I completely forgot I have dinner reservations tonight.  I’m off to Fuel to eat a roast suckling pig.  But, before I go – since you asked (well, someone asked anyway) – I leave you with my list of The Top Ten Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved…

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)
The Last Boy Scout:

Forget NFL highlights.  This movie opens with one of the most spectacular touchdowns ever committed to film.  A fantastic buddy action flick.

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)
Road Trip:

Not to be confused with the low brow, gross-out humor of various other teen comedies – well, okay, it’s occasionally low-brow and gross-out but, unlike most teen comedies, it has a lot of heart.  And, oh yeah.  It’s very funny.  You may never order French toast in a restaurant again.

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)

Forget Braveheart, this is Mel Gibson’s masterpiece.  Just a wild, violent, over-the-top ride that I’m sure Tarantino wishes he’d directed.  Oh, and Lucy Liu in her most memorable performance to date.

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)
Point Break

I have to admit, I’m not a huge Keanu Reeves fan, but he is perfect here as a surfer dude – uh, FBI agent doing a perfect imitation of a surfer dude in order to get the goods on a bank robber played by the late Patrick Swayze.

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)
Office Space

For anyone who has ever worked in an office, this movie says it all.  From passive-aggressive bosses to faulty photocopiers, it is one of the truest films ever made.

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)

One the surface, it appears to be another silly teen comedy but, in reality, it’s incredibly clever and downright hilarious.

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)
The Hangover:

 I’d heard this movie talked up so much that I was fully prepared to either hate it or, at the very least, come away disappointed.  Instead – I loved it!  Special mention should be made of Ken Jeong as the trash-talking Mr. Chow.

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)

 Okay, granted, the sequels and the series were, uh, less than stellar, but the original is an SF classic.  Clarence Boddicker = Best Villain Ever!

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)
Better Off Dead:

 Utter lunacy prevails!  For everyone who has experienced the heartbreak of being dumped, worked in a crappy fast food joint, and sought to win the love of a French foreign exchange student by winning a ski competition against some guy called Stalin, this movie will speak to your very soul.  Otherwise, it’s  still pretty damn funny.   A comedy well ahead of its time.

The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)

What list of guilty pleasures would be complete without at least one obscure foreign horror film.  Unlike the Asian horror movies like Ringu, Ju-on, or The Grudge, this one is less recognized because, quite frankly, it’s so damn weird.  The inhabitants of a remote seaside community begin to exhibit strange behaviors and physical transformations, the result of a bizarre obsession with spirals.  Based on Junji Ito’s three-volume Japanese manga.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Gilder.


Belouchi writes: “How is it that the space suits from the Destiny shown in the pictures you have posted resemble greatly the lost tribe exoskeleton? Are they in any way connected.”

Answer: Well, hey, now that you mention it – yeah, they do look remarkably similar.  In fact, if I was a betting man, I’d wager that the Dark Asgard suits are a modified version of the Ancient space suit.  Wonder what’s going on there.

Cody writes: “Do you have any ideas on what the art will look like, or is that sort of something that will come later?”

Answer: We have yet to discuss that aspect of the series.

Airelle writes: “How are the pups doing? Brie all healed and Jelly, feeling better? Who is the boss, most days in the posse? Maximus?”

Answer: Definitely not Maximus (pictured in the banner).  He is the most easy-going of all the dogs and the one who gets picked on all the time. All of the gals are super bitches but I’d call Jelly the big boss.

Madwelshboy writes: “What episode is currently filming? What will be filming next?”

Answer: Shooting Lost.  Next up, Subversion.

Kevin Roberts writes: “I was wondering if there will be a Stargate Atlantis: The Ultimate Visual Guide?”

Answer: No idea.  Sorry.

Vvv0472 writes: “Do you watch True Blood?”

Answer: Nope.  Only saw the first three episodes.

Pastrygirl writes: “What is an address we could use for you if we had an entry for Weird Food Purchase, perchance?”

Answer: 2400 Boundary Road, Burnaby, B.C. V5M 3Z3

Joe Julians writes: “After the pilot does the show go into some shocking and dark places? As in not afraid to take risks with regards to the story?”

Answer: We certainly do – to the point that it engendered some fairly heated discussions in the writing room.

E writes: “Is SGU S1 gonna have so-called clip show ep? Like SG-1 had “Politics” and SGA “Letters from Pegasus”?”

Answer: Nope.  Sorry, all you clip show-lovers.

Iamjohn writes: “Joe do you have any specific plans for what you’re going to do for the day of the premier or day after? I’m assuming your planning to do something out of the ordinary?”

