage of Young’s incapacitation) interesting as it speaks to a desire to be a leader or command respect but he is betrayed by his social shortcomings (the line about going somewhere else until they can be useful).

    From reading comments made by other viewers a lot of people have had the same kind of reaction to Rush as the rest of the crew of the Destiny. Distrust mostly but some carry it even futher into an intense dislike. I think that people will find that Rush is actually very much one of the good guys.

    His point about using up power just to raise morale was a reality check that everyone needed to hear but I don’t think anybody appreciated hearing it. There is something very interesting about Rush that all depends on how you approach him – his smile when they had just come through the gate for example.

    Was it devious or simply the unguarded smile of a man who has achieved a scientific goal? I think he is a very interesting character and I can’t wait to see more.

    Finally Carl rules. He isn’t skeevy – He’s a comfy man. It’s not his fault if the rest of the world overdresses. Carl is the photographic equivalent of Chaplin who can summon up more pathos and insight into the human condition while being strangled and beaten with a script than others have achieved with decades of study.

  16. I get your point about the sex scene…but I would have preferred their relationship to have been established in another way. Just my preference 🙂

    My boyfriend had a different take though. He said the “only thing that was gratuitous was the lack of nudity.” I’m pretty sure he’s teasing…or this could be a more popular opinion than I know. lol

  17. Air 3, Loved the white sand beaches that everyone got to go to! How cool was that,, oh wait,,maybe I mean how HOT.!! New Mexico. I enjoyed the episode, fleshing out the characters a little more.
    The song, a nice touch. Way to go Joel, excellent music as usual.
    Just catching up on blog, away for a few days, Joe, again if you need some money, we can do the bake sale, can you tell I kinda like the dessert ideas! so if you decide to charge, let me know. Glad to see the wfotd. And Carl is always a joy to see his expressions, very animated. So far I am liking the episodes, so keep ’em coming. Have a great day.

  18. Wow. Sanctuary was really good, too! They’d better not kill of ‘Foot! Waaaaah!!!!

    Now…to watch Monk and Psych – why are the only shows I watch all on the same friggin’ night! 😡

    Oh, and Ratfink, have a good evening! 🙂


  19. Another couple questions:

    Was that spinning Gate prop really brought out to location, or was it a CGI Gate. If Practical, how complex is that to relocate and operate compared to the previous location Gates from SG1 and Atlantis.

    In previous DVD commentaries a number of people have mentioned how difficult it’s becoming to find locations that can be played as desert around the Vancouver area. But this episode certainly appeared to have a good amount of unmolested sand dunes. Where was this shot?

  20. Joe got another? Did Scott bring enough Lyme back for that one scrubber or was enough for the others as well, and where did the water come from isn’t it supposed to be rationed?

  21. I just watched the third ep. of SGU on Space. Nice.

    That has to totally be Great Sand Dunes Natn’l pk. Is it? That place is awesome.

    I just wanted to give kudos to your makeup folks, the sunburnt detail on Scott’s hand was great!

  22. Fantastic, can’t wait to see more. Still not much T.J. but I love the way the Scott character is developing. He really reminded me of the live action movie Scott Summers while he was wearing those red sunglasses.

  23. I would normally not post this because S1 is almost finished, but if you think it will inform the progress of S2, well, I am your faithful servant. Hopefully anything that sounds like criticism will be rendered moot by the end of S1.

    Generic feedback:

    Talking to my friends this week, we’re all concerned that SG:U seems derivative of other TV shows (Lost, Galactica, etc) and there’s nothing in the premiere that really underlines how you plan to be different. Seeing Air III I still just see the similarities. Especially the flashbacks on the planet, which is a very LOST-y way to develop characters.

    Specific Air III feedback:

    Did we send a probe to that other planet to see what happened to the mutineers? Did I miss that?

    I’m really not comfortable with the way body swapping is handled. It makes me realize that while the mirror trick in Quantum Leap seemed hokey at the time, it really does ground you in the reality that other people saw Sam as someone different. I had a lot of trouble buying that with Chloe and her mother. (Of course, why her mother had clearance to know what had happened in the first place…). I don’t know how I’d handle it differently. Wearing the Ancient crystal around their neck? Being able to turn the visual on and off like the devices the Trust used to setup Col. O’Neal?

    I’m surprised the Ancients would design an exploration system that allows you to break or lose the DHD once you’re on-planet. Maybe there’s a ‘take me home’ button behind a panel in the base?

    I like the characters (the ones I’m supposed to like, anyway) and so far I think the actors have been spot-on. I also look forward to unravelling the mystery of the Destiny.

  24. Air III did not disappoint. I was not sure about whether I’d like Greer over time, but his character is redeeming himself.

    WHy did Telford in Young’s body start giving commands and trying to take control of what people on the Destiny were doing? Generally, this can be so counter productive when there are limited resources. Was there some directive from ONeill or other? Or, is there an issue with Telford that we will discover over time.

    Loved TJ taking “medical command” cause if she did not Young’s body might not last the duration of the season. I do like Young so need to keep him around.

    Can’t wait until you guys reveal the secret behind the little sand (dust) devils – that lead Scott to the river and water.

    Gotta rewatch and wait the painful wait for the next episode.

  25. Hey Joe

    Excellent follow-up. My only burning question has been asked a couple of times above. What came off the ship at the end? Shuttle? Hunk of deck?


  26. Do we find out what happen to the 2 individuals who went through to the other plant?
    Do they have enough knowledge of stargate ie gate addresses to dial gates ala the mcKay-carter gate-bridge to get home?

  27. Hi Joe! Air III was wonderful. I will admit to grave misgivings from the early news about a “younger, edgier” Stargate, but as fans outside the younger target demographic (and I won’t admit how far out that is) my husband and I are enjoying SGU very much.

    I agree with everyone about Joel Goldsmith’s music. It adds so much to the experience. I wish SyFy allowed an actual opening sequence so we could hear more of it.

    The character of Eli is our favorite so far. That bit about Planet of the Apes had us belly laughing. David Blue is awesome!

    It was also good to see that the red-shirt phenomenon is alive and well. Oh well, more food and water for everyone else!

    I agree with other posters on the communication stones. I never really liked them as a plot device in SG-1 or Atlantis. At least it’s not the calliope, or whac-a-mole, or whatever that thing was that kept turning up in SG-1.

    Also, I thought you had to hold the wormhole open from the arriving side, not the departing side. They shut down an outgoing wormhole to kill the goa’uld that took over Kawalski when he was in the event horizon. Just asking…

    Finally, thanks again for answering our questions and making this blog available for us to “air” our opinions.

  28. Just finished watching Air pt.3, another winner. I am really surprised at how much I am enjoying this considering my feelings toward the show before it aired.




    I liked a lot of little things in this episode. The cool remote to dial the gate. Eli’s pop culture references. The small “tornado” that let Scott to the mineral(which I think may have been an Ascended Ancient). The dreaded countdown. Rush using Eli’s arm to hold open the gate. Nice to see LDP again, if only for a couple of scenes. Much better job by RDA in this episode.

    There were a few things I disliked. I still cannot stand Greer. Kill him already. I don’t like the ancient stones/body switching technology. It will get real old real fast.

    What happened to the geologist and the soldier that went through the gate. Were they rescued? And I think the Chloe’s mother may soon suffer a tragic “accident.” And what was that little part of the ship that broke off/flew away at the end?

    Lines of the night:
    Eli: I have a gun!
    Rush(to Greer): Oh well, it’s not been a pleasure knowing you.

    Can’t wait until next Friday!

  29. Just wanna add…

    The two who went through the gate – I really don’t need to know what happens to them, I can guess that they either die, or have storage-closet sex somewhere and start a whole new race. Maybe they’ll come back someday to haunt the Destiny crew.

    Thanks for not explaining the sand creature thingy. I liked the mystery of it – I liked not knowing. Sometimes you want your aliens explained, and other times (esp. when they only make brief appearances) it’s a bit more interesting when you aren’t given all the answers.

    The ship thingy that detached from the ship at the end – I figured it was either a 1. probe (to or from the Destiny), 2. a manned alien craft spying on the ship, or 3. someone escaping from the ship. Or, maybe something else. I figure we’ll find out soon enough.


  30. I’ve heard people (including Joe) talk about how everyone acts just as well as Robert Carlyle and that was made very evident in the Rush/Greer scene. Jamil’s delivery of every line in that scene made it my favourite for the episode.

    “You think that’s why I’m annnngry?”

    “WALK OR DIE HERE. It’s your choice, Mr….Decision Maker.”


    Who’s uniform was Greer wearing? It was covered in blood on the left side.

    Are we ever going to see Curtis and Palmer again?

    I also liked the song at the end of the episode, modern music seems to really fit the series.

    @das: there was no visible hatch leading to the inside of the ship.



  31. Hey Joe,

    Wow, I guess I forgot to ask a question. I liked SGU. The above is far more negative than I expected. I guess new shows must start out this way. Was this the complaining mail bag?

    I think the diversity in the characters is wonderful. Each is so different and unique. It will play so well as they weave the stories for us to admire. Thank you for all your hard work. I just wanted you to know that I recognize your dedication.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  32. Hi Joe.
    Dr Rush and Sgt Greer are the best characters by far. Very charismatic, intense.
    I like that both Greer and Rush share the same clinical and cold outlook on situations. Both seem willing to “do what has to be done” regardless of what others might think.
    Looking forward to more Greer and Rush stories.

  33. Just like to add that the SGU music is downright awesome. BUT that contemporary pop music at the end of this episode, awful, just awful.

  34. Air III: STELLAR job. In my attempts to get it a trending topic on Twitter tonight, I was thrown into Twitter jail for the first time ever. In fact, I’m still locked out from posting (although I can read what the people I’m following have posted).

    I felt the last 15 minutes had the feel of 24 to it with the ticking clock and even though I knew they would make it through (this time), it was still an adrenaline rush.

    I thought the cutting back and forth was much better in this episode and didn’t take away from the drama, but added to it. And Syfy made a very good decision in making the commercial breaks longer versus not interrupting the show at awkward intervals.

    Outstanding job to the actress portraying Chloe’s mom. She had me crying in the brief time she was on screen. Glad to see Lou having more screen time; you could feel his impatience that this should have been his mission. Still missing Ming-Na but I know we’ll see more of her to come. I like how Col Young commands with quiet, calm leadership.

    I liked the different feel I got to RDA’s acting this episode. When he first appeared in Air 1/2, when we were introduced to Eli’s character, that had more of a typical SG-1 shot feeling to it, but when the way this was shot, it changed the way I perceived him. I’m not sure if I’m describing it correctly in a technical sense, but I liked it very much. It was more realistic.

    My husband loved the exchange with Sgt. Greer and Rush on their way back to the gate. He says Greer is his favorite. I haven’t developed a favorite yet. I love all the characters for different reasons.

