Well looks who's feeling feisty.
Well looks who’s feeling feisty.
Mmmmm.  Space food.
Mmmmm. Space food.
Director Will Waring
Director Will Waring
Hit him with your best questions.  He's ready.
Hit him with your best questions. He’s ready.
I don’t even remember what it was I said. I’m sure it was some perfectly innocent question or passing comment. But Ashleigh’s response was unexpected to sat the least. KAPOW! Her fist impacting upside my arm practically knocked me into a nearby recycling bin and caused everyone within earshot to glance at us – me, rubbing the pins and needles sensation out of my shoulder, Ashleigh smiling back mischievously like some naughty toddler. “Sorry,”she said in a way that seemed to imply she wasn’t sorry at all and, in fact, just the opposite. “Did that hurt?”
I shook it off and went about my day but, later that afternoon, had to drop by her office to grab a bottled war (she hoards them in her mini refrigerator). She was sitting at her desk, immersed in whatever she was reading. I crept along, keeping close to the wall, carefully reached for the refrigerator door. Suddenly, her head snapped up and she fixed me with an icy glare. “Don’t hurt me!”I blurted out. “I only came for some water.”
She made no sudden moves or threatening gestures, so I quickly grabbed myself a water and retreated as far as the doorway. Then, keeping a safe distance, twisted off the cap and took a sip. She smiled. “How is it?” I threw her an uncertain look. “The water,”she clarified. “Is it good?”

“Why?”I asked, eyeing the water bottle.

“No reason,”was her sunny reply and then, with a shrug, redirected her attention back to her computer.

I sniffed the water, took another cautious sip. It tasted fine. And another sip. From the corner of my eye, I noticed her watching, looking on almost expectantly.

“No reason,”she repeated.

Now I’m far from the paranoid type but, perhaps coincidentally, I have been feeling a tad under the weather ever since. Nothing major. No tears of blood or massive organ failure. Yet. Just a faint queasiness and slight numbness in my earlobes. Probably nothing to worry about but I mention it just in case something should happen. In which case…Avenge me!

Otherwise – all quiet on the production office front today.  Director Will Waring and co. were away shooting on location.  Everyone is back tomorrow for the first day of Space.  Stage 4, Destiny set. 

Just spoke to actor Paul McGillion who called to let me know that there’s an opening in his busy schedule and, why yes, he’d love to do a fan Q&A with us. So to all you Beckett boosters and Scot supporters out there, start posting. I’ll be gathering questions for Paul until Friday night – afterwhich it’ll be too late and you’ll only have yourselves to blame.  Tsk, tsk.

Meanwhile – those of you who have questions for author Michael Moorcock, please post them before tomorrow afternoon as I’ll be sending them off by day’s end.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to dialogue with one of the giants in the fields of literary SF and Fantasy.

Hey, for those interested in helping out a good cause and/or acquiring some Stargate swag, the gang at MSOL (Michael Shanks Online) are hosting their 5th auction to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. It started June 8th and runs for approximately 2-3 weeks. Head on over to place a bid on items donated and signed by Michael and Lexa, David Nykl, Colin Cunningham, Bill Dow and Tom McBeath – additional signatories include Amanda Tapping, Claudia Black, Ben Browder, David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan, Scott Bakula, Jeffrey Donovan… and more.



Today’s blog entry is dedicated to

Some Elric discussion:

Iamza writes: “Someone much smarter than me pointed out in comments to my frothing and ranting that the Melniboneans are kind of like Tolkien’s Elves, only they’re the total bastards such a long-lived and magically powerful race would likely be. And in such a world it is not entirely surprising that their views are kind of backward when it comes to things like gender equality.”

Answer: Oh, they’re bastards alright. There’s a passage in one of the books which describes how the Melniboneans tortured slaves in such a way as to produce an almost musical tune in their varied screams. Apparently, not a very progressive race.

Iamza also writes: “One thing that struck me throughout the stories was how human Elric seemed. Not evil, or wicked, but human. I mean, aside from the first story in which Elric betrays his people’s trust by showing the raiders how to get into Imrryr so they can lay waste to it, and then betraying the raiders to make good on his own escape, Elric never really does anything I’d consider evil, per se.”

Answer: True. Even his actions after the fall of Imrryr can’t be described as evil. Cowardly perhaps, certainly self-serving, but he clearly feels guilt for abandoning his allies, just as he feels guilt for some of the lives sacrificed to Stormbringer: Cymoril, Zorazinia, and Rackhir the Red Archer. It feels as though, with each of these tragic deaths, Elric’s own soul is cast ever-deeper into that black pit of despair until, by saga’s end, his own death is a release for him.

DasNdanger writes: “I was not ready for Moonglum’s sacrifice. I think this was the most poignant moment in the entire series, both in showing the depth of their affection for one another, and in what each – at that moment – had to sacrifice in order to usher in a new world and save the earth for men who would never even know they had ever existed.

Answer: Agree. As I said yesterday, the friendship between these two really forms the emotional core of this epic, making Moonglum’s sacrifice all the more tragic.

DasNdanger also writes: “ Though Elric is physically weak, his will is astonishingly strong, driven by a fledgling conscience and all the emotions an ordinary Melnibonéan would be loath to entertain.”

Answer: And the souls of Stormbringer’s many victims.

DasnNdanger also writes: “ But it’s also about how his comrades react to his weakness, to the burdens he carried in both his duty, and in his physical body. I was particularly touched at the way Moonglum and Dyvim Slorm avoided looking at their friend and kinsman to save him any unnecessary embarrassment. I think more than the man’s weakness that appeals to me, is how those closest to him react…how they feel for one surrounded by friends, and yet so utterly alone.”

Answer: Isn’t it always the way. It’s often the surprisingly frank and sympathetic responses of friends and loved ones to a personal tragedy that proves most effecting, sometimes more than the tragedy itself.

DasNdanger also writes: “But having read that book first, I am well-aware of what unremorseful Melnibonéan torture is like…the slow hacking away of flesh and appendages to spite the screams and moans of the dying. To Elric it was nothing – it was his nature – that which he was since before he was ever born. And you all know who THAT reminds me of!”

Answer: It’s true. Occasionally, the wraith do enjoy playing with their food. It’s no doubt a bad habit they picked up when they were kids.

DasnNdanger also writes: “I just want to leave this post on a more…amusing…note. As this book is written in the gothic style, full of symbolism and erotic suggestion, I couldn’t help get a little chuckle out of this passage from Kings in Darkness:

”He seized her, kissing her with a deeper need than that of passion. For the first time Cymoril of Imrryr was forgotten as [Elric and Zarozinia] lay down, together on the soft turf, oblivious of Moonglum who polished away at his curved sword with wry jealousy.””
Answer: ! I didn’t even notice the passage. Then again, nothing out of the ordinary there. After all, would you expect Elric to polish Moonglum’s sword? More importantly, do you think Moonglum would expect Elric to polish his sword? 

Dovil writes: “ I’m not sure that I’m prepared to re-dip my toes back into epic fantasy any time soon, which may be a bit unfair being dismissive of an entire genre, but it saves me becoming frustrated and throwing books across the room.”

Answer: Might I suggest checking out Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold if you’re looking for a strong female no bullshit protagonist.

Iamza also writes: “Nevertheless, I cannot help but think it would be a good thing if there were a few more fantasy novels which featured characters as well rounded and developed as Elric, but where those characters also happened to be female.”

Answer: Again I urge you to check out Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold for a truly complex and colorful female protagonist.

Thornyrose writes: “the other thing that bothered me, especially in the earlier stories, is how Elric and the Melniboneans seem too human. Later, we get a better sense of their inhumanness, but in the early stories there is little to mark them apart from greater humanity other than the longevity of their Empire and their dragon riding.”

Answer: What moments in the book gave you a sense of the Melniboneans’ inhumanness?


Iamza writes: “I couldn’t help noticing you’d recently read DMZ vol 1, and the first volume of Krueger/Ross’s Justice. What did you think of them?”

Answer: Kind of undecided after the first volumes. There’s a lot to like in both and yet there are elements I’m not completely sold on. Neither gripped me to the extent that Jason Aaron’s Scalped has. That said, I’ve enjoyed them both enough to check out the second volume of each.

C.C. writes: “Hey Joe, is it safe to say that Carson had been weaned off his dependency on the Wraith enzyme by the end of season 5, or is he still addicted to it until they find a more permanent treatment?”

Answer: By the end of season 5 (and the beginning of Stargate: Extinction) Beckett has made a full recovery and is no longer dependent on the enzyme.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. What average neilsen rating do you think it will take to renew Universe. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3………?

2. I watched the new SGU trailer and saw quite a bit of bsgish movement/mild shaking of the camera during the talking scenes that made it feel like I was watching bsg(minus the dark ship). This is just for that scene right, cause it was too bsgish and annoying.”

Answers: 1. This is a question for the network as they’ll be the one making the renewal decision.

2. I think a good part of this is a reaction to the editing as well. Keep in mind that trailers are often made up of rapidfire sequences intended to give the viewers a “taste” of movie or series. As a result, you’ll see more chaotic, action-driven instances punctuated by quick cuts. The look of the series itself will be much more balanced.

Chevron7 writes: “OK, since I’ve got you here, what did you think of the idea of the separate pages linked at the top for the dogs and your reading recommendations? Oh and changing the banner image?”

Answer: I’m kind of attached to the banner. As for the separate page link – I don’t know how many people would bother clicking. I think it would probably be easier to just put it in the sidebar as well.

Thornyrose writes: “Do we have a date for the premiere of Universe set yet?”

Answer: I’m not sure whether the network has announced an official premiere date yet.

Paloosa writes: “Speaking of food, I’ve always wondered. For the Wraith, do humans come in different flavors?”

Answer: Only three – vanilla, strawberry, and butter rum.

Crayonbaby writes: “As a writer, do you think that Carl’s style is going to fit SGU better than most of the other writers on staff?”

Answer: Not really. I think everyone has done a terrific job on the scripts to date. The cast is excited about the stories and we’re having a great time writing them.

PG15 writes: “1. What do you think about the quality of the portrayal of women in Stargate? How does it compare to the quality of the portrayal of the male characters?

2. About Teyla; quite a few people raised the criticism of her wearing particularly skimpy costumes in order to appeal to the male viewers. Do you have comments on this?

3. Another interesting point raised was how you guys tend to write mostly just specific kinds of female characters, namely those who are a love interest for a male character; those who are permissive, maternal, and caring; or your typical “alien chick of the week” (whatever that means; their words, not mine). Comments?

4. About leadership, some complained that, while the male leaders were portrayed as mostly authoritative (Hammond, O’Neill, Landry, Woolsey), the female leaders (Weir, Carter) were portrayed as non-confrontational and having to defer to the men around them. Again, comments?”

