Okay, it’s time for round two of “Guess the Episode Title”. Further hints to the titles of episode #14, #15, and #16:

One shares the name of a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Another shares the name of a television series.

Another shares the name of a software package.

A little update to yesterday’s blog entry – Author Conrad Williams informs me that his latest novel, DECAY INEVITABLE, will be published by Solaris Books in August. If you’re looking for a late summer read, put this one on your consideration list.

And, I’ll turn today’s entry over to playing catch-up with some of your comments…

Massive Mailbag:

Major D. Davis writes: “Say, when do you think your comics will be in stores?”

Answer: If we get the green light, it’ll take anywhere form eight to months from start to finish. The first issue should be hitting comic stories, coincidentally, around the same time my short story hits the bookshelves.

DasNDanger writes: “1. Is there anything that can be done to help keep the actors grounded, especially if a show is a hit?

2. Have you ever been disappointed by an actor who you admired in the beginning for their down-to-earth humility, only to later discover that they had turned into the biggest prima donna on the set? (ANY actor – tv or movies – not just SG, and no names necessary.)

3. What role do more mature, experienced actors play in helping younger actors keep their heads so that they don’t get drunk on self-importance with their first taste of fame?

4. How important is it to the show for actors to set aside their own self-importance, especially when it comes to the chemisty between them, both behind the scenes and on the screen?

5. Though you cannot foresee the future, how hopeful are you that the new SGU cast will continue to stay grounded?”

Answers: 1. It’s not just actors who risk becoming “ungrounded”. Producers, directors, yes, even writers (believe it or not!) can fall victim to Swollen Head Syndrome. For the most part, however, if the individual is well-grounded to begin with, they usually remain so throughout. I remember having a discussion about this with actress Jewel Staite who, despite having worked in “the business” since she was a kid (often a recipe for disaster), remains incredibly modest about her success. In her case, however, her mother was always around to remind her that, at the end of the day, it was just a job. In much the same way, it helps to have friends, loved ones, and co-workers standing by to tell you when you’re acting like a jack-ass.

2. Over the course of my time on Stargate and several other productions, I’ve had the pleasure to work with many, many fantastic people. And the odd jerks. Hey, it happens in any work environment and, yes, it can be incredibly disappointing. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with anyone who initially impressed me with their humility and then suddenly transformed into a megalomaniac. The humble ones tend to stay humble.

3. Experienced actors certainly set the tone. Take Robert Carlyle for instance. He’s an international celebrity with some major productions under his belt and yet when he comes to set, he is wholly professional, and wholly focused on what needs to get done. Off the set, he’s surprisingly low-key and charmingly self-deprecating. If ever you wanted an experienced actor to set the tone, you’d be hard-pressed to find better.

4. This applies to everyone involved in a production. I know of numerous shows where the onscreen chemistry between the characters is great and yet, behind the scenes, the actors barely speak.

5. I feel really, really, reaaaally good about this cast. As I’ve been saying all along, they’re not only talented but genuinely good people. The kind you’d invite to your chocolate party if you were to ever host one.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Will Carlo Rota appear in Stargate Extinction as Mr. Strom?

2. Is the Uniform Julia is wearing in the picture the Icarus Base uniforms you have been praising?

3. If both the SG-1 and Atlantis movies are shot in the fall, is there enough time between fall and summer of 2010 to complete the movies post production cycle, or is more time needed?”

Answers: 1. Can’t answer this one at the moment.

2. Actually, the uniform Alaina is wearing is the Icarus Base uniform.

3. There’s not set release date so, yes, we have plenty of time.

PG15 writes: “1. Is episode 16 the “story in limbo” you talked about on May 30th? And is it written by yet another freelancer, different from those who wrote #13 and #14?

2. Is Paul writing the season finale?

3. Got any more episode titles you can reveal to us?

4. Will “Air” have a different open credit sequence than the rest of the season, ala. Rising and the rest of SGA Season 1?

5. That video was very cute (the pugs were like, “WTF are those hyper little guys doing now?!” before kinda joining in themselves), but do you ever worry that they’ll hurt themselves like this? I mean, I see a lot of biting and gnawing and stuff like that; what if they break the skin or something?”

