I’m well into the rewrite of Space, episode #11 of Stargate: Universe, and finally got it down to a full 46 pages from a robust 54 (and that’s down from its original 60!). Paring down the dialogue, stripping away some of the superfluous beats, but still maintaining a lot of the character beats that Rob and Co. responded to in the original version (the Boone scene, the James beats, that thing with the sock). Hope to have a nice, tight, revised draft for when everyone comes back in about a week.

Yes, that‘s right. About a week. Things are going to be very quiet at The Bridge for a while as production of the show shifts to New Mexico. Andy Mikita, who‘s already there, sent some great pics of the location gate at White Sands. Hopefully, him and the rest of the gang won’t suffer a repeat of the location scout scenario that saw their truck give out on them in the middle of nowhere, causing them to weigh the option of hiking the twelve miles back to civilization before eventually being rescued (Thank you, OnStar!). And, hopefully, I’ll be able to share those location gate pics with you in time – but, in the meantime, here’s a behind-the-scenes snap from the two-hour premiere, Air I and II – actors David Blue and Chris McDonald on the Icarus set, Stage 5.

Actors David Blue and Christopher McDonald on the Icarus set (Stargate: Universe) - photo compliments of Lawren Bancroft-Wilson
Actors David Blue and Christopher McDonald on the Icarus set (Stargate: Universe) – photo compliments of Lawren Bancroft-Wilson

Although the Atlantis script is back in Paul’s hand, I went over my last draft today in search of opportunities for some downtime character moments. I found a couple and, over the next couple of days, I’ll have to decide which character relationships I’m going to explore and how. I’d prefer to go with something less obvious…maybe a Sora/Jinto scene:

Sora: Thank the gods, I thought they had forgotten about me! I’ve been trapped down here for three years!

Jinto: That’s nothing. I got lost playing hide and seek four years ago and nobody even noticed I was gone.

Hey, you guys are truly inspirational. Paul and I have a pilot script we’ve been dying to go out with but haven’t on account of our continuing commitment to the Stargate franchise. Well, the other day, Shawna Buchanan (I believe it was you, Shawna) posted a comment asking whether I might be interested in writing for comics. I replied that, yes, I had an original series kicking around – that I kicked around even more after that day’s mailbag. I got in touch with my agent and floated the idea by him. His response was: “Are you psychic?” I admitted I was slightly psychic and somewhat synesthesiac (Matrix II and III taste like terrible!). He informed me that he had just had a conversation with a major comic book publisher interested in potential film and t.v. properties. Did I have a pitch prepared? Did I! I pitched out the broad strokes of the story and he seemed very excited, suggested we set up a conference call. So, sometime next week, I’ll be pitching them the idea and, if all goes well, Paul and I may be on our way to working on our very own comic book series. Unfortunately, neither Paul nor I can draw so we’d need to track down an artist. Hey, I wonder what former Stargate: Atlantis Production Designer James Robbins is doing? Oh, right. He’s working as the Production Designer for Stargate: Universe, coming up with stuff like this –


So, looking ahead to next week, I have the comic book pitch, those Atlantis scenes to write, the revised draft of Space to go over and, oh yeah, that short story to finish up. I’ve only been working on it for seven months now and it’s almost done. Also genre-specific, but not the genre you’re thinking of. I’ve got the next seven days to go over it, send it Kellie’s way, get some feedback, another couple of weeks to do the rewrite, and then it’s in my editors hands. And, if he likes it, I plan to join him and the rest of the writers of the anthology for a San Diego Comic Con appearance – in 2010.

Of course, I’d love to make an appearance at this year’s Comic Con, partly so I can say hi to all of you in person, and partly to track down those two Bowen supervillain statues (Juggernaut and The Scorpion) I missed out on when they first came out. They’ll grace my office shelves alongside the likes of Darkseid, Magneto, Apocalypse, Doctor Doom, and, perhaps, this lovely piece of artwork actor Michael Shanks seems very attached to –

Michael Shanks shows off the set dec.
Michael Shanks shows off the set dec.

Mailbag returns tomorrow with, hopefully, that long overdue visit to the Icarus set.

55 thoughts on “May 1, 2009: Projects Galore!