    I can’t imagine the heat all the parties involved had to endure filming in New Mexico. One must love what they do to go through that for our enjoyment. I hope no one suffered any ill consequences of heat exhaustion or the like.

    Just outstanding performances from everyone. Outstanding music. Outstanding visual effects. Outstanding story and production. Truly stellar. You all wanted to take Stargate to the next level and I feel you have accomplished that very well. My husband has officially confirmed my new obsession. I would have to agree.

    As far as the ship that detached at the end, I was thinking perhaps it was the shuttle that had the senator in it. That it was released to space (after all the shuttle was heavily damaged and there doesn’t look like there was any way to repair it based on what they know of the ship), especially in light of Lt Scott & Chloe’s conversation.

  35. Just wanted to say that RDA is still totally awesome. Totally dynamic, the camera just loves the guy. Thought you all did great work on Jack O’neill’s character tonight, which was nice. Such perfect aplomb. Really made me want to watch the story from his POV.

  36. first i gotta say i was hesitant to give SGU a Chance but after seeing the first three episodes im instantly hooked i hope you guys get a second season.

    My Question is this (more like two questions) “will there be a Opening Credits scene (like a full one minute one or the current one being shown? and two why is there no title at the beginning after the cold opening like “Air, Part 3 and then the guest stars name after that?

  37. Part 3 was nicely done! I was feeling a little uneasy after the premiere, but I liked this episode. I’m glad there were some nice, quiet character moments, a little less conflict and it seemed like some of the characters were bonding a bit.

    Greer was excellent. My favorite character so far. Scott’s back story was a great touch. Also loved the song at the end (Alexi Murdoch). Nice ending!

    Good job Joe and everyone who worked on the show!

  38. Just wanted to let you know I LOVE SGU. Probably more than I originally thought I would. Most of my first lingering questions were answered in Air Part 3 but I am gaining more. It has proven that the 3 hours I stood in line at Comic Con was completely worth it as I knew it would. Elyse put a big shout out to all who watched on Twitter a few moments ago, but I think everyone there at Bridge who are involved in Stargate also deserve a HUGE shout out for giving us a wonderful show. I don’t know if any of us can thank you enough. I can’t wait to see more.

  39. Been totally loving what I have seen so far. You are to be very proud.

    Have you had a chance to check out any films at VIFF yet. I saw “Leslie, My Name Is Evil” starring Ladim himself Ryan Robbins. Captiving performance, and man he can sing.

    And tomorrow I will see “Damed United’ which co-stars another Genii leader Colm Meaney.

  40. Please thank MGM for putting up the full Daniel Jackson instructional video that was filmed…LOVE ‘EM…

    Not seen SGU yet as don’t have sky so will just have to wait.

    Oh and I love you as well Joe…*grins*

    Kriss 🙂

  41. After second showing and rerun – also wanted to ask about what was the “thing” that flew away from the Destiny.

    I believe you reported this was filmed in New Mexico – vicinity Holloman AFB, where there is gypsum galore. And, tons of “bright.” This is a marked contrast to the very subdued lighting on the Destiny.

    It was comforting to see everyone on board able to breath easily and actually see a bit of a “breeze” seeming to kick in while they enjoyed the refreshed air.

    While the stones are a wonderful technology to have – yeah, it is a bit unsettiling. I think I am getting anxious for each time Young may use the stones there may be opportunities where Telford tried to take over. Noticed he made a big thing about he would sit in that chair in front of the stone to be sure there was no missed opportunity of a “visit.”

    Great vehicle for information to get “help” or technical opinions to help fix something on board, but it was worrisome that there could be covert – to the extent possible efforts by whomever “visited” the ship.

    And final silly comment about Air I – General Jack did not button the sleeves of his uniform shirt. Could see the cuff flap when he knocked on the door and later waved Rush to the front door.

    By the way COOL news about the Dr. Daniel Jackson Stargate instructional DVDs…great!

    Waiting for the next episode….

  42. @Das: Elway’s finally back home as of yesterday evening, but will be going to the neurologist at the University of Florida on Monday, just to make sure he’s ok. He had 6 huge seizures and plenty of diazepam to go with it, so he’s still a bit of a mess. He spent Thursday night at the ER, then all day yesterday at the regular vet, mostly so he’d have immediate treatment if it happened again. Hopefully, this is over for now. Me? Totally sleep deprived (it’s after 3 a.m. now and I’ve only slept about 4 hours in the last 48) and getting a little snarky. Problem is, if the dog so much as twitches, I’m up again. This time I got pretty frazzled – I think I need a day off right about now. Thanks so much for your concern, darlin’! (And to Sheryl, too!)

    Hiya Joe! Had to have the tv off all night for Elway’s sake, couldn’t even escape into another room to watch another tv without him having a hissy fit, so didn’t get to watch part 3. No Sanctuary, either. I’ll catch up, though! Have a great weekend 🙂

  43. Just finished watching Air III. I think I love this show already. This episode felt much more like Stargate than the premier did. I was impressed with Greer, especially since he really didn’t stand out to me in parts 1 & 2. And just to nitpick, did Greer have to shoot the guy with his rifle? Couldn’t he have used his sidearm instead. I’m not sure what caliber the rifle was but it must have been more than a 9 mil. Aw well the guy deserved it anyway. Also there is something that I’m not sure about. Does the Kino play the role of both MALP and DHD? The Planet of the Apes reference was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Also did you guys chose not to use the device the stones originally connected into for aesthetic reasons, it was kinda ugly. Please continue to deliver the goods.

  44. After running my mouth elsewhere for much of the evening while not watching Air III, I’m pretty much unable to come up with any general feedback I didn’t give previously. Score after first quarter (okay, first seventh): SGU 28.5 (judging each episode on a scale of one to ten, and I’m stingy with perfect scores); me – completely blown away.

    In this epi, the (dust) devil is in the details, IMO. Character moments ran the gamut from hilarious — e.g. Eli and his “don’t call me Marky Mark” take on Planet of the Apes — to sublime (Lt Scott and Chloe) to spiritual (obvious), and those are only the first few that come to mind. I loved TJ’s assertion of authority, and easily see her growing more and more into her role as medical officer. Chloe with her mom hit a nerve, but the scene still impressed me on a more objective level, with Elyse L. deftly handling the role of the child who comforts the parent. Scott hit one out of the park — at a loss for what else to say about Brian Smith’s standout role — while Greer racked up three RBI’s and a golden glove for handling Rush in a way that would keep him in the stockade a looong time back on Earth. [I’m wondering if the mixed metaphors are driving you nuts yet, sorry ’bout that.] Robert Carlyle fully owns his role as someone who will manipulate in 1,001 ways in order to get what he wants and to cover his ass. It sounds, though, as if he’ll become at least somewhat more a pathos-inducing character down the line.

    The kino continues to captivate my attention, since when I see through its lens, that’s when I most get the feeling of “Wow, I’m really there.” Even just knowing it’s around makes me wonder what it’s going to be doing next.

    So far — and acknowledging that I’m essentially a beginner in this area, since I just don’t do much TV/movie-watching –I think SGU shows truly excellent production values. As stated previously, I don’t see any rip-offs of camera and light use, etc., just a different deployment of established techniques adapted for the show’s own purposes. And I’m equally impressed by what I don’t see — all the behind-the-scenes effort that disappears in order to give viewers as much realism as possible in a genre that’s intended to fuel the imagination.

    Like others, I’ve seen some very entertaining homage to what’s gone before SGU. Last Starfighter reference? Personally, I enjoyed it, and hope that Eli Wallace also continues to have plenty of spontaneous-appearing retro moments. Finally, but by no means least in importance, I felt that Air III’s musical scoring was quite good, and outstanding when it was showcased — most notably, IMO, in a lovely piano motif (can’t quite remember when it came up and over, maybe in the Chloe – mom scene?) and in the very cool, contemporary closing song with a warm feel, which is now among my pc audio files – loved it.

    Geez. I’m never as tired as I think I am.

  45. Air III really made the entire SGU concept come together in a meaningful way.

    The music was just grand, especially the last half! Excellent story-telling pace, too.

    Question 1: Why didn’t Eli send a Kino after the couple who went through the SG to see what had become of them?

    Question 2: Was the sand creature always CGI?

    Question 3: The new device you use on stage for the Stargate puddle, it’s like a solid (projection?) screen, right? So when Eli pokes his arm through it, that’s CGI, correct?

  46. I liked Air 3. I also liked Air 1 and 2. Though I now feel like the experience is more complete having seen the first 3 episodes.

    My thoughts and spoilers for Air 1, 2, and 3.

    I like the shooting style. I don’t have a problem at all with the hand held stuff. It really feels more like Firefly than it does BSG. I get the feeling like the hand-held is just a tool for the directors to use to add to the experience and not something that has yet been over used. The mood of the show so far is great. It still has that Stargate feel, but it’s different. In someways, I know this isn’t a perfect analogue, but it reminds me of the difference between Deep Space Nine and the other Star Treks. It still exists in the Stargate universe, and has the faith and optimism of Stargate. However, there’s a different feel to it that sets it apart from what’s come before. Some compare it to BSG because it’s being described as “dark/edgy.” I read a review that at one point said some thing to the effect of… BSG asks if humans are worthy to survive and Stargate Universe shows the willingness of the human spirit to survive. Which I think is totally in line with the rest of the franchise since it shows some of the greatest traits of humanity.

    I like all of the characters so far. Eli’s funny and really does say things that I’d say. Lt. Scott is interesting and I’d like to see more of his back story. I didn’t think the sex scene in Air 1&2 was gratuitous. I felt that it shows how is character can be or was immature, but due to the situation has had to adapt to a new responsibilities. Also I’m sure that it’s a thread that’ll pay off later. I understand that Eli is supposed to be the “everyman” so to speak, but I get that feeling just as much from Chloe. Her moments are great and I really felt for her when Lt. Scott was listening to her talk about her father. Dr. Rush is awesome. To have a character that’s so mysterious, but key to the whole show is great. Sgt. Greer, really came together for me in Air 3. I was laughing from some of his lines, and shocked by some of his actions. He makes me think that he’s the kind of guy that either loves you or hates you. Col. Young was great too, a leader that I trust. As opposed to Dr. Rush. I can’t wait to see more from Camille Wray and TJ. Especially Camille Wray since government administrators in space are usually shown to be a pain such as practically every federation official in Star Trek and almost all of the I.O.A in Stargate.

    I guess my main issue is that there’s no opening title sequence. I really want to hear Joel’s music.

    I’m curious about what the symbols on the new stargate mean or correspond to. Looks like a numbering system to me.

    And my guess for what came off of the ship at the end of Air 3 is the shuttle with the senator (who I wish was kept around since it’d have been cool to have a politician in space). I figure that since that’s what Lt. Scott and Chloe were talking about at the end it’s like a symbol of her further absorbing her loss. Though that’d have happened a bit fast.

