What’s this?  You HAVEN’T been following my pack on twitter?  What, you have something better to do than read the constant unfathomable updates of a bunch of dogs hitting random keys on a laptop?  Shame!  SHAME!  Recent highlights have included “asjkjkjk”, “fdslkjfdkjk”, and the eye-brow raising “alkalkdkld”.  Oh, and there’ the pics as well – each one snapped by the portable helmet cams I’ve outfitted each of them with.  Here is some of what you’ve missed out on if you’ve been too busy living your lives and whatnot…

Maximus hoarding his bolt.
Maximus hoarding his bolt.
Bubba lording it over the other dogs.
Bubba lording it over the other dogs.
Whenever I pull out the camera, Jelly assumes this leisurely pose.
Whenever I pull out the camera, Jelly assumes this leisurely pose.
To quote every_starfall quoting some movie: "WHY SO SERIOUS?"
To quote every_starfall quoting some movie: “WHY SO SERIOUS?”
Brie enjoys her vegan diet.  Until later that night when she'll vomit it all up.
Brie enjoys her vegan diet. Until later that night when she’ll vomit it all up.
Maximus and Jelly, the lovebirds.  Check out the paw-holding (P.S. No dogs were posed in the taking of this or any other picture).
Maximus and Jelly, the lovebirds. Check out the paw-holding (P.S. No dogs were posed in the taking of this or any other picture).
Lulu takes down Brie.
Lulu takes down Brie.
Maximus evidently finds something hilarious.
Maximus evidently finds something hilarious.


Hey, what was the last really great movie you saw? I mean “great”; not “switch off your brain popcorn fun”. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one. Carl has been very big on Up, which he has seen once and plans to see again. Other than that, not much on the radar. The recent lunchtime conversation seems to revolve around movies that “weren’t so bad” when you factor in low expectations. There was one movie Rob saw that he absolutely hated, so much so that he bitterly complained about what a colossal waste of time it was as he took it apart in great detail. Weeks later, Brad saw the same movie and, fully expecting it to be horrible given Rob’s critique, came away “not hating it”. Emboldened by Brad’s not altogether terrible review, Paul saw it. Alas, he went in with slight expectations and was sorely disappointed. He hated it! Hearing this, Carl watched the movie, assuming it would be an utter disaster. Given his low expectations, he came away not disliking it all that intensely. Now, I’ve been thinking of checking the movie out but have to wait out a turn for someone else to go in and reaffirm those rock bottom expectations so that I don’t end up kicking in my speakers in a blind fury.

Hey, one movie I’m cautiously optimistic about – and an SF movie no less – is Moon. Supposedly made for a mere $5 million dollars, the film, starring Sam Rockwell, is the first big screen feature for director Duncan Jones. It’s an intriguing, smart-looking trailer (check it out here: http://www.sonyclassics.com/moon/trailer.html) and, yeah, even though the computer does sound a little like Hal 9000, I’m willing to give it a shot.

Right after someone at work goes to see it and comes back with an unfavorable review.

After dinner tonight, we went out for ice cream. It took me a good fifteen minutes to peruse the various flavors and finally pare down my choices to three: peanut butter chocolate, pistachio, and pecan pie.

“I’ll do three scoops,”I told the server.

He stared back at me as if I’d just ordered an oyster po’boy. “A double?”he asked.

“No,”I corrected him. “A triple.”

He motioned up at the big board. They only went as far as double scoops. Outrageous! He was essentially asking me to drop one of my selections. I mean, seriously. What is this? Sophie’s Choice? No way. Perhaps reading my burgeoning dismay, he suggested he could put three scoops into one of the big 500 ml (roughly half quart) take-home containers. “Sure, sure,”I readily agreed.

I paid for my pint (and my wife’s modest single scoop in a dish) and retired to one of the exterior tables (but only after having to ask for a spoon) where I proceeded to polish it off. All in all, not bad. I can make better – and am thinking I will for work this Friday (but don’t tell the guys). I’m considering experimenting with a milk chocolate with crumbled bacon. Anyway, ten minutes later, we were done. My wife was unable to finish her. “Yeah, neither was I,”I informed her. It wasn’t a lie. Had she checked, she would have noticed the quarter-size of melt bit languishing at the bottom of my mini bucket.

