Patrick Gilmore (Volker) checks out the latest script.
Patrick Gilmore (Volker) checks out the latest script.
His incredulous reaction draws the attention of a passing Mark Burgess (Franklin).
His incredulous reaction draws the attention of a passing Mark Burgess (Franklin).
Oh no they di'int!
Oh no they di’int!
Oh, yeah, they - uh - di'id.
Oh, yeah, they – uh – di’id.
Mark assures Patrick he'll make a wonderful alien drag queen.  On the outside, Patrick is smiling.  On the inside, he's already calling his agent.
Mark assures Patrick he’ll make a wonderful alien drag queen. On the outside, Patrick is smiling. On the inside, he’s already calling his agent.

Geez. Between Carl at work and my wife on the home front, I’m headed for a massive schnitzel overload. Tonight will make the sixth time in two weeks I’ve eaten at Danube, the restaurant formerly known as Budapest and presently located just a two minute drive from the studio. So, if we’re not ordering it in for lunch at the office, I’m driving down to have it for dinner. Tonight, I was just polishing off the last of my meal when I received a text message from the gang at Fuel. It read “Foie protesters at DB on their way to Fuel! Cheers!”. Sigh. I was stuffed (yes, like a goose), but nevertheless jumped into my car and drove down to show my support. The dozen or so protesters, most of their faces concealed behind bandanas in keeping with their faux-rebel personas, shouted and waved their placards. “Shame! Shame!”one of them shouted with Hitler Youthish gusto.

I grabbed a seat at the bar, last one right by the window, so I could have a front row seat of the action. Understand, I don’t have a problem with their opinion (which is erroneous by the way), but their grandstanding, myopic theatrics intended to bully anyone who doesn’t see things their way. Of course they’ll argue that ducks are being mistreated (although I’d guess none of them have ever visited a foie gras farm in their lives whereas those I know who have gone reported the ducks were not mistreated and actually lined up to be fed), and cite their handy pictures and videos as proof (which is akin to showing pictures and a video of a policeman beating a citizen and thereby extrapolating that all policemen beat citizens). You could try to counter their hysterics with logic, but a reasoned discussion is the last thing they want, so utterly wrapped up as they are in the downy soft and soundproof ethical purity of their opinions. Truth be told, protesting does nothing to help their cause and actually does the opposite as sales of foie gras actually increase significantly when these food bullies come out on parade. They’re well aware of the fact but, at the end of the day, they don’t care. They don’t demonstrate for ducks. They demonstrate for the glorious attention.

Anyway, I sat at the bar and was soon joined by a fellow foodie who is also, apparently, on the foie gras protester hotline. He had the panseared foie while I enjoyed the foie gras pate. As I ate, the protest leader, an adorably sickly-looking fellow eyed me (Or it might have been my pate. Yes, it was that good.) through the window. I looked back. He glared. I stared. He blew me a kiss. I snatched the invisible kiss out of the air and slipped it into my back pocket for safe keeping. Eventually, the shouting and placard-waving petered out (Hey, they’re vegans. They have to nap a lot.) and they headed off. But not before one of the badanda-sporting greasy-haired young ladies flipped me the bird and yelled “Pervert!”. Pervert? Well, I guess in retrospect I could be accused of being a very lascivious eater. I tend to lick my lips along between bites. I wonder if that’s what she meant.

I paid the bill and headed out, disappointed that they’d left so soon. I was meaning to ask them whether they’d be back tomorrow night so I could plan accordingly. Don‘t want to fill up too much if I‘m headed back for another round of foie.

Oh, hey, we have a winner! Congratulations to Madwelshboy who correctly guessed the three upcoming titles: Lucid, Lost, and Sabotage. The episode numbers and titles are subject to change, so nobody get too attached. Meanwhile, Madwelshboy, I knight thee Sir Mizo, Guesser of Titles!

Everybody finish up Elric: The Stealer of Souls yet? That’s okay. Plenty of time. You have until tomorrow when I post by thoughts on the book, then open things up to your questions and comments for author Michael Moorcock who will be dropping by to answer your queries regarding everyone’s favorite sword-toting albino.

Today’s photos: Actors Patrick Gilmore and Mark Burgess react to the latest script. You can practically chart the five stages of grief in their reactions: shock, denial, bargaining, fear, anger, despair, acceptance, and Smirnoff.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to – who else? – Madwelshboy, Sir Mizo, Guesser of Titles.

Today’s mailbag:

Daniel Willis writes: “Do you think there will be a chance you will be able to show the opening credits, or in the very least, the theme for SGU? Or do you think we’ll have to wait patiently for it?”