    Wow, I didn’t realize I said so much. Now if only I could make this much progress on my grad school project. Eh, it’s not as fun… Can’t wait till next week’s episode!!!

  47. Hey Joe,

    So it’s been a while since i commented, I’d like to say thanks to you and the rest of the writters (especially Brad Wright and Rob Cooper) for SG-U. Now onto what’s been bugging me, since the Beginning of SG-1 the gate(s) on earth have had room for a nine symbol address, other then location, what made the Icarus gate so important? will the SGC (in it’s new location if you plan to move it since Cheyenne Mountain is closed now) try to establish a wormhole with the Destiny?

  48. Answer: How is [Wray] arrogant? Given the situation, I would be just as panicked and quick to demand answers.

    The dialog regarding the character not recognizing Rush’s leadership and regarding how she felt she could control or impact Greer’s life on the ship did seem very arrogant.

    The body switching via the stones seemed to work well in the Air Part 2, but it seemed a bit more confusing this episode. I especially find it difficult to believe that the senator’s wife would have the clearance to learn about the Stargate program AND get to interact with a person whose body is being controlled via magical stones. Don’t get me wrong, I love that you are including the SG-1 tech reference – but it just didn’t feel right. However, O’Neill felt more ‘right’ in this episode than the previous ones.

    I am excited for the exploration potential for Destiny. It seems comparable in size to Atlantis, but already feels more detailed and better thought out. I just hope that the size of the Destiny isn’t washed out in later episodes… by the end of the series, Atlantis didn’t feel very large to me – probably because they could get anywhere in an instant with the teleporters and we only really ever saw hallways, medium sized rooms, and the shuttle bay. Seeing the large (assembly?) room in the Destiny, although only for a brief moment, already gives the ship a bit more of a ‘personality’ than Atlantis.

    Q: We will ever learn throughout the course of SGU why the Milkyway v. Pegasus v. Destiny gates look so different? Of course, the real reason is to give each show a unique identity… but some kind of canon answer would be appreciated – especially since this series deals with the original creation of the gates.

  49. Why is the pace of SGU so slow at times? Several times during “Air” I felt like pausing the video, luckily I did other things while watching – more like hearing- it at times. If this would have been a new show I would have given up by now, but since it belongs in the SG franchise I think I’ll give it another chance next Friday…

  50. I have to say, I’m really liking what I’m seeing thus far.

    First off, the music is excellent. I think everyone in the sci-fi world was spoiled by Bear McCreary’s excellent work with Battlestar Galactica, where the music and the visuals were symbiotic, and the sound actually drove the scene a lot of the time. With SG1 and SGA, the music was just background filler. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t do anything special. I think Goldsmith really kicked it into high gear with Ark of Truth, and with SGU, it’s really flourished. I thought in generally it was excellently paired with what was happening on screen, and I thought the song at the end was also very well incorporated. Kudos on that, it’s one of the things I was hoping to see.

    As far as Greer goes…I don’t want to say I don’t like him, not only three episodes in, but he’s certainly not a favorite (Eli, of course, and Lt. Scott fill that role). It’s easy to see why he was locked in solitary when the base was attacked. Optimistically, he certainly has a lot of room for character growth, but pessimistically, he’s a heavily armed version of my older brother. Actually, my brother is a marine, so he’s just a black version of my older brother. His assist to Lt. Scott notwithstanding, he’s irrational, selfish, a douchebag (in all its colloquial glory), and is impossible in all ways to identify with. I anxiously await his transformation into at least something that doesn’t make me want to pistol whip him.

    I thought the scene at the end between Chloe and Lt. Scott was very well written. No premature kissing stuff going on, no “it’ll all be alright,” but rather realistic in its advice. On the other hand, I thought the scene between Greer and Dr. Rush was extremely awkward. Whenever Dr. Rush calls someone “pathetic,” regardless of how spot on it might be, it just comes off…eh, I don’t know. Smug isn’t the right word. It’s just awkward. I liked his little “you don’t know me” rant thrown right back in Greer’s face…but I felt like he should have continued down that line, rather than his, frankly, pathetic efforts to just get someone like Greer to acquiesce to his demand, when a realistic person would have realize that was a total no go. The only time Greer listened to Rush was when he got to shoot someone.

    All in all though, I love the direction you’re headed in. Lots of meaty back story to work through with the characters, lots of great potential interpersonal relationships to deal with. The characters you’re intending to be likeable are very much so. The characters you’re intending to be ambiguous and suspicious are very much so…though also quite difficult to identify with. I await character exposition!

    Sand Angel = Ascended Ancient? Shuttle taking off from Destiny at the end?

    PS Excellent use of the Ancient communication stones. I was wondering how you’d make that work effectively, and in the first attempt, you’ve shown both the benefits (exchange of information) and the potential downsides (abuse of a body that the borrower doesn’t own), which could potentially lead to a number of moral conflicts and discussions.

    Keep it up!

  51. I just want to thank you so much for answering my questions (more rants from a fan I suppose), or at least telling me that they will be answered, with the exception of the “FTL” issue.

    How exactly is the destiny supposed to be “entering FTL” without a hyperspace window? Doesn’t General and Special Relativity exclude the possibility of moving faster than the speed of light within your own plane? Anyways I guess if nothing else it makes for good television if this question is never answered.

    Overall Episode III put all my other worries and qualms about the series at rest. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I will be tuning in for the rest of the series, I can promise you that.

    One more thing… You answered another question, that of the ship being damaged, life support being “used up,” and other things quite elusively, with almost a sarcastic tone. I couldn’t quite tell whether you were saying that these issues would be answered quite soon, or actually stating that these truly were good questions that needed answering. Just saying.

    Once again, GREAT show. And my girlfriend actually likes it, which means she’s watching with me, rather than rolling her eyes at whatever “SG-1” or “SGA” episode I’m tuned into.

  52. I saw the third episode and was pretty impressed. I can’t wait till the next episode is out. But sill have a few questions

    1. I can’t imagine that this little Carbon Whater mix will run die Life Support System long time, will this be a problem on the destiny again?

    2. Still asking what Notebook they use on the Destiny, may you tell me at least the brand?

    3. As I’ve seen the third episode I think Rush had a real hard life in his youth, working two jobs for being able to sudy. Will we get more backround information about the other characters to?

    So I hope you will be able to answer them. And I hope the dogs are fine 😀

    Have a nice day

  53. “As for uncessary – I disagree. It establishes not only a relationship between Scott and James, but goes to character as well.”

    It establishes a relationship only in the same sense that signing for a package establishes a relationship between the signer and the UPS guy. I would have assumed the two alrady knew each other already because they were both in the same command structure. Putting them in a closet together doesn’t add anything to that.

    As to character …. while the actor playing Scott may be one of the nicest guys on any planet, his character’s character is getting more and more unpleasant to watch – as in the having to watch a root canal sense not in the “delicious” villian sense.

    The female characters, who were underused in the premier, (thanks for responding to the comment) became no more than wallpaper in Air III. I understand the big cast problem … but there was room in the scenes in the premier for 3 or 4 guys who were completely indistinguishable from one another and whose purpose in being in the scenes was less than clear. It gave the impression that not a single female was necessary to the survival of the mission.

    I got the sense from watching Air that it was another one of those scripts that could have gone 2 hours or 3 and you all opted for the longer version. It seemed padded.

    After 3 episodes, I am finding an interest in the character of the Colonel who commands the mission. I usually find “flawed but interesting” to be more “flawed than interesting”, but I am beginning to care about the that character. I get the sense he made some serious errors in how he commanded the base prior to the attack (and knows that), but now, he is one of the very few who seems to understand that they are literally fighting for their lives ….. and he knows his previous screw-ups are going to have to be dealt with if he is going to get these people home.

    I thought his decision to send the three additional people to the planet made no sense (away teams would use their few resources at a greater rate than personnel staying on the ship) and at that point in the storyline, the away team was going to succeed or fail without the additional personnel … which is how it played out.

    Who do I like? Greer. He IS a psycho and realistically would probably have been sent home long before the attack, but he is what he is. I do like him.

    I also sort of like Eli. The Planet of the Apes reference was cute, but if he keeps doing similar things, it will be very annoying.

  54. Hi Joe,

    Im curious to know which type of gate the Ancients built first. Was it SG1/ SGA/ SGU gate?

    There are many people speculating about this – some say the SG1 gate came first, with the ancients creating a simplified version (SGU gate) for the seeder ships. Once they fled to pegasus they updated the gates/ network in the pegasus galaxy with the SGA gates.

    Whilst others recon the SGU gate is the first gate to be built, as it has limited dialing capabilities and no DHD. With the ancients seeding the Milky Way with SGU type gates and then modifying them to SG1 gates, and again moving onto to pegasus and modifying them there.

  55. Glad to have Stargate back 😀 I like how Air III closed out, very nice portrayal of the “nick of time” last second successful mission. But kind of didn’t need the air fog to show air was flowing, that was a little extra cheese. Easy to get the picture that people are no longer feinting and smiling so there must be air and the filter they installed was working.

    Alright a few geeky tech questions:

    I think this was asked above but How big is Destiny compared to Atlantis? It looks like it might be just about the same where Atlantis went up, Destiny goes out.

    The ninth chevron requiring extra power, was that to extend the dimensional axis even one step further somehow so that it literally could access the Destiny, or perhaps another stargate elsewhere (power and chevron permitting) anywhere in the universe? Otherwise, how did the Destiny know to go back to the Milky Way when the ninth chevron was being dialed?

    How much actual power is required to dial a successful 9th chevron lock in terms of ZPM equivalency? I have always wondered how many ZPM’s a planets resources might equate to.

  56. DAGNABBIT! I gots to wait till tuesday for my fix 🙁

    @Tammy ( I think) I love Greyhounds and think they get a rough deal with the whole race ’em till they drop mentality, Now I’m one dog down I’m considering homing a rescue one myself:) Apparently tho they don’t do well with cats….could be a problem.

  57. Had a close call yesterday, Youngest son (21) spotted an ad for two siberian huskies….He might speak to me again in time for christmas LOL

  58. Hi Joe,

    You wanted some feedback, and I tried to make it more concise, I’m sorry, but this is the shortest I could make it. This is everything I noticed, starting with technical stuff, on to character stuff (some, not all – just enough evidence that it was engaging, which is important for a medium of storytelling).

    I made another post on thursday morning (middle of the night wednesday for you) after I watched it first, where I said it was confusing.
    Just rewatched parts 1 and 2, and it was a lot clearer – spotted a lot of the jokes and humour I missed the first time – whole thing made way more sense, for the most part. I have a few technical questions (for instance why weren’t the radios working on Icarus, address equals code – what the hell?), but I imagine they’ll be answered in subsequent episodes. And if not, too late now…

    The new camera technique: for the most part it worked, but not always. You’ll have to be really careful with that. It was really effective with the new angles, but it moved around too much sometimes. It didn’t work at Wallace’s door (far too much moving around) and during dinner on Icarus (far too noticeable). The rest of the time it was as if the camera was never there, despite the fact that we were watching it.

