Today’s post is a milestone of sorts as this blog marks its 1000th entry. It has come a long way from its early days when it was originally conceived as a way to document my culinary adventures in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Back then, I averaged about 25 views a day. Over time, that average has upticked significantly as evidenced by the blog stats (from wordpress and former host blogspot) putting the total number of visitors to this blog at approximately 5 million in 2 ½ years. Hopefully, some of you found what you were looking for.

In those first two weeks, I blogged daily and, upon my return home, I decided to keep the streak alive – just to see how long I could last. As it turns, a mighty long time. Between then and now, I haven’t missed a day, blogging about everything from memorable meals to brilliant books, Stargate to spam vengeance, hosting authors, actors, scriptwriters, directors, a chef, a couple of astronomers, production personnel, an arch-villain bent on global domination, a blue-furred beast with an affinity for cookies, and many more. Oh, and the dogs. I’d be in big trouble if I failed to mention them.




A writer writes – even though many of them hate it – and I’ve always believed that the only way to improve as a writer is, well, to write. And this blog has given me the opportunity to do just that. Sure, there’ve been times when I haven’t felt like posting, days when I’ve wanted to give it up, and yet I’ve soldiered on because this little online forum has ultimately proven itself very fulfilling. Frustrating, annoying, maddening, lonely, heartbreaking, and frightening. But, ultimately, incredibly satisfying.

And so today’s entry is dedicated to all you regulars and semi-regulars who take the time to comment, critique, and, most importantly, read these daily entries. If it wasn’t for your kind support, this blog wouldn’t exist and all the time dedicated crafting these thousand entries would have gone to less noteworthy pursuits like learning to play the piano, writing more scripts, or volunteering at my local homeless shelter. Thanks a lot, people.

Let’s celebrate with virtual cake and join the virtual party in the comments section. I’m here all night.


And while we’re at it, let’s also celebrate Stargate Universe’s strong showing at Comic Con (http://io9.com/5324054/who-won-comic-cons-buzz-wars-our-10-picks) with a toast to MGM’s Grey Munford and his team for not only producing a truly kick-ass trailer, but putting together a terrific campaign as the show gears up for its premiere.

379 thoughts on “July 27, 2009: Happy 1000!

  1. YAHOO… 1000 entries, very awesome and noteworthy indeed! CONGRATUATIONS MR. MALLOZZI! YOU ROCK!

    Cheers and the virtual cake was Yummy! THANKS! 😛

  2. Happy 1000th, Joe! I first started reading when you were on blogspot, and found out about it through the Gateworld forum (lurker!). Since then, I’ve been entertained daily, from your food reviews, book club, stargate info…and well, I think you pretty much covered it. Here’s to another 1000 and more! *raises glass*
    p.s. – What are those ball-shaped things on the top of the cake?

  3. Ooooh!!! You made us CAKE!!! Thanks!!! 😀

    Happy 1000th, Joe, and many happy returns!!!

    Ah, there I go with the exclamation points again…

  4. I wanna piece of cake! NOW!!! (If you need my address, drop me an e-mail… 😉 Overnight it – it should get here just fine. 😀 )

    I gotta say, even when I’m not that interested in a particular entry, there’s either a good picture, the mailbag, something informative or entertaining that I would never have bothered with otherwise, FOOD, and – of course – the regulars who always have something to say…good, or bad. It’s a very nice blog, Joe…and you made it nice by being tolerant of those of us who can be a bit…’much’…and allowing us to express ourselves in so many ways. And to vent. And to hijack your blog for our own, devious purposes. 😈 But most of all I think it’s because you include us in the conversation…and by doing so you’ve created a nice little community here.

    It’s sort of like…well…sort of like we’re your harem. 😀 Heh. THAT must be good for your ego. 😉

    Now. Send me that piece of cake! 😀


  5. PS: If you haven’t noticed, I don’t do ‘virtual’ when it comes to cake… 😉 However, I wish I DID do virtual when it came to weight gain. 😛


  6. Not quite sure what the ball-shapes are either, but they’re mighty good. And the cake is as well. And so is the punch! Thanks for hosting tonight!

  7. Apparently the cake is full of “empty calories” which I take that to mean hardly any calories at all. So enjoy guilt-free.

  8. came…comes..when it comes to weight gain? argh. I hate grammar.

    Here…lemme pour myself another glass of whine wine…



  9. Okay…if we’re being so ‘let your hair down and party’ tonight, can I ask a question??

    In your avatar piccie – why are you sticking chopsticks in your ear, Joe? Got an itch?


  10. Alas, the pic is two dimensional. In the 3D holographic version, the chopsticks are actually in front of my ear, poised to snap up that O.S. piece of chu-toro.

  11. OOOO!!! I found a black jelly bean on the floor! Woo!!! It’s mine!

    You really should vacuum more, though…

  12. Ooooooh. *squints…tilts head to side…then upside down…*

    Still looks like yer pokin’ ’em in yer earhole! 😀

  13. Congratulations, Joe! And here’s a toast to the next 1000!

    I’m glad you picked flourless chocolate cake for the celebration – it’s my favorite!

  14. Wait…are you trying to tell me it’s a Jelly…TURD??! *gag…cough…choke…SPITUEY!*


  15. *waves at Sparrow!*

    I want the cake recipe – looks delicious!! Better than the jellybeans… 😛

  16. Hey, Joe…can ya tell I have nuttin’ better to do tonight? 😀

    Oh, and where’s Carl? And does he still have that lip carpet?

  17. Congrats Joe!
    Just wanted to say thanks… In the theme of what this “little online forum” has been to you, I often find it makes me laugh, or, at the very least, smile. And I needed that tonight… We’re having a not very good evening (brother’s not feeling well) and everyone’s a bit subdued, so I just wanted to say thanks for the humour 😀

  18. @das, you can have my share of the black jelly beans.

    And Joe, I forgot to mention your book of the month club! I’ve got to admit that it is one of the things that keeps me coming back. You’ve broadened my literary horizons and introduced me to some wonderful new authors.
    Thank you.

  19. Oh, and the cake looks good, but I don’t think “empty calorie” means what you *want* it to mean….

  20. Nadine – Sorry to hear about your brother.

    Sparrow Hawk – I’m pleased. Are you enjoying The Speed of Dark?

    Devon – Nope. The crew is going to have to make do without a lot of the tech equipment we’ve come to take for granted.

    sclairef99 – By all means.

    Das – Apparently he shaved it off once and everyone thought he looked ridiculous.

  21. joooee!! not chocolate; alcohol!!

    can you make another, so i can get tipsy and start singing stargate in Swahili?

  22. Heard there was talk of cake over here tonight….

    Congrats, Joe…and thank *you* for being our pipeline to our favorite franchise and for putting up with our relentless pestering. 😉 Can’t wait to read the next 1000….!!!!



  23. Sparrow – so right. I mean…I hate to say it, but it’s really because of Joe and his BotM club thingy that I’m reading real books again, instead just the funny books. I was taking my time with Elric, but had to speed it up to make it in time for the discussion, and that just really stimulated my desire to read. In fact, I’m halfway through Monsieur Zenith the Albino, even though I’ve only had a few minutes a day to read these last couple of weeks. Granted, it’s an easy read, but still…not too long ago I couldn’t even finish the simplest of stories, just got too distracted and restless.

    Aaaand…I’ll shut up now before I put a damper on the party. I can be SUCH a bore at times.



  24. Thanks Joe…

    Oh, speaking of books: Have you ever read (or heard of) “Society of the Mind” by Eric L. Harry?

  25. @das – I hope you brought enough entropy meals to share.

    @Joe – Actually I stayed up until 1:30 a.m. this morning finishing it. I got so absorbed in it that I had to read to the end. Yes, I enjoyed it. I found it tragic, hopeful, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking.

  26. It’s one of my very favorites. I enjoyed it all the more on second reading.

  27. RE: Carl’s mustache.

    I was thinking that. Everyone I’ve ever known with a mustache who shaves it always looks weird to me afterwards. We have this one friend who shaved his mustache about 20 years ago (because I said it looked cheesy… 😳 ), he’s never grown it back, and ever since I’ve thought he looked like one of the Berenstain Bears… ( http://www.berenstainbears.com/ ) 😛 But I don’t DARE say anything now…

    HEY!!!! Guess what??! The punch makes ya haveta pee! ‘scuse me!



  28. It’s very good. When it was written it was probably one of those books that seemed farther into the future than anyone thought (if that makes sense). But reading it now, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched. It focuses on an AI who kind of becomes sentient. Although a big question to address is *if* she is really sentient/self-aware…

    Meant to ask: how do your little ones handle the fireworks?

  29. Bubba is the most sensitive to any noise. He freaks out and, when he does, the others follow suit. Jelly is almost deaf so she remains oblivious.

  30. Congrats on 1000, Joe. And a big thanks for all the author blogs. Hearing (reading) from all these different writers makes re-reading each work so different the second time around. And I’m definitely excited about SGU as well.

    I’ve always loved Robert Carlyle, so seeing him at ComicCon was a real treat. The only thing I was disappointed about was no mention of the SG-1 movie. Any word to share? Still going to film in the fall?