Answer: Not really.  I’ll do a work-out.  Check my blog.  Maybe go out for dim sum.

Juralas writes: “SGU will air in tandem on the SPACE Channel in Canada with Syfy in the States, but that wasn’t the case for Atlantis or SG-1. Have you ever heard complaints around the set that the cast or crew (many of whom are Canadian) aren’t able to watch the episodes? Who is able to watch dailies? What are “dailies”?”

Answer: Nope, no complaints.  As for dailies — they are scenes that were shot the previous day.

Iamjohn writes: “Hey Joe- Any reaction to [the SFX review]? I’m sure you disagree with their description of your characters as too flat- what aren’t they seeing?”

Answer: Right after the New Mexico shoot, Rob and I watched a cut of Air III with our wives.  Both of them absolutely LOVED the Greer character.  I guess it all comes down to a matter of personal taste.

Luis writes: “Do Pug’s shed a lot of Hair???? How often do you brush them???? “

Answer: The fawn pugs do shed a fair amount, especially in the Summer.  I try to brush them every couple of weeks.  Either that or give them a vigorous pet.

Herbertsommerfeld writes: “Enjoy the Goldman interviews.”

Answer: Oh, that was you.  Thanks!

JimFromJersey writes: “Why does Carl have a pretty little frilly-dressed doll on his bookshelf?”

Answer: It was sent in by a fan and ended up in my office.  I found it creepy and gifted it to Carl who evidently found it creepy as well.  The eyes follow you.

Ytimyona writes: “In Metamorphosis, Jonas is flirting with a young Lt. Rush. Related at all to Dr. Nicholas Rush?”

Answer: Nope, no relation.

Spencer Schleicher writes: “By the way, since you didn’t like Death Proof, what did you think of Planet Terror?”

Answer: I didn’t mind Planet Terror.  I thought it did a great job of capturing that sense of campy B horror.

Shiloh42 writes: “On another note: after Saturday’s College Football, and changes? Any love for my Trojans????”

Answer: Call came over to watch the game and I watched Carl almost suffer a heart attack.  Good fun.

Sclairef99 writes: “Anyway – Joe M – any feedback on Warehouse 13?”

Answer: Haven’t seen it.

Teal’c_P.I. writes: “I’ve seen quite a few cartoons with your name on them lately: The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Animal Crackers, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures, etc. Could you possibly let me know which one (if any) was the most fun to work on?”

Answer: I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Animal Crackers – and it’s wild cast of characters: Lyle Lion, Gnu the gnu, Dodo, and the elephant Eugene.

66 thoughts on “The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures)

  1. DangitDangitDANGIT!! Had I known you were doing a mailbag (you really should warn us), I would have asked you about your comic book project.

    I’ll ask anyway…

    If and when you get a definite go on it, will you be able to share what publisher will be handling it, and what the basic scenario will be? And how soon before you know what artist will be put on it?

    And if it falls through, will you try to pitch it to another publisher?

    Oh. And any angsty albinos in it???! 😀

    Thankies, sir!


  2. I really liked Robocop too!
    I think my favorite movie that is kind of a strange choice has got to be Escape From New York.
    For some reason Snake Plisskin (sp?) is soooo cool!
    PS – Just found out that Martin Gero will be doing the Creation con in LA this fall, got anything we should ask him at his talk?

  3. This topic came up under the subject “Guilty Pleasures” in an on-line group I follow.

    Of course, I had to post Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. (for the first half)

    Other people sounded way smarter in their posts.

    Oh, yeah, Office Space. I worked at a place that had real TPS coversheets that hadn’t been revised since the 60s. There were so many oh, oh, oh, that’s so true scenes in that movie.

    I can barely look at that Uzumaki DVD art. It scrambles my brains. Oh, no, I have a photographic memory. It’s going to be a rough night.

    Somebody help! Post the coolest image you’ve ever seen on the web. I have to get that DVD cover out of my head.

  4. Mmmm guilty pleasures:

    Ocean’s Eleven~Loved it! It’s a real “ride” of a movie. And it also has a special place in my heart for a different reason: the first commentary I ever listened to was Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Andy Garcia on this movie. Highly recommend the commentary (you can buy the DVD for $2-5 at Wal-Mart!)!

    A Knight’s Tale~So they didn’t have rock ‘n’ roll back then… who cares? I love this movie to bits! Highly quotable as well! 😉

    Finding Nemo~No, I don’t love this movie in an “aww, how cute to show your kids or to rediscover your childhood” way. I love it for everything it’s about. And quite possibly mostly because I love the way Ellen voices Dory.

