I’ve discovered that I’m much less productive on a) days when I miss my morning work-out, b) following a sleepless night spent cleaning up after a nauseous French bulldog, c) when I’m distracted by chores such as laundry, taking my dog to the vet, and planting those herb plants my wife bought for me that have been sitting behind the kitchen sink for almost a week, and d)after eating an enormous bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Tracks and Haagen Daz’s Dulce de Leche ice cream. So suffice it to say today was most unproductive.

From a writing standpoint anyway. I did get the laundry done, plant those herb plants, drop off Lulu at the vet (They suspect kennel cough which may or may not explain her inability to keep anything down but want to keep her overnight for observation.), and babysat Brie (the other, tinier French bulldog) for the day.

And did some reading. As I work my way through the vast multitude of comic book titles out there, dropping the many that fail to capture my interest, continuing with the few that do, I’m noticing a bit of a trend. Of the 19 books that have interested me enough to pick up subsequent issues, 14 are Marvel, 4 are DC, and 1 is Other. After today, make that Marvel 17, DC 4, and Other 2.

Dark Avengers #1-4 – Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Art: Mike Deodato


I’ve always been a big fan of villains (my office décor is “supervillain chic”), so I suppose it shouldn’t be all that surprising how much I’m enjoying Dark Avengers. Former Spiderman nemesis Norman Osborn, riding a vast wave of public support following the events of the Skrull Invasion, has disbanded S.H.I.E.L.D. (the Marvel Universe’s long-standing international intelligence agency once headed by Nick Fury) and replaced it with his own organization, H.A.M.M.E.R. In addition, he has refashioned The Avengers, filling the team roster with killers and kooks and appointing himself leader (after appropriating one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits and becoming The Iron Patriot). Of course, mercenaries and lunatics do not make the best of heroes, to say nothing of dependable teammates, so a lot of the fun in Dark Avengers comes from the personality clashes and various fish out of water scenarios as these self-serving sorts attempt to, at the very least, put on a good public show. Their trial by fire first op felt more a convenient canvas upon which Bendis paints some deeply rich and textured characters (always his forte). Sure, I suppose the action is important to the average comic book fan but, for me, the success of this title rests entirely in Bendis’s ability to expertly juggle his players. I’m hooked.

Daredevil #116-118 – Writer: Ed Brubaker, Penciler: David Aja (#116), Michael Lark & Stefano Guadiano (#117), Michael Lark, John Lucas, & Stefano Guadiano (#118)


If one were looking for comparable heroes in the DC/Marvel universes, one would be hard-pressed to find two more like comic book icons than Batman and Daredevil. Both are, at their core, regular human beings who have made the most of the bad hand life has dealt them, relying on their brains and physical prowess to give them the edge in their ongoing battle against the city’s criminal elements. And, unlike the rogues gallery of other heroes, Batman and Daredevil’s foes tend not to be super powered but, like them, extraordinary individuals. Gotham and Hell’s Kitchen are as dark and brooding as the heroes who protect them and thus the stories in both books tend toward the noir and the gritty. But whereas Batman’s multiple titles embrace the big event, crossing and criss-crossing storylines to test the patience of all but the hardiest of hardcore fans, Daredevil is a comparatively cleaner read, tenacious and tightly structured.  Writer Ed Brubaker strikes an effective balance in his narrative, often sparing his prose in favor of allowing the art tell the story. In this latest adventure, long-time underworld figure The Kingpin is forced out of retirement and returns to the big city in search of revenge. His target: the mystical cabal of assassins known as The Hand. But a potential complication presents itself in the form of his old enemy Daredevil. Will the city’s protector stand in the way of The Kingpin’s retribution, or is this a case of “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”? The answer may surprise.

I’m enjoying this title so much that I’ve hit my local comic book stores in a bid to amass Brubaker’s Daredevil-run-to-date in collected form.

Frank Castle The Punisher #66-69 – Writer: Duane Swierczynski, Artist:Michael Lacombe


Of all the characters in the Marvel stable, The Punisher is, in my opinion, the easiest one to get wrong. All too often, writers fall in love with the vigilante persona, reveling in the over-the-top violence to such a degree that the character is transformed into a caricature, the stories silly and simple vignettes leeched of any real drama. But in this incarnation, writer Duane Swierczynski does right by The Punisher, weaving a D.O.A.-inspired tale that highlights a surprisingly sympathetic but still-scary-as-hell Frank Castle. Yes, it’s shocking, and, yes, it’s violent, but it never feels gratuitous, helping to tell the story rather than becoming it.