    Well, congrats again to you and to the dogs. They’re the real stars of your blog anyway.

    Nigel, RAF (lurker extraordinaire)

  31. happy 1000th, Joe!
    very glad you didn’t leave out the dogs since they are CLEARLY the most important part (or at least let them think that ^_^).
    that cake looks delicious but i’m very glad it’s virtual…i’ve eaten far too much ice cream in the last couple of days and should not go near anything that looks that delicious.
    Can’t wait for 1000 more!
    P.S. – The more teasers and trailer that get released for SGU, the more excited I get! and each one is better than the one before it! Tell the guys to keep ’em coming!

  32. congrats on 1000. That SGU was way more than just kick ass. I can’t remember the last time i saw a trailer as good as that

  33. Ahh, Ok.

    It’s funny how different dogs react. We used to have a border collie who would freak out at fireworks (and thunder) and would hide under a table and shake. And Bella (who is a total wuss with everything else) gets all fierce and growls under her breath, until it sort of builds into a bark. And she’ll bark like she’s protecting us or something. But the thunder didn’t seem to bother her…

    So now that a couple weeks have gone by: your take on the Burrard Bridge debacle?

  34. Joe – if you’re talking about Monsieur Zenith the Albino by Skene – it’s quite fun! If I had to compare it to anything…it would be…hmmm…have you ever seen The Saint movies from the 30s/40s with George Sanders as Simon Templar? The book reminds me VERY much of those movies.

    Moorcock’s version of Zenith in The Metatemporal Detective is quite similar, only he throws in the whole multiverse thing with a bit of steampunk imagery, which wouldn’t be for anyone not familiar with his other works. However, the ending of that book is quite satisfying – making it one of my favorite Moorcock stories (or collection of stories) so far.

  35. hey, congratulations! I just arrived. I hope there’s still some cake left.

  36. Yes, the trailer was great. A friend of mine who knows nothing about the show saw the trailer at Comic Con and emailed me to ask “When’s the movie coming out?”

  37. Congrats on 1000! The cake looks good, and at least you had the foresight not to put 1000 candles on it. If you had I’d be able to hear the fire trucks all the way up here. And it looks like it would melt from the heat, then you’d have to serve up chocolate goo – not so apetizing.

  38. On Speed of Dark: I’ll be very interested to hear what everyone else thinks about it when we discuss it next week. Actually, the book hit me rather hard and I’m glad I finished it early so I can digest it a bit and figure out how I feel about the end.

    On dogs: My Lab is very sensitive to noise; when we are out walking all it takes is a distant emergency siren, someone in the next county shooting off a fire-cracker or a yappy little mop-dog in someone’s yard and she bolts for home. She would have been a disaster as a hunting dog. She may be a chicken, but she’s our chicken and we love her.

  39. Nadine – I’ve avoided the bridge, so I wouldn’t know. I hear there were plenty of complaints at the beginning what with a logjam of vehicles heading out of the city while a mere half dozen bikes took the right lane.

    Das – Yes, yes. Ice cream as well. Pistachio. My fave!

    Eric – Plenty of cake, yes.

  40. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for persevering and continuing with the blog! I started reading just a short while before you switched to wordpress and I’ve been hooked ever since, despite the fact that I lurk more than I comment.

  41. Joe…do you know if MGM has a timeframe for deciding about the movies? And…heaven forbid…if they decided not to go ahead with the movies, would you ever see the two scripts coming out in perhaps novel form?

  42. Yeah, I can’t really avoid the bridge. I mean, technically I could. But it doesn’t make sense to take Granville when I’m going N. Shore to UBC… Anyways, it moves pretty well in the morning, and I’ve avoided it in the evening when people would be leaving the city. What bugs me though is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 5 cyclists on it at once… I’m *seriously* hoping this lastest notion does not last

  43. @das: I love George Sanders! And I’m a sucker for “The Saint” in all of its manifestations. My copy of Zenith the Albino came but I haven’t started reading it yet. I had to finish my BotM book and now I want to read Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse so I can get it back to you and we can chat about it. Ice cream? I have Dulce de Leche and Strawberry – which would you like?

  44. StellaByStargate – Alas, there is no timeline. But we’ve impressed upon them the desire to produce it sooner rather than later. As for the fate of the scripts – well, I’m thinking positive and assuming we’ll be shooting them soon.

    Sunstonetal – Thanks for coming out of hiding. Have some cake.

  45. I’m thinking postitive too, then. 🙂 Is there anything us fans can do to…encourage…MGM?

  46. Nope. At this point, simply cross your fingers and try and be patient like the rest of us.

  47. Congratulations Joe. I can honestly say I have read every single entry and enjoyed all of them! That is what keeps me coming back. You are very entertaining, interesting, and a great writer with adorable dogs. You forgot to mention your occasional advertising you do on this blog. I remember you helping a certain Satedan sell furniture.

    “Frustrating, annoying, maddening, lonely, heartbreaking, and frightening. But, ultimately, incredibly satisfying.”

    Why lonely? You have a huge fan base in your commentors, who I must say, are extremely amusing, and very well versed themselves. They are half the fun and I always love reading each one.

    Overall, thanks for a very enjoyable reading adventure. I too have experienced uncontrolled laughter, irritation, heartbreak, envy, but mostly just a fun entertaining read. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Here’s to 1000 more!

  48. *wanders in* Er….there was talk of cake?

    Congrats, Joe, on your impressive milestone. Your sharp wit and brilliant snark have made me laugh when I’ve really needed it. So, here’s to you, oh Emperor of Snark! 🙂

    Where’s the cake?

  49. *fingers and toes crossed* Well…patience is supposed to be a virtue. Not one of mine…but…oh well. I shall try, if you say so.

    Time for some cake now!

  50. “Here’s to 1000 more!”

    Which will hopefully land us somewhere in the midst of SGU’s 4th season.

  51. Congratulations, Joe! I really do enjoy your blog as it has become daily conversation fodder between hubby and I. I keep him informed as to what “joe” and the dogs are up to. Sometimes I even insist on reading him certain entries. Keep up the good work!

  52. Help yourself to the cake. I was expecting a big turnout so I have plenty.

  53. hey! I feel the cold shouder, what have I done AGAIN! Its always Stew 14’s fault.
    I’m leaving with my beer….to bed

  54. Mind if I help myself to some of that ice cream as well? Speaking of ice cream, are you planning to make some homemade batches anytime in the near future?

  55. Congratulations on the big 1000, Joe! Does this mean we get a disco ball for the BOTM club room? 🙂

    Here’s to many more posts (and empty calories): Cheers!

  56. Das – Thanks.. I thought it was really neat. I think one of the only ways to try and do that now is lower the body temperature and increase the blood pressure of the patient…. So if this is some chemical that can help it would be great

    Has anyone else taken Biochemistry?

  57. @ Sparrow – George Sanders was one of my favorite actors from back in the day. I’ve watched The Picture of Dorian Gray so many times, I can hear Sanders’ voice in my sleep. Lov that movie and his role in it. Other favs are Rebecca and Foreign Correspondent. He had such a distinctive voice, just loved it. Heh. I just love those ‘distinctive voice’ types, eh? 😉


  58. Well, I hate to eat and run, but I’ve got to get up early for work tomorrow!

    Thanks for inviting me to the party! I had a lovely time.
    No, no. Don’t get up. I’ll let myself out…

    G’night all!

  59. Ya know, Joe…you would have had a BIGGER turnout if you had a chocolate party instead. 😀 And then I would’a had a bigger butt, too. 😛

    So…Joe – have you ever read the Cerebus series?


  60. @luvnjack: But Joe’s blog *is* my happy place!

    And Joe…I’m looking forward to that 2000th blog celebration in SGU’s 4th season!

  61. Iamza – Sure. Feel free to redecorate.

    Grapesofwraith – I almost made some ice cream a month ago – then couldn’t be bothered. I’m thinking of making a milk chocolate with crumbled bacon.

  62. Congrats, Mr. M!

    I turned 45 today which I’m not happy about.

    I am, however, proud that I walked 56 feet in therapy today (my new record). Not bad for a sick fat woman!

    Anne Teldy

  63. WOW!! Didn’t see this one coming. Congratulations on 1000 entries, Joe! Surely, this is cause for celebration, or the creation of another blog, titled Opinions X-Treme! It will only last a few entries, but there will still be enough visitors/readers to warrant the creation of a VLog based on it. Oh man, just think of what could be in the VLog…

    *Squiggle squiggle squiggle*

    Great news for Americans! Finally, you have caught up with the Canadian. No, not in economic, diplomatic, industrial, constitutional, milita-um…I mean…health care, sporting, or cultural (I guess) ways, obviously, but in something FAR MORE IMPORTANT. Yes, indeed, it would appear that you can now get a US Hardcover of Best Served Foie, for as far as I can tell amazon.com are now shipping the book.

    In the meantime, check out the e-books coming out for the First ‘Slaw Trilogy:

    The Fork Itself
    Before They Are Fed
    Last Argument of Pugs

    Now excuse me while I go beat the verbal shit out of Brent Reeks

    *Squiggle squiggle squiggle*

    That’s sheer brill’, mate.