Answers: 1. The “limbo” story is now #16. It will be written by a freelancer. #14 is also a freelance script. Marty G. is doing the honors on #15. Speaking of which – where’s that outline?!

2. Paul and I are presently hammering out episodes #19 and #20. It remains to be seen who will be writing which one.

3. See above.

4. Can’t say for sure.

5. Brie does make a lot of noise but, at the end of the day, they’re just playing.

BondieChemGirl writes: “Anyway, the dogs are too cute. How are they with cats or have they had that experience yet?”

Answer: Jelly grew up with cats. When I used to leave the dogs with a dog sitter, Maximus used to spend his afternoons on the back porch sitting alongside the dog sitter’s cat. Don’t know about the others though.

Perragrin writes: “Actually, Joe.. I do have a question. And despite your – as yet – unbroken track record in ignoring them, i’m still gonna ask: In “Letters from Pegasus”, we see a huge, steady beam that seems to be emanating from one of the Hives in orbit and centering on the planet being culled. What’s this for?”

Answer: I believe Brad wrote this episode, so I defer to him.

Fsmn36 writes: “Here’s a question I can’t recall if you’ve answered (so pardon if you have!): will the SGU premiere be two hours as SG1 and SGA’s were?”

Answer: Yes. Air I and II will form the two-hour season premiere. Air III will air the week following.

Ben writes: “1. You said previously that you aren’t up on the progress of the Stargate Worlds game…Does this mean you’ve heard nothing about them promoting/sponsoring during the launch of SGU (not that I have, but it’d make sense marketing wise)?

2. Were you ever brought in as a sort of creative consultant early in the game’s development?

3. How damn awesome is it working with Robert Carlyle?! He’s legitimately one of my favourite actors, a brilliant choice in my book.

4. This may be a repeat…but will the elusive ‘Furlings’ make any kind of appearance in SGU, be it reference or otherwise?”

Answers: 1. I, personally, have heard nothing.

2. I wasn’t. It’s possible Brad and Robert were.

3. Incredibly damn freaking awesome! Like I said, he’s a gentleman on and off set. As many of the crew put it: a very sweet guy.

4. No.

ChelleDeBoer writes: “I just have a quick questions…are Lulu and Brie’s tails docked? If so, is that still legal in Canada??”

Answer: I don’t know whether or not it’s legal in Canada, but Lulu and Brie’s tails are definitely NOT docked. Lulu actually comes from a champion bloodline. Her tail is naturally nubby. As for Brie, she’s got a tail on her like an apostrophe.

SnowDog1942 writes: “ How is a freelance writers script able to fit in the main themes/arcs of the show? Can I assume a freelance script will be more of a standalone episode? Do the freelancers get to read the script that lead up to their episode? How do they know the characters well enough to write for them, considering the show is more serialized than the previous two Stargates.”

Answer: Freelancers are given all up to date materials (usually scripts). Based on those scripts and a preliminary conversation with Brad and Robert, they’ll be invited to pitch. If one of their pitches is a home run, they’re flown up for a day. All of the writers will get together and discuss the story, spin it, then break it down, beat by beat. The freelancer heads home and writes an outline. We’ll give them notes and they’ll revise the outline, then move on to draft. We’ll also provide notes toward a second draft. After that, the script goes to one of the producers who will do their pass (for tone, character, adding or losing elements to the episode in line with recent developments or future story ideas).

Le Francais writes: “ 1- The Opening of Universe will be short as that parodied in the episode 200 of SG-1 or the end of the season 5 of Atlantis, or a “length” as SG-1?

2- Is Rush strictly the main caracter of Universe and the others are secondary, or the totality of the team are main caracter?

3- What is the progress of the next SG-1 movie?

4- Where can I find the same poster of Johnny Cash as Sheppard?

5- When SG-1 and Atlantis ended, what are you doing with the accessoiries? Did you destroy, given them?

6- Why there is no French staff on Atlantis? If it is necessary I can come to brooms or to redo the paint)!

7- You would take advantage of what if you were block in a buckle temporal as in Window of Opporunity?

8- Has that I understood you work on a comics… Have you an idea of a French publication? Or then I badly understood…

Answers: 1. Remains to be seen.