  1. Ok, I’m there if and when you get your comic produced. I’ll sign up for a one year subscription if that will help you sell the project. Two year subscription if you can get Robbins to do the artwork between his Universe commitment. And that sounds like a commitment that you’ll be attending ComicCon in 2010. (It’s a given he’ll like your story). That might make it worth planning for a trip down to San Diego next year. Some budgeting, aluminum can collecting, and one or two strong arm robberies should make the trip feasible.
    Looking forward to both the mailbag and more pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh yeah… if you and Paul make your own comic book series I’m certainly in! Plus I’ll rabbidly advertise it to everyone within earshot.

    ComicCon 2010 here I come! I hope.

    Trish 😀 (who needs to go pick up her husband from the airport—WOOT!)

  3. So do you know what musical you’re going to? You should have made the bet more interesting by saying that for every extra round the winning team goes, it would be an extra musical/dinner. That way you’d have to go to 4 musicals b/c the Canucks are going to win the cup!

  4. If your comic has albinos in it, I’ll buy it! 😀

    Of course, it won’t…but speaking of albinos, I just finished The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, the second (chronologically) Elric novel. That’s two down, 4 to go…though each one is made up of 3-4 ‘books’ each. And then there are a couple ‘in-between’ books that haven’t been published yet in this new reprint series, and won’t be for a while yet.

    Anyway, considering that I’ve only read the Elric stories in doctor/dentist/auto repair shop/hospital waiting rooms – and the occasional restaurant – I think I’ve done fairly well for a person who hates to read books. Yes…I hate to read books, but I LOVE conflicted, tortured characters….and Elric fits the bill perfectly. Plus, he’s pale. 😀

    Car update: Had it to the shop once since it passed inspection, and it goes back again Monday. Seems the Three Stooges have taken up residence in my tire. 😕 Everytime I apply the brake, there’s this ‘woo-woo-woo-woo’ sound, and now the shop is wondering if the improperly seated hub bearing did permanent damage to my brake rotors. If so, they have to fix it for free since it was their fault in the first place, but it still takes up a lot of my time running back and forth to the shop. Of course, this means I should be well into The Weird of the White Wolf by Monday night. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll have a chance to catch the new Wolverine movie Monday, too…just impossible this weekend unless I go without Mr. Das…and if I do that, he’s sure to pout.

    Unless I don’t tell ‘im! 😀

    Have a good evening, Joe! Hope Fondy and the pups are well, and glad you had a much better day today.

    Take care, everyone!


  5. Too bad you’re not doing COMIC CON this year – ground zero for finding great artists! You know, if you have the right connections over there, you could probably get THE LIST of which artists are from Vancouver who are going there… I’m sure most of them have their own websites so that you can get a taste of their styles…

    And speaking of CC, make sure you get those hotel bookings done in Jan. or Feb. WHEN the reservations open up! Rooms go FAST!!

  6. A comic series would be very interesting! The best of luck to you. I actually do know an artist who has a name in the comic world – and my late husband knew him very well. But he is a bit busy and I doubt availible for you. Sorry.

  7. What kind of art style are you looking for for your pitch? Before I moved down to Austin with my wife, I was writing and self-publishing comics in Brooklyn and know a lot of folks in the scene there. If it’d help, I could recommend a few people…

  8. Good luck with the comic books.

    I’m happy to hear the news the target length is now down to 46 pages. That can only mean good things for how action-packed SGU will be. See? I’m paying attention – way more attention than I should.

    Mentioning character downtime and comic book illustration in the same blog entry – I predict tons of comments. I’m betting the comment count passes 100 before the west coast eats lunch tomorrow.

  9. Awesome! Let me guess, this goes on the “SyFy” site… what is with their new name… It doesn’t really stand for anything. I dont know why they didnt just come up with a new name, if they didnt want to tie themselves to the sci-fi genre…

    Still waiting patiently Joe…!


  10. Hi Joe,

    I’ve never read a comic book in my life, but if you happen to put something out I promise that I will purchase it!

    Today I was eating at a feast, then I came across fried pickles and I thought of you. I ate them and thought they weren’t bad, but I didn’t really see the point in frying them. The taste wasn’t dramatically altered or better. No, no… nothing too great. The buffalo wings though, well, thats another story. Mmmm…

    I will return to reading on my Kindle. Good day to you, Sir.

  11. I assume that SGU crew wouldn’t take a long break in the mid-production, because SG1 and SGA movie will may both start producing this fall, right?
    Maybe take a short break during the Comic Con?

  12. Hey Joe:

    I hate to return with a criticism, but poor grammar drives me nuts.