    Anyways, thanks for the virtual cake! And look over there, some virtual Fuel-style corn soup! Let’s all have a bowl or six!

    Here’s to 1000 more days of awesome blogging! 😀

  64. Sparrow_hawk – G’night!

    Das – I haven’t, although I’ve been tempted to pick it up. Did you enjoy it? I’ve been reading a fair amount of trade paperbacks of late, mostly the ones that have come highly recommended. Some I’ve enjoyed. A few I’ve loved. The majority of them though – meh.

  65. das, George Sanders was, I believe, the original Mr. Freeze on Batman.

    Anne Teldy

  66. Hey PG15, nice to see you.

    Anne Teldy – Congratulations on your progress. We’re rooting for ya!

  67. @das – One last thing – have you seen All About Eve – the scenes of George Saunders and Marilyn Monroe sitting on the stair are priceless!

    Now I really do have to go – Bye!

  68. Oh….Ice Cream and bacon…. Delicious!!!!!
    Cookie want some….NOW!!!!

    Speaking of Cookie! Where has he and the Baron been lately? Missing their witty take on current events!

    Cheers…. Hiccup! Opps, no more punch for me! LOL

  69. AnneTeldy – Re: Batman’s Mr. Freeze. Wasn’t Otto Preminger Mr. Freeze? Or was that only for one episode?

  70. Congratulations Joe!
    This sounds like a great excuse to blow off the rest of the days work and boogie till dawn. The sight of a lone blonde female dancing by herself might draw the attention of the neighbours though. Oh well, I’ve done stranger. Pass me the punch.

  71. Ouuu…chocolate! So much for the 5 pounds I just lost.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about yourself this way, but with this blog you should add teacher or professor to your multiple talents.

    You have so much passion for your interests and it’s been a joy to read all about them. And I don’t think I’ve missed one blog…..No wait! Except for the one about Brie being YOUR dog. Must have missed that one.

  72. Patricia – Those two have been preparing some movie reviews. The Baron will be doing a superhero movie showdown review (Watchmen vs. The Dark Knight vs. Ironman) while Cookie Monster will be weighing in on some foreign horror movies.

  73. Yahoo…. Cookie and the Baron, COMING SOON to a BLOG near you! THIS ONE! WAHOO!!!

  74. Gnight, Ponytail.

    Paloosa – Brie? What’s a Brie?

    Narelle – Drink away. If your hubby asks, tell him you were partying with Joan.

  75. Congrats, congrats! I remember when my blog reached a thousand entries… Sadly, I don’t think I have as many hits to boast. =P

  76. hey, joe… thanks.

    the punch is wonderful! since i spiked it with three types of booze, i’m feeling greeeaaaat!!


  77. Well, congratulations indeed. 1000 continuous days of posting is pretty bloody impressive.

    I’m not much of a cake eater, but if you’ll kindly steer me in the direction of the bar I’ll happily raise 1000 glasses in your honour, and another couple to toast Anne Teldy on her birthday. Then I’ll finish off with a few more in appreciation for having met Narelle on here – before meeting her in person.


  78. AnneTeldy – glad to hear about your progress, hope you’re feeling better soon! Also, and I know it probably sounds trite, but even small steps (so to speak) are progress… (My brother had to go through months of rehab after a biking accident)

  79. Joe – I haven’t read Cerebus – just some ‘Elrod’ excerpts – which are HILARIOUS! Case in point (and remember – Foghorn…):


    My main apprehension about the book is that I’ve been told the creator uses it to express his personal views, and – after awhile – those views become quite over-bearing. Now…that may just have been those particular people who found it to be a bit much, but with all my current reading, I’m in no rush to try to dig this one up.


  80. Yeah, Joe…it’s time to fess up about Brie. You dognapped her, didn’t ya?


  81. Nice to see you too, Joe. Why, this blog doesn’t look a day over 500…days.

    But wait, a birthday celebration too? Sweet!

    Happy Birthday AnneTeldy!! What’s there not to be happy about? Especially when you broke your own personal record today as well! Here’s to many more years! 🙂

  82. Riley, it’s an open bar so go nuts. But make sure to take a virtual cab home.

  83. Joe, I’d love to know the mental picture he had of you before he realised you were a Joe. Because I know I was clutching my stomach picturing you with a long brown wig and a 5 o’clock shadow.

    I’ve still got that entry on my blog from your Birthday, so if anyone wants a recap of around 800 odd entries they can go here.

    Wonder if I could get a virtual migraine from a virtual chocolate cake? Hmmmm?

  84. Das – Brie is what you call a frequent visitor.

    And what types of views does the author convey? Is it a matter of the views being objectionable or more the heavy-handed nature in which the point is made?

  85. Getting RSI in your comment moderating finger? This would have to be the fastest accumulation of Comments I’ve seen. Except when you went missing that time.

  86. Congratulations on 1000 entries, Joe! Well done. And not a one boring. Even more impressive.

    Virtual cake! Yummy! You can never go wrong with virtual food. There’s always enough and everyone can have their favorite flavors. And clean up coudln’t be easier.

    Happy Birthday Anne Teldy! And great job! We’re here for you.

  87. Congrats Anne Teldy – On both your Birthday and your walking milestone. You’ve come a long way since you first told us all what you were going through.

  88. The what that will probably be gnawing on your toes tonight when you’re trying to get some sleep.

    Booze? I missed the booze…I mean punch?

  89. Heya, Joe – First, congrats on making it through your 1000th blog entry. At first, this entry had a slight air of finality about it, and all I could think was “OMG, no!” – not that I have the right. . . . “Ultimately satisfying” – that’s good to hear, after reading about the negative side, since your blog entries have done so much to lift my spirits on days when I’ve felt like ripping my hair out (no apple-polishing; it’s just the truth) – alternatively, traveling to Sikkim, only to find that it already has a group of cynical dropouts. – Thanks so much for everything, tolerance and patience in particular. And a whole lot of humor.

    Fantastic cake – like Sparrow_hawk, my fave; and since those look like Russian tea cakes on top, I’ll have one while they’re still there. I’ll get some punch after I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my chocolate delirium.

  90. Awww…did I miss Sparrow? 🙁

    I have seen All About Eve , but a loooong time ago, and only once. Not one I remember clearly. Mostly I went for film noir, crime/drama/mystery/suspense, and anything Hitchcock…those are the ones I’ve seen a bazillion times.

    @ Anne Teldy – Congrats! And I’m OLDER! That should make ya feel better. 😛 My b-day was earlier this month, but I’ve spent a lifetime doing my best to forget when it is. 😀


  91. Woo! Open bar! 10 drinks down, 990 to go. I’ll start on #11 as soon as I work out which of the two glasses in front of me is real. But I’d better go to the loo first.

    I’m thinking that before too long I’ll need to throw up to make room for more. Aren’t parties great???

  92. Iamza – Yes, I’ve read Astro City vol. 1 and enjoyed it immensely.

    Nadine – Haven’t watched it but a good friend who also happens to be a very funny guy says it’s great.

  93. Happy 1000th!

    >Sure, there’ve been times when I haven’t felt like posting,
    >days when I’ve wanted to give it up,

    I’ve wondered…

    >and yet I’ve soldiered on…

    And thanks for that! I’ve enjoyed the foodie notes (both restaurant adventures and weird food purchase of the day), BOTM (I’m reading more books than I have in years, although my current unemployed state might also have something to do with that.), dog tales and pics, and of course all things Stargate.

    No cake here but I’ll have some ice cream in your honor.

    – KB

  94. Narelle – I can feel myself rapidly approaching the “I LOVE YOU GUUUUUUUYS” section of the evening 🙂

  95. Yeah (re: BBT) it’s very funny. Not my usual show… My siblings and I watched an episode when we saw Summer Glau in the preview (thought she was great in Firefly and TSCC) and I was hooked… Awesome nerd humour.

  96. Party on Joe’s blog! W00T!!! Just went out for a bit of editing and came back and there was a PARTY!!!

    Well, I’m gonna grab one more slice of cake and then head to bed. Happy partying!

  97. Joe, this has been a thrill! Thanks for the party! I’ve been the designated sleeper tonight, so…wait…

    Anyway, I have pages to write and an impatient editor! Good night to all and virtual hugs for you, Joe!

  98. Assuming the current rate of commenting continues at roughly 100 comments per 1.5 hrs, it should only take 15 hrs to get 1,000 comments for your 1000th post. The numerical joy that would bring me is only equaled by cake. Mmm, cake.

  99. You and your parties, Joe. I got so hungry with all this food talk, I just ate watermelon, leftover tiramisu, and hot pepper jack cheese. I can’t even begin to imagine what sort of dreams I’m gonna have tonight! 😛


  100. Congratulations on the 1,000th entry Mr. Mallozzi. The cake looks amazing. Though I only make the occasional post the stories of your adventures and daily comings and goings have become a daily read for me.

    Here’s to many more Joe!!!

  101. Riley – Ah yes, the group hug that tends to end with everyone on the floor or alternatively you get squeezed so hard lack of oxygen starts to become an issue.