Answers: 1. I think we’ve had some strong and wonderfully unique characters in Stargate. Obviously the first one that comes to mind is Samantha Carter who, over her many years on the franchise, has become one of the most recognized and respected female characters in SF television. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the equally strong but certainly more, uh, colorful Vala Mal Doran whose mercenary outlook belied a certain vulnerability. The women of Stargate: Universe also possess a depth of character we’re just beginning to explore.

2. Hey, she’s a warrior. Baggy clothing makes it tricky to maneuver. That said, while sexy (and I’m sure the same thing could be said for Ronon’s attire), it was always tasteful and appropriate.

3. I’m sure that if you look hard enough, you’ll find touchstone elements in any of our characters – McKay (the awkward nerd), Teal’c (the noble warrior), O’Neill (the wisecracking hero) – but these are simply surface impressions.

4. I’m not sure how to answer this. Could you give me examples? In the case of Weir, her non-confrontational style was a result of her experience in the field of international negotiation. She wasn’t military and so, whenever possible, opted for a less confrontational approach because, to be perfectly blunt, it’s the smarter way to deal with a problem. Weir was always sure of herself. Compare this to Woolsey who was on very uncertain ground when he first took over command of the Atlantis expedition but gradually came into his own.

PG15 also writes: “5. There was also criticism of how Carter was rarely personally invested in the series’s main plots (she was kind of just “along for the ride”, while the male characters had personal storylines; i.e. Daniel and Sha’re, and later Daniel and his connection to Anubis, and his guilt at bringing in the Ori; Jack and Skarra; Teal’c and his people), and when she is, the fact that she was female was integral to the plot, i.e. Fifth loved her and she betrayed him, and that started the whole human replicator plot; Martouf and Carter during the Jolinar plot. Her gender was the focus of her stories, while the same does not hold true for the male characters. So, uh…comment?”

Answer: Carter’s connections to Fifth, Martouf, and Pete were really no different than similar stories and arcs we explored with Teal’c and Drey’auc, Teal’c and Ishta, Teal’c and Shau’nac, or Daniel and Share, Daniel and Sarah, Daniel and Vala, or Jack and Sam. Also, Daniel’s guilt for bringing the Ori or the Jack and S’karra storyline paled considerably to the exploration of Sam’s relationship with her father Jacob and his tok’ra Selmak.

Dankriss writes: “Have you changed how we put up comments?…usually we get to see the comment but with awaiting moderation come up?”

Answer: Nope, nothing has changed. However, comments with links are initially re-routed to the spam folder (which is why you couldn’t see your last comment in queue).

DasNdanger writes: “So, Joe…all kidding and snark aside…would you continue to support the consumption of an animal if you were to learn that the very survival of the species was at stake, or if the suffering of the animal was beyond that with which you are comfortable?”

Answer: Hey, I’ve stopped eating panda haven’t I?

Alexandre writes: “ On the new sneak peak of Syfy, Robert Carlyle is DAVID Rush, but I tought he was NICHOLAS Rush ? isn’t is ?”

Answer: It’s Nicholas.

129 thoughts on “June 9, 2009: Ashleigh’s Feeling Punchy! Paul McGillion Wants Your Questions! MSOL Charity Auction! Elric Discussion! And The Mailbag!

  1. Paloosa writes: “Speaking of food, I’ve always wondered. For the Wraith, do humans come in different flavors?”

    Answer: Only three – vanilla, strawberry, and butter rum.

    Hmmm. Looking at my hips, and considering my liver – I’d say I taste like Butter Rum. Mmmmm, tasty.

  2. A chance to ask Paul McGillion a question and my mind has gone blank. 🙁

    It really is nice to see a character on TV that portrays our wee nation in such a good light and with the typically wry sense of humour that we are famous for.

    So – Paul I read somewhere once that you had a couple of feline friends. Do they wake you at some McSilly hour to demand food? What’s their names?

    And – have you met Miss Right yet?

    Susan – waving fae Perth 🙂

  3. When will Ashleigh Q&A be posted? Or was that a dream I had that you were doing a Q&A with her. I only get to drop by the blog every now and again and on a quick scan didn’t see the Answers posted.

  4. I shook it off and went about my day but, later that afternoon, had to drop by her office to grab a bottled war (she hoards them in her mini refrigerator).

    Bottled war? Sounds explosive! Is it best served cold? 🙂

    Speaking of Best Served Cold, I will add this to my mushrooming reading list. I think I going to need bigger and better shelves first, though…

  5. whoa, a chance to ask PAUL McGILLION some questions!

    Thanks, Paul, for taking the time to answer some questions.

    1) Had Stargate Atlantis had a sixth season, where would you have liked to have seen Beckett go, story/character-wise?

    2) Any word on whether Beckett will be in the SGA movie?

    3) What’s the next project we can look forward in seeing you in?

    Thanks very much! 🙂

  6. Good Evening Joe,
    Just watching the last (hopefully) game of the Stanley Cup Finals. GO WINGS!

    Liked your answers to PG-15’s questions about women in both SG series so far. I have always thought they portrayed strong characters, but with many facets, as all real women have.

    Question about one character, two women. In SG1 Elizabeth Weir was played by Jessica Steen, yet by Torri Higginson in Atlantis. What gives? Why was the decision made to replace Jessica with Torri? A matter of timing? Perhaps Jessica wasn’t available for the new series? Just a random thought.

    Have a great night. Watch out for that Ashleigh. She’s a cunning one!

    Patty O

  7. Hi Joe – Sounds like it’s time for you to install your own mini-frig in your office! Did you save the bottle?? Just in case something happens we can avenge you, but need to have Ashleigh’s prints on the bottle!!

    Thanks for setting up a “Paul McGillion Q&A”. here’s my question:

    Hi Paul – You were absolutely super in “A Dog’s Breakfast”. Do you have any future plans to take a turn behind the camera as a producer/director? If so, would it be a comedy, adventure, mystery, or scifi???

    Enjoyed meeting you in Vancouver, BC in the Hilton’s restaurant, after you met with the lovely lady who led your “Save Beckett” campaign!!

    Take care – Evelyn
    (co-producer of your “Lean on Me” vid)

  8. I shook it off and went about my day but, later that afternoon, had to drop by her office to grab a bottled war

    She keeps war in her fridge? I think you should sue for peace immediately.

    Question for Paul McGillion: how hard was it to do the Scottish accent, and how many takes did it require, per average scene?

  9. Answer: Hey, I’ve stopped eating panda haven’t I?

    Oh. My. God.

    I think I may have to replace my PDA, which was unfortunately resting on the desk somewhere between my mouthful of tea and my monitor when I read your comment.

    Sweet mercy, Joe! That was…unexpected. And yet…not.

  10. Ahhhhh, typos. They are surely nature’s clowns. Let me show you some.

    2nd paragraph, 2nd line: bottled war? An extraordinarily appropriate Freudian slip. Yes, I have no doubt that Ashleigh has accrued a great amount of bottled war. This explains why her offensives are seemingly endless, while your offensives, Joe, are seemingly non-existent. I say, it’s time to steal some of her bottled war, and put them to good use! And hey, keep some and market them as good stress relievers, and more:

    Coming soon to a WalMart near you! BOTTLED WAAAAAAAR!!! What is it good for? Absolutely EVERYTHING!!

    Upon drinking BOTTLED WAAAAAAR, you will be filled with such RAGE-AHOL that you must empty it towards the nearest INNOCENT SOUL.

    It’s like a laxative, but FOR YOUR MIND.

    Yes, use Bottled War to relief stress: punch a kid in the face! Then, gift the injured child with another BOTTED WAAAAAAAR, so that he or she can return the favor by punching you IN THE NUTS!


    Use Bottled War for Art! Yeah, STAB that canvas with paint, STAB STAB STAB, and a great work of art is born!! Don’t mind the holes in the canvas, they just add to the AAAAAAART!!

    Want to sculpt but lack the chisels and hammers? BOTTLED WAR TO THE RESCUE!! Who needs chisels and hammers when you have your fist AND YOUR FACE!! The uncontrollable rage afforded to you by BOTTLED WAAAAAAAR gives you superhuman strength and durability! Or so you think! Actually, the rage just makes you irrational, so it’s all in your head, WHICH YOU CAN USE TO SCULPT THAT FUCKING ROCK!!!!

    Michelangelo? MORE LIKE…MY COLON, JELLO! With BOTTLED WAAAAAAAAR, you will best that Renaissance nuisance, and produce sculptures so much more beautiful and violent that IT WILL BLOW. PEOPLE. AWAY!!


    AND, from the makers of BOTTLED WAAAAAAAR, comes BOTTLED WAAAAAAAAR: AAAAAAAARMAGEDDON. Not only will your thirst be quenched, BUT IT WILL ALSO FACE THE WRATH. OF. GOD!!! Your stress will be so relieved that you will literally DIE.

    Warning: Do not drink Bottled War and Bottled War: Armageddon and not operate heavy machinary. IT WOULD BE SUCH. A. WASTE. OF. RAAAAAAAGE.

    By the way, maybe you can construe that punch as sexual harrassment? Oh, imagine the look on her sexy, sexy face if you did that.

    And apparently, today’s blog is dedicated to no one. Congrats, no one!

    Ok, sorry for being a smartass. I’m just feeling a little…smartassy today. Yeah, that’s a word.

    Oh hey, I’ve started comparing Twitter to the One Ring from LOTR in their addictiveness AND their evilness. Help me spread this comparison, Joe and Co.

    That purple thing is food? From the thumbnail, it looks like a crumped up piece of purple paper. When I clicked on it to bigify it, it looks like a purple, sparkly hair scrunchy.

    Mmmmm, hair scrunchy.

    Thank you for answering my questions! For #4, I guess the focal point is Carter. You can say that Weir was non-confrontational because of her background; Woosley was who he was because of his background, and the military men were who they were because they were…well, Generals; of course they’d be confrontational.

    But Carter is the odd-person out, because she’s also military, but administrated like Weir in her non-confrontational-ness (barring that sweet scene with Ellis in BAMSR). So…yeah, I guess that’s the “problem”? Unlike the military men, this military women acted as if she were a civilian. I don’t know. I was just relaying the others’ thoughts.


    When can you tell us the names of the freelancers of SGU Season 1?

    Hey das, have you seen the 2002 remake of The Time Machine? I caught a bit of it recently and there was a character played by Jeremy Irons who was made up to be an albino with flowing white hair.

    Just thought to let you know. 😉

    @ iamza: Thanks!

