In order to make any headway on the writing front, I need the authorial equivalent of a running start – all the way back to the Tease, reading over what I have, zipping along through the first act, picking up speed in the second act until I reaching the point where I left off – where I launch myself, allowing momentum to carry me headlong into the unknown. Like the long jump: sprint, stride, stride, and LEEAAAAAAP! I landed somewhere on P.38, smackdab in the middle of Act III.

So far, so good except that I have a feeling this script is going to be long. On the bright side, I’m sure my fellow writers will be more than happy to tell me what to lose when the time comes.

I also spent some time today going through the 2009 Michelin Tokyo guide, cross-referencing with last year’s, checking out the reviews on Chowhound and Egullet, and perusing the restaurant websites. My list is huge and growing ever-larger. I’m tempted to follow through on the plan I had last year and take a page out of Chef Rob Belcham’s handbook. On his last trip to New York, he was only in for three days and made those days count, sitting down to multiple lunches and dinners. I figure that, once in Tokyo, I’ll be up early enough for a Tsukiji sushi breakfast, then an early 11:00 lunch, a late 14:30 lunch, an earlyish 18:00 dinner, and maybe a late night 10:00 snack. The key, of course, is not to overstuff. But judging from my last Tokyo culinary excursion, that may be a problem. All the same, I will try to avoid another one of those 21 dessert days.

So, as many of you will recall, I bought my mother a new t.v. set on my last trip to Montreal. After some confusion, it seemed she had finally mastered the darn thing and was finally able to watch “that dancing show” in glorious HD. The other day, however, she informed me she was having trouble. She suspected that “the men who came did not set up properly” because, try as she might, she couldn’t access any channels. “I mean, what the hell?”I remember thinking. “Why do they have to make these things so damn complicated?” As it turns out, things weren’t so complicated after all. I just got a call from my sister who was on her way back from mom’s house to deal with the t.v. issue, interrupting her dinner and driving over to do so. Apparently, mom has most of the basics down (ie. She no longer holds the remote upside down and holds down the Channel Down button to raise the volume), but she still hasn’t mastered some of the trickier moves like pointing the remote AT the terminal and not through the coffee table. Sis, meanwhile, has problems of her own as her wireless internet has suddenly stopped working. It’s an issue with her router but when she contacted Linksys for tech support, they informed her that they no longer provided tech support for her outdated router. They knew enough about the product when they first manufactured it but, if we’re to believe them, have since lost all memory of its various technical aspects. That coastline of their consciousness related to said router has apparently been eroded by time’s endless waves. Despite this, they did manage to attain a brief lucidity and offer a surefire solution to the problem: Buy a new router from them!   Yeah, I have an even better solution: Make sure your next router is either Netgear or DLink.

Well, back in the office tomorrow. Cuts to watch, on-set action to check out, and, oh yeah, that script to write.

Today, let’s take a stroll through the Destiny infirmary…

Okay, here's the plan...
Okay, here’s the plan…
Set Decorator Mark Davidson awaits his check-up.
Set Decorator Mark Davidson awaits his check-up.


Yellow warning strips are in place to deter honest thieves from raiding the medicine cabinet.
Yellow warning strips are in place to deter honest thieves from raiding the medicine cabinet.
Er...are those salad tongs?
Er...are those salad tongs?
Hmm.  Fascinating.  Human brain tissue exposed to Beyonce's If I Were A Boy degrades at a much faster rate.
Hmm. Fascinating. Human brain tissue exposed to Beyonce's If I Were A Boy degrades at a much faster rate.
The key to pulling this off is to add the Jagermeister last.
The key to pulling this off is to add the Jagermeister last.
Over the teeth and past the gums, look out stomach here it comes!  But I have a feeling it won't be staying long.
Over the teeth and past the gums, look out stomach here it comes! But I have a feeling it won't be staying long.

