I could’ve sworn I uploaded this entry a couple of hours ago but when I cruised by to check on comments, it had magically disappeared.  Or maybe it never appeared in the first place.  Hmmm.  Okay, let’s try this again.

Decisions, decisions...
Decisions, decisions…
Damn. Less than 24 hours after declaring I was “on the program”, I’m “off the program”. After suffering through a steamed halibut and broccoli dinner and All-Bran and blueberries breakfast, I was fully prepared to prolong my misery with a lunch of hardboiled eggs and grapefruit – until my wife informed me that the Greek Church on Boundary Road was hosting their annual Greek Days festivities. Hmmmm. Hardboiled eggs or spit-roasted lamb? Grapefruit or loukoumades and baklava? I’d have to think about it…

For as long as it took me to throw on a pair of jeans, grab my camera, and hop in the car.

For lunch, I enjoyed a ½ kilo of that spit-roasted lamb, a Greek salad (to placate my guilty conscience. Tomatoes are chalk full of lycopenes!), the loukoumades (deep-fried dough soaked in honey and cinnamon and sprinkled with sesame seeds), and THE most cloying dessert imaginable – baklava (layered pastry dough with nuts soaked in honey).

I know, I know. It seems like an excess amount of food but, keep in mind, I had the full kilo of lamb last year. Also, it was my great meal because I am now absolutely, without a doubt, no excuses, REALLY “on the program”.

Unless, of course, I can convince the gang at work to make the five minute drive over to Boundary for lunch. Greek fest continues all this week.

In a desire to learn a little more about myself, I took a few online personality tests designed to reveal the inner me.  The results were surprising to say the least…


First up, I answered the age-old question that has plagued man from the dawn of humanity: “Do you shop more than most women?” (http://www.blogthings.com/doyoushopmorethanmostwomenquiz/).  According to the scientific study, I am a window shopper who who rarely gives into impulse buys but has a nice wardrobe.

Moving on, the next quiz afforded me the opportunity to answer a question that I’ve been wondering for a while now: “Which Victoria’s Secret Angel are you?” (http://www.blogthings.com/whichvictoriassecretangelareyouquiz/).  Well, apparently, the data suggests I am most like Laetitia Casta.

And finally, just this morning I was asking myself “What kind of lip gloss should you wear?”  (http://www.blogthings.com/whatcolorlipglossshouldyouwearquiz/).  The results: mauve.  Smart, polished, and pretty.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal Luvnjack.

Let’s catch up with the mailbag:

Thornyrose writes: “Now, if TPTB would only make it official when we can expect to see a) the premiere of SGU b) the start of production on the next SG-1 movie, and c) the start of production of the Atlantis movie. Speaking of which, has the script for the last been approved, simply waiting for the wheels to turn so that the movie can be eventually made?”

Answer: Although I’ve yet to hear of an official date, my understanding is that Stargate: Universe will premiere in early October. Still no word on the production dates for either the SG-1 or the Atlantis movie, however, we have received some preliminary feedback on the first draft of Extinction.

MELorne-Super-Fan writes: “It came to my attention in the past days, that Mr. Kavan Smith may not be in the SGA movie!”

Answer: From who? Since I co-wrote the script, I’m in a better position to know which characters will be making an appearance – all of them.

Pastrygirl writes: “Do I remember correctly that Destiny is supposed to be an Ancient class ship? Like the one that Rodney got working on the volcano-riddled planet?

Also, is the gate to be a Pegasus galaxy gate or, like suggested above by Iamjohn, a milky way gate/DHD?”

Answer: Sorry. For the details on the ship and the gate, you’ll either have to wait for the studio to release the visuals or hold out until the premiere.

PG15 writes: “Are you writing episode 20? Is Paul writing episode 19?”

Answer: Yes and yes.

PG15 also writes: “I wanted to add a thank you for these short “profiles” on the cast members! First Jamil, now Brian. It’s great to get to know them a bit before seeing them on the screen, dazzling us with their talent.

Can we expect more of these for other cast members?”

Answer: Yep.

Major D. Davis writes: “And Joe, my B-day’s July second. Do you still do those blog dedication thingys for peoples birthday’s?”

Answer: Remind me closer to the date.

Major D. Davis also writes: “1. You already know my reasoning, so is episode 19’s title is hope?

2. Is Will Waring directing Faith?

3. Is there a chance that MGM will release it’s uber cool super secret project during Comic con this summer?

4. Are the VFX temps like those non-colored greyish fake looking Visuals that eventually turn into those shiny Visuals we see in the final cut?”

Answers: 1. Nope. 2. Yep. 3. No idea. 4. At first they can be, simple place holders designed to convey a sense of how the sequence will unfold.