    Music: I don’t understand how – the score is completely different – but it sounds like Stargate. Didn’t notice a lot of it until the second time through (as the music should be) – it’s intricate and colourful without resorting to weird and jarring chord combinations (which is a cheat for modern composers to make their stuff more interesting and space age). Excellent piano use. The whole thing is beautiful and fitting, if a little remiscient of Sanctuary (is it the same orchestra? that would explain it). The “choir” didn’t sound real – that was the only part that didn’t fit, the rest was perfect. Can’t wait to hear the title music.

    The flashbacks didn’t work – it was too much for the pilot episode. If you’re looking for huge ratings (though they were good), it was a bad start, because new people have no reason to keep watching – they get confused and bored, and they’re not going to go out of their way to watch it again. But whoever decided to make it free on Hulu and I-tunes is a genius, because it takes the effort and expense out of rewatching it. And it has to be rewatched to fully appreciate it.

    The three parts should have been shown together. 1 and 2 don’t feel finished alone. This was not emphasised enough. I had to remind people that it was a three parter, and a three parter for good reason. I only knew it was because I read your blog. This was a mistake on the part of the advertisers. Keep in mind part 3 has not aired here yet. Trying to avoid the other comments.
    Most Stargate fans I’ve spoken to said they liked it, but most of the fans I know are Classic SG1 fans, and watched Atlantis out of loyalty more than anything else (if at all, sorry), so this is a compounded sample group. I haven’t asked any Battle Star fans yet (I’m not one) about any comparisons between them, but I will. The Lost comparison is literally just because the pilot is confusing first time through, they’re nothing alike.

    Another quick point I noticed: most “normal people” who watched it, openly admit they watched it. It’s a huge step. Most Stargate fans (and indeed Scifi fans) watch from the closet, and don’t bring it up in conversation unless someone else did first. Startrek, and to some degree Battlestar (don’t know why, personally I didn’t like it) usually aren’t subject to this, but Stargate unfortunately is (or at least was, that might change). Thought you might find that interesting.

    Been thinking about my Dad’s reaction (the first post I mentioned that I watched it with him, and he liked it, though I didn’t think he would). Despite the description released about the cast all being “young and hip”, there are an equal number of top-class, older actors in it too, and that may have been the selling point for him – something he can resonate with. They’re experienced, level headed professionals, who given the chance to keep the situation under control, they do what needs to be done. He also made a big point to say that Senator Armstrong was a very brave man. He also said (and I quote) “Chloe was just enjoying a tantrum”. He really didn’t like her. She came across (even to me) very silly and too emotional for what the situation required (aka, a drama queen). I don’t mean just when her Dad died, in general. I personally think beating up Rush was quite justified – dunno what Dad thought about that, he sort of avoided the question. He aslo made a point to say he enjoyed Carlyle’s
    I don’t know that he’ll watch it again, but I’ve heard his review of other programmes. I’d say you got about three and a half out of five stars from him – very few programmes get more – very few. And that was for a show that wasn’t quite his taste – well done.

    And the sex scene was important (and funny too), though I don’t approve, because now I can’t watch SGU with my cousin (he’s eleven). If he has seen it, I’ll give you his view on it too (and then you’ll have three age demographics – yeay!). Also, if he has seen it, I’ll blame you if he grows up to be the next Casanova…
    I was younger than he is when I started watching SG1. Except that the nudity was edited out because it was on Sky, I’d never have been let watch it. And I really would have missed out.

    Some character feedback:
    Being in a supply room with a girl was an important scene for Scott, regardless of the relationship establishment, because now he seems his age, rather than being mister perfect (which is the whole wrong impression; he makes very convincing threats, rather like a bully). Is he the only boy in his family among sisters? Just a hunch. Seems like the type.

    There seems to be some negative reactions to Greer – I love him. Despite his behaviour, he doesn’t come across mean. I think it’s exactly what you needed. A proper wild card, who would maybe lose his place in the Stargate programme because of his temper, but now he can’t, so we get to meet him. They worked that into Startrek Voyager – the idea that not everyone would have been cut out for serving on a starship despite getting there – and it was a really important development for them too.

    Cammille Wray – such a b*xyz*h, but I love her. Such a difference of behaviour between her versus TJ and Greer, compared to the respect she has of and respect for Cl. Young – very interesting.
    Very impressed by Young too – he genuinely comes across as a Stargate commander.

    Wallace, I wasn’t mad about, but I have nothing in common with him. You say he will shine later, and I believe you.

    TJ’s scholarship – I smell funny business – she never applied for that scholarship, did she? So how’d she get it… Hmmm… I like her too. I wanna know more.

    Rush is more what I’d expect a super genius to be like. Slightly crazy while also not crazy at all, and doesn’t continuously dictate what he’s doing as he’s doing it, which is something that annoyed me about every other scientist on Stargate. Carter usually explained before she did something and not during (in early SG1, not later), and McKay had a nervous quirk which meant he just never stopped talking all the time, but the others… just never felt genuine. I like Rush also.

    Actually I like them all. I love the Kino – very clever. The whole show just rings out as being clever and detailed and solid (I’m sure you’ve gotten some better descriptions, but I’ll need to watch it again to come up with any more). It still has some kinks, – particularly in the standing around talking bits – but they’re minor, and I’m confident you’ll iron them out in time.

    And I think I’ll leave it at that. This is far too long as it is. Just let me know if you read it, or if it’s useful – it took me over an hour to write.


  59. Joe, you guys are doing a fantastic job with this SGU thing. As always, I have a few questions.

    1. Will SGU ratings correlate with any green lights (I suppose mostly on MGM’s side) with either SG-1’s or Atlantis’s movie? I bet the answer is a big fat “no”, but I feel it may lead execs to believe the franchise is still strong and healthy.

    2. Will we be seeing more 304 action this season? And if yes, will SGU have a primary ship, as we have seen with Atlantis (Deadalus) and SG-1 (Prometheus then Odyssey)?

    3. Were there any dissenting opinions on how to tell character backstory? I noticed that SGU’s style mimicked LOST (and I know that LOST’s wasn’t original by any means). I greatly enjoy the relevant flashbacks, as I thought that was the biggest draw to LOST in its earlier seasons.

    4. This thought was somewhat stolen from a Gateworld podcast: Is Destiny older than Atlantis or vice-versa? The pilot of Atlantis mentions the city left earth millions of years ago. SGU’s Rush states that Destiny left earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

    5. A comment. I am a middle school teacher. That being said, I have little spare time, as I also have a wife and a two-year-old son. I would like you, and the other persons behind all things SG, to know that I always make time for SG in any form. I enjoy the whole premise behind the shows, and it is evident there is a quality crew producing these said shows.

    6. Another comment. I finally have my wife interested in Stargate (SGU only). Your newest brand of storytelling has appealed to this previous non-fan (who, btw, thought the Wraith were too scary to watch). As this is my proof that all the negative reviews are more of a backlash against ending SGA than an objective review of SGU.

  60. Hey Joe:

    Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. There are 2 things that you addressed that I have questions about or want to comment on.

    1. According to your scenario about fastening a pencil or something to the kino to hit the buttons you say “… 1) that in the short time Eli has been working with the kino, he would be capable of controlling it with the accuracy needed to hit those particular buttons, and 2) the kino would possess enough force to trigger the buttons.”

    Well, the first thing that caught me about this was Eli. Considering that he seemed to be portrayed as an advanced gamer, that should have been do-able for him. I say this because there have been studies that show that playing video games improve precision and accuracy in tasks that require that kind of skill/coordination. Here is the study in the Archives of Surgury from the American Medical Assn a couple of years ago that shows that laparoscopic surgeons that play video games are better at their jobs because of it

    I get your point that he may have still been a little unfamiliar with the controls, but he went to MIT. McKay couldn’t have went to a better school, and he was always able to catch onto operating new things quickly. But, maybe Eli’s different. We’ll just have to see.

    As to the weight of the kino and whether it would have gained enough velocity, if necessary, to actually press the buttons – I don’t know. Its properties and chacteristics were never really mentioned in detail. I think this is why people think they could have tried it to see if it would work. But, maybe they were too freaked out on the Destiny to think of it as an option.

    2. About the cameos on SGU. I agree that the entire cast of the 2 previous shows didn’t need to be in the premier. But, I disagree, or at least have questions, about how you defend this stance. You say ” … we were limited by time and simple logic. ” I get the timeline part of this. But, not to be harsh, don’t you all create the logic? The premise of the show, the characters, the plot – it’s all from TPTB. It’s as if you are saying that the PTB are victims of their own imaginations. The premiere of the show was constructed for the three cameos that occured. Something “crazy” or unexpected could have happened for more or different cameos to be necessary. I know that you say that Teal’c and none the Atlantis people needed to be there because of how things were constructed, but again, things are constructed by TPTB. So, choices were made is all I’m saying. And, TPTB have the right to make those choices.

    Again, not trying to be nit-picky or harsh. These are just the things that stuck out for me.

    Thanks for reading this if you did.

    Peace & Love,


  61. Ok awesome.

    the planet’s core is thus naquahdriah? cool. i thought it was a synthesized element, however there might be reasons why it occurs naturally.


    the fact that the core’s naquahdriah, which is rare, is that the reason icarus planets are rare? because almost no planet has naquahdriah in it’s core?

    second question:

    you blame the Hammonds bad performance on advancements at the Lucian Alliance’s side? the lack of Beam Weapons was a bit strange. were they taken out in the ambush or were they simply not present?

    also, the Beam weapons are the state of the art asgard technology. it seems strange that the -much less advanced- goauld technology would be able to resist such power.

    in total, i thought Air III was cool.

    SGU is stargate at it’s best

  62. Hello what is powering the Destiny zpms or
    something else?
    Also any puddle jumpers on the destiny or just the 2 shuttles and will they be able to use the shuttle sen armstrongs body is in and also bury him?
    Back on Earth are the sgc and atlantis mckay going to be thinking of a rescue plan to get destiny back here to the milky way.
    Oh can destiny dial a 8th chevron to another galaxy or do they need a zpm?
    Im hoping theres a zpm factory on the destiny if not then a box of zpms.
    All The Best!

  63. Here is a good question.

    Between Milky Way and Pegasus is only a 4 day trip with a ZPM powered Daedalus Class Ship, even if they are 4 or 5 galaxies a way, Guesstimating from the map we saw, Then shouldn’t they just jump off on a planet and wait a few months for Earth to come rescue them?

    They do have the long range communication stones, afterall.

  64. I was going to ask a whole slew of questions, but one of them wound up being far more interesting than the others. Its open to other peeps as well – I’d be interested to hear your thoughts to!