The Punisher is kidnapped. He awakens to learn he has been injected with a deadly toxin. In order to earn the antidote, he’ll have to kill someone. He doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Well, actually – and much to the horror of those who set it up – he does…

Irredeemable #1 – Writer: Mark Waid, Artist: Peter Krause


Well, whaddya know. I happen to mention Mark Waid in my last comic round-up and – lo and behold! – here he is again, this time as the writer of Irredeemable from publisher Boom Studios (where Waid presides as Editor-in-Chief). The author of Kingdom Come (one of my Top 5 graphic novels) is back at it, deconstructing superhero archetypes in compelling fashion. Square-jawed ultra-hero The Plutonian has gone darkside and his former teammates need to find out why before he comes after them. Twists and turns abound.


StevenG writes: “What kind of art style are you looking for for your pitch?”

Answer: It’ll be a verbal phone pitch covering the basic series premise and first (or first couple) of issues. No visuals necessary, but thanks anyway.

JJ writes: “I assume that SGU crew wouldn’t take a long break in the mid-production, because SG1 and SGA movie will may both start producing this fall, right?”

Answer: The production always takes a mid-season summer hiatus. It gives the cast and crew the chance to recharge, the writers to finish up some more scripts, and the Art and Construction departments to build some new sets.
Ultracurious writes: “1. In various episodes (Paradise Lost, for example) he has noticed the sounds of Elk calling in the background. Is this a happy accident of nature where the episode was shot, or added later to sound more ‘alien-y’?

2. Please, please, please! settle this argument once and for all. Why don’t the Goa’uld use Jaffa as hosts?”

Answers: 1. The background animal noises are added later in post-production. By the way, that wasn’t an elk your husband heard but a “space elk”. I can understand the confusion though.

2. Simply put, the Goa’uld don’t see the Jaffa that way. They are their warriors and incubators. That is their role.

Delynn writes: “In the episode “1969″ Teal’c says that if they don’t get back to the future and are forced to remain in the past, eventually his goa’uld will mature and take him as a host.”

Answer: Which was an improvisation on Chris’s part that really doesn’t jibe with the show mythology. But, oh well…

Jennie writes: “In the Atlantis movie, is there any chance for a romantic partner for Sheppard?”

Answer: Oh, sure, nothing is impossible.

Montrealer writes: “You got any Lobo items in your comic collectibles collection?”

Answer: Not a one. Not a fan.

Platschu writes: “1. Can you tell us the name of the 9th episode, if “Justice” became the 10th episode?

2. Can we expect other exotic shooting locations next to New Mexico in the second half of this season? Is it cheaper than building a set or make it in green screen?

3. Will any Atlantis actor make a cameo in SG:U? I will accept a simple yes or no, so if you want to keep the information as a surprise, than don’t say the name of the actor!

4. Do MGM and the writers plan to make a second Atlantis and fourth SG-1 movie next year after the shooting of the second season of SG:U at autumn-winter, or do you have to DVD sales number of the second wave?

5. Have you seen the recut version of Children of the gods? Will it be released really as a three disc set? Can you tell us when?

6. Which actor or actess has surprised you with his or her acting skill after the audition? Has ever happened that a shooted scene became even better as you imagined it on script?

7. You mentioned the SG:U team won’t be international. Was this creative decision influenced by Atlantis, or do the writers support character moments in SG:U rather than different nationalities? Will SG:U deal with different religions, environment protection, not sexual or ethnic minorities or other actual problems?

8. Is it true that SyFy and MGM have ordered season 2 too? There were rumors on the net about it and it would calm down every fan that SG:U is in no danger.

9. How do you expect to reach bigger rating, if the nuber of DVR is still growing? I mean you can make the best SG series ever, but I fear significantly more viewer won’t pay and watch SyFy only for SG:U.

10. Do you miss the “Budapest” restaurant and Hungarian foods?”

Answers: 1. Sure. Life.

