Kerry and Kerry
Kerry and Kerry


Qu'est ce que c'est ce prop?  Good question.
Qu’est ce que c’est ce prop? Good question.
Military presence.
Military presence.
Sharing the spotlight with the delightfully delightful Jennifer Spence.  Rock on!
Sharing the spotlight with the delightfully delightful Jennifer Spence. Rock on!

We were standing in the hallway, making plans for that night’s outing, when I threw a glance to Ashleigh and asked whether she’d be joining us. No, she explained, she was meeting a friend for dinner.

“Hey, maybe you can bring her along,”I suggested.

“Yeah,”she replied as though I’d suggested she should compete in the Olympic decathlon. “Me and my four dads.”


“Wait a minute!”Lawren piped up, looking back and forth between me and Carl, then back to Ashleigh. “Who’s the fourth?”

“The other guy,”she replied, motioning back down the hall.

“Uh, you mean Paul?”I asked. The guy you’ve been working with for the past few months?

“Yeah,”she said, all smiles.

“But I’m younger than you!”protested Lawren. “I’m, at best, an older step-brother!”

For his part, Carl seemed to find this hilarious. In all fairness, however, he’s used to fielding gags about his age. I mean seriously. Last time he told someone how old he was, they assumed he was talking in “dog years“. My response, however, was less than amused. I believe it was something along the lines of “Hunh.” as I turned and headed back to my office.

Now I’ve never considered myself as old.  Until now of course.  Generally, I’ve dealt with people as personalities rather than age groups although I realize that that isn’t the norm.  And I usually wouldn’t give the ageistic realities of our society a second thought – except that, now that the subject has been broached, I’m forced to admit that it’s only a matter of time before I’m headed into that twilight territory where “fun” gives way to “charming” and the best one can score is the inoffensively neuteral (sic) “distinguished”.  All at once, the inter-office hilarity becomes somewhat less so because, in the back of your mind, you imagine the person you’re sharing a laugh with heading back home, stepping through their front door, and loudly proclaiming: “You’ll never guess what that adorable old coot said today!”.   Suddenly, you’re the crazy uncle, ole so-and-so whose antics liven up the workplace much to the delight of your fellow employees who can’t quite tell whether you’ve been gifted with a wonderful sense of humor or simply surendered to the eccentricity that, years down the line, will see you leaping through the aisles of your local supermarket wrapped in toilet paper screaming “Squeeze the Charmin!  Squeeze the Charmin!”         

Anyway – the next morning, when I rolled in, I was asked what I’d done the previous night. “After dinner, I stopped by to watch some commercial construction for an hour,”I answered. “Then I got home, had a glass of Metamucil, soaked my feet in Epson salts, and fell asleep in front of the t.v. watching some nature show.” Yep, it’s all downhill from here.

Yesterday, we watched the latest cut of Life. A brilliant episode (written by Carl Binder, directed by Alex Chapple) with some great performances – and here I must make mention of two guest starts in particular: Sarah Smyth, who delivers a wonderfully nuanced performance as the struggling Annie Balic, and Reiko Aylesworth (Hey, eagle-eyed Lost fans!) whose touching turn as Sharon proves alternately uplifting and heart-rending. Great casting.

Speaking of which – actress Jennifer Spence plays the role of Dr. Lisa Park in Stargate Universe, a character who has developed quite nicely since the pilot. Here’s a classic case of a supporting player who, over the course of several episodes, catches the attention of the writer/producers on the basis of an impressive initial performance. Based on that initial performance, the actor is given more to do – and hits it out of the park, which gives rise to more interest and meatier scenes. Jennifer‘s growing role on SG:U is just one example of the many such instances I‘m seeing develop as we make our way past the season one midway mark.

Received an email from writer-producer Rafael Jordan who tells me his latest SciFi original movie, Star Runners, premieres tomorrow night. All you Connor Trinneer fans may want to check out (


Belouchi writes: “I have a quick question regarding the Stargate Universe upcoming series: you mentioned on an earlier blog entry that you were waiting for the opportune time to release to us fans some cool concept arts of the Destiny and other tech related props. Any idea when that time will be, if you can post them that will be great.”

Answer: Alas, still waiting for the okay from the studio with regard to much of the behind-the-scenes pics I’ve taken. I’m hoping things will relax after Comic Con.

