David Blue (Eli Wallace)
David Blue (Eli Wallace)


With three days to go before the official start of our summer hiatus, I was back in the office today, trying to figure out the beat sheet for the big SGU Season 1 finale (hint: the title rhymes with the name of the preceding episode). Lots going on in this one and this first pass was really just an attempt to establish the major beats, who is where doing what and why, and the general escalation of the action. Tomorrow, I get down to details and start running the character through lines, ensuring that all the individual beats track and, hopefully, dovetail in step with the plot. Some wonderful shocks in this one, big and small.

Carl was on a location scout to Widgen Park all morning as he and director Will Waring continue prep on Faith. This will mark our first return to Widgen since Atlantis’s fourth season when we shot Harmony there. I was on hand for most of the festivities on that one – also, coincidentally, with Will. It’s about an hour’s drive there and another hour’s drive back, through winding back country roads surrounded by dense forest. “Yep,”I remember telling Larry, my driver “This is great corpse-dumping territory.” I believe that was the same day a bear meandered across our path, oblivious to us, before disappearing into the trees. Come to think of it, years earlier, when SG-1 shot in the same location, a bear sighting kept actor Chris Judge holed-up in his trailer, much to the delight of his fellow castmates. Someone please remind me to warn Carl to pack his bear spray or, at the very least, give him some worst case scenario advice. Now I forget. If he runs into a bear, should he be playing dead or rubbing its belly to calm it? Also, I seem to remember someone telling me that you should run AT a bear, making as much noise as possible, because they are easily spooked. Does that sound right? Any bear experts out there?

You know, one of the great things about working on Stargate is the occasional sneak peek you get on an upcoming episode. Usually, if it’s not your episode, you don’t sit in on prep and get to check out the cool design packs the Art Department has put together. Unless you make it a point to seek one out. Or, as was the case today, I happened to poke my head into the conference room and caught sight of the design work adorning the inside wall: the shuttle hurtling through space, the “discovery”, schematics for the shuttle, infirmary, mess hall, Wray’s quarters, Rush’s quarters, the observation room, the control interface room, in addition a general lay-out of the Destiny’s main section and something titled Gate Protocol that offers a step by step run-through of the dialing process. I snapped bunch of pics, most of which I can’t show you just yet, but some of which I will. Check ’em out.



A rough, early concept sketch for an upcoming episode.  Top Secret!  After viewing, please destroy your hardware.  Thanks - The Management :)
A rough, early concept sketch for an upcoming episode. Top Secret! After viewing, please destroy your hardware. Thanks – The Management 🙂

Hey, there may be a good chance we’ll be up against Ugly Betty this Fall when it moves into its new 9:00 p.m., Friday time slot. I heard the news from David Blue. David knows, not because he worked on the show, but because he watches EVERY show and knows everything that‘s goes on with everything. He’s a t.v. junkie to rival Martin Gero (a guy who watches programs I’ve never even heard of). He’s also a very funny, very entertaining guy. I spent the better part of an hour talking t.v. and entertainment with him the other week (Head on over to his twitter page and ask him his thoughts on Lost. http://twitter.com/davidblue I guarantee he’ll have a lot to say on the subject).


Taking a break from the action: David Blue (Eli Wallace) and Josh Blacker (Sgt. Spencer)
Taking a break from the action: David Blue (Eli Wallace) and Josh Blacker (Sgt. Spencer)

Anyway, when production got underway on Stargate: Universe, I was most impressed with many of the choices David made as an actor. He would deliver a line in just such a way or add a certain look or bit of business that had the producers smiling if not laughing out loud every time we screened dailies. Yes, very early on we established that David had great comic timing and that, as the overwhelmed Eli Wallace, he would serve as the point person for many viewers who will connect with his fish-out-of-water character and experience the dangers, adventures, and far-flung journey of discovery through him. Yet, as the season progressed, David was challenged, his dramatic range tested, and he delivered every time – to the point where, now, some of his more heartfelt moments (ie. Time) stand as some of my favorites. Yes, he can do funny. And he’s proven that he can do touching. But can he bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies? That’ll be his next challenge.

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  1. I think you have a crush on David Blue… 😀

    Seriously, Joe…why don’t you just give me a list of all the characters I should NOT get attached to… ifyaknowwhatImean.

