Hey, when was the last time you picked up the phone and called that distant aunt or uncle you haven’t spoken to since you had the falling out over grandpa’s will?  Or done an internet search for and sent an email to that guy who used to sit behind you in math class?  Or touched base with your old driving school instructor?  Well, no better time than the present, I say.  And, while you’re rehashing old times, do make a point of mentioning the fact that Stargate: Universe premieres on SyFy, this Friday, October 2nd, at 9:00 p.m.  Tell them to tune in!  Or else you’ll be getting in touch with them again next week.

File this one under Stupid Science.  According to a recent study “2- to 4-year-old kids who weren’t spanked at all, according to their parents, had IQs that were, on average, about five points higher after four years than the kids who were spanked. The same trend held for 5- to 9-year-olds, though the differences were less pronounced.” (http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2009/09/does_spanking_make_kids_dumber.html).  The study goes on to suggest that spanking your kids will make them stupid – rather than the more logical conclusion that stupid kids are more likely to act up (and are therefore more likely to be spanked).  So, in response to the title of the article: “Does spanking make kids dumber?” = “No, feel free to spank away, secure in te knowledge that your kids are probably dumb to begin with.”

Hey, did you follow my advice and take the Bills and the points in this weekend’s game in Buffalo?  No?  Well, I’m hurt you have so little confidence in me that you didn’t catch a flight to Vegas and make the wager.  Yes?  Well, sorry about that.  Guess that’s why I make a living writing and producing television rater than betting on professional football.

Spoke to former Stargate producer and controversial film director Martin Gero today.  He’s enjoying L.A. but missing everyone on the show, especially the fans.  So, if you want to say hi, head on over and drop him a note on his twitter acount (http://twitter.com/martingero).  Say hello, reminisce about the good old days, and/or as him what is going on with the Atlantis movie (Seriously, he was a producer on the show.  He should know something!).  Also, FYI – Martin’s new show, Bored To Death, follows Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday nights.  Check it out.

Boy, Brie is a real bitch!  Check her out as she harasses poor Lulu, backing into the poor gal and barking her outrage.  Talk about passive aggressive.  (P.S. – I know that some of you will think my dog videos are too similar in visual style to Battlestar Galactica, but I can assure you that this was unintentional).

55 thoughts on “September 27, 2009: Five Days to the SGU Premiere! Stupid Science! Brie’s a Real Bitch!

  1. Goodness…what happened to the nice friendly family? In the last vid Brie seemed to stop a bit to make sure you had the camera on her. Facial expression – almost – “I’m ready for my closeup Mr. M.”

    The first vid was kinda a payback. After chasing poor Lulu, Brie rounds the corner to find all 4 of your lil ones facing her.

    Yes…and the count down to SGU continues……

  2. I was interrupted from reading your post by my 4-yr. old hitting his sister. After we consoled her, I sternly looked at him, trying to remember my Positive Parenting discipline techniques, but I couldn’t get your advice out of my head.

    My stern mommy face cracked with laughter. Of course, he was thrilled with the feedback and immediately hit his sister again. Thanks for the advice, Joe.

  3. Not that I’ve had kids, but I’ve always figured that punishments should be tailored to the child. I recall an instance where I was offered the alternative of a spanking, or of missing that night’s episode of Batman. It was a no brainer. And astute of you to point out that the correlation is not neccasarily causation aspect of the story.
    Brie looks determined to be the alpha female in the family. Here’s hoping Lulu won’t let her get away with too much. And I thought it was hilarious the way Brie looked up at you as if making sure you were catching her good side. Off to some sleep before spreading more word on Universe. Oh, and I hope that TPTB are paying you well for your cheerleading. You’re doing an exemplary job.

  4. I’m surprised you don’t see Brie’s bullying behavior as trying to assert herself as alpha female over Lulu. And obviously, Lulu is a lover not a fighter. Even the pugs seem to get it, and want (halfheartedly) to intervene. Were they my dogs (which I realize they’re not), I’d be stepping in to convince Brie who’s actually “alpha in this house, sister, and it’s not you”.

    Looking forward to the SGU premiere.