44 thoughts on “July 26, 2009: Sprint, Stride, Stride, and LEEEAAAP! Doubling Down on Dinners! T.V. Trouble! Linksys Tech Support Is Not Particularly Supportive! The Destiny Infirmary!

  1. Hi Joe, the salad tongs table looks a little like a torture device. What the heck is the thing with the teeth about? The green stuff in the bottle reminded me of the “put some Windex on it” bit in that Greek wedding movie 🙂

    Here, the heat is awful, we’re exhausted from the 2 weeks with daughter and hubby (they’re leaving tomorrow), it’ll be good to get back to normal! Have a good week! D

  2. Thanks for the infirmary pics, it looks awesome and also creepy because of the anachronism 😀

  3. “Tease”.
    “Picking up speed”.
    “Headlong into the unknown”.

    You’re making me blush! Just what the heck are you really writing?

    Are you playing in the infirmary again?! Get outta there!

    Hey Joe, these set pictures are great, but don’t give away too many scenes with the cast in action pictures. I remember last year, you posted (early) a picture of the entire SGA cast standing on the balcony in Enemy At the Gate. Ronon was dressed in white infirmary PJ’s, so I knew he would be hurt in that episode. So when he “died”, I just sat there stone faced because I knew he would be fine. (I didn’t know how, but because of the picture, I knew he wasn’t “too dead”.) Normally I would have been jumping up and down, pointing, and yelling at the TV screen, “don’t you dare!!!, don’t you even dare kill him!!! What is wrong with you people?!!!”. But your spoiler picture took that away from me. I would have preferred to have been yelling. It’s funner that way!

    I’m just saying…no matter what these fans ask you for, don’t give it to them. Make ’em wait!

  4. Thanks for the great pics. I watched the trailer for SGU, the one shown at Comic Con. It looks great! I can’t wait… I know I’m always saying it, but your photos, and videos are all helping build on a very excited person!

    It’s amazing to see how much goes in to a Stargate set. It doesn’t look like expenses is a problem, although I am sure they have a budget. Well dont to the design department, the sets are shaping up great!


  5. Sigh…..why does it have to end….why, why, why? Comic con is finished for another year. I heard great things about the SGU party, though didn’t attend because, obviously, my ticket either was lost in the mail, or stolen by a disgruntled Canada Post employee. I’m suspecting the latter, since the US Postal service seemed to be hiding someone at their booth at the con. You never know when the U.S postal service will be called upon to save the day at Comic con, by delivering something somewhere on time. Then again, maybe the booth babes at the Star Gate booth knew something. That darned wormhole was engaged all day every day. I have no idea what happened to the 38 minute rule.

    Two of the SGU cast had an interesting experience. They toured the Star Gate booth and were asked by one of the ladies working it if they’d like to enter for a chance to have a walk on part to SGU. I don’t think they won. Someone did, but it wasn’t me. How disapointing. Joe, how about a walk on part for a fellow Canadian who never ever wins anything? If not, maybe you could, ahem…”fix” the contest next time?


  6. Oh, nice infirmary pictures! They made me happy =)

    Wow, 38 pages and only on Act III! Isn’t there generally 1 minute of show per page in the script? “A bit long” might be an understatement!

  7. Do things in an Ancient infirmary come with expiration dates, and/or do the prop folks actually make sure stuff is drinkable? It would be a loss to the entire world were you to be out of commision from sampling the set. Nice pics, but I’m still skeptical of the outlay of the infirmary. Then again, most of the time SG infirmaries are there to provide a backdrop for our wounded heroes to chat with one another.
    Your plans for Tokyo sound overly optimistic, but if you can manage to get around by walking or riding the mass transit system, rather than using cabs, you may be able to burn off enough calories to manage four or five meals a day. Your self sacrifices for the sake of informing your fans of how well you eat are duly appreciated.
    As for those tools in the infirmary, well, funny how millenia seems to prove that our ancestors weren’t such dummmies after all, as we continue to use things following their examples.