    You said: “Hopefully, him and the rest of the gang won’t suffer a repeat of the location scout scenario that saw their truck give out on them in the middle of nowhere,”

    Sorry, Joe, but it’s “he” and the rest of the gang”. You write the sentence as if the person were not accompanied by anyone else. If it makes sense from that perspective, then the grammar is correct. So, “he won’t suffer a repeat….”

    Now I’ll get down off my soap box.

    Otherwise…good job.


  13. Yep, that was me. Yay, I helped! Okay, so it sounds like that probably would have happened anyway, but it makes me feel useful. I really hope this comic thing works out for you guys. that would be awesome!

    David Blue is kind of adorable. Is he playing a geek? Adorable geeks are a Stargate necessity.

    LOL, poor Jinto. Atlantis ate him.

    When I saw that last pic of Michael Shanks (before reading the description), I thought he was holding a small, furry animal. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it was just a statue. Next time could you give him a hamster or something to pose with?

  14. Hello Joe,
    Thanks for the pics and another great blog entry. So here are my qs for the mailbag

    1. Do you enjoy me commenting at your blog or should i leave?

    2. Has Fire been made a two parter or a 90 minute episode?

    3. Who is directing justice?

    4. What percent of the people on the destiny would you say are military?

    5. Don’t you think stargate should do more intense action sequences? I mean you have little camera movement and no shaking whatsoever in stargate, so in the end it looks somewhat staged and unreal( I still love any action though). I mean not to the extent of Private Ryan but i think it would work well on sgu( Dark and intense action). Like after i showed my friend Continuum, he said he liked it but he wished the action would be more real and intense. I mean you want SGU to feel real and i know you guys can pull it off. Do you understand and agree with what i am saying?

    Sorry the last one was a long one but as long as i have been a stargate fan, this question has haunted my mind.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  15. A couple other things…

    1. What about Jinto’s reaction upon learning that his dad is now a Wraith?

    2. Please, not DC. 😉

    3. When Sheppard helped Todd change, did he frisk him first??

    4. In reference to something you said the other day, I happen to own not one, but two, didgeridoos. Wanna join me in a duet? 😀


  16. Joe said:

    (the Boone scene, the James beats, that thing with the sock)

    Would that be the old “sock on the doorknob”? I had to explain that one to my daughter when it came up in an episode of SGA. Stargate can be very educational.

    @Joe: I’m not a big reader of comics, but I would read yours. At least the first issue. You’d have to win me over with that one. Good plot, engaging characters, winning artistic style, intriguing villain – maybe an antihero.

    @das: What? I thought your car was fixed? Now you have Three Stooges in your tires? And you finished book 2 of Elric! w00t! And I have to wait to see Wolverine, too. I can’t go this weekend without my daughter, ’cause she’ll pout. Not so much for Wolverine, but for Gambit – ever since you posted that link…

    @Trish: Thanks for the sympathy! The migraine cleared up pretty well today with minimal “hangover” – I hope yours is better, too.

    AV eddy: I wouldn’t worry about the flu interfering with your travel plans – it should have run its course in the next 6 weeks or so. Usually flu season is ending around now – it’s just running a little overtime this year. Ooooh – Canadian travel plans? Somewhere fun, I hope?

  17. Hey Don Joe, confirmed Swine flu cases less than 30 minutes from my house. My sister works at the hospital that the patient is at and she gets to play with her blood. (my sister is a med tech in hematology)

    All my relatives that were supposed to be coming to visit are not coming to visit anymore.

  18. Hi Joe,

    Saw the word “Mailbag” at the end of today’s post and thought I’d better take my chance to jump in here.

    My dear husband has been nagging me to ask you some questions for him. (Incidently – he wasn’t a SG fan until I *dragged* him, kicking and screaming into my world. Now the whole family has entire conversations in “Stargate Speak”).

    1. In various episodes (Paradise Lost, for example) he has noticed the sounds of Elk calling in the background. Is this a happy accident of nature where the episode was shot, or added later to sound more ‘alien-y’?

    2. Please, please, please! settle this argument once and for all. Why don’t the Goa’uld use Jaffa as hosts? Or do they in a pinch? This has been a week long debate as we work our way through the series again. The children think we are crazy, and are possibly telling strange stories about us at school 😉

    Sure hope you can put these questions to rest for him so he can sleep again. More importantly – so *I* can sleep again with his mind at ease…lol.

    Thanks much!


  19. Good grief! You must have laser like focus to keep so many projects going at once.

  20. Btw you did check to make sure he put it back didn’t you?…we do know how Michael can get attached to his props…LOL…

    Thanks for the pic I so like BTS piccies…*hug*

    Kriss 🙂

  21. Sora/Jinto scene! I see half the fandom embracing it and another half wanting to rip you to shreds. Not quite sure where I fit.