Tomorrow, we’re off to the monthly French Bulldog beach party – to be followed in two weeks by the monthly Pug beach party. Will, of course, report back with pics.

Oooh, feeling a little queasy.  Hope I’m not coming down with something.

55 thoughts on “June 13, 2009: What You’ve Been Missing. In Search of a Great Movie. Ice Creamed Out.

  1. I wonder why you might be feeling quesy… Hmmm…

    Movies… Well I really liked Star Trek (was never a Star Trek series fan). The great thing about sci-fi is that it’s storylines can be much more boundary-less, compared to crimes and the typical drama etc… The storyline was brilliant, and the cast were well chosen, for today’s audience.

    On top of Star Trek, I really liked Benjamin Button, and also Changeling. I highly suggest both movies (especially Changeling). It stars Angelina Jolie, and is based on a true story. I very moving story…! Joe if you see it, let me know what you think…

    I work at a cinema, and it is amazing to see how there is at least one movie released each week. It is surprising to see the amount of (for lack of a better word) rubbish being released. I personally think more time needs to be spent on the script, casting etc, to create a quality production, such as Stargate. I think a lot of Stargate SG1 and Atlantis episodes are far better than some of the movies being released lately (ie. Bruno, and the limitless of current remakes); with a much smaller budget, and in less than half the time. Thats a credit to everyone who works on the series.

    My thoughts… 🙂


  2. Hey Joe,

    I get a kick out of a couple of those pics every time I see them: my two favourites are Maximus “laughing”, and that one of Bubba as king of the castle.

    I saw Up on thursday, and I really (really) enjoyed it. I would say it was a great movie… Some deep-ish stuff to it, but my absolute favourite were the dogs – I found them hilarious. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at a movie in quite a while.

    Speaking of “great” movies: did you ever see Million Dollar Baby? If so, what did you think?

    And speaking of other bulldogs, do you know the Frenchie Tubby, and his “sister” (English bulldog) Angel? I’m pretty sure Tubby and Lulu are both from Amberbull, so I was just wondering…

    Our neighbours were babysitting their “grand”-dog today, and she’s a 4 month old English Bulldog. And that dog is going to be *huge*. Her paws are ginormous, and her shoulders are already almost as wide as Bella’s (who’s almost 2).
    At first Bella was not so happy to have this interloper on her property, but pretty soon they were having a grand old time. Mattie (Matilda) would grab onto Bella’s jowls with her sharp little puppy teeth and just pull. Bella didn’t seem to mind – it was pretty amusing to watch..
    I took a couple pics (they’re on TwitterPic) if you wanted to take a look:

    And the queasy? Probably the ice-cream 😀


  3. So, Joe. Last night my apartment was broken into while I was asleep. Very creepy. He took my wallet but left my car keys and everything else. After I canceled all my credit and atm cards (what a freakin’ pain) I went down to the local market where the thief tried to use an ATM a few hours before. Honestly, here is the description of the guy I got from an employee:

    Pale Skin
    Strange looking face
    Long white hair to the middle of the back
    Dressed in all black
    Clothes vaguely feminine looking.
    Drove a van

    Yes, apparently there was a Wraith walking around my place while I was asleep. I was freaked out before, but after I got the description, well… at least he didn’t feed.

    Joe, could you please just admit you are part of a vast global conspiracy to spread disinformation about the Wraith threat? I was impressed with the layers of recursion you had with the spoof of a TV show within a TV show that was originally made as a cover to a real-life Stargate program. Very clever.

    Could you please send a team out to Hawaii to investigate? I’ll be spending tonight locked in the bathroom with a baseball bat. I’ve already rented Home Alone for reference and have spread mousetraps in front of the door and have cans of paint hanging over the windows.

    Feeling a little uneasy…

  4. I haven’t miss a dog twitter yet. Their pictures are the cutest! I think my very favorite is that last one of Maximus with the big goofy smile on his face. How could you not love that picture.