  8. Just a quick thing about internet tech support – for anything.

    Last year I installed an upgraded version of Norton security (I believe I have told this story here before, so think of this as your refresher course! 😀 ).

    “Why Norton??” You all scream, seeing as how Norton is notorious for having all sorts of issues.

    Well, the answer is simple – because Norton saved me from a VERY bad virus attack a few years back when a disgruntled (it seems) user hacked into the Pyracy Pub’s e-mail list and sent a very bad bug to all members of the forum. Norton saved my computer from the attack, while many others had their systems totally wiped out. So, I decided to stay loyal to Norton.

    Anyway, rewind a year ago, when I upgraded my Norton. From day one it seemed off. I blamed it on still having dial-up at the time. Well, seems it wasn’t my dial-up, but somehow during the install (when the old Norton is deleted and before the new one is fully installed…I guess…) a really bad bug slipped in. The reason I suspect it had to do with installing Norton 360 is because I found several other users on the net complaining of the same issue.

    So, as I said, the new security just seemed ‘off’, and then in the fall I got slammed with a full-blown hijacking attack. When I called Norton to complain that their anti-virus wasn’t so ‘anti’, their solution was for me to pay an additional $99 so their tech monkeys in India could rid my system of this big, bad bug – this after paying about $60 for the security in the first place.

    I declined. In fact, it made me really mad that they were asking for more money to fix something their expensive security should have stopped in the first place. I had a friend help clean out my system, but it still took a lot of internet digging before we found the culprit – a TDSS trojan file hidden deep within. Killed that sucker!

    I hate tech support – some you have to pay for to even use (Dell), and others just want you to pay more money for stuff they should be fixing for free. Of course, I would feel differently if an actual service technician came out to my house and took care of my problem, but I really don’t like paying for faceless service. I know it’s what the world is coming to, but I will resist as long as humanly possible!


  9. PS…

    Joe…I don’t think I’ve ever asked (though you may have mentioned it before, and I’ve forgotten) – What sort of music do you like? What do you dislike?

    I imagine you in a dimly lit room full of Godfather paraphernalia, sitting back on a black leather couch, listening to Sinatra…

    …wearing just boxer drawers covered in South Park prints. 😕


  10. Hi Joe,

    I thought this was an interesting response by James Moran in relation to a recent storyline of Torchwood. I don’t watch Torchwood, but, as with most fandoms, there is always the same diatribe brandished around the web when something happens that a group of fans don’t like no matter what the show. Is there a “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Passive Aggressive Notes to Writers of Your Favourite Television Show” because there always seems to be a certain familiarity to these barrages?

    Saw the new SGU trailer. I likies!
    I’m going to miss the serenity your blog takes on inbetween seasons/series once it airs. When there’s an SG on air it feels like everyone’s yelling, throwing bottles while those not wishing to get involved hide behind the bar. Come off-season it’s more like everyone is sitting around having civilised conversation with a cuppa and a biscuit (although I say bring out the wine without the glassings!).

    Have a good night!

  11. Nice try Joe, but we see the cap on that test tube. Let’s see you without it; now THAT’s a weird “food” “purchase” of the day. Come on, I still want one that’d beat the stomach medicine you took in Carl’s office that one time where you almost threw up as a result. HI-larious.

    Anyways, thank you for these photos! I love how you have a progression from concept drawings to actual sets. Very cool.

  12. Hi Joe,

    You are a God-send tonight. Can’t sleep and to my delight remembered I hadn’t read your blog. I love that you can have very normal days like us. Hearing about your family always makes me smile. I think it is my favorite part.

    Your mother is a gem from her era. She has seen technogolgy do nothing but change, taking leaps forward while never looking back. She is from a time when you took care of what you had and made it last. Now, everything out dates itself, like your sister’s router.

    AND thank you as always for sharing Destiny with us. A glimps into what we will soon hold dear.