Louis writes: “Joe I was just wondering if you have ever read any books by Stephen Baxter?”

Answer: Not yet. I have The Time Ships sitting on my to-read pile.

Nadine writes: “Loved the pic of Lulu today.. Will she actually chase the ball, or does she prefer tug-of-war type games?”

Answer: Oh, she’ll chase it, chew it, then nudge it into some inaccessible spot (ie under the couch) and bark until I rescue it for her. Then she’ll repeat the process.

Nadine also writes: “ I seem to recall reading that the pictures on the sidebar are randomly generated, but have you read them all? I swear I saw a pic of Mary Doria Russell’s “The Sparrow”.

If so, have you read it? Did you enjoy it? Was there ever a BotM discussion for it?”

Answer: It wasn’t a book of the month club selection, but I did read and enjoy it.

Major D. Davis writes: “Almost one year ago, Brad had an interview in which he said the Atlantis movie would be made in the near future(Also, he already knew you guys were doing Universe, so I am assuming he had that in mind during the interview). Almost 10 months later the actors haven’t even been contacted yet. I mean how can this not be considered a delay?”

Answer: Ah, if only it were as simple as simply picking a date and making a movie. Unfortunately, it’s a process complicated by deal aspects I’ve already enumerated in a previous entry (look it up, ed.) in addition to the stark realities of a suffering DVD market (the victim of a perfect storm of circumstances – the evolution of alternate media platforms, the recession, and – my #1 suspect – Blu-ray). In order to set an official date for the commencement of principal photography, the studio – which is taking the lion’s share of the risk by bankrolling the production – must first sort out a number of issues. Still, as I’ve been saying all along, we all want to make this movie (me most of all as, from a purely mercenary standpoint, I’ll be producing it – and not for free), and we now have a first draft script in place.

ZeroPointBatteries writes: “How does the filming of sgu work while Lou is on a supposedly ‘live’ television show at the moment?”

Answer: No differently than when we have to shoot around the commitments of other actors. Happens all the time.

Nicole writes: “ I’ll be driving out to the east coast (Canada) this summer with stops in Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City – a day or two per city. Could you recommend some must try restaurants – and maybe chocolate shops?”

Answer: Sorry, I know nothing about the Ottawa and Quebec City dining scene and, quite frankly, very little about the Montreal dining scene. If you like foie gras, I definitely recommend Au Pied de Cochon (I go for dinner every time I’m in town). As for some Montreal chocolate shops, I’d suggest checking out Les Chocolats de Chloe located, conveniently, practically right across the street from Au Pied de Cochon.

49 thoughts on “June 12, 2009: My Four Dads, Cracking Casting, Star Runners, and Mailbag.

  1. I thought Alaina Huffman’s character (name escapes me) was the only one with a medical background. Does this mean that “Doctor” Lisa Park is trained in something else? Physics, perhaps? Psychology?

  2. As a person a few years ahead of you on the geezer scale, don’t sweat it. There is an added freedom associated with age in terms of behavior. After all, younger people are more than a little terrified that you may be suffering early senility or dementia, and run them over the next time you are driving around. And experience gives you a greater knowledge base to strike back with. That said, you are falling down on the job. Ashleigh has instilled in you the terror and awe she should be heaping on you. Embrace your age and wield it as the weapon it is. The only rule is never ever actually act your chronological age.
    I understand that the economic situation is slowing the process of bringing Atlantis to the dvd movie scene. I do hope though that we have a firm production date before the start of Universe. I’m looking forward to the new series, but if the movie is cancelled, I will not be able to bring myself to watch the show. I hope MGM has the courage and foresight to invest further into the franchise in the form of the two movies, and more after that.
    As a final comment, thank you to Sci Fi network for actually airing an Atlantis “mini marathon” that was not season one or two. It was nice to watch some of the last season’s offerings as I procrastinated in doing housework.
    thanks for the mailbag and pics. And if you will post your height, I’ll start looking for a nice lightly used walker for your future use….

