Hey, did you hear?  Civilization will come to an end in 2012!  Knowing this, I plan to work one more year, then quit and spend the rest of my albeit short existence – 2011 to 2012ish – traveling the world, blowing my hard-earned savings on platinum suits and thousand dollar sundaes.  I’m going to buy each of my dogs their own car and I won’t even bother making them hybrids.   I’ll get a Blu-ray player.  But wait a minute, Joe, you say.  How do you know civilization is going to end?  Well, it‘s been prophecized.  Or, uh, has it?  Check out Cracked.com’s take on the impending apocalypse: “The 6 Best 2012 Apocalypse Theories (Are All Bullshit): http://www.cracked.com/article_17445_6-best-2012-apocalypse-theories-are-all-bullshit.html.  My favorite quote from the rundown: “In late 2007, the History Channel ran a special about Nostradamus’ lost book, stretching interpretations so thin you could make a doomsday crepe out of it.”

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with something that you’ve just given up?  Are you a quitter?  If so, then you’re in good company.  Compliments of the gang at NewScientist, check out “Failure to launch: abandoned NASA projects”: http://www.newscientist.com/gallery/abandoned-nasa-projects

PETA’s sad, clueless victims:  http://www.theonion.com/content/video/advocacy_group_decries_petas


Captain Kirk on the River Kwai: “1.) Other than for-work (Stargate scripts) do you read any other screenplays, teleplays or stageplays?
2.) How is a writing staff chosen on a TV series (and/or Stargate)? (Sorry to be nit-picky (is that how you spell that?) but if the staff from SGU, for example, was just carried over from SGA, and them from SG-1, how did the original staff get together?)
3.) What do you think makes or breaks a script? Story? Dialogue? Something else?
4.) Do you have a favorite screenwriter? If so, who? (While I’m at it… do you have a favorite script you’ve read?)
5.) What’s your favorite part of the script-writing process? Outlining? Character-development? First draft writing? Revisions? Just moping about, procrastinating?
And finally…
6.) Would you ever consider writing a non-Stargate feature-film (theatrically released or not)?
I lied earlier — one more…
7.) What do you consider the best thing you’ve ever written? (If it’s non-Stargate related, could you perhaps give a brief description of it???)”

Answers: 1).  Nope.
2) As production gears up, the producers read through the many, many scripts sent their way by agents looking to place their clients.  If they see something they like, they may ask a writer to pitch some ideas or simply hire them on the spot.  Paul and I landed a staff position on the show after impressing with a freelance script.  We were invited to pitch.  A couple of our pitches impressed the production enough to send us to outline.  Our outline impressed them enough to send us to script.  And, finally, the script impressed them enough to offer us a staff position.
3) I’d say, oh, everything.  Sloppy structure, stilted dialogue, cardboard characters, lame developments, contrivances, conveniences – any of the above can sink a script.
4) If I had to choose – William Goldman.
5) My favorite part of writing is finishing the script.  My least favorite – rewrites.
6) Absolutely.
7) I can’t say.  There are some scripts I like more than others, but there’s no single script I can hold up as my absolute favorite.

NarellefromAus writes: “ Glad to hear Brie is all better, but who/what gave her the stitches in the first place?”

Answer: The vet!  She got fixed.

Sis writes: “I’ve also heard of using blue, Parmesan or other sharp cheese instead of almonds.”

Answer: Hey, this Christmas, stuff it with almonds AND some torta de mascarpone.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “I never heard of gunkan-maki. From my google search it appears to be sushi rice wrapped with nori and topped with something soft like ikura or uni. Is that it?”

Answer: Yep.

Sparrow_hawk also writes: “When in Tokyo, do you usually skip breakfast, go with a Western breakfast or immerse yourself in the local culture and go with the Japanese breakfast?”

Answer: I take a stroll down to the Tsukiji fish market and have sushi for breakfast.

Cherluvya writes: “Have you stayed at that particular hotel in Japan before? What did they say when you gave them your list?”

Answer: I stayed there last year.  After sending in my immense restaurant list, they responded: “It is our honor to greet you again. We clearly remember you.
How are you? We remember from last year, you have experienced nice cuisine like Ukaitei, Mizutani, Ryugin, Morimoto XEX, Sushi Kanesaka, Joel Robuchon. All of my colleague at concierge team and our staff are looking forward to welcome you again.”  Talk about thorough.

DasNdanger writes: “How observant are you, Joe?? What did you make of the graffiti on the wall on ‘John the bar…’???”

Answer: Not very.  I didn’t even notice until you brought it up.

Julie Ann writes: “ANYWAY, I’m trying to figure out the meat for the main course and the dessert. Any suggestions for someone who’s just barely branching out to this kind of cooking?”

Answer: For a meat main course, just pick up a couple of rib steaks.  Put a cast-iron pan on medium-high heat.  Season the steaks on both sides with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and thyme. Put some oil in the pan and, when it begins to smoke, puts the steaks in.  Sear them for a minute on each side, then transfer to the oven and broil to desired doneness.  Alternately, if you’d like to go with a fish main, I’d highly recommend slow-cooked salmon.  Pick up some salmon filets.  Season them with garlic powder, pepper, salt, and a little dill.  Fill a large baking dish or pan with about an inch of water and set it on the lower rack.  Set the oven to bake at 200 Celsius/400 Fahrenheit.  Once the oven has reached the desired temperature, layer a bit of olive oil onto a smaller baking dish, put the salmon in the dish, and put the dish in the oven.  Let is cook for 20 minutes.  Then turn it off and let it sit in the warm oven for another 20 minutes.  DO NOT OPEN the oven until the forty minutes are up!  After 40 minutes (20 at 200C/400F and 20 with the oven turned off), whisk it out and serve.

Thornyrose writes: “Just to do a little bragging, I ate at Fuel again this evening.  […]  Also had the crispy duck for two, and I will readily admit that I had not expected this to be as delicious as it turned out to be. Every positive comment ever made on this blog does not do justice to the duck.”

Answer: Very pleased to hear it.

Maggiemayday writes: “A Japanese breakfast? Hah. Not with all the great pastries out there.”

Answer: So true.  The whole point of booking an early lunch and a late dinner is to ensure I’ll be able to scarf down plenty of pastries in between.

Concerned Parent writes: “My children range from the ages of 11 to 14 in your opinion is this new show suitable viewing for children of these ages? Will be it family entertainment?”

Answer: Although Universe will be exploring more of the relationships (friendship, romantic, working, etc.) between our various characters, I can assure you that it will still be suitable for younger viewers.