    Best always,

  13. Coucou Joseph!!
    Vous allez bien?

    Ahh les photos de vous ♥.. elles sont superbes, je les rajoutes dans ma collections de photo 😉

    Lol, mes parent aussi on quelque problémes avec la technologie, ils ne savent pas envoyer de sms et le pire avec la TV c’est quans ils appuyent sans faire exprés sur le bouton “couper le son” ils se demandent ce qu’il leurs arrivent, je peux leurs expliquer 1000 fois sur quel bouton apuyer pour remettre le son, ils ne s’en souviennent jamais lol

    Je serai moin présente durant les 15 jours à venir car je serai avec mon cheri et ont va beaucoup sortir. Je passerais de temp en temp =)

    Bisou Bisou
    Bonne semaine.

  14. Couple of questions for you, Joe –

    1. Are the infirmary beds long enough for someone over 6 ft this time? I don’t know how tall the actors are but dangling feet could be a bit distracting on SFA.

    2. I love the sofa. Full view of someone being examined will be a treat, and a nice comfy sofa for whoever is watching will be really nice! Are there no privacy curtains at all? It’s like one of those old operating theatres that really were theatres!

    3. Why put a wall on one side of a bed when the person in the bed can see the person opposite? Is there going to be a women’s side of the room and a men’s side?

    4. And, more seriously, do you have an imput into these designs at all, or do you work with them in mind when you write a script?

    Ooops – that’s four questions. Sorry about that. I find the different infirmies in SF shows quite fascinating.

  15. And that would, of course, be infirmaries.

    Maybe the infirmies are the people who are in an infirmary? Maybe I need to wake up?

  16. good morning!, Just a quick note to let you know I’m still in this reality…most of the time. taking a trip up to Wales today so my youngest can see her dad for an hour….*sigh* the things we have to do….
    Excellent pics, hope the tube you were swigging from didn’t contain Dr Jekyll’s multiple personality elixir.
    Have a great day everyone:)

  17. I see substances in poorly marked containers in a lab. I guess the cost of disposing of the last shift’s Kool-aid as an unknown substance isn’t so bad when you can dump it out of a spaceship.

    Nice, beefy stereoscope. I’m going to look for it in infirmary scenes so I can be the first to point out that a crew member left a bee in it. Clearly, the work station’s poor ergonomics aren’t deterring people from fooling with it.

    There’s your excuse to get any character into the infirmary without having to injure them — they want to look at their space bees or broken parts in the stereoscope and they’re too drama-shy just to whisk it away to their own department. Bulky equipment like that has a way of finding a new home where ever you relocate it, but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

  18. Your mum’s “issues” with the remote remind me of my great aunt. She used to leave the remote on top of the TV and when she wanted to change channels, would get up out of the chair, pick up the remote and change channels, then put it back on the top of the TV and sit back down.
    I suppose on the positive side, she was at least getting some exercise!!

    Aren’t you glad you live in Vancouver and it was your sister who had to go ’round and set things straight?

  19. Hi Joe love the pics.

    Question: the spinning stargate is that the one they find at the Icarus Base or is it on the ship as well?
    From the new trailer it looks like it is the one on the base and that the ship gate is different.


  20. Hi again Mr M!

    Deep and grateful thanks for your kind dedication. Yes, it helped soften the blow of advancing years.. I usually don’t do birthday cake, but since the small people arrived, you kinda have to.
    So, we had the Black Forest Gateau….wow, I can still hear my arteries harden.

    Thanks again


    PS: Comic Con sounded like a blast. Particularly liked David Blue’s tweet re: the plane trip home! BSG, SGU and Smallville cast all on the same plane!!!!!! Funnny!

    Best to all


  21. Haha, great captions; and with your Beyoncé comment, you’ve justified my strong reactions to getting cars back from the shop with all the radio presets changed. Clearly, my brain was suffering from pop muzik-induced shock. No reasonable person could have expected me to control my atavistic impulses in stomping back to where it says “Authorized Personnel Only,” finding someone who looked like he might be in charge, hanging him up on a convenient hook with his orange coverall, and letting him know in my deepest bass voice that no one messes with my music. “If I Were A Boy” – yeah, right! More like “If I Were The Terminator.” Works for me.

