Patrick Gilmore (Dale Volker).  Yeah, he coulda been a reiki master too.  Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
Patrick Gilmore (Dale Volker). Yeah, he coulda been a reiki master too. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Patrick Gilmore (SGU’s Dale Volker) dropped by my office this morning to request permission to use some of the photos I’d taken of him for an upcoming newspaper feature (I suggest going with “Flight of the Volkery“ or “You‘ve Got Dale!”). I was, of course, more than happy to oblige, offering up free use of any of the pics in my archive including a couple of extra shots of yours truly to really round out the article. Eventually, we got to talking about tweeting, blogging, and the lulling effects of internet surfing. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. One second you’re logging in to check your email and the next thing you know it’s next Tuesday and you’re the subject of an amber alert. Time flies when you’re having fun, but flies even faster when you’re online. Truly, I can’t even begin to imagine the many, many things I could have been doing instead. Why, I could have taken up golf, learned to play the castanets, understood a half dozen David Lynch movies, produced my first spoken word CD, become a reiki master, or taken up World of Warcraft. Instead, here I am. Anyway, internet addiction is apparently a bigger problem than many realize. It’s a serious subject that requires serious discussion. But, unfortunately, not here because I’m far too busy working on this blog, frequenting the various foodie forums, and surfing YouTube for hilarious videos of bug-eyed woodland creatures.

Hey, you know what’s a pretty damn good show? Besides Stargate:Universe. Glee! And I’m not the only one in the writers’ room who was pleasantly surprised by the show. Carl, Paul, and Brad also give it the big thumbs up. To be honest, I had no interest in the premise, envisioning it as a High School Musical for adults, but after Carl’s strong recommendation, I checked it out – and was mightily impressed with the quick, clever, and very funny writing, direction, and performances. My only quibble is the all-too-slick musical numbers, but it’s a minor one. If you haven’t checked the show out yet, I heartily recommend you do so. And Stargate: Universe.

I poked my head into Carl Binder’s office this afternoon and discovered he was in the process of receiving notes from actor Jamil Walker Smith. It’s always amazing to watch the creative process unfold, the give and take between performer and writer, and I was fortunate enough to be able to snap a few pics of the magic happening. Check it out –

Jamil and Carl discuss Sgt. Greer's character arc in an upcoming episode.
Jamil and Carl discuss Sgt. Greer's character arc in an upcoming episode.

Then offers some helpful suggestions for the rewrite.
Jamil follows up by offering some helpful suggestions for the rewrite.

Last day to get your questions in for actor Brian J. Smith (SGU’s Lieutenant Matthew Scott).

Brian J. Smith, poised to answer your questions (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
Brian J. Smith, poised to answer your questions (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)

Last day to get your questions in for author Matthew Woodring Stover (Heroes Die).

Finally, I’d like to make mention of yet another member of our terrific cast. Mark Burgess plays the role of SGU’s oft put-upon Jeremy Franklin and, dare I say, he is perfect for the role.

Mark Burgess (Jeremy Franklin).  Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
Mark Burgess (Jeremy Franklin). Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Stargate fans will, of course, remember Mark from his appearance in Stargate: Atlantis’s AU episode Vegas which had him puking his guts up in a seedy motel room before a wraith eventually put him out of his misery. Well, he parlayed that sickly guest shot into a much healthier recurring role on Stargate: Universe where he finds himself considerably less nauseous but significantly more harried. His character puts up with so much with such resigned weariness that, every time I see Mark on the lot, I actually feel like apologizing to him.

HUH?!!  WHATWASTHAT?!!  (Mark Burgess as a seriously spooked Jeremy Franklin).  Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
HUH?!! WHATWASTHAT?!! (Mark Burgess as a seriously spooked Jeremy Franklin). Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

65 thoughts on “September 10, 2009: I coulda been a reiki master! Glee! Carl receives script notes! Mark Burgess!

  1. Ah, I love Glee as well! But I hate how the music is pre-recorded and the actors are lip-syncing. Even though it is very well matched, somehow it just doesn’t feel right.