MrsHamill writes: “As I stated in the rest of my response, that rumor came from someone who alleged to have a contact within Mr. Wright’s production company. I cannot verify it and neither can anyone else except her.”

Answer:  There are several rumors floating around but, in both cases, they fall into the category of mere conjecture on the part of the source.  Again, some are pessimistic about the movie while others are optimistic, but that doesn’t translate to a definite decision either way.

MrsHamill also writes: “ I had hoped to just get an honest assessment, an honest answer about the movie, for once. I don’t believe it will be made and you want to continue with the *polite fiction*”

Answer: In other words, I didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear so you’re packing up your toys and going home.  At the end of the day, I can’t stop you from allowing your emotions to dictate what you will and won’t believe.  However, while you’re opinion is based on third-hand information from a source who you admitted could simply be stating an opinion, my information is based on fact.

Wraithfodder writes: “ You’ve been exposed to fandom for over a decade now, so you’ve seen the best and worst. Of course this particular entry will keep alive the fan consternation for a while longer, instead of having it just die down in a day or two.”

Answer:  Sorry.  I won’t start censoring posts simply because I disagree with a particular opinion.  This blog will continue to be a forum for differing viewpoints.  That said, don’t most of the comments on your own site run contrary to your stated desire to let the fan consternation die down?  Or are you exempt from your own rules of conduct?

85 thoughts on “August 24, 2009: News of Note and the Mailbag.

  1. While on your various culinary escapades, have you ever come across a food that you wouldn’t eat not because it sounds like it’d be gross, but on -for lack of better phrasing- moral grounds? For example, after doing some minimal research, I’ve come to the conclusion that fois gras ain’t so bad, but I would never eat dolphin or whale, or shark fin etc, (user name aside).

  2. You can’t buy each of your dogs a car silly! First they got to get a drivers license, then you can buy them a car. And please warn me when Lulu is out in it, cause I’m staying off the streets!

    No doubt the end of civilization was prophecized by a disgruntled Stargate fan. I am going to quit work immediately. Thanks, I’ve been looking for a good excuse. I’m going to finally complete a project that I had given up on in frustration, like caulking the shed door, or painting the garage floor.

    I prefer to get my SGA news from you Joe, rather than Brad Wright’s prduction company accountant’s ex wife’s 3rd cousin’s boyfriend’s electric meter reader’s Walmart Greeter’s favorite customer’s gardener who happened to overhear two McDonald’s employees talking.

  3. Hey Joe, Listened to a webblog interview with CLIFF SIMON “BA’AL”tonight, very entertaining and got to ask him questions on the phone. What a nice guy!! Unfortunately, the feed was lost and will continue tomorrow night, Could i tell the blog people? BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/NORIEGADOTBIZ 7pm pst, 10pm est call in # 914-338-0314 it’s LIVE people….. Thanks, Joe….. Sheryl

  4. My favorite quote from the rundown: “In late 2007, the History Channel ran a special about Nostradamus’ lost book, stretching interpretations so thin you could make a doomsday crepe out of it.”


    Yeah, I was an associate producer on that show. It is obscenely popular. So was the one we did on the Book of Revelations. People love the end of the world.

  5. Geez…I am tired tonight. Nice mailbag, but will have to read most of it tomorrow, when I’m more awake. Still, nice to know you’re not observant…I wonder how Ashleigh could use that little tidbit to her advantage… 🙂

    And I didn’t know that Brie was broken. 🙁


    Joe…talking about exploring relationships. I am loving Inspector Lewis for just that – the relationship between Lewis and his much younger sergeant. In last night’s episode, they go to a school to question the head master, and he starts ensuring them that they are a very ‘broad’ church and school, and that they have many students of ‘mixed parentage’. DS Hathaway – realizing that the headmaster has mistaken them for a gay couple enrolling their child in the school – takes Lewis’ hand and squeezes it, saying, ‘Darling, I think you should explain.’ 😆 Lewis was not amused!

    Just some really nice moments between the two in this show, like when Lewis and Hathaway walk down the street, sharing an ipod headset to listen to a recording of the music Hathaway plays. But it’s really something you have to see to appreciate – very subtle acting (which I love), with this warmth between the characters that just seems so very real. Here’s another case where the characters are so much more important to me than the stories themselves (the shortlived Life on NBC was another one). I loved Lewis when he was Inspector Morse’s sidekick, and now I am thoroughly enjoying Lewis as the man in charge, with Hathaway there to support him. The episode addressing Hathaway’s sexuality should be coming up in a few weeks (series 2 starts next Sunday on Masterpiece Mystery on our local PBS station), and I’m looking forward to how it’s handled, mostly because it sounds like it’s not so cut and dry. I am all for ambiguous characters…makes you think more.

    Oh, and one great line from last night’s ep – Hathaway was getting dressed down for the way he handled a near suicide attempt, and his superior (a real bitch) said, “If Mallory had let go, you wouldn’t be looking so bloody smug now, would you?” To which Hathaway replied, “I’m not smug, mum, it’s just the unfortunate shape of my face.”


    And on that note, I will bid you a good night, sir! Sleep well!


  6. Hmm, the world ending in 2012 would definitely put a dampener on the London games. On the other hand, no bazilion pound tax increase for me so the UK olympics committee can pay for the games! Win!! \o/

    (Also, isn’t there supposed to be a NEO asteroid on the way in, with a predicted near-miss/impact in 2012? Or…no, maybe I’ve just watched one too many disaster movies recently).

  7. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the good luck wishes on the MCAT results. I’m sure a CAT scan would have been far less painful – and far less likely to fry my brain (at least, I would hope) 😀

    Now that school’s done (for 2 weeks at least) I’m looking forward to catching up on my reading. First up: Ian M. Banks’ “Against A Dark Background”, and “Matter”. I’m also going to try to get through “Cryptonomicon”.

    Glad to hear the little ones are doing well. Hope Brie feels better soon (and gets rid of the Cone of Shame)… We didn’t actually have to use that on Bella (our English Bulldog) ’cause she wasn’t flexible enough to reach the stitches 😛

    Oh, I was wondering: are you planning on attending the Olympics? (from past discussion I’d guess not, but I wanted to ask…) Or are you going to get out of town during the madness?

    Hope you’ve been enjoying the sun!

  8. Forget Nostradamus, I want to know what Milo Rambaldi had to say about 2012…

    Save us, Sydney Bristow!

