You’ll never guess who I went to dinner with last night. Uh, right. How’d you know? Oh, right. I mentioned it in yesterday’s entry. Well, yes. Earlier in the week, former Stargate scribe and producer Alan McCullough dropped me an email and invited me out for dinner. I hadn’t seen Alan in ages so I was thrilled to take him up on his kind offer. And on the day, seeing as how he would be treating, I made sure to skip both breakfast and lunch to ensure I really took advantage of the free eats. Eventually, I was famished and ready for dinner! Only problem – it was a little after 3:00 p.m. I don’t know how I was able to hold off until our 6:30 p.m. reservation, but I managed to, only fainting twice enroute to the restaurant.

We went to Market at the Vancouver Shangri-la Hotel and had a wonderful meal. Since I was on the program, I limited myself to ONE appetizer and ONE main course(!). I started with one of the greatest starters in town, the rice cracker crusted tuna with citrus-sriracha emulsion. Tender, crunchy, sweet, savory, and a touch fiery – absolutely delicious. So delicious that I vowed (as I do every time I visit) that next time, I’ll order three and make them my main. My main, on this night, was a new menu entry: a roasted red snapper with sesame vinaigrette, radishes, and fresh ginger. Perfectly prepared.

Alan and I chatted about our respective shows. Apparently, things are well on the Sanctuary side with production on the show’s second season scheduled to wrap at the end of this month. Among the highlights mentioned was Michael Shanks’ guest spot on the show. According to Alan, he was mind blowingly good – so all you Michael fans take note. I filled him in on all things Stargate Universe and told him that no one has had the heart to tell Carl that “Alan isn’t coming back“. We told him “Alan ran away” so Carl, completely oblivious, still sleeps curled up at his old office door. It’s the cutest thing.

Alan toasts...
Alan toasts…
The tuna!
The tuna!

A rare burst of creative energy today! I revised the Tease and Act I of episode 20, getting the latter down to a more manageable 16 pages, then made some significant headway on Act II, shaping up to be a robust 14 pages. All the characters are in play but two so, tomorrow, I’m going to go over what I’ve got and make them a little more prominent, thread them into the existing story a little better. This being the season finale, I think it’s important that all of the characters get their turn to shine.

Word of out of San Diego is that the SGU panel went very well. The fans are buzzing about the show and, in particular, the new trailer. If you haven’t already seen it, head on over to Gateworld and take a peek: Again, a huge thanks and congrats to Grey Munford and his team on a job well done.

Today, I leave you with some pics of the Icarus Base interior.

Oh, and today’s blog entry is dedicated to Beckett’s Patient. Happy Birthday!










Look out below!
Look out below!


Carl dials the ninth chevron - and dooms us all!  Nice going, Carl.
Carl dials the ninth chevron – and dooms us all! Nice going, Carl.

49 thoughts on “July 24, 2009: Catching up with Alan! A Rare Creative Burst! Inside Icarus Base!

  1. K. I’m impressed. The trailer was eyecatching and more than did its job. But based on the last photo you put up today, I think you are missing out on not casting Carl as the Evil Overlord. intent on hounding our heroes across the universe. Thanks for the pictures of Alan; looking forard to Sanctuary’s second season. Only request for the day. more doggie pictures. Yes, I know I can twitter, but I get greedy sometimes. And it’s one of those years you can never get enough chuckles from watching the cavorting of canines.

  2. Hi, Joe
    Now the Destiny ship’s exterior design was revealed on SDCC.
    So you can post some artworks of the design, right?

  3. Michael Shanks is great in everything, truly. I think I’ve mentioned before (possibly eleven or twelve times…) that he was so alive in his performance in Burn Notice that the other characters seemed to fade into the background.

    I think Amanda Tapping is wonderful, but Sanctuary never really grabbed me. Still, I’d like to check out the episode that Michael Shanks appears in, just out of curiosity.

    Hey, on a sort of related note, not sure if anyone has mentioned, but Joe Flanigan is appearing in an upcoming episode of Warehouse 13.

  4. Hey Joe,

    I really enjoyed Market when I was there several months ago, good to know they’re still holding strong. They have really good sablefish. And dessert.

    Two questions:
    1. Are the symbols on the gate supposed to look like binary?
    2. Relative to one another, what are the ages of the ‘Gates? That is, is the Destiny’s gate oldest, then Earth, then Atlantis? Or some other order? Or is this something you cannot yet answer?