    Daniel pic–interesting. So, in both this picture and his appearance in Atlantis last season, Daniel was wearing civvies (me and my military slang–nice). Is there any reason he’s not wearing his traditional SGC attire?

  22. Major D. Davis said:

    1. Do you enjoy me commenting at your blog or should i leave?

    Hey Major D.

    I thought maybe I should jump in and help you out or you’ll keep on asking this and that might be the thing that annoys people (well me at least).

    Joe may enjoy some comments people make more than others, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else should leave this community.

    Joe may answer some questions and ignore others. As I said the other day, he answers about 10% of mine. So I’m learning not to take it too personally if he doesn’t answer one. There’s no hidden message, back me up here Joe.

    If you like Stargate, food and dogs with a healthy dose of sarcasm then this is the community for you. So let me offer a welcome and ask a few questions to get to know you better Major D (everyone else can chime in as well):

    1. What country are you from?
    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    Here are my answers:

    1. Australia
    2. Changes all of the time. At the moment it’s Vegas.
    3. Cat person, only because I’ve never owned a dog. I love all animals, even the ones that might scare me.
    4. I don’t think I’ve had a truly weird combo. I quite like taco sauce on everything like a meat and salad roll. Let’s see what I can come up with in the fridge. There’s a sachet of vegemite and some yoghurt. Think I should go for it? I’ll let you know what it’s like.

    Cheers, Chev

  23. Bonjour =)

    ça va ? Moi trés bien les beau jours sont revenu !

    Merci pour ces photos sur sgu =D Sa donne de plus en plus envi de voir cette serie.

    Concernant un couple dans sga, vous savez à qui je pense lol XD


    1)Dans cette saison 1 de sgu avez vous l’intention d’y faire apparaître des acteurs de sga?
    2)De quel couleur sera le vortéxe de la porte des étoiles dans sgu?
    3)Quel est votre cuisinier français préférez?

    Merci =) A bientôt!!

  24. @ Sparrow_hawk – Aye, I thought my car fixed, too. :-/ Now that my physical health seems to be improving, my car’s mechanical health is declining. So far, 2009 is not my favorite year. 😛

    We should get together sometime and talk about Elric…


  25. I don’t know if someone has already asked this, so it might be a repeat question, but anyway. In the Atlantis movie, is there any chance for a romantic partner for Sheppard? Being that it looks like everyone else on the team is paired off.

  26. @das

    Albinos in comics?

    Well there are the various Lobo (“The Last Czarnian”) series and single books from DC. The character’s motto is “My word is my bond” with the profession of galactic bounty hunter (exterminator) extraordinaire. He is a psychopathic hitman who fulfilled contracts on Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny along with uncountable other victims. I recommend the Lobo paramilitary X-mas Special.

    I strongly suspect the Stargate TPTB uses the Lobo character as the template for the various different wraiths. Todd is a water down Lobo.

    @Mr M
    You got any Lobo items in your comic collectibles collection?

  27. Wow, you just fall into ALL the cool stuff, don’t you?! A comic book series could lead to a whole new movie series which then could lead to???

    Is that a piece of wood for leveling under your desk?

  28. @ Cheveron 7

    1. What country are you from? Just outside Richmond, VA

    2. What’s your favorite episode? Tie between Grace and Life Boat

    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both? I live on a farm so I’m both. (3 cats, 3 dogs, 2 horses, 6 ducks, 6 geese, 50+ chickens, and a wild emu that graces my back 40.)

    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten? When I worked at Terminix a customer sent me some Fear Factor candy for christmas. Chocolate covered crickets /roaches anyone?

  29. Chevron7 – can I play too?

    1. I’m from the lone star state – Texas
    2. It’s a tie between Runner & Sateda
    3. Dogs rule!! (I love cats too, but I’m allergic to them)
    4. I enjoy an occasional peanut butter and bologna sandwich with mustard. Mmmm, mmmm, good!!

  30. Joe,

    1. SWEET! and WTG on the comic book series!! Very cool! You must be very excited to be exploring new avenues for your creativity.

    2. A little birdy told us (“Us” being a group of PTB fangurls over on GW) that today is Brad Wright’s birthday. We’re not sure if this information is accurate, but just in case, one of our more creative minds made this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd8Ipi_IEDY and we would appreciate it if you forwarded our best wishes (and the vid link) on to the brilliant Mr. Wright.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  31. Hello Joe!

