What the – ?! Almost June already?! It feels like only days ago we were spinning stories for the new show and, in a blink, we’re suddenly poised to prep the first part of the mid-season two-parter. Before you know it, we’ll have sailed past the premiere and started – hopefully – spinning stories for a second season of dangers, discoveries, and deceptions aboard the Destiny. I feel like I’ve unwittingly meandering into one of those time distortions fields my grandmother always warned me about. If any of you are trapped in here with me, let me know your location as I’d like to have a sense of how large an area has been effected.

About a month before we head into our summer hiatus. Between then and now, we’re going to need to break the last remaining stories…

Director Will Waring continues to shoot episode 9, Justice this week.

Rob heads into prep on episode 10 (Space, the episode I wrote).

Brad makes final tweaks to episode 11 (Divide, the episode Paul wrote) as he readies for prep.

Carl continues his pass on Faith.

Marty G. hammers out an outline for his second script.

Our freelancer works on his next draft.

Which leaves us with…what?…six stories to break? Really? Is it that many? Have I missed one? Let’s see…Brad will eventually shift gears to rescue that story in limbo, Carl will move from Faith to that story Brad pitched out, Brad will probably write the story Rob pitched out (Given the premise, it’s right up his alley), I’ll start thinking about 19 – which dovetails nicely into 20, our thrilling season finale…and…Help me out here, what am I missing?


PG15 writes: “1. This amending of scripts to connect stories better, are you guys doing it more with SGU stories than with past SG1 and SGA stories?

2. Is Andy Mikita also directing “Divided”?

3. What do you mean when you say that Rob is “doing the pass” on your script? Does it mean that he’s producing it, or just reading it to give it notes?”

Answers: 1. Yes, there is more of a definitive episode to episode link between the various stories and character relationships in SGU.

2. No.

3. Rob will be producing the episode, doing the script polish, taking the network notes, overseeing prep, and doing the producer’s cut.

JoanieC writes: “I took my 11yr old westie to the vet as he had ear trouble and as well as giving him drops the vet suggested I give him an evening primrose oil tablet every day to keep his skin in good condition.”

Answer: Interesting.

GateFanSamJack writes: “ How soon after an SGU episode is shown on SyFy will it turn up on Hulu/SyFy.com?”

Answer: Your guess is as good as mine.

Kathi writes: “In season 2 – conversion, was it only John’ s emergency situation or were there true feelings, witch made John kiss teyla?”

Answer: I believe the process he was undergoing stripped him of certain inhibitions, causing him to respond to some deep-seeded instincts.

TBA writes: “Do you think it’s ultimately better or worse for the ratings when the pilot leaks?”

Answer: In my opinion, leaks actually hurt a show’s ratings. It’s like being treated to a piece of cake before dinner. Will eating that piece make you more or less likely to have another piece for dessert? Some may argue that that the sneak taste (supposing it’s good) will make someone more likely to have another piece later (especially if they are fans of that particular type of cake). Other will argue that once they’ve had a piece of cake, they’d probably be inclined to skip on dessert – or try something different. Take the leaking Wolverine as an example. There are those who will argue that the movie did very well so the leak may have helped and certainly didn’t hurt. However, this is a fallacious argument given that we have no standard against which to measure the movie’s succes. How are we to know that it couldn’t have performed even better at the box office if it hadn’t been leaked?

Like I said, people can argue both sides of the issue, but I have always been of the opinion that leaks hinder rather than help – ESPECIALLY if it’s a leak of an unfinished version (missing things like music, sound effects, and visual effects). In the case of the latter, I’ll go back to my dessert analogy and liken it to giving someone a piece of cake before dinner – except that the cake is minus some key ingredients, namely sugar, eggs, and frosting – and expect them to have another piece to end their meal.

Davidd writes: “I’m sure you know who Susan Boyle is from Britain’s Got Talent. Well, the results for the show just came in….do you think she should have won rather than come in at second place?”

Answer: Don’t watch the show so I have no idea what the competition was like.


66 thoughts on “May 31, 2009: Hey, What Year Is It?