Answer: It’s not my call but I would hope they release the opening credit sequence we watched the other day prior to the premiere. It’s amazing.

Nadine writes: “Have you ever been to West?”

Answer: Yep. Great restaurant. I used to go for the oxtail back when it was spelled Ouest.

Sealurk writes: “…is SGU somewhat made up of the “wish list” from doing SG-1 and SGA, or was it more a case of setting out to do something new and different from the start?”

Answer: “The latter. Brad and Robert are very proud of both SG-1 and Atlantis but wanted to strike out in a different direction with Universe. That said, and as I’ve said more than once, fans of the franchise will find many familiar elements in the new series, from the thrill of exploration and discovery to the strong bonds between the characters to the sense of humor that typified the previous two shows.

Colonel Swede writes: “When you answer the mailbag where do you get the questions from? From these comments or from your E-Mail?”

Answer: From right here on this blog.

Quade1 writes: “SGU has been referred to as an “ensemble” cast several times. When I think “ensemble”, shows come to mind like ER, and Third Watch. Where there was 6+ main characters who shared the screen time in each episode. I once heard Atlantis be referred to as an “ensemble” show. Sure it had 5-6 main characters and several supporting roles, but it nevered seemed that more than 3 of them to be heavily involved in the episode, barring premieres, two parters and finales. Will this also be the case in SGU, or will we be seeing more major players per episode? Can you specify on average how many main characters take part in the episodes?”

Answer: SGU will definitely be showcasing more players, both major and minor. Characters like Rush, Young, Scott, Greer, Eli, Chloe, T.J., and Wray will drive the stories, sometimes individually but more often than not alongside their fellow crew members.

EH-T writes: “ Stargate sure seems to luck out when it comes to having genuinely nice cast members or is it something that is actually taken into account in the casting process?”

Answer: This is definitely something that every producer takes into account when casting. We look for talent, but we also want individuals who have proven themselves professional and easy to work with in the past. In this business, reputations precede you and if there’s ever any uncertainty, a call to a former producer is all it takes.

Randomness writes: “ Maybe you both could work together and write both episodes together before branching off and improving a certain episodes script?

I think you should do episode 20, because you’re a better writer.”

Answer: I disagree. I’m certainly faster, but a more emotional writer while Paul is very meticulous I his approach, addressing every issue before sitting down to write. As a result, his scripts tend to be much tighter.

Riley writes: “While you’re in a question-answering mood (or did you use it all up with the above efforts?) – my flatmate will be house-sitting next month, and she’ll be looking after a pug named Mr Darcy. Do you have any words of advice for her, as PugMeister Extraordinaire?”

Answer: Limber up those massage fingers. They’ll be busy.

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I’m amazed you didn’t eat it out the front of Fuel. Congrats to Madwelshboy, I got 2 out of 3 – not bad, how did I miss Lost?

Cheers, Chev


You know you go to Fuel too much if the staff have you on their speed dial.


Cheers, chev


ooh first and second – I feel special.

Cheers, Chev


OK, since I’ve got you here, what did you think of the idea of the separate pages linked at the top for the dogs and your reading recommendations? Oh and changing the banner image?

Cheers, Chev


hi there Joe
couple of quick random questions for you if that’s ok.

1. Are there any other wraith charaters in the Atlantis movie besides Todd, faced speaking characters? (Crosses fingers and hopes for Kenny)

2. Haven’t been paying much attention to all the SGU talk so sorry if you’ve answered already. SG-1 had the Goa’uld, SGA had the wraith, is SGU going to have a main ‘bad’ race?

Everyone can answer these two.

3. Top 5 movies

4. Top 5 movie characters

Perhaps the sickly looking fellow was her boyfriend and she didn’t like you (or the pate) as competition.

later Joe


thumbs up for defending the foie


What kind of food do they serve at Danube/Budapest? Central European/Hungarian? I’ve lived in Budapest and am not too impressed with Hungarian cuisine, but maybe they can do it better?


Hey Joe,

I enjoyed West – I had the sablefish. I think so far (I’ve had it at West, Bishops, and Market), the best was at Market. Does Fuel ever do a sablefish dish that you’ve tried?

Well, today my little brother graduated from high school, and it was pretty awesome. He got a standing ovation from his entire grad class… I’m really proud of him grin



Oh! I just read Chev’s comment up top: please don’t change the image! I love that pic of Maximus..


