I wanted to work on the script – really, I did – but as fired up as I was yesterday, I was stone cold frozen today. The words just wouldn’t come and, after a half an hour of futile spinning, I decided redirect my attention elsewhere and pick things up tomorrow. I only have a few short scenes to write and I’ll have completed Act II – well on schedule. Of course, once we get into the third, that’s when the fun starts. And by fun, I mean heavy research. I have a stack of enormous tomes stacked up by my laptop, just waiting to be read.
So this afternoon, instead of writing, I read – no, not the tomes – the just-released Tokyo 2009 Michelin Guide in preparation for my return trip to Japan this winter.

Decicions, decisions...
Decicions, decisions…

I realize it’s a long way off but if I’d like to have dinner at any of the 2 and 3 star Michelin restaurants on my list, I’m going to have to make reservations two months in advance, and in order to make reservations two months in advance I’m going to need to decide on the restaurants I’d like to visit. There are a few places that so impressed on my last trip that I’ll definitely be going back to but, for the most part, it’ll be a whole new slate including a few heavy-hitters I missed out when I was in town last winter. Alas, my dining companion for most of my last visit, the fearless Jessica, has left Chiba and is now back in her hometown of Houston. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a replacement half as adventurous and entertaining as she was. Or I suppose I could always treat the hotel concierge.

I received a message on the long dormant corn soup hotline yesterday. It’s back on! And tonight, I was at Fuel for a bowl of The Greatest Soup Ever: Chilliwack Sweet Corn Soup! The best corn at the height of its season is strained through a cheese cloth, again and again, until it has achieved a luxuriously rich neutron star density, and is then served with scallions, early stone fruit, and a daub of delectable foie grass mousse. For my main, I had the plump, pan-seared Qualicum Bay scallops with crispy pork belly served on a bed of summer succotash. Speaking of Fuel, apparently they’ve started their own wordpress-hosted blog here: http://fuelrestaurant.wordpress.com/. Check out their last post titled Summer BBQ Action. I want me some of them ribs!



Chilliwack Corn Soup!
Chilliwack Corn Soup!
Qualicum Bay Scallops
Qualicum Bay Scallops

To those of you asking SGU-related questions pertaining to technical issues or backstory elements (ie. Hey, if the ship was launched that long ago, how come it never ran out of power?), I can do one of two things: I can either publish the scripts or leave you to tune in and discover the answers along with everyone else.

I lean toward the latter. 

Das writes: “So, is it accurate to say that it’s like the crew is trapped on a runaway train that’s on a collision course with the unknown?”

I think there may be an opening for you in our marketing department.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular and birthday boy Shirt ‘n Tie.

Yesterday, we were Inside Icarus Base.  Today, we’re Outside Icarus Base…


Evil Kenny Gibbs explains that the guns are going to be LOUD!  If you can avoid being hear when they go off, do so.  Except you, Brian.  You stay.
Evil Kenny Gibbs explains that the guns are going to be LOUD! If you can avoid being here when they go off, do so. Except you, Brian. You stay.
It discourages those pesky door-to-door sales people.
It discourages those pesky door-to-door sales people.


Through the magic of visual effects, the green screen will be replaced by a Space Mountain backdrop - the real location of Icarus Base.
Through the magic of visual effects, the green screen will be replaced by a Space Mountain backdrop – the real location of Icarus Base.

50 thoughts on “July 25, 2009: I’m Ice Cold! Prepping for Tokyo! The Corn Soup is Back! Outside Icarus Base!

  1. Hey Joe,

    I knew you probably couldn’t answer and that we would find out eventually, but after seeing the trailer my curiosity peaked and I had to try 🙂

    Thanks for all you do and for the great behind-the-scenes pics.


  2. So that’s where the corn came from. I was helping one of the cooks (Brooke) remove the corn from the husks on Thursday.

    I watched the trailer for SGU. Looks like awesomeness.