    You mentioned that including Teal’c or the Atlantis cast didn’t fit with the story. Ignoring plot constraints, scheduling and, hell, coming up with a premise for why it might have happened, which SG-1 and Atlantis characters would you most like to see and/or write interacting with members of the Destiny crew?

    – – –

    Eli and McKay would seem like an obvious pairing; Eli certainly has the potential to become a McKay as he becomes older and more cynical, and such an encounter might kick him in the ass a little, and shake things up for him. Sheppard or Mitchell might connect with him better on a “cult reference” level though, if he managed to see past their rank. I’d love to see how Eli reacts to Ronan too, or maybe Teal’c: presumably he’ll meet an “alien” before then, but it’d be fun to see how he reacts to the notion of someone who looks like a human from Earth, but isn’t.

    I can see Mitchell acting as a mentor to Scott in some way; again, I can see Scott growing up to become a Mitchell, if the right circumstances were thrown in front of him.

    Sheppard and Mitchell are both very versed in dealing with scientists like Rush. Whereas, throwing McKay in his direction could have some pretty explosive – and hillarious – repercussions.

    And… well… lets not go into why I want Carter and Camile to meet, eh? 😉

  65. I have to say I am impressed. I didn’t think the writers had it in them. Instead of just enjoying stargate once a week, I actually thought about the episode a few times during the week and I am anticipating the next week’s show which didn’t happen in later SG-1 or Atlanits. So kudos for showing me up.

    Now I just worry about the ratings! Don’t get canceled!

  66. My issues with the cutting back and forth were not so much a time-line linearity thing. I’m fine with non-linear stories – the issue was that I it took me a minute or two to figure out WHERE they were after the scene cut took place as many of the sets look very similar. And a storage closet is a storage closet whether it is on a ship or an underground base. 😉


    Okay, I liked part 3 better than parts 1 and 2. I love dust devils in general: mysterious, evanescent entities that they are – and they were used to good effect in this episode. Greer shines in action. Well done flashbacks for Scott. I’m seeing Rush in a different light now. Eli with the gun was priceless and his Planet of the Apes references – maybe no one in the away team laughed but I did.

    I loved the little teaser at the end with whatever it was flying away from the mothership.

    And I will not ask what it is. I’ll just watch the show and let you tell me about it in your own good time.

    And, for what it’s worth: the “target demographic” individual in our house chose to watch Monk and Psych instead of SGU and Sanctuary.

  67. The “dooont forget to breeeatheee” crap at the end of Air III was terrible.

  68. You guys really love Anna Galvin, don’t you? The first non-regular to be in all three shows. How did she like playing an earthling for the first time, instead of someone from another galaxy or a figment of Woolsey’s imagination? Will we see more of her?

  69. Hey Joe,

    I watched Air Parts 1 and 2 and enjoyed them alot. Looking forward to the conclusion.

    I just wanted to make a minor point – do you guys have a medical consultant for the show, because the Senator should not have been popping warfarin pills like that – nitro maybe for angina, but warfarin is just not used that way. It must be carefully regulated to be in the therapeutic range and the daily (single) dose is adjusted based on results of monitoring blood work. It’s a simple but rather jarring error for medically minded viewers – and in the end you probably didn’t need him to be on blood thinners for the dramatic device that he was dying from internal bleeding – severe blunt force trauma to the abdomen can do that all by itself. Sorry if someone’s posted about this already, I’ve been avoiding reading the comments to avoid spoilers.

    Otherwise I thought it was a good pilot – lots of action and interesting characters that I’m looking forward to getting to know better. That Rush guy seems shifty…


  70. This has been bugging me for a week…. Was it in the script for David to turn Eli’s hat backward, or was that all David? I just love the new series, and have been telling everyone to watch it. I’m a pharmacy tech and with every prescription given out the standard farewell is, “Don’t forget to watch universe tonight on syfy!”

  71. In the spirit of joining into the fray… (and because Joe wants to know our opinions)

    I absolutely enjoyed AIR III better than the first two hours. Parts I and II of Air were somewhat confusing and too darkly lit (audio dipped way low at times too).

    SyFy overdid the commercial ads both in quantity and choice of insertion within the show to the point of utter annoyance.

    Reasons I enjoyed AIR III:

    1) background / flashbacks on Lt. Scott was interesting and informed the character. Kudos to Brian for some fabulous acting. This character has ‘great potential’.

    2) really liked the mystery of the moisture-gobbling wind-devil. It definitely displayed intelligence. Way cool. And I agree with das, sometimes it’s better to be left wondering about the alien entity than to have it explained.

    3) use of the Ancient communication stones by Telford and the female doctor was also interesting. I understand why doing this occasionally will allow more characters access to the far speeding & distant Destiny. Telford said he needed to see more of the ship. I assume when he returns to his own body he now has intel to share with SG Command which could turn into assistance for those on the ship after all. Yes/No?

    4) I anticipate great stories about “finds” on the ship. From interesting rooms to discovering what’s in those Ancient storage boxes, etc. Reminiscent of SGA, but that was one of the draws for me about Atlantis. Near endless possibilities. Great!

    5) Rush was actually more interesting in AIR III. I begin to see the layers of the character built by Carlyle. He portrays aspects of the man that draws you into wanting to know more. Seeds of envy are sewn between him and Eli. Green-eyed monster fireworks to ensue.

    6) I enjoyed Eli’s exuberance of humor in the face of fear. It’s obvious “deflecting with humor” is his way of dealing with stress and scary moments. He had some wonderful lines and they were played very well. David is also a good physical actor, using the body as instrument as they say. Perhaps from his song & dance background?

    Lastly, I’m intrigued about the small vessel breaking away from the Destiny near the end. Since the ship was now in FTL, this meant the smaller vessel had to escape the force field and avoid being shredded by the FTL forces — right? I hope this is explained in coming epps.

    Speaking of coming epps, I’m happily returned to my comfortable routine of working all week whilst anticipating an enjoyable escape to Stargate on Friday night. I can’t state strongly enough how much I’ve missed this since the end of SGA. All feels right again. Thank you.

    Thanks to everyone involved in keeping Stargate marching forward. This is the best sci-fi drama franchise ever created!

    GO SGU!!


  72. I really enjoyed Air III. The song at the end of the ep was perfect. That was so moving. Will there me more songs like that in future eps?

    @ Tim Gaffney I had the same thought about Chloe’s mom.

    From the moment those guys step on that planet I was thinking about who and how many were not going to survive this little expedition.

    I really liked what we got to find out about Scott. Greer was quite intriquing. I like how he pushed Rush around. Chloe was less annoying.

    Well that is all I got to say for now.

  73. Hello Mr. M

    Air part 3 mini review.

    Ok first off loved white sands!! It was beautiful. The thing with Scott was handeled brilliantly. As a Christian I was worried that this would be handled in a way that treated the one Christian on the show as some sex starved Military offier, but that was not the case at all. Because of the way it was acted and because of the dialouge I could actually see myself in Scott’s position and feeling like I couldn’t be redeemed. In a way’s I connected with the character like no other time in SGU. It was the first time I could really feel what the character was going through. Great Job Brad and Rob and Andy!!!!

    Personally, I think you guys are doing a great job representing religions so far. Hope it continues that way(especially with the gay characters and sabotage, even though I disagree with homosexuality, I would hate to see their beliefs totally disrespected). Oh and loved Greer and Scott. Only regret about Greer is he didn’t make good on his threat to put a bullet in Rush’s face. 😉

    Anyways, sad Curtis and Palmer died, now you guys are down to 22 guns. Better watch out. :p

    Two things I didn’t like. For one was the pacing, around the middle, things slowed down, there wasn’t much music, and the scenes were lagging and therefore the pacing felt off. But the end songs and the scenes from the end of the ep pretty much redeemed it all so thats all cool.

    The other thing was that there was really nothing big going on besides the thing with scott. I mean, this episode would have stunk if it was in the forest so in that sense you nailed the location. But all you guys really did was fly to new mexico to walk around in the desert. I mean, no action, no aliens(do mini sandstorms count), no spaceships. I mean I think there could have been another thing to fill the lagging parts of the story. So im glad you guys got a beast location, just thought you could do more with it. 🙂

    Overall, great episode, though I liked the first two parts a tad better. 8/10

    Really looking forward to darkness and light and WHERE ARE THE STINKIN WEBISODES!????

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  74. *not reading spoilers*

    *covers eyes and types*

    In case you still vaguely remember my request to clarify the Ancients’ storyline and it didn’t fit into today’s mailbag answers, hold on. Luckily GateWorld launched its new Omnipedia with a new feature of Stargate timeline – (hope the link works, GW has been acting weird, maybe due to loads of fans discussing SGU :D)

    It’s very thorough, made me understand (and even like more) the Ancients.

  75. Awesome mailbag.

    I enjoyed AirIII very much. The sand devil was a great little alien. Ascended Ancient? And the fools traipsing off to worlds they should not go to, and mystery lifepod thingys flying away…Excellent! Anyway…

    What did bug me was the water. Indulge me in a nitpick? I so rarely bother…. Those little bottles are laughable. Understandable, that’s what was in the supplies, but laughable. Hydration packs are the military fluid replenishment rage, and flasks that small wouldn’t be useful for water storage or transport. I deal with the logistics of hauling water to the desert for our camp, that week-long Burning Man thing I’m always blathering on about. We have to haul in all our water for one week. It is a fair amount! We refill flasks that size repeatedly during one day. So, there’s roughly 80+ survivors. Even at a mere gallon each, or heck, two liters each… barely enough for 48 hours, that’s a lot of weight and bulk. Would have taken a handtruck at the very least to move it, or if it were in smaller containers, very little else would have made it through because everyone would have been carrying liquid. I’m assuming a couple soldiers were on the ball and took in one or two 55 gallon drums (at around 440 pounds a piece), which we didn’t see. And a small pump to pump out the water, siphon hoses are next to useless, unsanitary and tend to spill the water. They’re going to be running out fast. Oh. Wait a minute, that’s why “Water”. Yeah, but still … wouldn’t dehydrated water have done the trick?

    Yes, a totally uncalled for nitpick. And while I don’t think the show is any worse for such watery details, it just struck a wrong chord and made me roll my eyes. “Desert dogs drink deep”.

  76. 1. Can’t say I like Chloe’s storyline yet. The monologue in Air part II was overdone (I didn’t care for her father the senator, so it didn’t pull any emotional strings) and her mom’s reaction was over the top. Since she’s threatened to go public with her knowledge of the Stargate program, however, I’m assuming I don’t have to worry about ever seeing her again…

    2. Brian J. Smith as Lieutenant Scott has been a pleasant surprise, but his backstory is also way over the top. An aspiring priest whose girlfriend had an abortion, and lost his parents AND his guardian?