Birddiemac writes: “Was wondering if we’ll ever find out what happened to Ba’al host after the extraction? I enjoyed the Carter/Baal scenes in Quest and Insiders. Any chance of seeing some interaction between Carter/Baal again in a future movie?”

Answer: Baal’s ultimate fate will remain unknown for the time being. Sorry to say he won’t be making an appearance in the SG-1 movie.

Nadine writes: “I think I’ve read (heard?) that story about your dad before. Was it the basis for Cam’s anecdote about “the spit-take of all spit-takes” in Ripple Effect?”

Answer: Yes, it was.

JJ writes: “Did you know who will go to Comic-Con this year?
Is there any chance that all the main cast would be there?”

Answer: I won’t be going this year but Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, and almost the entire cast will be there.

Arctic Goddess writes: “I would like to announce that I have recently found employment as a journalist. Yes, I am now with the press. I love what I do. I get to meet really interesting people and write a lot. I’d almost be willing to work for free, it’s so much fun. I should have done this years and years ago. Anyway, even though it’s not script writing, would you consider it a step closer to writing for t.v or film? Would it get my foot in the door?”

Answer: It may make someone more likely to read you, but being a journalist doesn’t give you a leg up on landing a staff position. It all comes down to the quality of that script.

Lisa writes: “What is it you dislike about the theatre contemporary or musical??”

Answer: Singing, dancing, and over-the-top acting performances reminiscent of the overly-enthusiastic actors in children’s programming. Do away with those, the crowds, and the uncomfortable seats and I’d like it just fine.

DemonHunter writes: “What do deep fried pigs feet taste like? Is it really pigs feet or just pork shaped like trotters?”

Answer: They taste like deep-fried pork. It is pig’s feet though, for the dish, I believe the actual meet is stripped from the trotter before being prepared.

DemonHunter also writes: “They love pasta ( so do I) and I want to try something different from the normal macaroni or carabonara type dishes. What would you suggest – maybe something with a bit of a kick?”

Answer: Squash-stuffed agnolotti with black truffle butter.

2cats writes: “What do you call reasonably priced? For instance the plate of agnolotti?”

Answer: Angolotti = $14.

Shannon writes: “Okay, you said you ate a fruit dessert and others had the Nutella tart.”

Answer: Uh, no. Definitely not. That would go against everything I hold dear and believe in.

Montrealer writes: “How is the refugees from the Icarus base able to function after the consumables are gone?”

Answer: Tune in and find out!

DasNdanger writes: “When you have to get the actors (and others) to sign off on pictures you use here, does that mean ALL pictures – even those from your private dinners and parties – or just those from the set? How does the process work – is it just a matter of asking permission, or what? And have you ever had an actor, friend, co-worker, wife refuse to let you share their images here?”

Answer: Oh, sure. Occasionally, Rachel would tell me if she wasn’t up to having her picture taken and that was totally cool. However, it wasn’t until midway through season five when I was chatting with Jason Momoa that he told me a couple of cast members didn’t like having their photos taken. I was surprised, not because of their reticence, but because neither had bothered to say a word about it to me. After that conversation, I made it a point to have anyone I snapped sign off on their pics – while Jason would occasionally recruit ME for an impromptu photo op, like his infamous Cruise-esque couch-jumping shots (http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2008/05/28/may-28-2008-major-retailer-recalls-combustible-underpants/) or his throwdown with Identity guest star Dawn Olivier (http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/august-23-2008-questions-answers-guests-and-pics/). Damn, I miss the big guy. Anyway, that was the one and only time I heard an objection but, out of courtesy and just to be on the safe side, I now have the actors okay or nix their pics. At the end of the day, you want them to feel comfortable and know that you’re not going to let them look silly. Unless, of course, they want to look silly. Then, all the better!

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I haven’t had some good Greek food in ages. I recently tried goat which wasn’t bad at all. And Joe, I know you don’t do Facebook, but I’m sure you can find this quiz someplace else online: Which muppet are you?

I got Statler and Waldorf.


Read Joe’s blog…check!


I love Baklava! Best dessert ever! I haven’t been around much lately, bad me, but I figured I’d pop by and see how things were going over here. Just wondering, have you ever read Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead? It is first in his King Raven Trilogy which is like a rewrite of the Robin Hood myth, very interesting and great characters, I’m currently reading it for the second time before I start on the second one called Scarlet.

Also I am hoping Patrick Rothfuss’ release of Wise Man’s Fear doesn’t take too much longer, apparently the previously mentioned release date was wrong and wasn’t even when Pat thought it would be ready, Amazon or something just got it wrong. Hopefully it should be out sometime this year though.