  3. Really, Space Mountain.. you got Disney to let you use one of my favorite rides as the background for the Icarus base… LOL.. on that subject Disneyland is one of my favorite places on earth, to be able to walk through those gates and have free license to be a kid again instead of a 36 year old jr high teacher it’s wonderful… do you have someplace that gives you that feeling of, it’s OK not to be an adult for a few hours? Or is that what happens naturally when you get to make sci fi for a living? If so, I’m a little jealous!

  4. Joe you have a serious issue with dates. Do you have a calendar in your home office? If so, turn the pages every so often. Are you such a free spirit you do not know what time and day it is? Or do you just need an Alzheimer’s test?

  5. those kind of look like the rail guns from The Siege, same ones i assume? You guys are like the mythbusters and recycle alot of stuff, any chance on seeing a familar conference room table on the Destiny?

  6. Weird note here. I am up in Collingwood for the weekend camera oping the Elvis festival thing and one of the Elvi was a dead ringer for Paul McGillion. lol

    Weird. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that Dr. Becket was getting his Elvis on.

    Thanks for the link to the preview, it looks pretty good!

  7. It’s nice to see the faces behind the incredible food, and I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago of checking out Fuel’s website – can’t believe I actually found a good link before you posted it.

    I don’t envy you the heavy research, but am grateful that’s the kind of thing good writers do. The carefully researched backdrop for people, places, and events — especially combined with Jeffrey Ford’s well-honed gifts — helps make Girl in the Glass as highly atmospheric as one would expect. Combine that with a page-turner plot, plus some unforgettably funny scenes (and a lot more), and you’ve got an outstanding book. This is a change of pace from Ford’s equally outstanding short-story collections, and solidly demonstrates his versatility. (Oops, preaching to the choir, sorry; and to anyone who’s read The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque, the point is obvious anyway.) — One gripe, aimed at whichever editor chose to top the front cover with this blurb: “A talent to be reckoned with” – the Pittsburgh Tribune. Somebody fell asleep at the wheel on that one. You don’t have to look far at all to find well-known sources of major kudos for Ford, instead of a hackneyed phrase that seems to damn with faint praise.

    Now I’m on City of Saints and Madmen, which grabbed me from page one of “Dradin, In Love,” and I anticipate the other novellas having the same effect. I love Jeff VanderMeer’s style, and from what I’ve read, he does a great job of maintaining consistency among his interwoven tales. I’m glad most of the discovery is still ahead of me. Thanks again for the recommendation.

    PS: I’ve been looking for a calendar that turns its own pages, announces the date, tells you what’s scheduled for the day, and even lets you know when it’s time to order one for the next year. Naturally, it would let you know if its batteries are running low – alternately, if a power outage requires it to be reset. I’ll let you know if I find one. (In the meantime, I occasionally remember to click on the time/date/year display in my pc’s taskbar.)

  8. joe,

    can you tell me exactly how you got robert carlyle cast in sgu as dr. rush? where their other big star names floating around?

    cause i was watching 24 and he was in it and i was thinking wow havent seen him in a long time, then practically the next day i found out he was cast in sgu and i thought sweet!

  9. Hey joe.

    are the Asgard Suits in SGU re-used props (with a new helmet) or actually the asgard suits from 5×11 Lost Tribe where Daniel and Rodney are beamed up in these suits?

    i always loved them, i’d only be rather pissed if it turns out they’re originally ancient (especially as the Lost Tribe was isolated on a planet for 10 000 years)

    second question:

    how old ARE the asgard?

    -Tornment Of Tantalus: Great Alliance is thought to be thousands of years old.

    -Great Alliance consists of Nox, Furling, Ancients and Asgard.

    -Asgard are said to be 100 000 years old in Lost Tribe (or so implied),

    -The Lanteans returned 10 000 years ago. they settled on earth and died out here.

    -The Ancients left “several million years ago”.

    as the Alliance could not have formed after the Ancient’s return, (they died out here, ) the alliance must have formed several million years ago. the asgard knew of the ancients already, so another argument as to why they did not form a few thousand years ago.

    its all a bit foggy.

    so how old are the asgard, Nox, Furlings and ancients, and how old is the Alliance?