    I am a little baffled tho. I signed up begrudgingly on Twitter just to follow your dogs. I have not twitted anything myself, but now I have one follower. What does that mean? Am I now being stalked? Why would someone follow me? Wierd.

    I love ice cream. I LOVE milk chocolate. I LOVE LOVE crumbled bacon. But the thought of milk chocolate bacon ice cream – well that is just gross!

  5. The last two movies I saw were Wolverine and Star Trek. Loved ST so much, I have now seen it 6 times (including lastnight). Next up will be the latest Harry Pottor installment!!!

  6. Haha I think you came down with… ice cream! 😀 Fondy must have really been savoring hers! 😀

    It seems Pixar, in popping out just one movie per year, can do no wrong. I am scared to go see Up, mostly because I have such high expectations (it has the approval of Martin Gero, David Blue, and Carl Binder; it MUST be good!) and I fear that it will let me down. The Up previews that came on before Star Trek did not look promising. But I shall reserve judgement until I have seen it.

    Oh, and if ANYONE hasn’t seen Star Trek yet, you need to get on that right away. It was really good!!!

  7. Okay, I’m hooked… I want to see Moon right now… just my luck, the web site doesn’t even list it as premiering in Seattle WA any time soon! What the heck is up with that!

  8. Movies… Sigh, I’m a lot like you in that I just don’t go to the movies. I tend to wait for them to come out on DVD. Therefore I’d have to say my latest ‘great’ movie’ would be ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ That one took me by surprise. It was my daughter who got me to watch it as I originally didn’t think it sounded like the sort of fare I normally enjoy. Other ‘greats’ for me include a lot of oldies like ‘Princess Bride,’ ‘The Prince of Egypt,’ ‘Somewhere in Time,’ ‘Shindler’s List,’ and … oh, what was the robot movie with Robin Williams… ‘Centennial Man’ I think? I’ve seen quite a few ‘good’ movies but few get the grade of ‘great!’

  9. Oh and on the queasy stomach issue? Tsk, tsk, tsk! Left over icream dregs? That says it all. Your stomach is just spoiled! Ya should know to stick with the good homemade stuff!

  10. Seriously — Go see Up. A cinematic gem. For all those who want to be writers, this is how it is done. And Dug the dog… Grey car!

  11. I don’t get let out to watch movies very often, but I just took my 5 year old to Up. Neither of us thought it was all that great. But, then, we were looking for something a 5 year old boy would enjoy rather than an animated movie that adults would like. I had to explain death to him with in the first 10 minutes! It was too long (for him) and focused around a really old bad guy trying to capture a big bird somewhere in South America (my son thought it was South Carolina). Uh … okay … It’s no Cars!

    Saw Star Trek a few weeks ago, though, and really liked it. I am hoping to see it again, soon. It was that good.

  12. Once again, great pics; nicely chosen moments, and your furry friends are as photogenic as ever. I do believe you when you said the paw-holding photo of Maximus and Jelly wasn’t posed (hope that’s not naivete), but let me ask you this: More importantly, didn’t you hire a drama coach for them? And is it not true that you tried to get a new category started at the Westminster Dog Show, that of “Most Come-Hither Look”? Going by that one pic of Jelly on the couch looking wistful, with a heart full of soul (I’m into classic rock these days, so I can’t help myself), she’d be a shoo-in to at least place, if not win. That, of course, would have lots of folks a-twitter about the new canine sensation. But really, thanks very much for posting the images here. Comedy, drama, romance, fighting — could be a good movie in there.

    Hey, about great movies, I really really liked . . . uhh . . . um, I guess it’s been a while since Hero came out. — Eh, thisyer package says Some Like it Hot was made ages ago, but I thought it was excellent. Fresh. Fun. It’s also nice to see a female lead who doesn’t have to inhale deeply to have a bustline. (Oops, my agenda is showing.) If they try to remake it with an overcooked quirky-angsty “Green Day fans will love this” slant, I’ll be glad to kick in your speakers out of blind fury, and spare you the trouble. Just leave your security codes under a flowerpot.