  102. @Joe: Whew! I was a bit worried it was one that had been recommended and that you hadn’t enjoyed. 🙂

  103. Narelle: I started reading your blog (you’re very entertaining, by the way – love your style of writing) and I got down to that entry about “Edward”. I am still twitching from that pic. Are *all* the spiders that big? If so, I’m never coming down there… (shudder)

  104. @ das: Haha, well, Joe should be careful what he wishes for. He wants a party? Well, he’s getting one!

  105. Das – That sounded like a challenge! The gauntlet has been thrown!

    Speaking of gauntlets….
    Joe, have you ever watched “Last Exile”, or “Monster”? (Both are anime)

  106. Dang it! Party on a WORKNIGHT? Will you write a note for my boss, Joe? I’ll need it when I’m late to work. Alkeehaul has that effect on me. Happy 1000th!

  107. Last Exile is definitely in my top 25. Haven’t watched Monster however. Is it an older series?

  108. Pepper, here ya go: “Dear Boss, Please excuse Pepper from work today. He was very drunk. Sincerely, Joe.”

  109. I need oxygen… Riley and Narelle… let go! I’s can’t breath! Laughing so hard… I can’t breath!

    This is fun! I’m with Mika, I vote for a 1000 comments tonight! Let’s see if we can make it happen!

  110. Das – Jelly and Lulu already have the sofa. There’s room in the dog bed with Maximus.

  111. Since the question of anime is raised, have you checked out the not-really-anime “Avatar: The Last Airbender” yet? It’s ever so good. It’s also done, so you can watch all 61 episodes in one sitting.

  112. I’m not sure if Monster is older or not… I pretty much just watch what my brother asks me to; if I like it, I’ll keep watching.
    We started Last Exile on the weekend, and I’m *loving* it. The ships are amazing…. Still trying to figure out just what exactly is going on.

    Monster is more of a mystery… It’s about a doctor who saves the life of a young boy and, well, I won’t say too much… Just that it’s quite intriguing. I do like Last Exile better so far though

  113. I forgot to mention all the people on this blog. A very wonderful and hilarious bunch of folks you’ve collected.

    @Anne Teldy – Happy Natal Day and congrats on your walk record!

  114. Dasn – Not necessarily wrong. Maybe a little weird.

    PG15 – Haven’t watched it. I hear there’s a live action movie coming out.

  115. i’m not feeling so good… i think i drank too much of the punch joe purposely spiked without my consent… i think i’ll go lie down with lulu…

    *vomit burps*

  116. @ riley – Yup! Joe’s a very cheesy guy! 😀

    @ Joe – Doggie bed is fine. But maybe I should take the lampshade off’a my head first…woo.


  117. Mmm, cake. And thanks for the 1,000 even though I came in a bit late. Very enjoyable and illuminating. I even backtrack to read the comments, I always find an interesting tid-bit or three.

    I brought bacon. Can’t have a party without bacon!

    … Oh. My. Wait a minute. I’m not wearing any pants. What was in that cocktail?

    Thunk Thud.

  118. Thanks for the note, Joe. Move over, Das, I need a corner of the bed for my achin’ head!

  119. Thanks, Anne! Been too busy to check. 😉

    @ Joe – Weird? Did you say…WEIRD?? 😡 Well, I neve…

    …yeah, you’re probably right. 😛 (He’s still purty, tho… 🙂 )


  120. Oh right, the movie. Yeah, there’s a big fandom hubbub over it being miscast. And, as always, the original is always better than the adaptation. That’s, like, one of the constants in the Universe or something that I will adhere to blindly.

    Speaking of Universe, since we’re having a PARTAY, how’s about revealing an episode title? 😉

  121. @pg15 – haven’t you made an avatar video or 2?

    And Joe, milk choclate and bacon ice cream sounds pretty good actually – putting together the best of both worlds!

  122. @ Pepper…you might not wanna do that. I’ve got gas. 😳

    Or wait…maybe that was Maximus…


  123. I think my favourite animes so far have been Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, and Last Exile (in no particular order). That being said, I’m definitely not a connoisseur…

    Speaking of connoisseurs, I swung by Chocoatl today and they were carrying my favourite chocolate again: the stuff from Ecuador. Yay!

    I was wondering, I know you’ve made ice cream before, but have you ever tackled jam?

  124. Aw, this is just like university! Drink, puke, drink, eat cheese, and maggie’s in the corner with her pants on her head.

    Ah, the good old days.

  125. Re: dogs have the sofa — I take it they’d object to being used as a pillow? It’s not wriggling, it’s massaging…

  126. Nadine – Yeah, loved Cowboy Bebop. Also Berserk and Now and Then Here and There.

  127. Anne Teldy – I’ll never forget the episode where she orders her henchman, Manx, to “Brush her pussy willow!”

  128. das – It’s always the dog… whether it really is or not. Although when the vet told us we had a “farty” dog, it would have been a little easier to take if he didn’t weight 45kgs. We drive with the windows down, not for the cool breeze, but for the much needed oxygen on occasions. Skunks have got nuttin’ on Ralph after he’s eaten a possum.

  129. Now, when you say “one guess” does that mean you’ll say whether the guess is *correct*?

    We watched Cowboy Bebop as a family.. I loved Ed and Ein.
    Speaking of Ein…
    Did I tell you about the evil dog that attacked Bella? He was a Welsh Corgi with, apparently, an attitude problem. Worst part (besides seeing our little one so freaked out): he’s my uncle’s fiancee’s dog 😛 So we’ll probably be seeing him again

  130. Episode #19 better NOT be called, “Daniel Jackson Saves The Day”.



  131. Lee Meriwether – she was in Barnaby Jones! I loved that show when I was a kid.

    Jeez, Joe – that’s a pretty saucy quote! Hope all the young ‘uns have gone to bed already!

    Wow, all this virtual alcohol has really gone to my head. I can’t believe the trouble I’m having typing. Still, it’s easy on the liver, so who cares!

  132. Well, I’ve been …procrasting enough. Was *supposed* to be doing my biochem reading. Oops
    So I’m off now. Thanks for the great party Joe!

  133. @ grapesofwraith: Yep, made one Avatar fanvid about the main romantic pairing of the series. It’s hard making vids with animated material! If you slow it down, everything becomes choppy.

    And that’s your random vidding tip of the day!

    @ Joe: Oh boy, way to put the pressure on me. Ok, let’s see; luckily I’ve collected all the info you’ve released about eps 17, 18, 19, and 20. #19 has a name that is 1 letter away from being an Atlantis title, and it’s not Hope.

    How’s about…Duel?

  134. @Nadine – “Skunks have got nuttin’ on Ralph after he’s eaten a possum.”

    A classic line has been born!

  135. Ut oh…we have been drinking way to much tonight…we are now officially in the gutter! LMAO….”Brush her pussy willow!”

    OMG… I can’t stop laughing! My side hurts! HELP! 😀

    BTW… Happy Birthday Anne! 😛

  136. PG15 – Wrong one!

    Maybe I’ll give you the title to 19 in tomorrow’s entry. And you can use that as a clue to 20.

  137. @ Narelle – one of my cats is farty at times. It’s not pleasant. 😛

    @ whoever cares – I’ve never been much into anime, except I did enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist – even like Edward Elric (long before I got the connection…), but my favorite is still the steampunky Samurai 7. Just really liked that one.


  138. Julie Newmar was the first Catwoman. the TV series started in Jan. 1966 and the movie with Lee Meriwther came out in Oct. 1966. Both were great, but I confess to loving Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman the most. I thought she had the ‘purr’ of the voice just perfect. Or, as she would have said pppppppuuuuuurrrrrfect.

  139. @ Narelle – sorry, forgot to add that I love the way skunks smell. We had about 6 or 7 living under our house one winter back when I was a kid (dad finally got a have-a-heart trap, caught them and released them elsewhere). But the smell isn’t so bad…it’s a lot like strong coffee, mixed with garlic. Garlic coffee. 😀


  140. @paloosa: Huh? What’s that about skunks?

    Oops, that should have been *procrastinating*

  141. Damn. Should’ve gone with Whiskers. Still, thanks for the chance!

    That sounds like a good plan! I await tomorrow with baited breath.

  142. Das – Loved Samurai 7 too. And having grown up in the suburbs, whenever I smell skunk I’m reminded of home. I’ve never minded it – until one of the dogs at the daycare came in after being sprayed. Close up, it aint all that pleasant.

    Becky L. – Right. Julie Newmar!

  143. Open Bar! Looks like a good celebration and thanks for the seconds on the cake!

    Hope to see more of the 5 dogs and everything else in the future! LOVE the spam rebellion!


  144. *slaps forehead* Ohh, NOW I get it… In my defense, I don’t think I got that far.

    @das: Fullmetal Alchemist was pretty much the first anime I’ve *really* gotten into. I think I watched them all within about 3 days… Never seen Samurai

    Ok, now I’m *really* off to go read biochem… Well, I suppose I could multitask… Having too much fun to leave the party 😀

  145. I’m sorry but Milk Chocolate and Bacon shouldn’t be in the same sentence, let alone the same ice cream…. EWWWWW

    That’s another thing I love! When you go to Toyko, will you do more segments of weird food?!!!!