    The legit Disney animated classics~From Mulan to Pocahontas to Alladin to The Lion King, every Disney movie that was animated by people drawing and coloring stuff all day (and not computers) is just awesome. The music is awesome as well. Some are cheezy, but they will always have a special place on my “favorite movies not to tell potential boyfriends about” list. I think I just have a soft spot for kids movies. 😀

    Jurassic Park~The book was WAYYY better. But I LOVE this movie anyways, in spite of the way people groan when you mention the franchise. (Loved the ride at Universal too!)

    I loved Spirited Away because it was so different than what I was used to, but that’s not a guilty pleasure so much as a movie people would be surprised to find out that I loved, let alone saw. (I only saw it because we won a free rental at a movie store and the guy at the counter was kind of cute and recommended it to me and it’s not like I was going to say “No I hate Japanese films” so I took it… and I’m glad I did!)

    RANDOM OUT OF PLACE QUESTION FOR CARL BINDER: Did you write any of the lyrics to the songs in Pocahontas as well, or just the story/script? Both are awesome, but if you had input into the songs, I may have to worship you, so….yanno, just wondering…

    Can’t wait for October 2nd! I’m running a 10k the Saturday before, and SGU will be my motivation to finish!

    Grrr so I need to go back to programming my stupid video poker game with java. Who invented poker anyways? It doesn’t make sense to me… why do people bet money on this again?

  5. Oh, the movies. Forgot.

    I really like Point Break, too. Good flick. Hubby LOVES Better Off Dead – it has very special meaning to him, especially the skiing bit.

    The only movie that holds special meaning to me…you know, the stort that really hits close to home…is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I had a friend who lived in a situation very much like that, in a house very much like that. I always wondered what became of him.

    Okay, my guilty pleasures. I’m tired and I can’t think, but I do know of few movies people might be surprised I love:

    Mother Lode (1982 – Charlton Heston; Nick Mancuso; Kim Basinger)

    Runaway (1984 – Tom Selleck; Gene Simmons; Kirstie Alley)

    Eyes of Laura Mars (1978 – Faye Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jones)

    See No Evil (a.k.a. Blind Terror – 1971 – Mia Farrow)

    I have a lot of other guilty pleasures – movies that didn’t get rave reviews but I loved, like Wild Hogs, Mystery Men, The Incredible Hulk, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hellboy II…but I think – with my lousy taste in both comedies and action flicks, those are pretty predictable choices on my part. 😛

    Oh, and I like all the Hope/Crosby road pictures, too., and anything with the Bowery Boys/Dead End Kids. 😀


  6. I watched Carl almost suffer a heart attack. Good fun.

    We had a 911 call Sunday from someone who was worried because there had been yelling and loud noises coming from their neighbors’ apartment for a couple of hours, and someone yelling, “Stop, stop! No, no, no!” Officers went to check it out…they had been watching the football game.

  7. Hey Joe 🙂 Have you had a chance to check out Warehouse 13 yet? And if so, what do you think of it?

  8. Good Evening Joe,
    Hope you have a terrific dinner at Fuel. My Olive Garden won’t quite stand up, but it’s all in the company you keep!

    Enjoyed a couple of your guilty pleasure movies. Mel Gibson in just about anything is fine by me. Enjoyed Robocop, although not too many others I know did. Clueless was good too. Have heard great things about The Hangover. Will have to see it soon.

    Have you ever listed your favorite classics? I.e. Gone with the Wind, etc. Don’t remember seeing it.

    Just finished Glee. Another good episode. I am really enjoying it.

    Great Q&A from John Lenic. Very informative!

    Have a good night.
    Patty O

  9. So here I am flipping thru the channels and I come across Glee. Since it was highly recommended I give it a try… I said ok I’ll give it a try and then I realize… it’s almost over. But in the few short minutes I saw it… was that Josh Grobin???? He also did Alley McBeal, I guess one has to start somewhere.
    So I will set my DVR to record next week and give it a fair shot.

    Another vocalist similar to Josh Grobin, Russel Watson is awesome – he sang the theme song to Star Trek Enterprise. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years ago and has made a full recovery – http://www.russell-watson.com . His story is an inspiration.

  10. How could you possibly forget a reservation To Fuel, of all places? It’s hard to imagine a lifestyle where eating there is so common and blase that you’d almost miss a dinner.
    Sorry, I just can’t see Payback as a good movie. It had its moments, admittedly, but I got tired of Gibson’s chracter’s odd sense of honor. Only an idiot would take the beatings he did and not grab all the cash he could.
    Facing an aweful moral dilemna. Picked up a stray pooch this afternoon, too late to drop off at the pound. Dehydrated(though it was pouring rain) but otherwise fairly healthy. I’ve even avoided giving her a name. But damn, I really hate having to give her up. Looks to be half pit bull/half lab, with all the best qualities of each breed that I can see. She’s never seen a television apparantly. But I did notice that she stared rather intently, after getting over the barking stage, at the Atlantis characters, Sheppard in particular. Maybe I can check at work and find her a place… sorry for the digression. Thanks for the mailbag and the latest movie list. How about a most incomprehensible list? Those movies that you watch and you just go “huh?” when its over.