    Interesting flavor combo there, but three scoops?!? I thought men didn’t get PMS. . . .

  13. I am assuming this movie you are referring to as hit or miss is Terminator Salvation?? I have also heard it was terribly awful, while others claimed it to be the best piece of work they have seen. I personally haven’t seen it, ever since I heard that Christian Bale forced them to rewrite the script, so he could have a larger role, which most people say compromised the film.

    Being a huge movie fan, I would suggest seeing The Hangover. It’s one of those ones that has no over the top CGI, enormous budget, big name actors and crazy action scenes. It is just down to the basics, great writing, producing, and acting that makes this movie a 10/10, it’s an absolute must see, even if your not a big comedy fan.

  14. I recently saw “Is Anybody There?” and no, it wasn’t amazing, but Michael Caine was. (I’m biased since I’m a fan of his).

  15. Bonjour Joseph!!

    ça va bien? Oui je regarde toujout dés qu’il y’a une nouvelle photo sur le twitter de vos chiens!! Je voudrais aussi qu’ils prennent quelques photos de leur maitre…=D?

    Rohhh une bonne créme glacée j’en rêve mais malheureusement chez moi il n’y a rien de tout cela =( c’est comme ça de vivre dans un coin perdu..au moin on est tranquil^^!

    Ofaite je voudrais savoir, vous n’avez toujour pas prévu un petit voyage en France?

    Bisou, bonne journée!

  16. I was wonder when or if you where going to make any ice cream this year. And feel free to come to my job and make some. Sure will beat the hot dog fridays we have.

  17. The last great movie I saw was “John Rabe”
    – it was truly and unexpectedly good, since I had expected something more awkward and schoolmasterly, like so many European films. But I don’t know if it’s been screened at all in Canada.

    As to following your pack on twitter – they’re extremely lazy in following other people, too, aren’t they? Not exactly tracker dogs, your lot…

  18. I forgot to mention that I finished reading “The Sorceress”, http://www.dillonscott.com/the-alchemyst/the-sorceress.htm, which had me captivated throughout. I rarely find time to read, except this book has had me hooked. It is the third in the series “Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel”, following “The Alchymest” and “The Magician”. If I had to describe it, I would say it’s Harry Potter meets Lord Of The Rings. I will give you a quick overview;
    Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle, are immortals whom are in posession of The Book Of Abraham The Mage, which contains many secrets. The Dark Elders are after the book so that they may use it’s magic to rule the world, while Nicholas protects the that was entrusted to him. The Book Of Abraham The Mage describes a twin brother and sister, of blonde hair and blue eyes, who will save the World and destroy the Dark Elders. For centuries Nicholas has been searching for the twins of legend, “The two that are one, and the one that is all.” as the book reads. When he discovers who he believes to be the twins of legend, they begin their quest to learn the elemental magics, Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Time.

    That’s all I can really say without giving away too much of the story, but one thing I will say is that it is absolutely loaded with character, location and event references from mythologies, legends, and real life. One of the biggest draws, is the many references that are flawlessly woven into the storyline, they are such minute details that seperately, would otherwise serve no purpose. But together they create the best series I have read thusfar. I strongly recommend this series and have been lending them all out to my friends who have also been captivated.
    One of the reasons Michael Scott, http://www.dillonscott.com/, does such a great job with all the references, is that he spent years writing about mythology and legends. His expertise truly shines through in this series.

  19. For me, the great popcorn (well, I actually prefer foam bananas and foam shrimps) movie I most recently saw was Star Trek. The story wasn’t without it’s faults, but it was enormously entertaining and major kudos goes out to J.J. Abrams for turning a fast-becoming stale franchise into something incredibly watchable.

    As for the Twitter adventures of the dogs, they make more sense than most of the celebrities out there. I mean, “faljklyeeeeeccccchhjkljkfdsljkfljklkj” is more profund than “Oh, I’ve lost my purse at the Ivy and now I’ll have to slum it by walking. I’ve not had to do that since I wrote off my ferarri in Monte Carlo. Oh, I AM a tease!”.