  1. Hi Joe,

    Back in October of 2007 (I did a search), you mentioned that Pushing Daisies was one of the few new shows you liked enough to keep watching (and, sadly enough, seemingly predicted the show’s inevitable demise). With the last few episodes just now airing on TV in the US, are you still watching the show, or did you give up on it at some point along the way?

    (If you haven’t been watching it, Season 2 is just as good as, if not better than, Season 1, in my opinion. It’s absolutely brilliant and a shame it didn’t get renewed.)


  2. Help me out here, what am I missing?

    What about that very special episode where Lt. Scott meets his long lost sister who was abducted by aliens when she was 8?

    Cheers, Chev

  3. Cool. Sgu is really taking shape. Wait huh. Do you take a break after divided or faith. Anyways, can’t wait for the fall(hopefully summer, if ya know what I mean).

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  4. This year has been flying by, it felt like weeks ago it was still snowing. Which may be the reason I stayed outside so long without thinking to put on sunscreen 🙁

    I agree “leaks” hurt productions. Wolverine is a prime example, I don’t think there is any question it would have done better in the box office had it not been leaked. But then again it would have done even better if the theatres didn’t charge you out your ass.

  5. There you go…it’s the 1st June for me, my niece’s 9th birthday tomorrow (better go finish the birthday shopping). Man it’ll be Christmas soon.

    Cheers, Chev

  6. I’m raising my hand to be included as being part of the time distortion. I’ve got no idea at the moment where or when the hell I am. But then again, I’m still blonde.

  7. Oh boy, major updates on the remaining stories I see; I gotta go update my SGU Episode Update document.

    No really, I keep track of these. It’s Summer, what else am I going to do? There’s no school, there’s no other form of note-keeping or number crunching for me to obsess over; this is perfect! PERFECT!!

    Lately, I’ve been unable to figure out what day of the month it is; I know it’s around the end of May though. I suppose that means your Time Dilation effect (the Asgard’s revenge for you guys killing most of them off, no doubt) is centered near you, but still has some effect for me here on the border between Burnaby and New Westminster.

    That, or the field is much bigger, and both you and me are just feeling the outer effects. For all we know it’s centered in Alaska and people there don’t know what epoch this is.

    Which explains some things, actually.

    (No offense to any Alaskans here)

    Anyways, thank you for answering my questions!


    1. Is the freelancer-written episode, episode 14?

    2. Let me bring out this old chestnut again, from March 16th:

    Brad then pytched out hys revysed notion for an ydea he’s been battyng around for a whyle now. A great premyse wyth an yntryguing mystery at yts core, a wonderful opportunyty for one of our characters, all wrapped up in a an ultymately touchyng theme.

    Is this the episode that you referenced when you said today that “Carl will move from Faith to that story Brad pitched out“?

    3. Who’s writing the thrilling Season finale?


  8. Oh and can someone update sgu on wiki cause there is some seriously wrong info up there.( I don’t have an account , otherwise I would do it myself).

  9. There’s a time distortion here in not-so-sunny Southern California too. The time I’ve had to get ready for a trip this week has suddenly been compressed to 24 hours. Wonder if it’s one big anomaly or many small ones?

  10. First off, just one thing: it’s still May 31 here (Vancouver) – at least it was when I just saw this posted 😀


    That time distortion thing makes a lot of sense actually: I find it hard to believe it’s almost june… My little brother graduates next weekend, which only adds to the sense of time distortion (how is it that my *little* brother is old enought to graduate?!?!)… But that won’t tell you much about the size of the disturbance given that I too am a Vancouverite.

    I was actually a little disappointed when you segued from the cake analogy to Wolverine: I was curious as to just how far you could take that dessert analogy! Then you went back to the cake, so it’s all good.

    How are the dogs doing? I saw that pic of Maximus (so cute!) – they’re all doing well? Jelly’s endocarditis is under control? Is she on meds for it?