  9. I can’t wait to see what sort of end-of-the-world theories people will come up with after 2013 rolls around!

    Re “family entertainment”: I guess that depends on your definition of “suitable viewing” and how much you want to shield your kids from life. For example, my mother doesn’t like me to show my littlest siblings (10 and 12) SG-1 episodes “because there’s guns, and aliens, and spaceships, and that sort of thing could never happen in real life.” That’s a direct quote, too. (I, of course, show them SG-1 on Hulu anyways… I’m pretty sure they haven’t been traumatized for life.) This is how I managed to not see Star Wars until I was 14, even though the movie came out 11 years before I was born!

  10. Don’t forget to use max out your credit cards, since you won’t have to worry about paying them off eventually. That way you can buy the dogs a chauffuer. Hilarious article. What is it about humans that make them love the idea of the end of the world so?
    Almost time to start the trip home. Hope to drive through the night and stop in the early afternoon, then make a big push on Wednsday. here’s hoping I can find motels not in the dreaded internet “deadzone”. Thanks for letting me start the drive with a laugh.

  11. @EternalDensity: LOL – I thought most people had forgotten about “Alias”… Or didn’t watch it in the first place. Either way, good question. Perhaps “the Chosen One” will have to save us all!

  12. @ Deni – You’re spoiling me!! Thanks much – I’m gonna owe you one. Hell, I’m gonna owe everyone one pretty soon. 😛


  13. And NOW I will bid you good night…

    If I can control my obsessions. 🙄


  14. I’m guessing you mean “She got fixed” as in bye bye eyeing off Maximus and not an example of you speaking broken English.

    Interesting that Cracked.com are hedging their bets by using the phrase, “Why it might be bullshit”.

    If I was a betting person I’d be putting my money on the Mayans. But, they never did say it would be the end of the world, just the end of one epoch and the commencement of another. For those that have been brought up around the concept of Armageddon and the Apocalypse, it’s natural to assume the Mayan reference is in relation to the end of the world, but it appears to be more of a mental/spiritual awareness change.

    However, it would be far more likely that some group of numnuts blow us all up. Jus’ sayin’.

  15. Dear Joe,

    2012 reminds me of all that was said about 2000. Not the same, but the fact it won’t come true. Kinda would be nice to leave everything and take that vacation you were talking about. Ring in the end of the year 2012 and then go home.

    But I must say, I am looking forward to the 2012 movie. Looks fun, love John Cusack. Hey even SGUs Patrick Gilmore is in it. Two handsome guys on the screen, not too shabby for 2012.

    Best always,

  16. What recurring character is gay in Stargate Atlantis? And do you know why the amount of different writers writing episodes has decreased in Stargate since season one of Stargate SG-1? Like when the show started it had tons of different writers writing episodes and then it resumed to a select few, occasionally throwing someone new in but usually only these same. This also carried over from SG-1 to Atlantis. Would the people making Stargate ever consider bringing in tons of different writers again? I think it brought a more fun, diverse and colorful watching experience, having unique writers come in. Although I would rather have a select few knowing the things established in Stargate well then wild episodes written by people who know nothing of Stargate and getting science wrong and ignoring all the things established in previous episodes.

  17. It’s sad that people cling to rumors (that can’t even be placed at anyone’s feet for credit or blame) and hinge all their hopes for a movie on them. The movie(s) will or will not be made. No one will die either way. The actors, fine as they all are, will find other work. The writers have been paid for the script and are free to move on to other interesting projects. The studios own the rights and can do as they see fit. It’snot going to end world hunger or cause a sunami to swamp small Asian islands. It’s a movie.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved SGA. I was very upset when it was canceled. I bought all t he DVD sets and still enjoy them. But I won’t get depressed everytime some unnamed, unattributed rumor goes around that one or the other or both will or will not be produced. Life is too short to get that hot and bothered over a movie. (But I’ll watch it if they do make it! Yeah, and buy the DVD, too!)

  18. Oh yeah, I know all about the end of the world in 2012. I moderate on the Burning Man board, which means I am obligated to read all the threads and posts, even the stuff I find ludicrous and/or dull and/or moronic. At least one participant takes 2012 very seriously, it seems to be his religion. Did it ever occur to anyone that the Mayan calendar ends when it does because they ran out of room on the original rock and just assumed someone would pick up the loose ends in the future? This same guy is convinced there are undercover cops at the gate at Burning Man who put tracking devices on the cars which look like they have drugs so they could bust them later. When a tin hat was suggested, one reply was, “Tin hat hell, he should be wrapped in foil like a potato and tossed on the fire.”

    Yes, there are undercover cops at Burning Man. Yes, some of them are naked and drive cool mutant vehicles.

    I know the end of the world is nigh, there are rumors of cell service reaching the playa this year. Cell phones at Burning Man? Heresy! Blasphemy! Hang up and drink the Kool-Aid!

    So, as long as you’re spending lavishly, would you consider an incredible banquet for your regulars? The ones who actually like Stargate?

  19. Talking about the end of the world, I have a question:

    – Would you even consider taking a vacation in NZ?…Shania Twain does it, and she lives here now…LOL


  20. Hi,

    You can rest a little easier, because the Mayans also left a handy End-of-the-World prevention kit, in the form of a set of crystal skulls. When these lined up properly on the Winter Solstice, they will “channel the Earth’s energy” and prevent any great disasters. This is also from a Discovery Channel programme (I think) which actually referenced Stargate (though they had a clip of Dr. Jackson picking up a crystal skull, and labeled the it as from SG Atlantis – oh well).

  21. Quitting is underrated.

    Stick-to-it-tiveness is something corporations pay school boards to teach kids so they can take advantage of them later in the work force. Voting with your feet should be embraced as the great equalizer of humanity, yet we look down on it.

    If people would quit stuff they aren’t good at earlier, they would have more time for stuff they are good at. Achievements would skyrocket.

    NASA would be way better off if they gave up on their current space shuttle design, but, no, quitting would mean admitting your bosses screwed up on that design when they had your job. (My distaste for the current design doesn’t mean I would advocate spending a dime of taxpayer’s money on an alternative.)

  22. Hi, Joe, I’m in “Auntie” mode tonight…

    Be sure to pack MORE than enough of your favorite indigestion meds. I still remember and empathize with your problems during and after the 2007? Tokyo trip.

  23. RE: William Goldman. Have you had a chance to read “Adventures in the Screen Trade” and/or “Which Lie Did I tell”? I found them both to be thoroughly entertaining and insightful.