First, thank you for answering my questions. I see the wisdom in your decision to have actors sign off on photos. I can certainly imagine actors get tired of always having to be ‘on’ for the camera, and they probably cringe a little when they see Paparazzi Joe coming their way. wink

And I miss Jason, too. I hope you’ve done something better with his character in the movie…his development fell flat in the second half of S5, and Ronon just went back to being a big goon. Jason deserves much better than that.

Mmmmmm! I love Greek food! We have Greek friends who give us tubs of real feta (usually goat milk, but sometimes the coveted authentic sheep’s milk feta), and calamata olives. I have the most wonderful salads for weeks afterwards! And the lamb sounds delish! Finally a meal I could appreciate, too.

Onto your links:

1. Supposedly I’m a ‘Window Shopper’. Thing is, I don’t buy clothes – I HATE clothes shopping. I buy everything black so I don’t have to waste brain cells trying to figure out what to wear each day. However, I spend a heck of a lot on ‘stuff’…weird, cheap stuff…like this bunch of stuff I picked up lately:
comment image

I will decorate with it – get rid of some old stuff to make room for this ‘new’ used stuff. Yup – I like crap, but not so much clothes.

2. I couldn’t do the second one because it didn’t have options like ‘moody gaze’, ‘bohemian look’, and ‘sexy elbows’… roll

3. Supposedly I should wear ‘cherry red’ lip gloss because it’s ‘wild, fresh, and totally alluring.’ I’ve worn cherry red lip color before, and it makes me look like a cheap, worn-out whore. razz

THANK YOU for posting those links, Joe…they’ve totally convinced me that I shoulda been a dude.

I feel so miserably un-feminine right now… sad



Wow Joe , that is scary. I got the same answers you did on the quizzes. We are just alike, except your a boy and I’m a girl. Other than that – we’re twins! I bet mauve lip color would look good on you!

Speaking of Jason Momoa, I ordered Atlantis Season 5. It ships on Tuesday. Barnes and Noble had a special, buy 2 DVDs and get a 3rd free. So I ordered Season 5, Season 1, and “Learning Spanish with Paco”. When I tried to redeem the 3rd DVD free deal, of course they screwed me with the ole “your order does not quailify” crap. So I’m not going to learn spanish just yet.

Yep, thats right, I did not have the 1st season of Atlantis. Any guesses why?? Anyone? Anyone? No Ronon in season one!! I have seen all the episodes on TV. They are good, just no Ronon. And, I thought the full 5 set DVDs would sell better in the garage sale. Just kidding!! Too hot for a garage sale.

I also ordered “The Speed of Dark”, so I will be on board with that. I just hope my crazy beagle puppy lets me read it. She’s mean! Her sweet looks are deceiving. And she has some ears that rival Lulu’s. It they stood up like Lulu’s, they would block the sun!


I feel for you falling off the program. Tonight I managed to cook up some chocolate souffles that seemed to go over well with the gang at work. Next week is more ambitious, with a three course crepe meal in the works. All because of your pictures and food descriptions sparking an interest in cooking for me. I’ll let you know when I decide if you’ve done me a service or cursed me.
Thanks for the mailbag. With Universe starting in a bit over 3 months, I hope TPTB will find the time to greenlight the tv movies. Such an action will go a long way to inspiring myself,and possibly others, into following the new series with the loyalty we’ve shown the other shows.
As for the quizes/surveys.Shopping? lip gloss? Victoria’s Secret? Enough to send me shrieking away without bothering to click on the links. Anyways, good to see that they figured you you are in fact a man of taste when it comes to clothing. As always, thanks for the daily dose of blogging.


It’s been said that Stargate Universe won’t have a big, dominating race of villains like the Goa’uld or the Wraith. Will universe at least have some recurring villains, be they species, small, groups, or individuals, even if each villain is only around for a few episodes?


Mmmm, I love both of those Greek desserts. I hate sesame seeds on anything but those dough balls. YUM.

I am amused by your Victoria’s Secret results. What *is* your favorite type of lingerie, then? No, I know. It’s the bikini. wink



Thanks Joe, you’ve made Luvnjack’s day smile




Hi – we took your recommendation and had dinner at Fuel tonight. It was amazing!


I purchased the SGA Season 5 DVD everytime I watched a Will Waring directed SG-1 episode I was able to find the Pineapple….however in tne Seed,Wispers I watched them a couple of times over and could never find the Pineapples….If you happen to run into him in the hallway sometime could you ask him if he stopped the pineapple thing or maybe I just wasn’t able to locate them….thanks


Hahaha, I just saw a commercial advertising the AltarBoyz.