  11. I do believe there’s a bit of time distortion (can there be a bit, or is it just ‘time distortion’?) here in NC. Everything just happens so fast! Classes end for summer and we pick up foster puppies from the shelter. Our month with them ended up being just a week because they contracted parvovirus while at the shelter, and we had to bring them back and the shelter had to euthanize them. *sob* This happened Saturday. Just to think, that was practically just yesterday. *sigh* Time does fly…

    And I can’t believe it’s June already. It seems like just last year I was graduating high school because..well, I was. And to think, in a day or so (on June 2) I’ll be 19. Yikes..

    Yep, definitely a time distortion field in NC. How many affected areas does that make now?

    Anyhoo, I’m excited for Universe and it really does look like it’s coming along well! I can’t wait until it airs.

  12. My old-fashioned wind-up Japanese clock says it is the 38th. I let it run down last month and never reset the days from April to May, it just keeps racking up days after the 30th until it circles back to the 1st. It stopped on the 38th. Hubby set it last time and the days have been off by 12 hours anyway, so time distortion has been a way of life lately. I haven’t felt like climbing up on the table to wind it and set the day right again. And I usually have to wait for a Sunday, because I’ve forgotten my day of the week Kanji.

    It is Sunday, isn’t it? Crap.

  13. I’ve been fortunate enough to never run afoul a time distortion field, only to become unstuck in time on three occasions. Although, I’m pretty sure the second one was a dream.

    I agree with leaking an unfinished product, especially one with integral visuals or musical cues. But I do believe that the love of many fans to search high and low for tidbits like that are a good time to intentionally release alternate endings to throw off the incessant attempts to come by true footage on one’s own.

    But that’s about undermining the quality of something for a sneak peek. Ratings systems are another beast entirely, and one they shoulda Old Yellered long ago.

  14. You’re missing Destiny’s encounter with Ed Begley, Jr. in his self-sustaining life module puttering around the Universe using dark energy converter panels, and turning off non-essential energy output one galaxy at a time.

    I got a chance to visit his house yesterday with other Park Service volunteers. He’s involved with conservancy groups here in SoCal, and very kindly allowed several of us to stampede through his home to discover new ways to be more energy efficient. (We all resisted the urge to snag souvenirs.)

    He’s a super nice and funny guy, and someone who truly walks his talk, which makes him a 2-fer. If he ever gets on SGU, you’ll get a wonderful actor, and hilarious stories of what to do, and not to do, in the quest to save energy, and along the way, some serious dinero.

    When’s Ashleigh’s Q&A? I don’t think you have much time left.

  15. I don’t understand a thing you’re saying about the Destiny and SGU. I’m stuck in a friend’s apartment in NYC on 1/1/2000, thoroughly hungover, still hearing the strains of that song by Prince that I always hated, and morosely taking in the fact that coming here to ring in Y2K is one of the stoopider things I’ve done in my life. And I’ve lost count of those. College life has run up the tally exponentially.

    We’re half-watching a Friends marathon on VCR, thinking about taking the Metro up to north Westchester tomorrow to clear out the city madness, and later we’ll do a Stargate SG-1 marathon while eating as much pizza as my stomach can tolerate. (Just what did I drink last night??)

    So now it’s pretty awesome to know that SG-1 will have a spinoff. I wonder if O’Neill will be in it. He’s sort of like my dad, but a little younger and a lot cooler.

    Good luck in finding your way out of the time-distortion field. (Your grandmother was a smart woman.) Maybe in your day, NASA and related agencies know how to run rescue missions for people who’ve gotten too close to an event horizon. If not, some say eating the center of a manticore’s heart can make things better. Dunno.

  16. Count me in as a victim of that time-distortion field. It feels like only weeks ago I was planning for my epic half-year journey, yet somehow I’ve already gone and come back! I thought it was just me being hopelessly confused from my recent traversal of the dateline; I’m reassured the effects are more widespread than that.