2. Rush is a pivotal character but, overall, this is an ensemble show.

3. The script is in Brad Wright’s hands.

4. Sorry, can’t help you.

5. We’ve kept most of the props. After all, we have a movie to make.

6. Oh, there are. You just haven’t noticed them.

7. I’d probably eat and read a lot more.

8. I have a complete Asterix collection in the original French editions.

Kathi writes: “1. Are there any news when atlantis movie will be shoot?
2. Will Larin be in the movie?”

Answers: 1. Nope. No word.

2. No, she won’t.

Eric. Stewart writes: “Re: SGU,
1. how long is the filming of the first season expected to last?
2.Is it planned to start filming season 2 immediately after the filming of season 1 is completed?
3. From what I could read, the actors have been working on the episodes since the beginning of February. If the filming of episode 11 has just started, ( meaning approximately 2 episodes and a 1/2 being shot each month), how do they avoid information overflow ?(doesn’t it feel at one point that it’s too much information to learn in such a short period of time. Assuming of course that each episode’s script is fairly long)”

Answers: 1. Oh, I expect we’ll be picking around The Bridge until early October.

2. Nope. We need to find out whether or not we’ve been picked up first. And we won’t know that until after the show starts airing.

3. They accomplish this by being absolutely brilliant at what they do.

Watcher writes: “The Britney Spears song you’re referring to might be a tad bit cleverer than you think, actually. The chorus contains a nice little double entendre that went undetected for a few weeks.”

Answer: For a few WEEKS?! Where? In a remote area of Afghanistan where nobody understands English?

Dovil writes: “The PS gets a gold star, I’m sure you’re overjoyed about it and are currently hanging it on an imaginary wall.”

Answer: In my imaginary den.

Deni writes: “Hey Joe, whatever happened to Joel’s Q&A? Are we still going to get it?”

Answer: Joel contacted me a couple of months ago to apologize for the delay. I told him I understood, that we was very busy. Then, SGU went full throttle and he got busy again.

Jedi43 writes: “Is Todd still in the city someplace at the end of 5×20?”

Answer: Oh, yeah. He’s definitely around there somewhere. I think Zelenka saw him playing hide and seek with Jinto somewhere on the west pier. Well, at least it looked like hide and seek.

Chris C. writes: “Any word on whether Brian Michael Bendis is still planning to answer our questions?”

Answer: Another busy guy. Between the various comic books he‘s writing, he’s also scripting the pilot for the Powers series.

MattG1987 writes: “I must say that Alaina Huffman is looking very nice in the picture you posted! What is it like working with her?”

Answer: Remember back in school, the girl that all the guys liked because she was so pretty, and the guys AND girls liked to hang around with because she was always so upbeat and fun to be with? Well, on the set of Stargate Universe, Alaina is that girl. With a gun. Also – Best Laugh Ever.

57 thoughts on “June 6, 2009: Playing Catch-Up with the Mailbag

  1. 1. Tell Bendis to get off Twitter and answer the goshdarn questions already!

    2. Todd & Jinto – 😆 …creepy, but still… 😆

    3. Thank you very much for your insightful answers to my queries. Truly appreciate it. It was well worth the wait! (Thought you had died or something there for a while…)

    4. Hitchcockian titles: my vote goes to Rope, or Vertigo…or Psycho…or Frenzy… or Sabotage…or SABOTEUR…or Notorious, or Spellbound, or…ARGH! I give up!

    5. I’m too tired to think about the others right now…

    6. Have a good night, sir! And thanks again!


  2. #14 has got to be Sabotage. Not only because it fits your Beastie Boys/Hitchcock criteria (the latter is an older!), but it just seems so towards-the-end-of-the-season-hijinx-to-ensue-forthright.

    #15 No clue…Gunsmoke? I’m trying to think of one word titles.

    #16 Um…Vista! No, Quicken.

    @Major D. Davis Speaking of the prima donnas, I hear that of all people both Aunt Bee and Radar could both be royal pains to work with. Goes to show, I guess.

    @Perragrin Well, if you saw a huge beam coming from the sky, you’d probably just stand there all agape and bam! Scoopered!

    @Joe Regarding oblivious censors, I would refer you to the “clean” version of Shake Rattle n Roll and the gem that went over their heads and got left in.