    When I read Deni’s comment about the thing with the teeth, I thought maybe I’d missed a close-up of a hemostat (known in some cultures as a roach clip) — but no, I’d missed the thing with the teeth. Big dude, there, possibly useful for moving foie-gras laden stomachs while some other organ is worked on. But with my limited exposure to OR’s and ER’s, I really wouldn’t know. Mostly I just remember the time This Old House’s Norm Abrams was called in so he could demonstrate the use of the new sternal saw-cum-dado cutter. On rounds the next day, the patient was still pretty sore, but he appreciated his chest’s new high-gloss, golden oak finish.

    Re. your last pic caption, good thing there’s an old reliable emesis basin handy. If someone just has to have an Absolute Suicide or three (bleccchhhhh), I guess an infirmary is a good place for him to be – except that the nurses have myriad forms of retaliation for frat-boy behavior in 40-somethings, once you’re listed as stable. Magnesium injections are favored by many docs and nurses working drug & alcohol wards: the magnesium can be highly beneficial (some ongoing debate on that); still, it’s a whole lot o’ painful. The innocently cheery and chatty nurse might prepare the injection right where the patient can get a good long look at the big-ass needle that will be firmly inserted right in the ol’ gluteus.

    Next morning, the patient can be observed listing markedly to port while shuffling over to the coffee and tea servers, gingerly rubbing his sore behind and cussing like the proverbial sailor while sitting down to watch a cheery and chatty news show, like on CNN. “After the break, we’ll have a quick update on a possible North Korean nuclear-warhead firing, and then fashion editor Buffy Beeling will show you how to accessorize that totally happening retro-prep miniskirt.”

  22. Hey Joe,

    Has your sister checked out the Cisco Linksys website? She might be able to troubleshoot the router problem through the site. Or if she passes on the details there are enough techies on this site that it should be sorted out promptly.

    Cheers, Chev

  23. I hear you re technology…I am the resident go to…for the whole family and some friends! Latest was the call out from mum and dad who just got a 42 inch plasma Full HD for mum’s viewing which, I then had to connect up to outdated products.

    After much stuffing around and things not working as they should, I gave up on and said pay someone, I couldn’t figure it out…he then came over and convinced mum to get rid of her video recorder, DVD and Standard def pay TV for a Full HD DVD Recorder and PaY TV box that once again comes back to me to show her how to work it. She had picture issues again after he’d connected and I was called upon at dinner time to go around and fix it and by pulling the HDMI out of the back of the TV and plugging it back in seemed to fix the problem (I know neither parent would have figured that one out!!)

    I am resident go to for computer problems for the family as well, including my nanna…who is now 80…

    Sometimes I wished I lived in another state ;)~

  24. Hey Joe this website should help with your Japan trip, not sure if you’ve read before but its pretty popular and has a lot of great ideas of stuff to see and places to go in Japan.

  25. Joe,
    I noticed at the end of credits on “The Children of the Gods: Final Cut” the DVD mentioned the Canadian tax credit was used for the film.
    I do hope you are planning to secure said tax credit for the scripted-yet-not-filmed SGA DVD movie? Yes? Any updates on that filming beginning?

    Looks like the instruments shown in above infirmary pics were Earth-based, perhaps supplied by the refugees from Icarus base? They don’t appear too “Ancienty” to me. (Nods to John Sheppard). I believe Rob Cooper said they kill off the doctor right away?