    Haha Jamil is always so laid back, it’s tough for me to even imagine him yelling at Carl. And poor Carl, always getting the short end of the stick! 😉

    You may have had time to take up World of Warcraft, but WoW would have sucked up wayyy more time than you wasted while you could have been learning to play it. Haven’t you seen The Guild?

  2. Joe – thought you might like to check out this blog…it’s just one of the guys on the Bendis forum, who happens to love to cook and eat:

    OH GOD!!!!! JOE…whatever it takes…I’ll pay you ANYthing…but I NEED Carl’s light (if it’s a 300 w halogen). I had one, and it died (the switch went). 🙁 I bought a new one, but they won’t let them go highter than 80 w now, which is nothing better than mood-lighting. Thing is, I am blind at night, and I relied very much on that bright light to clean, draw, read, etc.

    PLEEEEASE! I need it!! *grovels* Name your price!


  3. PS: Besides…Carl’s office is a mess. He could do with one less thing in there…


  4. Hey Joe,

    Glee is great. The comment about not having a gag reflex in the last episode had me laughing for a while. I agree about the overly polished musical numbers (and voices – there seems to be a choir of people singing backup when there’s only 4 or 5), but I, too, was surprised by how funny the show is.

    What I didn’t understand is how/why they were billing two separate episodes as the series premiere.

    I watch too much TV.


  5. @ Das – The lamp in Carl’s office in the corner looks like a “typical” torchiere (sp) (floor lamp). Normal and even energy efficient light bulbs and I bought 3 or 4 from a Wal-Mart near me. ALso sold at Home Depot. As another sight challenged person, 100 W work nicely if you only want 1 bulb. And, the 3 fer – 40 – 100-2xx whatever the 3 way bulbs are even better, specially on the high setting – except their life expectancy seems a bit short and have to buy new ones. Costco used to have multipacks of the 3 strength bulbs, but don’t see them any more.

    Joe, thanks for the pixies.

    You could have also considered Starcraft or Command and Conquer if you want playtime diversion that is also very addictive.

  6. @Sherry Harris – WOW – that poster of Brian on the building is something. Now that is a great portrait

  7. Haha! Are those the save-SGA lemons on Carl’s desk? That is pretty Awesome. What’s even more awesome is that blurry production art sitting upon Carl’s desk in the lower left corner of the first pic. Very interesting. Hmmm….

    Glee is getting praise put upon it from all over the place these days; it’s been trending on Twitter for a while now. I guess now with your recommendation added to the mix, I should check it out. I’ll try to remember this. Is it anything like Arrested Development? All this talk of good writing and directing is reminding me of it.

    Re: Garmin, we used a Garmin GPS for our summer trip this year. 9 days, and we didn’t even use the voice that came with the thing; I basically just read off of it and looked at a map. It told us of a few shortcuts that really livened up the trip. Overall, I loved using it and can’t imagine going on another trip without it.

    On the other hand, our trip basically involved us driving around the western United States; if you’re going to foreign countries, I expect the service may not be that good; who knows. Also, it was a little bit out of date; it tried to send us onto a closed-off road, not recognizing that there was a newer road that went in the same direction nearby that we should’ve took. It also gave us addresses to restaurants that were completely wrong.

    Still, I love it.

  8. @ sylvia – Those lights used to be 300 w halogens back a few years ago. It’s what I need – desperately. The fluorescent torchieres are crap. All I use are energy-saving bulbs as it is, but they give off a different sort of light – it’s not as ‘clean’, or something…too shadowy. The halogen was just perfect! I have tried everything – but I need the halogen quality light to see detail at night. In my case it’s not about the ‘environment’ – but about the ability to see and do things in the evening. I don’t bother cleaning anymore at night because I just can’t see – I need the sunlight (and all the house lights) on to do it in the daytime. I miss my bright, happy light so much. 🙁

    And I really hate getting old. 😛


  9. @das…Try an Ott-Lite. Various models are sold at craft stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics. They’re pricey, but I used a half-off Michaels coupon for mine.