  3. Hey Joe,

    Do you think there will be a chance you will be able to show the opening credits, or in the very least, the theme for SGU? Or do you think we’ll have to wait patiently for it? I’m eager to hear what Joel has come up with.

    Cheers, Daniel

  4. Hey Joe,

    Not sure if you’re still dreading that musical, but I just saw Les Miserables at the Stanley and it was quite good. The quality of the singing was very, very impressive.

    Have you ever been to West? We were there for dinner and I quite enjoyed it.


  5. Episode #14 shares a title with a song by God Module.
    Another shares the name of a software package.

    Answer: Not sure about this one, could be several – Companion

    Episode #15 shares a title with a song by The Beastie Boys.

    One shares the name of a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

    Answer: Ooh Sabotage

    Episode #16 shares a title with a song by Coldplay.

    Another shares the name of a television series.

    Answers: Murder (if we’re going with one word titles), Brothers & Sisters

    How’d I do?

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Holy Massive Mailbag Batman! I mean, Baron Destructo!

    Thank you for answering my questions!

    Ok, so the clues…Lost is a TV show! And it’s a Coldplay song! And it’s one-word long! And that rhymed! Ok then, Lost will be my guess for episode 16!

    I’m hitting up IMDB to check out all the movies directed by Hitchcock…well well well, what do have here? Sabotage! So I’ll join the party and say that Sabotage is my guess for #15!

    Finally, let’s hit Wikipedia for God Module songs…ok, the one word titles are:


    Googled every term with “software package” added on, and these are the ones that are apparently software packages:


    Hmmm…well, I guess I’ll await further clues on this one. Not even sure if I searched it properly. I think I’ll bank on Catalyst for now.


    Actually, it’s the same as one of my questions today, but I don’t think you answered it: Is episode 16 written by a freelancer different from those who wrote #13 and #14? I.e. all 3 episodes are written by different people?


  7. Can’t WAIT to see SGU, particularly Robert Carlyle.

    Has anyone given him a little shit-stirring about Full Monty? ie asking him to strip off or something similar?

    He’s just gorgeous..

  8. Coucou Joseph!!!!

    Waou trés motivé aujourd’hui pour réponse au question, merci de nous les faires partager!

    Trop contente de nouvelles photos du cast de sgu sont en ligne, youpi!!

    Passez une bonne journée! Bisou

  9. Just wondering, how much of what you’re doing differently with SGU compared to SG-1 and SGA is stuff you wanted to do with those series but for one reason or another couldn’t? I mean things like White Sands location shoots, the greater connections / continuity between episodes, the whole new tone and greater emphasis on character development.

    In other words, is SGU somewhat made up of the “wish list” from doing SG-1 and SGA, or was it more a case of setting out to do something new and different from the start?

  10. One shares the name of a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
    A classic.

    Another shares the name of a television series.
    So sue me, tis the only one that easily sprung to mind. 🙂

    Another shares the name of a software package.
    Uh-oh, there are six million out there, especially if you go open source. Sticking to one of the most basic ones,

  11. Hi Joe,
    I’ve been doing some researchs around the possible names for episode 14 to 16 but God Module has definitly too many single words songs !
    Concerning the Bestie Boys and Coldplay, they have less bur here’s a problem : the Bestie Boys have sung : Sabotage, and Coldplay : Murder ! But those two songs are also Hitchcoks films !!!
    So which is the 15th and 16th ?

    For the rest I think I’m going to wait for more clues !

    And by the way, will we soon have production arts of various things in Stargate Universe ? ^^

    Thanks 😉

  12. When you answer the mailbag where do you get the questions from? From these comments or from your E-Mail?

  13. ok here is my shot at it,
    14) Blackmail
    15) Crawlspace
    16) Daylight

    I would totally hang around with Alaina all day, too bad she’s married and has kids…..so how is Elyse doing? 😉

  14. My guesses:

    Hitchcock – First thought was Birds, but that didn’t sound right, so I’ll go with Vertigo.

    TV Show – Lost!

    Software package? Goodness, there’s too many to think of. Can you narrow it down a bit? Type of software?

  15. Wow, LOTS of catching up today!! I always enjoy the mailbag (even though I can never think of any questions myself.)

  16. Take 2. I used Wikipedia to get the discographies and research possible titles (which is what I think you did).

    Episode #14 shares a title with a song by God Module.
    Another shares the name of a software package.