  3. I’m not sure what the “four dads” means… Little confused…

    The series sounds like it is shaping up really well. Looking forward to seeing it even more…

    Any news on when the show will premier? You say “fall”, but that is an American term… Does that mean the change of seasons of Aug/Sept? It will be great to get back in to Sanctuary as well…


  4. Joe, I hope you don’t mind if I hijack your blog to respond to Nicole.

    Restaurant recommendations for Ottawa:
    – Domus Cafe (locally sourced ingredients for Canadian cuisine)
    – Beckta Dining and Wine
    – Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro (I haven’t been to this one, but I’ve heard good things about it)
    – Signatures (run by the Cordon Bleu cooking school)
    – Manx Pub
    – Eighteen
    – The Works (gourmet burgers; excellent onion rings)
    – Luxe Bistro
    – L’Oree du Bois (in Chelsea, Quebec, about 15 min from downtown Ottawa; excellent traditional Quebecois cuisine)
    – Stoneface Dolly’s (great brunches)

    Restaurant recommendations for Halifax, N.S.:
    – daMaurizio
    – Il Mercato
    – Phil’s (modest restaurant with great fish and chips)
    – King’s Palace (good dim sum; mix of authentic and Canadianized Chinese cuisine)
    – Cafe Chianti (very good pizza)

    Sorry I can’t provide links to their websites, but you can find out more if you Google them.

  5. Now I’ve never considered myself as old. Until now of course. Generally, I’ve dealt with people as personalities rather than age groups although I realize that that isn’t the norm.

    Why should this not be the norm? I think, considering your subsequent paragraphs, that you have a distinct fear of aging, possibly because you don’t understand what’s coming next. And that’s probably because you’ve never had a comprehensive conversation with an aging person about aging. Most families dealing with a beloved, but failing, grand-relative had had to deal with this. You call yourself a writer (okay, amend that, you actually ARE a writer), but could you write a compelling story about this kind of human agony?

    Newsflash: you’re going to get old, if you’re lucky and and don’t die young and dumb. There are drawbacks: the muscles and joints hurt more. But the brain remains young, despite all (and once again, if you’re lucky).

    Sorry for the rant. I recently lost my last uncle to Alzheimer’s, and as I am not young myself, I have to face the possibility that this syndrome is in my future.

  6. Wow! I missed a whole lot. We got visited by astronomers and authors and the picture fairy, oh my!!! Hooray for awesome guest blogs and pictures and awesomeness!!!

    I know I say this like every day, but I absolutely CANNOT wait for October, because SGU is going to rock everyone’s socks off, and the anticipation is almost too much to bear!!!

  7. You’re not old until you have to hire a diver to retrieve your false teeth from the lake because you sneezed suddenly.

    I hope he never finds out I’ve told that story to pretty much EVERYBODY I KNOW. It’s just too hilarious not to share!

  8. You are definitely not old, not in my book anyway! And I think that prop looks like the switch to some kind of torture device, probably some version of the electric chair. Is it in the show? If so why can we see it and nothing else??

    Thanks for answering my question from yesterday,


  9. Hi Joe,

    Thank you for the insight on the issues surrounding the SGA movie. Could you comment on whether the same factors are having an impact on the SG1 movie as well?



  10. Thank you, Joe, and thank you to IggyMing. I don’t think I’ll get to visit them all, but I’ll definitely enjoy trying!

  11. Wow, all the choices…which picture from today’s blog will I make my new desktop. Perhaps a collage.

  12. Joe – if it makes you feel any better, the only reason some of the guys on Bendis’ forum ‘allow’ me to play there is because I’m ‘old lady crazy’ – here’s a quote from one of the guys there:

    “The best part about Das is the fact that she’s got the “old lady crazy” going on without in fact being old. That means that shit’s got years to stew and eventually boil over in a magma of extreme old lady crazy before it’s all said and done.”



  13. Hi Joe:

    Can I compare you to Alfred Hitchcock? Maybe not in stature, but there is something about your persona that reminds me of the Master of the Macabre. Maybe you need to remind Ashleigh that you have special abilities that she should fear. Or as Lulu would do, put the run on her! That Ashleigh is getting far too big for her britches, by golly!

    My kids keep telling me I’m headed for an old folks home. I’ve informed them that, at that point, I intend to drive my car up and down am airport runway. When I’m finally caught by the police, I’ll tell the police officer, “Sonny, your mother would be proud of you, helping an old lady find the entrance to the mall.” Then I’ll spend their inheritance defending my sanity in court.