    From the other comments, I’m thinking it’s a basic anomaly with a 1/r fall-off (the farther from the source you are, the smaller the effect), centered somewhere in Vancouver. In Vancouver proper, half a year flies by in no time at all. Farther out in the lower mainland, it’s the months whipping past. By the time you get all the way down to the southern states, it’s a low-impact anomaly compressing weeks into days. In a seasonally-appropriate coincidence, that means the folks down under are feeling the hours speed up and the days getting shorter and shorter…

  17. I know how you feel, Joe. Time is just flying by, and as it does, I have this niggling feeling in the back of my brain somewhere that I’m forgetting something. Sometimes it’s a vague concern that – perhaps – I forgot to pay a bill, and other times it’s this feeling of ‘loss’, as if I’ve lost something (like my keys) and can’t find them…though – as far as I know – I haven’t lost anything. I think it’s because with domestic responsibilities, finances, work, social and religious activities, forums, family, doctors…the list can go on…I just can’t keep track of anything, not even my own thoughts.

    The busier we are, the faster time seems to pass…and the more we feel like there’s something we’ve forgotten to do. At least that’s how it is for me.


  18. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The time distortion stretches all the way to the UK at least. Seems like only yesterday my little Shep-whumper-in-training surprised the heck out of us by turning up 5 weeks early and all of a sudden she’s 8 weeks old… how the heck did that happen?! (And, perhaps more importantly, why is it that my over-riding memory of the past 8 weeks is of sterilising bottles? Am I stuck in a time loop too? Doomed to sterilise bottles and make up batches of formula forever?!)

    Anyhoo… time dilation aside, thought I’d share with you and interesting (to me) piece of chocolate-related news… I’ve found a chilli chocolate that I like… a *milk chocolate* chilli chocolate bar! 😀 I love the idea of chilli chocolate and even went out and bought some based on your recommendation… but, heretic as I am, I’m just not a fan of dark chocolate. And all the chilli chocolate available in the shops is dark chocolate.

    No so, however, in the wilds of Lincolnshire! Found a lovely range of handmade chocolate bars on sale in a farm shop near Lincoln, all milk chocolate and offering flavours including chilli (with real chilli seeds embedded in the chocolate) and pink grapefruit (also surprisingly nice). Hurrah! I can now enjoy chilli chocolate along with the rest of the chocolate-eating world. 🙂

  19. Australia seems to have been effected to, Mr. Mallozi…It’s the 1st June here already! First day of Winter!

  20. Hi Joe,

    In response to Kathi’s question to you about the kiss between John & Teyla in Conversion. I agreed with your answer but I also felt that the attraction was on his part only. The give away was when he said “interesting” and at the end when he apologised and Teyla told him to forget it had happened…Well I think that he was probably hoping that she was going to respond a different way. A case of unrequited love me thinks!

  21. Bonjour Joseph! Vous allez bien? Moi torp, hier la plage c’etait génial, j’ai atraper de trés gros coup de soleil mais j’ai qu’en même bien dormie!

    Tient pour une fois moi aussi je vais posé des questions:

    1) Dans sga, allons nous revoir peut être un personnage mort ou disparu?
    2)Dans sgu de quel couleur sera le vortex de la porte?
    3)Vous aimez aller à la plage?

    voila =) Merci ^^!

  22. The time distortion reaches to Czech republic too. The last time I checked I had beautiful six months to finish my thesis … And when I look into the calendar now, it’s … !DUH!… 25 days… *fights the full blown panick attack*

    Oh, my mommy fell for your dogs absolutely. And because she can’t speak english, I was instructed to thank you for the lovely dog pictures on her behalf 🙂

    (btw. it was Maximus on the twitter pic ? That smiley face is a t-shirt material. It made my day :))

  23. Hell yeah, there’s time distortion here. Today I left the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne for the last time after a 9 1/2 month stint Down Under. As a European girl going abroad alone for the first time, and halfway around the world as well, I was dreading staying away that long. But these last 9.5 months have flown past. I still have this feeling that I’m dreaming, as I was doing weeks before I actually left for Oz. I know that when I get back home, I won’t believe I was actually gone for so long. It’s a very strange feeling. So I absolutely know what you mean about the time distortion, and I can confirm it’s spread to Australia.