  10. I’m off to Montreal on Saturday for Worldcon (I’m a Hugo nominee, why yes, I am most chuffed).
    The nine members of the Plokta Cabal (http:plokta.com/plokta) plus Paul Cornell (http://www.paulcornell.com/) will be doing dinner one evening.
    Restaurant recommendations, please?


  11. Bonjour Joseph!!

    ça va ? c’est bien que vous aillez pris un pause aujourd’hui!!! Ehéhéhé vive le guide Michelin 😉

    Sniiifff dommage que vous ne le regarder pas en vu d’un future voyage en France =(

    Bonne journée!
    Bisou Bisou

  12. hello joe.

    And for other incoherence, what is your explanation??????????

    Why the earth (terra atlantus, head quarter of the alterans) is not on destiny database?

    how this has to explore hundreds of thousands galaxy in only more millions years? (on an 1 billions L.Y sphere, there are 60 millions galaxys)

    Why 2 ships, because, the first ship has early scanned the viable planets?

  13. I don’t think answering my question about Joel’s score would be too spoilerific, Joe.

    Here’s another thing I’ve been wondering about: Do you ever get the urge to yell at your computer screen when you read ignorant comments like “SGU killed SGA, I refuse to watch it!” by raving SGA fans that fail to understand that just having a dedicated fanbase is not enough to keep a show on the air?

  14. Question: Will be in the SGU revealed why the Pegasus Asgards and the Ancients have the same suits? (except the helmet)

  15. How long does the corn soup stay on the menu, on average? About a month? So far things are tracking so that I will get to try out Fuel in about 3 weeks, and I’d love to sample the much touted appetizer.
    The Icarus Base exteriors look familiar. Have we viewers seen the site before? I know, I know, I can wait till the series airs….
    Good luck in deciding on your itinerary for the Tokyo trip early enough to make reservations. Given the size of the Michelin Guide, your best bet will to be to tear out the pages, drop them, and allow the dogs to choose for you. Or take the book to work and trust your coworkers to make the selection…yeah, that’s it. I’m sure they’ll have your best interests at heart… Thanks for the pics and link to Fuel’s blog.

  16. Greetings!
    Just perused the Fuel Blog and now hate you. I am HALF A PLANET AWAY!!!
    I agree, the ribs do look nice. I wonder if he preferred the ribs with the silver back skin removed? I would have thought so.
    Check your photo featuring Evil Kenny – there’s a typo in the caption.
    Oh, and if I can’t have the ribs can I at least have the machine gun? Please send FedEx.

  17. “I think there may be an opening for you in our marketing department.”

    What’s it pay?? 😀

    I’m disappointed I missed February in July. 🙁 Of course, now it has me curious about what’s going on in February so that it should be on your mind…

    Trip to Tokyo? The next time Chilliwack Sweet Corn Soup will show up on Fuel’s menu? The month you’ll know if Universe is picked up for another season?

    Ya know…I think I might have to put pg15 on this case, or maybe Major D…both those boys are good at ferreting out your secrets. 😉


  18. I think Joe just likes to see how many are actually reading what he types,(date,etc) good job guys.
    The corn soup looks delicious, I love corn in most any way, thanks for the pix. And those scallops are huge!
    Wow, just think of all the work b4 we had green screen, what a great invention.
    Well have a great day and Happy Birthday to Shirt ‘n Tie, many more. 😉

  19. Ah, the most important aspect of travel….where are you going to eat?!

    That’s how we do it!

    Cool pics.

  20. I assumed most of the behind-the-scenes folks would follow over to SGU, but it’s always nice to see another familiar face doing the works (thinking of Evil Kenny here).