Anyways, thank you for answering my questions! I can’t wait to read more about the cast! I also can’t wait to get more info about the show via Comic Con; it’s gonna be pretty awesome. Not only will we get some answers from Brad and Rob (or at least, vague hints), but we’ll also get our first taste of the cast’s chemistry with each other! Hopefully they’ll also have a teaser for the show to show.

The title is not “Hope”? Well then, let’s test another title:


1. Is episode 19 called “Duel”?

2. Is episode 19 called “Subversion”?

3. Is episode 19 called “Whiskers?”

I think they all have a chance. wink


“I won’t be going this year but Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, and almost the entire cast will be there.”
Ah, but which cast? You’ve got a few…


Hey! i was just there today in the afternoon with my family enjoying the good food they have at the greek summer festival. i had a gyro for lunch and afterwards we tried all three of the desserts and i couldn’t decide which one was the best. the bougaste (sp?) was pretty good though-we finished it off first.


(The Universe cast, I’m assuming. Anyone else besides them?)


Hello from Greece. Happy you enjoyed our normal everyday food wink Hopefully they used olive oil with the greek salad and they put the feta cheese in the same plate. Did they add oreganon in it? If it was not presented to you this way then it was not a greek salad. Still though I think you can try it out one of the coming days wink

As far as the lamp is concerned, why didn’t you treat us with a photo? Or was it gone fast? Oh, and for your next visit there, the best way to eat the lamp is with a decent Tzatziki.

As a die hard fan of science fiction and cooking food, for all of the above mentioned food, (deserts included) it will be my greatest pleasure to give you the recipes. So don’t hesitate to contact me for the recipes wink the original greek way!

Enjoy your summer holidays wink

otros ojos
otros ojos

I’d like to feel smug because I didn’t think your dietary self-denial would last very long, but I empathize with you too much: food restrictions are hard, and compensatory exercise can be a bummer. — Uh-oh, self-pity. Time to go shopping! — Nah, not really a shopping diva; but when I do go, I enjoy it.

Your Blogthing results were funny. I can just picture you talking bras over a salad niçoise with Laetitia Casta. If you’re like any other guy in that scenario — and I’d bet my clothes budget you would be — she’d be chatting away about various types and what they do for her (demonstrating as needed), and you’d politely agree when indicated while resorting more and more to mopping your brow with your handkerchief, then with kitchen towels brought by a thoughtful server. But actually being like Casta? I must be missing something deeply metaphysical here. I’ll think about it when I’m done laughing.

Mauve lipgloss, absolutely, it’s just your look. Still, I’m glad you didn’t wear it with your black t-shirt and shades. ^_^ (Very nice shot, too.)


Ok, here goes my answers…….

I’m a window shopper
Most like Heidi Klum
Should wear mauve lip gloss

And here’s a few new ones…
What Mexican food am I?…Quesadilla (You are easy going, laid back, go with the flow, loyal friend)

What font am I? …Helvetica (Your life is ultra modern and ultra streamlined. You don’t get bogged down in details or decoration)

Are you a PC or Mac?… Mac (You are creative, stylish, and super trendy. You are a bit obsessed with gadgets, and you like owning the newest devices. You aren’t the type of person who separates work from pleasure. In your opinion, all work should be fun. You love creating)

Thanks heaps Joe. I love a good quiz. Maybe when you’re bored you could come up with one we could all do….what Stargate writer are you?

Cheers, Chev

Annie from Fremantle
Annie from Fremantle

So…. what’s your workout routine to burn off half a kilo of lamb and all that baklava??

Michael Linn
Michael Linn

hey joe,

Any chance of getting a shot of the new gate?

and another thing, is ep 19’s title Duel? (from atlantis’ Duet)


Oh….baklava! *sigh*

I missed Greek Fest this weekend sad Now I’m wishing I would have made the extra effort to squeeze in just a quick run in for food!


Well I am relieved about the nutella tart. Must have misread smile


I can respect that of the actors, I don’t particulary like my pic taken unless I’m looking my best. That’s cool of you Joe with getting an ok from the actors to take pics and post them, my own family isn’t that considerate. Of course I think fans just wanna see them no matter how they look, but I can appreciate them wanting a voice.


…And we all know who’s silly.

Tarpon Springs is the Greek enclave around here, always some great food to be had. Hmm, I think I’ll have a gyro today.


Hey Joe, I’ve got a writing/production questing that I hope you can answer. It’s been bugging me for a while and you’re the only one I know of that takes questions like this.

Hypothetical situation: Character A has been a loyal member of organization B during their long tenure on the show. After several years as a loyal organization B member, the writers want to introduce a storyline where character A is revealed to have been a spy all along for opposing organization C. My question is this: Is actor A consulted on this character change?

I really hope you respond to this. It’s been driving me nuts.