  20. Hello.
    As to recent movies – at the Whistler Film festival last December I watched a couple of great movies: “Carts of Darkness”, “Sledgehead”, “Before Tomorrow” and “One Week”.
    The festival movie I watched and disliked was “Surveillance”. Besides being brutal, the story of “Surveillance” was predictable and not logical. The actors gave their best – but the story was crap.

    “Stone of Destiny” was good; and people who like Dustin Hoffman would possibly like to watch “Last Chance Harvey”.


  21. Hmmm…just in a brief discussion about this on Moorcock’s Miscellany. Seems I’m not alone in thinking movies (and tv) these days try too hard to be ‘great’, especially those which used to be ‘mindless fun’ (sci fi/fantasy/action/animation). In doing so they just come off as a bit pretentious… or portentous…not sure which word says it best. Probably portentous. It’s too early to think about it.

    Anyhoo… that’s my problem with most movies. They try too hard to be profound, to ‘say’ something. In doing so, they often lose their entertainment value, and that’s why I go to movies – to be entertained – not to be preached at or educated or enlightened or, god forbid, depressed out of my mind.

    Besides, what is truly ‘great’? Isn’t it all relative, based on personal opinion?? I personally disliked Ratatouille – it tried to hard to be ‘great’. I can feel it…I can sit there and just feel a movie trying to be more important than it really is. First Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Perfect! GREAT!!! Second and third movies?? Meh. Not so great. They tried to hard, and in doing so lost the magic the first movie created.

    Trying to hard – that’s what Hollywood does. JUST MAKE A FREAKIN’ MOVIE, don’t try to make it epic, just tell your story and make it entertaining. For me, the new Star Trek movie was just that – an entertaining movie, well-balanced with story, drama, action ahd humor. An all-round ‘great’ film for achieving its goal – to entertain.

    But I won’t say that was the last great film I’ve seen since I did expect it to be…well, entertaining. To me, a great movie is one that surprises me, and I’d have to say that that honor goes to:

    Black Snake Moan

    Just saw it on tv a few weeks ago, and it totally surprised me for being NOT what I expected it to be. Good moody, emotional piece – like a gritty chick-flick for guys. I am surprised at how much I loved it. It reminded me of Baby Doll (1956 – Karl Malden/Carroll Baker/Eli Wallach), another moody film about a girl who’s too much woman for her own good.


  22. I’ve heard good things about “Up” from a wide variety of people, enough so that I’ll probably go check it out when I get a chance.

    Haven’t seen many movies this summer, but I did see Star Trek and enjoyed it tremendously. I was especially surprised by the humor — I hadn’t expected to be laughing out loud as often as I did. If I go back to see anything a second time, this may be the one.

    I wonder if this is true for some of you — I tend to prefer TV over movies, and so I don’t get out to the theater very often. I think it’s the ongoing story that you get with television, as opposed to the two-hours-and-out of movies.

  23. Up was fabulous!

    And the cats follow the dogs tweets. They are just too reserved to comment.

  24. Up was, in the words of Jack O’Neill, “Excellent”. The new Star Trek movie, as well. I’m anticipating the release of the new Transformers movie. It will be very interesting to see which movie grosses the most this summer. It is fun to see the different trailers for the movies. 🙂 Hope you are having a good day. 🙂

    from Indiana

  25. Agree with pretty much everyone else: Star Trek was really good, but other than that I haven’t gone to the movies lately.

  26. Joe: Hey, what was the last really great movie you saw? I mean “great”; not “switch off your brain popcorn fun”.

    I suppose it depends on how you would define “great.” I thought that both Iron Man and The Dark Knight were great films. In particular, The Dark Knight took the superhero concept as far as it could, and included commentary on our own society (and the current fears of terrorism and response) that I don’t think a non-superhero movie could have done as well.

    I really liked the new Star Trek film, but I don’t know if I would call it “great” in the same way as Casablanca or Citizen Kane.