  11. I think my “guilty pleasure” has got to be Love Actually. Or, in fact, pretty much every Hugh Grant film ever made. I know a lot of people hate them, see them as “chick flicks” and the like… but they’re easy watching, require minimal brain power, and are usually fairly enjoyable.

  12. I don’t remember much of anything from “The Last Boy Scout” except for the beginning. You don’t see that football play much.

  13. Uzumaki? Hnnn, really???? Well, I’d say that this indeed proves true your post title of The Top 10 Movies You May Be Surprised I Loved (or Guilty Pleasures).

  14. Office Space is one of my all-time favorite movies — not a guilty pleasure so much as an athem. I often mumble to myself in the passive voice like Milton: “I was told I it was to be done this way” or whatever is appropriate. Oh, and not to leave out the waitress’s (Jennifer Aniston’s) pieces of “flair,” the buttons and crap she had to wear on her uniform.

    I like all the other ones you listed that I’ve seen. Point Break was great for what it was.

    If it’s not too late to mention ones I hated that were hits: Kill Bill tops my list for the most incredibly drawn-out, pretentious dialog of all time. No wonder David Carridine… ha.

  15. I agree completely “Office Space” is one of the truest movies ever. Though not every work environment is like that; the ones that are are like a truly special kind of hell. A hell where creative and innovative thought go to die. Oppressed at the hands of the jaded and/or egotistical. Where those who can’t see beyond their own noses ruin those who are trying to accomplish something good… Anyways… yeah it’s a good movie.

    BTW that cross fit thing John Lenic’s mentioned is really hard. Every part of me is weakened right now. Or perhaps it’s just me and my current lack of athleticism.

  16. OT: Thanks to all for your support. Plans coming together for a Saturday funeral, including at least two out-of-state relatives flying in.

    “Have you ever heard complaints around the set that the cast or crew (many of whom are Canadian) aren’t able to watch the episodes?”

    “Answer: Nope, no complaints.”

    I suspect the cast and crew would feel about this as Don S. Davis felt about playing Santa Claus. He told me, “I don’t wear a costume unless I’m paid for it.” *grin*

  17. Oh no, The Hangover made your love list, too? I really am the only person I know who disliked that film…

  18. Just read yesterday’s post. I just wanted to put in that I, too, hated Annie Hall. It’s made me quite uninterested in seeing any of Woody Allen’s other movies.

  19. Office Space and Point Break. Maybe you could survive a night at our house after all Joe. How are you at playing pool?

    My Husband received instant acceptance by my Brother when they sat down and started quoting Point Break. What? Expected them to recite Macbeth?

    As for Top Gun and Tom Cruise. The man has always given me the heeby jeebies. When he smiles, his eyes are blank. I see no soul. That scares me.

    Caught up with Mum and Dad and was asking how their 46th wedding anniversary lunch went out at De Bortolli wines nearby. They started explaining to me how the GPS had sent them down a dirt road through where all the fires had been earlier this year. I thought that was strange as the same thing happened to my friend and I a couple of months ago when we went. Mum said, “Must happen a bit. We got about 300m down the road and there was a big hand-written sign that said, “Your GPS is wrong. You need to do a U-Turn before this road turns into a dead end.” The sign wasn’t there when I was there, but you definitely hit a dead end and have to do a U-turn in someone’s driveway. I’m guessing the same person that put up the sign.

    Gilder – Thinking of your family.

    Trish – Sounds like a plan. Things we’ll do to watch a movie hey?

  20. Since I have made a grown man cry (cue evil laughter) I’m a smidgen drunk with power, okay maybe just a bit tipsy. Here is my list of movies I liked that he may now mock at will.

    1. The Sea is Watching
    2. Marie Antoinette (please, could I have the wardrobe? Okay how about just the fans?
    3. A Muppet Christmas Carol ‘…and no cheeses for us meeces!’
    4. Any and all of the old Sinbad, stop gap animated monster movies.
    5. Kamasutra
    6. Enemy of the State
    7. Mystery Men (yeah, I know but) ‘Junk it!’
    8. The Chronicles of Riddick
    9. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    10. Tremors

  21. Seen Point Break and Clueless. Loved both Keanu and of course the late Patrick Swayze in this movie. Still sad to realized that he is gone.

