Well, looks like I’m going to have to print a retraction.  My “Movies That Everyone Else Loved That I Hated” entry engendered a fair amount of controversy in the writers’ room.  Mainly, it was Exec. Producer Robert Cooper who was doing most of the complaining, insisting that the term “Everyone Loved” is wildly  inaccurate.  He felt the need to point out that, in fact, he and my producing partner Paul Mullie both hated Spiderman 2.  And, for the record, Rob also shares my intense dislike for Moulin Rouge, as does fellow Exec. Producer Carl Binder.  We were unanimous in our hatred of Death Proof.  But their love for Little Miss Sunshine remains undiminished.

The aforementioned post also resulted in some very interesting comments, a few of which included a listing of your personal “non-favorite” flicks.  I was strolling by Carl’s office yesterday when I heard him shout: “Annie Hall?!!!” with the sort of indignant outrage usually reserved for aggressive panhandlers or deeply disappointing series finales.  Turns out someone had listed Annie Hall as a movie they hated.  Carl was, of course, beside himself because Annie Hall is his favorite film of all time.  Well, I managed to talk him down and then left him, seething but significantly less agitated, to scroll through the rest of the fan comments.  I was halfway down the corridor when I heard him shout: “Pocahontas?!!!”  Yeah.  That one he actually wrote.  Ouch.  He was still weeping quietly in his office as I was leaving work today.

Movement on the comic book project front.  If you didn’t know (Which indicates you haven’t been reading this blog on a regular basis.  Shame on you.  Hit the archives in the right sidebar.) Paul and I have been in talks with a major comic book publisher about producing a series based on a scifi concept we’ve developed.  One more creative conference call set for week’s end after which I imagine it’ll  be smooooooooooooooooth sailing.  If the timing is right, I’d love to be at next year’s Comic Con promoting this project and the superhero-themed anthology I contributed to earlier in the year (details here: http://louanders.blogspot.com/2009/08/look-up-in-sky-is-it-bird-is-it-plane.html).

So I was crossing the parking lot, headed to my car, when I happened to glance over and noticed something a little out of the ordinary.  I walked over to investigate, camera in tow, and got the following shots.  Just a typical day on the lot…

SPFX Maestro Scott Stofer spreading the love.  And smoke.
SPFX Maestro Scott Stofer spreading the love. And smoke.
Fellow SPFX Guru Wray Douglas also on hand to oversee the action - and admonish me for the lack of pyrotechnics in the latest script.  Hey, Wray, come talk to me once you've read Incursion I and II.
Fellow SPFX Guru Wray Douglas also on hand to oversee the action - and admonish me for the lack of pyrotechnics in the latest script. Hey, Wray, come talk to me once you've read Incursion I and II.
Downtime between campaigns.
Downtime between campaigns.
The calm before the storm.
The calm before the storm.
And ready for action.
And ready for action.

55 thoughts on “September 15, 2009: A Public Retraction! Making Carl Cry! Comic Book Project Update! And A Little Bit of Desert Storm in Vancouver!

  1. Joe,

    How is it that the space suits from the Destiny shown in the pictures you have posted resemble greatly the lost tribe exoskeleton? Are they in any way connected.


  2. What? People actually go to Comic Con to promote comic books? I thought it was just for Movies and Tv shows? That’s all the media ever tells about it. Just kidding.

  3. I don’t suppose I should mention I’ve yet to see Pocahontas. And I’d suggest that “everyone loves” refers to a box office success(thus accounting for the endless Sandler movies) or one which were considered artistic successes(most of the December release movies, and movies like Brokeback Mountain). The whole topic is ripe for delving into, from which movies do belong in everyone hates/everyone loves, to are sci fi fans more discerning in their tastes.
    Looking forward to hearing of further progress on your project with the comic book. Any chance you’d consider doing a Dragon Con as well as a Comic Con? That would allow you to promote your works on both coasts, and allow more fans to see and hear you.
    Nice pics. How many fans would pay for Mr. Stofer’s job….it’s funny that for all the promotion and publicity, I still think of SGU as a project still in development for some future time, rather than a show that’s already filmed its first half season, and is preparing to premiere in a few weeks. I’ll be able to catch the opening, but looks like I’ll have to trust to luck to let me watch the three after that.
    Thanks for the updates. And any movies that the other writers put in the hate catagory that you disagreed with?