    1. Can you tell us the name of the 9th episode, if “Justice” became the 10th episode?

    2. Can we expect other exotic shooting locations next to New Mexico in the second half of this season? Is it cheaper than building a set or make it in green screen?

    3. Will any Atlantis actor make a cameo in SG:U? I will accept a simple yes or no, so if you want to keep the information as a surprise, than don’t say the name of the actor!

    4. Do MGM and the writers plan to make a second Atlantis and fourth SG-1 movie next year after the shooting of the second season of SG:U at autumn-winter, or do you have to DVD sales number of the second wave?

    5. Have you seen the recut version of Children of the gods? Will it be released really as a three disc set? Can you tell us when?

    6. Which actor or actess has surprised you with his or her acting skill after the audition? Has ever happened that a shooted scene became even better as you imagined it on script?

    7. You mentioned the SG:U team won’t be international. Was this creative decision influenced by Atlantis, or do the writers support character moments in SG:U rather than different nationalities? Will SG:U deal with different religions, environment protection, not sexual or ethnic minorities or other actual problems?

    8. Is it true that SyFy and MGM have ordered season 2 too? There were rumors on the net about it and it would calm down every fan that SG:U is in no danger.

    9. How do you expect to reach bigger rating, if the nuber of DVR is still growing? I mean you can make the best SG series ever, but I fear significantly more viewer won’t pay and watch SyFy only for SG:U.

    10. Do you miss the “Budapest” restaurant and Hungarian foods?

    Thanks for answers.


  32. @Ultracurious In the episode “1969” Teal’c says that if they don’t get back to the future and are forced to remain in the past, eventually his goa’uld will mature and take him as a host.

    @Arctic Goddess Another grammar guru, eh? Sometimes I think I’m alone in the world! 😉 It’s so hard to refrain from correcting people’s grammar!!! And whenever anybody ends a sentence with a preposition, I find myself quoting Colonel O’Neill. 😉

  33. Answers to Chevron7’s questions. If they don’t bore too much. 🙂

    1. What country are you from?


    2. What’s your favourite episode?

    I have yet to see all the episodes of every Stargate. I really liked Michael. Although, to be honest, I disliked most of the regular characters in that ep.

    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?

    Like McKay said in an ep, at least I think he did, I’m a cat person. They fend for themselves, and when they offer a moment of sweetness its much more rare than a dog’s constant loyalty. I love dogs too but I’ll go with cats.

    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    A Crispy Crunch bar dipped in Cheese salsa.

  34. Arggg! Joe you’re going to practically be in my back yard! I live in Dallas and my family and I go to the White Sands every year and sled down the dunes!
    I feel and powerful force pulling me towards the gate!
    So how would fans who showed up be treated??? 🙂

  35. actually I feel A powerful force…..I should really read my posts better……

  36. I love cats!! I have two cute black cats. One has a perfect white spot just above his chest and below his throat.

  37. @ chevron7 – I wanna play, too! Ugh – had to work on bills today, and because of all the medical, auto, and other big expenses (eye care, dentist, freakin’ big tv we didn’t need…), I came up short…which means I can’t pay off the credit card bills this month like I always do, which means I’ll be behind for a few months now…which means no luxuries for a bit. AND because I stayed home to pay the monthy bills, I missed Free Comic Book Day at my lcs. 🙁 So I need some play time! 🙂

    1. What country are you from? – USA

    2. What’s your favourite episode? – Common Ground

    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both? – Cat person mostly, due to ease of care, but I like dogs, too.

    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten? – I eat pretty normal stuff, but every now and then I do like strawberry jam on tangy pork roll. That’s not really weird, though…not much different than a fruity sauce on ham. My father, however, LOVES peanut butter and mayo sandwiches. The very thought of it makes me gag. 😛


  38. Ooh, Ooh! Me too!

    1. What country are you from?
    USA – to be more specific a suburb of Chicago, Illinois

    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    Common Ground/i>

    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    Dogs! Mostly I prefer medium to large dogs. I have a yellow Labrador retriever right now, but when I was a kid we had dachshunds and beagles at various times.

    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten? Now, are we talking recently or ever? When I was a kid, I would make bologna, dill pickle and mayonnaise roll-ups (no bread) or just get a bowl of mayo and dip the dill pickle right in that. Well, you did ask. 😉

    @das: I would love to talk Elric, but I’m going to have to go back and re-read my Elric books. I think I saw them recently in a box of old books in my basement. And some of those were getting a bit musty. Hmmm. Might be time to pick up some new ones.