2. Traveling all the way to New Mexico to shoot is definitely NOT the cheaper option.

3. It’s possible.

4. It’s way too early to tell. As of now, we’re only concentrating on the two movies on deck.

5. I haven’t. I have no idea what the plans are for its release.

6. The entire cast has surprised us in one great way or another over the past few months.

7. They won’t be international because they weren’t intended to be part of any expedition. They’re the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

8. Nope. I don’t expect to hear about a season two pick-up until this winter.

9. Nielsen ratings are down across the board, but that doesn’t mean networks should stop broadcasting shows. It’s simple become necessary to take other factors (like DVR) into consideration when judging a show’s performance.

10. I do but the owners have apparently opened up a new European restaurant close to the studio. Haven’t tried it yet though.

Trekkiegirlt writes: “Arggg! Joe you’re going to practically be in my back yard! I live in Dallas and my family and I go to the White Sands every year and sled down the dunes!
I feel and powerful force pulling me towards the gate!
So how would fans who showed up be treated??? “

Answer: Considering the location is a good dozen miles from civilization in the middle of nowhere, they’d probably think you were nuts and run for their lives.

Major D. Davis writes: “Do you enjoy me commenting regularly at your blog or should i leave?”

Answer: Feel free to stick around. Trust me, I’ll let you know what gets annoying.

Ytimyona writes: “ Any chance we’ll get to see what gets left on the cutting room floor on this blog instead???”

Answer: It’s more than likely that MGM would put it up on their site.

Dankriss writes: “Only one comment why did the guys change the ‘old’ sets…”

Answer: We have a limited amount of stage space and it doesn’t make sense to pay rent on a stage holding a set we may or may not use.

I Need Coffee writes: “Now that both SGU and SGA are “off-air”, are there any plans to publish any of the scripts of the series?”

Answer: I’m unaware of any plans to do so. Sorry.

41 thoughts on “May 2, 2009: One of Those Days. And, The Comic Round-Up.

  1. Thanks Joe. Still haven’t bought a comic yet… Still trying to catch up with homework, and catch up my beloved TV series’ (not SGA, finished that ages ago :p)

    I have no idea if this question has been asked, but is the SGA movie set straight after the series finale? I know you said Universe starts straight after SGA, I was just wondering about the movie.. What about the SG1 movie as well?

    Cheers!! Daniel

  2. Haha SPACE-ELK!!! They’re vastly superior to Earth-Elk!!! 😉

    It’s more than likely that MGM would put it up on their site.
    As long as we get to see it one way or another, fine by me!

  3. I am very pleased with Dark Avengers, too. I only picked it up because I wanted to see how Bendis handled Daken, but found myself immediately hooked on the book for many other reasons. For one, I think Bendis writes a better villain than he does a hero! The interaction between Osborn and Sentry was the best yet. Bendis has been writing the Sentry for a couple years now, but this is the first time that character really had any decent development, and I think it’s because he just works better in that ‘gray area’. I really have hopes for this one.

    As far as non-creative days go…I’m the same. Mostly it’s distractions that do me in. Today I wanted to write a little something, but between bill-paying, and helping my husband clean out his van, and general tidying up around the house (I did laundry, too!), all I was good for was a little nap. 😀


  4. Hey thanks to everyone that participated in the “Getting to know you questions”. Yes they were intended for everyone to play, not just for Major D. So feel free to answer.

    To recap, they were:

    1. What country are you from?
    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    If you can think of some more to add, please do.

    Oh yeah and I tried the vegemite and vanilla yoghurt. The faces I pulled would have been hysterical. It was a very interesting texture.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Hey Joe, where’s the love? Not taking it personally though.

  5. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for answering my questions. Ha, you must be in a good mood today, I was expecting a humorous answer to my question. I guess this was a partial mailbag?! hmm. I’ll just post my questions on the end of my comment as usual. Oh, and i kinda feel bad for you, being left out and not going to New Mexico. Haha, Speaking of New Mexico, I got a funny story. When I told my friend Stargate was shooting in New Mexico, He thought i said mexico and said “Stupid Mexicans, Shooting our Stargate”(There is some joke going between me and my friends about mexicans). We joked about the fact that you might hire a mexican crew and that they would go on strike until you bought them all Mcdonalds every day. Lol. Oh Me and My friend thought we were going to die at a party. One of the inflatable houses collapsed when about 10 teenagers were going crazy. Several people fell into one corner. I fell on the bottom and could not move and had a good 300-400+ pounds on me and I could barley breathe, while my friend above me had his face jammed in plastic with significant weight on him as well, so he could barley breathe. After several profanities were shouted at the top of our lungs, we were rescued by some adults. Sounds pathetic but it was actually kinda creepy, I thought for a second I might die.