    3. Three episodes in and they’ve already found a way to “cheat” the countdown. This is not a good sign.
    Also, the countdown clock is disappointing. You have this awesome steampunk ship, but a bland, digital clock. Your set designers missed a huge opportunity here. Search Google Images for “steampunk clock” and see what I mean. The Destiny should’ve had a huge ass steampunk clock.

    4. I thought the song at the end was completely out of place, the contrast with Joel Goldsmith’s original music in the preceding scenes was too big. I’m not sure about the use of contemporary music at all, really. It’s okay for teen and hospital dramas, but it doesn’t fit SGU.
    While I’m on the subject of music, do you know if we’ll be hearing more of that (for lack of better words) cosmic mystery music heard during the first observation deck scene in the premiere?

  77. Flappo: I think it’s panisonic toughbook? Mabe but again I’m usually wrong

  78. Okay. I loved Part 3 even more than the others.

    Plus, I found myself incredibly thirsty while watching that episode. Something tells me I’ll be having that same problem in the next week or two. 🙂

    Nice to see Matt’s backstory. And Greer. Hmmm…

    I’m loving the whole stone thing. That’ll make it a lot more interesting.

  79. @Col. Mustard
    FYI 9mm pistols are consider effective up to about 50 meters but usually used at less than 10 meters. There are rumors of phasing out the pistol altogether, except for the military police. Since it lacks both range and kill power. Someone carry a M4 carbine (think that’s Greer’s weapon) can take down targets up to 500 meters.


    @Richard Watts

    TPTB doesn’t mention it. But the Destiny got some sort of warp drive similar to the Star Trek warp drives instead of the more familiar Star Gate hyperspace jump drive. IMO


    Speculation from several posters about object that detached from the Destiny is the shuttle with the deceased senator aboard is illogical. The exterior hatch on the Destiny is still jammed open. That shuttle is not going anywhere, the shuttle’s closed hatch is sealing the air supply in.

  80. Loved Air III…Thanks for a great episode. I wish it aired last week. Love the mystery of the swirl…ancient perhaps? Perhaps a new alien that took off in the shuttle. Lots of ideas floating around my head on all of that.

    As for the two that went through the gate all I can say is I knew they weren’t coming back. It felt like I was watching a horror movie and that stupid girl goes to the basement and you keep saying…don’t go down there you are going to die!

    Question: watching the preview for next week and the power outage. I’m sure it will be releaved next week but is it because Telford shouldn’t have had them dial other gates….?

    Oh and loved seeing RDA even if it was a just for a minute!

  81. Dear Joe,

    You didnt get a chance to answer my questions yesterday that I posted on October 2:
    1. How many billion light years away from Earth is the Destiny, wasnt clear when Rush said “several”
    2. What kind of FTL do they use… is it faster than Hyperdrive?
    3. Is the Destiny approximately the same size as a Wraith Hive?
    4. Is the Destiny’s present course taking the crew away from the Milky Way Galaxy or towards it?

    Thanks sir…. it would mean so much to me if you can take a moment to answer these questions tonight or tomorrow night.


  82. @Mr M

    Still haven’t decided about SGU yet. Will see a few more episodes on the non-HD SPACE channel first.

  83. I still only have one question, hoping you can pass it along! Where is my damn poster???
    I love SGU. I realize most may think it’s just the mom in me. But honestly, he is so good I forget that’s my son. Greer is great, I agree with your wife!
    A great job done by all, from cast to crew, excellent!

  84. Hey Joe, will we finally get Joel’s Q&A? I know I’ve been a total pain in the ass about this one, but have been looking forward to it for like, ever 😉

  85. Hi Joe,
    Just finished watching Air 3 – Wow, I’m impressed! Though it would have been nice to see Wray (I’m sure she’ll be there more in other episodes), I thought it was great, between the sand aliens, learning more backstory, and seeing the character conflicts. There was a moment in the sand where I thought it was starting to get slow, but the Joel’s music came and led into the montage sequence, and it literally drew me back in again. I love the music he’s been composing for the show! Though I was disappointed to not see a full (or even 30 or 15 second) opening. It seemed like it was a “let’s throw them up and get out of the way” – ala 200. Is it going to be like this the whole season, or is this because it’s part 3 of the pilot? And if it is, was that a creative decision by Syfy, the studio, or you guys?

    And by the way, I checked on the stargate mgm website, and found some of the Dr. Daniel Jackson Instructional Videos – I think it’s hilarious, and great that they’ve found an outlet to be posted in!

  86. For Air Parts 1/2, Ming-Na was credited as a main cast member, but in Air Part 3, she credited as a guest star. So which is she?

  87. Random comments
    During the first use of the stones where Rush claims to have talked with O’Neill, what occurred when Rush was at SGC and Dr. Lee was on Destiny?
    We see what happened when Young and Telford switch and what Telford tries to do until sedated. Which makes one wonder about the first exchange.

    While the words of the ending song did fit the circumstances, the music seemed a bit “out of place” for me. Perhaps I am just a Joel fan, that I think I would have preferred his creation instead.

    ok…nuff of my blathering

  88. Ok – not hating, leaning more towards liking it, but not there yet. There is something about it that makes me want to watch it every week. I think that if none you guys from the franchise had nothing to do with it, I would have absolutely no interest.

    @ Scott Boyd “…SG:U seems derivative of other TV shows (Lost, Galactica, etc)…” I was thinking the same thing a little Quantum Leap too – I had a hard time wrapping my head around the body/soul switching thing.

    But the cinematography…. I had a headache when I started watching it, it turned to a full blown migraine.

    Loved seeing Anna Gavin again, I really like her. She does a fabulous job. She was great in SG 1 and in Atlantis. She is very versatile.

    Ok keep up the good work. It’s growing on me.

  89. Whew! Big day! Just got back from a wine tasting, and our annual Lima Bean Festival. Good times! 🙂

    Firstly, the wine tasting at a local vineyard. The name makes me (and probably Major D) giggle, but their wine is pretty decent:

    I picked up a Cabernet, Guylian Extra Dark Belgian Chocolate and Perugira Nero Peperoncino Chocolate (hey, Heather – if you’re out there, isn’t that the chocolate you brought back from Venice last time??) to go with the Cabernet, and a homemade fig preserve that was simply out of this world!

    But I started the day at the Lima Bean Festival:

    Very crowded, tons of food, crafts, and antiques. I bought a couple new silver rings, and delicious oak-aged balsamic vinegar (regular and citrus), a fantastic Asian ginger dipping oil/marinade, lemon-infused honey and bee pollen, two homemade cannoli, and the absolute best, a Carolina BBQ (vinegar & crushed red pepper flakes) pulled pork sandwich from these little piggies (blurry cell phone pic):

    Saving that puppy for my dinner (with the cannoli that Mr. Das doesn’t know about… 😈 Heh. Not my fault he’s working tonight! )

    And why didn’t I pick up lima bean soup? ‘Cause limas I can cook anyday, but there’s no way I’m gonna have the time, or the means, to slow roast a pig for 18 hours straight.

    It was a good day! Of course, I didn’t get my housework done. 😛 Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! 😀


  90. Well, well…..surprise, surprise. I took the liberty of rewatching Air I & II last night since SYFY was so gracious to show it again, as they tend to do. Aaaand, I enjoyed it much more this time. But the jerky camera really effected me this second time around, not so much the first time. Hmmmm? Anyway. Understanding your comments on the sex scene but I feel it could have been portrayed with less and still been effective.

    Loved Air III. Very strong acting with everyone so far. My fav are Eli and Scott with Greer now showing his caring but still aggresive side, as I knew he would. “Damn you to Hell” LOL!! Loved the refference. Did not like the comm stones. Halograms are one thing, but to be able to hug your mother….???? It distracted me from all the “abandonment” of the whole story. Also someone already mentioned the lack of opening episode titles. I miss that too. Is that your choice or SYFY’S?

  91. @Madwelshboy

    She is a main cast member, but she gets the special “with Ming-Na” credit, which is always the (second to) last cast credit. Lou Diamond-Phillips has the “and” credit and is also a main cast member.

  92. I was not won over by the first two and 2/3 episodes of Air. However, the last third did get more interesting, particularly the character of Rush as he came back through the gate and his response to, “What happened?” Hmmm…interesting person. Frankly, most of the episode was quite boring until that point. The emphasis seemed to be on the big sand dunes. I can hear the director now…”Okay people, we’re slogging, and…we’re slogging. Okay, split up and…we’re slogging. Okay, found the stuff we need (couldn’t they have used a smaller beaker?) and now we’re slogging as quickly as we can back to the gate.” Did anyone actually believe that Eli would lose an arm or the stars of the show would be left stranded while the Destiny fulfilled its, well, destiny, without them? I still haven’t given up on the show but I hope things pick up. Less slogging more action, please.

  93. Joe!! You read my mind with the whole pencil thing. I guess what I really wanted to know was how much control any of the characters will have over the kino.

    Congrats on another great episode


  94. Well, Joe, after Air III, I’m still waiting to be overwhelmed.

    Chloe continues to annoy. I think this is a combination of the writing and the acting. I’m not seeing anything special here. She seems to have the maturity of a 12 year old girl. Part of what seemed false about her response to her father’s death (besides really painful acting) what how really inconsistent she already seems. She introduced herself as her father’s aide, not his daughter. When he started his speech at the dinner, she started guzzling wine. There was definite conflict here, or inconsistency in the writing. A more conflicted, mature response would have been more interesting.

    She is definitely her mother’s daughter. Another tiresome choice.

    I didn’t comment on the sex scene before, but I will say that there are more subtle, mature, and interesting ways to convey a relationship between two people. I found this a lazy writing choice.

    Sam Axe in Burn Notice talks about spies being “bitchy little girls.” He could be describing Dr. Rush.

    I guess I’m not seeing why I should care about these people. Although, I do like Becker, the guy from the mess. He has potential. I hope we see more of him. And Tamara has potential as well.

    I think, in the end, I hope there are more interesting choices made in terms of how the characters behave. I want to see some mature grown ups. I want to see complexity, not just in the situations, but in how people behave, act, and respond to the situations. I want to see thoughtfulness. I do not want to see childishness or whining (especially from the women). I want humor, but it needs to evolve naturally from the characters and the situations. Right now, what little there is seems forced and lacking authenticity.

    I really want to love this show. But I’m not there. SG-1 and SGA set high standards in storytelling. When will SGU get there?

  95. Somehow you almost get the vibe that the tornado like entity on the planet was Matts imagination or somehow related to his state of mind.

    Anyways just thinking about the effect of heat exhaustion on the planet visited.

    It’s almost hard to believe that it could be a lifeform, because it somehow knew what he was looking for, but I guess if it was, it probably sacrificed itself to produce the water to wake him up, which seems kinda sad.

    The Planet of the Apes reference was kinda cool too.

    Well my random thoughts on Air Part 3..