    Answer: Lucid

    Episode #15 shares a title with a song by The Beastie Boys.
    One shares the name of a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

    Answer: Ooh Sabotage

    Episode #16 shares a title with a song by Coldplay.
    Another shares the name of a television series.

    Answers: Yellow

    Any better?

    Cheers, Chev

  17. I just realised that you said the name of a television series not an episode title so back to Murder.

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Thanks for the nice mailbag. Only dissapointment? Your response to Perragrin’s question in reference to Letters from Pegasus. What are the chances we can bribe you to get an answer from Mr. Wright, or to have him back for a Q&A so we can ask ourselves? As for your short story and comic project, looking forward to getting my hands on both in the early part of next year.
    As far as the episode titles, I’ll go with Sabatoge as the Hitchcock flick. As for the tv show and software package, my mind is curling up inside my skull at the thought of trying to figure those out. Can you at least tell us when you’ll confirm what the titles are so your readers can gloat or mourn as is appropriate?

  19. Well its 2.27pm over here and there’re no comments registering so you must be having a well earned lie-in 🙂
    I, on the other hand have a hangover to end all hangovers as I didn’t wobble home from celebrating until 3.30am, good job I was only 100yards away so couldn’t get lost.

    Forgot to say a big thank you for yesterday’s Q&A, another Awesome session, another awesome author for my collection.
    (yep, I’ve taken the final step and decided in future to kidnap and miniaturise my favourite authors and have them on display next to my almost-as-awesome-as-yours book collection…

    *what do you mean step away from the computer and put my hands where you can see them?*

  20. I can’t do the quote thingy so here goes… Joe writes:

    Further hints to the titles of episode #14, #15, and #16:

    One shares the name of a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

    Another shares the name of a television series.

    Another shares the name of a software package.
    I’m feeling energetic today.

    My guesses are:
    #14 Psycho
    #15 A-Team (that’s one word, right?)
    #16 Windows ???

    (I think my computer illteracy is showing. 😳 I’ve always thought Windows was a software package. Maybe I’m horribly wrong. :-S )

    So if I have a chocolate party of my own I should invite the cast of SGU? I’m tempted to throw my own chocolate party. 😉


  21. OOh, before I go please tell Mr Carlyle how absolutely awesome his work is from me. I’d gush some more but its unseemly:D

  22. Hallo Joe,

    I only want to say thank you for answering my questions.

    Have a nice day!

  23. Joe Flanigan recently said,
    “I think our cast did a truly amazing job in helping build a successful franchise, but I don’t think that it is seen that way by the writers and producers.”
    “If Universe is successful, the prevailing theory among the writers and producers will be that actors are dispensible and not a critical part of the show,”
    Would you care to rebuttle??

    SGU has been referred to as an “ensemble” cast several times. When I think “ensemble”, shows come to mind like ER, and Third Watch. Where there was 6+ main characters who shared the screen time in each episode. I once heard Atlantis be referred to as an “ensemble” show. Sure it had 5-6 main characters and several supporting roles, but it nevered seemed that more than 3 of them to be heavily involved in the episode, barring premieres, two parters and finales. Will this also be the case in SGU, or will we be seeing more major players per episode? Can you specify on average how many main characters take part in the episodes?

  24. Thank you for not posting my comment yesterday. I didn’t want to start another ‘he said/she said’ session. This isn’t what this blog is about. I just wanted to say that so much damage can occur with all this ‘crap’. Both you and Joe are smart and good people. You both care about the franchise and where you stand within it. I would hate to see any of this destroyed by words and insinuations that can not be taken back. All three parties, you, Joe and the fans deserve more.

    Don’t think too harshly of me. I care about this franchise too and am nervous and alittle bit scared that things could blow up and be history.

    Thanks for listening,

    I’m the ‘dog poem’ lady.

  25. Stargate sure seems to luck out when it comes to having genuinely nice cast members or is it something that is actually taken into account in the casting process? I like your description of Alaina Huffman, sounds like she’s the Amanda Tapping of the Universe cast.