    1. Has Fire been made a two parter or a 90 minute episode?

    2. Who is directing justice?

    3. What percent of the people on the destiny would you say are military?

    4. Don’t you think stargate should do more intense action sequences? I mean you have little camera movement and no shaking whatsoever in stargate, so in the end it looks somewhat staged and unreal( I still love any action though). I mean not to the extent of Private Ryan but i think it would work well on sgu( Dark and intense action). Like after i showed my friend Continuum, he said he liked it but he wished the action would be more real and intense. I mean you want SGU to feel real and i know you guys can pull it off. Do you understand and agree with what i am saying?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.(for disaster) Davis

  6. Must…..resist…..M.U.S.T. R.E.S.I.S.T…. your reviews of Punisher and Dark Avengers are beginning to fray my willpower. And if I yield on those two titles, I fear the others will follow. But they are appreciated, if for no other reason than the glimpses they give of how the various titles have evolved since I’ve stopped reading them.
    The next few weeks look promising, with the short story, the Atlantis script, and the promise of more sneak peaks from Universe. Thanks for continuing to provide a bright spot in the daily routine with your blog.

  7. I actually had a surprisingly productive day writing. I managed to finish a treatment that I’ve been working on for months and get it to the producer. I’m feeling a big, wonderful sense of relief (as I do when I finish something like this).

    I read the first Dark Avengers so far. It’s certainly an interesting concept, which I like. I’m not too familiar with most of the characters or the situation that led up to this (having not read the Secret Invasion stories yet), which is confusing, but it’s such a fun idea that I’m just going with it. The characters do look to be interesting. I thought the bit with Osborne coming up with the acronym before figuring out what it stood for was pretty funny.

    That last comic you mentioned sounds interesting. I generally stick with Marvel and occasionally read something DC (not counting comics based on TV/movies), but that one sounds interesting. I just read a few of another smaller publisher called Beyond Wonderland–one of those nightmarish reimaginings of a classic story. Alice’s daughter is being pursued by her insane brother, who’s taken on the mantle of the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat, who becomes a monster and eats people, as Wonderland tries to drag her back in. Meanwhile, she’s pregnant, everyone thinks she’s crazy, and she isn’t 100% sure they’re wrong. It’s horrifying, but I do find it difficult to stop reading.

    Speaking of scary things, I think that pic yesterday of Michael Shanks with the little statue gave me a nightmare. I dreamed that I was in this place like a park or something with fountains and lots of people, then all the statues that were all over the place came alive and were things like crocodiles and lions and a scary guy with a huge snake on his shoulders, and everyone was running for their lives. On the plus side, at least it wasn’t boring. I hate boring dreams.

  8. It’s been said the Icarus Base is a redress of the SGC set. If so, Will the Icarus Base only be seen in the SG-U pilot and converted back into the good old SGC look or can we expect to see some “renovation” work having been done at the SGC in the new SG1 film?

    Also, Thanks for answering my question earlier about the camera shots being used on SG-U. I’m realy glad shaking camera shots won’t be part of the new show. (I wasn’t kidding when I said they give me motion sickness. I think its the big size TV :P)

  9. Hello Joe, can you answer my question about whether Torren or Kanaan will be in the SGA movie?

  10. So the New Mexico shoot will be in White Sands!?!?!?!!?!?! That’s about an hour away from me. Was the location chosen because of the “alien” look of the white dunes or because the military base there tends to help out movie’s like they did with the new Transformers? Or was the military thing just an added bonus?

  11. So, it’s game of elimination, eh? Fine.


    1. What is episode 8?

    2. What is episode 7?

    3. What is episode 6?

    4. What is episode 5?

    5. What is episode 4?

    There. :p

    @ Sparrow_hawk: I believe the grapes go on before the baking. Is that a good idea? 😉

  12. Just finished the second day of the Grand Slam Convention in Los Angeles. Yesterday Colin Cunningham was on stage. He was good, showing a 15 minute short film he directed/stared in that was on the short list for an Oscar nomination for best short film.
    Today was the best day…the lovely and talented Amanda Tapping was here!!! This is the second time I have seen her in person, and she is just as amazing this time. She was very warm and personable for the photo ops and she had some great stories for her hour on stage. She said that she had said in a previous convention appearance when Sanctuary was coming back and the network got mad at her, so all she would say is it is “coming back in the fall.” She did say it would be with SGU so it looks like it will still be October if that is the case. She didn’t know when the Sanctuary DVD’s were coming out, but that it would probably be right before the new season debuts. She said that the first three episodes were a thousand time better than the last season. One of her fellow producers was in tears. What a wonderful person she is.
    For anyone who watches Fringe, John Noble was there and said there would be a second season.
    And Das…the organizer of the convention said they were THIS close to getting Christopher Heyerdahl to come to the event. You would have been so jealous of me if it had happened.