    Oh! Meant to share a story from this morning… I was getting breakfast in the kitchen, and, as I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, my mom grabbed my shoulder. Turns out there was a big black bear lumbering across our yard. He was right in front of the window (maybe 10, 15 feet away). Reminded me of the “bear” discussion here a while ago 😀 Needless to say, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the pets for the next couple days

    Love the pictures…

  5. otros ojos: no problem on the veggie tip! If I can’t approach a problem straight on, then I’ll go for the sides. “evil girl laugh”


  6. Haha I love the pictures with Carl… they’re wonderful!!!

    I’m excited about the new season of Sanctuary now!!! I guess I need to find a way to catch up on the last season so I know what’s going on in this new one!!!

    The new trailer is nice (particularly the bits with David Blue!), and I can’t wait for the actual show!!! The music at the end of the Comic-Con trailer was particularly amazing… is there going to be music like that in the episodes? I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    (Hi, my name is Debra and I have a problem with exclamation points!!!)

  7. Hello Mr. Mallozzi…..

    Can you please tell me if there is any
    great significance to the fact that the
    new “ICARUS BASE” logo/patch contains a
    circular pattern consisting of nine stars.

    I understand that this might have something
    to do with the circular shape of the stargate
    and the whole “9th chevron” theory/fact/story.

    …but does it also have something to do with
    the new major announced cast of the show just
    happening to consist of nine performers/”stars”?

    ICARUS BASE logo/patch image link:

    SGU cast image link:

    Thank you VERY MUCH for all of your time and efforts.
    Please know that your work is always GREATLY appreciated.

  8. The trailer is amazing, I have never been more excited for the new series.

    Just wondering if you might be able to clarify a thing or two:
    1. The ‘destiny gate system’ was the first set of gates the ancients designed.
    2. If that is the case, then is the destiny many millions of years old. If we see atlantis in the first episode with the caption ‘millions of years ago’ then this earlier gate design was created and launched way before then.
    3. If 1 and 2 are true, then how the heck does the destiny still have any power after millions and millions of hyperspace jumps?



  9. hi, joe,

    is there any good news to share on the 3rd sg1 movie front? please tell me there is…

  10. Jelly may be the most beautiful, Bubba the more active, Lulu the attention hog, and Brie the youngest and feistest now, but Maximus is the sweetest looking little thing of the entire bunch. He seems so quiet and has the cutest little face. All your babies are just darling.

    My beagle puppy, on the other hand, is just plain crazy. If I don’t get finished reading The Speed of Dark, it is because everytime I sit down to read, I end up with a beagle standing on top of my head! Literally!

    I gave her, her first bath yesterday. She went into her James Brown impersonation: “Wow!! I feeeel good, na na na na na na na, I knew that I would now! na na na na na na na, I feeeeeel good, na na na na na na na!!” and running 50 miles per hour around the back yard. Her father’s name was Rufus. I should have named her Goofus.

  11. @Winst: I figured the significance of the Icarus patch came from the sun and the feather, as an allusion to the Greek mythology of Icarus and Daedalus. How Icarus flew too close to the sun on wings of wax and fell to his death…. If you already figured this out, pleas ignore this 😀 And I just figured the 9 stars are for the 9 chevrons on the ‘Gate…

  12. Hi Joe
    1)How is it with movies about Stargate?When u will start? I know about SGA movie, but someone is talking about SG1 movie (but because of destroying SGC, I dont know…:))
    2) Do you have some info about mmorpg Stargate Worlds? There is nothing on official site.
    3) How much did you use Icarus base? Only in first episode?
    4) Will be in SGU tradionaly main enemies ( like Goauld, Ori or Wraith)? Thanks for answers your fan from the Czech republic

  13. Hi, Joe!

    The trailer they aired at Comic-Con was absolutely AMAZING! Now I’m even more excited about Universe (if that’s even possible). Kudos to everyone for all their hard work!

  14. As someone has said before…Michael is brilliant in everything he does…even certain sci fi movies that shall remain nameless..well I suppose he has to eat…LOL…can’t wait for his episode…I do love Amanda but just never got into Sanctuary…sorry Amanda…

    Ok enough spouting about Michael…just seen the new Universe trailer looks interesting…will still wait for the pilot until I give my final judgement…

    Thanks Joe for all of the photos you are good to us fans as always.