  26. This is what happens when you give a Physicist clues. Based on what you’ve told us so far, and the fact that you hinted at one-word titles being the theme for Season 1…

    Episode #14 – SYMMETRY
    – God Module song and Financial software package

    Episode #15 – SABOTAGE
    – Beastie Boys song and Hitchcock movie

    Episode #16 – LOST
    – Coldplay song and TV series

    I do have to ask though… are the clues the result of an internet search for that particular word, or do you have a rather diverse music collection?

  27. Hi Joe,
    Concerning your short story, can you please see if it can made availble as a Kindle ebook.


  28. @ Major D. Davis, Perragrin, & Narelle – Now that I have like – 5 minutes – I just wanted explain my ‘accident prone’ husband…

    There are the falls and the bumps – bumps on the head from walking into doors (including cabinets), the falls on ice, the fall into the hold of a ship, the fall off a horse. I dread every time he goes on the roof to clean the gutters… (thank goodness we only have a one-story house).

    Then there was the surfing accident, Perragrin – he smashed his long board right into a jetty. This was before I met him, thank goodness. He still has the board – it’s a resin board with a home-repaired nose guard, and a few deep scratches on its bottom. In this case, the board hit the rocks, not him (unlike some folks I know… 😉 ).

    But that’s not all…

    There’s the stubbed toe that landed him sprawled on the floor – I told him to shake it off because we were leaving on a tour of the tall ships of New England the morning…a trip that had him walking every day, for a week. It was a month and a half later when – his foot still swollen – he went to the doc and found out he had not stubbed his toe, but had broken a small bone on the side of his foot. Heh…and I had told him to just shake it off. 😛

    There’s other stuff – the spaghetti and sauce sliding off his plate and onto the floor, the glass of wine he knocked over into my plate (thank goodness NOT my dress) at our wedding reception), the oft-spilled coffee, the egg that exploded in his face, the singed hair from having a gas stove ‘blow up’ in his face, the door knobs that fall off in his hand.

    But my absolute favorite is the chili accident. We were watching tv, eating chili. I don’t know what he was trying to do – perhaps reach for the spoon – but suddenly he PUNCHES the center of his bowl of chili, and it exploded into his face – and all the way up to the ceiling. He just looked at me – dumbfounded, chili dripping off his face – for the longest time…and I just stared back at him. Then we both busted out laughing! It was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen – like something out of a Roadrunner cartoon!

    I wouldn’t have him any other way. We laugh about his little accidents – most are harmless enough. But he’s a good man with a big heart, and very patient with me – so that makes up for his clumsiness. I just won’t let him get a motorcycle, that’s all. 🙂


  29. wait a minute how do these clues go with each other?

    I assumed,
    God Module Song & Hitchcock Directorial Film
    Beastie Boys Song & TV Series
    Coldplay Song & Software Package

    am I wrong or is it everyone jumping to the blatantly obvious Sabotage?

  30. Just saw the SGU “Survival” trailer, it looked to me like Col. Telford, whom I thought was left behind at Icarus, was strolling through the desert. Which by the way looked amazing. So would Icarus be located on this desert planet?? To prevent you from losing your job, we can speak in signals that nobody will understand, just gimme a 1 for yes and a 2 for no, it’s flawless, trust me.

  31. > 2. Paul and I are presently hammering out episodes #19 and #20. It remains to be seen who will be writing which one.

    Maybe you both could work together and write both episodes together before branching off and improving a certain episodes script?

    I think you should do episode 20, because you’re a better writer 🙂

  32. Oh I like guess-that games..

    #14 – If it wasnt one-word rule I would sugest “Strangers on the Train” but because the rule is I go for “Sabotage”

    #15 – “Lost” is tempting, or “Life” maybe …

    #16 – tempted to hint “windows movie maker”, but the rules again.. really lost here, I dont know any softwear package… okay, “Range”

    Now I knew I forgot something. I intended to be born looking like A.Huffman. I have a memory of a gold fish :/

    Just wondered.. does Brie bully anyone else except poor Lulu? 🙂


  33. @Quade:
    Hey… I said *Psycho*. Not Sabotage. And also A-Team. I didn’t think they were blatantly obvious guesses. Which is why I’m going with those.