  24. At the leaks… I’m inclined to believe it actually helps the show in the long run. When it’s leaked, people will go like ‘zomg the SGU pilot has leaked!1!’ on forums, and other people will think ‘I heard it’s a pretty good… I might go download it and check it out’, who weren’t tempted to watch it normally on tv. Sure, the ratings for the pilot will suffer, but in the long run it can attract a new audience who weren’t inclined to watch it before. And that’s the key difference between the leak of a pilot and a movie: if you’ve seen a movie that leaked, why would you want to watch the very same thing again on the big screen? So yes, I agree that the leaking of Wolverine hurted. A series, however, continues to release new episodes each week. And people who’d seen the leaked pilot might want to see the new episodes. After all, it’s something new (you haven’t seen it before) and tasty (you’ve seen the pilot and liked it), to use your metaphor.

  25. “TBA writes: “Do you think it’s ultimately better or worse for the ratings when the pilot leaks?””


    When I read this question – just after the one about John – I wasn’t thinking “pilot” as “the first show in the series”, but as the person in charge of the airplane.

    I was thinking “Of course, having a pilot who is a crier – or incontinent – will tend to be worse for the ratings.”

    Could lead to some interesting names for episodes though …

  26. Must be one big anomaly; it’s affecting me in Texas. The six months I had to submit a grad school application are now less than 24 hours.

    Fortunately, it’s an online process. I’ve filled in all blanks and need only charge application fee to a credit card.

  27. I am also trapped in this time distortion. It is already time for us to do our dreaded budget planning (which is always ironic, as Congress rarely passes our actual budget until a few months into the year) and my oldest godson is now officially a high school senior.

    I did not authorize any of this.

    Please get someone on this right away.

  28. Consider the time distortion at least trans-continental. It reaches at least to the mid Atlantic region of the US. The phenomena also seems to carry a factor that makes older people more suseptible; it seems to worsen as I get older. Perhaps some insidiuous genetic componant implanted in our DNA by some evil teenage aliens vandalizing us as they dropped by in the distant past.
    News heavy day. Malveena Dean, last survivor of the Titanic, has passed away. I had the great honor to meet the woman a decade ago. Besides the cause of her celebrity, she was an absolutely delightful woman.
    As for Susan Boyle, you should go ahead and watch the YouTube of her first performance on Britain’s Got Talent. Great lesson on not judging books by their cover. Sorry to hear the pressure has pushed her to go in Hospital. But looking forward to buying her album if and when she gets around to making one. Her voice is as close to angelic as any I’ve heard.
    Saw the Star Trek movie. Only emotional moments for me were the ones where Enterprise herself was pictured. Besides the gaping plot holes, I’m not inclinded to ditch the entire “canon” to buy into this attempt to reset the franchise so that they can continue to churn out movies. All in all, the movie made me think of a good AU fan fiction story. Better it had stayed an fan-fic tale than this movie, I fear.
    Sorry for the wandering post Mr. M. I am getting more excited about how the show is progressing. And even here, at the end of May, I am getting excited about the show’s approach in September. Funny though how slowly that day seems to creep here. Wonfder if there are some sort of ripples in that time dilation that have a reverse effect on the phenomena, resulting in us having to suffer through extra months of waiting.

  29. At least it’s not a Time Loop. I wouldn’t want to relive certain years…2006 comes to mind.

  30. Time distortion field occurring in the Midwest, US as well. (WI)

    I don’t want to flip the calendar this morning….& not just because I like the current picture…

  31. One last comment: The classic leak was about SG-1’s “Heroes”, back when SciFi insisted on breaking up the broadcast season. ‘Nuff said.

  32. I’m in Eastern Michigan, and two days ago I could have sworn it was early April. I’d originally assumed that the distortion effect was localized, centered around my two kids as they have an uncanny and frightening ability to speed time up. But if you’re seeing effects in Vancouver, we might be dealing with something much larger.

    I’m concerned. Should we consult with Rodney?

  33. All I can say is: Thank the lord for the passage of time that has taken us from nasty winter into a lovely spring.

    My room mate has informed me that Marty G. was in Ottawa this weekend MCing an event of some sort. (The room mate was ASMing). Sigh.
    Anyhow, I hope it wall went well for him.

    Right, well, back to work and packing boxes for me. Ciao!