    I watched “Sword of the Stranger” this past weekend. I recommend it. http://stranger.bandai-ent.com/

  24. It’s Finch here… looks like Firefox has staged a coup and deposed the Finch account I set up and crowned my wordpress blog account king. Given my past infrequency of reponses and a narrow logical jump betweens names I believe this coup can be managed.

    I just wanted to add a question for the mailbag. Joe is it true that rocks from the set are a key component in manufacturing ZPMs?

    My understanding of ancient science indicates to me that if a non-prop rock was incased in its own dimension of subspace with an actor from the Stargate series then we would have a Schrodinger rock capable of drawing incredible amounts of power due to uncertainty of whether or not the actor has touched the non-prop rock and turned it into a prop rock.

    Hence the term Zero Point Module.

    This is why ZPMs are so rare and highly prized. I think it is irresponsible of you to be handing out the components to a highly dangerous device so casually.

  25. Hi Joe:

    Just to be silly, a few questions:

    1) Rum or Whiskey?

    2) Coke or pepsi?

    3) Blue pen or black pen?

    4)Gift for Fondy – flowers or chocolate?

    5) Vehicle – domestic or imported?

    6) Weight training or aerobics?

    7) Boutique hotels or chains?

    8) Cruise or Flying vacation?

    Thanks, Joe.

    @ Sheryl – Cliff was very awesome tonight. We all get to listen and ask questions for an extra half hour Tuesday evening at 7:00PM Pacific time at BlogTalkRadio.com

  26. Helllo Joseph!

    ça va ? Moi oui =) Lol oui je suis au courant pour 2012!! C’est pour ça qu’il faut profiter de chaque moment de la vie! Moi en tout cas si je doit mourri en 2012 la seul chose que je voudrais faire de ma jeune vie c’est vous voir au moin une fois ensuite je pourrai mourir en paix =). Donc si vous faite un voyage du monde passez à la maison car moi je ne pourrai pas aller à Vancouver avant 2012!

    Bonne journée!

  27. Hmmm… Sadly they forgot the fact that the Mayan temples, Egyptian pyramids and temples found in Asia all line up with star constelations.

    Plus the part they actually mention Nostradamus is rediculous. I’ve been following this 2012 rumor for a long time and it’s only been recent since they started mentioning that crackpot. (Who by the way predicted the end of the world to happen on May 5th 2000, Which never happened as you may be aware.)

    Ofcourse I’m not saying the 2012 date is absolutely correct, But let’s not dismiss this one just yet. Anything is possible right?

  28. @Answer: Although Universe will be exploring more of the relationships (friendship, romantic, working, etc.) between our various characters, I can assure you that it will still be suitable for younger viewers.

    Dear Mr Mallozzi,

    Thank you for your response but just to clarify, so am I to take it from your reply, that there is in fact “NO” sex scenes in SGU at all or any bad language, an by bad language I mean words other than “oh crap ” I mean words that are actually profanities, an no continual internal conflicts resulting very unpleasant nastiness an the reported suicides are in fact incorrect, as is the excessive body count of deaths being I think I read somewhere 6 by the first few shows, that these are also incorrect together with the idea that this body swapping device “going” to be used for “any” sex related story line. As your reply does not actually address my concerns with regards sexual relationship. There is a big difference between the act of a sexual relationship an a romantic relationship. As both SG1 an SGA had romantic relationship without the need for the sexual act to be present.

    Because with due respect, I am afraid that the whole use of this device to promote sexual gratification of any kind, would actually make SGU together with an excessive “emphasis”” on “death” an “suicide” make this show “very” unaccessible with regards to my view of family entertainment.

    I know its been stated that BSG is a type of show to emulate, personally I did not like that type of show or shows in general.

    Please can you confirm that this show “will not be even 1/10th of the dark nature” that BSG was, because there is in no way a show like that, under circumstances could have been watched by younger children, I would not have even have let my 14 year watch that show, to be fair though, not that he would have wanted to anyway.

    If any of these things have been correctly published/ i.e. promoted then this would “not” make this suitable viewing for my children, an as stated by another parent, they would also not be the sort things my children would be interested either.

    Can “assure me” as a adult an as a parent that these ideas are not the case an are not featured in the “on going plot lines” please, because sadly I still do not feel at this moment this is or will be family entertaining viewing.

    Should these factors be “heavily” emphasis within the show and especially “ANY” sex scenes at all, period, then I will not be watching, SGU firstly as an parent an will not allow my children to watch after explaining the reason why we are not watching an secondly as a adult, because they are not the sort things that draw me to view.

    Whereas I do not have a issue with a sex related stories in shows, it in my view must not be overt an must be relative to the story telling, yes preferable not at all, as I feel it detracts from the story “but if it must be there“, in very very small doses, obviously this is just my personal views on the matter, I am off the old school idea of escapism being the main ideal about science fiction stories an seeing heroes beat the day, I guess thats why SGA an Euerka an now possibley now WH type shows, have a greater appeal, but that’s whole other issue altogether.

    If this show does go down the line it appears to going, we as a family will avoid an we will therefore just have to wait with great anticipation for the Stargate Atlantis movie, which I hope will be forth very coming soon.


  29. Me revoila! J’ai quelque questions à vous posez!

    1) La production à pris des précotions pour que les épisodes de sgu ne se retrouvent pas sur internet avant leurs diffusion à la TV le 3 Octobre ou pour d’autres épisodes? (car avec sga, quelques épisodes arrivé avant sur le net)
    2)Vous nous parlez souvents des plats que vous appréciez, mais quel sont ce que vous détéstez?
    3) Avez vous l’intentions de vivre le restant de votre vie à Vancouver?

    Voila =)

  30. HI Mr M!

    That’s a great story about the hotel. I LOVE that about hotels with good staff. It really makes a difference. On our recent trip to Spain, we stayed at the same hotel which we’ve stayed at 4 times in 10 years (I know, we’re boring and unadventurous), but this time we had There Imperial Majesties which of course makes travelling a bit like a movable obstacle course.
    Any-hoo, all the staff we met were still there (some 5 years since our last visit) One of them, a tall swarthy Cary-Grant-esque barman (whom HRH secretly had a crush on I suspect) sought us out and welcomed us particularly recalling the books I had read on my last visit in 2004?!?!?! (I read loads on hols like you!) He remembered because I seemed to have a different book everytime. Anyway, that kind of service is the exception rather than the rule (and I am sad to say I rarely see it here in my home country).