    Plus I don’t care if I lose here. I’m used to losing. 😛

    @Das: ROFL!!!! I love the Chili story! Can I tell you an embarrassing one about myself? I’m much more the clutzy person than Jeremy. Mainly because I do these things that are stupid. So. Very. Stupid.

    Like when we’d JUST bought this house, I had to paint the walls in the kitchen. I was sick of the crappy chalk on the walls (aka builder grade paint). I bought a high quality paint, opened up a brand new gallon and was all ready to get started. I go to move the ladder. Just as one of the legs of the ladder gets stuck on the crappy vinyl floor I realize I had forgotten to take the almost full gallon of paint off the top of it. 😯

    It’s weird because it happened in slow mow yet I couldn’t move fast enough to stop the whole gallon of paint from flipping right on top of me.


    Paint splashed all the way onto the plant shelves (where I thought things up there were safe… not from me and a gallon of paint, they weren’t!).

    The good news? The brand new solid wood kitchen table I’d just spent hours sanding down myself and painting with four coats of poly only had a couple spatters of white paint on it. And the year old carpet in the family room right next to the kitchen was spared. One spot maybe pencil eraser size landed on the living room carpet.

    The bad news?

    OMG! Can you imagine what it’s like to have someone dump an ENTIRE gallon of paint on your head?

    Jeremy was watching TV in the familroom (the kitchen and familyroom are one open room) at the time. He said he knew what happened as soon as he heard me try to move the ladder.

    Actually, Jeremy was the only thing moving fast in my memory. He came racing toward me and stopped about four feet away. He said that he doesn’t think it’s possible for my eyes to get that huge again. Plus he was talking to me and I was in shock. I just starred at him, eyes wide, mouth opened, and I didn’t move a muscle. He thinks I was like that for a solid minute. All the while he’s telling me it’s OK, it’s just paint, was I hurt? We’ll clean it up, etc…

    Anyway… I was literally covered in paint from head to toe. I found out some stuff about paint. It’s super cold. It’s super thick. It’s probably one of the worst things to clean up after. And if you get a gallon dumped on you say good-bye to EVERYTHING you are wearing. I mean, everything! I lost a really good bra that day. The paint went right down my shirt. *shudder* It was everywhere.

    I wasn’t physically hurt. Well, the paint can landed on my foot and I got a little bruise. But nothing was broken. My ego took a huuuuuge blow. 🙄 Having to strip naked in the kitchen can do that to a person, I guess. Especially when your spouse is laughing at the whole ordeal. Plus the crappy vinyl floor was ruined after that. I hated that floor before I had to scrub the life out of it. But after? I could never get it clean after that. Literally every day I was in the kitchen I was reminded of what an idiot I can be. Humbling? Ya. And it sucked.

  34. @das
    Wow, great stories. FUNNY!!!

    You sure Paul doesn’t read these comments?

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for taking the time to answer my(and everyone elses) questions!!1

    Awww man. Looks like every exiting thing (except universe ) will come out in 2010. Darn, I hate waiting

    And I really have a good feeling about your comics. I almost am sure it will be green lit.

    I think it has to be sabotage. Has to be. A couple questions if you don’t mind.

    1. What average neilsen rating do you think it will take to renew Universe. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3………?

    2. I watched the new SGU trailer and saw quite a bit of bsgish movement/mild shaking of the camera during the talking scenes that made it feel like I was watching bsg(minus the dark ship). This is just for that scene right, cause it was too bsgish and annoying.(I know you said you wouldn’t use shaky cam often but I just want to make sure)?

    Oh and for the action sequences I understand and enjoy shaky cam, it helps make it more intense, but in shows like BSG, it can get annoying.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  35. @das,
    Oh yeah and I freak out every time my dad goes out on the gutters(he is like 25+ feet off the ground), and my dad isn’t even accident prone!! LOL.

    Oh and talk about unlucky, I just turned from white to red as a result of standing in the sun for hours on end without sun screen at the car show!!!. Worst burn in years….. Painful…. My nose and skin under my eyes is blistering and sometimes oozing stuff(basically, me popping blisters). LOL

  36. Phew, it finally stopped thundering and lightning long enough for me to catch up on the blog. It was so bad….how bad was it? It was so bad that the round cookie tin I have sitting atop my cabinets, came crashing down. The house rattled. I was in the living room at the time and I about came out of my skin.