  4. I’m curious about your comic Joe. Do you have any ideas on what the art will look like, or is that sort of something that will come later?

  5. Read between the lines of the stuff written by the actual Capt. John Smith (Mr. Pocahontas) sometime. He was eloquent, but he had some screws loose if he believed the natives were transfixed by his learned explanations in ENGLISH at their FIRST MEETING.

  6. Hey Joe,

    I liked your list. I do feel bad for Carl and the “Pocahontas” comment. Never easy to take someones personal negative view of your work. oops Outright hate….hehehe

    I LOVED every moment of Pocahontas. The music was so moving, and the story so sweet. The blend of written word, actor voices, art and music made something that enlightened the soul. I can’t help but think the person who hated the movie is the one who loses out. I saw the movie in the theater, bought the video and still need to buy the DVD.

    Congratulations! You caused quite a stir. Isn’t that what writers try to do? You just don’t have control over our words…now wait…you do moderate…heheehehe

    It was a fun blog as is this one. You never disappoint.

    Best to you Joe,

    P.S. Just in case I didn’t say it enough, I loved Lenic’s Q&A.

  7. Poor Carl!! Hahaha.

    Good luck with the call! I’m very excited for it to get the full go and to hear more details!

    Thanks for the pictures, too.

  8. If it makes Carl feel any better, I loved Pocahontas. I wanted to be Pocahontas. I named one of my parakeets Flit and had two goldfish named Pocahontas and Nakoma (her friend in the movie). I had the “How to Draw” book, a cardboard cutout from a supermarket, the calendar, the Happy Meal toys, and so on. Pocahontas was one of the last good Disney movies if you ask me.

  9. So I suppose this wouldn’t be the time to mention that the for the first 300 or so viewings Pocahontas was ‘cute’ but now that I can recite it in my sleep its not so cute?

  10. Ever since I took a college course on the history of film, it’s hard for me to argue about movies. At the time, I argued vehemently with one of my best friends about several of the movies we watched. Neither of us changed our minds about anything. Obviously, there’s so much that’s just subjective, even among people who are in the business (or who are highly observant and ardent fans of film) and catch a lot of things that someone like me will miss. And disagree about them. (I used to wonder if Siskel & Ebert would get into a real smackdown during one review or another.)

    If I could, I would share my chocolate ice cream with Carl. I only bought a pint, and there’s only half of it left, and maybe he’s not that big on ice cream anyway; but the thought’s still there. I loved Annie Hall. I’ve only seen part of Pocahontas – was babysitting, and the parents came home halfway through – but enjoyed what I saw, and I think I should watch it all the way through. — Of course I’m keeping in mind that John Lenic confirmed your abilities as a story-spinner, but still. I know that writers can stay incredibly attached to their work, even though their stories have to run the gauntlet of criticism.

    – Thinking of disappointing finales, I nearly turned off the Raiders’ game with three minutes left to play. I kinda wish I had. Maybe I would’ve slept better.

    Looking forward to the January (?) release of Lou Anders’s anthology with your story, and to finding out what’s at the heart of your and Paul Mullie’s project.

  11. Gilder – I’m very sorry. Condolences to you and your husband, and all your family.

  12. Hey Joe,

    School started last week, so things have been a little…wonko. It’s my brother’s first year at UBC (he’s starting Engineering), and we’ve been having some frustrating issues with UBC. Sometimes I think it’s worse when people (or certain services) seem like they know what they’re doing when they discuss things, but then when it comes down to actually *doing* something for you, they don’t do squat. Although the fact that UBC is *huge* probably doesn’t help…

    Loved the “family portrait” (aw hell, I love all the dog pictures).
    Hope they’re all doing well!