  11. Questions for Paul McGillion: Were you as surprised as the rest of us when you died so quickly on 24?

    Somewhere I came across the story of how Paul asks his brother to pronounce medical words the way their parents would. (For the character of Dr. Beckett.) Anything he’d like to add to that?

  12. To Paul McGillion.
    Why didn’t you fight harder for the role of Scotty in Star Trek? You ARE Scotty! Not some random deck officer.

  13. For Paul:
    Whoo! Thanks for doing a Q&A! My question is completely unrelated to Stargate but…
    Can you share any amusing anecdotes/stories from the Star Trek set? Your scene (though far too short) was brilliant and I IMMEDIATELY burst into a huge grin when you came onto the screen! 😀 I also began frantically pointing you out to everyone I was with; I didn’t know when you’d appear and so it rather surprised me. Bravo! And thanks again.

  14. For Paul:

    Do you have any con appearances coming up? You and Aaron Douglas really need to do one together. You guys are hilarious. Anyway, hope to see you back on TV in a regular position soon!

  15. Joe, you said:
    “Hey, she’s a warrior. Baggy clothing makes it tricky to maneuver. That said, while sexy (and I’m sure the same thing could be said for Ronon’s attire), it was always tasteful and appropriate.”

    Not so. Ronon’s pants and shirt were quite baggy in “Sunday”. And his dreads would have often gotten in his way when he fought. The dreads easily become something an enemy could pull and grab. Although it never happened in the show, in Real Life, it would have, Enemies rarely fight fair. And a bunch of them never ever will wait until the hero is finished with each individual before attacking.


  16. One of these days I’ll catch up with the pace of the BOTMC selections. I did finally read The Unblemished – horrific and a real page turner. I love London but this was a really creepy depiction of it. Don’t recall seeing flesh eating zombies there. But I wasn’t really looking for them either. Sorry to miss this upcoming Q&A. I am going to try to read Elric soon and then make sure I read Blood of Ambrose on time for the following Q&A. I have a new website, artdogspot.com. Check it out. I included the doggie’s twitter link for those interested in tweeting with canines.

    When will the SG 1 movie start shooting and will the entire original team be available for this film? Seems like those folks are pretty busy these days. Is the story still O’Neill-centric? If so, will you have to track down RDA from wherever he is adventuring? And, I am so hoping that Major Davis can have a speaking part in this one. What are the odds?

  17. Weyull sheeit. As much as I love Paul, I also find myself similarly blank. How lame. D:

    …Alright, I’ll go the slightly random route. At least the questions won’t be boring:

    o1] You said in June of last year that Hakkasan is one of your favourite places to eat. What is your absolute favourite restaurant? If you had to pick one dish to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    o2] If you were invited to a costume party and the theme was ‘childhood heroes,’ who would you go as?

    o3] Will you ever start a blog? Please, please start a blog! For the love of ceol mor, man!

    o4] Have you ever visited your Gateworld thread, a.k.a. The Gutter? I hope you brought some hipwaders if you ventured there…

    o5] Will you marry me? ;P

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us. It really does mean a lot. 😀

    Thank you, as well, for tolerating all of us crazy fans.

    …I’m mostly joking about that last question.


    *shifty eyes*

  18. That space food looks rather interesting….no chance we’re gonna get an explanation of it, is there? … didn’t think so.
    Hmm…I shall have to ponder possible questions for Paul McGillion. At a time when I don’t feel like passing out sitting up. Which will (hopefully) be tomorrow. ^_^

  19. Is some of Elric’s perceived evil because he does not have a typical Melnibonean outlook on life? By which I mean he is perceived by others as different — the human races as too Melnibonean, and by the Melnibonean survivors as too weak and human. He doesn’t really fit in anywhere (which might also go some way to explaining his natural aptitude for the mercenary way of life). I mean, a lot of things that people consider evil are things they don’t fully understand.

    This would explain why Elric comes across as so sympathetic to readers — who get to know him from the inside out — versus the average Joe mercenary/soldier/traveller/lord that Elric encounters on the road, who know only the legends of Elric’s many misdeeds.

    Okay, last comment from me. Time to go back to lurking. 🙂

  20. What parts of the book gave me a sense of the Melinbonean’s inhumaness. Hmm. I think the impression really sets in later in this book, when Moorcock is giving a description of Elric’s cousin, and describes his beauty as inhuman. In addition, there is the explanations of why the Melnibonean’s “evil” is a natural part of their being, given their origins as children of chaos. And a race that uses humans as indificual “pipes” of the Melnibonean organ definitely adds to their inhuman aura. Though I must admit, I cannot say if that impression is a holdover from reading the Elric stories years ago, or from this go-round. And it does bring a few other questions to mind. The human cultures of the world seem to accept the wandering remnants of Melnibone suprisingly openly. For how long had the Bright Empire been in decay, that the beings that once ruled the world no longer struck absolute fear into humanity? As noted, they seem to inspire a comparison to Tolkien’s elves. Perhaps Melniboneans are what Morgoth was out to achieve when he began to torture and pervert captured Elves, rather than the orcs that were instead created?
    Meantime, Three Huzzahs for the Goddess Ashleigh! Does she engender such paranoia and fear from the others on the writing staff, or are you the honored recipient of her full attention? You’re really going to have to start channelling Baron Destructo more though, or risk becoming an apron wearing server of drinks to the other writers.
    Blanking out on questions for Mr. Moorcock. Somewhat embarrassing to be so intimidated at the thought of addressing a “mere author”. But of course he is no “mere author”, and however embarrassing the feeling is still there. Meantime, other than quizing Mr. Mcgillion on any upcoming projects we might expect to see him on or in, I’ll be trying to think up some not-stupid sounding questions before everyone else asks all the good ones. Thanks as always for an entertaining and informative blog posting. Now to go check out what Maximus has to say on Twitter.

  21. Hey Joe,

    Great post today: I was very glad I wasn’t drinking anything in front of my computer – though I stopped doing that very soon after I started reading your blog 😀 – when I read the Panda comment. Then I shuddered at the thought.

    Did you hear about the new baluga baby at the Aquarium?

    Just a thought, I never really saw Sam as non-confrontational; rather that they all had their strenghts and Sam never really saw the need to be the one in a direct confrontation when someone like, say Teal’c, was better suited.
    That being said, there was one of my favourite scenes in The Quest (Part II, I think it was) when she hauls off and slugs Ba’al, so I think she has it in her.

    I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I thought I may as well ask anyway:

    Have you ever read anything by Jodi Picoult or Guy Gavriel Kay?


  22. For Paul McGillion:

    My questions:

    I was surpised that your “24” character got killed so quickly, that’s not what I hoped for, but it move on, Do you get any offer from TV series? I want to see more of you and your good works.

    I watched “A Dog’s Breakfast” few times as you were wonderful in it! Any word for ADB 2?

    Why not do twitter? your fans love to know what’s you doing. David Hewlett have over 14,000 followers.

    I really wait for the answer on DST’s Dr. Carson Beckett action figure .

    Thanks for your great works in tv and film! 🙂


  23. Thanks for having Paul answer questions!
    For Paul:
    1.Do you keep in touch with any of your colleages from SGA?
    2. I loved you as Dr. Beckett, what do you think were his best qualities? His worst?
    3. Did you try to play the second incarnation of Beckett differently than before he was cloned?
    4. Whatever happened to the “wee turtles?”
    Thank you !!!

  24. Regarding Elric: The Stealer of Souls, I have questions for my those who read the book as well as the author…

    In the review included in the book, the Elric saga is criticized for its use of fate and destiny. I believe the gist of the critique is that by introducing the concept that Elric is fated to complete this tact, it robs the story of any real jeopardy. Do you agree or disagree with this statement considering – Just because he is fated to follow through does not guarantee Elric will succeed or survive. At the end of the Stormbringer, he doesn’t even have the strength to blow the horn. If not for Moonglum, he would have failed. Thoughts?

    And questions for Michael Moorcock –

    Can you tell us about your works in progress. What are you toiling away on at present?

    And what can you tell us about the upcoming Elric movie? How involved will you be in its development?

  25. Mr. Moorcock,

    As a big fan of your work, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have this opportunity. Thank you for making the time to stop by and chat with us.

    A couple of Elric-related questions:

    – We’ve had some discussion about Stormbringer’s gender and the suggestion that the sword is female – something that was downplayed in later editions. I’m wondering what your initial feelings were in this regard and how the jibe with your present mindset. Stormbringer = male, female, or asexual? And why?

    – When writing your very first Elric story, were you at all concerned that your hero would prove too unlikable to an editor or the general public? Was there ever a point early on when you considered softening Elric to make him more palatable to the consumer or was this never an issue?

    And general questions –

    – There has also been some discussion on the role of women in the fantasy genre. What do you say to those who feel female characters have historically been given short shrift? Is it a result of the genre’s roots as targeting predominantly male readers? Do you think that things have improved re: fantasy’s depiction of women?

    – You’ve written for both SF and Fantasy. Do you prefer writing for one genre over the other? And why do you think it is that Fantasy outsells SF so considerably?

    – Given the opportunity in some alternate reality, what book series or character not your own would you have loved to have written?

  26. Questions for Paulie:

    1) Where did you get the name, “Paulie”?

    2) Are you going to be at Comic Con in San Diego this year?

    3) When you were on Atlantis, who was your absolute favorite guest star to work with and why?

    Thanks for answering the questions, Paul. As a mom, I suggest you give your parents a call and tell them how much you appreciate them. You can never say that enough to the people you love.



  27. Answer: “Hey, I’ve stopped eating panda haven’t I?”

    Uh-huh. Yeah, okay. I see what kind of mood your in today… 😉

    Answer: “! I didn’t even notice the passage. Then again, nothing out of the ordinary there. After all, would you expect Elric to polish Moonglum’s sword? More importantly, do you think Moonglum would expect Elric to polish his sword?”

    *See previous comment.

    Off-topic, yet somewhat related – I’ve always wondered… do Wraith polish their stunners?

    Answer: “Only three – vanilla, strawberry, and butter rum.”

    Whew! I’m mint chocolate chip…surely Wraith won’t come near me! 😀

    Now – onto Elric…

    Answer: “Oh, they’re bastards alright. There’s a passage in one of the books which describes how the Melniboneans tortured slaves in such a way as to produce an almost musical tune in their varied screams. Apparently, not a very progressive race.”