  13. Interesting, but good and accurate, choices. Personally, I find writing in DC to better superior, yet art in Marvel to blow DC out of the water.

  14. Hi ya

    Thanks for answering my question… 🙂 I can understand about not having them as standing sets but why not just take apart the old one and just put it back together when you need it?….what I was really saying was why change it completely?…I am hoping to god it does not put me off when I watch the pilot and the new movie.

    Off now for a lovely day out at an Air and Country fayre…hopefully will get my boonie today if there is a military stall… 🙂


    Kriss 🙂

  15. Hello =) Vous allez bien???

    Alala Marvel, j’aime beaucoup, mais ce n’est pas trés répendu, en ce moment c’est la folie des manga..aimez vous sa?

    Waaou 10 questions par la même personne..moi qui avez peur de vous embêtez avec mes 3 petites questions^^

    Passez une super journée! Bisou!

  16. Hello Joe!

    First of all, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for poor Lulu. I hope she’s back to her wild and healthy self soon. *good vibes*

    Now I would like to ask
    1. Is there any chance on seeing Mike Dopud in SGU ?

    2. Might the global economical crisis influence the production of SGU and new SGA/SG1 films?

    3. As a writer, how do you keep yourself motivated, when you have to write something what doesn’t appeal to you? mmm.. okay, besides getting payed 🙂 (I’m currently writing my thesis and am tired of headdesking all the time…)


  17. Some “Getting to know you answers.”
    1. What country are you from?
    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    1) Uh… to narrow it down, I’m from Cape Town (another city where you really can’t go anywhere on a Sunday for fear of tripping over a film crew)

    2) SGA Duet (Director: Peter DeLuise)

    3) I am definitely owned by cats. 😀 Having said that, I have two rescue dogs as well. (the cats own them as well).

    4) I happen to love toasted cabbage and cheese.
    Oh, and baked beans and tuna. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve on wholewheat. Yum.

  18. I think Sheppie should get somebody. Would love to see him with that Travelers captain!

    And please, please don’t let Ronan get dumped/dump his gate technician super karate chick! First they joined up out of the blue, if they split out of the blue that’d be too weird. Plus, the poor guy’s suffered enough in his life. First his fiancee died, and all of his friends, and all of his people, then he was betrayed by his commander, and his former friends, turned into a Runner, anybody who helped him died, then he was tortured by the Wraith, etc etc…

  19. Oh Joe I was wondering. You mentioned on the Vegas episode that most tv sets including the atlantis sets simply weren’t large enough to work with those CSI-style camera’s. Your blog also mentioned a few days ago that the Universe set is a joy to work on because it is so large and spacious.

    Does this mean we’ll be seeing more CSI-style footage?

  20. Kennel cough? Well, that’s no fun. Hope much improvement is seen soonly.

    My herb bed has a tiny patch of lime thyme, something I think is basil, and the rest has been invaded by a winter-hardy lemon balm. I think it is lemon balm, may be lemon verbanna. I killed my sage with over-pruning. Too shady for dill. I’m waiting impatiently for the seeds over in the veggie garden to sprout, the peas and lettuce are doing their thing, but the rest of the potential produce is not giving me instant gratification.

    chevron7: weird food combo, only good in the desert when you need sodium and fats to beat dehydration and to keep you running in the heat: Take a chocolate stuffed Oreo cookie (MUST be chocolate, not creme). Pop it open and squirt in some EZ Cheez, cheddar or american flavor. Close the cookie, wrap it in at least one slice of shelf-stable bacon. Shove the whole damn thing in your mouth and soak up the calories while enjoying the sensation of hardening arteries.