  146. Well well well, das, looks like we have another eccentricity in common. I don’t mind skunk smell either! Ok, it’s not particularly pleasant, but it isn’t the worst smell ever that people keep going on about (I’m looking at you, Magic School Bus); frankly, I find the smell interesting.

    Now, chemical smells, like industrial cleaners or ammonia, those give me a headache. Ugh.

  147. Das – Um, I hope you don’t start up a Skunk Smell Appreciation Society because you may be the only member. I’m not going to go into the Science of what’s contained in skunk smell. With the amount of alcohol and cake consumed we may see some serious synchronised spewing.

  148. Definitely. I’m already planning a return visit to Ice Cream City to sample the unagi (eel) ice cream.

  149. @Narlelle… synchronized spewing isn’t that one of the new sports premièring at the 2010 Olympics’ in Vancouver! LOL… 😛

  150. Oh, Joe. You had to mention the eel ice cream. I’m afraid I didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. I hope you also don’t mind the smell of regurgitated scotch.

    One question, though. Where the hell did the carrot chunks come from???

  151. @Narelle: I for one do *not* like the skunk smell. So I shan’t be joining the “skunk smell appreciation” club… Out of curiousity, how many of those ginormous spiders do you guys see?

  152. Oh, God. Joe…we’re like…the same person. Maybe you’re me in an alternate reality…like, maybe we’re the Eternal Chumpion, or something. You wield the hell-forged Snarkbringer, and I…I his equally dreaded brother, Slapstick.

    And yeah. I stopped making sense a long time ago. 😛


  153. Congrats on 1000! You have made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. Thanks.

  154. Looks like I’m off, need to finish some physics reading on global warming before I turn in. Thanks for the party (and cake!) and the open disussion, Joe – that what I love (well besides you and the dogs) about your blog, I’ll be reading for the next 1000 and beyond.

    And were those delicious things on the cake Japanese mochi?

  155. Geez! And pg15, too! Yet another manifestion of the same being! Blood and souls for Lord Pepe Le Pew! 😆

    Narelle, you are indeed outnumbered! 😉


  156. Tag… Narelle and Das are it! You guys are the stuckies for clean up! LOL 😛

  157. Nadine – I’ll ask first if you’re afraid of spiders. If you are, my response is, Pft, hardly ever, if you’re not then you get the truth of, they’re part of living out here in a country where most native fauna has the potential to kill you!

    I was up at 5am one morning getting ready for an early flight. The huntsman that had been seen around the house for the last couple of weeks but always just out of reach decided to greet me in the shower. I greeted him back with a, “Good Morning Mr Spider” and put him outside. My Husband complained that I’m too nice to the spiders. So I asked him if he’d rather a wife that at 5am comes screaming into the bedroom yelling, “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THERE’S A FREAKING SPIDER IN THE SHOWER. KILLITKILLITKILLITKILLIT!”
    He decided the spidey appreciating wife was the better option. Wise choice Grasshopper, wise choice.

  158. @ Narelle – Oh crap, I’m already drunk. A little sniff and I’m already under the table.

    You’re dog is hilarious. And I like skunk too. Medium rare.

  159. Joe – what I liked about Samurai 7 is how it stayed true to several aspects of the original. That, plus I thought Kambei was hawt. 😛

    I think I need professional help. Or a wig for Mr. Das…


  160. Patricia Lee – oddly enough, I LOVE cleaning up parties (well, nice parties – I’ve never had to clean up a drink n’ puke party). I love putting things right, making law out of chaos…

    …yeah, I’ve beaten THAT theme to death tonight. 🙄

    Anyway – I find it very rewarding, and relaxing, to clean up after a party. Setting up a party, however, makes me a nervous wreck. 😛


  161. Mr.Mallozzi,

    I have frequented this blog for at least 1.5 years reading your entries dailing. I’ve loved it always. It’s exciting hearing all the behind the scenes Stargate info, the dogs are too damn entertaining, and when you blog about your daily battles with garage door openers, burglars, or write reviews about Snakes on a Plane…. I can’t help but Laugh Out Loud.

    Thanks for giving me something worth reading!

    On an Italian note, I just returned back home from 9 days in Napoli… visiting Pompeii and gorgeous Sorrento as well. I was there performing. First time in Italy and I loved it… not to mention the amazing food (wait… I just mentioned it)…. well, it was awesome.

    Cheers, good sir!

  162. EWWWWWWWWW EEL! My husband tried to push me into an eel when we were snorkeling on our honeymoon. 😉

    *looks around to see if hubs is reading*

    I can’t wait to hear about it…

    And all you skunk enthusiasts….have you had your sense of smell checked!!!!


  163. Narelle – Yes, I *am* afraid of spiders… The thing is I *know* it’s irrational, and there’s still nothing I can do about it. They give me the serious willies. I think one that size would like as not give me a coronary – and I’m young and healthy! LOL… But I’m not planning on moving out to the edge of nature soon, so I think we’re OK. That being said, you have a very good approach to it: where I live it seems like people forget that the animals were here *first*, and we encroached. I’m in West Vancouver (you ever been?) and we get wandering bears, cougars, and coyotes…

  164. Narelle – meant to ask: what’s a “huntsman”? Is it one of those big honkin’ spiders from the pic on your blog?

  165. Happy 1000 Joe!
    I received my Animated Teal’c Maquette from QMX today. A very nice piece.

  166. Narelle – you would have been very proud of me. I caught a big spider in a plastic cup and released it outside. Now – compared to your huntsman, this was a very small spider – legspan a little bigger than a quarter (if you know the size of an American quarter)…body only about a 3/4 of an inch long. But it was FAST. Not the biggest I’ve seen in my house, but certainly unpredictable. Still…I trapped it, slipped a paper under the cup, managed to open the door and toss it outside…all while only breaking out in the heebie-jeebies a couple times. I was quite proud of myself.

    DasNdanger – Spider Wrangler. 😀


  167. WOW! What fun tonight!

    Hmmmm! Cake! Delicious!

    Thanks Joe…I usually read you a day late, as I’m on the east coast and get up pretty early, but never miss a day..

    On vacation now…..so just finished reading “The Lightening Thief” (elementary school teacher – gotta keep up on what’s popular and I know that was last summer’s, but didn’t get to it last summer) and thought I’d check before heading to bed…

    I’m mostly a lurker, occasional poster….but gotta say there are some characters here and I laugh every day..

    Congratulations on the 1000 and now I’m off to bed with a chocolate rush. Unfortunetely no alcohol for me, as I’m allergic and break out in hives….

  168. More comment today.

    Congrat for 1000th.

    Do you know one piece??? gundam seed??? and excel saga?
    I like this animes.
    When i have children i liked the mysterious city of gold and ulysse 31.

    You must open a chat , it would be best to discuss with you.

    For universe.
    It’s bad that icarus base explode on the first episode (gate overload?)

    I hope we will meet allies on the serie and ancients!!!

  169. So, *J*… Here’s to getting to 10,000!!

    And THANK YOU for keeping me entertained for the last almost 2 years… This blog has been in my top 5 Sites to check on Daily! Especially before going to bed in the wee hours…

    Seriously, I don’t know where you find the time!!? Let me guess, you actually *have* figured out all that temporal compression / alternate universe crap AND have taught the dogs how to take dictation and type…

    Whatever, Great Job!! You ROCK Babe!!

  170. What is the news for stargate world??? they has found money, or the project is dead like stargate the alliance???

  171. Nadine,
    I’m sure the wandering bears encourage you on the evening run. We has a batch of mountain lion attacks last year – more to do with a low birth year for the deer population and well hey, top of the food chain has to keep its position.

  172. The time has come to say good night to one and all… Its been a great party, 😛 …but O dark thirty comes kind of early, rats!

    Thanks for hosting this little party on your blog tonight Mr. Mallozzi, and congrats again on the 1000th consecutive blog posting!

    As I said in the first comment of this evening… YOU ROCK!

    sings…thanks for the memories…la la la de da!!! Keep on, Keeping on! Looking forward to 1000 more!

    Cheers Mate

  173. Joe…. I could say I was performing in a local maracca band, or a travelling group of washboard gypsies, but alas,

    as a classical pianist I gave my Italian debut recital in downtown Napoli to critical acclaim. The Italians show up in force for the arts.

    Another awesome,and equally moving, experience was seeing an outdoor symphony performance where 10,000 people showed up and it was broadcast on BBC live from the palace square.

  174. thor94 – Excel Saga also makes my top 25 anime list.

    Sorry, I don’t know anything about the game.

    Ascended Tauri – That’s great! I’m most impressed.

  175. @ AscendedTauri – I am…impressed. Very. Congratulations! Sounds like a fabulous experience!


  176. Okie doke. I’m off to bed. I’ve got dogs to tuck in and a book to read.

    G’night, all! See you in the morning.

    Last one out turn out the lights.

    And, oh yeah, clean up!