    It was one of my favorite moments in Elric of Melniboné, because it helped to define their morality (or lack thereof). I don’t want to be told what they are like, I want to be shown what they are like, and Moorcock did that quite well here. Knowing that about them made Elric’s torture of Jagreen Lern all the more sobering – not just the torture, but that Elric did not hesitate in his decision to so brutally punish the man. Here is a bit of the torture scene from Elric of Melniboné:

    “Elric sat in the chair prepared for him. He was bored rather than disgusted by the rituals attendant upon the gathering of information and the discordant screams, the clash of chains, the thin whisperings of Doctor Jest, all served to ruin the feeling of well-being he had retained even as he reached the chamber…With a poorly disguised yawn he leaned back and watched as Doctor Jest ran fingers and scapel, tongue, tongs and pincers over the bodies. He was soon thinking of other matters: philosophical problems which he had still failed to resolve.

    It was not that Elric was inhumane; it was that he was, still, a Melnibonéan. He had been used to such sights since childhood…He had become used to shutting off those feelings which conflicted with his duties as emperor.”

    Elric’s boredom as he watched the torture is what intrigued me. It told me how commonplace this was for him, though I – just introduced to his culture – was appalled. That Elric was NOT appalled is what caught my attention…and – even though he reasoned why the prisoners had to be tortured, and that reasoning was sound – just the fact that he showed no aversion to what was happening made an impression on me. Knowing all of this, I could well imagine with what sort of attitude he went about torturing Jagreen Lern…very chilling.

    I found it interesting, too, that Elric finished him off at the urging of Moonglum. Still, I can’t decide if he put the man out of his misery because of Moonglum, or simply because he become bored with it all.

    And poor Moonglum – he never liked seeing Elric’s darkest side. But why was that? Because he didn’t want to be reminded of what Elric was capable of doing? Or was it because he knew that Elric – no matter how much he tried to prove otherwise – was better than that?

    Answer: “It’s true. Occasionally, the wraith do enjoy playing with their food. It’s no doubt a bad habit they picked up when they were kids.”

    Ever since The Lost Tribe and that wonderful scene between Todd and Woolsey, I’ve had this mental image of Todd playing a similar ‘game’ with farmers, all in an attempt to secure a wooden table, a few chairs, and a couple bowls of fruit…

    Dang – I am very tired…but still have more to say…


  28. Hey Paul,

    Do you get to Scotland often? If you were to recommend the best place to visit on vacation–what would you choose? I’m hoping to get there one day, and I’m looking for suggestions! 🙂

    Also–with your parents having fairly heavy Scottish accents, and while you played Carson on Stargate–did you ever randomly find yourself slipping into a bit of a Scottish brogue at all? It seems like you can slip in and out fairly easily–did that take much practice at all?

    Love ya lots!!!


  29. Hello Michael,

    I’m happy to hear that an Elric movie has finally been given the greenlight. Which brings me to my question: When will an updated version of Jerry Cornelius hit the big screen?

  30. That’s a tough one with the water, Joe. Even if she offered her own to reassure you, she might have spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder.
    You need a royal taster.

    @PG15 They established back with Vanessa Angel’s portrayal of Anise/Freja that scantily clad and/or putting-outedness shouldn’t be viewed through our own puritanical…things.

    Questions for Paul:

    1. Can you comment on whether you’ll be in either the Atlantis movie or SGU?

    2. I loved a Dog’s Breakfast. Do you or any of the Stargate alum have some more small but fantastic projects you’re looking to do?

    3. Who is your second favorite Beatle?

  31. A question for Paul… that gets me thinking…

    >> Since David Hewlett said that there are high hopes ADB’s ‘Starcrossed’ will see the light of day, are you going to participate in the project?

  32. So, I went over to Michael Shank’s auction and it lists Gary Jones as acting in Stargate: Universe. Is he just in the premier or will he be appearing throughout the show?

    Question for Mr. McGillion: Did you make any changes to the way you portrayed the original Becket and the clone Becket? Did you do something to slightly differentiate them for yourself or did you see yourself as playing the exact same character?


  33. Questions for Paul McGillion. You have always been one of my favorite characters. Nice, sweet, non-threatening, always there to help.

    What was your favorite episode of Stargate Atlantis?

    Who did you most like to work with and why?

    What would be a dream project for you?

    Were you surprised when Martin Gero wanted to be your brother “Danger Beckett” in the hilariously funny Road To Dream featurette?

    Joe wrote, “That said, while sexy (and I’m sure the same thing could be said for Ronon’s attire), it was always tasteful and appropriate.”

    See, now that’s the problem. In the upcoming movie, I’d like to see a little distasteful and totally inappropriate attire on Ronon. You did say he is in the best shape of his life. Prove it! Put him in McKay’s bathtub, but no bubble bath allowed. And oops, who stole all the towels? Could we at least have a shirtless scene? Pants optional.

  34. Question for Paul McGillion:

    Do you think Carson had a death wish of sorts in Sunday from all the people under his care that were lost and what happened to Sheppard in versos episodes do to him in one way or another, and that was why he decided to take the tumor to the bomb guy instead of staying where he was told to stay?

  35. @ Arctic Goddess – Just off the top of my head, Ronon’s dreads got grabbed and pulled by the Wraith in Runner.

  36. Hi there, I love Paul McG!
    I was wondering what he thought about some of the moral dilemmas and medical decisions that Dr. Beckett went through during his tenure on Atlantis?
    Some of the medical experimantation on both humans (the ATA gene therapy which turned out well), and the Hoffan virus and Michael transformation (which didn’t).
    And was his work with the Pegasus Galaxy natives upon his return part of a way to assuage his percieved guilt?
    I hope to see him soon in other projects and the SGA movie!

  37. Questions for Paul

    I know you have a teaching certificate – what classes have you taught or what you like to teach given the opportunity? (If you want to come teach my college intro bio courses, give me a call).

    Do your siblings give you a hard time for being an actor, especially since it seems you have a lot of female fans?

  38. Answer: “True. Even his actions after the fall of Imrryr can’t be described as evil. Cowardly perhaps, certainly self-serving, but he clearly feels guilt for abandoning his allies, just as he feels guilt for some of the lives sacrificed to Stormbringer: Cymoril, Zorazinia, and Rackhir the Red Archer. It feels as though, with each of these tragic deaths, Elric’s own soul is cast ever-deeper into that black pit of despair until, by saga’s end, his own death is a release for him.”

    I never saw what Elric did to his own people as ‘evil’. He was their rightful ruler, and in their complacency they had accepted another. He had every right to attempt to retake his throne, and – if failing in that – to destroy that which was, technically, HIS.

    I found it interesting that Elric mourned more for the loss of the city, the beautiful city, than for the people who lived therein. It was the destruction of the inanimate – of all the wealth and beauty and vast, rich history – that saddened him most. Though he agonized over Cymoril’s death and his role in destroying his culture…it only served to further convinced me that Elric was more the sentimentalist than the conscience-pricked man. That’s not to say that he felt no guilt or remorse over what he had done…he certainly did. But over what? The wanton destruction of his own culture, or his failure to come off victorious?

    Answer: “Agree. As I said yesterday, the friendship between these two really forms the emotional core of this epic, making Moonglum’s sacrifice all the more tragic.”

    Oddly enough, I did not see his sacrifice as ‘tragic’. It was…beautiful. What a contrast to the brutal torture Elric could mete out, or the demons he could conjure up, or the souls he could so ravenously take at the tip of his sword. Here was the one soul that was not his to steal, the one soul that was neither evil nor suffering, but one to be given willingly, in all pureness of motive. This was friendship stripped down to its barest essence…something beyond love, something bound up in trust, that tried and true faith each man had in the other.

    Answer: “And the souls of Stormbringer’s many victims.”

    I did wonder how much the souls affected Elric’s personality. Though he may have experienced an initial rush of emotion, he never seemed to grow more sinister or evil as he feed off the souls of the wicked, and even his battle frenzies seemed to die down soon after the action had subsided.

    Answer: “Isn’t it always the way. It’s often the surprisingly frank and sympathetic responses of friends and loved ones to a personal tragedy that proves most effecting, sometimes more than the tragedy itself.”

    Yes, exactly. I am so glad someone understands! For instance, Moonglum’s occasional ‘mothering’ of Elric was quite endearing (there is scene in The Sleeping Sorceress that is particularly good in this regard). It wasn’t about relishing Elric’s suffering, but rather it helped me understand and respect the man at his side, and the nature of their bond. Of course, a struggling hero does help me gain sympathy for the character, especially when he may have some very unpleasant personality traits to overcome…such as bull-headedness, addiction, and indulgent self-loathing. 🙂



  39. Double heh – now I’m not even finishing my words – a sign that it is time for bed!

    Joe – will try to get my questions together tomorrow morning – obviously, I’m very tired at the moment…


  40. Avenge you if something untoward happens to you, when it’s some consequence Ashleigh chose to mete out?! How could you even suggest it??? I fully trust that like Santa, Ashleigh knows if you’ve been good or bad, or if you’re even thinking of being bad — and whatever “bad” may be should be hers to define. It’s only fair. – Okay, good, that’s settled. Nihil obstat from The Sisterhood of Mayhem, Assault, and Battery.

    If your earlobes eventually turn necrotic and fall off, bite the bullet and think of it as a way to get more into your shoe/foot fetish, or fugu-fancying, whatever. The silver lining, yada yada.

    (Fun anecdote, and fun pics, thanks. *g*)

    Question for Paul McGillion: First, I’m going to miss Beckett SO much, even if he went missing sometimes after “Sunday.” You and the writers made him such a well-loved character. Thank you very much. Q: If you haven’t already answered this a thousand times, what would you change, if you could, about making TV shows and movies in Canada and the US vs. the UK?

  41. for Paul McGillion: Oops, I thought you had grown up and got your start at acting in the UK. Sorry for asking an uninformed question. – So, have you noticed any consistent differences between Canadian and American approaches to show-making?

  42. Paloosa writes: “Speaking of food, I’ve always wondered. For the Wraith, do humans come in different flavors?”

    Answer: Only three – vanilla, strawberry, and butter rum.

    WHAT!!!! No chocolate??? As a pastry chef, I object on general principles…. ‘course, this just proves that the Wraith are truly evil beings, more iratus bug than human

    Joe, as a foodie (gourmand, epicure, whatever term you prefer..), do you find that you are often disappointed with the dessert selections in fine dining restaurants? It may be
    professional bias for me, but I find that I expect something as fantastic on the dessert menu as on the rest of it!

  43. hahaha Mr.Mallozzi, your water blog reminds me of a McKay-like medical moment.

    Oh, and if it’s not too late to ask Ashleigh a question, and today’s brutal punch reminded me, here’s one –

    If you could be one archnemisis/’bad guy’, who would it be and why?

    and YES, I have to send a question to Mr.McGillion —

    1. I’m curious how the producers handled you Scottish accent during the original casting process? Did they ask for a specific variation, or were you given free choice on the matter?

    2. Loved your cameo in the new Star Trek film. How much of the script and overall product of the film were you allowed to see during production? When did you first see the completed scene you were in and when did you first see the film completed as a whole?