  27. Up was great, loved it, the 3-D thing kinda gave me headache, but that’s ok. Star Trek was cool. But one movie I saw a while back and it was on DVD, not sure when or if it was in the theaters, but it is an indi film, “Lars and the Real Girl.” Highly recommend it, I loved the way the whole town pulled together for one individual to heal. Slumdog Millionaire was interesting. Certainly made me more aware of how comfortable and free – we live here in North America.

  28. I hadn’t been to a movie in a theater in months. Finally, MyLarry was home on a Saturday night and we went to see Star Trek before it wasn’t showing. I liked it … I did not like the fire alarm in the middle of the dramatic finale. At first it seemed as though the strobe lights in the ceiling and on the walls were a special effect, but no. The film stopped, every sat around murmuring, everyone except MyLarry. He got up and went out to see what was going on. I’d moved over to an aisle seat, you know, just in case, and I was sitting on it flipped up … the sheeple were looking at me with big eyes. “The fire alarms aren’t bells in theaters because they might be mistaken for the soundtrack, that’s why they use strobe lights” I explained. MyLarry came back in and said people were leaving. Just in case it was a real threat of some kind and I fear dying in a theater, we went and hung out in the hall for a few minutes, used the bathrooms. We went back into the theater since the movie had started back up. So I missed how Kirk … and then how Spock …. but it wasn’t “great”.

    Moulin Rouge, that was great. Recently? Meh.

  29. @ GenericWhiteGuy – Hey! When they catch the guy, give him my number! 😀 (I think most of you have already got it… 😉 )

    (Sorry about the break-in, though…but, like you said, at least he didn’t give you a deadly hand-hickey. 🙂 )


  30. Charlie Bartlett was the last great movie I saw. And it was all because of Star Trek, the great movie previous to that one. ;D

  31. I’m not much of a go-to-theater, sit-in-lumpy seat, with-shoes-glued-to-sticky-floor, and sound-level-ear-splitting, kind of gal.
    But I DID make the grand sacrifice to see the new Star Trek movie.

    KUDO’s to writers, director, cast, SFX, DP and makeup for a rollicking GOOD TIME. This was the best Star Trek film since “The Journey Home”, way back when. We won’t mention any of the ST: The Next Generation films here, I may gag. Wonder why Deep Space Nine and Voyager never made any feature films? I understand why Enterprise, didn’t. Scott Bakula’s ego wouldn’t fit on the big screen. Sorry, snarky doesn’t become me… sigh.

    I have been a lifelong Star Trek follower/fan/nerd/trekker, yes, ever since 196x… hm-m, well, a long time ago. Of course I was a mere babe, but I surely did enjoy those original series eps. Watching Shatner “battle the bulge” and “disappearing hair” was fun. Watching Nimoy upstage him throughout was more fun.

    In fact, Star Trek “primed” me for Star Gate enjoyment and the reading of dozens upon dozens of scifi novels in my pre-teen, teen and continuing adult lifetime. Something for which I will always be grateful.

    I just re-watched Rising 1&2 again, for the gazillionth time. LOVE it.

    Now, “Moon” DOES look damn good. So when is it coming to New Jersey?

    Real fruit ice pops are healthier for you than the ice cream Joe…

    Carol from NJ
    …now my cats are asking for a Twitter account, geez Joe!

  32. My family loves movies. We buy a lot of DVDs. It is hard to believe your data about the slump in DVD sales. I guess our family is not the norm?

    Our favorite movies are: “The Lord of the Rings Triology”. That movie wowed us! “Serenity” is a movie we see over and over. One movie we have watched over and over is “Day After Tomorrow”. We know it’s science junk but it’s so fun to watch. The visual effects are great on that one. We bought the SG1 movies and will watch those again soon.

    We like BR but the movies are so expensive on that format-I wait and get them on sale. BR looks very cool with explosions.

    Das: Cool story about your neighbor. I don’t understand why couples stay together after so drastic a change. Must just be a friendship at that point? I still don’t understand why anyone would bother with gender surgery at 70 years old, either. Of course, he blames his WIFE for not staying together afther his surgery.