    @ytimynona…You said it! Isn’t WoW a sub-category of Net addiction? (said the iPhone addict)

    @Joe and TPTB: Good to see that the SGU ensemble includes some average, non-buff men. So are there any average-looking, normal-sized women wearing minimal makeup, ie, someone like me?

  10. @Das Have you tried CFLs (those twisty energy-efficient bulbs)? The lumens are high, but the wattage is low! My mother recently discovered them, and loves them!

  11. OMG I just clicked on the picture to see a close-up of the lemons (which are awesome!) and I saw that Carl has a copy of “The Truth About the Pyramids” on his desk!!! Is that the one from Continuum? AWESOMEEEE!!!!

  12. Das, let there be light…LOL. We have one of those lamps at home, complete with 300 watt halogen bulb. Yeah baby, they’re bright. It’s Dad’s favorite lamp, and when it’s turned all the way up, I say the light is set at “STUN.” Just asked Dad about replacement bulbs and switches. He’s got three 300 watt bulbs, and cheekily smarted off, “Tell her I’m not mailing them off to the east coast,” and giggled. Then I told him I think the *light switch* is really the problem. Boy have we gone through switches. Both parts can be gotten from a Midwestern hardware chain called Menards, but they don’t have one near you. So sassy Dad says, “Oh, sure. We’ll get her a new switch and mail it to her.” He believes in good light, does Dad.

    So, D, do you still have your old lamp that takes 300 watt bulbs? This weekend, we’ll get you a replacement switch and bulbs, too, if you need them. You have my e-mail already that you sent to Sparrow_hawk. Let us know where to sling ‘em.

    Now Carl won’t have to ask Jamil Walker to guard his lamp. 😀

  13. Enjoy the Goldman interviews. You can get those from the Vancouver Public Library and about 8 hours more from various screenwriters. The Jamil pics today are hilarious!

  14. Coincidently, I just finished watching Vegas. Didn’t recognize Mark Burgess without his sweaty faced, bloodly nose, I’m-fixing-to-die-from-food-poisoning-and-vomiting look about him.

    Question: Is that Jason Momoa’s Silver Airstream Trailer in Vegas? (Of course not the one you blew up.)

  15. Stray thought for the night. It’s a good thing you’re Canadian. I don’t think Americans are allowed to have as much fun at work as you do(though many of us do break that law down here). Talking to authors, wandering around snapping photos, and even the odd script or three.
    Loved your internet addiction comments. Alas, I’ve fallen prey to the WoW bug. I strive mightily to restrict my time playing, given the other basic functions of life, like working, eating, maintaining enough social contact with folks around me that I won’t be the first candidate for the next “Let’s burn a Witch” contest. If only I could condition my body to get by on 30 minutes of sleep a night, I might manage to do all I want to do. Anyways, thanks for the nightly laughs, and enjoy your upcoming long weekend.

  16. Questions for Brian:

    1) you mentioned on Twitter how much you were enjoying BSG. What aspect of the show was it that most appealed to you? There has been some comparisons drawn between SGU and BSG, based in part on some of the early trailers — if it’s possible to do without giving too much away, may I ask what you think most distinguishes SGU from BSG?

    2) SGU has drawn a fair amount of flack over the past year. What do you think is the biggest misconception about the show that you’d like to set straight?

    3) what’s the best thing you’ve found so far about being Scott?Do you find it hard to shake the character when you’re done shooting for the day? If you had to pick one thing about Scott that you most admire, what would it be?

    4) favourite last book that was read purely for pleasure (rather than research)?

    Many thanks for your time. I look forward to watching you in action on SGU in October!

  17. “Flight of the Volkery” — Okay, that is officially the worst/best pun I’ve heard all week. (Weird how that works.) Shakespeare would be proud. Wagner, not so much. And now every time I see Patrick Gilmore’s image, I’ll picture him with long blonde braids, one of those horned helmets, and wearing an ample bustier. Not my fault.