  44. For Paul: Love your work. I felt you played Beckett as a relunctant hero; one who just wanted to do his work and let the soldiers do theirs. Was this your choice to play him this way or was he written in this manner? What did you think when you learned of Beckett’s death in “Sunday”? Did the fan’s outrage over Beckett’s death surprise you? What did your parents think of your accent? I heard you tell the story of when you called your dad to tell him of your role on Stargate–he thought you said Star Trek. What did he think when you did get a part on the Star Trek movie? You and David Hewlett have great onscreen chemistry. Does the friendship continue offscreen as well? Last question: How did you get to be so bloody awesome? Did you grow up that way or do you just acquire additional awesomeness as the years go by?

  45. Thanks! It’s wonderfully reassuring to know that vanilla, strawberry, and butter rum are constants throughout the Universe, no matter how they’re served.

    One question for Paul:

    Actors seem to have to go with the flow in their quest to find interesting work. Do you enjoy moving, or would you rather stay rooted somewhere?

  46. For Paul…

    I just have to say, Carson is one of my absolute favorite characters from the show, and he was since the beginning (and not just because I’d totally want to marry him if he was real). So sweet, funny… Scottish… so many good things. His friendship with McKay is one of the best in all of Stargate. I bawled my eyes out at “Sunday” (and still haven’t forgiven certain people for killing him off). When clone Carson came into the picture, I admit I was a bit annoyed because it felt like they were trying to slip us a photocopy and convince us it’s the original. But having clone Carson is still better than no Carson at all. I like him as a character in his own right, and he does seem subtly different than original Carson. Which is all a long lead-up to this question: Do you play clone Carson exactly as real Carson, as if the original had come back to life, or do you play him as a separate character who just happens to be an awful lot like Carson? Do you see him potentially branching off somehow to become even more different from the original, presuming he appears in enough movies/whatever to do so?

    Non-Stargatey question: How’s life in LA? Aside from your cameo in the awesomest movie of the year, what else can we look forward to seeing you in?

    P.S. I hope you continue to be in the Atlantis movies no matter what character they have you playing. You’re always a joy to watch.

  47. I’m usually just a reader here, but at the opportunity to possibly have some questions of mine asked to Paul McGillion, I’ll gladly take a step away from the wall! 🙂 Of course, as with most of the others it seems, my brain doesn’t want to comprehend human speech in order for me to do so… But I’ve come up with two, at least…

    1) A friend dared me to write down my phone number at Emerald City ComiCon and give it to Jewel Staite for you… so I did. Did you ever get it? Haha.

    and 2) Do you ever have nightmares about that dreaded kiss with David Hewlett from so so long ago in the SGA episode “Duet”? Tee hee.

    I also want to know if you’ll ever get a blog or twitter account going. Someone else already asked that, but I’m sure it’s a big question on everyone’s minds. 🙂

    Thanks, Joe!

    the “I’m only here for Jewel Staite!” girl

  48. @pg15: I strongly suspect there’s something in those water bottles in addition to war, maybe something that would make the One Ring seem like stale potato chips; and I think *you* have been siphoning off Ashleigh’s stash. And I’m not paranoid, unlike some executive producers we know. Well, okay, only one; otherwise they’d never get anything done, right? Everyone would want to be Napoleon . . . or else Cartman (only slimmer and with a sexier voice).

    Generally speaking: I don’t go to Gateworld because I’m trigger-happy, and feel there’s no point in using grapeshot when C4 will do just fine. But if this point hasn’t been addressed there. . . . Actually, generals are often more talented at diplomacy than one might think, especially since we often see them in “high-test(osterone)” mode — in fiction, the endless but not always realistic pissing contests; in nonfiction, the endless but not always realistic pissing contests (press corps Q&A’s, running into Keith Olbermann at the handball court, etc.) Unless you have big-time connections or are simply a brilliant officer — Patton, e.g. — it’s hard to make brigadier if you can’t stay relatively calm and reasonable when tough issues are being hammered out. And you’re scrutinized on how well you play in the sandbox, expecially where political types are involved. I have no love for the military; I just grew up in it, but I’ve always felt that movies and TV shows tend to sterotype generals as tough but slightly dim folks (or tough-veneered evil genius-wannabes) who are just itching for a fight. Not all shows, natch, but still. — Eisenhower might possibly have been the least talented of the Allied general staff when it came to military matters, but he got his fifth star and oversaw the European theater because he was able to get other senior officers to accept compromise and work as a team, unlike the EU, the US Congress, and the Oakland Raiders.

    All right, I’m done with the soapbox. Unless it was actually an Ashleigh’s bottled water box.

  49. Joe, would you please post? Thanks.

    You are all invited to check out the shiny new Chimaera website. Just Google CHIMAERACON.

  50. Trying to think of a funny question for Paul McG.

    For The Great and Mighty Moorcock–I liked GLORIANNA. Will I like ELRIC? Already love cover art by fellow San Antonian John Picacio.

  51. Tim Gaffney said:

    There will be a game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Friday. GO PENS!!!

    You know how you see the first & last letters of a word and your brain just fills in the blanks, well my brain just automatically added an i. ROTFLMAO. **sighs** Yep, maybe it’s just me.

    Cheers, Chev

  52. PoorOldEdgarDerby said:

    3. Who is your second favorite Beatle?

    Ooh can I play too? My 2nd fave Beatle would be John. It goes George, John, Ringo, Paul. Frankly I think Paul McCartney is overrated (which makes me super popular with the Beatles fanatics I know, but it’s just how I feel).

    Cheers, Chev

  53. This isn’t my first time to your blog, but this was defiantly the first time I’ve actually stopped and read it. Seeing that you actually read your comments I thought I’d share an idea with you. [edited].

    Alas, sorry. For legal reasons, I can’t read fan ideas or pitches.Joe

  54. To Paul McGillion:

    1) I’m going to Scotland in August (again ;)) and though I’m going to see different places my absolutely favourite place is the Isle of Skye 🙂
    (a) What is your favourite place and
    (b) how often do you get to visit Scottland and
    (c) do you still haven close relatives there you visit when you are in Scotland and
    (d) what do you look forward to when you do visit Scotland?

    2) I’d love to hear something about your cats. I have a cat myself and I could write a book about her. Cats are everything but boring 🙂

    3) I’m glad to hear that your busy. What are you working on currently and are there any Scottish characters in sight 🙂

    4) I have to admit that I did not recognise you in Star Trek and I really have to watch it again to look out for you. That can be taken as a compliment as I only recognised you as the batch leader and not as Paul 🙂 so great work 😀

    5) What is your favourite sport (To do and to watch)?

    6)Have you ever worked in a non-profit theatre group* and if you had the time would you like to work in one (again)?

    *As in: Acting for actings sake but therefore free to put all your creativity into the Play

    Hope to see you at any Convention in Europe again. The marzipan pigs are waiting for you 🙂
    Thank you for you wonderful work as an actor. You are just amazing 🙂

    Thank you so very much Joe for bringing Paul in for an Q&A. BTW I was THAT close to asking Chris Judge during the FedCon in Germany about his Q&A which is looong overdue 😉 but unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to his second Panel

  55. Questions for Paul:

    1. Have you ever used the Scottish accent to get an advantage in real life, such as dealing over the phone with a customer service person or does it come with great responsibility? p.s. Listening to you as Beckett makes me remember my Physics teacher. He rocked!

    2. What was the best thing, personally or professionally, you did while your character was off Atlantis?

    3. Has your hair recovered from the unfortunate “Elvis” dyejob of 2008?

    4. Read any interesting books lately?

    5. I see you’re coming to Melbourne for Armageddon. Coolies!! Have you been before? Anything you want to do while you’re here?

    6. Who would win in an arm wrestling contest, you or David Hewlett?

    Cheers, Chev

  56. Ashleigh is just messin’ with you.

    Or is she?

    Did you have to break the seal on the bottle? Or did it open a bit too easily?

  57. Hello Paul how are you ?

    Thank you so much for answering fans questions.

    I have a few questions to ask you.You don’t have to anwser if you don’t have the time. :)I’ll try not to ask to many questions.

    If it’s ok i’d like to ask some questions about acting.

    I finished a course in April at the VFS (Vancouver Film School)and i was wondering how you got started,what steps did you take ?

    Thank you so much Paul for your time and from me i’d like to thank you for helping me find an awsome school (Thanks to your biography)and making making my first Stargate convention Gate Con (April 4th) really specail.Also thank you very much for your work on Stargate.

    Take care and all the best and good luck for your future projects.


  58. All the Elric analysis is very interesting. Also, referring to your question: “What moments in the book gave you a sense of the Melniboneans’ inhumanness?” The story stated many times that the Melniboneans were on Earth before humans. That statement alone seems to lead to their Inhumanness and sets them apart. Their behavior toward servants (torture, eunuchs, etc), women. I agree with Das’s comment “He had been used to such sights since childhood…He had become used to shutting off those feelings which conflicted with his duties as emperor.”

    The mind-blowing betrayal to his race and the way the Melniboneans received him as their leader after that betrayal. What other culture would take back a leader that betrayed them and made them essentially homeless (not to mention the rape of their women)? It almost seemed like they chose the most logical course (lineage), instead of going with emotion.

    Iamza’s comment “By which I mean he is perceived by others as different”. The first listing of this is Elric’s father rejecting Elric as weak and useless. Seeing Elric as useless to being an emperor? That would help develop a thick skin for a young Elric.

    Albinism would set him apart from almost everyone. I’ve only met one albino and he was an African American. Very startling, at first glance (second/third/fourth glance, also).


  59. Joe – I forgot to say last night how much I enjoyed Ashleigh’s antics. Now I wish I had asked her if it’s all true, or if you’re just making this stuff up in an attempt to create your own personal supervillain, perhaps to elicit some sort of [misplaced] sympathy from us. If so, it’s not working! We’re cheering her on!

    Ahhhh. Mallozzi-whumping. It’s a beautiful thing. 😀


  60. Question for you, Joe:

    When does the Ashleigh vs. Joe webisode series debut? 😉

  61. This question is for Mr. McGillion: Having seen you on roles in Smallville, 24 (nice death by the way), and other roles that do not feature your accent, my question is 1. Is the accent on Atlantis yours, or is it exaggerated? 2. How long did it take for you to “loose” your accent for the other roles? Thank you for your time.

  62. Question for Paul:

    Duet has to be one of favorite episodes. The scene with you and David kissing… I have to say I did not see that coming.
    I think it was on the DVD to that episode you talked about that scene. What was you initial reaction when you were approached? Did you receive extra pay for that kissing scene?