  34. Joe, the time distortion field has reach Jupiter. Jupiter, Florida that is. I also have been in some kind of time loop – not sure how to get out of it, need McKay and Carter – send help S.O.S

  35. @ Kathi writes: “In season 2 – conversion, was it only John’ s emergency situation or were there true feelings, witch made John kiss teyla?”

    I remember that episode, that scene was interesting, I read somewhere that Rachel’s parents were on the set that day while shooting that scene. It’s a good thing that Sheppard wasn’t sparing with Ronan that day, it would have been another Duet episode – loved that one too.

  36. You never got around to telling us what the writing department thought of the SG:Extinction script…..
    When are you planning to start shooting Extinction?

  37. Hey Joe,

    The time distortion field is certainly affecting us down here in Florida.

    For one thing I’m 99.9% positive I’m too young to have a 15 year old daughter. Also, Erin’s now supposedly 8. Which is just wrong on so many levels.

    I think leaks are bad for shows, too. But also boats and windows. Especially the window in my computer room. :S Very, very bad.

    @Chevron 7: You have no idea how much I loved the X-files reference! 😀 Priceless!

    @Nadine: I hope Bella’s doing better. Our Great Pyr, Sebastian, had horrible allergies. We ended up giving him a shot every 6 weeks or so. He always did much better after his shot. It got to the point where the vet would just give them to us so we wouldn’t have to see him every other month. Jeremy had to give him the shots, though. I think I did it once and then almost passed out. 😳 However, Sebastian never seemed to mind them. Also, Allie (my human child, lol) did develop an allergy to penicillin after her second time on it. She broke out into massive hives. It was scary! Turns out it is a common thing. We avoid penicillin (which sucks when she needs antibiotics) and all is good. 🙂

    Is it Halloween yet? I am ready for Halloween.

    Wait. It’s just now June? I’ll just blink and it will be Halloween then.

    Trish 🙂

  38. Temporal distortion field alive and kicking in Cornwall UK. I believe its half past July

  39. Rose (formerly OhioAnne)

    “TBA writes: “Do you think it’s ultimately better or worse for the ratings when the pilot leaks?””


    When I read this question – just after the one about John – I wasn’t thinking “pilot” as “the first show in the series”, but as the person in charge of the airplane.

    I was thinking “Of course, having a pilot who is a crier – or incontinent – will tend to be worse for the ratings.”

    Could lead to some interesting names for episodes though …

    OMG Rose that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages. Made me thing of O’Neill in Tangent. I’m almost in tears here. Thanks for that. I’ll just blame you if I spontaneously burst out laughing at work.

    Cheers, Chev

  40. You’re welcome Trish. I was totally obsessed with The X-Files when it was on. Got all of the DVDs. I thought someone would get the reference – 10 points to anyone that did.

    Cheers, Chev

  41. If any of you are trapped in here with me, let me know your location as I’d like to have a sense of how large an area has been effected.

    Wait until you’re in your sixties. Time will feel like it’s moving at warp… er, wormhole… speed.

  42. Down in Memphis/Mississippi, our time distortion field was last month (a chilly 80ish degrees) Now we are back to our spring like 90 degree weather. Anytime the temp is under 100 degrees, it’s like spring to us.

    Still working on Elric book. He is a complex fellow but aren’t we all. I’m really enjoying Moorcock’s Elric series but Elizabeth Haydon’s Achmed the Snake is still my favorite book character.

    Enjoy the day, in whatever time zone you find yourself in (I’m in central zone).


  43. Time distortion…is that anything like jet lag?!?
    Sometimes I feel like I am in another zone when I read all the work you all do to put out the episodes! But I do enjoy the suspense! And grandmas are pretty smart you know. I think that area you are looking at could be a very big one,, I am pretty sure I could be in it here in central Fl. I mean all this sunshine and beautiful weather(minus hurricanes) is that all natural?!? and somedays by the pool, it feels like I am not in this world, could be that visit sometimes from that guy, hmmm, whats his name again, jack something? And if I click my heels together 3 x’s, oh wait, another story line. and the leaking thing, I would like to wait for the show to come out, another reason to have spoiler alerts, guess thats just how I am. Are you looking forward to summer break? Hope you have a great day! 😎

  44. @Trish: Yeah, my parents said that that lag in reaction is very typical for an antibiotic allergy ’cause you’re sensitized the first time around then react the second. Her hives weren’t really apparent (mostly ’cause of the fur) but she was acting weird. It had me worreid 😛
    And yeah, penicillin allergies suck ’cause there’s more -cillin antibiotics they then don’t like to administer. For a long time we thought I was allergic ’cause I reacted when I was really little, but my little sis and I had allergy testing done several years ago and it turns out I’m *not* allergic…

    Anyway – is there anything in particular to which Sebastian reacts? Or did you guys never find out?