  5. OOOO! What’s in the big boxes??! Is that Todd, all packaged up and ready to ship to me???! 🙂


  6. Forgive the multiposts…

    Been a big day – services, in-laws, then a beach wedding – which turned out BEAUTIFUL! Just got back from the reception, and I’m pooped. In a ton of pain, too…my neck and shoulders have been killing me ever since my fever last week – like a toothache. Comes and goes – no idea what this is about now. Probably tylenol withdrawal…lol.

    Anyway – the vids were a lot of fun, but I think Brie is just giving Lulu paybacks for all the harrassing she did to the poor pugs early on. She’s a little spitfire, that one!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a good evening, sir!


  7. You’ve expressed my thoughts on the spanking-makes-kids-dumber stupidity exactly.

    Looking forward to this coming Friday. I’ve already got my Dad setting up the Tivo to catch it for me, since we don’t have tv and none of us are Neilsen families this week.

  8. Oh my gosh. In that video is that a doggie pee pee pad? I’m trying to get my puppy trained to use them, but its hit or miss and she keeps tearing up new ones. Got any advice, dog man?

    Your warning that spanking a child does not make them stupid but means they are already stupid could have dire consequences. Parents will read your conclusion and stop spanking their kids in an attempt to prove that they don’t have stupid kids.

  9. Hahaha. I can watch these dog vids forever. So cute!!

    I also love how the pugs just stand there and watch, as if it amused them or something (which it might have). They must be thinking something akin to “darn those crazy kids and their hyperactivity! Why, back in my day, we use to WALK around the house; now it’s all run run run. What’s gotten into their generation?!”

    Good times, good times.

    Hey Joe, what do you think about the Seinfeld “reunion” that’s happening on Curb Your Enthusiasm? I went YouTube hunting a few days back and found some behind the scenes clips of it (sorry that the sound is a little wonko) and it looks pretty EPIC, to say the least.

    Also, Julia Louis-Dreyfus just keeps getting hotter with time, I swear to God.

  10. Awe… Lulu is so patient! Like her Dad!
    Thanks for the video’s….

    Also, harassing Martin Gero on twitter, as requested. LOL!


  11. @ DP – Ha! Well…I probably should have them check me for West Nile Virus (it’s a form of encephalitis), but it probably wasn’t that. I’ve heard a couple people now say that doctors have told them that a ‘fever virus’ is going around – which is obviously what I had. My neck pain is related to my shoulder pain – I’ve had it for years – lots of upper body pain – but I’ve learned to deal with it without pain meds (if it hurts, I just don’t do it). But last week being on the tylenol for my fever (first pain meds I’ve taken in two years, I think…I don’t think I took anything when I had pneumonia last year), I think I re-sensitized myself to pain I’ve learned to ignore, or something. I feel like everything’s firing – my nerves and stuff. It’ll go away eventually – it always does – but this morning I could hardly get out of bed, then I had to sit in a chair for an hour, just waiting for my body to stop hurting. I should probably go to the doctor about this – some day I will – but they’ll just say they don’t know what it is – or that it’s all in my head – and so why waste the money? Besides, I’m a tad masochistic – I’ll learn to live with the pain again – it’s just that right now it’s not playing nice at all.


  12. Thanks for the dog videos. After a long, long day of fighting a fever and trying to keep food down I actually did LOL at the pups. Still puking but, hey, I’m smiling.

  13. I too wondered what could possibly be in those huge boxes… new props for your Halloween decorations? Are you taking after your little sis and decorating this year? Oooh, no… maybe checking out the props before forwarding them to your sis for her Halloween set-up! You are the best brother ever… I’m not sure what they are, but I am so excited… my expectations are so very high and I’m sure you won’t disappoint. I can’t wait!

    Also, I think we need to remind your readers about how much of a terror Lulu was when she first arrived… or Bubba! Bubba harassed Jelly & Max all the time… remember that. Perhaps you need a sixth dog to put Brie in her place.


  14. Joe, this is why you’re a producer, not a cameraman. 😀
    (No offense intended.)

  15. Sometimes it’s a good idea to Google those old friends before you reconnect. It helps prevent those awkward moments, like asking them how things have been going lately, and finding out they recently finalized their plea agreement with the DA. I’m not kidding.

  16. Egads! I guess if I’ve survived the wait this long for SGU, I can handle another four and a half days of waiting. I guess….

    The actors are really helping with the ohmygodicantwaitanylonger by filling the space with pictures, news, promo links, and hilarity on Twitter. Gosh, I love that site.