    Both you and David did a great job with that scene.
    I was very shocked when Beckett died – and I was thrilled when he came back, even though he was clone.

  63. Hiya Joe. Thank you for getting Mr McGillion in for a Q&A! I haven’t had a chance to peruse the questions thus far so I hope I’m not repeating any!

    Question for Paul – Mr Mc – first off I’m looking forward to meeting you for the first time when you pop down under in October. I know you’ve been to Australia a few times already but I’ve never had the chance to get to one of your cons til now. So, I hope you brush up on your Australian accent coz I’m likely to ask you to give it a try!! Most folks who try to imitate an Aussie end up sounding rather Cockney!
    Anyhoo, my question as boring as it may seem, is: do you ever find yourself slipping into a Scottish accent when chatting to either the fans or just anyone in general?
    Also, if you could have chosen…if it were possible, who would you have liked to have seen Beckett “hook” up with??
    Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer the fans questions. Again, I’m looking forward to meeting you in Melbourne in October. Oh wait…do you prefer red wine or white?? Or would you prefer a good Aussie beer? I’ll shout you a drink at the cocktail party! Cheers!! 🙂 ~ Chelle

  64. Hey Joe,

    It’s my birthday today! And my good friend’s 20th wedding anniversary! I can’t believe I’m old enough to have peers that have been married 20 years. Ah well, it’s a good thing. 🙂


  65. Question for Paul:

    As with all actors, there is probably a part out there that you’ve dreamed of playing – whether it be a character from a favorite book or screenplay or maybe a part that you’ve seen played by another. What would be your dream role?

    Paul, thank you for the years of happiness you’ve given your fans playing Dr. Beckett. I watch TV shows for the characters – and the depth and soul you gave Carson will forever make him one of my favorites.

  66. Dear Mr. McGillion.
    I live in the Czech Republic.
    I ´m sorry, because I don´t speak english very well.
    Do you like reading or watching the sci-fi?
    What is your favourite genre in the movies or books?

  67. Questions for Michael Moorcock…

    First, let me say that I am thrilled to finally have discovered your books, and your characters. The stories flowed with such ease I almost forgot I was reading, and the characters really resonated with me. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share with your readers, both here and elsewhere. Thanks you.

    Now, a few questions:

    1. Mike, you have said that Elric very much reflects the man you were at the time of your writing these stories, and the character of Moonglum was inspired by a dear friend of yours. What about the antagonists – Theleb K’aarna, and Jagreen Lern – did anyone or anything in particular inspire their creation?

    2. You describe the Melnibonéans as “a race without conscience or moral creed, unneedful of reasons for their acts of conquest, seeking no excuses for their natural malicious tendencies. But Elric…was not like them.” Is it this difference in Elric – call it a fledgling conscience, or sense of morality – that fated him to be the Eternal Champion, or something else?

    3. Elric is a character in conflict, full of contrasts. One that stood out to me was, despite his gloomy, brooding nature, he often seemed quite optimistic that things would work out in his favor. At times this came across as something akin to a childlike naiveté, as if he could not – or perhaps would not – anticipate what could go wrong. Was this due to over-confidence on his part, or idealism, or just plain stupidity?

    4. I’ve heard writers say that sometimes their characters ‘hijack’ the story and take on a life of their own, perhaps taking the story in a direction they hadn’t intended, or surprising them with a revelation that they hadn’t expected. Has this ever happened to you, or do you have a fairly strong outline for what you want for both the characters and the story that keeps everything in check?

    5. Hand-written or typed – which allows thoughts to flow more freely when writing?

    Mike, thanks again for taking this time to share your thoughts and your creations with us!


    And thank you, Joe, for making this all possible, and for encouraging me to pick up these books! You’ve got me reading again, ya ol’ stinker, you! (I’m sure that was all part of your sinister plan. Even now, I can feel you pulling the strings, singing “dance, puppet, dance” with a voice full of maniacal laughter… 😉 )

  68. * girl crush on Ashleigh *

    Question for Mr. McG: do Americans with Scottish ancestry annoy you when they trot out their knowledge of the clans in their past?


    I’ve never made it to Scotland, but perhaps in the next few years I can swing a week. So, Edinburgh or Glasgow?

  69. Joe, thanks for introducing me to the Elric saga. Yet one more author to add to my growing list.

    And thanks to Michael Moorcock for 1. Agreeing to answer our questions and more importantly 2. Writing such a great series. I honestly cannot wait to read the rest.

    And while I’m thanking people, thanks to artist John Picacio for the beautiful artwork.

    Okay, some questions for Mr. Moorcock:

    1. Judging from the sheer volume of work produced and the fact that you wrote one of your first Elric story in a day(!) I’d say its safe to say you were a fairly prolific writer. My question is – Would you still consider yourself a prolific writer?

    2. One question that comes up now and again when authors comes to visit concerns their writing process. Some writers are early risers while others are night owls. Some (like Stephen King) work to raucuous background music while others prefer silence. What is your writing process? Day? Night? Loud? Quiet? And when it comes to writing, do you plan out your stories in any detail before starting or are you a make it up as you go along type?

    3. It has just been brought to my attention that you maintain a web presence (which is great). I’m wondering what your take is on how growing technology has affected the face of publishing. With more and more small publishers shutting down and genre magazines ceasing publication, what can authors do to keep their work relevant in the face of rapid change?



  70. Tammy Dixon wrote: “What other culture would take back a leader that betrayed them and made them essentially homeless (not to mention the rape of their women)? It almost seemed like they chose the most logical course (lineage), instead of going with emotion.”

    Yes, yes, yes. In one passage (not sure if it was in this book, or in Elric of Melniboné ), it says that they were a practical race…yes, here it is, in Elric of Melniboné, during the torture scene:

    “Where moral decisions were concerned Imrryr was, by and large, practical. He would make his dceision in the context of what action he could take.”

    So they were a practical, logical race, devoid of outward displays of emotion, perhaps even of inward feelings of the same. Emotion is part of what makes us human, and lack thereof is what, it seems, makes Melnibonéans something less than – or, perhaps more than – human.

    Now – I MUST get to work! 😛


  71. Questions for Paul:

    I didn’t know you liked cats! I like all animals but I really love cats most. They are the perfect pet for a busy person. Although, they love attention, just being in a room with you is enough for them “sometimes”. I made sure to marry a cat person (tip for ya 😀 ), also.

    Do you ever look at the cat picts on: http://icanhascheezburger.com/ ? They have the funniest captions for cat people. The dog section is pretty cool, also.

    Also, what new projects can we look forward to seeing you in this year/next? I’m a big fan of yours!

    Thank you,

  72. coucou =) Vous allez bien?

    Moi super!!! J’ai passer une bonne journée!! =) Et demain cela va continuer je pense!!

    Youpi, on peut poser des questions à Paul Mcgillion!!!

    1)Beaucoup de Fan de stargate vous reconnaisse dans la rue?
    2)Quel plat français préférez vous?
    3)Voyez vous de temp en temp les autres acteurs de sga?

    Merci joseph =)

  73. Questions for Paul:

    Paul, firstly.. a heartfelt thanks for five absolutely wonderful years of Carson Beckett. Your portrayal of him is second to none and it’s been both a pleasure and honour to watch. It really wouldn’t have been the same without our adorable Doc 😀

    1. How surprised have you been with the overwhelming show of support from your Fans, especially towards the end of the third season/begining of the fourth season?

    2. Looking forwards, is there any particular direction you’d now like to take with your career? Perhaps something you’ve not been able to indulge in before now?

    3. A friend once mentioned that you’d make a perfect ‘Q’ for James Bond 😛 Would a role like that attract you?

    4. Talking of roles.. what type of character portrayals give you the most satisfaction when acting? And which do you find most challenging?

  74. “Alexandre writes: “ On the new sneak peak of Syfy, Robert Carlyle is DAVID Rush, but I tought he was NICHOLAS Rush ? isn’t is ?”

    Answer: It’s Nicholas.”

    thank you for having answered to my question ! 😉

  75. I’ve got a question for Paul:

    how has the Stargate experience been for you and given the chance would you change anything at all? If so, then why? Also, all the best for future endeavors.

    I’d like to thank in advance for even considering my question. This is so exciting!

    All the best to you and the dogs also, Joe. 😀

  76. Joe, I’m sure many people will be posting and asking about this little tid-bit, so I hope you don’t mind the redundancy:

    I know that Richard Dean Anderson is appearing in an episode of Stargate Universe, but will we see Amanda Tapping, too? Is there going to be a small
    Jack/Sam moment waiting for us? I also have a question about the Stargate Atlantis TV-movie – will Elizabeth be in it? – Hilla

    MATT: Hilla, you’re being a bit greedy hoping for SGU to stage such a reunion … but in this case, you’re in luck. As a source tells me, “If it’s quality Jack/Sam time you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed.” However, you may be disappointed by the following. Atlantis boss Joseph Mallozzi tells the Buzz that while the first draft of Stargate: Extinction is done and is now being fine-tuned, “I’m sorry to say the character of Elizabeth will not be making an appearance.””


    About the Sam/Jack thing: Confirm? Deny? Not touching it with a ten-foot pole?

  77. I have missed the book discussion. I’m too slow with the reading. Gah! 🙁

    Other than that I’m have a really, really, really crappy day. My mom just called and I’m trying not to freak out. My baby sis is at the doc’s and we’re hoping she’s OK.

    I’m so not in the mood for this.


    The good news? Paul Is doing a Q&A? I will have to think up some brilliant questions.

    Questions for Paul (aka Carson aka Ryan) McGillion:

    Hey Paul! Thanks for doing this Q&A with us! My husband met you on the elevator in Vancouver back and April. He warned you about me. Remember that? Then I met you at the photo op. I gave you a mousepad with Ryan on it from “A Dog’s Breakfast.” I just wanted to say that meeting you was one of the highlights of the entire convention! Not really a question, I know. But thank you, all the same! 😀 By the way, our picture is fabulous, naturally.

    David Hewlett is *supposed to be* working on his next indy movie, Design of the Dead. Will you be in that, hopefully? I think you two work so well together.

    I do love Simon Pegg. However I need to tell you that you would have made a better Scotty. That’s the truth. Even my mom and dad agree. So does my big sister. We did enjoy seeing you in the latest Star Trek movie, all the same.

    Any exciting plans to tell us about? Work or otherwise?

    I wish you the best! Again, thanks for stopping by Joe’s blog!

    Trish 😀

    P.S. Thanks, Joe! This was certainly a bright spot in my gloomy day.

  78. On the topic of Samantha Carter not being invested in the show. Aside from the obvious ones like being incredibly smart and helping to stave off the destruction of your planet, didn’t she create the dialing computer.