  14. Hey Joe,

    I’ve never considered you “old”, but I doubt that means much. 😀
    I definitely had a “laugh-out-loud” moment at the image of a wild-eyed Joe swathed in toilet paper screaming about Charmin.

    When I read The Sparrow it was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. As in, I would read it under my desk at school. I loved the way the story was told simultaneously from the end and the beginning. And the way the different sciences, etc., were all woven together. And how Emilio was so different and you had to wonder what could possibly have changed him so drastically…

    Well, my little sis and I are having a “girl’s night” ’cause our parents are out with my little brother at his grad. banquet and she’s yelling at me to come watch Stargate (we’re such party animals) otherwise this would be a bit longer…

    Just a question: in the episode “Arthur’s Mantle” (season 9) who came up with Bill Lee’s “miniaturization” line?


  15. Take heart Joe. Forties is not old. Neither is 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s. Now 80’s is damn old!! I am the 4th of 5 children and the first one to make it to 48 years old. That is why I will never complain about my age or getting old. I am busy enjoying every day. You have a great life. Live it! I’ll meet you in the nursing home in about 40 years.

  16. If I may ask, is Reiko’s role just for this episode or is it recurring? I assume she is not attached as a main cast member since it would be known by now and she was attached to an ABC series until a couple of weeks ago.

    If you can’t really answer, it’s understandable.



  17. StarRunner looks awesome!! Big fan of Connor (got a chance to meet him at Creation Vancouver in April. Such a sweetie) Unforuntly unless they show it on SPACE. I won’t be able to watch it.

  18. Oh come on Joe, don’t worry about that. You’re still very young at heart. So young, that a lot of fans think you’re immature.

    Thank you everybody, I’ll be here all night!

    Seriously though, my Uncle is 73, and he’s probably younger at heart than I am, and I’m 21! He drives like a teenager and I have to stop him from going near cliffs whenever we go on road trips, seriously. Once, we visited Glacier Point, and afterwards he told me he had crossed a fence and basically stood on the edge of the freaking dome (with a 3000 feet drop in front of him) just so he can enjoy the view better. I’m pretty much the Straight man vs. his…funny man?

    Oh wait, that kind of feeds your “Crazy Uncle” fear. Um…well, it ain’t so bad.

    Dammit Joe, when are you going to fight back against Ashleigh?!

    By the way, when I look at that last photo, I think of Love Shack. Take that however you want.

    The Love Shack is a little old place where, we can get to-ge-ther-er-er. Love shack baaaaa-byyyyy. LOVE SHACK BA-ABY.

    Thank you for the SGU pics and info!

  19. Joe!

    Your next blog entry will be my last for the summer. On Sunday morning, I ship out to Army basic training. I decided to join the MO National Guard so as to take advantage of the free tuition. Wish me luck?

  20. Oh, PERRAGRIN!!

    It’s 3:40 am here….and guess what I’m doing??? (Well, besides being wide awake ’cause I feel asleep too early, then didn’t stay asleep when I should have known better, but jumped on the computer instead… 😛 )

    Anyhoo…I’m watching NZ v France – and just had my first long-overdue glimpse of Chabal! Looks like he’s not starting…but it was well worth it just to see him snarl at the kiwis after the haka. lol.

    Yeah…I should be in bed.


  21. Fun pics! Do you still always remember to take off the lens cap before you click away, or is that something Ashleigh helps you with? *g* — Aww, c’mon, if Carl can laugh about all that stuff, I’ll bet you’ll eventually be chuckling just as much over those universal and innocuous issues of age. When I think about him, I don’t think about his age, but about how cool it is that he writes and produces Stargate shows. And, really, everyone has an interesting story to tell. You’ll probably have a coupla thousand by the time you’re 60 or so. Also, you’ll be able to call 30-year-olds “greenhorn punks” (unless you do that already 😉 ).

    The last photo is very cool. You have this sort of Gallic attitude, like Jean-Claude Van Damme striking a self-spoofing pose. Chick magnet, and all that. (But not taking it too seriously, since you’re married — mais, la différence, elle vive encore, n’est-ce pas?) It would be fantastically fun to see a vid of you being a stereotypical Hollywood producer.

  22. Coucou Joseph!!!

    ça va ? Moi oui trés bien =)!