  17. Okay, gotta disagree a bit. I used to act up a lot and be spanked for it, and I’m wicked smart (and my modesty is second to none). Aside from the possibility of negative reinforcement playing a part, I think that one should consider what type of people are likely not to spank.

    Typically it’s the truly or self-ascribed enlightened bunch who may encourage their kids in other areas because they are of such a mentality to try reason or non-violent punishment. Now, if everyone who spanks uses the “spare the rod” line as justification, they’re less likely to be big thinkers and therefore less likely to provide a good learning environment.

    Then again, there’s Bing Crosby.

  18. Hey Joe,

    Martin, hmmmm I guess we could start harassing (oh visiting) him. Wouldn’t want him to feel left out. hehehe

    Okay, your little pouches are like squabbling children. There is always the initiator. I love the puddle pads. Why do dogs lay on them. lol

    Love the vids, the dogs are so fun. Here I thought you had a quite household. lol

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  19. Whoa! That sweet faced little angel has morphed into Briezilla. In the third video, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sound like that from any living creature. A new sound effect for SGU?

    With such great personalities, have you ever given any of the characters you’ve written some of your pups traits?

    And finally, I can look forward to getting my Stargate fix on Friday. Just like the old days. Woohoo!

  20. Videos cracked me up. Reminds me of my own dogs. Except that mine tend to wait to get into it until I pick up the phone to make an important call. If I take the phone into another room for peace and quiet, they will promptly interrupt their fight, follow me into the next room, and start up again at my feet. Really loudly.

    All right. Been up this past half hour with a bit of insomnia. Watched Brie’s adventures, visited Twitter, turned on the TV and found little but infomercials on. Probably time to turn back in, see if I can get back to sleep. Good night everyone.

  21. Ah, haven’t been around for some time (graduation and desperate effort to find a job) and I return just on time to see a cruel slaughter :)) Brie gal needs an exorcist, I tell you…
    If they wasn’t so incredibly cute!

    Mainly wanted to say that I can’t wait to see SGU! Keeping fingers and toes crossed. 🙂


  22. G’day Joe

    Dog videos are hilarious!! I love how Bubba was trying to break them up and Jelly just sits back and thinks, “young uns.”

    BTW – who is the baby pram for?

  23. 5 days for you 11 days for us in down under noooooo not fair!!
    LOL Syfy whos bright idea was that?
    love the vids XD

  24. Re: Universe, I have been making my way around the office adjusting my approach depending on the person I am speaking to. for example if I am speaking to someone who I know is partial to a good Scifi show, I just say ‘hey watch this! It looks Great!’ If I know they wouldn’t know their Phasers from their Zat guns, I say ‘Hey watch this, it has Robert Carlyle! It looks great!’ The enthusiasm for the new show is very encouraging. 🙂

    Also Joe I noticed on IMBD for Michael Shanks and RDA that they in an additional episode of SGU : Subversion, knowing how unrealiable that site can be any chance of confirmation from your good self?

  25. Kids who are spanked have a lower IQ than kids who aren’t? They may have left out researching an important variable. Did they check the parent’s IQs as well? Maybe the real result is that parents with lower IQs tend to spank their children and the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

    And I’ll post the SGU premiere date and time on my facebook page. There – are you happy now?

  26. A little late chiming in on this one (the 25th). Have you checked out “FlashForward”? The pilot eppy was really good. I’m just hoping they don’t kill us with anticipation, ala-Lost.

    And a non-committal “WOO-HOOO!” to the unconfirmed presence of RDA. You may change that to a confirmed and committed “WOO-HOOO!” upon confirmation.

    I’ve told everyone I know about SGU. In fact, I even spread the word in a certain MMO that I play. Literally thousands of people there now know about it and/or put me on ignore. (8

  27. Lulu needs a break!

    I’m passing the word on SGU.

    Das: I hope you start feeling better soon.


  28. So, it’s called Stargate: Universe and it premieres Friday?

    Are they pugs or French bulldogs?

    @JimFromJersey – I have to know which MMO you play. If you’re on GW, my user name is GateFanSamJack.

  29. @ Tammy – Thanks. I feel good – just in pain. Odd how I separate the two. Pain is just pain to me – feeling ‘bad’ is when I can’t function normally. Right now – I feel okay…stuffed, as hubby and I had breakfast again on the beach. Beautiful day here! Breezy, sunny, and warm…very pleasant.