    Question for Paul McGillion:
    How did you feel when they decided to bring back Beckett?? Did you think the character was brought back for the fans or for the show??

    Joe you need to keep hittin the gym, Asleigh doesn’t look very strong.

  79. So, TV Guide says, in regards to SGU,
    If it’s quality Jack/Sam time you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed.”
    What ep will this be in!? Is it a significant storyline or just mentioned in passing?
    Or does it not mean what it looks like at all?

  80. Questions for Paul:

    1/. If you could create any role for David Hewlett to get him back for making you dress up as a woman in ADB what would it be?

    2/. Do you think you’ll ever return to live in Scotland? If you did, what part of Scotland would it be? (Don’t worry, I’ll forgive you if you don’t say Paisley 😉 its really gone down hill)

    3/. Did you go to Paisley Grammar or had you left Scotland by then?

    4/. Do you enjoy any other parts of film/television business like editing or directing? Would you rather act or do one of those?

    5/. I think you do really well with the Scottish accent……but…..(you heard that but coming a mile off didn’t you)….Test toob??!? When was the last time you heard a Scottish person say toob? T-you-B!

    That said, I think you would have done way better at being Scotty than Simon Pegg. I like Simon Pegg – but you would have been better.

  81. There are already lots of really great questions already for Paul, and I don’t want to be redundant! So with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, here goes:

    During your time on SGA, who used more hair product? You or Flanigan. Cause really, when you get right down to it, it’s all about the hair.

    ~ Miz

  82. For Mr. Moorcock,
    I remember reading the Elric books many years ago and being fascinated by them.
    Have you gone back and read them recently?
    What did you think, would you change anything if you were writing them today?
    Has your outlook on life changed significantly since then?
    Thank you for taking the time to answer questions!

  83. For Michael Moorcock: Thanks so VERY much for offering to answer questions.
    1) Are you still critical of fiction writers who push an “agenda” with their stories, such as political views or deliberate stereotypes (ie Jewish characters)?
    2) Do you still think fantasy lit should have meaning, and not just be escapism, or do you think both have their merits?
    3) Many of your characters have the initials “J.C.”, is there a reason behind that?

    Das:And I would LOVE an Elric story told entirely from Stormbringer’s viewpoint – what a great concept!
    I could’ve sworn there was one!! No? Let’s ask Mr Moorcock?

  84. Joe,
    Has Cookie Monster heard from LeeAnn who was looking for money?

    Ashleigh wouldn’t hurt a fly, I can’t believe she would hit you.

  85. Hi, Joe –
    Why would Ashleigh want to kill you when torturing you will provide endless hours of amusement, for her and us? I wonder if she is a closet reader of whumping fanfic.

    For Paul McGillion:
    After doing the cross-dressing role in A Dog’s Breakfast, were you surprised by any of your reactions to acting as a woman? How’d you like wearing nylons? (Of all the tortures inflicted upon women, they are the worst, IMO.) Do you think David Hewlett wrote that bit simply so he could make fun of you at all future con appearances?

  86. For Paul McGillion:

    1. Was there ever anything you would have loved to do on Atlantis that you never got to?
    2.Did the relationship Beckett and McKay have somewhat mirror the relationship between yourself and David Hewlett outside the show?
    3.What are your future aspirations?

  87. Ok, this one just pushes my knee-jerk button: that Teyla’s clothing is “always tasteful and appropriate”. I respectfully ask you to take another look at Carson’s memorial. What is that? They even managed to scare up a nice suit for Ronan, for crying out loud. Now contrast this with how Teyla dressed for Charrin’s ceremony, which was in a manner appropriate to her culture. Given what we’ve seen of Teyla’s character, she probably would have asked Weir what clothes would be appropriate for this occasion, and then gone and borrowed some. But no, instead we get her usual low-slung pants and belly-baring shirt. And this only days (at most) after a life-threatening abdominal injury – she should have had bandages and scars. (She might heal quickly, but come on.)

    However, when the costume designer (sorry, I don’t remember her name) did her Q & A, I noticed (sadly) that the thing she mentioned most often was her attempt to make the cast “look sexy”. 1) Did she really think they needed her help in that area? 2) If she had stuck to making then look competent and appropriate for the occasions/tasks, “sexy” (however you define it) would probably have followed by itself.

    Ok, rant over.

  88. @ drldeboer – I’ll ask over on Moorcock’s Miscellany – maybe someone there knows.

    Once done do I rarely want to re-read a story. Only with Agatha Christie books have I gone back and re-read my favorites (with my short-term memory problems, I rarely remembered who the killer was, anyway!). But that was before 1. Marriage, 2. Full-time job, 3. All that comes with home ownership, and 4. the soul-sucking internet. 😛

    However, for the first time in 20 years I want to re-read a story – these stories – even before I’ve found and read the Elric books still out there (not to mention all of Mike’s other works). I’m not sure which is my favorite, but there is something I really loved about The Sleeping Sorceress, so I think that one I’ll read again, first…once I tackle The Metatemporal Detective (with cover art by John Picacio!).


    I start this one today!


  89. This is for Paul McGillion,

    1.) What was your best experience working with Stargate Atlantis?

    2.) I saw you were in the Star Trek movie. What was it like being in just a great movie?

    3.) Will we be seeing you anymore in the Stargate Franchise?

  90. Paul … MANY thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, and Joe, thank you for kindly setting it up.
    I’ve been a long time reader of your blog but I’ve remained firmly tucked away in lurkerdom until this very tempting lure was dangled under my nose.

    Questions for Paul. (Who I hope will feature VERY heavily in the Atlantis movie.)

    1) Do you have any plans to attend a future London Expo? Although I don’t live too far from the Excel centre, I made the rather stupid decision not to attend in May 2007, the same year you appeared as a guest. It’s all in the timing. I know you’ve done Milton Keynes since, but it would be good to see you in Greater London again.

    2) I’m not usually into on-screen romances in the Stargate franchise, but I did love the relationship between Beckett and Cadman. They made a cute couple, and I’m sure it was fun working with Jaime Ray Newman. They seemed to be dating throughout the second season of SGA, post “Duet”, so were you disappointed to discover that Carson had lost his girlfriend? I think she was good for him. She seemed to make him laugh, boosted his confidence, was genuinely attracted to him and could also stand up to McKay. Your thoughts?

    3) I know, there is no sixth season, unfortunately, but if there had been, would you have liked to have seen an episode dedicated to Carson’s time spent with Michael, during his time as a prisoner?

    Personally, I think it would’ve been a perfect way for every Carson/Paul fan to enjoy some quality screen time, and secondly, a wonderful acting opportunity for you to explore a whole range of emotions. I know it was touched upon a little, during Season 4’s two-parter, “Kindred”, but nevertheless, I would have liked to have seen an entire episode concentrating on that moment in time, when he still believed his friends would come for him and everything would return to ‘normal’.

    4) In a similar vein, (again if there had been another season) what story-lines would you have liked to see for Beckett? Perhaps something like PTW ? Ethical dilemmas. A bit more insight into his personal life. Humour? That’s probably covered everything…

    Carson, for me, is at his best when we get to see him as both Doctor and friend. “Conversion” is a good example. His medical ability is unquestionable, always believable, but he’s also determined and brave, especially when he’s required to go off-world to help find the solution to John’s little ‘bug problem’.

    5) I recently read a Gateworld interview where you mentioned, and apologies for not quoting this verbatim, but it was something along the lines that Beckett isn’t for this world, that he’s always ready to sacrifice himself. I found that very interesting. That’s exactly what he’s like. Do you have anything more to add to that?

    6) More comment than question. Loved “Outsiders”. Watching the comic duo of Carson and Rodney was a real treat.

    7) Any upcoming projects in the UK? TV or Theatre. Didn’t you once say you’d love to have a role in “Taggart”? Still, any new project would be great, preferably one that’s more than a few minutes long and where you don’t get killed.

    Once again, I appreciate you taking the time away from your busy schedule, and thanks for your wonderful portrayal of Carson Beckett. He’ll always remain one of my favourite characters. I only wish we could’ve seen more of him in Season 5. Look forward to seeing you on TV or at the Cinema in the near future.

  91. Question for Paul McGillion,

    1. Was it exciting having your neck snapped like a twig by Jack Bauer on 24? Should look good on a résumé.

    2. Do you have any big projects in the works?

    3. Any plans for working on/with any of David Hewlett’s future projects?


  92. JOE!

    I’ve been lurking but AWOL from your blog. Forgive me. But I have a REALLY good reason. Well, two, actually. First, I’m pregnant! Hubby and I are expecting our first bookaholic/techgeek in November!

    Second, we adopted a Great Dane puppy! At two weeks, “Bowie” is 30 pounds of log-legged sweetness. She’s a handful, as you can imagine. Any puppy training tips?

    Finally, OMFG! Paul McGillion’s going to answer questions? *faint*

    Okay, um, how about this:


    1. Do you go after all the roles you can, or do you have projects you prefer to go after?

    2. Everyone is so careful not to pry, but I’m going to pry a little (forgive me): Do you want to settle down and do the family thing at some point, or are you a destined bachelor? 🙂

    3. Are you considering any projects in the UK, such as Torchwood, Dr. Who, etc?

    My husband and I adore your work. We’ll be supporting you in all you do!

    Be well,
    Trish in Texas

  93. For Paul-

    At the VanCon Joe F. stated he won the ‘wrestling’ match between the two of you. When you poked your head into the room, you stated you won. What’s your version of that match?

    Do you really occasionally call him ‘Josey’?

    Beautiful job in ‘Star Trek’!

  94. Question for Paul:

    I’m a premedical student, and from what I can tell most of the medical stuff in Stargate is relatively accurate for a scifi show. Did you get to learn about any of the medical procedures that you were supposed to be doing or did you just memorize your lines? Thanks for taking time to answer questions!

  95. Thanks for answering my question, Joe! 🙂

    Question for Paul McGillion:

    You’ve worn a kilt at more than one convention in europe, so I was wondering, is there any way you might be convinced to wear a kilt at some of your USA cons too? It just doesn’t seem fair that only the europeans have had a chance to get a photo op with you in your kilt!

    Loved seeing you in Star Trek and 24!

  96. This is not just a crappy day but a really, really WEIRD day.

    My sister-in-law had a 3-d ultrasound done. The kind where you actually see a baby. And they all said, “Yay, it’s a girl!”

    I said, “Yay! A niece! FINALLY!” My two sisters have THREE boys each. My brother already has two boys.

    Then I get the text from Allie… “It’s a boy.” I told her to stop lying. “I’m not. It’s a boy.” 😯

    Yup. Another nephew. Seriously a WTF??! moment.

    I have nine nephews. And all those pink clothes and toys I bought for the baby… um, where’s the reciept?