    This is the third day that S. FLA, well Jupiter, anyway has been hit pretty hard. I am surprised we still have power. Friday we lost power briefly at the hospital, that was a bit scary, I have never been in my office w/out power. It was very dark. Had I been in an elevator when that happened, I would have been admitted to the psych ward.

    Looking forward to your short story and your comic books, Joe. All the best to you!

  37. You know what might be nice? If you don’t approve any comment including the words “Joe Flanigan said”. It’s getting seriously annoying, the way people keep trying to start things. Plus, I nearly through my coffee over my monitor in annoyance while reading today’s comments.

    While you’re in a question-answering mood (or did you use it all up with the above efforts?) – my flatmate will be house-sitting next month, and she’ll be looking after a pug named Mr Darcy. Do you have any words of advice for her, as PugMeister Extraordinaire?

    Wish you all the best, Joe, with the comic book. I hope it gets the go-ahead.

  38. … and my spelling is reflecting the fact that I have yet to finish my first coffee of the morning … oy.

  39. @Trish–that was so funny(now after the fact of course) you painted(sorry 🙄 )such a great picture of the whole episode!
    — Guesses–Frenzy, Startime,Suspicion,Lifeboat…since the others were guessed,and Beastie Boys, I know nothing…Alive, still thinking single word titles,right?!?
    -software, I do well enough just to turn on the computer and post on this blog, sooooo maybe won’t get this one.. But I will enjoy reading everyones answers.

  40. Trish: I also think it’s great that your husband didn’t take it too seriously. Some couples fight over everything. It would have been really bad if he was screaming at you for the mess. A negative into a positive, you know? He’s a keeper. What color was the paint?

  41. “One shares the name of a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

    Another shares the name of a television series.

    Another shares the name of a software package.”

    Hm. I’m going with Psycho, Lost, and, um, Adobe Acrobat. 🙂

  42. Hey Trish

    Thanks for the paint story. Every time I do some house painting I’ll think of you. I have painting clothes so I wouldn’t worry if I got paint on them, but now I have to have a painting bra? LOL!

    My DIY nightmare was when Dad & I installed a dryer in my laundry. It was 10pm a couple of days later when I heard a very loud bang. I went to investigate when I saw my dryer half hanging off the wall. I grabbed the cordless phone in one had and the dryer in the other to prevent it falling further. I got my Dad to come around and rescue me. We got my brother-in-law to come around and fix it properly the following weekend. I still get creeped out if I use the sink underneath the dryer.

    Cheers, Chev

  43. For people who want to know, Joe’s mailbag are questions people ask through the comments on here…


  44. Hi Joe, time to take another stab at the episode titles…

    For #14, Silence is a God Module Song, and is a 2006 Taiwanese show…but I don’t think so. Catalyst perhaps? that’s an australian show. Curse fits the song, and is programming for unix. Evolve is a history channel show.
    #15 is “Sabotage,” yes? Beastie Boys song and an Hitchcock film.
    #16 – talk, fits coldplay and is Unix. And lost is a show.
    So…I figure, since you’ve mentioned Lost serveral times, #16 is “Lost”.

    And the only Hitchcock film on there was “Sabotage”, so that’s #15.

    And that means, #14 is the computer one. And the only one I found would be “Curse.”
    That’s it, right?!?! Where’s my prize? *winks*

  45. @ Trish – You win! 😆

    Been a big day…fancy breakfast in town, errands, comic shop, up the road for services, visited with friends, BORDERS!, visited the in-laws…nose bleed (second in as many days – I go for my sinus CAT later this week – I hope it’s nothing). I picked up another Moorcock book, my comic pull for the week, and set 1 of Midsomer Murders. And I’m pooped. Off to beddie-byes!!

    Have a nice evening, Joe!


  46. ROTFLMAO Michael A. Burstein – If I say Adobe Creative Suite do you think they’d give me a copy for free?

    Cheers, Chev

  47. Lee said:

    Re: Alaina’s laugh.

    Are we going to hear it at all in season one?

    There’s no way it beats Joe F’s laugh. Fantastically funny, I’ve got it on my iTunes.

    Maybe Joe you could record Alaina so we could compare.

    Cheers, Chev

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