    Oh, and I was spanked as a kid. I think it made me smarter ’cause it taught me real fast what not to do. It also taught me how to do those things without getting caught… 😈


  30. Hey Joe

    After a long absence I thought I’d share some thoughts. I’m having a lazy Monday morning and thoroughly enjoyed your doggy videos. Brie is awesome. Love all of your pooches but she’s just so full of spunk. I love how she totally body checks Lulu. She is such a dedicated nuisance maker and also clearly plays to the camera – which is hilarious to see. Also of note… Lulu’s growls are seriously cool. You should sample them for later use on the show.

    On to SGU. I must admit – that I’m very excited to start watching. I was “in” before all the marketing and promo hype hit but the outdoor advertising, print/online/tv ads/spots are all extremely well done. I have not read any reviews or commentary that have come along and long ago stopped clicking on images or exclusive scenes. This is made difficult as I follow many people connected to the show on Twitter as well as several critics and Syfy folks but I’m particular about watching a new show with as clean a slate as possible so I can really immerse myself in it and (hopefully) enjoy it to the fullest extent. My wait will soon be over.

    Nice to see that you gave some props to Martin Gero’s new show Bored to Death. I loved the first episode so much. It has a great visual style and a simple innocent silliness that is infectious. The theme song is also very cool. Haven’t watched the new ep yet but will remedy that very soon.

    Well – I’m just rambling here. Feel like I should ask you a question to justify the post… Any plans to visit LA again?

  31. Hi Mr M!

    Meant to say, the Guinness 250th Celebration was a riot (not literally…though close one at times) here in Ireland. My cunning Guinness / SGU ploy worked…and at the appointed time…we all cheered for Guinness / SGU http://twitpic.com/ji28r (OK…mainly Guinness…but at least my lone voice could be heard hoarsely shouting SGU!!!!)

    Best to all!!


  32. Forgot to add that I’ll be hyping SGU’s premiere on my FB and Twitter a little closer to Friday. So I’ll do my part.

  33. Salut Joseph! J-4 =P

    Lol trop étrange cette étude sur les fessés donner au enfant XD….je ne pense pas vraiment que cela compte dans leurs intelligences^^!!

    Alalal Martin me manque aussi , =(

    Je ne pourrai jamais avoir des petits chiens, c’est trop nerveux. C’est pour ça Je préfére les gros chiens qui sont tranquilles comme moi =)

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou

  34. What a little spitfire you have there in Brie, whoa! Lulu will put her in her place soon enough I believe. Brie really tried to best her and that growl, yikes. Thanks for the videos. always good to have a laugh.
    —Friday Oct 2, 2009 SyFy, 9 PM to 11PM– SGU—Watch it or else!?! (EST)

  35. Hey Joe,

    Gearing up for the premiere and just thought of a question.

    When do the Kino webisodes begin? Will they begin with Air?



  36. me revoila!

    J’ai une bonne nouvelle, un asgard m’a donner la technologie de regarder des milliers de chaines, gratuites partout dans le monde en live! Donc je vais regarder les 1er épisodes de sgu sur syfy le 2 October ahhh enfin =P

    mias bon c’est bien parce qu”il s’agit des 1er épisodes de sgu car j’ai du mal quand je ne dort pas beaucoup^^!


  37. Kids don’t do “bad” things because they are stupid. They do them because, well they are kids. And frankly, while I don’t think spanking makes kids stupid, I do think children who have parents who use spanking as a routine response have uneducated parents or bullies or lazy parents who don’t bother to bring their kids up better or have more creative less physically punitive responses. Yes, spanking is quick. Making the child do chores appropriate to the behavior takes longer but does better. SO perhaps they’d do better to test parenting skills and intelligence of spanked kids than the kids themselves. And before anyone strokes, YES I have spanked my daughter for absolute defiance. Do I really think it scarred her? No. Do I really think it was the best or even a good response? No, not really. People who portray “nonspanking” parents as some liberal no control, no boundaries nutjobs have it wrong. My friends who have never spanked insist and get the same good behaviors i get with mine, they just do it without spanking.