    Right now I’m determined not to like anyone. It’s safer for me that way. 😛


  2. Hi Joe,

    A writing question today, if you don’t mind, in light of your work on ep 20.

    How much does how an actor portrays a given character impact how you subseqently write that character, and do you find it difficult to write for characters with whom you’re only recently acquainted? For example, I would think writing Jack O’Neill or Rodney McKay, after all this time, would be a fairly easy task. On the other hand, it seems as though it would be much more of a challenge to find the characters’ voices when there’s been only a limited opportunity to see them brought to life. Thoughts?

    And yes…I also have an SG1/SGA movies question as well…I know you’ve said no date for filming has been set yet. Do you have any idea when the decision might be made about the shooting dates? Soon, perhaps? Or by the end of summer? Or is it a case of my guess is as good as yours…?

    As always…thanks!


  3. PS…

    You know I’m gonna be calling him ‘Eli Wallach’, doncha?? “Hey, Blondie! You know what you are? Just a dirty son-of-a-b…ahee-ahee-ahhhh! Wah-wah-wah…”

    @ otros ojos – I’m thinking of looking into witch doctors and voo-doo right about now… 😛

    …Or beer. Whichever works best! 😀


  4. Wow, some schematics! “Radial Nexus Corridor #1-4” gives a tantalising look at a little bit of the ship layout… and there’s what seems to be a round Ancient fridge. Cool.
    Scott shaving? Hmm, it’s been a while since we’ve seen anyone shaving on Stargate.

    /me remembers Jack shaving while talking to Daniel on his cellphone and trying to get the answer to a crossword question about quarks. Strange. 😛

  5. Ancients sure seemed to go for small infirmaries. I realize they were supposedly far healthier than we puny humans of today, but still. Two exam beds and four hospital/sick beds? And those placed in a way to guarantee the sick/injured person does not enjoy a chance at quiet, or sleep, or even being placed in quarantine. Must be some sort of hospital union rules involved there. Still, love the peaks at how a mythology is created and brought to the screen.
    Like Ganymede said, Whoo Hooo! I’ll contrive an excuse to stop by and pick up my season five video, and figure out when I’ll have the time to sit down and extract every single moment of commentary and bonus material from them.
    Just a reminder to any east coast folks, Shore Leave 31 is coming up in just over a week, and will include the “big guy” Jason Mamoa, Rachell Luttrell, Robert Picardo, and Das’ favorite Chris Heyerdall, as well as guests from other sci fi related shows. Thanks Mr. M. for sharing your pics, peaks, and predelictions with us.

  6. Ah, but which type of chocolate-chip cookie? I sense a career possibly hanging in the balance. – Belated reaction, but I had a great time thinking about your post re. Marty’s farewell dinner at Fuel, and the automatically generated, possibly related post called “Introducing your baby to solids.” (Brilliant! Start the tadpoles out on pig’s trotters, and they’ll be gourmets forever. Or else new parents will smell more like baby-upchuck, more of the time. Lovely.)

    Thanks for another SGU cast profile and behind-the-scenes look.

    @ das:

    LOL! I haven’t tried witch doctors, but I admire your flexibility. 😀 They could be more entertaining than beer, but I guess that depends on your feelings about beer, and quantity consumed. Beer would probably be more useful for keeping the Eli Wallach impersonations coming, ya think? (PS: Which movies is he best known for? *needs to watch more cultural icons and less Scarecrow & Mrs. King reruns*)

  7. Joe,
    I was not able to watch any season 5 SGA eps on tv because of my work schedule. Just finished watching the SGA season 5 DVD one more to go Enemy at the Gate….My favorite so far Vegas …a very well put together EP to bad for Shep HE dies at the end but the actor who played the Wraith character did an outstanding job the music score Stones, Cash, It was awsome …..I really liked the Special Features the effort the cast and crew put in to this EP was awsome. Im the type of person that after watching a good DVD movie I like to click the S.F. and get the Director,writer’s,producer.s input on putting it all together. Ivan Bartok has the S.F. down to a science…EXCELLANT JOB PEOPLE.