  177. Nadine – Didn’t see your entry further up. Thanks for your kind words re my blog 🙂

    A huntsman is the fluffy bunny of the spider world here (if you’re scared of fluffy bunnies then I may need to find another analogy). He’s big in stature (and yes it’s the same as the one in the photo) but not harmful to humans. Although I wouldn’t rule out the potential of a coronary if one decided to leap onto your face.

    It’s the little spiders you need to watch out for.

    Haven’t been to Canada at all, but it’s on my list. Not in the colder months, but definitely the warmer months. If we just fold the Earth a little it’s much less distance to travel. Either that or I get back to work on that teleporter. Now where’s my spanner?

    Hey Riley – Ever go to the Canada Club in Carlton and try going around the world on their beer menu (I think it was the Canada Club? I only ever remember walking in, not exiting). I never made it past Belgium. Why do so many countries have to start with A? And they all seem to produce many brands of beer.

  178. Nite, Joe – and thanks, THIS was fun! I think we should do it once a month! 😀


  179. @AscendedTaur’i – I too am very impressed. That was something I noticed in Europe a couple years ago: for every street performance, a crowd gathers. I found it very…civilized. That these societies can so appreciate music… If you don’t mind my asking: did you study classical music somewhere in N. America?

    @Georgia: Well, I run on the treadmill, so unless the bear lets himself in, not so much with the motivation 😀 Hey, you can type so much more than on Twitter here! LOL
    There have actually been several cougar attacks in the last couple weeks; we keep reading about attacks – mostly on children actually – where people step in and help fight them off…

  180. where is your top anime list???
    Excel saga is very fun (vive son altesse appalozzo), poor dog!!!

    I like chocolate cake but i prefer a ” framboisier” (raspberry cake with jelly)

    When you come in france? There is never SG staff or actor who come visit us.

  181. I’m proud to say I was one of the 25 daily readers way back when. In fact I outted your blog to fandom once you got back from your travels, having barely survived the airport snake soup. But, this isn’t about me. Much. So congrats Joe and thanks for keeping us entertained, informed, and, on occasion, stirred up!

  182. Just got back to the states a few days ago… only downside to Napoli…. pollution. My sinuses wanted to break free and fly home immediately on their own.

    What part of Italy is your family from again? (I know you’ve probably answered this in the past).

  183. Well, damn. That’ll teach me to go see talented teenagers performing Shakespeare instead of coming straight home to read The Blog.

    I brought corn tamales for you, Joe. I’ll just leave them in the fridge.

    Congrats on 1000!

  184. congrats Joe, dedication put to it’s finest. Now you can’t have any cake without presents, so you should be expecting something shortly 🙂

    Keep up the hard work, and don’t forget, only 11 more years until you hit 5,000!!

  185. Wow, 1000!
    Though the technically included among us will have to celebrate 1024. And then there will be those who are into 1111 or 1234…

    Anyhows, congrats on reaching this milestone, and thanks for the cake!
    The cake is a l…avishly delicious one!

  186. aw dang I missed the party… stupid having to work to pay rent. Is there at least any cake left? Hold on, let me check alright there is a crumb. And I think I have some wine in the fridge, nope. Dang I’ll have to make a pomegranate mojito.

    Congrats Joe on reaching the 1000 blog. Looking forward to reading more from you. Don’t stop the joy.

  187. Joe – Congrats on the 1000th entry. I have a hard enough time trying to post once a month let alone every day. I guess your life is a little more exciting than mine. As far as the Universe trailer at Comic Con is concerned, I will admit that it felt more like a movie trailer than one for a new TV show. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I managed to sit in the second row for the Universe panel and loved every minute of it. It was nice to see Brad and Robert in person after watching something they’ve (and everyone else up there at Bridge) put their heart and soul into to entertain me every Friday night for the past six years. I look forward to Fridays when Stargate is on because I know that I’ll get something great to watch to end my week. And the rest of the cast for Universe seems amazing and I can’t wait to see what they will add to this wonderful franchise (especially since David Blue is a fan himself).

    I’ve been reading this blog for just over a year now and it’s because of this blog that I got one of the big posters from the Stargate booth at Comic Con. Unfortunately I was in another panel when everyone from Stargate was signing things. 🙁 Maybe next year. I’ve read some great books because of you and I don’t know if I could ever thank you enough for that.

    I think I’m off to bed, but not without a piece of that virtual cake and pistachio ice cream. I’m lucky that my virtual self hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and ended the program food-allergies.exe so I can endulge. Thanks for allowing us into parts of your life every night.

    Not it on the clean up.

  188. One last thing – Congrats to Anne on the new personal record today. I made one of mine yesterday. Since January 2008 I have lost 50 pounds. Thanks for the virtual cake that won’t make it’s way to my ass. So I really can endulge. Off for seconds… then bed. Good night everyone.

  189. Congratulations on 1000 !

    Its been great reading since I first discovered the blog a couple of months after you started.

    Thanks and keep it up 🙂

  190. Congrat! Wow 1000 I just wish I hadn’t missed so many over the last 18 months because of my crazy schedule!

  191. 1000? Way to go! I’m very sporadic in my commenting, but I read your blog daily- one of those weirdos who enjoys the food, dogs and Stargate equally.

    Uh, your floor is sticky by the way. I don’t think the others mopped before they left.

  192. Hey, had to post my congrats on 1000 entries, that really is amazing, and heres to the next 1000.

    Enjoy the party everyone…

    P.S. what is the record number of posts on a single entry cos I think it may be beaten today, i can’t ever remember seeing comments in the 200’s before or maybe thats just my failing memory 🙂

  193. !!!!!! An Open Bar and no one told the Irish man?!!!!

    Wow, what a party! Congrats on the 1000 entry! As always, I admire your generosity Mr M, for chatting with the regulars!
    Happy Birthday to Anne Teldy! Hi to one and all here…@SClaire are you going to AT4? If so, will see you there!
    A big hello to all the other regulars here..haven’t seen Enzo Aquarius in a while? or Vikkitty either?
    *rushes to Open Bar, just before shutter comes down…grabs a keg of Guinness and sits in corner*

    Many thanks for your ongoing blog Mr M and best (as always) to one and all at The Bridge!

    *shuffles off, still clutching the keg, turns off lights*


  194. *looks around*

    I missed the party? Darn time zones 🙁

    *grabs a few remaining cake crumbs* Mmmm nice.

    Congrats on your AWESOME milestone Joe 🙂 You’re my first stop every morning and never fail to amuse/entertain/intrigue/inform/bemuse me. Thank you, and here’s to the next 1000, cheers!


    Jumble x x

  195. Hey Joe, congratulations on 1000! It’s also been just about two years since I started reading your blog regularly (and sometimes – like the last few months of this year – not so regularly).

    I actually started reading it because I was interested in learning more about the production and writing side of television shows, and at the time I hadn’t even watched all that much Stargate SG-1, or Atlantis (if I regret saying that later I’m going to blame the punch).

    Since then I’ve not only watched all of the released Stargate, but also read some really amazing books thanks to your BOTM Club. Not to mention having the opportunity to ask various creative (and talented) people more about what they do (you’re included).

    Anyway, this is really just a long-winded way of saying that I definitely found what I was looking for on your blog, and thanks for sticking with it.

    Oh and I really do think your writing has improved a LOT since you started this blog (too cheeky?).



  196. Congrats on the 1000 blogs….

    Dagnabit I missed the party…wait what…I get lumped with clean up!? *SIGH* maybe I’ll find some leftover cake…chocolate…I’ll avoid the black jellybeans…

    I only offer to do this as I am in a good mood….found Atlantis Se5 was out a day early so I got my copy today! Contemplating wrapping it so I have a pressie to open on my bday tomorrow morning 🙂

    Ohhh cake….mmmmm….

    *Raids liquor cabinet*…Chambord and Baileys…ahhh the makings of a Jam Donut…

    *rubbish bins filled, place clean*

    Congrats again Joe, Night!

  197. I guess it’s up to us overseas to clean up after the party… which is not a problem, it seems to have been a great all-nighter! 🙂
    Thanks for all the entertainment, Joe (or infotainment?) and may you post yet another 1000 entrys or more!!!!

  198. Wow! Cake! Congrats on hitting the 1000 mark, you don’t look a day over 500.
    Love the pics too, Bubba is looking very much like a canine version of Orson Wells…speaking of whom…well not really …but I’m just revisiting Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds while I clear up this mess.

    You’ve been an inspiration to many of us Joe and we’d like to thank you for making all this possible and bringing us together I’ve made many firm friends through your blog so here’s a virtual bottle of whatever takes your fancy here’s a toast to another 1000 blogposts 🙂

    HAve a great day

    Moyz X

  199. 1000 posts and no ban, house raid or arrest…
    In that time 3 TV shows and then a couple of movies, not to mention almost travelling around the world. Indirectly we have met your family, your work colleagues, watched you employ your nemesis (Ashleigh), try and flog stuff to Hollywood types who nicked your sunglasses, tried to get Wifi working, walk though your garden which resembles a dog minefield, watched you eat things that would make most people ‘hurl’ at just the thought of it. On top of all this, you have proved you can defend your home (sort of) by putting off villains, told us indirectly what you think to air travelling members of the public and of course – promoted Fuel.
    Well done for doing what you do best – writing and entertaining.