  22. I’m one of those who loved “Moulin Rogue”, a delightful frou frou movie that I could warble with. Plus Ewan McGregor wasn’t hard to look at.

    I also loved “Pocahantas”. I don’t think people appreciate how tough it is to write a family animated film that has to appeal to both kids and adults. Carl did a great job. All my life I’ve been interested in Native American cultures, and although I agree it was inaccurate in some ways, it’s impossible to cover all the history in a 90 minute family film. I think most importantly Carl was able to introduced young people to Indian culture in a very positive way. And I warbled with this one too.

    Then there was “Thelma & Louise”. I hated this movie. Ridley Scott took a great original script from Callie Khouri and turned it into a guy buddy film with boobs. Every plot point hinged on Thelma doing the most stupid and inane things. Louise should have thrown Thelma off the cliff, jumped in the car, and speed off with a dust plume fading to the horizon, and freedom from the worst ending in movie history.

    I’m with you about “Office Space”, “Payback”, and “Point Break” (after seeing the play “Forbidden Hollywood” years ago, Reeves will forever be Keanunu). I’d also add “The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain” (whew, long title, but really sweet film), and “A Clear and Present Danger”. Harrison Ford isn’t hard to look at either.

    @Gilder I can only image how heartbreaking it must have been for your family. My sincerest sympathy to you and your loved ones for your loss.

  23. Thanks for the address, Joe. Will be mailing you oddities next week sometime, I am overrun with cake orders this week. But not so overrun that I don’t have time for movie lists….

    I agree on Robocop, Clueless, and Office Space – either didn’t like or haven’t seen the rest…. My guilty pleasures?
    Movie musicals – I have to watch Sound of Music, Oklahoma etc. whenever they are on. And I know you hated it, but I really liked Moulin Rouge. When they know and play on the fact that the whole thing is campy from the start, that’s much better in my opinion than the movies that want to be taken seriously and are laughably bad.


  24. Guilty pleasure film: ROAD HOUSE (Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Sam Ross?, Kevin Tighe et al.)

    Guilty pleasure SciFi Saturday movies: The last two that Don Davis was in. Too tired to look them up at the moment. Oh, and the “super Nazi” one where Corin Nemec drawls to a subordinate, “Private Parker Lewis, we meet at last.”

  25. The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures
    I was trying to work out why this sounded familiar. Then I remembered we did the City Mouse meets the Country Mouse as a Song and Dance when I was about 6. And of course, there’s a team photo of us all dressed up at my parents place.

    I had to think about guilty pleasure movies. Immortal Beloved would be up there. Oh my. I’m not a chick flick girl, but I’m definitely a Beethoven girl. And I cry so horribly every time I watch it. Hell, I read a transcript of the last part of the movie or hear certain pieces of his music and I cry. I grew up dancing to classical music, but often didn’t know the composer. When I was old enough to learn, it made me realise I’d always loved Beethoven. If anything I’m glad I learnt about a composer’s music before knowing their name. Means you don’t automatically like something just because it’s from Composer X, you fall for the music.

  26. Hey Joe, ever seen “Payback: Straight Up – The Director’s Cut”?

    I am one of the few people I know that even remembers the original Payback, let alone likes it. When I heard about the director’s cut coming out a few years back, I thought “Oh great…a director’s cut that will add all of maybe five minutes to the movie.” Boy was I wrong!

    The director’s cut is drastically different from the original. We are talking different characters, different locations, different ending, etc. I know a gentleman who teaches a screenwriting class, and he LOVES the two versions of this film because they let him show his students just how different a studio’s “vision” for a film can be when compared to the director’s “vision” for it.

    Oddly, the director’s cut seems to be the only version carried in most brick and mortar stores these days. My screenwriter friend was ecstatic when I gave him my copy of the original version of Payback, because when he picked up the director’s cut (as opposed to the original version he thought he was buying) to show it to a class, it was so different he thought he had somehow completely forgotten the plot of the movie over the years.

  27. Shameless admiration of low-brow / low-profile movies? Yep.

    In no particular order:

    The Blues Brothers
    Blues Brothers 2000
    The Girl Power duo…
    Clueless (ditto on that one)
    Legally Blonde (but 2nd movie, so-so)
    Smoky and the Bandit (reminds me of Dad, who likes it)
    Better Off Dead (that’s a ditto)
    Say Anything (yes there’s a trend here)
    John Cusack’s angsty performances in chick flicks: hysterical
    America’s Sweethearts
    Must Love Dogs
    The Lake House (oh stop, lol…)
    Sweet November (Keanu again)
    The Princess Bride
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    Melissa, Ditto on the Muppet Movies. Was in a Muppet troupe for four years in jr./sr. high.