  21. After watching the trailer of SGU at comic con I felt sad that the franchise has turned into such drivel. So much for making the show more realistic. Are we really expected to believe that some geeky kid is the only candidate to get picked to go to space. So we are putting highly sensitive material in video games now. Unbelievable!!. The trailer was a just a mix of chaotic scenes with a bunch of frantic people. We havnt even shown the first episode and already the love scenes have begun. The writers teased and messed around fans for 10 years with the Jack/Sam fiasco and did the same on Atlantis with John and Teyla but now we have relationships before we even get to know the characters, so much for a slow build up.
    There was nothing more realistic about this trailer, just a different and more bland cast who failed to hold my attention. Stargate was all about escapism and larger than life heros, not the ordinary guy from next door. Why would I want to tune in to see a bunch of geeks lost in space. Sad to think Atlantis got cancelled for this. It seems the only fans interested are the young male kids, so much for expanding the viewers.

  22. hello
    new incoherence for you.

    On the comic-con trailer we see Ona Grauer(she play the Ancient Ayiana).

    In universe she play Ayiana, or it is actor recycling?

    If one:
    How you justify her presence on the destiny??
    She is dead when she has saved SG1, and she is born several millions years after the destiny launch.

    If two:
    It is really not smart, to use this actress to play an earthwoman on a ancient ship

  23. Hey Joe,

    That corn soup sure sounds/looks good. Maybe I should swing by Fuel soon on my way to/from school…

    Just wanted to say (again) that the trailers look UBER cool. For lack of a more eloquent description… I only came to the franchise last year, and I ended up watching all the Stargates within about 6-8 weeks or so (I have watched them over again, in order to better savour the goodness :D) My only point being that you guys have managed to write/produce/generate a show that I wish I had discovered sooner. As such, not only am I going to give SGU one hell of a chance, but I’m really, *really* excited about it. Moreso now that I’ve seen the trailers.

    I had heard at some point that one of the hopes of this latest installment was to bring in some “younger blood”, so to speak, in the hopes of reaching a younger audience. As a new fan, I think this is a very good idea: I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get more of my friends into it this year. And I would think that longer fans of the franchise would realize what a good thing this is because it should help keep SG1 and SGA going…. And from what I’ve seen and heard, there are also several veteran actors to accompany the younger ones (not that I think they *need* the support, per se), so I’m confident that we’ll continue to see what has made Stargate so well loved, just with some new and intriguing facets…

    How are the dogs doing? Any fun new tales from their continuing adventures?


  24. Those pictures make Icarus Base look like a Helm’s Deep/Guns of Navarone hybrid.

  25. Christine, chill out girl.
    Watch an episode and if you still don’t like it THEN vent.

    …or are you trolling this blog just to see what reaction you’ll get?

  26. Hey Joe,

    In the Comic Con SGU trailer, we heard a couple of scores/songs. Did we hear some of Joel’s amazing talent in the Comic Con trailer at any point?

    Thanks. 😀

  27. I see that Tom, Rob and Ted of Fuel look well fed. Sampling their wares are they? Have they told you Joe that the marketing provided by you on this blog has led to increased patronage? Just wondering.
    Gee, after seeing those Fuel pics I wish I could fly up there and try some dishes, but, alas, I’m not permitted to fly.

    @dasNdangerI found some “hotter” jalapeño poppers as you mentioned and nearly burned my innards through and through. But they were worth it and so-o-o go-o-o-d! Try dipping into heated basil tomato spaghetti sauce… yummy.

    “The Children of the Gods: Final Cut” was absolutely FABULOUS! LOVED the commentary by Brad and Rick. Hilarious! I have to agree the edits were well done and the Joel Goldsmith music & score was PERFECT. Wonderful additions, matte pics an b-roll scenes. The story flowed better and the performances stronger & more pronounced. Good job Brad!

    Ducking thunderstorms today in NJ…
    (who recently joined Twitter at long last… 2catsNJ)

  28. Joe, you’re not alone with calendar confusion. One of our local radio stations had the clever idea of “Christmas in July” so they are playing holiday music this weekend. Kinda strange to be out in 95 degree weather and listening to “It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas” …

    Are those pics of the Icarus Base or is it your new rooftop security system? 🙂

    I finally found and read Use of Weapons after an extensive search of the local bookstores and library. Fabulous book, and I wasn’t expecting the twist.