    Ming-Na didn’t really do much during the third episode, if you count 1 or 2 shots of her looking rather sad due to lack of air.

  96. Greer is my favorite character so far. Young is my second favorite.

    Also, the two crew members who walked through the gate to the other planet: are they the show’s first official red shirts?

    Nice touch at the end with shuttle. I looooves me a good mystery.

  97. “Answer: Whether it was off-putting or not is a matter of opinion. As for unnecessary – I disagree. It establishes not only a relationship between Scott and James, but goes to character as well.”

    Are you saying that you aren’t talented enough to convey this relationship without a sex scene?
    I see you point, though. The scene does show he is a risk taker and the tenderness between the characters afterwards. BUT I disagree with you about how it was conveyed. To each their own, though.


  98. Hi Joe,

    I’ve got SGU, Air I and II on Sky 1 again tonight, but because it’s post 9pm watershed it has the sex scene!

    I guess it now makes the interchange with James and Scott more understandable later… but personally I still don’t think it was needed *shrugs* … unless we’ll get some consequences 😉

    Looking forward to Tuesday 🙂 and staying away from GW and the blog comments until then 😀

  99. Loved this episode Joe! I was trying to figure out why your wife loved Greer so much after last week’s episodes, but after part 3 I can see why. This guy is awesome!

    I’m intrigued why the shuttle took off at the end, and what happened to the two that went to the other planet, and I hope there is some payoff down the line.

    I was skeptical about the communication stones, but I like what you did there, especially with Chole’s mom getting pissed off and threatening to make the gate program public.

    I didn’t care for that Breathe song and the montage of people taking deep breaths and smiling, that just seemed a little too obvious. I have this mental image of them resolving the food crisis and Weird Al’s “Eat It” is playing over a montage of them all stuffing their faces.

  100. Oh I forgot to compliment you on the sunburns, that was a nice realistic touch. I’ve always thought that on SG-1 or Atlantis when they spend so much time outside that they should have a little red on their faces even if they did have sunscreen.

  101. Air III was great! The Planet of the Apes reference killed me!

    -I’m really starting to love Greer. He’s “no bullshit”.
    -Johansen putting Telford down for a nap was nice.
    -Some back story on Scott was cool. It shows his motivation. -Wallace: “Cool, I have a gun.” Laugh out loud funny.

    Another winner. Keep ’em coming! (Like I have any doubt!)

  102. Firstly, I want to congratulate for SGU. The pilot was very exciting:D
    It’s really a new kind of SG, with new feeling, camerawork etc.

    Oh, just a question(SPOILER FOR AIR 3!!!):
    1.There was somekind of probe/ship in the end of Air III which leaved the ship. Can you tell us wheter it was part of the ship or it’s alien. I didn’t saw any docking mechanism and the design isn’t very Ancienty.

  103. Well, I’ve been waiting to give my SGU comments until I’ve seen Air III, and now that I have, I feel obliged to say that it is, unequivocally, awesome. I was excited from the beginning, but I had initial trepidations because (and this is sacrilege, I know) I was never really a fan of Battlestar Galactica and many people were comparing the two. But SGU has the good ol’ stargate feel with some changes, of course, but it is nice to see Stargate portrayed a little differently. I think all you producers are jerks because you’re making me wait a week to find out what happens next, but you’re really only doing your job.

    Air III was the best of the three-parter in my opinion, but all three were excellent. Part of me does feel, though, that it would have worked better if Parts II and III were aired together instead of I and II. That probably would’ve been a little impractical, though, and I certainly see a storyline argument for airing I and II together as well.

    I have to ask though, in Air III, what happened to Park and Curtis (I think those were their names)? It seems like after they went through to the planet, they were forgotten about (except for Eli trying to contact them).

  104. 1) What episode will we delve further into the TJ/Young relationship?

    2)Will the early indications of Scott’s shadier romantic endeavors interfere with his budding relationship with Chloe?

  105. Loved Air III, Joe! Really proud of the Stargate writing/creation/production teams for adding in Lt Scott’s religion. Not because I need to see religion on TV (I’m usually adverse, actually) but because I think it’s going to make his character VERY interesting. My heart broke for him while he was having the flashbacks.

    Who sang the song at the end of the episode? It was wonderful.

    I have lots of other questions, but I figure they’ll get answered as time goes. Though I have to second the person who asked what the size relation is between Atlantis and Destiny. Because Destiny looks massive, but Atlantis was a whole city!

  106. TBA writes: “304’s are able to easily destroy Ori battlecruisers, Wraith hives, and Replicator Aurora warships, but the Hammond is forced to retreat for three puny Ha’taks?”

    Answer: You’re assuming that while Earth has made progress with its shields and weaponry, the rest of the galaxy has remained stagnant.

    @Mr. Mallozzi

    So you want to tell us that the Lucian Alliance has such a knowledge of Goa’uld technology that they can improve shields and weapons so that they are as good or even better than Aurora-class or Ori ships? Are you kidding?
    A 304 would destroy the Ha’taks within a minute or so.
    I know that they mustn’t be destroyed that fast to start the SGU story but nevertheless that was just implausible.

    For my part I don’t really like SGU yet but I will watch one or two more episodes.

  107. MrsB said:
    1) What episode will we delve further into the TJ/Young relationship?

    i’d like to know about this too.

    MrsB also said:)Will the early indications of Scott’s shadier romantic endeavors interfere with his budding relationship with Chloe?

    i hope it stays scott/james! 😛

    onto ‘air 3’ again…

    i almost cried when chloe’s mom was breaking down. well done scene. i wouldn’t have told my mom, though, that my dad/her hubby was dead. well, not until absolutely necessary. i would have bought time.

    i also got emotional when greer was yellling at scott to not give up.

  108. How many galaxies did the Destiny find before we boarded and will there be any references to these galaxies later on in the series? Also is there an exact number on how many billions of light years we are from earth or will we find this out later on the in series?

  109. From what I’ve seen I think SGU is an excellent continuation of the series. It still has that core feel of being Stargate but brings a wealth of ‘new’ to it.

    The music is simply amazing, I sincerely hope that a soundtrack to the whole season is released, not only for the pilot like with Atlantis (all though I could live with it!)

    The set is fascinating, I can’t wait to see more of the ship as the series continue.

    The characters are intriguing. As always Stargate has handed us a great collection of characters that I can’t wait to see more of, Rush in particular is an excellent character.

    It’s great to see the Stargate franchise continuing as the years role by, let’s hope it continues for many more!

  110. It’s been a while since I posted, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on SGU thus far. It’s definitely different, but that’s not a bad thing. I love the new style of the show, particularly the way it just cuts to commercial without much warning (as opposed to SG-1 and SGA, where the music always indicated that a commercial was coming).

    The diversity of the characters is great! Asides from Eli (I like him but I see a lot of McKay in him), the characters seem different from what we’ve seen before in Stargate. I can’t wait to learn more about these characters.

    The only complaint so far is the sex scene in the Air Pt. I. I just didn’t see it as necessary. But other than that, I like what I’ve seen so far!

  111. I really liked last night’s episode! It was way better even than the premiere, IMAO. If there are better things to come, SGU will become my new favorite. For the record, I think Goldsmith’s score was a terrific enhancement.

    Question: It was my impression that the communication stones could be used only once, by one person, and that there are only five of them. Are they reusable, and by multiple people? I thought last night’s episode was confusing on that score.

  112. Something that I noticed about Air II while watching Air III, what was Dr. Lee doing in Rush’s body while Rush was in Lee’s?

  113. For all who criticize the death /grief scenes: Come talk to me when you have been at bedside during the final seconds of a long-ill parent’s life. I’ve done it TWICE and think that, within the storytelling constraints, TPTB and actresses have expressed what I have or might feel.

    Same with Scott /Armstrong grief counseling. Been there, done that, found the scene authentic.

    Having ranted, hope TPTB found a way to let Levesque play other types of grief reactions further down the line, despite the obvious outside distractions.

    As for the unanswered questions, I think there’s room for a few mysteries. Have been doing genealogical research recently and realize the family’s story will always have some open questions. Same will be true of the Ancient’s history…despite best efforts of Jackson, McKay, Rush, Wallace, et al, we’ll never know EVERYTHING.

  114. Oh, BTW and upon reflection, I agree with the storeroom sex. That helped establish that the Icarus military away teams were young and bored of waiting for offworld assignments.

  115. Sorry, last one today.

    The cinematography has convinced me to FINALLY tell Husband to get the wide-screen TV he’s wanted. (Well, that and the fact that the bathroom renov is finished except for mirrors.) 😎

  116. Regarding the 2 that went thru to the other plant, is it possible that the reason why the gate addresses were “locked out” was because those gates are space gates and the ship realize that its shuttles are not operational so it allows only the planetary gate to be opened

  117. Sorry Joe, it’s awesome – but I’m pretty sure SGU is not for me.
    I wanted it to be and a year ago we were all arguing over the word ‘Younger’ – it’s not – it’s for an older audience and Air3 just didn’t gain my interest any further than last weeks. To me, other than this being part of the SGF and they use a device similar to the stargate – it’s not SG (to me anyway).

    I wish you all possible success with the show and hope it makes a 2nd and 3rd season. I will simply look forward to SG1 and SGA movies if or when you guys make anymore of those.

    I will however, look in on your first SGU show because I think your writing is quite distinctive.

  118. @t’loc. I think you missed some dialogue Air I /II. Suggest you read the transcripts at

    Your first language is not English? I’m fluent in Spanish and conversant in German, if you would like help.

  119. I agree with a few of the above posters: I’m not really finding a character to care that much about. I find Eli tiresome (I’m getting pretty sick of the stock “dark-haired, awkward, schlubby teenager”-as-a-main-character trend in film these days; yes, I know he’s not really a teenager), and Chloe even more so (mostly because she’s portrayed by an actor with no depth whatsoever).

    Scott is just boring white bread so far. Same with T.J.

    Greer seems an overly stereotypical “angry black man”, and I don’t care how well the audition went: he could have channeled his obvious talents into one of the other roles; you didn’t have to cast him in the one role that created a negative, unfortunately way-overdone stereotype.

    Rush is an ass, and too much like Dr. Gaius in his self-absorption and total disregard for the lives/feelings of the people he’s stranded. He has no desire to get them back to Earth, and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

    Which leaves Col. Young. He’s really the only person I care about the fate of.

    Earth is better off without the rest of them, IMHO. As I did with the Senator in the pilot, I find myself hoping ill will befall them, rather than wishing them well. This is not a good sign!

    So far, what’s keeping me watching is solely the plot. I’m curious what will happen next. But if these characters don’t inspire my loyalty pretty soon, my curiosity isn’t going to be able to compensate for my indifference regarding their fate.

  120. One more, following up on my earlier post and maintaining the personal examples:

    Yes, I had sex in a couple of strange places during college.