  33. Hey Joe,

    Sometimes I don’t understand your food combos. 😯 But that is why we love you! 😆

    As for the *amount*, maybe you and Jeremy are related? Before we found out he had diabetes he’d polish down three large scoops of ice cream. Usually on a sugar or chocolate covered waffle cone. 🙄 He would complain about feeling queasy later.

    Hmmmm… maybe you’re actually Jewish or Jeremy’s been hiding the fact he’s Italian?

    Anyway… Movies!

    *Up!* Was really good. And for all the squirrels out there, you’ll probably get an extra kick out of a few of the lines.

    My favorite character is the dog! It’s more than just a kid’s movie. Although a couple parts I had to explain to Erin that were a bit sad.

    The 3-D was more fun-er! (As Allie likes to say.)

    Other great movies… Nope. Night at the Museum 2 was OK. Wolverine was good, not great. But I’m a girl NOT into the comics so what do I know?

    I’m anxiously awaiting *Transformers 2!*

    Autobots! Roll-out!

    Trish (aka massive Bumble-Bee fan) 😀

  34. There are so many films out there – you’d think finding great ones wouldn’t be so hard. My husband and I rent more than go to theaters. We will rent Star Trek, Wolverine, Terminator – all the big ones – when they come out on dvd. We watch all sorts of genres but are sort of into off-beat stuff. The last time we saw something that surprised us was, In Bruges. We had been to Bruges and wanted to see how the city was portrayed. Joe – you could live off great chocolate there every day. And the beer…well, it’s Belgium after all. The film is not “great” and it’s definitely for adults, but the writing is wonderful and the performances were great to watch. Things in our Netflix Queue are My Name is Bruce (because we will watch anything Bruce Campbell is in – no matter how painful), Hellboy II and MI 5, Seasons 1& 2.

    Milk chocolate and crumbled bacon – that’s just so evil it will probably work.

  35. @ 2cats: Oy, don’t bash the Bakula; from every single source within the Enterprise production, the man was the most stand-up guy they ever met. 😛

    As for great movies…well, I recently saw the last 10 minutes or so of Schindler’s List on YouTube, starting with the scene where Schindler is presented with a gold ring from one of the Jewish survivors. I was tearing up 10 seconds into the clip.

    And then there was Star Trek, which kinda made me go berserk afterwards due to its awesomeness.

    God, I need to go see it again some time.

  36. Movies I’ve seen recently that were good: Star Trek, Taken, and Gran Torino.

  37. @dasNdanger– Is it OK that I find you slightly scary? Did my Magnum PI thing today and found out the name of the perp. Passed it on to the police.

    I’ve decided to get my PI license tomorrow. I’m currently hiring for a streetwise sidekick with mob connections and a special forces (retired) chopper pilot. Please send a detailed resume.

    Oh, and if you have an old Ferrari sitting around, let me know.

  38. I usually watch movies at home, but I did make the trip to the theatre to see Star Trek. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but was willing to give it a chance. Now I’ve seen it twice in IMAX and three times total, and I think I’ll be going back. Definitely worth it.

  39. The movies I’ve seen lately that I found very well made were also very sad (The Changeling, Rachel Getting Married), or very surreal (Synecdoche, New York, The Science of Sleep). Haven’t seen Up yet, but I have high hopes that it’s both good and not a major downer…

  40. Hey Joe,

    Great movies are a rarity these days, but if you like weird/great things, anything Charlie Kaufman does is worth a watch. Synecdoche, New York is probably his best. Have you seen?


  41. @GenericWhiteGuy: How about a wise-ass (when my brain is operating better than usual) sidekick with connections in the DA’s office, and a TR7 that I’m sure is going to be vintage once all the rust is scraped off, the holes fiberglassed over, and all the parts back on it in correct order? And if I could get my husband to let go of it, I’d throw in a Triumph Trophy motorbike that’s even more vintage *coughs* than the TR7. All I ask is that we work out of a posh estate near Honolulu, and that you don’t fire me until my two-week vacation is over. Will pay my own plane fare if you’re good for all the take-out lunches and dinners. Specialty: Catching criminals while surfing. Like Keanu Reeves. – I suppose just mentioning his name is enough to deep-six my application. Life is so unfair. Good luck in your quest for Magnumhood, anyway.