    Jamil Walker is giving Carl notes in those pics?? Oh, okay, for a few seconds there I was worried — especially since Carl looks like he’s trying to remain calm while wondering if Jamil is going to go all Brando on him, get completely into the role, and practice MSgt. Greer’s martial-arts repertoire on the nearest subject. (Maybe you really should have become a reiki master. Although I can picture you playing castanets, in a women’s extra-tiny flamenco dress. Either would enable you to break up any sort of tense situation.) – Bridge Studios takes on more complexity with each of your entries. I think someone may already have suggested this; but after such a long run for SG1, SGA, and now SGU, maybe someone should do a docudrama on The Stargate Saga. If you did it, you could make sure you’d be in almost every frame, like the Banff Park Pop-Up Squirrel.

    I’ll try to check out Glee, but will probably forget. I’m going to be very busy finding all the right mechanisms for your birthday present. Still, I will see it at some point because you and the guys recommend it. Thanks!

  18. Shirt ‘n’ Tie – Thanks for the link to Ming-Na,
    Alaina, and Elyse doing the Wookie mating call. Very funny!


    Great pix, just on my second infusion of caffeine before tackling the youngest’s bedroom………dig through the detritus to get in the door, bung it all in a skip, remove shelves from wall, fill in holes, decorate, lay carpet, install new bed and furniture……collapse in a heap!

    Way to go! Any tips for detritus that reappears two days after you make it disappear somewhere?

  19. @Das

    Have a hold bunch of dead 300W halogen lamps here. Found them to be energy hogs and dangerous. But some people find the emitted light is better than compact fluorescent bulbs.

    Decided several years back to try a regular light bulb tri-lite torchiere with tri-lite CFL that’s triple the cost of the torchiere. That first CFL bulb got maximum light output equal to 135W, works great. They stop making that CFL model and replaced it with a maximum 150W output equivalent. Even brighter using only 34W.

    It’s a Philips brand that’s available in Home Depot.

  20. Questions for Brian J. Smith:

    1)What was your first reaction to the character of Matthew Scott and how has it changed as the season’s gone on?
    2)The MGM site recently updated the character bio’s, with some pretty interesting stuff about Matthew Scott. How much of that back-story was in place when you were first cast?
    3)Out of the episodes you’ve read and/or shot so far, which do you think shows Matthew Scott at his best and at his worst?
    4)Who do you get to work with the most and least on set? Who would you like to work with more?
    5)Your Mom has said that she’s speechless after seeing the huge SGU poster on the side of a building. How dose it make you feel knowing that your face is literally everywhere?
    6)What effect has the fan reaction (if any) via Twitter had on you? What was your reaction to having your first very own fansite?
    7)What’s it like working with Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips, who have had successfully long careers? Have you learnt anything from them?
    8)What one word would you use to describe each of your cast mates?
    9)You’re trained as a stage actor, but you’ve done film and now TV. What are the key differences between them for you and which do you prefer?
    10)One of the films you’ve worked on was “Hate Crime”, which has a powerful message behind it. What attracted you to this part?
    11)You’ve played a few gay characters, both on stage in “Three Changes” and in film in “Hate Crime” and “The War Boys”. Some actors have spoken about the difficulties in playing gay characters, in particularly when it comes to intimate scenes with male co-stars. How did you approach these parts and did you experience difficulty with them? Did you have any fear of maybe becoming type cast?

  21. the most addictive game is Call of Duty 4. its hard to stop when you’re killing so many people. MW2 should come out in november so i dont see how thats gonna help me. and omg i noticed the “The Truth About the Pyramids” too.

  22. Hmmm. If YOU like Glee…I guess I’ll have to check it out. I figured it’d be High School Musical-ish, too.

    Love Carl looking frightened! Very funny pictures.

    Speaking of losing time on the internet (which happens to me coincidentally every day), did the dogs catch wind of the big hullabaloo on Twitter today? The season 5 premiere of Supernatural aired today and the fans used the tag (or whatever Twitter calls them) #luciferiscoming to promote it. Apparently, some people got all up in arms and thought Satanists were taking over Twitter so responded with things like #Godishere. It got to a point where Twitter took them off. I must admit, I spent a good chunk of my day reading the blogs and AP things that came out (within the hour, nonetheless) concerning the drama. Even the actors who tweet got involved! Hilarious.