    Kriss 🙂

  15. @Das, if you didn’t check last entry on JM’s blog, Sanctuary starts October 9.

    @Nadine: Scary bear. Protect those babies over there (Bella, et al.)

  16. So I got to see the Stargate Universe panel at Comic Con today. I got in line at 7:15am and they opened the doors to let people in at around 9:45am. It was so amazing. The cast and Brad and Rob look great. The new clips and long trailer that we got to see was incredible. I had my doubts when I first read what you said the show was going to be about, but with more information coming to my knowledge, I’m getting really excited about the show. I told the girl at the Stargate exhibit that I read your blog every night and she gave me one of the big posters that they were giving out to the big fans who could prove their knowledge of Stargate. I had to miss the autograph session for Stargate in order to see the Eureka panel.

    I also got to see Jamie Ray Newman as she is guest starring on Eureka a few times this season. That panel was also a blast. Got to see the Senior VP of SyFy at that as he announced a fourth season of Eureka although he was hesitant to announce it. I also got to meet with three of the cast members for Warehouse 13 and all of them were very friendly and welcoming. I even ended up walking in the same direction as them and got to talk with Saul Rubinek and Eddie McClintock. That was very cool.

    Let’s just hope that I don’t miss the Sanctuary panel tomorrow since I have to get my car back and somehow drop off the rental at the same time and get back to the Hilton Bayside Hotel in time to get in. Must see Amanda, Martin, Robin and Damian.

    Now I have to get some sleep as I’m about to pass out.

  17. I filled [Alan] in on all things Stargate Universe and told him that no one has had the heart to tell Carl that “Alan isn’t coming back“. We told him “Alan ran away” so Carl, completely oblivious, still sleeps curled up at his old office door. It’s the cutest thing.

    It’s clear now who’s really to blame for Carl dialing the ninth chevron — especially when you wouldn’t give even a token nod to the USC Trojans. I mean, it may have been many, many, many, many years since they had a legendary team, but that must still count for something. *turns off voice singing “Memories”* – In the meantime, I think my Eagles may have been demoted to goldfinches over the past two years, but I don’t want to know.

    I had to google sriracha, but am happy to learn it’s the Thai sauce of my youth. The flavor was unmatchable, as long as I didn’t use enough to nuke my taste buds. Dad always had his food spicy, so I guess it was sort of a challenge to keep up. Now, except for a place where I get Vietnamese cabbage rolls, the Thai sauce tastes of tomato paste. Sooo, buy a little extra sauce at one place, use it at the Thai place; works for me. – Fresh ginger is to die for. So the vinaigrette and radish together really didn’t overbalance it?

    Great trailer; I enjoyed the glimpses of where the different characters are coming from. And while I’ll be watching mostly for other story elements, I confess to being one of the voyeurs who doesn’t mind looking on while fictional characters get a little passionate. (If you can laugh at Cookie Monster getting pretty, um, frisky *coughs to keep from choking*, then human libidos are no big deal.) I know you guys will stick to doing fresh, well-conceived sci-fi. — Good luck with the season finale.

  18. Coucou Joseph! Vous allez bien?

    Moi pas trop, tout la nuit j’ai été malade er encore aujourd’hui j’ai de la fiévre, a mon avi j’ai du manger quelque chose de mauvais.

    Merci pour toutes ces photo!! Hier j’ai vu le Trailer et je suis agréablement surprise et je ne suis pas la seul, je pense que SGU va avoir un trés grand succés.

    A bientôt

  19. A oui, j’ai aussi quelques questions concernant SGU ….

    1) Allons nous voir des Furlings dans la saison 1 de SGU?
    2) Dans le 1er épisode de SGU allons nous voir des extraterrestres? Que nous connaissons?
    3) Quel personnage de SGU a le plus d’humour?

    Voila =) Aprés le comic con à mon avi je ne suis pas la seul à me poser pleins de questions 😉

  20. Hi Joe, is there anything you can tell us about Joel Goldsmith’s score for SGU? Will the show sound like SG-1 and SGA, or are we in for a surprise? I have to say that I’m a huge fan of Bear McCreary’s diverse music for Battlestar Galactica. Ever heard any of it?