    Are any of the new SGU eppys planned to be a clip-show? I just watched “Inquisition” last night, 😉

    Cheers from New Jersey… hot, humid, full-o-t-storms
    now on Twitter… @2catsNJ

  26. Love the pics, thanks for posting them! 😀

    Just another question that came up on a party I attended at the weekend (and yes, most of the parties I attend end up in discussions about television series). We asked ourselves who would win in a fight, MacGyver against Jack O’Neill. No guns are allowed, of course, but everything else they find can be used as a “weapon”. What do you think?

  27. When I saw the second photo, that was my exact thought: “Are those salad tongs”? And then I laughed when I read the caption to the fourth photo. Guess you gotta work with what you have. 😉

  28. LOL about the pics and the TV thing. You are always soooo funny!!!! Oh and I saw some VFX from the trailers!! You are certinly right when you say they are emmy-worthy. I would be supprised if it didn’t get a nom. Especially the Icarus base scenery and battle!!! WOWWWW.

    SO a few questions if you don’t mind.

    1. When I was at the bridge, the door to stage 5 was open. I saw a building like scenery in there. I was wondering is the Icarus base still taking up stage 5 or is that another building taking up the space?

    2. Could you by any chance post some pics from the desert shoot and some pics of the desert gate from air part 3?

    3. Is Peter directing Sabotage?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  29. I have a writing question I’m hoping you can answer. A friend of mine and I have come up with an idea for a web series which we plan on producing ourselves.

    I’ve been a fan of Stargate (all versions) for a long time, and also a fan of your blog, which I have been gleaning for behind-the-scenes tidbits on how television production works.

    We are both actors by training, and I have some video production experience from way back in the college days (way back). Writing is not our forte, so we have started reading some screenwriting books. The books I have read so far have mentioned that you need to start with a logline, or a premise line.

    The main book I am going by (Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder) is more for writing a film and not a TV series. Is the logline something that you do for the whole season? each episode?

    It seems like we should develop one for the whole season, and then one for each episode, that way we have a big guiding principle, and then smaller ones to keep us on track.

    It’s tempting to dive right into writing, but we want to get our structure straight. Trying to narrow down a whole world of possibilities into a few sentences is really difficult. Do you have any tips?



  30. Okay, I think I’m being a little dense here but the gang gets stranded on a comet of some sort that the ancients built an ancient base? or is it a ship? I’m sorry. I’m getting really confused about the show. I’m sure I could wait until October to get the answer.

  31. Hello joe

    I am interesting by stargate props.

    Where I can find a replika of a drone weapon, like the drone seen in atlantis pilot or on the episode “the tower”??

  32. @Mealla McAllister: re: MacGyver versus Jack O’Neill, I’ve gotta say that, as much as I love me some Jack, MacGyver is clearly more suited to making do with what he has. O’Neill’s first instinct is to just shoot the crap out of the bad guys; MacGyver’s is to use his surroundings to not only catch/stop the bad guys and bring them to justice, but also to ensure the emotional and physical health of those around him. O’Neill has a better sense of humor, but MacGyver is definitely more clever.

    So my vote goes to MacGyver.

    Any other MacGyver fans out there? It was weird seeing RDA with a gun when I first began watching SG-1, just because I was so used to MacGyver and his anti-gun status!

  33. So…yeah. Just almost died.

    It all started with my car. Remember my car – the one that couldn’t pass inspection, and has been in the shop on and off the last few months for the same problem? Well…still have the problem, so it’s in the shop…again. That’s okay – my folks are away and I borrowed their second car…an old Cadillac. My parents love this car, and just won’t part with it. After today, I think I’m gonna park it in a field and set the bloody thing on fire.

    So here’s what happened. End of the day, thunderstorm pops up. Not just any thunderstorm, but the Mother of ALL Thunderstorms. The kind where ya know God is really pissed off about something. My guess is tourists, since it only hit Cape May. Or maybe he had it out for me, since there I was in an old metal trailer, big propane tank right outside, sitting in my office section surrounded by various electronics and phones…on a chair with metal legs. Big spotlight on a lightning rod metal pole outside, right by the door. Lots of don’t-seek-cover-during-a-thunderstorm-under-a-tree trees looming all around. Did I mention the propane tank? And the Apocalyptic lightning? And the metal chair frame?