    Ahhhh une nouvelle photo de vous!!! …a ajouter à ma colléction! ….roh je voudrais être à la place de jennifer.

    Merci pour ces Q/A =D

    bisou, je vous adore!

  23. Oh, meant to say earlier: I know Reiko Aylesworth from 24. Another alumnus I suppose, since we’ll see Carlo Rota (who was also excellent in 24), and Connor Trinneer was also in 24… Hmm, bit of a pattern. And I’ve recognized a couple others as well: Jonathon Young, Peter Wingfield, and John Billingsley (and I’m sure there have/will be others)…

    And I’ve gotten off-topic, which was just that I look forward to seeing Ms. Aylesworth’s performances. She was great in 24: I was *very* upset when they killed Michelle Dessler – still a little bitter about it actually :D..

  24. Reiko Aylesworth!!! great casting!! hope she’ll appear again, would be a shame to waste a great actress on one epsiode!

  25. I’m two months older than you Joe and I know how you feel.
    We hired a youngster (21 yrs) to help us out at work and I swear I was NEVER that young. She reminds me of a Labrador puppy, up/down/up/down… Don’t they ever sit still?

    And Facebook, what is the fascination with Facebook?

    Don’t bother replying, I know I’m too old to care.

  26. Thanks for all your answers here and in other blog posts, this is a great medium and I appreciate your time and personable nature.

    Question – Has the suggestion ever come up for discussion amongst yourself, Brad, or anyone else in charge of these things, that a sort of ‘historical’ Stargate series or otherwise be made? By that I mean, episodes or films dedicated to telling the stories already told in passing, but never fleshed out. For instance, it would be really interesting to go back to the Goa’uld system lords’ pasts and tell each system lord’s story over time. There were always so many questions and assumptions we made as viewers as regards to some. For instance Shaq’ran, a goa’uld we never ‘saw’, but we know he defeated Ra and was then defeated by Apophis-and is now only presumed dead.

    I can imagine this may only be a niche interest for hardcore fans, and it might be hard selling a tv show without basing it predominantly around the tau’ri, but I just wondered if the idea ever came up, was close to happening, or anything.


    – Ben

  27. You haven’t mentioned having macaroons in some time. Is that a winter treat? And know of any reputable shops in the US?

  28. Is old age something to fear? I must admit I am not looking forward to the aches and pains, but the wisdom and knowledge I have obtained over the years… I hope I can pass it on to the younger generation. You are as old or young as you feel. Chronologically I may be… gulp.. 40 something, but mentally I am still 20 but with more smarts than I had when I was 20.

    I remember being 16 and at the grocery store with my mom, we ran into an old friend of hers and she asked how old I was, she thought I was 12. Well, at 16 that was hard to take, but now it’s paying off, I still get carded.

  29. You mentioned ” the stark realities of a suffering DVD market”.

    I know I live in a relatively isolated part of the United States, so maybe I’m not up-to-date with the current trends, but I was shocked to hear that! DVDs are huge sellers where I live. And like you, I refuse to give in to the BlueRay scam.

    Are you concerned with the online downloads/purchases of programs? Do you get a “cut” of any profits from online purchases? (i.e. iTunes)

    I’m not ready to give up TV DVDs, especially when my favorite part of the DVDs are the commentaries.

  30. You still got decades before you’ll be walking that age-appropriate behavior line the likes of Charlie Chaplin forged before.

    I’d say that prop is an electric apple peeler. It comes with a free discussion about how fruits growing on other planets, however much they look and taste like apples, are a different species. Plus they grow with a coating of silver paint.

  31. Hey Joe!

    So what if you’re the crazy ole Uncle to everyone. That means you don’t need to behave yourself. 😉

    Although, I must say, you’re rockin’ the sunglasses in the pic with Jennifer Spence. 😀 How very Hollywood of you!

    You know you could always go my route… I turned 29 and that’s where I refused to grow any older. So far it’s working out quite nicely.

    Trish 😀

  32. Have you ever read any of Frank Peretti’s books? If not I highly recommend “The Oath”.

  33. Bite me, whippersnappers. At 52, I’ve gotten comfortable in my skin, I just wish there weren’t quite so much of it. But the crazy old lady/wise old crone thing? Just means I’ve gotten past self-importance to don’t give a hang what the world thinks. Very liberating. Now I can get nekkid and not care.