  121. Now that I’ve watched all of the “Air” in SGU. I wanted to give you my impression of the start of this series. It is good, especially Part III of “Air.” I had some issues with “Air” Parts I and II, though.

    1) I am certainly no prude when it comes to sex; however, the cinematography and the positioning of scenes around the sex scene make that scene seem out of place. There is no reference point for it. While it is a personal quibble having issues with a scene in medias res, I think there is something that should have been polished either on the writing or editing side for this scene.

    2) The other main issue I had with “Air” Parts I and II is the dual scenes of T.J.-Young and Chloe-Sen. Armstrong talking about the issues with the ship seem to give away to the audience the major Act 4 twist for this episode. I feel that the episode would have been tighter and Chloe’s character would have been stronger without the audience have seen these scenes. Were the T.J.-Young and Chloe-Sen. Armstrong scenes purposely included to break away from contrived tension from the audience lacking information needed to form solid opinions about various character’s actions at this point in the episode?

    On the other end, all the production work is amazing, music, sets, and visual effects are top notch. On top of that, the actors seem to have a strong sense of their characters.

    Having “Air” last for three episodes I think has caused the episode to sag in the middle pacing-wise; however, I have seen many pilots many of them have issues that are worked out in subsequent episodes. In fact, some of the issues with pacing came from the huge amount of commercials that broke up “Air” Parts I and II. I enjoyed the show alot more when I rewatched it on Hulu. I look forward to watching upcoming episodes and watch the characters grow on me over time.

  122. I assume nothing on Destiny is in need of the ATA gene… If this assumption is correct, why?

  123. I have a question regarding one of the previous answers (not of Air 3 but Air 1&2):
    Jimmy also writes: “It wasn’t terribly clear, so: did the Milky Way gate actually need more power, as Rush indicated; or was it only a matter of a coded address and not power, as Eli stated?”
    Answer: It was a power requirement.  By tapping into the planet’s aquaria, they were able to harness enough power to dial the ninth chevron.

    Actually, the answer seems to be totally out of place/wrong. After all the first time they tried it was already tapped into the planet’s naquadria. Not to mention that the dialed a different “address”.

    Regarding this manner: I would like to know if this will be clarified as why the address is a “code” and how it works, instead of it being the normal address type. Especially, doesn’t this mean that this code would have to be “imprinted” into every stargate ever “produced” to work?

    What I also don’t exactly get is why the Lucien alliance attacked. If they would have liked to dial the 9th Chevron themselves than it was pretty stupid to attack things that could lead to a destruction of the whole planet.
    Not to mention: How did they even find that base.
    And what was also mentioned why did the “earth” ship perform so badly, shouldn’t it have been equipped with Asgard technology and for-the-record the same technology destroyed an Ori ship with one beam.

    Also: Will we see more regarding the leaving “ship” (it was no shuttle at least no shuttle of the Destiny but also no real ship as it was pretty small) before mid-season break or after? And please don’t make something like in Atlantis season 5 with introducing new enemies or races and not use them again (Asgard, especially as that one would have had extreme potential).

    Btw. will the FTL drive be explained a bit more detailled – especially, why the Destiny has a FTL drive instead of Hyperspace and also what the actual differences are between those two? From that ship departing scene: Am I correct that battles in FTL are possible, in contrast to Hyperspace?

  124. Hey Joseph,

    Man there’s been a heck of a lot of bad press about SGU, I figured it’s time to spread the good stuff a little.

    Firstly Greer, awesome character. He’s the one who we need to keep our eyes on, something a close quarters show definitely needs!

    Scott is a good “leader-in-training”, I feel he’s learning the lessons that leaders need, just in a VERY short time frame.

    Young has already earned my respect and trust, so I feel that his character might turn out to be a “General Hammond” type. I hope that he does go off on away missions more often than not.

    Eli, well good call on that one. Yeah yeah I’m a geek and I relate but it’s good to see someone who’s just cutting their teeth in the realm of Stargate tech.

    Chloe, Telford and Wray were all kinda low on their introductions so I’ll wait for more ep’s to see how they go.

    Finally, Rush, excellent character, I’m looking forward to more ulterior motive action from him tho…I think Rush is gonna force an airlock to breech on Greer tho hehe.

    Anyhow, I think the series (three eps so far) is going to be awesome.

    Thanks for putting the effort in to bringing this to us, I love the franchise and would be lost without it!

  125. Mr. Mallozzi
    We know from the previous shows that the original Earth Stargate from Antarctica is at least 50 Million years old according to Carter and “may even be one of the first gates”. Atlantis left Earth 7 million years ago. How could Destiny be only a few hundred thousand years old? Why would the Stargates from it and on it be cruder than the 50 million year old gates in the Milkyway if this were true, should they not be more advanced than the Atlantis gate? Is this issue going to be dealt with in Stargate Universe? The true age of Destiny would seem to be at least more than 50 million years old. Or does Dr. Rush not know all about the Ancients and how old they are?

    Aside from this issue, I like the show and I think it has great possibilities. Stargate is the best Science Fiction story ever told!

  126. I watched Air Part III on friday and have to say that I love the new direction the franchise is going in…..I just have one question…..the general look of the Destiny seems more primitive than Atlantis given that it was launched long before and yet a handheld dialing device seems ALOT more advanced than a dhd?

  127. havent read all the accounts, but can someone tell me why us lil people in the u.k didnt get the cupboard sex scene with lt scott. was kinda annoying, we wont pass out if somebody shows a lil cleavage……….otherwise. ab fab. looking forward to the rest of the episodes

  128. I like Rush!

    I like his personality.

    I like that he makes weird decisions all the time.

    I like that the good guys have to put up with sorts of crap from him on occasion.

    I like that his personality is topped with a thin layer of megalomania.

    I like that the good guys can’t get far enough away from….

    Oh my god!

    Rush is a Tok’ra!

  129. The black white suit people thought if they do SGA they could make quicker more money and failed now they think doing a Battlegate Voyager style stargate show would work 🙂
    If the name Stargate and the Ringtransporter would be taken out for the first 3 episodes then no one would now that this was a new Stargate Show.

    It would be a lot better they had give SG1 a good ending or to look how to they can develope the show in the future but what they did was only stupit but thats the way todays shows go till total canceling.
    The SGU actors are for me like unskilled kids running on a ship and im 24 guy.
    I could also never really connect with the SGA actors only the Canadian Scientist was a good funny actor 🙂
    And to put this Gamer guy in the SGU show and try to sell this to the people like this guy is a Tech talented one is really rediclous if it would be a Hacker or Cracker ok but this i could bang my head against the wall ^_^.
    If watch the show (SGU) for me it’s if i would watch a SiFi Soap.

    Lets see how it’s working out form now not so good in me option it is also because this spaceships shows get little bit lame its alwas the same.

    Would be better the Show producer would listen to the people who are watching the shows and take same idees also into the show.

    I me option back to the roots is the best way to save Stargate.

  130. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the main theme, it would be very cool if “Gravity” by Embassy made it into just one Universe episode.

    When I say “very cool” I mean, if it happens, a lot of people are gonna jump outta their seats in applause, myself included.

  131. The attack on the Icarus base does seem in my mind to still have a hole in it regarding how three Ha’ Tak vessels took down the Hammond. You did say that the Lucian Alliance could have made advancements. But unless I am missing something the Lucian Alliance is comprised of smugglers and thieves. Never pegged them as an advancing technology through scientific research type. If they stole the technology the question begs from who. So far the most advanced civilizations to grace the Milky Way with their presence were arguably the Ori, Replicators, Ancients and Asgard all of whom have been essentially wiped out. Lest we not forget the enemies of that group had technology that was easily destroyed by the beam weapons the Asgard gave to Earth. Also the Asgard had a stranglehold on the Gou’ld for centuries because they’re technology was more advanced and the Gou’lds had scientists. In fact the only time the Gou’ld had an advantage over the Asgard was when Anubis came back from the dead and brought some ancient knowledge with him. Assuming we are not talking about the second coming of Anubis. And unless there is a new enemy that for some reason decided to model their technology after the Gou’ld’s. I’m just not seeing a loophole to explain the jump in tech for the Lucian Alliance. Am I overlooking something here because I don’t think so.

    Also I was curious if the story of SGU will diverge from the original premise of Stargate Atlantis. It seems to me the two stories are pretty damn similar if you only count season 1 of Atlantis. I always found it disappointing that SGA dropped the lost in space theme so early in the show. In SGU the people on destiny already having contact with earth seems to kind of diminish the lost in space theme. I am aware that in similar shows like Star Trek Voyager also had contact with earth but that was later on in that show around season six when the writers seemed to be running out of material. My point being is those stories that came from the communication with earth were mostly filler stories or plots that had nothing to do with anything but took up time. Is the communication destiny has with earth on SGU going to be more used as a source of filler stories or to answer questions like why the Icarus base was attacked in the first place? or Why precisely were those Ha’tak vessels capable of crippling a ship that should have pulverized them?

  132. I’m starting really to like SGU,and the latest episode was the best so far…..except one part.When people was talking into the keno (however you spell it).I hated it,It gave nothing to the story and really wanted me to fast forward through them.I hope This is the only episode like this.It was just the characters looking into the camera and saying stupid things.Other then that great work so far and I’m excited to see were destiny will take us all.

  133. well its good that u americans no how to make t.v shows other whys us aussies would have to lisen to the brits so ud better keep up the good work there oh and i wanted to no if there were replicators right there mechanical whats from stopping u guys from making a living organism that can moltiply like algie if it were in the ocean obviously but ay what wouldent be cool about lil animals joining together and taking over the cold parts of the ship just an idea eer might leave it up to the experts haha have fun

  134. Well here in Belgium it took a while to get the episodes but i’ve been ready above and i was wondering, will there ever be found a DHD on any planet.

    Then when the Destiny drops out of FTL in Darkness I know the planet’s aren’t habitable, you ask why because there isn’t a stargate on the planet so the ships send ahead wouldn’t have had any reason of dropping a SG.

    3th and final question, will the DHD device(the PSP looking thing) be able to dial other planets true out that galaxy.

    Then a point of discussion but having the posibility of having 3ZPM (don’t tell me they have depleted them already) to dial from Atlantis to Destiny giving them supplies.

    Greetings from a school in Belgium


  135. Do you seriously expect us to believe that the Lucian Alliance (or anybody else for that matter) would be able to upgrade the Ha’taks in such a short time that they would overpower the Hammond (which I notice didn’t even seem to USE its Asgard beam weapons)? Even Anubis, with all the knowledge of the Ancients, would have been hard-pressed to accomplish that.

    It would’ve been far more reasonable if Carter had already returned to Earth when the attack came, so that the Ha’taks would’ve been dealing only with F-302s and ground defenses.

  136. will we ever see Dr Mckay or ltc sheppard agen?
    sorry the previous message is will they turn up in SGU. I think rush and Mckay would make brilliant commedy value.

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