  13. Hey remember that blog everyone was writing in about their worst fears? Well yesterday I cracked my already chipped tooth on a peanut butter sandwich. The crack is so deep I have exposed roots. So tomorrow I go under the knife for a tooth extraction. I’m pretty scared. Man I hate dentist visits.

  14. Just watched the redone Children of the Gods and I have to say Brad did a bang up job on it, give my congratulations to him please.

    All the small changes added up to a much better program, from the genetalia inside gag to the remastering and larger changes of the entire score – wow , that was so much better and far less intrusive than in the original. Top stuff.

    As for Annie Hall, well, Woody Allen films may be ok as long as he isn’t in them., The whiney neurotic character he always plays grates badly

    The Spider Man series didn’t do it for me, I also didn’t like Blade Runner which is odd as I love my sci fi usually. Forrest Gump is another nasty – best picture over Shawshank – grumble….

    I enjoyed Seven but thought Brads acting in the head in the box scene was, um, disappointing to be kind. Didn’t worry me that he killed his wife particularly.

    I didn’t like Shrek, Mikes false Scottish accent is sooo horrible it ruined the movie for me.

  15. Poor Carl! I never knew he had in Pocahontas. I thought it was a wonderful movie and since my husband is Indian, its nice for our kids to have a positive and strong role model. Though my husband will bring up the fact that Disney mucked up everything related to Indians, I ignore him. My girls and I enjoyed the movie, so let Carl know, please? And after looking him on IMDB, I found several other shows and movies he had a hand in that I enjoyed and not just Stargate ones.

    Can’t wait for the comic to come out! And thank you for all the pictures you post on your blog. I love the BTS stuff and it has been helping to create more of an interest for me with SGU. That and following Ming Na on Twitter. She’s been a favorite of mine for a long time.

  16. Hey Joe!

    Will you kindly tell Mr. Binder I’ve never seen Annie Hall? I’d be more than happy to watch it with him, though. I do have netflix and really am trying to watch *those movies* that I *should* have watched.

    And Pocohontas was a good movie. Although I wished instead of a raccoon they’d picked a squirrel for her sidekick. I mean… how great would it be for me to walk into the Disney store and be able to buy a squirrel stuffy? Squirrel stuffies, good ones, anyway, are hard to find.

    FYI: I have never seen Top Gun. I’m sure I would hate it. I never, ever liked Tom Cruise anyway.

    And did Titanic make that list? Because, really?! THREE HOURS of my life I will NEVER get back!

    Horray on the comic book front! I’m excited to get into my first comic book series! 😀


    @Narelle: Ooooo! Tahiti! I loooove this idea! I’ve never been there but the pictures I’ve seen are gorgeous. I’ll bring ADB and the rum!

    @Gilder: I’m so sorry! You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. Let me get this off my chest first – shame on whoever made Carl cry. Pocahontas may not be Disney’s best, but it is still a very nice movie. Carl did good there.

    The other thing I wanted to mention/ask: Joe, you don’t by any chance write under the alias of Frank Lesser as well, do you? Check this out; it reminded me very much of your style: http://www.slate.com/id/2217743/

    And if it wasn’t you/Cookie Monster or any other family member – are you sure, there are no half brothers of yours out there? 😉

  18. Belouchi wrote:


    How is it that the space suits from the Destiny shown in the pictures you have posted resemble greatly the lost tribe exoskeleton? Are they in any way connected.


    I’m guessing but here goes. The rogue Asgard had Ancient ships so the suits could be something they found on one and not something they developed from their own technology. Destiny is an Ancient ship so could be supplied with same.

    Am I right, Mr. M?

    Anne Teldy (August is past and September is half over and no script page.)