  45. Hey Joe the time dilation field extends here, though mine is apparently also distorting realities. See I’m on my way to becoming a hoity-toity photographer apparently. Blergh. It still boggles my mind.

  46. Oh and a couple questions if you don’t mind

    1. Any updates on the JOHN LENIC(Thats the one) Q&A?

    2. Besides Air, Earth and Life, will there be any episodes partially set on earth( you know, getting out of those sound stages for a breath of fresh air)?

    3. When do you think air will be leaked? August, September?

    4. A discussion has broken out on gateworld saying you guys don’t want to have action in SGU and that you thought what you have done in the past is somewhat dumb. Could you clear this up. Like is there going to be as much action in SGU as previous series, less, more?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  47. Yupp, stuck in the field over here in Sweden too, and seem to have lost ten years some how!?! WTF?!? Either that, or a wraith have been sneaking up on me while I was snoozing and stolen them from me… XP

  48. As some places speed up so other places…

    sloooowww doooowwwnn…

    Over here it is…


    You want your car fixed?
    “Soon Mamma” (a term of respect).
    Now-now in Africa time can be anywhere from next week to next year. Of course, if you happen to rock up in the next day or two with a six pack of beer, well, now-now might just become… “Maybe tomorrow.”
    “Maybe tomorrow” could mean next week Friday, if you’re lucky.
    Add dry dusty conditions, the occasional chicken underfoot and you know you’re truly stick in the far reaches of the time distortion. 🙂

  49. Hi Joe,

    Experiencing more of a time loop here in Detroit. Wasn’t it just June 2008 when the Red Wings were in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins? Can you say repeat?

    I don’t think I would ever get tired of it, either, unlike O’Neill with his fruit loops.

    You should have bet on the Wings, Joe. Then you could have had that home cooked meal and anime movie of choice.

    I agree with you about leaking a show early. Let the anticipation grow. Maybe offer some little hints and clues and some behind the scene photos, then Whamo! Series Premier! And everyone is happy… 🙂

    Patty O (GO WINGS!)

  50. Here in Scotland we too are stuck in the distortion field. Its 24 degrees here to-day and sweltering ( we Scots aren’t used to good weather) but snow has been forcast for the weekend – did someone say this is June?!

  51. @Chevron 7: That’s cuz X-Files RULED! 😀 😀 😀

    And *woohoo!!!* 😆 I have 10 points! Um, what can I do with them? Stack them on top of each other to make a point pile? Pick out cheesy plastic prizes like little finger puppet monsters? Or just brag about them? 😉

    @Nadine: We think he was allergic to the carpet and the grass. Only the two surfaces he had spent more than half his life on. 😯 It took us a couple years to figure out that allergy shots would work. The other signal for the vet was that he had constantly infected ears. He said dogs suffering from allergies (especially floppy-eared dogs) often get ear infections. As soon as we tried the allergy shots Sebastian went from always having an ear infection to almost never having one. In fact, we’d know it was time for another shot when his ear would start to look too pink or if he started rubbing or scratching at an ear.

    As for Allie… I wonder if she’s allergic to penicillin now. But Allie doesn’t want to do allergy testing. I don’t blame her.

    After Sebastian passed away I thought our next Great Pyr would be allergic to the carpet and grass, too. Ziggy doesn’t appear to have any allergies yet. *knock on wood*

  52. Wow.
    I’ve just scrolled down this page and it looks like I’m number 57 to comment. I can’t believe you read EVERY comment EVERY day. Do you? Well, I guess whether or not you will answer this question answers THAT question.