    @PG15 : C’mon….sign up again for twitter!! There are loads of Blog Regulars there like Cheryluva, whom I think is surgically attahced to Twitter!!!! (*wink*)

    Best to all!


  31. I thought the world was supposed to end back in 2000…. 🙂

    (Actually, throughout history there have been many predictions of the end of the world. Somewhere out there, someone must have written a book about them…)

  32. 2012 is simple. It would be more unlikely that, with all the apocalyptic prophecies, each one would land on a different date.

    Ask a group of 30 people if 2 people have their birthday today? No? That’s expected. Now, find out if 2 people happen to have the same birthday. That’s a much different problem since any of 365 1/4 days could be a hit. Chances are pretty good. Alternatively (almost inversely), chances are pretty bad that there are 30 unique birthdays in the room.

    That’s what’s going on here. Chances are pretty good some date is going to show a grouping of prophecies since there are so many out there. We can’t do it with just any date (yet) since there are only so many prophecies, but that date is going to roll around sometime. It happens to be 2012.

  33. MyMy,

    I turn my back for a short vacation of 4 days and see what happens! What a mess and a storm for rumors about something very simple: a business decision based on profits or no profits.
    And, Joe, you are a gentleman; so why believe rumors instead of yours saying.

    On a personnal note, I am afraid that I will loose my father withi few weeks, He suffered two AVC 2 weeks ago and he is now hemiplegic and dumb for the rest (!) of his life. Tough for him, for my mother and for my 3 brothers

    Tougher for me because I am the first in human kind that will lost his parents !

  34. 2012 again … the author of the linked article made his case based on the quackery that has followed legitimate observations that there is a grouping of prophecies that land on 2012. Yeah, later discoveries were more contrived and are worthy of ridicule, but, by making legitimate occurrences sound less trustworthy than they are, the author sounds desperate to debunk when debunking is much simpler than that.

    I think my case is better and more succinct. I learned a long time ago that, if I’m mentioning Carlos Mencia, I’ve strayed far from making a point. I just mentioned Mencia, didn’t I?

  35. Re your reply re comments… but I’m not a producer of a TV show whom fans tend to emulate. Oddly enough, I didn’t even post about that rumor on my livejournal because it was just that, a rumor.

    Meanwhile, what is it with MGM/SyFy/whoever… first, mention of Sheppard is left off the Season 5 DVD description on the back of the DVD set box, and now, he’s left out of the Gemini synopsis. (read below) Somebody out there just not like the character?? And they spelled Woolsey wrong *cough*


    Stargate Atlantis up for five (5) Geminis

    Showing 5 nominations for:
    Stargate Atlantis

    Colonel Samantha Carter mounts a rescue mission to retrieve the missing team. There is mixed reaction to the appointment of I.O.A. representative Richard Wollsey as her replacement. Dr. McKay will face some exceedingly difficult personal challenges while Teyla learns to integrate motherhood with her role as warrior. Ronan’s past will again return to threaten him, Dr. Jennifer Keller will find help from a most unlikely source. A provisional relationship with the Wraith takes a shocking turn and new adversaries will rest everyone’s courage and resolve.

    Best Writing in a Dramatic Series
    “The Shrine” – Brad Wright

    Best Costume Design
    “The Queen” – Valerie Halverson

    Best Achievement in Make-Up
    “Vegas” – Todd Masters, Leah Ehman, Holland Miller, Brad Proctor, Kyla Rose Tremblay

    Best Visual Effects
    “Enemy at the Gate” – Mark Savela, Brenda Campbell, Natalia Diaz, Carina Dielissen Hunt, Shannon Gurney, Paul Hegg, Vivian Jim, Chandra Juhasz, Kodie MacKenzie, Alex McClymont
    “First Contact” – Mark Savela, Jason Gross, Paul Hegg, Brandon Hines, Jamie Yukio Kawano, Alex McClymont, Krista McLean, James Rorick, Luke Vallee

    And congrats to the nominees 🙂

  36. I could be wrong but I think the Mayan prediction for the end of the world is supposed to take place on December 21, 2012 (Winter Solstice). Pretty sure I saw that on the History Channel show. That gives everyone about 2.5 years to party like it’s 1999 – the last time the world was supposed to end (See Michael Burstein comment. I agree – there must be a book.) Still, it does make me want to sell the house so I can travel and eat my way around the world – with a big pit-stop in Tokyo using Joe’s restaurant list. At least, the end of the world would be a good excuse to get moving on such a plan.

    Watched a great Tarantino interview yesterday. He said he wants to write/direct films until he’s about sixty. At that point, he will write and talk about cinema. Can’t wait for that.

    Joe – have you seen the sequel to Battle Royale – is it any good?

  37. Dear Concerned Parent,

    Having two children of my own, I can understand your wanting to be sure that a program your kids watch is appropriate for them. Ultimately, though, you know your kids better than anyone else, and you know what you want for them. So of all the people here, including Joe, you are probably the best suited to make the judgment call. If you want to give SGU a try, then record it and watch it yourself first. Then, if you decide it’s all right, the kids can watch the recording. Or catch the episode later in the week if it re-airs.

    This is what I did with my son when he developed an interest in Atlantis. Most episodes were just fine for him to see. One or two (like Doppelganger I think) I knew would scare him, so I had him skip it. The arrangement worked out well for us both.


  38. @Artic Goddess, Well it took a minute , but i figured out “WHO” you were, then went to the site, so ok i will talk tonight when we talk to cliff simon again. So you WILL have a table at con. in nov. with his cd’s – and yours- so i can introduce myself., Right? I really enjoyed the interview and can see why you think so highly of him, i also gave out the info for tonight as you can see, along with the help if JOE M., thanks, joe. bye, ….Sheryl

  39. OK I have figured it out, it took me ages (about 10 mins) but I have finally figure it all out. bare with me it’s a long story;

    So Brad Wright is a member of the Illuminati, not just a member but one of two 2nd in command, along with the newly promoted Barack Obama. His boss, the commander of the Illuminati, Neil Patrick Harris ordered Brad to cancel SGA in favour for something more hip-young and edgier, and made him cast his daughter, Ming-Na, as the world’s, nay, the universes’ first asian-lesbian-mind-control-rape-victim, pretty much the most controversial person since Milli and Vanilli. And is now in the progress of having his evil spy, Ashleigh, dub a mind-washing program into the background of each SGU episode. NPH has also ordered the cancellation of the Stargate program as we know it, which is why there will be no more movies, aswell as the recent closure of Cheyenne mountain, but that is not all. It was recently unearthed that Joe Flannigan is actually an Aschen, whose goal of impregnating every women on Earth with his sterility venom, would have gone unchecked if it were not for the quick actions of Brad and company, we would not only have no Stargate, but we would all be dead and/or slaves. I say and/or because it is not uncommon to be dead and a slave these days, http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&lr=&q=cache:QnW_nqrtP2YJ:www3.district125.k12.il.us/chemmatt/87/87_10_t/871004t.pdf+Zombie+Powder

    P.S. Carl Binder’s moustache is actually the sole surviving Furling, named “Yu’opupaz”.