    My best friends are exactly half my age. That’s nice, having friends young and supple enough to do the heavy lifting. Nice for them to have a friend with good credit. ha!

    But yeah, don’t underestimate how depressing the joint pain and the aches and the blurry eyesight can be. I’m still damn smart (no, really, I am), but yesterday I tried to microwave a hot drink in the refrigerator. Ah, well. What were we talking about?

  34. LMAO @ maggiemayday’s post. Telling people “bite me, whippersnappers” *chortles* takes the comic-strip character Maxine a few steps further. (Maxine clearly should’ve started getting into her role back in her 50s.) And the symbiosis between the strong of limb and the good credit risks is a sweet deal. Usually. Some people’s grandparents — not to name names, but the grandma in Vermont who still follows “the old ways” (“Never give a sucker an even break,” etc) — like to use their solvency as leverage, thinking that the grandkids are still 21 and decorating with orange crates and old movie posters, and will do almost any job at pay rates that haven’t looked good since the Depression. Bro and I indulge her to keep her from bitching at my dad about being neglected. She wouldn’t know how to be neglected.

    No need to tell how she gets out of speeding tickets. Oy.

  35. I was just rewatching Wormhole X-treme today, and in looking at Gateworld’s notes on the episode I saw a quote from you saying that someday you might write an addendum to the episode explaining all the in-jokes. Any chance of that actually happening?

  36. Straight line winds hit our little city and we were without electricity for a couple of days. Reading “Blood of Ambrose” was a great diversion. Reading by candlelight is hard. I’m so disappointed that James Enge doesn’t have anymore novels written!

    Mr M: As long as you feel fine and can physically do the things you enjoy, don’t worry about how old you are!!! Did you see the 85 year old ex president jump from a plane? I hope I feel that active at 85 but I’m not jumping from a plane.

    I knew a lady who said she had three dads: her bio dad, her adopted dad and her step dad. In this day and age, it’s easy to have more than one dad!


  37. hi, joe,

    is the sg1 movie still tied with atlantis in when they can start filming? it might be easier to film one movie after the other, but… i’m just VERY anxious to see sg1.

    is the sg1 movie in the same shape as what you said the atlantis movie faced?

  38. *waits for new entry to be posted*

    Just to let you know…my spider phobia is alive and well. Saw a bigass black spider today while visiting a historic village…it ran right towards me! Black! With LEGS! EIGHT OF ‘EM!!!! 😯 I yelped, ran out the door, down the steps, and did a little heebie jeebie dance right in front of a very nice young lady teaching us about bookbinding. She smiled and probably thought, “yeah, she’s ‘old lady crazy, certain sure.” 🙄


  39. Qu’est ce que c’est ce prop?

    The answer;

    I think you’ll find that this is a ‘Macgyver’d’ Subspace tectonic barrier switch. The theory originally came the use of the photonic pulse fuse and switch that would allow the multiplexing of dense waves through subspace allowing initially real-time instant video communication (and other technologies) across vast distances without incurring the delay and warping that happens through time dilation.
    However, it had one major problem – in using it, it almost caused the effect of a solid pipe or rod through the subspace environment.
    Scientists, armed with the knowledge of creating a solid force without the presence of actual matter, started to work on trying to shape this solidity for use as the shield system.
    Typically, as with all defence research, they realised it’s use as a potential weapon of devastating power.
    If used while coming out of subspace while in line with a planet, the device could cause incredible devastation. As such, the use of it was later banned.
    However, this did not in anyway deter the slightly ‘unlawful?’ elements of humanity from acquiring and sometimes using it.
    It was however the first shipbourne subspace weapon system.

  40. I swear there’s a conspiracy to keep me off the net. First a part in the box outside for the telephone needed replacing, the plug that goes into the trouble jack (which the tech wouldn’t believe was the problem, but when he replaced it at our insistence, it worked).

    THEN my computer, despite the power chord being plugged ino a surge protector and the computer itself being turned *off*, started making a loud, continuous beep after a very loud peal of thunder. When we hooked it up to two different monitors, bioth said “no signal” when we turned the computer on.