  23. Hey Joe,


    You know I guess I didn’t realize in the beginning who would be in ads and who wouldn’t. I’ve missed seeing Patrick there. Love that you include him here. It is especially nice that you give us a heads up to things like the newspaper article. Do you know the paper and date?

    Once again…great choice on pictures for both Patrick and Brian. I can see why Patrick came to you about pictures for the article. You have the best.

    Brian Question: I guess all actors have usually had a tough road to get to where they are. Have any stories you would like to share?

    When is David Blue coming? Can’t remember is you gave us a date. 🙁

    Best to you Joe,


    That is called “Patrick Wallpaper” I don’t have a picture.

  25. Hey Joe,

    Ever had Reiki done? Pretty amazing. It’s like combining a really good massage with a psychic. Going by your past comments on both massage and psychics, I’d say throw in some rectal surgery and it would be the funnest time ever for you. Two comments in two days relating to that area of the body, hmmm?


    I came across a Reiki specialist about 6 years ago. I’d booked in for a plain ol’ massage but apparently the masseuse had called in sick so they brought this woman in. She was going about the massage in the usual way and started to say things that had me thinking, “Que?”. After she started telling me about my past she confessed to being a Reiki specialist. I’d like to thank her. I was struggling with making a massive decision at that time but it was something I was dealing with on my own. She said, “The decision that’s playing on your mind, you’ve already made it. You know what you have to do. You will be stronger once you walk away.” And she was right.

    So while you could have become a Reiki specialist, the mental picture I have of you dressed in white, going by the name of Sven, brandishing crystals around your neck, doesn’t really sit right. But hey, that’s what AU’s are for right?

  26. Oh, and Glee starts here next weekend. Seeing as I loved Bring It On (would you like some cheese with your ham?) I thought I’d give it a try. Looks to have a similar cheesiness factor. By the way, the American school system scares the crap out of me. Everything seems to be so cliquey. Not to mention all of the vampires and supernatural deaths that seem to happen. Buffy’s real right?

  27. @Das, have you tried night vision goggles? I to hate this getting old business and often scare the crap out of myself when passing a mirror ( got rid of all but one LOL) as I wonder who the old baggage is looking back at me:) Tis certainly true that these days the old mind is still convinced the body can do what it used to hence why the firebrigade had to get me out of that tree last week!

  28. Ah yes internet. A student’s best friend, a student’s worst enemy…

    I don’t think the machines made us hook up to the pods in Matrix. I think we wanted to.

  29. Thanks, everyone!

    @ Gilder – Never heard of it – is it a floor or table lamp? I’m looking for a floor type thing to light up an entire room.

    @ ytimynona – Yup – they’re the only bulbs I have in the house. The light is better than regular light bulbs, but still not as ‘perfect’ (for lack of a better word) as the halogen. I just like that white light it gives off.

    @ for the love of Beckett – Yup – I still have the lamp, hoping that somehow it could be fixed. I will discuss with Mr. Das the possibility of replacing the switch, withoutcreatingashortthatburnsdownthehouse.


    I’ll see if I can find your addy…I’m not very organized lately… 🙄


  30. Hey Joe! Why does Carl have a pretty little frilly-dressed doll on his bookshelf?

  31. Salut Joseph!
    Yah enfin en week end!

    Merci pour ces photos =P

    Moi aussi je n’ai pas trop le temp d’aller sur internet en ce moment mais je fais tout pour me connécté chaques jours =)

    Bon je vais mettre mon blog à jour, a plus tard!

  32. Das: it sucks getting old, I agree! Sounds like “For the Love of Beckett” is going to get you fixed up. (his dad does sound “cheeky” 😀 ).
    As for me, I’m ordering stronger bifocals next week.


  33. Hey Joe,

    I was also surprised that I like Glee. I kinda expected a tired reprise of the 80’s TV show Fame, but Glee is pretty good so far.