  40. Joe – when do you leave for Japan…’cause, ya know…I have to plan my trip to Vancouver accordingly.

    (BTW – where do you hid the extra key, and are your DVDs locked up, or easily accessible? Be sure to leave instructions on how to operate your tv and stuff, too. And be sure to leave some chocolate out where I can find it, just so I don’t have to go rooting through the cabinets. Thanks.)


  41. Hiya Joe, was just watching “Tangent” and saw a goof-up. Yeah, I’m nitpicking, but I have nothing better to do right now 🙂 When Teal’c says to look directly to the southwest, he fies directly over runway 18 (south). Hmmmm. Ok, done nitpicking, going away now. No, wait, I LOVED the pic of the dogs in the planter 🙂 Glad to know nothing bad happened to Brie, although I suppose that wouldn’t be her opinion 🙂

  42. PSS… HIDE…where do hide the extra key.

    Oh, and how about leaving your address book behind, so I can call up Carl and Alan and…ya know…maybe Brad, too.



  43. People can only travel one way through a stargate’s wormhole: planet of origin to destination. What happens if a person crosses the event horizon going the wrong way: destination to planet of origin? Or can they not enter?

    Anne Teldy

  44. @Gen

    Yeah, that.


    A little advice for spreading conspiracy theories … The trick is to stick with just asking questions, like WHY would Neil Patrick Harris participate in so many indies when he can swing the big bucks. Why is he trying to hide his access to big production money?

    See what happens? It’s hard to shoot holes in my argument because I haven’t made a specific one. Any counter-argument likely makes a claim to an actual interpretation of events and I can just throw questions at that all day. There are infinite facts that can throw doubt, while only a limited number of facts apply to a specific interpretation of events.

    If they do call you on it, say you’re just asking questions and question why they aren’t willing to open their minds for the same.

    For every argument they try to make, provide links to hours of youtubes. If they’re not willing to look at them, declare victory and play the sheep “ba-ah” sound on an MP3 player.

  45. Hi Joe:

    Me again (waves).

    @ Sheryl: I’ll be in L.A for sure in November. I won’t have a table though, since Creation pretty much runs their own tables. But, Gary Berman has been very accomodating for permitting us to sell Cliff’s CDs during their cons. This will be the last time I ask him for that priviledge though, since I don’t want to take advantage of his generosity.


    Just a thought, that if the world ends on December 31, 2012, couldn’t the folks in australia let us know, since they will be first? At least then we can all have a few hours to go nuts before the end. Just a thought…..


  46. Fargate One: I’m so sorry. We’ve been through this a couple of times within the last year. It’s rough! Now we have started probating one will, the lawyer says it will be 5% charge based on the value of the estate. OUCH!!! Just another painful detail of a loved one’s death. It doesn’t seem to end.

    Deni: I loved hearing about your trip. It’s a lot cheaper living vicariously through others, too 🙂 . How tiny is “Teyla”? Too bad about the diva cast member but if you look that good, it might be hard to BE humble 😉 . Makes me feel sorry for the cast member’s wife.


  47. Sundaes and suits? Cars? I’m all for ice cream and clothes and fast cars (usually driven by good looking guys like Jeff Gordon) but surely we can think of better ways to spend your money. If you’re hard up for ideas, there’s this trip around the world that the Smithsonian used to offer that I’ve been eyeing. You wouldn’t mind loaning me the money, right? After all, if the world is going to end, are you really going to miss it?

  48. It really sucks that the world is going to end 4 days before Christmas. I guess I had better ask for my Bentley for the 2011 Christmas season…

  49. Okay, with heart (and stomach) in throat, I’m going to ask straight out:

    With regards to Brad Wright (and Robert Cooper): Do they really *want* to make the SGA movie – or would they be just as happy if it kind of faded away?

    I ask because – well – it’s seemed for quite awhile that SGA was kind of…troublesome…for the producers. Many of us have had the feeling that maybe it simply wasn’t a favorite – too much trouble and thus, while sad to end something that was so much a part of you – it was more of a relief to end it?

    Which brings me to another rumor you could put to rest? Did Wright/Cooper end SGA or was it SyFy and/or MGM?

  50. OK, probably a stupid question, but when did Brie move in permanently? Wasn’t she originally just dropping by on an occasional visit?

  51. My ears just perked up! Did somebody say Jeff Gordon? (Terry) My favorite driver? Go #24 Dupont team!! I love him as much as Das loves the Wraith! Yes, that much!

  52. Thanks for the link, @Narelle. Will watch later tonight when I have access to a computer with speakers. 🙂

  53. @JJ

    Wow, finally stargate gets some appreaciation in theatrical movies!!!!!!!

    LOL As long as SGU is not as bad(content and language wise) as that movie or Defying Gravity(good show, but way to much content) im sure my parents will be fine with me watching it. SGU doesn’t have as much sexual content as Defying Gravity, does it Mr. M?

    Oh and do you have any more behind the scenes pics you can share with us?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  54. @das… Oh another Inspector Lewis on Masterpiece Mystery fan! Hurray! Yes, I agree the subtlety played between Lewis and Hathaway is grand and very entertaining to watch. Thanks for the info about the next season start, I will eagerly await it. Lewis didn’t get out of preparing his speech did he (wink)?

    @ponytail… “I prefer to get my SGA news from you Joe, rather than Brad Wright’s production company accountant’s ex wife’s 3rd cousin’s boyfriend’s electric meter reader’s Walmart Greeter’s favorite customer’s gardener who happened to overhear two McDonald’s employees talking.” LOVED IT!

    @Concerned parent… what Gen said.
    @Quade1… you got me laughing! Very creative.

    And as long as the ‘end of the world’ comes after Lost: Season 6 airs AND SGU airs AND the SGA movie airs, I guess I’m okay with it. Personally, I think we may all have to hold our breath when the next NEO flies by, it is supposed to be a close one.