  8. You can run towards a Bear if you want to ….I dont care what the experts say I’m running the other way.

  9. Thanks for the post about David Blue! We need to get to know the actors and their characters – and this is a great way.

  10. Oh, he’s so adorable. I think I’m going to like his character. (And I know guys don’t like being called adorable, but really, it’s a good thing.)

  11. @das I’ve started to view all characters as either somebody who’s gonna die soon or somebody who sould coke to school children. Either way, you won’t get too attatched should something befall them.

    I doubt you’d try to take a bear on yourself, but the action you described is a good way to answer the age-old question regarding life after death.
    No, getting away as quietly and promptly as possible is best and, failing that, playing dead. Although, opening your jacket out or making yourself appear bigger is supposed to scare off mountain lions.

    I was gonna make a joke about scaring off wolverines by asking them to commit and move in together, but I just don’t think I could pull it off.

  12. – Joe, forgot to say thanks for the Chris Judge story, which is immensely funny, especially since it was him and not me. (Two ways in which he was lucky are that it wasn’t his honeymoon, and he didn’t have skunks in his trailer and/or tent. [me, scared spitless] “Zach, what do we do?” Zach looks at me like I’m an idiot, which in all fairness accurately describes me a lot of the time, and says, “Uhh . . . we wait until they leave the tent.” Dumb-de-dumb-dumb.) But I picture your tale as Teal’c being afraid of bears – amusing to say the least.

  13. You know, slightly scary when you are paging down reading comments and there pops up your name and email. My computer is quite lose lipped.

    But, hey Joe….great blog…wonderful pictures AND illustrations! You have gone out of your way to think of the reader. Thank you for an enjoyable read. Look forward to hearing from you again. :o)


    I love these! Not only do they shed light on how the sets are going to be, but they are also incredibly detailed. Look at that door at the bottom right of the Infirmary blueprint; the leading edge of the door fits in perfectly into the opposite side. Awesome.

    Heh. There’s a sofa in the Infirmary. I take it they’re Ancient sofas? Unless, of course, like all sane SGC members, they routinely carry sofas across the event horizon of Stargates, for good luck. Phew, thank goodness that it actually serves another purpose this time around.

    Wow, look, there are tiny things on the walls on either side of the sofas. What are they? That’s crazy detail! Oh wait, they’re next to doors, so…door opener? Hmmm…no, wait, those things are all over the walls; they are where the screens can latch onto. Very nice. Also, love the round fridge. I’ll assume that it’s pretty tall vertically, and thus is a perfect place to store a corpse. Awesome.

    Ok, moving on to Lt. Matt Scott’s quarters. So the scene is that he’s shaving FTL…he’s shaving faster than light? Wow, he must have a lot of cuts that way. You should tell him to slow down a bit.

    That’s some sweet detail in that middle of the “radial nexus” there! The little things jutting into it from the wall look like half of the personal shield device from Atlantis. I wonder what those squares with the X’s in them are…

    Onto Scotty’s quarters itself…are those couches? Yes, I believe so; 1-seater and 3-seater. Also, a coffee table. Haha. Shouldn’t it be “Ancient Coffee-equivalent beverage table”? I’ll assume the rectangle thing opposite the couch and the Ancient Coffee-equivalent beverage table is the very uncomfortable-looking bed, with no mattress, but sweet designs. Are those weights in the lower right corner? No, it must be two wheels connected by a belt that spin perpetually for entertainment purposes. Ah, there’s also a shelving unit to the upper right. But hold on…there’s a side table on the upper left, but it’s against a door? I’m assuming those 2 white rectangles that seem to be sandwiched between the black lines (which I assume are walls) are doors, in which case Scotty has a table against a door?

    Oh wait, I had that once. Ok, that’s fine. I mean, if he has 2 doors, then why bother with having both being accessable? That’s just a waste of wall.

    Finally, the seemingly meaningless scribbles on stairs that seem to be built on a variable slope. Pfft, come on Joe, you’re underestimating us again. Clearly, the scribbles mean that a door will be built over the stairs because that’s cool modern Art; the room is to be expanded towards the right to accommodates bits of string and/or spaghetti so the art curators will have something to play with and/or eat. However, they too must be art in this art museum onboard the Destiny (I’m assuming here), and so in the profile shot we see that they’re suspended in midair with magic. Also, the door is very thick so as to almost look like a podium in the profile shot.