  39. @ chevron7: Look at what you’ve started! 😉

    1. What country are you from?

    Originally from China, now call Canada home.

    2. What’s your favourite episode?

    Episode of what? LOL.

    It’s Lost City. Sooooo awesome.

    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?

    Probably taboo here on the blog, but neither. I can barely take care of myself; no way would I have the strength to care for a pet! Well, maybe a pet rock.

    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    I’m not very adventurous with food, but I do get grapes on my pizza sometimes (mom’s home-made pizza; yum yum). And it’s actually pretty good!

  40. Me too!

    1. What country are you from? Guatemala – haven’t been there since 1981.
    2. What’s your favorite episode? Of Atlantis? The Shrine. First Contact, too (Delicious Daniel…oi).
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both? Dogs mostly, but really like cats, too. I feed all the neighborhood strays, have done so for years. I’m really allergic to cats, so none in the house 🙁
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve ever eaten? Nothing weird, really, pancakes with peanut butter and maple syrup looked disgusting but were delish.

  41. @ Sparrow_hawk – This new publication (Del Rey – 6 vol. total, 2 yet to be released) of the Elric stories is worth picking up if it’s in your budget. It’s full of notes, essays and the like explaining Elric, and fantasy in general. I haven’t read most of the extra ‘features’, but I have paged through and gleaned bits here and there that have helped me wrap my head around the character. I am not a fan of ‘sword and sorcery’ fantasy, but Elric’s character and conflicted nature keeps me reading. He still reminds me so much of Hornblower…only paler. 😉


  42. Joe said—I’m well into the rewrite of Space, episode #11 of Stargate: Universe, and finally got it down to a full 46 pages from a robust 54 (and that’s down from its original 60!—
    ==Is it determined by how many words on a page or complete sentences or what to get it down to the required number of pages?
    **thanks for sharing some pictures, still feeling connected..sgu sgu sgu…

  43. @das: That’s exactly the release I was looking at on Amazon this afternoon! Thanks for the recommendation. Each volume is about $10 new, so it is not an outrageous price. And I think I deserve a treat after all the extra time I’ve been putting in at work! I haven’t read any of the Hornblower books – but I may give them a try some time.

    And actually, the strawberry jam on pork roll doesn’t sound bad at all.

    @pg15: do you put the grapes on the pizza before or after you bake it?

  44. @Delynn

    I remember “1969” – that was the first part of the debate. But then at the beginning of season 5 (“Enemies”?) Teal’c and the other Jaffa on board (lost in space with Apophis) talk about the fact that they will die without access to new symbiotes – as opposed to “we’ll be taken over by our symbiotes”. This exchange is what makes me wonder.


    (My grammer is very likely out to lunch today. Just finished hosting a birthday party for my son’s 9th b-day. Eight boys…hopped up on sugar and excited to pop balloons. I cannot be held responsible for my (lack of) English skills). 😉

  45. Suziesbluefeather: They closed a school in the neighborhood because of 3 cases; yet last year after several cases of whooping cough discovered, they did nothing. Ridiculous, honestly. 36,000 people die from regular flu every year. Every 20 minutes, another child gets diagnosed with autism. Let’s talk about epidemic right there. I am immunocompromised and even I am not worried about H1N1. I don’t recommend the vaccine that is eventually coming either. You don’t even want to know what else is in that vaccine that just depresses your immune system and poisons you. Okay, I’m off my rant.

    Thank you Joe for the pictures.

    I would love to be able to go to a ComicCon. By 2010 I might just have vacation days again. LOL.

    BTW, Joe, you are making me tired. I have terrible insomnia and the things you do in a day put me to shame. Will have to call you the Naquadah-energized Bunny.

  46. I want to play, too!

    1. What country are you from?

    USA. Outside of Houston, Texas. However, if they really do achieve secession, I’m out of here.

    2. What’s your favourite episode?

    Too many. I like the ones with lots of action; however, the one with McKay slowly losing his mind (and I’m losing mine because I can’t remember the name) like an Alzheimer’s patient and Sunday both made me cry.

    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?

    Golden retrievers only. Sorry. I am a species-ist, but I do enjoy looking at other people’s dogs. Just won’t own anything other than a golden retriever.

    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    A banana mayo sandwich. It’s hell to be poor.

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