    I’d like to say otherwise, but the fact is – I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely.

    However, you know you’ll have to do better than a cake for the 2000th lol

    Cheers Joe

  200. Congratulations from me as well, 252 comments sounds like a party full of fun ^^

    (even though I hardly ever comment I’m regularly reading your entries)

  201. Happy Birthday to U! Happy Birthday to U! HAppy 1000th Birthday! HAppy Birthday to U!

  202. Well this blows, I missed the party. This is what happens when you work in another timezone.

    Why didn’t you call, tweet or reach out & send a big ol’ Pacific nudge? There’s not even a crumb left, just some cleaning bill. 🙁

    No cheers today – I sad


  203. Hey, I missed the party! Were there any leftovers?

    Seriously though, congrats to you Joe! I think I found this blog while indulging the Stargate fan in me, but stuck around for the culinary adventures, the videos, the vengeance against spammers… I have no idea what I might find when I visit, but I’m likely to enjoy it.

    Thanks also to the commenters here who have also provided some fun reading.

    Here’s to 1000 more!

  204. Hello Mr. M….

    Congrats on 1000, altought I’ve been reading your blog only since the last 500 aprx, I must say that I can’t skip a single day of reading it since then…

    Keep up the great work you are doing for us (the stargate fans) and I hope that this blog lives long and prosper… oups, wrong show 🙂

  205. Yéééé Joseph!!!

    Bravo pour 1000th entry, votre blog est super!! ça fait déja plus de 2 ans que je le suis.

    Il ma permis de vous connaître et vous adoré!!!

    Moi mon blog ma permis aussi de faire de nombreuses rencontres de gens extraordinaires… je suis déja à 102000 visites et 3 250 article et207 020 commentaires!!

    Gros Gros bisou
    je vous adore!

  206. Joe,

    The cake is fantastic! I made it just in time for leftovers. Grats on the 1000th entry! I’ve been visiting for a few years and it’s been quite enjoyable! I’ve opened my bottle of Balvenie Portwood 21 to celebrate. Have a nip!

  207. Congrats Joe! Each morning I sit at my desk, coffee in hand, and read your blog. Thanks for the leftover cake – even if it is a little stale – it is the perfect complement to my morning routine. I’m new to your world (a late arriver stepping through the SGA wormhole) and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work…and your insights. As an aspiring writer I love your blog. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you!

  208. YEAH!!!!! That’s awesome mr. M!!!!! Your dedication to the blog and us fans is out of this world. You have truly earned my view of this blog (even if stargate dies… Eventually) for your humor, your dedication, and your blogging about cool interesting things!! 😉 congrats.

    Oh and the funny thing is this is my last comment for a while. I will be going on a missions trip to england for while and I won’t have Internet connect. Funny our Internet broke so I was afraid I would not be able to say goodbye, but my awesome dad fixed it so I could say goodbye. Lol and then when I come for the last entry I see this milestone!!!! Things couldn’t get better!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  209. Damn, I missed all the fun! Congrats, Joe, it’s really been fun! Here’s to another 1,000 🙂

  210. Happy 1000th!
    I’m reading your blog entries not that long, but the entires are interesting & entertaining, and when I’ve got some time left I also lurk in the archives reading older entries.

  211. *picks thru the remains of the party* Mmmm cake for breakfast! *also empties liqueur glasses* I don’t have to drive for awhile.

    Thanks for keeping up the blog Joe. In terms of my interests it has continued to be one of my most entertaining and informative daily reads since I found it. And I appreciate the support I’ve received here as life has continued on, as well as being introduced to some pretty great books, authors, actors etc.

    HB Anne Teldy!!! hope it was fun and glad to hear about improvement.

  212. Congratulations Joe! Happy “birthday”!!! You’ve done great work — be very proud.

  213. Woo Hoo Congratulation!!! 252 comments and it’s only 9:26 am (EST) WOW. Joe, can you mail me a piece of cake,please ?? yum.
    I look forward to reading this blog, I can always count on it making me smile.

    Joe, you proved what patience and diligence can do especially on the days when you didn’t really want to blog.. Slow and steady always wins the race.

  214. Congratulations and Thank You. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much and was one of your first visitors back when the blog was getting off the ground.

    I’m not much of a correspondent, but I did want to at least stop by (even though I missed the party) to say “hi” and wish you well. Here’s to many thousands more!

  215. Just wanted to say happy 1000, from the dogs to the food critiques to Stargate to the books and authors to the guest bloggers answering questions and your takes on life in general. I say thank you for sharing a part of your life with us! And here’s to the next 1000 posts, may they be as intriging, and enjoyable as the past. I know I’m looking forward to them!

    Jeremy aka Maddog316

  216. Just as incredible as it is for you to have written this blog so constantly for three years Joe, so it is for myself having read it for 2.
    Even when I’ve travelled to other countries such as China with it’s infamous ‘Great (fire)Wall of China’, I still managed to get round the censors to receive my daily Mallozzi fix.

    Long may it continue… Happy 1000th!


  217. Oh! A party! And I’m late….as always. Great! 🙄 😉 Congratulations to your 1000th blog entry. 🙂

    And the last one has to clean up – right? Lucky me that I have a magic broom for such unpleasant activities. 😉 Click here!

  218. Things don’t look too bad around here, considering…

    The nice thing about a blog party is that you can catch up on what you missed.

    @JoeMb/>- You’ve also introduced me to a few anime titles that I would not have picked on my own. I never really considered Berserk before you mentioned it. I wasn’t crazy about the art – it looked a little too much like Fist of the North Star and that ilk. But, because we have enjoyed a lot of the same anime in the past I gave it a shot and loved it! I’ll try Last Exile now – just put it on my Netflix queue (have you ever noticed what an odd word queue is? – the q says it all – so why two sets of ue ue?)

    And I saw a preview for The Last Airbender when I went to see Harry Potter – it looked amazing. So did the preview for the remake of Sherlock Holmes.

    @das and Joe: Loved Samurai 7! My favorite character was Kyuzo, the outsider – partly because I go for the brooding characters (like das) and also because he was voiced by Shinichiro Miki – one of my favorite seiyu.

  219. Well it looks like I missed quite the party. ; )

    I probably should have come on line instead of watching Torchwood. I would have had a better time. I can’t believe they did what they did. I have never been so pissed off at a show.

    But enough of that. Joe thanks for your daily dose of food, fun, family and STARGATE. Here’s to another 1000 posts.


  220. Congratulations Joe, to the 1000 and as you said:

    “Here’s to 1000 more!”
    Which will hopefully land us somewhere in the midst of SGU’s 4th season.

    Most certainly will agree and eat-N-drink to that!!

    You are most special – thank you for the blog, the BOTM club, your wonderful sense of humor, your lil ones, all the photos of your work, work mates, the lil ones, your travels, the food experiences, and more.

    You write, we come back.
    And, THANKS for the Party!! woo hooo…

  221. Congrats to the Cal Ripken of the blog-o-sphere!

    I have been a long time lurker and Joe, your blog is always a great way to start my day. You’ve given me many laughs, turned me on to some wonderful books, and have completely changed my mind as to what is good to eat (some day I’ll try fois gras, but my mother’s liver and onions still haunts my taste buds, so it’ll be a while).

  222. @ Anne Teldy – Happy Birthday and BIG congratulations on your progress. GREAT news.

  223. Geez…what a hangover! 😛

    Well…not really. Slept like a log, and woke up at 7:25… I think that gave me 5 hours of sleep. Feel great, actually – made blueberry whole wheat pancakes for breakfast, with tangy porkroll, and I even took a shower. 😀 Ya know…just so *I* didn’t smell like a skunk. 🙂 Or…is that a skank… *rubs chin thoughtfully*

    Have a great day, Joe! Had a blast last night! Next time (notice that I am pushing for a next time 😉 ) you should do it when the second half of your groupies blog buddies are able to play!


  224. Hello Joe!!
    Good morning!!!!

    You wake early!!!

    In my home it’s 16:45!!

    why you don’t open a discussion channel(irc or other)?
    What is your top 25 anime and serie list?
    how many dogs you have in your home?

  225. Well….congratulations on reaching 1000 posts. Considering the size and though that goes into the posts and the number of comments that need moderating it is quite an achievement.

    Thanks for…..
    the laughter,
    the tears,
    the rants and the food,
    the chocolate,
    the Gates,
    the weird food purchases and canine brood

    Thanks for……
    all of the visiting authors and the SG cast/crew
    who puzzled over pages of strange questions from this zoo

    Thanks for……
    the photos of weird props and the sets
    and particularly for the photos of the guys I like best.
    (even when you couldn’t)

    Thanks for……
    providing a place where we all felt at home
    to debate, stir, confess and complain or just moan
    about all of the bad stuff going on in our lives
    I’d like to think it eased the burden at times

    Thanks for….
    the dedications, the spoiler poems and travel guides
    but most of all, thanks for your time.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. It honestly didn’t start off rhyming but it got away from me. I truly suck at poetry, but hey I’m a Science graduate.