    And speaking of SGU – I had a thought for Season 2. Maybe it’s already been suggested on the blog, but I’ll mention it anyway. And yeah, I know, Season 1 isn’t even out of the blocks yet and there’s no guarantee the show will get renewed. But unless SGU is a total bomb – and I don’t expect it will be – I can’t imagine there won’t at least be a Season 2.

    [Officially, I can’t accept story ideas from fans so I had to edit out the pitch. I realize it was very general – and the stones give us the obvious leeway to bring in all sorts of guest stars from past shows – but, just to be on the safe side, I had to do a little editing lest I catch some flak.0

    And by the time the episode aired, HOPEFULLY the SGA movie will have been made and released. So having an SGA character in an SGU episode at that point would make great marketing sense from a ratings standpoint and it could make many SGA fans happy…oh, yeah, and it would make me happy.
    Cuz while I do plan to check out SGU and give it a chance, my heart is always with SGA.

    So don’t dismiss the idea right away. Mull it over. Maybe the idea has even already come up in the writer’s room?

    By the way, I love that your blog pix are making it into articles in other media. Nice.

  34. Be jealous, Joe!

    Just got back from breakfast with my hubby on the beachfront (after a wicked-mean nor’ester rain band went through at 5 am). Nothing like sitting on an open deck right on the beach, sipping coffee, with the waves breaking and the sky all moody and grey, enjoying a delicious meal.

    It’s not much to look at, but the food is good, and the atmosphere just perfect. Hubby had banana nut waffles (he has a wicked sweet tooth like you, Joe), and I had a tomato, bacon, and sharp cheddar omelet. Both came with fresh fruit, and both were delicious! Great way to start the day…’cept now I wanna take a nap. 😛


  35. I am a firm believer that your office/desk/cubicle area tells one a lot about a person. So I what is with the lemons on Carls desk? And what is with the creepy looking ceramic doll staring at the wall on the shelf behind Jamil?

  36. How odd, the Carl-Jamil photos include bobble-head people sitting on a couch on the windowsill, a water bottle with a nipple, a stuffed lion, a Bonnie Bell doll, an SGU water canister, a sheet of chess pieces and an Atlantis cap, among other treasures.

    So, Carl is a bit of an eclectic collector, or hoarder… hm-m… oh well, whatever helps the creative process I guess.

    I write this on September 11, the 8th anniversary of the treacherous and cowardly attack on America in 2001. Today my prayers and respectful thoughts are with the many innocents and heroes who lost their lives and to their families and friends who continue to suffer. May they know we care and remember and honor the memory of the fallen.

    2cats, teary-eyed in NJ

  37. Brian, my son Brian wants to know if your mother has ever embarrassed you in public on purpose. I can’t imagine what made him ask that.

  38. I concur with your assesment of Glee, it was surprisingly good. I will definetly give it a couple more episodes to see how it turns out, had it not been for you, I would have missed it entirely. If I had even read the premise it would have seemed like nothing I would even think about watching, I guess everyone should watch the premiere of a show before judging it, no?

    now onto Vampire Diaries, another in my list of new shows I may or may not be watching. Not on the list, the new Melrose Place, whats next Party Of Five?

  39. Wow…never thought my lighting problems would be such a hot topic… 😆

    JUST got great news! Silly news…but great (for me) nonetheless. My gal pal is coming to visit me tomorrow – she is my very dear friend who lost her husband back in ’01 – his accidental death was the ‘straw’ that sent me into my 2-year depression – I loved ’em both so much! We see each other a few times a year, and I’m so glad she’s coming down. But what’s even better – I just learned she, too, has a ‘crush’ on Hathaway! LOLOL! (Her husband and mine were very much alike, and both are a bit similar in type to Hathaway…explains a lot, I suppose.) So – if we get a chance – we’re gonna watch an ep of Lewis, and gush and giggle like a couple of school girls!