  21. I’ve got to admit that Dark Avengerssounds very interesting even to a non-comic book reader like me. But with all the books I’ve got lined up, I think I will hold off and pick it up once they compile some of the comic books into a single volume. I think I saw on Amazon that they may be doing that for 1-4 in September. Does anyone know that for sure?

    @pg15: Good idea? Bad idea? I dunno. I’ve had grapes with pizza and the cool slightly crunchy texture of the grapes is nice with the hot, spicy, tomato and cheese of the pizza. The texture of a baked grape would be a lot different, I would think they would get kind of mushy – not to mention that they might burst. But it might be interesting.

    @chevron7: Vegemite and vanilla yoghurt? You might want to try vegemite and plain yoghurt instead.

    And that’s all we have on the “culinary corner” for today.

  22. Joe, even though you didn’t get any writing done, you had a very productive day. I hope you got a better night’s sleep last night. And I hope Lulu gets better soon.

    In an odd coincidence, I also consoled myself yesterday with Haagen Daz Dulce de Leche ice cream after my authors revised their RPG and sent me the new version just as I had just completed what I thought were the “final” edits on the previous version they had sent me and now I have to merge their revisions and my own edits. Doh! I should have expected it, but I didn’t. Dammit, Joe, I’m a doctor not an editor!

  23. Is there any chance the next stargate movie have subtitles in portuguese as well. It has subtitles in english, french and Spanish.

    Thanks for your time. The Blog rocks!

  24. Hi, Joe.


    1. What are the chances that we will see Dark Asgards in the 1st Atlantis movie??? It´s good storyline and it would be a pity, if we won´t be able to see “most favourite race ever” more. I know, this movie is about atlantis crew trying to return to the pegasus galaxy, but I have some ideas how to take them to the story and I believe, you have them too.

    2. What happened with that long overdue visit to the Icarus base?

    3. Has Brad Wright title for 3rd SG-1 movie? Just say Yes or No, please.

    Thank you for your answers.

  25. @ Major DD–Please hang around. I smile every time I see your screen name, as it reminds me of Don.

  26. My friend works at a vet office and she said that the vets usually diagnose Kenal Cough when they don’t know what’s going on. I would take her to get a second opinion some where. How long have they been trying to fix her now?

  27. Getting to know you questions:

    1. What country are you from? The United States, currently living in Mississippi but it’s only eight miles outside of Memphis, TN.
    2. What’s your favourite episode? I don’t remember the names of espiodes like some others but it’s the one that McKay kissed Beckett.
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both? Both but we currently have a lifestyle that favors cats. I work at a humane society, so I get my dog fix there.
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten? Rattlesnake with ketchup. Tastes like chicken.

    I’m a fellow migraine sufferer and I’m currently on a Imitrex buzz.


  28. @ Tim Gaffney – I’m never jealous of those who get to meet Chris…just grateful that he knows he has fans who care about him. One day if I’m up to it I might venture to a con and meet him, although I would be quite embarrassed to do so if I ever thought he read some of the stuff I’ve said about him, Todd, Druitt, etc… 😛 I really must learn to tone down my gushing a bit. 😳

    @Sparrow_hawk – I’m trying to read the books in chronological order, not as they are published by Del Rey.

    For instance, Elric of Melniboné is in Vol. 3; The Fortress of the Pearl – the second story (chronologically) – is not yet printed; and the third, The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, is in Vol. 4. The fourth (The Weird of the White Wolf) is – in part – in the first volume (The Dreaming City & While the Gods Laugh), but the third ‘book’ of TWotWWThe Singing Citadel – is in the second volume. My OCD insists that I read them in chronological order, but it’s a daunting task with these books. I’ve been using the chronology list here as my guide:


    Hope that helps!


  29. @das (re: Elric): Thanks for the link, das, and for the heads-up about the way the re-released books are arranged out of chronological order. I ordered all four volumes, so I should be able to figure it out. But I have to wonder why they did it that way. Maybe those voluminous extras you mentioned discuss the rationale for the reorganization.

  30. @Gilder.
    Now that i know Joe doesn’t mind me being here, I wont be leaving anytime soon.

  31. Hope LuLu is feeling better soon, poor baby!
    -I haven’t read your comics, but I can appreciate the artwork, those nice form fitting outfits,fellas, 😳 ah, yes, where was I, oh yes, reading comics, Enjoy!!