    @ Joe, Richard Scarry was one of my favorite children’s illustrators as a kid. Loved the book with the pictures of BIG things cut in half. It explained how things work. Wish they would update it. He is gone, but his son is an illustrator, too. I’d buy it if they published a re-make.

  28. Hey Joe,

    I am looking forward to the pictures from dinner. Sounds interesting.

    I like all the films you choose, but I guess they wouldn’t be my top ten. I have a problem with favorites. I love so many that emotionally reach out and grab me at different times.

    Give the pups a squish…

    Best to you Joe,

    PS I have the new SGU persona. It looks great but all my little buttons on top are gone. Button, button, who got the botton….grrrr I guess I’ll find them eventually. lol

  29. I can’t believe I’ve actually seen most of those movies. I was never a Cyndy Lauper fan, but maybe now I’m actually turning into her, and just wanna have fun. – I really need a good conversation with Yoda.

    I haven’t watched very many action-focused guy flicks like The Last Boy Scout, but I might have to rent it just to see the spectacular touchdown (better than NFL Films, really?), and maybe see if Willis and Wayans have some chemistry – the Wayans bros have done some pretty funny stuff. Also, I’m surprised that I liked Robocop, but I did. Point Break, dunno – a lot of the surfing footage was interrupted by action and dialogue and stuff like that.

    Will definitely watch Better Off Dead since I love John Cusack in *anything.*

    Road Trip and Clueless were both a lot of fun. Agree about the latter being very clever, and Alicia Silverstone nails her part.

    Clueless makes me think of Adventures in Babysitting, which to me is def. a guilty pleasure. I do think it’s funny, but my favorite part is getting to see a buff Vincent D’Onofrio – I’m sure I didn’t just imagine that – wearing a blond wig.

    Thanks for a fun topic, and I hope you had a great dinner.

  30. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for what I call the “80’s violence flick.”

    Die Hard (only the original), Lethal Weapon, etc. There’s just something about those films at that time in my life, I guess.

    And I totally agree about Clueless. It’s a brilliant and underappreciated film.

  31. *delurking momentarily*

    Oh, good lord, “Office Space” was hilarious and sad for me at the same time. I have always utterly loathed office work and when the body decided it didn’t want to be a line soldier any more, I got chained to a desk instead. I hadn’t done all that much office work prior to that, so I had no idea how soul sucking it could be and “Office Space” nailed everything right on the head! At least I split my sides laughing as much as I did cringing and commiserating. I had no idea that the civilian sector had to deal with the same sort of incredibly complex and annoying spread sheets that had to be done on a regular basis. I can’t say that this movie is a favorite, because it reminds me too much of Hell.

    “Robo Cop” was humorous (at points), futuristic comic book action and I loved it to pieces! Hmmm…. Tell me, Joe, was Ronny Cox’s performance as the villain in “Robo Cop” part of the reason he was cast as Senator Kinsey? I know Kinsey’s character was cast long before you were associated with Stargate, but I was wondering if you knew. I love him as a good guy (Beverly Hills Cop and the first sequel), but he plays an absolutely incredible greedy, self serving, hypocritical fundamentalist @$$hat. I guess he probably enjoys getting all of his darker emotions out of his system at work so that he doesn’t have to deal with them otherwise.

    As far as my own “I can’t believe I actually enjoyed that” guilty pleasures, the top of my list is “Adventures in Babysitting”. It is just so over the top silly and melodramatic that I manage to split my sides every time I watch it. I especially love Vincent d’Onofrio’s scene where he enters riding down on the hydraulic lift to strains of Wagner. Hell, I’m smirking just thinking about it.

    Second on that list is “The Goonies”, just because it was such a fun movie. It was almost like a dungeon crawl and it was something that I would have absolutely loved as a kid, so I just put myself in that mindset and enjoyed the daylights out of it.

    My list of films that aren’t true to type because I generally tend to despise romances and chick flicks (despite the fact that I’m a chick) is a bit longer.

    “The Piano”

    “Jane Eyre” (Most of them. I love the book, too.)

    “Doctor Zhivago” (The cinematography, editing and art direction make up for anything bad with the movie. This film is just so gorgeous!)

    “High Road to China” (Bess Armstrong kicks @$$ in this one!)

  32. Hi Mr M!


    Just a quick word of condolence for Gilder. Sorry to hear of your loss, our thoughts wing their way to you from Ireland.