    See? Simple. Now, aren’t you ashamed that you 1). underestimated us and 2). revealed such a heinous spoiler? Now everyone will know that the crew of the Destiny is going to find an Art Museum in the middle of the ship along some stairs where a door lies in front of a free-floating statue of string and spaghetti; clearly, the door is a metaphor for the gateway to the soul, which the string and spaghetti represent – the soul is messy, chaotic, and delicious.

    The only way to absolve your crime is if you gave us more schematics. I DEMAND IT.

    Ok, moving on.

    Thank you for the profile on David Blue!! I have a feeling I’m gonna like Eli a lot; just based on the description he basically sounds like me. Lol. A lot to relate to there. Also glad to hear that he’s more than just comic relief.

    Now, for the names. Luckily, there’s an online rhyming dictionary. For my guesses, “Duel” and “Subversion”, we have:

    Duel: buell, crewel, cruel, dewall, dual, ewell, fuel, grauel, greuel, grewal, jewel, juul, kuhle, newell, ruhle, sewall, sewell, truell, uhle, accrual, refuel, renewal, nonaccrual

    Dual might work, if the first ep is about 2 sides fighting, and the 2nd ep is them realizing that they’re *gasp* not that different after all.

    Fuel is very likely since the show’s about survival and you love Fuel.

    Refuel, same reason as Fuel.

    Renewal, because that’s what we all wish for at the end of the season.

    Subversion: persian, version, aspersion, aversion, conversion, dispersion, diversion, excursion, immersion, incursion, inversion, perversion, reversion, submersion

    Well, Conversion and Submersion are gone since SGA already took ’em. I’m guessing Persian isn’t it either for…obvious reasons. Same holds for Perversion. Excursion sounds too much like it’ll be happy-go-lucky fun, which, for the season finale, I doubt.

    Immersion sounds nice; according to Google, one of its definitions is, “Immersion is the state of consciousness where an immersant’s awareness of physical self is diminished or lost by being surrounded in an engrossing total environment; often artificial. …”

    Perhaps something to do with them realizing that their situation is hopeless and finally accept that they won’t be getting home?

    Incursion also sounds like it can work; an alien incursion perhaps, or the Destiny’s incursion into a new galaxy.

    Well, I have no idea.


    1. Is Duel the title episode 19?

    2. Is Subversion the title of episode 19?


  15. Hey Joe,

    Not sure what you’re supposed to do with bears – I think it depends what type it is. We actually get quite a few up on the North Shore: my mom was our running yesterday and somone told her not to go any further ’cause there was a bear up ahead. She turned around pretty quickly.

    But you know what they say, don’t you: You only have to run faster than the guy beside you 😀

    Very much enjoying all the play-by-play on the production process, please keep it coming!

    How are the little ones doing? Any recent amusing dog stories? (You usually seem to have a couple…)


  16. I think the smart thing to do would be to get in the nearest Hummer and run OVER the bear.

  17. Oddly enough, someone (whoever told you to run at the bear and make lots of noise) was half right. It depends on the type of bear. Grizzly Bears, or brown bears, yes. Make lots of noise and NEVER be by yourself. Black bear, act dead unless it starts to eat you. Then fight for all you’re worth!
    This knowledge comes to me because I’m a Driver / Guide in Alaska right now and we had to learn how to deal with them. So now you know. And you can tell everyone. Or not and just laugh at them when they yell at a Black Bear.

  18. Hey Joe, awesome new pics dude. Hey I was just sort of curious though, in the past (and in the umpcoming Stargate Universe series) has using a gay character ever been considered? I know their was that one kiss between Beckett and Mckay, but besides that I haven’t seen any references so far. Anyway, lol I just thought it’d be cool 🙂

  19. @ Thornyrose – Don’t remind me about Shore Leave. 🙁 I was hoping I could make it – but with being sick again, and having a biopsy today (for something else that’s wrong with me), I just won’t be able to make it…too much going on right now. If anyone from here goes, pass my admiration along to Chris for me.