  226. Hi Joe,

    Congrats on this milestone. I have been out of town and just read this entry. Though I have been reading you fairly recently – I have enjoyed your musings enormously and look forward to the next 1000 entries or however long you keep this thing going. Thank you for the consistent info (stargate, food, doggies) entertainment and enlightenment. You are the best.

  227. Wow, I with you Scary, we missed a great party.

    1000 posts – congratulations Joe, job well done.

    I’ve been reading since January and I’ve enjoyed the daily posts. I’ve read books I’d never think of reading (I’m starting The Speed of Dark today), I’d never have known about all those wonderful chocolates, now have this desire to eat at Fuel and have some foie grass (which means a trip to Vancouver). And of course I adore the SG franchise which was the reason I started reading your blog in the first place and now I’m looking forward to SGU.

    What I didn’t expect was how much I’ve learned about the process of writing. I’m a teacher and working as a consultant assisting teachers on their reading and writing programs (kindergarten to grade 8). Through reading your blog I’ve learned a lot that I can share.

    So, thanks so much, and “clink” (yumm, nice punch, it’s got a real kick) here’s to the next 1000 posts.

  228. @ Sparrowhawk – (I get tired of the underscore – hope you don’t mind!) I really liked Kyuzo a lot, but being the sort I am, I had to discover the character’s fate before I made the emotional investment. It made it easier that the fate of the anime characters mirrored that of the originals, but it’s still heartbreaking, even knowing the outcome.

    I wish I wasn’t such a wimp. 😛


  229. Congratulations! Sorry I missed the party last night – looks like it was a fabulous.

    Thank you so very much for doing this blog, and sharing so much with us. It’s been almost 2 yrs since I stumbled across this page…I became a dedicated reader right then and there.

    I dread the day when you do miss a post. I’ll be beside myself with worry about you/Fondy/Mom/Sis/Pups. (I’m a mom…”Worry” is what we do…lol)

    So I will add my gratitude and well wishes to the chorus. Congratulations on this huge milestone! And I wish your dear readers another 5000 🙂



    But if I may still say… Thank you Joe for a 1000 daily blog posts (so far). Each and every one was worth reading as well as all blog visitors comments!

    I raise my cup of coffee in virtual toast to you sir and my 2 cats send their softest meows. (Just keep your pups at arm’s length please)

    Long life, great posts and delicious meals to you Joe. Thank you so much.

    2cats in NJ

  231. oohhh my aching head….who spiked the punch? Das!! Where are my sunglasses, wheres my car….how’d i get home? Just kidding! Lovely party last night. Thanks again. You’re #1.

  232. Do it stay a part of your cake????
    I change against a part of raspeberry cake XD

  233. Congrats Joe! Love your blog.
    Snuck in for some crumbs; found one virtual piece left for breakfast. Delicious!

  234. Congrats on your 1000th post!!

    I enjoyed the virtual buffet – perhaps a little too much for my own good! Ah, diet? What’s that?!

    The booze was good too… hic…!


  235. I can’t believe I missed the party. Why did I choose last night to sleep?

    Congrats on a 1,000, Joe.

    I just watched Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, which was recommended, well, mentioned in this blog’s comments by blog regular Mika. I can kick off a blog regular movie review about it if you want.

  236. Joe!!!

    Now that atlantis is now only on movie.

    Can you send me one of drone weapon replika???

    His would be well on my cupboard in my bedroom.

  237. Where are you now???

    At work to vancouver, or on holiday in your home slouching on your sofa, to drink beer and play with your dogs?

  238. Congratulations! 🙂

    Wow, you really haven’t missed one day? Amazing. I hardly have the time to even read your blog every day. And all the comments. And some of the books you suggest.

    Thanks for the cake. It tasted really good – visually. 😉

  239. @das: Please feel free to leave out the underscore. It is only there because someone already had taken Sparrowhawk (no underscore).

    Since I knew the Seven Samurai (and Magnificent Seven) characters already, I should have figured out what was coming. But, fool that I am, I hoped this time it might be different. Like you, I enjoyed how true they stayed to the original theme, so I can’t fault them. So once again, I watched my favorite character die a good death and had myself a good cry. 😉 However, I liked Kambei and the street performer guy (name escapes me).

    ,b>@Joe: Excel Saga! That’s one I haven’t watched in a while. I think you need to have watched a lot of other anime first, so you can appreciate all the stuff they are spoofing. Very funny, but I have to be in the right mood for it. I love Il Palazzo. And Menchi.

  240. I had the wrong date marked on my calendar! Sounds like a great party last night. Chocolate cake tastes just as good the day after, and I think I’ll break out of my gluten-free/casein-free/sugar-free diet to taste some.

    In all seriousness, congratulations on your blog milestones, Joe, and thank you to everyone here who has allowed me to be a part of a community that I could tell has been here for a very long time and comfortable with each other. I felt like the new kid at school.

  241. Oh ye gods. I hold off checking on the blog and it shoots up to over 300 responses. Worse, many of those are the host himself responding! I have never managed to say something witty or insightful enough(or plain stupid enough, for that matter) to elicit a direct response. Still, glad to see everyone was having a great time celebrating while I was laboring away saving lives(ok, so I was playing pranks on my coworkers, but I COULD have been saving lives….) Congratulations on the 1000 long posting streak, and here’s to you continuing on for a long time to come. As long as you’re actually having fun doing so anyways.
    Also, I admit to a certain relief. I thought the book review was yesterday, only to realize I have 5 more days to run out and find a copy. Local bookplace didnt have it(I enjoyed another of Elizabeth Moon’s works instead) but things are settling down enough for me to make a book run and come up with a copy.
    Again, congratulations, and thanks for many hours of entertainment, education, and edification.

  242. What, we’re not at a thousand comments yet? (And thanks so much, mika, for putting that thought in my head, because now I kind of want to see it happen. Heh).

  243. Congrats Joe to 1000 entries! If I ever have need to make a speech to a group of people, would I be able to recruit you to write it for me? 🙂

  244. WEEEEEEE!!!!!! Guess what???!! Brakes on my folks’ car went out again. 😛 So, it wasn’t the rain. Here I was, coming down a very dry bridge (well, if you can call the little hump over the waterway a bridge), cars in front of me…slowing down…and a cop up ahead in a speed trap…and me, with no brakes at all (they had worked up to that point, of course). I managed to steer the car off the main road and onto a side street, where I applied the emergency brake. Then, I couldn’t find the emergency brake release. 🙄 It was so far underneath, I had to get out of the car, kneel in the street, and feel all around for it – finally got it, pulled it, and as the brake petal next to it snapped back, it nearly took off my fingers! What a godawful car! I haven’t driven something this archaic since my 1964 Dodge Dart! (I have MY car back now…the Caddy is in the shop, and hopefully this will be the end of my automobile saga.)

    @ Sparrowhawk – Why do we keep torturing ourselves so??! At least Elric kinda-sorta lives on because of his dream quests, but still…it’s really hard to take when the broody fella gets it. But I think it’s because men write this stuff, and they don’t like the broody, moody types, totally oblivious to the fact that we women fall for that sort all the time! Nothing makes me happier than to see my favorite character in a black funk over something (Todd, sitting in the hive cell in Infection, for instance 🙂 ).

    Oh, and before I get off the subject of Elric – Sparrow – I got Giant Size Conan #5 (1975), which has Elric in it. Good story, actually…more Conan, of course, than Elric, but still pretty good. There is one panel I just LOVE…and if I remember, I’ll scan it and post it in the Elric thread at Gateworld. I think you’ll like it. 🙂 OH! and my comic guy also sent me the Sailor on the Seas of Fate graphic novel (by the same team that did the Stormbringer GN) – it’s very nice! More Elric art that the others, it seems to me. I’ll try to scan a couple of those, too. No nekkid Elric pics like in the Elric of Melnibone’, though. 😉


  245. Thanks for all the wonderful posts you have given us! I know I look forward to them everyday…especially the ones with the dogs:) Congrats!

  246. to obtain 1000 comments, joe must stay front of his computer, and ask to his fans!!! like yesterday evening.

  247. Congrats Joe and a huge thanks for your blog, I love it !!!
    The french fans love you !!!

    I enjoyed the virtual cake because I love chocolate.
    Big kiss from France !

  248. Congratualtions on 1000 blog updates! I think I can just about remember when it all started back on the Gateworld thread. Thanks for answering my questions over the years Joe!

    Any cake left? Hope the Chiraz hasn’t all been drunk, I bought a bottle of cherry Lambrini for any one who wants it…

  249. Ascended Tauri – I’m in awe of your skill. I’m one of those saps that cries when I hear a beautiful Sonata. I’ve grown up in a musical family but no one can play the piano! Although we rock when it comes to chopsticks. Went and saw Victor Borge with my Gran and Mum when I was much younger. Of all the concerts I’ve been to I still remember it as one of my favourites. Combining music and humour – love it.

    Woohoo! I’m rich!

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    My late Client has a deposit of seventeen point five Million Dollars (US$17.5 Million Dollars) left behind.

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    Tell me that’s not the best example of English in a scam so far? I feel like replying just to commend him on it.