    We call ourselves Lenny and Dawn, after Brit actor/comedian Lenny Henry, and his wife, Dawn French. See…I’m a lot like Dawn (well…like the Vicar of Dibley, actually 😛 ), and she’s a lot like Lenny, only LOTS prettier! 😀


  40. I saw Glee (DVR) last night and I was not too thrilled with the comments made about people with disabilities by the coach person, calling the singer in the wheelchair a half person and suggested that the Glee Club adviser get the rest of his recruits from the special education department. But once I got past their ignorant dialogue, it was kind of funny.

    Question for Brian: Not so much a question as a comment of thank you for being accessible to fans especially via Twitter. I believe the Twittering by the cast and people behind the scenes has helped fuel the excitement for the show.

    Joe: Would they consider “officially” Twittering with people during the broadcast of the episodes, like apparently Glee is doing? I think that would bring a new element to the Stargate franchise it hasn’t had before and hopefully FINALLY get #SGU to be a trending topic.

  41. Me revoila!!

    Demain c’est le “Marthon du Médoc”, il n’est pas trés loin de chez moi.
    Je ne sais pas si je vous en avez parler? Il s’agit de personnes qui courent 42km dans les vignes, ils s’arrétent dans plusieurs chateaux de grand crus et goutent à leurs vin (plus à d’autres spécialités de la région) la plupart des participants sont cotumer ce qui rend cette course trés conviviale, voici une petite video sur ce marathon:

    Je pense que ça vous plairez mais sans la course lol…remarque vous êtes peut être un grand sportif, je ne sais pas?

    Bisou, a plus tard!

  42. Glee is my new favourite show. lol With jokes like; Radon , the silent killer. Who can go wrong?

    Seems like everyone I know has also jumped onto the Glee wagon, I hope they keep it up.

    All of the SGU adds I have been seeing are pretty cool, it looks darker and more hard core than the other SG series.

  43. @PBMom #Glee: Yeah, the cheerleading coach and (to a lesser degree) Will’s wife are horrible people. But I think they’re supposed to be. They’re so over-the-top blatantly ignorant/malicious/greedy that they make the average characters seem like angels in comparison.

  44. Carl manages a defensive posture, even with his hands still poised to type. Great silhouette of Jamil in the first one.

    Internet addiction ain’t so bad. I followed someone’s blog for months, seething with jealousy about his job:

    Eventually, I tried my hand at something similar and that led to a job. My boss is on the team partly due to his WoW addiction (mmog addictions count as internet addictions).

    I can’t wait until the project goes public early next year so I can say what it is.

    ,DP a.k.a. GateFanSamJack

  45. Tammy Dixon wrote:
    Das: …Sounds like “For the Love of Beckett” is going to get you fixed up. (his dad does sound “cheeky” 😀 ).

    Just for the record, yours truly is all girly-girl. That’s why I was gushing over Paul McGillion pix three days in a row on the blog. And unable to stop smiling for quite a while. 😀

    As proof of girly-ness, a photo from GenCon:

    Thing is, the fun didn’t stop with 3 days of Pauly pictures.

    Deni “sent” me a spare hug and kiss from Paul, many of which he gave her when she gifted him with a nice bottle of spirits at Creation Con. The next day, Thursday, I caught an original Lassie movie on TV, “The Hills of Home.” In it, “Lass,” a beautiful collie dog, overcomes her fear of water to rescue her owner, a beloved Scottish doctor. She got help, but he didn’t make it. With all his dear friends gathered round, Scottish pipers played the bagpipes for his funeral. “Lass” trotted along underneath the casket as the pallbearers carried the good doctor away. It reminded me too much of Dr. Beckett’s farewell in the Atlantis episode “Sunday.” Again, all I could do was…




    Then later—the same day, my Sis-in-law comes over with a movie about a wonderful doctor whose name is Carson. (!?!) Odd synchronicity….

    Just opened today’s mail. My aunt sent a ring that the buyers of my grandparent’s house had found. She thought it was my grandmother’s, who passed away four years ago this month. Was thinking of my Gran recently, too. And now I’m wearing the ring, a black pearl. Strange week…

  46. Hey Joe,

    I watched the extended Pilot of Glee at my sister-in-law’s urging, and loved it. Jane Lynch (aka Sue Sylvester, Cheerios coach) delivers the best one-liners…Definitely NOT High School Musical.