    @ otros ojos – Well, when I think of Eli Wallach I immediately think of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (he was ‘the Ugly’, lol). But I think one of his strongest performances was in Baby Doll – that movie was just wild! He was also in The Magnificent Seven and many, many other movies and tv shows. He’s in his 90s, and still working in film – amazing career for one of the greatest character actors of our time.

    Now…best get back to bed…


  20. With the hint your given at the titles of episodes 19 & 20, id hazard the guess that 19 is titled Duel, while 20 is titled Fuel??

  21. Uh oh. Ugly Betty? My niece works for Tony Plana. I guess I’ll have to get an extra TV and cable hook-up this season.

    So Carl will be in BRUIN country? He’d better run.

  22. Hello,

    I wouldn’t run from a Bear if I was you. They are likely to chase you and you cannot outrun one. Also, black Bears, Grizzly cubs and possibly some grizzly adults can climb trees, so don’t run for a tree either.

    To let the bear know you are a human, stand up and talk in a normal voice. They only stand if they are curious and checking out their surroundings. Mostly I think they tend to avoid confrontations with humans.

    No, if you come across a Bear, back away slowly, give them space and leave quietly. Don’t go near the bears, especially if there is young about. If the cub is there then the Mother will be close by. I don’t live in an area with Bears, so I don’t really know anything about this spray you mentioned. I also read somewhere, that if you have a camera, dropping it may give you time to get away, becasue the bear may become distracted by it.

    The answer at this link sounds really good. This is where I quickly read up on it. I know that you shoud leave them be though, and back away slowly. DON’T run.


  23. Hey Joe,

    Those screen walls in the in the infirmary, Am I correct in assuming they are the same sort of walls as shown in this video?

  24. David Blue is like a big teddy bear…did he perchance play the depressed bear in supernatural???, the one that blew his stuffing outta his head?

  25. Das: Is your allergy appointment near? I’ve been getting 2 allergy shots every week for about 3-4 years. When I asked my allergist when the shots would be completed-he laughed! I take that as a bad omen.
    Good luck with yours.

    Mr M., now you’ve done it! I’m looking forward to the premiere of SGU.

    Excuse me, have to hit the inhaler, so I can do karate class this morning.


  26. Hey Joe thanks for the entry. Finally, SGU will have woods! I won’t have Internet conncet for the next few days so see ya. Oh and just a reminder, my b-day is July 2. Sorry I couldn’t remind you later. 🙁 I’ll try though.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  27. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the diagrams. That last one looks like someone drew explosions or destruction of this set piece. Am I right? Huh? Huh? ;P

    BTW, I did destroy my hardware after looking at the picture.

    I love that my fave blogger and my fave tweeter came together in this post. 🙂

    Plan to buy SGA S5 on DVD today! WOOHOO!!!


  28. I’m probably much more amused than I should be that the last picture is of Josh Blacker and David Blue. Get it? Black ‘n blue? Just me? Oh. Never mind.

    Since I’ve been following David (and Brian and most of the writers) on Twitter, I’ve been getting more and more excited about SGU. Can’t wait ’til the Fall. 🙂

  29. I’m no expert on bears, but I think whichever strategy one chooses, it should be let the other person execute it while you run like hell in the other direction.

    Or, as my husband says, “You don’t have to run faster than the bear. You simply have to run faster than your friends.”

  30. Well, you know, we tried following the bear experts advice, and yelling and shouting to frighten off a black bear. It didn’t work out so well for us, what with two people dead and two badly injured, so I think I’m kinda with Chris Judge on this one. Stay in the trailer and let everyone else get eaten! *grin*

    Here’s a stupid question: How much do the writers get to influence the design of the show? I mean, if you’re writing the first scene ever to take place in Scott’s quarters, I assume you have some visual of said quarters in mind. Is that something all the writers discuss, perhaps with preliminary schematics, in the writers’ room when first breaking the episodes, or is it left entirely to the individual writing the scene to write out a quick/detailed description of the design they’re imagining? Or is it something drawn up by the design team before the script-writing even begins?

  31. Coucou =) ça va Joseph?

    Me revoila! ça fait plaisir! j’ai passer une semaine vraiment génial! En plus le soleil ne nous à pas quitter et il continue de cogner de plus en plus fort!!