  19. HELLO!
    Its been many many months since ive visited (yes shame on me)
    I saw an ad for SGU on the Australian SciFi (its still scifi here) and was
    1. wondering why we were getting a show without waiting a year and
    2. why I forgot about my SG obsession.

    So im back and have ALOT to catch up on I see, but I did check out the SGU trailor and may I say you guys have outdone yourself! I was practically squealing 🙂

    Oh and your making a comic COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I will buy it for sure ^^

  20. What IS that fog made out of? Surely not CO2 as you’d have deeed crew and cast on hand… steam??

    I give up.

  21. Gilder: We’ve recently been there….Prayers going to you and your family.


  22. Mom-in-law passed early this AM, Wed. 16 Sep. Thanks for your support. Hardest part is over.

  23. Awww…man. Now I feel sorry for bustin’ on all of Carl’s Atlantis episodes. Who knew he was so sensitive!

    *reads Carl’s IMDb profile*

    Awww…man. Other than Atlantis, I haven’t seen anything else Carl’s worked on.

    Sorry, dude. Hey, if it counts for anything, Carl does have a nice smile. 🙂


  24. @ Gilder – I am so sorry! My deepest sympathies. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. {{{hugs}}}


  25. Bonjour Joseph!…..désolé je passe rapidement car j’ai eu une longue journée et ce n’est pas finit! …juste pour vous dire que je pense trés fort à vous ♥

    Bisou bisou!

  26. If it makes Carl feel better, my roommates and I watched Pocahontas Monday night. Not for the first time, I might add. We could all pretty much speak the dialogue with the characters since we’ve all seen it so much.

  27. Hey Joe can I get one of those SGU press kits? or at the least where can I get a poster of Brian in that running pose, it’s very bourne-esque. Not only is it a cool poster but the Lt. Scott character has already emerged as one of my favorites, and Brian looks like he will do a great job playing it. seriously I want that poster!! maybe even autographed?

    oh and something of not as important interest, happy birthday! I sent you something cool, I know your gonna love it, you should be getting it on Friday.

  28. celebrating wedding anniversary today alone. i think i’ll make myself a cake, LOL

    Joe, enjoyed the pics, thanks.

  29. Any chance “Train to Kazan” could be “Book of the week”?
    It’s written by Stephen Miller, who made a guest appearance on Stargate Atlantis as “Dr. Richard Poole”. Maybe Mr. Miller could also answer a few questions?

    Just a thought.

  30. So sorry to have ruined Carl’s day with my disdain for Annie Hall. Just liked Woody Allen better when he was actually funny.

    On the upside I did like Pochahontas.

  31. The Top Gun movie was only watchable ONCE. The totally un-realistic aerial scenes was extremely painful to go through. The worst part of the movie was the the catapult failure scene. IIRC there is 4 separate steam catapult systems on a USN carrier. Will not get into the idiotic notions on how a radar system actually works. Me and my friends think it’s nothing more than a recruiting film for the USN at the time.

    Well it’s 23 years since the Top Gun movie debut and 2 years after the F14 fighter is retire from USN service. It will be interesting if the current remaining operator of the F14 will see any action in the near future. Yes, I am talking about the Iranian Islamic Republic Air Force. Maybe the Phoenix missile or it’s clone will be fully tested.

    In the meantime the US government is spending big bucks on shredding the remaining F14 airframes so the Iranians could not get hold of them!?

  32. @Gilder Hugs for you and yours. Never easy to lose a loved one. I’ve been dealing with more of that than I care to right now.

    Pocahontas? I’m divided. The history major in me screams in writhing horror at it.

    @Trish… I was called “Squirrel” once upon a time, so I have a few “stuffies”. I like Steiff, but can’t remember my little guy’s name, he isn’t a Perri or a Possy or a Kecki!

  33. Sorry, I looked to see if it was the cartoon Pocahontas.. it was. Sexist and awful. She was a strong proud capable woman that the cartoon diminished in dreadful ways. I hated it. Not that I think Carl gives a flying fig one way or the other. But then, women on stargate have not always been the strong point there either. Oh yeah, and the only Jewish character I can recall was made a nebbishy scientist who got whacked. Oh well, can’t have everything I suppose.