  21. bonjour joe!!!!

    After to decorticate the trailer, I have decelled several enormous contradictions.
    It’s begin good (ironic)!!!

    1) How the destiny can’t locate the earth??
    Earth is one of the first planets colonised since they arrived in Milky Way, and became their planet.
    they would be totally bloody idiot, not to integrated their mother planet on the destiny database.
    It’s forced that destiny knowing the earth.

    2)Can you explain to me, where the earth has found the requisite energy to contact destiny?
    Only to contact a 3 millions l.y galaxy we must use a ZPM.
    What power source can contact a 2 billions l.y gate???

    3)how the destiny project travel is progammed?
    -in a straight line, a gate->I move->a gate..
    -Explore all the galaxy->move to the next galaxy
    -move to a far far away galaxy(not star wars XD) located to several billions l.y and explore only this galaxy

    Because, if it is solution 1 or 3, the moved distance is credible, but if it is solution 2, it is a big contradiction.
    because explore thousands galaxys in several millions years and move to billions l.y of Milky Way is absolutely impossible.

    I hope you give an explanation!!!!

    a plus

  22. Sorry if this has been asked before Joe but have you made an attempt at another french bull dog or pug get together at Stanley Park since the first ill fated attempt? Also how did the pooches react to your home coming from your Montreal trip? Happy to see you? Oh your home, give me some food! Can’t you see I’m sleeping?!

  23. une question bete mais logique!!

    Why send two ship for this mission???
    You say (you and the staff) , that the first ship lay the gates on viable planet and the second explore.
    It’s so stupid. The first ship has must already scan and explore planet to determine his like viable for human life.
    Why send the to do same action (explore), it is so stupid.

  24. Ha thanks for the pics and for the update with MS and Alan.

    Wow you know what’s so funny, I was defending SGU all the time while everyone else was saying it was poop and now everyone else is praising it while I’m just sitting there and saying huh. Like the trailer was awesome, the visuals were awesome, but for some reason I wasn’t psyched at all. Like I’m still excited for October, but all my hype and excitement just fell away. Kinda sucks, cause I want to be psyched about it but I’m not. I think it’s just from spending so much time speculating what we’ve seen so far, that when it’s not exactly what I expected, I was supprised. Kinda considering leaving gateworld till the premier and maybe the blog(probably not though).

    Oh so one question.

    Do you think you can post some pics from the desert gate from air part 3?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  25. Hi Mr M!

    Thanks for the snaps! They look terrific. Great to see Alan again. (You kindly introduced us at the Continuum Screening last year). Sanctuary’s numbers are HUGE here in Europe (and deservedly so…great show!) Looking forward to Season 2.

    Am getting lots of updates via Twitter and text to my phone from Comic Con… The fan-base in SG franchise MUST be the most tech-savvy AND loyal. It’s great to get all the info.

    Happy B’day (yesterday) to Beckett’s Patient. Just one day between us!

    I, myself have been banished to the Local Internet Cafe, as the “surprise” birthday party is being set up in my house…..hence my posting today.

    Best to all!!!


  26. Mmmm. Alan. BEST dish on the menu. 😉

    Joe – would you consider having a Q&A with Alan now that he’s working on Sanctuary?

    @ PBMom – Thanks! I know I can look these things up for myself, but what ends up happening is I find there’s too much info – too many sites – and then I get all confused and take a nap. 😀 Mostly I just come here, Gateworld (though not that much lately), Jinxworld (the Bendis boards), Moorcock’s site…and check my e-mail (which has about 50 unopened e-mails because of aforementioned information overload). Once in a while I’ll check out links to other sites, but they’re mostly just time-wasters and so I don’t stick around. I did join the Sanctuary forum, but probably won’t start going back there until after the season starts and I have new stuff to talk about…’cause, believe it or not, I DO run out of stuff to say. 😛


  27. I have just finished watching COTG the final cut and all I can say is WOW…I would swear but I am a good english girl…LOL…if you see Brad tell him thank you so much!…everything now makes more sense the video and audio quality is excellant…I have watched 3 times already and will be watching it a 4th before I go to bed….

    Kriss 🙂

  28. I must say, the SGU trailers look very promising. I await October with anticipation.

  29. Hubby just watched the SGU trailer…

    He approves of the kissing, the near-nekkid wimmens, LDP, Robert Carlyle, ‘the funny kid’, and Star Wars references. Yeah. You’ve sold one viewer in this household on the show, certain sure.