    Sympas cette photo de David =), Merci pour les croquis!

    Bonne journée!
    A demain!

  32. @ Tammy Dixon – Ugh. No – haven’t even scheduled it yet…too many other things going on. Just had the mother of all nosebleeds a little bit ago, doctor cancelled my biopsy until I get off the anitbiotics and my respiratory crap is cleared up…AND my car is still having problems with the wheel that has never been fixed right…so basically…well…let’s just say I’m not a happy camper right now.

    And I promise to stop belly-aching about it.


  33. If you notice Chris Judge is no longer standing beside you, go into emergency mode and immediately puff yourself up to appear larger than you really are. When you meet a bear avoid eye contact and talk to it in a normal calm voice – if that is still possible (and stop crying). If it “talks” back it is probable a nice bear. If it is silent, you are in big trouble, start praying! Back away slowly, don’t run as you can not outrun a bear. Don’t climb any trees, you don’t want to look like a giant squirrel. You can try throwing whatever you have on you at the bear, backpack, water bottles, power bars, a string of freshly caught fish, etc., (but remember it is against park rules to feed bears). If it attacks lay flat on your stomach or curl up in a ball laying on your side. If you survive, go for help. I lived in Idaho for 5 years….

  34. Hey, I thought SGU was supposed to be more edgy. I think glossing over the very manly need for a toilet is decidedly non-edgy! The lack of a shower in SGA had to be accounted for in fan fic for 5 years. Don’t do that to us again!

  35. Bear defense: http://www.arcticwebsite.com/BearSurvival.html

    I had to look up what you said because I heard to play “dead”. The bear buries you in a shallow grave (they like their food “seasoned”), and then sneak out. (my hubby and I went to the zoo and had this same conversation).
    He heard the defense technique as Mr. M mentioned. In short, this article says it depends on the type of bear. So we were both right! 😀
    The only thing is, I’m not sure I could determine which type of bear is attacking me at the time. Quandary….I suppose I’m with Chris Judge and iamza-stay in the trailer.

    Das: I hope things work out well for you soon. Have to go get more antihistimines now.


  36. Hello there ,




  37. Joe,

    When you write a season finale, do you write it under the assumption that the season will be renewed, and edit it if its not, or the other way around?


  38. No need to worry about the bears, Joe – just take a quick look at the bear sections on US Natl Parks websites. You’ll learn that you should scare off and fight back to a black bear. Oh, and “black bear” is actually a type – they can be black, brown, caramel on down through blonde. Play dead to a brown bear, meaning grizzly bear. You’ll also find all sorts of helpful advice: “Bear country: announce yourself as human” and “Never attempt to retrieve food from a bear”. (My theory is, they don’t post it unless someone’s tried it. So ??!!!) Best of all, they’ll explain some visual differences (round ears vs pointy, longish snout vs short). Terrific! Now all you have to do is get your charging bear to stop while you compare him to the handy dandy chart you’ve printed out.

    Best of luck! 🙂

  39. @ das: Thanks for the info on Eli Wallach. You confirmed the suspicion that I was missing something big when you listed The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly as one of many major movies/TV shows Mr. Wallach has been in. And it really is incredible that he’s still working in film.

    Best wishes for your health problems improving considerably (I know the respiratory stuff can be a real challenge), and for good news from the biopsy when you’re able to have it done.

  40. @PG15: ROTFLMAO

    Hi Joe, my Season 5 of Atlantis has arrived, and it’s helped to tone down my complaining about the flu, so Mr. Deni thanks you. Kinda weird though, I love watching but then get a little pissy knowing that this is it 🙂 I’m getting dizzy sitting here, back to bed and tv. Be well, everybody!

  41. I was always told to drop to the ground and curl up into a ball. The other one was to make a heck of a lot of noise.

    My Dad keeps a small can of bear spray in his glove compartment…he’s a glaciologist and spends a lot of time in the rockies. I went up to the glacier with him a couple of summers in my teens and got a bear bell in Banff but they are a bit of a joke.

    Most important, if you see a baby bear, head the other way or you are surely in for a mauling.

    Hey, happy pre Canada Day! I, unfortunately, have to work the festivities down in Queen’s Park…in the rain. Yay.