    Best to all


  33. Better Off Dead is not a guilty pleasure! I love that movie with a deep passion. It started my love of John Cusack movies. I also wouldn’t consider Office Space a guilty pleasure, no shame in loving that fine film.

    Clueless, perhaps guilty pleasure but I too love this take on Emma.

    Most of the rest I haven’t seen but I plan on renting The Hangover once its on dvd.

  34. Hey Joe,

    OK… I have this thing with Bruce Willis… like ANYTHING he is in I have to see… BRUNO! BRUNO! BRUNO! So… I kinda loved The Last Boyscout.

    But Clueless, Office Space and Better Off Dead??! Those are CLASSICS! Who WOULDN’T love them?

    FYI, Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless was most likely my big sister, Barbara. Yup… I literally have a valley girl sister that yells things like, “As if!!!” And shoves people away. My dad inhaled his popcorn and almost died when he saw that scene. And Allie watched it in prep for freeway driving… again, the exact same experience with Barb’s first highway drive, “OHMYGAWD!OHMYGAWD!OHMYGAWD!!!!” Yeah… good times. So… Clueless has a special place in my heart.

    Some of the great lines from the others… “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.” I could very well shoot a person like that. And “I WANT my two dollars!”

    That being said… Point Break… like for REALZ you loved it? Ugh! (I’m channeling Barb, here) It was just awful. So that one does surprise me.

    Instead I think of Grosse Point Break. Another classic. 😉

    Sometimes you just like what you like and hate what you hate.

    I mean, Finding Nemo is a film I could watch any day. So, who am I to judge? 😀


    @Narelle: Ok… then Tahiti it is, but first, I will win the lotto. Which, I suppose, means I have to play the lotto. 😆

  35. Point Break, good pick. I want to see Hangover but have to wait for the dvd release.

    Movies that other people leave the room for when i put them on include:
    Willow (how can they not want to watch it?)
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (all three of them play their parts so well)
    Predator (there’s got to be a gory action movie included)
    Sherlock Holmes movies with Basil Rathbone
    South Park: bigger longer and uncut (every time Cartman sings ‘Kyle’s mums a bitch’ and then turns around at the end to find her behind him, i can’t help but laugh)

    later Joe

  36. Hey joe, You have created monsters, Kabra -aka-karen and i are having lunch tomorrow, and we are going to talk about you among other things. All good things. @Deni, we will eat “good things” in your honor!! @Glider, keeping you in my thoughts. I now see Martin Gero will be at the con. in LA in Nov. Well , i will just have to tell him what i think about “THAT” suit!! UGH!! I will be nice about it! Sheryl

  37. I LOVED Clueless 🙂
    Enjoy your dinner.

    P.S Scifi Australia has a new SGU ad, and it says it airs here October 9th, YAY!

  38. OH MY! That is practically my exact list…the three you mention that aren’t on my list (Road Trip, Hangover and Uzumaki) aren’t there because I haven’t seen them. No wonder I like your blog so much…we’re practically kin. I hope you enjoyed the roast pig….I’m green with envy!

  39. Office Space is one of my favourites for all the reasons you stated. All the characters are memorable and unique.

    If you liked that, you should check out Extract, the spiritual successor to Office Space. It may not be as funny and does require you to have worked in a factory to understand some of the jokes/characters, but it’s also a solid film.

  40. I hope you had a good dinner?

    We watch a lot of movies but I’ve only seen about half your list. I agree on Payback (Ransom was a good one), Office Space, Clueless and my hubby liked Robocop (I haven’t seen all of it). I don’t get The Last Boy Scout, though. Someone gave me that on DVD and I gave it away after watching it. Too much testosterone?

    I liked some on Melissa’s list: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tremors and Enemy of the State (I like Will Smith).

    On Das’s list: Hellboy (1&2), Mystery Men and I’ve been wanting to see Wild Hogs.

    ytimynona: I liked all the Ocean movies. They remind me of The Sting. Great movie! I love seeing computer animation, though. Toy Story is the first one I remember seeing and I loved it. Of course, all the Shreks are hilarious. Has anyone seen Hoodwinked? Every time I watch that movie, I catch another joke I missed. We keep Hoodwinked on the DVR and watch it when the weather is bad or nothing else is on. I love twisted fairy tales!

    So Mr. M, no viewing party for SGU? None of the crew/cast getting together? Sad. I hope the debut blows all the competition away!


  41. @sulien: Ronny Cox in RL is “one of the good guys!” (Don S. Davis). I have supported his folksinging concerts since 2004. Very much a sweetheart in person. Think I’ve heard him say he enjoys playing villains because they are so opposite his nature.

    Funeral plans moving along for Saturday. Mom-in-law supported volunteer firefighters; we have asked them to be pallbearers.