    And have I mentioned my ungodly fear of lightning (which goes back to when I was two and stuck a wet hairpin in an electrical outlet. It was quite shocking, lemme tell ya… 😛 ) Anyhoo…I gathered my stuff together, waited for the biggest Bolt n’ Boom, and made a mad dash to the car! Whew! SAFE! I start that ol’ Caddy up, start backing out of the drive…nearly hit a car coming down the street because I couldn’t see out of the windows…

    Why can’t I see out the windows? I put on the defrost…the fan…I lowered the temp…hmmmm…window’s still foggy. Oh well, maybe it just takes a while to clear up…

    I started driving down the road, the rain coming down so hard I could barely see past the hood. Normally I would have pulled off the road, waiting for the storm to pass, but not with the apocalyptic lightning coming down all around me. I swear, I felt like Toad after gettin’ on Storm’s bad side.

    At first the foggy window wasn’t too bad since I was just creeping along back roads…but then I had to pull out onto the main drag. The further I went, the foggier the window became. I couldn’t pull off now because the shoulders are ‘no stopping or standing’ bike route zones. I also didn’t know where the headlights were (finally found ’em), or the hazards (still no idea). I opened the windows to try to clear the windshield, but the rain was coming in so hard, and passing cars were showering road water everywhere, I soon had to close them. I pulled into a parking lot and managed to find some tissues to dry the windshield. I lowered the AC temp to 60. I prayed. The rain was stopping, so I could open my windows a little. I headed back down the road, only two miles from home. About 1.75 miles from home, I see a red light up ahead. No ponding on the road here, but I decide to apply the brakes early anyway.

    Brakes? WHAT brakes??! I had no freakin’ brakes! My foot just goes right down to the floor…boom. I don’t even know if these are regular breaks (the kind you pump), or ABS. I see no markings on the car to tell me. I have to kinda sorta guess. Pump first…nothing…I can feel the rear end of the car trying to fishtail (at this time I’m going like…30 mph, max). I coast a bit, try even pressure – foot still going to the floor, car still trying to fishtail…I’m going about 20 mph now…if that. I have no idea where the emergency brake is. I’m trying not to panic, but I know already that I’m not going to stop before the light. I keep trying different combos – pump, even pressure – read the feel of the car and try something else. Finally she came to a stop halfway into the intersection.

    Good thing the front window was all fogged up and no one could see who was driving, or I would have been really embarrassed. 😛

    After that, the brakes seemed to come back a little I really don’t know if they were wet (I don’t remember going through any big pubbles, and had sat in a parking lot for about 5 minutes or so just prior to this). Not sure if the road was just ‘oily’ from the sudden rain. It was a high spot in the road, so no standing water or anything that would cause hydroplaning. The brakes just were not there – nothing. The car tried to kill me, I swear.



  34. Joe,

    I’m cutting to the chase. I hope you don’t find my lack of salutations/pleasantries insulting. I’m a fan! 🙂

    Two random questions, if you don’t mind…

    Do the writers of episodes get to be on set during filming of said episodes; if they do, what’s their big job on set? Just to clean up the dialogue if needed, write last minute scenes, whatever the director tells them to? What?

    And second: Have any “big name” writers or directors from other series or films (ie Ron D. Moore or Joss Whedon) ever expressed interest in working on an episode of a Stargate series (ANY of the three)? Do you ever see something like that happening?

    (Libel note: I have no knowledge of the desires/activities of Ron Moore or Joss Whedon).

    Thanks for taking the time Joe. I appreciate your humoring me.

    Much Obliged,

    The Bald Soprano

  35. @ Das: No brakes?! Ok, time to throw that hunk a junk into the Kawoosh. Seriously.

    @ Shirt ‘n Tie: Happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a good one!