    Soooo Dad bought himself the puter he’d been pining for for a while, and gave me his old one (which is supposedly better than my own dearly-departed PC). We tried trading out his old c-drive for mine, as well as put my extra k-drive in it, but it wouldn’t connect to the internet (and he apparently needed to download a driver on my puter before he could use *his* puter). Dad suspected that my c-drive didn’t have the right driver to use the ethernet card, so we tried re-installing Windows with his boot disc. Didn’t work. So I moved some files from my c-drive onto the k-drive, and he swapped my c back out for his old c — and the net *still* wouldn’t stay on. Connected a few times, but only a minute or so! Took him like an hour the next day to get it to work, and he’s not even sure what he did (thankfully it’s stayed on since). Unfortunately, when he was trying to get my c drive to load with his boot disc, he somehow wiped my K-drive clean, which had of course the files I had just transferred, including the PST file with all the emails I had saved to the computer, art I was working on, and some videos I was planning on burning to disc.

    About 240 gig of material lost.

    *whimper* (We’ve decided the loss wasn’t worth buying a retrieval program, though.)

    Thankfully I had just backed up most of my art and writing a few weeks ago, so on that front I only lost two projects. And now I’m thinking I should invest in thumb drives for the in-between-DVD-backups stuff ….

    Aaaanyway …. Thanks for inviting Moorcock over, and thanks to him for the fascinating replies!

    The initial reason I came over here now, though, is because I just finished reading a book Saturday (I had to review it) that I think you would enjoy, Joe: All You Need Is Kill, a Japanese science fiction novel translated by Viz Media’s new Haikasoru imprint. It’s about this guy who gets stuck in a time-loop while fighting in a war against aliens invaders; he re-lives his first battle and the day before it over and over, trying to learn how to be a good enough soldier to keep from dying so he can finally break the loop. I really liked it, but if that’s not enough reason to read it, John Scalzi wrote the cover blurb, so he recommends it too …. (And if you’ve actually recommended it yourself and I missed it, gomen nasai!! XD)

  41. ahahah that last pic is just precious! You need to start a website called lolpugs…

  42. To Nicole may I suggest the followings Québec city restaurants ( and to you Joe if you come in town during your summer vacation):

    “L’échaudée” , rue St-Paul près de Place Royale;

    “La Fenouillère” , près du Pont de Québec

    “Michael Angello” de Nicolas Cortina

    “Le charbon” Vieux-port de Québec

    To Joe,

    nous avons revu tous les épisodes de la saison 4 afin d’être prêt pour la sortie DVD de la saison 5. Vous avez toujours fait un travail de qualité et j’ai très rarement été déçu de la qualité des effets spéciaux dans Stargate. Si parfois une scène est moins réussie on peut facilement comprendre que un budget de 2 millions$ par épisode n’offre pas les mêmes possibilités que 100 millions pour un film ce qui limite les moyens notamment pour les effets spéciaux.

    Cependant à ce chapitre, je m’explique mal la mauvaise qualité de la scène finale du dernier épisode ” The last man” où s’effondre le complexe industriel. Les effets visuels donnent l’impression de ne pas avoir été finis correctement, on voit les images de synthèses se superposer, la séquence est presque hachurée, les cheminés tombent comme dans un mauvais dessin animé, à tel point qu’on décroche et la fin perd son intensité, même son intérêt .

    En fait mon point est que je n’ai jamais vu une scène aussi négligée dans votre travail. En étiez-vous satisfait? Que s’est-il passé ? Comment se fait-il que cette scène a été acceptée? Manque de temps? De budget?

    Short translation : For me, the final scene of “The last man” where the building collapse is a very rare exemple of a bad work from your very talented TV teem, not good at a point that it broke the cliffhanger. How is-it possible that you choose to keep this very poor visual effects?

    Have a nice day

  43. @Nadine: You are scaring me because I was thinking of the same thing. Right before they announced Reiko, I started a list of people who were on 24 and something Stargate because my husband kept saying Lou Diamond Phillips was on there. He was right, but had the wrong season. Besides the ones you mention (I didn’t realize Connor was on 24):

    1. Robert Carlyle
    2. Lou Diamond Phillips
    3. Michael Shanks.
    4. Tim Guinee.
    5. Julian Sands
    6. Currie Graham
    7. William Devane

    I’m sure there are more. I keep looking actually.

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