    Then there are other crappy parts of this day. I’m really think I will wake up tomorrow and it will all be a dream.

    JR was not really shot.
    SGA was not really cancelled.
    Lou Diamond Phillips was not really on “I’m A Celebrity”

    Yup. Maybe tomorrow things will make more sense.

  97. Thanks Joe,

    Hello Paul, were you disappointed when Dr. Beckett was killed in season three, how were you approached about returning at the end of season four?

    What have you been doing since Star Trek? Thanks.

  98. Ashleigh sure know’s what she’s doing… you’re more likely to die of stress than anything else 😛

    By Grabthar’s hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged!

  99. “Hey, she’s a warrior. Baggy clothing makes it tricky to maneuver. That said, while sexy (and I’m sure the same thing could be said for Ronon’s attire), it was always tasteful and appropriate.”

    I would classify Ronan’s as more of the grungy look. I for one got tired of seeing Teyla skin. It seemed to get worse and worse every season. And I think it made her character very cheap. As did her fling with her stupid Athosian boyfriend. It was all very high school, neither tasteful nor appropriate. Just my opinion. I love Teyla as a character though, I just don’t think hr character was done justice as the seasons went on.

  100. Hi Joe!! Long time no see!! I really do enjoy seeing the pics of the 4 legged children on twitter!!!

    Questions for Paul McGillion!

    1. I have seen Star Trek 3 times now and still get all giddy when I see you up there!! Ok so did they let you play around on the sets of the Enterprise or anything like that?

    2. Are you ever gonna start a Twitter?

    3. Any plans on maybe you doing the Starcrossed eps?

    4. Whats the weirdest thing a fan has actually told you that they have done to show their fandom? FYI I have a Scottish flag tattoo on my calf with SGA in the middle and on my left forearm I have the Earth symbol on the Stargate with a Scottish flag background just for our loved Dr. Beckett!!

    Yep I think thats it!! Thanks Paul and Joe!!

  101. HI Joe…thanks for the opportunity to chat w/ Paul again 🙂

    So, Paul…When are you going to get a Twitter Account. You have bunches of people ready & waiting to follow your tweets. I mean, Even Joe’s dogs have a tweet account!
    You need to catch up 😉 You can follow me @ Emma_V_79…if you do go twitterized.

    I know that Jewel and David hangout from time to time, so do you ever do anything with them (just asking ’cause you haven’t been mentioned lately in the tweets).

    Okay, enough twitter.

    What have been your latest projects and where did you film? What are some up-coming projects?

    Last, but not least…where is the strangest place you have ever filmed a project?

    God Bless you both (Joe & Paul) 🙂

  102. Dear Paul,

    I don’t mean to sound too much like a trekkie, but what was the last name that you called out? To me (and many others) it sounded very much like “Vader”. Could you PLEASE ease our never-ending speculations and clear this up?


    – Katherine

  103. Thank you Joe to do an Q&A with Paul McGillion.

    Questions for Paul :

    1) What is your feeling at the end of a convention ? Easiness or not ?

    2) Do you think the conventions are more tiring than days of shooting ?

    3) How do you feel the behaviour of the fans toward you ?

    Excuse me for my bad english . I hope the best for you in the future. Thank you for my wonderful birthday in Facts Belgium and your kindness.

  104. Paul McGillion will be visting the lands ‘Down Under’ [Commitments and health pending] for the Armageddon Pulp Expos as a Guest Speaker / Performer.

    What Does he Know of the lands’ Down Under of New Zealand and Australia ?

    After Armageddon New Zealand Hosting other SGA and SG1 Personnel in recent years, and with companion Amanda Tapping as a Tour guide [Amanda Tapping is returning to NZ ],

    what has he been advised to expect from the natives of those distant islands ?

    … where he may have to perform many unexpected stunts of fantasy [ though nothing that may appear on YOUTUBE] ….

    …visit Places known only to local inhabitants like Middle Earth, Wellywood, Long White Clouds, Geothermal / seismic / Picturesque locations, lost tribes of Natives in grass skirts, Haka’s, AllBlacks … and much more.

    Have mission reports of previous journeys by other team memebrs jaded his expectations of what to expect ?

    Will he be bringing any exclusive insites of his crafts to his worshipping followers from so far away ?

    Amageddon Expo October 24-26 2009 Auckalnd New Zealand

  105. Joe thanks for organising the Q+A with Paul!

    Paul, A quick question, I believe I asked you last time during an interview for a scottish paper, if you would like to do any roles in the uk, and you replied you would like to be on torchwood and dr who. Has anything happened with auditioning to be on these shows? and can we expect you to appear on anything else tv/film/stage wize in the uk anytime soon?

    Also you were great in star trek! only wished the scene was longer!

    Hope to see you at a uk con again soon! *hints at the sgworld con by wolf! ring Cooney!!!*

    Samantha x

  106. God to ask Paul a question wow let me think.

    1)If you could invivite five famous People living or dead to dinner who would you ask and would you include David Hewlett?

    2)Did you enjoy making the star trek movie?

    3)David Hewlett, Joe Flangian, Robert Picardo Shag marry throw off a cliff?

    Hope to see you at a uk convention soon

  107. Question for Paul :

    How much fun was it getting to take part in the stunt demo at P4 back in January??(you definitely showed those stunt guys whose boss!!thankfully I had gotten off the stage by then!) how does Carson Beckett:Action Hero sound 😛

    Dude you are an absolute one in a million..total legend!!!!

    P.S thanks for the bottle of water!!!


  108. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for hosting the Q & A with Paul McGillion.

    I went to the Michael Shanks Online Auction and found the recorded book that Paul McGillion read/voiced and signed. I am going to go bid on it.

    1) Did you enjoy doing the characters and voices on the SGA recorded book?

    Recorded books are a great way to “read” a book and get lots of other things done like housework, gardening, and driving and it can save your sanity on long trips. And my sister is sight-impared and recorded books are the only way she can “read”, so thanks for that.

    2) How are the fans at the conventions? Are they cordial and friendly or over-the-top crazy?

    I have yet to go to any fan convention, but would hope that I wouldn’t make a fool of myself or just stand there in awe of a favorite actor.

    3) You have cats! Great, I have 5, yes 5 and they are mostly strays that just found their way to “cat heaven on earth”. How did your cats find you? Do they have any special personality traits?

    I have a Siamese Snowshoe who does a great impression of a retriever with her favorite toy; a black Polydactyl who loves to ambush you in dark hallways; and a long haired black & white tuxedo with spiky hair on his head and kind of a whiny voice named Joey.

    Anyway – thanks for such a great portrayal of Dr. Carson Beckett and Dr. Ernest Littlefield in SG1. Looking forward to seeing you in the new SGA movie and the Star Trek movie. (I must be the only person on Earth that hasn’t seen it yet.) And from the comments here in Joe M. Blog, I need to see “A Dog’s Breakfast”. Just not enough time in the day.

    Thanks again, BlondieChemGirl

  109. Hello,

    you are very good actor.

    What do you like the song?

    What do you like the movie?

    What do you like the book?

    Thank you.

  110. Joe,
    thank you for a most entertaining blog! Your post on June 10th made me think back on how I actually ended up on your blog myself – can’t really remember, probably something SGA-related. Why I’ve stayed, however, is:
    – your dogs
    – the food 🙂
    – your sarcasms…
    And I hope you continue!

    And regarding sarcasms, I could easily write something nasty adressed to those of your readers who so thoughtfully shared the fate of Paul McGillions character on “24” with the rest of the world. Considering there is always a bit of a airing delay, many countries, including mine, are still fairly early in the season. And now we know. Already. Seeing that the damage is done, I don’t really have the energy for nastiness, though. A wish for the future, though, to all of you out there – a spoiler warning would be a polite gesture to your fellow webusers overseas…

    A question (or two) for Paul McGillion:
    As much as I’ve enjoyed your work on SGA and laughed at “A Dog’s Breakfast”, I would really love to see more of the amazing acting you did in “See Grace Fly”. (I’ve tried to promote it through the Cinemateque club at the Swedish Film Institute, so far without success…) Do you have any similar projects planned? And will you be working with Gina Chiarelli (absolutely fantastic!) again in a somewhat near future?
    Thanks for taking the time and good luck with your career!

  111. Question for P. McGillion :

    Hi Paul, just wanted to tell you how much I loved your character on the show and I am looking forward to seeing more of Beckett in the SGA movie.

    Here’s my question : How do you think Beckett’s mother reacted when the ‘clone’ returned to Earth? Because, I guess she thought he was dead…

    Thanks for replying!

    Love ya!

  112. Question to Paul McGillon:
    Why did Carson Beckett have to die in the 3rd season of Stargate Atlantis? Why did you leave Stargate Atlantis?
    Thank you very much!

  113. First Question to Paul McGillon:
    Has Carson Beckett a role in Stargate Universe?
    Second Question to Paul McGillon:
    The Stargate Center set is converted to Icarus Base now. Where is the next SG-1 movie going to be produced?
    Thank you very much for taking time and replying! I’m your biggest German fan.

  114. Hi Paul,

    just wanted to say hi! and send you all the best wishes from the members of your fansite. We just want to know your plans about future conventions in the UK or in Germany for the next year. Hope to see you in the future. Cheers, -Tanja

  115. Question for Paul McGillion:
    1) Did you enjoy work with JJ Abrams in Star Trek XI and what do you think about his directing?

    2) Can you compare your first role in Stargate as young Ernest Littlefield and your role in SGA as Carson Beckett?

    3) Can you share with us any funny story from shooting (SGA, ADB or ST)?

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    PS: You did a great job in SGA but in ADB you were excellent! I’m really looking forward to your new projects. Good luck with them.

  116. Hi Paul,

    I hope you feel fine. It’s great that you’re taking time for this Q & A 🙂 These are my questions I forgot to ask you during the interview at F.A.C.T.S. in Gent / Belgium:

    1. Could you tell us something about the signifaction of your tattoos?

    2. What has been the most lovely gift, that you ever got from a fan?


  117. Questions for Paul


    1. Why did you go for playing a doctor in 24? were you asked to play that particular character or did you audition for it? How easy was it to fit on on the 24 set? (yes I know technically more than one question but they all inter-mingle)

    2. Do you prefer to play the good guys or the bad guy?

    3. When I last met you in January you mentioned you used to teach, do you miss it and do you have any plans to go back to teaching?

    4. When are you coming back to the UK?

    Take care and see you soon x

  118. Question for Paul ♥

    1.) Which friendship(s) that Carson had on the show would you have liked to see explored more?

    Thanks for your time taking all these questions. Your character was one of my favourites on SGA and Carson will be memorable for years to come.


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