    Hey Joe, us non-Comic-Con-attending people have finally seen the kino ball. It’s so cute! I hope you guys don’t just use it as a roving camera; I think it can be a character all on its own; especially if it makes beeping noises or something, like R2D2. Perhaps one of the characters (one who may have had a dog or something) get attached to it and kind of treats it as a pet? I think that’d be cool.

    In the meantime, I think I’ll call it…Wilson. It’s very appropriate.

  36. @ pg15 & Deni – Trust me, I called up my folks and told them to get rid of that hunk of junk! The AC doesn’t work (thus the whole ‘not defrosting’ thing), it has an electrical problem where the fan keeps clicking on when the engine is off (which will run down the battery if you don’t go through 17 sorcerous spells to get the thing to switch off), and now the brakes. Not really sure what went wrong with them…when I was in the parking lot I did notice they weren’t right. My foot was going all the way to the floor to stop a car going only 5mph or less. So I drove around, pumped them…tested them…and thought they were fine afterwards. It’s the only reason I ventured back onto the road. Of course, some of it was my fault because I wasn’t familiar with the car. If I had been in my car, I would have down-shifted and/or tried the emergency brake. However, my controls are between the seats – the Caddy’s shift is on the steering wheel (it’s been ages since I’ve had a car with the shift there), and I assume the emergency brake is on the floor somewhere…but I have no idea where now. Been ages since I’ve had a brake down there, too.

    So, I should have learned the controls first, but was in such a hurry to get away from The Wrath of God I just took off without familiarizing myself with the car. My bad, as they used to say.


    On a brighter note – got my comic book haul for the week from Lord Jermaine and Acme Comics – he had two Dr. Who books autographed for me at the con! (Well, they’re actually for Mr. Das…, but still, so sweet! I wasn’t expecting it!) I also got Conan Giant Size #5 (1975) – in excellent condition – from him today. “Why Conan?” you ask. Because in this particular book (which is actually Conan #14 & 15 combined), the Barbarian teams up with none other than Elric of Melnibone! Woo!! Total geekfest is the Das household tonight! 😀 I just have to get past the fact that in this Conan story, Elric has a silly ‘Elrod of Melvinbone’-style sorcerer’s hat on…which really makes it hard to read this story and NOT hear Foghorn Leghorn… 😛

    Speaking of which – Joe, did you ever read Dave Sim’s graphic novel Cerebus (the Aardvark)? A while back – even before I started reading Elric – the guys at Jinxworld showed me several Elrod pages from that book, I think in an attempt to discourage me from getting into yet another albino.

    It didn’t work. 😀


  37. @ das – scary story. You have the worst luck with cars. Glad you made it home safely.

    (Note to self: Never ride with Das driving.)

  38. @ Pinytail – But, but, but…I DIDN’T crash – or spin out – I was able to control that runaway car on a collision course with the unknown…

    (Hey – I’m gonna get my money’s worth out of that sucker! 😀 )


  39. Hey Joe, thanks for the response.

    “1. I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing that if you’re just building it for fun and not deriving any income from the product, you should be okay.”

    1B: Yeah, “we’re just in it for the lulz”. As we say on the Internet.

    2. If I come across some gate designs with specifics, I’ll be sure to post them.

    2B: Cool! Thanks

    3. A lot. No, scratch that. A helluvalot.

    3B. I was kind of hoping for a general estimate, like, say “How many zeros?” would be helpful insight.

    New Question:

    Can we have Destiny’s 9 Chevron Milky Way Address?
    From a screencap of the Comic-Con trailer, as the Stargate in the Icarus Base activates, you can see all 9 Chevrons are lit and a small part of the DHD off to the right, shows Hydra and Scutum aglow. Now I’m craving the entire address. (and in the correct order too, please!)

  40. @Das. How scary. Glad you are okay.

    About the “salad tongs.” It could be worse, like a pelvic speculum worse. Have you seen a sternal retractor?

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