  38. LOL on the doggies. You need an “enforcer.” I had a Rottie who would have never allowed that. She’d have split them up, LAID ON TOP OF THE OFFENDER. Problem solved. 🙂 If the others got too rough, she took their toys away, put on her bed and dared them to go near them. Yep, next dog, name her Enforcer and encourage it. (JK they are born not made.) Bad Brie. Poor Lulu. Hope she trashes her on Twitter!

  39. Hi Joe, love the way Brien shoves Lulu over with her butt, what a smart girl 🙂 She’s gotten so big and is still as adorable as she was as a young(er) pup. Lulu looks like she’s just about had enough of her “youthful enthusiasm”! Does she ever put Brie in her place?

    This year has gone by so fast – until this week. Can’t wait till Friday!

  40. LOOLOL….was watching the Fan favorites marathon….and I noticed something in Window of Oppertunity that I NEVER noticed the first 1000 times I saw it…

    Apparently you are a master of Latin….Jospeh Mallozzi, PhD….


  41. ….in other news…..I am completely STOKED for SGU on friday….especially after seeing all the inside looks during the fan favorites marathon.

  42. I never know if my sibling felines are playing or trying to kill each other.

    Princess Merlin always wins and Frankie de Tom Cat always starts the ‘fight’. The boy should learn that girls are tough.

    Brie is allowed to be a bitch – it’s a girl thing.


  43. Brad Wright did a interview with the website “The Reel Man” where he spoke of his years writing and being a producer of over 300 hrs of television:

    A couple of quotes regarding SGA:
    Why retool this time?

    “SG-1 is the longest running science fiction show ever. We did 10 seasons of that and then five seasons of Atlantis, and they overlapped, so we were tired,” Wright says. “MGM still wanted us to do another Stargate series. We were tired of the old way and not only that, television has grown, it has changed. We wanted our show to reflect more of the kinds of shows that we were watching, more of a reality shooting style.
    “We launched Atlantis really without a major name, because of the funding level,” says Wright, adding the same backstage crew — from writers to construction — put out Atlantis and SG-1 simultaneously for three seasons. “We wanted this time to devote all our energies and get the budget we wanted. We went after the biggest names we could get. Quite often you go for a Robert Carlyle and you don’t get them, so you go down your wish list. Well, he was number one on the list and he said yes.”

  44. Reading the whole interview I think that the fate of SG:A movie(s) will depend on how much JM and P Mullie push for it with the success of SGU I don’t think BW will be into doing it I hope I am wrong.

  45. I can disprove your spanking vs. stupid theory. As children, my siblings and I used to torment our babysitter by waiting for her on our bunkbeds and turfing pillows at her when she would come upstairs to tell us to go to sleep. She always would tell my parents we had behaved ourselves when they asked. We loved that babysitter. Eventually she got replaced by one who would tell dad that we had been brats. For punishment, we used to get spanked, until we discovered the perfect solution to end the pain…soap!! We’d soap our bottoms when we knew we would get spanked. Amazingly, the power of positive thinking and soap actually worked. It never did occur to us that dad may have wondered why we always smelled so good during spankings.

    So, you see. I got spanked all the time, and I’m a veritable genius.

    Have a great day, Joe.

    DasNdanger: I hope you feel better soon. Maybe try massage therapy?


  46. ROTFLMAO! BSG style dog videos! Nice punch there JM!

    Anyway, looking forward to SGU! Unfortunately we will be traveling on premiere day – getting a jump on the ol’ birthday week. We will most definitely catch it on my Mom’s 25in tv in the midst of chaos, but won’t be able to truly appreciate it until we are back home on a much bigger tv w/surround sound!


  47. @ das I recommend a “Bed Buddy” microwave heater wrap. It’s filled with organic materials and feels wonderful on achy, painful necks & shoulders. Feel better soon!


    Enjoyed the puppies romping! Brie is a strong little spirit, but Lulu shall prevail.
    Checking out my DVR, stocking up on discs, filled with happy anticipation — BRING ON STARGATE SGU!


    P.S. elder cat Scooter has double yeast infection in ears. Oowie.
    Now needs 10 days of ear drops, daily flushing, etc. [groan], but he is a trooper, bless him.

  48. I knew Brie would make a great cornerback, but she’s starting to look like a linebacker with some issues — LT in particular.

    It seems a bit surprising that she’s still so feisty after having been spayed, but one of my neighbors has a dachsund who’s very much the same way.

    By Friday, I will be talking to the trees and the squirrels about SGU . . . and they will be talking back.

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