  55. FargateOne – Take care.

    Arctive Goddess – If the world does end and we’ll be some of the first to know, um, well, seeing as we’ll all be dead I’ll shoot some kind of beacon into the air a second before it’s all over which will project some symbol for all to see so you will be aware of your impending doom. Then again, I could well be partying my little heart out and may not notice it’s all about to end in which case, sorry about the no advance warning. You know what, you’d better leave it in the hands of New Zealanders.

  56. I have no idea why I typed Arctive instead of Arctic. Actually yes I do. It’s a combination of no caffeine yet and talking to someone about active projects while typing. Multi-tasking is not my friend until a caffeinated beverage has been consumed. So, on that note. mmmmmcoffee.

  57. @Tammy Dixon: Glad you enjoyed! The “diva” was just waaayyy too full of himself, not my cuppa tea. Truth be told, if I was married to this guy, I’d knock his ass down a notch or two 😉 Puhleeeze. Teyla is itsy bitsy tiny. I kid you not, and she’s so much prettier in person. Not at all what I expected, a very nice surprise. Of course, on the last day of the convention, I met the really nice fans and we wound up sitting together for the breakfast. When the breakfast was over, we all went to freshen up as a group (I wonder why we do that?) and Rachel was in the bathroom. I had to pee something awful, but Mr. Big Bodyguard was standing guard outside the bathroom and would not let us in. We didn’t even know who he was, and he didn’t explain anything. Fool. We told him to try and stop us, he got pissed off, decided he was coming IN the ladies room (again, I shit you not) until my husband reminded him he was there should he decide he was really that interested in walking in and he backed off immediately. When Rachel came out of the stall she was in, we were very apologetic and she was incredibly sweet to all of us. We actually wound up talking to her for a while in there (about kids, makeup, whatever), all of us cracking up, just like any group of ladies. So yeah, tiny and incredibly nice!

  58. Narelle – the 2012 Mayan thing – I have heard that explanation as well. Makes you wonder – will the change of awareness be in a good way or………

    Just a different kind of thing to speculate on. We can leave this speculation to the professionals like Quade 1

  59. >> 2012ish

    No way. Earth totally has Atlantis now. We can just blow Planet Nibiru out the sky. 😀

  60. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been rewatching Seasons 4 and 5 of SGA the past few weeks (as well as an occasional ep of SG1) and I found myself smiling all over again in Reunion as the camera pans across Sam’s boxes in her Atlantis quarters giving us a glimpse of Jack’s picture. It got me wondering…a lot of people missed that little moment the first time it aired and I was curious if you (and that’s the royal “You”) had ever put in any other “moments” or even any allusions or homages that fans have missed–not necessarily Sam/Jack related (although, if we missed anything, we’d love to know!), but in general…things you thought the fans would be all over (in a positive sense) but which instead went right over our heads. It’s hard to imagine that anything got by us, but I just had to ask!



  61. Hey Joe,
    Did you get my messge about kabuki-cho?
    Anyway, I might be heading to Tokyo again in November or December. When will you be there?
    I usually stay in the Nakano Sun Plaza hotel. It is centrally located and only seven minute train ride to Shinjuku station.
    Take care
    Dave Chapple

  62. We just finished trying your slow-cooked salmon recipe on a Coho filet and I thought it was excellent. Even my husband, who does not generally enjoy the taste or texture of salmon, said he wouldn’t mind having it again. He particularly like the texture. You didn’t specify whether you use fresh or dried dill in your recipe. We used dried but since they have distinctly different tastes, I’m wondering which you use when you make the dish. Thanks for a great recipe, Joe.

  63. artdogspot – My cousin is a psychologist that has been spending time at some pretty remote Buddhist Temples to understand the science of meditation (and naturally how this could aid her patients – she specialises in gambling addiction). When the two of us get together, along with a couple of bottles of vino, we love to discuss topics such as the Mayans and hypothesise what could possibly be a catalyst for a global change in thinking, where it would begin and what the outcome would be.

    Generally by 3am we still haven’t come up with anything substantial (and her S/O and my Husband are doing the “I love you mate” hugs), but are both in agreeance that the douche bag factor however has tipped in favour of the douche bags and that it is going to take one huge wave of change for the good guys to come out on top. But that is only relevant if the change is one that is good. If the change is for the worse, then, we’re well and truly on the train of forward momentum to a cataclysmic 2012. Fun times, fun times.

  64. @ 2cats – Yay!!! *does happy dance* At least there’s one other person in the universe who knows what I’m talking about! Well, besides me mother-in-law, who has a bit of a thing for Hathaway, too. I called her up Monday morning and we gushed over Sunday’s episode like two school girls! Her favorite bit was when Lewis and Hathaway were mistaken for a gay couple…lol.

    I like how Hathaway is sort of keeping Lewis from becoming the old curmudgeon Morse was. Just a very good pairing, IMHO. The show is in it’s third season, and I can’t remember if MM has already aired S2 – some of the episodes sound familiar, but that might just be from me peeking at them a while back. I guess I’ll know Sunday if I’ve seen them or not.

    I also saved the two recent Poirots. I watched, but didn’t save, the Miss Marple episodes, but mostly because my DVR is out of space (I really need to delete the Wraith-related Stargates I have on it, but I hate to do that because it’s so convenient having them all in one spot.

    I love Mystery! (and now Masterpiece Mystery) – pretty much it’s been the one consistent thing Mr. Das and I have watched and enjoyed since we’ve been married. I’ve also caught a few on A&E and BBC America, back when they aired stuff other than cooking and reality shows. Both are practically unwatchable now. I just wish there was a single channel that showed nothing but British mysteries – Morse (*heart*), Frost, Lynley, Dalgliesh, Wire in the Blood, Second Sight (with Clive Owen – yum!), Jericho, Cracker, Midsomer Murders, Dalziel and Pascoe, Prime Suspect, Silent Witness, Foyle’s War, Murder in Mind, Holmes, Cadfael (one of my favorites!), Touching Evil (with Robson Green)…and now Lewis. And I’m sure I’m missing a few. Wallander with Kenneth Branagh is pretty good, too, but I’ve only seen one episode.

    ANYway…if you ever wanna gush Brit mysteries, I’m here! 🙂 Although I’ve watched all the ones I’ve mentioned, I tend to lean more towards the ‘Morse’ or ‘Poirot’ style shows than the grittier ‘Cracker’ style shows, but I have enjoyed them all on one level or another, just some more than others.