  32. 1. What country are you from? That one. I’m pointing to it on a map right now.
    2. What’s your favourite episode? Letters from Pegasus, because that’s the episode that hooked me into the show and the characters. My favourite episode of TV? Restless from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Nerd alert.
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both? I’m bi-petual and like both.
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten? Cereal and milk. I live life on the edge.

    To solve people’s handwringing paranoia you could have a list of Who’s In and Who’s Out which can be updated weekly, or a system of gold stars and smiley/frowny faces. Alternatively you can introduce Send Gifts If You Want to Comment. Hey, there’s a recession and quality chocolate isn’t cheap.

  33. 1. What country are you from? I am from Cascadia, an unrecognized country currently composed of the Pacific Northwest.

    2. What’s your favourite episode? Just like Barbara Walters, straight to the hard questions. I found SG-1 Heroes (Part 1/2) to be quite moving. Honestly, how can I not love them all?

    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both? I don’t currently own an animal, as that would be irresponsible. That said, I am both.

    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten? Hmm… some people tell me that I shouldn’t be putting peanut butter on my hamburgers. To the naysayers, I say try it! Just make a nice cheeseburger, slap some peanut butter on it along with your normal condiments. You’ll like the interesting twist.

    Well.. I’m waiting for the new blog entry. I guess I should stop stalling and get back to work, need to continue studying so I can do this auditing exam tomorrow.

  34. Getting to know you answers.”
    1. What country are you from?
    USA – Los Angeles, CA
    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    Cats (8) and dogs (2)
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?
    cottage cheese and ketchup or ballot, can’t make up my mind

  35. Chevron7 wrote:

    “Getting to know you questions”
    1. What country are you from?
    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    If you can think of some more to add, please do.

    1. USA; Southwestern Indiana

    2. Impossible to choose.

    3. I’m allergic to pets.

    4. It’s not a combination but I once ate a dog biscuit. Does that count?

    Anne Teldy

  36. 1. What country are you from?
    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    1) US (San Diego, CA)
    2) I have to pick one?!
    3) Definitely both.
    4) Pasta with a homemade red sauce topped with semi sweet chocolate chips. Not really weird but delicious!

    What flavor was the biscuit? lol.

  37. 1. What country are you from?
    Australia. But that was a given. Contemplated writing Denmark just to see.

    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    Don’t have one. Have the favourites that I like to drag out when I feel like some casual DVD viewing. BAMSR, Vegas of Atlantis, Window of Opportunity, Moebius for SG1

    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    I like both but live with two dogs. Cats feel like the eternal practical jokers. Always waiting to catch you off-guard so they can wrap themselves around your head and laugh while you gasp for breath. So maybe that makes me more of a dog person…

    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?
    Do we need to differentiate between attempts while sober vs not-so-sober? Because, big difference.

    sparrow_hawk – Can’t make a promise I can’t keep. But I’m always on the interwebs somewhere due to work so PM me if I’m absent and there’s some elfy conversation needed to be had 🙂

  38. I’m really enjoying the answers. Looking forward to some of the weird food combos – peanut butter on a hamburger. I think I’ll like that one.

    Time for some more?

    1. Got a scar? How did you get it?

    2. What operating system are you using on your home computer? Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Don’t care, so long as it works etc

    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

    My answers:

    1. Got a scar on my finger from a whale. OK, so it wasn’t a real one but it still hurt. I dropped a pottery soap dispenser that was shaped as a whale and cut my finger. It bled a lot. I was very brave though, even though they didn’t stitch it. Got a butterfly clip.

    2. Currently using MAC OS X (Tiger – Hope to upgrade to Leopard soon, perhaps Ocelot after that).

    3. Hotel for Dogs. Um, I got really teary towards the end. It was like watching a Benji movie. It’s always sad before the happy ending. Anyhoo, I had fun and give it a thumbs up.

    Cheers, Chev

  39. Tim Gaffney: About season 2 of Fringe, that is interesting. JJ Abrams was on The Colbert Report last night and he was asked and he say it was renewed yet. I did read they were moving the production to Vancouver if there was a season 2. That is also a great show. John Noble cracks me up. And Leonard Nimoy will be on there, too.

  40. “Getting to know you questions”
    1. What country are you from?
    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    1. USA (Alabama)
    2. SGA: *
    3. dog though cats are OK, I guess
    4. freeze dried liver (Dog Training Treat) & freezw dried liver – garlic flavor

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