  42. I.
    Thank you so much for answering my question.
    Well, I doesn’t matter now anymore what gave that impression in the first. Let’s just say IMDB & a few other Sources are crap. :/

    And thank you for the concept Art you posted today. I always love such stuff!

  43. Mr M, you mean there’s no one task with looking out for bears & other wildlife when doing location shoots?

    My one semi encounter with a bear wasn’t that exciting. The poor thing ran away from me and my buddies. Of course that might have something to do with the fact we were fully kitted army reservists at the time. Think the bear smell the metallic odor of lubrication oil on our rifles. Or maybe the racket from the dozen or so rifle receiver chambering rounds. We were not issue live ammo, but we all got at least four 20 round magazine of blanks. This was back in days when the Canadian army was equipped with the FN 7.62 rifle. Which is extremely loud with huge flash and smoke discharges. Glad the bear wander off or we would doing endless paperwork for the incident.

  44. @Michael Burnstein. You just moved up to my top three favorite writers. Traveller was a terrific game(especially when the game master was a attention to detail but warped humor sort of guy).

  45. me revoila =) je vous informe que je vous ai envoyer une message sur votre adresse “moorsyum@yahoo.com”, j’espere que vous allez répondre car c’est trés important.

    bisou, à demain.

  46. I ‘m now watching (enjoying) season five dvd. Hopefully the movies will be given the green-light so that next year around this time or early august we will have two movies and season one dvd of SGU to look forward to. Still wish they had done a commentary for “The Shrine”.

  47. Your not gonna get in trouble for posting these pics… are you?
    Well I guess I was wrong, there was computers with internet at the camp, well disaster averted! 🙂

    So a few questions
    Omg. I’m really glad something is happening with the movies.

    1. Is there people really working hard the whole day working on the movies, I mean you must be really busy with universe, so is it just sitting on the shelf or are there people working it out with MGM on a daily basis ( I know you guys have put in enormus effort to write the script, so please don’t misunderstand my question) Cause if you only start working on the movies after universe wraps, there is no way it will film in the fall.

    2. If I wrote up a letter as a comment to security guard bill, could you forward it to him? (he was really kind to me when I talked to him when I visited the bridge, so I just wanted to write him a thank you note.)

    3. Don’t I get some type of award for guessing all the directors? Mboy got an award for titles, whats wrong with directors? Serious question, at least I get a junior award….. Right?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  48. About to crack open SGA s5 DVDs and ENJOY!!! Extras!! BONUS footage!!! Yeah!!

    Don’t go bow hunting bears. They tend to shoot back.

  49. hi, joe,

    ‘comic con’ is coming up; is this when we’ll hear about the sg1 and/or atlantis movies?


  50. @ otros ojos – Thanks. The biopsy is not ‘urgent’ – it’s more like a routine first step just to rule out more serious conditions before (hopefully) taking care of one of my problems. I am just tired – no…really, REALLY weary…of not getting anything resolved.


  51. I’m pleased to report that I can once again eat “normally”, after two months of recurring indigestion.

    Now to try to avoid re-gaining the weight…

  52. Hi Joe,

    I know that musicals aren’t exactly your thing, but have you seen “Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” by Joss Whedon? I feel like its sense of humor might be right up your alley.

  53. I Twittered SyFy a question today about Stargate Universe and they responded much to my surprise. I asked them if they could tape the ComicCon panel for Stargate Universe and post it on their web site much like they did for Battlestar Galactica a few years back. They responded that that was the plan. So all of us who can’t get to Comic Con will get to see the panel. It made my day.

  54. My husbands dad has a homestead in the Hills of West Virginia and when visiting for the first time I was told to make noise while walking in the woods to scare off any bears that might be nearby. Lets put this way I don’t walk in the woods by myself. Hubby is with me with his hunting rifle just incase.

  55. Might also mention since David Blue is part of the blog discussion today that David is looking for fans on Facebook. He only has 688 fans and he needs 1000 (I guess to keep his fan page on Facebook). Please spread the word to all the Stargate fans. To find him, after you have a Facebook account, just type in David Blue in the search and his name will come up with some others, but obviously you’ll recognize which one is his.

    Let’s help him out!

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