    To change the subject – Have you ever watched Tampopo? – what did you think? Makes me want to go out and have a steaming bowl of ramen, every time.


  47. Questions for Brian:
    Favorite class in high school/college?
    Do you like swimming/surfing?
    Whats a good comfort food for you?
    Thanks for taking time to answer ?’s.
    Really looking forward to SGU!!
    (see Joe,less smilies,,)

  48. for the love of Beckett: Oophs sorry. Loved the picture! It’s a strange world (about the ring), I’m glad you have it back. Now that my dad is gone, I really miss asking him about objects he had-the story behind things. Enjoy your cheeky dad!


  49. @ JimFromJersey – I noticed the dollie, too. It’s a bit unsettling…

    @ Gilder – Thanks! If the halogen isn’t resurrected, I’ll look into them.

    @ 2cats – Thanks for the reminder…it’s something that, though we may move on, we should never forget.

    It’s a bittersweet day for me because I met my hubby on 9/11/88…a good thing, indeed, later overshadowed by a tragedy. Still, we always try to make today a bit special, thus our nice breakfast on the beachfront this morning. Now we’re just raiding the fridge and eating leftovers…like a couple of troglodytes. How the years change us… 😉

    @ Tammy Dixon – The only good thing about getting old is that you have a legitimate excuse for EVERYthing, and no one will argue with you about it! 😀

    @ Shiningwit – No…I haven’t…

    Should I?? 😕


  50. @ytimynona Sadly, there are actually people in the world that are like that towards people with disabilities. Can’t begin to tell you the malicious things said about my son on my blog in the comments section (which I never deleted to show the world what we deal with in the attitudes of others). But I continue with the awareness, hoping that someday something I say will change someone’s dark heart for the better.

  51. In Metamorphosis, Jonas is flirting with a young Lt. Rush. Related at all to Dr. Nicholas Rush?

  52. Some of the things I could have done instead of:

    reading this blog or tweeting or watching Youtube vids or chatting on forums or doing quizzes or morphing people or blogging or playing luxor or doing puzzles or checking out the Astronomy Pic of the Day or reading fanfic or learning cool web tricks……….



    I got nothing…..

    Oh wait maybe I could have solved one of the millenium problems, but you know…who has the time? LOL!

    Cheers, Chev

  53. Oh, and Disclosure is a clip show. Does SGU have any clip show episodes? No me gustan clip show episodes.

  54. How did you come up with the sick freak Berne? Based off of anyone you know (dear god I hope not)? And not really question, but….I wish we had a more detailed account of Berne and Caine’s previous encounter, rather than just the broad outlines of what happened.

  55. What I would like to see on SGU:

    Replicators that predate SG1 and SGA which could have been designed to repair the ship and make it habitable for when the ancients arrived. Replicators could have been modified for war in the time of SG1 and SGA but before that, they could have been maintenance programs.

    Better use of the communication stones:
    If you can send jerks over – like LDP, why wouldn’t you send a very useful Samantha Carter or Rodney Mackay over the stones, even if it were for a day, I’ll bet they could get that ship to do something amazing, especially now that Rush is “gone”

    No more sex:
    It happens in the real world – showing that type of contact is closer to soft porn than scifi – depending on who you are no one gets to see anyway unless a KINO is filmining people having sex – just showing flirts, and humble affection is good enough.

    If you guys try to have the stones bring in a bad guy and do not bring in someone agreeable also like Rodney or Samantha or any of the original SGC, I’ll just stop watching.

    I know this version is dark because it is closer to “real life” but that is the reason I loved the other shows because it gave me hope and took me away for 43 minutes of “real life” I have my own problems, I do not want to get sucked into others – especially if there is no happy ending – each show closes with only one thing, we are alive for another day… Yeah, that is like real life – but PROGRESS would be better for me because it would help me feel that progress is achievable in real life.

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