  30. Joe,

    At Comic Con yesterday, there was apparently the following from Robert Cooper:

    And why did they get Robert Carlyle? Cooper said that when they phoned him first he initially said: “Why do you want me, I’m not the Typical Stargate Actor?”.

    “Well, we didn’t WANT the Typical Stargate Actor,” he responded

    So could you tell us what the Typical Stargate Actor is?



  31. Ditto on the COTG’s re-mastered, re-cut and re-mixed! Freaking AWESOME! I loved the Commentary with Bard and RDA. Please extend to Brad Wright my undying gratitude for an amazing job! And don’t for Joel’s score! I LOVE IT!!! Please ask TPTB if there will be a CD of the score from COTG’s!

    Cheers! 😛

  32. I finally has a change to watch the SGU trailer on Gateworld. For the most part I liked what I saw, my only concern comes from the number “steamy kissing” scenes there were. I’m hoping the show doesn’t focus on that kind of stuff and stays with what stargate has traditionally been about. Keeping that traditional adventure and SG humor, loved the line about “The Empire Strikes Back”… it’s that kind of stuff that makes me love SG not who’s dating who. Lastly please don’t take this as a negative post, it’s really not, like I said I really did like most of what I saw and will be watching this fall once the show comes on.

  33. @Das: No kidding Alan’s the best dish on the menu…damn!

    Hiya Joe, loved the trailer – I’m SO in, so’s hubby. If the show’s actually anything like this, it’ll be the best SG incarnation yet. Leaves me wondering how you keep reinventing the wheel, though! Just finished my “nap”, watched “Heroes” (both parts) and loved it all over again. Very thought-provoking stuff. Have a good Sunday 🙂

  34. I second Rose’s question. I was under the impresion that a typical stargate actor was someone professional and talented, which fit Mr. Carlyle pefectly. Are there other criteria that make a “typical” stargate actor???

  35. Oh, yeah, nothing wrong with the kissing scenes in my opinion – come on people, this goes on in real life, doesn’t it? To me, it just adds a little something to the whole thing that was desperately needed in SG1 and Atlantis, and won’t take a thing away from the show. 🙂 Just my opinion.

  36. @Caitlyanna, Thanks for the update, MORE please, can’t find anything on the web. Anyone know where to look? Also, Hubby may be going to Dragon Con, he wants to see Lexa Doig and Claidia Black. Does anyone know what day , time and what hotel. He only has 1 day, so ANY help would be appriaceted. SP.?? Thanks, Sheryl

  37. Thanks for the pictures of the insides of the sets. and also the picture of that nice looking young man Alan. and the puppy pix are great on your twitter. enjoyable reading, thanks.

  38. The trailer for SGU is definitely not what I expected. The atmosphere is completely (and pleasantly) different to what I imagined, and the sets look even more amazing in the context of the show.

    On another note, that tuna looks delicious! It’s definitely one of my favourite food photos from your blog.


  39. @ Deni – Yeah, kissing happens in real life. I just don’t WATCH people doing it, especially when it’s passionate. Makes me feel squirmy. Like…how would you feel if you went out to dinner with Mr. Das and I, and right there at the table hubby and I started tongue-kissin’, sound effects and all? You would probably feel a bit uncomfortable…unless, of course, you’re a perv. 😀

    @ Joe – I’m trying to describe Universe to some folks on the Bendis boards, especially those worried it’s just a Voyager knock-off. Since I’ve tried to avoid most spoilers, this is a bit difficult. 😛 So, is it accurate to say that it’s like the crew is trapped on a runaway train that’s on a collision course with the unknown?


  40. I wanted to make it to the new entry, but just too pooped. Huge day – went to a wine tasting open house at a local winery with a group of friends (including the lady who reminds me of your mom, Joe). Very interesting – learned a lot about grapes, wine and even our local environment. It was a lovely day, bright sun, not TOO hot (a tad humid)…and it was just so nice standing out in the vineyard with a glass of wine, learning about the grapes that made my drink possible. Afterwards we all went to a local open air deck restaurant, right on a marina, and enjoyed burgers and drinks and a surprisingly good band. Very nice day…and now I’m done in. Nites! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…..


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