  42. Hi Joe

    I have a question…

    In the episode ‘First Contact’ why do the guys from Atlantis remove their patches when they are on the ship?

    Kriss 🙂

  43. Gilder: so glad funeral plans are going well. That is so cool that your MIL supported the firefighters! I’m sure they will be honored to be pallbearers.


  44. I remember bringing the The Last Boyscout DVD to work one day to show my friend & colleague the opening scene. He’s a walking IMDB database but had never seen it. His jaw dropped! Love it, love it, love it!

    I also loved Point Break. My mom had made me a fake id card so I could see it in the theater when it came out. She was awesome. And so is the movie.

  45. And I forgot to comment on Office Space! Just last night they showed the Family Guy episode where they reenact a scene from that movie. Brian and Stewie destroy the record that Peter listened to constantly (“Did you hear? My gosh, I thought everyone knew! The bird is the word!”). Classic! My husband and I were still laughing about it this morning.

  46. Bonjour joseph!

    ça va ? j’ai passé une affreuse journée -_-‘. Il y’a des jours ou on croit que tout la terre est contre vous.

    Merci pour ce top 10, je n’ai vu aucun de ces films, je ne sais pas s’ils sont tous sortie en france?

    Gros bisou, vivement que cette journée ce finisse =(

  47. Hi Joe, someone who has seen “Air” said there are some pics in Jack’s office. Of Sara O’Neill? Seriously? Can you confirm or deny? If it’s really true I consider this just another frak you to the shippers.
    BTW I thought (from the Trio cut scene) that Jack was supposed to retire? How come he gets promoted? Do you really think making Jack general and especially having him get a deskjob at Pentagon in season 9 was in-character for Jack?

  48. OH! and about the last boyscout; where this thug whos about to work him over says to bruce willis; “i’m going to make you scream.” & he says something like: “play some rap music” or something like that

  49. Clueless makes a great triple feature with Heathers and Jawbreaker.

    I do love me the Mystery Men.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the original movie. And as long as we’re on vampire movies, Polaski’s Fearless Vampire Killers. The Jewish vampire cracks me up.

    Blues Brothers, Animal House and 1941. And Neighbors, which no one else in the world has seen apparently.

    Penn and Teller get Killed.

    Serial Mom.

    To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Patrick Swayze in drag, and looking lovely.

    For when I want a god cry: Lady Jane with a very young Helena Bonham Carter and Patrick Stewart.

    On the Town, best Navy musical ever!

    The Party, Peter Sellers. Heck, just about anything with Peter Sellers!

    Right now, Tropic Thunder is high on my list. Gotta love guys who blow shit up!

    And finally, Weird Science. Can’t go wrong with Oingo Boingo as the title track.

  50. Re: wierd food perchase submission address. Is 2400 boundary road your address, or just someone you don’t like very much?

  51. 1st Robocop, yes the better one, after so many remakes, ex..rocky 99… they lose something. Or maybe its me, changing my opinions. Naw! couldn’t be me getting older and making different choices, everyone knows when you get older you don’t like change, haha.

  52. @Gilder: My sympathies and prayers to your family.

    Joe: As far as the movies you’ve listed, Office Space is one of my all-time favorite.

    We watch sooo many movies in this house and I have so many favorites, too many to list here. One movie that I can watch over and over and continue to make me laugh every time is “Meet the Spartans” which is a spoof of 300. The Princess Bride is also one of which I never tire. Goes without saying that Stargate (the movie) is also high on the list. The Airplane movies are also priceless. One genre of film I have difficulty liking are Westerns, although I did recently watch the remake of 3:10 to Yuma with Christian Bale and Russell Crowe and it was rather good. I have never been able to get into Anime either. And I don’t like slasher movies like Halloween, etc.

  53. I am surprised at Roadtrip being on the list instead of Eurotrip. I found the latter much more humorous.

  54. ya know, I have read and watched alot from all types of people in the filming industry and I’ve found that people in television etc, do not watch much of anything on tv and people in movies etc don’t watch movies that often. Is there any real answer to why this is or atleast seems that way? I understand that filming and planning and writeing etc. take ALOT of time and all. But, i would assume atleast in the off season or maybe late night on dvr or etc, some would, lets say, catch up on whats around etc.
    Maybe it’s just me

  55. I loved Roadtrip and Eurotrip but, I would have to agree that Roadtrip “Unrated” was definetly the better of the two.

  56. Joe: We certainly do – to the point that it engendered some fairly heated discussions in the writing room.

    Hmmm! I truly love the sound of that!! I’ve been getting more and more excited and eager for the premeire to air! “No Pun Intended”

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