Oh, I sooooo hope that those protesters have the stamina to last a couple more months. It would absolutely make my day to not only eat at Fuel, but to try foie gras for the first time as they are ranting. Kudos for you for your selfless dedication for standing up to your views, even at the expense of a distended abdomon for the night. Love the pics; glad to see the actors on the new show getting into the spirit of things by allowing themsleves to be photographed by you. And double thank you for announcing that Madwelshboy has figured out the titles. I was braced for another round of clues, and determined to google the night away to find the answers, despite a hectic schedule tomorrow. Only one question for the evening. Do we have a date for the premiere of Universe set yet?


@ Blue Jay – Okay…before I go to bed, I can’t resist answering your questions. The movie one is almost too hard, because it really depends on my mood at the moment. Normally, my top 5 would all be 1940s film noir & Hitchcock flicks…but I’ll just list my favorites of each (film noir & Hitchcock) to represent them all. This way I can add some newer favorites.

Top 5 movies

Double Indemnity
Pirates of the Caribbean: CotBP
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Shadow of a Doubt
Galaxy Quest

Top 5 movie characters

Mad Max
John McClane
Dirty Harry
Charlie Chan
Captain Jack Sparrow

An easier list for me would be to ask who my Top 5 movie actors (inc. actresses) are, since these I know by heart – don’t even have to think about it:

Cary Grant (ALWAYS #1)
Humphrey Bogart
Johnny Depp
Myrna Loy
Clint Eastwood

NOW, I’m off to bedsies!



Top 5 Movies (always changing)

While you were sleeping
Die Hard
Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
Undercover Blues

Honorable mentions: The Razor’s Edge, The Big Chill, Clueless, Flying High, The Pelican Brief

Top 5 Movie Characters (again, it changes)

John McClane
Indiana Jones
Luke Skywalker
Ferris Bueller (Bueller?)
Muerte – My name is Muerte (from Undercover Blues)

Honorable mentions: Han Solo, Darth Vader, Lucy Moderatz, Hannibal Lector, Forrest Gump

Cheers, Chev


Nadine said

Oh! I just read Chev’s comment up top: please don’t change the image! I love that pic of Maximus..

It’s a lovely photo, but it’s been up here for soooo long and there are other gorgeous photos of the other cute dogs that I think deserve to get some attention. It’s only fair.

Perhaps we need a poll. Of course, really it’s up to Joe.

Cheers, Chev


@ Chev: Yeah, I guess I can understand that. I’ve only been reading the blog since sept/oct-ish… I just love seeing that pic every time the page loads… Such big eyes for such a little dog grin


Speaking of food, I’ve always wondered. For the Wraith, do humans come in different flavors?

otros ojos
otros ojos

You can practically chart the five stages of grief in their reactions: shock, denial, bargaining, fear, anger, despair, acceptance, and Smirnoff.

Haha, that’s good. grin Smirnoff (with or without a twist of lime) also enhances one’s ability to count with extreme accuracy, as you’ve so aptly demonstrated. That’s why servers always smile so much when I calculate the tip. — I also loved your caption that referred to playing an alien drag queen. Sort of like the Wraith named Steve, not? Have you hired “Guyliner Dude” from American Idol as backup just in case? (I can see the centerfold from the next issue of Sci-Fi Woman. “The Men of SGU: Metrosexual Still HOTTT.”)

I showed hubs your pic of Alaina in the new uniform, and he gave an enthusiastic thumb up while using the other hand to see how good a close-up he could get of her cleavage. Oddly enough, however, his gut landed right on my fist while he was oblivious to all but Alaina, so he could barely say anything except “WHOA! (ooauhhhf)” I think it’s a safe bet, though, that his next words would’ve been, “They need to have an episode where the chicks get into a mudfight.” *rolls eyes* But since he couldn’t talk and because I really am fond of him (go figure), I did let him know that he can read about Naked Women Coated with Satin-Finish Paint in yesterday’s blog comments.

@Trish: I thought that story was hysterical grin and I hope you don’t mind my adding the “satin-finish” bit. Hubs likes satin. On women.

Today’s blog ensures that this weekend we’ll be going to a restaurant where we can get excellent schnitzel along with a good foie pate. Without father-in-law. (Some things about eating out are worse than sophomoric protesters.)


You’ve changed it to the eight stages of grief. I like Smirnoff the best. At least SyFy is letting you put up pics now!

One question tonight. I’ve always liked Carl Binder’s episodes. They always seem to be character-driven (at least to me, that is). I just rewatched Ghost in the Machine, which to me was character-driven, i.e., Elizabeth Weir comes back from the dead. That ending he wrote was terrific. Here’s my question: As a writer, do you think that Carl’s style is going to fit SGU better than most of the other writers on staff? Just your opinion. Maybe you don’t have one.