  42. If the movie everyone was talking about at the studio is Star Trek, save your money. I wish I had. I let myself be conned into going by some friends with otherwise good taste. While there were some things I did enjoy, overall I found the story to be silly and insulting. Sorry, suspension of belief is one thing, amputation of it is another. But I will confess I did gasp, my heart pound, and my eyes watered up on the couple of shots they had showing Enterprise’s exterior. Interior shots, on the other hand….
    It’s your fault I just sent sis out to get ice cream. Alas, not the good stuff you’re enjoying, but circumstances dictate I get something. been that kind of a day. thanks for the pics of the gang though, that was definitely a mood picker upper.

  43. Thanks for the puppy pictures! Last movie I saw was Star Trek and I liked it very much, I am going to try to see UP. I did like Cars, but saw it on dvd after it was in theatres. sometimes thats just how it works out.

  44. HI guys! Miami was great (and very hot), good to be back there, but reallyreallyreally good to be home. My cousin has a gorgeous penthouse in Coconut Grove with a view of the water and the sailboats that is amazing, so we had very nice accomodations. Went out to eat a lot, breakfasts all sucked, then made the additional mistake of going to Les Halles for an early(ish) dinner. Les Halles in NYC is good for a quick, inexpensive steak frites, but the place in Coral Gables left much to be desired. The duck confit was barely passable, the mussles were actually ok, the desserts were run-of-the-mill chocolate nonsense and the profiteroles were mushy. Seeing how we were the first ones there, they couldn’t even blame it on being busy! Otherwise, very weird to see the cousins after so many (20+) years. Came home with a wicked sore throat, so will read through the weekend blog and comments tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Deni 😉

  45. Hey, Joe…remember I said I had a friend who looked like your mum? I just showed her daughter a picture of your mother from last July’s blog, and she agreed – said your mom could easily be one of her aunts. Not that it’s important or anything…just nice to know I wasn’t making the resemblance up. She also said you’re kinda cute….in fact, I think she said, ‘aaawwwww’ along with ‘he’s kinda cute’. 😀

    She’s a Stargate fan, too – thinks the Wraith are scary though…thinks I’m crazy for loving them. She wanted to know all about the new show, so was showing her your pictures and comments about it, etc…she’s excited!


  46. @ GenericWhiteGuy – Sure! I’m more used to being called ‘weird’, but ‘scary’ works, too!

    Oh, and…BOO! 😀


  47. I just saw The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened (1977) this afternoon. It’s totally not my genre (I’m a shameless sucker for spectacle), but I really enjoyed it. It’s about a 1950’s teenager with leukemia – did I mention it’s not my usual genre?

    The way the scenes drew out the tension was so well done. They could easily have been any old scenes where a character gets bad medical news or you root for him to overcome his failing health enough to make it up one more flight of stairs, but the way it was done in this movie had a little extra something.

    I wish Jimmie Walker had done more drama. It’s really a waste that people just expect him say Dy-No-Mite.

  48. @otros ojos — Remember by “hire” I mean “not pay you anything”. But if you want to spring for your own airfare, hotel, car, helicopter and fuel– I think you might have a good chance of landing the job. I’ll even buy lunch… umm… can I borrow some money? See, I had to cancel all my credit cards and atm cards when the guy broke in.

  49. Yeah, Moon isn’t in wide release though, more’s the pity. 🙁

    I need to move to LA, apparently.

  50. We don’t usually get to the movies because we can’t find anyone to babysit our kiddo. But this weekend, we watched our Netflix choice Cloverfield. My husband fell asleep and I had to fast forward to the part where the monster finally makes its appearance (or at least the initial BOOM), but I couldn’t watch anymore. It was horribly boring. I have in my queue “Taken” with Liam Neesom but it is difficult to get. Watched Marley and Me recently and although I knew I was going to cry, did not expect my husband to be sobbing along side me. Wish I could see Star Trek or Transformers on the big screen though.

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