  65. Narelle – funny how a little vino makes everybody somehow a bit “wiser” – at least temporarily. Would love to hear the conversation with your psychologist cousin about all this stuff. I seem to be noticing more “dystopia” themed films recently like District 9 (I liked it). Can’t tell if this is just a trend because the economy is in the pits or that this trend is presaging something more serious. I think about this, have a beer, and then go to sleep.

  66. Mr. Mallozzi, discussing this matter with you is the conversational equivalent of talking to my daughter when she was about three. I have not let my emotions dictate to me, nor will I. But I am tired of running in circles.

    Therefore. Please ask Mr. Gero to stop discussing the movie with the actors, as they have an unfortunate propensity to pass such information to the fans, who take it as gospel. If there are any other ‘rumors’ bandied about, I, for one, will not listen nor report. For your sake, I hope that MGM’s finances improve and that, some far-off day, the movie is produced (hopefully before I have grandchildren).

    Good day to you, sir.

  67. Congrats on Stargate Atlantis getting Nods at the Gemini’s.

    And by the way did you see the article about Stargate Universe in today’s Vancouver Province newspaper???

  68. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the info. Those questions had just been in the back of my mind — fun to learn the answer!

    William Goldman is an interesting choice; I’m a fan, as is most of the film world.

    You mentioned you don’t read scripts these days (outside of work). When you were starting out did you? Or were you and Paul the “we’re just that good” (and rightfully so, by the way! Though someday I totally wanna find one of your scripts so I can read more than what translates to the screen!) people?


    Capt. Kirk… ish.

  69. Joe, MrsHamill wrote, “Please ask Mr. Gero to stop discussing the movie with the actors, as they have an unfortunate propensity to pass such information to the fans, who take it as gospel.” That is so cute! You bossing Gero around is like me training my puppy to do…ANYTHING. Ain’t gonna happen!

    And, “If there are any other `rumors’ bandied about, I, for one, will not listen nor report.” Thank God!!

  70. I’m gettin’ old, Joe…I can’t stay up this late anymore…

    Just wanted to say that the ‘busted’ picture on twitter is hilarious! Somebody’s up to no good…

    Have a pleasant evening, sir!


  71. Grocery run this evening…and my San Antonio supermarket has Coquitlam blueberries again! IMHO, best blueberries on the planet. They look a tad smaller than past years; do you know if it was a poor season?

  72. @ Nadine…CRYPTONOMICON is one of my all-time fave reads. I think you’ll find it well worth your time.

  73. @Fargate One
    I’m so sorry to hear of your father’s condition. It’s difficult to see a parent grow older and weaker. I’ll pray for you and your family.

    Also giving you prayer support. Closing my parents’ last home and other estate business tore me apart.

  74. @Gen

    Thank you for your words, I understand what your saying an have done similar in the past including the odd episode of SGA an a lot of ones for SG1, thankfully I enjoyed both those shows so it wasn’t to much of a hardship to endure vetting these, not like some shows I‘ve had to watch, “the joys of being a parent” .

    But the truth of the matter is, I have now in fact made up mind about SGU, as stated I was very very much on the fence and to be honest I was always leaning to more towards the SGA side than SGU side.

    I always suspected it would possibly not be something I as an adult would choose to watch because of any similarity to BSG an coupled with the overall pitch for a darker an more edgy premise. I thought Atlantis an SG1 were dark enough, even sometimes a little to much, but that’s a personal view. So I always had the notion this would not be something I would particularly choose to see, let alone want my children to watch again I‘m also pretty sure now, with what I’ve read, its not even sometime they would want to watch so I guess for me as a parent the answer is clear now.

    I have now been reading a fair bit on Gateworld forums an interviews an have now decided that this show “is not what” I personally consider to be entertainment “or in any way” considered to be a family friendly entertainment show. I find myself being a bit of a dinosaur here, as I do tend to like “old school” science fiction, as stated it’s the escapism/imagination an fantasy feel that I an my family find more enjoyable, an not the ins an outs of angst an deep rooted emotional character flaws and or any sexual antics. Sadly it has now come down to a choice either this new Stargate or nothing as in fact SGA is no longer with us, I‘m afraid it will always comes to what your preferences are, as these type’s of show do not rate very high on my agenda.

    So while I wish all those involved success, I will now take my leave as I have pretty much have my answers to my fears for this show and as such I now have no further desire or need to read or check out any further information concerning the matter an again as previously quoted will now just wait for the Atlantis movie to be made.

    Kind regards,

  75. @Concerned parent
    “I have now in fact made up mind about SGU, as stated I was very very much on the fence and to be honest I was always leaning to more towards the SGA side than SGU side.”
    I’m unaware of any debate with one side SGA and the other side SGU. Please enlighten me.

  76. @EternalDensity

    Only come here now again for ANY or at least hopfully some SGA movie news, nothing more, as I dont like SGU an am not watching it so never bother posting, no reason to.But just read your above comment an wanted to add my 2 cents worth.

    Did you not read the above post! ? “I’m unaware of any debate with one side SGA and the other side SGU. Please enlighten me”. How sarcastic and condescending is this statement.

    Why do you think its odd that someone uses the expression on the fence, for me its not a fence but a 100ft brick wall between a GREAT show like SGA an like “cough” “bleep”one like SGU an I have never been SITTING on the fence always been firmly on the SGA side an DON’T NEED A DEBATE about it, you can tell whats good an whats bad quite easy.

    If you read what “concerned parent” said, THEY gave reasons for the not watching, they said they were sitting on the fence but were more SGA than SGU, whats hard to understand about that. They were at least entertaining the idea of giving this “ THING” a chance, so kudos to them, there a better person than I am. I suggest you go back an try reading what they said, an maybe look up what the expression means about sitting on the fence. Before being so condescending about others points of view an maybe try a grasp the fact that NOT everyone thinks this will be greatest show to hit the airways, whether you agree with that or not, people have there own reasons for liking or not liking.

  77. About the 2012 Mayan prophecy. There is division within their own intellectual community about whether the date is December 21, 2012 or October 28, 2011. It depends on how you do the counting from the Mayan calendar to our current calendar system. The Earth is going to wobbly a big wobble on its axis. They don’t know, because of the way the Mayan calendar counts, if it means the end of mankind because of it, or if it ushers in a coming together of humanity in a way that we’ve never seen before and brings us peace because the catastrophe will be so great we are forced to make peace. In either case, I’ve got both dates on my watch list. LOL.

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