    Seriously, I think it’s great you answer so many fans’ questions. I wouldn’t last a month if I tried to do the same. But then, I don’t think I have any fans, so… that’s one problem less for me to worry about 😉


  53. Today I woke up with the same question… June already?? Not to mention the cold, rainy June. The weather’s supposed to be somewhat better in Hungary.

    Before you know it, it’ll be 2010 (:

  54. Trish (aka whovian) said:

    @Chevron 7: That’s cuz X-Files RULED! 😀 😀 😀

    And *woohoo!!!* 😆 I have 10 points! Um, what can I do with them? Stack them on top of each other to make a point pile? Pick out cheesy plastic prizes like little finger puppet monsters? Or just brag about them? 😉

    Didn’t it just? What’s your favourite episode? I’ve got a few – The Unnatural, Colony/End Game, Within/Without (love the first scene when Scully & Doggett meet and she throws water in his face. Brilliant). I miss them all.

    10 points? Well of course it takes more points to get the cheesy plastic prizes. For now you’ll have to stick with bragging rights – I’m all about bragging rights. That’s why I want to win the DVD contest, for the bragging rights (‘cos I can’t win any physical prizes).

    Cheers, Chev

  55. Count my area in that time distortion thingy.

    I have a problem not only with the fact that it is June already (oh, and lets not mention that I just turned the furnace back on because it is so cold inside the house and it’s going back down into single digit C temps tonight) but the fact I keep losing time in the morning.

    I think there is some kind of time bandit stealing time in my house every morning. Just this morning I looked at my clock and saw that it was just 7:10, I had 70 minutes before I had to leave for work. Suddenly it was 8:20 and I still wasn’t ready for work. I don’t even remember doing anything between 7:10 and 8:20, see, time must have been stolen. I mean if I could account for the time I wouldn’t feel bad, but nothing was done and I hadn’t watched tv, read the newspaper, eaten breakfast, tidied up, ironed my clothes, made my bed, I hadn’t even made myself a cup of tea. My time was stolen.

    Anyone found any extra time it’s mine and I want it back!

  56. Yahoo is telling me you are having really nice weather out there. In the 20’s (celcius) and sunny. What are the chances it will stay like that for the next few weeks? Is it lying to me?

  57. @Chevron7: I have several favorite epis, too. And there are also favorite moments. I loved *Bad Blood*. I know… cheesy. But the way they told their different versions was priceless! It springs to mind because I watched it a few weeks ago. *Squeeze* is a classic. *Humbug* not just because it was supposed to take place very close to where I live but also because Gillian actually eats a bug since she couldn’t hide it for the camera. 😯 That’s dedication!

    Also… I loved Krycek and Smoking Man. They were really good *bad* guys and The Lone Gunmen as good guys.

    I’d started watching X-files when the first epi aired. Jeremy and I were hooked right away. Everyone else thought we were nuts. Then maybe three years later EVERYONE was watching it. LOL! And asking us about things from past epis they hadn’t seen.

    Ironically my dad’s name is Chris Carter. :blink: I always told him he made such a great show. 😉

    /x-files gushing 😉

  58. Hey Joe; I would really not like to take comments made in interviews out of context. What is your thoughts on this statement(Just as the sentence itself, not some pissing contest with well…the other joe.)
    “If Universe is successful, the prevailing theory among the writers and producers will be that actors are dispensible and not a critical part of the show(Joe Flanigan)”

  59. Kudos to Mr. Williams for crafting the most skin-crawling creepily fantastic work of horror I’ve ever had the pleasure(?) of reading. A trip to Borders is in order as I intend to add a few more of his books to my collection.

    Some questions for the author if it isn’t too late.

    Can you tell us a little about your steps to success. According to your website, you cut your teeth on the small press before venturing out to write a novel. Did you find that writing short stories helped strengthen your writing skills? Will you continue to write short stories?

    Like a lot of would-be writers, I’m always interested in the writing process. Do you have a particular process? Do you outline or make it up as you go along? Are you an early riser or a night owl when it comes to writing? What is your foolproof cure for writer’s block?

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