  34. until carl accepts Moulin Rouge as amazing, he deserved the pain that is people hating Pochahantas. Or however you spell it.

  35. @Carl Binder: You’re feeling better? Good! Don’t let those meanies make you cry again. 😉

    @maggiemayday: Small world then. 😆 I am wondering if your stuffie is named Joe, Marty or Carl maybe?

  36. @Glider, My thoughts are with you. I lost my MIL in Feb. – she was a jewel, and 20 years ago TODAY, i lost my mother. I was 28 and my twins were only 9 months old. Today is always a little sad, even 20 years later. I’m thinking of you. Sheryl

  37. @Gilder. My deepest sympathies and condolences. I know its a hard time but as trite as it sounds, time will heal some, if not all, the pain. Just make sure to take care of yourself over the next couple of weeks. Nothing worse than getting ill at such a time.

    Ok, for the Titanic haters. I admit to watching the movie seven times in the theater. But please understand, I’m a Titanic buff. The first viewing the storyline was irriating and distracting. But over repeated viewings I understood why the story was written the way it does. It was to allow the real star of the show, the ship itself, to shine. And I love to nitpick and oohh ahh even today. But I do understand how it could make so many peoples’ list.

  38. DC wrote: “Pocahontas was one of the last good Disney movies if you ask me.”

    There are a lot of annoying things about the Disney company, but I think they are holding the line for good writing with iCarly and feature-length movies.

    @Gilder: Sorry for your loss.

  39. I couldn’t stand Pocahontas either, but it wasn’t Carl’s fault. I was a history major, so the storyline in general made me crazy, when I wasn’t ranting about her off-the-shoulder mini-dress. I tried to watch it twice, telling myself it was Disney, for heaven’s sake, not a documentary, but it didn’t help. If it makes Carl feel any better, I’ve never been able to get past the first few minutes of Richard III, either.

    Apparently I’m okay with wormholes and people in another galaxy speaking English, but don’t mess with my history!

  40. I didn’t even like Pocahontas as a kid. I was like 11 at the time and the buzz in the school lot was that in reality Pocahontas had been like 12 and John Smith was like 30+ which was about the age of a male teacher of ours who taught sports. So I took a look at him, tried very hard to imagine kissing him and then the idea really grossed me out profusely (can you tell it wasn’t a favourite teacher of mine?) and that really ruined Pocahontas for me.

    But then I also felt sorry for the evil lady in 101 dalmatiers. I really identified with her for some reason. Now I identify with Wraith Queens and have a Hyves profile in that name (Wraith Queen on Hyves, get it?… It’s kinda like Facebook, only funnier sounding).

    So Joe – if I was looking to get all obsessed about a slim, caucasian, gun-wielding, broody/reserved guy with preferably lots of chest hair on Universe… Who’d you recommend? (All listed are requirements, sorry, just the type I dig in movies).

  41. Crazymom1: Too funny! Yes, I’m ok with wormholes and other galaxies too. I liked the way Farscape had the translation vaccine.

    Toy Story was one movie my son watched over and over. It was such a good cartoon, I did enjoy it very much myself.
    Pocahontas was a “chick flick” to him, so I only watched it once. Didn’t it have scenes with her in a ball gown or something? My grandmother was American Indian, so I remember feeling insulted by her clothes. I just kept thinking “Don’t marry the Gringo!”.

    Gilder: So sorry for your loss. I hope the funeral goes ok and you have no family drama to contend with. It’s always easier when everyone gets along. We will be praying for you.


  42. Feel free to inform Carl that Pocahontas was actually my favorite Disney movie when I was little, and seriously made me sad that I wasn’t a Native American princess. I was always so sad that she was left off a lot of the “Disney Princess” stuff just because her image didn’t look as good next to the glamorous European-looking princesses.

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