  29. @ 2cats – I’m ducking t’storms in Jersey today, too! Woo! We really needed the rain here. There’s an invisible wall around Cape May, and while the rest of the state will get summer thunderstorms and showers, we rarely do. At the winery yesterday they explained that’s why south Jersey, especially our county, makes for good wine production – because we don’t get saturated with rain, which waters down the taste and sugar of the fruit.

    We have several wineries/vineyards down here now, but most are less than 10-15 years old. I hope more farmland is converted to vineyards – much rather see that then housing developments. My only disappoinment is that we can’t grow zinfandel grapes here because we don’t have a long enough ‘Indian summer’. Zinfandel grapes need a very long, hot dry spell (preferrably after a cold snap) for best results, and so California still proves to be the best place for them. I am addicted to [red] zinfandel…it’s full-bodied and dry like a Cabernet, but with this lingering ‘sweet’ finish that makes it go so well with chocolate. 😀


  30. The nineth cheveron leads to destiny. Is that all it leads to? Will we find out more on this and can you elaborate more on the subject?

  31. Doh! 2cats…totally forgot to comment on the poppers. Yeah, those hot ones can pack a punch, but there’s something so sinfully self-indulgent about that kind of ‘fire’ – I think it opens everything up and makes food taste so much better! I’m having that experience right now – I chopped up some of that andouille sausage I bought the other day (which is a bit spicy), and mixed it with this:


    What a wonderful burn… mmmmmmm…. 🙂


  32. That is some mighty fine looking corn soup. And the scallops… yes, keyboard drool overload, thank you. I adore scallops and usually get crap ones which aren’t really scallops at all. And I adore corn soup, even the lowly stuff in hot cans from the vending machines in Japan. Although each time you post s soup picture, I go into Blues Brothers Quote Mode: “The soup is fucking ten dollars!”

    Nice guns. I’m sure I could mount on on the front porch.

    Norriski, I go to a place each year where I can be a kid for a whole week, not just a few hours. Or a princess or a chicken or a purple-spotted Yoohoo punk rock barbarian. Anything I like. Even better than Disneyland. There’s a reason I’m sewing costumes like mad this month! Can’t be anything I want without a costume or ten!

  33. oooh Ted is cute!!!

    Loved the trailer for SGU, looking forward to it!

  34. I was at the beach yesterday, and now I am exhausted, sunburnt, and sans my prescription sunglasses. But it was a fun day overall…

    Thanks to T’loc for posting the second Comic-Con trailer; those Arizona deserts look quite awesome on screen!!! I’m getting the impression that poor Eli (who is my favorite character already…) is being used by Robert Carlyle’s character, but I guess we’re gonna hafta wait and see….

    I can either publish the scripts or leave you to tune in and discover the answers along with everyone else.
    You know that none of us would say no if you wanted to post the scripts, Joe! 😉 TPTB might have a problem with it, but we would be thrilled!!!

  35. Wow Joe, those are BIG guns at Icarus Base! Thanks for all the great pictures. I just saw the trailer on Gateworld, and wow, am I mighty impressed. Before I was excited about SGU, now, I’m estatic! I’ll admit I was worried for a while about it being “over dark” – but now I’m over that bump – is it October yet?
    And a question about green screen. On alot of DVD bonus features on movies I’ve seen, they use blue screen. Is there a difference between the blue and green screens? It seems to me that more movies go with blue, and television with green – but is that just arbitrary, or is there a reason that you guys go with green screens and not blue screens?

  36. I want some corn soup. The best thing the cafe at my university does is fries. They have lots of very adventurous and ambitious dishes but they are mediocre at best. When the line is long I sometimes get hot nuts from a vending machine.

    I just came straight from class to work, where I had manuka honey on toast for dinner.

    Can we swap culinary lives? Thanks.

  37. Dear Joe,
    What exactly is Chilliwack soup? I new of a Canadian band from the 80’s named Chilliwack and I wonder if they are named after the soup?

  38. Nice blog !
    there is nothing in the world I enjoy more than learning. In fact, i’d rather be learning now!

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