Pervert? You? How does eating make you a pervert? Maybe she thought you were making eyes to that guy?


God, I can’t believe I missed “Lost” either! Gunsmoke? Why do I always have to be such a smart ass?
In my defense, I still think Quicken would make a good episode title.

I need help.

@Riley Don’t take umbrage if Mr. Darcy is at first stand-offish. He’s got a good heart.



Oh, I can never resist the chance to list.

5 favorite movies
The Philadelphia Story
StarWars (the original)
Beauty and the Beast (animated Disney version)

5 favorite characters
C. K. Dexter Haven (The Philadelphia Story)
Han Solo
Rick Blaine
Dorothy Gale
Sarah Connor

Colonel Swede
Colonel Swede

OKey thanks for answering my question Joe grin


@ BlueJay – I’ve understood that SGU isn’t going to have a main bad guy like the previous shows had.

It’s not my call but I would hope they release the opening credit sequence we watched the other day prior to the premiere. It’s amazing.

I’m sure it’s amazing… But before we get to see it (hopefully before the premiere!) can you tell us if you really have ditched the Earth’s point of origin logo what was a symbol in SG-1’s and SGA’s title?


Could it be possible that maybe the gang at Fuel got these weirdos to come protest when there is a slow night at Fuel? The goal would be so Fuel can get attention and potential customers and then management would have a reason to speed dial you loyal customers to come on down and at the same time these protesters can give you some entertainment? They don’t seem very committed to their cause as they give up so easily. Maybe watching you guys eat makes them hungry so they have to knock off and go grab a bite.

It always amazes me how people will take one isolated incident and make that to be the example of what goes on everywhere. Or how I can say I know for sure that the idea one person has is not commonplace; they say to me that is only my isolated experience. Yet they have no experience at all, so how do they think they know any more than I do?


Dang! I was just 1 title off! Oh well, the flocking and the SG1 DVDs will have to suffice in comforting me through this rough patch of not-winning-something-on-Joe’s-blog.


Congratulations, Madwelshboy! Do we have to, like, bow down to you now, what with you being a Knight and everything? wink

You know, I’m worried again. These protestors are extremists; who knows what they are capable of. What if that leader guy wasn’t just eyeing you and/or the pate, but he was also burning your face into his memory? Then, when he next spots you, when you least suspects it, he ATTACKS!! Better start wearing armor, Joe, just to make sure. It might help if you paint duckies on it, so that the protestors will think twice before attacking you.

By the way, I’m right now a part of a stimulating discussion on Gateworld about the portrayals of women in Stargate and television in general, and some interesting points have been raised. Let me put you to the test.


1. What do you think about the quality of the portrayal of women in Stargate? How does it compare to the quality of the portrayal of the male characters?

2. About Teyla; quite a few people raised the criticism of her wearing particularly skimpy costumes in order to appeal to the male viewers. Do you have comments on this?

3. Another interesting point raised was how you guys tend to write mostly just specific kinds of female characters, namely those who are a love interest for a male character; those who are permissive, maternal, and caring; or your typical “alien chick of the week” (whatever that means; their words, not mine). Comments?

4. About leadership, some complained that, while the male leaders were portrayed as mostly authoritative (Hammond, O’Neill, Landry, Woolsey), the female leaders (Weir, Carter) were portrayed as non-confrontational and having to defer to the men around them. Again, comments?

I know these are controversial, but…well, I can’t always just ask about SGU spoilers now, can I? wink


Oh, and one more question, for the road:

5. There was also criticism of how Carter was rarely personally invested in the series’s main plots (she was kind of just “along for the ride”, while the male characters had personal storylines; i.e. Daniel and Sha’re, and later Daniel and his connection to Anubis, and his guilt at bringing in the Ori; Jack and Skarra; Teal’c and his people), and when she is, the fact that she was female was integral to the plot, i.e. Fifth loved her and she betrayed him, and that started the whole human replicator plot; Martouf and Carter during the Jolinar plot. Her gender was the focus of her stories, while the same does not hold true for the male characters. So, uh…comment?

Why do I feel like I’m about to be struck down by something? wink


Hi Joe! Long time reader, first time commenter.
I sent an email to moorsyum at yahoo dot com a few weeks ago regarding a BC Film internship, but haven’t heard back. I understand that your inbox is probably stuffed and takes a while to get through, but I was also wondering if perhaps I have the wrong email or my message got lost. I wrote to you from tallycola at gmail dot com. (With the “at” and “dot” replaced with appropriate symbols, obvs.)